In Memoriam:  Johnny Carson 1925-2005

Click her for an excellent New Yorker article on Johnny Carson

The connection between Johnny Carson and Jack Benny is well-known from so many perspectives:  Carson's adopted mannerisms from Jack, his guest appearances on Jack's program, and his often-stated adoration of Jack.  Johnny Carson's wife at the time said that she had seen Carson cry twice:  once for hours at the death of Jack Benny.

I had the pleasure of meeting Carson briefly at the Television Academy Hall of Fame.  Although he was approximately the same height as me, somehow either my memory or a gap in the laws of physics conspired to make him seem toweringly larger than me...truly meeting a giant of the entertainment industry.  Through Fred deCordova, Dan and I had the privilege of attending the last public Tonight Show taping, and were four of the hands giving Carson a standing ovation for a very long time at the beginning of the program.

I'm still clapping...and I'm sure you are too.  And to Jack....heeeeeeeeere's Johnny.