In Memoriam:  Ellen Drew

(Below, Jack gazes at Ellen Drew in the finale of Buck Benny Rides Again)      

(Article courtesy of James Varela)

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Sun Dec 14, 7:00 PM ET

(Variety) Paramount contract actress Ellen Drew died of a liver ailment Dec. 3 in Palm Desert, Calif. She was 89.

Drew, who appeared in numerous films and television shows, was born in Kansas City, Mo., and moved to Hollywood after winning a local beauty contest. While working as a waitress at famous ice cream parlor C.C.
Brown's, she was spotted by thesp-agent William Demarest (news), who convinced her to try for a screen test at Paramount.  Her first solid role came in 1938's "Sing You Sinners" with Bing Crosby (news) and Donald O'Connor (news). She starred in Preston Sturges (news)' "Christmas in July" and appeared in "If I Were King," "Buck Benny Rides Again," "Reaching for the Sun" and "Outlaw's Son." On television, she guested on the "Ford Theatre," "Perry Mason" and "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars." She is survived by a son, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.