In Memoriam:  Dorothy Ohman 1924-2014

I remember when I first met Dorothy Ohman...she was just as cute and bright as she is in the above picture, sharp as a tack and warm and inviting as a cup of rich cocoa.  I can see why Jack so enjoyed working with her, and rehearsing his lines at her apartment (where she still lived when I met her).  Like Jack, she seemed much younger than her calendar years.  I was honored to count her among the people whom I asked to recall Jack's passing, and even so many years later, their love and memories are still so fresh that they still cry talking about it.  I was so privileged that she gave me a wonderful interview that was published in our first 2014 issue.  It was very sad for me to come home tonight (September 13) and have a voice mail that she had passed away.

I know Heaven is a warmer place because she is there, and I'm sure Jack was very glad to see her.  Godspeed, Dottie.  We love you.