In Memoriam:  Bob Hope  1903-2003

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people will eulogize this legend of comedy.  Rather than adding more words to those from the rest of the world, we provide this tribute in pictures and sound to a friendship of nearly 40 years.

The Best of the Memorial Cartoons

(From Kurt Jensen) So I'm talking to Ward Grant today, and we're talking about other comedians who worked with Bob Hope, because I'm trying to help assemble the 100th birthday package for USAT. 

And I bring up the subject of Jack and Bob, since they worked so well together. And he told me the story of what he thought was the 1970 departure for the annual Christmas USO trip. For that, Jack dressed up like Santa to see them off. There's a tiny film clip of that on Hope's special that ran the following January, because Hope tossed a quarter at Jack, and Jack dove for it. Very funny.

And Ward Grant said that it was his job to pick up Jack, get him to the airport, and get him into the Santa suit. And nothing was scripted, so Grant suggested some things. He said, "You know, I have the rental receipt for the suit here," and Jack's reply was, "Great, I can use that." So Jack improvised a bit with Bob.

And then Grant said that after the plane took off, Jack asked him to drive to the end of the runway, just the two of them. And Grant did, and asked why, and Jack's reply was: "I want to wave goodbye."

Hope Jokes by Doug Gamble (note interesting Jack tie-in!)