In Memoriam:  Bob Blumofe

On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, Bob Blumofe passed away at the age of 93.  He is survived by his son Bobby and daughter Joanna, and is missed by many friends and relatives.

From Sunday Nights at Seven by Joan Benny:

After four years of playing the Gay Divorcee, flying back and forth between jobs in New York and my children in Los Angeles, pursuing my so-called career halfheartedly and jet-setting around the world, I decided it was time to settle down again.  At home between trips, I had been going out with Bob Blumofe, who was then head of production at United Artists.  We had been seeing each other for about a year when one morning he called me.  I was in New York.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm leaving for the south of France tonight," I replied.

"That plane's going in the wrong direction," he said.  "Get one heading west.  Come home and marry me."

I did.  Would I never learn?  This time I really thought I was in love.  Bob was much older than I--twenty-five years to be exact--a settled, solid, law school-trained businessman, who would be good for me, who would keep me and my capricious tendencies in line.  Unlike my previous husbands he was in show business.  That was a plus.  He was enormously bright, well read and knowledgeable.  (I used to laughingly say, "He's the only person I know who can spell all the 'twenty most misspelled words in the English language' correctly!")  He played the violin, loved going to concerts and owned a record collection more extensive than mine.  We had so much in common.

Mother and Daddy thought I was making another mistake.  "He's too old for you," they said, but again they knew I would do exactly what I wanted.  Mother arranged a small wedding--and this tie it really was small--at their house, with just the immediate family and my two children [Michael and Maria].  My favorite memory of the event is of six-year-old Maria, who was standing next to me holding my hand, announcing right smack in the middle of the "I do's" that she had to go to the bathroom.  The ceremony came to a dead halt, as though someone had said "Freeze," and resumed when she returned.  Daddy fell on the floor laughing--and never let her forget it!

Less than a year later we had a son, Robert.  He was born on Mom's birthday, June 23 [1964].  She said it was her best birthday present ever.  Almost exactly a year later Joanna was born, this time on my Uncle Hilliard's birthday, June 29 [1965].  I was now the very happy mother of two boys and two girls.  The symmetry, I've always believed, was the result of my mathematical mind!