IJBFC Chat - May 10, 2020


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Steve R  5:00 PM

Jello again, Anyone here yet?


Shutterbug Sue  5:00 PM



kathy_fuller_seeley  5:00 PM

Hello Steve and Sue, glad to "see" you!


garth_johnson  5:00 PM

Good Morning / Evening / Afternoon Phillip


Rodrigo Araya  5:00 PM

Hello, ev'ry-bo-dy!


Ow! This isn't the Kate Smith show!


Steve R  5:01 PM

Nice to be seen! I'm going to post a couple of benny ebay items woth smiling over found active today!


Shutterbug Sue  5:01 PM

Hi, all!  This is my first Jack Benny chat & I am happy to be here!


Tom V.  5:01 PM

Good late afternoon - early evening folks!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:01 PM

Hello Rodrigo! Say, I found a way to electronically send you the Benny book, if you share an email address with me, its what I had to do with Garth...


garth_johnson  5:01 PM

That's Halo every body


Doug Kiser  5:01 PM

Hello. First time to be here on a Sunday night.


Rodrigo Araya  5:02 PM

Okay, Kathy. Shall I send you an e-mail?




kathy_fuller_seeley  5:02 PM

welcome, Doug!


Laura Leibowitz  5:02 PM

Am I here yet?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:02 PM

Yes Rodrigo, to  khfuller@aol.com


Shutterbug Sue  5:02 PM

Hi, Laura!


Doug Kiser  5:02 PM

Thanks Kathy


Steve R  5:02 PM

Kathy you will most likely know where this is from?


Rodrigo Araya  5:02 PM

Say, Jackson. Long time no see?


Steve R  5:02 PM

Hi Laura! Hi DOug! Hi Rodrigo!


and Hi Garth!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:02 PM

ooooh Steve, a vaudevill annual, maybe?


Laura Leibowitz  5:02 PM

Welcome everyone!


Steve R  5:03 PM

YES! For sale today on Ebay.


Rodrigo Araya  5:03 PM

Thank yew! Thank yew!


Did it sound too much like a bassoon?


Doug Kiser  5:03 PM

Hello Steve


Laura Leibowitz  5:03 PM

Steve - Nice score!


Rodrigo Araya  5:03 PM

Some interesting photos were posted today on Facebook.


Mrs. Kubelsky, Jack and Jack's Mama, and Fred and Portland.


Laura Leibowitz  5:04 PM

And I just released the current issue of the Jack Benny Times.


garth_johnson  5:04 PM

Rod.. I forgot one --- just a moment while I dig it up


Rodrigo Araya  5:04 PM

That was Mary's Mama


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:05 PM

looking forward to the new TIMES


Steve R  5:05 PM

Yes, its up there and it looks in pretty darn good shape, also showed off this page...



Hooray, Laura!


garth_johnson  5:05 PM

1920's - McNulty Family and Dennis Day.Left to Right:.John Owen, Patrick (Dennis Day), Marie and on her knee, James, Mary Grady (mother of Dennis Day), Patrick Joseph McNulty (father) and on his knee, Francis Anthony McNulty, father of Barbara Buzynski, who was kind enough to produce these wonderful photographs for http://www.mayo-ireland.ie.


Rodrigo Araya  5:05 PM

The second to the left?


Laura Leibowitz  5:05 PM

I was wondering...I've never seen a photo of Jack with his mother!


Steve R  5:05 PM

Thanks Garth, nice catch


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:06 PM

young Patrick seems to have a virus=time haircut haha


Laura Leibowitz  5:06 PM

Har har


Rodrigo Araya  5:06 PM

Actually, he looks a little like that silly kid.


Steve R  5:06 PM

Also known as "The Moe" haircut!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:06 PM

no, what's on your head, not har har


Shutterbug Sue  5:06 PM

That's the way my haircut turned out.


Laura Leibowitz  5:06 PM



Rodrigo Araya  5:07 PM

Has so many names! Prince Valiant, Coconut Head...


garth_johnson  5:07 PM

The other picture of Dennis and his mothers


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:07 PM

my Mom cut my thin fine bangs with pinking shears, Happy Mother's Day to all, and great photo find Garth


Steve R  5:07 PM

"Now Deniis, It's his birthday, you be nice to that Mean old Man!


Rodrigo Araya  5:07 PM

Probably Nov-Dec 1939


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM

Kathy - Mine too.  Now you know why I don't have bangs any more.


Rodrigo Araya  5:08 PM

The radio critics were wild about the new characters.


Old Chinese proverb says:


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:08 PM

well, my forehead did not shrink as I grew older, haha


Steve R  5:08 PM

My favoerite of all Jack's GIrlfriends, and Autographed too!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:09 PM

great photo, Steve!


Rodrigo Araya  5:09 PM

"When big fat announcer opens big fat mouth, big fat check goes AWOL".


Laura Leibowitz  5:09 PM

You listen to his first couple shows, and Dennis barely there.  But IIRC they had Verna Felton doing the heavy lifting for him while he got his bearings on radio!


Steve R  5:09 PM

"But that thing you got me for Christmas is too tight!"  its up on EBAY today


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:09 PM

"yes, please" says Dennis


Rodrigo Araya  5:10 PM

Say "hello" to the people, Dennis.


Laura Leibowitz  5:10 PM

Hey, public thanks to those who frequented the chat room over the past month and kept the fun going!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:10 PM

how many masks have you produced so far, Laura?


garth_johnson  5:11 PM

I can't have Dennis say hello --- but how about this fellow


Laura Leibowitz  5:11 PM

About 600


Rodrigo Araya  5:11 PM

That's Frank Nelson? Where's the mustache?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:11 PM

oh my goodness, congratulations, that is quite a service


Steve R  5:11 PM

Yes thank you for doing that Laura, thats awesome!!!


Laura Leibowitz  5:12 PM

Thank you.  I'm working on a request from, of all places, the local food bank for 500.  So let's see what I can do....


Steve R  5:12 PM

Laura for all your hard work, I'd like to present this EBAY photo of a check, LOL my BEST find on ebay, but certainly too much money for me at a bid of $300! ...but look at the amount its for and to WHOM!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:12 PM

WONDERFUL find, Steve!


Shutterbug Sue  5:12 PM

That's awesome!


Steve R  5:13 PM

Thanks! I couldnt believe someone is selling a check from Jack to the IRS!


Laura Leibowitz  5:13 PM

Aw, that's fabulous! (the check)


So much for the entertainment deduction


Rodrigo Araya  5:13 PM

A customized check! You'd never believe it from Jack...


Steve R  5:14 PM

Jimmy, I know deductions are so hard to come by nowadays....so......


Laura Leibowitz  5:14 PM

Actually, per Joan, she found a box or more of these checks and someone said, "You should sell those!"  So that's how they got in circulation.


garth_johnson  5:14 PM

This is dated January 5, 1966 - COMEDIAN CUTS CARTWHEEL RIBBON FOR COLUMBIA - An opening of new Columbia Savings and Loan Association branch were from left, Burgett Woodcock, Jess Carraway, Jack Benny, and Guy Reed.  Benny pocketed dollar.


Steve R  5:14 PM

WOW, well they had to come from somewhere in the fam, right?


Rodrigo Araya  5:15 PM

Last Sunday, via Garth, I found out Remley had been with Phil's band since the 1920s.


Laura Leibowitz  5:15 PM



Steve R  5:15 PM

Nice one Garth! Jack loooks like he may not want to be there....another opening! Where's Andy WIlliams to sing moon river??


Rodrigo Araya  5:16 PM

For those wondering, our host will be absent for just a moment...


Enough time for serving yourselves some JELL-O.


Steve R  5:16 PM

I had to google that...these kids today....


garth_johnson  5:16 PM

Let's see if we can follow her on the magic radio


Rodrigo Araya  5:17 PM

Last time I couldn't get Olsen.


Steve R  5:17 PM

Or with George Burns the Magic TV?


Rodrigo Araya  5:18 PM

Now it's the time to get some Grape-Nuts Flakes! They're nutritious and not rationed!


Maybe not the best moment to say that.


Steve R  5:19 PM

Any of you go back to when Laura made the trip to Waukegan and they did a recreation of one of Jack's shows? I only got to read about it in one of the JBTs, it looked like soooo much fun. Who would each of you want to play?


Rodrigo Araya  5:19 PM



kathy_fuller_seeley  5:19 PM

I'll take Mary, but share her if others want to try to laugh


garth_johnson  5:19 PM

We may not be able to get it by the glass today, but go to your store tomorrow and bring home a bottle, bring back your bottle next week for a nickle back.


Steve R  5:20 PM

I think I'd want to be Frank Nelson.....YESSSSSS That's who!


Rodrigo Araya  5:20 PM

Canada Dry again!


Sorry, Chevrolet again!


No! General Tires again!


John Buell  5:21 PM

was added to jackbennykubelsky by Laura Leibowitz.


garth_johnson  5:21 PM

Kathy - anything to add about this ...


Steve R  5:21 PM

That still helps with upset stomach...especially the bottles this old...also can induce hallucinations.... It could make you..."Screwy oh lay eeee hooo!


John Buell  5:21 PM



Steve R  5:22 PM

Yes I saw that on Ebay and thought thats quite an item.


Laura Leibowitz  5:22 PM

OK, back


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:22 PM

what a pretty script, Garth!!! I have all the corrections ready for the page proofs, (and there were very few corrections to make, Ben Ohmart's staff does a great job). So hopefully publication soon!


Steve R  5:22 PM

Hi John!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:22 PM

What do you all think of "Jack Benny


excuse me, Jack Benny's Lost Radio Scripts, 1932-1936, volume 1 May 2-July 27, 1932


Steve R  5:22 PM

It looks like his signature, but I'm no expert....Kathy?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:23 PM

oh yes Steve, that


Rodrigo Araya  5:23 PM

You got us worried right there.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:23 PM

that is an authentic JB, its from his papers at UCLA


Steve R  5:24 PM

WOW. Tell us abbout this project a bit if you don't mind Kathy?


garth_johnson  5:24 PM

I'd strike the "Lost"


Laura Leibowitz  5:24 PM

Hooray!  John made it!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:24 PM

Sure Steven, when I was researching my book, I went to UCLA and read all the scripts, the ones from 1932-36 that have no recordings are fascinating because you can see him develop his character


John Buell  5:25 PM

I had one thing I'd like to ask later on.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:25 PM

Missing, would that be better, Garth? Some people who are marketing types suggest I add a word to show that these have not been seen or heard since 1932


Laura Leibowitz  5:25 PM

Kathy - Exactly.  And Mary's too.


Steve R  5:25 PM

And those are the basis of the book, will it be like your current book, informative, but including the actual scripts with notations and historical notes?


Laura Leibowitz  5:26 PM

I think that title isn't long enough.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:26 PM

Laura helped me tremendously, and Joan gave her permission to get them published


Rodrigo Araya  5:26 PM

"The Scripts to the Lost Episodes"  just doesn't have much of a ring to it.


garth_johnson  5:26 PM

-- Replace with Forgotten


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:26 PM

haha long titles.....


Steve R  5:26 PM

"Jack Benny- The Lost Radio Scripts" Vol 1


Laura Leibowitz  5:26 PM

Happily, I had the right scalpel to cut through the red tape of UCLA.


How about just "Conn Artist"


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:27 PM

hooray for Laura! And boo to the red tape dispensers at UCLA haha


Steve R  5:27 PM

Yes as the platters sang "you've got the magic touch"....you can get arrested for that you know....LOL


garth_johnson  5:27 PM

My main issue with using "Lost" is the possible assumption of a tie-in to the Show Factory package


Laura Leibowitz  5:27 PM

Gads, they are tireless, aren't they?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:27 PM

hahaha conn artist! I can't resist putting Harry's name on the title page, he would be so happy, whereever he is spending his eternity


garth_johnson  5:28 PM

Volume Two - How to put Hair on the Air


Steve R  5:28 PM

I LOVE Conn Artist, LOL!


John Buell  5:28 PM

Just add the word Radio. No Shout Factory tie in.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:28 PM

oh, that is a good point, Garth. Missing, mislaid, decomposed,   OH great idea to say RADIO


Steve R  5:28 PM

YES thats a must.


Laura Leibowitz  5:28 PM

If we're going to be absolutely correct, Al Boasberg would have to get a mention too.


And the scripts were never "lost"...the audio of the shows is.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:29 PM

so I am to Steve's suggestion "Jack Benny- the Lost Radio SCripts 1932-1936, or - Lost Radio Shows 1932-1936   scripts volume 1


garth_johnson  5:29 PM

And then we need to ad Syd


Laura Leibowitz  5:29 PM

Garth - Excellent point.


michael_amowitz  5:29 PM

Whew, now I'm in! Jello, folks! It's taken me 20 minutes to get here, lol!


Rodrigo Araya  5:30 PM

I've noticed many of the extant recordings from '32-'36 are in awful shape.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:30 PM

agreed that the scripts aren't lost, the transcriptions are, but

transcription is not a funny or sexy word (haha)


Steve R  5:30 PM

Yes, I saw his name as a co-writer in the Bob Hope Movie My favorite Spy just this weekend (Sorry Jack, it had Hedy Lamarr, I HAD to watch!)


Rodrigo Araya  5:30 PM

If not incomplete.


Laura Leibowitz  5:30 PM

Welcome, Mike!


Steve R  5:30 PM

Hi Mike!


garth_johnson  5:30 PM

that's HEADLY


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:30 PM

well I will mention Syd and Al in the introductions to volume 2 + 3 (hope we get there!!!!)


Laura Leibowitz  5:31 PM

Kathy - There's got to be some clever pun or reference to lost sound.


Steve R  5:31 PM

Thanks Garth....what a great film, Jack should have played a part in that....


Laura Leibowitz  5:31 PM

Ether Ore


John Buell  5:31 PM

That's one thing I keep wondering. It's 2020 now, is there any chance in you know where they could find a way to get any audio off of those old discs? I mean, I consider it lucky those weren't tapes, yet, they'd have fallen to pieces


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:31 PM

hahaha Ether


Laura Leibowitz  5:32 PM

John - I've heard some amazing restorations of early tin foil recordings that are done with laser light.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:32 PM

if we could raise like a million dollars we could get one of those lazer readers like have dug into th erolled up Dead Sea Scrolls or other such things, I bet the transcription disks are just melted together


Steve R  5:32 PM

If only the wonderful Eddie Carroll were still with us, he could play jack in a recreation using these scripts, and you could have an bonus CD


Rodrigo Araya  5:33 PM

I was reading today's Tralfaz article on Dennis.


Laura Leibowitz  5:33 PM

Jack Benny and the Waves Back machine


garth_johnson  5:33 PM

Eddie would be good, but Rich Little would be a coup


John Buell  5:33 PM

Worse projects have shown up on kickstarter ;)


Laura Leibowitz  5:34 PM

I bet they're broken.  IIRC, they were using acetate on a glass core.


And chances are that they would have had to move from New York to CA.


Steve R  5:34 PM

Yes is Rich Little still alive?


Rodrigo Araya  5:35 PM

He's 81.


Laura Leibowitz  5:35 PM

Rich Little's Jack was more of a caricature.  Eddie was the real deal.


Rodrigo Araya  5:35 PM

His Wikipedia page has a picture of him imitating Jack at a 2015 event.


Laura Leibowitz  5:36 PM



Rodrigo Araya  5:36 PM



Rich Little

Richard Caruthers Little (born November 26, 1938) is a Canadian-American impressionist and voice actor. He has been nicknamed "The Man of a Thousand Voices".(210 kB)



John Buell  5:36 PM

Is the clip of Little imitating Benny and Carson while both were on Carson's show still available?


Steve R  5:36 PM

WHat a project for him, he can't be too busy...? I'm only stuck on this because the Marx Brothers Missing Radio series only has a few hard to listen to moments around, but the BBC recreated all the episodes from the scripts on a series I think it was FLywheel Shyster and FLywheel...and it was quite exciting!


garth_johnson  5:37 PM





Laura Leibowitz  5:37 PM

Ah, I was there for that!


Pantsed him and everything.


OK...ready for a show?


Do you want one show or two?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:38 PM

Her, Ernie...


Rodrigo Araya  5:38 PM

I dunno.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:38 PM

Hey, Ernie


Steve R  5:39 PM

Heres the website where the "Lost" radio shows were totally recreated by impersonators, if as a sidebar you like groucho, these are very good!


michael_amowitz  5:39 PM

I had a lot to catch up on. Great pictures as always, Garth! I'll ponder a title, Kathy. Hi LL, Steve. I hope they do find a way to restore those transcriptions, LL! All set for the show 


Steve R  5:39 PM

me too, great comments and photos everyone!


Laura Leibowitz  5:39 PM

OK...here we go


garth_johnson  5:40 PM

This is a Cereal - So I'll have a second edition


Laura Leibowitz  5:40 PM

If anyone joins the chat while the show is in progress, please join us at the above link!


John Buell  5:43 PM

If you guys had worked out in advance to do the bit where Orson calls up New York to get his picture on the box, I would have died laughing


garth_johnson  5:45 PM

March 23, 1943 - Pittsburgh Press - S. H. Steinhauser Column - Benny is Ordered to Arizona To Recuperate




John Buell  5:47 PM

Nice find, I'd only seen the (local to me) Chicago stories for his hospital care and recovery


Steve R  5:49 PM

Great article Garth, and ticket!


John Buell  5:50 PM

If anyone comes back in, the question(s) I wanted to ask were if anyone else got the email from Warner (Brothers) Archive about them putting Broadway Melody of 1936 back into Manufacturing on Demand, and if anyone ordered it, and did you get your copy yet? Mine seems to be stuck between Post Offices.


John Buell  6:07 PM

Someone please remind me to not sign in from my phone for the next chat meeting.


Steve R  6:07 PM

GLenn MIller first recorded That Old Black Magic in 1942, my Grandmotehr  had a 78 of it I used to crank a record player up and hear when I was little (yes it was already an antique, LOL)


John- don't sign in from your phone for the next meeting!


John Buell  6:07 PM



Steve R  6:10 PM

Darn, I'm a "little late" for dinner, and since its mothers day, I'm cooking it! I enjoyed the first show, and chatting with everyone...Can we do it again next week? Meantime I will see you all on our FB Page, thanks Laura for the new JBT coming, and Kathy keep me posted on the title and anything we can do to help!


Well! See you all next time!


John Buell  6:13 PM

Oh there's FB too? I'm behind, obviously


garth_johnson  6:26 PM

Beloin, Benny and Morrow, the madcap lunch counter guys


michael_amowitz  6:41 PM

be right bacl


Rodrigo Araya  6:41 PM

They made "murder mysteries" almost every year.


michael_amowitz  6:41 PM



Rodrigo Araya  6:41 PM

"Who Killed Mr. X?"


Laura Leibowitz  6:42 PM

So, thoughts on the shows?


Shutterbug Sue  6:43 PM

I liked the one - then got a phone call from a family member.  Thanks for doing this, Laura.


Laura Leibowitz  6:43 PM



Shutterbug Sue  6:43 PM

So, I had to turn the volume down on the 2nd one.


Doug Kiser  6:43 PM

Enjoyed. Missed JB. I do listen to JB on XM.


Laura Leibowitz  6:44 PM

Kathy - You still here?


Tom V.  6:44 PM

Good shows.  How many shows did Jack miss during this time-frame?


Laura Leibowitz  6:44 PM

Garth - Remind me...has there been any evidence uncovered about how they settled on Orson Welles to stand in for Jack?


I'd have to look it up.  I think about four


I may be mentally adding in the one where Jack returns.


michael_amowitz  6:45 PM

I missed parts, but Orson handled them well. I think it was just 4


Rodrigo Araya  6:46 PM

It was five weeks. One with George and Gracie and four with Orosn.




Laura Leibowitz  6:46 PM

RIGHT.  I forgot about George and Gracie standing in.


garth_johnson  6:47 PM

I haven't come across anything --- I haven't gotten into the 1940's Variety yet


Laura Leibowitz  6:47 PM

John - You still with us?


Garth - OK, thanks for confirming!


Doug Kiser  6:47 PM

I heard the one with a George and Gracie. It was good as I like them.


Shutterbug Sue  6:47 PM

Laura, somewhere I read that you were going to encourage Joan to republish Sunday Nights at Seven.  Have you had any luck?  Are you still looking for "ammunition" in that regard?


Laura Leibowitz  6:48 PM

Sue - Actually, credit where it's due...Kathy is working on that.  And I'm sure she could use some additional "ammunition!"


Shutterbug Sue  6:48 PM

Oh, okay it was Kathy.  I will reach out to her.  Thanks!


Laura Leibowitz  6:49 PM

Sounds good.


So let me make sure I'm not a bum...is there interest in doing this again next week?


Rodrigo Araya  6:49 PM



michael_amowitz  6:49 PM



Tom V.  6:49 PM

Why certainly!


Rodrigo Araya  6:50 PM

Next week we'll be doing our annual murder mystery!


Laura Leibowitz  6:50 PM



Shutterbug Sue  6:50 PM

Count me in!


Laura Leibowitz  6:51 PM

Okie dokie!


Doug Kiser  6:51 PM

If I donít have class I will be here.   I have a class every other night during this pandemic.


Laura Leibowitz  6:51 PM

Doug - Thought you were going to say that you don't have class.  


michael_amowitz  6:51 PM

I have no class!


Laura Leibowitz  6:52 PM

THERE we go!  Someone said it!


Doug Kiser  6:52 PM



Shutterbug Sue  6:52 PM

I thought if one were a member of the IJBFC, then one does have class!


Laura Leibowitz  6:52 PM

Classier than the Fred Allen Fan Club (jk)


Shutterbug Sue  6:52 PM

tee hee


Doug Kiser  6:52 PM

You all are very classy!


michael_amowitz  6:53 PM

Phil would be proud


Shutterbug Sue  6:53 PM

The mutual admiration society is alive and well.


Laura Leibowitz  6:53 PM

OK, and I already know what show I'd like to do next week.


Group hug group hug


Shutterbug Sue  6:53 PM

Can't wait - gotta go.  It's been fun!


Doug Kiser  6:53 PM

Blessings to all!


garth_johnson  6:54 PM

Oh No - Not a School Days routine


Laura Leibowitz  6:54 PM

Stay well, stay healthy, stay strong!


michael_amowitz  6:54 PM

Bye Sue, Doug, Garth, LL


Laura Leibowitz  6:54 PM

Garth - No.


Doug Kiser  6:54 PM



Rodrigo Araya  6:54 PM

Good night.


Tom V.  6:54 PM

Good night, folks.