IJBFC Happy Hours - May, 2020


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Sunday, May 17th


Laura Leibowitz  4:54 PM

Hey Garth


garth_johnson  4:55 PM

Hi Irving!


Laura Leibowitz  4:56 PM



Rodrigo Araya  4:56 PM

Another of Jack's weird pets?


Laura Leibowitz  4:56 PM

Always made me laugh when they named characters after folks behind the scenes.


Rodrigo Araya  4:57 PM

A polar bear, an ostrich, a camel...


The crocodiles in the vault count, do they?


Laura Leibowitz  4:57 PM

Even the moat alligators or plants in the vault


garth_johnson  4:57 PM

Milt had Jack say "His mother works for me." -- Rod this was one of the "safe guards" for Lucy's vault


Laura Leibowitz  4:58 PM

Oh yeah, they count.  Irving and Jeanette!


Rodrigo Araya  4:58 PM

Oh, I forgot about Lenora the horse.


The one Andy gave him after the Maxwell was turned into scrap.


garth_johnson  4:58 PM


Rodrigo Araya  4:58 PM

Well, more like the government refused to turn into scrap metal.


Laura Leibowitz  4:59 PM

I had a different picture from that same shoot on the back cover of the newsletter a while back!


Rodrigo Araya  5:00 PM

Today they posted the Jell-O gang in 1940 from a different angle.


Now you could see the band.


Laura Leibowitz  5:00 PM

Welcome Sue, Philip!


Shutterbug Sue  5:01 PM

Hi, Laura!


That poor horse!  Never again will I complain about my back.


Rodrigo Araya  5:02 PM

I don't know in what FB group that photo was posted.


Laura Leibowitz  5:03 PM

That must have been Don Wilson's horse


Philip Harwood  5:03 PM



Laura Leibowitz  5:03 PM

Hey Philip, welcome!


Shutterbug Sue  5:03 PM

: )


Philip Harwood  5:03 PM

Hi Laura. Jello everyone!


Laura Leibowitz  5:04 PM

Hey folks, Philip is an expert in film soundtracks.  So if you have any questions about people like Elmer Berstein, he's the person to ask.


Philip Harwood  5:04 PM

Yes. I teach film and music history, in addition to being a Public Librarian.


Shutterbug Sue  5:04 PM



Laura Leibowitz  5:05 PM

Philip - I've been contemplating the deep question of how "Protocol" won the Academy Award for best song that year.  I like it, but it doesn't seem to quite raise to that level.


Hi Brad!


Hi Steve!


Steve_Smith  5:06 PM

Ahoy folks


Laura Leibowitz  5:06 PM

How's everyone doing tonight?


Rodrigo Araya  5:06 PM

"Don! Mt. Wilson was not only named after you, but there's also a family resemblance!"


Shutterbug Sue  5:06 PM



Philip Harwood  5:06 PM

The Academy's choices really annoy me at times.


Laura Leibowitz  5:06 PM

Sue - You sound like Thurl Ravenscroft.


brad_strickland  5:06 PM

Anyone here?


Steve_Smith  5:06 PM

Artists & Models is on over here on the TV


Laura Leibowitz  5:06 PM

Brad - No


Philip Harwood  5:06 PM

Doing fine here. This is my third virtual event today.


Laura Leibowitz  5:07 PM

Steve - Are you enjoying it?


Steve_Smith  5:07 PM

Judy's singing in the tub


so ... no


Shutterbug Sue  5:07 PM

I didn't know the face behind Tony the Tiger.  Learn something new everyday if you attend class.


Steve_Smith  5:07 PM



Laura Leibowitz  5:07 PM



Rodrigo Araya  5:08 PM

Was he in the Sportsmen Quartet? I'm not 100% sure...


Laura Leibowitz  5:09 PM

I can answer that, but I'm going to let someone else have the pleasure.


garth_johnson  5:09 PM

You want my cut-paste profile


Shutterbug Sue  5:09 PM

I just found him under IMDB as Enrico Scortachini w/the JB Program.


Laura Leibowitz  5:10 PM

Garth - Sure


garth_johnson  5:10 PM

The Sportsmen, as a group, was formed about 1938 with the initial members being Bill Days and Max Smith, both formerly of The Paul Taylor Choristers, joining with Don Craig and Art McCullogh to form the Metropolitans. They would later take the name "The Sportsmen." When Don Craig left to sing with Fred Waring he was replaced by Thurl Ravenscroft. Later, when Art McCullough left the group, was when music arranger John Rarig started to perform as the groups baritone.During the war years Gurney Bell replaced Thurl Ravenscroft who was in the U.S. Army Air Corps. When Thurl came back in 1948 he was with the group only a few months before being kicked out. Max Smith quit in protest and two formed the Mellomen with Bill Lee and Bob Hamlin. Thurl would find some fame when he became the voice of "Tony The Tiger" for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.In August 1943 Rarig decided to focus on arranging and was replaced by Marty Sperzel. Sperzel was previously with Gus Arnheim and part of the Three Ambassadors along with Jack Smith and Al Teeter. They were also regulars on Kate Smith's show and toured with Phil Harris.March 1949, former Santa Cruzan All-CCal basketball star Bob Stevens had joined the Sportsmen and so the group that we hear on the Benny and Harris shows as well as Judy Canova and Eddie Cator's were Bill Days (1st tenor), Bob Stevens (2nd tenor), Marty Sperzel (baritone) and Gurney Bell (bass).In 1951, Bob Stevens left the group and was replaced with Jay Meyer until he left in 1954.

In 1957. Sperzel left the group to form AdStaff, an advertising company specializing in jingles for commercials, with writer Don Quinn and Henry Russel. He was replaced by Jay Moffett. That was the group that stayed together until they disbanding in 1971.


Philip Harwood  5:10 PM

Wow, y ou said a mouthful!


Rodrigo Araya  5:10 PM

When did the group first appear on the show? Not counting the all-musical "emergency show" in '42, which only featured Dennis and Don.


Laura Leibowitz  5:11 PM

Well done, Garth!


garth_johnson  5:12 PM

LL - Its part of the F.A.Q.


Laura Leibowitz  5:12 PM

And during that dust-up of people quitting the group, that's when Jack "fired them" on the air to give them some time to sort it out.


Garth - I'm sure, but it's still well-done.


garth_johnson  5:13 PM

Here is what I spent the morning doing




Laura Leibowitz  5:13 PM

Looking up their first appearance...I think it was a little before the Carole Lombard all-music show IIRC


Philip Harwood  5:13 PM

That was around 1942


brad_strickland  5:13 PM

Just got kicked out of slack because I had to authorize it to receive messages from this motley crew. I told them I'm motley myself, so back in now.


Philip Harwood  5:13 PM

Just after the completion of To Be Or Not To Be


Laura Leibowitz  5:13 PM



Doug Kiser  5:14 PM

Hello everyone!


Laura Leibowitz  5:14 PM

Hi Doug!


brad_strickland  5:14 PM

By the way that icon by my name is the most flattering picture of me I've ever seen. Needs a beard, though.


Philip Harwood  5:14 PM

Hi Doug


Brad, you look kind of thin


michael_amowitz  5:14 PM

Took forever, but I'm finally in, and still 39!


Laura Leibowitz  5:14 PM

Hey Mike, glad you're here!


Rodrigo Araya  5:15 PM

I'm listening to an episode in which Arthur Q. Bryan speaks like Elmer Fudd.


brad_strickland  5:15 PM

Hi, Michael! My browsers kept refusing to connect until finally I was forced to use Microsoft Edge. Working now.


Laura Leibowitz  5:15 PM

On 2/25/40, that's the show in the Yosemite series where Jack gets a singing telegram.  While they're not specifically credited in the script, I'm 98% sure it's the Sportsmen.


Doug Kiser  5:15 PM

Hello Laura, hello Philip


Laura Leibowitz  5:15 PM

Rodrigo - Good for you for not automatically thinking it was Mel Blanc.


Say...I did pick a show to share.  But this is a happy hour...would people prefer to chat or listen to a show?


Rodrigo Araya  5:16 PM

People think Mel voiced the poor little nimrod?


Shutterbug Sue  5:16 PM



Laura Leibowitz  5:16 PM

Rodrigo - People think Mel voiced every WB character.


Rodrigo Araya  5:16 PM

I know he did it later on.


Philip Harwood  5:17 PM

I have a question


Laura Leibowitz  5:17 PM

Go for it, Phil


michael_amowitz  5:17 PM

Thanks LL! Brad, I kept having the same problem for 15 minutes here


brad_strickland  5:17 PM

I dislike Edge, but I love this gang more than I hate it.


Hey, it grew a beard!


michael_amowitz  5:18 PM

I was catching up until I hit Garth's story on the Sportsmen Quartet ... I should be using Edge ... will try to remember


Laura Leibowitz  5:18 PM

Live on the edge


Philip Harwood  5:19 PM



Rodrigo Araya  5:19 PM

So? Edge is like IE with a new name after all?


Philip Harwood  5:19 PM

I just lost my question


Steve_Smith  5:19 PM

I use firefox with a bunch of their free blockers --- work quite smoothly


Laura Leibowitz  5:19 PM

I'm on Firefox as well.


brad_strickland  5:19 PM

Yeah, but with Edge you visit a site on volcanoes, and then forever after you keep getting ads from businesses wanting you to buy a volcano.


Laura Leibowitz  5:20 PM

Hey Bud...Bud...you buyin a volcano?


Philip Harwood  5:20 PM

Was there a JB show, in which Jack takes Polly to the vet?


garth_johnson  5:20 PM

I'm from the dark ages -- Netscape Navigator version .9 and all it's updates to present


michael_amowitz  5:20 PM

They kicked Thurl out? I'd have resigned in protest too!


brad_strickland  5:20 PM

Why, yes. Yes, I was. I was thinking of buying Stromboli.


Laura Leibowitz  5:20 PM

Philip - Oo...good question.  Hm.


Shutterbug Sue  5:20 PM

Thurl was hurled?


Philip Harwood  5:21 PM

Milt Josefburg, in his book, discusses the episode, and that Bugs Bunny is in the waiting room. Was that just an idea the writers had, or did that actually happen?


Laura Leibowitz  5:22 PM

Phil - Looking in 39 Forever for it...I'm not seeing it in radio.


brad_strickland  5:22 PM

I vaguely recall Frank Nelson playing a vet, but I may be mistaken. My memory's getting better as I age. I can now remember things that never even happen. OH, YEAH! That's right, I have heard the show with B. Bunny in the waiting room  . . . but I was thinking that was one in which Nelson was a shrink, and his last patient thought he was a rabbit.


Laura Leibowitz  5:22 PM

Brad - That sounds right.


Shutterbug Sue  5:22 PM

Love it!


Rodrigo Araya  5:22 PM

Mel also did Woody Woodpecker in a Lucky Strike ad.


brad_strickland  5:22 PM

Mel was the first voice for Woody Woodpecker.


Philip Harwood  5:22 PM

Ok,bjecause I have been looking for that episode.


garth_johnson  5:23 PM



Steve_Smith  5:23 PM



Philip Harwood  5:23 PM



brad_strickland  5:23 PM

Yay! Not a vet, but close.


Laura Leibowitz  5:23 PM

There's Paul Lynde playing a vet for Jack's sick alligator, but I don't think he ever took Polly.


Steve_Smith  5:23 PM

didn't mean to post THAT miuch


Rodrigo Araya  5:23 PM

Awk! P-A-L-M S-P-R-I-N-G-S, vacuum cleaner!


Philip Harwood  5:24 PM

By the way, I am putting on my librarian hat for a moment.


michael_amowitz  5:24 PM

I remember the vet epsiode. Should see Paul Lynde's show sometime, it's been a LONG time


Laura Leibowitz  5:24 PM

Garth - Excellent triangulation, but it doesn't have Mel playing Bugs Bunny


The Paul Lynde show is a real romp.


brad_strickland  5:25 PM

The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company just had a virtual meeting with some program that used our webcams so we showed up on screen in little boxes. The president of the company was in Charley Weaver's square, I was in Paul Lynde's.


Philip Harwood  5:25 PM

Just to let you know, many libraries offer Hoopla and Overdrive on their websites. You find many Jack Benny radio shows on those two websites.


Laura Leibowitz  5:25 PM

Mel did Bugs on 11/29/53, but in the context of complaining that he's always playing animals.


brad_strickland  5:25 PM

Also Sirus/XM now streams over computers and Amazon Echo if you have a subscription. I have one for my car, but now I can listen at home!


Philip Harwood  5:25 PM

By the way, Laura, remember I had emailed you about "Jack's New Look"?


michael_amowitz  5:25 PM

Was the musicians strike in 1942? All caught up and ready for a show or whatever. :)


brad_strickland  5:26 PM

Michael, ask Petrillo!


garth_johnson  5:26 PM

Of all the Benny shows not in the package, the one I want most to see is the Paul Lynde show


Laura Leibowitz  5:26 PM

Phil - You probably did, but I'm pitifully behind in E-mail.


michael_amowitz  5:26 PM

No one ASKS Petrillo


brad_strickland  5:26 PM

Well . . . you can't TELL him anything.


Philip Harwood  5:26 PM

Ok, it was a while ago.  I needed it for my Hutton House lecture, Gregory Peck THe Television Work


Laura Leibowitz  5:27 PM

On 2/23/47 I see Mel played Bugs and a dentist, but there's nothing in the main story arc of the show about it.


Philip Harwood  5:27 PM

I was able to locate a copy from a on line company. Showed an excerpt in my class (Two Bushels and A Peck)


michael_amowitz  5:27 PM

They should have brought him on as a guest at some point, but I get the feeling that he was not amenable 


Laura Leibowitz  5:27 PM

Phil - OK...bump it in my inbox and I'll see what I can do.  Apologis.


garth_johnson  5:28 PM

Somebody triggered the "Pain in the A.S.C.A.P" button --- here's another cut-paste F.A.Q post ---- On occasion, in the Jack Benny group, the topic of the funny named tunes like "Grounded In Glendale" and "Brown Eyes Why Are You So Close To My Nose" is brought up.

These songs that nobody has heard of outside of the Benny program are because of the 1941 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) boycot of the National Broadcasting Company and Columbia Broadcasting System.ASCAP tried to double its license fees and instead created a rift between them and the radio broadcasters. With no ASCAP music from January to October 1941 programs, like Jack's, had to play public domain or non ASCAP managed material.

As a result of the boycot Broadcast Music Incorperated (BMI) was created as a lower cost alternative rights management organization and ASCAP settled for a lower rate increase.


Shutterbug Sue  5:28 PM

Cute, Philip!


michael_amowitz  5:28 PM



Philip Harwood  5:28 PM

No, that s ok. I have it.


brad_strickland  5:28 PM

I used to do a very short Gregory Peck impression. Two words: Gregory . . . PECK. It's like tyou can do a Michael Caine impression by saying his name as"My Cocaine."


Philip Harwood  5:28 PM

I do his voice when I record videos for the library.


Laura Leibowitz  5:28 PM

Garth - Actually, I can tell you a little more about those.


garth_johnson  5:28 PM

LL -Please !!


Rodrigo Araya  5:29 PM

Many of the "band numbers" from early 1942 have been unidentifiable as well.


Laura Leibowitz  5:29 PM

So, Mahlon wrote a few proprietary pieces.  And when Don front announces them with silly names, the scripts say something like "Merrick #4."


Let me glance at Volume 1...know I captured some there


brad_strickland  5:30 PM

"Always remember, Scout, it's a sin to kill a mockingbird. Unless you take it home and cook it. They're delicious roasted. They taste like chicken . . . and thrush . . . and robin . . . ."


Laura Leibowitz  5:30 PM

Oh..."Phil Harris Special #3" was "Brown Eyes, Why are you So Close to My Nose."


brad_strickland  5:31 PM

"Put the Saddle on the Stove, Ma, I'm Riding the Range Tonight."


Laura Leibowitz  5:31 PM

Phil Harris Special #1 was "I'm Building a Palace for Alice in Dallas" was 4/27/41.


Philip Harwood  5:31 PM

Interesting thing about the 1942 musicians strike: many bands were creating arrangements of classical music. Glenn Miller did ANvil Chorus.  And Dinah Shore recorded "I Look At Heaven" which was a reworking of the Grieg Piano Concerto


Laura Leibowitz  5:31 PM

#3 was also "Way Down Upon the Los Angeles River"


michael_amowitz  5:32 PM

Why not Jack and George Burns' hit songs?!


brad_strickland  5:32 PM

Spike Jones and the City Slickers did "Blue Danube."


"I Wish I Was Eighteen Again."


Laura Leibowitz  5:32 PM

Down in the garden where the red roses grow


michael_amowitz  5:32 PM

Now that one was great!


Laura Leibowitz  5:32 PM

Oh my, I...long to go


Pluck me like a flower


Cuddle me an hour


Lovie let me learn that Red Rose Rag


I love that song


brad_strickland  5:33 PM

Sounds vaguely and botanically risque.


But funny. Humor risque.


Laura Leibowitz  5:33 PM

Well, no one wants a roll in the roses.


OK, let me get the show cued up here...


brad_strickland  5:34 PM

"Show me a rose, or leave me alone."


michael_amowitz  5:34 PM

How do I add a photo here?


garth_johnson  5:35 PM

Many thanks -- are these in his collection at the library


brad_strickland  5:35 PM

Go to your profile (click on your name upper left) and choose View Profile. Then click on the spot for a photo. Upload one.


Laura Leibowitz  5:35 PM



Let's meet on Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether lets you watch videos with your friends, synchronized at the same time. (5 kB)



If you join the chat while we're listening to the show, please join us at the above link!


michael_amowitz  5:37 PM

Found it ... doesn't work yet, but I'll get it. Off to the show


michael_amowitz  5:42 PM

Well, can't access what I want but I did get this one up 


michael_amowitz  6:12 PM

Anyone else back?


Laura Leibowitz  6:12 PM

I'm back


Rodrigo Araya  6:12 PM



Steve_Smith  6:12 PM



Shutterbug Sue  6:12 PM

That was great, Laura.  Thanks.  Am signing off as we are having thunder.  See y'all next time.


Laura Leibowitz  6:12 PM

Stay safe, Sue!


Shutterbug Sue  6:13 PM

Thank you!


brad_strickland  6:13 PM

Ok, my virus checker kicked in. Somehow the Watch Together opening downloaded something called PC Accelerator Pro that is a Trojan. I'm having to check out now to clean it from my laptop. Everyone check to make sure it didn't sneak onto your machines--one of the components is plazypcap.


Laura Leibowitz  6:13 PM

Any comments on the show before we wrap up?


michael_amowitz  6:13 PM

I've heard it recently ... loved when the ad libbing broke out 


brad_strickland  6:13 PM

My machine may have been vulnerable because I was using Mirosoft Edge.


Rodrigo Araya  6:13 PM

Well, Billingsley is pretty much the most overlooked character on the show.


Laura Leibowitz  6:14 PM

It's great to hear how easily Orson cracks up after they've built up his pompous a$$ character


Rod - Totally agree with that.


Rodrigo Araya  6:14 PM

Maybe is because he appeared between 1940 and 1943 (save for a guest spot in 1946).


He could have fit better with the later format.


Laura Leibowitz  6:15 PM

Rodrigo - Yes, Ed Beloin hung around to coach the new writers for a while, but after he left, there was no more logistical reason for the character.


Steve_Smith  6:15 PM

OW is really fun... wish he did more comedy


michael_amowitz  6:15 PM

I was surprised at the Claudette Colbert reference


Laura Leibowitz  6:15 PM



garth_johnson  6:15 PM


Laura Leibowitz  6:16 PM



Steve_Smith  6:16 PM

I like to laugh .. and his voice is on time ... i think anyway


michael_amowitz  6:16 PM

I thought that was hard on Jack to deal with ... am I mistaken? I thought the crash was before this broadcast


Rodrigo Araya  6:16 PM

Was that after Jack's appearance in Orson's show in '40?


Laura Leibowitz  6:17 PM

Michael...Claudette Colbert...not Carole Lombard


Steve_Smith  6:17 PM

oh ... if i heard that i've forgotten


michael_amowitz  6:17 PM

my mind gone, sorry


Laura Leibowitz  6:17 PM

Mike - No problem.  Goodness knows I've crossed my share of wires.


Rodrigo - Now I need a mind jog.  Jack appearing on Orson's show?


michael_amowitz  6:18 PM

I'm all over the place tonight  Look at the photo I came up with 


garth_johnson  6:18 PM

Jack presents Orson with a statue --- ooops - that's Mickey Rooney at the 1940 March of Dimes broadcast


Laura Leibowitz  6:18 PM

Big, medium, little.



Rodrigo Araya  6:18 PM

As Don said "A new star shines in the sky" after Jack appeared in the "Campbell Playhouse".



Laura Leibowitz  6:19 PM

Oh!  June Moon..


garth_johnson  6:19 PM

Jack and the candy butcher


Laura Leibowitz  6:19 PM

Yes, this was after that.


How cool is that...the question is naming those with their back to the camera.


Looks like Mary on the right.


Rodrigo Araya  6:20 PM

So Jack was awarded a Campbell Kid Award.


garth_johnson  6:21 PM

1940 - American radio director, actor and playwright Orson Welles (1915 - 1985) sits at a table, smoking his pipe, with his star, comedian Jack Benny (1894 - 1974), standing, center, and others during rehearsal of 'June Moon' at the KNX radio station for the CBS Campbell Playhouse broadcast, Hollywood, California, March 24, 1940. From left: Bill Morrow (standing, writer for Jack Benny); Welles; Benny Rubin sitting behind Welles); Benny;  Ernest Chappell (seated at table across from Welles); Jack Beloin (sitting facing camera, another Benny writer). Foreground: Orson?s cast (L-R) Bill Alland, Lee Patrick (center) and Bea Benaderet.  (Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)


Laura Leibowitz  6:21 PM

Looks like a Kewpie doll


Jack Beloin (?!)


garth_johnson  6:22 PM

getty gets captions right 85% of the time


Rodrigo Araya  6:23 PM

Could be worse, Jack was once confused as Jack Denny in a news article identifying him as an "orchestra leader" apart from being a comedian.


Laura Leibowitz  6:23 PM

Moreover, it doesn't look like Ed Beloin to me...it looks like Hickey Marks.


But I could be wrong.


And they just don't identify Mary.


Like Bea's fascinator.


garth_johnson  6:23 PM

Hey Clancy - Lower the boom and wake up Hicky


Steve_Smith  6:24 PM

east coast - busy day tomorrow - - checking out... see you next week I hope.


michael_amowitz  6:24 PM

Take care, Steve


Laura Leibowitz  6:24 PM

OK, let's call it a wrap for this week.


michael_amowitz  6:24 PM



Laura Leibowitz  6:24 PM

Thanks for stopping, folks!


Rodrigo Araya  6:24 PM

All right, g'night.


garth_johnson  6:24 PM

Good night all we'll be seeing you next week


michael_amowitz  6:25 PM

Lol, Rodrigo, just saw the Denny thing


Goodnight, y'all1


Laura Leibowitz  6:25 PM

Have a good week...stay safe, stay strong, stay well!


Doug Kiser  6:26 PM

Good night all!

Sunday, May 24th


garth_johnson  4:40 PM

You've heard all about your raggy melodies

Everything from opera down to harmony

But I've a little song that I will sing to you

It's going to win you through and through


It's Love In Bloom!


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:47 PM

howdy Buck, and Garth! how are you doing?


garth_johnson  4:48 PM

Greetings Kathy -- Arm is getting better all the time (it can't get much worse)


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:49 PM

how is your shoulder feeling? As I said, my Kenny has gone thru this several times, and I hope some exercise, some meds and some time make it feel better


garth_johnson  4:49 PM

Exercise - Exercise - Exercise I can almost put the dishes away on the top shelf --


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:50 PM

I have my final spring semester grades in, and we held a "virtual" graduation in which "Professor" Matthew McConaughey (sp) showed up. So now I am near to summer!


its also great to have the volume 1 of the scripts series looking like its getting near to publication, hooray!!!!! Hopefully just a couple weeks or months, I bet that a non-university press can get a book out sooner than one tied to nonprofit university


garth_johnson  4:52 PM

My cousins daughter is graduating high school and all depressed about no big party they've planned for the past few months.  But then she realized she didn't want to party with more than half those people and cheered up and will spend the time with her boyfriend


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:53 PM

haha good for her!!! That has been the blessing for me of viral quarantine times, I am grateful for the internets to let me communicate with the folks I WANT to, and how wonderful to avoid the "mean girls" of this world


garth_johnson  4:54 PM

Press time for the books I worked on was all set in the printing contract -- but the more you printed the more they hounded you in getting the gallleys proofed


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:54 PM

oh, publication is so much like the Army "hurry up, and then wait"


garth_johnson  4:55 PM

Army --- those are the guys that walk everywhere?


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:55 PM

although I love collecting stories when I talk to editors about the WORST authors they have worked with, hahahaha


my step-son is trying to join the US airforce, so they still walk everywhere and a very few get to fly


garth_johnson  4:56 PM

My father was an RCAF aero-instrument technician --- lost one of the planes he worked on the other day up here.


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:58 PM

oh no, I am very sorry to hear that!!! My Kenny spent some time doing engine repair and maintenance in the US Airforce and National Guard. It takes a village to get one of those things up in the air, its a wonderful community


garth_johnson  4:59 PM

I second that - I did a number of years volunteering for our version of your Civil Air Patrol -- best people I ever met


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:00 PM

So Garth, I am talking to Laura about two projects --- to get Joan to reprint Sunday Nights at Seven, perhaps with some new additions; and to get Laura to let me scan and publish for our group the AMAZING scrapbooks created by Barbara Thunell from 1940-1960s, I saw a glimpse of them and we would all have a field day of fun identifying the amazing photos and items in her collections


garth_johnson  5:00 PM

Speaking of books --- did you notice the PDF  I shared last week


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:01 PM

oh gosh, where is the link, on the Benny fan club page? will go look (I have been overwhelmed with final papers and grades, oops)


garth_johnson  5:01 PM

Scroll up here on slack ...


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:01 PM

will do!


Rodrigo Araya  5:01 PM

Here is Harris on the beam, ev'rybody!


Steve R  5:01 PM

HI everyone!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:02 PM

Jell=O everybody!


Kamden Spies  5:02 PM

This is my first chat. What am I supposed to do is there another link?


Rodrigo Araya  5:02 PM

Did Phil ever say "on the beam" or something like that?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:02 PM

Kamden you have made it to the chat! congratulations


Rodrigo Araya  5:02 PM

Or was it just something they did on the "Malibu" cartoon?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:03 PM

Rodrigo, did we figure out from last time that I can send you a .pdf of my book, if you give me an email address to send the link to!


garth_johnson  5:03 PM

Kamden, there is a another website Watch2gether that we use to "watch" radio and television shows together --- that link is usually posted when Laura gets things ready


Rodrigo Araya  5:03 PM

Oh! I forgot!


Steve R  5:03 PM

Hi Kathy!, also a big Jello to you Rodrigo, Garth, and welcome Kamden!


Laura Leibowitz  5:03 PM

Hey folks!


Steve R  5:03 PM

Hiya Laura!


garth_johnson  5:04 PM

You've heard all about your raggy melodies

Everything from opera down to harmony

But I've a little song that I will sing to you

It's going to win you through and through


It's Love In Bloom


Laura Leibowitz  5:04 PM

Welcome Kamden!


Hey Rodrigo


Kamden Spies  5:04 PM

Garth--thanks! This link is not available yet right?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:04 PM

hello Laura!


Laura Leibowitz  5:04 PM

Hi there Steve, Garth, Kathy


Let's Kamden - I'll post it when we're ready to go over there.


And Mike too!


Kamden Spies  5:05 PM

Hi Laura


Steve R  5:05 PM

I've been cleaning my office, and bookshelves, and re-organizing all my Jack Benny TImes, My goodness I didn't realize how many I had, until I started organizing them! What a body of work Laura! I am loving the George Balzer Autobiography!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:05 PM

hooray for the Times! And the Balzer mss is awesome, thank you Laura!


Laura Leibowitz  5:05 PM

Steve - Glad to hear it!  I confess I've been using it because I run out of time and need to get a newsletter out, but I don't think anyone's complaining!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:06 PM

its not like this is a fly-by-night organization haha


Steve R  5:06 PM

I loe stories of behind the scens from the show, and from the writer's perspective is wonderful. It's all good!


Laura Leibowitz  5:06 PM

No, but there is limited staff.


Steve R  5:06 PM

Drrr Love....


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:06 PM

get the backyard turkeys involved...


Laura Leibowitz  5:06 PM

Kathy - And I haven't forgotten your offer.


Steve R  5:07 PM

Phil Harris taught me how to spell, kids....


Rodrigo Araya  5:07 PM

Speaking of turkeys...


Laura Leibowitz  5:07 PM

Oh funny you mention that!  I need to post the video I took literally five minutes ago.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:07 PM

oh yes Laura, I would love to purchase a great scanner, and will pay shipping and tons of insurance!!!!


Rodrigo Araya  5:07 PM

I'm listening to the episode in which Jack dreams he's a tukey!


Laura Leibowitz  5:07 PM

Kathy - I'm going to take you up on it.  I just need to get my head in that space.


Rodrigo Araya  5:07 PM

That's how Philsie would spell turkey.


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM

Rodrigo - Isn't that a wild episode?!?!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:08 PM

yay!!!!! Let me know to send you postage and insurance!!!


love the vengeful turkeys!!!


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM

Kathy - OK, let's do it in batches since there are so many.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:08 PM

oh yes, one at a time is fine, there is so much in each volume!!!


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM

Jack dreams he's a turkey...I think Salvador Dali may have been a cowriter on that epsiode.


garth_johnson  5:09 PM

Phil may not know how to spell turkey but Marcia does


Steve R  5:09 PM

Are you attempting to scan the archives? hmm? 


Laura Leibowitz  5:09 PM

Kathy - OK, I like that.  Let's do it that way.


Rodrigo Araya  5:09 PM

Apparently Jack can't tell his birds.


Choosing a pigeon is natural for someone who bought an ostrich.


Laura Leibowitz  5:09 PM

Kathy - Go ahead and announce what we're talking about.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:09 PM

Hi Steve, well hopefully within WEEKs or a few months you will see the Benny radio show scripts May 2-July 27 1932, hooray



Steve R  5:10 PM

wow! That's awesome! are these all the scripts including the Missing shows we've chatted about?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:10 PM

And the WONDERFUL, AMAZING thing Laura and I are talking about is making Barbara Thunell's INCREDIBLE Benny scrapbooks available to the Benny fan club!


Laura Leibowitz  5:10 PM

Kathy - I didn't realize that doing it one at a time would take away all my angst about it.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:11 PM

Barbara, who is still a member TODAY in her 90s, started scrapbooking her fan adoration of Jack Benny in the mid-30s, and she collected AMAZING things



Laura Leibowitz  5:11 PM

And she worked for CBS


Kamden Spies  5:11 PM

Maybe you guys will know this. I write for Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research and I conduct interviews with the sons and daughters of animators. I recently interviewed Robert McKimson Jr. and he told me that The Mouse that Jack Built was one of his favorites. In fact, he lived nearby Benny's house. Apparently they had to due some extra lines and every cast member returned but Mary who didn't want to go back. Do you know why this could be? They lived near Jack and had to drive all the way from the studio to Jack's house for Mary's lines. The rest of the cast happily returned but Mary didn't.


Laura Leibowitz  5:12 PM

Typed some of Jack's scripts.  Anything with BB in the bottom of the page was typed by her.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:12 PM

Laura- one at a time is SUPER, and reduces any worry about losing any of them in transit!


Steve R  5:12 PM

ALso great news, to see her scrapbook and whats in there for all the fans is very worthwhileQ


Laura Leibowitz  5:12 PM

Kamden - That makes sense.  That was done in, IIRC, 1957 and she was pretty much done with appearances by that time.


Her scrapbooks are drop-dead MINDBLOWING.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:13 PM

So, Barbara Thunell is an amzing SUPER=FAN who actually got a job at CBS radio as a secretary in Los Angeles so she could follow all her heroes, Jack especially,. She had WONDERFUL access to studio photos and news items


Laura Leibowitz  5:13 PM

Kamden - Remember also that there are at least a couple of radio shows where she recorded her lines at home.


You can pretty much turn the pages of her scrapbooks and say, "OMG look at THIS!" on every page.


Steve R  5:14 PM

It's a shame she got so difficult in her later years, and wanted the lifestyle more than being accessible to performing- she was exceptionally funny, especially considering it appears she was not exactly an easy woman to get along with in real life?


Rodrigo Araya  5:14 PM

According to the "JB in the 1940s" site, she apparently recorded from home during the entire last season.


Laura Leibowitz  5:14 PM

Rodrigo - I know that's claimed, but I don't believe it.


Steve - That is correct.


I've listened to all the later shows closely and been able to identify a few where her lines are definitely dubbed.  It's SO different that I just can't believe that the others are similarly dubbed.  You can hear audience reaction in the background over her lines, etc.  Audio editing just wasn't that advanced back then.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:15 PM

so, its BANNER DAYS for us Benny fans!!!! Wonderful scripts we've not heard in nearly 90 years, coming out soon, and amazing visual evidence, from Barbara's scrapbooks, for us IJBFC members to admire and play with, yay!!!!


Kamden Spies  5:15 PM

I also read that that was the last thing she did. McKimson told me that the short took longer than the average Warner cartoon. She still did it though, they just had to go up to her house which the staff wasn't used to.


Laura Leibowitz  5:16 PM

Kamden - Well, she did appear on Jack's 20th TV Anniversary special.


garth_johnson  5:17 PM

1959 - Mouse That Jack Built - Recording Session - Bob McKimson, Mel Blanc, Jack Benny, Don Wilson, Eddie Anderson and Tedd Pierce


Steve R  5:17 PM

Yes, thats a lot of new/old material to read and enjoy, can't wait- thank you both for your efforts on this.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:17 PM

I am usually the only one who will defend Mary -- she didn't want to be a star or a performer, and I understand that her terrible mike fright and shyness just got worse every year. Who else knows of a big star who WALKED AWAY from fame? she is pretty unusual


Laura Leibowitz  5:17 PM

Garth - Oh cool!  I don't know that I've seen that photo before!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:17 PM

wonderful photo, Garth!!!!


Kamden Spies  5:17 PM

Laura Bob jr. told me that they lived within eye's distance of Jacks house so they didn't need directions.


garth_johnson  5:18 PM

LL - Surely you've seen this one


Laura Leibowitz  5:18 PM

There was something odd in that house where she grew up.  All the kids ended up oddly.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:18 PM

Kamden, Mary was willing to do some performances if it would not be before a live audience


Laura Leibowitz  5:18 PM

Kamden - Very cool!


Kamden Spies  5:18 PM

Also kathy--I'm not trying to make an argument here! This is my first time doing this


Laura Leibowitz  5:18 PM

Kathy - Not by that time.  I think her last appearances, at least in filmed order, are the Europe shows.


Steve R  5:18 PM

great find Garth!  maybe they should have done what jack said..."call her up! Call up the little woman! Don't just go BARGING in there!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:19 PM

of course, Kamden! I am so glad that you are joining us!!!!


Kamden Spies  5:19 PM

Garth--I have not! Do you mind if I share this photo with Bob?


Laura Leibowitz  5:19 PM

Kamden - Don't sweat it.  We're all professionals here.  


Rodrigo Araya  5:19 PM

Kamden, you might know already this cartoon introduced a lot of people to Benny...




Kamden Spies  5:20 PM

Including me


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:20 PM

gosh, the cartoon was my first exposure to Jack Benny, and I was hooked at age 10....


Laura Leibowitz  5:20 PM

You had Babe in the news doing her own "wrong door raid" in a drunken rage, Hickey...wow...there are stories I can't tell you about wild stuff he did.


Rodrigo - Yep, including me!


garth_johnson  5:20 PM

I have no issues - I found it on the web


Rodrigo Araya  5:21 PM

That I knew, Laura. Also myself.


Laura Leibowitz  5:21 PM

High five, Rodrigo!


Rodrigo Araya  5:22 PM

And what about Kamden?


garth_johnson  5:22 PM

Why so glum Blum!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:22 PM

don't we all have the in-law families, hahahaha


Laura Leibowitz  5:22 PM

Garth - You're so on it.  Thank you!


What's sad is that Jack was distanced from his sister as a result of Mary's family kind of taking over his life.


Steve R  5:22 PM

Laura and Kathy- Really? I first saw Benny on my grandparents TV, but I'm a little ollder than you two- the world stopped for the Jack Benny show in their home, so us kids hads to be silent or go in another room...and I heard all the laughter, and realized this was SMARTER comedy than I was used to watching. My dad was a "three Stooges" man.....


Laura Leibowitz  5:23 PM

Would it amuse anyone to know that my father was NOT a Jack Benny fan?  He liked Henry Aldrich.


Rodrigo Araya  5:23 PM



Laura Leibowitz  5:23 PM

So loving Jack was part of my teenage rebellion.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:24 PM

Steve, I am so envious! I did not happen to grow up in towns that ran Benny TV reruns, so it took finding cassette-tape sellers through the ads in the re-booted LIberty Magazine of the early 70s to get me hooked. LUCKY YOU to have the TVs


Laura Leibowitz  5:24 PM

For the record, I'm 51.


garth_johnson  5:24 PM

My dad wasn't a avid Benny fan --- his mother was -- named him Dennis because of Mr. McNulty and his older sister was named Joan


Laura Leibowitz  5:24 PM



Wow, Garth.


Is that where you got it from?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:25 PM

and my disseration advisor will never let me forget that, as a teen in the late 40s, he thought Fred Allen was "cool" and Benny hopelessly square!


Kamden Spies  5:25 PM

My first connection to someone who knew Benny was when I was in Hawaii celebrating my dad's 50th when I was 14. At a restaurant a man walked by. I had a habit of bothering people and telling them they looked like someone. I left the table and told him that he looked like Stan Freberg. This man looked nothing like Freberg. The man was Joe Gannon who worked for CBS Records and Frank Zappa. I spent the entire evening in his office talking with him about Jack Benny, Mel Blanc, and Stan Freberg all of which he knew. The man looks nothing like Freberg now that I look back.


Laura Leibowitz  5:25 PM

Kathy - He was from New York, wasn't he?


Kamden - Maybe not, but it sure opened a door for you!


Steve R  5:26 PM

Ahh these were the first run Benny TV shows on tv in the early 60s, and I then got to see the COlor specials and my grandparents house whenever they would run, because they also were the first in the fam to get a (WOW!) Color TV...probably 66 or 67....Im a child of the fifties, but somehow like Jack only 39, LOL


Rodrigo Araya  5:26 PM

For some reason, I'm not surprised about Fred being the most popular radio comedian in town back in the 40s.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:26 PM

my grad advisor was from Sacramento haha (Ron Walters)


GARTH I love your stories!!!


Laura Leibowitz  5:27 PM

Kathy - I'll be!  I know my ex-mother-in-law from Brooklyn preferred Fred Allen to Jack Benny.


garth_johnson  5:27 PM

I picked up the OTR bug in the 70's when just a pre-teen - Local radio station nightly aired a lot of Benny, as the 9 to midnight guy was a fan of Benny -- then when he went of the air about, David Lennick's show was on the CBC so I got a good fill of OTR


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:27 PM

The best I can do is to say that the koi in my fish pond are named   Jack, Mary, Rochester, and baby Joan


Steve R  5:27 PM

Yeah Fred seemed to be the "Cooler" comedian, but boy was his autobiography "tradmill to oblivion" a slow read. I think his IQ was too high for me!


Our Cat is named Benny of course!


Laura Leibowitz  5:28 PM

Steve - You might enjoy "Much Ado About Me" a little more.  He's writing about vaudeville there which he truly loved, as opposed to television and radio in the later days which he hated.


Steve R  5:28 PM

THanks Laura, I had heard he did a second book, I'll look for that if it is still in print.


Laura Leibowitz  5:29 PM

Although I do steal his line about "jokes written with a machine gun filled with ink" with some regularity.


garth_johnson  5:29 PM

Google Books has a preview of Much Ado


Laura Leibowitz  5:29 PM

Steve - It's not.  Go to addall.com/used.


Rodrigo Araya  5:29 PM

Reading the Tralfaz blog, there is a news article about the "vaudeville revival" in Britain around the early 50s.


Laura Leibowitz  5:30 PM

I wonder if it may be more of a music hall revival there.


Steve R  5:30 PM

Oh, before I forget- Laura, you know I have an audio recording studio in my home, because I'm in broadcasting and advertising- have you ever considered committing the taped interviews you have done with benny cast and crew to digital? That is a side project I would help you do for sure- I would happily volunteer.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:30 PM

A grad student and I are writing a piece about the new radio critics of 1946-1950, and John Crosby and Jack Gould sure did love them some Fred Allen, and Benny second. Crosby had a very soft spot for Amos n Andy and Charlie McCarthy. We are now doing research on Gould, who left his papers to University of Texas, yay'


michael_amowitz  5:30 PM

Hi folks! My dad preferred Fred Allan to Jack. Kathy, congratulations on the book! Great pictures as usual, Garth! All caught up as usual, LL!


Rodrigo Araya  5:31 PM

They called it "variety" there as well, Laura.


Laura Leibowitz  5:31 PM

I appreciate that...the main thing that has made me resist it is that anything digital immediately gets stolen and put onto collections sold by other people.  And I'd need to listen closely for what needs to be edited.  The transcriptions are really, really close to what's been said.  I just try to trim out the boring parts.


Rodrigo Araya  5:31 PM

The "revival" was credited to Val Parnell, who also produced many of the Royal Command Performances.


Laura Leibowitz  5:32 PM

Rodrigo - Good point.


Rodrigo Araya  5:32 PM

Jack also knew another theatrical impresario of the time, former bandleader Jack Hylton.


Steve R  5:33 PM

I totally understnad if you ever wanted to do it for yourself or to release a transcript book with audio CD, or an audible book, I'm an audio expert, and would love to tackle it and keep it locked up tight with you, just something to consider 


garth_johnson  5:33 PM

I DO NOT SELL --- I just collect it all and share with a select group of people --- what they do with it after ....


Including a PDF of Much Ado


Laura Leibowitz  5:33 PM

Steve - I will definitely keep it in mind, and thanks very much for the offer!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:33 PM

Steve, thank you for the offer!!!! I will be in touch about several radio history projects (as in those Fred Allen books and other cool stuf!)


Laura Leibowitz  5:34 PM

Garth - Totally understand.  I was severely PO'ed when the color specials ended up on a bootleg set literally A WEEK after I released them from the IJBFC video library.  So it put me in the mindset that anything in circulation will be "stolen."  Not by you.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:35 PM

I have been posting some things to "academia.edu"  that I have written, and I always like their reports that show if someone has downloaded them. But I am concerned about their more recent efforts to monetize MY stuff


Steve R  5:35 PM

Laura/Kathy- feel free to reach out 


Laura Leibowitz  5:35 PM

Kathy - I was wondering about that...I get noticed with some regularity that I've been mentioned in various papers on academia.edu.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:36 PM

Laura, well that is just their marketing efforts, does not mean much, go ahead and delete


Laura Leibowitz  5:36 PM

Kathy - That's what I do.


garth_johnson  5:36 PM

Why is it they bootleg the big stuff like movies and tv shows it's the obscure interviews that I want



kathy_fuller_seeley  5:36 PM

although of course its MARVELOUS to see your work get wider notice!!!! I trust Google SCHOLAR MUCH MORE


Laura Leibowitz  5:37 PM

Well, the talk here has been so good that I didn't want to stop it for a show.


Anyone want to hear a show?


Or just talk tonight?


garth_johnson  5:37 PM

Laura Leibowitz  5:38 PM

Garth...you peeked


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:38 PM

gosh Garth, I love this major theme of the program, when they traveled to Yosemite


Laura Leibowitz  5:38 PM

Well, I think it's time for a show then.


garth_johnson  5:39 PM

My apologies LL --


Steve R  5:39 PM

Thise 3 (?) Yosemite shows were sooo good and sooo funny- they taught me early on that the older shows could be just as funny as the late 40s/early 50s when the show sounded more contemporary.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:39 PM

just you all wait for 1932, hahaha!


Laura Leibowitz  5:39 PM

Please join the show at the above link!  Then we'll come back here afterwards.


michael_amowitz  5:40 PM

I'm fine here, torn in 3 directions, but the posts have been great! And I'm off to the show.


Steve R  5:40 PM

Me too, as usual I have an upcoming facetime with my daughter in New york, but I will stay on as long as I can- LOVE chatting and reading everyones comments!


garth_johnson  5:44 PM



Laura Leibowitz  6:11 PM

I've driven by the Oakland Civic Auditorium a number of times, but never put 2 and 2 together.


Thoughts?  Comments?  Discussion?


garth_johnson  6:12 PM

1940 - Mary "Bubbles" Kelley


Laura Leibowitz  6:12 PM

Nice shot of her!  Hadn't seen that before.


garth_johnson  6:12 PM

That is a fun episode


Rodrigo Araya  6:12 PM

She sounded just like Mary.


Laura Leibowitz  6:13 PM

I figure if we're going every week, then may as well do that series so it doesn't take four months to get through it.


Steve R  6:13 PM

Is that the mary Kelly that was originally jack's Girlfriend before Mary?


Laura Leibowitz  6:13 PM

I think she didn't live too long after that, sadly.


Steve - That's her!


garth_johnson  6:13 PM

Died: June 7, 1941 (age 47) in Los Angeles, California, USA


Laura Leibowitz  6:14 PM

Then an abusive marriage and alcoholism made her fill out a bit from her Irish dancer/Gracie Allen roommate self.


Thanks Garth.  I was pretty sure she was gone by 1942.  Such a sad story.


garth_johnson  6:15 PM

IMDB nm0445953


Steve R  6:15 PM

AWW. She use to be Jacks date and they would double date with George and Gracie as I recall?


Laura Leibowitz  6:15 PM

Steve - That's correct.


Steve R  6:16 PM

I guess I better put down this white claw hard seltzer I've been drinking thoughout all this.....


Laura Leibowitz  6:16 PM

You wonder how things might have been different if they'd been able to marry.


I'm still amazed that Mayer was apparently OK with it.


garth_johnson  6:16 PM

my notes say her first appearance was  1934-02-04 - as part of the Chicken Sisters act


Laura Leibowitz  6:17 PM

Garth - That's it.


I've got a glossy of her doing that back then in the stage act.


Steve R  6:17 PM

Yes. Marriage was so controlled back in the day....My mom was a child of the 30s and 40s and had to take her cousin to the senior prom because her dad wouldnt allow her to date...as a senior!


Laura Leibowitz  6:18 PM

My mother and father were high school sweethearts, but in the 50s.


Steve R  6:18 PM

were the chicken sisters similar to the "Landrew Sisters"? aka "we know what were doing!"?


garth_johnson  6:18 PM

This started me collecting all of J.P. The Mints catalog images


Laura Leibowitz  6:18 PM

Steve - I wonder if some of the concern was about having another mouth to feed during the depression.


Garth - I don't blame you.


Steve - Yep, Chicken Sisters, Landrews Sisters, Smothers Sisters...all the same bit with updated names.


And a suitably doffed hat to Harry Conn for providing some comedy that was more enduring than jokes about Garbo's feet.


garth_johnson  6:20 PM

I get an obverse pleasure of collecting the other side of pictures too.


Rodrigo Araya  6:20 PM

Jack was quite sporty in '32. He gave her shoes for Christmas!


michael_amowitz  6:20 PM

There were jokes other than "I want to be alone"?


Steve R  6:21 PM

Thanks ROdrigo! what a spot...was it "GUaranteed?"




garth_johnson  6:21 PM


Laura Leibowitz  6:21 PM

Michael - Look for a lot of cartoons at the time.  Any woman with her eyes closed and big feet was Garbo.


Steve R  6:21 PM

Garth you have an uncanny talent for having obscure photos at your fingertips! I am impressed!


michael_amowitz  6:22 PM



Laura Leibowitz  6:22 PM

Garth is DA MAN when it comes to photos.


OK, let's call it a wrap for this week.


Next week, next installment of Yosemite!


Steve R  6:22 PM

Whats the earliest known photo of Jack with George Burns? anyone?


oops we're a little late.....


Laura Leibowitz  6:23 PM

Oooo...I know the last one...hmmm


Rodrigo Araya  6:23 PM

I think that's the one from 1930.


Laura Leibowitz  6:23 PM

Garth - You've got an action item


Rodrigo Araya  6:23 PM

The two of them dancing, or something like that.


Steve R  6:23 PM

Yep a homework assignment for next week!


garth_johnson  6:23 PM

1934 - in New York -- appears in one of George's book --


Rodrigo Araya  6:23 PM

What about George's corny songs?


Steve R  6:23 PM

I am also FYI obsessed with Burns and Allen so this fits into a fine tapestry of OTR and JB....


Laura Leibowitz  6:24 PM

Oh it's a jigsaw!  I was hoping they were playing Mah Jongg!


garth_johnson  6:24 PM

1938 - Masquers Club - Jack Benny dancing with George Burns



Rodrigo Araya  6:25 PM

It's from '38?


Laura Leibowitz  6:25 PM

I was thinking that was the photo you meant.


Rodrigo Araya  6:25 PM



garth_johnson  6:25 PM

1938 - Benny And Burnscirca 1930: Comedians, Jack Benny (Benjamin Kubelsky) (1894 - 1974) and on the right, George Burns (Nathan Birnbaum)(1896 - 1996) work out a little dance routine. (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images) (Published October 1938, Radio Mirror pg. 28)

Laura Leibowitz  6:25 PM

If anyone can find a rare photo, it will be Garth.


That's the one.


Steve R  6:26 PM

George was bald long before Jack;'s jaior thinned out- yet benny got all the hairpiece jokes, and burns bought one....




garth_johnson  6:26 PM

LL - we are lucky today my image database got backed up early


Steve R  6:26 PM

Garth you ARE da man!


Laura Leibowitz  6:26 PM

Steve - But his was very good.


Yes, I think that's the earliest one that comes to mind.


But I challenge you all to find an earlier one!


Steve R  6:27 PM

True. There are a few during the last few years of the show where they changed a bit, but always good.


Laura Leibowitz  6:27 PM

Maybe we'll find it in Barbara's scrapbooks.


OK, great stuff folks.  Stay strong, stay safe, stay well!


michael_amowitz  6:27 PM

Take care, y'all!


Steve R  6:27 PM



Rodrigo Araya  6:27 PM

Good night, all.


Kamden Spies  6:27 PM

Have a good night


garth_johnson  6:28 PM

1926 - New York Star - For English Review - Burns & Allen have been engaged to appear in London next summer in an all-American revue.  Others who will gure in the same offering are: Stanley & Birnes, Mr. and Mrs. Al Benevici, Jack Benny, and Jessie Block.  The contribution is called "Title Tattle," and is scheduled to run for six weeks.



Sunday, May 31st


Laura Leibowitz  4:56 PM



And I presume Mrs. Al Bernevici (assume that was a typo) was Babe?


garth_johnson  5:01 PM

It's the earliest Burns - Benny co-appearance news I could find.


Laura Leibowitz  5:02 PM

Extremely cool!!!!


garth_johnson  5:02 PM

Got your bags packed?


Laura Leibowitz  5:02 PM

I'm just wondering if Babe was performing.


Because I know she was married to Al Bernovici about that time.


How's everyone tonight?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:03 PM

jell-o everyone


Laura Leibowitz  5:03 PM

Hey Kathy!


Rodrigo Araya  5:04 PM

I'm listening to another episode.


Laura Leibowitz  5:05 PM

Everyone staying safe from both COVID and the riots?


Rodrigo Araya  5:05 PM

Dennis' mother calls Mr. Anthony twice.


Wonder if the people listening to The Goodwill Hour wouldn't need to expect her phoning in.


roger  5:06 PM

Hello everyone.


Laura Leibowitz  5:06 PM

Hi Roger!


Rodrigo - It would have been funny if she'd been on Stop the Music


Rodrigo Araya  5:06 PM

Move along, everybody! Tickets please... tickets please...


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:06 PM

hopefully so, glad I don't have to go downtown tomorrow. Best news I have, folks, is that I've seen the cover to the first volume of the 1932 Benny radio scripts volume. I love everything about it except the first cover color, which was a rather bilious (sp) green. I asked for the Blue of Benny's eyes. How blue is that?


Rodrigo Araya  5:07 PM

Blue as the blue of the sea, like the blue on the American flag.


Laura Leibowitz  5:07 PM

Well, I'm blue-green color blind in a certain range, so I may not be able to tell


Blue as the thumb of a cross-eyed carpenter


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:07 PM

oh you could tell with this sickly avocado, which gave me a nightmare about appliance colors in the 70s, hahahaha


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM



kathy_fuller_seeley  5:08 PM

blue as the waters of Lake Louise


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM



Rodrigo Araya  5:08 PM

I heard those silly earthlike colors are making a comeback.


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM

Blue as the tongue of the winner of a huckleberry pie eating contest


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:08 PM

otherwise it looked great haha


garth_johnson  5:08 PM

Benny did a show with with Stanley & Birnes in April '26.  I haven't trecked through Variety for Bernivici  Brothers.


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM

Wow, that IS a cool cover!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:09 PM

that's an amazing find, Garth!


Laura Leibowitz  5:09 PM

OK, so Jack was on the Keith circuit when he was...ahem, appearing...with Nora Bayes.


Anyone know when she married Jack Norworth?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:10 PM

yes I think they were programmed on the same venue line up for 5 to 6 weeks at least, I found them together in Washington DC at the National, and then out in Los Angeles?


Laura Leibowitz  5:11 PM

I should look at my own database...duh...


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:11 PM

Oh that was much earlier (I think -- the Norworth connection) I think she had many paramours : )


garth_johnson  5:11 PM

Wicky says 1908


Laura Leibowitz  5:12 PM

Handsome couple.


Shine on, harvest moon.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:12 PM

and she was like 10-15 years older than Jack, yes? I applaud women dating younger men haha


My Kenny is 2 months younger, see I am a cougar


Laura Leibowitz  5:13 PM

Well, when you consider whose protege he was...makes sense that he'd have developed an appreciation for older women.


garth_johnson  5:13 PM

Shall I make a Firestone program line here -


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:13 PM

yes, Laura!


Laura Leibowitz  5:13 PM

Just don't make a dumpster fire line here.


Wow, that shut it down...


How about a show?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:15 PM

hahaha oh well, how many masks total today, Laura? You are amazing!


Laura Leibowitz  5:16 PM

Actually, I did something stupid and knocked my garage door off its track.  So I decided to work outside until the guy came and fixed it.  Yes, I tried.  So masks after this.


But at least I don't need a goat to mow my front yard/field/whatever now.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:16 PM

oh and you have an amazing garage door! Hopefully it was easily fixed


Laura Leibowitz  5:16 PM

Oh that's right, Kenny was the one who admired it!


Yeah, just one side came off the track.


garth_johnson  5:17 PM

Close it - Close it! Close it up again


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:17 PM

don't turkeys eat some of the foliage, or can you let the rabbits out to graze?


haha Garth, the perfect comment!


Laura Leibowitz  5:18 PM

Can't let the rabbits go out because of the RHDV pandemic.  To me, that's bigger than COVID.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:18 PM



Laura Leibowitz  5:18 PM

If you join while the show is in progress, please use the above link!


michael_amowitz  5:27 PM

Already late and tookme 15 more minutes to get in. Back to the wild country 


michael_amowitz  5:51 PM

Jello, LL, Kathy and Garth


Rodrigo Araya  5:51 PM

Anyway, when did Elliot Lewis first appear?


Laura Leibowitz  5:51 PM

Welcome back folks!


Rodrigo Araya  5:52 PM

Oh, hello Mike.


garth_johnson  5:52 PM


Laura Leibowitz  5:52 PM

Let me take a look


Rodrigo Araya  5:52 PM

I wouldn't be surprised it happened in the 39-40 season.


Considering the debuts of Dennis, his mom and Mr. Billingsley.


michael_amowitz  5:53 PM

And hi Rodrigo


Laura Leibowitz  5:53 PM

10/16/38 for Elliott Lewis


Playing LaVErne!


Rodrigo Araya  5:54 PM

Unless Jack's boarder debuted earlier than December 1939.


Laura Leibowitz  5:56 PM

Rodrigo - Mr. Billingsley came later...Ed Beloin was on a lot in bit parts before that.


roger  5:57 PM

Myself, I enjoy the 1937 - 1941 episodes  the best.


garth_johnson  5:57 PM

1936-10-14 - Variety - Jack Benny's Writers Jack Benny, now in Hollywood, has placed two writers under contract for the period of his 1936-37 broadcasts for Jello. Gagsters are Bill Morrow and Ed Beloin. They authored Benny's track-layer for Packard prior to his Jello return.


Laura Leibowitz  5:57 PM

Rodrigo - I stand corrected.  You're right that Billnglsley debuted in December 1939!


michael_amowitz  5:58 PM

They were great; I also loved the military base/post shows


Rodrigo Araya  5:58 PM

The New Year's episode?


Laura Leibowitz  5:58 PM



garth_johnson  5:58 PM

Who at Variety researches these things ... "Packard"?


Rodrigo Araya  5:58 PM

Maybe his appearance in Fred Astaire's show.


Laura Leibowitz  5:58 PM

When Trudy is galloping through the house.


Rodrigo Araya  5:59 PM

With Johnny Green.


Laura Leibowitz  6:00 PM

"track-layer for Packard"...did Jack do a pre-season appareance on a show they sponsored?


garth_johnson  6:00 PM

The Astaire Show was August 1936


Rodrigo Araya  6:00 PM

Lemme a minute.


garth_johnson  6:00 PM

Pardon show was broadcast Sept 8


Rodrigo Araya  6:01 PM

Yes. The Astaire show was sponsored by Packard.


Laura Leibowitz  6:01 PM

Great work folks!!!


garth_johnson  6:02 PM

2010 - Hemmings Automotive Magazine - "I'm Thinking About It" ... Hemmings Magazine article on the restoration of Jack Benny's 1937 Packard.


Laura Leibowitz  6:02 PM

Ah yes, that's a beautiful article!


Rodrigo Araya  6:02 PM

The show did well, but Fred did not like doing a radio show and left after a year.


michael_amowitz  6:03 PM

Wow, Packard!


garth_johnson  6:03 PM



Wrong Fred


michael_amowitz  6:03 PM

Garth and Rodrigo, you find amazing things!


Laura Leibowitz  6:04 PM

I second that emotion!


OK, on that nice note, shall we call it a wrap for this week?


Rodrigo Araya  6:05 PM

All right.


michael_amowitz  6:05 PM



garth_johnson  6:05 PM

My Mother Thanks You, My Father Thanks Your ...


Rodrigo Araya  6:05 PM

Thank Jim Ramsburg's site for the info.


garth_johnson  6:05 PM

And I'm on the phone


michael_amowitz  6:06 PM

Everyone take care!


Laura Leibowitz  6:06 PM

Stay well and stay safe, folks.  See you next week!


Rodrigo Araya  6:06 PM