IJBFC Chat - March 8, 2020


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tkonek  4:58 PM

Hi Folks!


Tom V.  5:00 PM

Good Evening, folks!


roger  5:00 PM



kathy_fuller_seeley  5:00 PM

Jello, everybody!


I hope that everyone is doing well. I teach at UT in Austin, Texas and everyone is worried about spreading corona virus germs


Laura Leibowitz  5:02 PM

Hi folks!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:02 PM

Hey Laura!


Laura Leibowitz  5:03 PM

The Coronavirus can't stop the Benny chat!!!


garth_johnson  5:03 PM

Here we are again

Happy as can be

All good pals and j-e-l-l-oy good company


Tom V.  5:03 PM

Hi Laura!


Laura Leibowitz  5:03 PM

Hi Tom!  Hi Kathy!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:03 PM



Laura Leibowitz  5:03 PM

Hey, since it was a topic on the week I had no power, I have a question for you Kathy.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:03 PM



Laura Leibowitz  5:03 PM

I know you put out a call for people to contribute letters to motivate Joan to republish her book


So a combination of my own usual business, procrastination, and conscious decision, I held off on forwarding to her in case you ended up with a larger cachet of voices.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:04 PM

would to have as many people as possible plead to Joan to be willing to republish the book! Donating all my efforts for free


well, we can always use more!


(I have one so far....)


Laura Leibowitz  5:05 PM

OK, just wanted to know from you when you felt it was "enough" for me to package it all off to her.


You can answer that offline.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:05 PM

I welcome ALL MEMBERS of the chat to chime in! Wouldn't you love to see Joan Benny's Sunday Nights at Seven republished?


I can also put it out on the interwebs....


roger  5:06 PM

Yes I would


Tom V.  5:06 PM

Yes indeed!


Laura Leibowitz  5:07 PM

OK, just let me know when it's the official "green light" and I'll put it at the top of my list, just below paying work.


Neil Ottenstein  5:07 PM

Good evening


Laura Leibowitz  5:07 PM

Hi Neil!


Neil Ottenstein  5:07 PM

Sunday Nights at Seven sounds good


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:08 PM

yay, Laura, let me put it out on FB this week to see how many fervent pleas we might get, better than Laurels and Hardy handshakes?


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM

Did they bump elbows?


OK, I've got something special for you tonight.  Hope you don't have plans in an hour or so...


When we're done watching this, we'll come back here to discuss.


Neil Ottenstein  5:10 PM

Amazon Marketplace has a ton of used copies available.


Laura Leibowitz  5:10 PM

If you join during the video, please join us at the link above!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:10 PM

You are right, Neil, MAYBE we could add parts of the unpublished autobiography....


Neil Ottenstein  5:11 PM



College Holiday

College Holiday is a 1936 Paramount comedy. The film stars Jack Benny, George Burns, Gracie Allen, and Martha Raye. It was directed by Frank Tuttle.(39 kB)



kathy_fuller_seeley  5:16 PM

its a beautiful print! looks like it was new


garth_johnson  5:41 PM


michael_amowitz  6:16 PM

Hi everybody, sorry I'm a little late


And missed everyone 


Rodrigo Araya  6:38 PM

The gang's all here!


Laura Leibowitz  6:38 PM

Hi Mike - Did you join the movie?


Welcome Rodrigo!


Neil Ottenstein  6:38 PM

That was fun. Quite different.


Rodrigo Araya  6:39 PM

You said it!


Laura Leibowitz  6:39 PM

So thoughts?


Rodrigo Araya  6:39 PM

Here we go again...

I hear those trumpets blow again...


Laura Leibowitz  6:39 PM

And was that Jack in blackface really briefly?


Tom V.  6:39 PM

That was a lot of fun!


Laura Leibowitz  6:39 PM

Leading the band when the minuet went jazzy?


I tried hard to get Hollywood Revue for this month, but they kept blocking it when I uploaded it.




Rodrigo Araya  6:41 PM

Is the short "Bright Moments" lost, isn't it?


garth_johnson  6:41 PM

I'll let Fred sit in judgement of this movie  --- not my favourite Benny picture.


Tom V.  6:42 PM

I don't understand why some movies or TV shows or songs for that matter are blocked.  Are they copyright holders just greedy?


Laura Leibowitz  6:42 PM

Rodrigo - Not quite.


garth_johnson  6:42 PM

All that visually remains of Bright Moments in the Brooklyn Public Library --  of course the soundtrack is out there on the net



Laura Leibowitz  6:42 PM

Tom - There's something programmatic in YouTube that scans it


Tom V.  6:43 PM

OK. Thanks Laura.


Laura Leibowitz  6:43 PM

Yeah, I'd heard the full soundtrack at one time, but then someone said they were forced to take it down for copyright


I guess wait another 8 years and it will be PD


tkonek  6:44 PM

I enjoyed the movie. Thank you!


Rodrigo Araya  6:45 PM

I've always thought Jack was quite short by Hollywood standards, but he apparently measured 1.75.


Laura Leibowitz  6:45 PM

My pleasure!  Confession:  I hadn't seen it before.


Rodrigo Araya  6:45 PM

If that's short, I don't know what tall is.


Laura Leibowitz  6:45 PM

Everyone  was shorter in those days


Except for Leif Erickson


You should see some of the old costumes.  Especially those of Mary Pickford, who was like 4 foot something


Rodrigo Araya  6:46 PM

That's probably less than 1.5 mt I suppose.


Laura Leibowitz  6:47 PM

So other thoughts on the movie, or did we wear you all out?


garth_johnson  6:47 PM

Gracie wasn't any amazon either


Laura Leibowitz  6:47 PM



Neil Ottenstein  6:48 PM

classic photo there


Laura Leibowitz  6:48 PM

Requests for next month?


Rodrigo Araya  6:48 PM

Maybe one of Jack's TV specials.


Neil Ottenstein  6:49 PM

Hope to be on a cruise next month. Unless it gets cancelled.


Laura Leibowitz  6:49 PM

Neil  - You sure you want to do that right now?


Tom V.  6:50 PM

Unless everybody is tired of it, I love the IRS/Tax show with Jimmy Stewart. It is April.


Neil Ottenstein  6:50 PM

Long paid for.  It is the On the Blue Cruise.  Lots of bands playing. https://onthebluecruise.com/


On The Blue Cruise 2020 | On The Blue Cruise - April 1 - 8, 2020

The inaugural 2019 On The Blue Cruise, featuring special performances by your host, Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, along with one of the finest Classic Rock lineups in the history of our company. This incredible 5-night Classic Rock Cruise, sails from Miami, Florida February 10-15, 2019 for five days and nights, visiting Nassau/Paradise Island, Bahamas and the Private Isle of Labadee!


Laura Leibowitz  6:50 PM



Rodrigo Araya  6:50 PM

I think I chose the worst moment to invest on Corona beer and Corona cigars...


Laura Leibowitz  6:50 PM

I think we just did the comparison of the radio and TV tax show a few months ago


Rodrigo Araya  6:50 PM

Good thing I didn't!


Laura Leibowitz  6:51 PM

Rodrigo - Buy low, sell high


OK, know we've kept you longer than usual.  Appreciate you hanging in there!


Rodrigo Araya  6:52 PM

I've lost $25 dollars in all these years of investing on the market

(secretary closes window)


I'm not gonna jump!


I'm over it.


Laura Leibowitz  6:52 PM

Good for you!


OK, thanks for stopping folks, we'll see you in April!


Rodrigo Araya  6:53 PM

Good night, folks.


Neil Ottenstein  6:53 PM

Good night.


Laura Leibowitz  6:53 PM

We're a little late folks


Neil Ottenstein  6:53 PM

Thanks again for sharing that movie


Laura Leibowitz  6:53 PM

Happy to do it!


Tom V.  6:53 PM

Good night folks!


tkonek  6:54 PM

Good Night


Good Night!


michael_amowitz  9:35 PM

I didn't realize y'all were watching a 1-hour show. LL, I didn't watch it yet, will try tomorrow. Kathy, message me what you need for Joan. I have the book.