IJBFC Chat - February 9 and 16, 2020

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garth_johnson  3:33 PM

Hey Benny Slackers -- Any suggestions on what I should have gotten for Christmas?

tracy  4:32 PM

Hello! Sunday at 7? (central time anyway... lol)


Rodrigo Araya  4:42 PM

Wonder what Carmichael would have worn at a red carpet?


garth_johnson  4:45 PM

White Tails and Tie - with Roch driving his car - Hopefully not hitting Louella

kathy_fuller_seeley  4:53 PM

Garth, that is a fantastic image! I am looking for one of Jack and his Oscarine, given to him by Bob Hope


Jell-O again folks, our Club President is dealing with power outtage, hopefully the lights will come back on so that she can join us!


garth_johnson  4:55 PM

1942 - M.C. Bob Hope gave Jack Benny a special skirt-draped Oscar for Jack's struttin' in "Charley's Aunt," playfully dubbed him "the best cigar-smoking sweater-girl in Hollywood."

kathy_fuller_seeley  4:56 PM

In the meantime, I am trying to convince Joan Benny that she should let a publisher reprint "Sunday Nights at Seven" and I will kick in providing an index. Does anybody want to indicate their support for this project? Joan's comment was "who would want to read that old book....everyone has forgotten Jack Benny"


Garth that is a WONDERFUL image! I have looked at UCLA and Wyoming for Oscarine and have not found her/it. I wonder if Joan Benny might have it?


roger  4:57 PM



Maybe get a contemporary comedian to write foreword for the new release.


Rodrigo Araya  5:00 PM

-Say, Mr. Benny. On the way home can I...?

-Oh! Hello, Dennis!

-Hullo.I was expecting we could talk about Jack's relationship with Hollywood and the movies he made, from "Bright Moments" to "The Happiness Boys" (which would have starred him), including "The Mouse that Jack Built" and...(drum roll)"The Horn Blows at Midnight"!


garth_johnson  5:00 PM

Kathy I believe you did find this award


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:00 PM

great idea, Roger! I know that Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien love Benny and we can find many more! (edited) 


garth_johnson  5:01 PM

Ooooh what he said!


Rodrigo Araya  5:02 PM

Apparently, Jack never cared much for his movies, except for "Charley's Aunt" and "To Be or Not To Be".


There are a couple of reasons why the latter was his favorite movie.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:05 PM

I agree with you, Rodrigo, excepting that Man About Town, Buck Benny Rides Again and Love Thy Neighbor earned Paramount SO MUCH MONEY that Benny was in the top ten highest earning movie stars in 1939 and 1940. Those films are underrated, and kind of fun


roger  5:06 PM

Got a question. Was Broderick Crawford ever a guest on Jack's radio or TV show?


Neil Ottenstein  5:06 PM

Everyone still gathering?


garth_johnson  5:06 PM

Typical of Jack, he was never one to be thinking about what his past accomplishments were --- always thinking about tomorrow and the next show


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:06 PM

Kobe Bryant;s unfortunate accidental death reminded me of Carole Lombard's crash, and that IMHO is the biggest reason Jack would not promote TO Be or Not to Be on his radio show


Garth, yes you are so right!


Rodrigo Araya  5:08 PM

The other key reason Jack was so fond of "To Be..." had to do with his father.


Papa Meyer apparently refused to speak to Jack after watching him on the screen portraying Hitler...


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:09 PM

Hi Roger, Laura's authoritative volumes on the radio show says NO on the radio, let me look at her TV volume...TV volume also suggests no


and there are crazy reasons why some potential guest stars could not appear on the Benny show. Lucille Ball was sponsored by a rival cigarette company! She wanted him on her TV show, and Phillip Morris's refusal was one of the reasons Lucy and Desi quit them as sponsors...


garth_johnson  5:11 PM

I am surprised that nobody has suggested I get some Gopher Traps to solve my backyard mole problem --- to many of you must be tied up with shoelaces with metal tips!


Judith Greenberg  5:11 PM

Hi this app is challenging


Rodrigo Araya  5:12 PM

Took Jack three calls to convince Mr. Kubelsky to watch the movie again so he could see Jack wasn't playing Hitler, but an actor making fun of Schicklegruber at the time Germany invaded Poland.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:12 PM

as Jack said in 1932 "Hello anybody?" is anybody else out there, or is everyone gearing up to watch the Oscars? I want Little Women to win as many as possible. Jack and Mary did a radio parody of the 1933/34 Katharine Hepburn version!


Hello Judith! Glad to have you with us tonight. We are still trying to figure out if Laura's power is back on....


roger  5:13 PM

Thank you for looking. I have streaming alot of the old Highway Patrol episodes lately and was just curious.


Tom V.  5:14 PM

My internet server was down earlier, but it's back and I'm here!


garth_johnson  5:14 PM

Seems that the crowd is gathering ...


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:16 PM

Hello Tom! glad you can join us. Garth, I love the Chinese Theatre image. Supposedly tonight's Oscars ceremony is coming from the new Academy Museum's Theater. I met the head archivist of the Academy 18 months ago and he had invited me to tour the new museum., but then there have been delay after delay after delay....


garth_johnson  5:16 PM

... No Palooka's


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:16 PM

Garth and everybody, how many times did Jack Benny HOST the Academy Awards? I think it was twice?


Rodrigo Araya  5:17 PM

The same I guess. I think that in 1944 and 1947.


garth_johnson  5:17 PM

Correct - as per the https://www.digitalhit.com/academy-awards/oscar-hosts/


A complete listing of Oscar hosts #Oscars

Hosts throughout the years.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:18 PM

You are amazing as always, Garth!


Judith Greenberg  5:18 PM

Thanks Kathy! Glad to be here so close toJ ack's birthday.


garth_johnson  5:18 PM

Google is my friend!


It also helps to have three monitors set up for doing such research


And we take you now to Hollywood ...



kathy_fuller_seeley  5:19 PM

so, if anyone would like to help me plead to Joan Benny to allow a good publisher to republish "Sunday Nights at Seven" please send me a line to my email at khfuller@aol.com


Judith Greenberg  5:20 PM

How can I help?


tracy  5:21 PM

Late to the party here, Kathy Fuller, you know Joan??


I will help in anyway I can. Joan was kind enough to give me a quote for a vintage radio presentation that I do here in Tennessee.?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:22 PM

as I mentioned, she thinks nobody cares about Jack anymore. Let's change her mind! As a bonus, I am trying to get her to let us see Jack's original autobiographical manuscript, as a couple of snippets I have "accidentally" seen show him using more Yiddish phrases sentimentally in talking about his childhood. Jack's connections to his Jewish heritage have been so understudied! (and besides, I would love to see if there were tiny bits that Mary Livingstone Benny had censorred out)


tracy  5:23 PM

I almost cried when I received it (via Laura’s help!)


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:23 PM

Thank you so much, Judith and Tracy! Simply a few good words sent to me at khfuller@aol.com will help me in the letter I am writing to Joan Benny to plead our case!


Tracy, Judith and everybody, no I have not been so fortunate as to be in contact with Joan Benny myself. Laura Leibowitz is a marvelous go-between and very sensitive steward of our club and connections to the Benny family. Laura has helped me in a million ways. And hopefully we can present a compelling case to Joan to allow a really good publisher who specializes in radio history to republish the book!


Rodrigo Araya  5:26 PM

Too bad the newsreel only showed Jack at the end of the Oscars bit.


Judith Greenberg  5:26 PM

I cannot see why she would object.


garth_johnson  5:28 PM

Joanie is firmly in the "Pro" Benny camp!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:28 PM

I agree with you, Judith! We just need to convince her that Jack Benny still matters. I do this every semester in my media history classes. He has moved from great performer to a CLASSIC who must be studied, like Chaplin and the Marx Brothers, to understand American entertainment. GARTH I love that image! hahaha


Judith Greenberg  5:30 PM

I would love to take your course.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:33 PM

we have great fun and work hard, Judith! Several of my comedy course aluma have gotten jobs at places like the Stephen Colbert show! Right now my upper level history course is on women and gender issues in the 1960s. First weeks I gave each of the students an issue of Ladies Home Journal in 1960 to read and analyze. Now we are moving to the craziness of Beatlemania for both young women and men. Then on to campus life and protest on their UTexas at Austin campus, its such great fun, and one area of history that students WANT to learn more about, hooray!


garth_johnson  5:33 PM

Kathy -- If logic can't persuade Joan, use sentiment like this 2017 picture from Helen Grace Birdsall getting her copy of the book signed during the New York screening of To Be Or Not To Be.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:34 PM

oh that is so wonderful Garth, thank you!


Judith Greenberg  5:34 PM

Please call me Judy. gotta change it somehow someday.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:35 PM

haha that is great Judy, my graduate students have a bit of a hard time moving from "Dr Fuller-Seeley" to Kathy, but I help them : )


Judith Greenberg  5:36 PM

I lived through Beatlemania.


Now I have to figure out what to do with all the Beatles stuff I collected.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:38 PM

that is our topic this next week! Tomorrow I will show clips from the Feb 9 1964 show. It is my first TV memory, apart from the Kennedy funeral . Its amazing what ELSE was on the Sullivan show that week. We end the week with newspaper research on the craziness of the Beatles performing in Dallas TX in September 1964, during their first tour. It was 10 months after the JFK assasination and a cathartic moment for young people in the city.


Neil Ottenstein  5:38 PM

There may be a popular arts museum somewhere that may be interested.


tracy  5:39 PM

Kathy, message sent. Is that what you had in mind?


Neil Ottenstein  5:39 PM

Kathy, are you on Frank Branchini's Beatles email list? beatlefanfcb@comcast.net


garth_johnson  5:40 PM

Somebody must have said the secret word -- here is another newsreel

MPEG 4 Video 



16 MB 


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:40 PM

Hello Neil, yes! I am figuring out where to donate all the Jack Benny material I have collected. The Grammy Museum has a wonderful traveling exhibit on Bealtemania, it or the Rock and Roll Museum in Celeveland could be good homes'


Neil Ottenstein  5:40 PM

Rather, Judith.


as well


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:41 PM

Neil, oooooooh I must join this. I was a subscriber to BeatleFan when I lived in Atlanta


Garth, didn't Jack and George Burns try to dress up as Beatles? ooops it was the Smothers Brothers


garth_johnson  5:44 PM

No - but the flip side to "Here's To Veterans" Program #1406 "The Beatles" with information on Post Korean Training Deadline is The Phil Harris Show.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:45 PM

Laura and I have talked a bit about where to donate our Benny collections. University of Wyoming's American Heritage Center seems better than UCLA in accepting collections. But between you all and me, the last time I went out to look at Benny collection things at Wyoming, I thought a number of important paper documents were missing! And the scrapbooks that had elements coming unglued and flying around were not being cared for..... just my opinion


garth_johnson  5:45 PM

I think this is the only time Jack and George parodied any rock stars.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:46 PM

Garth ---- whoa and wow!


Neil Ottenstein  5:46 PM



Judith Greenberg  5:47 PM

Kathy that is very sad!


So Laura had a power outage?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:48 PM

yes, and it happens all the time in the archival world, never enough sharp eyes to keep folks from pilfering things. Here is where digitizing artifacts so that all can see them and greedy hands might keep away -- helps!


Judith Greenberg  5:49 PM



kathy_fuller_seeley  5:49 PM

Yes, apparently Laura is in the dark, haha just actually and not figuratively, so we might as well adjourn until next month.


Neil Ottenstein  5:50 PM

Oh, well. That is unfortunate


Judith Greenberg  5:50 PM

But Jack's birthday!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:50 PM

thanks for anybody/everybody who can help me convince Joan to republish Sunday Nights. I get nothing except the glory of writing an index to the book, hahahah


garth_johnson  5:51 PM

Kathy - it lets you keep tabs on everybody


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:51 PM

Judy, HOORAY that we might celebrate Jack's birthday in advance!!!


Judith Greenberg  5:51 PM

Anybody celebrating? I haven't checked the Waukegan area yet!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:51 PM

How old is he this year


Judith Greenberg  5:51 PM



kathy_fuller_seeley  5:52 PM

haha yes!!! And 126?


Judith Greenberg  5:52 PM


wow he will be 139 in a few years


garth_johnson  5:54 PM

Kathy - From my experience in museums with big bulky artifacts you don't have the pilfering problem, but you do worry about breakage ...


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:54 PM

I hope that everyone celebrates Jack's birthday , with a shot of Canada Dry, watching a Chevy and General Tire roll by, admiring some Jell-O and Lucky Strikes


Rodrigo Araya  5:54 PM

What about Grape-Nuts Flakesm




kathy_fuller_seeley  5:54 PM

oh gosh yes some flakes hahaha


Judith Greenberg  5:55 PM

I loved chocolate Lucky Strikes as a kid


Tom V.  5:55 PM

and buying some Texaco gasoline?


roger  5:55 PM


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:55 PM

and lathering up with Lux soap?


Rodrigo Araya  5:55 PM

Good evenin', ladies and gentlemen...


garth_johnson  5:55 PM

Lets go the the Pall Mall and get some Lever products


Judith Greenberg  5:56 PM

I may bring a rose to his statue in Waukegan


Rodrigo Araya  5:56 PM

(Read the previous with a nasal voice)


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:56 PM

haha Garth! may we find ever more newspaper things about Benny.


roger  5:56 PM

Pisachio Jello?


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:56 PM

Good night folks!


Rodrigo Araya  5:56 PM

How many flavors of Jell-O there are today?


garth_johnson  5:56 PM

I'll just wrap myself up in a Wool Blanket!


Rodrigo Araya  5:57 PM

Good night.


roger  5:57 PM



Judith Greenberg  5:57 PM

love that photo!


Neil Ottenstein  5:57 PM

Good night. Nice chatting even if we didn't see a show


Judith Greenberg  5:57 PM



roger  5:57 PM

Good Night!


Tom V.  5:58 PM

Good night, folks. Hopefully Laura will offer a "Make-good" show later this month.


Judith Greenberg  5:59 PM

Good night until next time!


Sunday, February 16th


Steve R  4:28 PM

I'm all ready for the 5p chat- first timer!


garth_johnson  4:39 PM

Welcome Steve --- most people don't arrive until after their "5pm Pacific" alarm goes off.


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:40 PM

howdy folks, happy Feb 16th


garth_johnson  4:41 PM

"I'm hungry for something, but it seems so far away ..."


Hey Kathy perchance you have seen the American Master's video on Aimee Semple McPherson --- thought I'd bring it up as I saw mention in my newsfeed a day or so ago


Steve R  4:42 PM

Thanks Garth! Hello Kathy, it's STeve Garland- we're FB friends


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:43 PM

Hello Steve and Garth! I am in the midst of trying to persuade Joan Benny to let a publisher (BearManor Media) republish Sunday Nights at Seven. And she is balking as she thinks no one cares about Jack Benny any more. If you folks or anyone else would like to support my petitioning, glad to hear it. Ooooooooh no Garth, I think Aimee is fascinating, and have not seen that. Will look it up tout suite!


Steve! Well glad to see you here too : )


Steve R  4:44 PM

I'll support it! I -as you you- adore Jack, and so does my wife, and my 25 year old daughter!


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:44 PM



Garth, I give up, the quote is from......?


garth_johnson  4:46 PM

Kathy - you can find the link in your Facebook chat


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:46 PM

not Don Wilson and Jell-O, certainly hahaha


Rodrigo Araya  4:46 PM

Listening to Kit Carson Benny...


garth_johnson  4:46 PM

"I'm hungry for something, but it seems so far away ... That Sentimental Sandwich For Two" - Dotty sings it in "Man About Town"


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:47 PM

hahaha!!! Garth you are amazing. What songs they wrote, back in the day


garth_johnson  4:48 PM


YouTube | Croonr1

That Sentimental Sandwich (1939) - Dorothy Lamour


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:48 PM

I am having more than enough trouble with my undergraduates, talking about Beatlemania that happened 56 years ago. They keep insisting that the Beatles are just another Korean Boy Band. I should show them Jack and George with the Smothers Brothers


and by the way, welcome Rodrigo!


Rodrigo Araya  4:49 PM

Well, the Mills Brothers were the OG Boy Band.


garth_johnson  4:49 PM

You've been Smothered!



Mother Always liked you better!


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:52 PM



Steve R  4:53 PM

on the right is one of my first serious interviews- this is me and george burns from 1983!



I look like I was 12 there, lol.


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:53 PM

oh wow, what a great photo and experience, Steve!


garth_johnson  4:54 PM

From the desk of Natty B.


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:55 PM

Gracie must have been bowled over in laughter, in the hereafter, to see how much George's career took off in his later years


Steve R  4:56 PM

Thanks Kathy! I was working on air for CBS at the time in San Francisco, when I asked for the assignment to go up and interview him at his press conference at Ceaser's Palace in Lake Tahoe- he and Irving Fein we're so nice, -I just kept asking more and mroe questions, and ended up walking them both back to George's dressing room. When I kept telling Irving all about reading his book on Jack, he and I hit it off, and he invited my wife and I back the following weekend to do an extended interview of him as well, which I did!


kathy_fuller_seeley  4:57 PM

oh wow, that is such a fantastic story, Steve!!!!!


Rodrigo Araya  4:58 PM

Was just listening to the final broadcast of February 1943 once again, and I couldn't suspect Jack sounded like he had the pneumonia that threatened his life and kept him off the air for a few weeks...


Steve R  4:58 PM

It was ana amazing time, and both of them had fun things to say, and very informative to talk to Irving about HIS career, the "story behind the story" as it were. That's just another reason why I admire you and Laura so much, you've both given me so many hours of enjoyment reading your material on Jack and all the co-stars in and around him, thank you for that!


Neil Ottenstein  5:00 PM

Good evening


Laura Leibowitz  5:00 PM

Hey Steve...glad we BOTH could make it this week!


Rodrigo Araya  5:00 PM

Hello, Mr. Benny!


Steve R  5:00 PM

Jello Neil!


Me too Laura! You had quite a "blackout" last week!


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:01 PM

Wow Rodrigo, I appreciate how carefully you are listening to Jack's shows. And it makes me wonder what it was like for fans in 1943, did they listen as intently when it was live? Sometimes I think YES for the ways the live audience reacts to the show when they were in the audience. But to think that NO listeners at the time could ever have heard the shows again, when we can listen to them over and over....


Laura Leibowitz  5:01 PM

Wow...great crowd on early tonight!


Steve - Tell me about it...


Neil Ottenstein  5:01 PM

Laura - I'm glad you decided to do a make-up day


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:01 PM

and LUCKY you, Steve, I am so glad that you were thoughtful to conduct the interviews and capture that history that otherwise would have disappeared!


Steve R  5:02 PM

I've got it all written in a chapter of a book I'm working on, if I ever get it finished!


Laura Leibowitz  5:02 PM

Neil - Thanks much. Glad it all came together.


Rodrigo Araya  5:02 PM

Kathy. If they were like me, I don"t think they'd follow the entire show.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:03 PM

yay, Steve! glad to hear you have a project in the works


Rodrigo Araya  5:03 PM

They'd listen while having dinner.


Steve R  5:03 PM

We're were all here early...my busy sunday schedule of napping and such...


Laura Leibowitz  5:03 PM

Rodrigo - I bet a lot of people did


garth_johnson  5:03 PM

"I'm hungry for something, but it seems so far away ..."


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:04 PM

Rodrigo I agree, sometimes I get lost and have to do research to understand the jokes that they laugh at (perhaps involving then-current pop culture)


Laura Leibowitz  5:04 PM

Eastern Columbia, Broadway at Ninth


garth_johnson  5:04 PM

No radio in the dining room


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:04 PM

yes, Laura! That one took me years to figure out


Thank goodness for the internets


Laura Leibowitz  5:05 PM

Amen. I was asked to explain "Greenberg's on Third" last night. Hope I got it right.


Garth - And people look pretty dejected about that.


garth_johnson  5:05 PM

Is he still stuck out there?


Steve R  5:06 PM

which reminds me, there is one I have never figured out. DUring one of the Benny Allen shows, ALlen mentions "with that grey hair, I thought you were (sounds like) Barbara Freechee"...and the audience laughs, I am sure I goofed up the womans real name....who was it?


Rodrigo Araya  5:06 PM

Last Friday was Jack's 126, so I guess if we could listen to the show he did before turning 39 for the twelfth time.


As well as watch the show with Kirk.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:07 PM

well, Barbara Fritchie (sp) was a woman in Fredrick Maryland in the Revolutionary war who said something about touching her old grey head before tearing down the colonie's flag, or some such,. She was old and grey, and so was Benny.


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM

Leave it to a guy from Boston to make a Revolutionary War reference


Steve R  5:08 PM

AHA! Thank you Kathy, thats solved a mystery we've wondered about for probably 20 years, since I bought the Benny Allen FEUD double album!


Laura Leibowitz  5:08 PM

Gee, Rodrigo...hope we don't bore you tonight...


Rodrigo Araya  5:09 PM

Don't worry. I'd like to talk about Jack's movies.

P.S.: Sorry for writing so slow. I'm writing on the phone.


Steve R  5:09 PM

RIght Laura?


Laura Leibowitz  5:10 PM

Should we go to the show, or should we keep chatting here? As long as everyone's having a good time, then I'm good.


garth_johnson  5:10 PM

I've seen writing on the wall, but phone ???!!!


Rodrigo Araya  5:10 PM



Did anyone get the joke?


Laura Leibowitz  5:10 PM

If this were Winky Dink and You, we could write on the television


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:10 PM

what have you got for us tonight, Madame President?


garth_johnson  5:10 PM

that's a name?


Laura Leibowitz  5:10 PM

Rodrigo - I get it


Neil Ottenstein  5:10 PM

Stan Freberg has a song about Barabra Fritchie on his USA album


Laura Leibowitz  5:11 PM

Well, this may seem a little late since I'm a week late, but figured the time was right to remember Kirk Douglas' passing


Steve R  5:11 PM

Thanks Neil!


Rodrigo Araya  5:11 PM

If Mr. Benny wants to keep in pictures, he must first learn to speak English.


Laura Leibowitz  5:11 PM

Hollywood Revue of 1929


No, Kirk Douglas wasn't in the Hollywood Revue of 1929


Steve R  5:12 PM



garth_johnson  5:12 PM


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:12 PM

also -- one more pitch -- if anyone would like to contribute to the letter writing campaign to Joan Benny to get her to agree to republish Sunday Nights at Seven, please be in touch with Laura or me!


tkonek  5:12 PM

Hi Folks


Neil Ottenstein  5:12 PM

It is on Vol. 2 "Barbara Frietchie, Martyr of the Year"


Laura Leibowitz  5:12 PM

Hey Ted!


Steve R  5:13 PM

Didn't he play "BYE BYE BLUE" in that revue, LOL?


Rodrigo Araya  5:13 PM

Contribute as a signer?


Neil Ottenstein  5:13 PM

And it was during the Civil War


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:13 PM

Jack had Bessie Love in his pocket


Laura Leibowitz  5:13 PM

Steve - Yes, in G cleft


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:14 PM

thanks Neil, she was slightly less old and grey, then haha


Neil Ottenstein  5:14 PM


Poetry Foundation

Barbara Frietchie by John Greenleaf Whittier | Poetry Foundation

Up from the meadows rich with corn,


Steve R  5:14 PM

LOL I thought it was in the key of Always B Flat?


Laura Leibowitz  5:14 PM

As we say in choir, "Don't B flat, B natural."


Neil Ottenstein  5:14 PM

“Shoot, if you must, this old gray head,

But spare your country’s flag,” she said.


Rodrigo Araya  5:14 PM

Corn? Phil!


Laura Leibowitz  5:15 PM

Barbara Fritchie was Jack's girlfriend when he was young.


(Just kidding)


Rodrigo Araya  5:15 PM

She was too young for him.


Laura Leibowitz  5:15 PM



OK, on that note...


garth_johnson  5:16 PM

On that note we will all sing "Singing In The Rain..."


Laura Leibowitz  5:16 PM

Let's meet on Watch2Gether

Afterwards we'll come back to the room and discuss.


kathy_fuller_seeley  5:16 PM

I love John Gilbert in this movie. And Joan Crawford dancing ! (whinnny she is like a horse, hahahaha)


Laura Leibowitz  5:17 PM

Please click on the link above to join the room to see the show for tonight!


garth_johnson  5:52 PM


garth_johnson  5:59 PM


YouTube | Colorized

Remote Sketch The Milton Berle Spectacular 1962 (colorized)


Neil Ottenstein  6:04 PM

Nice photo


Steve R  6:04 PM

Garth thanks for finding the color photo, and the color link....


Laura Leibowitz  6:04 PM

Oh, funny...didn't know someone colorized it. I have the "real" colors


I just expect the person who gave it to me to release it on DVD some time, so I settled for a kine


Was trying to think of anything else that included Jack and Kirk


Rodrigo Araya  6:05 PM

Looked like a VT to me.


Steve R  6:05 PM

Speaking of, any new rare benny Dvds in our future Laura?


Laura Leibowitz  6:05 PM

I wish I could say yes, but I can't.


garth_johnson  6:06 PM

I shared this previously ...


Laura Leibowitz  6:06 PM



Who's on the left?


garth_johnson  6:06 PM



Rodrigo Araya  6:06 PM

Speaking of videotape, the 1956 version of "the stolen Maxwell" was apparently an early use.


Laura Leibowitz  6:06 PM



Steve R  6:06 PM

I can't tell you haow much we enjoyed the first set you worked so hard to put out....perhaps I should have phrased that differently?


Laura Leibowitz  6:06 PM

Rodrigo - Really?


garth_johnson  6:07 PM

The Man Of A Thousand Voices bio on Mel has some nice words from Kirk


Laura Leibowitz  6:07 PM

Steve - I enjoyed it too. I wish it had sold better! And that CBS wasn't...well, I'll leave that there.


Steve R  6:07 PM

I can loan you my thesauraus? oh well...


Rodrigo Araya  6:08 PM

At the end Don said some portions were pre-recorded.


Laura Leibowitz  6:08 PM

I'm not sure who I'd throw it at there now.


Neil Ottenstein  6:08 PM

that remote sketch is fun


Rodrigo Araya  6:08 PM

Something you couldn't do with film.


Laura Leibowitz  6:08 PM

Rodrigo - But are you sure they were on videotape and not film?


garth_johnson  6:08 PM

Silly Question Time: LL - Other than The Beavers at the Fair - Did the Jack Benny Program air any colour episodes prior to the NBC Specials


Steve R  6:08 PM

Didn't they have some dumb rule about saying it was "pre-recorded" for a while?


Laura Leibowitz  6:08 PM

Garth - Not that I've found.


Steve - Around the time of the quiz show scandals, people got very uptight about a bunch of things


Rodrigo Araya  6:09 PM

I think it was the part Rochester spoke on the phone (split screen).


Steve R  6:09 PM

Have you ever unearthed a color preint of the beavers at the fair show?


Laura Leibowitz  6:09 PM

Rodrigo - I'll have to watch for that!


garth_johnson  6:10 PM

Thanks - Didn't think so as colour videotape wasn't much of a thing until the 60's and previously it was Kinniscoped


Laura Leibowitz  6:10 PM

Steve - Alas, no. There are copies of the show all over, but none of them (at least in their catalog listing) has the color element.


But maybe someday.


I wonder where the McCadden archives ended up.


That show was shot at George Burns' McCadden Studios, so that would be the most likely place to have kept a color copy.


Steve R  6:11 PM

Good Question! I know MCA had Jack's kinescopes or a least a copy of them for a while, at least according to Irving from my interview back in the day, -was he correct Laura?


Laura Leibowitz  6:12 PM

Yes, those are the ones that are (at least theoretically) at NBC Universal now.


But they've been extremely evasive about saying for certain what they have and don't have, especially after the warehouse fire.


And the B&W copy was on the MCA syndication set, so I'm presuming that's what they have.


Steve R  6:13 PM

Darn. TIme has a way of ferreting things out, I just hope someone realizes there is an interest in them.


garth_johnson  6:13 PM

we need a 39 man march into their offices to say "We want an Inventory!"


Laura Leibowitz  6:13 PM

There are copies at UCLA, American Heritage Center, MCA, CBS...all listed as B&W


Steve R  6:13 PM



Laura Leibowitz  6:14 PM

Good luck with that


Steve R  6:14 PM

Who Did George Burns and Irving (theoretically handling the estate?) leave his film archives to?


Laura Leibowitz  6:14 PM

That's a good question. I'd have to ask Marion.


I have George Burns' toiletries, though.


So when you absolutely, positively, need to smell like George Burns, I can hook you up big time.


Neil Ottenstein  6:15 PM



Laura Leibowitz  6:15 PM

(It's actually true.)


Steve R  6:15 PM

LOL! So now I have to ask- what cologne did George use?


Laura Leibowitz  6:16 PM

A bunch of them.


Steve R  6:16 PM



Laura Leibowitz  6:16 PM

Got the lot on an auction. It even included an electric razor with the US Presidential seal


Steve - That I can't say. But the bottles were what was left when he passed. They're at varying levels of use.


Steve R  6:17 PM

for when you positively absolutely need to shave your legs?


Laura Leibowitz  6:17 PM

Or your head to put on the toupee


Steve R  6:17 PM

more likely....


Laura Leibowitz  6:17 PM

I should see if it's got any bits of hair we can use to clone George.


Steve R  6:17 PM

I saw George n his robe and underwear in his dressing room, while he had his dresser dressing him....I still can't unsee it.


Neil Ottenstein  6:18 PM

Jurassic Park - George Burns


Steve R  6:18 PM

He did have his "Piece" on, though...


garth_johnson  6:18 PM

OH God!


Laura Leibowitz  6:18 PM

He did a dramatic turn on a made-for-TV movie where he spent much of the time with it off


Steve R  6:18 PM

LOL YES Garth!


really what was the tv movie?


Laura Leibowitz  6:19 PM

I have a large poster in my hallway with a ringer for WC Fields in the mostly nude in the Burt Reynolds pose.


It's fun to watch people react to it. Many comments of "I can't unsee that."


Neil Ottenstein  6:19 PM

I bet


Laura Leibowitz  6:19 PM

I can't remember the name. Would have to look it up.


Steve R  6:20 PM

haha! Turning the page here, Laura any takeways from the episode we just watched?


Laura Leibowitz  6:20 PM

I remember he has a down's syndrome grandson who calls him "Boppy," and then eventually he calls him "Papa Ross."


Ah yes, we didn't talk about the episode!


Steve R  6:21 PM

I really love the live episodes because dropping lines made Jack break up


Laura Leibowitz  6:21 PM

"Two of a Kind" - 1982


Steve R  6:21 PM



Laura Leibowitz  6:21 PM

I just love the energy of the live episodes


"Do I have time?"


And as someone said, it looked like they were all having a fabulous time.


garth_johnson  6:22 PM


YouTube | digitalmorphine

Two of a Kind (1982) trailer


Laura Leibowitz  6:22 PM

There ya go


Neil Ottenstein  6:22 PM

Yes, they really seemed to be enjoying themselves


Fred almost cracking up while Jack was playing was great


Steve R  6:23 PM

I had never seen Fred outside of my 3 sonds or disney films,


sons...I must have fat fingers today!


Laura Leibowitz  6:24 PM

You've not seen Double Indemnity?


Steve R  6:24 PM

No its on my bucket list!


garth_johnson  6:24 PM

Looks like this gang had fun too on a different cigarette sponsored show.


Laura Leibowitz  6:24 PM

Ah yes!


Poor Bagby.


Trouble delivering his line.


It looks like we lost some folks in the transition.




garth_johnson  6:25 PM

One of the few times I've seen/heard Bing play the drums


Laura Leibowitz  6:25 PM

Well, should we call it good for this month?


Rodrigo Araya  6:25 PM

Well, I have connection problems.


Steve R  6:26 PM

Gee I never knew Jack to repeat a bit.....


Laura Leibowitz  6:26 PM

Rodrigo - Ah got it.


Steve - Har dee har har


Rodrigo Araya  6:26 PM

Bing played the drums?


Steve R  6:26 PM

LOL- really enjoyed this folks!


Laura Leibowitz  6:26 PM

Bing bang boom


So glad you could join us Steve


garth_johnson  6:26 PM


Steve R  6:26 PM

Well, in reference to that, he DID have a lot of kids....


Thanks Laura! I still owe that lunch or dinner sometime when I am in the Bay Area!


Laura Leibowitz  6:27 PM

That would be great! Hopefully I have my basement in better order for you to see the collection!


Steve R  6:27 PM

I'd love that!


Rodrigo Araya  6:27 PM

Wonder if someone ever did a joke about Crosby and Cantor potentially trading children.


garth_johnson  6:28 PM

"I'm hungry for something, but it seems so far away ..." -- only a few steps from the kitchen though for that Sentimental Sandwich


Rodrigo Araya  6:28 PM

Their children.


Laura Leibowitz  6:28 PM

Gonna take...a sentimental sandwich...


Gonna have a ham and cheese...


Steve R  6:28 PM

Now I want to listen to an episode where they go across the street to get lunch before the show..."Felllas!"


Laura Leibowitz  6:28 PM

Rodrigo - Or pairing them up


Have a chiss sweeze sandwic




OK, thanks for stopping folks! And thanks for your patience last week.


Neil Ottenstein  6:29 PM

Thanks a lot. This was great fun.


Steve R  6:30 PM

If you know anyone named Phyllis...


Rodrigo Araya  6:30 PM

Well, I'll sit on the piano bunch. Good night!


Laura Leibowitz  6:30 PM

See you in March!


garth_johnson  6:30 PM

But what would June Think


Steve R  6:30 PM

DIner's ready. We're a little late folks.....CHat with you next time!


Laura Leibowitz  6:30 PM

Maybe Phyllis was Phil's daughter


Night folks!


Neil Ottenstein  6:31 PM



michael_amowitz  9:02 PM

I'm a little lake, folks! Sorry to miss this and last week as well, but I did just catch up on both here. I'll try to be here in March!