IJBFC Chat - December 15, 2019

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garth_johnson 4:54 PM

Season's Greetings

kathy_fuller_seeley 4:54 PM

hello, anybody, are there folks gathering tonight around the radio or computer hearth?


Tom V. 4:55 PM

Good evening, one and all!


kathy_fuller_seeley 4:56 PM

I am looking forward to the latest film version of "Little Women," and happy to recall that Jack did a parody of the film (1934? or was it 33?)


garth_johnson 4:56 PM

Anybody find any other presents under the tree?


Tom V. 4:57 PM

Why can't Santa bring those helpers to my house! LOL


garth_johnson 4:59 PM

Well ? Have you?


Tom V. 5:00 PM

Great pictures, Garth!!


roger 5:00 PM

Hello everyone !


Neil Ottenstein 5:00 PM

Good evening


Rodrigo Araya 5:00 PM

Hell-lo, shtraynger!


R. Hookie 5:01 PM

Hi folks!hi Laura! (edited) 


Laura Leibowitz 5:02 PM

Hey folks!


Rodrigo Araya 5:02 PM

Hey, where did that photo of the Rochmeister and Carmichael come from?


Laura Leibowitz 5:02 PM

Good crowd already tonight!


Neil Ottenstein 5:03 PM

noticed the reminder this time


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:04 PM

wonderful image!!!!!


Laura Leibowitz 5:04 PM

Excellent. So how's everyone doing?


Tom V. 5:04 PM

I remembered what time zone i live in this time!!


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:04 PM

Hi Laura, love the FB photos of your home furnishing upgrades


R. Hookie 5:05 PM

Cold here...


Rodrigo Araya 5:05 PM

Did you read today's post on the Tralfaz blog?


Laura Leibowitz 5:05 PM

LOL...now all I need to do is get them together.

No, what did Don post?

Kathy - You've seen my library first hand. I'm transforming it


Rodrigo Araya 5:05 PM

About a 1938 "broadcast" made for an auditiorium in San Francisco.


Steve_Smith 5:06 PM

Good Eeeeevahning folks


Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM

Post, Don. Er...Grape Nuts!


Rodrigo Araya 5:06 PM



The Show Never Heard on the Radio

Once the Jack Benny radio show settled in Los Angeles in the mid-1930s, he occasionally took it on the road (not counting war-time location ...(17 kB)


Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM

Hi Steve!


R. Hookie 5:06 PM

Hi Steve


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:06 PM

YAY for library transformation., Now to digitize Barbara's scrapbooks


Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM

Oh yes, they recently reopened that place!

5:06 PM

Kathy - Fully agreed. Just need the hours in the day.


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:06 PM

so many hours!


garth_johnson 5:06 PM

Rodrigo, its from a 1939 Fawcett publiction, I don't know which of their magazines, but possibly Radio Mirror.


Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM

Can someone please hit the lottery, donate it to the IJBFC, and then I can work on this stuff full-time?

5:07 PM

Kathy - Have you ever seen the animated image of ball bearings that is called "a woman's mind?"


Steve_Smith 5:07 PM

I saw that posted on FB but haven't listened to it yet


R. Hookie 5:07 PM

I'd have ti 'fix' the lottery


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:07 PM

oh no, will look for it


Rodrigo Araya 5:07 PM

'39? There's a reference to the gasman!


Laura Leibowitz 5:08 PM

Kathy - Suffice it to say that digitizing Barbara's scrapbooks is one of those ball bearings.

5:08 PM

Yes, Carmichael goes back a ways!


garth_johnson 5:09 PM

All part of the "Buck Benny Rides Again" film publicity


Rodrigo Araya 5:09 PM

I swear they didn't come up with the gas man until 1941.


Laura Leibowitz 5:09 PM


How a woman's brain works

For Kathy ^


garth_johnson 5:10 PM

... Fred Allen --- in person!


Laura Leibowitz 5:10 PM

Hmmm...that sounds like a challenge for my log (when was the gas man introduced)


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:10 PM

wonderful photos!!!!


Laura Leibowitz 5:11 PM

Hmmm...I didn't track that as a running gag...


Steve_Smith 5:12 PM

I was wondering when that one had started... hmmm


Rodrigo Araya 5:12 PM

I remember that photo of Carmichael as a deliveryman posted on the FB group.


Laura Leibowitz 5:13 PM

First mention of the gas man that I recorded was 4/6/41


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:13 PM

wow the women's brain video clip will now be posted to as many places as possible, with thank yous to you all!


Laura Leibowitz 5:13 PM

Carmichael was a character before then

Who remembers how Jack got Carmichael?


garth_johnson 5:14 PM

LL - I can't remember , but we should as this guy


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:14 PM

Carmichael was a bizarre present from Fred Allen?


Rodrigo Araya 5:15 PM

On a related note, when did Mel Blanc debut?


Laura Leibowitz 5:15 PM

As Carmichael?


Rodrigo Araya 5:15 PM

In the show.


Laura Leibowitz 5:15 PM

Jack got a polar bear, but it wasn't until 2/19/39 that the character was named Carmichael

So NO ONE here remembers how Jack got Carmichael?


Rodrigo Araya 5:16 PM

"Remember, we have a non-agression pact."


Steve_Smith 5:16 PM

not me...

the gas man deliver him?


Laura Leibowitz 5:17 PM

Not quite

Did we lose Kathy?


Neil Ottenstein 5:17 PM

Cute story from Mel Blanc's wikipedia page about the Maxwell sound: "The first role came from a mishap when the recording of the automobile's sounds failed to play on cue, prompting Blanc to take the microphone and improvise the sounds himself. The audience reacted so positively that Benny decided to dispense with the recording altogether and have Blanc continue in that role"


Steve_Smith 5:17 PM

that i knew


Laura Leibowitz 5:17 PM

OK, show of hands...who thinks that's how it happened in reality?


Steve_Smith 5:18 PM

watched a MB interview the other day


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:18 PM

hey I am here


Rodrigo Araya 5:18 PM

Mel's story adds that there was a heat wave and that the air conditioned was faulty.


garth_johnson 5:18 PM

I think that Mel's story is beans - Pinto Beans


Laura Leibowitz 5:18 PM

Garth - As opposed to Pinto Covig



kathy_fuller_seeley 5:18 PM

Oh I think that Pinto whatever his name was, did the first Maxwell sounds


Laura Leibowitz 5:19 PM

He did some characters for the show


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:19 PM

before Mel joined the show in 1942 or 43


Laura Leibowitz 5:19 PM

No, Mel goes back further than that


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:19 PM

Pinto Colvin? there are a couple newspaper articles attesting to this


garth_johnson 5:19 PM

1937 - Evansville Courier - Pinto Colvig, left, veteran Hollywood sound effects man, helps Jack Benny demonstrate the ancient Maxwell that Benny has been bragging about during his Sunday night broadcasts over the NBC-Red network in recent weeks. It's Colvig who makes the realistic maxwell sounds that have "taken-in" more than one Benny fan.


Rodrigo Araya 5:19 PM

Mel's first appearance as an SPEAKING character was on the "Camel Comedy Caravan" special in 1943.


Laura Leibowitz 5:19 PM

Mel first appeared in 6/7/36


Neil Ottenstein 5:20 PM



kathy_fuller_seeley 5:20 PM

well, I would say that extra folks on radio earned just pennies on the west coast and worked their butts off, uncredited, in the 1930s and early 1940s


Laura Leibowitz 5:20 PM

Pinto Colvig was on Jack's show on 11/14/37, 11/28/37, 6/5/38, and 10/9/38


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:21 PM

we know that Mel was a west coast guy, working dozens of radio jobs to makes ends meet


Laura Leibowitz 5:21 PM

And you are correct...11/14/37 he was the Maxwell!

And 11/28. But that's it.


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:22 PM

perhaps many part time bits were uncredited. I have so much respect for how hard folks had to work back then, in tiny parts


Laura Leibowitz 5:23 PM

And actually, Mel's first appearance was in a speaking role on 6/7/36 ("Gensler")


garth_johnson 5:23 PM

I would love to see Frank Nelson's date book with all his AFTRA entries, probably the best document of OTR


Laura Leibowitz 5:23 PM

And God bless Harry Conn for occasionally pencilling in the supporting actors' names on the script.


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:24 PM

I just love how Mel brought his Benny characters back and forth to Warners' Looney Tunes cartoons, we can hear voices move back and forth in the 1940s


Steve_Smith 5:24 PM

Mel kept trying to get into cartoons but he couldn't get an audition until there was a management change at Fleischer...


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:24 PM

yay for Harry Conn's scribblings!


Steve_Smith 5:24 PM

THAT changed everything for him (I think that's what I remember anyway)


Rodrigo Araya 5:25 PM

Mel never worked at the NY-based Fleischer.


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:25 PM

WOW Garth, does Frank Nelson


garth_johnson 5:25 PM

1940's - AFRS - Mel Blanc with Pinto Colvig, Clarence Nash and unidentifed woman


Steve_Smith 5:25 PM

not what Mel said in that interview I watched


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:26 PM

excuse me, does Frank Nelson's document exist? Where can we find it?


Rodrigo Araya 5:27 PM

Gee! In his memoirs he mentioned knocking tirelessly on the doors of the Schlesinger studio until Norman Spencer left (or dropped dead according to him).


Laura Leibowitz 5:28 PM

Oh, I see why no one knows how Jack got Carmichael. It's a lost ep.


Steve_Smith 5:28 PM

oh ... maybe that's what I heard then... hell my memory sinks..

OH... do you have it?


Laura Leibowitz 5:28 PM

Stinks like a Stone

No, I read the script.


garth_johnson 5:28 PM

Kathy, I don't know where it may be -- Frank is reading parts of it in an audio telephone interview that I found somewhere. Either Schaden of Dunning or someonels circa the mid 1980s


Laura Leibowitz 5:28 PM

Jack got Carmichael as a birthday present on 2/12/39.

Rochester calls and says a large box arrived containing the polar bear

The next week Jack intimates that he thinks Fred Allen sent it.


Rodrigo Araya 5:30 PM

Ev'rybody remembers Carmichael and Polly, but does anyone remember Trudy the ostrich, Leona the horse, or Jack's pet camel?


Laura Leibowitz 5:31 PM

I do, but I'm crazy.

(I have a feeling I stole that line from Mr. Billingsley.)

Rodrigo Araya 5:31 PM

It's almost 80 years since his debut (early 1940)


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:31 PM

speaking of lost episodes, I hope to have good news for everyone soon.....publisher Ben has moved the Benny scripts manuscript to a faster typesetter. I hope we hear good news soon from Joan B. about reprinting the Sunday Nights mss and other goodies


Laura Leibowitz 5:31 PM


Yes, so noted, Kathy.


garth_johnson 5:32 PM

Named for Trudy Wellman found the day after Carmichael was found


Laura Leibowitz 5:32 PM

To be really candid, I spend my whole day at work sitting on my bum in front of the computer and in meetings, and it makes it hard to come home and do the same...


garth_johnson 5:33 PM

I'd walk a mile to get away from this guy


Laura Leibowitz 5:33 PM

But wait till you see the gorgeous photo I just got for the next cover.


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:33 PM

Rodrigo, thanks for mentioning Trudy!!! In Mark Sandrich's papers at the Motion Picture Academy archives, he mentions being so pleased that Trudy is named after his own film production assistant Trudy, from when they were filming Buck Benny and Love Thy Neighbor at Paramount


Laura Leibowitz 5:33 PM

No kidding!!!!!

OK, should we go to the show for this evening?

Actually, I just added one based on our conversation.


garth_johnson 5:35 PM

Somebody pass the popcorn


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:35 PM

Garth , you win for the jokes, I just got the "walk a mile" one, hahahaha


Laura Leibowitz 5:36 PM

OK, let's go! https://w2g.tv/mbrm7osc3l5p85x3t9 (was Jack Benny program with guest star Rod Serling)


garth_johnson 5:39 PM

1935 - Jack Benny Program cast - Phil Harris, Jack Benny, Mary Livingston, Don Wilson, Frank Parker


Rodrigo Araya 6:08 PM

The bandleader at the time was Don Bestor (who debuted alongside Don for Gen. Tire). Philsie didn't join until the show moved to L.A. in '36.


Laura Leibowitz 6:08 PM

Thought with the comment of "GREED" you were having a Von Stroheim attack...

6:08 PM

I adore that episode.


R. Hookie 6:09 PM

Fun stuff!


Steve_Smith 6:09 PM

a puntypo


Laura Leibowitz 6:09 PM

Anyone seeing that for the first time tonight?


Steve_Smith 6:09 PM

I saw some of it before


R. Hookie 6:09 PM



Neil Ottenstein 6:09 PM

I think it was the first time, but there is a chance I saw it ages ago with my parents


Steve_Smith 6:09 PM

got side tracked ....


Laura Leibowitz 6:10 PM

It came back to me several weeks ago when I was debating with a classical viola player friend if Dennis could sing opera.


Steve_Smith 6:10 PM

Rod's summary was killer


Laura Leibowitz 6:10 PM

Told her I thought I'd heard him do Vesti la Giubba, and she didn't believe it. So I proved my point.


Neil Ottenstein 6:10 PM

there you go


Laura Leibowitz 6:11 PM

I just think that's a beautifully crafted show.


Steve_Smith 6:11 PM

agreed .. = )


Tom V. 6:11 PM

Firsttime I've seen that with the State Farm commercials intact. It was very well done!

First time *


Laura Leibowitz 6:12 PM

Yes, makes you appreciate how much would be lost by trying to edit that out!


Steve_Smith 6:13 PM

never cared much for those State Farm spots ... give me Jello of Lucky's...


Laura Leibowitz 6:13 PM

Lucky Strike-flavored Jell-O...


garth_johnson 6:13 PM

A fine example of how the writers could weave in the guest star - I think the Bogart show as a bit better.


Laura Leibowitz 6:13 PM

It was also 10 years earlier


Steve_Smith 6:14 PM

or .. not of ... fat fingers


Laura Leibowitz 6:14 PM

and done live

So what else about the show for tonight?

Requests for next time?

New Tenant...quickly ducks under the desk


Steve_Smith 6:15 PM

Guest shows maybe


garth_johnson 6:16 PM

A mystery guest would be nice ...


Laura Leibowitz 6:16 PM

Aha...that gives me an idea


Neil Ottenstein 6:16 PM

how much did they rehearse those shows before broadcast?


Laura Leibowitz 6:16 PM

Neil - Radio or TV?


Neil Ottenstein 6:16 PM



Laura Leibowitz 6:17 PM

That's a really good question...the radio show was very regimented, but the TV less so

They'd record a bunch of them at a time.

This one was recorded 11/16/62


Steve_Smith 6:17 PM

guest like spots from other shows..


Laura Leibowitz 6:18 PM

So I'm not 100% sure.

OK. I think I've got a good idea.

Anything else Benny-wise on anyone's mind?


garth_johnson 6:18 PM

My suggestion


Laura Leibowitz 6:18 PM

Everyone got quiet after the show

Can do that


Rodrigo Araya 6:19 PM



Neil Ottenstein 6:19 PM

nice photo


Steve_Smith 6:19 PM

it's just nice to be around other Jack fans...


Laura Leibowitz 6:19 PM



Rodrigo Araya 6:20 PM

When did Jack buy that elephant foot at the auction?


Laura Leibowitz 6:20 PM

Hmmm...40s...let me get a better date...

radio or tv?

TV was 11/12/61


Rodrigo Araya 6:21 PM



garth_johnson 6:21 PM

We need a post-show pick-me-up -- who's buying the Ovaltine


Laura Leibowitz 6:21 PM

OK...shall we call it good for this month?

Ah neat...lost treasures


Steve_Smith 6:21 PM

Thank you Laura and Happy Christmas to you guys.


R. Hookie 6:21 PM

Good night, folks!


Laura Leibowitz 6:21 PM

Have a wonderful holiday! See you next year!


Steve_Smith 6:22 PM

Good nigh so you next time


Tom V. 6:22 PM

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all!!


Rodrigo Araya 6:22 PM

Merry X-mas


garth_johnson 6:22 PM

From my house to yours - Merry Christmas


roger 6:22 PM

Happy Holidays to all!


Neil Ottenstein 6:22 PM

Yes, Happy Holidays to one and all.


Laura Leibowitz 6:22 PM

Only two?

And good night, Mrs. Calabash...wherever you are!


Neil Ottenstein 6:23 PM

10 children! Wow!

had to look that up


garth_johnson 6:24 PM

And to play us out tonight ...