IJBFC Chat - November 17, 2019

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Tom V. 4:20 PM

Well.......Facebook Jack Benny Sunday Chat is 5PM, Pacific time on November 17.  Maybe I'm in the wrong time zone?  


garth_johnson 4:33 PM

It is 4:30 and time to warm up the old Philco and get the popcorn ready...



kathy_fuller_seeley 4:34 PM

howdy Garth, I hope that your November has been going well?


garth_johnson 4:42 PM

No snow yet --- so I won't complain.  Historicly the first snowfall on the wet coast is this week, plus/minus 5 days.  It was always a nice birthday gift, but with "global warming" not for the past few years, its later into December. Anyway I prefer the rain ... it is much easier to deal with.


kathy_fuller_seeley 4:45 PM

well, I hope the snow is delayed as late as possible! That arctic blast of last week brought severe frost to Austin Texas at a shockingly early date, but today it was 70.....


Rodrigo Araya 4:46 PM


(F:Fred; P: Portland; J: Jimmy Wallington)

F: Thank you, and good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Say, Jimmy. Did you see the chat on the Benny fan club?

J: No, Fred. Why?

F: Well, they introduced a bird from a country they call "Chili con Carne"... without the carne.

Luckily, he also listens to us, but six months late. And everybody thought that either you, Mr. Goodman or Stuart Canin were the star.

This feller also showed them an ad for a Benny movie. he could as well have shown a blank sheet of paper!

They then began discussing Thanksgiving a month early, and who could blame 'em. They're fans of the biggest turkey ever.

P: Mister Ah-llen! Oh, Mister Ah-llen!

F: What is it, Portland?

P: Did you look the end of the meeting?

F: Of course I did. After they decided to skip that silly song Benny wrote years ago, they showed a photo of me and two pumpkins.

The new guy then compared me to both Frankenstein and Ed Kudlick of the Dustin funnies.

J: Well, Fred. You've gotta admit you're no Adonis.

F: I can understand the resemblance with Frankie Steinatra, but that Kudlick guy makes Phil Harris look like Clark Gable!

And then he chides his son for being a slacker--the idea!


kathy_fuller_seeley 4:47 PM



garth_johnson 4:49 PM

And now a word from our sponsor ...


Laura Leibowitz 4:56 PM

Hi folks!


garth_johnson 4:57 PM

Hi-ya Laura!


Rodrigo Araya 4:57 PM

Hiya, Buck!


kathy_fuller_seeley 4:57 PM

hello Laura! You have been busy refinishing furniture


Laura Leibowitz 4:58 PM

Yes, and I just realized that my mass mailing tool seems to have disappeared from the JB.org admin console...


Tom V. 4:58 PM

Good evening everybody!


kathy_fuller_seeley 4:59 PM

I hate it when that happens


Laura Leibowitz 4:59 PM

Kathy - You saw I've accumulated too much furniture in my garage, so I'm trying to get it done to make room for the Maxwell!


Rodrigo Araya 4:59 PM

And howzabout a parrot?


kathy_fuller_seeley 4:59 PM

yes! that Maxwell for sale could be a great conversation piece


Laura Leibowitz 4:59 PM

Hi Rodrigo - Love your script above!

4:59 PM

Rodrigo - I was hoping for Mr. Ramshaw


Rodrigo Araya 5:00 PM

Ramshaw? Wasn't that Openshaw?


Laura Leibowitz 5:00 PM

Kathy - If I only had $27.5K burning a hole in my pocket.  That car is way, way worth it...saying that from having seen it firsthand

5:00 PM

Well, when Openshaw quoted poetry, Ramshaw reviewed it...


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:00 PM

wow, and fits so conveniently in the dining room


Laura Leibowitz 5:01 PM

Yes, I should leave the table in the garage and put the Maxwell in my dining room.


Rodrigo Araya 5:01 PM

Oh, but I haven't heard him as of yet. I'm on the 42-43 season.


Laura Leibowitz 5:01 PM

When was Mr. Ramshaw the Eagle on Fred's show, folks?


R. Hookie 5:01 PM

Hi folks!


Laura Leibowitz 5:01 PM

Hi Hookie!


R. Hookie 5:02 PM

So, what did I miss?


Laura Leibowitz 5:02 PM

Plenty, but you can catch up in the transcript.  I'll try to be more timely with it.

5:03 PM

Rodrigo - I envy you getting to hear the appearance of the eagle for the first time.


Rodrigo Araya 5:03 PM

And now, for the biggest turkey ever... JACK BENNY!


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:03 PM

Favorite Thanksgiving themed show, folks? Mine is Jack being tried for murder by turkeys


Rodrigo Araya 5:03 PM

Wasn't zat the show the writers hated?


Laura Leibowitz 5:04 PM

Or the episode seemingly written by Salvador Dali...Jack dreams he is a turkey


garth_johnson 5:04 PM

From Love Thy Neighbor


Laura Leibowitz 5:04 PM

I've not seen that one before!

5:04 PM

Does that infer that Mr. Ramshaw had appeared by 1940, since that was when LTN was done?


garth_johnson 5:05 PM

1940 - Paramount - Love Thy Neighbor - 1277-2-42 - Jack, Fred and Eagle


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:05 PM

Garth, where's that photo of Rochester dressed up in colonial garb with a turkey hatchet...


Rodrigo Araya 5:05 PM

Weren't the Allen's Alley characters introduced with the alley in Dec. 42?


Laura Leibowitz 5:05 PM

Rodrigo - The eagle was a one-shot appearance.

5:05 PM

He wasn't an Allen's Alley character


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:05 PM

one-shot, hahahaha


Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM

Ah, didn't even realize that pun


Rodrigo Araya 5:06 PM

Oh, when did he appear? I suppose that in 1946...


Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM

Let's see if I can find it for Watch2Gether...brb


garth_johnson 5:07 PM

Can't seem to find that one Kathy


Rodrigo Araya 5:08 PM

Speaking of the Rochmeister in movies... I heard him sing "Taking a Chance on Love" earlier this evening.


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:08 PM

it may take me until Monday to find it, will post it to facebook : )


Laura Leibowitz 5:09 PM

Got it!


garth_johnson 5:10 PM

1940-03-20 is the first appearance and 1940-11-20 is the SECOND appearance of the eagle


Laura Leibowitz 5:10 PM

Aha!  The first one was so memorable, that I forgot about the second one.


Rodrigo Araya 5:11 PM

I started listening to OTR regularly last year with Benny. I didn't begin listening to Allen till this year.


Laura Leibowitz 5:11 PM

Well, we can all enjoy it together then.


Rodrigo Araya 5:11 PM

As well as Burns and Allen, Fibber and Molly, Bob Hope, Red Skelton, and Charlie McCarthy.


Laura Leibowitz 5:12 PM

I haven't heard it in a long time.

5:12 PM

Hey, BTW, with all the news on the stuff going on in Santiago, you OK?  Glad that you're here.

5:13 PM

Was meaning to E-mail you, but I'm often not even turning on my personal computer until the weekend because I'm too tired or too busy during the week


Rodrigo Araya 5:13 PM

I'm alright. Thank ya. but let's speak about Benny.

P.S.: I think I need a Maxwell. They burned the subway station near me.


Laura Leibowitz 5:13 PM

Or both

5:13 PM

Holy toledo!

5:13 PM

OK, on that note, let's go meet Mr. Ramshaw!


Rodrigo Araya 5:14 PM

You know things are bad when even a Maxwell may be useful.


Laura Leibowitz 5:14 PM



Let's meet on Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether lets you watch videos with your friends, synchronized at the same time.(5 kB)


5:14 PM

If you join the chat while the show is in progress, please join us at the above link!


garth_johnson 5:28 PM

SAY HELLO TO ... Wynn Murray -- Whose singing on Fred Allen's program at 9:00 tonight on NBC-Red


michael_amowitz 5:41 PM

I am here, yay!


garth_johnson 5:41 PM

And we are over there .... -> -> ->


Laura Leibowitz 5:56 PM

Thanks Garth!


R. Hookie 5:57 PM

Well, we're back...


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:57 PM

thanks for showing us that episode AND teh Fred Allen clip, Laura!


Laura Leibowitz 5:57 PM

Thoughts on either show?


R. Hookie 5:57 PM

Waukegan, Waukegan....


Laura Leibowitz 5:57 PM

My pleasure!  Glad I was able to get the Fred Allen so quickly.


michael_amowitz 5:57 PM

Jello folks


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:57 PM

wish we could get the laugh track back out of the Benny episode, would spiffy it up


Rodrigo Araya 5:58 PM

I didn't expect that von Zell would forget about Sal Hepatica for once!


Laura Leibowitz 5:58 PM

And those closing credits are edited.  the original had that song again under them.


Tom V. 5:58 PM

Wonder if Peter, Paul  Mary ever got any requests to do Jack's song?


Laura Leibowitz 5:58 PM

I remember watching the original at UCLA.  I'm sure that if anyone had been able to get a photo of my face when it came on with "Waukegan Waukegan" under the closing credits, it would have been beyond comical.


garth_johnson 5:58 PM

Von Zell was too occupied thinking of Colgate, using it each morning and using it at night ...


R. Hookie 5:59 PM

Which song? Waukegan of Beg Your Pardon?


Laura Leibowitz 5:59 PM

I thought there was more with the eagle, since he sprayed the audience at some point


garth_johnson 5:59 PM

LL I think it was in the second show that he did the tour of the audience


Tom V. 5:59 PM

Hookie - either one! Ha!


R. Hookie 5:59 PM

I'm late in responding


Laura Leibowitz 5:59 PM

Kathy - You mean take the laugh track down a notch or two?


Rodrigo Araya 5:59 PM

Wonder if the suits at NBC summoned Fred for the eagle incident.


Laura Leibowitz 6:00 PM

Garth - Aha!  OK, I may have heard a compedium at some point.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:00 PM

Laura, that eagle malfesence (sp) may have come out in the newspaper reviews and trade press!


Laura Leibowitz 6:00 PM

Rodrigo - I remember there was some classic letter about it in "Fred Allen's Letters"

6:00 PM

He referred to it as "L'Affaire Eagale"


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:00 PM

Oh I am a laugh track enemy, I would mute it at all costs. Although tuesday in class I will tell about the Laugh Track machine


Laura Leibowitz 6:01 PM

Kathy - I'm pretty sure it did!

6:01 PM

Kathy - I can't remember if any of the eps that have that horrid recording afterwards of "This program has had audience reactions enhanced" are in circulation


R. Hookie 6:01 PM

Do you feel the same about live audiences?


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:02 PM

on tuesday my class topic is history of sitcoms, and I claim that Jack Benny made important innovations on radio, but that Lucille Ball had a larger impact on early TV versions'


Laura Leibowitz 6:02 PM

Yeah, the laugh track drives me a bit nuts too.  It's like being mechanically jabbed in the ribs.

6:02 PM

I'd agree with that

6:03 PM

But as far as television comedy overall, I have to give the influential award to Ernie Kovacs

6:03 PM

Obviously Kovacs wasn't a sitcom


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:03 PM

Hookie, I LOVE live audiences! But its a practical matter, if you are filming or taping and need to do multiple takes, the audience response will always falter, and maybe you need to sweeten it up. I just object to input of audience laughter when there was NOBODY present. like in MASH!!!


R. Hookie 6:04 PM

I agree


Laura Leibowitz 6:04 PM

Yes.  There were likely some folks in the audience for this one, but unlikely a full audience.

6:04 PM

But then again, I remember having someone tell me they got tickets to the taping of the Clint Walker episode, and that's super heavy on the laugh track.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:05 PM

and that is OK to me, if there were any live people at a taping. Its just the no-audience-and way-over -the -top laughter adding that grates like nails on a chalkboard. To me hahaha


R. Hookie 6:05 PM

I can notice in Jack's monologues if he has an audience or not... the camera is closer, he's not shouting, ...


Laura Leibowitz 6:06 PM

The camera placement also has some to do with the style of the director.  I think he started shouting more later in the series (like 1963+)


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:07 PM

In 1932, Jack was among those wishing that there WEREN"T studio audiences, but he soon learned to milk them for radio. Fred Allen always seemed to hate radio live audiences, he turned his back to them while broadcasting


Laura Leibowitz 6:07 PM

Kathy - So how would you gauge this?  Audience or no audience?


Rodrigo Araya 6:07 PM

I remember that Allen regarded studio audiences as "cackling geese".


Laura Leibowitz 6:07 PM

Early on, they told radio audiences to be quiet.  I think it was Eddie Cantor that broke that taboo


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:08 PM

well, the audience laughter works better (IMHO) when they are on the little stage. If it were me as producer, I would eliminate it in the sketch portions. But then in 1964 the sponsor would hate me and fire me, hahaha!


Rodrigo Araya 6:08 PM

It was either Cantor or Ed Wynn depending on the version.


Laura Leibowitz 6:08 PM

Rodrigo - Yes!  I think I've heard that story about Wynn as well.


R. Hookie 6:08 PM

I could see Wynn on that


Laura Leibowitz 6:08 PM

I had forgotten that


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:08 PM

I have heard it was Wynn, yes


Laura Leibowitz 6:08 PM

They just felt very strange playing to a mute audience


Rodrigo Araya 6:09 PM

The important thing is that by 1932-33, you could hear studio audiences on radio.


Laura Leibowitz 6:09 PM

With all the experience in vaudeville

6:09 PM

Right.  I'm trying to remember if they shushed them early on because the broadcast quality wasn't that great


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:09 PM

what Jack or others could not control was sponsor demands. And I must remember that the radio imperative of as many laughs as possible probably came over to TV.... so sponsors wanted to hear laughs as a way to gauge the success of a show


Laura Leibowitz 6:09 PM

Kind of like the really slow J.....E....L...L.........O!

6:10 PM

Canada Dry didn't like laughter, so they switched to organ music.


Rodrigo Araya 6:10 PM

Actually, by the fall of 1932, NBC was introducing ribbon mics that would replace the older ones.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:10 PM

Rodrigo yes!!!  American shows on NBC and CBS started moving from closed sets to audiences in late 1932


Laura Leibowitz 6:11 PM

I think the old box mikes and 8-ball mikes didn't have a lot of pickup.

6:11 PM

But then you could suspend mikes over the audience


Rodrigo Araya 6:11 PM

Speaking of organ music, Fred Allen's first show had organ intervals by CBS house organist Ann Leaf.


garth_johnson 6:11 PM

I Love the RCA 44 series


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:11 PM

and Laura, that is such an imporant point that in radio, broadcast quality was such a problem! In the 1960s quality started improving


Laura Leibowitz 6:11 PM

Oh yeah, how can you not love that?!?!

6:12 PM

Audience reaction in 1930 might sound like just more static with primitive mikes and broadcast interference


Rodrigo Araya 6:13 PM

Say, where were the NBC studios in 1932, before 30 Rock opened?


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:13 PM

its so interesting to think of the many factors like technology or sponsor or network demands that shaped what Jack Benny could or could not do. I so wish we had more of his own notes on his production process. glad we have what we have


Laura Leibowitz 6:13 PM

Wow, good question.


R. Hookie 6:13 PM

Radio City?


Laura Leibowitz 6:13 PM

Kathy - Amen

6:14 PM

It was on the roof of the Westinghouse building.  (Just kidding.)


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:14 PM

Rodrigo, Benny's first shows were done on the roof garden of the New Amsterdam Theatre (I think) where the Zeigfeld Follies had been


Laura Leibowitz 6:14 PM

Indeed!  I did not know that.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:14 PM

only after RAdio City was built did NBC get production studios inside 30 Rock


Rodrigo Araya 6:15 PM

Does that mean NBC/WEAF didn't have proper studios until 1933?


Laura Leibowitz 6:15 PM

Kathy - Jog my memory.  Why did they go to New Orleans for a time during the Canada Dry run?


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:15 PM

but then Benny threw a monkey wrench by going out to California as often as possible


Laura Leibowitz 6:15 PM

Well, ya gotta make movies.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:16 PM

Laura, it was because orch leader Ted Weems had a long engagement there that he could not break!


Rodrigo Araya 6:16 PM

According to Variety, CBS didn't even cover the Big Easy at the time!


Laura Leibowitz 6:16 PM

Aha!  I'm not sure I knew that either!  This is great!


garth_johnson 6:16 PM

October 1927, WJZ moved into NBC studios still under construction at 711 Fifth Avenue until 30 Rock was built


Rodrigo Araya 6:16 PM



Laura Leibowitz 6:17 PM

I wonder what's there now


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:17 PM

Harry Conn wrote a wicked parody of Uncle Toms Cabin for one of their New Orleans performances that probably helped them get a rail ride out of town back to New York, haha


Laura Leibowitz 6:17 PM

Or if it's even the same building


garth_johnson 6:17 PM

Ted Weems had a engagement at a hotel he couldn't get out of so for the first shows they did the broadcast from New Orleans and commuted back to New York


Laura Leibowitz 6:17 PM

Right...I remember the bizarre scripts of Jack starting his own production company

6:17 PM

Speaking of which, when's the book out?


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:18 PM

The roof Garden of the New Amsterdam theater is now like Disney audiences and you can tour the Zeigfeld part of the glass-bottomed walkway (chorus girls would walk it and rich old geezers would look up their skirts, ahem this was 1920s)


michael_amowitz 6:18 PM

i have finally caught up on the last transcript and this one. I was to blame for suggesting Peter, Paul, and Mary. I'm kind of at three things at the same time. Got home from seeing Hermans Hermits and was 15 minutes late


Rodrigo Araya 6:18 PM

The "Uncle Conn's Cabin" sketch was done for a certain car company in 33.


michael_amowitz 6:18 PM

Nice to meet you, Rodrigo


R. Hookie 6:18 PM

According to Google, 711 Fifth Avenue is a restaurant complex


Rodrigo Araya 6:18 PM



michael_amowitz 6:19 PM

Thanks, Kathy, wondered where NBC was too


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:19 PM

Laura, I hope it is soon!!!! We are in production and I am waiting on final proofs, yay!


Laura Leibowitz 6:19 PM

Yay!  That's an exciting time.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:19 PM

And of course I get to ask if you have heard anything from Joan about reprinting a certain book


Laura Leibowitz 6:20 PM

Yes, boy, is my face red

6:20 PM

I have not heard from her.


R. Hookie 6:20 PM

Sundays at Seven???


Laura Leibowitz 6:20 PM

But I'm hoping that I'll get to clear more of my E-mail backlog over Thanksgiving.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:20 PM

Wow Michael M  I hope that Peter and the Hermits were great!!!

6:20 PM

I completely understand, Laura! Everything happens in good time : )


michael_amowitz 6:21 PM

As always, yes; I posted some video clips to my page if we're friends on FB


Laura Leibowitz 6:21 PM

Thanks so much for your patience, Kathy.  I'm going in so many different directions, and E-mail and the club have clearly taken a back seat.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:21 PM

Hookie, yes, we are trying to reprint Sundays, hope it works  yay!


Laura Leibowitz 6:21 PM

Hard when you get about 500 E-mails a day.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:21 PM



Rodrigo Araya 6:22 PM

Speaking of 60s artists, I didn't know Lou Rawls started back then (he appeared on a Benny special).


michael_amowitz 6:22 PM

I can never get here ... lol, I get about 150 emails a day


Laura Leibowitz 6:22 PM

I got rather spoiled when I was off work for some time in 2018.  It was nice to have time to do so much that really is dear to my heart

6:23 PM

But I just signed an employment offer from my consulting company, so hopefully I won't be seeing a dry patch like that again for a while.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:23 PM

Wasn't that Lou Rawls singing Simon and Garfunkel in the Graduate sketch???


Laura Leibowitz 6:23 PM



Rodrigo Araya 6:23 PM

Oh, gosh!


michael_amowitz 6:23 PM

I have 3 days of email to see, but same trouble keeping up for the past month.

6:23 PM

Kathy, is your book out? I am losing track of everything.


Laura Leibowitz 6:24 PM



kathy_fuller_seeley 6:24 PM

My fellow film historians (all white guys in their 70s) adore The Graduate and show it in class as often as possible, I am on a mission to introduce them to the Benny version ! (or may I say subversion)


Laura Leibowitz 6:24 PM



R. Hookie 6:24 PM

I like the Benny version... with Diller


Laura Leibowitz 6:24 PM

They just want to see Anne Bancroft in the all-in


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:25 PM

Michael, thanks for asking! The first volume of Jack Benny scripts 1932 should be out in a couple of months, the work is all done and we are up to typesetting yay


Rodrigo Araya 6:25 PM

Diller? Great Scott!


Laura Leibowitz 6:25 PM

No, Phyllis! 


michael_amowitz 6:25 PM



Rodrigo Araya 6:26 PM

Before the special, the one time I saw her was in a Simpsons parody of a Bob Hope special.


R. Hookie 6:26 PM

Is there another Diller?


Laura Leibowitz 6:26 PM

Oh funny

6:26 PM

Killer Diller


Rodrigo Araya 6:26 PM

Bob was a hippie and Phyllis was a "flower child".


Laura Leibowitz 6:26 PM

I interviewed her briefly, but she didn't remember much.


Rodrigo Araya 6:27 PM

I don't know if they did something like that in an actual show,


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:27 PM

Diller is emerging among TV comedy historians as the greatest female comic of the 1960s and 1970s, next to Joan Rivers. Its great to see her get her due from young scholars hardly born before she passed away. Moms Mably is also getting notice



Laura Leibowitz 6:27 PM

Rodrigo - I could easily see that happening

6:27 PM

Kathy - I wish Elaine May would get more credit


garth_johnson 6:28 PM

Tell us about white guy's in their 70's (Johnny was 65 here)


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:28 PM

yes! I will post a couple new articles and link to them in a FB post in our group


Laura Leibowitz 6:28 PM

Cool, thank you!


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:28 PM

great photo, Garth!


R. Hookie 6:29 PM

I agree


Laura Leibowitz 6:29 PM

Let's hear it for Rusty Warren!

6:29 PM

I interviewed her as well...Jack saw her in Vegas and gave her some guidance.


michael_amowitz 6:30 PM

Kathy, just sent you a friend request. Saw Barbara Rew and her husband Mark on the way home from the show.  And regularly keep up with Martin Grams.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:30 PM

awesome, Michael, I look forward to having you among my fb friends!



Laura Leibowitz 6:31 PM

Anything else on the shows for this evening?

6:31 PM

Just wanted to ensure that we finished that portion of the conversation.


R. Hookie 6:31 PM

Michael, I'm on Facebook, too.... just saying...



Laura Leibowitz 6:31 PM

And any requests for next month?


michael_amowitz 6:31 PM

Thanks for running it, LL!


garth_johnson 6:32 PM

Wallet or Shoe laces


michael_amowitz 6:32 PM

Hookie, I'm checking, I'm checking! 


Laura Leibowitz 6:32 PM

Sure...hopefully you got to see most of it!


R. Hookie 6:32 PM



Laura Leibowitz 6:32 PM

Or dates or gopher trap


R. Hookie 6:32 PM

Fun time tonight!


Laura Leibowitz 6:32 PM

TV or radio

6:32 PM

Or both


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:32 PM

I have a 27-year old grad student who is fascinated with what she sees is the "Old Men" comics on 1960s and 1970s TV, she is trying to understand the place of the old comics in young people's culture, its fun to try to see things from her point of view


Rodrigo Araya 6:32 PM

Speaking of Facebook... turns out that my comment about Allen's resemblance to Frankenstein was posted in a post made by Don M. Yowp on the IJBFC page.


michael_amowitz 6:33 PM

I now have the link from You Tube ... I guess it's been several years, I'd forgotten the end but I should have seen When I beg your pardon coming


Laura Leibowitz 6:33 PM

What qualifies as "old men" comics?  Gasolinie Alley?



Rodrigo Araya 6:33 PM

Ha! Good one!


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:33 PM

and thanks, everyone! Laura, I know you and I will catch up on publishing projects very soon


michael_amowitz 6:33 PM

Hookie, find me on FB


Laura Leibowitz 6:33 PM

Kathy - Yes, I'm looking forward to getting everything straightened out and quieter in my life!


Rodrigo Araya 6:33 PM

How old is Walt Wallet?


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:34 PM

as far as my student goes, anyone 60 or older by 1965, so the Bennys, Hopes, Berles, Youngmans,,,,,


Laura Leibowitz 6:34 PM

Oh!  I thought you meant like the Sunday Funnies


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:34 PM

Ooops no, I meant why the heck is Henny Youngman showing up on Laugh In kinds of things...


Laura Leibowitz 6:35 PM

Well, we're back to Ernie Kovacs again!

6:35 PM

Honey, this is called a BLACKOUT.


R. Hookie 6:35 PM

Youngman on Laugh-In...


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:35 PM

I think Jack Benny managed the transition to old guy better than many, esp versus Bob Hope


michael_amowitz 6:35 PM

I was around for Ernie's show... it was great!


Laura Leibowitz 6:35 PM

So mind if I say something sacreligious?

6:36 PM

Jack always plays Jack.


R. Hookie 6:36 PM



Laura Leibowitz 6:36 PM

And Bob Hope always plays Bob Hope.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:36 PM

that younger audiences in the 1960s and 1970s could relate to Jack more than some of the others


garth_johnson 6:36 PM

Kathy have your student watch the PBS American Master's "Vaudeville" form 1997 - its on youtube, it is a great starting point in understanding the old guys popular from the 30's to the 70's


Laura Leibowitz 6:36 PM

And Milton Berle always plays Milton Berle.


michael_amowitz 6:36 PM

Henny Youngman and even Nixon would turn up on blackouts on Laugh In. They loved to mix everything up


Laura Leibowitz 6:36 PM

But Milton Berle and Bob Hope's very one-note delivery gets tiresome very quickly.

6:37 PM

Garth - Oh my, that's a wonderful show

6:37 PM

Pioneers of Television as well


R. Hookie 6:37 PM

I remember Nixon on Laugh-In... "Sock it to ME?"



kathy_fuller_seeley 6:37 PM

great idea. Garth! More of my students are interested in vaudeville than ever before. Oh Laura yes you have the secret to why Youngman and Hope wear on me


Rodrigo Araya 6:37 PM

The problem at least with Bob is that most of his material was too topic.


Laura Leibowitz 6:37 PM

Keep it moving, Mr. Benny!  Keep it moving!

6:37 PM

Rodrigo - Absolutely.  It doesn't age well.

6:38 PM

Sadly, Fred Allen suffers from the same malady


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:38 PM

Same grad student wants to write  a research paper comparing Laugh In to Hee Haw, so she will keep me hopping'


garth_johnson 6:38 PM


Laura Leibowitz 6:38 PM



michael_amowitz 6:38 PM

George Burns carried into 100 very well!


Laura Leibowitz 6:38 PM

Kathy - That actually makes a great deal of sense


Rodrigo Araya 6:38 PM

Just a few years before the NBA became mainstream.


R. Hookie 6:38 PM

Hope she don't say nothing bad about Hee Haw!


Laura Leibowitz 6:39 PM

They're the same show, just that Hee Haw follows in the footsteps of Petticoat Junction, Gomer Pyle, etc.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:39 PM

no, she is quite admiring of their camerawork


michael_amowitz 6:39 PM

Hee Haw threw out corn rapid fire


Rodrigo Araya 6:39 PM

That comedy tastes changed so radically through the 1990s was a thing not even Jack could have weathered well.


R. Hookie 6:39 PM

Now I have to dig out my Hee Haw DVDs.....


Laura Leibowitz 6:39 PM

Now I've got the "It's a Mod, Mod World" music in my head


garth_johnson 6:40 PM

There is a Hee Haw special on youtube that actually can trace their beginnings to the Smothers's Brothers loosing their time and the quick cuts of Laugh-In


michael_amowitz 6:40 PM

Something fails, the next one will get them 


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:40 PM

she and I are also digging into the earliest years of Ed Sullivan's TV show 1948-1952 when CBS programmed it to fall AFTER Benny's radio show


Laura Leibowitz 6:40 PM

Garth - I'll be darned!  I wasn't sure which came first.


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:40 PM

Garth and Hookie, we've got a research project brewing haha!


Laura Leibowitz 6:40 PM

Ed Sullivan gives Jack his start, Jack gives Ed Sullivan his start.

6:41 PM

OK, fabulous conversation tonight!  Anything else, or should we call it good?


R. Hookie 6:42 PM

It's been fun!


garth_johnson 6:42 PM

And tonight at the Hollywood Palace ...


kathy_fuller_seeley 6:42 PM

THANK YOU, folks! You give me such energy to channel to my grad student researchers!

good night and good health to all....


Laura Leibowitz 6:42 PM

Jack Benny!  Pass it on!


Rodrigo Araya 6:42 PM

Be happy, buy Ecko! Be happy, buy Ecko Strike!


R. Hookie 6:42 PM

Hollywood Palace?


Laura Leibowitz 6:42 PM

Have a great holiday and we'll see you next month!

6:43 PM

Stay safe, Rodrigo.


R. Hookie 6:43 PM

Good night, folks!


Rodrigo Araya 6:43 PM



Tom V. 6:43 PM

Goodnight, Benny folks!


Laura Leibowitz 6:43 PM

Sal Hepatica!


garth_johnson 6:45 PM

PBS American Masters 1997 - Vaudeville - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNTbJi8rc1Q

YouTube | Gregory Golda



michael_amowitz 6:46 PM

Good night y'all! Garth, I'll try to look at that between now and next time.