IJBFC Chat - October 13, 2019

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Laura Leibowitz 4:57 PM

Hi Rodrigo!

Rodrigo Araya 5:00 PM

Jell-O, everybody.

R. Hookie 5:00 PM

Hi folks!

garth_johnson 5:00 PM

Here we are again - in Jell-O good company

Laura Leibowitz 5:01 PM

Evening Garth!

Hey Hookie!

Rodrigo Araya 5:01 PM

Hey! That's the Canada Dry theme!

Laura Leibowitz 5:02 PM

I'm sure the head of Canada Dry wouldn't take kindly to his theme pushing Jell-O, although it does work!

By the way folks, we have two continents covered tonight.  Rodrigo is on from Santiago, Chile!

R. Hookie 5:02 PM

Welcome to the chat!

garth_johnson 5:02 PM

I can just hear Dennis Day saying "Talk to the sponsor!"

Rodrigo Araya 5:03 PM

Thanks, Ms. Leibowitz, and all of you folks.
Anybody has listened to the show today? I listened to the April 11, '43 show (Jack's return after five weeks of illness).

Laura Leibowitz 5:03 PM

Call up the little sponsor, call him up!

Ah, that also has Orson Welles on it IIRC

garth_johnson 5:03 PM

Only if you need him to put in a good word with the academy

Rodrigo Araya 5:04 PM

If you're wondering why I'm listening to an April show in October, it's because it's more appropriate to do so down in the Southern Hemisphere.

Laura Leibowitz 5:04 PM

Right, that makes sense!

Sorry we don't have more people on yet, but the ones who are here are all good.

Rodrigo Araya 5:05 PM

Though, I can make an exception if you decide to have us see or listen an October episode.

Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM

Actually, I think tonight's episode was requested because of the guest stars rather than the vintage.

Rodrigo Araya 5:06 PM


Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM

We'll put it to a vote...want to wait for others or get to the show?

garth_johnson 5:07 PM

lets wait til ten past

R. Hookie 5:07 PM

I can wait

Laura Leibowitz 5:07 PM

OK sounds good

Rodrigo Araya 5:07 PM

Awright. As long it doesn't interfere with my 9:30 show (I won't mention the name of the star, but the orchestra is led by Al Goodman).

garth_johnson 5:07 PM

gives me some time to make the popcorn

Laura Leibowitz 5:07 PM

Rodrigo...how does one become a Jack Benny fan in Chile?

R. Hookie 5:08 PM

Did you put out the alert for the chat?

Rodrigo Araya 5:08 PM

Internet, maybe. That "Looney Tunes" short, "Ned's Declassified", "The Simpsons". I can't remember!

Laura Leibowitz 5:08 PM

You know, I scheduled it on the Facebook page and put it on jb.org, but I decided not to send the E-mail

Rodrigo Araya 5:08 PM

But you can't deny Jack had a huge influence on comedy.

Laura Leibowitz 5:08 PM

I was kind of curious how many people would need the reminder, and I was pretty late sending it anyway.

Rodrigo - It was "The Mouse That Jack Built" that got me, so I fully understand.

Rodrigo Araya 5:10 PM

Speaking of multitasking, I'm listenin' to Charlie McCarthy.

Laura Leibowitz 5:10 PM

Hookie - I guess I learned my lesson!

Rodrigo Araya 5:10 PM

And I'm gonna listen to another show at 9:30 (NY Time). I won't tell the name of the star to avoid offending the Boss.

Laura Leibowitz 5:11 PM

Are you sure it's Al Goodman and not Peter Van Steeden?

Rodrigo Araya 5:11 PM

The sponsor is Texaco.

Laura Leibowitz 5:11 PM

Aha...gotcha.  Well, if I see Mr. Ramshaw, I'll say hi.

garth_johnson 5:12 PM

Ah -- the Kenny Baker show

Laura Leibowitz 5:12 PM

Well done

Rodrigo Araya 5:12 PM

It's actually The Jimmy Wallington Program.

garth_johnson 5:13 PM

My picture database is down so I cant call up the Getty pic of Kenny at the gas pump

Laura Leibowitz 5:13 PM

Or the Stuart Canin Spotlight.  But that was a few years earlier.

Garth - Oh dear, no data loss I hope.

Rodrigo Araya 5:13 PM

Oh, I've got a surprise for you. A little bit of "Bennymorabilia"...

Laura Leibowitz 5:14 PM


garth_johnson 5:14 PM

It was when I was putting the drive back in AFTER cloning it that i destroyed the data connection of the SATA drive - no data loss, but a 500gig drive is toasted

Laura Leibowitz 5:14 PM

I have a cigarette card from Argentina that identifies a swarthy fellow as Jack (obviously very wrong)!

Garth - I hate it when that happens.

Rodrigo Araya 5:15 PM


R. Hookie 5:15 PM

I think my computer is about to go kaput.... it is sounding like the Maxwell...

garth_johnson 5:16 PM

at least could justify getting a 4 terrabyte drive - $100 canadian on sale

Laura Leibowitz 5:16 PM

Garth - Good deal!

Rodrigo Araya 5:16 PM

A newspaper ad from 1936 announcing the opening of the Metro Theatre in Santiago, which premiered with "Broadway Melody of 1936".

garth_johnson 5:16 PM

Practically Benny pricing at 1/2 off

Rodrigo Araya 5:17 PM

Jack is at the upper left corner of the ad.

Laura Leibowitz 5:17 PM

I love it!

R. Hookie 5:17 PM

My apologies if I abruptly disappear... my computer is making a lot of bad noise...

Laura Leibowitz 5:17 PM

I can read some of the Spanish, but not all.  What does it say by him in the upper left?  I get "An anticipated triumph"

Hookie - You are forgiven.

Rodrigo Araya 5:18 PM

Also featured were Laurel and Hardy in a promotional film with them speaking in Spanish (not the first time) and a Happy Harmony.

According to the ad, all seats for the day were reserved.

Laura Leibowitz 5:18 PM

I remember seeing some Spanish Laurel and Hardy...was it dubbed, or were they doing it phonetically?

Rodrigo Araya 5:19 PM

Phonetically. They read from a blackboard.

garth_johnson 5:19 PM

1939 - LOS ANGELES - SEPTEMBER 1: CBS Radio stars Frances Langford and Kenny Baker at drive-in café and gas station. They are on break from performing on The Texaco Star Theater. Image dated September 1, 1939. Los Angeles, California. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)


R. Hookie 5:19 PM

I know Hardy worked solo, but did Stan?

Rodrigo Araya 5:19 PM

Yup. Before they were a team, both had somewhat successful careers.

Laura Leibowitz 5:19 PM

Boleterias (tickets) aberitadas (closed?  reserved) todo la dia (all day)

R. Hookie 5:20 PM

Ahhh... I wasn't sure about Stan... thanks!

Rodrigo Araya 5:20 PM

"Boleterías Abiertas" means "Box Offices Open".

Laura Leibowitz 5:20 PM

Rodrigo - That I did not know!

Oh, that makes sense

Rodrigo Araya 5:20 PM

"Localidades Agotadas" means "Locations Reserved",

Laura Leibowitz 5:21 PM

OK got it

Boleterias - box office to buy boletas, like a carcineria (forgive the spelling if it's off) is a place to buy carne.  I never expected to learn Spanish on the chat.

Abierto is open, cerrado is closed.  Right.  Duh

Other than "Si"

Rodrigo Araya 5:22 PM

Carnicería. And, Mr. Benny is an "amarrete" (Chilean slang for "stingy").


Laura Leibowitz 5:22 PM

Thank you.  I knew I had it wrong.

R. Hookie 5:23 PM

Amarrete... got it

Laura Leibowitz 5:23 PM

Amarrete - Interesting, trying to think of a word that bridges me to that, and I can't think of one.

Say, here's a question...

I realize (although some Americans don't) that Mexico is not Chile.  Although the language, if not the dialect, is similar.

So there are people who point at the Si, Sy routine and say that it shouldn't be shown because it's racist.

What is the view of someone coming from a Latinx culture on that?

Rodrigo Araya 5:26 PM

It's quite funny, but it would be impossible to translate. Although that's a wider issue about comedy in general.

Laura Leibowitz 5:26 PM

Actually, they did do a French version once.

Si => Oui

garth_johnson 5:27 PM

Mon Duck Mon Duck

Laura Leibowitz 5:27 PM

J'ai mange la fenetre

Rodrigo Araya 5:27 PM

For some reason, the Peruvian accent is quite similar to the Mexican, only that the stereotype has them saying "pe" at the end of every other phrase instead of "guey".

garth_johnson 5:27 PM

Now how do you say eight ball off the corner

R. Hookie 5:27 PM

Can I chime in with some Ubbi-dubbi?

Laura Leibowitz 5:29 PM

Rodrigo - Interesting.  I learned about the perceptions of different South/Central American accents when my ex-husband called a hotel in Argentina where we were going to stay, and his "kitchen Spanish" accent got a rather haughty treatment by the person on the other end.

Rodrigo Araya 5:30 PM

I hope his grasp of the language wasn't as atrocious as Basil Fawlty's (A mucho burro alí).
Speaking of the "Si-Sy" debate. I think one aspect that hasn't aged too well is that Rochester lived in with Jack. You couldn't have two men do that after 1970 for obvious reasons.

R. Hookie 5:31 PM

I've heard that the French can be that way to Americans trying to speak in a French accent...

Laura Leibowitz 5:31 PM

Yes, I have a lot of people comment about that to me.  It's unfortunate that it's a blocker for some people, but there it is.

BTW, love Fawlty Towers.

Rodrigo Araya 5:32 PM

Anyone has read the funny papers today?

Laura Leibowitz 5:32 PM

Hookie - Especially if they're speaking English with a French accent.  Comes out somewhat like Nottingham.

R. Hookie 5:32 PM

Yeah... that's why I stay home.

garth_johnson 5:32 PM

Saw this in the mags a while back ...

 Laura Leibowitz 5:33 PM

Well, we've gone well past our 10 minutes.  I've got Peter, Paul and Mary cued up, but I can't remember who requested it.

R. Hookie 5:33 PM

I love it!

Laura Leibowitz 5:33 PM

With such a small crowd, would you like to see it or save it for next time?

R. Hookie 5:34 PM

I'm fine with it.

Laura Leibowitz 5:34 PM

Fine with seeing it or saving it?

R. Hookie 5:35 PM

Now I have the Waukegan song stuck in my head

Laura Leibowitz 5:35 PM

That makes two of us.

garth_johnson 5:35 PM

It's getting on for winter --- the jokes will keep without refrigeration

R. Hookie 5:35 PM

My auto-correct wanted to change it to Milwaukee

Rodrigo Araya 5:35 PM

When You Say "I Beg Your Pardon"...

Laura Leibowitz 5:36 PM

Like the swallows at Chicago

Rodrigo Araya 5:36 PM

Wasn't that Sorano?

R. Hookie 5:36 PM

... return to Cincinnati...

Rodrigo Araya 5:36 PM

Wait a minute!

Laura Leibowitz 5:37 PM

It was, but it's easier for them to fly from Chicago to Waukegan

garth_johnson 5:37 PM

Train  of thought leaving for Anaheim ...

Laura Leibowitz 5:37 PM

It just doesn't rhyme

Garth - Har har

Hookie - I thought those were turkeys

OK, I've learned my lesson.  Send out the E-mail reminder.

R. Hookie 5:38 PM

As God is my witness....

Laura Leibowitz 5:38 PM

Rodrigo - In case this doesn't ring a bell for you, the turkey reference is to "WKRP in Cincinnati"

R. Hookie 5:39 PM

... you know the rest...

garth_johnson 5:39 PM

I got tired of unpacking

 Laura Leibowitz 5:39 PM

Oh well done, Garth!

R. Hookie 5:39 PM

Opening of a meat market

Be right back....

Laura Leibowitz 5:40 PM

One of the few good episodes of the last season

Rodrigo Araya 5:40 PM

They broadcast "WKRP" here, but that was before my time (I turned 24 today).

Laura Leibowitz 5:41 PM

Mazel tov!

R. Hookie 5:41 PM

Sorry ... I had to tend to business ...

I was 24 once

Rodrigo Araya 5:41 PM

Hey! In 15 years, I'll be 39!

R. Hookie 5:42 PM

I was 39 one


Rodrigo Araya 5:42 PM


Laura Leibowitz 5:42 PM

Hookie - Only once?

R. Hookie 5:42 PM

(Well, I still tell people I'm 32.... no one believes me)

Laura Leibowitz 5:43 PM

I think most of you know that I pretty much went into hiding about my age the year I was 39.  I just couldn't bear the thought of all the cracks people would make.

R. Hookie 5:43 PM

"How can you be 32 for over 15 years?"

garth_johnson 5:44 PM

You can keep a spare head or two in the closet

Laura Leibowitz 5:44 PM

OK.  Let's call it good for this month, and we'll watch Peter Paul and Mary next month.  "Send out the reminder, I said, SEND OUT THE REMINDER!  Don't just barge in and expect people to remember!"

garth_johnson 5:44 PM

1936 - PUMPKIN PICKERS, ATTENTION! - Ducking for apples on Hallowee'en night is as old-fashioned as the three-tube neutrodyne.  The new game is to guess, by the light in his eyes, which is the pumpkin ... er ... that is, which is Fred Allen.  The winnah gets one of Jack Benny's second-hand cigars and the lock of hair torn out of the first amateur to appear on Town Hall Tonight, that program that's heard every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.,, EST, over the NBC-Red Network

 Laura Leibowitz 5:45 PM

Ok, that is truly frightening indeed!

R. Hookie 5:45 PM

They look surprised

Laura Leibowitz 5:45 PM

Seriously, was that caption from 10/20/36?

garth_johnson 5:46 PM

Here is the obverse


Laura Leibowitz 5:46 PM

I've long said the Benny-Allen feud started well before Stuart Canin.  Just more proof of that.

Rodrigo Araya 5:46 PM

At the Facebook page (I can't remember if it was the IJBFC or another), I compared him to Frankenstein (as Jack telling Rochester why F.A. didn't appear on TV yet),

Laura Leibowitz 5:47 PM

Ha...I can see the resemblance.

garth_johnson 5:49 PM

It's time for me to go back to my Holiday Pot Roast

Rodrigo Araya 5:49 PM

If you add some weight and a couple of spectacles on Allen, you get a character from a popular comic strip.

And if you take the first two letters from Fred, you get his name.

Laura Leibowitz 5:49 PM


OK, thanks for stopping folks.  Glad we made the best of it tonight!  Hope to see you next month.

R. Hookie 5:50 PM

Thanks! Good night folks!

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