IJBFC Chat - August 11, 2019

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Jack Benny Troupe In Egypt 11-Aug-43.  Larry, don't tell the boys at ATCo, but we flew 7,600 miles for a Camel.


michael_amowitz 4:52 PM

test ... J-E-L-L-O

It works


garth_johnson 4:57 PM

That was the first number of the last program of the summer series


michael_amowitz 4:57 PM

Where's Don and everybody?


garth_johnson 4:57 PM

Over at the lunch counter


michael_amowitz 4:58 PM

They're all hiding behing Don :open_mouth:


R. Hookie 4:59 PM

Hi folks... still a little early...


michael_amowitz 5:00 PM

Hi Hookie


garth_johnson 5:00 PM

We need new Bulova's


R. Hookie 5:01 PM

I thought we were a Timex group...???


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:01 PM

jello folks!


michael_amowitz 5:01 PM

Mine keeps on ticking.


garth_johnson 5:01 PM

Somebody needs to ring the Chimes


michael_amowitz 5:01 PM

Hi Kathy!


R. Hookie 5:02 PM

Jello again Kathy


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:02 PM

I actually have a nice pan of strawberry jello with blueberries waiting for dessert tonight, yay

How is everybody doing? I hope it is not 106 degrees where YOU are this evening!


michael_amowitz 5:02 PM

wow, I think I'll go with orange tonight


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:03 PM

I tried some Peach flavor last month, gotta say it was awfully "meh" so I will stick with the reds...

But I bet Orange is good too!


michael_amowitz 5:03 PM



garth_johnson 5:03 PM


kathy - Stick to the original 6 and you can't go wrong


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:03 PM

yep, will do!


R. Hookie 5:04 PM

Is the Boss runninig late?



michael_amowitz 5:04 PM

I dunno!


Laura Leibowitz 5:05 PM

Hi folks!



michael_amowitz 5:05 PM

I'm never here on time ... this is different :)\



kathy_fuller_seeley 5:05 PM

hey Laura! Any turkeys in your back yard this afternoon?


Tom V. 5:05 PM

Good evening, folks!


michael_amowitz 5:06 PM

H Tom!


R. Hookie 5:06 PM

Hi Tom


Judith Greenberg 5:06 PM

Am I in?


R. Hookie 5:06 PM

You're in!


Tom V. 5:06 PM

Hi Hookie and Michael!


Judith Greenberg 5:07 PM



michael_amowitz 5:07 PM

Hi Judith


garth_johnson 5:07 PM

Getting to be a crowd here tonight


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:08 PM

great photo! I bet it was 106 in North Africa on Jack's tour


R. Hookie 5:08 PM

on a personal note, depending on if my roux works, I'll either be having soup or stew for supper...


Laura Leibowitz 5:08 PM

Sorry...was cleaning my garage and thought my phone would give me an alarm 15 minutes before the chat!


R. Hookie 5:09 PM

So, is the garage clean?


Laura Leibowitz 5:09 PM

Good crowd tonight!

Hookie - Partly.  I looked at my phone, saw it was 5:04 and let out a sound that was my equivalent of "YIPE!"


Judith Greenberg 5:10 PM

Hi LL!


R. Hookie 5:10 PM

Don't you have a piano in there?


Laura Leibowitz 5:10 PM

Still need to check the oil in the Maxwell

Hookie - It's a pump organ


R. Hookie 5:10 PM

Oh... that's interesting!


Laura Leibowitz 5:10 PM

And a gorgeous bakelite Admiral radio and turntable that I got for $1

So how's everyone doing tonight?


kathy - Sent off your proposal this afternoon.


R. Hookie 5:10 PM

Great bargain!


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:11 PM

yay about the proposal!


Laura Leibowitz 5:11 PM

Hookie - I know!  Found it in a prop shop in Brisbane (south of San Francisco) that was closing


michael_amowitz 5:11 PM

LL, I saw a post from last month about the JB Time-Life collection. Is it out of print, or can I still order it? I'd prefer to wait if I can...attacking bigger messes here


Laura Leibowitz 5:11 PM


michael - I'm not sure...I have a feeling you can still get it.

They're just probably not actively promoting it.


michael_amowitz 5:12 PM

I have a Crosley radio/CD player/Turntable

ty LL ... I'll call them later and ask


Laura Leibowitz 5:12 PM

Hi Judy!


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:13 PM

do you have turkeys in the backyard, Laura?


Judith Greenberg 5:13 PM

Hi Laura or she I say Boss?


Laura Leibowitz 5:13 PM

Probably not at the moment, but once in a while


R. Hookie 5:13 PM

I got my Great Grandpa's old Philco radio/turntable (78 only)


Laura Leibowitz 5:13 PM

Judy - Just don't call me late for supper


Judith Greenberg 5:13 PM

Why is are my texts double?


Laura Leibowitz 5:13 PM

Hookie - Nice!

Judy - They're not double on my side


Judith Greenberg 5:14 PM

Ok good


michael_amowitz 5:14 PM

It's only happening on your end, Judith, happens to me sometimes too


Laura Leibowitz 5:14 PM



R. Hookie 5:14 PM


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:15 PM

ooooh pretty, Hookie!


R. Hookie 5:15 PM

Sorry... had to find the picture


Laura Leibowitz 5:15 PM

Oh funny...I just saw one of those last weekend at an antique shop that was closing


Tom V. 5:15 PM

That's beautiful, Hookie!


michael_amowitz 5:15 PM

Cool, Hookie! I missed having space for a similar radio when my grandparents passed.


Laura Leibowitz 5:15 PM

OK, who's ready for the show?


michael_amowitz 5:15 PM

i hope the family didn't junk it


Judith Greenberg 5:15 PM

Me I hope


Laura Leibowitz 5:15 PM

I still feel like we have watched this one at some point recently, but...


R. Hookie 5:16 PM

Double feature tonight???


Laura Leibowitz 5:16 PM

No, single feature, but extended version.





Watch2Gether lets you watch videos with your friends, synchronized at the same time.(5 kB)



michael_amowitz 5:16 PM

Ready for anything


Laura Leibowitz 5:16 PM

Anyone joining the chat while the show is in progress, please go to the link above!

Is everyone over there?  It only looks like Garth and I are there...


michael_amowitz 5:17 PM

wasn't ready for no login information ... be there soon


Laura Leibowitz 5:18 PM

OK, I'll hold the downbeat


michael_amowitz 5:18 PM



Judith Greenberg 5:18 PM

I'm tech challenged tonite


R. Hookie 5:18 PM

Its not working


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:18 PM

hey, not used to having to have a Watch2Gether account to get in... is this the right link, Laura?


Laura Leibowitz 5:19 PM



YouTubeYouTube | What's My Line?

Jack Benny's 40th Birthday Celebration (Shower of Stars, Feb 13, 1958)


Try that


michael_amowitz 5:19 PM

Me either ... it says my email cannot be found


kathy_fuller_seeley 5:20 PM

well, its one of my favorite episodes, yay!!!!


michael_amowitz 5:20 PM

trying that :slightly_smiling_face: It works


Laura Leibowitz 5:20 PM

Or that... https://www.watch2gether.com/rooms/ijbfc

OK, everyone in?  I still only see Garth and myself.



R. Hookie 5:21 PM

I can't get in


Judith Greenberg 5:22 PM

What do I do?


Neil Ottenstein 5:22 PM

having problems as well


R. Hookie 5:23 PM

It's not working for me


Laura Leibowitz 5:23 PM

OK, holding

Just a sec

Does this link let you in?  https://www.watch2gether.com/rooms/ijbfc


Judith Greenberg 5:24 PM

It asks me to log in


Laura Leibowitz 5:24 PM



Neil Ottenstein 5:24 PM

it pops up momentarily and then asks to sign up or in


Laura Leibowitz 5:24 PM

I wonder if Watch2Gether changed a setting...I didn't...

Let me see if I can find a setting to let people in


garth_johnson 5:25 PM

I just used what was in my browser history from last month


R. Hookie 5:25 PM

We'll entertain ourselves in the meantime...


Laura Leibowitz 5:26 PM

Try this



garth_johnson 5:26 PM

Please Stand By


Neil Ottenstein 5:26 PM




Let's meet on Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether lets you watch videos with your friends, synchronized at the same time.(5 kB)



michael_amowitz 5:26 PM

I've been trying since, but just running You Tube


Neil Ottenstein 5:26 PM

that was my link from last month and seems to work


Laura Leibowitz 5:27 PM

OK, that last one seems to let more folks in




Tom V. 5:32 PM

I'm in thru Neil'a link. Thanks!

* Neil's


m._mitchell_marmel 6:20 PM

Jell-O again!


garth_johnson 6:27 PM

Missing from tonight's broadcast - Eddie Anderson


Laura Leibowitz 6:28 PM

I saw Neil Sedaka at the Riviera in Las Vegas...


Tom V. 6:28 PM

That was fun!


R. Hookie 6:28 PM

Well, fun stuff there!


michael_amowitz 6:28 PM

I'm here, yay!


Judith Greenberg 6:28 PM

Where was Eddie?


Laura Leibowitz 6:28 PM

Judy - Having a heart attack


Judith Greenberg 6:28 PM

Oh my


garth_johnson 6:28 PM

I don't want to show that picture


Laura Leibowitz 6:28 PM

There was a Life photographer there who captured the drama


m._mitchell_marmel 6:29 PM

I've never been to Vegas.  Atlantic City, yes.  A casino or two in Oklahoma, yes.


Laura Leibowitz 6:29 PM

garth - Of him being taken away in the ambulance?


michael_amowitz 6:29 PM

:open_mouth: I didn't know that


m._mitchell_marmel 6:29 PM

Oh, dear.


garth_johnson 6:29 PM

The Concern everyone shows


Laura Leibowitz 6:29 PM

Yeah, look at Jack distraught


Judith Greenberg 6:29 PM

I remember reading about it


Tom V. 6:30 PM

Oh my.  I had no idea it was a public thing for Rochester.


m._mitchell_marmel 6:30 PM

Shades of Redd Foxx.


Laura Leibowitz 6:30 PM

Yeah, it happened during rehearsal.


Judith Greenberg 6:31 PM



Laura Leibowitz 6:31 PM

Mitch - Indeed.

Except Foxx really did have the big one on set.

And everyone thought he was fooling.


R. Hookie 6:31 PM

I remember that

He was doing a show with Della Reese


Laura Leibowitz 6:32 PM

I'm still amazed at Mary doing the show.  It was years earlier that she insisted on only doing pre-filmed shows.

Which is a connection to Jack, since Della Reese was on the bill in Dallas when Jack ended up in the hospital


R. Hookie 6:32 PM



garth_johnson 6:32 PM

They did a real number on the violin -- looks like one of Jack's stage props after a show.


Laura Leibowitz 6:33 PM

His hands went numb before the performance and she covered the show for him.


Judith Greenberg 6:33 PM

Poor Eddie, how did he fare?


Neil Ottenstein 6:33 PM

very nice photo


Laura Leibowitz 6:33 PM

Well, he recovered reasonably from the heart attack.  But his stroke later took a lot away from him.


m._mitchell_marmel 6:33 PM

He wound up outliving Jack, so...


R. Hookie 6:33 PM

Sorry.. had to step away to tend to other things... with 4 legs...


Laura Leibowitz 6:34 PM

Yeah, but he had a lot of trouble remembering and delivering his lines towards the end of the TV series


michael_amowitz 6:34 PM

I remember you'd said that often. That's why I was surprised ... never knew a reporter was there at that time for Rochester


Laura Leibowitz 6:34 PM

And they brought in a maid character to do scenes with him and kind of "prop him up."


R. Hookie 6:35 PM

Benny's Bag was after the stroke, right?


Laura Leibowitz 6:35 PM

Yes.  I'd have to look it up, but his stroke was somewhere around 1963.


garth_johnson 6:35 PM

A publicity composite promoting Shower Of Stars


Laura Leibowitz 6:36 PM

I remember watching some of the shows not in circulation at UCLA, and it's just hard to watch him try to be what he used to be.


R. Hookie 6:36 PM



Laura Leibowitz 6:36 PM

The name Miss Dooley is sticking in my mind...I think that was the maid's character name.

Have to pull Volume 3 to be sure.

Jane Dulo I think

(This is why I write books...so I don't have to hold all this in my head...)

So what other thoughts on the show?


michael_amowitz 6:37 PM

Jo Stafford was that last singer in the program?


Laura Leibowitz 6:38 PM

Mike - How do you mean?


garth_johnson 6:38 PM

IMDB has 4 Credits for Jane as Miss Dooley 1964-5


Laura Leibowitz 6:38 PM

OK, memory serves!


There was one show that had them watching TV with TV tables and being kind of a Statler and Waldorf commenting on it.


Judith Greenberg 6:39 PM

The entire show was not live I assume


Laura Leibowitz 6:39 PM

Well, they did say some parts were pre-recorded


michael_amowitz 6:39 PM

Just trying to place Jo Stafford ... I'd known of her from the 50s, but didn't know which one was her. I know I saw most of it before, but I didn't remember her or Phil's part in the show. I thought Jack and Phil weren't getting along.


Laura Leibowitz 6:39 PM

Clearly the shots of the cars driving on the road were not live


R. Hookie 6:40 PM

I thought there was a gag where instead of turning 40, he was really turning 39? Or was that a different show?


Laura Leibowitz 6:40 PM

Hookie - That was on radio.

They did it twice.  1948 and 1954


R. Hookie 6:40 PM

Oh.. ok


Laura Leibowitz 6:40 PM



michael_amowitz 6:40 PM

i knew that was somewhere too


Laura Leibowitz 6:40 PM

Yes, Jack's 40th was never mentioned after this.

Mike - You were asking about Jo Stafford being the "last singer?"  Not sure what you're asking.


garth_johnson 6:41 PM

Variety - Feb. 17 58


Laura Leibowitz 6:42 PM

Is there any other part of the show that people felt might have been pre-recorded?


m._mitchell_marmel 6:42 PM

There was an incident with Edsel cars not working on cue on a live broadcast.  After that, such things were usually taped.


michael_amowitz 6:42 PM

the solo singer toward the end (life starts at 40) ... who was that?


Judith Greenberg 6:43 PM

The dance numbers


Laura Leibowitz 6:43 PM

Hey Kathy - How much you want to bet that Waukegan plaque is in either UCLA or AHC now?


Neil Ottenstein 6:43 PM

good review


Laura Leibowitz 6:43 PM

Mike - Yes, Jo Stafford.

Yeah, those silly dance numbers

Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack

Like the dance numbers in "Buck Benny Rides Again."


michael_amowitz 6:44 PM

Thanks, Garth ... that review sounded about right too. Thanks LL


m._mitchell_marmel 6:44 PM

Per the above clipping, that was Jo Stafford singing at the end.


Laura Leibowitz 6:45 PM

Glad you all enjoyed that!  I figured even if we'd seen it, it's worth rewatching.


Neil Ottenstein 6:45 PM

quite a treat


m._mitchell_marmel 6:45 PM



Laura Leibowitz 6:45 PM

Requests for next month?


R. Hookie 6:45 PM

I had fun!


michael_amowitz 6:45 PM

She was good ... she seemed to have dropped off the planet by 1962


m._mitchell_marmel 6:46 PM

September...did any eps have Dennis singing "September Song"?


Laura Leibowitz 6:46 PM

Hmmm...I'd have to look that up

The words don't make sense for a "silly kid!"


michael_amowitz 6:47 PM

Maybe the Peter, Paul and Mary show; I haven't seen that in a long time.


Laura Leibowitz 6:47 PM

That could be fun


m._mitchell_marmel 6:47 PM

LL: Well, that never stopped Dennis!


R. Hookie 6:47 PM

Any shows have any notable season premieres?


Laura Leibowitz 6:47 PM

I wish like crazy I could get the unedited version that has the "Waukegan" song reprised under the closing credits


m._mitchell_marmel 6:48 PM

UCLA Archives?


Laura Leibowitz 6:48 PM

Hookie - I wish I could show you the debut of the 1964-65 season.


garth_johnson 6:48 PM

"Jack has a sick alligator" --- but unfortunatly that's not going to happen - so I'll have to find some Hollywood squares


Laura Leibowitz 6:48 PM

garth - And Paul Lynde is typically fabulous in it...


m._mitchell_marmel 6:48 PM

Well, Paul Lynde.  'Nuff said.


garth_johnson 6:48 PM

All I have is the pub pic and snipe


R. Hookie 6:48 PM

Paul was in it?


Laura Leibowitz 6:49 PM

Yes, he played a veterinarian who comes to attend to Jack's sick alligator


Judith Greenberg 6:49 PM



garth_johnson 6:49 PM


Laura Leibowitz 6:49 PM

This crowd will "get it"...they're called Irving and Jeanette.


R. Hookie 6:49 PM

Ooooo ... I'd like to see that!!!


Neil Ottenstein 6:49 PM

great  photo


Laura Leibowitz 6:49 PM

It's one of the good shows of the final season because Jack is just letting Lynde run with it.


m._mitchell_marmel 6:50 PM

Ha!  Good 'un.


Laura Leibowitz 6:50 PM

OK...sounds like Peter, Paul and Mary?


Judith Greenberg 6:50 PM

Sounds great


michael_amowitz 6:50 PM



m._mitchell_marmel 6:50 PM

Coulda called 'em "Dorothy and Dick"...

Why not?


Neil Ottenstein 6:51 PM

sounds fun


Laura Leibowitz 6:51 PM

Well, thanks for stopping folks!  Have a wonderful month and see you in September!


Neil Ottenstein 6:51 PM



R. Hookie 6:51 PM

Good night folks!


Judith Greenberg 6:51 PM



m._mitchell_marmel 6:51 PM

Ha!  Include this,  Laura:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA44q9NdNpM

YouTubeYouTube | TheSorrowfulFlower

Dennis Day ~ September Song


michael_amowitz 6:51 PM

Take care, everybody!


Tom V. 6:51 PM

Good evening, folks!


Laura Leibowitz 6:51 PM

Well don!



Neil Ottenstein 6:52 PM



m._mitchell_marmel 6:52 PM



garth_johnson 6:52 PM


m._mitchell_marmel 6:53 PM