IJBFC Chat - July 14, 2019

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Kathy_fuller_seeley 4:59 PM

jell-o everybody, anybody here tonight so far?


derekt 5:00 PM

Hi Kathy First timer here


Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:01 PM

welcome! Its a fun group. How did you get into Benny?


Laura Leibowitz 5:01 PM

Hi folks!


R. Hookie 5:01 PM

Hi folks!!!


Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:01 PM

howdy, Laura!


Laura Leibowitz 5:02 PM

Hi Kathy - I know I have E-mail from you in my inbox that I haven't read...you are not forgotten!


R. Hookie 5:02 PM

I just listened to

Kathy's interesting podcast interview. I liked it!


derekt 5:02 PM

By accident. Canceled my cable nothing to watch on TV. So there was a JB marathon on Get TV. I've been a fan ever since


garth_johnson 5:02 PM

Good Health to all


Laura Leibowitz 5:02 PM



derekt 5:02 PM

Loved your book


Laura Leibowitz 5:02 PM




Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:02 PM

derek, I have laughed that Laura and I are both old enough that we first learned about Jack Benny through Warner Brothers cartoons shown on TV haha

thank you derek! Everyone will be happy to learn that the first volume of Jack Benny/Canada Dry scripts has gone into production, yay! Hopefully Fall 2019 release


Laura Leibowitz 5:03 PM

Woo hoo!!!!!


derekt 5:03 PM

Hey I'm 60. I knew all the comedians some how JB slipped under my radar and Im upset because I could have been enjoying this alot longer


Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:04 PM

Thank you

Laura, Ben the publisher is so anxious to get us going on future projects haha


Laura Leibowitz 5:04 PM

And that's probably the subject of some of my backlogged E-mail

blushing with shame


Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:04 PM


derek, I tell my 19-year-old students that the internet has brought us all MARVELOUS access to all of radio humo

R. And a few of my students take me up on it, and start listening to OTR!


roger 5:04 PM

Hello Everyone.


Laura Leibowitz 5:05 PM




R. Hookie 5:05 PM




Laura Leibowitz 5:05 PM

Hi Ted...I see you lurking there!


derekt 5:05 PM

Kathy, That's great!


Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:05 PM

and Hello

garth and all, so glad to have folks here this evening


Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM

Hookie - I think you're going to be happy with the selection for tonight...


R. Hookie 5:06 PM



Laura Leibowitz 5:06 PM

Hopefully everyone will be


derekt 5:06 PM


Laura, Thanks for all you do because of you I am a JB aficionado:slightly_smiling_face:.


Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:06 PM

ooooooh selection, what are we going to hear?


Laura Leibowitz 5:07 PM

derek - That makes me very happy!  I have often said that people get so much enjoyment out of Jack that I figure the club is my way of making the world a better place.


Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:07 PM



derekt 5:08 PM

And you did



Laura Leibowitz 5:08 PM


OK...looks like we've got a good crowd here...


Steve_Smith 5:08 PM

HA - I remembered to drop by .. Hi Ya Folks.


derekt 5:08 PM




Laura Leibowitz 5:08 PM




R. Hookie 5:08 PM




Laura Leibowitz 5:09 PM




Let's meet on Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether lets you watch videos with your friends, synchronized at the same time.(5 kB)



Steve_Smith 5:09 PM

just in time


Laura Leibowitz 5:09 PM

For anyone joining during the show, please join us at the above link!


Laura Leibowitz 5:36 PM

Welcome back folks


Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:36 PM

that was a great show!


Neil Ottenstein 5:36 PM

glad I didn't miss it all


linda_cree 5:36 PM

Hi all!


Steve_Smith 5:36 PM

good show .. sounds like there aer more


R. Hookie 5:36 PM

That was fun... hadn't seen that one for a while


Laura Leibowitz 5:36 PM

It's always best when they let Jack be Jack, no matter what the character name




derekt 5:37 PM

Thanks that was nice.


Laura Leibowitz 5:37 PM



Yes, there are more.  Mostly re-dos of Suspense scripts


derekt 5:37 PM

He's at his best when he is playing Jack.


linda_cree 5:37 PM

I just made it in time to watch the show.


Laura Leibowitz 5:37 PM

Hookie - You were the one who requested GE Theatre, weren't you?


R. Hookie 5:37 PM

I think I found 4 total, but I hope there's more

Yes I did


Laura Leibowitz 5:38 PM

Excellent.  I had made a note two chats ago when you reminded me.  That's why I didn't ask for requests last time!


roger 5:38 PM

There is an interesting GE episode with Ronald Reagan as the lead and James Dean as the antagonist.


Steve_Smith 5:38 PM

Shower of stars has a bunch of him too


R. Hookie 5:38 PM

It's something a little different but still Jack


Laura Leibowitz 5:38 PM

roger - That would be something to see...


roger 5:39 PM

It is out on Youtube.


R. Hookie 5:39 PM

Shower of Stars would be fun to watch too


Laura Leibowitz 5:39 PM

It's always funny when I see something where someone identifies themselves as the President of the Jack Benny Fan Club (Fred Allen, Madge Blake, etc.)


Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:39 PM

Jack is so great at being Benny even in other characters!


Laura Leibowitz 5:39 PM

This is funny for me in the same way with Jack saying my name.


roger - So noted.  Thanks!


Steve_Smith 5:40 PM

i don't think Ive seen the all


Kathy_fuller_seeley 5:40 PM


Laura, I will be in touch again about Ben's ideas for publications : )


Laura Leibowitz 5:40 PM


Kathy - OK.  I'm trying to get through the backlog, but I've been working a ton and it's slow going.

My apologies


Steve_Smith 5:40 PM

god bless you


Laura Leibowitz 5:40 PM

Remind me...have we watched Jack's 40th Birthday from Shower of Stars here?  I think we have.


R. Hookie 5:41 PM

I don't think so...


derekt 5:41 PM


Laura, I live right down the street in San Pablo. If you ever need a volunteer to help with the fan club.....


Laura Leibowitz 5:41 PM

Oh cool!  I appreciate that.

Maybe when I get my life down to a dull roar, you can come up and enjoy the collection. 

Kathy's seen it.


garth_johnson 5:42 PM

If you happen to see some Apollo 11 launch coverage during this anniversary, look for this gentle man.





Neil Ottenstein 5:42 PM



Laura Leibowitz 5:42 PM

That's right...he was there!

And watched the landing at the White House.


derekt 5:42 PM

Laura that would be great!


R. Hookie 5:42 PM

How about that


Laura Leibowitz 5:42 PM

And grandson Michael was sitting next to Werner Von Braun at the launch!

In fact, if memory serves, I found a photo of Jack at NASA on the day I was born (2/28/69).

So what other thoughts about the show?


R. Hookie 5:44 PM

Jack playing Jack as someone else is rather fun to watch


Laura Leibowitz 5:44 PM

Similar to him on Omnibus with Horn Blows at Midnight


R. Hookie 5:44 PM



derekt 5:45 PM

That was my point also.


garth_johnson 5:45 PM

I love that there are not that may parks in L.A -- but that is true -- there is only one -- Griffith, but he got shot


Laura Leibowitz 5:45 PM



linda_cree 5:46 PM

The difference here is Jack actually gets married.


Laura Leibowitz 5:46 PM

garth - Let's kill Griffith!

garth - Just showing that I get the reference.


garth_johnson 5:47 PM



linda_cree 5:47 PM

And she doesn't have any tattoos.


Laura Leibowitz 5:47 PM

For once, Jack gets the girl

And she's not a plumber on the side

So anything else Benny-wise on everyone's collective mind tonight?

Just a memory jog on Jack's 40th...it has Andy Devine standing in for Rochester.


derekt 5:48 PM

I would just like to say thank you for this. It was or is fun.


Laura Leibowitz 5:48 PM

If we haven't watched it here, then I'm delighted to slate it for next time.


linda_cree 5:48 PM

Any possibility of anymore of Jack's shows coming out on DVD?


Laura Leibowitz 5:48 PM

linda - Unfortunately, the Time-Life set didn't sell much.

They were interested, but that went quickly after the low initial sales.

If the Shout Factory set had sold more, they were interested too.

But I've been doing this a long time.  I never give up.


linda_cree 5:50 PM



Laura Leibowitz 5:50 PM

OK...thanks for stopping everyone!  Glad you enjoyed the show!


Neil Ottenstein 5:50 PM

thanks for showing us


Laura Leibowitz 5:50 PM

Glad to have you derek.  Hope you can make it next month!


R. Hookie 5:50 PM

How about a manufacture-on-demand type process?


roger 5:50 PM

Thank you Laura!


derekt 5:51 PM

Thanks Laura. I will be here. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Laura Leibowitz 5:51 PM

Hookie - Suffice it to say that gets complicated with rights (of the show and the music).  But it's an option.


R. Hookie 5:51 PM

I've bought some DVD boxed sets that way


garth_johnson 5:51 PM

Oh we're the boys in the chorus, I hope you liked the show,


linda_cree 5:51 PM

Night, everyone!


R. Hookie 5:51 PM

Good night


Well, I guess the rights and music really complicate things


Steve_Smith 5:55 PM

he's on four star playhouse


R. Hookie 5:55 PM

Are we still on?


Steve_Smith 5:56 PM

i think everyone's bugged out... so me too... so long :slightly_smiling_face:


R. Hookie 5:57 PM

Good night everybody


Neil Ottenstein 5:57 PM

good night