IJBFC Chat - June 9, 2019

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michael_amowitz [4:03 PM]

Here early, just to see if I could get in :slightly_smiling_face: Back at other stuff


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:00 PM]

howdy, Buck and y'all, is anybody here tonight? We have a tornado warning on the north side of Austin, just to make things interesting


R. Hookie [5:00 PM]

Jell-o again folks!


Tom V. [5:00 PM]

Good evening!


Viktoria Irving [5:01 PM]

Hullo and a good evenin' to everyone!


R. Hookie [5:02 PM]

Welcome back!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:02 PM]

I hope everyone's June is fine and busting out all over


Viktoria Irving [5:02 PM]

Very very warm over here in Germany : DD


R. Hookie [5:03 PM]

We're getting a spring rerun this week with temps in the 70s


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:03 PM]

gosh it must be late in the evening for you, Viktoria!


Viktoria Irving [5:03 PM]

Kathy, rather more like night actually


michael_amowitz [5:04 PM]

Jello folks! Good luck with the weather, Kathy! Quiet and light rain tonight in DC, only about 70 out.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:04 PM]

wow, or very early morning! Thank you for joining us!!!


R. Hookie [5:04 PM]

I'm guessing about 1am?


Viktoria Irving [5:04 PM]

Aw, thank you for having me! It's 2 am, Hookie : )


R. Hookie [5:05 PM]

Well, I tried


Viktoria Irving [5:05 PM]

Good guess!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:05 PM]

well, we better make this gathering worth it! cue the band!


R. Hookie [5:05 PM]

Yes... wake up Phil...


Laura Leibowitz [5:06 PM]

Hi folks!


R. Hookie [5:06 PM]

Hi Laura!


Laura Leibowitz [5:06 PM]

Sorry, was sitting watching the page spin and it wasn't letting me into the room!


Viktoria Irving [5:06 PM]

Yaay. I need some fun now after seeing a hilariously bad movie with old Pete O'Toole. Hey Laura!!


R. Hookie [5:06 PM]

As the Website Turns....


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:07 PM]

isn't life like that (sounds like a Harry Conn poem, you can tell I have been in 1932 scripts)


Neil Ottenstein [5:07 PM]

Hello, just finished dinner.  Found the invite in Spam earlier today. :slightly_smiling_face:


Laura Leibowitz [5:07 PM]

Kathy - Ha!


Viktoria Irving [5:07 PM]

Hello Neil!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:07 PM]

Spam should be invited to all dinners, encased in jello hahaha


Laura Leibowitz [5:07 PM]

Welcome back Viktoria!

Hi Neil!  And Kathy and Hookie!


michael_amowitz [5:07 PM]

Hi LL, I'm spinning over here but just busy :stuck_out_tongue:


Viktoria Irving [5:07 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:08 PM]

And Mike and Tom!


Tom V. [5:08 PM]

Howdy Laura!


Laura Leibowitz [5:08 PM]

How's everyone doing tonight?  Someone probably already said that!

Kathy - Any announcements about the book?


R. Hookie [5:09 PM]

Well, I got a little rash above my  elbow... you didn't mean that way...


Laura Leibowitz [5:09 PM]

Hookie - OK, I'm psoriasis said that.


R. Hookie [5:10 PM]

Waa waa waaaaaaaa.....


michael_amowitz [5:10 PM]

Sleep clock on spin too. Otherwise, perky :slightly_smiling_face:


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:10 PM]

Hey folks, the first volume of Jack Benny scripts (May -July 1932) is going into typesetting! YAY I hope the start of the SERIES will be published soon!


Laura Leibowitz [5:10 PM]

Yee hah!


R. Hookie [5:11 PM]



Neil Ottenstein [5:11 PM]



R. Hookie [5:11 PM]

(Unintended slash)


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:11 PM]

Laura I will have to email you tomorrow, the librarians (secretly I say MORONS) at UCLA may need another letter for my upcoming visit.,,,


Tom V. [5:11 PM]

Good work, Kathy!


Laura Leibowitz [5:11 PM]

Oh brother...


Viktoria Irving [5:12 PM]

Sounds like am amazing project, Kathy!

Best of luck!


Laura Leibowitz [5:12 PM]

Kathy - I feel your pain.


michael_amowitz [5:12 PM]



kathy_fuller_seeley [5:12 PM]

You all will love the scripts! They are all that Laura reported in 39 Forever Vol 1, and more!


michael_amowitz [5:12 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:12 PM]

Especially the one with Jack and Mary pitching woo in a cab.

That one is just darling.  I can't believe Harry Conn wrote it.


Neil Ottenstein [5:13 PM]

are there annotations in the scripts?


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:13 PM]

yes!!!!! can't wait to tell the world (which sounds like a Kenny Baker song)

Well Neil, only some, even the ones in Benny's collection are the "as aired" but there are some timing and emphasis things, and volume 2 has more crossed out and re-edited bits


Laura Leibowitz [5:14 PM]

I'm looking forward to it as well.  Been a while since I handled those scripts.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:15 PM]

yay! they are SO WORTH IT, filled with fun and you feel like you are in the tiny studio with Benny and small gang that he had


Neil Ottenstein [5:15 PM]

I was wondering about references to events or circumstances in the 30s/


Laura Leibowitz [5:15 PM]

Kathy - As you know, it was the librarian staff that ended up making it impossible for me to publish those years ago.  But hey, you get to do it now!

They do mention prohibition being lifted...


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:16 PM]

Yep, Neil, you will love these -- Benny with Harry Conn start making political humor (slight) and comment on current movies


Neil Ottenstein [5:16 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:16 PM]

And Garbo's big feet

And George Bernard Shaw's beard.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:16 PM]

and Gable's big ears! and Ganhdi's big diapers



Laura Leibowitz [5:16 PM]

Yep.  Conn never tired of those.


The audience might have, but Harry didn't.


R. Hookie [5:17 PM]

So, what is the correct spelling?


Laura Leibowitz [5:17 PM]



kathy_fuller_seeley [5:17 PM]

haha I will never get it right, but WILL in the published version. Its misspelled a dozen ways in the scripts


Laura Leibowitz [5:17 PM]

OK...we ready for the show?


Viktoria Irving [5:18 PM]

What do we have tonight?? : )


Laura Leibowitz [5:18 PM]

Another comparison of radio and television...


R. Hookie [5:18 PM]

Prime rib, choice of potato... oh, You mean the show...


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:18 PM]

UCLA librarians! grrrrrrr we must cast a spell to thwart them, one on friday talked about the "secret piece of paper" in their files to make my life difficult


Laura Leibowitz [5:18 PM]

from a request from last month...


Tom V. [5:18 PM]

Oh, Goody!!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:18 PM]

YAY for comparisons


Laura Leibowitz [5:18 PM]

Kathy - (Insert a rash of expletives here)

Jack and Mary go to the race track.


R. Hookie [5:19 PM]

Another double feature?


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:19 PM]

Laura- you go girl! : )


Viktoria Irving [5:19 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:19 PM]


Let's do it...



Let's meet on Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether lets you watch videos with your friends, synchronized at the same time.

Anyone joining while the show is in progress please go to the link above!  We'll come back to the room afterwards to discuss.



JFM [5:20 PM]

Good evening folks


Laura Leibowitz [5:21 PM]

We just started the show...go to the link above to join us.


michael_amowitz [6:16 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [6:16 PM]

Enjoy that?


R. Hookie [6:16 PM]



Viktoria Irving [6:17 PM]

A very enjoyable double feature : ))


R. Hookie [6:17 PM]

That was fun!


Tom V. [6:17 PM]

Great episodes!


Laura Leibowitz [6:17 PM]

Was one better than the other?


JFM [6:17 PM]

Puts me in the mood to gamble


Neil Ottenstein [6:17 PM]

that was fun.  similar jokes in audio and visually


R. Hookie [6:17 PM]

The radio version with the vault gag was good


Laura Leibowitz [6:17 PM]

Yeah, I was trying to remember how they handled Mary hitting him visually


michael_amowitz [6:17 PM]

I vote for radio, but I first saw his TV shows


Laura Leibowitz [6:17 PM]

Vault doesn't work on TV


R. Hookie [6:18 PM]

Well, Lucy tried


Neil Ottenstein [6:18 PM]

the guy with the tip on the table worked better on TV


Laura Leibowitz [6:18 PM]

Yes, I was just thinking other than that Lucy episode


michael_amowitz [6:18 PM]

I liked the TV vault :slightly_smiling_face:


Laura Leibowitz [6:18 PM]

Hopefully one day I can get the Paul Lynde guest appearance out.  That's a vault show


michael_amowitz [6:19 PM]

Sheldon Leonard was a visual comic


R. Hookie [6:19 PM]

The vault was usually off camera in most shows


Laura Leibowitz [6:19 PM]

What year did Dick Van Dyke start the series?


Viktoria Irving [6:19 PM]

The radio show is again more fast-paced, but they're both lovely in their own way. Personally, I lov the sight gags for TV.


Tom V. [6:19 PM]

The vault gag worked visually well in the Warner Bros. cartoon of Jack & the gang.


michael_amowitz [6:19 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [6:20 PM]

Tom - Easier to draw sets than to build them!

1958 aired, recorded in 1957


Neil Ottenstein [6:20 PM]

DVD -  CBS from October 3, 1961, to June 1, 1966


Tom V. [6:20 PM]

How true, Laura!


Laura Leibowitz [6:20 PM]

Neil - Thanks.  Was wondering if he was producing that show when he was appearing on this one.

Mike - Sorry, thought you were asking about the year of this show.

Hi Ted - Just noticed you sneaked in there...

What other thoughts about the two shows?


Tom V. [6:22 PM]

I'm guessing Frank Nelson was unavailable for the TV version?


Laura Leibowitz [6:23 PM]

Tom - That's all I can figure.


R. Hookie [6:23 PM]

I think I liked the radio version better.


Neil Ottenstein [6:23 PM]

besides the 3/6/49 radio show, did Jack use that "at the races" set of jokes in other episodes?


michael_amowitz [6:23 PM]

I'm trying to remember if one of the networks ran reruns of Jack's older TV shows late on Saturday mornings in the mid-to-late 1960s. I may have seen most of the older ones then.


Laura Leibowitz [6:23 PM]

While a lot of people say they find Joe Besser annoying, I think he does a yeoman's job in subbing for Frank in this one.


Viktoria Irving [6:24 PM]

Laura, that was the waiter, wasn't it?


Laura Leibowitz [6:24 PM]

Neil - Not that I can think of at the moment.  At least not this specific scenario.

Viktoria - Yes.  Joe Besser was the nervous waiter.


R. Hookie [6:24 PM]

Nervous vs sarcastic ...


Viktoria Irving [6:25 PM]

Laura, yes, personally I agree, he does a great job of bringing some variation to the confusing costumer service routine

His mannierism haahahh


JFM [6:26 PM]

Laura - Have you thought of offering digital copies of the programs/films/specials, aside from just  DVDs?


Laura Leibowitz [6:26 PM]

JFM - Meaning...video discs?


R. Hookie [6:26 PM]

video discs.... ha


Laura Leibowitz [6:27 PM]

I didn't mean that to be sarcastic...not sure what format you're thinking.


R. Hookie [6:27 PM]

Wait... I'm thinking laserdisc...



Laura Leibowitz [6:27 PM]

Hookie - Actually...so was I.


R. Hookie [6:28 PM]

They don't still make those... do they?


Laura Leibowitz [6:28 PM]

I don't think so.  I'm just not sure what digital medium is available besides DVDs and streaming.


Viktoria Irving [6:29 PM]

What JFM means are probably digital downloads to buy, I guess?


R. Hookie [6:29 PM]

I don't know either


JFM [6:29 PM]

Laura - No I mean't digital as in, video files. Rather than physical copies


R. Hookie [6:29 PM]

Like MP4?


JFM [6:29 PM]



Viktoria Irving [6:29 PM]

(JFM, is that Alastair Simm in your icon?)


JFM [6:30 PM]


Yeah, I mean't more along the lines of what Viktoria suggested


Viktoria Irving [6:30 PM]

(**thumbs up**)


Neil Ottenstein [6:30 PM]

some people shared video resources in the FB group


R. Hookie [6:30 PM]

So, an official release instead of the low quality bootlegs?


Laura Leibowitz [6:30 PM]

A lot of material is already available on YouTube.  I don't own the rights to the programs or movies, so that limits me to the specials.

Ah I see.

NBC already gets a piece of the action on YouTube television episodes they own.

I'll think on it a bit.

Tip:  Someone showed me that a YouTube user named Balsamwoods has pretty clean copies of the TV eps online.


Viktoria Irving [6:32 PM]

**whispers** thankfully

He's why I watched so much Jack Benny in the first place.


Laura Leibowitz [6:33 PM]

It's just so doggone hard to get NBC or CBS or UCLA to do anything without a large pricetag.

Viktoria - Hallelujah, then!


Viktoria Irving [6:33 PM]

The channel is recommended : )


Laura Leibowitz [6:33 PM]

I probably know Balsamwoods, but I don't honestly know who it is in real life.


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:33 PM]

UCLA! slowly I turned...... haha


Laura Leibowitz [6:33 PM]

Kathy - Yep, I figured you'd appreciate that.


JFM [6:34 PM]

I'm surprised they don't copyright strike that stuff very much.


Neil Ottenstein [6:34 PM]

balsamwoods had 10,048 subscribers


JFM [6:34 PM]

I guess they must not really mind it. There is much Benny content you can get elsewhere



Laura Leibowitz [6:34 PM]

And that's a big reason why the Time-Life set didn't sell well.


R. Hookie [6:35 PM]

Well, I bit...


Neil Ottenstein [6:35 PM]

I put a show in "save later" so I will remember


R. Hookie [6:35 PM]

So, I have spares....


michael_amowitz [6:36 PM]

I hope it'll be out there for awhile, LL. I had to hold back on buying it ... too many bills lately


Laura Leibowitz [6:36 PM]

Hookie - Appreciate that.  Was hoping we'd get to critical mass so we could get season sets of the TV episodes out.


Tom V. [6:36 PM]

I'm a firm believer n having a DVD copy of shows I like, even if they are available on line.  I have frequent internet outages where I live!


Laura Leibowitz [6:36 PM]

Mike - I have a feeling it will be.

Tom - Good for you!  Have a fallback plan!


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:37 PM]

hooray for DVDs! You can't count on streaming to stay there...


Laura Leibowitz [6:37 PM]

OK...someone reminded me of their long-standing request from last month, so I know what to do for next month.

Anything else, or shall we call it good?


Tom V. [6:37 PM]

Exactly Laura and Kathy!


michael_amowitz [6:38 PM]

I have the page bookmarked too.


R. Hookie [6:38 PM]

What's our next double feature?


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:38 PM]

thanks for this fun event, and you will get an email from me about the sad sack UCLA folks, probably on Monday


Laura Leibowitz [6:38 PM]

Not a double feature next month...but we can do it again soon!


R. Hookie [6:38 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [6:38 PM]

Kathy - Speaking of UCLA, there was a turkey in my backyard during the radio episode...


JFM [6:39 PM]

Perhaps some american pride, a fourth of July Episode


R. Hookie [6:39 PM]

UCLA... when the smog lifts


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:39 PM]

gobble gobble! Its fun how they can find the way up to your place

haha Hookie!


Laura Leibowitz [6:39 PM]

Kathy - I think I have four and a half stars on Turkey Yelp.


R. Hookie [6:39 PM]

(I stole that from Carnac...)


Viktoria Irving [6:40 PM]

Outta curiosity, any ideas in which episodes Dennis sings something else than sappy love songs? Or was he doomed to soap because of tenor?


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:40 PM]

I hope to see Barbara Thunell on June 21 or 22! we will be talking about her scrapbook

Viktoria, ummmm that was his specialty, I LOVE Kenny Baker's non-sappy songs, when he was able to sing them


Laura Leibowitz [6:41 PM]

Viktoria - He sings some great songs like "An Irishman Will Steal Your Heart Away," "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts," and the legendary "Clancy Lowered the Boom."

Kathy - Wonderful!  Tell her I said hi.


michael_amowitz [6:42 PM]

Excellent, say hi from us, Kathy!


R. Hookie [6:42 PM]

I think Dennis sings a perky song in the supermarket episode....


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:42 PM]

Bippity-bobbity-boo, very odd


Laura Leibowitz [6:42 PM]

He sings Vesti la Giubba from Pagliaci in the Rod Serling episode...


Viktoria Irving [6:43 PM]

Awww, will check your suggestions out. Thank you guys.


JFM [6:43 PM]

I always enjoyed that skit where Jack calls out Phil Harris about plot holes in "That's What I like About the South"


Laura Leibowitz [6:43 PM]

Or "Sinner Man" on a Don Weis episode...VERY cool

Doo Wah Ditty


R. Hookie [6:44 PM]

Ain't no town, ain't no city


Laura Leibowitz [6:44 PM]

Awful small but awful pretty


R. Hookie [6:44 PM]

duet time


Laura Leibowitz [6:44 PM]

OK...thanks for spending some time tonight!

Glad you could make it again, Viktoria!


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:45 PM]

thanks so much, Laura, and thank you all! good night


R. Hookie [6:45 PM]

I'm so glad we had this time together... (ear tug)


Neil Ottenstein [6:45 PM]

thanks for the fun


Viktoria Irving [6:45 PM]

Thank Y O U for hosting it! It was again a pleasure.


JFM [6:45 PM]

Thanks for a wonder-filled evening everyone! Take care, hope to see you in the next one!


Tom V. [6:45 PM]

Don Weis directed a handful of early, early Andy Griffith episodes.  They were so good!  Couldn't understand why he didn't do more?


michael_amowitz [6:45 PM]

Thanks, y'all!


Laura Leibowitz [6:45 PM]

Tom - I have wondered that myself.


R. Hookie [6:46 PM]

Good night folks! I be seeing you soon!



Tom V. [6:46 PM]

Thanks Laura.  Had a fun time this evening!    Good night,folks!


Neil Ottenstein [6:49 PM]

Good night. Thanks again.


garth_johnson [7:46 PM]

Drat - I was so busy searching newspapers I forgot about the chat! Newspapers.com had a free weekend so I was cleaning up bookmarked articles.