IJBFC Chat - May 19, 2019

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garth_johnson [2:57 PM]

Another day dreaming about the gas man.


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:59 PM]

hello, anybody signed in yet?


R. Hookie [4:59 PM]

I did.


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:59 PM]



Steve_Smith [4:59 PM]

hello folks


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:59 PM]

how's your Penny doing, Hookie?


garth_johnson [4:59 PM]

I'm here just sunning myself


Tom V. [5:00 PM]

Hello everyone!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:00 PM]

I LOVE that Carmichael picture, Garth!


R. Hookie [5:00 PM]

The way you asked if anyone signed in made me think of What's My Line... Penny's doing fine


Steve_Smith [5:00 PM]

my jello's not ready ..


garth_johnson [5:01 PM]

Don's post made me look through my archives - that's 1969 - and probably the same bear that Jack saw 10 years earlier


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:01 PM]

glad to hear it! Jack Benny used that greeting a lot in 1932, can't wait to get volume 1 of the 1932 scripts out! yay

Jack: Hello anybody, this is Jack Benny, You know, J as in Joke, a as in assinine, etc....


Perri [5:02 PM]

Hello folks!


R. Hookie [5:02 PM]



kathy_fuller_seeley [5:02 PM]

Jello again!


garth_johnson [5:03 PM]

What Jolly Good Company


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:03 PM]

haha yes, Garth!


garth_johnson [5:04 PM]

Kathy I understand you found your missing script - To Ayer in filing is human, to find the missing script - Devine?


Steve_Smith [5:05 PM]

cool photo to share...

Where's our boss?


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:06 PM]

haha! yes Garth, I swore that I found it at the library of congress microfilms, a terribly frustrating collection., But maybe I had given it up for lost. Martin Grams is a wonderful, obsessive researcher and I hoped that if I praised his work enough, he would help me. And yay he did!!!!!

I am using Martin's collection of Sam Spade scripts, published by BearManor media, as a good model for our project, yay


Laura Leibowitz [5:07 PM]

Hey folks!


Steve_Smith [5:07 PM]



kathy_fuller_seeley [5:08 PM]

ta-da! glad you are here, Laura


Steve_Smith [5:08 PM]

hi boss


R. Hookie [5:08 PM]

Hi Laura!


Laura Leibowitz [5:08 PM]

Sorry, a bit late getting back from the store!


Tom V. [5:08 PM]

Hello Laura!


Laura Leibowitz [5:08 PM]

My apologies.

How's everyone doing?


R. Hookie [5:08 PM]

What'd you buy us?


Laura Leibowitz [5:08 PM]

Kathy - Sounds like you've announced the upcoming book!

Hookie - Kombucha.  Want some?


R. Hookie [5:09 PM]

I don't know... what is it?


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:09 PM]

close to it! Still working out a few details, but volume 1 I hope comes out soon. It may be MANY volumes, haha


Laura Leibowitz [5:09 PM]

Kathy - Hooray!


Steve_Smith [5:09 PM]

me and Brother Bruce... with gifys he gave me .. wish he could join us


garth_johnson [5:09 PM]

Happy Sunday, Missus President


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:09 PM]

I heard a funny story about kombucha, made with filtered water, then all the funky bacteria put back in it : )  but that is Austin TX


Laura Leibowitz [5:09 PM]

Hookie - It's a tea fermented with a big fungus in it


R. Hookie [5:10 PM]



kathy_fuller_seeley [5:10 PM]

WOW great Acme Plaza swag!


Laura Leibowitz [5:10 PM]

Steve - Love it!  And shoelaces!

Hookie - Cool, more for me.

Steve - Plastic tips or metal tips?


Steve_Smith [5:10 PM]

and metal tipped shoe



Laura Leibowitz [5:11 PM]

Kathy - I used to make it myself.  We'll have to compare notes.

So what did I miss?


Steve_Smith [5:11 PM]





Laura Leibowitz [5:12 PM]

Jellpo...dog-food flavored Jell-O?


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:12 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:12 PM]

Hey Garth


garth_johnson [5:12 PM]

A flavour only Ed McMahon would like


Laura Leibowitz [5:12 PM]

Hi Annie!

Garth - And Johnny Carson when the dog doesn't like it


R. Hookie [5:13 PM]

That Alpo spot is included in my boxed set


Laura Leibowitz [5:13 PM]

Hookie - It should be a canned set


R. Hookie [5:13 PM]

One of my boxed sets...


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:13 PM]

Thanks for the new TIMES, Laura, that was an amazing scrapbook of Jack's trip to Africa and the Middle East


R. Hookie [5:14 PM]

And all of the transcribing too


Laura Leibowitz [5:14 PM]

I have to say that I was absolutely thrilled with this issue, and can really not take credit for any of it other than layout.

When I first got that and started reading through it, I said aloud, "There's my next issue."


Perri [5:14 PM]

good Times, good Times!


Laura Leibowitz [5:14 PM]

There's still a little more from the collection, but that's the extent of the 1943 diary.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:15 PM]

yay! Do you know if Joan Benny has things like this, scrapbooks or letters he wrote just to her?


Laura Leibowitz [5:15 PM]

Oh, I'm sure she's got letters to her.  I think most of the scrapbooks went to UCLA and AHC

By the way, that was a stop on my errand to the store...issues are sitting in a post box outside the post office now.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:16 PM]

Oh I meant special things he made for her. I hope she does, just because Jack was that kind of dad


Laura Leibowitz [5:16 PM]

He made for her...like what?  He wasn't much of a tradesman....


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:17 PM]

I just meant little diaries or scrapbooks like this one for Florence Fenchel


garth_johnson [5:17 PM]

You opened the door on that one Kathy


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:17 PM]


we  won't even start on scrapbooks ABOUT Jack Benny, haha  of which I hope we all can do more with


Laura Leibowitz [5:18 PM]

Hm...I'm actually not sure.  I'll have to ask.

Kathy - Ah yes, just have to figure out the most efficient way to do it!

To let the room in on it, I have the voluminous and far-ranging Benny scrapbooks of our own Barbara Thunell.  It's quite overwhelming (in a good way) to even the most seasoned Benny researcher.

I have been

Viktoria!  You made it in...welcome!


Viktoria Irving [5:20 PM]

Thanks for the invite, Laura! Whew, made it after all! Hello to everybody, I am a young lass from overseas and am very happy to hang around here with fellow Benny enthusiasts : )


Laura Leibowitz [5:21 PM]

I have been considering ways of being able to crowd source the work of sorting through all the articles and clippings, identifying their sources, and digitizing everything.  Still thinking at the moment.


R. Hookie [5:21 PM]

Welcome Viktoria!


Viktoria Irving [5:21 PM]

Thanks, Hookie!!


Laura Leibowitz [5:22 PM]

I apologize that the chat happens in the middle of the night for you!


Viktoria Irving [5:22 PM]

Sometimes one has to simply stay up a little longer xD I'm thrilled to be part of the experience, so it's ok, really.


michael_golek [5:23 PM]

The Horn Blows Past Midnight


Viktoria Irving [5:23 PM]

Yes well said, hehe


Laura Leibowitz [5:23 PM]

I know how it is.  In my early Benny days, they used to run Jack's shows on a cable network at 3AM.


Steve_Smith [5:23 PM]

Years ago I was following a car with a license plate that said "Cheapo" ... I happened to be listening to Jack on cassettes .. pulled along side and showed them the large cover with Jack's photo ... they busted out laughing .. it was pretty cool


Viktoria Irving [5:23 PM]

TV seems to have a tendency to move the good stuff to the hours when nobody watches


Laura Leibowitz [5:23 PM]

Like a crazy kid, I would devotedly get up in the wee hours, which motivated my parents to buy a Betamax.


Steve_Smith [5:24 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:24 PM]

Steve - My "KUBLSKY" license plate gets a lot of looks and questions.


R. Hookie [5:24 PM]

Betamax instead of VHS?


Viktoria Irving [5:24 PM]

A devoted fangirl you are, Laura, very relatable.


Laura Leibowitz [5:24 PM]

It was 1982.  We heard Beta was better.

And it was.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:24 PM]

Thank goodness Betamax could record one hour.... if Benny's shows had been 90 minutes, you would have been frustrated!


R. Hookie [5:24 PM]

In 1982 it probaly was....


Viktoria Irving [5:24 PM]

Awesome license plate, btw


Laura Leibowitz [5:25 PM]

People gasp when they see hundreds of Beta tapes in my archive downstaira.


Steve_Smith [5:25 PM]

OH ... I love it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Laura Leibowitz [5:25 PM]

Kathy - Actually on BII, I could get two hours on a tape.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:25 PM]

it was second only to LaserDisc!


R. Hookie [5:25 PM]

You should my currnt collection of... everything


Laura Leibowitz [5:25 PM]

And you know, come to think of it...Laser Disc may be the one form of media I've never tried.

People say that I have every form and a way to play it.

Cylinders, 78s, wire recordings, transcriptions, reel-to-reel, etc.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:26 PM]

nothing else can play a motion picture frame-by-frame : )


Laura Leibowitz [5:26 PM]

Kathy - It's very true.


R. Hookie [5:26 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:26 PM]

Oh people go crazy when they walk in my office and see my 8-track player.

Then they start taking selfies with it.

Still works too.


R. Hookie [5:27 PM]

I still have an unopened Donny & Marie 8-track tape


Laura Leibowitz [5:27 PM]

In fact, my very first Benny radio shows came on 8-track.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:27 PM]

wow Hookie, open it up and let them out!


R. Hookie [5:27 PM]

I have a Benny 8-track I believe...


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:28 PM]

apologies to Prince Albert


Steve_Smith [5:28 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:28 PM]

Kathy - Har har

Is your 8-track running?  Well you better catch it!

OK, on that note...

Let's enjoy some shows.

In the spirit of last month, we have a comparison of a radio and television version of effectively the same show.


Viktoria Irving [5:29 PM]

Bring 'em on!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:29 PM]



R. Hookie [5:29 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:29 PM]

And since it's May, it involves the May Company...


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:29 PM]

I have done something like this for my 18 year old freshmen and they LOVE it


R. Hookie [5:29 PM]



Viktoria Irving [5:30 PM]

Have not much experience with the radio shows so far, so this promises to be one interesting experience.


Laura Leibowitz [5:30 PM]



Let's meet on Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether lets you watch videos with your friends, synchronized at the same time.

Anyone joining the chat after this, please go to the link above.

After we'll come back here for discussion.

Everyone in?


garth_johnson [6:05 PM]



michael_amowitz [6:09 PM]

It finally let me in!


Laura Leibowitz [6:09 PM]

Welcome!  We're still watching the show


michael_amowitz [6:13 PM]

I can't even access the show tonight ... only a still of the opening image. Unless Garth's post is the link ... will try that now ... even having troubler staying here :confused:


Laura Leibowitz [6:13 PM]

Try this



michael_amowitz [6:14 PM]

That worked, or at least it's loading

Started where everyone seems to be. About 13 in


Laura Leibowitz [6:15 PM]

Yep, you've got it!


Steve_Smith [6:28 PM]

back now


michael_amowitz [6:28 PM]

Back! Jello everybody!


Laura Leibowitz [6:28 PM]

Welcome back, folks!


garth_johnson [6:28 PM]

Don't take #4



Viktoria Irving [6:28 PM]

Thank you for streaming these, Laura, I'm smiling from ear to ear : D


R. Hookie [6:28 PM]

Well, here we are back at the chat...


Laura Leibowitz [6:28 PM]

Mike joined us while our program was already in progress.

Viktoria - So glad you enjoyed it!


Perri [6:29 PM]

Yes, thank you, Laura!


Laura Leibowitz [6:29 PM]

So what thoughts on either of those shows, or a comparison?


michael_amowitz [6:29 PM]

That's okay, I'll catch up :slightly_smiling_face:


R. Hookie [6:29 PM]

I never heard the radio version and I enjoyed it


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:29 PM]

Jack's visual personality was a great addition to his radio persona, adorable charm belies the "mean old man"


Tom V. [6:29 PM]

Great show.  Is that one seen in syndication?


Laura Leibowitz [6:30 PM]

Yes, it's part of the syndication package.


R. Hookie [6:30 PM]

We had it on Antenna TV


Laura Leibowitz [6:30 PM]

It was one of the earliest, but not THE earliest, filmed shows.  So most of those got copyrighted by J&M Productions when that formed a couple years later


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:31 PM]

Mary looks so nervous, even in a skit filmed without an audience, I feel sorry for her stagefright. As opposed to how she could rip anyone to shreds with her ripostes in the 1940s


Tom V. [6:32 PM]

I always wondered, what does "J & M" stand for?


Laura Leibowitz [6:32 PM]

Um...Jack and Mary?


Viktoria Irving [6:32 PM]

To be fair, in my case, I haven't heard many of the radio shows yet, so I find it difficult to keep up with the dialogue sometimes because they talk much faster and English is my second language, so I actually prefered the visual version (though the radio one had many funny gags). As Kathy says too, Benny's visual charm just adds to everything. His faces just make me crack up.


Steve_Smith [6:32 PM]


way more radio to love

you are missing most of the best stuff


Laura Leibowitz [6:33 PM]

Viktoria - That makes sense.  In fact, if you'd like, I have some copies of radio scripts so you can read along.


Viktoria Irving [6:33 PM]

Laura, what a great idea! Yes, I'd love that!!!


Laura Leibowitz [6:33 PM]

There are probably also expressions of the time, like "Oh brother" that may not translate


michael_amowitz [6:33 PM]

Back, I never bought an 8-Track :slightly_smiling_face:


Laura Leibowitz [6:34 PM]

Cool.  Making a note to send you the script of this show and a link to it.


Viktoria Irving [6:34 PM]

i'm rather familiar with many archaic americanisms, so that might not be too much of a problem. When I understand them xDD


michael_amowitz [6:34 PM]

How different was the radio version, other than the flying hat? I've seen the TV version many times, not so sure about the radio version.


Viktoria Irving [6:35 PM]

Thank you, Laura!


Laura Leibowitz [6:35 PM]

You're most welcome.


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:35 PM]

Viktoria, I ENVY the position you are in, to know the TV versions first. That way when you listen to the radio shows (eventually) you will have so many facial characteristics and visualizations to put with them. I never got to see the TV show growing up, just the radio shows on cassette, so I didn't have Jack's facial mannerisms to put with the older radio stuff, yay for I hope you have a great time!


Laura Leibowitz [6:35 PM]

I'm going to let the rest of the folks here answer Mike's question!


michael_amowitz [6:35 PM]

If Hookie hasn't heard it, maybe I haven't either


Steve_Smith [6:36 PM]

LL- how about horse racing shows next time? (triple crown going on now and all)


Laura Leibowitz [6:36 PM]

Ah, that's a good thought!


Viktoria Irving [6:36 PM]

I have, Kathy, thank you!! You are right, I closed my eyes during much of the skit and could see all the expressions he probably pulls during familiar moments.


R. Hookie [6:36 PM]

Tonight was a first timer for me for the radio version


Laura Leibowitz [6:36 PM]

Do you want a double-header again, or just one?


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:36 PM]

TV had to be slower-paced than radio, so if you compared the scripts, there's significantly more dialog on radio


Tom V. [6:37 PM]

Double headers are great fun!


Viktoria Irving [6:37 PM]



Steve_Smith [6:37 PM]

Radio has soooo much more going on... the laughing gets a bit tinny tho


R. Hookie [6:37 PM]



kathy_fuller_seeley [6:37 PM]

yes please (as Dennis might say)


Laura Leibowitz [6:37 PM]

Done then.

So what other thoughts on the shows?


R. Hookie [6:37 PM]

But I'd still like some GE Theaters sometime too


michael_amowitz [6:37 PM]

Kathy, I knew only the TV versions first. I grew up with them as a child, until Gomer Pyle finally took them away. Probably never heard a radio show until about 1970.


Laura Leibowitz [6:37 PM]

Benny Rubin is in both, but does a different bit

Hookie - Oh that's right!  OK, I'll make a note for July


R. Hookie [6:38 PM]



Viktoria Irving [6:38 PM]

Who is Rubin in the radio skit?


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:38 PM]

Jack in the 1950s TV shows impresses me as still so young and vital and full of life. Not the "old man" they claim he is on radio in 1950. That must have been amusing to radio fans who followed him over to TV


Steve_Smith [6:38 PM]



michael_amowitz [6:38 PM]

LL, what was the airdate for the radio version?


Viktoria Irving [6:39 PM]

Yes Kathy, Great energy


Laura Leibowitz [6:39 PM]

1945, but let me get you a better date


michael_amowitz [6:39 PM]

I'll run it later ... thanks!


Laura Leibowitz [6:39 PM]



michael_amowitz [6:39 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [6:40 PM]

Rubin on radio is the guy who needs a job


Viktoria Irving [6:40 PM]

Also at the beginning then!


Laura Leibowitz [6:40 PM]

Does a mild double-talk..paintinin,


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:41 PM]

which would not have worked well on TV, when we are not paying such close attention to the sounds!


Laura Leibowitz [6:41 PM]

Also, I think his "I dunno" gag was pretty well-established by the time of the television episode


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:41 PM]

he would have had to add a lot of physical shtick to make the doubletalk work on TV


Laura Leibowitz [6:41 PM]

Oh and the Sportsmen are on both shows


garth_johnson [6:41 PM]

If that was "double talk" that Rubin did I'm Cliff Nazarro!


Viktoria Irving [6:41 PM]

A question: Is the double talk based on something or a reference?


Laura Leibowitz [6:41 PM]

Kathy - Completely agreed

Viktoria - Well, they actually had a guy who did double-talk in vaudeville on Jack's radio show in the 30s

Cliff Nazarro


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:42 PM]

Yes Garth, you are right that we are confusing things oops


Laura Leibowitz [6:42 PM]

But he did more of a pure-on gibberish

Sorry, I'm stepping on Garth's point.

That's why I'm calling it "mild double talk"...more of an affectation


Viktoria Irving [6:43 PM]

So it's just a funny routine, I see ; )


garth_johnson [6:43 PM]



kathy_fuller_seeley [6:43 PM]

word-play would have much harder time on TV


Laura Leibowitz [6:43 PM]

Yes, although a Marx Brothers routine with Groucho and Chico never misses

So short answer, Rubin's affectation just sounds funny


Viktoria Irving [6:44 PM]

Ah, thank you!


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:44 PM]

although to think it worked well in vaudeville when they were not MIKED well! Our ancestors had much sharper listening skills


Viktoria Irving [6:44 PM]

Or better trained voices


Laura Leibowitz [6:44 PM]

He also seems to be doing the immigrant impersonation, kind of a sendup of the various ethnic accents of the day

You know, does anyone here really "get" Cliff Nazarro's attraction?


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:44 PM]

no hahaha


garth_johnson [6:45 PM]

And I like Rubin much more than siliwitafalashc


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:45 PM]

its works once or twice, but like the 23rd "wanna buy a duck?" it gets weary


Laura Leibowitz [6:45 PM]

Yeah...I get questions about him now and again.

And that's why only we remember Joe Penner today


Viktoria Irving [6:45 PM]

Are there listening samples of Cliff Nazarro? When he does that talk?


Laura Leibowitz [6:46 PM]

I'll find you a show that has him

I'm thinking of "Snow White and the Seven Gangsters"


Viktoria Irving [6:46 PM]

sounds good : DDD


Laura Leibowitz [6:46 PM]

Anyone know a better Nazarro representation off the top of your heads?


R. Hookie [6:46 PM]



Steve_Smith [6:47 PM]

blondie movie ... collage one i think


Laura Leibowitz [6:47 PM]

Hey Kathy, there was a recurring character around the time they were doing Grind Hotel over and over


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:47 PM]

blech, isn't he in the Hollywood Revue of 1929 film?


Laura Leibowitz [6:47 PM]

Trying to remember his name


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:48 PM]

a favorite! I am Lionel Barrymore as Kringlein and I  only have five minutes to live!


Laura Leibowitz [6:48 PM]

We're talking 1933-34 or so

Kringlein!  That's it!


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:48 PM]

at least they killed him hahahaha


Laura Leibowitz [6:48 PM]

Is that why he never came back.


michael_amowitz [6:48 PM]


Cliff Nazarro:  Double-Talk Comedian!


Laura Leibowitz [6:49 PM]

This will all make more sense when Kathy's book comes out and you can read the scripts from that time


Viktoria Irving [6:49 PM]

thank you so much!


Laura Leibowitz [6:49 PM]

There ya go...perfect Cliff Nazarro


Viktoria Irving [6:50 PM]

This chap is like a comedy language-barrier on legs xDDDD Thanks so much for the clip : D


Laura Leibowitz [6:50 PM]

Oh look...I dated him (Mason not Nazarro) once


Steve_Smith [6:50 PM]



michael_amowitz [6:50 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [6:51 PM]

At least we have the same confusion that you do!


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:51 PM]

yay! I have am amusing story from yesterday.... I go to look at all the scripts that the hired typist has transcribed..... and they are all gone. Heart attack! Thank goodness for Dropbox and its "deleted files -- restore" function. The typist had deleted everything on May 13. I got it all back and saved it in a dozen other places that he has not access to..... sounds like the revenge of Harry Conn


Laura Leibowitz [6:51 PM]


The typist deleted everything and went to Palm Springs.


Viktoria Irving [6:51 PM]

Or to Rio


Laura Leibowitz [6:52 PM]

You should send a telegram and fire the writer


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:52 PM]

P ..a...l..m..s..p..r...


michael_amowitz [6:52 PM]

Only confused about Kringlein ... was that his name, or is that Lionel Barrymore?


Viktoria Irving [6:52 PM]

Happy to hear you restored the files, Kathy!


Laura Leibowitz [6:52 PM]

Kathy - You've seen the scripts way more than I have.  Explain...

Viktoria - Harry Conn was Jack's first writer.  Much longer story, but he got his ego going and left Jack without a script and went off to Palm Springs, IIRC


michael_amowitz [6:53 PM]

Oh! Grand Hotel! Lol, I saw Grind Hotel and was lost :stuck_out_tongue:


Viktoria Irving [6:54 PM]

Amazing. Like in a soap opera or comedy film.


Laura Leibowitz [6:54 PM]

Yes, Conn called their spoof of Grand Hotel "Grind Hotel."


R. Hookie [6:54 PM]

That's something different


Laura Leibowitz [6:54 PM]

Viktoria - Yes, his association with Harry Conn became the stuff of legends.  Well, maybe small legends known mostly to academics.


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:55 PM]

Kringelein is a character in the film Grand Hotel, and he is played by Lionel Barrymore. He's a good guy, career in accounting (underpaid) working for evil Wallace Beery's company. Finds out that he has cancer and employer won't give him health insurance, Kringlein helps the secretary  (Joan Crawford) who is also working for Beery....ends up with Beery's fortune and Kringy and Crawford go off to spend his last days in Paris...


Viktoria Irving [6:55 PM]

I see, merci for explaining : D


michael_amowitz [6:55 PM]

I just looked it up :slightly_smiling_face:


Laura Leibowitz [6:55 PM]

Thus "I'm Kringelein and I have only five minutes to live!"


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:56 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [6:56 PM]

So what else Benny-wise is on your mind?

Thanks...I needed someone to cut my act.  :slightly_smiling_face:


michael_amowitz [6:57 PM]

Just sorry I never met him.


Laura Leibowitz [6:57 PM]

BTW for anyone who doesn't know the expression, "cutting the act" is like having a drummer hit a cymbal when an acrobat does a trick, or doing a drumroll to build suspense.


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:57 PM]

Kringy? but after all, he only had five minutes to live  (haha sorry for the joke Michael)


Laura Leibowitz [6:58 PM]


Shall we call it good for this month?  This has been great!


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:58 PM]

Jack has been showing up in my dreams lately, he seems very happy   : )


michael_amowitz [6:58 PM]

Glad to see y'all!


R. Hookie [6:58 PM]

Yes, fun night tonight!!!


kathy_fuller_seeley [6:58 PM]

thanks Laura for a great chat!


Laura Leibowitz [6:59 PM]

Kathy - Lucky you...I've not dreamed of him very much in my life, surprisingly!


R. Hookie [6:59 PM]

I'm so glad we had this time together... (ear tug)


Viktoria Irving [6:59 PM]

I enjoyed myself trememdously. You are such a kind and funny bunch : ))


Laura Leibowitz [6:59 PM]

Thanks for joining, hope you can make it next month!


Tom V. [6:59 PM]

I'm so glad we had this time together.......oops, wrong show!  Good night, folks!  :grinning:


michael_amowitz [6:59 PM]

I know how that goes, Kathy; if I deal with a subject a lot, they turn up in my dreams.


Viktoria Irving [6:59 PM]

Actually, would you mind two Benny related questions before you drop off?


Laura Leibowitz [7:00 PM]

Sure, go for it.


kathy_fuller_seeley [7:00 PM]

now if I could just get Francis Ford (John Ford's other brother) in my dreams, hubba hubba and another story'


garth_johnson [7:00 PM]

And that was the last number of tonight chat -- tune in next month at this same time when you will hear LL say We are a little late so good night!




michael_amowitz [7:02 PM]

I'm sticking around for Quiz Kids, unless Viktoria poofed.


Laura Leibowitz [7:02 PM]

She's still typing last I saw...

A hush falls over the room


Viktoria Irving [7:02 PM]

Recently saw this photo of him and the octopus adorned swimming pool and wondered.. did he have a flair for strange decoration (do you know of other outré stuff in his living spaces) or was that just a one-off?


Laura Leibowitz [7:02 PM]

Cue the drumroll


Viktoria Irving [7:02 PM]

apologies everyone :smile:


Laura Leibowitz [7:02 PM]

Ah!!!! The octopus!


Viktoria Irving [7:03 PM]

it's great


Laura Leibowitz [7:03 PM]

You got a bunch of researchers who can tell you all kinds of stories about that octopus


garth_johnson [7:03 PM]

The Eyes story --- please tell


Viktoria Irving [7:03 PM]

lovely little octopus (although i would be scared if i had to swim in it xDD)


Laura Leibowitz [7:03 PM]

Who wants to tell it?

Viktoria - And Joan shared your feeling!


Viktoria Irving [7:03 PM]

Please bring them on!!


kathy_fuller_seeley [7:03 PM]

love the octopus swimming pool! My guess is that it was the imaginings of an interior/exterior decorator. Certainly little Joan was frightened by its staring eyess


Laura Leibowitz [7:04 PM]

Jack wasn't very outre, and Mary did most of the designing.  And redesigning.  And re-redesigning.

I agree with Kathy that it probably was the vision of the architect

Whose name I believe is mentioned on the radio show


michael_amowitz [7:04 PM]

I may never have heard of that before! From Mary, makes more sense than Jack :smile:


Laura Leibowitz [7:05 PM]

I may be confusing that with the building of his Palm Springs home


garth_johnson [7:05 PM]

Jack was not much of a swimmer



kathy_fuller_seeley [7:05 PM]

entertainers with money in the mid-1930s paid for lovely large houses in Beverly Hills with every amenity; not just a plain swimming pool, but ones with decorations. After little Joan got upset, they took out the eye tiles and gave it a blank expression


Viktoria Irving [7:05 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [7:05 PM]

And I had the fortune or misfortune of touring the house the DAY AFTER they ripped out the octopus because they were removing the pool.

I asked, and the foreman said, "Nope, the octopus is gone."


Viktoria Irving [7:06 PM]

oh i'm sorry

would've been something to see!


Laura Leibowitz [7:06 PM]



kathy_fuller_seeley [7:06 PM]

wow and rats! But that is how it goes in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, they blithely rip down anything with a historical background


michael_amowitz [7:06 PM]

Not a big fan of Octopus pools


garth_johnson [7:06 PM]

I'd like to be - under the sea ...


Laura Leibowitz [7:06 PM]

Fortunately a good number of photos exist.

Kathy - The one good thing about that was that I got to see the Jell-O flavors and Buck Benny names painted on the I-beams over the living room!

Kathy - I may have told you that Barbara and I went together for that tour!


Viktoria Irving [7:07 PM]

Oh boy, thanks for all these AMAZING details!!


Laura Leibowitz [7:07 PM]

So you said a couple questions...what else?


kathy_fuller_seeley [7:08 PM]

WOW Laura, that's amazing. And with Barbara! Did she snitch any souvenirs? haha just joking


michael_amowitz [7:08 PM]

Is there anything still to see there, and do they even have tours?


Laura Leibowitz [7:08 PM]

And feel free not to limit it to two

Michael - No, and mine had to be kept hush-hush for a long time.

Kathy - I'd be surprised if she didn't, but I didn't see her do it!


michael_amowitz [7:08 PM]


Never tried, content to drive by all the homes


Laura Leibowitz [7:09 PM]

Kathy - Actually, she was carrying the book of photos of Jack's house (the little grey one) and doing on-the-spot comparisons


kathy_fuller_seeley [7:10 PM]

I understand how meaningful it can be to have a physical representation/connection to the object of one's fandom, I love Barbara's collections!


Viktoria Irving [7:10 PM]

This is straightforward: What's the best video clip to judge his violin skills -- not the concert ones, since he noticeably plays slower than he should and struggles somewhat at the Bach et al. repertoire.


Laura Leibowitz [7:10 PM]

Mike - I think seeing the front is the nearest you can get.  I'm pretty sure they left the circular staircase intact.

Oo...good question!

Actually, I would say it's the bit right at the end of the show with Stuart Canin

They do a duet, and Stuart said "I did the hard bits," but they play it pretty straight.


michael_amowitz [7:11 PM]

My favorite has always been him with Gisele.


Viktoria Irving [7:11 PM]

Hmm, Stuart Canin, noted!


kathy_fuller_seeley [7:11 PM]

those are two great examples, when all Jack's heart and affection are at play


Laura Leibowitz [7:11 PM]

And actually, I think many of the folks in the room have heard me tell that when Stuart and his wife Virginia were over here for dinner one time, I showed him a show that isn't in circulation:  "60 Piece Orchestra"


R. Hookie [7:12 PM]

I enjoy Jack's violin playing in the hillbilly sketches...


Laura Leibowitz [7:12 PM]

And he was leaning forward, mouth open, saying, "He's REALLY playing that!  I didn't know he could play that well!"


kathy_fuller_seeley [7:12 PM]

what a wonderful experience, Laura! So glad that you could make that happen for Stuart!


Laura Leibowitz [7:13 PM]

Fair warning, the skit on the Stuart Canin show about Stradivarius is awful in my book.  You can skip it and thank me later.


Viktoria Irving [7:13 PM]

Heard about the 60 piece orchestra and cried at it not being on the net ahahah

Laura, noted!


Laura Leibowitz [7:13 PM]

I should really fix that one day, but I promised my source.

It's actually my favorite episode.


michael_amowitz [7:13 PM]

I just came across this, so running it now:



Rare recording of Jack Benny with Heifetz


Laura Leibowitz [7:14 PM]

You can also look for "Hollywood Canteen," but that's Jack playing comedically.


Viktoria Irving [7:14 PM]

He does more 'clowning' than straightforward playing in this, sadly

thanks for the link nevertheless, Michael!!


Laura Leibowitz [7:15 PM]

Actually, the bit in the color specials with the Tijuana Strings is pretty good of "My Honey's Lovin' Arms"

Yes, Jack didn't get serious about his playing until Danny Kaye introduced him to Isaac Stern


Viktoria Irving [7:15 PM]

Will have to look that up as well!


Laura Leibowitz [7:15 PM]

One day I may release the audio of my interview with Stern where I'm reading him excepts from Jack's autobiography

I went down to pull the book the night before, and it flipped open to that page, and I saw the words "I just worship Stern."


kathy_fuller_seeley [7:16 PM]

what a a great story! Oh wow, I would love to hear that interview, Laura! Must go, this has been a great occasion, thanks all!


Laura Leibowitz [7:16 PM]

Take care, Kathy!  Thank you!


Viktoria Irving [7:16 PM]

aws, Laura, it sounds as if your house is full of teasures!


R. Hookie [7:16 PM]

Good night Kathy!


Viktoria Irving [7:17 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [7:17 PM]

Ask Kathy...she's seen it!

And apparently there are photos of parts of my house that are in circulation on the Internet!

Garth probably has them.  :wink:


Viktoria Irving [7:18 PM]

: D


michael_amowitz [7:18 PM]

Still running Haifetz and Benny ... marveling that I missed this up to now :smile: Y'all have a great week!


Laura Leibowitz [7:18 PM]

OK, sounds good.  Thanks all for making this a wonderful chat!


Steve_Smith [7:18 PM]

bedtime ..

night all


R. Hookie [7:18 PM]

Fun chat tonight! Good night folks!


garth_johnson [7:19 PM]

Night all - have to find a gas man




Steve_Smith [7:19 PM]



michael_amowitz [7:19 PM]

Maybe horse racing and baseball double header next month!


Viktoria Irving [7:19 PM]

Night Steve!! As to violining.. do you know whether it is Benny playing in the skit with LeBlanc having a nervous breakdown?


Laura Leibowitz [7:19 PM]

Generally I believe not.  Jack couldn't juggle his violin and his script at the same time.  But my opinion has changed on that over time.

I'm pretty sure that's Larry Kurkdjie, the violin player in the band and sometimes Jack's violin teacher, who does that.


michael_amowitz [7:20 PM]

Who could stand in for the maestro?


Viktoria Irving [7:20 PM]

Huh, makes sense. : )


Laura Leibowitz [7:20 PM]

But I'm not 100% positive on that.


michael_amowitz [7:20 PM]



Viktoria Irving [7:21 PM]

Seems prerecorded anyway, so I was wondering.


Laura Leibowitz [7:21 PM]

Are you giving us the finger, Mike?

Yes, I'm pretty sure it was done live.


michael_amowitz [7:21 PM]

lol, well I was trying for thumbs up ... this was next to thumbs down :smile:


Laura Leibowitz [7:21 PM]

At least on radio

Sentiment accepted, Mike!


Viktoria Irving [7:21 PM]

Ahh -- jeez, it's way too late here.


Laura Leibowitz [7:22 PM]

OK, let's all wrap it up then.


michael_amowitz [7:22 PM]

Hope to be able to catch y'all next month!


Laura Leibowitz [7:22 PM]



Viktoria Irving [7:22 PM]

Thank you for being so welcoming, I'll try to drop by again. Hopefully next time. Had a great time!


Laura Leibowitz [7:22 PM]

Thanks so much.  Have a great month!


Viktoria Irving [7:23 PM]

Much warmth to all! and cheers!