IJBFC Chat - April 7, 2019

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garth_johnson [6:40 PM]

OK who gave Jack an El Explodo brand cigar?


Steve_Smith [4:40 PM]

gooood evening...

watching Benny (Hill) while waiting_


brad_strickland [4:58 PM]

Hi, Steve.

The "Yakety Sax" cut in yet?


Laura Leibowitz [4:59 PM]

Hi folks!


brad_strickland [4:59 PM]

Hiya, Boss.


Tom V. [4:59 PM]

Good evening, everyone!


brad_strickland [4:59 PM]

Hello, Tom!


Tom V. [4:59 PM]

Hello Brad!


garth_johnson [5:00 PM]

Where's the kaboom -- there was supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom!


Laura Leibowitz [5:00 PM]

How's everyone tonight?


R. Hookie [5:00 PM]

Hi folks!


Laura Leibowitz [5:00 PM]

Har har


brad_strickland [5:01 PM]

I'm one of the Walking Wounded tonight. This morning the Atlanta Radio Theater put on a show at a convention. I tripped getting onstage (they had pushed the steps slightly beneath the stage to make way for the sound fx table} and went down flat on my face. Fortunately, all I really got out of it was rug burn on  my forehead. And I played the part of Jeeves, none the less. The show must go on. Dignity, always dignity....


Laura Leibowitz [5:02 PM]

Glad you lived to tell the tale!


R. Hookie [5:02 PM]

That's too bad...


Steve_Smith [5:02 PM]

oops -

hi guys


brad_strickland [5:02 PM]

Over the years, I have learned how to take a fall.

Hi, Steve.


Steve_Smith [5:02 PM]

was making a pbj


brad_strickland [5:02 PM]

What flavor j?


Laura Leibowitz [5:03 PM]

What, no Jell-O?


Steve_Smith [5:03 PM]

time for me to turn off Benny Hill


brad_strickland [5:03 PM]

I was hoping it would cherry, strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, and/or lime.

Benny Hill couldn't make a living in modern-day America. If he were alive.


Steve_Smith [5:03 PM]

grape.... smuckers... sorry folks


R. Hookie [5:03 PM]

Yes Steve... only one Benny at a time...


brad_strickland [5:04 PM]

Oh, well--then it has to be good.


Tom V. [5:04 PM]

Did they ever try peanut butter flavored Jello?


Laura Leibowitz [5:04 PM]

You know that Benny Hill took his first name from Jack, right?


R. Hookie [5:05 PM]

He did??!!


Laura Leibowitz [5:05 PM]

Tom - There was butterscotch pudding, but that's as close as I'm aware...

Hookie - Yepper


R. Hookie [5:05 PM]



brad_strickland [5:05 PM]

"Folks, here's a grand dessert. You will need one package of grape Jell-O, a half-cup of peanut butter, and six slices of Grape-Nuts bread..."


Tom V. [5:05 PM]

That's cool, Laura.


Steve_Smith [5:06 PM]

i was listening to a show the other evening..


Laura Leibowitz [5:06 PM]

Man, no Sal Hepatica needed after that recipe


R. Hookie [5:06 PM]

GN Bread???


Steve_Smith [5:06 PM]

think it was in the 1940..


brad_strickland [5:06 PM]

Did Jack know about that pilfering of his assumed name? Did he ever work with Benny Hill?


Laura Leibowitz [5:06 PM]

I would imagine that would be something like the gluten-free bread I see in Berkeley.  You could kill someone with it.


Steve_Smith [5:06 PM]

jack was talking about being tired


Laura Leibowitz [5:07 PM]

Brad - Not as far as I know.  I think he'd take it as a compliment, since he sometimes claimed he took Jack from Jack Osterman.


Steve_Smith [5:07 PM]

said somewthing about B12 and


brad_strickland [5:07 PM]

Ah, Dwarf Battle Bread. Keeps you going for days. . . just one look at it takes away your appetite. And you can chuck it at an enemy with a fair chance at killing him. --from Terry Pratchett, roughly.


Steve_Smith [5:08 PM]

one of the ciggerettes he got from the drummer ...


brad_strickland [5:08 PM]

It's odd, I'm the only one of my siblings who doesn't need periodic B-12 shots. And I've never needed cigarettes.


Steve_Smith [5:09 PM]

Jack was talking about smoking a joint...



brad_strickland [5:10 PM]

IIRC, both Benny Rubin and Ben Bernie were not thrilled with Jack's eventual stage name. Oh, I've never smoked a joint, either. Remarkably dull for a fellow who was at college in the turbulent sixties.


Steve_Smith [5:10 PM]

that's the one


brad_strickland [5:10 PM]

Of course, before Jack was Jack, he was Ben Benny. And Ben Bernie played the fiddle. While Rome bernied.


Steve_Smith [5:12 PM]

Jack tries to trade the Maxwell.. 40-10-27 ... had to do a dbl take..


brad_strickland [5:13 PM]

Yep, 'round here that would be the fortieth month, tenth day, of 1927. You don't get years like those anymore.

The Maxwell did disappear during WWII, gone to the service as scrap metal. It somehow was resurrected later, I forget how.


Steve_Smith [5:14 PM]

where is everyone? did the show start?


brad_strickland [5:14 PM]

Hasn't been announced. Laura?

Looks like they've all dropped off, but i didn't see a link.


R. Hookie [5:16 PM]

I didn't get it


Tom V. [5:16 PM]

I'm still here awaiting instructions.


Steve_Smith [5:17 PM]

russians.... tee hee


brad_strickland [5:17 PM]

Huh. The roster over on the left just shows two of us at the moment. Must be Slack slacking off.


R. Hookie [5:17 PM]

There's a roster?


brad_strickland [5:17 PM]

Hi, Laura! Show started?


Laura Leibowitz [5:17 PM]


Computer froze, just got back in


R. Hookie [5:17 PM]



brad_strickland [5:18 PM]

Server, I think. Lots of folks apparently got dumped at once.


Steve_Smith [5:18 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:19 PM]



Steve_Smith [5:19 PM]

just 5 of us...??? I don;t see

a roster..


R. Hookie [5:19 PM]

You don't see me?


Laura Leibowitz [5:19 PM]

6 now including me

I see you


R. Hookie [5:20 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:20 PM]

It's under channel details


brad_strickland [5:20 PM]

I just see three.


Laura Leibowitz [5:20 PM]

OK...let me see if I can get Watch2Gether going

It looks like Brad, Garth, me, Hookie, Steve, and Tom


Steve_Smith [5:20 PM]

oh boy


Laura Leibowitz [5:21 PM]

And one more trying to log in...


R. Hookie [5:21 PM]

Kathy must be working on one of her recipes...


Laura Leibowitz [5:22 PM]

OK, let's do this thing.

Kick back and grab some popcorn



Let's meet on Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether lets you watch videos with your friends, synchronized at the same time.


Steve_Smith [5:22 PM]

on your mark ..


Laura Leibowitz [5:22 PM]

If anyone joins while the shows are in progress, please join at the above link!


brad_strickland [5:24 PM]

Um, I just got a panda sliding down a playground slide?


Judith Greenberg [5:26 PM]

Am I in?


Laura Leibowitz [5:26 PM]


Join us in the Watch2Gether room...link above


Judith Greenberg [5:27 PM]

Yay!  Jello!

Nothing happened whenI clicked it


brad_strickland [6:11 PM]

And here we are.


Steve_Smith [6:11 PM]

that was fun..


Laura Leibowitz [6:11 PM]

Some of us...


R. Hookie [6:12 PM]

Thanks for leaving the light on...


Laura Leibowitz [6:12 PM]

OK...most of us.

So thoughts, comments, observations?


Tom V. [6:12 PM]

Enjoyed both shows very much!


brad_strickland [6:12 PM]

At least Jack could USUALLY recycle a script with no loss of entertainment value. I guess that comes from his comedic practice of "Gags with variations."


Steve_Smith [6:12 PM]

i needed this.. thanks so much for doing this Laura


R. Hookie [6:12 PM]

I like the double feature idea


brad_strickland [6:12 PM]

Overall, I liked the radio show a tad more, though the Stewarts were great.


Steve_Smith [6:13 PM]

I like Ronnie best..


Laura Leibowitz [6:13 PM]

Also there's some inherent variation of it being the Stewarts vs. the Colmans


brad_strickland [6:13 PM]

As I recall, the Stewart house looked pretty modest for a big star's home.


Laura Leibowitz [6:13 PM]

I have to give the radio show the higher grade.  You have all the regulars in the first half, and it's super fast-paced


brad_strickland [6:13 PM]

I mean the real-life one.

Agreed, Laura. And Frank Nelson was in top form.


Laura Leibowitz [6:14 PM]

And Joe Kearns


Steve_Smith [6:14 PM]

Every colamn show I here I still laugh out loud..

oh YEEES Frank too ... big smiles everytime


Laura Leibowitz [6:15 PM]

So fast-paced it felt like they were running for a train!


brad_strickland [6:15 PM]

Ah, Joseph Kearns missed the TV show by virtue of having passed away in 1962. He was the first Mr. Wilson in "Dennis the Menace." If I recall, he went to NY on business in the show and never came back. Chuck Cunningham syndrome.


Tom V. [6:15 PM]

Joe Kearns had passed away before the TV version was done.


R. Hookie [6:15 PM]

I like the faster pace... keeps the show moving


Laura Leibowitz [6:15 PM]

Thanks for looking that up...I was thinking he might have passed away by that time.


garth_johnson [6:16 PM]

A fine example of giving a good actor a good script and you get a great show no matter who does it.


Tom V. [6:16 PM]

You beat me to it, Brad.


Laura Leibowitz [6:16 PM]

Kind of like when they redid Marilyn Monroe, and had to bring back Schlepperman because Artie Auerbach had passed.


Steve_Smith [6:16 PM]

if a TV script is copied from radio ... did the radio writer get credit at the end?


brad_strickland [6:16 PM]

If you listen to a lot of OTR dramatic shows, Kearns's career is amazing. He was all over the place.


Laura Leibowitz [6:16 PM]

Steve - Yes.  Of course, they were generally the same anyway.


brad_strickland [6:16 PM]

Good question, Steve!


Laura Leibowitz [6:17 PM]

There is at least one show where all six get writing credit.


brad_strickland [6:17 PM]

And that gave Jack the opportunity for some good jokes when he was guesting on other shows--"You wouldn't DARE say that if my WRITERS were here!"


Laura Leibowitz [6:18 PM]

Suggestions for next month?


R. Hookie [6:18 PM]

Another double feature?


brad_strickland [6:18 PM]

Something about the May Company? See what I did there?


Laura Leibowitz [6:18 PM]

Wah wahhhh


R. Hookie [6:18 PM]

I see that


Laura Leibowitz [6:18 PM]

Actually, I think I can do both of those.


Steve_Smith [6:18 PM]

Jack tries to trade the Maxwell.. 40-10-27


brad_strickland [6:18 PM]

"It's May, it's May, the lusty month of May...."


Steve_Smith [6:19 PM]

oh .. May co.   cool


Laura Leibowitz [6:19 PM]

Steve - That's an early Maxwell show!  Well before Mel.

Steve - Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Could back it with Just Plain Bill...

OK, what other thoughts Benny-wise?


brad_strickland [6:20 PM]

I always wonder if Mel's story--that the sound fx record for the Maxwell was missing and he just stepped up to the mike and did the sound--was factual or one of those Hollywood stories.


Steve_Smith [6:20 PM]

Oh ... it's just a real funny one.


Laura Leibowitz [6:20 PM]

Brad - I think there's a grain of truth, but probably well-embellished for a good story.


R. Hookie [6:20 PM]

Sometime, I'd like us to do the GE Theaters


Laura Leibowitz [6:20 PM]

Much like Drear Pooson

Hookie - That would be good for the summer replacement!


R. Hookie [6:21 PM]

And do a triple feature


brad_strickland [6:21 PM]

Oh, please don't tell me Don's Drear Pooson flub was scripted.


Steve_Smith [6:21 PM]

is tha Balzer interview out there to hear?


Laura Leibowitz [6:21 PM]

Brad - No, but the extent of Jack's reaction was nothing near what Frank described.

Steve - Yes, I believe so!


Steve_Smith [6:22 PM]

i had it on mp3 years ago but can't find the disc..

i give it a search..

also lost my Frank Nelson one too.


Laura Leibowitz [6:23 PM]

Hey, thanks for being here folks!  Very fun to share these with you.


brad_strickland [6:23 PM]

"Drear Pooson" was a spoonerism, but not the worst I've heard. An American Lit teacher once waxed enthusiastic and did a spoonerism on "Huck Finn." And had to dismiss the class.

Thank you, Laura. Always a pleasure.


R. Hookie [6:23 PM]

It's fun being here too!!!


Steve_Smith [6:23 PM]

oh.. i guess it's close to bed time

thak you so much.


Laura Leibowitz [6:23 PM]

Have a great month, folks!  I'll see you in May!


R. Hookie [6:23 PM]

Good night folks!


Tom V. [6:23 PM]

Thank you, Laura.   And goodnight, folks!


garth_johnson [6:23 PM]

steve if you are missing interviews and extras look here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pyikbm2x3unw9ch/AAAyYADC1yn80nWDlUiwgdR_a?dl=0


Jack Benny Extras

Shared with Dropbox


Steve_Smith [6:23 PM]

you too

good night folks..


Judith Greenberg [6:24 PM]

This was great fun!