IJBFC Chat - March 3, 2019

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garth_johnson [4:07 PM]

March 15, 1936 - Picks you up when you're not so hot, calms you down when you're taxed - Laugh with Joanie to feel your level best.



garth_johnson [5:15 PM]

Reading Fein's book and went searching ... - Storm Lake Pilot, November 17, 1911.


Steve_Smith [4:56 PM]

Hi Ya Buck !!


tkonek [4:57 PM]



Neil Ottenstein [4:57 PM]

joined jackbennykubelsky.


Laura Leibowitz [4:58 PM]

Hi folks!

Great articles as always, Garth!


Steve_Smith [4:58 PM]

I woke up just in time!!


Neil Ottenstein [4:58 PM]

Made it. Thanks


Laura Leibowitz [4:58 PM]

Hi Neil - That was fast!

Good morning, Steve!


Tom V. [4:59 PM]

Hello everyone!


Steve_Smith [4:59 PM]

nap  silly girl


Laura Leibowitz [4:59 PM]

Zowie, no vampires in my house tonight.  I'm slow-roasting pork that has been marinated in oregano and garlic

Hi Tom!


Steve_Smith [4:59 PM]

Ahoy everryone


Laura Leibowitz [4:59 PM]

Hi Perry!  Good to see you here.

Hi Hookie!

And Ted as well...don't want you to feel left out.

How's everyone doing tonight?


Steve_Smith [5:00 PM]

I found a second Acme Plaza Hotel towel the other day.. though i had the only one.


Neil Ottenstein [5:00 PM]

Just finished dinner.


Tom V. [5:00 PM]

Doing well.


R. Hookie [5:00 PM]

Hi folks!


Neil Ottenstein [5:01 PM]

The last few weeks I've been listening to the Neighbors set of episodes with the Colmans

Lots of fun


Laura Leibowitz [5:02 PM]

Then you must  be feeling pretty happy now!


Steve_Smith [5:02 PM]

hey're some of my all imte fav's


of any otr


Laura Leibowitz [5:02 PM]

I was hearing an interview about #MeToo in the golden age

Apparently plenty of women had crushes on Ronald Colman

Which is completely understandable.


Neil Ottenstein [5:03 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:03 PM]

But everyone of every gender had a crush on Cary Grant

So they said.

Hi Beverly!

Wow, that stopped the room cold.


R. Hookie [5:04 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:04 PM]

Hookie knows from cold.


Steve_Smith [5:04 PM]

I could get into Hall's of Ivy ... maybe I didn't try enough shows


garth_johnson [5:04 PM]

So how's the show been so far ...


Laura Leibowitz [5:05 PM]

Garth - Just waiting for people to log in.  Just getting rolling.

Love the articles above, BTW


Steve_Smith [5:05 PM]

couldn't that is


Laura Leibowitz [5:05 PM]

So while we're waiting, what's on your mind Benny-wise?

(I'll leave that setup there for someone to finish it)


Steve_Smith [5:06 PM]

Watching Bowery Boys before chat ... fun stuff but napped anyway..


Laura Leibowitz [5:07 PM]

We had Leo Gorcey Jr. at the IJBFC convention back in 2003.


Steve_Smith [5:07 PM]

oh cool.


Neil Ottenstein [5:07 PM]

It has been probably 40 years since I've seen any Bowery Boys


Steve_Smith [5:07 PM]

I watch Amazon Fire TV stick..


Laura Leibowitz [5:07 PM]

I was playing Mah Jongg.  No Bowery Boys there.


Steve_Smith [5:08 PM]

No cable in years


Laura Leibowitz [5:08 PM]

OK, looks like we've got critical mass...let's see what's on the docket for tonight...


Steve_Smith [5:08 PM]

drum roll


garth_johnson [5:08 PM]

There will be a slight pause ....


Neil Ottenstein [5:08 PM]

well ......


Laura Leibowitz [5:09 PM]

So we may have done this one on the chat previously

But if we did, I don't remember for sure.



Let's meet on Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether lets you watch videos with your friends, synchronized at the same time.

For anyone joining the chat while the show is in progress, please go to the link above!

Afterwards we'll come back here to discuss.


Neil Ottenstein [5:10 PM]



R. Hookie [5:35 PM]

Ok... I'm back


Tom V. [5:35 PM]

Good episode.


Perri [5:35 PM]



Neil Ottenstein [5:35 PM]

That was fun. Thanks


Laura Leibowitz [5:35 PM]

OK, I got the closing line.

You didn't miss much


tkonek [5:35 PM]

Hi Everyone!


Laura Leibowitz [5:36 PM]

Why Dennis couldn't say that his salary was $3K a week previously

He couldn't say it on Washington's Birthday.



Neil Ottenstein [5:36 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:36 PM]

I'm really curious to hear people's thoughts on the "yellow humor" aspects of that show

That's part of what I'm fighting in trying to get the shows in wider circulation


Tom V. [5:37 PM]

It was a fine.  Nothing was intentionally mean about it.


Neil Ottenstein [5:37 PM]

It is a product of the time.  You need to remember that.


R. Hookie [5:38 PM]

Are distributors cringing at some of the content?


Laura Leibowitz [5:38 PM]

Jack's shows may have aged well for not being topical, but they run into a surprising amount of identity politics these days.

Hookie - They don't know it to that level of detail.  It's more in the broader discussion of things like Rochester's role, Si-Sy, stuff like this.

Jack Webb show runs into the same issues.

The Benny show with Webb as a guest


R. Hookie [5:39 PM]



Steve_Smith [5:39 PM]

glad we grew up before TV taugt people to be offended by everything


Neil Ottenstein [5:40 PM]

Very glad


R. Hookie [5:40 PM]



Tom V. [5:40 PM]

Me too!


Laura Leibowitz [5:40 PM]

The Dean of Gettysburg College was forced to resign because someone found a photo of him at a Hogan's Heroes party in 1980.

Dressed as...guess what...


Neil Ottenstein [5:41 PM]

just a Nazi or someone in particular?


Steve_Smith [5:41 PM]

paleface's skin seem to be thickest//


Laura Leibowitz [5:41 PM]

A coworker (whose daughter goes there) asked me my opinion, and I said, "Hey, I can show you a photo of Jack in Nazi uniform from 1941."

Neil - The photo only shows him as a Nazi with a swastika armband


Neil Ottenstein [5:41 PM]

context matters


Laura Leibowitz [5:41 PM]

And all the actors who played Nazis on "Hogan's Heroes" were Jewish.


R. Hookie [5:41 PM]

Yes, context...


garth_johnson [5:42 PM]

They would throw Jack into the clinic if he was dessed like Col. Klink.


Steve_Smith [5:42 PM]

context doesn't matter now .. wife got fire last week for an innocent word twisted by snowflake


Laura Leibowitz [5:42 PM]

Aw man, Steve...sorry to hear that.


R. Hookie [5:42 PM]

That's too bad...


Neil Ottenstein [5:43 PM]

that's terrible


Steve_Smith [5:43 PM]

just wrong ... she's taking way hard


Laura Leibowitz [5:43 PM]

I don't blame her.

Well, what else about the show?


R. Hookie [5:43 PM]

Hope things get better


Steve_Smith [5:43 PM]

me too


R. Hookie [5:43 PM]

The makeup was over the top


Laura Leibowitz [5:44 PM]

Yes!  I've had so many people tell me that mask on Jack scared them as a kid!


R. Hookie [5:44 PM]

I can see that


Laura Leibowitz [5:44 PM]

It even haunted me a bit...it was one of the shows they aired when I was first getting acquainted with Jack.


Neil Ottenstein [5:44 PM]

I guess it was late enough that it wasn't live


Tom V. [5:44 PM]

Loved that make-up.  Universal had some of the best back then!


Laura Leibowitz [5:45 PM]

Recorded 9/26/63

Aired 2/11/64


Steve_Smith [5:45 PM]

when I was young ... I'd see jack as guest star or on his specials

would hear LSMFT mentioned

everyone would laugh

I didn't know what was so funny


R. Hookie [5:46 PM]



Steve_Smith [5:46 PM]

Found a pac of my uncle's Luskys


Laura Leibowitz [5:46 PM]

I'm still floored that there's a reference to Kenny Baker on the 2/14/54 radio show.


Steve_Smith [5:46 PM]

saw LSMFT on it


Laura Leibowitz [5:46 PM]

Steve - Green or white?


Steve_Smith [5:46 PM]

and started laghing and showing everyone.

They said "what's so funny


Neil Ottenstein [5:47 PM]

It is amazing how they just wove the LSMFT into the radio episodes


Steve_Smith [5:47 PM]

I don;t know


this was in the 60s


Laura Leibowitz [5:47 PM]

Definitely white then


garth_johnson [5:47 PM]

Lucky Strike green has gone to war


Laura Leibowitz [5:47 PM]

Unless he smoked very, very, very seldomly

Let's see if I can find info on the middle commercial for this one

All I have is "Don brings out a yodeler to help with commercial"


R. Hookie [5:48 PM]

I only smoke on dates... I haven't smoked in 20-some years...


Laura Leibowitz [5:49 PM]



R. Hookie [5:49 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:49 PM]

Oh here's something!

The guy on the record telling Dennis to put in a quarter is Freddy de Cordova.


R. Hookie [5:49 PM]



Tom V. [5:50 PM]

Cool trivia!


Laura Leibowitz [5:50 PM]

Chinese waiters were Tommy Lee, Willie Soo Hoo (make up your own joke), and James Shew


R. Hookie [5:50 PM]

Sue who?

Sorry... I had to


Steve_Smith [5:50 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:50 PM]

Sammee Tong was credited as Sammee Toy

I knew that would be irresistible.  Was waiting for a Whoville or Grinch reference


Tom V. [5:51 PM]

The closing credits with the guest cast would've created their own laughs!


Steve_Smith [5:51 PM]

Hey ... that was the name of a girl in a Charlie Chan movie I just watched


Laura Leibowitz [5:51 PM]

Cindy Lou Who?

Who was no more than two...


Steve_Smith [5:52 PM]

Sami toy


Laura Leibowitz [5:52 PM]


Trivia time...which performer on the original "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" also was on Jack's program?


Steve_Smith [5:53 PM]

cindy lou grew into  a whewhoo


R. Hookie [5:53 PM]

Burl Ives?


Steve_Smith [5:53 PM]



garth_johnson [5:53 PM]

Yourrrrr a Great Question LL


Laura Leibowitz [5:53 PM]

That was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

with Burl Ives

Steve - You're right.  Who else?


Steve_Smith [5:54 PM]

oh ... just me


Laura Leibowitz [5:54 PM]

Karloff was on 1/19/47 "I Stand Condemned"

Who else from the original Grinch was on Jack's show?


Neil Ottenstein [5:55 PM]

was June Foray ever on it?


R. Hookie [5:55 PM]

Beverly Washburn?


Steve_Smith [5:55 PM]

... Tony the Tiger voice guy that sang?


Tom V. [5:55 PM]

Can't think of his name.  The amazing singing voice on "You're a Mean One, Mr.Grinch".


Laura Leibowitz [5:55 PM]

Steve and Tom have it...what's his name?


garth_johnson [5:55 PM]



Steve_Smith [5:55 PM]

w/o credit..



Laura Leibowitz [5:55 PM]



R. Hookie [5:55 PM]

Steve got it


garth_johnson [5:55 PM]

Thurl Ravenscroft of the Sportsmen quartet


Laura Leibowitz [5:56 PM]

Good going, Garth!

He was one of the founding members.


Tom V. [5:56 PM]

What a great namw!


Neil Ottenstein [5:56 PM]

June Foray was Cindy Lou Who (uncredited) and was on Dennis Gets a Million Dollars (1958)


garth_johnson [5:56 PM]

Yourrrrrr Great is his big Kellogg's line


Tom V. [5:56 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:56 PM]

Neil - Oh wow, I didn't know that's who did her voice!

Good job, Neil!  I learned something new today!


Neil Ottenstein [5:56 PM]

Glad to help


Laura Leibowitz [5:57 PM]

So what else about the show, and requests for next month?

Or anything else Benny-wise


R. Hookie [5:57 PM]

I want Antenna TV to put Jack back on daily!!!


Steve_Smith [5:58 PM]

I watch 60s batman ... saw Don  & Gladys


Tom V. [5:58 PM]

Jack and the IRS agents visiting, and Mr.and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart is one I really like!


Laura Leibowitz [5:58 PM]

And the President of the Jack Benny Fan Club, Pasadena chapter!

Tom - Cool, we can do that.


Steve_Smith [5:58 PM]

oh yes!!


Laura Leibowitz [5:58 PM]

We should do a double-header that and the radio show with the Colmans.


Tom V. [5:58 PM]

Thanks Laura!!


Laura Leibowitz [5:58 PM]

My pleasure.


Neil Ottenstein [5:59 PM]

IRS would be appropriate for April


Laura Leibowitz [5:59 PM]

Very true!


Steve_Smith [5:59 PM]

I can't get enough of the Colmans with Jack


garth_johnson [5:59 PM]

If I told Him Once I Told him a hundred times Beware The Ides of March already


Laura Leibowitz [5:59 PM]


Anything else, or are we good for March?


Steve_Smith [6:00 PM]

I've had fun..


Laura Leibowitz [6:00 PM]

OK, it's a wrap folks!  Thanks for stopping by!


Steve_Smith [6:00 PM]

I look forward to this


Laura Leibowitz [6:00 PM]



Neil Ottenstein [6:00 PM]



Perri [6:00 PM]

Good time, thank you again!


R. Hookie [6:00 PM]

It's been fun... good night folks!


Laura Leibowitz [6:00 PM]

It ain't a party without you all!


Steve_Smith [6:01 PM]

Told the wife it's JB chat tonite


garth_johnson [6:01 PM]

I Love to spend theses sundays with you

Tom V. [6:01 PM]

Good evening, everyone!


Laura Leibowitz [6:01 PM]

Garth - That's Eddie Cantor...


Steve_Smith [6:01 PM]

had fun last time

She said

I didn;t hear you talkinng'

We type honey


Laura Leibowitz [6:01 PM]

Steve - Give her our best.  Tell her she doesn't want to work in a toxic environment.


Steve_Smith [6:01 PM]

Poorly in my case

Aye Aye

Guess I'll go too.


Laura Leibowitz [6:02 PM]

OK, have a good month, folks!  Thanks again!


Steve_Smith [6:02 PM]

good night all


Neil Ottenstein [6:02 PM]

Good night


Perri [6:02 PM]

Good night, everyone!


tkonek [6:02 PM]

Good Night!