IJBFC Chat - January 6, 2019

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garth_johnson [12:05 PM]

Special for you Slackers https://www.newspapers.com/clip/2630516/jack_benny/  Now I would love for this picture to have been taken in August 1911 when Cora Salisbury and Benjamin Kribelsky the boy violinist played The Racine Theater (Aug 20-21) . But it was probably taken sometime about September 1912 when Salisbury and Benny the pianologist and the fiddlin' kid  played the New Orpheum (Sept 29-Oct 2) as they had a number of bookings in Wisconsin in September-October.   At any rate one rare early picture of Salisbury and Benny.




kathy_fuller_seeley [4:32 PM]

wow Garth Johnson that is such a genius find!!!!!

steve_haynie [4:44 PM]



kathy_fuller_seeley [4:49 PM]

hello Steve, glad you found your way to the chat site. it does not seem an easy task, haha


steve_haynie [4:51 PM]

It was actually easy because I was sent an e-mail with a link.


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:51 PM]

well, you are among the elect, haha! and welcome


steve_haynie [4:52 PM]

I saw Anne Whitfield in an episode of Gunsmoke, and spent the last day or so looking for information about her and Jeanine Ann Roos.

Lots of info on/from Anne Whitfield.  Next to nothing on Jeanine Ann Roos.


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:53 PM]

that sounds interesting. There are so many great resources on the internets! I spent today looking up Thomas Ince westerns from 1912-1914, I hope you found good stuff

radio Gunsmoke, or TV?


steve_haynie [4:54 PM]

It appears that in 2014 Anne Whitfield provided an interview for a podcast and something else in writing.


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:54 PM]

hmmmm, your mention of "saw" makes me think I am a dope and should have assumed TV


steve_haynie [4:55 PM]

She did a couple of TV episodes of Gunsmoke.


In an interviews she said Alice Faye and Phil Harris were all business.

They were very nice to the girls at Christmas.


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:56 PM]

that is cool, what aspects of the Jack Benny world do you most enjoy? TV or radio or both?  Oh that is interesting about Alice and Phil!


steve_haynie [4:56 PM]

I am far more immersed in the Benny radio shows.

TV is nice, but the "theater of the mind" is much better.


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:57 PM]

well, me too, and I am excited about bringing the 1932-1937 radio scripts to print


steve_haynie [4:57 PM]

Every night I listen to OTR.


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:57 PM]

that is great! my 19 year old college students are in to podcasts and I am trying to expand their minds to OTR


steve_haynie [4:58 PM]

Post WWII OTR would be easiest to accept.

The humor is closest to the TV comedies through the late 70s.


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:58 PM]

yes I am trying some science fiction episodes, but they have gotten into comparing Benny radio and TV sketches, yay


garth_johnson [4:59 PM]

Kathy if you are wanting to re-create the N.W.  Ayer letter head its a Kabel font


kathy_fuller_seeley [4:59 PM]

great idea, Garth! I will see if I can sell Ben Ohmart the publisher on that, it should not matter to him other than the issue of expediency. Ben is having all the scripts retyped


Laura Leibowitz [5:00 PM]

Jeannie Roose who played Phil's daughter?


r.hookie [5:00 PM]

Hi folks


steve_haynie [5:00 PM]



garth_johnson [5:00 PM]

Standard typewriter will do for everything else, but you want to have things look right


tkonek [5:00 PM]

Hi Everyone!


Tom V. [5:01 PM]

Jello everyone!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:01 PM]

Garth, here is an issue I am struggling with, Ben Ohmart's typist did not pay attention to the words underlined, which was for performance, and I think I should go back and put them in. Do you think others would care?


Laura Leibowitz [5:01 PM]

Steve - Well, let me know what you want to know.  I have her on my list to interview.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:01 PM]

Steve Haynie, you can tell I am a dope to not recognize your searches as for the radio "daughters"

howdy Laura and everyone


Laura Leibowitz [5:02 PM]

Kathy - I think you should.

Hi Tom!  Hi Hookie!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:02 PM]

yeah I think so too


Laura Leibowitz [5:02 PM]

Hi Ted!


r.hookie [5:03 PM]

So, I see we're picking up the "Slack" in here..... (moan)


floyd_riggle [5:03 PM]

Jell-O Again


Laura Leibowitz [5:03 PM]

Hi Floyd!  You made it!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:03 PM]

When the contract comes through, I will "celebrate" by going back through all the 1932 radio scripts for underlines!


floyd_riggle [5:03 PM]

Yup, just ran in the door


garth_johnson [5:03 PM]

Good question - underline used for emphasis and in context leads to a different interpretation when read - most useful when you don't have the tone of voice for reference


Hookie -- we are too hip to be slack


Laura Leibowitz [5:04 PM]

Hi Garth!


r.hookie [5:04 PM]

You took that from Huey Lewis


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:04 PM]

yep! Ben's typist must have English for a second or third language, I did not want to burden him, but I will put those back in. FEW other performance markers in the scripts


Laura Leibowitz [5:04 PM]

Kathy - Lucky you.  :wink:


steve_haynie [5:05 PM]

There are programs that can print text from a scan.


garth_johnson [5:05 PM]

Yup - The _Heart_ of rock n roll is still beating in Vancouver.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:05 PM]

How about we are too Slack to be hip?


r.hookie [5:05 PM]

I have slacks on my hip


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:06 PM]

Oh Steve H, they only allowed me to take quick cell phone photos, scanning would have taken another 20 years, hahahaha


r.hookie [5:06 PM]

Well, they can't all be gems


Laura Leibowitz [5:06 PM]

Kathy - I can back up that estimate, since that's about how long I've been trying to get them to scan them for me.


steve_haynie [5:06 PM]

There might be a program that can print text from those photos.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:07 PM]

yep! and Steve, well, we are doing the best we can. Now channel your positive wishes to the ESTATE LAWYER to approve it : )


Laura Leibowitz [5:07 PM]

Kathy - Since we're here and talking about it, UCLA is trying to find the paperwork on the original 1968 donation.

Well, channel them to UCLA first...


steve_haynie [5:07 PM]

You are doing a great service, and I really do appreciate all of it.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:08 PM]

oh I bet they are. Their ecominium to me came from a sheet of paper hidden in a drawer


Laura Leibowitz [5:08 PM]



garth_johnson [5:08 PM]

Would the person with ticket 6847-359 please claim their turkey


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:09 PM]

ecclesiastical memo.....Laura I need to go find who is the most sympathetic librarian there


floyd_riggle [5:09 PM]

ecominium?  Is Phil Harris in the room?


steve_haynie [5:09 PM]

Ah, sure, we use that word all the time around here.


r.hookie [5:09 PM]

Did anyone else order the new boxed set?


Laura Leibowitz [5:10 PM]

Kathy - At UCLA?  Good luck...

Hookie - I hope so.

My eyes flew open when I saw they'd given me credit as the Executive Producer of the set.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:10 PM]

the commercial looks GREAT, I am amused at how much of the color footage they used, But then I was PROUD of them for using the black and white footage after the halfway point


Laura Leibowitz [5:11 PM]

HI Beverly!


r.hookie [5:11 PM]

Penny's going to be eating the cheap dog food for a couple months due to my purchase...


beverly_bennett [5:11 PM]

Hi!  Glad I found you here!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:11 PM]

The SLOWNESS of Benny in the late 1960s-70s gets to my students. I wonder what a student editor would do to it....


Laura Leibowitz [5:12 PM]

The first time I saw the half hour infomercial, it didn't have the sound track yet.  But I know the material so I knew most of what was going on.


steve_haynie [5:12 PM]

Slowness?  Many comedians in the 60s had a slower pace.


Laura Leibowitz [5:12 PM]

Kathy - Which is interesting, since that was about the time Laugh-In turned up the heat on comedy editing.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:13 PM]

great images of Jack there!

Laura, yes that is such a great point! The editors started getting their training in TV commercials and took those fast cuts to TV and film.


Laura Leibowitz [5:13 PM]

I know...their choice of images was spot-on.

Kathy - There ya go.

So we ready to watch the show for...um...last month?

I been sick...


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:14 PM]

hope you are fully recovered!


r.hookie [5:14 PM]

Need to visit Rexall?


Laura Leibowitz [5:15 PM]

Oh I am.  I messed up after giving blood the Saturday before the prior one, and pretty much collapsed after coming home from a Mah Jongg brunch that felt more like something from the Twilight Zone.


garth_johnson [5:15 PM]

Take two boxes of Jell-O and call us next month


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:15 PM]

mah jongg will do that to you...


Laura Leibowitz [5:15 PM]

So my apologies!


r.hookie [5:16 PM]

Glad you're feeling better


Laura Leibowitz [5:16 PM]

She seems to be on the same schedule we are, and I was at one earlier today, and they coincide next month as well.

OK, let's do the show.

Anyone joining the room while the show is in progress, please go to the link above!


michael_amowitz [5:24 PM]

J-E-L-L ... SLOW! Dinally found my way in!

Finally even ...

Amazing picture, Garth!


michael_amowitz [5:37 PM]

Wow, LL, glad you're mostly better :slightly_smiling_face: No more mah jongg for a day!


garth_johnson [5:42 PM]

So bud what's your problem.There was this guy at the department store where I work ...




Laura Leibowitz [5:42 PM]

Welcome back!


steve_haynie [5:42 PM]

That was fun.


michael_amowitz [5:42 PM]



perri_harper [5:42 PM]

Thank you, Laura!


r.hookie [5:43 PM]

Welcome back... your dreams were your ticket out....


Laura Leibowitz [5:43 PM]

Sure.  Can't remember who requested it, but hope you enjoyed it!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:43 PM]

this was a great visual adaptation of the radio Christmas shopping show]

Laura Leibowitz [5:43 PM]

So I've heard that ending discussed a lot


r.hookie [5:43 PM]

The Christmas shopping shows are always fun


Laura Leibowitz [5:43 PM]

Whether it's funny that Mel Blanc supposedly kills himself at the end.



steve_haynie [5:43 PM]

The suicide feels weird.


garth_johnson [5:44 PM]

... Now I've Seen Everything --- <bang!>


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:44 PM]

well, remind us of the broadcast date?


steve_haynie [5:44 PM]

It was a more common comedy device in old comedies.


floyd_riggle [5:44 PM]

That needs to be taken in context of when the show was produced.

It made me think when I heard it but remembered the times.


Laura Leibowitz [5:44 PM]



r.hookie [5:44 PM]

It was a different time... probably wouldn't fly today


perri_harper [5:44 PM]

yeah, pretty dark - could have had a reveal that the noise was something else


michael_amowitz [5:44 PM]

Only because it's theater of the absurd ... just figured like a human cartoon


floyd_riggle [5:44 PM]

Also - the assumption would be - Mel Missed.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:45 PM]

YIKES, so after the age of early TV. Well, what the heck, a time of cold war nihilism


perri_harper [5:45 PM]

yeah, like that


Tom V. [5:45 PM]

I've always enjoyed it, and never felt like it was a "real" suicide!


michael_amowitz [5:45 PM]

I'm confident we watched it at the time :slightly_smiling_face:


Laura Leibowitz [5:45 PM]

His comment of "Oh that's a shame" seems to infer they're seeing Mel bleeding out


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:45 PM]

Movies like Fail Safe were in theaters in 1960


michael_amowitz [5:45 PM]

Ernie Kovacs was going strong at that time, so it's not surprising


Laura Leibowitz [5:45 PM]

I may be the only person who loved Fail Safe.


floyd_riggle [5:45 PM]

1964 to be exact


garth_johnson [5:46 PM]

I'm kinda Fonda that movie too


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:46 PM]

I like Fail Safe too


Laura Leibowitz [5:46 PM]

Garth - Har har


OK, good.  I'm not alone then.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:46 PM]

Also Dr Strangelove


floyd_riggle [5:46 PM]

I not only LOVED Fail Safe, I have DVD copies of the Original and the one done LIVE - TV 1999 INtroduced by Walter Cronkite.


Laura Leibowitz [5:46 PM]

Dr. Strangelove is on my Top 10 list, but I liked them both.


michael_amowitz [5:47 PM]

Fail Safe doesn't stick with me like Dr. Strangelove did :slightly_smiling_face:


Laura Leibowitz [5:47 PM]

Floyd - Wow!  I don't think I realized they did a live one.  In 1999, or it was set in 1999


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:47 PM]

so...... dark humor was alive and well, not only in movies but in the occasional Christmas episode of a TV series. Awesome!!!!


Laura Leibowitz [5:47 PM]

But yeah, in this age of Parkland, etc., I don't think you could do the suicide bit today.


floyd_riggle [5:47 PM]

Laura, it is available - had an all star cast - they did it in Black and WHite.


The actors were running between two studios.


steve_haynie [5:47 PM]

Think of all the times Wyle E. Coyote was blown up.


Laura Leibowitz [5:47 PM]

Floyd - I'll have to look for it!

Steve - Yes, but no coyotes were hurt in the making of this cartoon.  You know that's not real.


floyd_riggle [5:48 PM]

Pasted image at 2019-01-06, 5:42 PM


Laura Leibowitz [5:48 PM]

Although I confess I've never been much of a Tom and Jerry fan because it felt too violent.


floyd_riggle [5:48 PM]




Fail Safe (TV Movie 2000)


Directed by Stephen Frears, Martin Pasetta. With Walter Cronkite, Richard Dreyfuss, Noah Wyle, Brian Dennehy. Cold War tensions climb to a fever pitch when a U.S. bomber is accidentally ordered to drop a nuclear warhead on Moscow.




Laura Leibowitz [5:48 PM]

Floyd - Thanks for the tip!


michael_amowitz [5:48 PM]

Ernie's shows always had some darj humor.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:48 PM]

Steve that is a great point----movies and TV created "cartoon" characters to which nothing lethal happened

Bugs Bunny cartoons are filled with similar stuff


Laura Leibowitz [5:49 PM]

It's very true.


floyd_riggle [5:49 PM]

Well - this is game, set and match for me.  Enjoy everone


Laura Leibowitz [5:49 PM]

Thanks for stopping, Floyd!


r.hookie [5:49 PM]

Another Mel Blanc connection


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:50 PM]

Woody Woodpecker cartoons were even MORE violent than Tom and Jerry, and I can't watch any of them


Laura Leibowitz [5:50 PM]

Before we lose people, any requests for next month?


michael_amowitz [5:50 PM]

cya Floyd


r.hookie [5:50 PM]

Good night Floyd


Laura Leibowitz [5:50 PM]

And there's yet another Mel connection...Woody Woodpecker.


michael_amowitz [5:50 PM]

Maybe an episode with the ladies of the Pasadena Chapter of the JBFC


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:50 PM]

it will be FEBRUARY, so anything birthday or Lincoln or Valentine related


r.hookie [5:50 PM]

Birthday episodes???


steve_haynie [5:51 PM]



michael_amowitz [5:51 PM]

Jack's Birthday


garth_johnson [5:51 PM]

Something with T.E. Ford - to celebrate his birthday - 1919-02-13


Laura Leibowitz [5:51 PM]

Mike - Ah, we can do one of my favorite epsiodes.

Garth - Ah, that's a good idea as well.

Or we can be strange and do Dennis' birthday.


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:51 PM]

thanks everybody! great to be with you all


michael_amowitz [5:51 PM]



garth_johnson [5:51 PM]

We missed Carol Landis - her birtday was Jan 1


steve_haynie [5:51 PM]

A few years ago I gave four OTR fans shoelaces for Christmas.  The packages were wrapped nicely.


michael_amowitz [5:51 PM]

Nice to "see" you, Kathy


steve_haynie [5:52 PM]

I found gopher traps a couple of years later.


Laura Leibowitz [5:52 PM]

Steve - Were any clerks hurt in those purchases?

Night, Kathy!  Take care!


steve_haynie [5:52 PM]

No,  ha ha!


perri_harper [5:52 PM]

Good night all, and thank you again, Laura!


steve_haynie [5:52 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:52 PM]

The year we did Pennies for Benny and held a yahrtzeit services at Jack and Mary's grave, someone sent shoelaces in addition to their penny.


michael_amowitz [5:53 PM]



Laura Leibowitz [5:53 PM]

OK, sounds like we're done.  Thanks folks!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:53 PM]

haha that is wonderful


r.hookie [5:53 PM]

This seems like we had a lively group tonight!


michael_amowitz [5:53 PM]

take care, all!


r.hookie [5:53 PM]

Good night folks!


Laura Leibowitz [5:53 PM]

Be well and stay warm and dry folks!


Tom V. [5:53 PM]

Happy New Year, everyone!


steve_haynie [5:53 PM]

Good night!


michael_amowitz [5:53 PM]

Good night, Hookie