IJBFC Chat - December 9, 2018

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garth_johnson [11:22 AM]

Here is a newspaper clipping challenge photo that will stump you slackers, hipsters and even Laura and Kathy and me too - if I hadn't been the one looking for it (or something similar)  --- The challenge is to identify one of the ladies and her relationship to the Jack Benny Program. -- I'll post the answer near the end of today's chat. (If LL doesn't ban me.) (edited)


tkonek [5:00 PM]

Hello Everyone!


r.hookie [5:01 PM]



Tom V. [5:01 PM]

Seasons Greetings, Benny fans!


r.hookie [5:01 PM]

Hey Tom


Tom V. [5:02 PM]



kathy_fuller_seeley [5:02 PM]

Hi folks, I guess we will be without Laura tonight, she posted something on FB an hour ago about feeling rotten and going to bed, I am sorry that she is ill!


r.hookie [5:02 PM]

That's too bad


Tom V. [5:03 PM]

Lots of colds and such going around here, too!

Who runs the show when Laura's absent?


garth_johnson [5:05 PM]

Peter Van Steeden


Silence I was expecting a fanfare of bronx cheers


r.hookie [5:07 PM]

(Blows raspberry)


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:09 PM]

pffffft  haha  so is Giselle McKenzie one of the lovely ladies in that photo, Garth? or the woman who played Lois Lane on TV?


garth_johnson [5:10 PM]

no, ...  but one of the ladies is known for singing


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:10 PM]

the best Benny update that I have for you all is that we are getting CLOSER to an agreement the Benny Estate lawyer will OK, to publish the Benny radio show scripts 1932-1936, yay....


r.hookie [5:11 PM]

That's something


Tom V. [5:11 PM]

That's good news!


garth_johnson [5:14 PM]

Published under a "General" agreement - or is that a tired pun


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:15 PM]

haha its blowout-proof, and will be free and easy on the draw


Tom V. [5:15 PM]

About your picture Garth.....the woman on the left looks like Eve Arden.  Is that correct?


garth_johnson [5:17 PM]

Sorry Tom, it's not Our Miss Brooks, but you have identified the one person with the direct connection to Our Friend Jack


Tom V. [5:18 PM]



r.hookie [5:20 PM]

Well, I think I'll take off... Good night, folks!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:22 PM]

yeah, its no fun without Laura : )  goodnight, Hookie, and say goodnight, Gracie!


garth_johnson [5:23 PM]

well ... If you really can't stay ... I'll have to post the answer to the quiz ...


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:23 PM]

baby its cold outside   ... but I would like to know who the mystery women are!


Tom V. [5:24 PM]

Me too!!


garth_johnson [5:24 PM]

On the left is Connie Barlow Rubenstein. Connie was featured on the April 2, 1950 Jack Benny program form Palm Springs.


She performed with The Sportsmen an adaption of "Baby it's Cold Outside" Barlow was the wife of Irwin "Ruby" Ruberstein host at "Ruby's Dunes" cafe and performed there.


joe_postove [5:24 PM]

Hi fellow JB lovers!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:24 PM]

ah HA!!!!!! A wonderful find!


Hello Joe, you got in, hooray! Just as we were all about to call it an early night because Laura is AWOL, or at least sick and I am sorry about that


garth_johnson [5:25 PM]

The other woman is the wife of the owner of the Chi Chi also of P A L M  S P R I N G S


Tom V. [5:25 PM]

I call that tough Jack Benny trivia!


joe_postove [5:25 PM]

I saw that she is not feeling well. :disappointed:


Hi Kathy! Thanks for the help!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:27 PM]

well, glad you got here, and sorry that we aren't more merry or numerous!


joe_postove [5:27 PM]

Well, let's take a nap and think of a show!


Tom V. [5:28 PM]

I guess I'll just go get my Jack Benny DVD;s and pull out the Christmas Shopping episode with Mel Blanc!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:28 PM]

I need to get to work on making a Jack Benny ornament for my tree. My husband suggested a tiny violin, but I want something a little more elaborate. Maybe shoelaces?


garth_johnson [5:29 PM]

Kathy - A stuffed polar bear?


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:29 PM]

shoelaces tied around a box of jello, perhaps, as its more cheerful than a package of Luckies


Oh Garth, I DO have a polar bear! I can repurpose him as Carmichael! wonderful idea!


perhaps I can make Carmichael a tiny gasman's cap


joe_postove [5:30 PM]

Whenever someone uses the words cinnamon or ingredients I change it to Cimmaron and ingredaments. Of course no one gets my reference. Was that on the radio show or TV. I know it is a Mel Blancism.


garth_johnson [5:33 PM]

Mel's bakery was a radio gag


joe_postove [5:34 PM]

can I find it by searching for mel's bakery. I think it was so hilarious!


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:37 PM]

that is a great laugh to leave on, I'll try to post some more things on the FB group, now that my endless Fall semester is over! and a picture of Carmichael dudded up


kathy_fuller_seeley [5:37 PM]



Tom V. [5:38 PM]

Good night, folks.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


garth_johnson [5:39 PM]

Last call for the Super Chief!


joe_postove [5:41 PM]

We're running a little late folks, so G'night!


garth_johnson [5:41 PM]

Would the person with ticket 6847-359 please claim their turkey


steve_smith [6:51 PM]

SHOOT - I missed it again!