IJBFC Chat - November 4, 2018

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Garth Johnson - 4:08 PM

J E LL Oh my god its that time again??


petgirl93 - 4:10 PM

Guess what I am finally off on a Sunday!  


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 4:19 PM

howdy Buck! and you folks too : )


petgirl93 - 4:26 PM

Currently making a podcast for Gracie’s run for President. And how Jack got Gracie into a bit of trouble for a statement he made on his program when she visited.


Michael Amowitz - 4:35 PM

I seem to be here   Jello everybody!


Garth Johnson - 4:36 PM

Hey Rochester --- What time do we go on the air?


M. Mitchell Marmel - 4:58 PM

Jell-O again!


Laura Leibowitz - 4:59 PM

Hi folks!


R.Hookie - 4:59 PM

Good evening!


Laura Leibowitz - 4:59 PM

Hi Hookie!


R.Hookie - 4:59 PM

(West coast: good afternoon!)


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:00 PM

Did I mention our audio theater group did a couple eps of Burns and Allen last spring? Royal Wedding and Gracie Runs for President.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:00 PM

True, but it’s dark enough that it feels like evening!

Mitch - I don’t think you had mentioned that!


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:01 PM

It’s 7:00 Benny Standard time. Do you know where your polar bear is?


Laura Leibowitz - 5:01 PM

Should I call you petgirl or your proper name? Tell us about your podcast!

If she hadn’t just logged off.

Hi Garth! Hi Mike!


R.Hookie - 5:01 PM

I’m curious now…


Laura Leibowitz - 5:01 PM

I am too


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:02 PM

I got to play Bill Goodwin in the Royal Wedding.


petgirl93 - 5:03 PM


Lol. You’ll have to to listen to the podcast.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:04 PM

Hi Hope…didn’t want to blow your cover if you didn’t want me to!

Ah, good teaser!

We’ll give people another five to join us before I start the show


R.Hookie - 5:05 PM

Hope… named after Bob?


petgirl93 - 5:06 PM

Lol I wish.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:06 PM

So how’s everyone feeling tonight?


R.Hookie - 5:07 PM

Hard to say…


Laura Leibowitz - 5:07 PM

Not to talk politics because I know how purple this room is, but I’m personally ready for Tuesday to be over.


R.Hookie - 5:07 PM


I feel like calling in sick to work Tuesday…


Laura Leibowitz - 5:08 PM

Hopefully I’ll have less E-mail then asking for money and campaigning for various causes.

I hear that. I’ve got a choir rehearsal that night, and they’ve told us if we need to be late to rehearsal to vote, please do so.

I vote by mail as soon as I get my ballot so I can put all the campaign mail right into the recycling.


R.Hookie - 5:09 PM

No, I mean I don’t want to go in and face that newsroom….


petgirl93 - 5:09 PM

Election nights for me are like a retail worker on Black Friday.

You work in a newsroom?


R.Hookie - 5:10 PM

Master control


Laura Leibowitz - 5:10 PM

Hookie - Oh, I get it.

Hope - I can believe that.


petgirl93 - 5:10 PM

Me too! I am a producer . Oye vey.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:11 PM

To continue with Yiddish…genug (literally “enough”…similar to the Italian Basta)

OK, let’s roll with the show! One comment beforehand…

This is one of the ten or so shows that was directed by Don Weis.


Michael Amowitz - 5:12 PM

Hi LL, all… asst. chief election officer Tuesday, 16-hour day


R.Hookie - 5:12 PM

Uffda! (now the Scandinavian are represented)


Laura Leibowitz - 5:12 PM

To me, these are among my favorite shows because they were shot in a much more cinematic fashion. Notice the really tight shots, shots over people’s shoulders, crane shots, etc.

Mike -Oh man, I don’t envy you that position!

So I find the Weis shows really visually entrancing and a much different feel than those done by Ralph Levy, Fred deCordova, or Norman Abbott.


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:13 PM

I was a polling place inspector in Center City Philly until I moved to the Ozarks.


Michael Amowitz - 5:13 PM

Just trying to get to Wednesday, when I get to see Petula Clark  


Laura Leibowitz - 5:13 PM

Mitch - I don’t blame you for the move then!


Mike - Lucky you!

OK, anyone joining while the show is in progress, please go to the link above.


Michael Amowitz - 5:39 PM

Excellent show


Laura Leibowitz - 5:39 PM


I love that show. Of course, a recycle of a radio script.


R.Hookie - 5:40 PM

If good material works, use it.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:40 PM


And you get a great sample of the supporting characters


Garth Johnson - 5:40 PM

Benny Rubin did a good switch on I Dunno


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:40 PM

Good ep. Everyone in fine fettle. Lots of Mel, which is good.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:40 PM

And as someone pointed out, Mel in three roles.

And Herb Vigran too


R.Hookie - 5:41 PM

Busy, busy Mel


Garth Johnson - 5:41 PM

Mel even did a train caller straight for a change


Laura Leibowitz - 5:41 PM

Oh, four roles! The turkey too!


R.Hookie - 5:41 PM

Busy, busy, busy Mel…

Too bad they didn’t show the Maxwell


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:42 PM

Well, they had to make the train on time.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:43 PM

And Mel would have had to play another role


R.Hookie - 5:43 PM

I know….


Michael Amowitz - 5:43 PM

I dunno…


R.Hookie - 5:43 PM

I think the only other time he played that many characters was for Warner Bors.



M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:44 PM

Herb was the Information guy?


Laura Leibowitz - 5:44 PM

The milkman


R.Hookie - 5:44 PM

Gave refund for the Coke bottle…. I loved that


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:44 PM

Ah! Who was the information guy?


Laura Leibowitz - 5:45 PM

Benny Rubin


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:45 PM

I had thought Mel did the “I dunnos” for the longest time.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:45 PM

Also just thinking that Milt and Tack likely wrote the first half, and George and Sam the second.

Having the Maxwell in the mix would have taken away time, and I don’t know which half would have included it.

Mitch - Nope…that’s Benny Rubin.


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:46 PM



Laura Leibowitz - 5:47 PM

I believe Benny Rubin also did the tout the first time out, rather than Sheldon Leonard.


R.Hookie - 5:47 PM

Mel maybe did some “I dunno’s” in cartoons


petgirl93 - 5:47 PM

That might be why I thought that too.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:47 PM

I wouldn’t be surprised if he appropriated it.

Someone told me that they had been told that Frank Nelson found Mel backstage practicing “Yeeee-eeeesssss”

They said Frank told him, “Don’t you ever let me hear you doing that line again or I’ll kill you!”


Garth Johnson - 5:48 PM

Oh come now boss – Mel never did impersonations


petgirl93 - 5:48 PM



Laura Leibowitz - 5:48 PM


So what other thoughts/questions on the show?


R.Hookie - 5:49 PM

I dunno…


Laura Leibowitz - 5:50 PM

Any requests for next month?


R.Hookie - 5:50 PM

I dunno….


Laura Leibowitz - 5:50 PM



M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:50 PM

Mel as gift wrapper. It’s a tradition.


R.Hookie - 5:50 PM

(wait for it…)


Laura Leibowitz - 5:50 PM

Or gift unwrapper


R.Hookie - 5:50 PM

That would be fun


Laura Leibowitz - 5:51 PM

Or rewrapper

OK, I’ll look at what’s available and see what I can do.

OK, sounds like we’re good for tonight/



M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:51 PM

I dunno.


R.Hookie - 5:52 PM

Too bad we didn’t have a bigger turnout


Laura Leibowitz - 5:52 PM

Yeah…I guess the time change threw a few people off.


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:52 PM

Well, quality over quantity.  


petgirl93 - 5:52 PM

But I got to participate for the first time!


Laura Leibowitz - 5:52 PM


Like how you think, Mitch.

Yes, welcome Hope!


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:52 PM

Yay! And welcome!


Laura Leibowitz - 5:52 PM

Hope you can join us again in the future!


R.Hookie - 5:53 PM

So, to wrap things up… hahaha


petgirl93 - 5:53 PM

I might....I have an odd schedule for awhile.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:53 PM

Have a great Thanksgiving, and VOTE!

Early and often.


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:53 PM

Vote early and often!

Ha! Beat me to it.


R.Hookie - 5:53 PM



Laura Leibowitz - 5:54 PM

Great minds think alike.


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:54 PM



R.Hookie - 5:54 PM

Haven’t we got enough turkeys?


Michael Amowitz - 5:54 PM

That was great, y’all!


R.Hookie - 5:54 PM



Garth Johnson - 5:54 PM

For Corn Sakes


Laura Leibowitz - 5:54 PM

Hookie - That’s why you all need to vote…  


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:54 PM



Laura Leibowitz - 5:54 PM

Take care folks…I’ll see you next month!


R.Hookie - 5:54 PM

Good night folks…


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:54 PM


Say good night, Gracie.


Michael Amowitz - 5:55 PM

Been watching some of the Smothers/Benny videos too…look forward to gift wrapping