IJBFC Chat - October 7, 2018

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Kathy Fuller Seeley - 4:58 PM

wow, am I the first one here?


R.Hookie - 4:58 PM

Hi Kathy


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 4:58 PM

hey, how are you?


R.Hookie - 4:59 PM

Just fine… adding potato sauce to my chicken


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 4:59 PM

yum! add the green stuff, too, to make it digestible. Those are marvelous fake ads


M. Mitchell Marmel - 4:59 PM

Jell-O again!


Walt Keay - 4:59 PM

re re Y’all


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:00 PM

has fall started yet where you live?


R.Hookie - 5:00 PM

I’m gonna need to look those up… but not after eating


Roger - 5:00 PM

Hello everyone!


Walt Keay - 5:00 PM

been away a long time…. former screen name diogenesNY


Tom Vorce - 5:00 PM

Good evening, folks!


Roger - 5:01 PM

First time since the Spring for me.


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:01 PM

its only 90 in Austin, that is “Fall like”


R.Hookie - 5:01 PM

Hi folks! It’s gonna be rainy all week here in Sioux Falls


Roger - 5:01 PM

Raining in Central Illinois.


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:02 PM

lots of Midwestern/Plains rain, but I won’t turn it down, in Texas


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:02 PM

78 and clear in NW Arkansas.


Laura Leibowitz - 5:02 PM

Hi folks

Hey, good group tonight!


Walt Keay - 5:02 PM

75F and clear in Durham NC


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:02 PM

howdy, Laura! Have you found a way to keep your George Burns toiletries from falling off the wall?


R.Hookie - 5:02 PM

Hi Laura!


Walt Keay - 5:03 PM

re Laura


Laura Leibowitz - 5:03 PM

Kathy - I just need to get some thicker plastic. Need to go back to the shop to get another one cut!


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:03 PM

hooray for plexiglass


Laura Leibowitz - 5:03 PM

So how’s everyone doing tonight? Sounds like everyone is staying warm


Roger - 5:04 PM

Doing fine!


R.Hookie - 5:04 PM

In the house, yes… outside, rainy


Laura Leibowitz - 5:04 PM

It’s a beautiful day here in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Tom Vorce - 5:05 PM

Doing well. 50 degrees, raining and chilly in central Arizona.


Roger - 5:05 PM

Will be tomorrow in Central Illinois and in the 80s.


R.Hookie - 5:05 PM

Near the canyon?


Tom Vorce - 5:06 PM

The Grand Canyon? Not really, but it’s about 100 miles north of me.


R.Hookie - 5:06 PM



Laura Leibowitz - 5:06 PM

That’s like people saying to me, “I’m coming to Los Angeles! Let’s get together!”

Great, you going to make the 450-mile drive up here?


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:07 PM

so, I will share that Jack Benny has won an award! I get to go to the Lincoln Center NYPLibrary on Friday to pick up the Theater Library Association award for him, yay!


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:07 PM



Laura Leibowitz - 5:07 PM

Bravo! Bravo!

Mazel tov.


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:07 PM

I will dig around in the Lincoln Center Peforming Arts Library for Benny goodies


Roger - 5:08 PM

What is the aware for?


Laura Leibowitz - 5:08 PM

Kathy - That’s where I got the John Moran “Jack Benny” opera.


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:08 PM

thank you!!!! This group’s support has been SO WONDERFUL


Roger - 5:08 PM

award for?

Theodore Michael Konek

5:08 PM

Hi Everyone!


Laura Leibowitz - 5:08 PM

Hi Ted!


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:08 PM

oh Roger, you are kind-- my book “Jack Benny and the Golden Age of American Radio Comedy” yay


Roger - 5:08 PM

Is it for your book Kathy?


Laura Leibowitz - 5:09 PM

Roger - Yep


Roger - 5:09 PM



Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:09 PM

of course its going to cost me more to go there than the award they will give me, but the last time I won anything, I was 12. So what the heck


Laura Leibowitz - 5:09 PM

OK, on that happy note, let’s watch a show with some bonus features today!


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:09 PM



Laura Leibowitz - 5:09 PM


For anyone who joins the room while the video is in progress, please join us at the link above!


Laura Leibowitz - 5:56 PM

Welcome back!


R.Hookie - 5:57 PM

Fun trip!


Laura Leibowitz - 5:57 PM

Thoughts, comments, observations?


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:57 PM

THANKS Laura for the great Smothers Brothers stuff! Did Les Moonves cooperate?


Laura Leibowitz - 5:57 PM

Kathy - Nah, I refused his advances.


R.Hookie - 5:57 PM



Tom Vorce - 5:57 PM

I’ve never seen the Smothers Brothers show bits. Very enjoyable!


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:57 PM

I was really impressed by the potential of Smothers+ Benny + Burns and I am sorry there weren’t more shows


M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:58 PM

Good stuffs!


Laura Leibowitz - 5:58 PM

I know Jack was on one other Smothers Brothers show, but I’m pretty sure George wasn’t on it.


R.Hookie - 5:58 PM

That was very fuhn!


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:58 PM

Could have been because of the political trouble the Smothers Bros got into, but that was not until Summer 1968…


R.Hookie - 5:58 PM



Laura Leibowitz - 5:58 PM

While we’re thinking of it, requests for next month?


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:58 PM



Laura Leibowitz - 5:58 PM

Oh the Kingston Trio episode?  


R.Hookie - 5:58 PM

Yeah… turkeys


Laura Leibowitz - 5:59 PM

OK, actually, something comes to mind for that.


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:59 PM

Peter Paul and Mary, some time?


Laura Leibowitz - 5:59 PM

But I won’t spoil the surprise.

Kathy - Oh man, I wish I could get the unedited version for you of that show!


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 5:59 PM

wow, would so love to see


R.Hookie - 5:59 PM

Me too.


Laura Leibowitz - 6:00 PM

It’s the only ep I know where they used something different over the closing credits.


Walt Keay - 6:00 PM

always up for one of the Barbara Nichols episodes  


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 6:00 PM

even the Chimps, for a future gathering


Laura Leibowitz - 6:00 PM

Ah, that’s a good thought.

So other thoughts on the shows we just watched, other than what we’ve said? Anything else Benny-wise on your minds tonight?

Congrats again on your award, Kathy!


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 6:01 PM

so, for my 196 freshmen, I just played the 1949 Colbert + Price “competing” skit, followed by the TV version with Kerr + Price. Freshmen loved it, YAY!


R.Hookie - 6:01 PM

Yes, congrats!


Roger - 6:02 PM

Thanks again Laura!


Laura Leibowitz - 6:02 PM

My pleasure.


Roger - 6:02 PM

Good time!


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 6:02 PM

Thank you so much, Laura! Could not have done it without the support of all of you all!!!!


M. Mitchell Marmel - 6:02 PM

Ah, good! Get those young minds exposed to the good stuff!


Walt Keay - 6:02 PM

Well, in the arena of Benny pereferal-ania….. I just saw the Alfred Hitchcock Presents ep with Dennis where he plays a wife killer


Laura Leibowitz - 6:02 PM

Walt - I want to see that some time!


Walt Keay - 6:02 PM

and sells her body to a pathology lab….. very dark episode played like a light comedy….. totally works


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 6:02 PM

whoa, that sounds great


Laura Leibowitz - 6:03 PM

Kathy - We all work together to carry the torch for Jack!  

OK folks…thanks for stopping tonight. See you next month!


Tom Vorce - 6:03 PM

Yes, the Hitchcock episode is very good with Dennis Day.


R.Hookie - 6:03 PM

Good night folks!


Kathy Fuller Seeley - 6:04 PM

goodnight to you all from Rexall and thanks!


M. Mitchell Marmel - 6:04 PM

Getting back to Hogan’s Heroes for a moment…have you heard the Stan Freberg/Bob Crane commercials for that?


Walt Keay - 6:04 PM

caught me totally by surprise… just came on, but it was amazing


Laura Leibowitz - 6:04 PM

Marmel - Oh yes, they’re fabulous!


M. Mitchell Marmel - 6:04 PM



Laura Leibowitz - 6:04 PM

And there’s one Carol Channing did with the Hogan’s Heroes cast that’s surreal.

OK, have a good night folks!

Tom Vorce - 6:05 PM

Good night, folks!


M. Mitchell Marmel - 6:05 PM

Say goodnight, Dick.


Laura Leibowitz - 6:09 PM

Goonight Dick.