IJBFC Chat - August 5, 2018

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Steve Haynie -4:55 PM

Good evening.


Michael Golek -4:57 PM

Hi Steve. Looking forward to tonight’s show.


Steve Haynie -4:58 PM

I do not get in on the chats much. This is my third time.


Theodore Michael Konek -4:58 PM

Hi everyone!


Michael Golek -4:58 PM

I just started in February. Making up for lost time now.


Tom Vorce -4:59 PM

Hello Steve. Hello Michael. Hello Theodore.


Michael Golek -4:59 PM

Hi Theodore. I like your middle name.


Steve Haynie -4:59 PM



Garth Johnson -4:59 PM

I wash and scrub, and cook and code And still I sing a song -- Because I never work alone ... I take Jack Benny along

Watch Jack Benny to feel your level best!


Laura Leibowitz -4:59 PM

Hi Steve, Michael, Garth!



Steve Haynie -4:59 PM

Good evening, Laura.


Laura Leibowitz -5:00 PM

How’s everyone doing tonight?


Michael Golek -5:00 PM

Hi Laura! Too hot in Detroit to be outside.


Laura Leibowitz -5:00 PM

Hi Tom!


Tom Vorce -5:00 PM

Good afternoon/evening Laura!


Steve Haynie -5:00 PM

How many characters do we get to answer?


Garth Johnson -5:00 PM

I’m at my level best


Laura Leibowitz -5:01 PM

I’ll get my level and let you know later…

Steve - As many as you need….


Perri -5:01 PM

Finally, made it! Hello everyone!


Steve Haynie -5:01 PM

I have been gulping down OTR shows lately.


Laura Leibowitz -5:01 PM

Hey there Perri!

Steve - Depending on the show, that could be uncomfortable!


R.Hookie -5:01 PM

Hi folks!


Laura Leibowitz -5:01 PM

Hi Hookie!

Kathy will be with us in a bit…she’s off having fun at the moment…


Michael Golek -5:02 PM

Hi Perri. We might get over a dozen peeps tonight!


R.Hookie -5:02 PM

Hi Laura… no useless facts tonight


Laura Leibowitz -5:02 PM

Hookie - All facts are useful.  


Tom Vorce -5:03 PM

I love “useless trivia”.


Laura Leibowitz -5:03 PM

We’ll give it to about 5:10 and then start the show.


Michael Golek -5:03 PM

2/14/94 , one to remember


R.Hookie -5:03 PM

Speaking of Facts, did you here they want to remake FOL?


Laura Leibowitz -5:03 PM



R.Hookie -5:03 PM

Facts of Life


Garth Johnson -5:04 PM



R.Hookie -5:04 PM

Mrs Garrett


Michael Golek -5:04 PM

Keep the theme song. It rocks!


Laura Leibowitz -5:04 PM

Oh oh…I was trying to make it into “Love Thy Neighbor” “Horn Blows at Midnight”


Tom Vorce -5:04 PM

Hey a VCR alert or whatever you want to call it: Dennis Day is on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” tonight at midnight on “ME TV”.


Michael Golek -5:05 PM

Charlotte Rae - Car 54- Schauzer’s wife.


Garth Johnson -5:05 PM

Friends O Laura!


Michael Golek -5:05 PM



R.Hookie -5:05 PM

She’s still kicking too


Laura Leibowitz -5:05 PM

Garth - Har har har

Mike! You made it in!


Michael Golek -5:05 PM

Love talking Dobie Gillis or Car 54 too


R.Hookie -5:06 PM

Be right back…..


Michael Amowitz -5:06 PM

Wow, despite my best efforts, I am here! Jello folks!


Laura Leibowitz -5:06 PM

They remade “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”…wonder what a remake of Horn Blows at Midnight would look like!


Michael Golek -5:06 PM

Hi Michael!


Laura Leibowitz -5:06 PM

Hey Michael, congratulations! Glad you’re here.

So what Benny-wise is on your minds tonight?


Garth Johnson -5:07 PM

Oh, it's a long long time ... from May to December... And the dough runs short ... when you reach September La La La La La La .. La La La .. La La ...


Michael Golek -5:07 PM

Some new people here. Can you share some of your backround. I know your president and from Grand Rapids. Did you know Jack? What’s your connection?


R.Hookie -5:07 PM

What was that device Jack had in the picture?


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:07 PM

finally here, hello!


Laura Leibowitz -5:08 PM

Nope, I didn’t know Jack. I was only five when he died.

Welcome, Kathy!


R.Hookie -5:08 PM

Hi Kathy!


Steve Haynie -5:08 PM

Just a fan.


Laura Leibowitz -5:08 PM

Hookie - I’m waiting for you all to figure it out. I’m not sure!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:08 PM

hi ya, Bucks!

Steve Archer -5:08 PM

Hey al



Michael Golek -5:08 PM

Wow Laura. I was almost two years old. Didn’t know you were gen X as well.


Laura Leibowitz -5:08 PM

Hi Steve!


Michael Amowitz -5:08 PM

Charlotte Rae surprised me! Now I have to watch Car 54   Hi LL, Hookie, all!


R.Hookie -5:08 PM

Ok, it’s not a blender.


Laura Leibowitz -5:09 PM

Michael - Yep…it’s always amusing when people think I’m Jack’s daughter.

How’s your weekend been, Kathy?


Michael Amowitz -5:09 PM

It’s okay, Michael G., there are some fossils among us, many better versed than me. I was 21 when he died.


Laura Leibowitz -5:09 PM

Hookie - Not as far as I know…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:10 PM

I will tell a happy secret, I AM AT THE SHRINE, logged in from my laptop in Laura’s dining room. Yay, I have been playing in Benny primary source materrials


Laura Leibowitz -5:10 PM



Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:10 PM

the weather is so lovely here, I may never go back to Austin, hahaha


Laura Leibowitz -5:10 PM

And I don’t even have a fez on


R.Hookie -5:10 PM

I’m only in my dining room


Michael Golek -5:11 PM

I heard Austin folks want to change the city name. 19th century associations…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:11 PM

She just let me look at the the original draft of Jack’s autobiography


Laura Leibowitz -5:11 PM

So Kathy and I don’t need to PM each other, I’m just hollering at her from the office.


R.Hookie -5:11 PM

I’ve got plenty of antiques though


Michael Amowitz -5:11 PM

Hookie, ‘m checking with major electronic geek friends on that. Hi Kathy, anyone I’ve missed. This may be only my second time on here since Hip Chat went away


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:11 PM

Michael – I favor Waterloo, the original name

and indeed its a typescript of that mss


Laura Leibowitz -5:12 PM

OK, let’s get this show on the road!



Michael Golek -5:12 PM

We changed East Detroit to Eastpointe. It can be done.


Michael Amowitz -5:12 PM

I have my fez ready if needed.

Steve Archer -5:12 PM

Hooray, tonight’s show


Laura Leibowitz -5:12 PM

If anyone joins into the chat afterwards, please join us at the link above. Then back here for discussion.


Michael Golek -5:12 PM

Michael A. That’s for Sons of the Desert.  


Michael Amowitz -5:13 PM



Perri -5:15 PM

I'm on the phone now I'm trying to type this into the computer......

Steve Archer -5:38 PM

I love all of those european shows, great choice Laura


Laura Leibowitz -5:38 PM

Welcome back!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:38 PM

that was so much fun! I wonder if you could mash up Maurice’s Happy with Pharrell’s Happy, …or would that make you sad?


Laura Leibowitz -5:39 PM

Thank you. Can’t remember who suggested it, but I love that show.


R.Hookie -5:39 PM

Well, here we are back at the chat…


Tom Vorce -5:39 PM

Is this episode shown in the TV syndication package?


Laura Leibowitz -5:39 PM

I have Tonia Berne’s information…I’m very, very remiss in contacting her for an interview.


Garth Johnson -5:39 PM

I suggested an European vacation last chat


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:39 PM

Cheavlier was a pretty big score for a TV show in 1956 or 57, wow


Laura Leibowitz -5:39 PM

Tom - Yes, it is.

Steve Archer -5:39 PM

Next month maybe Italy with the Sean Connery cameo!


Michael Amowitz -5:39 PM

Wow, it worked


Steve Haynie -5:39 PM

Mary and Jack seemed more like a married couple in that TV show. It was much different than radio.


Laura Leibowitz -5:39 PM

I wish I had a copy with the commercials. They’re great.


Michael Golek -5:39 PM

Jack and Mary’s relationship seemed pretty cozy. Going to the Eiffel Tower…Mary asks Jack to dance. I was hoping Maurice’s question to Mary was going to be, “So are you and Jack a couple at last?”


R.Hookie -5:39 PM

Yes Antenna TV had it on recently


Laura Leibowitz -5:39 PM

Steve - Correct!


Tom Vorce -5:39 PM

Thanks, Laura. I guess I missed it!


Perri -5:39 PM

Neat! Good show, thank you Laura


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:40 PM

and in such beautiful clear condition


Laura Leibowitz -5:40 PM


Anything anyone had forgotten about in that episode?


Michael Amowitz -5:40 PM

That was great … I’d never seen this one before!  


Laura Leibowitz -5:40 PM

I hadn’t watched it in a while.

Steve Archer -5:40 PM

That bit on the eiffel tower is one of my earliest TV memories of Jack, oddly enough.


Laura Leibowitz -5:40 PM

Mike - Wow…lucky you!


Michael Golek -5:41 PM

Great laughs. Jack trying to steal a part of the spotlight was classic.


Steve Haynie -5:41 PM

No other cast regulars were in the show.


Laura Leibowitz -5:41 PM

As someone else said, it’s got such a great closer.


Michael Amowitz -5:41 PM

I thought I’d have seen them all by now

Steve Archer -5:41 PM

Only Mary got to go to Europe!


Laura Leibowitz -5:41 PM

And likely the writers.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:41 PM

and Mary was in better spirits than other shows of the previous few years


Garth Johnson -5:41 PM

Now to come back to the states on the Queen Mary Livingstone


Perri -5:41 PM

Yes, I was surprised to see no other cast members


Laura Leibowitz -5:41 PM

There are shots that really look like Don Weis shots…I think Ralph Levy took some inspiration from him.


Michael Golek -5:41 PM

How many more years on TV for Mary until she retired?


R.Hookie -5:42 PM

Tonight’s episode on Antenna TV, Jack goes to the Pasadena Fan Club

Steve Archer -5:42 PM

Mary retired in 1958


Laura Leibowitz -5:42 PM

Michael - These were some of the last ones…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:42 PM

I MUST find a way to get antenna tv, must have to get another set..


Laura Leibowitz -5:42 PM

Hookie - Ah! A favorite of mine for obvious reasons.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:42 PM

or a tv chip for a computer, I guess


Laura Leibowitz -5:43 PM

There’s got to be an image out there somewhere of a computer with rabbit ear antennas on it.


R.Hookie -5:43 PM

Do you have a local station that offers it Kathy?


Laura Leibowitz -5:43 PM

I don’t even have MeTV any more…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:43 PM

yes, but I don’t know how to get local TV. I am on sattelite, should I just knock the dish down?


Laura Leibowitz -5:43 PM

Hi Walt!

Sorry, just noticed you!


Tom Vorce -5:44 PM

Dennis Day is on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” tonight at Midnight on “ME TV”. Anyone ever seen that episode? It looks to be a comic overtoned episode.


R.Hookie -5:44 PM

Use an off-air antenna and alternate


Laura Leibowitz -5:44 PM

Tom - No! Have you seen it?


R.Hookie -5:44 PM

Does your TV have multiple sources?


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:44 PM

ah HA, Hookie, I will put the engineer of the house in charge…


Tom Vorce -5:44 PM

NO I haven’t.

Steve Archer -5:44 PM

I’ve seen it ages ago but don’t recall details unfortunately.


Michael Amowitz -5:45 PM

I think I can get most of the extra channels if I run the cable directly into the TV instead of through the Cox transponder. I know I could watch DVDs and VHS tapes agin, so I will likely try going back to it or at least to a splitter.


Laura Leibowitz -5:45 PM

Dennis goes mad and becomes a serial killer…


Tom Vorce -5:45 PM

He plays a miser Jack Benny type character, according to the episode description.


Laura Leibowitz -5:45 PM

Tom - Sounds like they’re going for the irony play…


Tom Vorce -5:46 PM



Michael Amowitz -5:46 PM

Basically, what Hookie said.  


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:46 PM

Has anybody seen a copy of the new book on Lubitsch yet? He has a whole chapter on To Be or Not to Be, must get it


Laura Leibowitz -5:46 PM

Like Rich Little’s version of “A Christmas Carol” with Jack as Bob Crachit.


R.Hookie -5:46 PM

I dumped cable and I’m strictly off-air


Michael Amowitz -5:46 PM

Tom, what time is it on?


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:46 PM

THANKS, Tech Masters, I will get my Kenny working on it : )


Tom Vorce -5:47 PM

Midnight my time in Arizona.


R.Hookie -5:47 PM

Good luck Kathy!


Michael Amowitz -5:47 PM



Laura Leibowitz -5:47 PM

So just to put too fine a point on it, Kathy and I are in the same place tonight---my home.

She’s been spending the weekend enjoying all the Benny archives I have.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:48 PM

yay!!!!! The International Jack Benny Museum!!!


R.Hookie -5:48 PM

Who’s buying supper?


Laura Leibowitz -5:48 PM

Kenny is.  


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:48 PM

amazing scrapbooks assembled over like 30 years by our club member Barbara Thunell


Michael Amowitz -5:48 PM

Good place to be … how’s the place doing, with all the work you did out back?


Garth Johnson -5:48 PM

LL just make sure miss sticky fingers doesn’t walk away with anything too important

Steve Archer -5:49 PM

Kathy, let us know if you find the gas man.


Laura Leibowitz -5:49 PM

I’ve got the candid camera to keep her honest…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:49 PM

: ) On my honor, as a loyal Beaver


Michael Amowitz -5:49 PM



Steve Haynie -5:49 PM

You could just chain her up like Professor LeBlanc.


Laura Leibowitz -5:49 PM

Mike - I’m loving it. Wonderful to have the place be an ongoing art project.


Garth Johnson -5:49 PM

Cameras - The Funt of all security protocols


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:49 PM

well, I have seen a number of photos of Carmichael!

Walt Staves -5:49 PM

Hi Laura. I’ve got half an ear cocked to the show. I’ve never liked the TV shows nearly as much as the radio shows; they were faster moving with more witty repartee. Also, they were my first exposure to Jack, so I guess that I was imprinted.


Laura Leibowitz -5:50 PM

Walt - I get that. There are a lot of people who are devoted to one or the other.


Michael Golek -5:50 PM

I think Jack and the gang mastered both mediums.


Laura Leibowitz -5:50 PM

This one could easily have been plucked from the radio…just that you couldn’t have seen Jack sitting in the back of the garbage truck.

Steve Archer -5:51 PM

Or the people moving away when Jack makes his announcement


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:51 PM

now I wonder how Mel Blanc could have made us think he was riding a garbage truck


Garth Johnson -5:51 PM

Right now I’m stuck in BCD Era so watching Jack is refreshing


Laura Leibowitz -5:51 PM

Steve - Yes…was thinking that too.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:51 PM

how would a French horse laugh, I wonder?

Steve Archer -5:51 PM

I love how they were able to find some visual equivalents now and then of the great radio “picture” gags.


R.Hookie -5:51 PM

Clanking of garbage cans


Laura Leibowitz -5:51 PM

Garth - Or BBDO


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:51 PM

meowing of french cats


M. Mitchell Marmel -5:51 PM

Jell-O again!


Garth Johnson -5:52 PM

I didn’t fall down a flight of stairs


Laura Leibowitz -5:52 PM

Steve - Well, sometimes it didn’t work as well, like the vault.

Hey Mitch!


Michael Amowitz -5:52 PM

I loved the vault on TV, but I grew up to TV


R.Hookie -5:53 PM

I liked Lucy’s vault for Jack


Laura Leibowitz -5:53 PM

I hope some day we can get out the show with Paul Lynde as a guest. A lot of that is in the vault because he plays a veterinarian who comes to diagnose one of the alligators.


Tom Vorce -5:53 PM

I grew up watching the TV programs, too.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:53 PM

I was always impressed that Jack had dialogue in French or Italian or Spanish on his shows, he assumed his audience was smart enough to pick up a little of it

Walt Staves -5:53 PM

Kathy - I’m pretty sure that Mel Blanc did a French horse on one of the radio shows. It was quite good!


Laura Leibowitz -5:53 PM

IIRC, the alligators are named Irving and Jeanette.


R.Hookie -5:53 PM

Paul Lynde was a guest?!?!?!


Laura Leibowitz -5:54 PM

Hookie - He sure was!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:54 PM

wow, I would love to see a Paul Lynde episode


Garth Johnson -5:54 PM



Laura Leibowitz -5:54 PM

Being Paul Lynde in all his glory!


Michael Amowitz -5:54 PM



Michael Golek -5:54 PM

Nice pic!


M. Mitchell Marmel -5:54 PM

Well, that’s what Paul did best…


Laura Leibowitz -5:54 PM

Good job, Garth!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:54 PM

Laura says we’d have to go to UCLA to see it. I wonder how many of us could fit in a viewing booth


R.Hookie -5:54 PM

I need to see it!!!!


Michael Amowitz -5:55 PM

I wonder if they have a screening room?


Michael Golek -5:55 PM

Kathy - Can you request to see anything at UCLA or do you need special permission?


Laura Leibowitz -5:55 PM

Hey, here’s a question that someone asked at my house party a week ago…who is the current-day heir to Jack?


Garth Johnson -5:55 PM

Kathy it will be easier to find Mr. Pabody’s wayback machine and go to 1964


Michael Amowitz -5:55 PM

That’s almost impossible to ponder


Steve Haynie -5:56 PM

I saw parallels to the Seinfeld show, but Seinfeld is no Jack Benny.


Laura Leibowitz -5:56 PM

Michael - You can see anything. If it hasn’t been transferred to CD you may need to “pre-order.” But I think I took care of that for all the TV eps when writing 39 Forever Volume 3


M. Mitchell Marmel -5:56 PM

Take a smartphone with an empty SD card.


R.Hookie -5:56 PM

You mean not-literal?


Michael Amowitz -5:56 PM

I would have said George Burns, but too late again.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:57 PM

I think Steven Colbert has a little Benny in him, with the self-deprecation

Laura, I did NOT mean desecration in this instance, haha


Laura Leibowitz -5:57 PM

Someone suggested Lily Tomlin, but she’s too good at individual characters. She’s almost more like Jackie Gleason in some ways


Michael Golek -5:58 PM

I thought Johnny Carson had some pauses and facial mannerisms like Jack, even though Johnny was a fast talker.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:58 PM

David Letterman, maybe, in his next career?


Laura Leibowitz -5:58 PM

I know that Jon Stewart was a huge Benny fan, but he’s not on much any more.


M. Mitchell Marmel -5:58 PM

I don’t think there is a direct heir. A lot of folks like Colbert, John Oliver et cetera have flashes of Jackiness, but that’s about it.


Michael Amowitz -5:58 PM

I guess Kelsey Grammar could pull it off

Steve Archer -5:58 PM

I’d have said Bob Newhart 30ish years ago, but now, who knows.


Michael Golek -5:58 PM

Good one Steve.

Steve Archer -5:59 PM

Times and comedy seem to have changed so much now.


Laura Leibowitz -5:59 PM

Agreed. His name came up in that discussion.


M. Mitchell Marmel -5:59 PM

Johnny Carson directly credited Jack with some of his mannerisms. They even poked fun at this when Johnny was on Jack’s show.


Laura Leibowitz -5:59 PM

Marty had mentioned Larry David in “Curb Your Enthusiasm”


Kathy Fuller Seeley -5:59 PM

I should send a book to Jon, Laura, maybe it will give HIM a second career idea


R.Hookie -5:59 PM

I really don’t follow today’s comedians… I don’t find them to be funny


Laura Leibowitz -5:59 PM

because he’s essentially playing himself interacting with the people around him.


M. Mitchell Marmel -5:59 PM

R: Seconded.


Garth Johnson -5:59 PM

Canadian Ron James can be subtle like Jack, but not a direct comparison


Tom Vorce -5:59 PM

Comedy is so angry, so negative today. Nobody compares to Jack.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:00 PM

Norm MacDonald is another one who is really quiet


R.Hookie -6:00 PM

Agreed Tom

Steve Archer -6:00 PM

OK, folks, I need to beg off, thanks for the great show pick Laura!


Laura Leibowitz -6:01 PM

OK…makes me feel better, because I couldn’t come up with a currently-active performer.


R.Hookie -6:01 PM

1111111111111111111ok good night Steve!


Michael Amowitz -6:01 PM

Take care, Steve


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:01 PM

glad to have you along tonight, Steve, have a happy month

Steve Archer -6:01 PM

night all


Laura Leibowitz -6:01 PM

Night Steve!


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:01 PM

John Mulaney’s “Salt and Pepper Diner” is sort of Bennyesque, at least in the timing…


Steve Haynie -6:01 PM

Goodnight, Steve.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:01 PM

John Mulaney is a great choice!


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:01 PM

Nite, Steve!


R.Hookie -6:01 PM

How about Rita Rudner?


Laura Leibowitz -6:02 PM

Bernie Mac was a huge Jack fan, but….


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:02 PM

my 22-year old undergrads introduced me to so many new comedians this spring, here are some great young ones I hope we will hear more from


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:02 PM

Too bitter, R.


R.Hookie -6:02 PM

Wendy Leibman



Michael Amowitz -6:02 PM



Laura Leibowitz -6:02 PM

Who’s Wendy Leibman?


Michael Amowitz -6:02 PM



R.Hookie -6:03 PM

A comic… appeared on Johnny


Michael Amowitz -6:03 PM

Friend of mine too, and I saw Rita Rudner a couple weeks ago


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:03 PM

anybody got big August plans?


Laura Leibowitz -6:03 PM

Hookie - You’d think I’d know her. Maybe I would if I saw her.


R.Hookie -6:04 PM

Wendy also appeared on AGT a few years back


Michael Amowitz -6:04 PM

On my friends list with her husband, Jeff Sherman, LL


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:04 PM

for me - putting off start of school for 3 more weeks, yay


Laura Leibowitz -6:04 PM



Michael Amowitz -6:04 PM

more yay!


Michael Golek -6:04 PM

Laura - At the next Pasadena Jack Benny fan club meeting, you’ll be the youngest one there by far. :)


Laura Leibowitz -6:05 PM

I’m used to that situation…


R.Hookie -6:05 PM

1:00am CT on Antenna TV


Michael Amowitz -6:05 PM

For me, mostly home this month. Ontario and Vancouver the first 2 weeks of September.


Laura Leibowitz -6:05 PM

When I first introduced myself to Irving Fein back in 1982, I said, “I’m President of the Jack Benny Fan Club. Grand Rapids chapter.”


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:05 PM

Now, the Russell Howard bit with the boy cancer survivor still has me laughing until I cry…


R.Hookie -6:05 PM

1:30 am… sorry


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:05 PM

I hope the weather is nice and cool for you!


Laura Leibowitz -6:06 PM

So what else Benny-wise on the docket for tonight?


Michael Golek -6:06 PM

Laura - What did Irving say when he saw you as a 13 year old?


Steve Haynie -6:06 PM

I have a question about the message board.


Laura Leibowitz -6:06 PM

Michael - He was a little dumbfounded that this kid was so into Jack.

Go for it, Steve.


Steve Haynie -6:07 PM

Did everything move to Facebook or what?

I am not on Facebook.


Laura Leibowitz -6:07 PM

Steve - Oh, are you the one who signed up for the Web bulletin board?

Someone signed up as Sadye Marks, and I was thinking I should get their E-mail from the admin console.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:07 PM

one of us….one of us…..


Laura Leibowitz -6:08 PM

Since obviously they’re not fake.


Steve Haynie -6:08 PM

I am asking about the one on the IJBFC web site.

I use the name Mister Kitzel.


Laura Leibowitz -6:08 PM

Steve - That’s what I thought. I haven’t been activating new accounts, but nothing stopping you from posting something there.


Steve Haynie -6:09 PM

There is hardly any activity anymore.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:09 PM

Luke, come to the dark side….


Laura Leibowitz -6:09 PM

The transition to Facebook just seemed to be a natural attrition. I never actively “shut it down” or anything.


Steve Haynie -6:09 PM

It’s OK.


Perri -6:09 PM

Not on Facebook either


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:09 PM

I am just making jokes : ) but facebook need not take over your life, the IJBFC site is wonderful!


Laura Leibowitz -6:09 PM

(I resisted going to Facebook for a long time.)


Michael Amowitz -6:10 PM

I’ve kept up with everything through the FB page, email, and the newsletters


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:10 PM

So many of the wonderful pictures that Garth finds!


Laura Leibowitz -6:10 PM

But the fight with CBS brought me to the dark side.


Garth Johnson -6:10 PM

The BB is a good place to store interesting things that won’t be forgotten by Facebook


Steve Haynie -6:10 PM

I have learned a lot reading old posts.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:10 PM

that is what Jack said to Little Bo Peep


Laura Leibowitz -6:10 PM

Garth - Fair nuff. Hopefully we can get it all transferred to a central database one day!


Garth Johnson -6:10 PM

I don’t find those pictures - they keep popping up in the same place


Michael Amowitz -6:10 PM

Well, Les has been getting his troubles the past few months.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:11 PM

we need a database!!!!!


Garth Johnson -6:11 PM



Laura Leibowitz -6:11 PM



Garth Johnson -6:11 PM

LL - Kathy Check your email


R.Hookie -6:11 PM

CBS… we KNOW what the last 2/3’s stand for…


Michael Amowitz -6:11 PM

Oh, and the chat and the fan club page.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:11 PM

magical site of wonderfulness?


Garth Johnson -6:12 PM

I’ve had a nightmare typing in opening and closing dates this week


R.Hookie -6:12 PM

Sorry, I’m getting crude…


Laura Leibowitz -6:12 PM

Garth - Boy, do I understand that…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:12 PM

not that the network does not deserve it!


Laura Leibowitz -6:12 PM

Hookie - har har


R.Hookie -6:12 PM

I’ll keep it clean


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:12 PM

cloud-based Benny heaven?


Garth Johnson -6:13 PM


Michael Amowitz -6:13 PM

I’ve known the Moonves family from the 70s, but broke off with them from 1981-2010


Garth Johnson -6:13 PM

I didn’t want to post the url for the world to see, as its all development but ---


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:13 PM



Laura Leibowitz -6:13 PM

It gives a whole new meaning to the CBS VP asking me some years ago, “Why are you going around telling people Les Moonves is a bad man?”


R.Hookie -6:14 PM

Oh Laura, I bought my new cell phone on Amazon and I think it generated a few nickels for the IJBFC


Laura Leibowitz -6:14 PM


Anything else Benny-wise, or should we call it good for this month?


Tom Vorce -6:15 PM

I’ve been done with Les Moonves since around 2000, when he refused to OK anymore “Waltons” reunion shows, because the fans are “too old”!


R.Hookie -6:15 PM

I’m having fun


Laura Leibowitz -6:15 PM

We can certainly keep going.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:15 PM

boo on you, Les…..


Michael Amowitz -6:16 PM

For awhile, I thought his sister or brother might get through to Les about the Benny situation. Melissa (my age) was very interested in the situation, but nothing came of it. She took herself out of friends a year later. His brother is still among friends, but we rarely are in touch.


R.Hookie -6:16 PM

Les, because we don’t want more….


Laura Leibowitz -6:16 PM

Har har


Michael Amowitz -6:16 PM

I haven’t seen Les since 1976, when he was a bit actor on many shows


Laura Leibowitz -6:16 PM

What would Bill Paley say…


R.Hookie -6:16 PM

I’ve got puns, I’m using them


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:17 PM

anybody see anything about the new Comedy Center in Jamestown NY?

I read that it will have a holographic stage – could we put the robot Jack Benny on it?


Michael Golek -6:18 PM

I might have to go to Jamestown for that.


Tom Vorce -6:18 PM

That would be so cool, Kathy!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:18 PM

and the Jello museum is nearby!


Michael Amowitz -6:18 PM

That would be interesting … maybe they use the one from the end of one of Jack’s specials in the 70s.


R.Hookie -6:19 PM

It’s ABOUT Jell-o, right?


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:19 PM

well, you have heard of Madame Tussaude’s wax museum…


R.Hookie -6:19 PM

I mean. if it’s built of Jell-o….


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:19 PM

yes, its about the history of manufacturing, marketing and selling the stuff, I guess consuming it too

perhaps they nail jello to the wall there


Steve Haynie -6:20 PM

The Coca Cola museum gives free samples. The Jell-O museum should, too.


R.Hookie -6:20 PM

… a good gust could take it out….


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:21 PM

it would just ooze out of the radio, as Fred Allen says of Benny jokes


Garth Johnson -6:21 PM

What would “_The Benny Museum_” give out?


Michael Amowitz -6:21 PM

or a great storm


Laura Leibowitz -6:21 PM

Certainly not money


Perri -6:21 PM

I'm going to run off. Terrific to see everyone, sorry to be away for so long. Will do my best to be here for the next one!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:21 PM

wooden nickels?


Michael Golek -6:21 PM

Kathy - Haha. The precursor to smell-o-vision.


Garth Johnson -6:21 PM

Benny Bucks?


Tom Vorce -6:21 PM

Wooden nickels?


Laura Leibowitz -6:21 PM

Thanks for stopping Perri! Good to see you!


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:21 PM

“Give OUT! I’d DIE first!”


R.Hookie -6:21 PM

I’m really sorry… I’m being too silly for some reason


Laura Leibowitz -6:21 PM

Mitch - Well done, sir.


Michael Amowitz -6:22 PM

Donate a penny to the Museum of Benny


Laura Leibowitz -6:22 PM

Hookie - Who sez? I don’t say…

It’s all about having fun.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:22 PM

its Silly season, only a little different from Rabbit or Duck season


Perri -6:22 PM

Good night everyone!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:22 PM

it could have penny slot machines, I have seen them in Vegas


R.Hookie -6:22 PM

Well, I’m starting to annoy myself


Laura Leibowitz -6:22 PM

It’s a Silly Symphony…


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:22 PM

What I wanna know is, if it’s tourist season, why can’t we shoot 'em?


Garth Johnson -6:22 PM

Be very very quiet I’m hunting Allens


R.Hookie -6:23 PM

Fred, not Gracie


Michael Golek -6:23 PM

Duck season. Wabbit season.


Steve Haynie -6:23 PM

Who in their right mind would put a coin in a Jack Benny themed slot machine?


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:23 PM

Elmer season!


Michael Golek -6:23 PM

Would you like to shoot me now or wait 'til we get home?


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:23 PM

The round things wouldn’t even spin. It’d just say “Thank you!”


Garth Johnson -6:23 PM



R.Hookie -6:23 PM

You’d use slugs


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:23 PM

shoot him now! shoot him now!


Michael Golek -6:24 PM

Looney Tunes re-visited!


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:24 PM

You keep out of this! He doesn’t HAVE yto shoot you now!



Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:25 PM

I have actually played a penny slot at a lousy hotel off the strip in Vegas, it was digital, you put in a dollar. The person I was with WAS so cheap that when I won six cents, he made me cash out.


Laura Leibowitz -6:25 PM

Cue “The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down”

At least you can say you won in Vegas.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:25 PM

nyaaaaah ., we’ll wait til we get home

YOU BET, I still have the ticket, did not even cash it


Laura Leibowitz -6:25 PM

Where’s Pete Puma?


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:26 PM

The penny slots in AC actually took pennies, IIRC. ‘Course, it’s been years since I was there.


Laura Leibowitz -6:26 PM

aka John L.C. Silvoney


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:26 PM

As done by Stan the Man Freberg.


Laura Leibowitz -6:26 PM

I remember playing nickel slots in Vegas in 1981. But no more…

So Kathy and I were talking about that yesterday. Freberg claimed he played the camel on Jack’s radio program.

The camel has like two seconds of air time. Does anyone believe this?


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:27 PM

and I asked her, who played Trudy the ostrich?


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:27 PM

Could very well be. He did lots of bit parts.


Garth Johnson -6:28 PM


Trudy Wood Circa 1936


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:28 PM



Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:28 PM

you are amazing, sire

sir! haha


Garth Johnson -6:28 PM

Three monitors helps


Michael Amowitz -6:28 PM

It was great to make it for a change! LL, just messaged you Wendy Liebman’s page link on FB.


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:29 PM

I’m thinking about hooking a third monitor up, myself.


Michael Amowitz -6:29 PM

Wendy https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://s3.amazonaws.com/webassets.ticketmob.com/LS/images/comedians/C7759236-D114-39D3-2AED07B8DD88B4B0.jpg&imgrefurl=http://icehousecomedy.com/event.cfm?id%3D439726&h=2739&w=1831&tbnid=d1IrF6FuNhvKMM:&q=wendy+liebman&tbnh=186&tbnw=124&usg=AFrqEzcyyMuZ8L5keqEtNBddfWX5bM2KiQ&vet=12ahUKEwj09s2io9fcAhVmqlkKHbxYB0MQ_B0wFXoECAgQCQ..i&docid=mhtapMzUO-U2jM&itg=1&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj09s2io9fcAhVmqlkKHbxYB0MQ_B0wFXoECAgQCQ


Laura Leibowitz -6:29 PM

You da MAN, Garth


I’m not sure where I’d put a third monitor…

(On NBC of course…duh)


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:31 PM

I am waiting for that Iron Man technology where Tony Stark does it all holographically

there I go again with holograms, you would think I knew what I was talking about


Michael Amowitz -6:32 PM

My techno friend in Florida just messaged that he’s sent the Benny photo on the plane to his brother and his team of technos to figure out what that machine is


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:32 PM

I can barely handle chalkboard chalk at school, for technology


Laura Leibowitz -6:32 PM

I’m told Roy Orbison is touring as a hologram


Michael Amowitz -6:32 PM

I hope so! He was great in person  


Laura Leibowitz -6:32 PM

Mike - Yee hah! I knew that we’d be able to network to an answer!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:32 PM


then a whole Traveling Wilburies reunion


Laura Leibowitz -6:33 PM

At the risk of sounding like I’ve been drinking…I love you folks. This is a great group.


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:33 PM


Now you can say you’ve seen a Lionel observation car imitating Jerry Colonna.  


Michael Golek -6:33 PM

Kathy - “You got it” so to speak.


Garth Johnson -6:34 PM

Monitor: 1963-02-09, NBC 43 min. Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante, Joey Bishop, Garry Moore, Bob Hope, Sammy Davis Jr., Ethel Merman

A 70th birthday salute to Jimmy Durante with personal reflections and anecdotes from Durante. We hear songs and musical excerpts from the past and listen to entertainers give tribute. They include Jack Benny, Sammy Davis, Jr., Joey Bishop, Garry Moor


Laura Leibowitz -6:34 PM

Mitch - Yehudi!


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:34 PM



Michael Amowitz -6:34 PM

Not yet… Ben and his team may be better collectively, but it has to be a challenge if Troy didn’t know … he’s been a master producer in TV for 30 years. He and his brother built their own pirate radio station out of parts accumulated in the mid-to-late 60s, and are on top of everything tech since then.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:34 PM

OK, Laura has a plaster life mask of Jimmy Durante downstairs, its a little…….creepy : )


Michael Amowitz -6:35 PM

We   you too, Laura


Laura Leibowitz -6:35 PM



Michael Amowitz -6:35 PM

Kathy, does he look like himself?


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:35 PM

but it looks very lifelike, if you don’t mind thinking of Jimmy as painted gold, its gold, right?


Laura Leibowitz -6:35 PM

Well, probably gold paint.


Michael Golek -6:36 PM

Jimmy and Buster Keaton from the 1930’s.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:36 PM

he did have a very impressive nose, THINK of the bags of plaster it took to capture it


Laura Leibowitz -6:36 PM

Once in a while I like to look at him in close profile to fully appreciate the Schnozola


Michael Amowitz -6:36 PM

I’m now impressed by the Colonna Car


Garth Johnson -6:36 PM


Google Just found this


Laura Leibowitz -6:36 PM

I think it’s creepy because it’s in front of a large standee from Silence of the Lambs.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:37 PM

that adds a little atmosphere, yes….


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:37 PM

“Hello, Clarice! smek-smek-smek”


Garth Johnson -6:37 PM



Laura Leibowitz -6:37 PM

This was not an accident. Mwa-ha-ha-ha


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:37 PM

but Garth, Laura has an advertising poster of an upcoming bill at the Barrison theater!

yep, I saw that nose downstairs…..


Laura Leibowitz -6:38 PM

Barrison broadsheet


Garth Johnson -6:38 PM

That I would love to see!


Michael Golek -6:38 PM

What, no lobby cards?


Laura Leibowitz -6:38 PM

That does look a lot like the one I have!

Michael - Actually, I have the handbill that was given out at the Barrison for the same show.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:38 PM

I heard a joke once about a goat that lost its nose….


Michael Golek -6:38 PM

Laura - Cool.


Laura Leibowitz -6:39 PM

It’s framed on the wall right below the broadsheet.


Steve Haynie -6:39 PM

Ev-ree body’s trying to get into the act!


R.Hookie -6:39 PM

Sorry for my absence… something weird going on outside


Laura Leibowitz -6:39 PM

A rabbit and duck arguing with a little man with a gun…


Garth Johnson -6:39 PM

can’t be more wierd than what’s happening here


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:39 PM

make sure its not Jimmy Durante trying to get into your basement


Laura Leibowitz -6:39 PM

He got into mine and it’s never been the same


Michael Amowitz -6:39 PM

Looking for Mrs. Calabash


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:39 PM

I said, wait til we get home! Look outside and see if he’s still htere


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:40 PM

BRB, I think the kittehs want in.


Laura Leibowitz -6:40 PM

He’s not in the stove…

Oho! He’s hidin' in the stove, eh?


Garth Johnson -6:40 PM

Check the park bench


Michael Golek -6:40 PM

Would I turn the stove up if he was in there?


R.Hookie -6:40 PM

Loud bangs… kinda scary… and it’s driving Penny nuts!


Steve Haynie -6:40 PM

Thank you for a wonderful evening. I need to say goodnight.


Laura Leibowitz -6:40 PM

Oh look, leftover fireworks from the Fourth of July! Let’s set em off!

Thanks for being here, Steve!


R.Hookie -6:40 PM

Not dark enough


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:41 PM

boom! Still lurking about


R.Hookie -6:41 PM

Good night Steve


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:41 PM

thanks Steve!


Michael Amowitz -6:41 PM

Goodnight, Steve!


Laura Leibowitz -6:41 PM

So what else on everyone’s mind this evening?


Michael Golek -6:42 PM

Favorite memorabilia?


Michael Amowitz -6:42 PM

Just glad to get here again for a change  


Laura Leibowitz -6:42 PM

Mike - Same here.

Michael - Is that to anyone in the room?


Michael Golek -6:42 PM

Laura’s den of goodness.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:42 PM

great question, Mike! so many amazing things here!


Laura Leibowitz -6:42 PM

Sounds like a red lighthouse


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:43 PM

haha maybe Jack

excuse me, Jack’s bar mitzvah ring


Laura Leibowitz -6:44 PM

Yeah, that’s got to be my favorite too.


Michael Amowitz -6:44 PM

I do have a nuclear winter of Jack and Fred here, in addition to endless videos and DVDs. All I’ll need is battery power  


Laura Leibowitz -6:44 PM

With Jack’s prop violin being a close second.


Michael Golek -6:44 PM

Wow. Jewelry.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:44 PM

or George burns' aftershave


Garth Johnson -6:44 PM




Michael Amowitz -6:44 PM

I have the Jack poster from our march on display.


Laura Leibowitz -6:44 PM


Pictures from my house…


Garth Johnson -6:45 PM

LSMFT - Laura Saves Many Fine Things


Laura Leibowitz -6:45 PM

Indeedy-do. As does Garth!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:45 PM

Laura has this great toy violin that is played like a kazoo


Michael Golek -6:45 PM

I remember kazoos. I could play them!


Laura Leibowitz -6:45 PM

“Even Fred Allen can play it!”


Garth Johnson -6:45 PM

They say that you can’t delete anything from the internet


Laura Leibowitz -6:46 PM

Apparently not!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:46 PM

its so true!


Michael Amowitz -6:46 PM

As far as the DVDs and videos, something of everything… I could raise kids on 80-90s TV, 50s-60s cartoons, and all these movies and more. Oops, no kids.

I am excellent on kazoo


Laura Leibowitz -6:46 PM

Kathy’s not kidding…she and I were getting high yesterday huffing George Burns' cologne collection.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:47 PM

he had good taste in scents


Michael Golek -6:47 PM

Smells like cigar smoke?


Laura Leibowitz -6:47 PM

Now I got to unpack the rest of is and figure out where to display it

Nope…good enough to cover that.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:47 PM

Laura has a cigar butt from a cigar smoked by burns!


Michael Golek -6:47 PM



Laura Leibowitz -6:47 PM

And a complete cigar that he gave me!


Michael Golek -6:47 PM

Blow me over with a feather.


Michael Amowitz -6:47 PM



Laura Leibowitz -6:47 PM



M. Mitchell Marmel -6:48 PM



Laura Leibowitz -6:48 PM

And we opened a shirt that Jack had for Buck Benny.

Haven’t been able to triangulate it in the stills yet though.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:48 PM

and I saw a letter on Mary Benny stationary written to Laura, signed and everything


Michael Golek -6:48 PM

What a keepsake!


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:49 PM



Tom Vorce -6:49 PM

Wow is right!!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:49 PM

I have had such an amazing visit : )


Laura Leibowitz -6:49 PM

It’s been a pleasure to have you here.


Garth Johnson -6:50 PM

·    2007-07-11_-_mem_-_source_catalog_-_anaheim_key-003.jpg  




I Wish I knew who got this ebay item


Laura Leibowitz -6:50 PM

Oh and Kathy got to fondle the tailcoat that Dennis wore in Golden Girl


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:50 PM

and someday, the cloud-based virtual Benny museum

it was a nice boat. Is that a key to Waukegan?


Laura Leibowitz -6:50 PM

Dang! Want!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:50 PM


Anaheim! even cooler


Garth Johnson -6:51 PM

Anaheim Key - and not the big one that you see with Carson


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:51 PM

But what of Asuza and Cuc…


Garth Johnson -6:51 PM



Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:51 PM

well, Cucamonga at least has a statue


Laura Leibowitz -6:51 PM

I have proclamations from them…and a few things related to the Cucamonga statue.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:51 PM

I think Azusa has been falling down on the job


Laura Leibowitz -6:52 PM

Middle child syndrome


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:52 PM

at least they moved him out of the rain and pigeon roosting inside a library/theater


Laura Leibowitz -6:52 PM

What else?


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:53 PM



Laura Leibowitz -6:53 PM

Which makes me think of the bit in the Second Farewell Special with Jack and George as statues.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:53 PM

Mitch, never heard that before!


Michael Amowitz -6:53 PM

How do I not remember that bit?


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:54 PM

Which in turn makes me think of the bit where Jack started playing and the statues walked off.


Laura Leibowitz -6:54 PM

Well, I’ll be darned!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:54 PM

they look like Roman guards and spout water from their arms


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:54 PM

Kathy: Never? Wow.


Michael Amowitz -6:54 PM

Cool, Mitch!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:54 PM

I must delve further into the Jan and Dean oeuvre


Garth Johnson -6:54 PM



Laura Leibowitz -6:54 PM

I knew if I just held back, Garth would find it…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:54 PM

ears, excuse me


Garth Johnson -6:55 PM

I’ve got to shut down some of these file manager windows - too many searches


Laura Leibowitz -6:55 PM

Funny that


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:55 PM

That tune was a sequel to “Little Old Lady from Pasadena”,


Laura Leibowitz -6:55 PM

Makes sense, don’t it?


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:56 PM

just what I was hoping it would be! She and her bunch of gardenias would be at the Benny club meeting


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:57 PM

But outside, she has her brand new shiny red Super Stock Dodge…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:57 PM

and she can yell “fill it up, Jack!”


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:57 PM



R.Hookie -6:58 PM

I’ll take 1 gallon


Garth Johnson -6:58 PM


Madge and club


M. Mitchell Marmel -6:58 PM

As a funny coincidence, Maxwell was absorbed into Dodge.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:58 PM

that is a cool connection


Laura Leibowitz -6:58 PM

I guess when Rochester was driving, you’d have to dodge it…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -6:59 PM



Garth Johnson -6:59 PM

Take it out - Take it out - you can’t dodge her


Laura Leibowitz -6:59 PM

I wonder where that photo was taken.

It looks like a club instead of a TV studio

Also looks like Benny Rubin on the left end


R.Hookie -7:00 PM

Looks like a school auditorium


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:00 PM

I would guess it was in San Angelo Texas, but that is an inside joke….


Garth Johnson -7:00 PM

No obverse was published - just night_club_show_jack_with_madge_blake_and_fan_club.jpg


Laura Leibowitz -7:00 PM

The stage does, but the tables and chairs look like it’s a supper club

Well, that does seem to gel with my guess that it was a club.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:01 PM

you find the darnedest stuff, Garth!


Garth Johnson -7:02 PM

It’s all at E-Bay - you just need to mine it daily


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:03 PM

a dozen very large turkeys just invaded Laura’s back yard, they only look a little like the Pasadena members


R.Hookie -7:03 PM

So, turkey for supper?


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:04 PM

and gosh, it reminds me when the turkeys put jack on trial, these hooligans look just as peeved


Garth Johnson -7:04 PM


Have to Call Andy Williams


Laura Leibowitz -7:04 PM

Garth - I respect your ability to mine it without buying!


R.Hookie -7:04 PM

the Meat Market opening


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:04 PM

its a bit like the Birds, but with red gobblers hanging down their necks


Michael Amowitz -7:04 PM

I thought that was with Tony Bennett … lol!


Laura Leibowitz -7:05 PM

Nope…Andy Williams!


Michael Amowitz -7:05 PM

It’s been awhile … same absurdity


R.Hookie -7:05 PM

Andy helped Jack open the meat market


Laura Leibowitz -7:05 PM

Or remember when Jack wins the turkey in the train station


R.Hookie -7:06 PM

“Sign my rump roast!”


Michael Amowitz -7:06 PM



Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:06 PM

or when WKRP sponsors the Turkey drop for Thanksgiving…


M. Mitchell Marmel -7:06 PM

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”


R.Hookie -7:06 PM

As God is my witness….


Laura Leibowitz -7:06 PM



R.Hookie -7:06 PM

… beat me to it


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:06 PM

these guys would sting you a bit, if dropped from 100 feet


Michael Amowitz -7:07 PM

Or down on the farm with Tennessee Ernie


Laura Leibowitz -7:07 PM

Jack dreams he’s a turkey


M. Mitchell Marmel -7:07 PM

You are what you eat?


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:08 PM

again, which is only a little bit like Charlie Chaplin in a chicken suit


Laura Leibowitz -7:08 PM

They woke me up a while back all at the fountain in my back yard, getting a drink.


Michael Golek -7:08 PM

Kathy - I was thinking Gold Rush as well.


Garth Johnson -7:08 PM


Make a wish …


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:08 PM

they have a look like they should have black leather jackets, being the sharks or the jets


Laura Leibowitz -7:09 PM

Sexy pilgrim there, Gisele


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:09 PM

now they are returning from whence they came. GOSH there is excitement at Chez Leibowitz


R.Hookie -7:09 PM

Gang Turkeys


Garth Johnson -7:09 PM



Laura Leibowitz -7:09 PM

There is ALWAYS excitement and Chez Leibowitz.


R.Hookie -7:09 PM



Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:10 PM

haha Garth there is also a magazine cover with Rochester trying to chop off a turkey’s head, its somewhere


R.Hookie -7:10 PM

Sorry… had to


Garth Johnson -7:10 PM

Do you have to get a licence to be poetical


Laura Leibowitz -7:10 PM

Speaking hypothetically? Sorry, I never learned to speak hypothetical.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:11 PM

I thought I needed a Fricasseeing Duck lincense


M. Mitchell Marmel -7:11 PM


Michael Golek -7:11 PM

Have you got a Fricaseeing duck license?


Garth Johnson -7:11 PM


I did not want to buy a duck


R.Hookie -7:11 PM

I don’t


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:12 PM

uhhhhhh, sorry Sir, I don’t


Laura Leibowitz -7:12 PM

Sorry Joe Penner


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:12 PM

hahahaha no why a duck!


R.Hookie -7:12 PM

Is that Joan?


Laura Leibowitz -7:12 PM



Michael Amowitz -7:12 PM

https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fthejoyfulcatholic.files.wordpress.com%2F2010%2F04%2Fgroucho.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fericlmodel.com%2Fauthenticity-and-groucho-marxs-duck%2F&docid=SUsKICRCA9Fl-M&tbnid=dE-J8Bhb3tw6OM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwjmz__2rNfcAhXOjVkKHa8iDFUQMwg5KAAwAA..i&w=312&h=256&bih=931&biw=1153&q=groucho and duck&ved=0ahUKEwjmz__2rNfcAhXOjVkKHa8iDFUQMwg5KAAwAA&iact=mrc&uact=8


Michael Golek -7:12 PM

Animal Crackers - vintage Marx Bros.


Michael Amowitz -7:13 PM

or if that link fails http://ericlmodel.com/authenticity-and-groucho-marxs-duck/


Laura Leibowitz -7:13 PM

Marvin Hamlisch got the duck


Garth Johnson -7:13 PM


Stephanie Diamond at a Bakers Broadcast Circa 1934


Michael Golek -7:13 PM

Saw Marvin at the Detroit symphony. Great show.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:13 PM

so folks, its just a typical evening at the Benny Museum and wildfowl sanctuary


Laura Leibowitz -7:14 PM

I used to have a crush on Marvin Hamlisch when I was in my teens.


M. Mitchell Marmel -7:14 PM

Pass the Wild Turkey!


Michael Golek -7:14 PM

Marvin asks for any lines from the audience and created an original song out of it. Classy.


Laura Leibowitz -7:14 PM

Oh right…I remember seeing him do that on TV!


Garth Johnson -7:15 PM

My local bird sanctuary is called Reifel Island.


Laura Leibowitz -7:15 PM



Garth Johnson -7:16 PM

Say the magic word and Groucho will visit your house …


Laura Leibowitz -7:16 PM

And he’ll say Grouch sent me



Michael Golek -7:16 PM

The duck hardly ever came down…when I watched. They should’ve won more than 50 bucks.


Laura Leibowitz -7:16 PM

I can tell a phony…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:17 PM

there are hummingbirds outside and rabbits inside, its a wonderful place

Garth Johnson -7:17 PM

and we are back to Dodging things - dis sota thing happens too often


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:17 PM



R.Hookie -7:18 PM

I got a dog inside and lightning bugs outside


Laura Leibowitz -7:18 PM

So how is everyone doing? Still having fun or is it a wrap for this month?


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:18 PM

I miss lightning bugs! Its too hot for them in Austin


Laura Leibowitz -7:18 PM

And they don’t live in California, as far as I know.

I miss them from Indiana. One of the few things I miss from there that’s not food-related…at least I never ate one.


Garth Johnson -7:19 PM

I need to mole trap - and hopefully would have better luck than Jack with his Gopher traps - they are worse than the raccoons for tearing up the lawn.


R.Hookie -7:19 PM

I guess mine are Prairie-urban


Michael Amowitz -7:19 PM

Just enjoyiong this while multitasking. We get them here.


M. Mitchell Marmel -7:19 PM

Could be worse. Could be lightning bugs inside and dogs outside.

We get lightning bugs here in Arkansas. Also tree frogs.


Laura Leibowitz -7:20 PM

Hello ma baby, hello ma honey, hello my ragtime gal…


M. Mitchell Marmel -7:20 PM

You may recall I played y’all a recording of the little indefinites a couple years ago.


Michael Golek -7:20 PM

Just don’t advertise “Free Beer”.


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:20 PM

but wait, is that his brother, J. Arkansas frog?


Garth Johnson -7:21 PM


That’s free BEE


Laura Leibowitz -7:21 PM

Well done


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:22 PM



M. Mitchell Marmel -7:22 PM


For those of you who missed the tree frogs last time:

R.Hookie -7:23 PM

Trying to think of a joke where Jack would use lightning bugs to save on candles….


Garth Johnson -7:23 PM


And from the Queen Mary Livingston I bid you all a pleasant evening.


Michael Golek -7:23 PM

Nice talk…and pic’s. Hope everyone can make it next time.


Laura Leibowitz -7:23 PM

Thanks so much folks…this has been great!


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:23 PM

great to talk with everyone!


R.Hookie -7:24 PM

Good night folks


Laura Leibowitz -7:24 PM

I’ve never had someone else on the chat in the other room to holler comments to…


R.Hookie -7:24 PM

I’m so glad we had this time… together….


M. Mitchell Marmel -7:24 PM

I and the tree frogs will see y’all later!


Tom Vorce -7:24 PM

Dinner is ready. I enjoyed all the enlightening conversation. Good night, folks!


Michael Amowitz -7:24 PM

Great night!


M. Mitchell Marmel -7:24 PM

Sing, Dennis…


Kathy Fuller Seeley -7:24 PM

its been so much fun, pull earlobe


Laura Leibowitz -7:24 PM

Take care! Good night Joanie!


Michael Amowitz -7:24 PM

Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!