IJBFC Chat - February 11, 2018

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Laura Leibowitz - 4:58 PM - Hi there Tom

Laura Leibowitz - 5:02 PM - Hi David

Can anyone hear me?

Tom Vorce - 5:03 PM - Hi Laura!

Laura Leibowitz - 5:03 PM - Hi Tom! Hi Hookie!

R.Hookie - 5:03 PM - Good evening folks!

Laura Leibowitz - 5:03 PM - How's everyone doing tonight?

R.Hookie - 5:04 PM - Well... alright I guess

Tom Vorce - 5:04 PM - Very well, thank you.

Laura Leibowitz - 5:04 PM - Cold up your way, Hookie?

R.Hookie - 5:04 PM - Plenty cold

Laura Leibowitz - 5:04 PM - I'll bet.

R.Hookie - 5:05 PM - Deceptively cold

Laura Leibowitz - 5:05 PM - David - If you want to talk, type in the box at the bottom center of your screen and hit Enter.

Tom - Where are you hailing from this evening?

(And hopefully it's not hailing where you are.)

Tom Vorce - 5:06 PM - Payson, Arizona, about an hour north of Phoenix.

Laura Leibowitz - 5:06 PM - Aha...so your temps are balancing out Hookie's in South Dakota.

David Rowh - 5:06 PM - Jello folks

Laura Leibowitz - 5:06 PM - Hi David!

R.Hookie - 5:06 PM - I was going to say something about crops...

Tom Vorce - 5:07 PM - Yes, we've escaped any real cold weather this winter...very lucky!

David Rowh - 5:07 PM - First time here

R.Hookie - 5:07 PM - I couldn't make it funny... so I stopped

Welcome David

Laura Leibowitz - 5:08 PM - Yes, welcome David!

David Rowh - 5:08 PM - Thanks!

Laura Leibowitz - 5:08 PM - Did anyone have trouble logging into the room?

Tom Vorce - 5:08 PM - No.

R.Hookie - 5:08 PM - Well, I had to download something

Laura Leibowitz - 5:09 PM - OK...hoping that being on a more "industry standard" platform will make accessibility easier while keeping out the people who don't belong.

Well, it's almost 10 after. Shall we go to the program for tonight?

David Rowh - 5:09 PM - Okay

Tom Vorce - 5:10 PM - Certainly!

R.Hookie - 5:10 PM - Sure... where is everyone else?

Laura Leibowitz - 5:10 PM - OK, I'll put the URL of the Watch2gether page so we can all see the show at the same time.

Hookie - Not sure. People always complain when I schedule opposite the Super Bowl, so I pushed it out a week.

Hi Ted!

Theodore Michael Konek - 5:10 PM - Hi everyone,

Laura Leibowitz - 5:10 PM - https://www.watch2gether.com/rooms/ijbfc-mbrm7osc3l5p85x3t9

R.Hookie - 5:11 PM - There was a super bowl?

Laura Leibowitz - 5:11 PM - For anyone joining the chat while the program is on, just go to the link above.

Hookie - Yeah, I don't know. I think it has something to do with hockey.

M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:26 PM - Jell-O again!

Just what I need. ANOTHER app to keep track of.

Laura Leibowitz - 5:37 PM - Ha!

Are folks back yet?

R.Hookie - 5:37 PM - Well, here we are, back at the chat...

Tom Vorce - 5:37 PM - That was great! Dennis was really good, too!

Laura Leibowitz - 5:37 PM - meanwhile, back at Allen's Chat Room...

So I wanted to show that program because I have a story that's dear to my heart about it.

Some of you will have already heard it

I was interviewing Dorothy Ohman at her house

Anyone need a quick explanation of who she was?

David Rowh - 5:38 PM - Back

Ernie Carbajal - 5:38 PM - yes

Theodore Michael Konek - 5:38 PM - Please do.

M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:39 PM - Jello yet again!

Laura Leibowitz - 5:39 PM - She was Jack's secretary after Bert Scott

Her house was just south of Wilshire in Beverly Hills, but it was still pretty modest

And Jack would come to her house to run lines for these shows before going to CBS to do them live.

She told me afterwards that I happened to have chosen Jack's chair at her kitchenette table.

So they ran lines for this show (i.e., Dorothy would read everyone else's lines, and Jack would do his own)

Jack went to go to CBS, but stopped in her courtyard.

He turned and looked at her, and rather sheepishly said, "Do you really think I can do this? Do you really think I can do Gleason?"

She said, "Of course you can! You'll be great! You always are." (or words to that effect, quoting from memory.

As she told me the story, we were looking out into her courtyard, and I could perfectly visualize Jack standing there having a crisis of confidence

And he went to CBS and did this show. I personally think that she was right.

Hey Mitch!

R.Hookie - 5:43 PM - He was great!

The show was great

Laura Leibowitz - 5:43 PM - You can see with all his physicality how hard he worked on imitating Gleason.

Tom Vorce - 5:43 PM - Yes, he did a good job, especially the pacing around business.

M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:43 PM - And he nailed it!

Laura Leibowitz - 5:44 PM - I'm also struck with how well the writers did on imitating the Honeymooners' writing.

And Dennis is fantastic too

R.Hookie - 5:45 PM - So, what else tonight?

Laura Leibowitz - 5:45 PM - That's what I've got. Anything else Benny-wise on folks' minds?

Requests for next month?

R.Hookie - 5:46 PM - March... hmmm...

Laura Leibowitz - 5:46 PM - Did I bore everyone with the story?

R.Hookie - 5:46 PM - I actually enjoyed it

Laura Leibowitz - 5:47 PM - I love that show. Seth is a big Gleason fan, so he was here watching it with me.

M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:47 PM - Me too! I'm always interested in behind the scenes tales.

R.Hookie - 5:47 PM - Yes

Laura Leibowitz - 5:47 PM - OK, I'll look for something fun for next time.

Tom Vorce - 5:47 PM - Great story, especially the fact that Jack was there, so to spealk.

Laura Leibowitz - 5:47 PM - Guess we'll call it good for this month. Thanks folks for stopping!

R.Hookie - 5:48 PM - Good evening folks!

Laura Leibowitz - 5:48 PM - Have a good one...stay warm!

Tom Vorce - 5:48 PM - Good night, everyone!

M. Mitchell Marmel - 5:49 PM - Easter Parade, perhaps?

Or would that be better for April?

Since that's around St. Paddy's Day, something featuring Dennis, perhaps?

Ernie Carbajal - 6:08 PM - Thanks