IJBFC Chat - November 5, 2017

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[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: How are you gentlemen this evening?
[5:04 PM] R.Hookie: Tired
[5:04 PM] Steve Archer: Doing well, I feel like this is the first chat I've managed in some time.
[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - I was thinking that.  Welcome back.
[5:04 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Jell-O again!
[5:04 PM] Steve Archer: Yeah, that hour switch is moider!
[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hey, while we're waiting, here's something that
[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hi Mitch!
[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I've been meaning to share with the board.
[5:05 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I have an idea.
[5:05 PM] Steve Archer: Just weird bad timing on my part, ballgames, vacation, all that fun summer stuff interfered with the chat.  Now the dark days are upon us.
[5:05 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Be nice to it.  It's in a strange place, Laura.
[5:05 PM] Laura Leibowitz: In a very literal sense.
[5:05 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Marmel - Oh...my head?
[5:05 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: ;-)
[5:06 PM] R.Hookie: Dark or "dark"?
[5:06 PM] Laura Leibowitz: There are a great many people who would agree that my head is a strange place.
[5:06 PM] Steve Archer: I think most of us here can claim a bit of that same strangeness
[5:06 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - Being an overnighter, I understand that dark means something rather different to you.
[5:07 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Very true.
[5:07 PM] Steve Archer: So what is your idea
[5:07 PM] R.Hookie: Yeah, what?
[5:07 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So...I was thinking about how many people online have complained (not just on our group, but other archival groups) about the Library of Congress not having more available online.
[5:08 PM] Steve Archer: Not Taco Tuesdays?
[5:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: And people not sharing material, and wanting more online.
[5:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Well, we can do Taco Tuesdays as well.
[5:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: On every corner.
[5:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So we have such a phenomenal group of folks on the Facebook page, and some not, that are out there finding and posting material.
[5:09 PM] R.Hookie: and Jello January
[5:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I think we should establish, with the long term in mind, an online Jack Benny research archive.
[5:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Searchable, keywords...
[5:09 PM] Steve Archer: Bravo!
[5:09 PM] R.Hookie: I like it.
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: And all the folks who are posting to the Facebook page now can also post their stuff there.
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: And if you're looking for something about Jack in vaudeville, you should be able to find it there.
[5:10 PM] HipChat: Hi @Jim! Welcome to Hipchat. You can @-mention me by typing @HipChat and I'll tell you what HipChat can do!
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: If you're looking for that photo of Jack you saw wherever, you should be able to look it up
[5:10 PM] R.Hookie: Similar to archive.org?
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hi Jim!
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie -Yep, very much.
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Just focused on Jack and his associates.
[5:10 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Just added this link to the FB group...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHDd5Dhpe0c
[5:11 PM] R.Hookie: I waste sooooo much time there....
[5:11 PM] Steve Archer: That sounds fantastic.
[5:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mitch - Love it!
[5:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK...I just need to do some more checking around in how to do it so we don't end up with a mess.
[5:11 PM] Steve Archer: What do you need from us minions?
[5:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I consulted Jack's grandson who works at Akamai, and he's for it but didn't have any technical guidance.
[5:12 PM] Steve Archer: Have you seen those fan wikis?  Maybe something like that is a start.
[5:12 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Well, archive.org USED to have an extensive collection of Jack Benny shows, then they got C&Ded...
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: All the stuff I have in the fan club archive can be scanned and made available.  That's a ton of stuff right there.
[5:12 PM] R.Hookie: C&D?
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - I've seen Wiki pages about celebrities, but not a whole site.
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Cease and desist
[5:13 PM] R.Hookie: OIC!
[5:13 PM] R.Hookie: Thanks
[5:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mitch - Wow...I did not know that.
[5:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: You'd think I would, but I had no involvement in it.
[5:13 PM] Steve Archer: wikia.com is the domain...a lot of them are ad-cluttered, but they're like little wikipedias focused on Star Trek or anime, or whatever people are into.
[5:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Not agreeing or disagreeing.
[5:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK, I'll take a look at it.
[5:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Thanks!
[5:14 PM] Steve Archer: Maybe there's a more classy option we could keep ad-free.
[5:14 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - That's what I was hoping.  We may have some financial backing on it.
[5:14 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Also if you put it on someone else's site, then you're at their mercy.
[5:14 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I want our own little corner of the cloud for storage and research.
[5:14 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Yeah, archive.org got zapped by Radio Spirits, oh, going on ten years ago.
[5:15 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mitch - I figured they'd be the only ones with the permission, other than the estate, to enforce it.
[5:15 PM] Laura Leibowitz: The one concern I have is that I have plenty of material that I've put away saying, "I'll publish this in the Times some day."
[5:16 PM] Steve Archer: That's the double edged sword of maintaining control, stuff has to get built from scratch if you don't use someone else's toolbox.  But it's a brilliant concept, let's make it work!
[5:16 PM] Laura Leibowitz: If I work and put it all out there, it's going to be hard to support the newsletter with stuff that's already readily available.
[5:16 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Might wanna coordinate with Buck Benny; he's got the entire run of shows, complete with commentary.
[5:16 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hmmm...interesting idea.
[5:17 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK...I'll keep looking into it.  Thanks for the feedback!
[5:17 PM] Laura Leibowitz: BRB...I want to see if anyone else who got an invitation needs to be let into the room.
[5:18 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK, nothing.
[5:18 PM] Steve Archer: What's tonight's show?
[5:18 PM] R.Hookie: Just a question, but would this include access to recipes and other related Benny stuff?
[5:18 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So I believe I had Drear Pooson on tap for tonight...would you prefer to listen to that, or just continue chatting here?
[5:19 PM] Steve Archer: 1,000,001 Uses for Jell-O!
[5:19 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - When you say recipes, are you talking about stuff like Jack and Mary's Jell-O Cookbook?
[5:19 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Or recipes that were cooked at the Jack Benny home?
[5:19 PM] R.Hookie: I ... actually yes
[5:19 PM] Steve Archer: I defer to the room, but always up for Drear Pooson's column.
[5:19 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Dreer Pooson is a perennial fave of mine.
[5:20 PM] R.Hookie: That too... if Mary was a good cook
[5:20 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK, let's cue Don then.
[5:20 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I don't think Mary was much of a cook...
[5:20 PM] Laura Leibowitz: What Mary made for dinner was reservations.
[5:20 PM] R.Hookie: rimshot
[5:21 PM] Steve Archer: Mary! How did you get *bones* in toast?!
[5:21 PM] R.Hookie: Is this ALL we have for tonight?
[5:21 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK, hoping that we're not disturbed by Target ads again...
[5:21 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - I was expecting more as well.  Dunno.
[5:22 PM] Laura Leibowitz: https://www.watch2gether.com/rooms/ijbfc-mbrm7osc3l5p85x3t9
[5:22 PM] Laura Leibowitz: If anyone joins the chat room after this message, please click the above link to join us in listening to the show!
[5:23 PM] Steve Archer: I'll go knock on the neighbors' doors and say "Ummmm.... DREAR POOSON is on, be there or be square, right now!!"
[5:50 PM] R.Hookie: Oh my Lord that was good!!!
[5:50 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Say, I did a Jack Benny mention on the O Gauge forum today.
[5:50 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Wow...that show is known for Drear Pooson, but it's really a romp!
[5:50 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/topic/76044470142587039?reply=76044470145947825#76044470145947825
[5:50 PM] Steve Archer: It's a classic.
[5:50 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Marmel - Aha!
[5:50 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga?
[5:51 PM] R.Hookie: I haven't laughed that hard in months!
[5:51 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Yus.  I'd love a complete set of Mel
[5:51 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I figure O-gauge must be model railroad
[5:51 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: station announcements.
[5:51 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I'd put them into a station model.
[5:51 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mitch - What a great idea!  I had a boyfriend a while back who was into model railroads.
[5:52 PM] Laura Leibowitz: What a great show
[5:52 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Plenty of bloopers, lots of star power
[5:52 PM] Laura Leibowitz: What would have been a better way to end the skit?
[5:52 PM] Steve Archer: Yeah, I imagine other shows would have killed for just one of those guest stars.
[5:52 PM] Steve Archer: And they really each just had short bits.
[5:52 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Heck yeah
[5:53 PM] Steve Archer: I think the trained dog should have been the killer
[5:53 PM] R.Hookie: Well, each of them did have a plug
[5:53 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Other thoughts on the show other than it was just great?
[5:53 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Optimum ending would have had a guest appearance by Dreer Pooson himself.
[5:53 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Archer - Oh, that's a great idea!
[5:54 PM] R.Hookie: I agree
[5:54 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Why did I call you Archer?  Strange...
[5:54 PM] Steve Archer: The dog rips off a mask and reveals himself to be the killer AND Drew Pearson.
[5:54 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Perfect!
[5:54 PM] Laura Leibowitz: That's true...I think the writers had taken enough of a risk by changing Frank's line!
[5:54 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Oh, there ya go!
[5:54 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I love it.
[5:55 PM] Steve Archer: This is why you need four writers.
[5:55 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Oh yeah.
[5:55 PM] R.Hookie: I do like the callbacks
[5:55 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Stupid dog!
[5:55 PM] R.Hookie: Mine's sleeping for a change
[5:56 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So before we lose folks, requests for next month?
[5:56 PM] Steve Archer: Mine's figuring out the square root of 79,0473
[5:56 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - Hi to Penny
[5:56 PM] R.Hookie: I woke her up just for you
[5:56 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mine's probably asleep on the sofa with my current (and hopefully future) boyfriend.
[5:56 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - Give her a cookie for me.
[5:57 PM] R.Hookie: Sure
[5:57 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Request:  The Phil Harris show with Jack playing Santa Claus!
[5:57 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mitch - Aha, that can be done.
[5:57 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK.  Other thoughts on the show or other Benny-related topics?
[5:57 PM] R.Hookie: I want more of the stuff we had tonight
[5:58 PM] Laura Leibowitz: This has got to be in the top 10 of all Benny radio shows.
[5:58 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: The television gag has me thinking:  Wonder how well a modern flat screen TV would do with ca. 1960 TV broadcasts?
[5:58 PM] R.Hookie: Were they titled by date or given actual titles?
[5:59 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mitch - Well, I've watched some of the lost episodes on my large screen TV.  It's a little grainy, but we didn't have the budget to up them to Blu Ray.
[5:59 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Other ideas:  Mary's greatest flubs:  Chiss Sweeze,  grass reek et cetera.
[5:59 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - Radio eps were titled by date.
[5:59 PM] R.Hookie: OK
[5:59 PM] Laura Leibowitz: TV eps sometimes had titles and sometimes didn't.
[6:00 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So what else?  Or are we good for this month?
[6:00 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I'd say so!  I enjoyed the show!
[6:00 PM] Steve Archer: I got nothin'!  But great show, I always enjoy that one every time.
[6:00 PM] R.Hookie: Me too!
[6:01 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'm glad we listened to it!
[6:01 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK, thanks for stopping folks, and see you next month!
[6:01 PM] Steve Archer: Till next month then
[6:01 PM] Steve Archer: Night all!
[6:01 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Happy Thanksgiving!
[6:01 PM] R.Hookie: OK, good night folks!!!
[6:02 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Before I go,  I wanna put in a plug for Benny:  Friends and Foe.    http://www.kibmradio.com/
[6:03 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Night all!