IJBFC Chat - April 2, 2017

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[4:59 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Stace!  Ted!  You made it in!
[5:00 PM] Laura Leibowitz: You can type your comments in the bottom window by the paper clip.
[5:00 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Seems so
[5:00 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mazel tov.
[5:01 PM] Theodore Michael Konek: Nice to be back
[5:01 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hi Beverly!
[5:01 PM] Stace Tackaberry: How do we watch the Benny show?
[5:01 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I've had a lot of people asking to be activated for the chat room, so we should have a good crowd tonight.
[5:01 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Stace - I'll give a link in a bit.  We'll all be watching it together.
[5:01 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Just want to give people a chance to get logged in.
[5:01 PM] Stace Tackaberry: terrific
[5:02 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Stace - This episode is early enough that your father is probably in the credits...haven't checked that yet.
[5:02 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Can't wait
[5:02 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hi Beverly - You can type your comments in the bottom window by the paperclip.
[5:02 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hi Hookie!
[5:03 PM] R.Hookie: Hi folks!
[5:03 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Enjoying your TV dinner?  ;)
[5:03 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hey Steve
[5:03 PM] Steve Archer: Hi All!
[5:03 PM] R.Hookie: I'm putting my roast in at about 9:30
[5:03 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - That sounds like a setup to a Gracie Allen bit.
[5:04 PM] R.Hookie: Should be ready about midnight
[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hi Perri!
[5:04 PM] Steve Archer: You put a little roast in with a big one and when the little one burns, the big one is done.
[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - That's right...you're a night owl like me.
[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - There ya go.
[5:04 PM] Perri: I'm a little late folks, but here!
[5:04 PM] R.Hookie: Yeah... not by choice
[5:05 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Perri - You're not late...I was waiting to give folks a chance to log in.  I'll start the show in about 5 minues.
[5:05 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So how's everyone doing this weekend?  It's glorious here in the San Francisco area.
[5:05 PM] Perri: Good idea.  Thanks!
[5:05 PM] Steve Archer: Very nice, spring is springing in Baltimore.
[5:05 PM] Perri: Beautiful mixed with rain in Houston
[5:06 PM] Stace Tackaberry: It was sunny in Breckenridge, CO, but about 35
[5:06 PM] R.Hookie: Sioux Falls is overcast
[5:07 PM] Laura Leibowitz: We're covered coast to coast, north to south.
[5:07 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Has anyone spotted our special guest this evening?
[5:07 PM] Steve Archer: the springing means I have to buy a lawn mower for my house after six years of lawn-free apartment life.  I am also seeing the previous owner planted hostas everywhere, which I kind of loathe.
[5:07 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Why do you loathe hostas?
[5:07 PM] Steve Archer: I see one with an illustrious name!
[5:07 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I would grow them here, but they're deer candy.
[5:07 PM] Steve Archer: Not a hosta, a tackaberry!
[5:08 PM] Steve Archer: I want to grow tackaberries instead :)
[5:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Aha!
[5:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Yes, a big welcome to Stace Tackaberry, son of John.
[5:08 PM] Steve Archer: Welcome Stace!
[5:08 PM] Steve Archer: I already like you better than hostas.
[5:08 PM] R.Hookie: Welcome!
[5:09 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Thanks all.  My pleasure:-D
[5:09 PM] R.Hookie: Stepping aside a moment... be right back
[5:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Stace - Hope you don't mind me saying that I can't think of your father now without thinking of paper underwear.
[5:09 PM] Steve Archer: I'm sure we can all say how much we appreciate your father's contributions to the Benny show.
[5:10 PM] Perri: :-D
[5:10 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Sad that he did't will me any
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: LOL
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'm thinking it over...
[5:10 PM] Stace Tackaberry: My Dad was a very talented man
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: (Just mentioning that since your father gets credit for that immortal line.)
[5:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK, let's get the show on the road.
[5:11 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Gotta go for a moment...right back
[5:11 PM] Steve Archer: What are we watching boss?
[5:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: As I mentioned in the announcement, this is my personal favorite Benny episode.
[5:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: (Stace - I'll hold starting it until you come back).
[5:12 PM] Steve Archer: Not jack in the cat outfit?
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: It's also known as "The 60 Piece Orchestra Skit)
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Dear God, no.
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - I loathe that one more than you loathe hostas.
[5:12 PM] Stace Tackaberry: I'm back, thanks for waiting
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: And you'd think I'd have looked up the date on this
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Duh
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'll give it afterwards.
[5:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Ready?
[5:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: https://www.watch2gether.com/rooms/ijbfc-mbrm7osc3l5p85x3t9
[5:13 PM] Steve Archer: Yep, slide that link this way!
[5:14 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'll give folks a chance to get there...
[5:14 PM] Laura Leibowitz: The date on the show is 1/25/53
[5:18 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hey Yht...see the link?
[5:18 PM] Yhtapmys: Yes
[5:25 PM] Theodore Michael Konek: Is the show on the road?
[5:26 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Yep...click on the link above
[5:26 PM] Laura Leibowitz: https://www.watch2gether.com/rooms/ijbfc-mbrm7osc3l5p85x3t9
[5:44 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'm so happy to be able to share that episode.
[5:45 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: what a great chance to see this episode!!! Jack looked so happy to be playing his violin
[5:45 PM] Roger: Thank you Laura!
[5:45 PM] Perri: Thank you so much!
[5:45 PM] Steve Archer: I am still a little stunned!
[5:45 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Tank you very much Laura
[5:45 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - I agree.
[5:45 PM] R.Hookie: Pretty sure that was Studio 33
[5:45 PM] Laura Leibowitz: My pleasure.  Feels fabulous to have others enjoy it too.
[5:46 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - I think you're right.  I just don't have solid evidence that it was 33.
[5:46 PM] R.Hookie: That was an entertaining show
[5:46 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: one of the benefits of the sponsor-run system of the 1950s, that Jack could do ONE show per month
[5:46 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So thoughts, comments?
[5:46 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Stace - Which part do you think your father wrote?
[5:46 PM] Stace Tackaberry: I have no clue
[5:47 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Well, and he was doing the radio show as well.
[5:47 PM] R.Hookie: But, all those prop violins!
[5:47 PM] Stace Tackaberry: That is true
[5:47 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I loved the double doors used as background in the musical sequence, because apparently just showing blank backgrounds was not good enough
[5:47 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'm impressed by some of the crane or Jimmy Jim (not sure if they had those back then) work on the musical sequence.
[5:48 PM] Perri: Yeah, they really went all out on that
[5:48 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: and that the sound equipment (meager as it was in 1953) picked up as much as it did
[5:48 PM] Roger: Was Jack doing benefits fo orchestras at time/
[5:48 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Thank you all for sharing this with me.  It brought a bit of a tear
[5:48 PM] Steve Archer: It's another one of those examples where the *context* of Jack sawing awful stuff on the violin for years is needed - if this was someone's first Jack Benny show they wouldn't get it.
[5:48 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Jack rarely showed his "mother" in skits, that is unusual
[5:48 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Some of you may remember that in the much later episode of "Jack dreams he's a music teacher," in rehearsal they clobbered Jack over the head with a violin, and it didn't break away.  Ouch!
[5:49 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Roger - Not yet.
[5:49 PM] Steve Archer: But for the rest of us, we're stupified!
[5:49 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Very true.
[5:49 PM] Perri: Extra special, having you here, Stace!
[5:49 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Oh thank you Perri
[5:50 PM] Laura Leibowitz: As I mentioned while we were watching it, I have to think that Jack would have wished very much for his mother to have seen it.  She died before he ever made anything of himself.
[5:50 PM] Steve Archer: They did a variation on this when Jack guested on Here's Lucy
[5:50 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Yeah, any questions for Stace about his illustrious and talented father?
[5:50 PM] Yhtapmys: Sigh. There was nice piece by Larry Kurkdjie in one of the syndication services in 1960 but I don't have access to a full copy.
[5:50 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I hope your father thought this was a relatively happy job for him, Stace! Personally would have given anything to be a Benny writer, altough I am sadly not creative enough by gar
[5:51 PM] Steve Archer: Stace, did you ever get to peek in on any of the writing sessions?
[5:51 PM] Laura Leibowitz: FYI...Larry Kurkdjie also served as Jack's violin teacher for a time.
[5:51 PM] Stace Tackaberry: I don't remember ever peaking
[5:51 PM] Roger: Stace, how long was your Dad a writer for Jack?
[5:51 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Stace, was this a full time job for your father, or do you know if he also did other writing jobs on the side?
[5:52 PM] Roger: and did you get to meet Jack?
[5:52 PM] Stace Tackaberry: He wrote for about 15 years...give or take
[5:52 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Stace - That sounds right.  I'd have to look up the end date.
[5:52 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Kathy, it was full time
[5:52 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Wow, and it WAS  a huge amount of work, week to week!
[5:53 PM] Laura Leibowitz: 13 years
[5:53 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Yes, Jack and Mary came to our home a number of times when I was just a child
[5:53 PM] Laura Leibowitz: 1943-1955
[5:53 PM] Roger: wow!
[5:53 PM] Steve Archer: Jack's loyalty to the writers (and vice versa) is so unheard of today - and look how well that relationship paid off!
[5:54 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Jack was always very kind to my sister and I
[5:54 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Stace - Tell about the garage
[5:54 PM] Laura Leibowitz: (the extra garage)
[5:55 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Let me know if that needs more explanation.
[5:55 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Or your memories of Jack...it's all good!
[5:55 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Well, this ws in the days of payola and our garage was filled with cases of beer, soft frinks, etc.  Although we had two cars, we could only get one in
[5:55 PM] Laura Leibowitz: General electric blankets.  :)
[5:56 PM] Stace Tackaberry: These companies at the time had an agent who approached writers of various shows in an attempt to get their products plugged
[5:56 PM] Yhtapmys: But nothing from the May Company.
[5:56 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Just the mention of "look how well that relationship paid off" made me think of all the goodies you stashed in the garage.
[5:57 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: but perhaps so much Ideal Dog Food
[5:57 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: and Airwicks!
[5:57 PM] Steve Archer: Not to mention the cimmeron rolls
[5:57 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Also in the house...free washers and dryers, refrigerators, etc.
[5:58 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Bendixes all over the place : )
[5:58 PM] Roger: wow!!!
[5:58 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'm trying to remember if the mention of Cadillac was successful or not...
[5:58 PM] Yhtapmys: "Jack loves to fiddle," said Larry, "but he loves his show better than anything else. It's the first thing in his life, because he loves to make people laugh. He loves to see them happy. "His second big love is his fiddle. His third big love is golf. I don't know where his wife Mary comes in!"
[5:59 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Well said.
[5:59 PM] Stace Tackaberry: Gotta go!  Guests coming for dinner.  Thanks folks for you interest in Jack & his gang
[5:59 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: thank you so much!
[5:59 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Thanks so much for stopping, Stace!
[5:59 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hope to see you again here!
[5:59 PM] R.Hookie: Thanks for stopping by
[5:59 PM] Steve Archer: Thanks for joining us Stace!
[5:59 PM] Perri: Thank you for joining us!
[5:59 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Would love to get you and one of Milt's boys on at the same time.
[5:59 PM] Roger: Thank You Stace!
[6:00 PM] Stace Tackaberry: I'll email one of them and see if we can make it on the next chat
[6:00 PM] Laura Leibowitz: That would be fabulous!
[6:00 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Thank you so much.
[6:00 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: what a great idea, Laura, thank you for bringing us the guest participant!
[6:00 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I can't take credit...Stace reached out to me!
[6:00 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: yay~
[6:01 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'm just a lucky bystander.
[6:01 PM] R.Hookie: This is a fun format, watching all at once
[6:01 PM] Steve Archer: Yeah, the Watch2gether is a hit as far as I'm concerned
[6:01 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - Agreed.  I didn't realize how good it would be...again, credit to both Perri for requesting it, and the Crees for doing it first!
[6:02 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So other thoughts on the show?
[6:02 PM] R.Hookie: Yes, more live shows
[6:02 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - That can be arranged.
[6:02 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: yay!
[6:02 PM] Steve Archer: It's a little bit Mystery Science Theater 3000, a little bit Pop-Up Video, and a little bit "The Mean Old Man".
[6:02 PM] Laura Leibowitz: LOL
[6:02 PM] R.Hookie: I know they're limited
[6:03 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - They are...but sometimes I know people who know people and can get stuff.
[6:03 PM] Perri: Laura, I think I saw that Watch2gether supports soundcloud-- perhaps make an account there and put up a radio show for us to all Listen2gether.
[6:03 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I loved the sly twisting of Jack's story of his childhood, claiming that he would rather practice than goof around with neighborhood kids
[6:03 PM] R.Hookie: I think the live audiences help the performers act better
[6:03 PM] Steve Archer: We could even try one of Jack's movies sometime.
[6:03 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Perri - Agreed...or I think there are some radio episodes on YouTube that could be used.
[6:03 PM] Perri: Oooooo, yes!
[6:03 PM] Steve Archer: Buck Benny?
[6:03 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - Totally.  Except for Mary.
[6:04 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: and in live TV, you can sense the performers' nerouvousness that they could get it right and on time, the first time
[6:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Wow...that would be a trip.
[6:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Would people be willing to commit 90-120 minutes to that?
[6:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Yeah, you see how this one ends.
[6:04 PM] Perri: we can add our own Intermission, for refreshment break
[6:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: The orchestra starts playing, and Jack realizes they're up and just blows a kiss.
[6:04 PM] Steve Archer: Sure, chats often go 2 hours.
[6:04 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: yep!
[6:05 PM] R.Hookie: Break for Jello?
[6:05 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - That's a good point.
[6:05 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Perri - Popcorn break.
[6:05 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: there's always time for Jell-O
[6:05 PM] Laura Leibowitz: BRB
[6:05 PM] Perri: BRB here too, this coffee cup just refuses to refill itself
[6:06 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: where is Rochester when you need him?
[6:06 PM] Steve Archer: I made a Jell-O poke cake last week for the first time in ages and it is actually really good
[6:06 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: yum, Steve! What flavor(s) did you use?
[6:07 PM] Steve Archer: white cake and raspberry Jell-O
[6:07 PM] Steve Archer: thumbs up!
[6:07 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: double yum!
[6:07 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Popcorn-flavored Jell-O.
[6:07 PM] Steve Archer: NOOOOO
[6:07 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: or Jell-O flavored popcorn
[6:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: That could be interesting...
[6:08 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I suppose that popcorn suspended in Jell-O would get soggy, but then there are Undescended Twinkies.....
[6:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Actually, I've been doing a lot of hot air popped popcorn lately...sprinkle some Jell-O powder on the hot popcorn...
[6:08 PM] Roger: Root Beer flavored Jello?
[6:08 PM] Steve Archer: that would actually be tasty!
[6:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Yeah, I vote for that one!
[6:09 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: like Coke and Cherry jell-o
[6:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: They had Cola flavored Jell-O...wonder if they ever did that.
[6:09 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: but I would omit the pineapple, actually I would omit the pineapple everywhere
[6:09 PM] R.Hookie: I was on the phone... we're doing Jello flavors now?
[6:09 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: no, we were talking about you, Hookie : )
[6:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: ROFLMAO
[6:10 PM] R.Hookie: Why?
[6:10 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: you don't know?
[6:10 PM] Steve Archer: Failed Jell-O flavors are like the black holes of the chat.  No light or humor can escape them.
[6:10 PM] R.Hookie: Am I a goner?
[6:11 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: no, I am just being silly. Must be leftovers from yesterday
[6:11 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Who knows anything about this Kevin Spacey Jack Benny gig?
[6:11 PM] Perri: Coke.... Jell-o.... what th' heck is going on here?  I turn my back for a few minutes and...
[6:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Is that real or April Fool's?
[6:11 PM] R.Hookie: There's more, much more, better topics than me
[6:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Cocaine flavored Jell-O
[6:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Opiate addiction Jell-O
[6:11 PM] Perri: :-)  This party is picking up the pace!
[6:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Not.
[6:12 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: well, I have recipes for everything ELSE in it, why not,
[6:12 PM] Roger: Other than Jello, does anybody use or purchase other products that sponsored Jack's shows?
[6:12 PM] R.Hookie: Jello in aspic
[6:12 PM] Roger: I am have State Farm Insurance.....
[6:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: There's got to be somewhere here in Oakland that has tried weed in Jell-O.
[6:12 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: My husband drinks Canada Dry diet.....hey, do you know they use real ginger in it?  (current commercial that drives me nuts)
[6:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Beep!  Beep!  Be-be-beep!
[6:13 PM] Steve Archer: I'm sure there's some lipton tea around here somewhere.
[6:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: How many of you have heard the record "Music to Write Apps By"?
[6:13 PM] Steve Archer: Heard of but not heard!
[6:13 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I think that Lux soap is still produced in Mexico, and maybe you can get it at the Vermont Country Store
[6:13 PM] Roger: I have.
[6:13 PM] Perri: Grape-Nuts, on occasion
[6:13 PM] Perri: good to plunk into yogurt
[6:13 PM] Roger: yes...bought a box of Grape Nut Flakes recently.
[6:14 PM] Steve Archer: The flakes get a thumbs up from me, the nuts, not so much.
[6:14 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I polled my students, and all of them thought that Grape Nuts Flakes tasted like the cardboard box they came in
[6:14 PM] Yhtapmys: Yeah, they're not good.
[6:14 PM] Perri: They want Frosted Grape Nut Flakes
[6:14 PM] Roger: Little leary of purchasing  a General Tire...look cheap.
[6:14 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: but I WILL make the students in my 1960s course this fall eat SEVERAL types of Jell-o!
[6:14 PM] Steve Archer: The grape-nuts are so much worse than the flakes.  I keep expecting them to come in clumping and non-clumping varieties.
[6:14 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Music To Write Apps By was a record put out to its agents by State Farm when they started sponsoring Jack.
[6:15 PM] Perri: Hard work as cereal, but nice in yogurt  :-)
[6:15 PM] R.Hookie: Grape Nuts hot with brown sugar is not bad
[6:15 PM] Laura Leibowitz: One side has an overly-long discussion of how Madison Avenue came up with the State Farm jingle.
[6:16 PM] Laura Leibowitz: At least Grapes Nuts are not ray-shunned.
[6:16 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: SUGAR frosted Grace Nuts Flakes! Super-Sugar frosted gnf!
[6:16 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy channels her inner Zippy the Pinhead.
[6:16 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: good Don-ism there, Laura, Ray-shunned
[6:16 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: goes well with your MAIN-u
[6:16 PM] Laura Leibowitz: :D
[6:17 PM] Laura Leibowitz: To eat on your hee-lee-oh-copter.
[6:17 PM] Roger: Laura, was that the "like a good neighbor, State Farm is There"
[6:17 PM] R.Hookie: Sorry, I'm partially distracted by Barney Miller
[6:17 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Roger - No, it's that beep...beep...be-be-beep bit.
[6:18 PM] Laura Leibowitz: It goes into great detail, and I think it's all made-up philosophical silliness.
[6:18 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mad Men flight of fancy.
[6:18 PM] Laura Leibowitz: "We gotta fill 25 minutes on this record.  What are we gonna say?"
[6:19 PM] Laura Leibowitz: But State Farm's big investment in the show was legendary in advertising circles.
[6:19 PM] Roger: k.....
[6:19 PM] Steve Archer: I'm surprised that when Jack went back with Jell-O on TV they didn't do more with it.  But then I suppose the integrated commercials were nixed by then.
[6:19 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Who has the bass riff of the "Barney Miller" theme playing in their head now?
[6:19 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: cool, I wonder who the advertising agency was in the STate Farm years, if we could find any agency paperwork
[6:19 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Oh no not at all.
[6:20 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Opening and closing were still separate, as in the episode tonight.
[6:20 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: but maybe Jello was using day time TV advertising at that point
[6:20 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - I'm pretty sure I have that.  Just need to pull the papers I got for Marty when we were doing Volume 3.
[6:20 PM] Laura Leibowitz: But IIRC, Don and Harlow do "Me and My Jell-O" as a middle commercial.
[6:21 PM] Steve Archer: Oh, I have vague memories of that. Yes!
[6:21 PM] R.Hookie: Me and My Jello.... hahahahaha
[6:21 PM] Steve Archer: But they wouldn't have the constant references to the sponsor in the dialogue like they did with radio, too hard to cut out for syndication.
[6:22 PM] Perri: "Me and My Jell-O"?  Inspiring a young Harry Nilsson...
[6:22 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: that is a lot of jiggling...
[6:22 PM] Yhtapmys: Kathy, the agency was N.L. and B.
[6:22 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I wonder if it's because General Foods had him advertising a variety of products, with Jell-O being one of the main ones.
[6:22 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Exactly.
[6:22 PM] Laura Leibowitz: It wasn't really a constant thing in radio either...would be too hard to cut out for AFRS.
[6:23 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So what else Benny-wise is on your minds tonight?
[6:24 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - If you have anything you'd like to contribute for the newsletter, I'm starting to think about this month's issue.
[6:24 PM] Steve Archer: Not much from me, I need to pack up my bags and head out.  Night all, this was a great chat with a super episode and very special guest star.  Thanks All!
[6:24 PM] Yhtapmys: Needham, Louis & Brorby, Chicago .
[6:24 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Good job, Yht!
[6:24 PM] R.Hookie: Later, Steve
[6:25 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK, shall we call it good for April?
[6:25 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: ah HA, I had wondered if it was Newy, Looey and Booey
[6:25 PM] Yhtapmys: ...and Geisler.
[6:25 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Sure, I have got some possible stuff for the newsletter, sure
[6:25 PM] Perri: A great April meet, no foolin'!
[6:25 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Dewey Cheatem and Howe
[6:25 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: more live episodes!
[6:25 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: BBDO, sounds like a box falling down a staircase
[6:25 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Great...no obligation, you've just provided great stuff in the past and figured I'd let you know.
[6:26 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK, thank you folks for a great time!  See you in May!
[6:26 PM] R.Hookie: It's been fun.... but I have a lot of work to do for a late supper.... Good night, folks!
[6:26 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: sure, and I am going into copy editing, so I will be tearing my hair out, looking for lost footnote citations, woo hoo
[6:26 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: see you in the funny papers!
[6:26 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I know how that is... :p
[6:27 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Have a good one, folks!
[6:27 PM] Perri: Good Night!
[6:27 PM] Roger: Thx Laura.
[6:30 PM] Yhtapmys: Hmm. I'm it. Oh, well.