IJBFC Chat - January 15, 2017

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[5:02 PM] R.Hookie: Hello folks!
[5:03 PM] R.Hookie: Hi Laura!
[5:03 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hi there!
[5:03 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hi Roger...glad you made it!
[5:03 PM] R.Hookie: Hi Steve
[5:03 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hey there Steve
[5:03 PM] Steve Archer: Hey All
[5:03 PM] Steve Archer: First chat live from Maryland here....successfully uprooted from Seattle
[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mazel tov.  I wondered if you had made it out there yet.
[5:04 PM] R.Hookie: from coast to coast
[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: How's the weather?
[5:04 PM] Steve Archer: Been painting for three days!
[5:04 PM] Steve Archer: It's been up and down, 64 degrees one day then freezing rain the next.
[5:04 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Ah right...I've heard about the bipolar weather
[5:05 PM] R.Hookie: Not as cold here anymore... about 30 give or take
[5:05 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - That's pretty good for where you are.
[5:05 PM] Laura Leibowitz: It's paused raining here for a few days, so I was out in the garden today.
[5:06 PM] Steve Archer: How's it shaping up Laura?
[5:06 PM] R.Hookie: But I guess the cold is coming back... it always does
[5:06 PM] Steve Archer: Do you have acreage set aside for rabbit produce???
[5:06 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - It's good...put in a French drain today and a couple more steps on the inside.
[5:06 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Oh yes, that was part of the motivation to do it!
[5:07 PM] Steve Archer: I bet Mel Blanc could do the voice of a French drain
[5:07 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I bet he could!
[5:07 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Pause while we all consider that...
[5:07 PM] Steve Archer: Standards and practices probably wouldn't like the sound of it.
[5:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hadn't gotten there yet, but I see what you mean.
[5:08 PM] Roger: Thank you for adding me to the chat Laura!
[5:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So who heard the show for tonight?
[5:08 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Welcome, Roger!
[5:08 PM] Steve Archer: I confess I have not :(
[5:08 PM] R.Hookie: I did the other day...
[5:08 PM] Steve Archer: I just wanted to drop in and say hello to the room without having done my homework
[5:09 PM] Steve Archer: Is it Jack on quiz kids?
[5:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Shhh...sometimes I do too...
[5:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Yep
[5:09 PM] Steve Archer: I've heard it before but it has been a loooong time
[5:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Tell you what...we can keep it general.
[5:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'd heard it, but remembered very little of it until I relistened to it.
[5:09 PM] Roger: Been awhile for me as well for the quiz kids program
[5:09 PM] R.Hookie: or take it to the colonel
[5:09 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Did folks get their latest issue of the newsletter?
[5:10 PM] Roger: yes
[5:10 PM] Steve Archer: Oh!  I have to send you my new address.  It will get forwarded here.
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hi Yht!
[5:10 PM] R.Hookie: I skimmed through it
[5:10 PM] Steve Archer: Hiya Yhtapmys!
[5:10 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Yeah, almost dropped you a note to see if I should send it elsewhere.
[5:10 PM] R.Hookie: Hi Yht
[5:11 PM] Steve Archer: I'll shoot you an email right now
[5:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Wish she was here to hear it, but a public thanks to Kathy for her substantial contribution to the issue.
[5:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Cool.
[5:11 PM] HipChat: Hi @Yhtapmys! Welcome to Hipchat. You can @-mention me by typing @HipChat and I'll tell you what HipChat can do!
[5:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Well, let me say that again!
[5:11 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Wish she was here to hear it, but a public thanks to Kathy for her substantial contribution to the issue.
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Oh, she is here!  Hi there!
[5:12 PM] R.Hookie: Sorry if I'm not up much... fighting off a cold...
[5:12 PM] R.Hookie: Hi Kathy
[5:12 PM] Yhtapmys: Hi, Laura. A bit of a pain trying to get in here but I finally found it.
[5:12 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: hey, I just remembered, and thank you Laura, its a pleasure to contribute to the Bennyworld
[5:12 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - You and everyone else, it seems
[5:12 PM] R.Hookie: Yeah
[5:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So repolling...who has listened to the show for tonight?
[5:13 PM] Roger: Got a question for you Laura.......Do I you grow up in Ft. Wayne, IN?
[5:13 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: so, good news, I am one nit-pciky document away from submitting the manuscript! Book now called "Jack Benny and the Golden Age of American Radio Comedy"
[5:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Roger - I didn't grow up there, but I spent six years there one night.
[5:13 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - And you got your cover photo permission!
[5:14 PM] Steve Archer: Congrats Kathy, really looking forward to seeing your book!
[5:14 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Laura, I have a great 1930s Fort Wayne area moviegoing document to share with you and others from northeastern Indiana!
[5:14 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Cool!
[5:14 PM] R.Hookie: Was it customary for quiz shows to have guests like that?
[5:14 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I think it depended on the program.
[5:14 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I don't recall Information Please to have folks other than the regular cast.
[5:14 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Laura -- YAY! You can see I don't know how such permissions work. But my editorial assistant goddess at UC Press made it all good : )
[5:15 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - That's so great that you were able to find the owner.  They should have been able to give you a high-res copy too.
[5:15 PM] Laura Leibowitz: What other quiz shows were on in 1941?
[5:15 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: yes, good old "AP Images" and I am grateful to Garth Johnson for tracking it down for me
[5:16 PM] Laura Leibowitz: They got popular in the late 40s, but I can't recall many from the 30s-early 40s
[5:16 PM] Yhtapmys: Take It Or Leave It,
[5:16 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Yht - Right, good one.
[5:16 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Best quiz show in 1941 was Information Please!!!!  Both Fred Allen and Jack Benny were guests
[5:16 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Like I said to Gerald, we gotta posse!
[5:16 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: oh yeah, Laura, the best posse ever!
[5:16 PM] Yhtapmys: Arlene Francis had one. I'd have to look it up again.
[5:16 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I stand corrected!
[5:16 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Or condemned!
[5:17 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Or...whatever.
[5:17 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Anybody here ever listened to the Information Please Show? It is great!
[5:17 PM] Roger: Did many Radio quiz programs make it in TV?
[5:17 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I've heard one and I remember liking it a lot.
[5:17 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Roger - You Bet Your Life
[5:17 PM] Steve Archer: I'll have to give Information Please another shot.  I listened to a couple with poor audio quality and couldn't engage.
[5:17 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I got the entire run and its super, very smart and laid back
[5:17 PM] Roger: cool!
[5:17 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'm a fan of Oscar Levant.
[5:17 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: yay for Oscar Levant!
[5:18 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Oscar Levant and Fred Allen...two of the greatest natural wits of the 20th century.
[5:18 PM] R.Hookie: Well, I'll be looking these up now
[5:18 PM] Steve Archer: Of course there's truth or consequences and the Walking Man...
[5:18 PM] Laura Leibowitz: What else in quiz shows besides those!
[5:18 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Roger, the quiz show manias of late radio (which killed Fred Allen's show) and then in TV (culminating in the scandal that killed them on TV) is fascinating
[5:18 PM] Laura Leibowitz: ?
[5:18 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Amen
[5:19 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Right, another good one.
[5:19 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: And the amount of prizes that the woman who won Walking Man contest is amazing!
[5:19 PM] Laura Leibowitz: And one that made the leap to television.
[5:19 PM] Steve Archer: T or C started 1940
[5:19 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Stop the Music
[5:19 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Crapola, she won an airplane I think!
[5:19 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: yes Steve Archer Truth or Consequences
[5:19 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Stop the Music didn't start until the late 40s though, right?
[5:19 PM] Yhtapmys: Mr. Finque is still trying to win a refrigerator.
[5:19 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Stop the Music may be the one that killed Allen's radio show
[5:19 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Yht - Well done
[5:20 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - It is
[5:20 PM] Steve Archer: Queen for A Day is sort of sad/awful fun
[5:20 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: haha F I N Q U E
[5:20 PM] Laura Leibowitz: When did Queen for a Day start?
[5:20 PM] Steve Archer: and less "quizzy" than "demonstrate your misery"
[5:20 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Queen for a Day - quiz show + soap opera
[5:21 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Queen for a Day started in radio and I remember it from my TV childhood in the 1960s. I have a great historical article on it (written by somebody else) to share if anyone wants it
[5:21 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I remember my mother said that she could never understand why anyone listened to Queen for a Day.
[5:21 PM] Steve Archer: 1945 for Queen for a Day
[5:21 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Aha!
[5:21 PM] Steve Archer: Kay Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge
[5:21 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: you listened to say "well at least I am doing better than THAT loser!"
[5:21 PM] Steve Archer: or Kollege
[5:21 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Yeah, that's what I figured.
[5:21 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Steve - Right!
[5:22 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I love Jack Benny's fondness for the Quiz Kids
[5:22 PM] Laura Leibowitz: You'd think quiz shows would have been big during the Depression.
[5:22 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: There is a book called "What Happened to the Quiz Kids" and as you can imagine, the answer is mostly sad
[5:22 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Jack can overcome the rule of "Never work with kids or animals."
[5:22 PM] Steve Archer: It Pays to Be Ignorant can be kind of bizarro fun
[5:22 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - I've heard about that.
[5:22 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hi Perri!
[5:23 PM] Steve Archer: Hi Perri
[5:23 PM] Perri: Hi all!  Sorry I'm late....
[5:23 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Amateur talent shows big in the 30s, Information Please carved out new territory in 1938. Sponsored by Canada Dry, their first foray back into radio after being burned by Benny!
[5:23 PM] Yhtapmys: WOR was running Treasure Hunt in 1941.
[5:23 PM] Laura Leibowitz: They weren't burned by Benny...they burned Benny!
[5:24 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Oh wow, I had no idea Treasure Hunt went back that far.
[5:24 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - That's what I was thinking too.  It was about Major Bowes and dance contests...it wasn't what you knew, it's what you could do.
[5:25 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Talking about parallels to Benny, in like 1942/43 Information Please was sponsored by Lucky STrikes. And the producer, Dan Golenpaul, actually SUED GW Hill over the obnoxiousness of the commercials they had to play!!! Hahaha  Golenpaul got a "draw" and was able to quit American Tobacco
[5:25 PM] Laura Leibowitz: My sense is that Jack was ad-libbing on the Quiz Kids...can't remember if I've seen a script for it.
[5:25 PM] Yhtapmys: It might have been a different Treasure Hunt; I'm just looking at the radio listings.
[5:25 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Jack was so fond of those Quiz kids!!!!
[5:25 PM] Laura Leibowitz: And Alka-Seltzer sponsored Jack in his last season!
[5:26 PM] Laura Leibowitz: On TV
[5:26 PM] R.Hookie: May that will help my cold
[5:26 PM] Steve Archer: It would have been funny if Alka-Seltzer was an alternating sponsor with Jell-O
[5:26 PM] Laura Leibowitz: That's what's known as a symbiotic relationship.
[5:26 PM] R.Hookie: Alka-Jell-o
[5:26 PM] Steve Archer: exactly!
[5:26 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: So, in my freshman media history class, I show Woody Allen's "Radio Days" to give the 18 year olds something to think about. Has anyone seen Radio Days?
[5:27 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I have
[5:27 PM] Yhtapmys: Oct 3 1941 ... Lefty Gomez was the guest on Information Please.
[5:28 PM] Laura Leibowitz: But I had to move out of Fort Wayne to be able to see it.
[5:28 PM] Steve Archer: I've heard an Information Please with Alfred Hitchcock guesting too.
[5:28 PM] Steve Archer: I've seen Radio Days but don't recall it very well
[5:28 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I wonder if Orson Welles was ever on Information Please.
[5:29 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hawk, I heah the cannon rawh.  Is it the keeng approacheeng?
[5:29 PM] Yhtapmys: The Red network was running Dr. I.Q. in 1941. The Blue had something called "True or False," both on Mondays.
[5:29 PM] Steve Archer: LOL Laura
[5:29 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Beware evil doers, wherever you are!
[5:29 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Love Wallace Shawn
[5:30 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I haven't seen Radio Days a lot, but clearly it made an impression.
[5:30 PM] R.Hookie: I'll be back.... things are too quiet in here....
[5:30 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So how do your students react to the movie?
[5:31 PM] Yhtapmys: Tuesdays, "Can You Top This?" on Mutual.
[5:31 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I highly recommend listening to the whole run of Information Please! Fred Allen was on several times, and the regulars had a wonderful commeraderie that went far past whatever questions they answered
[5:31 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Wait...the one I heard is the one where Jack guested.
[5:31 PM] Yhtapmys: ABC had a show called "Are You a Missing Heir?"
[5:31 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I think there was a question from Bert Scott which made me laugh.
[5:32 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Yht - That's a toupee joke waiting to happen.
[5:32 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: My students LOVE "Radio Days"! It makes radio (and history) intersting to them. I follow up with my lecture about Jack Benny inventing the sitcom. : )
[5:32 PM] Yhtapmys: Heir, heir, what's on your head?
[5:32 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Mr. Bald-dome?
[5:32 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Yht - Well played sir, well played.
[5:33 PM] Steve Archer: OK folks, I need to get back to painting. You will be happy I painted one room the color of Jack Benny's eyes, cross-eyed carpenter thumb blue.
[5:33 PM] Steve Archer: Talk to you all next month!
[5:33 PM] R.Hookie: So long Steve
[5:33 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Also marketed as tongue of huckleberry pie eating contest blue
[5:33 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Bye Steve!
[5:33 PM] Steve Archer: :)
[5:33 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Thanks for stopping!
[5:34 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Steve, I hope its VERY blue!
[5:34 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Am I blue....am I blue.....
[5:34 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So what else on the show for tonight?
[5:35 PM] R.Hookie: It added variety
[5:35 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: its pretty rare for Benny's show to engage with another radio show, Quiz Kids and Fred Allen are about it
[5:35 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Not necessarily...Jack guested on a number of shows.  Or are you thinking cross-promotion?
[5:36 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: did I hit a wrong button Laura?
[5:36 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Or Ford Theatre
[5:36 PM] Michael Amowitz: Jello kids!
[5:36 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mike!!!!!
[5:36 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Oh I am thinking DIRECT cross promotion, which NBC was leery about
[5:36 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: hello mike
[5:36 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Not necessarily...OK, that's what I thought you meant after I started typing.
[5:36 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mike - Hope you saw all the well-wishes you got from folks on the last chat.
[5:37 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Omnibus
[5:37 PM] Laura Leibowitz: So what other thoughts on tonight's show?  Or we can branch out to general Benny.
[5:38 PM] Laura Leibowitz: What's on your minds Benny-wise this evening?
[5:38 PM] R.Hookie: Well, I saw Jack in a cameo on Joey Bishop last night
[5:39 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Cool...which one?
[5:39 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: cool, Hookie! by the time of TV, the networks were much less uptight about mixing major figures
[5:39 PM] R.Hookie: Jack claims Joey's suitcase and $20 bill
[5:39 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Also I think Milt may have been (trying) to write for Bishop at the time.
[5:40 PM] R.Hookie: Yeah he's in the credits
[5:40 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: for anybody who likes to research in the Digital Media history library online, they have recently improved their search function and more Jack Benny citations pop up
[5:40 PM] Laura Leibowitz: IIRC, Milt didn't have much of anything nice to say about Joey Bishop.
[5:40 PM] Yhtapmys: Didn't Milt finally walk from the show?
[5:40 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Is that from LOC?
[5:40 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Yht - I think so.  He hated working with Bishop.
[5:40 PM] Michael Amowitz: Just caught up ... forgot about chat, thanks for posting to FB LL
[5:41 PM] Michael Amowitz: Hi Kathy, not sure I want to know but guessing from what you said the Quiz Kids had the luck of Our Gang
[5:41 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: great question, no the Digital Media History library is created by a couple of professors, and they pitch it free to the whole world of interest researchers
[5:41 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Oo!  Not sure I knew about that.  What's the URL?
[5:42 PM] Michael Amowitz: LL, I did see the comments, thanks!
[5:42 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Michael, the answer is pretty good!!! A few minor neuroses, but a couple became college professors, and some useful members of society
[5:42 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mike - Good.  Hope you're doing well.
[5:43 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Oh, I thought the same as Mike.  Was thinking that someone committed suicide, etc.
[5:43 PM] Yhtapmys: Poor Jack got cut off again on the show tonight.
[5:43 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: mediahistoryproject.org
[5:43 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Excellent...so noted.
[5:43 PM] Michael Amowitz: Dad loved Joey Bishop; I always thought Joey had indigestion...he never smiled
[5:44 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: they have so many great radio fan magazines and great film, radio and tv industry journals!
[5:44 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Ohhhhh...I think that's where I've done some of my Radio Guide searching, etc.
[5:44 PM] Michael Amowitz: I don't think I've ever heard Information Please, though I've heard of it forwever
[5:44 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Michael, I am a huge fan, go listen to IP!!!
[5:45 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I wish they had something like that nowadays.  I'd watch.
[5:45 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Jeopardy is probably about as close as it gets.
[5:45 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Michael, and it has nothing to do with a childhood of watching "College Bowl" on TV, then playing it in college, haha
[5:45 PM] Laura Leibowitz: And maybe it's just not a "thing" any more with the Internet enabling us all to look up the answers.
[5:45 PM] Michael Amowitz: LL, just back home after 3 weeks in Florida
[5:46 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I am probably the only two time Jeopardy loser on the IJBFC list...
[5:46 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Mike - Excellent, glad to hear it!
[5:46 PM] Yhtapmys: People don't look up, Laura. They expect you to do it for them.
[5:46 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - I think I've told you that Marty, my writing partner, is a Jeopardy champion.
[5:46 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Yht - Oh mannnnnn...tell me about it.
[5:47 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Once in a while I've gotten an E-mail from a student with a numbered list of questions.  I try to be careful that I'm not doing their homework for them.
[5:47 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: wow, Laura, somebody wins!!! My college bowl team member won 3 times in 2016, I got glory/humiliation and good stories in 1989
[5:47 PM] Michael Amowitz: Cool, LL & Kathy
[5:48 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Laura, that is great! Find ways to get them to go do their own research!!!
[5:48 PM] Laura Leibowitz: When I finally got to see the tape, I said to Marty, "You didn't know you'd won, did you?"
[5:48 PM] R.Hookie: A girl in the office at the station won the showcase on Price is Right
[5:48 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Yep.  I generally point them in directions of references.
[5:48 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: its always so anti-climatic, and then they want you to go change your jacket for the next show
[5:49 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Well, he seriously didn't realize he'd won.
[5:49 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Hookie - THAT's where the money is! Tell her congratulations from the woman who won the Walking Man contest : )
[5:50 PM] R.Hookie: well, that was about 5 years ago now, I think
[5:50 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Question...is It Pays to Be Ignorant like "Are you Smarter Than a Third Grader?" (or whatever grade it is).
[5:50 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Or is it just pure comedy?
[5:50 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: OMG LL, these are examples of cruddy shows to fill up time on cable tv
[5:50 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - She keep it?  I hear some people just opt for cash rather than the prizes.
[5:51 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: yes, the comedy of "gosh I am smarter than these idiots, and I will yell it at the screen"
[5:51 PM] R.Hookie: She kept ( and sold) the prizes and has to use her trips (if she didn't already)
[5:51 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Oh heck, I'm delighted that I found BUZZR on my cable system.  All vintage game shows, all the time.
[5:51 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Ah, got it.
[5:52 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Hookie - Gotcha.
[5:52 PM] R.Hookie: I never really see her, she works business hours
[5:52 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Jack on "I've Got a Secret" is awfully cute.
[5:52 PM] Laura Leibowitz: That's TV I know
[5:52 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: my best experience of that was happening upon an episode of Who wants to be a Millionaire, when the dude who beat me on Jeopardy was playing, and he didn't know any of the answers. I DID, and danced around the room while he lost. Not that there's anything wrong with that
[5:52 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Or was that "What's My Line"...I think the latter.
[5:53 PM] R.Hookie: taxi with the meter running, I think?
[5:53 PM] Roger: How many times was Jack on What's My Line?   Twice?
[5:53 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Kathy - Oh man, Marty's brother was merciless to him when he lost in Final Jeopardy.  Still is.
[5:54 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Roger - I should know that off the top of my head, but I don't.  Volume 4 question.
[5:54 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Say folks, please feel free to keep going, but I need to bail to another commitment.  Any requests for next month's show?
[5:54 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Its tough to be on Jeopardy on TV, the clock is merciless and the equipment is awful. Its all a crap shoot, hooray for the winners, and ALL the others deserve to be winners, hahaha
[5:55 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: for February, a Jack Birthday show!!!!
[5:55 PM] R.Hookie: Sounds fun
[5:55 PM] Laura Leibowitz: Any particular one?  I feel like we've already done the "usual" ones.
[5:56 PM] Roger: Is it easier to be on a game show if you live on the West Coast?
[5:57 PM] Laura Leibowitz: I'll look around and try to find something unique.
[5:57 PM] Laura Leibowitz: OK, sorry to chat and run...I'll post this later tonight when I get back.  Thank you folks!
[5:57 PM] Perri: Good night, Laura!
[5:57 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Roger, you are so right! Let's bring up a member of our studio audience! haha when I was on Jeopardy in 1989, I had to pay my own airfare because the show was so popular that they need not recruit
[5:57 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Good night Laura, have fun
[5:57 PM] R.Hookie: Good night Laura
[5:59 PM] R.Hookie: Good night folks! See you soon!
[5:59 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: hasta luego!
[5:59 PM] Roger: You all have a good month until the next chat!
[6:00 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: that makes me think of Jack saying to the Guadahara Trio, (sp) Manana, manana
[6:00 PM] Yhtapmys: Now I can see why Phil is on the June 27, 1948 show. His show was off the air for the summer.
[6:01 PM] Perri: Good night, all!  See you in February!
[6:01 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: ah HA, good point Yht, there was only a finite amount of airtime, back in the day?
[6:02 PM] Yhtapmys: Well, he'd would have had to bring his cast to NYC if he were still on the air, since his show followed Jack.
[6:03 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: such a pain, to haul everyone back and forth across the continent. And so ridiculous, when the commercials for the Benny show could be patched in from New York?
[6:06 PM] Yhtapmys: The spots were easier. They only needed to patch in NY at the end. The spot opened the show from NY, so they just needed to be patched out.
[6:06 PM] Yhtapmys: Dialogue between coasts would have been a nightmare.
[6:09 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I totally agree! We forget what hard work live radio was, the best folks made it seem so easy, Goodnight, Gracie!
[6:10 PM] Yhtapmys: Anyway, I'm off. Thanks for all your help as usual, Kathy.
[6:15 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: good night!
[6:23 PM] Michael Amowitz: Pulled away unexpectedly by multiple events ... catch y'all next time!