IJBFC Chat - December 11, 2016

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Michael Amowitz·4:39 PM

Jello Folks! I can't be here when y'all arrive (I'm late for a show), but it's been an interesting weekend, and I wanted to throw in comments in the likelihood they'll be seen when y'all arrive. My life was on hold from Friday night to late this morning, as I almost had a kidney transplant. I am on dialysis and have been on the list for 4 years now. In short, it didn't happen because the kidney was no viable.

In Benny developments, as I emailed Laura, I believe this Fred Allen episode was the last of his shows, unexpectedly. They thought they'd be back in October for the next season, but they weren't renewed (unless I am off by a year).

I've heard this one a few times, and marveled at how cheap Fred's writers made Jack, lol! What a finish

I think I've forgotten something I was going to add since, but we're running a bit late here, folks, so I'll leave this window up and see what I can when I get home in about 2-1/2 hours. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everybody!

Michael Amowitz·4:48 PM

no viable = not viable

Si Sy


Jim Toombs·4:50 PM

Knock knock knock


Brad Strickland·4:57 PM

Hi, Jim. I guess Michael has gone.


Jim Toombs·4:58 PM

How are Brad ..


Brad Strickland·4:58 PM

Brad am fine. Getting over a really bad cold, but OK.


Jim Toombs·4:59 PM

I had that thanksgiving week


Brad Strickland·4:59 PM

Yeah, it's that nasty virus that in these parts almost always hangs on for exactly two weeks. And it's two weeks today. I'm finally feeling more or less normal.


Jim Toombs·5:00 PM

Then get over a cold and take a serous fall break 2 ribs and am nursing these ribs .. hurts like the devil


Steve Archer·5:00 PM

Hi All


Brad Strickland·5:00 PM

Ouch! Sorry to hear that. How'd you fall?

Hi, Steve!

Michael was here briefly but couldn't stay.


Jim Toombs·5:01 PM

Tripped in a dirt pot hole in the muddle of a road


Laura Leibowitz·5:01 PM

Hey, good crowd!


Brad Strickland·5:01 PM

Hi, Laura!


Steve Archer·5:01 PM

Sheesh, heal up soon Jim


Jim Toombs·5:01 PM

Ho Laura



Steve Archer·5:01 PM

Hiya Laura


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:01 PM

gosh I hope Michael has the best of luck!


Brad Strickland·5:01 PM

Jim--one time I broke a rib, I stepped backward off a loading dock. I agree, the pain is all out of proportion to the size of the bone.


Jim Toombs·5:02 PM

Ya can't lay down cough laugh


Brad Strickland·5:02 PM

Hi, Kathy--Yeah, that must have been a heartbreaker for Michael, to come so close after four years of dialysis.

BTW, I think Michael was off a year--Allen's show didn't leave the air until June 1949, and I think his very last show again had Jack as a guest star.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:03 PM

hey Brad, thought of you last night when I attended a terrific "radio broadcast" recreation of Its a Wonderful LIfe. The minute I get my last round of rewrites done, i will be working on Benny scripts to show you!


Brad Strickland·5:03 PM

Great! I'll put you in touch with our producer. You do have my email, right?


Steve Archer·5:03 PM

Geez, I just scrolled up and read Mike A's note.  Sending good thoughts for him so it's memorialized in the transcript.  Hang in there Mike!


Laura Leibowitz·5:03 PM

I can't guarantee we won't make you laugh here, Jim.


Brad Strickland·5:04 PM

Best of luck to Michael!


Jim Toombs·5:04 PM

I know


Brad Strickland·5:04 PM

Jim--For me the worst of it was visiting a restroom. It was weeks before I could, ah, function without hurting!


Steve Archer·5:04 PM

Well, at least we're talking about a Fred Allen show not a Benny show.  


Brad Strickland·5:05 PM

Hi, Kay!


R.Hookie·5:05 PM

Hi folks!


Kay Lhota ·5:05 PM

Hi Brad


Steve Archer·5:05 PM

Hey it's Kay!


Laura Leibowitz·5:05 PM



Kay Lhota·5:05 PM



Brad Strickland·5:05 PM

Hookie! Hiya.


Kay Lhota·5:05 PM

It's been ages


Steve Archer·5:05 PM

and Hookie!


R.Hookie·5:05 PM

I couldn't remember my password


Kay Lhota·5:05 PM

my husband Frank should be right along.


Jim Toombs·5:05 PM

The Quartet are the fastest singers I ever heard


Laura Leibowitz·5:05 PM

What a great group we have tonight!


Brad Strickland·5:06 PM

And all for a Fred Allen show. (clothespin on nose) Heh, heh, heh.


Kay Lhota·5:06 PM

Glad to be here Laura


Brad Strickland·5:06 PM

Hello, Frank!


Jim Toombs·5:06 PM

Hello to everyone ...


Kay Lhota·5:06 PM

Hi Jim


Laura Leibowitz·5:06 PM

Welcome welcome!


Kay Lhota·5:06 PM

Thank you, Laura


Frank J. Lhota·5:06 PM

Jello, everybody!


Perri·5:06 PM

Hi all, and best healing wishes to Michael, and Jim!


Steve Archer·5:07 PM

A bouquet of nasty urchins to those needing healing.


Jim Toombs·5:07 PM

Thank ya will get better soon


Laura Leibowitz·5:07 PM

We all send our love and good wishes to you, Mike!


Brad Strickland·5:07 PM

I'm having Comcast issues tonight, so if I drop out, I'll try to get back on ASAP. Though my modem checks out, from time to time I get a "no internet service" notice, though the modem lights check out fine.


R.Hookie·5:07 PM

This is the biggest group we've had in a while, isn't it?


Kay Lhota·5:07 PM

Is it?


Steve Archer·5:07 PM

I shouldn't have eaten that extra slice of pizza.


Brad Strickland·5:08 PM

Gee, everyone's so sick . . . and I was so cheap I just got a lousy cold. But I'm better now.


Laura Leibowitz·5:08 PM

I think so.  I haven't focused on roll call, but it's a good group!

So what thoughts on the show for tonight?


Jim Toombs·5:08 PM

I was looking at the registration list ... I am on the list 2 or 3 times


Laura Leibowitz·5:08 PM

And Kathy - want to give the latest on your book?


Brad Strickland·5:08 PM

Laura--Mike thought this was the last Fred Allen broadcast, but I think it was a year later, right? And Jack was a guest again?


Laura Leibowitz·5:08 PM

Jim - I just figured you were multiple personality.


R.Hookie·5:08 PM

Closeout pop for 4 cents... what a bargain


Laura Leibowitz·5:09 PM

I'll double check.


Jim Toombs·5:09 PM

I am ...lol ...haaaa


Laura Leibowitz·5:09 PM

IIRC, Jack's appearance on Fred's last show was shorter...


Brad Strickland·5:09 PM

"You've got a split personality!" "We do not!"


Steve Archer·5:09 PM

Typical OD on the cheap jokes as per whenever Jack was guesting on someone else's show with someone else's writers.


Laura Leibowitz·5:10 PM

Yep, 6/26/49.


Brad Strickland·5:10 PM

Yes, and I think it's a mistake to give Jack so many punchlines. He's much funnier reacting.


Kay Lhota·5:10 PM

Yes, Jack Benny was especially cheap.


Laura Leibowitz·5:10 PM

Steve - Thank you...I was thinking that exactly.

Also, this is kind of the reverse of the bit that both Fred and Jack did about going up and up and up in the theatre.


Steve Archer·5:10 PM

I can't think of a JB program where the cheap gags are so relentless.


Brad Strickland·5:11 PM

Hookie--that line did make me laugh out loud.


Laura Leibowitz·5:11 PM

I think Fred did that in "It's In the Bag" didn't he?


Steve Archer·5:11 PM

Yep Laura


Laura Leibowitz·5:11 PM

You can hear that Jack doesn't like his closing punch line.



Steve Archer·5:11 PM

Ibsen it's not.


Brad Strickland·5:11 PM

Well, he was such a buddy of Fred's he probably didn't object too much, but still....


R.Hookie·5:11 PM

I found it utterly lame....


Steve Archer·5:12 PM

Nice Hookie


Brad Strickland·5:12 PM

I see what ya did there, Hookie...


R.Hookie·5:12 PM

I try...


Steve Archer·5:12 PM

Ooooooh, UDDER!


R.Hookie·5:12 PM

Well, enough of my bull...


Laura Leibowitz·5:12 PM

Steve - Thanks...love Ibsen.  And it's not.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:12 PM

was putting chicken pot pie in the oven, sorry. Thanks for asking about the book!!! The senior poobahs at UCalifornia Press LOVE the manuscript, hooray! It goes into production in January, and they say it will be out in October. Isn't that amazing that it still takes so long???? One of my colleagues told me that books at University of Texas press take 16 months, so I will not complain


Brad Strickland·5:12 PM

The "stowaway" bit was a gag too far, in my opinion. Jack is never that cheap....Third class, MAYBE.


Frank J. Lhota·5:12 PM

On the other hand, Jack Benny's show did a really good version of Bob Hope's show.


Laura Leibowitz·5:13 PM

Didn't know if people could stomach it...let alone four times...


Kay Lhota·5:13 PM

It was interesting to hear  the different pace and humor


Jim Toombs·5:13 PM

I have always thought the two made jokes about each other to give free publicity


Brad Strickland·5:13 PM

Kathy: Congrats! We oughta arrange a book tour for yez.


Laura Leibowitz·5:13 PM


Jim - That's partially true.

Fred said that Jack was higher in the ratings, and he "hitched his gaggin' to a star."


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:14 PM

I LOVE The episodes where Fred and Jack talk about old vaudeville days!!! Fred had a theme in his own program "Revive Vaudeville" or "Bring Back Vaudeville" that he did when Jack Haley guest starred


Brad Strickland·5:14 PM

Yes, the feud played beautifully to bring listeners to both shows.

You know, Fink's Mules was an actual act?


Laura Leibowitz·5:14 PM

Oh it absolutely was!

And Powers' Elephants too!


Steve Archer·5:14 PM

as was Swayne's Rats and Cats!


Brad Strickland·5:14 PM

I tell people that, and about Le Petomaine, and they don't believe me.


Kay Lhota·5:14 PM

Swayne's Rats and Cats


Laura Leibowitz·5:15 PM

Goldie, Fields, and Glide


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:15 PM

so, as soon as I can this summer, I want to go see a Vaudeville collection at University of Iowa, where they have the papers of a manager of the Providence Rhode Island Keith and Albee theater, I am sure hoping that Jack and Fred played there, so I can find out his reviews of their routines.


Brad Strickland·5:15 PM

Rat's Swaynes and Cats! Good act, but lousy manager.


Frank J. Lhota·5:15 PM

When I read George Burns' books, I got the impression that he still missed vaudeville.


Brad Strickland·5:15 PM

Oh, I just read Four of Three Musketeers, the book about the Marx Brothers' vaudeville and stage experience! Very interesting.


Laura Leibowitz·5:16 PM

Kathy - Hm...will make a note of that.  I took a break some time back from scanning Variety listings because it was so hard on the eyes.


Steve Archer·5:16 PM

Y'know, I once saw a show of chimps riding ponies in Virginia and figure that's as close as I'm going to get to Swayne's.


Laura Leibowitz·5:16 PM

Frank - Agreed.  I think he did.

So did Fred if you read "Much Ado About Me."


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:16 PM

and how Fred and Jack joke about the Japanese Flash act, where acrobats toss barrels across the stage, juggling them on their feet while lying on their backs. Its just an excuse for Fred to say "bunghole"


Laura Leibowitz·5:16 PM

Kathy - I'll have to figure out when he switched from Orpheum to Keith-Albee.  I know he was on K-A in 1926.

Jack and Fred...Beavis and Butthead...

Never thought I'd say those names in close proximity.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:17 PM

oh boy, I will report back to the gang as soon as I find anything in the Iowa archive!


Jim Toombs·5:17 PM

I know one thing if you were fortunate enough to be on J B show. You made it to the big time. I have seen unnamed acts at the time on youtube then researched the act on google they hit the big time later in life


Brad Strickland·5:18 PM

Oh, Kathy--speaking of that Marx Brothers book, it was published by Northwestern U. Press (Robert Bader is the author). I beg you, try to get cover approval. The guys on the cover of Bader's books don't look anything like the Marx Brothers.


Steve Archer·5:18 PM

Not even Gummo?


Laura Leibowitz·5:18 PM

The DeMarco Sisters is another good example of that.  They appeared on the 12/30/36 talent show segment with Stuart Canin.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:18 PM

doh! I will be in touch with Laura very soon about her copy of the photo I want! I have back ups in the Benny Wyoming collection if need be


Laura Leibowitz·5:19 PM

Brad - Agreed.


Brad Strickland·5:19 PM

Gummo didn't make it. Zeppo and Chico look quite a bit alike, but not like their real-life counterparts, and Groucho doesn't faintly resemble Groucho. He looks like a mannequin with a greasepaint moustache.


Laura Leibowitz·5:19 PM

Great!  You know how to reach me.

So what else on the show for tonight?


Brad Strickland·5:20 PM

Bader does quote a good many pros on when, how, and why vaudeville died.


Laura Leibowitz·5:20 PM

I've got Robert's book, but I've got a bunch of books ahead of it in line to be read.

Brad - Can you summarize?


Brad Strickland·5:20 PM

Let me see....this was the swan song for the old Allen's Alley. He changed the format for the last season. Some typical topical jokes that make the humor dated now.


R.Hookie·5:21 PM

I really didn't care for the stowage bit...


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:21 PM

a question - a friend (actually, my grad school advisor) said that when he was growing up in the late 40s/early 50s, that all his kid friends thought Fred Allen had the cutting edge comedy and that Jack was too mainstream. Thoughts?


Brad Strickland·5:21 PM

Anyone know why Portland had been out for six weeks? She didn't sound well to me, so I wondered if she was sick.


Steve Archer·5:21 PM

They're really floundering in the opening.


Kay Lhota·5:21 PM

Laura, I IMed

Graeme Cree and he would come to the chat but hipchat does not recognize his email


Laura Leibowitz·5:21 PM

Kathy - Depends on what they felt was "cutting edge."


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:21 PM

for somebody sick, Portland lived to be in her 90s!


Frank J. Lhota·5:22 PM

Weren't they taking the 6 weeks off for the Summer?


Brad Strickland·5:22 PM

Kathy--On the other hand, I still laugh at Jack's shows. I smile sometimes at Fred's. Topical humor doesn't wear well, and Fred's wit was sometimes too arcane for its own good.


Laura Leibowitz·5:22 PM

Kay - I think he needs to register again.  I couldn't find his entry.  What's his E-mail?


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:22 PM

he was a teenager, so "hip"  can you imagine teenagers loving Fred Allen?


Steve Archer·5:22 PM

Kathy, yeah, what Laura said.  Topical doesn't necessary translate to lasting power.  The opposite usually.


Brad Strickland·5:22 PM

At the very beginning, Portland said she'd been away for six weeks.


Steve Archer·5:22 PM

But seems sharper at the moment maybe.


Brad Strickland·5:22 PM

Absent for six weeks, I mean.


Laura Leibowitz·5:23 PM

I can see that if they're "intellectuals."  Fred's curmudgeonly quotes made him one of the greatest wits of the 20th century in my estimation.


Frank J. Lhota·5:23 PM

Most comics stray into topical humor, although most of the best do enough "eternal" material to remain funny.


Laura Leibowitz·5:23 PM

A lot of people have compared Fred to David Letterman and Jack to Carson.


Kay Lhota·5:23 PM

GraemeCree@aol.com  is Graeme's email, Laura


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:23 PM

I agree, Laura! Fred is so marvelously grumpy. He would be a big hit today, I think like Louis Black maybe, or Jon Stewart


Steve Archer·5:23 PM

I'd never call Jack "witty".


Brad Strickland·5:24 PM

And, for example, Portland's complaining about Fred's cutting her "phenobarbitol" song just petered out with a weak punchline. Allen probably thought the ridiculous long title would get the laugh.


Steve Archer·5:24 PM

It's a different humor.


Laura Leibowitz·5:24 PM

Fred's lines like, "The reason they call television a medium is because nothing on it is either rare or well done" are diamonds.


Frank J. Lhota·5:24 PM

As a kid, I loved a lot of the old cartoons that had radio references that went over my head. I thought that the line "so round, so firm, so fully packed" was a WB running gag.


Laura Leibowitz·5:25 PM

Or, "I enjoy long walks...especially when they're taken by people I don't like."


Brad Strickland·5:25 PM

Jack's humor was about personality, anticipation, repetition, and switches.

Say, I'd walk a mile for a calomel.....(Groucho)


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:25 PM



Laura Leibowitz·5:25 PM

And Jack *was* very mainstream.  That's part of the reason he was so popular!


Steve Archer·5:25 PM

Fred was much more pithy, Dorothy Parker type stuff.


Laura Leibowitz·5:26 PM

Current events aside, the Cosby Show was also very mainstream.  And they both worked for Jell-O.


Steve Archer·5:26 PM

Plenty of room for both in the world.


Laura Leibowitz·5:26 PM

Steve - Zackly.


Brad Strickland·5:26 PM

And his personality, I think. Fred was darker. Jack was vulnerable and open, and somehow his character was lovable even with all his faults.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:26 PM

I think its amazing that Fred was so popular in the late 40s, hooray that as many audience members as possible enjoyed him

Great point, Brad! Its like Fred is pepper to Jack's salt


Frank J. Lhota·5:26 PM

OTOH the problem with old episodes of "Laugh In" is that they did a log of Spiro Agnew and George Wallace jokes that any post-baby boomers would get.


Laura Leibowitz·5:27 PM

There's a great little book called "The Pocket Curmudgeon" which has sayings from all sorts of people.  Fred and H.L. Mencken are among the top contributors.


Brad Strickland·5:27 PM

I have that book, Laura.


Laura Leibowitz·5:28 PM

I used to have it as my bedside book.  But I stopped reading it right before sleep because I said, "It's kind of like going to bed with a knife."


Brad Strickland·5:28 PM

Question: When Jack did guest shots, why in the world didn't he pay to have his own writers work on the scripts? (Don't say he was cheap, please.)


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:28 PM

Fred would be such a great Twitter feed today!!!! A grad student encouraged me to start fake twitter accounts in both his name and radio/tv critic John Corsby's and just put out their pithy comments and let folks see how it comments on the stuff going on today


Laura Leibowitz·5:28 PM

I still love the book though.

Brad - Sometimes he did.


Brad Strickland·5:28 PM

Kathy--you do a Fred Twitter, I'll do a Jack, and we'll feud.....


Laura Leibowitz·5:28 PM

Kathy - OMG, I *love* that idea.

Can I be Voltaire?


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:28 PM

I agree with Laura, Brad, sometimes he did because he didn't trust other writers, but occasionally they got it right


Kay Lhota·5:28 PM

I never thought of it, but yeah Fred Allen would have loved the immediacy of Twitter


Steve Archer·5:28 PM

Yeah, sometimes they use bits previously used on Jack's show.  And they're usually better than what the other shows' writers did.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:29 PM

you bet Laura, you can say "I think therefore I am" in every identity!!!!


Laura Leibowitz·5:29 PM

Fred Allen (check out sex tape)


Perri·5:29 PM



Laura Leibowitz·5:29 PM

Kathy - :D  This is the best of all possible worlds.


Brad Strickland·5:29 PM

Groucho hated making movies after "At the Circus." He wasn't fond of that one, either. But he said, "The writers gave me lots of stuff to say fast, which was my style. Unfortunately, they forgot to make it funny."


Steve Archer·5:30 PM

@Fred Allen: Jack Benny hasn't replied to anything I've said in 41 years.  Sad!


Kay Lhota·5:30 PM



Laura Leibowitz·5:30 PM

Yeah, I think a lot of people think that Day at the Races was the last really good one.  And some think it was Duck Soup.


Brad Strickland·5:30 PM

@Jack Benny: When you say something worth replying to, I'll do it, I'll do it!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:30 PM

Steve, that is a great point!!! I would love to collect some AWFUL examples of Jack on other shows, where the other writers just hang him up to dry. I heard a TERRIBLE Eddie Cantor show......and something lame with Bob Hope where Jack comes on to steal away the rest of his cast to the Benny show


Laura Leibowitz·5:30 PM

Steve - Har har


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:31 PM

Steve Archer, let's get the feud going on the twitterverse!!!!


Laura Leibowitz·5:31 PM

@FredAllen Jack Benny couldn't ad lib a tweet after eating a canary.


Brad Strickland·5:31 PM

Kathy--Cantor was notorious for hogging all the funny lines, taking them away from other guests.


Kay Lhota·5:31 PM

The Eddie Cantor show == was it the one where Jack said: "I can't understand it. Bill Morrow used to write for me!"


Brad Strickland·5:31 PM

@Jack Benny: You wouldn't DARE say that if my writers were still alive!


Steve Archer·5:31 PM

Oh that Cantor one is awful.  We discussed it one chat I thinkk.


Laura Leibowitz·5:31 PM

Jack as "The Man Who Came to Dinner."  My contribution as exhibit A.


Brad Strickland·5:32 PM

Actually, I liked that one, Laura.


Laura Leibowitz·5:32 PM

Jack on Bob Hope Shows.

Brad - Oh indeed, OK.  Hey, I love Jack on "Suspense" shows.  Why?


Steve Archer·5:32 PM

Jack on Burns and Allen is typically OTT with cheap gags but still tolerable.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:32 PM

I think Groucho suffered in film because too many hands could write the dialogue or edit all the good bits out! Hooray for live TV in the 50s


Brad Strickland·5:33 PM

My good friend and cowriter Tom Fuller was up for the part of Sheridan Whiteside in a stage performance in December--but he died in early November that year. Sigh.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:33 PM

very sorry, Brad!


Kay Lhota·5:33 PM

Graeme said that nothing is happening when he links on the chat


Brad Strickland·5:34 PM

Laura: Jack actually was not a BAD actor--just an actor with a limited range. When he was in his wheelhouse (my son taught me that), he was brilliant.


Laura Leibowitz·5:34 PM

Kathy - Reminds me of the story about George Kaufman standing in the wings talking to someone while Coconuts was being performed

Oh, sorry...I'll give him permission.  BRB


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:34 PM

But I DO love the idea of collecting up some of the WORST LINES that other folks gave Jack to say, and then to see if we can find if he tried to ameliorate the horrors, or just took the money and ran


Brad Strickland·5:34 PM

Kathy--Fourteen years ago this year. He was only 52, far too young. Still miss him.


Steve Archer·5:34 PM

Kathy, of course though they wouldn't let Groucho go live - they put him on film and cut out all the risque stuff!


Laura Leibowitz·5:34 PM

OK, he should be able to get in now.


Brad Strickland·5:34 PM

Hi, Graeme.


Kay Lhota·5:35 PM

Are you in the room, Graeme?


Brad Strickland·5:35 PM

The story is that Groucho and Bob Hope were guest stars on a radio show, tossed the script, and ad-libbed during a (IIRC) Dick Tracy parody and that's how Groucho got "You Bet Your Life," a quiz show that just let him ad-lib.


Laura Leibowitz·5:35 PM

And then Kaufman paused for a few moments, and said, "I beg your pardon....I thought I heard one of my lines."


Brad Strickland·5:36 PM

Laura: Bader says that never happened....


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:36 PM

Yes, Groucho is a textbook defninition of "live" and "improvisation".  Jack could SOUND like it was improvisation, when he actually worked so hard beforehand to write it out and make it SOUND improvised...


Laura Leibowitz·5:36 PM

Brad - Yep.  I think a copy of that show was included in one of the You Bet Your Life DVD collections.

Brad - I think he may have mentioned that to me as well, but then I wonder what the show on the DVD collection is.


Brad Strickland·5:37 PM

That was the notorious production with a Jimmy Durante flub. Instead of saying "stick 'em up," Durante allegedly misread: "I'm da Mole, now shove it up!"


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:37 PM

I like to argue that the BEST times Jack improvised were in his ANGER when somebody misread a line on radio. I love how he gets his revenge on Mary when she says something like Chiss Sweez


Laura Leibowitz·5:37 PM

Kathy - Well said.  How many times have we all been tripped up by fluffs that were actually printed out in the script?

Your darn one last near made it


Brad Strickland·5:38 PM

Or when a harmonica player started ad-libbing instead of harmonicaing.


Kay Lhota·5:38 PM

I have heard the broadcast, and he didn't say "Shove it up" so maybe it was in rehearsal, and people think it made the recording


Laura Leibowitz·5:38 PM

Brad - I was thinking of that too!

I like my cigar but I take it out of my mouth once in a while...

Supposedly never happened.


Brad Strickland·5:38 PM

Kay--It was indeed in rehearsal, but that was supposedly why Groucho and Hope tossed the script.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:38 PM

I think its actually a trick of the brain. I have two adorable step kids, who were Bud and Kendall.  When I went to call to them, occasionally "Ked and Bundall" came out!


Laura Leibowitz·5:38 PM

Say goodnight Gracie.  Goodnight Gracie.

Play it again, Sam.


Kay Lhota·5:39 PM

oops-- I meant the Jimmy Durante "I'm the mole!"

too many radio shows going on at once!


Jim Toombs·5:39 PM

Gracie ran on the Suprise Part ticket ..


Laura Leibowitz·5:39 PM

It's also like people saying that "Your money or your life" was the biggest laugh ever in radio.


Brad Strickland·5:39 PM

Loved the Laugh-in variant of that one, Laura. "Play it, Sam." (Sam plays "As Time Goes By") "No, not that one, Sam. You know the one I mean." (Sam plays "As Time Goes By.") "Sam, stop kidding around and play it!"


Laura Leibowitz·5:40 PM

Brad - Oh, I haven't seen that one!


Kay Lhota·5:40 PM

I had read about the Bob Hope and Groucho exchange in "Life With Groucho" by Arthur Marx, and it bears out in the recording that they were wild together and getting great laughts


Laura Leibowitz·5:40 PM

Hi Graeme!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:40 PM

Graeme, at last? : )


Brad Strickland·5:40 PM

Hello, Graeme! Are you with us? 'Cause if you aint' you're agin us!


Laura Leibowitz·5:40 PM

Welcome to the party!


Kay Lhota·5:40 PM

Yay, Graeme!


Steve Archer·5:40 PM

Hi Graeme


Brad Strickland·5:40 PM

Laura: It winds up with another reprise of "As Time Goes By," and "Bogie" says, "Yeah, dat's da one."


Laura Leibowitz·5:40 PM

A hush falls over the crowd, awaiting Graeme to speak...


Brad Strickland·5:41 PM

What hit me on the head? Oh, it was a hush.


Kay Lhota·5:41 PM



Laura Leibowitz·5:41 PM

Graeme is suffering from laryngitis.  Or stage nerves.

Da noyve a'dat stage...


Graeme Cree·5:41 PM

Trying to remember what I did.  I think I got in accidentally.


Steve Archer·5:41 PM

An allergic reaction to Swayne's Rats and Cats


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:41 PM

howdy Graeme!


Brad Strickland·5:41 PM

Now, here http://nupress.northwestern.edu/content/four-three-musketeers is the cover of Bader's book. You tell me those guys look like the Marx Brothers. I say they're Fink's Mules.


Laura Leibowitz·5:41 PM

Mental image of a car crashing through the wall of the chat room


Kay Lhota·5:42 PM

lets just hope you get to stay in, Graeme!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:42 PM

thank you Brad for the recommendation! Amazon will immediately get my money


Laura Leibowitz·5:42 PM

Brad - I was wondering if that image was lifted from a vaudeville promo poster.


R.Hookie·5:42 PM

Sorry for my absence... I had to tend to something pestering me....


Steve Archer·5:42 PM

They're not good Brad, Chico and Zeppo are the worst though,  And doesn't quite capture Harpo's coif.


Brad Strickland·5:42 PM

Laura--me, too. Odd that for a university press there's no cover art creit.



Laura Leibowitz·5:43 PM

Kay - I've never had to throw anyone out.   :)


Kay Lhota·5:43 PM

I can believe that!


Brad Strickland·5:43 PM

There was that time I threw out the bathwater and we had to look all over for the baby...


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:43 PM

OH you would not believe the hassles that publishers give you when you try to use images on book covers! No wonder the Museum of TV and Radio used a violin for the Jack Benny: The Radio and TV work book


Laura Leibowitz·5:43 PM

Speaking of bad lines and Groucho, who has heard the show where he first appeared?  I think that exchange between them is awfully dry.


Kay Lhota·5:44 PM

the checkers game?


Brad Strickland·5:44 PM

Kay--The Bader book is interesting and very dense. The man has endurance and patience and his research is fantastic. He actually gives you, year by year, the Marx Bros' vaudeville appearances.


Laura Leibowitz·5:44 PM



Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:44 PM

Brad, that is like catnip for an academic, ordering now, haha


Laura Leibowitz·5:44 PM

Brad - Yes, I'm hoping to be able to pull that together for Volume 4 of "39 Forever" for Jack.


Brad Strickland·5:44 PM

Laura--Yep. I think it was because he was cautioned about ad-libs after rehearsals.


Steve Archer·5:44 PM

One of the silliest things I've had to fight for was for an archaeology book I co-edited.  The publisher wanted to replace pictures of MY dirt with some anonymous dirt and I was having none of it!


Kay Lhota·5:44 PM

I hope to get the book one day


Graeme Cree·5:44 PM

What would be in a Volume 4?


Laura Leibowitz·5:45 PM

Or the kerfuffle that got him originally thrown off as a guest star


Graeme Cree·5:45 PM

Linda hasn't gotten an invite.


Frank J. Lhota·5:45 PM

You got to give credit to Swayne: he got the Rats and Cats to behave with each other. In the hands of lesser animal handlers, the act would have to changes its name to "Cats".


Laura Leibowitz·5:45 PM

Stageography (vaudeville, etc.), magazine articles, discography, movie log.


Brad Strickland·5:45 PM

I have to admit the Bader book made me sad now and then. So many stories the brothers told over the years were just plain flat-out lies or embroideries of the truth. The Nacodoches story never happened, for example.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:45 PM

we need Linda too! she is the most amazing researcher of rare images


Laura Leibowitz·5:45 PM

Graeme - Sorry...what's her E-mail?


Graeme Cree·5:46 PM



Steve Archer·5:46 PM

Wait, it's not really full of roaches?


Laura Leibowitz·5:46 PM

Graeme - Done.  Let me know when she registers and I'll give her permission to the room.


Brad Strickland·5:46 PM

Kathy--if you don't have mine, its bradstrickland27@gmail.com. Who would've thought there were so many me's out there?


Laura Leibowitz·5:47 PM

That doesn't surprise me.  I think a lot of George Burns' stories that he told on Carson and in his act were semi-fictional as well.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:47 PM

well Brad, performers create their own histories every time they talk. Finding the "real facts" can be impossible


Laura Leibowitz·5:47 PM

Kathy - Boy oh boy, you said it!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:47 PM

Thanks Brad!


Brad Strickland·5:48 PM

Oh, I've learned not to trust anything attributed to a performer! I exaggerate my own stories, but I think people can tell when I do that, and I never make up stuff, just make things a bit more dramatic. Like the time the Pope and I took a dirigible ride.


Kay Lhota·5:48 PM



Laura Leibowitz·5:48 PM

I remember chatting with Eddie Carroll first time I saw his act.  A bunch of people went out for dinner, and I tried carefully to point out that there were some inaccuracies in his script.  He said, "You're an archivist.  I'm an entertainer.  It plays better that way."


Brad Strickland·5:48 PM

He kept yelling at me in Italian!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:49 PM

and then you add in the layers of stories from hired PR people (Steve Bradley)! And what the radio networks, sponsors and fan magazines added in, NOTHING is accurate!


Brad Strickland·5:49 PM

Laura--he told me that, too, when I asked about his story about not starring in the Bob Hope movie that produced "Thanks for the Memory."


Laura Leibowitz·5:49 PM

And Eddie was right.  He's not a historian or an archivist.  An entertainer is about making people have a reaction, not being true to the facts.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:49 PM

But it still has value, as creating the public PERCEPTION of the star image of the performer


Frank J. Lhota·5:49 PM

When a lot of entertainers a story, they tend to bend the truth a bit in order to be more entertaining.


Brad Strickland·5:49 PM

Yep. Eddie was sincerely concerned with painting a portrait of Benny, and he did a superb acting job. I overlooked the inaccuracies.


Laura Leibowitz·5:49 PM

Kathy - And there ya go.  In fact, Joan was recently laughing reading that Radio Mirror article that her parents would "never send her to boarding school."

Brad - Zackly.  However, I know that there had been some sport of "spot the errors" for club members who saw the show!

I think it was just more Benny dweeb-ism one-upsmanship.


Frank J. Lhota·5:51 PM

Given the quality of "The Eddie Cantor Story", I guess we should be glad that they did not make a Jack Benny biopic.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:51 PM

great example, Laura! Its all what somebody expects somebody to understand about Jack!  The stories generally fall into categories, like He's rich, but he has problems like the rest of us.  Or, gosh he had a challenging childhood, but wow he's made it. (and so can you!)


Brad Strickland·5:51 PM

Kay--If the Atlanta Radio Theatre EVER gets its act together, it wants to do an interview podcast about the classic days of radio. I'm to be one of the hosts. If you're willing, 'bout time for your book to come out, I'd love to interview you. Laura, same goes for you! Can't get too much of Jack Benny!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:51 PM

although the Benny biography film he tried to do with Humphrey Bogart would have been a gas!


Kay Lhota·5:52 PM

I hope that it all works out for you, Brad!


Laura Leibowitz·5:52 PM

Oh man..."Leave Em Laughing" or whatever title it was at that moment...

"Killer Kates"


Brad Strickland·5:52 PM

Again, the Bader book talks about how the Marx Brothers tried hard in the early fifties to get a biopic of themselves off the ground (they commissioned a biography that was more fiction than fact). That very eventually led to the Broadway show "Minnie's Boys."


Laura Leibowitz·5:53 PM

Why would a Jack Benny biopic be called "Killer Kates"?


Steve Archer·5:53 PM

The Here's Lucy Jack Biography episode is actually pretty darn good!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:53 PM

the Benny biography film would have been a Preston Sturgres-worthy send up of the lame celebrity biopics that came after Yankee Doodle Dandy


Brad Strickland·5:53 PM

Obviously, the Jack Benny biopic would be THE DON WILSON STORY, WITH JACK IN SOME SCENES.


Steve Archer·5:54 PM



Kay Lhota·5:54 PM

The Lucy episode was a good set of sketches, and Jack Benny and Lucille Ball are a hoot!


Frank J. Lhota·5:54 PM

The Milton Berle biopic could be a montage of scenes from other biopics.


Laura Leibowitz·5:54 PM

Acutally....hmmm...I'm trying to remember if Jack was ever looking at a Preston Sturges script.  I know he bought a script from Dalton Trumbo and then gave up on it.

Frank - :D


Kay Lhota·5:55 PM

Good one, Frank


Graeme Cree·5:55 PM

She can see the room in the sidebar, but can't get in.


Laura Leibowitz·5:55 PM

Ah...let me grant her access.


Brad Strickland·5:55 PM

DON: In Chicago, Illinois, Mrs. Kubelsky is in the hospital, wondering what it will be . . . what will it be? Strawberry, cherry, raspberry, orange, lemon, or lime? Oh, and she wondered about the baby, too.


Laura Leibowitz·5:55 PM

There ya go


Kay Lhota·5:55 PM

Yay, HI Linda


Steve Archer·5:55 PM

It's like we're in Studio 54 or something..  Studio 39.


Linda Cree·5:55 PM

Hi all!


Laura Leibowitz·5:56 PM

Hey Linda!


Frank J. Lhota·5:56 PM

To get in the room, remember that the password is "swordfish"


Linda Cree·5:56 PM

Hi Kay!

Frank is here too!


Kay Lhota·5:56 PM

It's been ages, Linda!


Brad Strickland·5:56 PM

Hello, Linda. En espanol, "linda" esta "linda." Hmm...doesn't quite work.


Laura Leibowitz·5:56 PM

Or the password is "Mary"...she drinks like a fish...


Linda Cree·5:56 PM

Hi Brad!


Brad Strickland·5:56 PM

The password is always "swordfish."


Laura Leibowitz·5:57 PM

Yes sir.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:57 PM

Hello Linda! We are having some fun


Brad Strickland·5:57 PM

Ya know, I wonder how many mokes out there actually use "swordfish" as their password? Apologies to any mokes present.


Linda Cree·5:57 PM

Hi Kathy!


Laura Leibowitz·5:57 PM

We're talking about Jack, Fred, the Marx Brothers, etc.


Brad Strickland·5:57 PM

Jack Marx, Fred Marx....

Finks Marxes


Laura Leibowitz·5:57 PM

Powers Marxes


Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:57 PM

has anybody read the book about Groucho by his last wife, the young woman whose name I can't remember


Brad Strickland·5:58 PM



Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:58 PM

Yes that's her


Kay Lhota·5:58 PM

I never heard that she wrote a book


Laura Leibowitz·5:58 PM



Kathy Fuller Seeley·5:59 PM

its about his last years, and there are some interesting bits


Brad Strickland·5:59 PM

Haven't read it, or I don't think I have. My memory's not what it was. I have a hard time remembering why the Pope and I were even in that dirigible.


Graeme Cree·5:59 PM

Erin Fleming never wrote one, did she?


Kay Lhota·5:59 PM

She always seemed pretty and a nice person


Laura Leibowitz·5:59 PM

Or is it like George Balzer's book and it was never published?


Kay Lhota·5:59 PM

Erin Fleming was a nut-case!


Frank J. Lhota·5:59 PM

Swayne's performers in retirement: https://youtu.be/7ikm3o5hDks


Laura Leibowitz·5:59 PM

Look for "Raised Eyebrows" by Steve Stoliar.


Brad Strickland·5:59 PM

Erin Fleming wound up homeless and died in a charity ward.


Graeme Cree·5:59 PM

That would only make a book more intersting.


Linda Cree·5:59 PM

I'm still trying to finish Mar's book on Jack.  I read Sundays at Seven and Josefsberg's quickly, but this one, not so great.


Laura Leibowitz·5:59 PM

Steve was Groucho's assistant late in life


Linda Cree·5:59 PM



Laura Leibowitz·5:59 PM

Linda - Amen to that

Brad - She did?!


Frank J. Lhota·6:00 PM

If Erin Fleming was still alive, she could write for Weekly World News.


Brad Strickland·6:00 PM

Yes--her body went unidentified for about a week.


Laura Leibowitz·6:00 PM

Brad - I'm not surprised, just didn't know that.


Brad Strickland·6:00 PM

I think I read the story in Mark Evanier's "News from Me."


Steve Archer·6:01 PM

RIP Weekly World News.  I miss Lester the Typing Horse's advice column.


Brad Strickland·6:01 PM

That's a blog, as you all probably know. I'm just saying that in case the Pope got out of the dirigible and has Internet now.


Laura Leibowitz·6:01 PM

Somewhere on a Beta tape I've got a clip of reporters following her during the trial, asking her questions, and when she gets to her car, she tears off her top, has a Groucho on Broadway t-shirt under it, makes some bizarre faces at them, and then gets in her car and speeds off.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:01 PM

wow about Erin Fleming. I met some folks like that during my last visit to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery


Kay Lhota·6:01 PM

I remember seeing that when it aired on the TODAY show.


Laura Leibowitz·6:02 PM

Kathy - You know, I've driven by that a hundred times, but haven't yet gone in.


Kay Lhota·6:02 PM

She was a crazy lady


Brad Strickland·6:02 PM

Erin was a minor actress with, to be honest, minimal talent. Friends of Groucho were alternately appalled by her and impressed that she kept Groucho interested and going in his last years.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:02 PM

Laura, you must go see Fairbanks, Valentino, Tyrone Power!


Laura Leibowitz·6:02 PM

And isn't Mel there too?


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:02 PM

and Mel!


Graeme Cree·6:02 PM

Groucho didn't marry 'em for their talent.  (Not that he married Fleming).


Laura Leibowitz·6:03 PM

Oh yeah, I know the star power that's there!  Just need to make it a priority some time.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:03 PM

and hundreds of Russians who now have black granite monuments among the old white marble ones from the 1920s..


Laura Leibowitz·6:03 PM

Does the lady in black still visit Valentino's grave?


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:03 PM

So, who here has been to visit Jack and Mary at Hillside Cemetery (is it Hillside)?


Laura Leibowitz·6:03 PM

Seems like that role had been taken over by others in later years.


Linda Cree·6:04 PM

Graeme and I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I want to know why Don Adams stlll his no headstone.


Kay Lhota·6:04 PM

it's a new generation Lady in Black for Valentino. I saw a clip about her.


Graeme Cree·6:04 PM

He probably does by now.


Laura Leibowitz·6:04 PM

I've visited there plenty, and did up most of the arrangements you'll see around the grave.


Kay Lhota·6:04 PM

she's doing it to keep up the tradition


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:04 PM

Yes Linda, I met caregivers of Don Adams' who hung out there on the weekend, said they had taken care of Jack and Mary in the day


Laura Leibowitz·6:04 PM

That's great...glad to know there is still a lady in black.


Brad Strickland·6:05 PM

Marvin Hamlisch, who did the accompaniment for Groucho's very late appearance in Carnegie Hall, said he thought they'd cancel because Groucho was so frail and vague before the show, but Erin gave him a pep talk, he shuffled onstage, and did ninety minutes live. Of course, I've heard similar stories about Jack's late tours for orchestras--he looked too weak to do the show, but the spotlight came on, and there was Jack!


Laura Leibowitz·6:05 PM

The internal aerobics of comedy.

Don Adams had no headstone?


Kay Lhota·6:05 PM

life giving in its way for a performer to have an audience


Steve Archer·6:06 PM

Would you believe?


Laura Leibowitz·6:06 PM

I know Jack's sister Florence had no stone, but we remedied that.


Brad Strickland·6:06 PM

Barbara and I have visited Jack's grave, Kay. We left pennies instead of pebbles, and we saw that many, many others had exactly the same idea. As a matter of fact, I picked up enough for lunch for the both of us (see, I told you I exaggerate. Just a hamburger for me, really.)


Linda Cree·6:06 PM

Not in 2008, Laura. Maybe now.


Kay Lhota·6:06 PM



Graeme Cree·6:06 PM

Groucho's wives were 10, 33 and 39 years younger than him.  He wanted an audience.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:06 PM

haha Brad!


Laura Leibowitz·6:06 PM

Hmmm...sounds like a question for FindaGrave.com


Brad Strickland·6:07 PM

I took not a penny, but I did pat the tomb and say, "Thank you, Jack." And I cried. I'll admit that I cried.


Graeme Cree·6:07 PM

And Erin Fleming was 51 years younger.


Steve Archer·6:07 PM

Jack would have cried too if he passed up the pennies.  Take comfort Brad.


Laura Leibowitz·6:07 PM

Sounds like the reverse of the Abbott and Costello routine about falling in love with a younger girl.


Kay Lhota·6:07 PM



Graeme Cree·6:08 PM

I guess he thought they'd eventually be the same age.


Laura Leibowitz·6:08 PM

Intersting armchair psychology about the Marxes and women.


Brad Strickland·6:08 PM

My dad would always stop to pick up a penny. Every dang time, even if it was in the middle of a busy street! When I went to his funeral, I . . . found a penny in the funeral-home parking lot. It's in Dad's breast pocket right now, because I put it there.


Laura Leibowitz·6:08 PM

You look at Minnie Palmer who was so strong...

Brad - Oh...sad but lovely story!


Frank J. Lhota·6:08 PM

I checked FindAGrave.com for DeForest Kelley, and was disappointed that he did not go through with his idea of having a gravestone that read "I'm Dead, Jim!"


Laura Leibowitz·6:09 PM

Frank - Aw nuts!  

I think WC Fields doesn't have "On the whole, I'd rather be in Philadelphia"


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:09 PM

entertainment was such a great field for entrepreneurial women, as opposed to other businesses in the 19th and early 20th centuries


Kay Lhota·6:09 PM

A friend of mine and I did armchair psychology about Chico. With his addiction to gambling, and because he bet against the odds, he must have needed the adrenaline rush very badly


Brad Strickland·6:09 PM

Oy, Minnie! Talk about exaggerations! When the Marxes were the Four Nightingales, such stories she planted in VARIETY about them--places they'd never played, countries they'd never seen....


Laura Leibowitz·6:09 PM

Kathy - So true.  Not a lot of other things were open to them.

Then you look at Groucho and his wives, Chico and his womanizing


Linda Cree·6:10 PM

I just checked.  Don Adams has a plaque, but no headstone.


Laura Leibowitz·6:10 PM

Zeppo's wife leaving him for Frank Sinatra


Frank J. Lhota·6:10 PM

Penn Jillette, however, has already chose his grave marker. It has the image of the three of clubs, along with the inscription "Is this your card?"


Laura Leibowitz·6:10 PM

Linda - He should have seen a better dentist.


Kay Lhota·6:10 PM



Laura Leibowitz·6:10 PM

Harpo didn't get married for a while, but seems to be the one who ended up happiest.

Gummo I'm not sure.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:11 PM

didn't Harpo adopt some kids? I understand he was a great parent


Linda Cree·6:11 PM



Kay Lhota·6:11 PM

Gummo I think married once


Steve Archer·6:11 PM

Yes Kathy


Laura Leibowitz·6:11 PM

Kathy - That's my understanding...he said that he wanted one of them watching from every window when he came home.


Steve Archer·6:11 PM

Groucho said he was closest to Gummo and Gummo was the nicest.  Go figure.


Brad Strickland·6:12 PM

Now I'm sad again. A former student of mine, and a great friend of our daughter's, Sacha Dzuba, died recently. He'd had a grave heart condition for a year, but didn't let any of us know about how bad it was. He knew he very likely wouldn't survive a desperate operation, and wrote a final note to all his friends which he had his dad forward after he passed away. He donated his body and asked for no funeral or memorial service. Sacha was an actor, and I want our Atlanta Radio Theatre Company to memorialize him with an annual award for acting in audio dramas....


Laura Leibowitz·6:12 PM

And that Zeppo was the funniest.


Graeme Cree·6:12 PM

Harpo married once.


Brad Strickland·6:12 PM

Harpo adopted four kids, because his house had four windows in front, and he wanted to see a face in each one smiling at him when he came home.


Laura Leibowitz·6:12 PM

Oh my...so sorry, Brad!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:12 PM

gosh I am sorry Brad. What a wonderful part in a person's life you can play as a teacher and mentor. I am sure you are the best!


Frank J. Lhota·6:12 PM

On stage, Zeppo got rave reviews. I wonder if we never saw Zeppo at his best on film.


Kay Lhota·6:13 PM

so sad, Brad. I hope that they respect and honor him


Steve Archer·6:13 PM

George Burns talks about the adoption agency where they adopted Ronnie and Sandy calling them with another prospective child, and when the Burnses decided not to adopt another, Harpo took in the chilid.


Brad Strickland·6:13 PM

Zeppo went onstage for Groucho twice and for Chico more times than you could count, and no one knew the difference.


Kay Lhota·6:13 PM

That child was Harpo's daughter Minnie


Laura Leibowitz·6:13 PM

Yes!  I'd heard that Harpo and Chico would sometimes change up too.


Brad Strickland·6:14 PM

Sacha was such a nice guy. My daughter was desolate and had to miss a day at the Puppetry Arts Center. She goes into work when she's got borderline pneumonia, but getting the note from Sacha was too much for her.


Laura Leibowitz·6:14 PM

I can understand that.

You know, I somehow had it in my head that Joan was adopted from the same place as Ronnie and Sandra.

The Cradle in Chicago.

But Joan corrected me on that.  Am I the only one who had wires crossed on that?


Brad Strickland·6:15 PM

I didn't know about it, Laura.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:15 PM

wouldn't that make a great TV miniseries in the HBO/Netflix mode, to chart the Marx Brothers career from young kids to Hollywood? Watching them improvise and change up parts, hang at the Algonquin round table, and later become friend with MGM vp Irving Thalberg? I love the stories of the pranks they would play on the always-too-busy Thalberg


Laura Leibowitz·6:15 PM

In this group, I can be confident that I wasn't the only one who had wires TO cross!


Kay Lhota·6:16 PM

I never thought that they were adopted by the same place, but I wouldn't have known where, anyway


R.Hookie·6:16 PM

I just wired....


Laura Leibowitz·6:16 PM

Kathy - The problem is getting people to really play them as PEOPLE.  Not caricatures.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:16 PM

Laura, gosh I thought it was the same adoption agency, too, Perhaps there was comfort to be gained in telling tall stories about this...


Laura Leibowitz·6:17 PM

Kathy - Oh thank goodness.  I had left it with scratching my head rather than looking it up.


Kay Lhota·6:17 PM

I've always wanted to see a well made movie about the Marx Brothers, but I doubt that it could be done well enough


Brad Strickland·6:17 PM

Oh, btw, Bader says that the story of Chico's landing an MGM contract in a card game with Thalberg didn't happen. Apparently Zeppo negotiated the deal . . . and Chico resented that, so Zeppo let the story of the card game stand because he didn't care one way or the other. The other Marxes, by the way, were equal partners in the team; Zeppo was always a salaried employee.


Kay Lhota·6:17 PM

but, they are making a movie based on "Raised Eyebrows" go figure


Laura Leibowitz·6:17 PM

Brad - Interesting!  And again a good explanation of why Zeppo became an agent.

Kay - Oh that's right they are!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:18 PM

I teach in a department that is chock-full of screenwriters and media makers, and GOSH I need to pitch ideas about the Marxes, and Jack Benny! Unfortunately, screenwriters balk at the permissions they might have to get from real people


Brad Strickland·6:18 PM

God, there was an awful TV biopic of Humphrey Bogart I saw not too long ago.


Kay Lhota·6:18 PM

Zeppo was a very good agent, and a business partner with Barbara Stanwyck raising race horses


Laura Leibowitz·6:18 PM

Kay - Hopefully not Burnt Cork.


Kay Lhota·6:19 PM

I saw an even worse one a few weeks ago "Walt Before Mickey"


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:19 PM

haha Laura


Brad Strickland·6:19 PM

Zeppo and Barbara eventually decided there was more money in boarding other people's race horses, though!

Someone asked Chico late in life how much money he'd lost gambling. He said, "Go ask Groucho how much he's got. That's how much I lost."


Laura Leibowitz·6:20 PM

Brad - Want to take bets on whether that line happened?


Brad Strickland·6:20 PM

Not on your life!


Laura Leibowitz·6:20 PM



Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:20 PM

there is a TREMENDOUS demand for scripted content these days, there are more than 400 narrative shows on TV (if you include the streaming services). They need content! Here is our chance to get more and better historical stuff done. Although I will agree with most of you that MOST of the historical stuff done is miserable


Brad Strickland·6:20 PM

However, Dick Cavett told the story.

Kathy--the cartoon "Gravity Falls" features some shows-within-the show from the UTBAH Channel (Used to Be About History).


Kay Lhota·6:21 PM

Some biography movies I have seen are watchable, but some are horrible.


Laura Leibowitz·6:21 PM

Kathy - I do have to hand it to A&E for doing probably the best biography I've seen of Jack.  Better than Comedy in Bloom, better than Kelsey Grammer.


Brad Strickland·6:21 PM

What is the BEST biopic you've seen?


Laura Leibowitz·6:21 PM

Brad - Excellent acronym for it.


Kay Lhota·6:21 PM

the A and E biogs are generally very good


Laura Leibowitz·6:21 PM

Brad - About anyone?  Or about Jaack?


Brad Strickland·6:22 PM

Anyone. I want examples of what they can be when they're good.


Laura Leibowitz·6:22 PM

Lady Sings the Blues


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:22 PM

latest best biography Frances Foster Jenkins!


Brad Strickland·6:22 PM

"Lust for Life."


Kay Lhota·6:22 PM

Yes, I thought that was excellent!


Steve Archer·6:22 PM

For an entertainment figure - ED WOOD.  Great example of that let the spirit override the facts thing we were talking about earlier.


Brad Strickland·6:22 PM

Yep, and they had a great Bela Lugosi!


Laura Leibowitz·6:23 PM

Steve - True.


Kay Lhota·6:23 PM

I will agreee to that! I loved that movie.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:23 PM

I will maybe be a talking head in a PBS Bob Hope episode, stemming from the recent biography. Bob Hope=meh


Frank J. Lhota·6:23 PM

Kathy, keep in mind that an army of overworked writers were required to produce enough content for radio; imagine how many writers are required for the 400 TV shows!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:24 PM

you are so right, Frank!!! Those are my undergrad students at University of Texas. I am trying to give them an appreciation of history before they go to Hollywood


Laura Leibowitz·6:24 PM

Frank - Especially when I hear that shows have such a large bank of writers, like "The Simpsons" or "Daily Show."


Brad Strickland·6:24 PM

Kathy--somewhere just recently I saw a quasi-academic article explaining that Hope was merely a good comedian but couldn't ever become a great comedian because he wasn't Jewish. No kidding.


Laura Leibowitz·6:24 PM

Brad - The author's name wasn't McFadden, was it?

*wink* at Kathy


Brad Strickland·6:24 PM

Hah! Don't think so.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:24 PM

Yikes, Brad, what a dumb argument! Drat those academics


Graeme Cree·6:24 PM

When was it written?


Kay Lhota·6:24 PM

Hey, here is a question that I can throw out in general: My Dad was in CZ in 1945. Can anybody give me the dates of when Jack Benny and Bob Hope played Pilsen? And are there any photographs?


Brad Strickland·6:24 PM


It was ahead of its time.


Graeme Cree·6:25 PM

Didn't think Hope was even on the radar then.

Heck, even radar didn't exist.


Brad Strickland·6:25 PM

Houdini wrote it, I think. He could see the future, you know.


Laura Leibowitz·6:25 PM

Kay - Man, that's another question I hope to answer some day with Volume 4.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:25 PM

Laura _ AGGGHHHH the McFadden article!!! Won a big prize when I was a grad student pushing an article about film audiences in the 1930s


Laura Leibowitz·6:26 PM

Brad - Yeah but he couldn't talk to the dead.


Brad Strickland·6:26 PM

I don't remember. I just thought, "well, that's . . . an opinion."


Kay Lhota·6:26 PM

My Dad was in the Army, and Bob Hope had him come up and play piano for him, but I have no photograph of it.


Brad Strickland·6:26 PM

Anybody can talk to the dead! They never answer, but still....


Linda Cree·6:26 PM

Kathy, have you decided on a name for your book?


Steve Archer·6:26 PM

Wow, neat story Kay.


Brad Strickland·6:26 PM



Laura Leibowitz·6:26 PM

Kathy - Nice to have someone who feels as strongly about it as I do.  That's how I feel about the Gary Giddins article too, but you know that.


Linda Cree·6:26 PM

Neat, Kay.


Laura Leibowitz·6:27 PM

Kay - Good thing Harry Truman wasn't there!


Brad Strickland·6:27 PM

"Why, man, I can call spirits from the vasty deep!" "Why, so can I, or so can any man! But do they come when you do call them?"


Laura Leibowitz·6:27 PM

Oh, I loved that line from tonight's show about Petrillo won't let a piano player lose a job.  Dated though it is!


Kay Lhota·6:27 PM

Would TRruman have pushed my Dad off of the piano bench, I wonder?


Brad Strickland·6:27 PM

Well, Jack's show had its share of Petrillo gags, too!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:28 PM

bless you Linda for asking! The marketers at University of California Press (ahem) demand  "Jack Benny and the Golden Age of Radio Comedy"   and their other ideas were worse, so I can live with it.  I am thinking of a little sticker that says "IN" to replace the AND


Frank J. Lhota·6:28 PM

The problem with listening to old radio shows is trying to find the products. Where can you buy Sal Hepatica?


Kay Lhota·6:28 PM



Brad Strickland·6:28 PM

Yeah, and Rinso-Blue!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:28 PM

Gary Giddens, uuuuugggghhh


Laura Leibowitz·6:28 PM

Oh Sistah, come let me high five you!

Frank - Are you lacking in the smile for health?


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:29 PM

Best Benny academic writings are in books by Michele Hilmes and Arthur Wertheim, imho


Kay Lhota·6:29 PM

:-DLaura. He is just a regular guy!


Brad Strickland·6:29 PM

Ipana for the smile of beauty! Sal-Hepatica for the smile of "I'd love to talk to you, but I urgently have to be somewhere else right--awwww!"


Kay Lhota·6:29 PM



Steve Archer·6:29 PM

LOL Brad


Linda Cree·6:30 PM

I want a bar of Swan Soap.


Brad Strickland·6:30 PM

Kathy--not familiar with either of them. But I'll look 'em up!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:30 PM

Frank. you can still purchase Sal Hepatica through the Vermont Country Store website, I think!!! They may still make it in Mexico


Kay Lhota·6:30 PM

Oh, good grief!


Steve Archer·6:30 PM

You know I've occasionally been tempted to buy some swan soap or some of these long-gone products on ebay.  Some maniacs apparently hoarded the stuff.

It's out there.


Laura Leibowitz·6:30 PM

Kathy - Of all the places to make it.


Perri·6:31 PM




R.Hookie·6:31 PM

Even Boraxo?


Graeme Cree·6:31 PM

You can buy Swan, the new white floating soap that's purer than the finest Castilles on eBay.


Steve Archer·6:31 PM

They just send you a bottle of the water!


Brad Strickland·6:31 PM

My mom always bought, I think, Clover Soap. Haven't heard about that in years.


Kay Lhota·6:31 PM

A friend of mine bought a case of LUX soap in Canada and gave me about 10 bars.


Frank J. Lhota·6:31 PM

I did buy some bars of Lux soap a while back.


Laura Leibowitz·6:31 PM

Oh just a year ago i finally purchased my long-sought original box of Gold Dust.


Linda Cree·6:31 PM

Yes, someone wanted $25 for a bar of soap.


Graeme Cree·6:31 PM

My sister drank a whole bottle of that stuff, and it had no effect at all.


Frank J. Lhota·6:31 PM

Hide card


The Pittsburgh Press - Google News Archive Search news.google.com

No related articles found for this article.


Brad Strickland·6:31 PM

Was Crown Cola what we knew in the old days as Royal Crown Cola?


Steve Archer·6:32 PM

I always think the stuff probably came from a hoarder's nest and is full of rat pee and cockroach corpses.  Who keeps a bar of soap for 75 years?!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:32 PM

Brad, a WONDERFUL book is Michele Hilmes, Radio Voices.  Arthur Wertham's Radio Comedy a good choice. Alan Havig's Fred Allen's Radio Comedy is terrific!


Brad Strickland·6:32 PM

I remember Red Rock Cola, too--a lie, because it was ginger ale strong enough to take the enamel off your teeth.


Laura Leibowitz·6:32 PM

Brad Royal Crown Cola = RC Cola


Frank J. Lhota·6:33 PM

Hide card

Ipana lasted long enough to be on TV: https://youtu.be/nB7fJYyPTko

Thumbnail image



Commercial - Ipana Toothpaste presents Bucky Beaver Salesman - D.K.Germ - brushabrushabrusha www.youtube.com

Brought to you by www.VideoArcheology.com Do you have a favorite memory pertaining to this video artifact? Please share your comments with us. Can you recogn...


Brad Strickland·6:33 PM

Thanks, Kathy! I just cut 'n pasted so I can search later.


R.Hookie·6:33 PM

I have an almost 40 year old bar of soap... it's ABBA the Soap


Laura Leibowitz·6:33 PM

Steve - Well, I have found some in the basement of various estate sales.  Sometimes it got stuck on shelves under the stairs and forgotten.


Brad Strickland·6:33 PM

Oh, God, I remember "Brush-a brush-a brush-a, with the new Ipana...."

Hookie, didn't they make a musical out of that soap?


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:33 PM

Brad, you will love those books!


Steve Archer·6:33 PM

I think Ipana was still around when I was a kid, '70s-80s.


Laura Leibowitz·6:34 PM

I have a 30s Fels-Naptha bar of soap


Brad Strickland·6:34 PM

TV ads I remember from the fifties: Bonamo's Turkish Taffy.

Sugar Corn Pops cereal.


R.Hookie·6:34 PM

(thinking of a clever comeback....)


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:34 PM

I think they may still make Ipana in Mexico, its amazing how many old products out of copyright that have been sold. You can get Lydia Pinkham's from Mexico


Laura Leibowitz·6:34 PM

Oh...got to share this unexpected moment from my client's offsite meeting on Friday.  There was a gift exchange, steal a gift or pick one.


Linda Cree·6:34 PM

Is Prell Shampoo still around?


Laura Leibowitz·6:35 PM

And someone opens a gift, and it was a George Burns doll.


Steve Archer·6:35 PM

Some of those things they still make but take out the (now suspect) ingredients.  Bromo Seltzer without the bromine, Fels Naptha without the naphthalene.


Brad Strickland·6:35 PM

Halo, everybody, Halo . . . Halo Shampoo, for a shiny ring around your hair....


Laura Leibowitz·6:35 PM

Turns out that had been a gag gift for the past four years.


Graeme Cree·6:35 PM

Coke without the coke.


Laura Leibowitz·6:35 PM

And so I stole it.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:35 PM

Linda, Prell! my first shampoo. I think they sell it now as dish soap haha


Kay Lhota·6:35 PM

I developed an allergy to fragrances, so I have to use fragrance free soap, shampoo, and so forth.


Brad Strickland·6:35 PM

Ah, first you get the Coke, then you get the coke, then you get the money, then you get the women . . . and then you want a Coke.


Linda Cree·6:36 PM

Kathy :)


Laura Leibowitz·6:36 PM

When someone acted like they were going to steal it from me, saying, "You have to be older than dirt to know who this is," I showed them the photo in my wallet of me standing with George.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:36 PM

But how about Jell-O, how do we keep this brand in business? NO ONE has time to actually make Jell-O anymore!


Brad Strickland·6:36 PM

Is Prell the one they used to drop a pearl into to show it was transparent and wouldn't eat into a pearl?


Laura Leibowitz·6:36 PM

Kathy - That's why Bill Cosby advertised all that pre-made Jell-O.


Kay Lhota·6:37 PM

I know Kathy. You have to eat JELLO 4 hours after you were hungry for Jello


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:37 PM

eeeek, we must overcome the Cosby curse


Brad Strickland·6:37 PM

I beg your pardon! My wife made Jell-O for me three days in the last couple of weeks when I was sick as a dog and couldn't keep anything down. Hell of a way to lose seven pounds, but I did it.


Laura Leibowitz·6:37 PM

And I could never figure out why people would buy pre-made Jell-O.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:37 PM

has anybody been to the Jell-O museum in New York State?


Linda Cree·6:37 PM

Brad, I think that was Prell.


Laura Leibowitz·6:37 PM

No...where is it?


Frank J. Lhota·6:37 PM

Hide card

Remember this Prell commercial? https://youtu.be/U2wyG10BCrg

Thumbnail image



1960's Prell Hair Shampoo Commercial 1 www.youtube.com

1960's Prell Hair Shampoo Commercial


Brad Strickland·6:37 PM

Hey, remember Colgate's invisible shield!


Kay Lhota·6:37 PM

it isn't hard to make, but like I say it is torture for me to wait 4 hours for it to become firm.


Brad Strickland·6:38 PM

Kay--I just snort the powder.


Laura Leibowitz·6:38 PM

Kay - Good point.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:38 PM

Brad, my great-grandma swore by making HOT Jell-O, not set up, for when I had an upset stomach!


Brad Strickland·6:38 PM

First you get the Jell-O, then you get the nose pain, then you get the women.....


Steve Archer·6:38 PM

Oh yeah, we did that too.  "Jell-O water" for the flu.


Frank J. Lhota·6:38 PM

The Prell commercial should end with Jack trying to fish the pearls out of the shampoo.


Laura Leibowitz·6:38 PM

Frank - Good idea...


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:39 PM

haha Frank! Reminds me of Jack


Steve Archer·6:39 PM

I'm surprised I don't have more post-traumatic aversion to Jell-O.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:39 PM

I meant Jack


Brad Strickland·6:39 PM

When I was in high school, a bunch of us did a home-made super-8 vampire movie where a bunch of us were vampires. We'd put powdered cherry Jell-O in our mouths and it really made good-looking stage blood!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:39 PM

crap, Jacks stories of vacationing in Hawaii


Kay Lhota·6:39 PM

we have some JELLO in the cupboard. We should make some up.


Brad Strickland·6:40 PM

That's two bunches of us. When we vampires got staked, we traded places with the camera crew and THEY became the vampires.


Kay Lhota·6:40 PM

JELLO is what they used to color the Horses in the Wizard of Oz


Laura Leibowitz·6:40 PM

There's some in my pantry!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:40 PM

Kay, when I listen to 1930s Benny programs, Don's commercials MAKE me want to eat Jello, so my poor husband suffers


R.Hookie·6:40 PM

Did anyone like "Jell-o 1-2-3?"


Kay Lhota·6:41 PM

Yes, we go through that too! JELLO begins to sound good!


Brad Strickland·6:41 PM

Ooh, ooh, and the horses in "The Fisher King," what I seen myself in person outside of Central Park in NYC on the same trip when I found myself in an elevator with Ringo Starr! True story!


Laura Leibowitz·6:41 PM

Hookie - I LOVED 1-2-3.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:41 PM

ME for 1-2-3! It was the first thing my mom let me make by myself


R.Hookie·6:41 PM

Is it still around?


Kay Lhota·6:41 PM

I even tried the JELLO snow recipe where you whip strawberry JELLO as it becomes syrupy


Laura Leibowitz·6:41 PM

I don't think so.  But I've found some copycat recipes online.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:41 PM

not still around, but if you have Dream Whip and a hand mixer, you can do it


Steve Archer·6:41 PM

Can't you recreate 1-2-3 by whipping  or whisking the Jell-O?


Frank J. Lhota·6:41 PM

I worry that all the good Jack did for Jell-O was undone by Bill Cosby.


Kay Lhota·6:42 PM

I did that Steve


Steve Archer·6:42 PM

So far I don't think Jell-O has been implicated in any of the Cosby business.  Small mercy.


Brad Strickland·6:42 PM

Barbara makes a killer Jell-O salad with two different layers of different-flavored Jell-O interspersed with one layer of Jell-O mixed with whipped cream. It has nuts and fruit in it, and I love the stuff, but she doesn't like making it because it's time consumng.


R.Hookie·6:42 PM

Now I'm craving a pudding pop


Brad Strickland·6:42 PM

consuming. Typing too fast.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:42 PM

The Jell-O marketing executives laughed that when they did surveys in the 1960s, 20 years after Benny left them, that people still associated Benny with Jello!


Linda Cree·6:43 PM

Sounds good, Brad.


Laura Leibowitz·6:43 PM

Well, Jell-O was an alternating sponsor for Jack's TV series for a while.


Brad Strickland·6:43 PM

As American Tobacco LSMFT discovered, Kathy, LSMFT, repetition LSMFT forLSMFTces the audience to recall the product!


Laura Leibowitz·6:43 PM

This is how they were able to do a Kenny Baker joke on the radio show in 1955...


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:43 PM

I collect really awful church cookbook JellO recipes. My latest horrors involve baked beans in Jello, saurkraut in Jello, corned beef in... you don't want to know


Laura Leibowitz·6:44 PM

At that point, it just becomes aspic for garde mange.


Graeme Cree·6:44 PM

Mmmmm, beans.


Brad Strickland·6:44 PM

Take one box of lime Jell-O, a pound of calves' liver...


Laura Leibowitz·6:44 PM

The musical fruit


Frank J. Lhota·6:44 PM

Yes, various innocent foods trapped in Jell-O prisons.


Kay Lhota·6:44 PM

Frank's Mom makes JELLO deserts. She made an Orange JELLO and dream whip thing that I loved.


Linda Cree·6:44 PM

Frank :)


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:44 PM

Brad, yiou are so right! And what AMAZES me about Benny's show is that they could turn it around with the Sportsmen to make the ads ridiculous!


Laura Leibowitz·6:44 PM

What up with the building imprisoned in Jell-O?


Steve Archer·6:45 PM

Obtain a tureen large enough to hold the opossum and twelve boxes of Cherry Jell-O


Brad Strickland·6:45 PM

There is one restaurant in Atlanta, the Colonnade, that still makes and serves tomato aspic. That is one of my favorite foods, and it went away for the longest time before I discovered that place.


Linda Cree·6:46 PM

That's the city of the future....life under a Jell-O dome.


Kay Lhota·6:46 PM

LOL Linda


Brad Strickland·6:46 PM

Kathy, I think that was the genius of Jack's writing staff. They made a stingy, vain, egotistical, ill-tempered guy loved nation-wide--so why not make Jell-O adored by the same process?


Laura Leibowitz·6:46 PM

Will we somehow learn to breathe Jell-O?


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:46 PM

Jello was an AMAZING creative material for housewives 1930s-1960s!!! In your boring life cooking grey dinners of grey beef and grey potatoes, here was something red or orange or green or yellow to play with!

Brad I love the Colonnade's fried chicken!


Laura Leibowitz·6:47 PM

Well, there was also Oleo.


Frank J. Lhota·6:47 PM

Look at this dish, and you can practically hear the hot dogs and macaroni scream "PLEASE let me out!" https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/cb/61/39/cb6139bd5fa67dd2b1d5743e56e2857c.jpg




Laura Leibowitz·6:47 PM

During the war


Kay Lhota·6:47 PM



Brad Strickland·6:47 PM

I want to introduce our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter to Jell-O. Barbara says to make it extra thick so it's a finger food.


Laura Leibowitz·6:47 PM

Are those green beans in the sides?


Steve Archer·6:47 PM

Good lord


Brad Strickland·6:48 PM

Kathy, we are having a guest from San Jose California in a few days--gonna take him for dinner to the Colonnade. (My son says that my wife and I love the restaurant because we're always the youngest people there).


Frank J. Lhota·6:48 PM

Yes, the green beans are the Jell-O prison guards.


Laura Leibowitz·6:48 PM

I guess the pigs were already in the hot dogs.


Brad Strickland·6:48 PM

I get a real "Star Wars" vibe from that dessert photo.


R.Hookie·6:49 PM

I just got YUCK!


Laura Leibowitz·6:49 PM

I get a real "Alka Seltzer" vibe from it.


Brad Strickland·6:49 PM

"The lack of horseradish in the Jell-O disturbs me." *deep breathing*


Linda Cree·6:49 PM

Hide card


Thumbnail image



How to Make Mini Jello Aquariums www.youtube.com

I found jello fish bowls on Pinterest and decided to adapt them to make mini jello aquariums! They are easy, and definitely unique! This would also be a real...


Kay Lhota·6:49 PM

oh wow


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:49 PM

the Jell-O museum is outside Rochester NY and they are great folks! We should approach them about doing an exhibit, they would be totally up for it I think !


R.Hookie·6:49 PM

Oh how cute


Brad Strickland·6:49 PM

The goldfish are so SLOW in those things, though.


Laura Leibowitz·6:49 PM

Kathy - I could see that.  General Foods actually sent us $100 as a sponsor of our 2003 convention.


Steve Archer·6:50 PM

LOL Brad


Linda Cree·6:50 PM

Hopefully, they didn't use water from a fish tank.


Laura Leibowitz·6:50 PM

Reminds me of the Japanese ice rink where the troze a bunch of real fish and sea life in the ice.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:50 PM

LeRoy New York!   http://www.jellogallery.org/


Steve Archer·6:50 PM

It's murder on the gills


Brad Strickland·6:51 PM

Hmm...Now I'm wondering if it would be practical to smuggle unflavored gelatin into a restroom, dump it in the toilets late at night with some ice, and see what developed next day....


Laura Leibowitz·6:51 PM

I do enjoy that Jell-O ad with a headline something like, "Now EVERYTHING Goes with Jell-O" and it has a parma ham, a giant fish head, et al.


Steve Archer·6:51 PM

Kathy, you'd think they could move that a few miles over to Rochester to be more apropos.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:51 PM

because everything INDEED goes with Jell-O!


Laura Leibowitz·6:52 PM

Goes right in the garbage.


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:52 PM

haha Steve, what synergies we could propose


Laura Leibowitz·6:52 PM

Brad - Or in a fountain overnight.

That would be known as the School of Hard Knox


R.Hookie·6:52 PM

"If it was there, you'd eat it"


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:52 PM

Hard Knox, hahaha


R.Hookie·6:52 PM

Good one


Brad Strickland·6:53 PM

Gosh, I flashed back to fourth grade, where our credulous teacher would read us stories about hauntings and poltergeists and such. A classmate and I went in very early one morning and used Vaseline to glue pebbles to to the top of the light fixtures. We asked her to read the story about the rock-throwing poltergeist to us first thing, and she started. But the lights warmed up, and--plink! Plink! the pebbles began to fall from nowhere, complete with ghostly slime. We really freaked that poor lady out....


Kathy Fuller Seeley·6:54 PM

Brad, you are a genius of many years's pranks!


Frank J. Lhota·6:54 PM

Go to http://www.jellogallery.org/recipes.html, look for the Olive Relish recipe, and brace yourself for the culture shock over how much tastes have changed.


Steve Archer·6:54 PM

That's a good one.


Linda Cree·6:54 PM

Hide card


Thumbnail image



Rainbow Jell-O Jiggler Deviled Eggs for Easter!! - Jello Mold Recipe www.youtube.com

Learn how to make these rainbow Jello Jiggler 'deviled' eggs for Easter! Layers of 6 different flavors of Jell-O and topped with whipped cream. These will lo...


Laura Leibowitz·6:54 PM

Oh my...sounds like Jack's schooltime prank of putting limburger cheese in the radiator on a freezing cold Waukegan day.


Kay Lhota·6:54 PM

that is very scary


Laura Leibowitz·6:55 PM

Linda - That looks like something that should be at an LGBT celebration.


Graeme Cree·6:55 PM

Reminds me of that old book, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow.


Brad Strickland·6:55 PM

Worst thing we ever did was to make a lifelike dummy one Halloween, dressed in a Halloween costume, complete with a pathetic little treat bag. We put it in the middle of the road right after a sharp curve, face-down and with the bag of treats scattered out. Climbed the hill and watched as cars swerved and their brake lights flared. Luckily, nobody was hurt. Luckily, no one found out we had done it!


Steve Archer·6:56 PM

Once you start that layering thing with the Jell-O that 4 hour set up time REALLY increases (4 hours a layer!_


Brad Strickland·6:56 PM

Guess Frank was driving that night....


Kay Lhota·6:56 PM

Well, folks-- Frank and I are going to say goodnight for tonight. Everybody have a great time, and thanks so much! It's been a blast chatting


Laura Leibowitz·6:56 PM

"Serve with fish or meat"...it's disgusting either way.


Steve Archer·6:56 PM

Night Kay and Frank!


Brad Strickland·6:56 PM

Good night, Kay! Great to chat with you here.


Kay Lhota·6:56 PM

Thanks again!


R.Hookie·6:56 PM

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Linda Cree·6:56 PM

Night Frank and Kay


Laura Leibowitz·6:57 PM

So glad you and Frank made it!  Come back again!

Say, before we lose anyone else, any requests for the January show?


Brad Strickland·6:57 PM

Hmmm....Not the Rose Bowl one....

Laura, what about a Jack guest shot that you think is really funny?


Laura Leibowitz·6:59 PM

Or..."The Man Who Came to Dinner?"

Might provide some interesting debate fodder.


Brad Strickland·6:59 PM

Nobody else likes that one. :'(


Laura Leibowitz·7:00 PM


I'll find something.


Brad Strickland·7:00 PM

You do know that Harpo played Banjo in the original production? Talked and everything.


Laura Leibowitz·7:00 PM

But not King for a Day.  We can probably all recite that one.


Perri·7:00 PM

I liked the Guest angle for tonight's chat, -- I'd never heard this one.


Laura Leibowitz·7:00 PM

Brad - Now that you mention it, I think I had heard that.

OK. gotcha.


R.Hookie·7:01 PM

This was fun tonight!


Laura Leibowitz·7:01 PM

So we're at two hours...anything else Benny=wise or should we call it good?

This was really fun tonight...great crowd!


Brad Strickland·7:01 PM

Yes, and coming off a two-week bad cold, it made me feel good.


Perri·7:01 PM

Great evening!  You're all so smart 'n funny!


R.Hookie·7:01 PM

Johnny's on now


Brad Strickland·7:02 PM

On what?


Kathy Fuller Seeley·7:02 PM

thanks so much for a great night! Laura, do you need anything else for your next TIMES issue?


R.Hookie·7:02 PM

Antenna TV


Laura Leibowitz·7:02 PM

OK, folks...thanks for spending this time here, and hope to see you all next month!


Brad Strickland·7:02 PM

Well, I'm not a full-time wit. Sort of a half-wit.


Steve Archer·7:02 PM

Night all!


Laura Leibowitz·7:02 PM

Kathy - I still need to put it together.  If I do, I'll let you know!


Perri·7:02 PM

Good night and thank you!


Brad Strickland·7:02 PM

Good night!


R.Hookie·7:02 PM

Good night folks!!! See you soon!!!


Kathy Fuller Seeley·7:02 PM

Night All....


Graeme Cree·7:02 PM

Linda's got a What's My Line Chat coming up.


Linda Cree·7:04 PM

Night all!  This was fun!