IJBFC Chat - November 13, 2016

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[5:01 PM] Perri: Hi Laura!

[5:01 PM] Laura Leff: Welcome in Perri!

[5:01 PM] Laura Leff: Glad you could make it.

[5:02 PM] Laura Leff: How's life been treating you?

[5:02 PM] Perri: so happy this didn't coincide w/local events!

[5:02 PM] Laura Leff: Have you had stuff going on where you are?

[5:03 PM] Laura Leff: Or just exhibiting your car?  :)

[5:04 PM] R.Hookie: Good evening folks!

[5:04 PM] Laura Leff: Hi Hookie!

[5:04 PM] R.Hookie: Hi Laur, hi Wendy

[5:04 PM] R.Hookie: Laura

[5:05 PM] Wendy Stephenson: Hello everyone

[5:05 PM] R.Hookie: touchy keyboard

[5:05 PM] Perri: uh oh... the comcast connection has been iffy all day.  Hope it doesn't ditch me tonight!

[5:05 PM] Perri: Good! We had great weather for a big art car gathering last night.

[5:05 PM] R.Hookie: Comcast... ick

[5:05 PM] Perri: ohhhhh yes.... arrrgh.

[5:05 PM] Laura Leff: Aha!  Got it

[5:05 PM] R.Hookie: Midco is no better

[5:05 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - You should see Perri's car.  It's quite the work of art.

[5:06 PM] R.Hookie: 4Maxwell

[5:06 PM] R.Hookie: ?

[5:06 PM] Laura Leff: :)

[5:06 PM] Perri: We've had a lot of Sunday events lately, sorry to be absent from here so much.

[5:06 PM] Perri: http://sentrasaurus.com/  :-)

[5:06 PM] Laura Leff: Oh no problem.  Gotta have priorities.

[5:07 PM] Laura Leff: So what's going on in SD, Hookie?

[5:07 PM] R.Hookie: That's a very $$$$$$ looking cara

[5:07 PM] R.Hookie: car

[5:07 PM] Perri: Ohhh, but I should have kept you in...... SUSPENSE!

[5:07 PM] R.Hookie: Here... nothing much

[5:08 PM] R.Hookie: I vacuumed

[5:08 PM] Laura Leff: Perri - :D

[5:08 PM] R.Hookie: Penny's watching Family Ties

[5:08 PM] Perri: I'm creeping back toward the Topic  O:)

[5:08 PM] Laura Leff: I built more steps today...

[5:09 PM] Laura Leff: We may have a small group tonight...

[5:09 PM] Laura Leff: See, Hookie, you scared everyone off.  ;)

[5:09 PM] R.Hookie: Neighbor leaving you alone?

[5:09 PM] Laura Leff: This weekend, yes!  Couldn't tell if he was home today or now.

[5:09 PM] Laura Leff: not

[5:09 PM] R.Hookie: I'm not a good salesman I guess

[5:09 PM] Laura Leff: Thanks for asking.

[5:10 PM] Laura Leff: So what thoughts about the show for tonight?

[5:10 PM] R.Hookie: Those tshirts must've worked

[5:10 PM] Laura Leff: Amused me the similarities to last month

[5:10 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - LOL

[5:10 PM] R.Hookie: The show was very..... "punny"

[5:11 PM] Laura Leff: It was!  Milt and Tack must have written the second half.

[5:11 PM] R.Hookie: Was Dennis's adlib real?

[5:11 PM] Laura Leff: Keep you in suspenders...

[5:11 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - I almost pulled the script to see.  I'll probably do that after the chat.

[5:11 PM] R.Hookie: If it was, it was great

[5:11 PM] Perri: I'm going to go ahead and confess that I never knew who Chuck Taylor was.  You know, just some shoe designer guy....

[5:12 PM] Laura Leff: I guess I'll confess that I don't either.  Who is he?

[5:12 PM] R.Hookie: He's a shoe-rue

[5:12 PM] Laura Leff: Or a shoe-in?

[5:12 PM] Laura Leff: Or a really big shoe?

[5:12 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Open Channel D...

[5:12 PM] R.Hookie: I think an athlete, the shoes got their nickname because he wore them'

[5:13 PM] Laura Leff: Hi Mitch!

[5:13 PM] R.Hookie: Laura doing Sullivan?

[5:13 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - How about your thoughts on tonight's show?

[5:14 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: The show was one big shaggy dog story.  First time I heard the punchline, I was in hysterics for about ten minutes.  One of the finer moments of the show.  :D

[5:14 PM] R.Hookie: Be right back...

[5:14 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: The Jack Benny Program in general,  I mean.  :D

[5:15 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - That's right!  I had forgotten the original definition of the shaggy dog story.

[5:15 PM] R.Hookie: So, you really drive that car?

[5:16 PM] Laura Leff: Seems like so few tell them any more.

[5:16 PM] R.Hookie: Shaggy dog...  fill me in, please...

[5:16 PM] Perri: Chuck Taylor comes up at 2:30 in the show...  I'd long heard his name connected to the Converse shoes, but didn't realize he was first an athlete.  Makes sense, just had never thought about it.

[5:16 PM] Laura Leff: Perri - Aha, thanks for the education!

[5:16 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Want to define that term?

[5:17 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Shaggy dog story is a long story, finally coming to a punchline.

[5:17 PM] R.Hookie: Frederic March... yadayadayada

[5:17 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: In the eponymous joke, the punchline is "Say, that dog isn't really THAT shaggy!"

[5:17 PM] Laura Leff: And the punchline is often an elaborate pun, or a minor unexpected payoff.

[5:18 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Indeed.

[5:18 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Oh, I thought it was the Chinese Mandarin who says, "You see, that's what you'll look like if you don't eat your Alpo..."

[5:18 PM] R.Hookie: Like meeting up with the Hornblows'...at midnihgt

[5:18 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Heh!

[5:18 PM] R.Hookie: midnight

[5:19 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaggy_dog_story

[5:19 PM] Laura Leff: Yeah, or if you've heard it..."transporting underage gulls across sedate lions for immortal porpoises"

[5:19 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Indeed!

[5:19 PM] Laura Leff: There ya go.

[5:19 PM] R.Hookie: Alpo... if your dog don't eat it, Johnny will!

[5:19 PM] Laura Leff: Ha!

[5:20 PM] Laura Leff: Found it interesting that the Sportsmen Quartet get credit at the top of the show

[5:20 PM] R.Hookie: can I connect a video on here?

[5:20 PM] Laura Leff: And the names of all the children are people behind the scenes and various friends

[5:20 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Or this one:  http://www.danggoodjokes.com/loan/

[5:20 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - Yep

[5:21 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Just from the URL, "Knick knack, Paddy Whack, give the frog a loan...?"

[5:22 PM] R.Hookie:

    File uploaded: Johnny Carson Bloopers  Johnny Helps with the Alpo Dog Food Ad on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.mp4


[5:22 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: "His old man's a Rolling Stone!"

[5:24 PM] R.Hookie: Well, my unsolicited testimonial didn't work.

[5:24 PM] HipChat: Hi @JimToombs! Welcome to Hipchat. You can @-mention me by typing @HipChat and I'll tell you what HipChat can do!

[5:25 PM] Laura Leff: Ah that's fun.  I knew exactly the clip

[5:25 PM] Laura Leff: Hi Jim!  Glad you made it in.

[5:25 PM] R.Hookie: I knew you would

[5:25 PM] R.Hookie: Hi Jim

[5:25 PM] Laura Leff: Was nice to watch it again!

[5:25 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - It did...you have to click on the name link below the screen, and not the screen itself.

[5:25 PM] Jim Toombs: Hello ..

[5:26 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: The tomahawk bit is still my fave Johnny Carson clip.

[5:26 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Hidy Jim!

[5:26 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - We were talking about the show for tonight, and got onto shaggy dog stories.

[5:26 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Good ol' Ed Ames.

[5:27 PM] Laura Leff: And now we're reminiscing about Carson

[5:27 PM] R.Hookie: Laura - I meant my Facebook testimonial for the chat... it bombed

[5:27 PM] Laura Leff: Just thinking about what my favorite Carson moment.

[5:27 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - Well, *I* liked it...and appreciated it!

[5:27 PM] R.Hookie: Johnny on a donkey singing Rhinestone Cowbow

[5:27 PM] Laura Leff: I think him crashing the CPO Sharkey set when he found Rickles had broken his cigarette box

[5:28 PM] R.Hookie: Boy

[5:28 PM] R.Hookie: Yes

[5:28 PM] Laura Leff: Or pulling Rickles into the tub

[5:28 PM] R.Hookie: that too

[5:28 PM] Laura Leff: So what other thoughts on this evening's show?

[5:28 PM] Laura Leff: Roch gets his cameo

[5:29 PM] R.Hookie: How about Carol Wayne filling in as annouoncer?

[5:29 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - I'm trying to remember that...

[5:29 PM] Jim Toombs: Thanks for the invite ... am a big time o.t.r. fan I  re listened to the show today

[5:29 PM] R.Hookie: Sorry... back to Jack....

[5:29 PM] Jim Toombs: I have heard this one a dozen times

[5:30 PM] Laura Leff: I meant to look up who the prison guy is...sounds like Elliott Lewis.

[5:30 PM] Michael Amowitz: Be Happy, Go Lucky!

[5:30 PM] Laura Leff: Oh, Joe Kearns.  Of course.

[5:31 PM] Laura Leff: Awfully small part for Mel Blanc...and he probably was paid well for it.

[5:31 PM] R.Hookie: 9-02-74 ... Carol Wayne filling in as announcer for Johnny... ok, back to Jack

[5:32 PM] Laura Leff: I'll have to look that up.  Was thinking that Carol Wayne was the matinee lady!

[5:32 PM] R.Hookie: She was

[5:32 PM] Michael Amowitz: Catching up...Perri, that is quite a car!

[5:32 PM] R.Hookie: There was also a Tea Time Movie on the show, so, she was handy

[5:32 PM] Michael Amowitz: She was

[5:32 PM] Michael Amowitz: Loved Carol Wayne

[5:33 PM] Perri: Thank you!  It's always easy to find in the parking lot.

[5:33 PM] Perri: My parents would always let me stay up late if Benny was on Carson.

[5:34 PM] Laura Leff: Hi Mike!

[5:34 PM] R.Hookie: I have recorded 2 Jack on Johnny shows... thanks Antenna TV!

[5:34 PM] Laura Leff: Wow...just looked up the circumstances of her death.  So sad.

[5:34 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - Then you've got them all.

[5:34 PM] R.Hookie: Yes...

[5:34 PM] R.Hookie: Not the 10th Anniversary show

[5:35 PM] Jim Toombs: This episode on 1/ 6 /52 was about Suspense the radio show correct

[5:35 PM] Laura Leff: I always thought that the episode with Johnny going into Jack's dressing room and finding out Jack was a robot was one of the strangest moments on the TV show

[5:35 PM] Michael Amowitz: Loved the Alpo bit, tomahawk was the best

[5:35 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - That's right.  They kind of do a spoof on it.

[5:36 PM] Michael Amowitz: Jack as a robot was something I didn't remember at the time... saw that maybe 10 years ago opn a replay, freaked me out, lol

[5:36 PM] Jim Toombs: I haven't seen the episode of carson yall are talking about

[5:36 PM] Laura Leff: What did anyone think about the "Dennis has a crush on Mary" bit?

[5:36 PM] R.Hookie: I was thinking I missed part of an arc

[5:36 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - If you're interested, it's in the IJBFC library.  It may be available online too.

[5:36 PM] Perri: Yeah, that felt odd!

[5:37 PM] Jim Toombs: I find dennis crush hard to believe

[5:37 PM] Laura Leff: OK, then I'm not alone!

[5:37 PM] Michael Amowitz: lol, me either

[5:37 PM] Jim Toombs: Because of mary and jack being married

[5:37 PM] Laura Leff: But I guess considering the disposition of his mother, then attraction to Mary might be somewhat understandable...

[5:38 PM] Laura Leff: Yes, although the characters aren't married on the show.

[5:38 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: It's just Dennis being silly...

[5:38 PM] Wendy Stephenson: I loved the "crush" part.  How did Dennis manage to sound so innocent and childlike?

[5:38 PM] Michael Amowitz: lol, I liked that babe would be Dennis' brother-in-law

[5:39 PM] R.Hookie: I was wondering if that was a real adlib

[5:39 PM] Jim Toombs: Yea i remember the brother in law part

[5:39 PM] Laura Leff: Wendy - Goes with being a tenor, I guess.  But I've sung with plenty of tenors who don't have that translate into their speaking voices.

[5:39 PM] Michael Amowitz: I figure he flubbed the line and made it funnier

[5:39 PM] Laura Leff: I've really got to pull that script.

[5:40 PM] R.Hookie: Sorry for making you work...

[5:40 PM] Laura Leff: No no...I was thinking I should do it and ran out of time before the chat.

[5:40 PM] Jim Toombs: Phil talks to police Sargent about bagbies belongings

[5:41 PM] Laura Leff: It IS an ad lib...

[5:41 PM] Laura Leff: Trying to see what they scratched out...

[5:41 PM] Michael Amowitz: :D

[5:42 PM] Laura Leff: "To think that those soft white hands will soon be washing my sox."

[5:42 PM] Jim Toombs: This show was not the only one they did this gag about m.and dennis

[5:42 PM] R.Hookie: in Woolite?

[5:42 PM] Wendy Stephenson: I thought I'd heard the crush part before

[5:42 PM] Laura Leff: It is a much funnier line than what was written.

[5:43 PM] R.Hookie: I agree

[5:43 PM] Laura Leff: Yeah, it's not the only time they did it, but it's really kind of out of context here.

[5:43 PM] Jim Toombs: I agree ..

[5:43 PM] Michael Amowitz: I just figured it was a good filler

[5:44 PM] Laura Leff: Yeah, probably throwing around ideas about what to write for the next week.  "How about Dennis having a crush on Mary?"

[5:44 PM] R.Hookie: I like Jack giving credit to Dennis for the line

[5:44 PM] Michael Amowitz: An idea well crafted to keep you in suspense!

[5:44 PM] Jim Toombs: I heard Dennis Day sing Micky Gilley's song ...

Bed of Roses ... on the show a couple of days ago

[5:44 PM] R.Hookie: keep you in suspenders

[5:45 PM] Michael Amowitz: Well suspended

[5:45 PM] Laura Leff: When Jack said he was going to have a "fatherly" talk with Phil, I thought it was going to be birds and bees.

[5:46 PM] Laura Leff: Scanning the script for other variations...Jack saying "I wish I had a better voice on me" was an ad lib

[5:46 PM] R.Hookie: That was fun

[5:46 PM] Michael Amowitz: I'll bet LSMFT was planned

[5:47 PM] Laura Leff: Oh, the five hundred piggy banks also looks like a late revision.  Line was, "Yeah, darn those parking meters."

[5:47 PM] Jim Toombs: Then Rochester always calls just as things get going

[5:47 PM] Wendy Stephenson: Or someone knocks on the door...

[5:47 PM] Jim Toombs: Or phone rings

[5:48 PM] Jim Toombs: Airistatal spinks

[5:48 PM] R.Hookie: I suppose the parking meters joke would not fly in some areas

[5:48 PM] Laura Leff: Rochester was supposed to come back in the closing tag, but that was cut since the show was running long.

[5:48 PM] R.Hookie: I figured with the short "Good night"

[5:48 PM] Laura Leff: Roch calls back and says that a fellow came to the door asking for Blue Eyes... "he has a corsage and he's wearing a football helmet."

[5:49 PM] Laura Leff: "Oh,. that must be the Stanford Center...Tell him Blue Eyes moved, Rochester."

[5:49 PM] R.Hookie: I like that

[5:49 PM] Jim Toombs: I have noticed many shows sort of seem the same just a few twist here and there

[5:49 PM] Michael Amowitz: I missed that

[5:50 PM] Jim Toombs: The 10,000 dollar bill

[5:50 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - You'll find that even more as they get into the 1950s and Jack starts refocusing on radio.  Hal and Al were literally cutting up old scripts for gags and repasting them back together.

[5:50 PM] Jim Toombs: I have noticed that

[5:50 PM] Laura Leff: Yes, this was not completely unlike the show from last month with "I Stand Condemned."

[5:51 PM] Wendy Stephenson: Had something to do with the Rose Bowl, didn't it?  I've heard that similar plot before and how Rochester was the source of the tickets

[5:51 PM] Laura Leff: In format, this is almost more like a late 30s show.

[5:51 PM] Wendy Stephenson: I love the Condemned episode

[5:51 PM] Laura Leff: Wendy - Yep...Jack bets on the Rose Bowl, takes Gladys to the Rose Bowl, etc.

[5:52 PM] Jim Toombs: Jack gets mad cause Gladys knows everyone

[5:52 PM] Laura Leff: Yep...but in this case, Jack gets the boy!

[5:52 PM] Laura Leff: Jack scalps his ticket and gets swindled

[5:53 PM] Laura Leff: So are we to presume Roch drove the Maxwell in the Rose Parade since Jack was on the Rose Queen's float?

[5:54 PM] R.Hookie: pushed it

[5:54 PM] Laura Leff: Yeah!

[5:54 PM] Michael Amowitz: The lines in this show were pretty good!

[5:54 PM] Jim Toombs: Mel Blanc wants 10,000 dollar bill changed to pennys

[5:54 PM] Laura Leff: Lot more puns than normal

[5:54 PM] R.Hookie: That's what I thought

[5:55 PM] R.Hookie: But a good show

[5:55 PM] Laura Leff: So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind tonight?

[5:55 PM] Jim Toombs: So jack takes the 10,000 bill home

[5:55 PM] Jim Toombs: To show his family

[5:56 PM] R.Hookie: someone pocketed t

[5:56 PM] R.Hookie: it

[5:56 PM] Jim Toombs: They have 21 kids

[5:56 PM] Michael Amowitz: Nothing particular...I am coming across occasional Benny videos we've all seen

[5:56 PM] Michael Amowitz: Manny, Moe, and Jack

[5:56 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I liked that Batman comic.

[5:56 PM] Michael Amowitz: And Pico and Sepulveda

[5:56 PM] Laura Leff: Oh you should see the whole series

[5:57 PM] Laura Leff: The whole Batman-Jack Benny seris.

[5:57 PM] Laura Leff: series

[5:57 PM] Jim Toombs: They cross Pico and Sepulveda

[5:57 PM] Laura Leff: It goes on for QUITE a while!

[5:57 PM] Laura Leff: Toombs - Yeah, that line got a groan out of me...

[5:57 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I'll bet.

[5:57 PM] R.Hookie: Something earlier made me think about a scene from the Birthday Special... or "hour-show"

[5:57 PM] Laura Leff: I asked for permission to reprint it, and got refused.

[5:58 PM] Laura Leff: Which may be OK since it would have probably taken at least two full issues of the Times.

[5:58 PM] R.Hookie: a special double-issue?

[5:59 PM] Michael Amowitz: When was that series, late 1960s?

[5:59 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - Yeah, I suppose.  But I can't now.  Maybe I'll just post it progressively on the Facebook group.

[5:59 PM] R.Hookie: that works

[5:59 PM] Laura Leff: Mike - I think so...I'd have to pull the strips and look for the date in the edge.

[5:59 PM] Jim Toombs: Yall are on Facebook

[5:59 PM] Laura Leff: Yep...very active group.  Just search for International Jack Benny Fan Club.

[5:59 PM] R.Hookie: for a couple yearss

[6:00 PM] Laura Leff: Since CBS told me to take a hike... ;)

[6:00 PM] Jim Toombs: I will seach on f.b.

[6:00 PM] Laura Leff: It's a fun group...very knowledgeable gang.

[6:00 PM] Laura Leff: Any recommendations for a show for next month?

[6:00 PM] R.Hookie: CBS - Can't Believe .... ahem

[6:01 PM] R.Hookie: Sorry for going blue

[6:01 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - That's NBC

[6:01 PM] Laura Leff: :)

[6:01 PM] R.Hookie: tell me about it

[6:02 PM] Michael Amowitz: Maybe one with Fred Allen? they're always fun.

[6:02 PM] Jim Toombs: The Lucky Strike commercials are really boggling because we know more about what cigarettes do for heath

[6:02 PM] R.Hookie: NBC - Nothing But Crap

[6:03 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - Especially the ones that talk about how doctors recommend them

[6:03 PM] Jim Toombs: I like Fred Allen

[6:03 PM] Laura Leff: Picks you up when you're low, calms you down when you're tense.

[6:03 PM] Michael Amowitz: They were a major industry with generations of protection and endorsement

[6:03 PM] Laura Leff: OK great...I'll find something with Fred Allen.

[6:03 PM] Jim Toombs: Yea. 9 out 10 doctors recommend

[6:03 PM] R.Hookie: (Please don't share my above comments with any of my supervisors)

[6:03 PM] Laura Leff: Kathy recently posted a late 30s Luckies ad targeted at women saying "I'm your best friend!"

[6:04 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - I'll edit judiciously.  :)

[6:04 PM] R.Hookie: I can't be knocking the bread and butter...

[6:04 PM] Laura Leff: "I'll give you cancer and ask for nothing in return..."

[6:04 PM] Jim Toombs: I have smoked all my life ... I have yet to find a cigarette that is smooth on the throat

[6:05 PM] R.Hookie: I quit about 12 years ago

[6:05 PM] Laura Leff: I've smoked cigars but never cigarettes.  You have to stay well-hydrated with cigars so that you don't wake up with ashtray mouth the next day.

[6:05 PM] Jim Toombs: And taste

[6:05 PM] Michael Amowitz: Dad gave my brother and I a cigarette one day...he was 4 and I was 6 ... I never smoked again after that :D

[6:05 PM] Wendy Stephenson: So why did Lucky Strikes go out of favor?

Good for you

[6:05 PM] Laura Leff: Mike - That'll learn ya

[6:06 PM] Laura Leff: Wendy - Ah, that's a complicated question, and a good one.

[6:06 PM] Jim Toombs: Lucky strike got turned into Marlboro

[6:06 PM] Jim Toombs: I think

[6:06 PM] Michael Amowitz: I figured it was taken over by another brand

[6:06 PM] Laura Leff: It's answered in great detail by my writing partner Marty's essay in Volume 3 of the "39 Forever" series...

[6:06 PM] Michael Amowitz: The Lucky Strike candy cigarettes were the best!

[6:07 PM] Laura Leff: You can still buy Luckies...they're just not marketed heavily in this country.

[6:07 PM] Laura Leff: When I went to Cuba last year, it was all over the place.

[6:07 PM] Laura Leff: First thing I saw above the bag claim in the airport.

[6:07 PM] Michael Amowitz: wow

[6:07 PM] Jim Toombs: Wow .. didn't know this

[6:07 PM] Michael Amowitz: I think I remember you posting that

[6:08 PM] Wendy Stephenson: I remember candy cigarettes

Cuba, the land of cigars, has Luckies? Wow

[6:08 PM] Laura Leff: At the end of their time sponsoring Jack, they were trying to go for the "manly man" thing to compete with Marlboro

[6:08 PM] Laura Leff: Luckies EVERYWHERE.  Umbrellas at cafes, ads all over the place.  Could immediately spot them at any place that sold cigs.

[6:08 PM] Laura Leff: The filtered cigarette was also a big competitor.

[6:09 PM] Michael Amowitz: They were everywhere into the 70s

[6:09 PM] Laura Leff: That's why you hear the Herbert Tarreyton ads (there's something about them you'll like...) as hitchhikes on some of the radio shows...that was American Tobacco's attempt at providing a filtered cig

[6:10 PM] R.Hookie: or the black-eye TV and print ads

[6:10 PM] Laura Leff: So they stopped sponsoring Jack, and kind of dwindled because of a combination of Marlboro and filters.

[6:10 PM] Michael Amowitz: I only remember Tarreytons from the 60s...they must have been buried by an onslaught of others

[6:10 PM] Jim Toombs: Tarreytons are a good cigarette my boss smoked them

[6:10 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: There's actually an anime tie in to Tareytons, of a sort...

[6:10 PM] Jim Toombs: In Texas ya can find Tarreytons

[6:10 PM] Laura Leff: My understanding was that they had a cork tip which was anything but free and easy on the draw

[6:11 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Seriously?

[6:11 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - Still?

[6:11 PM] Jim Toombs: Yes

[6:11 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: There was an anime about a Marine-Boy like hero named "Triton".

[6:11 PM] Jim Toombs: In Houston

[6:11 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: The Japanese pronounced his name "To-ri-ton"...

[6:12 PM] R.Hookie: trying to take a draw from a cork-tip sounds ... well, painful

[6:12 PM] Laura Leff: Mitchell - I wonder if that's a coincidence.

[6:12 PM] Jim Toombs: The filter on  Tarreytons is different now it looks honeycomb

[6:12 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I think it was.

[6:12 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - Do they still have a cork tip?

[6:12 PM] Michael Amowitz: Guess I really haven't even looked at cigarettes in 20 years; they became so segregated they're almost invisible

[6:12 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Still interesting.

[6:12 PM] Jim Toombs: No cork

[6:12 PM] Laura Leff: Oh sorry, hadn't seen your last message.

[6:13 PM] Laura Leff: You can find the "Lucky Strikes Again!" buttons and advertising for when they released their filtered version.

[6:13 PM] Laura Leff: Then for a while they were aimed at "young toughs"...I could see a few billboards when I went to or through the hood in Oakland, featuring a guy tending toward a James Dean look.

[6:14 PM] Laura Leff: Now I don't see them at all.  Except in Cuba.

[6:14 PM] Laura Leff: So what else to discuss this evening?

[6:14 PM] Jim Toombs: Once stopped by chance and seen James Dean crash site

[6:15 PM] R.Hookie: Penny must be having an interesting dream....

[6:15 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - LIke stopped by a cop, or...?

[6:15 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: It's interesting to note that pretty much all of Jack's sponsors over the years are still around in one form or another.

[6:15 PM] Jim Toombs: In the mountains of California one day stopped for a soda ...

[6:16 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch- You're right.  Even Mrs. Butterworth's.

[6:16 PM] Laura Leff: Oh here's one that's not...American Motors.

[6:16 PM] Wendy Stephenson: True about the sponsors

[6:16 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - Aha!

[6:16 PM] Laura Leff: That was one of the specials.

[6:16 PM] Jim Toombs: On the tree was a brass memorable

[6:16 PM] Perri: I'm still a big fan of Jello.  :-)

[6:17 PM] R.Hookie: RCA is only a name now

[6:17 PM] Jim Toombs: That said 500 ft from here James Dean crash site

[6:17 PM] Laura Leff: Perri - Oh I think I've told you how I was nearly OCD about eating Jell-O when I was cataloguing those shows.  The ads still work!

[6:17 PM] Michael Amowitz: I wasn't going to mention it but I will ... was posting with Martin Grams before I came on about something else and mentioned had to get to Benny chat

[6:17 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - Is it?  That's too bad.

[6:17 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Well, Jeep still exists as part of Chrysler.

[6:17 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - Wow...such a coincidence.

[6:17 PM] Jim Toombs: The road crossed north into a south bound lane still as of today

[6:18 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: And I bought some Grape Nuts Flakes a few months back...

[6:18 PM] Michael Amowitz: He said, "I didn't realize Laura hosted a monthly chat. Will have to look into it. I keep wanting to fly her from California to MANC to do a couple slide show presentations about Benny." He will be in touch with you about it in January. Our convention in Baltimore is Sept. 14-16 next year.

[6:18 PM] R.Hookie: I think GE sold off the RCA name to a Japan company... IIRC

[6:18 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - OK, didn't realize Jeep was part of that.

[6:18 PM] Laura Leff: Mike - Wonderful!  I'd love to attend.

[6:18 PM] Jim Toombs: A very dangerous cross over traveling 65 mph

[6:18 PM] Michael Amowitz: MANC=Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention

[6:19 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - And I'd bet that Dean was travelling much faster than that.

[6:19 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: RCA is now part of Thomsun in Europe, IIRC.  But that's more a Phil and Alice sponsor than a Jack sponsor.

[6:19 PM] Laura Leff: I'm trying to envision a James Dean guest show on a Benny show.

[6:19 PM] Jim Toombs: He was in a porche spider yes

[6:20 PM] R.Hookie: OK, thanks

[6:20 PM] Michael Amowitz: Passed it along...he'll be in touch ... like you, he is a constant multitasker

[6:20 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Rexall is still around as a brand name;  I picked up some Rexall vitamins in Mississippi last year,

[6:20 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Interesting...considering their deep US history, but continued presence as HMV.

[6:20 PM] Jim Toombs: Don't think James did a jack benny

[6:20 PM] Laura Leff: Mike - Yep, got to be.

[6:20 PM] Wendy Stephenson: That sounds like a fun convention, radio and tv I assume? MANC

[6:20 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - He didn't...I'm just imagining it.

[6:20 PM] Michael Amowitz: Yes, you can find it on Facebook or Google will take you to the main website

[6:21 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I have an RCA brand digital TV antenna that I picked up at Radio Shack a year or so ago.  Works quite well.

[6:21 PM] R.Hookie: Is Texaco gone too?

[6:21 PM] Michael Amowitz: He tends not to update it from the previous convention until around March of each year

[6:21 PM] Laura Leff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wvu8L0riAEE

[6:21 PM] Jim Toombs: Texaco all over Houston

[6:21 PM] Laura Leff: I think Texaco is still around...

[6:22 PM] Michael Amowitz: Perri, I have a constant stock of fine Jello products in my fridge

[6:22 PM] Laura Leff: Yall are going to make me make some tonight...

[6:22 PM] R.Hookie: Well, Texaco bolted out of Sioux Falls

[6:22 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Now here's some irony for you:

[6:22 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU5N2SrEaZI

[6:22 PM] Jim Toombs: I used to be a plumbing vendor for Texaco

[6:22 PM] Michael Amowitz: Texaco is still all over

[6:22 PM] Michael Amowitz: wow

[6:23 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: You can trust your car

[6:23 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: To the man who wears a star

[6:23 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: The big red Soviet star!  ;-)

[6:23 PM] Perri: Michael, I've got some in the 'fridge right now!  (Lime Jell-O + crushed pineapple + yogurt).  (heart)

[6:23 PM] Jim Toombs: We had to hire an extra plumber just to keep up with all the Texaco service calls

[6:24 PM] Laura Leff: Boy, that is an ironic PSA...

[6:24 PM] Michael Amowitz: LL, Martin says "I will definitely drop her a line in January. Let her know to keep her schedule free Sept. 13 to 17, 2017"

[6:24 PM] Laura Leff: Mike - I'll make a note of that!

[6:25 PM] Michael Amowitz: This is always a massively fun convention...so far 9and for months to come), he only has one confirmed guest, Aileen Quinn. If you look at the link, you'll see they always get a very inetersting mix

[6:25 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - Is it work on the tanks?

[6:25 PM] R.Hookie: Annie?

[6:26 PM] Laura Leff: I've been interested since he started it to see what it grew into...glad to know that it's still a going concern!

[6:26 PM] Jim Toombs: Mostly people go into restrooms destory the sinks and toilets

[6:26 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - Ah gotcha.  Was trying to think of what in a gas station would create such a need for plumbers.

[6:27 PM] Jim Toombs: Vandalism

[6:27 PM] R.Hookie: I figured to keep the pumps running

[6:27 PM] Jim Toombs: LoL

[6:27 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - Unfortunate at best.

[6:27 PM] Michael Amowitz: :o

[6:27 PM] Laura Leff: Making me think of the Groucho line from "Horsefeathers"

[6:27 PM] R.Hookie: too bad about the vandalism

[6:27 PM] Michael Amowitz: http://mgram1.wixsite.com/nostalgia-convention

[6:27 PM] Laura Leff: "I'm the plumber.  I'm just hanging around unless something goes wrong with her pipes."

[6:27 PM] Jim Toombs: Bought my first house on vandalism

[6:28 PM] Jim Toombs: And Texaco

[6:28 PM] Laura Leff: Jim - At least someone's profiting.

[6:28 PM] Jim Toombs: LoL

[6:28 PM] Michael Amowitz: Link above will show you most of the information on this past September's convention

[6:28 PM] Laura Leff: There's got to be some lyrical variation of the Texaco song that fits with that...I'll think about it.

[6:28 PM] Laura Leff: Cool...thanks Mike.

[6:28 PM] Laura Leff: So...anything else or shall we call it good for this month?

[6:29 PM] Michael Amowitz: You can trust your sink to the man who fixes stink :D

[6:29 PM] R.Hookie: I think we've covered everything

[6:29 PM] Jim Toombs: LoL

[6:29 PM] R.Hookie: This was fun tonight!

[6:29 PM] Laura Leff: OK...appreciate all the first-timers and long-timers tonight!

[6:29 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - You can take some credit for that!

[6:29 PM] Wendy Stephenson: Thanks

[6:29 PM] Laura Leff: By spreading the word.

[6:29 PM] Jim Toombs: Thanks

[6:30 PM] R.Hookie: Ehhh

[6:30 PM] Michael Amowitz: Good session, everybody! Thanks, LL! Perri, I'm off to have some lime Jello :D

[6:30 PM] R.Hookie: Could've done better

[6:30 PM] Jim Toombs: Nice meeting everyone

[6:30 PM] Laura Leff: OK...have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and see you next month!

[6:30 PM] Perri: Good night to you Laura, and to all the Hoodlum Section  ;-)

[6:30 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Wreck a toilet tank /And the plumber will you thank...

[6:30 PM] Jim Toombs: Lol

[6:30 PM] Michael Amowitz: Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

[6:30 PM] R.Hookie: Good night, folks!!!

[6:30 PM] Michael Amowitz: lol

[6:30 PM] Wendy Stephenson: You too, till next time...

[6:30 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: You too!  Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!

[6:31 PM] Jim Toombs: Night jonie