IJBFC Chat - October 16, 2016

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[5:00 PM] Steve Archer: Hi again Brad
[5:01 PM] Brad Strickland: Hi, Steve. Just had to go attend to the dog. Somebody in the neighborhood's shooting off fireworks, and that always panics him.
[5:01 PM] Laura Leff: Wow, long time no speak.
[5:01 PM] Brad Strickland: Laura! Fancy running into you here!
[5:01 PM] Laura Leff: I know!  Who'da thunk i!
[5:01 PM] Steve Archer: Amazing we all found our way here.
[5:02 PM] Brad Strickland: That was a good show for tonight. I'm glad I suggested it. I had forgotten some of the details, like "Your darn one last near made it."
[5:02 PM] Laura Leff: Amazing that it still works.
[5:02 PM] Laura Leff: Yeah!  I forgot that was on this show too
[5:02 PM] Laura Leff: Hi Hookie!
[5:02 PM] R.Hookie: Hi
[5:02 PM] Brad Strickland: HOOKIE!
[5:02 PM] R.Hookie: Hi Brad
[5:03 PM] R.Hookie: hey Steve
[5:03 PM] Steve Archer: Hiya Hookie
[5:03 PM] Laura Leff: How's the weather up north?  Snow yet?
[5:03 PM] Steve Archer: 
File uploaded: herberttareyton_ks.jpg
[5:03 PM] Brad Strickland: You know, I had the most trouble understanding the cigarette pitch from Delmar. Sounded like he was saying "herbal-somehing," but I finally figured out it was Herbert Tareyton cork-tipped cigarettes.
[5:03 PM] Steve Archer: There's SOMETHING about them you'll like.
[5:04 PM] R.Hookie: Someone's seen flurries... but but me
[5:04 PM] Laura Leff: There's SOMETHING about them you'll like.
[5:04 PM] R.Hookie: but not me
[5:04 PM] Laura Leff: There's SOMETHING about them you'll like.
[5:04 PM] Steve Archer: It must be the burning cork?
[5:04 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Mneh, could be~
[5:04 PM] Laura Leff: !
[5:04 PM] Laura Leff: There's SOMETHING about them you'll like.
[5:04 PM] Brad Strickland: Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch or learn English grammar.
[5:05 PM] Laura Leff: I don't know what the $#@*( it is, but there's SOMETHING about them you'll like.
[5:05 PM] Steve Archer: If it was there, you'd smoke it.
[5:05 PM] R.Hookie: I have a collection of the Tareyton black-eye commercials
[5:05 PM] Brad Strickland: Ugh...wasn't it Nat King Cole who was featured in one of those "fight than switch" ads, but with a white circle around his eye?
[5:05 PM] Laura Leff: Which has new meaning in Colorado.
[5:05 PM] Steve Archer: And Seattle
[5:05 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - Wow, I don't think I've seen that.
[5:05 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Oh riiiiiiiight
[5:06 PM] Brad Strickland: Back in the late fifties, probably. Magazine ad, my brain wants to tell me. But it doesn't like me and may be lying.
[5:06 PM] R.Hookie: That may have been a printa ad
[5:06 PM] Laura Leff: There's SOMETHING about them you'll like.
[5:06 PM] Brad Strickland: Atsa-right, Hookie.
[5:07 PM] Laura Leff: Welcome to the Chico Marx room.
[5:07 PM] Brad Strickland: Gee, we're offending every nationality and ethnicity tonight.
[5:07 PM] R.Hookie: Excuse my lousy typing
[5:07 PM] Laura Leff: I love the organ player they got for this.
[5:07 PM] Brad Strickland: You're excused. I'm tired myself--on deadline with a new fiction book and have to finish 25000 words by the end of the month. Bleagh.
[5:07 PM] Laura Leff: He should have been a spokesperson for Hammond.
[5:08 PM] Brad Strickland: Pulls out all the stops, huh?
[5:08 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - That's what I call "birthing the book."
[5:08 PM] Laura Leff: Wah wah wah wahhhh
[5:08 PM] Brad Strickland: That's what I call a pain in the ass. But my partner in this deal signed the contract without consulting me. I thought it would be due at the publishers' in May.
[5:09 PM] Laura Leff: Tell Neil Gaiman not to do that to you next time.
[5:09 PM] Brad Strickland: Anyway, I'm more than halfway there, at about 47,000 words now (it's to be a minimum of 70,000)
[5:09 PM] Laura Leff: So how about the show for tonight?
[5:09 PM] Brad Strickland: Wish Neil would offer to take me on as a collaborator. Or James Patterson.
[5:10 PM] Steve Archer: Great show
[5:10 PM] Laura Leff: Why is Peter Lorre better than Boris Karloff?
[5:10 PM] Brad Strickland: Liked the show a lot. Rochester had some great moments.
[5:10 PM] Laura Leff: It feels a little like Dennis is trying to re-inhabit his character.
[5:10 PM] R.Hookie: Mary loused up a good line
[5:11 PM] Laura Leff: I like Jack reusing it later.
[5:11 PM] Brad Strickland: Lorre tosses himself right into the comedy; Karloff is comic, but restrained--of the "Play it straight and it will be funny" school. Also, Karloff got the exact same script only one year or so later, so the material wasn't as fresh.
[5:11 PM] Laura Leff: Good point.
[5:11 PM] Brad Strickland: Yes, Benny's recycling the line made me wonder if it were a scripted fluff!
[5:11 PM] Laura Leff: Definitely not based on Jack's reaction!
[5:12 PM] Laura Leff: And if it was scripted, she'd not have delivered it that smoothly.
[5:12 PM] R.Hookie: Jack used the same joke while on Lawrence Welk
[5:12 PM] Brad Strickland: Some classic call-back humor, what they call a "brick joke" nowadays, the dern young whippersnappers: "I Married a Smudge Pot," and later Lorre says his wife is a smudge pot. What made the topic of smudge pots--excuse me--hot that year?
[5:12 PM] Laura Leff: I have to watch that one of these days.
[5:13 PM] Brad Strickland: "We don't have any kids, but we're lousy with oranges." Nice line, and Lorre's timing was great.
[5:13 PM] Steve Archer: I'd guess a spring freeze endangering the citrus crops...
[5:13 PM] Laura Leff: I would bet it had to do with George Balzer.  His job as a kid was to listen to the citrus freeze reports, and light smudge pots if needed.
[5:13 PM] Brad Strickland: Maybe "smudge pot" is just a funny term. Like "pickles." Words with "K" are funny.
[5:14 PM] Laura Leff: The guy who flatly delivered the freeze reports was the inspiration for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga.
[5:14 PM] Steve Archer: Jack's three wonderful children.
[5:14 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Agreed.
[5:14 PM] Brad Strickland: I actually made some notes but don't have them. I did like the variant names for the narrator's kids!
[5:14 PM] Steve Archer: They had Manny and Jack and decided they should have one Mo.
[5:14 PM] Brad Strickland: Fickle, Finger, and Fate!
[5:14 PM] Laura Leff: Fickle finger of fate well in advance of Laugh-In.
[5:15 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - I knew that line and still groaned at it.
[5:15 PM] Brad Strickland: I wondered about that, whether it was a phrase in general use or whether a Laugh-In writer recalled it.
[5:15 PM] Laura Leff: Like Rodney Dangerfield.
[5:15 PM] R.Hookie: The "Flying" fickle finger of fate
[5:15 PM] Brad Strickland: "Harry" was the dog.
[5:15 PM] Laura Leff: That could have been a Frank Zappa joke later.
[5:16 PM] Brad Strickland: Nice Dennis-home-from-service gag--"He's just out of the Navy. He got used to getting his meals for free."
[5:16 PM] Laura Leff: Hi Mitch!
[5:16 PM] Brad Strickland: Hello, Mitch!
[5:16 PM] Steve Archer: Hi Mitch
[5:17 PM] Laura Leff: So I vote that Milt and Tack wrote the first half, and George and Sam wrote the second half.
[5:17 PM] Brad Strickland: Gah! Our neighbors back behind us are shooting off fireworks for some fool reason, terrorizing our dog. I'm gonna set my clock for three AM and go out with my ukulele and play "Love in Bloom" at 'em in revenge.
[5:17 PM] Steve Archer: This is one where you can really hear that distinction in the halves, good point Laura.
[5:18 PM] Laura Leff: I have to wonder if Jack delivered the "rerun" of "your darn one..." and looked offstage at Mary.  Might have enhanced the laugh.
[5:18 PM] Brad Strickland: Yes, there's definitely a break between the rehearsal scene and the playlet.
[5:18 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - Video it for Facebook.
[5:18 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Jell-O again!
[5:18 PM] Brad Strickland: I'm not yet up to public performances, I'm afraid. Besides, then the cops would have evidence.
[5:18 PM] R.Hookie: I should have listened to this show in advance... I got too busy
[5:19 PM] Laura Leff: Reminds me of the TV episode where Jack plays his violin because he can't sleep.
[5:19 PM] Steve Archer: Too Early for Guy Fawkes day, and way too far South for it Brad.
[5:19 PM] Brad Strickland: Laura, is there any financial reason why they recycled the show so soon with Karloff? Or was Jack just giving the writers an easy week?
[5:20 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - Hmmm...generally recycling a gag is because it was really well-received.
[5:20 PM] Brad Strickland: You know what I would've loved to hear . . . would be a show with Karloff spoofing FRANKENSTEIN. Jack is the doctor, and he builds the monster on the cheap.....
[5:20 PM] Laura Leff: I would imagine they probably contracted with Karloff, the said "What do we do with him?", and someone said to pull that script.
[5:20 PM] Steve Archer: I wonder if that was kind of their "we got a spooky/mystery guy" this week fallback.
[5:20 PM] Steve Archer: Like Laura said.
[5:20 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: That's FRONKENSTEEN!
[5:21 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - That makes me think of Jack's TV rendition of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" that few have seen... :\
[5:21 PM] Brad Strickland: Sort of a premonition of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, yes.
[5:21 PM] Laura Leff: Walk this way
[5:21 PM] Brad Strickland: I'd like to see that.
[5:21 PM] Brad Strickland: May we have one small moment of silence for Gene Wilder's passing?
[5:21 PM] Laura Leff: Tryin'.  Tell CBS.
[5:21 PM] Steve Archer: Lorre was really good with comedy.  He and Karloff are delightful together in "The Boogie Man Will Get You"
[5:22 PM] Laura Leff: *Doing imitation of Zero Mostel in "The Producers"*  Hurry hurry!
[5:22 PM] Brad Strickland: That is a much underrated film. Good fun!
[5:22 PM] Laura Leff: And Lorre was on Jack's TV show too.
[5:22 PM] Brad Strickland: Yes, I vaguely remember that--wasn't he complaining about being typecast as a killer in the TV show?
[5:22 PM] Steve Archer: Right!
[5:22 PM] R.Hookie: as a plastic surgen
[5:23 PM] Laura Leff: I know he said he wanted to be a singer
[5:23 PM] Laura Leff: "I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl that Murdered Dear Old Dad"
[5:23 PM] Brad Strickland: <Groucho> He's a plastic sturgeon? I could say that sounds fishy just for the halibut.</Groucho>
[5:23 PM] R.Hookie: My apologies... I can't type tonight
[5:24 PM] Brad Strickland: There's a Firesign Theatre in which an ersatz Lorre exclaims, "There's a man under that car, and he doesn't look at all well! Oh my goodness, it's me! I'm dead! This hasn't happened to me since 'M'!"
[5:25 PM] Laura Leff: Ha!  I love that film!
[5:25 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: hello all, the puns seem to be flying thick this evening
[5:26 PM] Laura Leff: Hey Kathy!
[5:26 PM] R.Hookie: Well, it's all pun and games...
[5:26 PM] Laura Leff: Any updates on the book?
[5:26 PM] Steve Archer: Boris turns Peter Lorre into a raspberry jam stain on the carpet in "The Raven".  That's a fun one too.
[5:26 PM] Laura Leff: Kathy - I think the show provided some inspiration for that.
[5:26 PM] Brad Strickland: Everybody does a Lorre impression, but I do an impression of the Lorre character from a Warner Bros. cartoon: Lattimore, why did you hit me on the head with a baseball bat? Don't you know that would make me very angry and I'd do terrible, horrible things to you? (Yawn) Well, I'm going to bed now....
[5:27 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: well, any day (or hour or minute, how often I am checking my email) I should learn how soon the book goes into production. I am busy finding illustrations, need more,.....ETA to be published by June. Publishers take forever!
[5:27 PM] Laura Leff: I confess...even I do a Lorre impression.
[5:27 PM] Brad Strickland: Kathy! Welcome. BTW, the producer of the Atlanta Radio Theatre definitely wants to confer with you....
[5:28 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: hooray, Brad!!!!! I hope we can get something going! The 1932 and 1933-34 programs were all very simple studio shows, so few sfx or anything fancy
[5:28 PM] Laura Leff: Just make sure you've got a band.
[5:28 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: so when did Peter Lorre get the reputation of being monstrous, was it 1930s Universal films that I have not seen?
[5:28 PM] Brad Strickland: Told him that, and before I even finished he said "YES!" (like Maurice LeMarche as the Brain) and then "Seriously, let's talk."
[5:29 PM] Brad Strickland: Kathy--it all began with the German film "M." Great movie.
[5:29 PM] Laura Leff: Amazing movie.  Fritz Lang.
[5:29 PM] Brad Strickland: Lorre plays a serial child killer.
[5:29 PM] Brad Strickland: And yet--how do I say this--he earns some sympathy. A tormented man.
[5:29 PM] Laura Leff: Wow, I may rewatch it tonight.
[5:29 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: oh dear, that adds some darkness to his role in Casablanca
[5:30 PM] Laura Leff: I've been meaning to do so for ages.
[5:30 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I do a Lorre impression based on Paul Frees' Lorre impression from Spike Jones'  "My Old Flame"...  Top that.  :D
[5:30 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Yes!  That's a pretty good one too.
[5:30 PM] Steve Archer: Mad Love is another great early Peter Lorre horror movie.
[5:30 PM] Brad Strickland: So, when he came to Hollywood he sort of got stuck in horror movies. "Mad Love" was one of the good ones, though it's pretty obscure.
[5:30 PM] Brad Strickland: Steve--JINX!
[5:30 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I liked him in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.
[5:31 PM] Steve Archer: The first version of THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, too.
[5:31 PM] Laura Leff: I liked Marilyn Monroe in "Don't Bother to Knock"
[5:31 PM] Brad Strickland: He was worth watching in almost anything, even when Jerry Lewis was running around being an unfunny nut.
[5:31 PM] Laura Leff: Hallelujah, someone else said it.
[5:31 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Well, that's most of the time, Brad.
[5:32 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I showed my 18 years old some Martin and Lewis, they did not think the Colgate show was funny.....
[5:32 PM] Laura Leff: Hallelujah again.
[5:32 PM] Brad Strickland: I once asked a Frenchman why the French thought Jerry Lewis was a cinematic genius. He said, "Just to annoy you Americans, of course."
[5:32 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: But I played them the radio version of the Claudette Colbert-Vincent Price routine and then the TV version, and they loved both
[5:32 PM] Laura Leff: I was talking with someone yesterday who knew Milton Berle's son, and she was noting that Berle's stuff really wasn't funny.
[5:32 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I'm waiting for Jerry Lewis to kick off so they'll release "The Day The Clown Cried".  Instant Badfilm Cassic.
[5:33 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Berle's stuff was funnier coming out of the comics he stole the stuff from, bada-bing
[5:33 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: *Classic.
[5:33 PM] Laura Leff: I was on the verge of saying, "Berle's stuff hasn't aged very well."
[5:33 PM] Brad Strickland: Berle's radio show was awful. And I get so sick of listening to Red Skelton, when he laughs so much at his own routines.
[5:33 PM] R.Hookie: Neither has Berle
[5:33 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - "The Day the Clown Cried"...remind me.
[5:34 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: eeeeek. I learned that Paul Douglas made his laugh track box from the responses of people watching Skelton's no-talking comedy routines.
[5:34 PM] Laura Leff: Who here has seen the--I think Playhouse 90--of "The Comedian"?
[5:34 PM] Steve Archer: I am really hard pressed to think of one time Milton Berle ever made me laugh.
[5:34 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: To think we've had to listen to those same laughs for 60 years....
[5:34 PM] Brad Strickland: Berle once told Eddie Carroll, "It's true, I did steal gags, but I never stole one thing from Jack Benny." Eddie, doing Jack, said, "I can't imagine WHY! 'Well!' and 'Gee; aren't THAT hard to remember."
[5:34 PM] Laura Leff: I remember that line.
[5:35 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Day_the_Clown_Cried
[5:35 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I don't think Berle could have pulled off a "gee" or Benny's look
[5:35 PM] Laura Leff: Berle couldn't shut up long enough to do that.
[5:35 PM] Steve Archer: Jerry plays a clown in a concentration camp.  Sounds like a laugh an eon.
[5:35 PM] Brad Strickland: Well put, Steve! I think you just won the chat!
[5:35 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Like I said, grade A badfilm.
[5:35 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Mitch -- I would watch that like folks watch "The Room," the terrible movie that people throw spoons at and yell at, hahaha
[5:36 PM] Laura Leff: Yes, great line Steve.
[5:36 PM] Brad Strickland: Maybe they could unleash it on a double bill with "Angels with Angles."
[5:36 PM] Laura Leff: Thanks for baiting me, Brad.
[5:36 PM] Brad Strickland: Sorry. I still haven't seen anything but the trailer, and I think that may have had every good moment, the whole both of them.
[5:37 PM] Steve Archer: Triple bill with the Jet Benny Show
[5:37 PM] Laura Leff: Envisioning the scene in--I think "Hollywood Steps Out"--where someone asks a table of stonefaces "Are you having a good time?"  And they all respond, exceedingly flatly, "Yes."
[5:37 PM] Brad Strickland: Too bad Criswell isn't alive to film an introduction.
[5:37 PM] Laura Leff: GAH!
[5:37 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I have heard of a film "festival" of terrible films (this was at Purdue) where it was free to get in, but you had to pay to get OUT, the More $ the sooner you fled. Would The Horn Blows at Midnight fit a quadruple bill?
[5:37 PM] Laura Leff: I don't think there's enough Scotch in the world to get me through that.
[5:37 PM] Brad Strickland: OOH! OOH! Laura, do you want to tell them about the amazing offer re Horn Blows?
[5:38 PM] Laura Leff: Why sure, Brad!
[5:38 PM] Brad Strickland: Folks, here's Laura Leff with a grand idea for your holiday enjoyment.
[5:38 PM] Laura Leff: I have quite an inventory of copies of the Omnibus "Horn Blows at Mindight"...which is NOT bad.
[5:38 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: inquiring minds want to know...
[5:38 PM] Laura Leff: And I can't sell them.
[5:38 PM] Brad Strickland: Because nobody will pay.... ba-dump!
[5:38 PM] Laura Leff: So I will be offering them in exchange for a SASE and an IJBFC donation of any amount.
[5:39 PM] R.Hookie: I got my copy
[5:39 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: so we should blow horns and blow them up?
[5:39 PM] Laura Leff: You know, that movie has permanently impacted my hearing of the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth.
[5:39 PM] Brad Strickland: Well, I'm certainly going to donate when I renew!
[5:39 PM] Laura Leff: Excellent! :)
[5:39 PM] Steve Archer: Also, for a donation of a mere $25 Laura will stop showing THE JET BENNY SHOW on a constant loop on your home entertainment system.
[5:39 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - :D
[5:40 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: she should extort far more than that....
[5:40 PM] Brad Strickland: Just like I can't hear "The Marriage of Figaro" without seeing Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny in my mind's eye.
[5:40 PM] Laura Leff: You know...I should probably transfer that to DVD and put it in the library just so that everyone else can share the pain.
[5:40 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: ...you need a sha----ave!
[5:40 PM] Laura Leff: Or "Dance of the Hours" without singing along.
[5:41 PM] Steve Archer: I think we really should do that pay to get out setup with Jet Benny and an opening act impersonator of Shirley Herman as Mrs. Schlepperman.
[5:41 PM] Laura Leff: The local classical station used to play it a LOT, and I finally started turning it off rather than singing "Hello Muddah Hello Faddah" again.
[5:41 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - I like the way you think.
[5:42 PM] Steve Archer: kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit!
[5:43 PM] HipChat: Hi @JeffreyGoodman! Welcome to Hipchat. You can @-mention me by typing @HipChat and I'll tell you what HipChat can do!
[5:43 PM] Laura Leff: Aha!
[5:43 PM] Laura Leff: Welcome Jeffrey
[5:44 PM] Laura Leff: Yeah, I'm not that hep on "Kill the Wabbit" any more since I work with a bunny rescue!
[5:44 PM] Brad Strickland: Well, that was odd. A guy with orange hair ran in, yelled "This chat is rigged," and switched off my comptuer.
[5:44 PM] Brad Strickland: Computer. It's catching, Hookie!
[5:44 PM] Laura Leff: I could go places with that, but going to resist...
[5:44 PM] Steve Archer: that's how you say it in French, Brad.
[5:44 PM] Brad Strickland: Brave of you.
[5:44 PM] R.Hookie: Huh?
[5:45 PM] Laura Leff: Any other thoughts on the show for tonight since we have a couple additional folks?
[5:45 PM] Brad Strickland: Sorry, I misdisremembered who was having spelling probs.
[5:45 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: we could get hacked by the Russians.
[5:45 PM] Laura Leff: A gremlin from the Kremlin
[5:45 PM] Brad Strickland: Nice little variant on the Azusa, Anaheim, Cucamonga line.
[5:45 PM] Brad Strickland: In the show, I mean.
[5:46 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: its one of my favorite Benny skits for Jack behaving like a story character, taking in the person and his family rejoicing in so much money
[5:46 PM] Laura Leff: I wonder if "Manny Moe and Jack" played outside of LA.  I didn't know the Pep Boys until I lived in California.
[5:46 PM] R.Hookie: My fingers are not letting me type too fast...  I'm catching up too late
[5:46 PM] Brad Strickland: And we've been talking about what a nice comic job Lorre did. Must've been good for him to break out of the horror mold.
[5:46 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Pep Boys are East Coast as well.
[5:46 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - OK.  They just weren't in the Midwest.
[5:47 PM] Brad Strickland: East boys Peps are really swell, I really dig those cars they fix....
[5:47 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: LOL
[5:47 PM] Brad Strickland: East COAST. I can't even remember the words!
[5:47 PM] Brad Strickland: Well, I'm not a beach. Boy.
[5:47 PM] Laura Leff: They should open a branch in Cuba.
[5:47 PM] Steve Archer: Your darn one last near made it, Brad
[5:47 PM] Laura Leff: Well played, sir.
[5:47 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: haha Steve! good Mary line
[5:48 PM] Brad Strickland: I got my tongue spectacularly tangled in a rehearsal for one of the Atlanta Radio Theatre DragonCon shows. We went way off script and though it was funny, the director yelled at me for not getting back to the script.
[5:48 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Me mom's Subaru blew a tire on the Crosstown Expressway in Philly.  By the time I got off the highway, it was shredded.  I put on the spare and drove over to Pep Boys.  "Can you put a plug in this?"  We all shared a good laugh.
[5:50 PM] Steve Archer: One of the Simpsons Halloween episodes the Pep Boys come to life and their huge noggins can't be moved by their little legs.  It's a great sight gag.
[5:50 PM] Brad Strickland: I was picking up some oil in a Pep Boys in Oakwood (back when I changed my own oil) and a wrecker pulled in with a completely burned-out hulk of a car on the back. I told the guy at the cashier "I can tell by looking that Camaro's gonna need new shocks."
[5:50 PM] HipChat: Hi @ErnieCarbajal! Welcome to Hipchat. You can @-mention me by typing @HipChat and I'll tell you what HipChat can do!
[5:50 PM] Laura Leff: Hi Ernie!
[5:50 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: And, of course, there's the infamous NSFW Pep Boys matchbook trick...
[5:50 PM] Brad Strickland: Hi, Ernie!
[5:50 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Hidy, Ernie!
[5:51 PM] Michael Amowitz: Jello folks! I stand condemned ... of forgetting about tongith's chat! :o
[5:51 PM] Laura Leff: When I was doing Benny research in Laramie, I remember seeing a semi at the gas station that must have smashed into a wall or something.
[5:51 PM] Laura Leff: And Mike!
[5:51 PM] Brad Strickland: Hi, Michael!
[5:51 PM] Laura Leff: For the folks that just joined...thoughts on the show for tonight?
[5:52 PM] Laura Leff: Wow, that stopped the conversation.
[5:52 PM] Brad Strickland: (Humming the JEOPARDY "think" music....)
[5:52 PM] Steve Archer: Hi Mike, better late than never!
[5:52 PM] Laura Leff: Well, what Benny-wise is on everyone's mind this evening, show or otherwise?
[5:53 PM] Steve Archer: There's SOMETHING about it you like.
[5:53 PM] Laura Leff: :D
[5:53 PM] Jeffrey Goodman: Hi, y'all. Had to say that show was great,bwhen Phil said the joke on page 3 had to go I new I was in for a treat!
[5:53 PM] Laura Leff: A bunch of people join and it gets quiet....????
[5:53 PM] Laura Leff: There ya go, Jeffrey!
[5:54 PM] Steve Archer: (bunny)(bunny)(bunny)(bunny)
[5:54 PM] Steve Archer: That's for you Laura
[5:54 PM] Ernie Carbajal: Hi everyone
[5:54 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I have an idea for next month's show.
[5:54 PM] Laura Leff: Thank you, Steve.
[5:54 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - OK, let's hear it!
[5:54 PM] Brad Strickland: BTW, the first Herbert Tareyton ads featured a genuinely goofy-looking English toff in a top hat. How he smoked is a mystery, because the cigarette protrudes from BENEATH his lower lip.
[5:55 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - Must have gone in for a tracheotomy and missed.
[5:55 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: It's the ep where Jack wants someone to go with him to see the film of "Death of a Salesman".
[5:55 PM] R.Hookie: Hey there Ernie
[5:55 PM] Brad Strickland: That is a good episode, Mitch.
[5:55 PM] Laura Leff: OK, done!
[5:55 PM] Steve Archer: He probably had one of those subsaharan african lip stretchers.  Pierced hipster in disguise.
[5:55 PM] Ernie Carbajal: Hello R.
[5:55 PM] Laura Leff: Attention must be paid.
[5:55 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: The final line had me howling .
[5:55 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: a 30 minute shaggy dog story...
[5:56 PM] Brad Strickland: I told Laura this already, but once my college roommate introduced me to Dustin Hoffman (then on Broadway in a DEATH OF A SALESMAN revival). Only trouble. . . my roommate didn't actually KNOW him.
[5:56 PM] Laura Leff: I have to figure that it was inspired by the reference to Jack's show in the script.
[5:57 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Could very well be!
[5:57 PM] Laura Leff: That's really low, man...
[5:57 PM] Laura Leff: OK, I was reaching for that pun.
[5:57 PM] Brad Strickland: Yeah. Hoffman looked puzzled, and I didn't know if he would speak or not. I kept asking myself, "Will he?"
[5:57 PM] Brad Strickland: And who can blame Jeffrey?
[5:58 PM] Laura Leff: Any Benny-related questions or thoughts?
[5:58 PM] Michael Amowitz: I just read back, even some of the 9/11 posts :p
[5:58 PM] Michael Amowitz: To update, snow and ice today...in Canada
[5:58 PM] Laura Leff: Yow
[5:59 PM] Brad Strickland: We've been having hurricanes and droughts in Georgia. What a parley.
[5:59 PM] Michael Amowitz: And Peter Lorre was a kick...
[5:59 PM] R.Hookie: Anyone catch Jack on Johnny Carson a few weeks back on Antenna TV?
[5:59 PM] Steve Archer: We were supposed to get blitzed by a windstorm here, threatened power would be out for a week and naught but a gentle breeze.
[5:59 PM] Jeffrey Goodman: Jacks flubbing of lines and Mary's was funny as always!
[5:59 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1021/8371/products/OLD9_070.jpg?v=1467324210
[5:59 PM] Michael Amowitz: I missed it, too hard to be around for them. I need to get a DVR
[5:59 PM] Ernie Carbajal: Sorry, I'm  trying to catch up with this conversation.  I did like the line about having Manny and Jack, one "moe" time.
[6:00 PM] Brad Strickland: They were just a bit short-handed. I expected Phil, Don, and Dennis would play the three sons....
[6:00 PM] Brad Strickland: Yeah, there's the ad. Look at that fag, just stickin' through the bleedin' lip!
[6:01 PM] Laura Leff: Maybe that's the something you'll like...
[6:01 PM] Brad Strickland: For some reason I'm thinking that P.G. Wodehouse would have something to say about that guy.
[6:01 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: "You'll like sticking a cigarette through your lower lip!"
[6:02 PM] Laura Leff: Twenty for a quarter.
[6:02 PM] Steve Archer: Great for ventriloquists.
[6:02 PM] Laura Leff: Maybe it was the price.
[6:02 PM] Brad Strickland: "All those frightful bores will think you're jolly bonkers."
[6:02 PM] Brad Strickland: Jolly Bonkers and his juggling geese. What an act.
[6:02 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I think Herbert, there, is J.R. "Bob" Dobbs' spiritual ancestor.
[6:02 PM] Laura Leff: Of course, it probably goes without saying that this was American Tobacco's first attempt at marketing a filtered cigarette.
[6:02 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/subgenius/images/5/56/Dobbshead.png/revision/latest?cb=201203081...
[6:03 PM] Jeffrey Goodman: I was watching a Benny Hill documentary. He changed his first name In honor of Jack Benny.
[6:03 PM] Brad Strickland: A corking effort, too, LL.
[6:03 PM] Laura Leff: Jeffrey - That's correct!
[6:03 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: His first name was originally Groucho.
[6:03 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Wrong side of the mouth though.
[6:03 PM] Brad Strickland: American should have made little pop guns for the kiddies. They could have pried the corks from the butts and used them for ammo. And I dare anybody to make something of THAT and keep it clean.
[6:04 PM] Laura Leff: But his birth name was Julius.
[6:04 PM] Steve Archer: Formerly Laszlo Lowenstein.
[6:04 PM] Laura Leff: Oh that reminds me...I'm changing my last name.
[6:04 PM] Steve Archer: Laura Lorre?
[6:05 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I was gonna guess Melvin Morsemere.
[6:05 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Not completely far off...I might have considered that.
[6:05 PM] Brad Strickland: Just go with "Laura." Like in the song. or "Madonna."
[6:05 PM] Ernie Carbajal: Catchy
[6:05 PM] Laura Leff: But then I'd have to ride a train all the time.
[6:05 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y-X3lUcmNA
[6:05 PM] Laura Leff: Ah yes.
[6:06 PM] Laura Leff: My understanding is that cork "filter" was quite the opposite of "free and easy on the draw."
[6:06 PM] Brad Strickland: Once I had a student whose name was Laura Massey. Now, this is in Georgia, so she decided she wanted to be called La Massey to avoid the "lordy mercy" puns.
[6:07 PM] Laura Leff: I was thinking of some of Jack's relatives who changed their names to Bell.  Then I thought "Laura Bell."  Then I thought N*W.
[6:07 PM] Steve Archer: Well, avoid Bush, Branigan, Linney, Dern....
[6:07 PM] Laura Leff: Laura Lee was bad enough.
[6:07 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Got it!  Laura DaRings!
[6:07 PM] Brad Strickland: Yeah, "Lee" only works with Robert E. Or with "Anabel," really.
[6:07 PM] Laura Leff: But I didn't mean to commandeer the conversation about my name.
[6:08 PM] Steve Archer: Mitch wins
[6:08 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Very nice.  I had a dwarf rabbit named Gimley.
[6:08 PM] Laura Leff: Er Gimli
[6:08 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: LOL
[6:08 PM] Brad Strickland: Has anybody watched "Stranger Things"? I'm just catching up with it on Netflix. Not as funny as I'd  hoped it would be.
[6:08 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - There's a song "Laura Lee" though.  I have it on 78 by Guy Lombardo.  It's very strange for me to hear it.
[6:08 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Well, I'm named after Mitch Miller, so take that as you will...
[6:09 PM] Laura Leff: Resisting doing a joke about a bouncing ball.
[6:09 PM] Brad Strickland: Let me hear a melody, I want to sing along....loud and strong....
[6:09 PM] Laura Leff: There's SOMETHING about them you'll like.
[6:10 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I'm actually rather lucky that my father decided to Anglicize his name in the 50s.
[6:10 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Was it Marmite?
[6:10 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I was almost Moishe Maurice Marmelstein, Jr.
[6:10 PM] Laura Leff: Marion Michael Morrison
[6:10 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Hee!
[6:11 PM] Brad Strickland: Duct tape.
[6:11 PM] Brad Strickland: (that's a 3-M product)
[6:11 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Then you might get a kick out of the name I chose.
[6:11 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I use "Major Matt Mason" as my nom du fandom...
[6:11 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Yus?
[6:11 PM] Brad Strickland: And who can blame Jeffrey for that?
[6:11 PM] Jeffrey Goodman: I wear a football jersey with JACK BENNY logo on it. It's from his middle school named after him. One lady said what's Jack Benny football? 'Not what I told her, WHO!'
[6:11 PM] Laura Leff: My maiden name was Lee, but I wanted a Jewish last name.
[6:11 PM] Steve Archer: If you followed the song, you could have gone from Laura Lee to a Welsh-influenced "llove me tender".
[6:11 PM] Laura Leff: So I'll be Laura Leibowitz.
[6:12 PM] Brad Strickland: LIebowitz--I'm psychic!
[6:12 PM] Brad Strickland: But not a good speller.
[6:12 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I like that name, Laura!
[6:12 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: That's very euphonious.
[6:12 PM] Steve Archer: Very nice Laura.
[6:12 PM] Laura Leff: Thank you.
[6:12 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: In fact, it's the euphonious name I ever heard!
[6:12 PM] Laura Leff: Wanted to keep the monogram since LL is an easy signature.
[6:12 PM] Brad Strickland: How about Welsh Jewish? Lleibowitz. I like your name choice!
[6:12 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: and Mitch you could go for like rapper Eminem   Eminemanem
[6:12 PM] R.Hookie: Miss Leibowitz
[6:12 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Kathy:  Good Idea!
[6:13 PM] Michael Amowitz: Amowitz was my choice. Free and easy on the draw.
[6:13 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Miss Leibowitz regrets she's unable to lunch today....
[6:13 PM] Laura Leff: As my hairdresser (a guy from Staten Island) said:  "ReSPECT the LEIBOWITZ!"
[6:13 PM] Michael Amowitz: :D
[6:13 PM] Brad Strickland: One of my writing pseudonyms is Bailey Macdonald. I always liked the sound of that one.
[6:13 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: You could go with Laura Lebowski.  The Dudette abides.
[6:13 PM] Laura Leff: One of mine is Rose Girard.
[6:14 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - We were talking about that!
[6:14 PM] Laura Leff: Fortunately, a former boyfriend recently showed me that movie.
[6:15 PM] Laura Leff: So back to Jack...what else?
[6:15 PM] Michael Amowitz: I liked the organ
[6:16 PM] Laura Leff: And yes, I did consider Benny, Kubelsky, and other Jack-related names.  But there's so much more to my life than Jack that I didn't want to do that.
[6:16 PM] Laura Leff: I loved the organ!
[6:16 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Funny thing about my erstwhile last name:  Marmelstein translates to 'marble stone'.  Which means I had stoneworkers in my ancestry...or, in other words, masons.   I used the "Major Matt Mason" pseudonym for 15 years before that occurred to me.
[6:16 PM] Brad Strickland: This is weird. Something just fell on the floor, and it's a small medal I was presented in 2008 by the Junior Library Association for one of my books. I suppose it must have been caught somewhere in my desk, because I haven't seen it since before we moved in 2014. It wasn't in the drawers--maybe stuck behind one, though. Or is it . . . supernatural?
[6:16 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: OooooOOOOooooOOOO!  Scary, keeds!
[6:16 PM] Ernie Carbajal: Who was the organist?
[6:16 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Mitch, I love Major Matt Mason, awesome toys (I would call them dolls, but that's not manly enough haha)
[6:16 PM] Brad Strickland: Yes, I thought the organ was a deliberate nod to "The Weird Circle" and other shows that couldn't afford an actual, you know, band.
[6:17 PM] Steve Archer: I like to think it was Mel doing his tiny mouth organ bit.
[6:17 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: its definitely supernatural
[6:17 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I actually found out how Mel did that bit.
[6:17 PM] Brad Strickland: Didja like the parrot doing the commercial?
[6:18 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: He was doing hand fricatives for the percussion, while blowing the melody through his lips.
[6:18 PM] Laura Leff: Ernie - I wish I knew.  It could have been Charlie Bagby, but I doubt it.
[6:18 PM] Ernie Carbajal: He seemed to react perfectly, musically...
[6:18 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch- (ala Carson) I did not know that.
[6:19 PM] Laura Leff: Ernie - Agreed...being an organist myself, that sort of thing takes the touch of someone who has done silent film accompaniment, etc.
[6:19 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: See?  The Internet is edumacashunal!
[6:19 PM] Laura Leff: Sho nuff
[6:20 PM] Laura Leff: I was at a party last night.  How do you feel this morning?  *Organ crash*
[6:20 PM] Laura Leff: Well done.
[6:20 PM] Laura Leff: Organ as Greek chorus.
[6:21 PM] Laura Leff: Anything else or shall we call it good for October?
[6:21 PM] Michael Amowitz: :p
[6:21 PM] Michael Amowitz: I think it's good :D
[6:21 PM] Brad Strickland: Well, the eruption of pyrotechnics from our neighbors' vicinity appears to have attenuated. I think I shall perambulate upstairs to get a good night's sleep to prepare for early voting come the dawn.
[6:22 PM] Ernie Carbajal: Enjoyed it, thanks
[6:22 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: it was great fun, I look forward to next month, thanks!
[6:22 PM] Laura Leff: OK...thanks everyone for making the time!
[6:22 PM] Brad Strickland: Good night, all!
[6:22 PM] Laura Leff: Good night, folks!
[6:22 PM] Michael Amowitz: Take care, everyone!
[6:22 PM] R.Hookie: Good night!
[6:22 PM] Ernie Carbajal: Good night
[6:22 PM] Steve Archer: Night all!
[6:23 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Nite all!  And hey-let's be careful out there!