IJBFC Chat - August 14, 2016

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[5:11 PM] Laura Leff: So what's the release date of the book, Kathy?

[5:12 PM] Laura Leff: Can I pre-order it yet?

[5:12 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: so sorry! The clueless ticket agent suggested at 4:40 that I could take a taxi down to LAX for a flight leaving at 6...... yeah, right. But anyway

[5:12 PM] Laura Leff: Sheesh

[5:13 PM] Steve Archer: Sounds like my experience with Orbitz - never again!

[5:13 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: academic publishing takes FOREVER!!!! I am hoping by 10 months from now, next June. Working on illustrations now, its a huge pain to get photos of famous people (all previous pubs have been about unknown folks in 1900)

[5:14 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Laura, you can get the special five-finger discount, as well as chat members who ask nicely : )   but about 10 months away

[5:14 PM] Laura Leff: OK.  I know we'll have some sales from our membership!

[5:14 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: oh I hope so!

[5:14 PM] Laura Leff: :D

[5:14 PM] Steve Archer: Can you remind us of the general gist of your book Kathy?

[5:14 PM] Steve Archer: Hi Brad

[5:14 PM] Laura Leff: Hi Brad

[5:14 PM] Brad Strickland: Hi, all.

[5:15 PM] R.Hookie: Hi Brad!

[5:15 PM] Brad Strickland: BTW, my daughter-in-law works for Delta. Anyone having problems, let me know....

[5:15 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: that is so kind of you to ask, Steve!!! I am focusing on Benny's radio career, how he and writers developed the fall guy character, chapters on Mary and Rochester, stuff on how he dealt with advertising, the movies, evil radio critics, and how difficult it was to move to tv.

[5:16 PM] R.Hookie: I'm interested

[5:16 PM] Steve Archer: Nice, count me in!  I couldn't remember if it had more scope than just Jack, remember you working on the book.

[5:16 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: what, Brad, you don't LIKE your daughter in law? haha  I am just kidding, the things we say to the poor folks who interface with soul-less corporations, haha

[5:16 PM] Brad Strickland: Kathy, was Jack the first to integrate commercials with the fictional world of the program?

[5:17 PM] Steve Archer: Delta had really improved over the last several years and then they had this kablooey...hopefully back on their feet soon.

[5:17 PM] Brad Strickland: SRSLY, Becca (our daughter-in-law) has saved our bacon several times when Delta overbooked and bumped us....

[5:18 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: hooray for Delta, that marvelous Atlanta Company!

[5:18 PM] Brad Strickland: Whole problem? Their tech guys didn't make sure their main bank of servers had an emergency backup energy source. We're not even that close to Hapeville, where Delta's operations department is, and we lost power too that night. Heck of a storm.

[5:19 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Brad, its always splitting hairs to say who was FIRST. Ed Wynn would say he was the first, making fun of Texaco in firechief commercials. But the trade journals gave Benny big kudos for continually making it innovative and funny

[5:19 PM] Laura Leff: I've been working in IT infrastructure lately.  That's just a no-brainer.

[5:19 PM] Steve Archer: I hope they don't have the same policy with the planes

[5:19 PM] Laura Leff: Kathy - Good answer.  I was thinking of Ed Wynn too.

[5:20 PM] Brad Strickland: Kathy--speaking of which, last night Barbara and I went up to Gainesville, GA, to a concert by Loretta Lynn (yes, she's still around) and I ran into my best friend from elementary school--Douglas Ivester, former CEO of Coca-Cola.

[5:20 PM] R.Hookie: Ugggg.... be right back.....

[5:20 PM] Brad Strickland: Another great Atlanta company....

[5:21 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: as a grad of Agnes Scott College, I am grateful to the local companies that ante-up'd scholarship money. : )

[5:21 PM] Steve Archer: Favorite Loretta-Conway duet: "You're the Reason Our Kids are Ugly".  That just popped into my head.

[5:21 PM] Laura Leff: Loretta Lynn, whose oldest son is named Jack Benny.

[5:21 PM] Brad Strickland: Was proud of Barbara--she's three weeks out of full knee-replacement surgery, and with the help of a rolling walker, she came through the concert with no major pains or problems.

[5:21 PM] Steve Archer: Geez, I hope Jack Benny Lynn really isn't all that ugly.

[5:21 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: So does Douglas ivester hand out little souvenir bottles or wear a lot of red? haha

[5:22 PM] Brad Strickland: One of her sons was there, playing guitar. Don't know if it was Jack. He just said, "Here's my mama, Loretta Lynn." Two of her daughters were there, too, singing backup, and her seventeen-year-old granddaugher, too, singing songs she wrote.

[5:22 PM] Laura Leff: No, I think Jack Benny Lynn died a while back.

[5:22 PM] Brad Strickland: Kathy, not so much. He was CEO when they introduced New Coke . . . and he retired right after that! Got a $75 million dollar golden parachute, though.

[5:22 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: wow, that is great that Loretta's family supports her! Has anybody seen Florence Foster Jenkins w Meryl STreep yet, speaking of singing

[5:23 PM] Brad Strickland: Haven't seen it.

[5:23 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: FFJ could have sung about when the swallows go back to capistrano

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[5:23 PM] Brad Strickland: Hllo, Zach

[5:23 PM] Laura Leff: Woo hoo!

[5:23 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: its GREAT and the costumes are amazing, movie is sweet and funny

[5:23 PM] Laura Leff: Welcome in, Zach!

[5:23 PM] Steve Archer: Hiya Zach!

[5:23 PM] Zach Eastman: Jello again, this is zach talking

[5:24 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: hello Zach

[5:24 PM] R.Hookie: Hi Zach

[5:24 PM] Brad Strickland: Forgive my typos tonight. This morning my dog dislocated my left arm.

[5:24 PM] Laura Leff: Hey Zach...you've got a bunch of veterans in the room.  Want to reveal your past handle on the Forum?

[5:24 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I am so sorry Brad, hope he did not try to bury you as well!

[5:24 PM] Steve Archer: I definitely remember Zach from the forum.  Welcome to the chat!

[5:25 PM] Brad Strickland: No, both dogs were chasing toads. Our back yard has a plethora of toads. I'm planning to rename the place Toad Hall.

[5:25 PM] Laura Leff: He now qualifies for JackBennyAdult...not just ZEJackBennyKid!

[5:25 PM] Steve Archer: Time flies!

[5:25 PM] Brad Strickland: Aha! I recollect that young'un!

[5:26 PM] Zach Eastman: Ha! Thanks @LauraLeff past was consistant on on goal @BradStrickland ... Too get a jack benny movie made

[5:26 PM] R.Hookie: So, he turned 39?

[5:26 PM] Zach Eastman: I wish

[5:26 PM] Zach Eastman: Only 25

[5:26 PM] R.Hookie: I was 25........ was

[5:26 PM] Zach Eastman: Same age that steve bradley wanted jack to be

[5:27 PM] Laura Leff: Almost the same age Jack claimed on the Fred Allen program.

[5:27 PM] Brad Strickland: Hey, Alex Hirsh, creator of "Gravity Falls," is looking for a new cartoon series to produce for Fox....how about a Jack Benny cartoon version of the show?

[5:27 PM] Zach Eastman: I come before the chat to ask a sacred question

[5:27 PM] Brad Strickland: Ask away, ye supplicant.

[5:27 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: drum roll....

[5:27 PM] Brad Strickland: Hey, quit rollin' them drums! You're gonna trip Remley up!

[5:28 PM] Zach Eastman: If you could see any moment of bennys history on screen, what would it be

[5:28 PM] Zach Eastman: Remley was with me in spirit

[5:28 PM] R.Hookie: Movie or TV?

[5:28 PM] Zach Eastman: Movie

[5:28 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: the struggles of learning how to move from radio to TV, done in black and white like the Ed Murrow movie

[5:29 PM] Brad Strickland: I'd think I'd like to see Jack's first venture into radio . . . beginning with his "first" (but not really) appearance on radio with Ed Sullivan.

[5:29 PM] Zach Eastman: Im an independent screenwriter writing a script about jack

[5:29 PM] R.Hookie: I have a lot on DVD, but not Buck Benny

[5:29 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - We can fix that.

[5:29 PM] Laura Leff: I'd like to see that TV pilot from 1949.

[5:29 PM] Steve Archer: I think a beautiful on-screen moment would be Jack cracking up uncontrollably at some dumb George Burns gag.

[5:29 PM] R.Hookie: Thanks...

[5:29 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: or the USO adventures?

[5:29 PM] Zach Eastman: @BradStrickland i plan on addressing that in a unique way

[5:30 PM] R.Hookie: I thought you had the pilot?

[5:30 PM] Laura Leff: Not the TV pilot.

[5:30 PM] Brad Strickland: Zach, how about the story of Jack's and Mary's meeting, romance, marriage, and teaming? You could even use Mary's cousins the Marx Brothers as characters ;p

[5:30 PM] Laura Leff: I've got the first episode.

[5:30 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: the gem smuggling trial, for the nail-biting tensioni

[5:30 PM] Laura Leff: Brad is baiting me.

[5:30 PM] R.Hookie: With Dinah Shore?

[5:30 PM] Zach Eastman: @SteveArcher thats the first scene of the movie thus far

[5:31 PM] Brad Strickland: Who'd bite on Dinah Shore?

[5:31 PM] Laura Leff: Actually, that would be fun.  Let's see what REALLY happened that night at the Seder when Jack first met Mary!

[5:31 PM] Brad Strickland: Why was that night unlike all other nights?

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[5:32 PM] Zach Eastman: @BradStrickland part of that is addressed but its mainly a story about jack addressing carnagie hall. I want to include mary bits by the dozen though

[5:32 PM] Brad Strickland: "In a world where a family dinner changes a man's destiny . . . why was that night . . . unlike all other nights. . . "

[5:32 PM] Laura Leff: And I'd also like to see what really happened the night they had dinner with Babe and Al Bernovici, and who ignored whom and who was smitten with whom!

[5:32 PM] R.Hookie: So, there is a missing TV pilot.... ooooo..... I did NOT know that!

[5:32 PM] Laura Leff: Welcome in, Mitch!

[5:32 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Thankee!  :D

[5:32 PM] Brad Strickland: Hi, Mitch!

[5:32 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - Isaac Stern was on it, but when I asked him about it, he had no member of it.

[5:32 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: is the TV pilot the show he did in LA in 1949?

[5:33 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: A missing TV pilot?  Sounds like a job for Steve Canyon or Sky King!  :D

[5:33 PM] Zach Eastman: Also @SteveArcher georges gags were genius

[5:33 PM] Laura Leff: Kathy - That's it.

[5:33 PM] Zach Eastman: ;)

[5:33 PM] Steve Archer: True Zach :)

[5:33 PM] Laura Leff: Also the Andrews Sisters and Lum and Abner.

[5:33 PM] Brad Strickland: "Out of the clear blue of the Western sky comes . . . Sky King!"

[5:33 PM] Laura Leff: And Jack does the Zeke Benny routine.

[5:33 PM] R.Hookie: Now that's interesting.... would there be a kinescope somewhere?

[5:33 PM] Steve Archer: I think Jack's breakup with Mary Kelly and meeting her again years later would be poignant in a movie too.

[5:34 PM] Laura Leff: Hookie - Not that I've found.  But you know me.  I'll keep looking.

[5:34 PM] Brad Strickland: Reveal that the Andrews Sisters and Lum and Abner were actually THE SAME PEOPLE!

[5:34 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Oh, very much so.

[5:34 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: and one of the violinists, Perlman?

[5:34 PM] Brad Strickland: I thought Perlman wrote for the Marx Brothers.

[5:34 PM] Laura Leff: Kathy - Stern.  Perlman's way too young.

[5:34 PM] Brad Strickland: Or maybe Lever Brothers.

[5:34 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I was just watching the Zeke Benny bit with Dorothy Shay the other day.   That girl playing Zeke's wife was SPECTACULAR at maintaining a deadpan!

[5:34 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: yeah, Stern. The LA reviewers were vicious!

[5:34 PM] Laura Leff: Oh, I've got another moment that I'd really like to see what was truth and fiction.

[5:35 PM] Zach Eastman: Stern is the main co star of the script thus far

[5:35 PM] Laura Leff: When Mary first scratched her fingers down Jack's face, leading him to go onstage with his hand covering it.

[5:35 PM] Brad Strickland: Well, of course include the most famous blooper moments as a kind of montage, from "Grass reek" to "Drear Pooson."

[5:36 PM] Laura Leff: Kathy - Ah, I don't think I've seen the reviews!  There is a Life Magazine (IIRC) photo from it.

[5:36 PM] Zach Eastman: DREER POOSEN is my favorite bluff

[5:36 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - One of the other minor players on that show swore to me that girl went onto be a member of the Manson family!  But he was wrong.

[5:36 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I'll send them, they are scary haha

[5:36 PM] Brad Strickland: Zach, I'm sure you read Laura's interview with Frnk Nelson in which he talked about the blooper.

[5:37 PM] Steve Archer: You know, when Jack tells that story about the scratches in the interview with David Frost he implies he was talking to Mary Kelly, that upset Mary L.

[5:37 PM] Laura Leff: Looking forward to seeing them.

[5:37 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: 'Specially with Frank Nelson delivering the Dreer Pooson line..

[5:37 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Hmmm...I've heard a number of versions of that story, but I'm pretty sure that one is crossed wires on Jack's part.

[5:37 PM] Brad Strickland: See, the a is on my left side, and that's my dog-mangled arm.

[5:37 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: its great to see it scratched into a script in the Wyoming collection (the Poosen rejoinder, not a Mary Kelly rejoinder)

[5:38 PM] Steve Archer: Could be, I just remember him saying "after all, I almost married that girl"

[5:38 PM] Laura Leff: Kathy - In the Wyoming collection?  I saw that at UCLA, I thought.

[5:38 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - You may be right...it's been a while since I watched the Frost interview, but it's one of the best.

[5:38 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I haven't gotten that far in UCLA scripts, I have a xerox I think, mroe things to send.... of course, it could have been added to several scripts

[5:39 PM] Zach Eastman: Where can the frost interview be accesssed

[5:39 PM] Laura Leff: Or maybe from TobaccoDocuments.

[5:39 PM] Zach Eastman: Just ucla archives?

[5:39 PM] Steve Archer: Laura's got it in the club library Zach

[5:39 PM] Laura Leff: Zack - IJBFC library for one, for another I can't say.

[5:39 PM] Laura Leff: Oh hey, who wants to know a secret?

[5:39 PM] Zach Eastman: Then ill send some more dvds to you for the research

[5:39 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: I do I do

[5:40 PM] Brad Strickland: I believe Jack had the show-biz habit of adapting and improving stories as the years went on. Very, very common; a story an old actor once told about, oh, Marlon Brando in yesteryear morphs into one about Daniel Day-Lewis in more recent interviews.

[5:40 PM] Laura Leff: Sounds good.  Let me know when you send them so I check the PO box.

[5:40 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - That's exactly true.

[5:40 PM] R.Hookie: What's this secret?

[5:40 PM] Steve Archer: Yep, I believe it Brad.  But not sure what the "authoritative" version of that story is.

[5:41 PM] Brad Strickland: Do we have to sign an NDA?

[5:41 PM] Laura Leff: So...in a couple weeks, I'm having dinner with someone (credentialed) who is starting with the intention of writing the "definitive Jack Benny biography."

[5:41 PM] Brad Strickland: More power to (credentialed!)

[5:41 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: well, the more pubs the merrier, a Benny Renaissance

[5:41 PM] Steve Archer: Please not Kitty Kelley

[5:41 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Woo-hoo!

[5:41 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: LOL

[5:41 PM] Laura Leff: So we have a "soon" to be published Benny author, a Benny scriptwriter, and maybe Jerry will join us one of these days.

[5:42 PM] Zach Eastman: Awesome. So far i have some stories to go off of for the script. Any other anecdotes youd want to see . Right now i have the jeanette mcdonald bit from george and the bing crosby gaff

[5:42 PM] R.Hookie: Hmmmm...

[5:42 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I'm waiting for my Benny fix from Amazon.  :D

[5:42 PM] Laura Leff: Well, you can do the more R-rated version of the Mary scratches Jack's cheek story, but I can't confirm that it's true.

[5:43 PM] Brad Strickland: Kind of a sad moment . . . when Jack got caught up watching "Bonanza," realized he'd missed his own show, and then it dawned on him that his time in weekly TV was over.

[5:43 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - Yes, I second that.

[5:43 PM] Zach Eastman: Oooooo

[5:43 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - There are so many.

[5:43 PM] Brad Strickland: Laura, is that the one with the naked actress, the performing seal, and the penguins?

[5:43 PM] Zach Eastman: I like that

[5:44 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - Just the naked actress and the pig with lipstick.

[5:44 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: and don't forget the Japanese flash act

[5:44 PM] Steve Archer: Didn't Joan have a story about Jack and Mel Blanc going water skiing?  If you need an action sequence Zach.

[5:44 PM] Laura Leff: Huh...I think I've seen photos from that.  Maybe in Joan's book.

[5:44 PM] Brad Strickland: Oh, right, the naked actress and the penguins were part of the Loretta Lynn concert last night. (Can you tell I'm taking painkillers?)

[5:44 PM] Zach Eastman: Steve- funny you mention action

[5:44 PM] Laura Leff: Well, you've got to do the smuggling case.

[5:45 PM] Zach Eastman: Theres a car sequence in the script, but its with jack and the REAL frankie remly

[5:45 PM] Laura Leff: Ah, perfect Zach.

[5:45 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: please let a Benny biography be better than the Zoglin Hope one, which was OK but never captured what was funny about the guy

[5:45 PM] Laura Leff: And better than the McFadden article.  But that's setting the bar below sea level.

[5:46 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: woof!

[5:46 PM] Laura Leff: Although...Jack got into Confidential magazine because of wearing drag.  So I don't know how you want to deal with the whole sexuality question.

[5:46 PM] Zach Eastman: My benny is a lot more confident. An aspiring adventurer at times but mostly trapped by insecurities with the violin

[5:46 PM] Brad Strickland: Ya know what I'd kind of like? Not really "true," but true to life: Joe Kearns, who was in many, many Benny (Benny) shows, was all over the place in old-time radio. Be nice to see him hurry into the studio, do Ed the Guard for Jack, and rush off to be in "Philip Marlowe."

[5:47 PM] Zach Eastman: This film is mainly about jacks relationship to the violin

[5:47 PM] R.Hookie: Dressed as Gracie?

[5:47 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: hooray, more like the Jack and Marilyn National Enquirer article in the steam room

[5:47 PM] Laura Leff: Kathy - Oh man, you're not kidding!

[5:47 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I'm actually mulling over a Jack Benny/My Little Pony crossover.  You'd have Jack Pony, Mare Livingston, Dennis Dray, Phil Harness, Don Wiltin, Dorchester...

[5:47 PM] Zach Eastman: The title is STRADIVARIUS 1729

[5:47 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - I presume you've heard the fictionalized story on the record he did with Stern, right?

[5:48 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Wah wah wah wahhhhh

[5:48 PM] Zach Eastman: No i havent.

[5:48 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: ;)

[5:48 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - "Jack Benny Plays the Bee (ably assisted by Isaac Stern)"

[5:49 PM] Laura Leff: The story is completely bogus, but definitely stuff you'd want to hear anyway.

[5:49 PM] Zach Eastman: I guess i need to know. Whats the story and what happened

[5:49 PM] Laura Leff: Oh, and I'm sure you read the article in the previous Times issue about the guy who fired Jack in the Waukegan band.

[5:49 PM] Brad Strickland: Zach--on one of the Warner Bros cartoon collections, the commentary mentions that Jack did NOT do the violin performance in "The Mouse that Jack Built," and the actual violinist had an awful time sounding, well, awful. the comment was something like "The violinist said, 'I'm not good enough to be able to play that badly!'"

[5:50 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - It's Jack explaining how he became a bad violinist (spoiler:  there was a curse put on him).

[5:50 PM] Brad Strickland: By Professor Le Blanc.

[5:50 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: or the cat whose gut got sacrificed....

[5:50 PM] Zach Eastman: Yes, please tell me

[5:51 PM] Brad Strickland: (Zach, you have to include at least one Professor LeBlanc "lesson")

[5:51 PM] Zach Eastman: Please tell me

[5:51 PM] Brad Strickland: You have to ask three times. It's like Beetlejuice.

[5:51 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - Which?  Not sure to which statement you're saying that.

[5:52 PM] Zach Eastman: Sorry, my feed went off laura

[5:52 PM] Brad Strickland: I think Zach wanted the curse story.

[5:52 PM] Kathy Fuller Seeley: Bing Crosby, "please listen to my pleas"  John Lennon "please please me oh yeah, like I please you"

[5:52 PM] Steve Archer: The Jack-dressed-as-gypsy going over to Lucy's house with the violin then getting locked out of his own house when the tour bus comes by story would be appropriate, too.

[5:52 PM] Laura Leff: It takes two sides of an LP.  Best to just hear the record.

[5:52 PM] Zach Eastman: Id love to know the true story. The curse also sounds awesome

[5:52 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Oh my, yes.

[5:53 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - Well, gee...you got a couple hours?  :)

[5:54 PM] Zach Eastman: I got many hours. Im listening to a broadcast from 45 and editing a short film as i do this

[5:54 PM] Zach Eastman: :)

[5:54 PM] Laura Leff: I'll try to abbreviate to the essential facts

[5:54 PM] R.Hookie: That's productive

[5:54 PM] Steve Archer: What, no juggling flaming chainsaws?

[5:54 PM] Brad Strickland: That's my son's act, btw.

[5:54 PM] Laura Leff: Jack was given his first violin at age 6.  Jewish families all wanted their kids to be Heifetz or Mischa Elman.

[5:55 PM] Zach Eastman: @SteveArcher im trying that act next week at the paramount in denver

[5:55 PM] Laura Leff: And he showed a lot of aptitude for it.  Moved up through increasingly senior violin teahers to Hugo Kortschalk (sp?).

[5:55 PM] Laura Leff: In Chicago.

[5:55 PM] Brad Strickland: (anyone wanting to see my son juggle: http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/juggling.htm )

[5:56 PM] Laura Leff: (^ which reminds me...we haven't even touched the Fred Allen program for tonight yet...)

[5:56 PM] Laura Leff: He would put on little concerts in his family's home...always the performer.

[5:57 PM] Laura Leff: Then see the previous issue for the story from the guy who hired Jack for the little orchestra.

[5:57 PM] Laura Leff: Clearly, there was something innate with Jack's grasp of the music and the instrument.

[5:58 PM] Laura Leff: Then the Barrison pit (after being promoted from doorman), the Marx Bros, Cora Salisbury, Lyman Woods, WWI, Zez Confrey

[5:58 PM] Laura Leff: Then the shift of his act to be:  a) solo (or mostly, with Ned Miller as a plant in the audience...and later Mary) and b) more focused on comedy.

[5:59 PM] Zach Eastman: Is this a way of saying that jack was more proficient than we think? Or am i reading it wrong

[5:59 PM] Laura Leff: You should recreate one of the photos of the Waukegan High school orchestra.

[5:59 PM] Laura Leff: Jack definitely had a natural aptitude.

[5:59 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Ever see that ep with Professor LeBlanc in the psychiatrist's office?  Jack played GREAT in that ep.

[6:00 PM] Zach Eastman: Wow

[6:00 PM] Brad Strickland: Jack could play well when he wanted to, though I understood he always tuned a bit sharp.

[6:00 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: But asked the doc not to tell anyone, as it would ruin his reputation. :D

[6:00 PM] Laura Leff: But when he got busy with vaudeville, he wasn't really practicing serious stuff.

[6:00 PM] Laura Leff: Then finally it was Danny Kaye introducing Jack to Isaac Stern that made him get serious about the violin again.

[6:01 PM] Steve Archer: Scenes of the young Jack playing with Cora Salisbury would be fun - I wonder if she made him play her numbers, I remember finding some sheet music with her songs about prancing poodles.

[6:01 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - I have one about Lemons and Limes written by her.

[6:01 PM] Zach Eastman: @LauraLeff so making isaac the co star is a good idea for this idea then

[6:01 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - Definitely.

[6:02 PM] Zach Eastman: Ive learned a lot tonight

[6:02 PM] Laura Leff: Look up the passages in Jack's autobiography about him.  I had the honor of reading them to Stern (they start with "I just worship Stern."), and he was completely thunderstruck.

[6:02 PM] Steve Archer:

    File uploaded: poodlesonparade.jpg


[6:02 PM] Laura Leff: "I never knew he felt that way," he said.

[6:03 PM] Brad Strickland: Gee, wasn't that song in "Dumbo?"

[6:03 PM] Laura Leff: (Waiting for Brad to do a dog pun about the sheet music.)

[6:03 PM] Steve Archer: dog sheet?

[6:03 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Har har har har

[6:03 PM] Brad Strickland: I'm definitely off dogs after Trixie yanked me to the concrete this morning before daybreak.

[6:03 PM] Zach Eastman: I read those passages but ...

[6:03 PM] Zach Eastman: Never knew sterns reaction

[6:04 PM] Laura Leff: Yeah, look over the interview I did with him.  I think I captured it all there in the Times.

[6:04 PM] Zach Eastman: If i subscribe, can i get access to back issues

[6:04 PM] Laura Leff: Well, and look at Jack playing the Bach Double Violin concerto with Stern at the Carnegie Hall Salutes Jack Benny show.

[6:05 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - Absolutely.  I'm overdue for publishing 2006+, but the Stern interview is in 2000-2005 bound back issues.

[6:05 PM] Zach Eastman: Amazing

[6:05 PM] Zach Eastman: Incidentally, as i edit i am listening to the ray milland episode

[6:06 PM] Laura Leff: Jack Benny fans are very, very smart.  ;)

[6:06 PM] Zach Eastman: It has one of my favorite sketches

[6:06 PM] Laura Leff: Lost Weekend

[6:07 PM] Laura Leff: There's been quite a spirited discussion on the Facebook group about Jack's "best" sketches.

[6:07 PM] Zach Eastman: I can imagine

[6:07 PM] Laura Leff: Wow...over an hour in, and I haven't yet asked...who listened to the show for discussion tonight?

[6:07 PM] Steve Archer: I did Laura

[6:07 PM] Zach Eastman: What was the show

[6:08 PM] Laura Leff: 1/10/43 Fred Allen Texaco

[6:08 PM] Steve Archer: Fun to have the "summer hiatus" shows

[6:08 PM] Laura Leff: And it focuses plenty on Jack and the violin!

[6:08 PM] Brad Strickland: Off-track (that's the Aleve kicking in): I mentioned Joe Kearns. I heard a radio adaptation of an Alfred Hitchcock film (drugs prevent me from remembering which right now), and in it Joseph Kearns played . . . Alfred Hitchcock. Didn't sound anything like him, but back in the forties Hitchcock's voice probably wasn't as well-known as it was after the TV series came along.

[6:08 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: You can trust your car   To the man who wears the star   The big red Soviet star!

[6:08 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - Har har

[6:08 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: ^.^

[6:09 PM] Laura Leff: Is there any evidence of another character who is as annoying as Portland anywhere?

[6:10 PM] Brad Strickland: Fran Drescher's voice causes sterility in men. Well-known fact.

[6:10 PM] Laura Leff: Ah, good point.

[6:10 PM] Laura Leff: But that's more like Iris Adrian.

[6:10 PM] Steve Archer: Yeah, I think there is a storied history of irritating characters, but Portland needed to modulate that cartoon voice.

[6:11 PM] Laura Leff: Speaking of which, I think she has about as many fans as Steve Bradley's character on Jack's show.

[6:11 PM] Brad Strickland: Mary could do a . . . passable Portland voice. Jack was actually good as Allen.

[6:11 PM] Zach Eastman: I may be in the minority, but i enjoy Portland

[6:11 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - Forgive me for putting you on the spot, but explain that! :)

[6:11 PM] Steve Archer: I'm kinda with you Zach, I don't find her character all that irritating, just the voice.

[6:11 PM] Brad Strickland: Well, Portland's nice this time of year. Cool, little rain now and then, close to the ocean.

[6:12 PM] Steve Archer: Disdainful hipsters scowling at you for eating gluten....

[6:12 PM] Brad Strickland: Close to Gravity Falls, too, come to that.

[6:12 PM] Zach Eastman: Think of what she put up with every week with Allens adlibbing , the fact she could keep up with allen is beyond me

[6:12 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Har har har

[6:12 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - You know, that's a really good point!

[6:13 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I got a Lionel trolley car in the Portland paint scheme.  :D

[6:13 PM] Laura Leff: Mitch - I think we may have one of those in San Francisco as well!  ;)

[6:13 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Muni has all the cool trolleys nowadays.  :D

[6:14 PM] Brad Strickland: I recently played a forties PI for the Atlanta Radio Theatre: "It was raining in Seattle. I looked down from my office window at crowds of caffeine-addicted pedestrians sloshing through the sidewalks. The aromas of their exotic blends drifted up like the smell of fish at a processing plant...."

[6:14 PM] Laura Leff: I kept trying to find who the concertmaster of the NY Philharmonic in the 1942-43 season, but wasn't able to do so in time.

[6:14 PM] Brad Strickland: Didn't write it, just acted it.

[6:14 PM] Laura Leff: Oh, we lost Kathy.  Did she say she was leaving?

[6:14 PM] Steve Archer: Maybe she managed to get on a plane!

[6:14 PM] Brad Strickland: How do we tell who's on? I just have a bunch of little cartoony things in the upper right corner.

[6:15 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Oh, good point!

[6:15 PM] Brad Strickland: Never mind. Cicked on it, and there you are.

[6:15 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Kathy's still on the list.

[6:15 PM] Brad Strickland: CLicked

[6:15 PM] Laura Leff: Everyone's on the list, but those who are on have a little green dot.

[6:15 PM] Steve Archer: only the ones with green dots are actually here.

[6:15 PM] Brad Strickland: Man, am I messed up. Be seein' weird colors next. If Aleve does this to me, I'm glad I never tried hard drugs, like B.C. Powders.

[6:15 PM] Laura Leff: So what other thoughts on the show for tonight?

[6:15 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: For variable definitions of "all here".  :D

[6:16 PM] Zach Eastman: This has me convinced that i should make an OTR documentary at some point

[6:16 PM] Laura Leff: Guilty as charged.

[6:16 PM] Brad Strickland: I confess I didn't listen to it. With Barbara's knee surgery and being a househusband, caregiver, and cook (don't ask), I've been bus.

[6:16 PM] Steve Archer: You can always tell when other writers are writing Jack....

[6:16 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - You should.  The true version of "Radio Days."  Or the OTR version of "My Favorite Year."

[6:16 PM] Brad Strickland: Busy. BUSY. Not busted.

[6:17 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Not bussed?

[6:17 PM] Laura Leff: Brad - Of course.  It's the dog who busted you.

[6:17 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - Very true.

[6:17 PM] Brad Strickland: I could tell you horrible stories of what happens to a dog who has French-kissed a toad. It isn't pretty, and it involves lots of clean-up.

[6:17 PM] Steve Archer: He's doing Allen style gags, more wry, more wordplay than he'd ever do on the Benny show.

[6:17 PM] Zach Eastman: @LauraLeff nothing can replace radio days... Mine would be an homage to the actors forgotten

[6:18 PM] Laura Leff: I really enjoyed his ad-lib of (approximately) "If you're hoping someone in the audience will give you better lines, you'll be disappointed."

[6:18 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - I've got a short film for that time that could give you inspiration.  Trying to remember the name of it...

[6:18 PM] Steve Archer: and "we've got an egg to go with that pound of butter".  Fred's good.

[6:19 PM] Brad Strickland: Steve--Yes, and the other writers think it's fine just to say, "Cheap. Bad violinist. Toupee!" As Groucho once said, "The later writers knew my character. They just didn't know how to write funny things for my character."

[6:19 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: (adds tonight

[6:19 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: tonight's show to iTunes)

[6:19 PM] Laura Leff: Weekend in Hollywood, I believe.

[6:19 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Groucho made a pretty good fictional detective.

[6:20 PM] Laura Leff: Or lawyer.  Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel.

[6:20 PM] Steve Archer: Occasionally though in guest shots they use actual material from Benny shows.  I wonder if once in a while Jack brought in his writers to to some emergency triage on really bad material from other shows.

[6:21 PM] Laura Leff: Steve - I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.  Heck, Hal and Al were tasked with reworking old scripts in the 50s to come up with "new" shows.

[6:21 PM] Steve Archer: Probably a delicate balancing act so as not to offend the star of whatever show he was guesting on.

[6:21 PM] Brad Strickland: Back when I was in college (and Groucho was alive), I used to correspond with the mystery writer Ross Macdonald (really Kenneth Millar). In one of his books there's an elderly, poverty-stricken former banker who shuffls around and speaks "like a disillusioned comedian." For a short time there was movie interest in the book, and I suggested to Macdonald "that's a great role for Groucho Marx!" He agreed . . . but the movie wasn't made.

[6:21 PM] Laura Leff: Or offend his/her writing staff.

[6:22 PM] Steve Archer: Right.

[6:22 PM] Laura Leff: So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind tonight?

[6:22 PM] Laura Leff: And any recommendations for a show for next month?

[6:23 PM] Steve Archer: Let's do one of those really early shows.  Haven't dived into that pool in a while.

[6:23 PM] Brad Strickland: September, September . . . how about a show involving working folk in honor of Labor Day? Or a show about someone having a baby, same reason?

[6:23 PM] Steve Archer: The primordial Jack Benny.

[6:23 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: I'm reading this now:  http://tralfaz.blogspot.com/2011/11/why-kenny-baker-quit-jack-benny.html

[6:23 PM] Laura Leff: I should read that.  I get asked it a lot.

[6:24 PM] Brad Strickland: One gets the impression of some friction there at the parting of the ways.

[6:24 PM] Steve Archer: When I saw the headlines about the "other" Kenny Baker dying recently, I thought - wasn't he gone 30 years ago?

[6:24 PM] Laura Leff: Oh, I presume the R2D2 Kenny Baker

[6:24 PM] Steve Archer: Shows you I'm more a JB than R2D2 fan.

[6:24 PM] Brad Strickland: Oh, yes. R.I.P. R2D2.

[6:24 PM] Zach Eastman: I would love to talk Benny episode where rochester was lost at sea

[6:25 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Heh.  Now I'm envisioning Artoo Deetoo as a tenor...

[6:25 PM] Laura Leff: Aha!  Good thought...

[6:25 PM] Laura Leff: (Roch lost at sea)

[6:25 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Yes!  That was an interesting story...

[6:25 PM] Laura Leff: OK, done.

[6:25 PM] Brad Strickland: "Sing, R2." "Boop-beep-beedly-beep." "That droid drives me CRAZY."

[6:25 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: LOL

[6:25 PM] Zach Eastman: I know its based on a true story and would love to discuss the randomness of that particular episode

[6:26 PM] Laura Leff: You missed the pun.  "That droid drives me NUTS.  And BOLTS."

[6:26 PM] Laura Leff: Zach - Then we shall do that in September!

[6:26 PM] Zach Eastman: BOOM

[6:26 PM] Brad Strickland: Hey, babes, I'm all drugged up here.

[6:26 PM] Steve Archer: (thumbsup)

[6:26 PM] Laura Leff: OK, sounds like we had a good run this month.  Thanks all for navigating your way in here!  Hopefully easier next time.

[6:27 PM] Brad Strickland: Ahh. Got to go to a therapist tomorrow to have my rotator cuff attended to. This is more fun. Bye all!

[6:27 PM] R.Hookie: OK, good night, folks!

[6:27 PM] Steve Archer: All right, good night all, heal quickly Brad!

[6:27 PM] Zach Eastman: LAURA- sounds good. Ive got a lot of info for my film. Thanks everyone!

[6:28 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: 1950 DIEDT ROCHESTER SPECIALComic actor Eddie Anderson was most famous for his work as Rochester on the Jack Benny Show, but few knew him as a sports car enthusiast active in SCCA racing in the 1950s. Wanting a car that would be competitive on tracks but also street-legal, he hired noted race-car fabricator Emil Diedt to build this one-off special. Diedt was known for his work on Indy 500 cars such as Millers and Novis. This car is built on a tubular chassis and equipped with a 331-ci Cadillac V8, triple carburetors, and Alfa Romeo disc brakes. Anderson raced the car until the early 1960s then contracted to have it restored. The car changed hands twice before 1970, when it was abandoned on a flatbed trailer. In 2002 the car was rediscovered, and a complete restoration ensued. Today the original two-tone paint scheme is applied to the hand-formed aluminum body, and a 5-speed transmis­sion replaces the original 3-speed.

[6:28 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: http://co1000.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/1950-DIEDT-ROCHESTER-SPECIAL.jpg

[6:29 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vieilles_annonces/3208696434

[6:30 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Might make an interesting counterpoint to the "Lost at Sea" story...  :)

[6:30 PM] M. Mitchell Marmel: Nite all!