IJBFC Chat - February 7, 2016

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Brad from Georgia·4:53 PM

Gee, I hope I'm in the right place...dark tonight...no moon.

Hmm...I oughta mention Hans Conried. That usually attracts someone.

Sad week. We lost Bob Elliott of Bob and Ray. Always liked their surreal radio humor. Wish they'd done a bit about the Komodo dragon, though.


Laura Leff·5:00 PM

Hi folks!


Linda Cree·5:00 PM

Hi all!


Brad from Georgia·5:01 PM

Hi, Laura! Hi, all.


Graeme Cree·5:01 PM

It was 5 minute before the chat, and no announcement.  How do they expect people to be prepared?


Laura Leff·5:01 PM

How's everyone doing this evening?


Linda Cree·5:01 PM

Good.  How about you?


Brad from Georgia·5:01 PM

Studiously ignoring the Super Bowl, and how's yourself?


Laura Leff·5:01 PM

Sorry, I only just got home and we finished putting away the groceries.

It's Superb Owl Sunday!


Linda Cree·5:02 PM

Graeme is multitasking chess, super bowl and chat.


Brad from Georgia·5:02 PM

Ah, the majestic owls. Ron Weasley should've known that thing couldn't carry a package the size of a footstool. The poor thing.


Laura Leff·5:02 PM

People used to complain that the chat overlapped with the Super Bowl.  So last year I scheduled it on a later week, but I didn't see any appreciable uptake in attendance...


Laura Leff·5:02 PM

Hi Kay!


Katharine Lhota·5:02 PM

Hi Laura


Brad from Georgia·5:03 PM

Hello, Kay~


Linda Cree·5:03 PM



Katharine Lhota·5:03 PM

Hi Graeme and Linda


Linda Cree·5:03 PM

Glad to see you!


Katharine Lhota·5:03 PM

Thanks. I know it's been a long while


Graeme Cree·5:03 PM

Did we lose the crazy guy who thinks everyone hates Rochester except himself?


Katharine Lhota·5:03 PM



Laura Leff·5:03 PM

FWIW, before more people come on...I directly IMed the guy who was complaining about racism to better understand his concerns, but never heard back from him.


Katharine Lhota·5:04 PM

that figures


Laura Leff·5:04 PM

I haven't looked to see if he's still a member of the club.


Graeme Cree·5:04 PM

Not surprised.  It wasn't really intended to stand up to any kind of scrutiny.


Brad from Georgia·5:04 PM

I always admired Eddie Anderson's many talents, myself.


Laura Leff·5:04 PM

At first I thought he was a troll, but then saw the friends we had in common.


Graeme Cree·5:05 PM

I've got friends with crazy uncles.


Laura Leff·5:05 PM

So whatever.  Thanks for your understanding in sorting through that issue.


Graeme Cree·5:05 PM

(I've got crazy friends, but let's not get in to that.)


Brad from Georgia·5:05 PM

I haven't read the last month's transcript. Was that when all this brouhaha blew up? (Brouhaha? Ha-ha-ha, for all you Firesign Theatre fans)


Laura Leff·5:05 PM

Some people think I'm a crazy friend, but you can make your own judgement.

Brad - No, this was on a recent FB group post.


Graeme Cree·5:05 PM

I've got a high school friend who's one of the biggest trolls on alt.fan.Tolkien.


Laura Leff·5:06 PM

OMG, do they still have alt.*?


Brad from Georgia·5:06 PM

Ah. I'm always behind on Facebook. I find it eats up my time, so I ration myself to about fifteen minutes a day, unless I'm trying to find out what my kids are doing.


Laura Leff·5:06 PM

I remember those from my Bitnet days.

Brad - Ha...I get that.


Katharine Lhota·5:06 PM

I thought those old newsgroups were gone


Graeme Cree·5:06 PM

They're still there, but very few people use them.


Katharine Lhota·5:07 PM

I stopped using them once Facebook got big


Linda Cree·5:07 PM

Sort of like AOL.


Brad from Georgia·5:07 PM

Ah, memories. The old cathouse site, which eventually gave birth to snopes.com.


Katharine Lhota·5:07 PM



Graeme Cree·5:07 PM

You can access usenet from a web browser now.  For those two or three who want to.


Katharine Lhota·5:07 PM

LOL Graeme


Brad from Georgia·5:08 PM

So we lost Bob Elliott of Bob and Ray this week. I always liked their surreal humor on the radio. I just wish they'd done a sketch about the Komodo dragon.


Graeme Cree·5:08 PM

I had another friend who was the biggest troll on rec.games.chess.politics, but he was legitimately disturbed.  Sad story.


Katharine Lhota·5:08 PM

Graeme used to have a Bob and Ray website


Laura Leff·5:08 PM

I think Bob and Ray working with Jack would have been interesting.


Graeme Cree·5:08 PM

Still do, but it's a Bob & Ray front.  Not much Bob & Ray stuff there.


Katharine Lhota·5:08 PM

he certainly would have been supportive


Brad from Georgia·5:09 PM

They worked with Garrison Keillor, and after Ray's passing, Bob worked with Keillor on his own.


Laura Leff·5:09 PM

Say Brad, do you know everyone here?  Graeme and Linda seem to know Kay, and I know all of them, but figured I'd open if for an introduction if you don't know anyone.


Brad from Georgia·5:09 PM

No, I'

No, I'm probably new to them, too.

I'm only world-famous in Snellville.


Laura Leff·5:09 PM

Want to do a quick round of introductions?  Brad first?


Brad from Georgia·5:09 PM

If you please.


Laura Leff·5:10 PM

Go for it, Brad.


Graeme Cree·5:10 PM

Just tell us Carolina or Denver?


Brad from Georgia·5:11 PM

Oh, okay. I'm so modest...let's see, I'm a retired English professor, a novelist, and I cowrote the biography of Benny tribute actor Eddie Carroll with his widow, Carolyn Carroll.  And am a big Jack Benny fan.


Laura Leff·5:11 PM

Everyone else can be typing theirs while we wait...


Graeme Cree·5:11 PM

Since Don was from Denver, I suppose we should pull for them.


Laura Leff·5:11 PM

Carolina or Denver Omelettes?


Brad from Georgia·5:11 PM

I don't care. I stopped following football when I found out what they did to pigs.


Laura Leff·5:11 PM

OK, thanks.  Kay?


Katharine Lhota·5:12 PM

I'm from just of Boston. I know Graeme and Linda because we are old AOL friends.


Graeme Cree·5:12 PM

You can't not like Football or you can't appreciate the big games between Meatball and Flatfoot.


Katharine Lhota·5:12 PM

Graeme, I have missed you!LOL


Brad from Georgia·5:12 PM

Oh yes I can can't not like football.


Laura Leff·5:12 PM

I like football if it's being played by the Marx Bros.


Graeme Cree·5:12 PM

The Blue Fairy just carried 21 footballs over the goal line!!


Brad from Georgia·5:13 PM

Now, baseball's fine. The old horsehide. Horses hate me, so they deserve it.


Laura Leff·5:13 PM

Jack was a long-time devoted Dodgers fan.



Linda Cree·5:13 PM

Graeme and I are husband and wife and big Benny fans  We know Kay about 18 years but who's counting.


Brad from Georgia·5:14 PM

So was I, when I was little. I still have a baseball autographed by Duke Snider.


Katharine Lhota·5:14 PM

I was thinking that it is close to that, Linda. I met Graeme on AOL in 1997, and you about a year later


Graeme Cree·5:14 PM

Linda is only 22.


Linda Cree·5:14 PM



Laura Leff·5:14 PM

Hi Kathy!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:14 PM

happy superbowl, all


Kathy Fuller-Seeley joined the room


Linda Cree·5:15 PM



Katharine Lhota·5:15 PM

Happy back at you


Laura Leff·5:15 PM

Kathy - We were just doing introductions between Brad and the other folks.  I think you know everyone.


Brad from Georgia·5:15 PM

Kathy Fuller--the other one--used to be the dean at our college.


Laura Leff·5:15 PM

So who listened to the show for discussion tonight?  (Confession:  I didn't...)


Linda Cree·5:15 PM

Kathy is a neighbor of ours.


Laura Leff·5:15 PM



Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:15 PM

Hi Brad, I meant to tell you that the film, radio TV and media studies folks will be in downtown Atlanta March 31-April 4. Its called the SCMS conference


Graeme Cree·5:15 PM

I'm going to refer to the Broncos as Flatfoot, and the Panthers as Meatball.


Brad from Georgia·5:16 PM

I did! Yosemite, installment two.


Graeme Cree·5:16 PM

Flatfoot is up 13-7.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:16 PM

i LOVE The fact that Linda and Graeme live not 10 miles from me!!!


Katharine Lhota·5:16 PM

I haven't heard tonight's episode in some years


Brad from Georgia·5:16 PM

Kathy--wish I could go, but dang, it's pricey, and being retired I can't talk the University into footing the bill.


Laura Leff·5:16 PM

I say let's call them Huxley and Darwin.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:16 PM

I was hoping to be wearing a football uniform with lace, like Mary, for the game tonight


Linda Cree·5:17 PM

We have Benny chats at the local Applebee's with Kathy!


Laura Leff·5:17 PM

That sounds more like Babe's speed


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:17 PM

Brad, you can get in free to the talks, and I can lend you my badge to get into the book booths, thinking like a grad student, haha


Laura Leff·5:17 PM

Whatta great idea...


Katharine Lhota·5:17 PM

how fun, Linda!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:18 PM

Linda and Graeme, I got another copy of the George Burns tapes, so now I have the other tape, The one you digitized is WONDERFUL!!!


Linda Cree·5:18 PM

Great, Kathy!


Laura Leff·5:18 PM

Since we all are pretty deep Benny fans, I'm happy to throw open the conversation to any Benny topic tonight.


Linda Cree·5:18 PM

Great, Kathy!


Laura Leff·5:18 PM

If we are joined by a newbie, we may need to get less esoteric. Or not.  Let's see how it goes!


Brad from Georgia·5:18 PM

Then it's a date. Email me to remind me--bradstrickland27@gmail.com. At my age, I'm lucky I remembered THAT.


Laura Leff·5:19 PM

So what Benny-wise is on your mind tonight?

What's the latest on the book release, Kathy?


Graeme Cree·5:20 PM

Halftime.  Flatfoot is still up by 6.  They usually aren't ahead until the last second.


Katharine Lhota·5:20 PM

good to know, Graeme


Brad from Georgia·5:20 PM

Well, first of all, if Jack were alive today, he'd NEVER book rooms at the Ahwahnee. When we visited, a fried egg for breakfast was twelve dollars. For an egg. Without the chicken, even. When we were up on Glacier Point, the ranger told us a glacier had carved out the valley a hundred thousand years ago, creating the most majestic scenery in North America. I said, "Just so they can charge twelve dollars for a lousy fried egg."


Laura Leff·5:20 PM

Kathy - Also wanted to ask you if Variety listed the week-over-week ratings.  I've never looked at their issues past vaudeville listings.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:21 PM

Brad, my most favorite Kathy Fuller was head of the World Wildlife Fund, and she/we/I have an ant named after us : )


Brad from Georgia·5:21 PM



Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:21 PM

Laura, let me look for ratings. They might be in Broadcasting or one of the other journals on the digital media history website. variety might have them


Steve Archer joined the room


Brad from Georgia·5:22 PM

I was listening to the show in my car. I had to pull over when Don gave the recipe for the cherry Jell-O and stuffed olive dish for George Washington's birthday.


Laura Leff·5:22 PM

Hi Steve!


Brad from Georgia·5:22 PM



Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:22 PM

yummmmm, Brad, have you no faith in the restorative powers of Jello, no matter how bizarre?


Linda Cree·5:22 PM

Hi Steve!


Graeme Cree·5:23 PM

Jack didn't stay at the Ahwahnee.  He used the Sweet Leilani Auto Court.


Steve Archer·5:23 PM

Hi All!


Katharine Lhota·5:23 PM

I tried the JELLO snow recipe last summer where you whip the jello when it gets syrupy


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:23 PM

I collect bizarre Jello recipes, most of the worst involve tuna or canned salmon in the mix


Laura Leff·5:23 PM

Kathy - I think i've seen the top 10 in Broadcasting, but it was limited in the issues I saw.

Kay - How was it?


Linda Cree·5:24 PM

Pasta in Jell-O was one of the grossest I've seen.


Brad from Georgia·5:24 PM

Seriously, as I listened to Jack's drive to the lodge, I kept thinking, "They got all the turns right!" I remembered crossing the bridge, then the two turns to get to the place.


Steve Archer·5:24 PM

that sounds...mushy Linda


Katharine Lhota·5:24 PM

I should have chilled it longer, but it ended up layered, which reminded me of a 60's variation called 1-2-3


Laura Leff·5:24 PM

I have to go up there some time.  And bring my own eggs.


Brad from Georgia·5:24 PM

The pasta I might be able to tolerate. The meatballs are beyond the pale.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:24 PM

eeek, unless cooked al dente, you'd have a mess


Steve Archer·5:24 PM

I once tried some kind of shortcut tomato aspic using lemon Jell-O.  Not recommended.


Laura Leff·5:24 PM

Kay - Yeah!  I loved 1-2-3!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:25 PM

I was the QUEEN of 123, first thing I actually made as a kid


Laura Leff·5:25 PM

Same here.


Brad from Georgia·5:25 PM

Steve--I did that too. I like tomato aspic a lot, but I didn't like whatever it was I made.


Laura Leff·5:25 PM

You had to stand there and whip it on high for like 8 minutes...made the arm tired.


Katharine Lhota·5:25 PM

for strawberry foamy jello, layered was not bad! Especially on a hot august day!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:25 PM

I think we should put together a Benny Memorial book of Regrettable Jello dishes


Katharine Lhota·5:25 PM

LOL Kathy


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:25 PM

or website link, you know....


Brad from Georgia·5:26 PM

Barbara was talking tonight about making a Jell-O dish she hasn't made in years--strawberry, with pineapple and pecans and a layer in which the water is replaced by sour cream.


Laura Leff·5:26 PM

Yeah...I can post them on the IJBFC page.


Brad from Georgia·5:26 PM

Don would go nuts.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:26 PM

many of the most bizarre in my collection come from Wisconsin and Minnesota

Brad, my mother in law makes that, with crushed pretzels....


Laura Leff·5:26 PM

I can look in the old Times from the early 90s for my roommate's "poison Jell-O" recipes...but they're far from regrettable.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:27 PM

oh, there's a 50s canned food website called "regrettable food." I was plagiarizing...


Brad from Georgia·5:27 PM

Ah, Minnesota, land of the hot-dish and the bars. Betcha some of the Jell-0 recipes had lutefisk in them.


Laura Leff·5:27 PM

They love Jell-O in St. Joe


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:27 PM



Linda Cree·5:27 PM

I don't want anything except fruit in my Jell-O.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:28 PM

they made vegetable flavor jello in the 60s, for all the "savory" salads


Laura Leff·5:28 PM

Canned fruit cocktail!


Katharine Lhota·5:28 PM

My Mother in law had the cutest story about her frustration at not getting JELLO to gel, Not until after she was married a few years, and my Father In Law discovered that she would set the JELLO in the pantry, not in the refrigerator


Linda Cree·5:28 PM



Steve Archer·5:28 PM

There's a pretty good history of Jell-O book


Brad from Georgia·5:28 PM

One day long ago I was rummaging for a snack in the fridge and found a little ramekin of Jell-O that had been there a long time. I ate it. First time I ever had to chew the stuff, but I ate it.


Laura Leff·5:28 PM

When I was fairly young, I tried a quick-set Jell-O recipe that used crushed ice.  It didn't set up, and my father punished me by making me write lines.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:28 PM

great story, Katharine!!!! There is a Don Wilson commercial where he talks about gelling Jello by putting it in the bucket and down the well...

my jello always came out lumpy, and my brothers would tease me about it


Laura Leff·5:29 PM

I'm not sure if that was Jell-O or algae...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:29 PM



Linda Cree·5:29 PM



Brad from Georgia·5:29 PM

I always used a wire whisk and ice cubes to start the setting process.


Katharine Lhota·5:29 PM

I remember making the ice cube quick JELLO in my home ec cooking class in 1971


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:29 PM

Brad you are a gourmet : )


Laura Leff·5:30 PM

Man, now you're all going to make me go make Jell-O tonight if I have any...


Steve Archer·5:30 PM

some post-Jack Jell-O slogans: 1995 "It's Alive" (!)


Katharine Lhota·5:30 PM



Brad from Georgia·5:30 PM

Now, when I was a kid my Mom would make Jell-O occasionally, but more often she'd make Royal pudding. I hated it.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:30 PM

and sadly, no one has time to make jello anymore, hence they try all these pre-made cups and containers


Steve Archer·5:30 PM

1971 "Tastes as good as it wobbles"


Laura Leff·5:30 PM

I think most of you have heard that I became addicted to it when I was about halfway through writing Volume 1 of 39 Forever Second Edition


Katharine Lhota·5:30 PM



Laura Leff·5:30 PM

Kathy - Yeah, I don't understand that either.


Steve Archer·5:31 PM

1978 "Jell-O is thrilling, not filling"


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:31 PM

I TOTALLY understand, Laura


Brad from Georgia·5:31 PM

Ever made Jell-O with soda water instead of still water? With Vodka?


Laura Leff·5:31 PM

Jell-O:  Brings you up when you're low, calms you down when you're tense.


Steve Archer·5:31 PM

and my favorite half-hearted endorsement from 1970, "If it was there, you'd eat it"


Katharine Lhota·5:31 PM

My problem with JELLO is that you have to make it four hours before you are hungry for it!


Laura Leff·5:31 PM

Brad - Booze...that's the poison Jell-O recipe.


Brad from Georgia·5:31 PM

Jell-O for the smile of happiness.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:31 PM

Its all about the amazing Don Wilson, thank goodness he did not use that language selling cigarettes or napalm!


Laura Leff·5:31 PM

Steve - I guess Brad proved that...


Steve Archer·5:32 PM



Laura Leff·5:32 PM

Four out of five doctors eat Jell-O


Linda Cree·5:32 PM

I found a Jell-O recipe online, substituting Coke for water, which I'm going to try.


Brad from Georgia·5:32 PM

My college roommate used to inject Vodka into watermelons. Never touched the stuff myself.


Laura Leff·5:32 PM

Cola Jell-O!


Linda Cree·5:32 PM



Katharine Lhota·5:32 PM

Last week I tried to watch "Broadway Melody of 1936" on the TCM app on my phone. It froze and I was listening to Don Wilson without being able to see him.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:32 PM

ooh, Linda, share that one with me! yum maybe with cherries too


Laura Leff·5:32 PM

Brad - There was a fuzzy navel Jell-O that used peach schnapps and vodka instead of some of the water.


Brad from Georgia·5:32 PM

I have, believe it or not, had Cherry Cola Jell-O in a mom and pop restaurant.


Linda Cree·5:33 PM

Yes, they suggest that, Kathy.

I'll send you the recipe.


Laura Leff·5:33 PM

Brad - I believe it!


Steve Archer·5:33 PM

From "Jell-O: A Biography" ...commercial gelatin makers begin by grinding up bones and cutting up skin and hides obtained from slaughterhouses and meat packers, and tanneries.  if properly pretreated, even shoes and purses can be recycled into dessert.


Laura Leff·5:33 PM

I want the whipped recipe...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:33 PM

Hey Laura, have you ever approached the Jello Museum in upstage New York, near Buffalo? I wonder if they have any Benny stuff


Laura Leff·5:34 PM

Steve - Is that what I need to do with my worn-out shoes...


Brad from Georgia·5:34 PM

Heck, I knew that, Steve. My wife objects 'cause when I make Jell-O, I chill it in old shoes.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:34 PM

Steve, you are right, makes it non kosher, a double laugh for Benny?


Steve Archer·5:34 PM

Jell-O a la Addidas


Laura Leff·5:34 PM

Kathy - You know, I haven't.  But General Foods was one of the larger sponsors of our convention in 2003!

Kate Spade Jell-O


Linda Cree·5:34 PM

Do they use plastic or metal tip laces in the Jell-O?


Brad from Georgia·5:34 PM

Wait a minute--can't you serve shoes if you don't have dairy on the same table?


Laura Leff·5:35 PM

Oil or acrylic Jell-O


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:35 PM

well lets get GF involved again, the jello museum has an AWESOME website, and I bet they would love to work with us!


Laura Leff·5:35 PM

Kathy - I like your thinking!  Do you have a contact there?


Graeme Cree·5:35 PM

jello.com doesn't even mention Jack.

kraft-jello - Kraft Recipes www.kraftrecipes.com

Creamy pudding goodness is squished between crunchy graham crackers to make Frozen Grahammy Sammies. Get the recipe!


Brad from Georgia·5:35 PM

If I shaved, I'd look a lot like Don Wilson nowadays. Maybe I could talk to them.


Steve Archer·5:35 PM

After washing, these materials are soaked in acid and/or lime, then washed again until all the fat, hair, skin, and other nongelatin stuff has either disintegrated or floated  away in wastewater that, on a hot day...well, let's just say P.U.


Laura Leff·5:36 PM

In sorting the clippings, I've been enjoying some of the corny cartoons of Jack in the Jell-O ads.


Brad from Georgia·5:36 PM

Now, that means that lutefisk would be right at home in the stuff.

Grahammy Sammies. Sounds like something Phil would sing about.


Laura Leff·5:37 PM

I'm not usually big on squished food...


Brad from Georgia·5:37 PM

Way down south in Alabammy, mammy's makin' grahammy sammies...


Steve Archer·5:37 PM

Jell-O's 2016 slogan "so packed with fruit flavor, you can't taste the shoes and hair"


Laura Leff·5:37 PM

Sounds like a sidekick for Rochester...


Linda Cree·5:37 PM

Here's the Cherry Cola Jell-O website, Kathy:  http://www.somethingswanky.com/cherry-coke-jello/

Thumbnail image


Cherry Coke Jello - Something Swanky www.somethingswanky.com

So easy and simple with so many fun variations!


Brad from Georgia·5:37 PM

Now I'm craving it.


Katharine Lhota·5:37 PM

oh, that does look good!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:37 PM

hey, they seem easy to contact at the jello museum. I will give it a try


Laura Leff·5:37 PM

When the deeeeeeep purple Jell-O...

Kathy - Cool, thanks!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:38 PM

yummmm on that jello!


Brad from Georgia·5:38 PM

If the Scouts made grahammy sammies, I think they'd be called "No Smores."


Laura Leff·5:38 PM

Don't know that I'd exactly term it "swanky," but...



Linda Cree·5:38 PM



Steve Archer·5:38 PM

The Jell-O book has recipes for Raspberry Chicken and Jell-O Guacamole.


Brad from Georgia·5:39 PM



Laura Leff·5:39 PM

I'm not sure I can exactly describe the look of horror on my face on reading that


Steve Archer·5:39 PM



Brad from Georgia·5:40 PM

"You make chicken with guacamole and Jell-O?" "Si." "How--how is it?" "So-so." "So-so?" "Si."


Laura Leff·5:40 PM

Did they have some hard drugs in the Jell-O test kitchens?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:40 PM

we can have a special hall of horrors on the jello page


Steve Archer·5:40 PM

I should clarify that "Raspberry Chicken" and "Jell-O Guacamole" are two separate recipes.


Laura Leff·5:40 PM

I made a note to myself to do something with the idea.

Steve - In the words of Rochester:  "Oh.  Ohhh.  OHHHHHHH."


Katharine Lhota·5:40 PM

oh, that SI reminds me-- I introduced Jack Benny and Mel Blanc to my son Daniel's friend Lensey. He has Mel Blanc's scream from the Christmas TV episode as his ringtone


Graeme Cree·5:41 PM

I suppose Jack didn't have a favorite delicious flavor.


Katharine Lhota·5:41 PM

and he tries to do Jack Benny's voice and hand gestures.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:41 PM

Undescendened Twinkies is a special dish,,,, twinkies sunk halfway in jello


Laura Leff·5:41 PM

Kay - I think I've heard that ringtone!


Graeme Cree·5:41 PM

They seemed to avoid plugging any flavor at the expense of others.


Laura Leff·5:41 PM

"Now what?  NOW WHAT?!?!?!"


Brad from Georgia·5:41 PM

It's OK, Steve. While my son and daughter-in-law were battling the elements in Kona, we had to keep their dog for a whole week, and last night he would NOT shut up and go to sleep. I'm woozy from lack of sack time.


Graeme Cree·5:41 PM

Anybody know what the most popular one was/is?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:42 PM

Prince! stupid dog...


Katharine Lhota·5:42 PM

Yes, Lensey recorded that at my House to use as his ringtone. His goes, "Now what? Now What? ---- AHHHHH!


Brad from Georgia·5:42 PM

Undescended Twinkies? Wouldn't those be Prairie Oysters in Jell-O?


Laura Leff·5:42 PM

Do you have to stand the Twinkies on end?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:42 PM

yes Brad, in Twinkie form

you sink the Twinkies halfway down, its in a Jane and Michael Stern cookbook, I will scan the page and post to our facebook group


Laura Leff·5:43 PM

(An uncomfortable hush falls over the crowd)


Katharine Lhota·5:43 PM



Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:43 PM

hey Laura, did you mention an upcoming Benny confab>


Graeme Cree·5:43 PM

This page says the most popular flavors are Cherry, Lime, Strawberry, Berry Blue, and Tropical Fusion.  Have my doubts about whether those last two exist at all.


Laura Leff·5:43 PM

At least they weren't sinking Lucky Strikes halfway down in Jell-O


Brad from Georgia·5:43 PM

I've still got Jack playing "Love in Bloom" saved on my computer, and when I get my new smartphone, I'm going to transfer it over as my ringtone. I've missed it. It's the main reason I'm ditching my iPhone and going with an Android one. Well, that, and I hate trying to get apps from the Apple store.


Katharine Lhota·5:44 PM



Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:44 PM

blue jello, 100 years in the making!


Laura Leff·5:44 PM

Who says there is no blue food?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:44 PM

I could put a filter on a Twinkie and make it look like a very round, full and fully packed Lucky


Graeme Cree·5:45 PM

Been reading Fred's book.  His own comments are great, and the excerpts from his shows are lousy.  And these are ones he picked as the best.


Brad from Georgia·5:45 PM

She ate blue....Jell-O....bluer than Jell-O were her eyes....


Laura Leff·5:45 PM

Maybe carve a sno-ball on the end of it

Jack's eyes are bluer than the Berry Blue Jell-O that doesn't exist...


Brad from Georgia·5:45 PM

I've downloaded it (hope that's kosher) and am looking forward to reading it, but two of my fellow Georgia novelists have asked me to proofread/edit their books for them.


Laura Leff·5:45 PM

Kathy - That's one I'd be willing to tear and compare.


Linda Cree·5:45 PM

Nice, Brad.  You could have been Benny's tenor.


Katharine Lhota·5:46 PM

Which Fred book are you reading, Graeme?


Brad from Georgia·5:46 PM

Hah. With my voice I couldn't even be a fiver.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:46 PM

haha Laura, I spot a fellow secret Twinkie admirer


Graeme Cree·5:46 PM



Katharine Lhota·5:46 PM



Laura Leff·5:46 PM

Kathy - I always preferred the Hostess cupcakes.

I thought you meant Fred deCordova...


Brad from Georgia·5:47 PM

Ah, nuts, I was thinking of the wrong book...I used to live near a Twinkie factory.


Katharine Lhota·5:47 PM

I have Fred Allen's book "Much Ado about Me"


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:47 PM

I was a Hostess Hohos girl, loved to nibble off the choc frosting then unroll it


Brad from Georgia·5:47 PM

Everything smelled like vanilla.


Laura Leff·5:47 PM

Kathy - But I think now that I'm Jewish, I can't eat them...

I think "Much Ado About Me" is a much better book.


Brad from Georgia·5:48 PM

"Treadmill," as I remember it, has a very sour tone.


Laura Leff·5:48 PM

Even though it is unfinished...


Katharine Lhota·5:48 PM

Oh, that reminds me! I saw two Drakes Cake commercials today. I don't think they've done commercials in over 40 years


Laura Leff·5:48 PM

Brad - Agreed.


Graeme Cree·5:48 PM

It's got some good stories.


Brad from Georgia·5:49 PM

You know, I think I actually read that in high school? Got it from the Hall County Library. Didn't it have little line cartoons of Fred as chapter heads?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:49 PM

so, would the Benny facebook page be OK with some great old Fred Allen articles? He wrote some fab stuff in Variety and magazines in the 30s and 40s


Linda Cree·5:49 PM

On Benny, I've read Josefsberg's and Joan's book and now I'm reading Mary's.


Laura Leff·5:49 PM

Kathy - Sure...I'm OK with that!

Linda - Oh I'm so sorry to hear that.


Katharine Lhota·5:49 PM

All of those books are good, but Milt Josefsberg's was my favorite]


Laura Leff·5:50 PM

Josefsberg is definitely the best read, and Irving's is the most accurate.


Graeme Cree·5:50 PM

It's Hilliard's book.  All through it I kept thinking "Mary couldn't have written this".  Approved it, sure.


Laura Leff·5:50 PM

She didn't.


Brad from Georgia·5:50 PM

Started to say I liked Irving's.


Laura Leff·5:50 PM

It's really Marcia Borie's book.


Katharine Lhota·5:50 PM

I reemember seeing her on Dinah Shore's talk show to promote the book


Laura Leff·5:50 PM

The only contributions from Mary and Hickey are the direct quotes from them.


Graeme Cree·5:51 PM

I assumed she just wrote up their stories.


Linda Cree·5:51 PM

After that, Gracie: A Love Story is next.


Katharine Lhota·5:51 PM

all good!


Laura Leff·5:51 PM

I won't quote Joan's exact words about Hickey's state at the time the book was created, but suffice it to say that his info needed to be much more strongly fact-checked.


Steve Archer·5:51 PM

Gracie is a great read Linda


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:51 PM

well, you can't blame them for trying to fill the demand for Benny books. Its pretty amazing that there have not been MORE!


Laura Leff·5:51 PM

Gracie:  A Love Story is a fabulous book!


Graeme Cree·5:51 PM

We noticed that in that Final Jell-O show story.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:52 PM

George Burns (even if he had help) wrote great stuff!


Brad from Georgia·5:52 PM

Hmm. No names, but I once heard a Georgia politician on a radio show promoting a book he'd "written." It was obvious he hadn't even READ it. Coincidentally, later I met the fellow who actually wrote it. I asked him "How much did Mr. X do or the writing?" and he told me, "His name on my check."


Graeme Cree·5:52 PM

Okay, halftime over, and Meatball has the ball.


Laura Leff·5:52 PM

Graeme - And we finally got to the bottom of Jack's New York address, which is wrong in the book and sent one of our members into a bit of a research tizzy...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:52 PM

what's the score on the Puppy Bowl?


Linda Cree·5:52 PM

As long as it is okay, I have some great Fred stuff to post.


Graeme Cree·5:52 PM

13-7, Meatball.

Sorry, Flatfoot.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:53 PM

Linda, you are a FABULOUS researcher!


Brad from Georgia·5:53 PM

No wonder my Christmas cards to Jack always came back.


Linda Cree·5:53 PM

Thanks, Kathy!


Laura Leff·5:53 PM

Linda - Go for it!  Fred and Jack are pretty related.

Brad - Har har


Katharine Lhota·5:53 PM

yes, I will want to see what you've got!


Linda Cree·5:53 PM



Graeme Cree·5:53 PM

45 yard completion for Meatball.


Katharine Lhota·5:54 PM

come now, Graeme! I have the game on behind me.


Laura Leff·5:54 PM

As I was alluding to Victoria Gordon recently, I know that the Jack Benny Fan Club is also, effectively, the Eddie Anderson Fan Club, the Phil Harris Fan Club, the Fred Allen Fan Club, the Frank Nelson Fan Club, etc.


Steve Archer·5:54 PM

The Shirley Herman fan club


Graeme Cree·5:54 PM

So, what did Harry Baldwin actually do?


Laura Leff·5:54 PM

Steve - There ya go...


Graeme Cree·5:54 PM

As a secretary, that is?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:54 PM

that's one of the wonderful things about IJBFC!


Laura Leff·5:54 PM

Harry Baldwin was Jack's secretary

Oh, keeping Jack's schedule, doing correspondence, writing checks, etc.


Graeme Cree·5:55 PM

What did he do?  Make appointments?  Travel arrangements?


Laura Leff·5:55 PM

Kathy:   :)


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:55 PM

Harry's scripts, which are the ones I read at UCLA, show him following Jack around, taking notes at rehearsals about business, contracts and script


Brad from Georgia·5:55 PM

The book I've been reading lately is "Slim Chances and Unscheduled Appearances," by the British actor Edward Petherbridge. Well, listening to it--I couldn't afford the book price, but the audiobook was cheap. It's an illuminating book about life on the British stage.


Laura Leff·5:55 PM

Graeme - Whatever Jack needed him to do as a personal assistant.


Graeme Cree·5:56 PM

And nobody knows what happened to him?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:56 PM

Graeme, I think you got it, he's the Man Friday that Rochester would later portray


Laura Leff·5:56 PM

Kathy - Exactly.  You probably noticed that some pages even have notes on the amounts paid to the various supporting actors.


Katharine Lhota·5:56 PM

I see.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:56 PM

I saw that he got drafted


Laura Leff·5:56 PM

Graeme - He was drafted.


Linda Cree·5:56 PM

Did he actually type the script?


Laura Leff·5:56 PM



Graeme Cree·5:56 PM

He didn't come back to the show.  Bill Morrow didn't either, but I know he worked for Bing later.


Linda Cree·5:56 PM

I didn't think so.


Laura Leff·5:56 PM

That was done by the agency, or sometimes the network.


Katharine Lhota·5:56 PM

The scripts were typed, and he notated them after?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:57 PM

I think some "script girl" paid by the ad agency typed and mimeographed the scripts


Katharine Lhota·5:57 PM

and up to air time, things got penciled


Laura Leff·5:57 PM

One of our members worked for CBS, and was involved in typing some of the later scripts.  Whenever you see BB at the bottom of a page, that's her.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:57 PM

anybody remember the hassles of making mimeographs, esp of multi pages? ah the smell and purple ink on your hands


Steve Archer·5:57 PM

Not Rochester dipping the typewriter ribbon in grape juice?  Illusions shattered.


Katharine Lhota·5:57 PM



Laura Leff·5:57 PM

Steve - Good one.



Linda Cree·5:58 PM

I heard Jack would sometimes make last minute changes, so I guess everyone had a manually changed script.


Laura Leff·5:58 PM

Chunk-chunk-chunk (sound of the machine)


Brad from Georgia·5:58 PM

Just did a quick Google, and evidently Harry Baldwin later became a sugar-cane magnate in Hawaii and then a famous British cricketeer. Of course, it may not be the same Harry.


Laura Leff·5:58 PM

Yes, they'd just make notes in their copy.


Linda Cree·5:58 PM



Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:58 PM

from what I can tell, numerous last minute changes that every one would have to pencil in


Graeme Cree·5:58 PM

Did Kenny go into the service?  He should have been young enough to be drafted.


Laura Leff·5:58 PM



Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:58 PM

but NOT to surprise Jack with "who do you think I am, Dreer Poosen?"


Laura Leff·5:59 PM

I wonder how much of those were changes between East and West Coast shows.


Katharine Lhota·5:59 PM

no, Kenny went to Fred Allen and did Broadway in 1942 "One Touch of Venus" with Mary Martin


Brad from Georgia·5:59 PM

I recall mimeograph machines, which we used in teaching. You'd get high off the alcohol smell if you were running off a midterm or final.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·5:59 PM

Gosh I wish I had found west coast shows, I found a couple different west coast commercials


Laura Leff·5:59 PM

And "The Big Store" with the Marx Bros if I recall correctly


Graeme Cree·5:59 PM

I know, but he could have been drafted even on Fred's show.  That's not enough of a hardship to excuse him.


Brad from Georgia·6:00 PM

Good one, Graeme.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:00 PM

maybe his manager Mervyn Leroy, fixed it


Linda Cree·6:00 PM

I recall Jack saying in one episode that the cast is surprised because this line was in my script and not in there's.


Steve Archer·6:00 PM

I vaguely recall hearing there needed to be a record copy of the script "as aired" including ad-libs to account for any kerfuffles - thus why the "Dreer Pooson" is penciled in.  Is that true?


Graeme Cree·6:00 PM

Meatball's FG try is no good.


Katharine Lhota·6:00 PM

Great, now I can hear Kenny Baker singing "Waiting For Our Wooden Wedding" stuck in my head!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:01 PM

Kenny's Begin the Beguine is great!


Brad from Georgia·6:01 PM

Am I misremembering, or was there one show where someone ad-libbed and Jack snapped, "Show me where that is in the script!"


Katharine Lhota·6:01 PM

oh, I like Kenny Baker's singing.


Laura Leff·6:01 PM

Steve - I know that Fred Allen's shows were kept by the network (now in the Library of Congress) as self-protection


Graeme Cree·6:01 PM

We've got all of his songs from Jack's show on .mp3


Linda Cree·6:01 PM

Me too, Kay!


Graeme Cree·6:01 PM

Well, surviving ones, at least.


Laura Leff·6:01 PM

There's a notation of a show being "As Broadcast"


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:01 PM

yes Brad, I LOVE the times when Benny breaks the fourth wall and talks about the script!


Katharine Lhota·6:02 PM

I wish there were more from the Johnny Green era.


Steve Archer·6:02 PM

that's what I was getting at Laura


Laura Leff·6:02 PM

I wish there was more of 1935 available...


Graeme Cree·6:02 PM

I like his Umbrella Man.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:02 PM

well, soon we will have scripts if not recordings : )


Brad from Georgia·6:02 PM

Someone--Mel, I think--did an ad-lib and Benny said, "Well, that's funnier than what's written here." Sometimes he sounded irked, though.


Laura Leff·6:02 PM

Kathy - Hallelujah!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:02 PM

same thing when Bob Hope was on the show


Katharine Lhota·6:02 PM



Laura Leff·6:03 PM

Brad - Oh he sounded downright angry at Larry Adler once!


Brad from Georgia·6:03 PM

Might have been Bob when he said "Show me where that is." Yes, I remember his being waspish with Larry Adler!


Katharine Lhota·6:03 PM

Oh, I just thought of a question, but I don't know Laura, if anyone has ever looked into it!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:03 PM

Jack was a control freak with his scripts, he jumped on anyone who missed a beat or line, I admire that he was such an involved director as performer


Graeme Cree·6:03 PM

Which was the year when the guest star talked too long and he didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the audience for the summer?


Laura Leff·6:03 PM

Kay - Go for it, Kay!

Giselle once told me a story about him berating her for being "a TENTH of a second off!"


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:04 PM

great story, Laura!


Katharine Lhota·6:04 PM

My Dad was in the Army and in CZ in 1945. I know that Jack Benny played there but I don't have the date. I know that when Bob Hope played in CZ, my Dad played piano for him


Laura Leff·6:04 PM

Graeme - I'd have to look it up.


Linda Cree·6:04 PM

"You used to be the cream in my coffee, but now you're just grounds for divorce." (The Bob Hope Show with Jack.)


Graeme Cree·6:05 PM

Flatfoot is driving...


Brad from Georgia·6:05 PM

I remember Jimmy Stewart's drawling wind-up to "Bend in the River" sort of fading out as they ran out of time.


Laura Leff·6:05 PM

I just don't groove much on the Bob Hope Shows...


Graeme Cree·6:05 PM

They're not that good.


Laura Leff·6:05 PM

Hope's stuff ages about like Milton Berle's.


Brad from Georgia·6:05 PM

"Put the Saddle on the Stove, Ma, I'm Ridin' the Range Tonight." One of Phil's titles for filler music.


Graeme Cree·6:05 PM

Bob is good, his cast is so-so.  And honestly, Bob's jokes are AWFUL.  His delivery makes them sound funny.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:06 PM

Graeme, your updates make me laugh, thinking about Benny's parody of football movies, and how much Jack liked to attend USC and Rosebowl games


Laura Leff·6:06 PM

Oh wait...maybe there's a reason for that...

His delivery makes them sound like HE thinks they're funny.


Graeme Cree·6:06 PM

"Right now, there are so many television antennas in Los Angeles that the smog is coming in shredded."  That's a Bob Hope style joke.


Brad from Georgia·6:06 PM

I can't listen to Bob Hope radio shows, and I can't listen even more to Berle's. I wince at Bob's, but cringe at Berle's.


Laura Leff·6:07 PM

Was watching the color Berle TV special once, and...sigh...I'd rather not talk about it...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:07 PM

gosh I am not a Hope fan, and I put my foot in my mouth by telling a PBS producer that I didn't much like Richard Zoglin's recent Hope biography either. GUESS WHO I had to work with on a spec script of a Bob Hope bio for American Masters on PBS? doh!!!!


Graeme Cree·6:07 PM

It was funny hearing Jack try to imitate Bob and pick up his tempo.  He couldn't do it as fast as Bob, but a lot faster than he usually did.

Field Goal Flatfoot.


Laura Leff·6:07 PM

Kathy - Oh man, yikes.


Brad from Georgia·6:08 PM

I will admit that when I was a wee little nipper I liked Arnold Stang as one of Berle's supporting actors.


Laura Leff·6:08 PM

But Dennis Day did a KILLER Jerry Colonna!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:08 PM

if I can possibly do a stupid thing, you can count on me...


Katharine Lhota·6:08 PM

He sure did!


Laura Leff·6:08 PM

Oh, if you don't love Arnold Stang, then there's something wrong with you.


Brad from Georgia·6:08 PM

And Don Wilson and Dennis did a very passable Laurel and Hardy.


Graeme Cree·6:08 PM

They said people thought it was the real Colonna.  It was good, but it was CLEARLY Dennis.

Now his Titus Moody is harder to tell from the real thing.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:08 PM

Dennis is not credited enough as a GREAT mimic


Katharine Lhota·6:09 PM

It was funny when Mary Livingston got as far in the song "I couldn't sleep a wink last night--"


Laura Leff·6:09 PM

Brad - Yes, they did!

Graeme - I heard that story as well...I think it was said that Colonna's own family thought it was him!


Brad from Georgia·6:09 PM

Dennis did a spot-on Ronald Colman, too.


Katharine Lhota·6:09 PM

what a talent


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:09 PM

and not a bad Winston Churchill, hahaha


Graeme Cree·6:10 PM

His Colman wasn't as good as his Colonna or his Moody.


Laura Leff·6:10 PM

I think that was Frankie Fontaine doing Churchill


Graeme Cree·6:10 PM

I could tell who he was trying to do, but I'd never mistake it for the real thing.

Now, I liked Jack's Fred better than Peter Lind Hayes'.


Brad from Georgia·6:10 PM

Mel Blanc: "Dah, you t'ought it was da door, but the folks in Canoog--Cano--Canoga know it was me!" Jack. "Not with THAT reading, they don't."


Laura Leff·6:10 PM

Oh, absolutely.


Katharine Lhota·6:10 PM

I love Dennis as Hitler and Hirohito arguing over baseball in the new years play for 1944


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:11 PM

Jack did a GREAT Fred Allen, and Jack did few other imitations


Laura Leff·6:11 PM

I never thought Hayes was that great.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:11 PM

although Jack


Graeme Cree·6:11 PM

I liked the commercial where Don did six different accents.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:11 PM

excuse me, although Jack


Laura Leff·6:11 PM

Now Dick Cavett does a phenomenal Fred Allen...


Brad from Georgia·6:11 PM

I always wondered if Jack really did a sight gag-clothespin on his nose--when he imitated Allen.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:11 PM

grrrr jack doing charlie chan makes me laugh


Graeme Cree·6:11 PM

And threw in a 7th for free (You like velly much?)


Linda Cree·6:12 PM

I love Jack's Fred Allen skits.


Laura Leff·6:12 PM

There's a wonderful middle commercial on the Jack in Paris episode with Don playing his own French cousin.

Brad - I think he did, based on the audience reaction.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:12 PM

I also love Jack as Mr Twink, what is Twink's first name


Laura Leff·6:12 PM

Kathy - Have you seen the Jack Webb episode?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:12 PM

no I have NOT, Laura, I had better get busy!


Laura Leff·6:12 PM

Twink was his first name...ie was his last.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:13 PM

its Syvester...maybe Throckmorton?


Brad from Georgia·6:13 PM

I just today saw an old Dick Cavett show with Mel Brooks--he was promoting "The Twelve Chairs" (a remake of a Fred Allen movie, natch)--and when Cavett made a joke that fell sort of flat, Brooks turned to the audience and said, "SING, Dennis." Got a nice laugh.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:13 PM

in the two Jello commercials where Mary is his wife, working in an airplane factory, and beating him up


Katharine Lhota·6:13 PM

LOL Brad


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:14 PM

great, Brad!


Linda Cree·6:14 PM

Any chance all of the TV eps will come to DVD?


Laura Leff·6:14 PM

Linda - Not in the near future, but I'm talking with UCLA about what can be done.

Stay tuned.


Linda Cree·6:15 PM



Katharine Lhota·6:15 PM

great, Laura! Long to see more!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:15 PM

hooray for more TV episodes!


Laura Leff·6:15 PM

Workin on it!


Brad from Georgia·6:15 PM

Later Brooks did a pretty good Frank Sinatra singing "America the Beautiful." Oh, beautiful for spacious skies, for crazy, swingin' amber waves of grain....


Katharine Lhota·6:15 PM

LOL Brad


Laura Leff·6:15 PM

If there's one thing I've learned in 36 years of running the club, it's............patience.


Linda Cree·6:15 PM

I'd spend a little more even if I had to get them as a special order.


Laura Leff·6:16 PM

Money talks, but we don't have tons of it.  So I just try to annoy the crud out of people over time until they give in.   :)


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:16 PM

Thanks Laura, for fielding the phd student's questions, btw, Nora is super-fabulous


Laura Leff·6:16 PM

Kathy - Absolutely.  I need to get back to her.


Brad from Georgia·6:16 PM

You know, I think I'd appreciate some of the shows more now that I've been listening to Sirius radio. I'd heard OF "The Whistler,"
but never had heard an episode until lately.

So I'd get more of the parodies now, I think.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:17 PM

yeah, Brad, the more we can talk about links between the radio shows and TV shows/scripts, the more I love it!!!!


Laura Leff·6:17 PM

I tried to find "Champagne for Caesar," but it doesn't seem to be in distribution.


Linda Cree·6:17 PM

One of the other radio shows I really like is The Halls of Ivy.  Love the Colmans.


Katharine Lhota·6:17 PM

I was playing and episode of The Whistler a few years ago when my son Daniel came home from school and hiewe


Graeme Cree·6:18 PM

Just like a real school.


Katharine Lhota·6:18 PM

and he heard it and realized that it was a real show


Graeme Cree·6:18 PM

More or less.


Laura Leff·6:18 PM

Too bad there don't seem to be more of them in circulation.


Brad from Georgia·6:18 PM

My God, Sirius reveals that Joseph Kearns used to be more ubiquitous than Hans Conried.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:18 PM

I love The Halls of Ivy!!!


Katharine Lhota·6:18 PM

LOL Brad


Brad from Georgia·6:18 PM

I remember the TV version, too.

Of "Halls," I mean.


Laura Leff·6:18 PM

Brad - Ubiquitous or inevitable?


Katharine Lhota·6:19 PM

LOL Laura


Brad from Georgia·6:19 PM



Laura Leff·6:19 PM

I bet that's painful.


Katharine Lhota·6:19 PM

Hans Conried was all of that!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:19 PM

do any of you all have favorite NEW podcasts or radio shows?


Laura Leff·6:20 PM

Who has time to listen to new stuff?   ;)


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:20 PM

I have not been into podcasts, but my grad students are pushing me to leap in


Brad from Georgia·6:20 PM

On my hour and a half commute from home to school and back last week, I heard Kearns in parts of four radio episodes, playing a cop, a Western codger, a man accused of murder, and Jack's guard in his vault.


Laura Leff·6:20 PM

I keep being told that I need to see "Boardwalk Empire."

Yes, those supporting actors got plenty of work.  Bea Benadaret, Elliott Lewis, etc.


Katharine Lhota·6:21 PM

Lou Merrill


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:21 PM

Brad, that is GREAT! so few historians note the whole sound-scape available to radio listeners, back in the day


Katharine Lhota·6:21 PM

Frank Nelson


Graeme Cree·6:22 PM

One show I found a disappointment was Candid Microphone.  I even listened to their first highlight show.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:22 PM

hey Graeme, how go Meatball vs Flatfoot? I just turned on the TV and saw nothing but goats


Katharine Lhota·6:23 PM

LOl Kathy


Laura Leff·6:23 PM

So we're nearly at the hour and a half mark...want to keep going, or call it good?


Katharine Lhota·6:23 PM

that and close harmony


Brad from Georgia·6:23 PM

It was funny on a radio "Gunsmoke" to hear William Conrad as Matt Dillon say to Parley Baer as Chester Proudfoot, "Chester, you're limping!" "Caught my heel on somethin'. I'll be all right in a minute." "Good. I couldn't use a man with a limp."


Graeme Cree·6:23 PM

The conversations are dull, rambling and ordinary.  They needed a visual gag to play on people.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:23 PM

pardon me, sheep and their new Honda truck


Brad from Georgia·6:23 PM

That us or the game, Graeme?


Graeme Cree·6:23 PM

No, Candid Microphone.


Laura Leff·6:24 PM

I guess Candid Microphone found its life in the various "Wind Ups" and crank calls that have been done since then.


Graeme Cree·6:24 PM

Don't think it would have survived if TV hadn't come along.


Laura Leff·6:24 PM

It's a wonder Mel Blanc's Fix It Shop wasn't better.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:24 PM

its GREAT this this group could have fun, while watching the Big Game on other screens. Oh that all our lives could go this wah



Graeme Cree·6:24 PM

But speaking of that, I heard a story once about Alan Funt being on a plane that was hijacked, and nobody believed it because he was there.


Brad from Georgia·6:24 PM

"Smile, you're on Candid Cam'ra!"


Laura Leff·6:25 PM

Graeme - Oh, that sounds like an urban legend, doesn't it?


Graeme Cree·6:25 PM

Let me check Wiki. It might be there...


Laura Leff·6:25 PM

Everything on Wiki is true...


Brad from Georgia·6:25 PM

MAD Magazine did a bit in which it turned out that Arthur Godfrey's entire career had been a Candid Camera stunt. He wasn't a star at all. "You mean-heh-heh-I'm actually a nobody?"


Laura Leff·6:25 PM

(wonder if I have to correct again that Mary is NOT related to the Marx Bros...)


Graeme Cree·6:25 PM


On February 3, 1969, Funt, his then wife, and his two youngest children boarded Eastern Airlines Flight 7 in Newark with a destination of Miami. The plane never made it to Miami because two men hijacked the airplane and demanded passage to Cuba—but some of the passengers, having spotted Funt, took the whole thing to be a Candid Camera stunt.[3] Funt repeatedly attempted to persuade his fellow passengers as to the reality of the hijacking, but to no avail. The plane later landed in Cuba, finally convincing the passengers.[1]

Frankly, that would NOT convince me.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:26 PM

hey Brad, I will get in touch with you about free access to teh SCMS conference at the Hilton in downtown ATL March 30-April 4 if you like!


Laura Leff·6:26 PM

I was in Cuba last December.  It's great!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:26 PM

your photos from Cuba were amazing


Brad from Georgia·6:26 PM

Many thanks, Kathy. I look forward to seeing you. Want anything from Stone Mountain? Something from the German deli?


Laura Leff·6:26 PM

Thanks, Kathy.   :)

Graeme - Interesting.  I'll have to look at the reference.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:27 PM

omg Brad, I used to live 1/2 mile from there, and miss my farmhouse by the rr tracks very much!


Katharine Lhota·6:27 PM

there was a flurry in 1969 of cuba hijackings


Graeme Cree·6:27 PM

I'd want to take a good look at Fidel first, and make sure it wasn't Peter Falk in a beard or something, before I'd be convinced.


Katharine Lhota·6:27 PM

that is why airport security got beefed up


Brad from Georgia·6:28 PM

I know--you told me you didn't miss the constant nocturnal gunfire, though. It's still an iffy neighborhood at night.


Laura Leff·6:28 PM

OK, so it sounds like we'll call it good for this month?  I don't want to shut down the conversation if you want to keep going!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:28 PM

Brad, you are right. Wonderful folks bought the house, they run a pet store in town and dog adoption shelter, and have invested $$$ in the house, so I am very happy!


Graeme Cree·6:28 PM

We can keep going.  There's a game and laundry going.


Katharine Lhota·6:29 PM

LOL graeme


Brad from Georgia·6:29 PM

Fidel: "Oh, the Americanos are not so bad. They named a district in San Francisco after me." (Aide whispers in his ear) "Eet's full of WHAT?" (courtesy of The Simpsons)


Laura Leff·6:29 PM

Har har


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:29 PM

Brad, in Austin, Kenny and I have found a cool house on 2.5 acres to replicate the best of our Stone Mountain compound : )


Laura Leff·6:29 PM

They still love Fidel down there.


Graeme Cree·6:29 PM

They have no choice.


Brad from Georgia·6:30 PM

Kathy--I think I know the pet store, and I believe possibly one of the people associated with the adoption facility helped us at our house closing here. Small world!


Katharine Lhota·6:30 PM

3rd quarter ends


Laura Leff·6:30 PM

Nah, you get a very different perspective once you've been there.  I even said that we were darned lucky that no one ever got him out of office sooner.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:30 PM

Laura, I am so interested in the the rare items you are archiving in boxes and such, thanks for sharing


Graeme Cree·6:30 PM

Flatfoot is still holding the lead.


Laura Leff·6:30 PM

Kathy - Oh by all means!  I'm delighted to be able to share them.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:30 PM

Brad, HOORAY for the small world of good people : )


Laura Leff·6:31 PM

And also delighted to finally be getting them in order!


Brad from Georgia·6:31 PM

Amen. Though we did tell the lady we could not use any more dogs just at present.


Laura Leff·6:31 PM

So many thick envelopes chock full of clippings that I've had sitting around for years.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:32 PM

Brad, they have a big yard for other dogs, haha  PLEASE if you see them again, send greetings from me!


Laura Leff·6:32 PM

Now I can effectively FIND stuff and better know what I have.


Linda Cree·6:32 PM

I know you're really busy Laura, but when you have a chance, please post your Benny table again.


Laura Leff·6:32 PM

Linda - Thanks for the reminder on that.  I will!


Brad from Georgia·6:32 PM

Ah, well....think I'll try for some sleep. I have to go to the bank tomorrow to take care of some Atlanta Radio Theatre business. G/night, all. Sure will, Kathy. If it's the same folks, they work in a law office on North Street in Snellville.


Linda Cree·6:32 PM



Katharine Lhota·6:32 PM

goodnight Brad


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:32 PM

Laura, and how to sort as well as archive them? At Wyoming, the articles fly off the scrapbook pages and are lost to chaos


Laura Leff·6:32 PM

OK, anything else Benny-wise on everyone's mind?  If not, you're free to stay and chat.


Brad from Georgia left the room (user disconnected)


Laura Leff·6:33 PM

Kathy - OMG, I was even responsible for some of that flying.


Graeme Cree·6:33 PM

What credits did Dennis and Kenny have before Benny?


Steve Archer left the room (user disconnected)


Graeme Cree·6:33 PM

We know Phil and Don were fairly accomplished.


Laura Leff·6:33 PM

Tried to turn a scrapbook page and heard all these tiny clippings errrraccck off the page.  I closed it and said, "I'll worry about that later."


Graeme Cree·6:33 PM

For that matter, did Eddie do any radio before Jack?


Laura Leff·6:33 PM

Dennis didn't have much.  He was on one program prior as part of a talent show.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:33 PM

Laura, no I thought that was normal, and now that I have some travel money, I might go back to Laramie to help them preserve stuff


Laura Leff·6:34 PM

Kathy - That would be great.  There's so much still to be discovered there.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:34 PM

Laura, my experience exactly!!! And nobody there cared!


Katharine Lhota·6:34 PM

I saw Rochester in a movie on TCM a week ago. "YOu Can't Get Away With Murder"


Graeme Cree·6:34 PM

And did the Butler do it?


Laura Leff·6:34 PM

Kathy - Well, I think they have to prioritize it.  I actually appreciate their attitude more than UCLA's.

Eddie Anderson was in vaudeville with his family.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:35 PM

Graeme, I have not found other examples of Eddie's early radio work, Benny was one of the first on the west coast, What I would like to find is more later guest appearances


Katharine Lhota·6:35 PM

he wasn't creditied on screen, but he had a nice small role


Linda Cree·6:35 PM

We just watched Tales of Manhattan.  Rochester had a small part in it.


Graeme Cree·6:35 PM

Yeah, the last tale of Manhattan seemed to take place in Bugtussle, TN.


Laura Leff·6:35 PM

And don't forget "Green Pastures."


Katharine Lhota·6:35 PM

Tales of Manhattan is a strange movie.


Graeme Cree·6:36 PM

Flatfoot fumble, Meatball recovers at midfield.


Laura Leff·6:36 PM

"Green Pastures" is interesting if you can find it.


Graeme Cree·6:37 PM

Mel Blanc tacked Peyton Manning, looking for a tip.



Katharine Lhota·6:37 PM



Laura Leff·6:37 PM

OK...I'm going to sign off and capture the transcript from here.  I'll keep the same episode on for next month since we didn't talk much about it (which is OK by me).

Any parting thoughts for the transcript?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:38 PM

Graeme, you will laugh at my horror, a reviewer of my book mss insisted that I read a new book on female Hollywood stars on TV in the 50s and 60s....and on the first page its talking about Gloria Swanson on the Beverly Hillibiilies, and claims that the Clampetts' home town was "Hugbussle".   HUGBUSSLE??? How can I trust anything this author says?


Katharine Lhota·6:38 PM

I will say goodbye then and catch you all later!


Katharine Lhota left the room (user disconnected)


Graeme Cree·6:38 PM















Laura Leff·6:38 PM

Kathy - Oh man...reminds me of that OTHER article on Benny we've discussed...


Graeme Cree·6:38 PM





Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:38 PM

only that your work in radio history is always AMAZING, Laura


Graeme Cree·6:38 PM












He should probably shorten that to Bonelli.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:39 PM

hey Graeme and Linda, hope to see you all soon!!!


Laura Leff·6:39 PM

Kathy - Thanks so much.  I really appreciate that praise from someone who knows how challenging it can be!

Take care, folks!

Go Huxley!


Linda Cree·6:39 PM

Take care!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley·6:39 PM