IJBFC Chat - September 6, 2015

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Laura Leff 5:01 PM

Hi Robert!  Hi Steve!


Steve Archer 5:01 PM

Hi Laura, Robert

Happy Labor Day weekend


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Laura Leff 5:02 PM

Indeed.  Not sure how many people will be able to join us, but we'll see!

Hi Dreer!


Steve Archer 5:02 PM

Hiya Dreer


Dreer Pooson 5:02 PM

Hi Laura, hi everybody


Laura Leff 5:03 PM

The weather is gorgeous here...how is it where you all are?

I know we've got the West Coast covered...Dreer, not sure where you are.


Steve Archer 5:03 PM

It's been rainy in Seattle - shocker I know


Dreer Pooson 5:03 PM

Oklahoma, where it's 98 degrees today


Laura Leff 5:03 PM

A JB fan had dinner with me Friday and said that there's a drought even up there.

Aha!  OK, gotcha.   :)


Steve Archer 5:04 PM

Yes, we've actually needed the rain.  Hopefully some went over the mountains to help with the awful wildfires


Laura Leff 5:04 PM


So who listened to the show for discussion tonight?


Dreer Pooson 5:04 PM

I was in Seattle in July, it was wonderfully sunny (in contrast to my wife and I's December visits)


Steve Archer 5:04 PM

July's a good time to be here certainly!


Dreer Pooson 5:05 PM

I did!


Steve Archer 5:05 PM

I did too Laura, good choice.


Laura Leff 5:05 PM

And certainly Seattle is a beautiful area.


Steve Archer 5:05 PM

A fun show.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley  joined the room


Dreer Pooson 5:05 PM

I most enjoyed Jack and Rochester toward the end


Laura Leff 5:05 PM

Thank you.  I think this show is very much in that nexus time of the show where it still feels like the late 1930s shows, but the characters are starting to morph into more of their 40s, but it's still before the war.


Steve Archer 5:05 PM

I think we were talking about Mary Kelly last chat, right?


Laura Leff 5:05 PM

Hi Kathy!

Yes, I think that's what prompted me to pick this one.

Interesting that Jack allowed himself to have a line at her expense.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:06 PM

howdy, all!


Steve Archer 5:06 PM

I agree - you can hear the Lucky Strike era coming in in some ways.


Dreer Pooson 5:06 PM

Yes, Laura, I think I got most of that 40s sensibility with Jack-Rochester


Laura Leff 5:07 PM

I still find it amazing that they had the dynamic down between them quite well from the first time he appears as Rochetser.



Steve Archer 5:07 PM

or Manchester


Laura Leff 5:07 PM

I guess it was just a dynamic that worked for the characters and the actors.  They knew what words to put in their mouths.

Or Nottingham.

And you have Frank Nelson as major narrator


Steve Archer 5:08 PM

Ooooooooooooooooooooh, DO we!


Laura Leff 5:08 PM



Dreer Pooson 5:09 PM

Were there any other times that happened with Frank Nelson as narrator?  Not up on those first few years very much

Yhtap Mys  joined the room


Steve Archer 5:09 PM

The audience sounded like they were really engaged on this show right from the start.


Laura Leff 5:09 PM

Frank Nelson played a variety of bit roles in the early days...some so straight that some people can't tell it's him.

Hi Yht!


Yhtap Mys  5:09 PM

Hi, Laura and all.


Steve Archer 5:09 PM

Hi Yht


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:09 PM

side note-- its great that UCLA archives has put up the Benny 10/28/50 show, can we get them to do other early ones?


Laura Leff 5:10 PM

I'm kind of astounded that they did...I sure hope so!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:10 PM

maybe I will inquire this week, inquiring minds want to know these things!


Steve Archer 5:10 PM

What's the UCLA archives thing?  They posted a show?


Laura Leff 5:10 PM

There are so many fabulous ones from those days that are not in circulaion.



Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:11 PM

Steve, apparently UCLA recently posted the first Benny TV show...


Laura Leff 5:11 PM

Yes, please do.  If you want to get a contact and forward to me, I can run with it.  Then again, I have a number of contacts over there myself. Just been so busy with work, life, and all.


Steve Archer 5:11 PM

I'll have to look for that


Laura Leff 5:12 PM

In fact, I'll publicly own that I'm late with the newsletter.  Still working on it.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:13 PM

So, Laura, I am curious, has much of the IJBFC regular daily chat gone over to facebook? I hate to say I've only really become a participant since finding you all on FB, what else is happening on your site?


Yhtap Mys  5:13 PM

I'm afraid I don't post there now, Kathy, and rarely go to the forum.


Steve Archer 5:13 PM

Wow, the google just brought this up - not the show but definitely something new to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJu7r1S8WmE


5:13 PM


Jack Benny speaking at UCLA 4/11/1973



Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:14 PM

its great, Steve! glad you posted it!


Laura Leff 5:14 PM

Not that much...FB does have the most activity.  While people do occasionally post to the hosted Forum I have, I confess that I don't have a lot of time to peruse the postings either.  It's always been such a great group of people that they've been very self-regulating.

I think it was Mark Evanier who was there and saw that talk live.


Steve Archer 5:15 PM

I haven't been on the forums much at all myself - I was quite a bit a few years ago

There's still a lot of good info archived there.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:16 PM

well, hooray for social media! I would love to learn from members about the oldest gathering of Jack Benny fans. I found a couple newsletters at Wyoming from a Benny fan club in like 1936? Laura, would love to know what you have found. Everything new is old again, or something like that

I meant multiple gatherings, how they found other Benny fans, back in the day....


Laura Leff 5:17 PM

Yes, I think I found a little newsletter from 1934.  Thanks for that reminder!  Maybe I'll put that in the newsletter!


Steve Archer 5:17 PM

Of course, there's always the TV show with the meeting of the jack benny fan club


Laura Leff 5:17 PM

And what's freaky to me is that the writing in it sounds very similar to my writing from the early newsletters.

And Fred Allen in "It's In the Bag" saying that he's President of the Jack Benny Fan Club.

Which always gives me the most incredulous feeling.


Dreer Pooson 5:18 PM

Got an address for that 1936 fan club?  I'd like to join...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:18 PM

well, you don't have bags under your eyes, but in every other way you are the equal of the first Prez.....


Laura Leff 5:18 PM

I think they went underground at some point...


Steve Archer 5:18 PM

I'm picturing a Scooby Doo like scene where one day Laura gives up the IJBFC and rips off a mask revealing herself to be Fred Allen


Dreer Pooson 5:18 PM

LOL, Laura


Laura Leff 5:18 PM



Yhtap Mys  5:19 PM

Does Laura has a clothes pin on her nose?


Steve Archer 5:19 PM

It's all been a plot!


Laura Leff 5:19 PM

Not at the moment...

Although this new mousepad I bought sometimes makes me consider it.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:19 PM

I would love to find more information about Benny fans from the 30s-40s-50s. There's a lot of academic (snore) interest in fan club history. Star Trek fans are SURE they invented fandom, and we must prove them wrong, haha


Laura Leff 5:20 PM

(Kirk inflection)  Must.......prove.......them.......wrong.......


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:20 PM



Steve Archer 5:20 PM

You'd think Jack was so mainstream then it would almost be a little odd.  Like having a FRIENDS fan club or something more recently.

(I'm sure there are such things of course)


Laura Leff 5:21 PM

Well, the Internet has made the concept of fan clubs change a LOT.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:21 PM

great idea, Steve! I wonder if the internet allows both oddballs and incredibly boring mainstream folks to participate in fandom


Laura Leff 5:21 PM

You don't need the same level of research and devotion to a topic...put up a page and update it once in a while, and call it a club.

Heck, I accumulated my first Benny shows (after commercial outlets were exhausted) by trading cassette tapes, because I didn't have a good facility for copying reel-to-reels.

Y'see, I'm older than dirt.


Dreer Pooson 5:22 PM

How would someone have advertised a fan club in the 30s?  Classified ads in the radio/film magazines?


Tony Morgan  joined the room


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Laura Leff 5:22 PM

Hi Tony!


Tony Morgan

5:23 PM



Laura Leff 5:23 PM

Could be...the way I started was getting all the friends I knew about Jack Benny to join.


Steve Archer 5:23 PM

Hi Tony


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:23 PM

I recently purchased some old issues of Liberty magazine when they rebooted it as a nostalgia thing, and that's where I found the sources for the cassette tapes I bought at age 11  : )


Laura Leff 5:23 PM

We don't know how extensive the membership really was.  But they knew to send a copy of their newsletter to Jack.


Steve Archer 5:24 PM

Dreer, if you ever look at some of those old movie mags they often do have little classified ad type things where people look for pen pals with similar fan interests.

Can't say that I've ever seen one specifically about Jack Benny.


Dreer Pooson 5:24 PM

I remember those, Kathy...bought the first several issues of it in 71-72...published by the same group that published the National Lampoon, ironically...


Laura Leff 5:24 PM

And it took me a while to find all the Benny biographies in used book stores.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:24 PM

Laura, do you have a copy of that 1934 newsletter? I will look to see if I made a xerox...


Laura Leff 5:24 PM

I do...let me see if I can find it while we're chatting and make sure we were looking at the same thing.

Keep talking, folks...what else from tonight's show?


Dreer Pooson 5:25 PM

I'm sure it was nice back then to find nifty little handwritten letters in the mailbox...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:26 PM

I laugh when I look at these issues, the Liberty folks offered some reprinted movie posters for like $1 or 2 each (that was a LOT of money to me then!) and I bought 4 or 5, and put them up in my room, kept them up thru college. Mary Pickford, feh...if they had had a Benny poster, I would have gotten that!


Steve Archer 5:27 PM

The Jack Benny Pin-Up Magazine, from the publishers of DYNAMITE!


Dreer Pooson 5:27 PM

I was very tickled by the "reading time" concept...


Yhtap Mys  5:27 PM

One of the things that surprised me in this show, Laura, was Mary Kelly's range. She hit one bad note and it wasn't the high one.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:28 PM

hey, I would love to know what members' first memories of radio or TV are .... my freshmen are so young, the internet was in full bloom when they were born! Or even the internet. So let me rephrase....what and how was the first way you experienced Jack Benny?

Who got to see the TV programs when they were growing up?


Steve Archer 5:29 PM

I honestly don't remember Kathy.  Probably a late night TV rerun.  Jack died when I was a year old.


Dreer Pooson 5:29 PM

I was in grade school and remember Mom and I watching the last three TV seasons, particularly the last year (when it went back to NBC, didn't it?)


Yhtap Mys  5:30 PM

I probably saw the TV shows because I was old enough and the show was on early enough. But I really don't remember.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:30 PM

Steve, that is FABULOUS that you are a Benny fan! I hope we can give him second-third-fourth lives as one of the best comics of all time : )


Dreer Pooson 5:31 PM

I think his persona was still pretty well known to kids growing up in the early 60s...I remember a Dennis the Menace comic book with a Benny joke in it, circa 1965


Steve Archer 5:31 PM



Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:31 PM

I was VERY unlucky, did not see the 60s shows when I was a little kid, then the towns I lived in did not have Benny TV reruns. For me it was old radio shows on cassette tapes, starting when I was 10...


Tony Morgan

5:32 PM

Hi --I never saw Jack Benny as a kid (as far as I know) -- I was born in the mid-1960s.  My first radio-play memory was listening to the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre and the Sears/Mutual Radio Theatre.  The earliest time I listened to Jack Benny was when I was in college in the early 1980s -- a Boston station played old-time radio shows in the evenings.

My young daughter enjoys listening to Jack now...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:33 PM

that is awesome, Tony!

with the growing popularity of podcasts and radio over the internet, I am hopeful that we can build a renaissance of appreciation for radio shows : )


Steve Archer 5:34 PM

I still remember mail-ordering cassettes for three or four bucks each!

Now two clicks and you have every episode.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:35 PM

same here, Steve, makes me laugh out loud. It cost all my babysitting earnings to get a tape or two...and now that $10 gets me nearly 900 episodes, hahaha


Laura Leff 5:35 PM

OK...I found tons of stuff, but I think I may have filed that copy somewhere else.


Dreer Pooson 5:36 PM

Or even less...the Old Time Radio Researchers library offers the whole run of Benny scot-free...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:36 PM

hooray for the internets!!!


Tony Morgan

5:37 PM

Hi – quick mention -- I happened to be reading the NY Times, and came across an obituary for Joy Golden, and ad executive and award-winning radio ad producer.  One line caught my attention – “Ms. Golden, who had never worked in radio but grew up listening to “The Jack Benny Program,” instinctively opted for humor.”  That’s the only Jack Benny reference, but if you want to read the obit (and listen to three of her commercials), here it is: nyti.ms/1M22cBm  .  Nice to hear how the Benny ads influenced a career.


Laura Leff 5:37 PM

Yes, it's mind-blowing how far the internet has taken collecting sing I started.


Dreer Pooson 5:37 PM

I got to know the radio shows because of a wonderful local deejay who got to play two nights a week of OTR shows on a small local station...I taped oodles of them...


Yhtap Mys  5:38 PM

Hmpf. My boss took all our transcriptions.


Laura Leff 5:38 PM

And of course, I came to him through "The Mouse that Jack Built"


Steve Archer 5:39 PM

It's funny how the availability changes the experience of listening to the shows - those tapes I had, I'd listen to them dozens of times, so there are still those 15 shows or so that I can almost recite by heart, but I rarely will listen to a show twice nowadays, I'd rather just skip to another episode.


Laura Leff 5:39 PM

Per previous comment, remember that Mary Kelly was once Gracie Allen's roommate.  So I'm not surprised that she was able to sing.

Who here has heard all the available shows?


Steve Archer 5:39 PM

? Did Gracie have some kind of singing ability transference power?


Yhtap Mys  5:40 PM

I've heard almost all. A few are so chewed up I can't hear the dialogue.


Laura Leff 5:40 PM

Not necessarily...but Mary Kelly was an Irish singer/dancer in vaudeville like Gracie was.


Steve Archer 5:40 PM

Oh, not by a long shot.  I've never tried to go through them systematically, which, someday, I will.

Howard Mostovy joined the room


Hip Chat 5:40 PM

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Laura Leff 5:40 PM

Hi Howard!


Tony Morgan

5:40 PM

Hello, Howard!


Steve Archer 5:41 PM

You wouldn't guess Mary Kelly was Irish from the name ;)


Dreer Pooson 5:41 PM

There's lots I haven't listened to yet...just last night I listened to one I'd never heard before, the 1950-51 season opener...


Laura Leff 5:41 PM

Phil's character from tonight's show is still the 30s Phil...he hasn't "officially" married Alice yet and is still chasing women...even well-upholstered ones, apparently!


Yhtap Mys  5:41 PM

Well, Steve, her real name could have been Keliskowitz.


Dreer Pooson 5:41 PM



Steve Archer 5:42 PM

She was almost Mary Kubelsky!


Laura Leff 5:42 PM

Remember also that this is Dennis' second season on the show.  So he's inhabited his character very well by this time.

Steve - And maybe she should have been.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:42 PM

we are so lucky to have so many to listen to, even to "binge listen" like folks "binge watch" on netflix. Imagine that, back in the day, listeners had to wait week to week, and there were no reruns!


Dreer Pooson 5:42 PM

He was a fast learner, Laura!


Yhtap Mys  5:42 PM

But Kenny Baker has a yacht!


Steve Archer 5:43 PM

so does Bill Robinson


Dreer Pooson 5:43 PM

And Bill Robinson, too


Laura Leff 5:43 PM

Kathy - Part of the reason they were able to recycle material so effectively.

My name is Kenny Baker, I own a mansion and a yacht.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:43 PM

you are so right, Laura, and fascinating that it took them until 1940 to start doing it!

for the most part, I mean they pulled out Grind Hotel 3 or 4 times when starting with a new sponsor, in the mid 30s


Laura Leff 5:43 PM

Kathy - Recycling material?  No, they were doing that back in the Harry Conn days.

Who Killed Mr. X?

Grind Hotel



Yhtap Mys  5:44 PM



Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:44 PM

well, that is serialization, not recycling? the beginning of a sitcom format?


Dreer Pooson 5:44 PM

It's hard to imagine back when people thought of radio as live theater...you listened to it as was presented, and then it was considered to be gone forever...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:44 PM

hair, hair, what do I have on the top of my head?


Josef Silvia  joined the room


Laura Leff 5:45 PM

But I sense that Who Killed Mr. X is a repetition of a structure...I don't sense they really built on it week-to-week.  Or has it been too long since I looked at the scripts.

Hi Josef!


Steve Archer 5:45 PM

Hey there Josef!


Josef Silvia

5:45 PM

Hi Laura!

Hi Steve!


Laura Leff 5:45 PM

Dreer - Out into the ether...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:45 PM

you are right, Laura, the year of Buck Benny is a great example...


Laura Leff 5:45 PM

The Yosemite story is absolutely an example of serialization.


Dreer Pooson 5:46 PM

That's one of my early favorites, Laura


Laura Leff 5:46 PM

As is the Ronald Colman Oscar story.


Josef Silvia

5:46 PM

My favorite


Laura Leff 5:46 PM

Dreer - With good reason...it's a pretty rich little storyline they developed for it!


Tony Morgan

5:46 PM

In that vein, one of my favorite sequences is the 4-week trip to Yosemite, in the late 1930s.  I wish they had done more of that.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:46 PM

it must have been so frustrating, back in the day, if you missed something and it would not be repeated! Numerous listeners wrote in to CBS asking them to re-do or replay War of the Worlds in 1938


Laura Leff 5:47 PM

Even movies you could go to again and again.


Tony Morgan

5:47 PM

Any idea why "arcs" like that weren't done more often?


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:47 PM

great idea, Tony! Its so interesting that they did NOT go that way..... Fibber McGee and Molly did....


Steve Archer 5:47 PM

Well, thinking of SUSPENSE and ESCAPE, they would re-do popular scripts from time to time.


Laura Leff 5:47 PM

I'm sure that transcriptions were not seen as viable repeat broadcasts (except for AFRS), much as kinescopes weren't.

And there were probably Musicians' Union/Petrillo issues.

Steve - Exhibit A:  Christmas Shopping.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:48 PM

Tony, grueat question re story arcs! I think there was pressure from network and sponsor that it should not matter if anyone has heard the previous episode, trying not to alienate listeners in the LIVE era


Steve Archer 5:49 PM

But the Christmas Shopping shows aren't the identical script, like an encore of "Sorry Wrong Number"


Laura Leff 5:49 PM

Tony - I don't think they approached the writing of the show that way much.  They had the core idea, split the script among the writers (in 1943+), and tackled it.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:49 PM

nobody got to hear the repeats back in the day, we are so lucky!


Laura Leff 5:49 PM

Steve - OK, that's a fair statement.

The "I Can't Stand Jack Benny" contest is also a serialization.


Dreer Pooson 5:50 PM

Yes, everybody can be their own radio station now...I would've given an arm for that privilege when I was in school...


Laura Leff 5:50 PM

But they were actively trying to build hype for that.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:50 PM

Steve, you are on to a great idea -- FANS would love to hear the same idea repeated annually, like a tradition, with a new twist every year?


Josef Silvia

5:50 PM

And isn't the "When I say I beg Your Pardon" kind of a serialization?


Laura Leff 5:50 PM

Lum and Abner did that with their Christmas show, I think.


Steve Archer 5:50 PM

Sure, part of the fun of the Christmas shopping shows is what is fine tuned/added/dropped, etc.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:51 PM

and Amos n Andy with the Lord's Prayer every year


Tony Morgan

5:51 PM

The year-end "Father Time" shows, schmaltzy as they may be, I like to listen to, especially during the war years.  i like that Benny and his writers did those year after year.


Laura Leff 5:51 PM

Josef - I think it is for a little while, but then later reiterations of it are just small reworks.


Steve Archer 5:51 PM

Or ugh, the New Tenant


Josef Silvia

5:51 PM

oh ok


Laura Leff 5:51 PM

Jack wants X to record his song.  Do the song bit.  They decline, punch line.


Tony Morgan

5:51 PM

Hey! I like the New Tenant shows :-)


Dreer Pooson 5:51 PM

Our Miss Brooks re-did their "Magic Christmas Tree" episode annually as well


Steve Archer 5:51 PM

Heh, Tony likes them more than I do!


Laura Leff 5:51 PM

Jack wants Dore Schary to publish his song.  Do the song bit.  They decline.  Punch line.


Josef Silvia

5:51 PM

Almost like a repeat show with guest stars


Steve Archer 5:52 PM

Like any episode of The Lucy Show or Here's Lucy!


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:52 PM

that's what I find so fascinating about Jack's radio show -- it has sitcom elements, but is not TIED to being a sitcom. OH the flexibility they had to mix up genres!


Laura Leff 5:52 PM

I like the New Tenant shows as a "refocus" of perspective based on the issues of the day.

Kind of a terrarium of the zeitgeist of the times.


Steve Archer 5:53 PM

Jack's granny gums voice gets on my nerves LOL


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:53 PM

and maybe it had more impact, Laura, because he only did it once a year. Eddie Cantor sermonized every week!


Laura Leff 5:54 PM

(Can a Jew sermonize?)


Josef Silvia

5:54 PM

I usually can't stand the new tenant shows.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:54 PM

hahaha maybe he commented


Steve Archer 5:54 PM

Testify Josef!


Laura Leff 5:54 PM

Hey, let's see if anyone has an idea on this...


Yhtap Mys  5:54 PM

Steve, I can't help put wonder if that goes back to his childhood, with the city folk (Jack) making fun of the farmer yokels in the outlying areas.


Josef Silvia

5:55 PM

LOL Steve. It's for the same reason, I don't like Jack's voice in them


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:55 PM

some young academic wrote an article claiming Jack Benny was a major player in Cold War politics because of those shows. hahaha


Steve Archer 5:55 PM

Oh could be, it just sounds like a stereotype "old-timer" to me, never thought of it as "rural"

Yhtap Mys  5:56 PM

It's the same voice he used on the rural character shows.


Laura Leff 5:56 PM

So many people know about Eddie Cantor ordering cornflakes and milk at restaurants, right?


Steve Archer 5:57 PM

Hmm, I'd have to give them a closer listen but I think Jack's trying to do more "age" type stuff in the New Tenant.  But definitely in the same neighborhood.


Laura Leff 5:57 PM

Kathy - Seriously?  I think he's more pacifist than anything.


Josef Silvia

5:57 PM

He would order cornflakes and milk at restaurants?


Steve Archer 5:57 PM

I don't know the Eddie Cantor thing Laura.


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 5:58 PM

yeah, I think its BS, haha


Steve Archer 5:58 PM

Apparently, he would order cornflakes and milk at restaurants?


Laura Leff 5:58 PM

OK, maybe that's not as well-known as I thought.  I was told it was because he kept kosher.

But then I thought I ran into a fact that he didn't keep kosher.


Josef Silvia

5:58 PM



Laura Leff 5:58 PM

I guess I should be asking Michelle Malik that question.

Just hadn't thought about it in a while.

Kathy - So what do they claim Jack was doing to encourage the cold war?

Stuart Canin may have started the feud, but Jack did not start the Cold War...


Kathy Fuller-Seeley 6:00 PM

this young scholar thinks that the few episodes he listened to were the only thing on radio, what I dislike about academics, hahaha


Laura Leff 6:00 PM

Oh good grief


Steve Archer 6:00 PM

Remember that time Kennedy had the "I can't stand Khrushchev because" contesst?


Laura Leff 6:00 PM

I wonder if he's ever heard of McCarthy


Josef Silvia

6:00 PM

He should've googled the Golden Age of radio


Dreer Pooson 6:00 PM

LOL, Steve


Laura Leff 6:00 PM

Josef, not Bergen and


Yhtap Mys  6:00 PM

Charlie, Joe or Clem?


Laura Leff 6:01 PM

And Joseph, not Josef


Dreer Pooson 6:01 PM

"Josef" was Stalin


Laura Leff 6:01 PM

I say Stanley Kubrick started the Cold War.


Tony Morgan

6:02 PM

Speaking of keeping kosher, why did Jack talk about eating non-kosher foods (pork)?  Maybe that's an old question, but I wonder about it every time I hear it.


Laura Leff 6:02 PM

(Bet I don't have to explain that to this audience)

Tony - Well, he grew up in an Orthodox Jewish household, but he let that go (as many did) as soon as he got out in the world.


Tony Morgan

6:03 PM

Thanks, Laura!


Laura Leff 6:03 PM

He even commented somewhere about having his first breakfast at Great Lakes Naval Station of bacon and eggs.

Of course, he was touring with Cora Salisbury and Lyman Woods before that.


Steve Archer 6:04 PM

I bet Cora made a mean steak.


Laura Leff 6:04 PM

And Cora taught him plenty.   :)

Any other thoughts on the show tonight, or general Benny questions?


Josef Silvia

6:05 PM

Just finished listening to the show. Enjoyed the "raise" jokes


Yhtap Mys  6:06 PM

Somehow I don't think a commercial spot pushing flavour that's "artificially enhanced" would work today.


Laura Leff 6:06 PM

Yes, Jack's cheap character was well-entrenched.

Yht - Good point!


Yhtap Mys  6:06 PM

And did Verna Felton have another show to do? She had two lines at the beginning and that was it.


Josef Silvia

6:07 PM

I think my favorite line in tonight's show was when Jack tells Rochester he regards him as a butler and Rochester quips, Boss did you see our last picture


Laura Leff 6:07 PM

Sometimes they did that.  Frank Nelson had a story about coming on for one line, and based on his rate, being the highest-paid actor based on a per-second rate.

So what else Benny-wise for tonight?  Or do we want to call it good on account of the holiday?


Dreer Pooson 6:08 PM

Laura, did you not have the unedited version of the show available, or do you just prefer that encode?  I just listened to the one I got from the OTRR library, and it was the full 29:30...


Yhtap Mys  6:09 PM

A question probably no one can answer...


Dreer Pooson 6:09 PM

(I think the only difference is the music was edited)


Yhtap Mys  6:09 PM

Anyone know who played Rochester's girl-friend on the TV debut?


Laura Leff 6:09 PM

Dreer - Good question.  It just happened to be the one I had in the library.  I'm open to switching it for the full episode!

Yht - Oh I should have that in 39 Forever...

Correction...no I don't.  Apparently didn't have a name on that part in the script.


Steve Archer 6:10 PM

does anyone have the link to that TV debut, or is it now gone?


Josef Silvia

6:10 PM

This may be a silly question to ask, but Laura do you have the TV episode in the library where Don Wilson and Dennis Day impersonate Laurel & Hardy?


Dreer Pooson 6:11 PM

Laura, I'll send you the link to the page I downloaded it from...are you still using your AOL address?


Laura Leff 6:11 PM

Josef - I should...pretty sure I do.

Dreer - No, I stopped using that in 2005.  Send it to president@jackbenny.org.

Thank you!

It's a talent show...just a sec...


Josef Silvia

6:11 PM

Okay. Trying to buy some episodes of Benny's TV show.


Dreer Pooson 6:11 PM

Ah, I'm behind the times :-)


Laura Leff 6:12 PM

Think it was the 1962 version, but let me check...


Josef Silvia

6:12 PM



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Laura Leff 6:13 PM

4/9/63 episode.


Josef Silvia

6:13 PM

Thanks Laura. I'll make sure I make a note of it when I send in the DVD-R


Laura Leff 6:13 PM

Yep, it's on Special Collection 8.

Sounds good...thanks!

Any requests for a show for next month?


Yhtap Mys  6:14 PM

I can't think of anything.


Steve Archer 6:14 PM

How about the Yosemite shows that were mentioned upthread?


Josef Silvia

6:14 PM

Neither can I.


Steve Archer 6:14 PM

I haven't heard those in a while.


Laura Leff 6:14 PM

Ooh...yeah!  Great idea!


Josef Silvia

6:14 PM

Oh that would be fun


Laura Leff 6:15 PM

Will do.  That might even carry us for a few months.


Steve Archer 6:15 PM



Laura Leff 6:15 PM


Great suggestion.


Josef Silvia

6:15 PM

Much better than just doing a holiday themed stuff


Tony Morgan

6:15 PM

This was my first time here.  Thanks for being so welcoming.  Look forward to being here in the future.


Yhtap Mys  6:15 PM

Well, back to the blog. More Benny image files to upload. See you later.


Steve Archer 6:15 PM

Come back again Tony!


Laura Leff 6:15 PM

Thanks so much for stopping, Tony...and other new folks!

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Dreer Pooson 6:15 PM

Night, everybody...have a swell September


Josef Silvia

6:15 PM

Yeah, I have to finish writing a play I'm casting tomorrow.


Laura Leff 6:16 PM

You too!

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Josef Silvia

6:16 PM

Night all


Tony Morgan

6:16 PM

I have to finish my lesson plan for class tomorrow.


Steve Archer 6:16 PM

All right, have a great month all.


Tony Morgan

6:16 PM


Steve Archer left the room (user disconnected)


Laura Leff 6:16 PM

Take care, folks!