IJBFC Chat - January 5, 2014

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<LauraLeff>: Oh no way...

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Hi, Gerry.

<LauraLeff>: Why is the Halloween thing still here? :\

<LauraLeff>: OK, I'll make a note to look into that

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I dunno. I wish I had some water to pour on that witch.

<Gerry>: Hi everyone

<LauraLeff>: Hi folks,

<R_Hookie>: Hi folks

<Brrr-adfromGA>: It's cold here in GA, colder tomorrow. Low will be 4 here.

<Gerry>: Everyone staying warm?

<havradio>: trying

<LauraLeff>: Apologies for the background. I didn't choose it in the first place, it appeared after our first chat

<R_Hookie>: Still a little spooky in here

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I'm physic!

<LauraLeff>: And I thought it would go away on its own

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Fly away, wittle witch.

<Gerry>: Like Congress

<LauraLeff>: So, borrowing from Ed McMahon, HOW COLD IS IT?

<LauraLeff>: Hi Andy

<R_Hookie>: tomorrow -11 for a HIGH

<Andy>: Hi all

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Four degrees in Georgia is darned cold. Hasn't happened since 1965.

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Celsius or Farenheit?

<LauraLeff>: Cold either way

<R_Hookie>: Fareenheit

<LauraLeff>: Zowie

<Gerry>: Think good thoughts it's colder in Minn.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: My writing buddy in PA lost the heat in his house yesterday. He called asking for sympathy.

<LauraLeff>: Hesitant to ask about the wind chill

<LauraLeff>: I hope he has a fireplace

<R_Hookie>: I'm neighboring MN

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Our first day of school's delayed because they're expecting wind chills in the minus teens.

<R_Hookie>: all MN schools are closed tomorrow

<Brrr-adfromGA>: When he called the furnace people were there doing repairs.

<Gerry>: Lets hope nobody's pipes burst

<LauraLeff>: I had that happen back in Indiana

<R_Hookie>: a lot of SD schools are closing too

<LauraLeff>: Well, let's stay warm by listening to Jack...

<LauraLeff>: What thoughts on the show for tonight?

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I said 1965, but the last time it was this cold here was 1970. Barbara and I were in our first house, and the pipes froze.

<Gerry>: Hear Heat

<R_Hookie>: I still have to work tomorrow, darn it

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I noticed Don was rudely interrupted before he could rhapsodize over Jell-O early on.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: And there was a drop-out during one of Mary's lines. I guess she got dirty and was bleeped....

<steve-shimp->: Hi All

<R_Hookie>: who was the little girl that hid Jack's toupee?

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Hi, Steve.

<steve-shimp->: Carolyn Lee

<LauraLeff>: Yes, I wonder if that first commercial drop out was a wax-saving measure

<Gerry>: Jack paying the fare

<LauraLeff>: Carolyn Lee was a short-lived recurring character

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Sounded as if it might have been. Just the beginning of the commercial, then back to the song.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Sort of a Baby Snooks for Jack.

<R_Hookie>: How voiced her?

<LauraLeff>: Brad - Yeah, it sounded like a sloppy commercial edit by the transcriptionist.

<R_Hookie>: Who... I mean

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Voiced her fine, Hookie.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Oh, sure, fix it before I can post. Make me look like an idiot. I don't need YOUR help, brother!

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I get testy when I'm cold.

<R_Hookie>: sorry

<Gerry>: I just love some of the music of the era

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Hookie--that's my written Jack Benny impression.

<LauraLeff>: It's Carolyn Lee...same part name as the actress

<R_Hookie>: I see, I see

<havradio>: Paper hats on New Years Eve?

<steve-shimp->: Is your heat out Brad?

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Yeh, I'm just grumpy.

<LauraLeff>: I had to pull up 39 Forever to remember this, but guess who played Rodney Dangerfield?

<Gerry>: What did Jack want a stale Waiter? lol

<Brrr-adfromGA>: We had a lot of the "old" Rochester...losing Jack's cufflinks in a crap game.

<LauraLeff>: You all picked up on who played the waiter, right?

<Gerry>: No

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Who played Rodney? Sounded like a sobered-up Yosemite Sam.

<LauraLeff>: Yes, a lot of drinking, dice, and Central Avenue jokes for Roch

<LauraLeff>: Nope, not Mel Blanc

<steve-shimp->: Frank Nelson was the waiter

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Who did play the waiter?

<steve-shimp->: but who was Rodney?

<LauraLeff>: There you go

<LauraLeff>: Hint: An actor who later (on another series) played a character whose last name also started with R

<steve-shimp->: OK, going for 39 Forever

<Brrr-adfromGA>: That was Frank? not his usual characterization. I was thinking "Nelson would be better in this role."

<LauraLeff>: And then it got changed to his own name, like Carolyn Lee

<steve-shimp->: Heh. Got it by cheating so I will not spoil it.

<LauraLeff>: Brad - Yup. I wondered if it was far enough away from what we think of for Frank Nelson that people might not make the connectino.

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Thanks

<Gerry>: spoil it spoil it

<steve-shimp->: Curly (not Howard)

<LauraLeff>: Aw c'mon...that hint should have given it away.

<havradio>: I thought it was Jimmie Durante

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Mickey Rooney.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Just kidding.

<LauraLeff>: Who played a character whose name got changed mid-series to his own name?

<R_Hookie>: Rochester?

<LauraLeff>: Hi Alex

<AlexBuck>: Mel Blanc?

<AlexBuck>: Hi Laura

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Not quite...more like Eddie Anderson's name got changed to Rochester

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Radio or TV series?

<R_Hookie>: I thought so

<LauraLeff>: Not Mel, but good guess since he did work under his own name on a few Benny shows.

<LauraLeff>: Brad - Radio

<LauraLeff>: Spinoff of Benny

<LauraLeff>: Kinda

<steve-shimp->: Good Health to All From Rexall

<R_Hookie>: dad-gum-it I don't know

<LauraLeff>: Steve - http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<Gerry>: give up

<R_Hookie>: oh.......................

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - An idea before I give it away?

<havradio>: what is it

<R_Hookie>: I got nothin'

<Andy>: don't know

<steve-shimp->: Mr. Mary Jane Croft

<LauraLeff>: Elliott........

<LauraLeff>: ?

<R_Hookie>: Ooo Ooo Ooo

<LauraLeff>: Wow, everyone's still hung over from New Year's.

<steve-shimp->: Not Ness

<LauraLeff>: Elliott Lewis

<LauraLeff>: played Rodney Dangerfield

<AlexBuck>: ?

<LauraLeff>: Elliott Lewis played Remley on the Harris-Faye Show

<LauraLeff>: And then they changed the character name to Elliott mid-series because Jack owned the rights to Remley

<R_Hookie>: I did not know that

<Gerry>: ah Remley

<LauraLeff>: Hey, learn something new every day

<Gerry>: yes

<steve-shimp->: and Rodney Dangerfield played Remley in the little known '80s Harris-Faye reboot, Phil's Girls.

<steve-shimp->: or I made that up.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Remley. Wouldn't have thought.

<AlexBuck>: So I take it there was never an actual guitar player named Remley?

<Gerry>: me neither

<LauraLeff>: Benny Rubin played the cabbie. I knew I knew that voice.

<LauraLeff>: Alex - Oh yes there was...

<LauraLeff>: His family has been in touch with me

<LauraLeff>: Frankie Remley. He appears in a number of Jack's TV shows and specials.

<LauraLeff>: Tip-off: look for the left-handed guitar player.

<havradio>: I remember Phil Harris bought a gift for Remley on one of Jacks Christmas episodes - anyone remember what it was?

<Gerry>: some booze

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I liked the way Jack wouldn't let Dennis order a zombie.

<LauraLeff>: BTW, if anyone wants to change the color of their font, scroll to the bottom of the screen, select "Colours" and white is recommended.

<havradio>: Changed it

<Andy>: thz

<Andy>: thx*

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I thought maybe green would be more legible against this fershlugginer background.

<steve-shimp->: Only 9 more months and it will be relevant again.

<Gerry>: all's quiet on the western font

<LauraLeff>: It seems like when you choose other colors, they don't appear consistently to others.

<steve-shimp->: Have patience.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I;m an old-time reader of MAD.

<R_Hookie>: ever read GRIT?

<LauraLeff>: So someone picks a color and think it looks fine, and I can't see it

<LauraLeff>: So what else about tonight's show?

<LauraLeff>: One of the few times you hear Jack play Love in Bloom

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Hookie-I sold GRIT for a few months.'

<AlexBuck>: Say - I think later in this season there's a minor story arch that includes Rochester's race horse. My son was wondering if Rochester did indeed have a race horse?

<Gerry>: no encore for Jack again

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Well, partially play it. It got drowned in fireworks and Auld Lang Syne,

<Andy>: I did not know Benzedrine was legal til the 1050's

<R_Hookie>: anyone else remember GRIT?

<Andy>: 1950

<LauraLeff>: Alex - He sure did. A few of them.

<Gerry>: no

<steve-shimp->: I remember the ads urging kids to sell GRIT

<LauraLeff>: Burnt Cork was the one, IIRC, that ran in the Kentucky Derby.

<R_Hookie>: 1050s? How old ARE you???

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Oh, yeh. I've read forties detective novels that have characters who use benzedrine for a pickup.

<steve-shimp->: but I can't say I ever laid eyes on a copy.

<LauraLeff>: And finished abysmally, maybe even last.

<ScottinKC>: Happy New Year everybody!'

<Andy>: Well...

<steve-shimp->: James Bond used to pop benzedrine in the Fleming books.

<LauraLeff>: What was benzedrine? I didn't look it up

<LauraLeff>: Hi Scott

<Brrr-adfromGA>: It was kind of a primitive USA

<Gerry>: Same to you Scott

<steve-shimp->: speed

<LauraLeff>: OK

<LauraLeff>: Benny on bennys

<Gerry>: ha ha Laura

<Brrr-adfromGA>: GRIT was a kind of primitive USA TODAY....weekly paper that was more like a Farmer's Almanac.

<havradio>: How come Rochester's part was so short on this show?

<Andy>: Its an amphetamine (not unlike meth)

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I was surprised that benadryl is mentioned in a 1930s SF story.

<steve-shimp->: This is an era of the show I don't listen to a lot - the tail end of the Jell-O years so it was a fun choice.

<Gerry>: Judy will be wiith us soon

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Roch's role was usually sort of brief up until the mid-forties, wasn't it? Some notable exceptions, of course.

<LauraLeff>: Yes, and think about how he'd call into the camp shows, so he'd have just one scene.

<LauraLeff>: I think it depends on the demands of the storyline

<havradio>: oh ok

<Gerry>: and probably time and availability

<LauraLeff>: For example, in the New Year's show where Jack ends up at home, Roch is only seen in the last scene where he decides to stay home.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I was just writing about that, LL!

<AlexBuck>: A sparingly yet pivotal scene

<LauraLeff>: Ah sorry to steal your thunder

<R_Hookie>: my dog still has her boots on.... shocking

<Brrr-adfromGA>: No worries.

<AlexBuck>: ?

<Gerry>: she didn't check them at the door

<steve-shimp->: Laura, fantastic issue of the TIMES btw, really liked the Dorothy Ohman interview

<Brrr-adfromGA>: My dog discovered I have a heat pad under my feet. Now the dog's on the pad and my feet are on the dog.

<R_Hookie>: no, it's cold outside and she don't like them, so I'm trying to get her used to them

<LauraLeff>: Thanks, Steve. It was really fun talking with her. And I got lucky and called her to confirm a few of the names I couldn't hear on the tape.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: That was a good issue, LL. Congrats!

<steve-shimp->: It's a nice complement to her interview on the DVD - that's a more general reminiscence but you get at the more detailed stuff.

<LauraLeff>: I should transcribe the ends of interviews that have been cut off for space considerations into an issue...maybe next time.

<R_Hookie>: I haven't had time to look through it yet, I've been busy

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I forgot...which wine did Jack order from Frank the roller towel--er, waiter?

<LauraLeff>: Muscatel

<steve-shimp->: muscatel

<steve-shimp->: I laughed at that one.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Ah, muscadoodle.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I remembered it was funny, but not being a wine drinker all I could think of was Manishevivitz.

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Yes, my interview with Norman Abbott is similar. Actually, I have a question on the interviews...

<R_Hookie>: so, Boone's Farm or Ripple, folks???

<Gerry>: Brr-ad- That's when you cross a muskrat and a poodle

<JudyR>: jell-o all!

<AlexBuck>: Has anyone tried Muscatel?

<LauraLeff>: So when I'm talking with people, if they just go on a tear of telling stories

<LauraLeff>: Hey Judy

<R_Hookie>: hi Judy

<steve-shimp->: Muscatel is like bum wine, it is a "fortified" wine

<JudyR>: i almost forgot. gerry reminded me

<Gerry>: or bag wine

<Brrr-adfromGA>: (Fred Sanford) I invented a new wine. I poured half a bottle of Ripple into half a bottle of Thunderbird. I call it Thipple.(/Fred Sandford)

<LauraLeff>: Then I'll just sit back and shut up, unless they say something I know is wrong, and then it's a delicate dance of teasing their memory to move them to the authentic events

<JudyR>: lol brad

<Gerry>: that

<Gerry>: that's a good one Brad

<R_Hookie>: I think I remember that episode Brad

<LauraLeff>: With Dorothy, it was more of a discussion between the two of us, so you get more interjections from me.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I like loosey-goosey interviews myself. They go interesting places sometimes.

<LauraLeff>: When I transcribe it, I always figure that no one is interested in whatever I'm saying and the time should be given to what the interviewee is saying.

<ScottinKC>: Laura, is this an appropriate time to ask you how did your Carnegie Hall event go?

<LauraLeff>: So sometimes if I tell a story that might spark something from the interviewee, I generally don't include it.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Barbara says I'm the only guy who gets a DVD of a movie and watches it with the commentary on first.

<steve-shimp->: Oh, I don't know about that.

<R_Hookie>: sometimes the entire discussion is fun to hear too

<LauraLeff>: I can always reorganize to make it mostly all what the interviewee says, and just add bracket comments for clarity.

<LauraLeff>: Just wanted to make sure I hadn't included too much of my own commentary in the transcription. And feel free to be honest

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Gotcha...will come back to that in a minute.

<steve-shimp->: That did not even cross my mind Laura.

<steve-shimp->: I thought it was a very entertaining and informative read.

<LauraLeff>: OK, great. That's what we want.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: You ought to just run one issue with all the bits you've cut out from all the interviews. It'd be like an Emo Philips routine.

<JudyR>: dang. it kicked me out.

<LauraLeff>: Someone many years ago crabbed at me that they thought that the newsletters were all about feeding my own ego, and that everything was framed around me.

<R_Hookie>: happening again

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Welcome back, Judy.

<JudyR>: you too hookie?

<andy1>: yep got booted too

<JudyR>: thanks

<steve-shimp->: Wow. The Laura Leff Times?

<steve-shimp->: What a crock.

<R_Hookie>: not yet Judy

<Brrr-adfromGA>: No, LL, it's for us. We know that.

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, I've tried to be very, very careful since then about not focusing too much, if at all, on myself.

<LauraLeff>: Hi Tom

<steve-shimp->: Or, you could acknowledge whoever said that was full of crap and move on!

<R_Hookie>: well, we think you are interesting.... so there!

<JudyR>: gerry got me a copy of "to be or not to be" on dvd for christmas. it's wonderful to have it restored and watch it when i want

<TOM>: yi "LL"

<LauraLeff>: Well, I don't ever want the Times to be about me. It should be about Jack and the people associated with him.

<LauraLeff>: OK, thanks for the feedback.

<Gerry>: keep the past alive

<Brrr-adfromGA>: And you've done a great job of it, Laura.

<steve-shimp->: It isn't, it is, and you're an important part of that legacy!

<LauraLeff>: Scott - It went very well. The people there are really lovely. I scanned everything they had as far as programs, etc.

<LauraLeff>: Thought about including some of it in this newsletter, but decided to hold it for now.

<TOM>: why

<LauraLeff>: Oh and Scott's not even here

<LauraLeff>: Duh

<Gerry>: It's a shame that many of the radio personalities didn't get to tell their experiences

<LauraLeff>: Tom - Why hold it for now?

<JudyR>: he got booted too?

<LauraLeff>: Or why what?

<R_Hookie>: another got booted

<JudyR>: so true sis

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Sorry, looks like I answered your question while you were out

<TOM>: http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel36.png

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Just checked the weather here. 37 and light rain...dropping to 24 and ice/snow tomorrow morning...high of 24 tomorrow....low of 4 tomorrow night.

<JudyR>: brad, it's been like that here

<LauraLeff>: Thanks for reminding me why I moved to California

<JudyR>: lol laura

<R_Hookie>: tomorrow will be nasty cold here

<TOM>: ??????

<JudyR>: here too

<Gerry>: everyone head to Maui

<JudyR>: lol wowie!

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Quick recap...my research trip to Carnegie Hall was very productive. The people there in the archive are lovely.

<R_Hookie>: warm in Californy?

<ScottinKC>: I was booted, but I got an idea how the event went. I am happy it went well, Laura.

<andy1>: There you go

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Garrison Keillor once told me that when people move from Minnesota to Georgia to escape the cold, the average IQ goes up in both states.

<JudyR>: lol

<Gerry>: lol

<LauraLeff>: Tom - Not sure if I answered your question (or if it was to me)...why what?

<Brrr-adfromGA>: (GK taught a writing class that I took)

<LauraLeff>: Any other thoughts on the show for tonight?

<JudyR>: still listening to it

<TOM>: steve-shimp are sleaping

<R_Hookie>: well, the toupee bird's nest was silly....

<JudyR>: oodles of harris

<Gerry>: I laughed

<LauraLeff>: Who didn't know they were talking about Jack's toupee until the reveal of that joke?

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Oh, I got it right away.

<JudyR>: i knew

<LauraLeff>: Any show with Mr. Billingsley is good.

<steve-shimp->: yeah

<Gerry>: got

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Nice that Carolyn thought of the birdies, though.

<R_Hookie>: well, ME.... I was clueless I guess

<TOM>: I got the bird joke

<JudyR>: yea brad

<TOM>: ??/

<Gerry>: the bird watchers association should hire her

<LauraLeff>: I have to wonder if Jack was trying to get Carolyn Lee some Hollywood exposure, much like Shari Lewis or Gisele

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I laughed at Jack's reaction to Billingsley..."I don't even know what THAT was about!" or words to that effect. But I shared his bewilderment.

<LauraLeff>: Thinking that she had talent and should be hired for something

<LauraLeff>: Oh yeah, did you hear Jack react to the audience?

<ScottinKC>: Mr. Billingsley sounds like one of the soda jerks Jack and Don frequently saw at the drug store.

<steve-shimp->: yes, what was that?

<Brrr-adfromGA>: To the late laugher, that was funny.

<LauraLeff>: There was someone who had this odd delayed laugh on a gag, and Jack said something like that as well, "I don't know what THAT was about"

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Same guy. Writer Ed Beloin.

<TOM>: what?

<ScottinKC>: Thanks, Laura. I thought I was hearing things.

<LauraLeff>: I don't know what the guy who laughed late and separate from everyone else was laughing at...sounds like Jack didn't either.

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Don's Jell-O recipe was disappointingly blah. No wasabi, no Alka-Seltzer crumbles, nothing.

<LauraLeff>: Just really unusual to hear him comment on something in the audience.

<JudyR>: lol

<Gerry>: or gerotol

<LauraLeff>: Or ground-up peppermint lifesavers or seaweek

<LauraLeff>: seaweed

<R_Hookie>: or Grape-Nuts

<JudyR>: yea

<JudyR>: bromoseltzer

<Brrr-adfromGA>: "For an extra pick-me-up, just dissolve a benzedrine in strawberry Jell-O....."

<Gerry>: seaweek instead of shark week

<JudyR>: ugh

<steve-shimp->: muscatel Jell-o

<TOM>: my dad hats grape-nuts

<steve-shimp->: (sorry had to go there)

<R_Hookie>: Grape-Nuts are good for if your car gets stuck in the snow

<LauraLeff>: I wonder if Jell-O would set up if you used bromoseltzer

<Gerry>: or a beet like we had in grade school

<TOM>: ?????????????/

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I can tolerate hot Grape-Nuts....just microwave them like oatmeal.

<LauraLeff>: Steve - That could work

<JudyR>: yea sis

<steve-shimp->: are you OK Tom?

<LauraLeff>: Tom - He's not alone.

<ScottinKC>: I am afraid to ask what LS/MFT really means.

<TOM>: !!!!!!!!!!!?????????.

<R_Hookie>: Lucky Strike mean fine tobacco

<LauraLeff>: Scott - It depends on who you ask

<JudyR>: tom, you stuck?

<Gerry>: or how your mind wirks

<LauraLeff>: I've heard off-color associations with the acronym that are generally attributed to the military during WWII

<TOM>: LL wrong

<LauraLeff>: ???????????????????????????

<JudyR>: brb

<LauraLeff>: (Just seemed the appropriate response)

<TOM>: "!!!!!"

<LauraLeff>: You said it, brother

<TOM>: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

<LauraLeff>: OK...so if I'm wrong, put me straight

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Oh, we got to meet another of Jack's girlfriends in this episode...the Girl of the Golden West.

<R_Hookie>: uh-oh, what's happening?

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Hookie, you getting the flicker?

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, who throws him over for Rodney Dangerfield

<TOM>: huh?

<R_Hookie>: not yet

<LauraLeff>: No flicker here

<steve-shimp->: I'm not flickering

<JudyR>: not here

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Just now and then here, not bad. I forgot the character's name--the girlfriend....Buggenhaven?

<Gerry>: not here

<R_Hookie>: hey Josef

<Josef>: Hi Hookie!

<JudyR>: stella buggenhaven

<Gerry>: hi josef

<Brrr-adfromGA>: STELLA!

<JudyR>: hi josef

<Josef>: Hi Gerry, Judy

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Sorry...it's the Brando in me.

<LauraLeff>: Hey Josef

<Josef>: Hi Laura!

<R_Hookie>: dad-gum-it, hold on.... my crock pot is making noises, I'll be back....

<JudyR>: ugh jell-o

<LauraLeff>: Hey Tom, you have me curious. What was I wrong about? I'm OK being wrong, but want to know the right answer.

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - As long as it's not your crack pot

<JudyR>: lol

<Josef>: lol

<Gerry>: I was thinking the same thing LL

<steve-shimp->: we're all crackpots here

<Gerry>: I miss read it

<R_Hookie>: I don't cook THAT stuff......

<Gerry>: Right on

<LauraLeff>: IJBFC Crackpot chat room

<steve-shimp->: Crockpot Jell-O

<JudyR>: really? hmm, i thought i was just strange

<Gerry>: lol

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I wonder if Jack's Rodney Dangerfield inspired the comic Rodney Dangerfield to adopt that stage name.

<LauraLeff>: Judy - Believe me, here we're all strange.

<Josef>: knew we'd all be crackpots at some point http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<steve-shimp->: Friends, simmer your Jell-O on low for 8-10 hours and add an envelope of Lipton's Onion Soup mix

<TOM>: oh

<JudyR>: so true laura

<LauraLeff>: Brad - I've had a LOT of people ask me that question. And I posed it to Dangerfield himself in mail, but never got an answer.

<ScottinKC>: Um, Laura, speak for yourself.

<Gerry>: We live in the Great Melting Crack Pot

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Mmmm-hmmm

<JudyR>: lol sis

<TOM>: !

<TOM>: hi

<LauraLeff>: So what other Benny thoughts/questions/etc.?

<LauraLeff>: hi!

<R_Hookie>: I think my roast is getting ready.... I need to start on some spuds

<Gerry>: Did anyone watch the marathon on New Years Eve

<LauraLeff>: What is it getting ready to do?

<JudyR>: just keep mackenzie away from them

<Gerry>: To Party

<ScottinKC>: Laura, got any plans to honor this year as 40 years since Jack passed?

<steve-shimp->: I thought at some point the Rodney Dangerfield "got it from the Benny show" was confirmed.

<Josef>: I'll be honest I'm listening to it now. Didn't have time this week. I did play it Friday, but fell asleep

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Well, Rodney D. the comic was IIRC Rodney Cohen...maybe somebody who'd listened to Jack suggested the last name to him.

<andy>: He took the name Rodney Dangerfield, which had been used as the comical name of a faux cowboy star by Jack Benny on his radio program at least as early as the December 21, 1941,

<R_Hookie>: getting ready to satisfy my need for supper

<andy>: found that on a wiki

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Good question...I didn't have any plans at the moment. Would have been more appropriate to have honored last year as 39 years

<TOM>: what dose this haft to do with jack bennny

<Gerry>: A special chat would be nice to Memorialize him

<Brrr-adfromGA>: One of the Ozzie and Harriet boys also used "Rodney Dangerfield" as a name in an episode.

<JudyR>: true

<LauraLeff>: Tom - Rodney Dangerfield was one of the characters on the show for tonight. So people often wonder about the connection between that and the comedian.

<TOM>: No yellow

<LauraLeff>: I believe the name dates back to at least vaudeville as a "comic stock name"

<TOM>: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

<LauraLeff>: I think someone once told me that they had found references to "Rodney Dangerfield" as a bizarre character name even in the 20s

<Josef>: wow

<JudyR>: hmm

<ScottinKC>: Laura, could you have Joan Benny join us, or would that be a little too emotional?

<Gerry>: That's why he got no respect

<JudyR>: it would be fun to have joan

<Josef>: http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.pngGerry

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Joan isn't very computer-oriented

<Gerry>: too bad

<LauraLeff>: We've talked about it, but a chat room really isn't her "thing."

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

<ScottinKC>: I am not either, but I manage.

<LauraLeff>: However, the grandkids stop by once in a great while

<Gerry>: but her stories live on

<TOM>: not

<steve-shimp->: It was fun to have Al's granddaughter last month

<LauraLeff>: And last time we had the granddaughter of Al Gordon

<LauraLeff>: Yeah that was fun

<Josef>: Yes it was, Steve.

<R_Hookie>: That was fun

<TOM>: al??????????

<JudyR>: and i missed it.

<Gerry>: We missed it

<ScottinKC>: Laura, maybe one of her kids or grandkids could yext on her behalf.

<Josef>: one of Jack's writers, Tom

<andy>: I'm a little late,,,so see you next time folks!

<Brrr-adfromGA>: She had some nice memories of Jack.

<LauraLeff>: Thanks, Josef

<steve-shimp->: bye Andy

<LauraLeff>: You can still read the transcriptions

<TOM>: I wish I was

<R_Hookie>: bye Andy

<JudyR>: buy andy

<Gerry>: bye andy

<Josef>: by Andy

<LauraLeff>: Have a good one Andy

<ScottinKC>: yext even....see, I can't type.

<Josef>: no problem, Laura

<ScottinKC>: I mean "text"!'

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Show for next time?

<steve-shimp->: yexting could be the next big thing. Texting is getting obsolete.

<R_Hookie>: you proved your point

<LauraLeff>: Thought you were just illustrating the point

<Josef>: Scott, you came awfully close to ytapmymus

<Gerry>: I can't even read texting

<LauraLeff>: I was on the team that put up the first commercial text message system in the US

<R_Hookie>: yeah, what Laura said

<JudyR>: hey, the dvd set i got of "to be or not to be" had a radio show with william powell as josef tura. anyone get that dvd?

<ScottinKC>: Thanks, Steve, but I made a faux pas.

<LauraLeff>: Judy - This is the Criterion release?

<JudyR>: yes

<Josef>: I have not been able to buy it Judy, I own that movie on Hulu or Amazon....one of them

<LauraLeff>: I haven't gotten it yet...didn't know they did it with Powell. Interesting thought.

<JudyR>: gerry got it for me

<LauraLeff>: So they call me Concentration Camp Ehrhardt, eh?

<TOM>: what dose this haft to do with jack bennny

<Josef>: To Be or Not to Be is a Benny movie, one of his best Tom

<JudyR>: it was pretty good. his portrayal was odd though. he seemed to try and emulate jack on it

<Gerry>: a Classic tom

<R_Hookie>: I have the DVD, I think a different release

<TOM>: I love that move

<JudyR>: actually to be or not to be was his best

<Josef>: Yes, Gerry. Between that and Charlie's Aunt, I think those are my favorite Benny films

<LauraLeff>: And Lubitsch wrote the part for Jack

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Jack's version;s better than Mel Brooks's. Though that one had its moments.

<JudyR>: yep

<R_Hookie>: How about George Washington Slept Here?

<JudyR>: true brad

<LauraLeff>: I like that movie, but I haven't seen it in years

<Gerry>: me neither

<Josef>: I haven't seen that one, Hookie

<R_Hookie>: it's on TCM soon

<JudyR>: tcm had it on back in november

<steve-shimp->: I would have liked to see Jack Benny in "Dracula Dead and Loving It"

<Brrr-adfromGA>: GW Slept Here suffers from a terribly lame climax. But Jack's good in it.

<LauraLeff>: I think Buck Benny Rides Again is pretty good

<JudyR>: lol steve

<Josef>: And I still haven't seen The Horn Blows at Midnight

<ScottinKC>: Is "Love Thy Neighbor" any good?

<LauraLeff>: Josef - On purpose?

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Great showcase for Rochester, LL.

<JudyR>: not missing much josef

<R_Hookie>: I have Love Thy Neighbor on DVD too

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Hm. Well...I'm not a big fan of the ending

<LauraLeff>: I think it's worth seeing once just to see Jack and Fred mixing it up on screen

<Josef>: no, Laura, I kept forgetting to order it from you and just never thought about it

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Jack's radio version of "Horn" is better than the movie, I think.

<JudyR>: the radio version of horn blows at midnight was better

<LauraLeff>: The whole Jack and Mary Martin romance is kind of unbelievable

<R_Hookie>: wasn't my favorite

<R_Hookie>: agreed

<LauraLeff>: Brad - Have you seen the Omnibus version on the Shout bonus disc?

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Yes indeed! Quite close to the radio script.

<LauraLeff>: I'm still a big fan of "Man About Town".

<R_Hookie>: how about The Meanest Man in the World?

<Josef>: 10 Years after being an official IJBFC fan club member and I still haven' seen many of Jac's films

<TOM>: luve it

<JudyR>: oooh hookie. haven't seen that one in years

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I like Meanest Man.

<Gerry>: I got Safety Last with Harold Lloyd for Christmas and I loved it

<LauraLeff>: Brad - You may be alone in that. http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel08.png

<R_Hookie>: I thought that was fun to watch

<LauraLeff>: Gerry - I saw that on the big screen during the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Well, I wouldn't MARRY it, LL.

<JudyR>: still haven't picked jack out in "casablanca" though

<LauraLeff>: It sounded like a pocket of the audience had never seen it before and were screaming like crazy

<Gerry>: they restored it beatifully

<LauraLeff>: Judy - If you do, let me know

<JudyR>: no prob. i'll have to watch it again

<LauraLeff>: Brad - I haven't seen it in years either. But I have the one-sheet in my office.

<steve-shimp->: I got the full set of Three Stooges and Marx Brothers DVDs for Christmas and have been really enjoying both of them.

<JudyR>: i think i might have the idea which scene he was in

<TOM>: what dose this haft to do with jack benny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<LauraLeff>: I've had dozens of people looking for Jack in Casablanca for maybe 15 years or more. No one's ever come up with a certain answer.

<Gerry>: comedy at it's best

<Josef>: steve, awesome gifts man!

<JudyR>: yea

<Josef>: Tom, Groucho was a Benny guest and the stooges were contemporaries

<JudyR>: even if i have to sit there with a magnifying glass!

<Brrr-adfromGA>: I thought Jack did a good acting job in "Big Broadcast of 1937." Kind of a radical variant on his radio character.

<LauraLeff>: Tom - Feel free to ask your questions about Jack Benny. After an hour, I let the room branch to related topics.

<ScottinKC>: Laura, off-topic. Was there anyone Jack wanted on his radio or TV show he was unable to appear?

<LauraLeff>: I'm sure there were more than this (and it's not off-topic), but I saw a letter where they talked about having Elvis

<Josef>: Gerry, agreed. I love Laurel & Hardy the best, although wish they had done an appearance with Jack Benny later when both were better at their craft.

<LauraLeff>: And I think he wanted Gable, but Gable didn't do much radio.

<Gerry>: josef, that would have been a really long show if they did

<LauraLeff>: Who would you all like to have seen on Jack's show?

<R_Hookie>: Irean Ryan

<JudyR>: oh man

<LauraLeff>: Josef - You know about "Hollywood Revue of 1929" right?

<Gerry>: Fibber McGee and Molly

<JudyR>: more of ronnie and benita

<ScottinKC>: I can't see Jack playing "Hound Dog" on the violin or Elvis singing "Love in Bloom."

<JudyR>: lol scott

<Gerry>: I can't either

<LauraLeff>: Oh I can imagine Elvis singing Love in Bloom

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Martin Freeman. He seems to be in every bloody movie, so why not Jack's show?

<Josef>: Yeah and L& H were the only good things in that film, besides Jack, Laura. I meant I wish they could've done an appearance a little later even on radio when they were all at their height

<JudyR>: yea josef

<Gerry>: June Foray and Mel Blanc doing a voice off

<R_Hookie>: was Henny Youngman ever a guest?

<LauraLeff>: Josef - Gotcha. I think of them as such physical comedians that I wonder about them "coming through" on radio

<JudyR>: yea sis

<Brrr-adfromGA>: Gonna sign off. Dog wants out from under my feet. Good night, all!

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Not as far as I know. However, I know there's a photo of them together.

<LauraLeff>: Night Brad!

<R_Hookie>: good night Brad

<steve-shimp->: Night Brrr-ad! Stay warm

<Josef>: There are 3 radio broadcasts they did, Laura, one of which was an audition show and then a pilot for a radio show in the 40s.

<JudyR>: ollie was the only one that could sing" shine on harvest moon", i think

<LauraLeff>: Before I forget, any requests for next month?

<JudyR>: night brad

<R_Hookie>: warmer weather

<JudyR>: something nice for jack;'s b-day

<LauraLeff>: Josef - I should know that, but didn't. Are they any good?

<Josef>: Unfortunately their humor never translated well into radio, and when TV came they were too old

<ScottinKC>: Happy New Year, Brad!

<Josef>: Two of them are.

<Gerry>: Happy New Year to All

<JudyR>: ditto

<Josef>: One was recorded in 38 for Hal Roach, when they were at their best and so it was really good

<R_Hookie>: you too Gerry

<TOM>: 5 days late

<Josef>: Happy New Year Gerry!

<TOM>: 5 days late

<JudyR>: oh well

<Josef>: no cut that out, Tom

<R_Hookie>: Merry Christmas Tom

<Josef>: *now

<JudyR>: happy new beer, uh year

<Gerry>: I forgot to set my clock ahead lol

<TOM>: 5 days late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<ScottinKC>: I gotta hand it to Benny because he was even on the hip "laugh-In."

<JudyR>: lol

<JudyR>: yea scott

<Gerry>: Jack on Laugh-In

<TOM>: ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

<JudyR>: yea sis

<Josef>: Scott, Benny always seemed comfortable with various types of comedy

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Yes, and the Smothers Brothers too. Eventually it became funny of him vs. the hippie generation

<Josef>: okay

<LauraLeff>: Jack in a Nehru jacket

<JudyR>: yep

<TOM>: what dose this haft to do with jack benny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Top of Form

<TOM>: typo on the 1

<Josef>: Too bad Jack didn't host the Emmys

<TOM>: Emmys?

<LauraLeff>: Yes, that could have been good

<Gerry>: that I would have seen

<TOM>: Emmys?

<JudyR>: true

<ScottinKC>: I would had loved to see him on a park bench with Ruth Buzzi.

<LauraLeff>: Emmy Awards

<JudyR>: too young then sis

<Gerry>: or Peoples Choice

<TOM>: Emmys? what is that

<Josef>: Yeah, imagine it. Even in the 60s he would've been great doing it

<JudyR>: yea

<TOM>: Emmys? what is that ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<LauraLeff>: I'm trying to remember whether Ruth Buzzi hit Jack with her purse. I can envision it, but not sure if it happened.

<TOM>: Emmys? what is that ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<JudyR>: tom, tv's answer to the oscars

<Josef>: I can't see him doing the Academy Awards tho

<R_Hookie>: TV Awards show

<TOM>: what dose this haft to do with jack benny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<LauraLeff>: Tom - The Emmy Awards are given for television programs

<LauraLeff>: Hey Tom

<JudyR>: nm

<LauraLeff>: I'm happy to have you here, and we're happy to answer your questions.

<TOM>: hi

<ScottinKC>: I believe she did, Laura, but not in the park.

<LauraLeff>: It sounds like you're frustrated, though.

<Josef>: Yay, just finished listening to this month's show

<LauraLeff>: Do you have Benny-related questions that we can discuss?

<TOM>: I hade 1 I can't remember it

<LauraLeff>: We're definitely talking about Jack Benny-related information (mostly), but it may be a little sketchy if you haven't seen the pieces that people mention

<JudyR>: or listen to the shows

<LauraLeff>: Tom - How did you get interested in Jack Benny?

<TOM>: !

<TOM>: dad

<R_Hookie>: your dad was a fan?

<LauraLeff>: If I may ask, were you old enough to see any of the shows when they were first aired?

<Gerry>: thank your dad for getting you into Jack Benny

<JudyR>: there's a lot on jack we do discuss here. there is a book called "sunday nights at 7" its a autobiography / biography on jack it's quite good reading

<LauraLeff>: (I wasn't, so that always adjusts how people remember Jack.)

<TOM>: ha

<TOM>: I know

<LauraLeff>: Do you listen to more of the radio shows or television shows?

<TOM>: radio

<TOM>: for now

<Josef>: Agreed, Judy. That book helped me out when I first became a fan

<Gerry>: that's a good beginning

<LauraLeff>: Is there a particular time period of the radio shows that you like best?

<JudyR>: antenna tv has the tv shows

<TOM>: the Jell-O time

<JudyR>: ah yes his sponser being jell-o

<ScottinKC>: I feel old. I remember when the TV shows first aired.

<R_Hookie>: you like the pre-Lucky Strike period

<Gerry>: I have to go now. Talk to you all next time

<steve-shimp->: bye Gerry

<LauraLeff>: I like those too. What do you think makes them funnier than other shows?

<R_Hookie>: good night Gerry

<Josef>: Gerry, you have a great month!

<LauraLeff>: Have a good one Geery

<JudyR>: me too night all *HUGS*

<ScottinKC>: Happy New Year, Gerry!'

<TOM>: bi

<JudyR>: catch ya all next month!

<TOM>: 5 days late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<R_Hookie>: you too Judy

<ScottinKC>: Happy New Year Judy!

<steve-shimp->: bye Judy

<Josef>: bye Judy!

<LauraLeff>: Thanks Judy!

<TOM>: 5 days late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Josef>: Scott, what was the first TV show you saw of Jack?

<steve-shimp->: The first one I remember is the Paris episode (saw it in a rerun)

<R_Hookie>: speaking for myself, I enjoy the color TV specials... Jack Benny's New Look was histerical I thought

<steve-shimp->: and I know I'm not Scott http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel08.png

<ScottinKC>: Josef, I think it was when a little boy told Jack he USED to play the violin like Jack.

<TOM>: not new year for 11 months 25 days 3 hours 34 mim.

<Josef>: lol steve http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: Someone else just told me that they loved "New Look"

<R_Hookie>: Benny's Bag was funny too

<LauraLeff>: OK, shall we call it good for this month?

<Josef>: Tom, none of us have chatted since last year (literally), so in the context, it makes sense

<LauraLeff>: You're very patient, Josef. http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: Thank you.

<R_Hookie>: Tom is very literal

<Josef>: No problem, Laura

<TOM>: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Josef>: http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<Josef>: Hey, what are we going to listen to next month?

<LauraLeff>: Josef - Got a request?

<TOM>: not new year for 11 months 25 days 3 hours 33 mim.

<steve-shimp->: Depends on your time zone.

<R_Hookie>: Thanks for the update, Tom

<LauraLeff>: Sounds like Jack counting the taxi meter on tonight's show

<ScottinKC>: I'm back. Josef, I am 61, but I have a pretty good memory.

<steve-shimp->: I'd say pick one out of the hat Laura - total random potluck.

<steve-shimp->: and see what we get.

<LauraLeff>: OK, that's what I did for this month and it seems to have gone well.

<Josef>: Hey, Scott, that's an awesome memory. Hope I have it osne day too http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png. Laura, anything but a birthday episode.

<LauraLeff>: OK, done Josef.

<Josef>: Thy get overplayed like the Turkey shows

<TOM>: not new year for 11 months 25 days 3 hours 32 mim. centroll

<R_Hookie>: a Benny-roulette type of thing?

<Josef>: *They

<LauraLeff>: And new tenant

<Josef>: yes

<TOM>: not new year for 11 months 25 days 3 hours 31 mim. centroll

<Josef>: Tom, you could be a forecaster

<LauraLeff>: OK, thanks again folks. See you next month.

<R_Hookie>: ....or a calendar

<ScottinKC>: Josedf, I confess, I have seen that episode on DVD, too.