IJBFC Chat - November 10, 2013

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<LauraLeff>: Figured I'd better jump on here a little early so people would know I was attending.

<Josef>: I'm just about finished listening to the show

<R_Hookie>: Hello folks

<LauraLeff>: Sounds good...I finished just a bit ago

<LauraLeff>: Hey Hookie!

<Josef>: Best way to be at times. Hi Hookie!

<LauraLeff>: Keeps it fresh in the mind

<Josef>: Sure does

<Josef>: hi Steve

<LauraLeff>: Hey Steve

<steve-shimp->: Hi there - is it still Halloween?

<LauraLeff>: I'm baaaaaaaccccckkk

<steve-shimp->: Laura is your computer better?

<LauraLeff>: I don't control that...

<LauraLeff>: It's getting there. Have a replacement on order

<Josef>: Well, better Halloween that Christmas stuff Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<R_Hookie>: Glad you got your computer fixed!

<LauraLeff>: This one has been great, but it's five years old and has given me a couple scares in the past few months

<steve-shimp->: Hopefully you didn't lose too much?

<LauraLeff>: Josef - I hear that

<R_Hookie>: Casablanca, rather a coincidence it was on TCM this afternoon, huh?

<LauraLeff>: Fortunately I don't think I lost anything

<steve-shimp->: Good!

<Josef>: Good to hear!

<LauraLeff>: Was some kind of OS corruption

<steve-shimp->: (of course you could have told us Volume 4 was alllmost done...)

<LauraLeff>: So my tech reinstalled the OS

<LauraLeff>: But that means we need to reinstall all the software

<Josef>: That can be a pain

<Gerryatrix>: hi everyone

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Har har har...then people would get excited and expect me to recreate it all in a month

<steve-shimp->: Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel08.png

<LauraLeff>: Hi Gerry!

<Josef>: Hi Gerryatrix

<LauraLeff>: Hi Scott, Kingfish!

<steve-shimp->: Hi Gerryatrix

<ScottinKC>: Good evening folks! LTNS!

<steve-shimp->: The Kingfish - are you in the right room?

<Josef>: Hi Scott

<steve-shimp->: Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<steve-shimp->: Welcome!

<Josef>: Hi KIngfish

<ScottinKC>: Hiya Josef!

<The_Kingfish>: Thought I'd drop in before my Mystic Knights of the Sea meeting

<LauraLeff>: I was mixed about sending the E-mail about my computer, thinking it might encourage people to join if I wasn't there! Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<Josef>: lol

<R_Hookie>: Kingfish? Holy Maceral

<ScottinKC>: I'm glad your "confuser" is working Laura.

<R_Hookie>: Thats all I got

<The_Kingfish>: Don't tell Safire I'm here

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, fortunately I've got a very good local tech.

<steve-shimp->: I figured I'd be the only one here!

<Gerryatrix>: I just read your e-mail Laura. Great you're on tonight

<LauraLeff>: Got tired of having to rely on Dell support occasionally

<LauraLeff>: Wanted someone who wouldn't just tell me to reinitialize the hard disk

<LauraLeff>: OK...so...enough about my 39-year-old computer...

<LauraLeff>: What thoughts on the show for tonight?

<steve-shimp->: It's a Maxwell

<LauraLeff>: It was a Ferrari in its day

<Gerryatrix>: haven't yet heard it

<steve-shimp->: Did it sound like Mel when it went kaput on you?

<R_Hookie>: 39 years old... hehehe

<ScottinKC>: Why your computer is about as old as Jackson, Laura.

<LauraLeff>: Nah, didn't make a sound...just blue screened

<LauraLeff>: But in fact

<LauraLeff>: since you mention it

<LauraLeff>: I had just hit "Send" on an E-mail to the archivist at Carnegie Hall

<LauraLeff>: As I'll be doing some Benny research there next week.

<diogenes>: re y'all

<LauraLeff>: Hi Diogenes!

<steve-shimp->: Neat

<Josef>: Hi Diogenes

<steve-shimp->: Hi Diogenes

<LauraLeff>: Wow...we've got Allen's Alley, Amos n Andy tonight...

<Josef>: yeah, that sounds cool Laura

<Gerryatrix>: Hi diogenes

<LauraLeff>: Ah, I'm looking forward to it.

<LauraLeff>: BRB

<Josef>: I should come back in the room as Fibber Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<R_Hookie>: Hi Judy

<JudyR>: hi all! *hugs*

<steve-shimp->: Hi Judy

<Josef>: hi Judy!

<Gerryatrix>: Ah now there was a character

<steve-shimp->: Not to mention the Witch's Tale as our background

<JudyR>: who me sis? lol

<Gerryatrix>: Hi who again? lol

<Josef>: yes, Gerry

<diogenes>: badish news..... AntennaTV has pushed Jack back to 4am EST

<LauraLeff>: back

<Gerryatrix>: It was the first show I heard as a kid

<LauraLeff>: Hi Judy!

<Josef>: 4 am? Well, I can listen to Jack on my way to work Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: Welcome back to the CBN days

<diogenes>: heh

<steve-shimp->: I still miss that lineup

<Gerryatrix>: so do I

<The_Kingfish>: Josep, if you come in as Fibber, be careful opening the door

<LauraLeff>: BTW...if you want to change the color of your text, scroll your chat screen down and select Colours

<R_Hookie>: Wasn't Our Miss Brooks on as well?

<Josef>: lol Kingfish.

<diogenes>: even I dont stay up till/past 4 much nowadays Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: Apparently our chat software speaks English

<JudyR>: ok, now i can see

<steve-shimp->: I don't remember OMB, but there was Groucho, Bob Cummings, Dobie Gillis, Burns and Allen, Jack...

<steve-shimp->: what else? Green Acres and Flying Nun as I recall

<Gerryatrix>: I like OMB

<LauraLeff>: No Private Secretary?

<diogenes>: omb was often a staple of late nite lineups on local stations in the 70s

<steve-shimp->: OMB is terrific, I just don't remember it on CBN

<Josef>: Y'know, I've never seen the Flying Nun

<LauraLeff>: I guess you don't need it with OMB

<JudyR>: never josef?

<R_Hookie>: Bachelor Father?

<diogenes>: Josepf, you are missing nothing good

<steve-shimp->: I have a complete bootleg DVD set of OMB

<Josef>: never Judy. Considering the fact that I know about a lot of classic tv shows, I just never saw it

<steve-shimp->: It's wonderful for the first few seasons

<JudyR>: how about my mother the car

<Gerryatrix>: Bachelor Fathers house boy Peter was a riot

<Josef>: TV Land didn't play it when I was a kid

<diogenes>: i liked my mother the car

<LauraLeff>: Mr. Ed

<JudyR>: it was cute

<Josef>: I love Mr. Ed.

<Gerryatrix>: yea

<diogenes>: Avery Schriber and Jerry Van Dyke have very good comic timing and chemistry

<LauraLeff>: A George Burns production

<Gerryatrix>: Mr. Ed is on Antennae or Me

<steve-shimp->: I'm more partial to Francis the Talking Mule but will dutifully acknowledge Ed as his successor.

<Josef>: Especially the episode when he meets George

<JudyR>: when things were rotten

<Gerryatrix>: Right Judy

<diogenes>: Larry Keating was cast in Mr. Ed as a sort of Harry Morton 5.0

<steve-shimp->: Yep.

<LauraLeff>: I know someone who is a fan of "The People's Choice"

<Josef>: That is true. He basically was playing the same character. the show missed him when he passed

<steve-shimp->: Then they did that show with Ronnie Burns and the talking baby instead of the horse - "Happy"

<R_Hookie>: Was I booted?

<LauraLeff>: Thinking of it with the talking animals theme

<Gerryatrix>: now there is a forgotten show Laura

<JudyR>: how about "it's about time"?

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Not that I noticed, but I don't get notified when people enter/leave now

<Josef>: "it's about space"

<LauraLeff>: How about Texaco Star Theatre

<R_Hookie>: Hmm, I had to sign back in

<LauraLeff>: Or, let's face it, Your Show of Shows

<JudyR>: lol josef. i knly know about the song. never saw the show

<diogenes>: i recall Mr Ed in reruns as a kid..... I dont seem to recall tehm playing the post-Larry Keating eps..... but I did see them on Nick at nite in the 80s......

<Gerryatrix>: about strange people in the strangest place

<Josef>: Same here Judy

<JudyR>: yea laura

<diogenes>: they were much the lesser for LK's abscence

<LauraLeff>: Now if someone would screen stuff like Playhouse 90

<diogenes>: Your Show of Shows was shown for a while on Comedy Central in about 1993 if I recall

<LauraLeff>: Or any of the really fine live TV drama programs, I'd tune in

<Josef>: I met Pat Carroll before I knew what Your Show of Shows was.

<LauraLeff>: I named my car Imogene

<JudyR>: yea, laura. they need good shows like that again or even suspence or escape

<Gerryatrix>: Yes when people had their makeup run

<ScottinKC>: Your Show of Shows was great. My druthers are Jack Benny and Ernie Kovacs. Or Playhouse 90.

<diogenes>: odd note: Sid Ceasar was a 'regular guest star' on the short lived Pink Lady and Jeff..... which wasnt all that bad..... he stole every scene

<LauraLeff>: Philco-Goodyear Playhouse...I may have the name a little wrong

<Josef>: Suspense would make a great TV show even today. You could do a lot with it

<LauraLeff>: Caesar's Hour

<JudyR>: yea.

<LauraLeff>: Way Out by Roald Dahl

<Gerryatrix>: That and Crime Classics

<LauraLeff>: There aren't many episodes of that, though

<JudyR>: especially with the old scripts, they would make a good show

<steve-shimp->: The Suspense TV show is actually pretty fun but pretty rough around the edges

<LauraLeff>: I've never seen it (Suspense TV show)

<JudyR>: but what they could do with it nowadays

<Josef>: Very true, Judy. Just update it for the 21st Century. Wouldn't be hard.

<diogenes>: I remember, when I was in college, in the late 80s, that there was some (I saw this on late night TV) presentation of the 'Requiem for a Heavyweight" Playhouse 90 with Jack Klugman doing bumbers and interviews with the cast

<LauraLeff>: I'd assume it's like the radio show

<steve-shimp->: All the surviving ones are out on DVD

<steve-shimp->: cramped studio, live, lots of bloopers and rough kinescopes...but still worth a watch

<steve-shimp->: Lots of familiar faces "before they were famous"

<Josef>: Th might. Heck, they've already done the "Real Gilligan's Island" and a remake of the Munsters.

<Gerryatrix>: but it showed talent

<LauraLeff>: Hey, I'm a Doctor Who fan...I know about rough video and cramped, flimsy sets

<R_Hookie>: Second time I had to sign back in

<steve-shimp->: Similar to LIGHTS OUT or TALES OF TOMORROW

<LauraLeff>: Not to mention sound effects that sound like they're being done in studio and picked up by the actors' boom mikes

<Gerryatrix>: or Dark Shadows

<ScottinKC>: Give me Playhouse 90 any day (night).

<JudyR>: hey we had recorded on dvr "the history of mankind" with vincent price and ronald colman. i had never seen that movie before

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Not sure why it doesn't like you...

<Josef>: Maybe there's a problem with your flash player hookie?

<R_Hookie>: Yeah, why?

<LauraLeff>: Nor have I, Judy

<LauraLeff>: Is it good?

<Gerryatrix>: yes

<Gerryatrix>: well acted

<JudyR>: i can't get the show either. it's being very slow to load

<Gerryatrix>: me neither

<LauraLeff>: Sorry, not sure why. It's not taking it off my computer. Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<Gerryatrix>: it started but cut out

<steve-shimp->: Whenever I think Ronald Colman and Vincent Price I think Champagne for Caesar

<R_Hookie>: maybe I should switch to Chrome browser

<LauraLeff>: Hey, that's not available on DVD is it?

<JudyR>: laura, it was great. it was ronald colman's last movie. vincent played the devil, and ronnie played mankind

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Maybe. I'm on Firefox and it seems to be OK

<steve-shimp->: Yes it is.

<LauraLeff>: Champagne for Caesar is on DVD?

<steve-shimp->: Yep

<R_Hookie>: I'm using Firefox now

<steve-shimp->: I have a copy of it

<LauraLeff>: OK, I guess it's just that Netflix doesn't have it.

<Josef>: Firefox is more stable

<steve-shimp->: Mel Blanc does the parrot voice

<JudyR>: let me see, laura

<LauraLeff>: I've been so slow in watching my Netflix queue that I may have it in there anyway

<LauraLeff>: So let me ask this...who DID hear the show for tonight?

<steve-shimp->: I did

<Josef>: I did!

<R_Hookie>: I did

<Josef>: (Just finished it)

<Gerryatrix>: not me

<LauraLeff>: OK, so the folks who heard it work together to tell the folks who didn't hear it about it.

<ScottinKC>: Ditto but I have them on disc already.

<Josef>: It's one of my favorites. I believe I downloaded this one to my Kindle.

<Gerryatrix>: yes please

<diogenes>: herd it

<diogenes>: *heard

<JudyR>: champagne for ceasar is on dvd through movies unlimited on sale for $8.99

<LauraLeff>: or herded

<diogenes>: so, who was ingrid?

<Josef>: Well, very little of Casablanca is actually done

<LauraLeff>: Oh you didn't recognize her?

<diogenes>: heh

<diogenes>: i know i should have

<LauraLeff>: Judy - OK, will make a note1

<ScottinKC>: Mrs. Pansy Nussbaum!

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Any guesses?

<Josef>: Yes, Scott! I loved that part!

<Josef>: "You must remember this. A kiss is still a kiss."

<JudyR>: "a sigh is just a sigh..."

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Not even a guess?

<Josef>: The cab driver heckling Jack throughout.

<LauraLeff>: And with your nick...

<R_Hookieagain>: now using Chrome

<JudyR>: i love that movie

<diogenes>: i'm in the weeds here Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<ScottinKC>: The irony is wasn't Jack in the real "Casablanca" movie?

<steve-shimp->: I thought Scott already kinda got it

<diogenes>: i think that there is a story that he is....

<Josef>: That's right. But legend says he was.

<LauraLeff>: Scott - I've heard people point to this show as evidence that Jack *was* in Casablanca

<JudyR>: i don;t know. i have seen it many times

<LauraLeff>: The Casablanca press book says he was

<JudyR>: oh?

<LauraLeff>: Says he put on a waiter's jacket and is seen in many shots

<Josef>: Laura, that's like saying Jack was in Horatio Hornblower or any other movie they spooffed

<R_Hookieagain>: I'm missing too much from leaving unexpectently

<LauraLeff>: And suggests that theaters offer prizes for people who spot him

<JudyR>: need to watch it again

<Gerryatrix>: I didn't know that

<ScottinKC>: I will butcher her name: Manirva Pios.

<steve-shimp->: I would guess it's the line "WAS I in Casablanca!"

<LauraLeff>: Josef - Not quite...this is in the real Casablanca press book

<Josef>: oh wow

<LauraLeff>: Steve - That's exactly what it is

<R_Hookieagain>: Jack was in the movie?

<steve-shimp->: Minerva Pious

<LauraLeff>: Supposedly

<Josef>: But press books back then exaggerated.

<R_Hookieagain>: I recorded it... I'll check

<JudyR>: i definatly need to go and pull it out to watch

<LauraLeff>: See the Times for the in-depth research Marty and I did trying to validate it.

<ScottinKC>: Thanks, Steve.

<LauraLeff>: Judy - And if you find anything, let me know.

<JudyR>: will do Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: As for me, I'm still on the fence about it.

<LauraLeff>: Not everything in a press book needs to be true...kind of like being on the Internet but written by the studio

<Gerryatrix>: hope it's a flat fence lol

<steve-shimp->: I thought some of the screen grabs looked like Jack

<JudyR>: i'm one who pays attention to the backgrounds a lot

<Gerryatrix>: i'm more voices

<LauraLeff>: You know, there's a page somewhere on the IJBFC site that has some screen grabs

<steve-shimp->: Maybe now it is out on blu-ray so someone can get some higher resolution captures

<LauraLeff>: Just search on Casablanca on the home page search box and you'll find them

<steve-shimp->: which I'm sure would resolve it even less! Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<JudyR>: big screen tv helps.

<Gerryatrix>: or sit near their t.v. lol

<Josef>: True, Laura. One of my favorite things to laugh at is the MGM and Fox press books for the later Laurel & Hardy movies. Lots of bad "information."

<LauraLeff>: I've looked at it on my big screen TV

<JudyR>: binnoculars

<LauraLeff>: Josef - See, there you go. Now the story is specific enough that it rings true, and is entirely possible...

<Gerryatrix>: sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

<LauraLeff>: But I've looked at every daily sheet of who was on set, what was being shot, etc., and Jack is never listed

<R_Hookieagain>: I enjoyed tonight's show, I listened while doing yardwork

<LauraLeff>: But his "drop in" might not be documented that way

<Josef>: Could it be possible that Jack was it but his cameo cut?

<Josef>: *in it

<JudyR>: sis, you hissing again?

<Gerryatrix>: sorry

<LauraLeff>: Then they wouldn't have put it in the press book to challenge people to spot him

<Gerryatrix>: don't know what happened

<Josef>: hmmm

<LauraLeff>: Or everyone who spots him is wrong

<JudyR>: finger fell asleep?

<LauraLeff>: Sounds like a Maxwell blowout

<R_Hookieagain>: overheating?

<JudyR>: there were so many bit actors in casablanca though that are long forgotten

<Gerryatrix>: it was warm today

<R_Hookieagain>: oh, you meant tire

<JudyR>: lol

<diogenes>: well... look for something hard enough, and you are sure to find it....

<steve-shimp->: It's a snake horror movie from 1973. SSSSSS - "don't say it, hiss it"...almost as good as "WHISPER her name!"

<diogenes>: heh

<JudyR>: gerry was born in'73

<JudyR>: lol

<Gerryatrix>: recreating the movie

<LauraLeff>: Steve - LOL

<Josef>: Don't worry, Gerry, I'm younger Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: Snakes on a Maxwell

<steve-shimp->: LOL

<JudyR>: yech

<R_Hookieagain>: I'll claim to be the youngest

<LauraLeff>: Snakes on a Train - the Super chief

<JudyR>: new horror flick

<Gerryatrix>: that would make a great movie

<steve-shimp->: "Rochester! Get these darn snakes out of this darn Maxwell!"

<Josef>: lol Steve

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Oh you beat me to it

<JudyR>: rotfl

<Gerryatrix>: lol steve

<JudyR>: snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, I wanna hear Rochester say "I'm tired of these $#&@* snakes on this $#&@*($ train!"

<Gerryatrix>: is it the radiator or tire. tune in next week and find out

<ScottinKC>: So it wasn't Carmichael who got the gas man, it was a snake?

<JudyR>: lol

<R_Hookieagain>: "But Boss! You wanted the snake skins to sell new boots!"

<JudyR>: no hookie, to retread the tires

<R_Hookieagain>: ok sorry

<Gerryatrix>: or seat covers

<JudyR>: oh geeze i said it

<LauraLeff>: So folks who heard the show tell the others about the rest of the show

<Gerryatrix>: brb

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - You get the answer to your question?

<diogenes>: yep Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<ScottinKC>: Which one, Laura?

<R_Hookieagain>: In what war was Jack supposedly in the Army???

<steve-shimp->: You get to hear the writers say a few words, that was fun

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Which question or which show?

<JudyR>: hookie, he was in the navy

<LauraLeff>: Well, Jack was in the Navy in WWI

<ScottinKC>: Which show?

<diogenes>: Jack is back from performing for the troops, and is all enthusiastic about military stylings...

<R_Hookieagain>: but Mary's joke....

<steve-shimp->: But he was in the army the war before that Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel08.png

<LauraLeff>: Scott - The show for discussion tonight

<R_Hookieagain>: YES

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Good one

<diogenes>: this show seems to nod a bit to an acknowledgement that Mary was his wife

<steve-shimp->: that's straight from the show

<LauraLeff>: And he was in the cavalry the war before that

<steve-shimp->: no credit due to me

<R_Hookieagain>: So what war would it have been?

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Good point

<ScottinKC>: Sorry, I am sleepy. I turned another decade older since I have chatted here.

<diogenes>: spanigh american?

<diogenes>: *spanish

<JudyR>: lol scott

<LauraLeff>: Let's see...WWI, Spanish American War, Civil War, Mexican American War, War of 1812

<LauraLeff>: Did I miss any working backwards?

<diogenes>: Mary makes a comment to the effect of "last night..... some thing something' and another time she talks about Jack cutting himself shaving this morning

<JudyR>: revolution

<R_Hookieagain>: my History is rusty.... like the Maxwell's fender

<JudyR>: french and indian

<LauraLeff>: True, although she drops by in the peeled potato episode right after his shower. So she might have known about shaving that way

<Gerryatrix>: back

<diogenes>: french and indian = 1812

<JudyR>: oh well Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<R_Hookieagain>: The Cola War - 1983

<diogenes>: well... okay, just a sorta feel thing to the ep's first part

<LauraLeff>: Wonder what Jack did in the War of 1812

<diogenes>: they seem to be a bit fast and loose on that issue on and off

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - LOL

<LauraLeff>: Don't forget about the Bud Bowl

<ScottinKC>: Jack saved New Orleans.

<diogenes>: the radioactive reptile wars ca. 1970s or 80s

<LauraLeff>: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

<JudyR>: and johnny horton sang about the battle of new orleans

<diogenes>: David Letterman show, ca. 1988

<JudyR>: 1980's

<LauraLeff>: Now you've got it playing in my head

<R_Hookieagain>: Battle of the Network Stars - 1978

<LauraLeff>: Welllll weeee...fired our guns...

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Oh, I remember that

<steve-shimp->: Phil had an unusual bit razzing Don about his sponsor blather. That's a character relationship that never seemed to crop up much as I recall.

<JudyR>: sis, remember the ones the celebrities did out at pepperdine university. all those sports

<ScottinKC>: I like Homer and Jethro's version better.

<JudyR>: ah homer and jethro. true classics

<diogenes>: The song was written by Jimmy Driftwood (and won a grammy on its own before the Johny Horton Grammy) and had several more verses

<Gerryatrix>: yes that was a show I would like to see again

<LauraLeff>: Anyone have a guess on who ? Beck was as Crowley?

<ScottinKC>: Judy, as opposed to Jed and Jethro.

<JudyR>: battle of the network stars

<LauraLeff>: I remember the obstacle course


Top of Form

(Some loss)

<LauraLeff>: A Jewish Swede

<steve-shimp->: Well, a quick google on Jackson Beck shows he did a lot of cartoon voices: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Jackson-Beck/

<R_Hookieagain>: I was laughing so hard at that, while mulching the leaves

<steve-shimp->: so maybe?

<LauraLeff>: I was recently reading about the guy who did the voice of Superman having a lot of range, so you never know.

<Fibber>: Bud Collyer

<LauraLeff>: That's it

<R_Hookieagain>: any range like Mel's?

<JudyR>: yea

<Gerryatrix>: he was also a game show host

<LauraLeff>: Oh heck, did ANYONE have range like Mel's?

<Gerryatrix>: no

<R_Hookieagain>: don't think so

<JudyR>: frank welker

<ScottinKC>: Gerry, he did To Tell The Truth.

<JudyR>: learned from the best

<Fibber>: He had that really good range, almost made you believe that Clark and Superman were 2 different actors. But no one could surpass Mel.

<LauraLeff>: Actually...um...what's his name...

<Gerryatrix>: Not with a straight face

<LauraLeff>: Paul Frees

<R_Hookieagain>: A Goodson-Todman Production

<JudyR>: yes

<Fibber>: Jack said it best, there are only 5 people in Hollywood, everyone else is Mel Blanc

<diogenes>: frank welker is on the top tier, but Mel is a titan

<JudyR>: lol

<steve-shimp->: LOL

<JudyR>: yes

<diogenes>: Frank welker did a bunch of acting as well/....... frequently in bit parts in westerns

<LauraLeff>: A long time ago I had a copy of Paul Frees' resume tape

<LauraLeff>: Not sure why he needed one, but it was a collection of his voices

<Fibber>: oh wow

<JudyR>: wow. that would have been interesting to hear

<steve-shimp->: I see Frank Welker's name popping up on credits in the least-expected places too.

<diogenes>: Paul Frees had a radio show at one point where he did fairly elaborate Radio Dramas wherein he played all the parts seamlessly

<LauraLeff>: Not sure where it is now...an audio engineer friend of mine dubbed it off for me a thousand years ago

<LauraLeff>: I'll refind it some day

<JudyR>: especially since he did a lot of voices for disney

<Gerryatrix>: Mel and Frank in a voice off. My money would be on Mel

<Fibber>: mine too Gerry

<JudyR>: interesting conversations

<diogenes>: not much of a contest

<steve-shimp->: I don't think Mel's place in voice acting history is not going to be challenged for a loooong time.

<steve-shimp->: way too many negatives there, sorry

<JudyR>: true

<Gerryatrix>: never will be

<Fibber>: that's okay, steve, but you're right. no voice over actor has done so much

<ScottinKC>: Steve, not in our lifetime.

<LauraLeff>: I may have said this here before but there was an eye-ear-nose-throat doctor who looked down Mel's throat because of some issue

<R_Hookieagain>: correct me if I'm wrong, but would that be Daffy Duck vs Donald Duck?

<steve-shimp->: Oh, yes, the video!

<LauraLeff>: And he said, "The last time I saw a structure like that, it was on Enrico Caruso"

<JudyR>: lol

<Fibber>: wow

<diogenes>: cool story

<Fibber>: And Caruso, my goodness, what a voice

<LauraLeff>: There's even a film that purports to be of Mel Blanc's larynx in action

<JudyR>: and an ego

<Fibber>: I've seen it on youtube

<Gerryatrix>: "viva Caruso"

<JudyR>: down gerry

<Gerryatrix>: got caught up

<LauraLeff>: I doubt there's a film of Caruso's larynx in action

<JudyR>: too mush m*a*s*h

<Fibber>: We're lucky we have records Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<JudyR>: yes

<LauraLeff>: Imagine trying to get one of the giant cameras of that era down someone's throat, I mean really...

<ScottinKC>: Warner Bros. had a nice tribute to Mel Blanc of a picture of the cartoon characters with heads bowed and a spotlight on a microphone with the caption: "Speechless."

<LauraLeff>: Ah yes, I think that's the best

<R_Hookieagain>: who's been watching M*A*S*H?

<Fibber>: lol Laura, that would be a silent comedy itself!

<Gerryatrix>: me

<JudyR>: yea, i saw one of those at a wb store years ago

<diogenes>: Laura, I think you have WB cartoon there

<LauraLeff>: Actually, I can just imagine it!

<R_Hookieagain>: today I was watching Highway to Heaven

<Fibber>: Hookie, great show. I'm so glad they're finally releasing the seasons on DVD (besides 1 and 2)

<LauraLeff>: I walk by Michael Landon's grave every time I'm at Hillside

<R_Hookieagain>: yes

<JudyR>: wish they'd put more wkrp out on dvd

<Fibber>: My favorite episode is the one with Dick Van Dyke as the bum

<R_Hookieagain>: he was quite a joker

<LauraLeff>: Hello Foggy, sorry for not noticing you before now!

<R_Hookieagain>: Dr Johnny Fever

<LauraLeff>: And hi Don!

<FoggyNotion>: Hi there, Laura, all!

<marathondon>: Hello everybody

<FoggyNotion>: I got in late, so stayed quiet here in the corner. Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<JudyR>: hey foggy

<Fibber>: Hi Foffy! Hi Don!

<diogenes>: another victim of Antenna TV's recent schedule changes..... the bloacks of WKRP and Barny Miller have been removed

<LauraLeff>: Don - There's a package for you sitting on my purse to go out tomorrow

<Gerryatrix>: ho foggy

<steve-shimp->: Hiya Foggy

<marathondon>: thank you Laura

<JudyR>: rats

<steve-shimp->: and marathondor

<LauraLeff>: Don - And a very public SORRY!

<Gerryatrix>: rats?

<diogenes>: Foggy, Don..

<JudyR>: moving wkrp and barney miller

<marathondon>: No worries. I was not concerned

<diogenes>: they did away with block programming...

<LauraLeff>: Don - I know there was a topic that was of interest to you...want to introduce it now?

<R_Hookieagain>: I like Barney Miller

<JudyR>: me too

<diogenes>: i think both have an ep or 2 on the weekends now

<R_Hookieagain>: Fish is great

<marathondon>: I would love to discuss any information regarding the "walking man" episodes

<Gerryatrix>: I liked Nick

<JudyR>: i have seasons 1, 2 and 3 on dvd

<diogenes>: I liked the 4 show blocks of Barney on thu nighs (its original night for its entire run)

<steve-shimp->: We had some good threads on the Walking Man on the forum

<marathondon>: I have heard a couple of JB shows on the topic and have googled it but don't know very much about it

<R_Hookieagain>: nobody liked Nick's coffee

<steve-shimp->: where we worked through the clues and all that.

<JudyR>: yea

<diogenes>: they really developed excelent characters (after the 1st season, anyWAY)

<LauraLeff>: So tell what you know about the Walking Man, folks...I'll add a comment here and there...

<Gerryatrix>: espically when it came from roof water

<marathondon>: Was the Walking Man simply a publicity stunt?

<steve-shimp->: I have the Truth or Consequences episode where Jack is revealed too, somewhere.

<JudyR>: dennis to jack: "mr. benny, are you the walking man?"

<Gerryatrix>: Was Jack the Walking Man

<diogenes>: was constructed (eventually anyway) in the form of a one act play

<R_Hookieagain>: It filtered the impurities

<steve-shimp->: It was for charity - the Heart Fund as I recall.

<diogenes>: heh

<marathondon>: I have read about the elderly widow from I believe Chicago who was the actual winner

<marathondon>: I think I later learned she moved to FL and was lost to posterity

<Gerryatrix>: as so many

<Gerryatrix>: sadly

<JudyR>: yep

<LauraLeff>: I think I had someone research her and I published the findings in the Times.

<LauraLeff>: So it was on Truth or Consequences...

<marathondon>: I am a late comer to the Times so didn't get the benefit of your research

<JudyR>: man , that flashing pumpkin at the top of the screen. annoying.

<LauraLeff>: Don - Maybe I should make a second package to remedy that...although I need to put together another bound issue from 2006 on

<R_Hookieagain>: I have adblockers so I don't see it

<marathondon>: Neither do I

<FoggyNotion>: ohhh, I don't have a pumpkin but DO see a giant witch moon in the background, making text hard to read

<Gerryatrix>: neither do I

<ScottinKC>: I love the winner's response to "I Can't Stand Jack Benny Because....." contest. Very profound.

<R_Hookieagain>: maybe the adblockers on Firefox are booting me!

<JudyR>: lucky. i might be overlooking the as block deally

<LauraLeff>: Foggy - See if you can scroll down the chat window and you should see "Colours"...you can change the color of your own text there

<Gerryatrix>: maybe it's telling you to get some pie Judylol

<marathondon>: Laura, I would love to read any issues of the Times that deal with the Walking Man episodes

<JudyR>: did earlier sis

<steve-shimp->: marathondon: check out this thread on the forum http://jackbenny.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=213&start=30&hilit=Walking+Man

<marathondon>: I would gladly reimburse for the issues and your time (and, of course, postage)

<LauraLeff>: Don - Note made. If they're not in the bound back issues, I'll E-mail you the electronic copies.

<marathondon>: thank you

<Fibber>: That reminds me I need to order some episodes of TV Benny from you Laura before Thanksgiving.

<LauraLeff>: (Don's been through a bit of an ordeal getting some books lately, so still feeling like I want to make it up to him.)

<LauraLeff>: OK...I'm a bit behind on the orders right now. But hope to catch up after my trip this week.

<marathondon>: Laura, it was my mistake to begin with. You have been more than patient and kind

<FoggyNotion>: Thanks - I suppose it

<FoggyNotion>: 'll be changed to a turkey next

<Gerryatrix>: has everyone done with their Christmas shopping? lol

<JudyR>: hey, did anyone know about the publication of the fbi files on jack benny?

<LauraLeff>: Don - Yes, but the one we just realized was my mistake, and I own it!

<marathondon>: Steve-I will save the link for later. Thanks very much.

<Fibber>: Gerry, I haven't even started mine

<LauraLeff>: I'm done. I'm Jewish

<marathondon>: Laura, no foul, no harm

<Fibber>: I can't decide on metal tips or plastic tips. Or oil paints or watercolors

<LauraLeff>: Don - Thanks for being very understanding!

<Gerryatrix>: Lockheim Laura. I think that's how its spelled

<steve-shimp->: I'm still deciding who gets walnut stuffed dates and who gets the plain ones.

<diogenes>: fbi file?

<marathondon>: I am still deciding on how many olives to put on each plate

<steve-shimp->: I've seen that file - mostly about the smuggling case with George Burns as I recall

<diogenes>: ah...

<JudyR>: yea diogense. i think it was at b&n. 2 volumes

<LauraLeff>: Just don't dream about being a turkey

<Gerryatrix>: yes B&N has it on their site

<JudyR>: oh, steve

<ScottinKC>: Gerry, just watch out for cranky salespeople like Jack seemed to encounter every year.

<Fibber>: I can't decide on a $40 wallet or one for $1.98

<diogenes>: not blacklisted for being a sympathizer of the arch duke ferdinand or somesuch...

<steve-shimp->: I think you can read the FBI file online.

<Gerryatrix>: Yeees Scott. lol

<LauraLeff>: I wonder what a $40 wallet would be in today's dollars

<ScottinKC>: LOL Gerry!

<Gerryatrix>: Yipes to Jack

<JudyR>: why would you put a wallet in $40?

<R_Hookieagain>: $40 without the pictures

<marathondon>: My understanding is that JB left for CBS in large part because NBC brought in a negotiator that turned out to be the lead prosecutor

<LauraLeff>: *rimshot*

<JudyR>: ba dum dum

<Fibber>: A picture of Jack

<LauraLeff>: Don - Oh that's a LONNNNNGGGG story

<marathondon>: I perhaps only read the summary in one of the many autobiographies I have read

<LauraLeff>: Actually, check the lawyers issue you just got from me. It's got one of the best renditions of that tale I've seen.

<marathondon>: Will do

<R_Hookieagain>: I thought it was because General Sarkoff

<steve-shimp->: or General Foods

<JudyR>: general tires?

<LauraLeff>: I just transcribed the court report on it. It was great, even though you can see the spin that the lawyer's put on it to make it look like Jack had "no influence."

<R_Hookieagain>: no... the big-wig at NBC

<diogenes>: someday you'll own....

<Gerryatrix>: All MacCarthy had in his case was "An Empty Bottle of Booze"

<LauraLeff>: Sarnoff

<LauraLeff>: David Sarnoff

<LauraLeff>: LaFong

<LauraLeff>: Carl LaFong

<R_Hookieagain>: thanks Laura

<JudyR>: 007

<FoggyNotion>: 1940 dollars, $520...!? http://miburl.com/hYsIhh Description: https://s3.amazonaws.com/mibbit/gfx/information.png

<LauraLeff>: *waiting to see who gets the joke*

<JudyR>: sorry, got caught up in the moment

<R_Hookieagain>: I loused up the name... geez

<LauraLeff>: Foggy - Good job!

<diogenes>: La Fong!!!

<Gerryatrix>: his cousin La Gong. LOL

<Fibber>: wow. There's no way I'd spend that much on a wallet

<LauraLeff>: (OK, it's a W.C. Fields joke...not completely off topic...)

<JudyR>: me either

<Fibber>: I'l stick with the $3 one you can buy at 7-Eleven Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: Fibber - Yeah, that's why I wondered it. If you translated it into today's dollars, it seems incomprehensible that Jack would be debating that.

<Fibber>: no kidding

<diogenes>: well, was it garunteed?

<ScottinKC>: Laura....This sounds like a broadcast from KTVU, huh?

<JudyR>: sis, is your bobble head bear shaking?

<Fibber>: imagine what $40 today will be in 60 years.....

<LauraLeff>: Scott - ?

<ScottinKC>: Laura....Nevermind.

<R_Hookieagain>: The $40 Dollar Tree

<Fibber>: lol Hookie. Probably.

<Fibber>: 30 Below

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Sorry...that one got by me.

<diogenes>: The C-Note Shoppe

<ScottinKC>: No worries, Laura.

<marathondon>: In my correct that JB was paid $20,000 per weekly episode but he paid for all the cast, etc.?

<Fibber>: Gas prices would be what $98 per gallon

<Gerryatrix>: perish the thought

<JudyR>: gerry, is your bobblehead bear shaking?

<Gerryatrix>: a little

<Gerryatrix>: we just had another one

<JudyR>: thought so. earthquake again

<LauraLeff>: Don - I'd have to look it up...actually all the figures are in that court summary. It's great!

<LauraLeff>: Not to put down the question...just that I'd be pulling that article to make sure myself!

<marathondon>: Thanks, Laura. I also thought guest stars were paid $5000.

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, that's about right.

<Gerryatrix>: a lot of money back then

<JudyR>: yea

<LauraLeff>: In fact, I had the honor of informing Isaac Stern that his rate at the time was higher than their guest star budget, and Jack paid the difference out of his own pocket.

<marathondon>: In today's dollars that would be roughly $65,000. Not bad for a few minutes of work.

<JudyR>: oh yea

<marathondon>: I do seem to recall reading that in one of the biographies

<JudyR>: hey, we're getting some light tremors again

<LauraLeff>: Don - Yes, it's in Jack's autobiography

<diogenes>: any one know anything about this: watching the TV shows, I kind of wondered if Jack and Raymond Burr had any kind of performance history together..... they seems to have a great on screen chemistry and familiarity

<Fibber>: I'd take 60 grand for a few minutes. That's like two of my years together

<LauraLeff>: Judy - I thought you were in Oklahoma. I don't think of that as earthquake country.

<ScottinKC>: I wonder what Dorothy Kirstain (spelling?) wanted?

<JudyR>: they did seem that , diogenes

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Not as far as I know, other than the shows themselves.

<Gerryatrix>: we have been having about three a day Laura

<LauraLeff>: Kirsten

<LauraLeff>: Gerry - Dang

<JudyR>: we are, laura. ever since nov. 2011 with a 5.6 mag. we've had moer and more

<LauraLeff>: Something broke loose

<ScottinKC>: Thanks Laura.

<LauraLeff>: Not that you need me to tell you that...I *am* in earthquake country

<FoggyNotion>: re: Isaac Stern--Wow, Laura!

<R_Hookieagain>: I'm on the Prairie

<marathondon>: No earthquakes in Cow Hampshire

<JudyR>: gerry and i along with our family went through many there in california

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Are you in a little house?

<R_Hookieagain>: Yes

<LauraLeff>: Well there you go.

<Gerryatrix>: our Governor even wants to cause earthquakes to stop them

<JudyR>: we just look around and go, whoops another quake. lol

<ScottinKC>: The worst earthquake in U.S. history took place here in Missouri.

<R_Hookieagain>: and, I actually have an old water pump in my basement... not that it works

<Fibber>: the last earthquake in Massachusetts was many years ago

<FoggyNotion>: Oh man, the stories about that Missouri quake. *shiver*

<LauraLeff>: Scott - That makes sense, because a fault might not even be detected, and if there's nothing to cause dish-rattlers to take the pressure off, then it's just going to build up.

<JudyR>: new york had one a few years ago if i remember correctly as did d.c.

<Gerryatrix>: it sounded like a horror story Scott

<LauraLeff>: I remember one that I think was in Chicago in the late 80s

<diogenes>: new york one was strange

<Fibber>: We just get tail end of storms here in Boston, and scared out of our wits when there's a real threat.

<JudyR>: whittier quake 1988

<diogenes>: I was in Jersey City at the time. People on the eastern half of the hackensack peninsula felt it hard

<JudyR>: i was in high school in oxnard then

<diogenes>: 2 or 3 miles away onm the western side of town..... we felt nothing

<Fibber>: I'll refrain from saying how old I was in 88

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Aren't the all on fill?

<JudyR>: lol

<ScottinKC>: Laura - It changed the course of the Mississippi River. New Madrid, MO circa 1810s. And we thought it was Don Wilson getting up for a snack.

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Har har har

<Gerryatrix>: lol Scott

<JudyR>: oh scott. rotfl

<diogenes>: Laura, no.... Manhatten is on bedrock........ only the southern tip of the island is on fill

<marathondon>: Good one, Scott

<FoggyNotion>: Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel06.png

<LauraLeff>: I wonder what Don did in the War of 1812

<JudyR>: hmmm...

<diogenes>: hackensack peninsula is v.solid as well

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - But I thought Hackensack was on fill

<Fibber>: He took a little trip

<R_Hookieagain>: sold Luckies

<JudyR>: lol

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - OK, I stand corrected!

<marathondon>: Used his protuberant stomach as a lookout point

<diogenes>: medowlands is a drained swamp

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - OK, that's what I'm thinking of

<diogenes>: the peninsula is a very ancient, very solid geological structure

<Gerryatrix>: laying on his stomach looking up

<Fibber>: and he fired his guns as the British kept a coming

<ScottinKC>: Don smoked Lucky Green for The Cause, Laura.

<Gerryatrix>: or sandwiches to distract them

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Back in 1812 when it hadn't gone to war yet

<ScottinKC>: GMTA R! Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<R_Hookieagain>: how long have we been off topic... not to be a oh well whatever

<Fibber>: true. It was 1813 that the fighting really got bad

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, apologies to anyone who's perturbed by me letting us go off topic

<LauraLeff>: After the first hour, I just let people have fun.

<JudyR>: that makes sense at the battle of new orleans. it was smoke from the luckies don sold that helped blind the british

<marathondon>: Back on topic: I thought I heard that Mary Livingstone refused to smoke Luckies

<R_Hookieagain>: not really... it's all fun

<Fibber>: Laura, that's the spirit of Phil, we just jive!

<LauraLeff>: Don - Right...she smoked Parliaments

<R_Hookieagain>: was shw a Virginia Slim girl?

<JudyR>: yep

<Gerryatrix>: I didn't know that

<LauraLeff>: No, she hadn't come a long way

<diogenes>: heh.... jive away...

<FoggyNotion>: Gotta say Goodnight Folks--hubby's calling me in to dinner... Thank you, Laura, everyone!

<R_Hookieagain>: later Foggy

<LauraLeff>: Have fun Foggy! Glad you stopped...

<JudyR>: yea foggy Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<Fibber>: Bye Foggy have a great night & month!

<Gerryatrix>: well it doesn't matter what they smoked it still killed

<LauraLeff>: Gerry - Well said

<ScottinKC>: Niters Foggy.

<diogenes>: nites foggy

<Gerryatrix>: bye Foggy Happy Thankgiving

<marathondon>: Thanks, Foggy

<MikeAmo>: Jello Folks! Am I here?

<JudyR>: i'm not cooking!!!!!!

<FoggyNotion>: I will try not to miss these anymore! oh yes, Happy Thanksgiving to all. Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: Mike!

<Fibber>: Hi Mike!

<LauraLeff>: My goodness it's been a long time!

<MikeAmo>: Hi, now I see y'all!

<Gerryatrix>: Hi Mike

<JudyR>: hi mike

<diogenes>: re mike

<MikeAmo>: Well, I finally got here when everyone's still around

<steve-shimp->: Hi Mike!

<Fibber>: yay

<R_Hookieagain>: Gerry said that while I have a DVD of classic cigarette commercials playing

<MikeAmo>: Hi/Bye Foggy!

<LauraLeff>: Mike - We're talking about the War of 1812 and what Jack and Don did in it, so don't mind us being a bit off topic

<Gerryatrix>: I' side kick lol

<LauraLeff>: But yeah, Jack didn't smoke Luckies either

<MikeAmo>: I just heard Jack last night in something new to me: "Suspense" from 1953 as Zeno the Martian...that was good

<Fibber>: I'm not sure how we got to the War of 1812 though

<ScottinKC>: I'm surprised Philsy wasn't in Lucky ads. He seems more convincing of a smoker than Donsy.

<LauraLeff>: But I believe there needed to be a clause in the contract that Mary could smoke whatever she wanted, since it wasn't American Tobacco

<marathondon>: I did not realize that JB smoked

<LauraLeff>: Mike - Ah, Plan X

<MikeAmo>: I think Jack's guard, Ed, fought in that one

<LauraLeff>: Don - He smoked cigars

<JudyR>: he did don

<MikeAmo>: LL, indeed Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<marathondon>: Laura, that is the story I remember from one of the biographies

<Fibber>: There's one episode in the lost episodes where we see him smoke a cigar briefly.

<steve-shimp->: He's pretty funny in a Burns and Allen mimicking how George used his cigar as a prop.

<JudyR>: yep

<R_Hookieagain>: I may have that episode

<LauraLeff>: Supposedly from someone I know who worked at CBS and sat in on many of the rehearsals and shows, Jack would sometimes hold his cigar under Mary's nose

<Fibber>: yes, steve, they both play to the audience in that episode

<LauraLeff>: I have to wonder if it was a calming influence

<JudyR>: i so love that set

<ScottinKC>: There was Groucho and HIS line about cigars.

<Fibber>: The Burns & Allen set was a fun set

<LauraLeff>: Which he probably never said

<steve-shimp->: which is apparently apocryphal

<steve-shimp->: what Laura said

<LauraLeff>: Just like Gracie never said, "Goodnight, Gracie"

<Fibber>: nope

<R_Hookieagain>: she just said goodnight

<LauraLeff>: It wasn't apocryphal...it was a pretty good line. He just never said it. Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel08.png

<Gerryatrix>: with a joke about her amily

<JudyR>: amily?

<LauraLeff>: Or, on the topic of tonight's show, Bogart never said, "Play it again, Sam!"

<Gerryatrix>: family

<R_Hookieagain>: I 'll have to watch some of those later tonight

<JudyR>: i want more!

<JudyR>: sorry, got caught up in fandom

<Gerryatrix>: ok if your good

<LauraLeff>: There's some oft-imitated Ricky Ricardo line that he never said

<R_Hookieagain>: Sargent Friday never said "Just the facts, maam"

<ScottinKC>: Laura, nope, but I believe he did in the Woody Allen movie.

<LauraLeff>: I can't remember if it's "Rucy, you have some 'splainin' to do!" or something else

<Gerryatrix>: yes

<LauraLeff>: Scott - OK, well, that's kind of cheating.

<steve-shimp->: and of course, "Judy, Judy, Judy"

<JudyR>: never said!

<LauraLeff>: There you go.

<Gerryatrix>: never daid

<Gerryatrix>: cold coming on lol

<JudyR>: lol

<MikeAmo>: I heard something about where Judy Judy Judy actually came from a month ago...maybe I can remember before this endas

<MikeAmo>: ends

<ScottinKC>: You said Jack never said......? Oh, come now!

<LauraLeff>: I just saw Eva Marie Saint in person

<JudyR>: i can't remember

<LauraLeff>: Speaking of Cary Grant

<JudyR>: oh?

<LauraLeff>: She still looks great

<steve-shimp->: neat Laura

<ScottinKC>: Lucky you! She a cutie!

<JudyR>: wow.

<R_Hookieagain>: really?

<Gerryatrix>: cool

<marathondon>: Where did you see her?

<LauraLeff>: She was hosting a night of Hitchcock excerpts with the San Francisco Symphony live

<ScottinKC>: We saw Barbara Eden recently. Still lovely.

<LauraLeff>: At Davies Symphony Hall

<MikeAmo>: It was apparently Larry Storch

<marathondon>: How lucky!

<Gerryatrix>: I love some of Hitchcock shows

<MikeAmo>: Either he said it, he has become senile enough not to be sure

<JudyR>: i do remember that when cary grant was in oxnard in the 80's at a symposium type deal, he mentioned he didn't like "arsenic and old lace"

<LauraLeff>: It was great. I posted a couple photos on my Facebook.

<ScottinKC>: Laura, you're making me miss the City again! Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<R_Hookieagain>: I need to set up a Facebook

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Hey, Jeremy Denk had his arm around me last night.

<Gerryatrix>: I don't use Facebook

<MikeAmo>: Tough break, LL

<JudyR>: me either

<LauraLeff>: Any day a MacArthur Genius Grant winner does that to you, it's a good day.

<R_Hookieagain>: I use Post Office

<LauraLeff>: Hookie kisses people.

<JudyR>: lol

<R_Hookieagain>: Oh how I wish!!!!

<LauraLeff>: LOL

<ScottinKC>: I wonder if Jack Benny would do Facebook or Twitter if he were alive today.

<JudyR>: good question

<R_Hookieagain>: I been alone for nearly 12 years

<Gerryatrix>: both I imagine

<LauraLeff>: Hmmm...what would Jack say if he twittered

<LauraLeff>: WELL!

<Gerryatrix>: lol

<JudyR>: beat me too it

<LauraLeff>: You know, Jack didn't say that line an awful lot!

<ScottinKC>: I bet his account would be Tweet39

<Gerryatrix>: or Jello everyone

<JudyR>: tweets: "Oh ROOOCHESSTER!!"

<LauraLeff>: I'm thinking it over

<LauraLeff>: Doesn't make much sense out of context.

<JudyR>: yea

<R_Hookieagain>: I got it

<steve-shimp->: I am having this mental image of Jack peering over his glasses fumbling with an iphone.

<LauraLeff>: So what WOULD Jack tweet?

<marathondon>: Mary's account could be "chiss sweeze"

<LauraLeff>: Steve - i see it too

<JudyR>: oh steve.

<JudyR>: me too

<Gerryatrix>: I can too Steve

<steve-shimp->: Jack is so funny with props because they seem to befuddle him.

<JudyR>: hmm, good minds think alike

<R_Hookieagain>: "Down in the vault, Ed's fine, looking pale."

<LauraLeff>: Jack wasn't a physical comedian

<ScottinKC>: I think Judy was spot-on with Jack's tweet.

<Gerryatrix>: Gracie Allen would probably call an exterminator ro the mouse

<JudyR>: he would have something like violin39 or something like that

<steve-shimp->: Jack's account would support 139 character tweets, not 140.

<ScottinKC>: I wonder if there is a YouTube of Jack doing "Love in Bloom."

<R_Hookieagain>: rimshot

<JudyR>: "oh roochesster" would make a good ring tone

<LauraLeff>: It's quite a different question than what would Bob Hope tweet, isn't it?

<LauraLeff>: Now Fred Allen tweets....THAT I'd like to see.

<Gerryatrix>: no "Money" would make a better ring tone

<JudyR>: golfed today, showed up foor uso, invited gi's in

<R_Hookieagain>: What would Gracie say..... that's a new can of beans for you

<LauraLeff>: Well, Jack often doesn't deliver the punchline

<LauraLeff>: And you usually need more setup. Not one-liners like Bob Hope or Milton Berle

<steve-shimp->: Jack would have the "Maxwell" equivalent cell phone, one of those honking big ones from the 80s with a car battery attached.

<steve-shimp->: trying to tweet on it.

<JudyR>: the old brick phones

<diogenes>: bak..

<ScottinKC>: I bet Jack and Fred would adjust to these times of teweeting and posting.

<LauraLeff>: Steve - The technical term is a "brick" or "bag phone"...take it from someone who worked in wireless telecom in the early 90s.

<Gerryatrix>: Jackie Gleeson' would be "How Tweet It Is"

<steve-shimp->: Well there you go.

<JudyR>: og sis! lol

<LauraLeff>: Gerry - Oh that's goooooood

<Gerryatrix>: lol

<JudyR>: rotfl

<R_Hookieagain>: I like it

<ScottinKC>: LOL Gerry.

<JudyR>: can't stop laughing

<Gerryatrix>: me neither

<Gerryatrix>: brb

<LauraLeff>: What would Jack post on his Facebook page?

<R_Hookieagain>: Gerry's a showstopper

<diogenes>: i still like the sound of 'bag phone'

<LauraLeff>: Indeed

<LauraLeff>: Reminds me of the old val gal "bag yer face" insult

<ScottinKC>: Laura....He would put YOU on there. Maybe Joanie.

<Fibber>: Timeline post: "Played the violin on the show today....boy was I great!"

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Wow...I'll have to conJURE with that.

<LauraLeff>: Fibber - Yeah, I was thinking that for the tweets

<Gerryatrix>: back

<marathondon>: "they love me in St. Joe's"

<Fibber>: Ohhhh true, Laura!

<LauraLeff>: Hey, I'm not trying to shut this down, just asking while we've still got a bunch of folks

<LauraLeff>: Any requests for next month?

<Fibber>: don, with a picture of St. Joe's Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: I'm assuming someone's going to say Christmas Shopping

<LauraLeff>: If so, any particular one?

<JudyR>: definatly a holiday one

<LauraLeff>: It doesn't have to be Christmas shopping by me

<ScottinKC>: Laura.....I have a request: Have you considered Skyping these chats?

<Gerryatrix>: any Christmas Show

<Fibber>: Christmas Shopping of some sort. We mentioned it a lot tonight already Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<JudyR>: yea

<diogenes>: ya...

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Not everyone has Skype, even though it's free.

<steve-shimp->: Oh any of them are good with me.

<marathondon>: I recently heard one where JB overhears Rochester trying to order a low-priced gift; very funny

<LauraLeff>: Don - I think they did that a couple times...

<LauraLeff>: OK, I have a thought on one I don't think we've done here.

<Gerryatrix>: if we Skype we can't do it in our jammies any more

<Fibber>: My favorite of them is when Mel's wife (played by Bea Benaderrete--bad spelling) goes crazy

<LauraLeff>: We've been doing the chats so long that sometimes I'm not sure any more!

<ScottinKC>: Or when Jack is annoyed by Frank Nelson and Mel Blanc in the department store.

<marathondon>: Laura, pick out one or two episodes we can all listen to then discuss next time

<JudyR>: yea

<R_Hookieagain>: I have no camera on my computer

<Fibber>: yes, two

<JudyR>: me either

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Lucky you

<Gerryatrix>: I have one

<LauraLeff>: I think about taping over mine because I never use it

<Gerryatrix>: me neither

<R_Hookieagain>: I'm a dinosaur

<JudyR>: duck tape the little wonder

<Gerryatrix>: post it

<R_Hookieagain>: I have 8 track tapes and 2 players

<LauraLeff>: Yeah exactly

<LauraLeff>: I have 8 track tapes and one player

<MikeAmo>: I used to use mine, almost never have in 3 years

<R_Hookieagain>: one's a portable

<LauraLeff>: I had folks over to the house in August, and a bunch of them went nuts over my 8-track

<marathondon>: VHS, anyone?

<JudyR>: yep

<LauraLeff>: Got that too

<LauraLeff>: Beta as well

<R_Hookieagain>: 3 one VHS in nthe kitchen

<Fibber>: 8 track? That and laserdisc are waaay before me Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: I have wire recordings

<Gerryatrix>: a stereo with a record player and tape deck

<LauraLeff>: Gerry - Yep...looking at mine.

<ScottinKC>: I have a topic and it is timely. How about the Goodbye, Hello skyches, especially during the war years and Jack gets philosophical about race relations. He was ahead of his time.

<marathondon>: Phonograph?

<diogenes>: i still have a seperate 8-track componant someplace

<LauraLeff>: One of my guests took a photobomb picture of himself pointing to my 8-track

<steve-shimp->: My favorite piece of antique technology is a coin-operated AM radio. Jack would approve.

<R_Hookieagain>: 2 phonographs here

<JudyR>: lol laura

<steve-shimp->: You put in a dime and get a half-hour of music.

<diogenes>: turntable.... great collection of vinyl,ut I am no longer adding to it

<ScottinKC>: sketches

<Fibber>: I was moving my stuff out of my grandparent's house, he apparently threw away all my records ad record player saying "no one uses them anymore."

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Same here...I have two turntables next to me now

<marathondon>: I would love to see a coin operated A.M. RADIO

<LauraLeff>: Scott - Like the New Tenant sketches you mean?

<marathondon>: I still have a transistor radio I got as a graduation present from high school

<LauraLeff>: Fibber - Ouch

<JudyR>: oh man. they are making records and the players again

<ScottinKC>: Yes, Laura.

<Fibber>: Yeah. Been meaning to buy a new record player for some time, as I love buying records.

<ScottinKC>: The one from 1947 or 1948 is great.

<LauraLeff>: Yes, I'm told that they are popular with certain groups. I know I prefer the sound of vinyl

<Gerryatrix>: hear hear

<JudyR>: me too. so many records we have here at home that aren't on cd

<LauraLeff>: I keep meaning to get more Miles Davis on vinyl, but have been listening to CDs and radio mostly lately

<LauraLeff>: No coins in my radio

<steve-shimp->: http://www.rubylane.com/item/125252-090721/Tradio-Hotel-Radio-1940s-Coin

<steve-shimp->: That's similar to mine, I think mine is a slightly later model.

<steve-shimp->: but it works great

<R_Hookieagain>: I have all of ABBA's albums on vinyl

<LauraLeff>: Three coins in the radio...which one will find happiness...

<Fibber>: I love the sound of vinyl. Many of your newer albums sell on LP as well as CD and MP3. Many people don't realize that. But a lot of us 20-somethings do buy them

<marathondon>: Thanks for the link, Steve. Looks interesting especially if you can still buy one

<R_Hookieagain>: 20 something?

<JudyR>: target has record players

<ScottinKC>: Laura, send me an e-mail and I can look at my handy-dandy record store and snag some Miles Davis records for you.

<LauraLeff>: I call them sub-39ers

<R_Hookieagain>: hahahahaha

<MikeAmo>: Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<Fibber>: Well, I'll be 28 tomorrow, so I'm 11 years away from being forever 39 Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel08.png

<LauraLeff>: Scott - I'll make a note. I'm in no rush since I don't know when I'll listen to them. Thanks for the offer!

<MikeAmo>: I have a LOT of vinyl and tape

<diogenes>: you can find some amazingly fancy, once expensive, turntables for dirt money at the local salvation army, goodwill, etc

<JudyR>: per happy b-day fibber

<LauraLeff>: Right on, Fibber!

<LauraLeff>: I have wax. Not just in my ears.

<Fibber>: thanks, Diogenes.

<Gerryatrix>: many happy returns to the day

<ScottinKC>: Happy birthday Josef!

<Fibber>: thanks guys!

<R_Hookieagain>: are you 28, or are you "fibbing" hehehehe

<Fibber>: No, I'm not fibbing Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<R_Hookieagain>: I know you're missing "Molly"

<ScottinKC>: I turned 61 a month ago.

<JudyR>: time for me to call it a night. 2 parties today with over 50 people each just kills me.

<Fibber>: yes I am, Hookie.

<LauraLeff>: Zowie

<Gerryatrix>: or are you 82 turned around? lol

<Fibber>: That was actually the first radio show I ever heard

<LauraLeff>: Thanks for being here, Judy! Always fun to have you and Gerry

<R_Hookieagain>: good stuff, huh?

<steve-shimp->: Bye Judy!

<MikeAmo>: Take care, Judy

<Gerryatrix>: thanks

<steve-shimp->: and Happy Birthday Fibber

<diogenes>: nites judy

<R_Hookieagain>: bye Judy

<marathondon>: Thanks Judy and happy birthday Fibber

<JudyR>: *hugs* everybody. happy turkey day to all !

<ScottinKC>: Happy Thanksgiving Judy, neighbor to the southwest.

<Fibber>: lol Gerry! Funny story, a few years ago, my insurance company accidentally sent me a new card with the bday as 11-11-1911. I thought, wow, I'm like JB!

<JudyR>: Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<Fibber>: bye Judy!

<Gerryatrix>: Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night

<Fibber>: thanks steve and don!

<LauraLeff>: It's like Jack's Social Security Number. 2.

<LauraLeff>: Night, Gerry!

<Fibber>: lol Laura

<LauraLeff>: All the same to you as to Judy!

<R_Hookieagain>: Gerry leaving too?

<Fibber>: Happy Thanksgiving Gerry!

<ScottinKC>: Who was 1, Fred Allen?

<Fibber>: no, Bing Crosby

<Gerryatrix>: yes.

<Fibber>: Description: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: Scott - George Burns used the same joke and claimed it was Moses.

<MikeAmo>: Bye, Gerry!

<steve-shimp->: I'm about to sign out as well...but looking forward to next month!

<ScottinKC>: They should know.

<LauraLeff>: OK, thanks for everything Steve!

<marathondon>: Good night, All. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Until next time

<steve-shimp->: Maybe it will not be Halloween then?

<Fibber>: well, have a great one steve Happy Thanksgiving!

<R_Hookieagain>: so long steve

<LauraLeff>: Sounds like everyone's signing out?

<steve-shimp->: Bye!

<ScottinKC>: Laura, quick question: How is Joan Benny?

<LauraLeff>: Don - Can't tell if you're signing off or saying goodbye to others

<Fibber>: I guess so.

<LauraLeff>: Scott - I'll be seeing her next week. She's well!

<Fibber>: I'm still here

<LauraLeff>: No pun intended

<R_Hookieagain>: good to hear

<MikeAmo>: I've been away most nights y'all have gotten together

<marathondon>: getting ready to sign off awaiting to hear about Joan Benny

<ScottinKC>: Laura, please give her our regards and love.

<Fibber>: definitely

<MikeAmo>: Excellent

<R_Hookieagain>: sounds like fun

<ScottinKC>: You go, girl!

<ScottinKC>: Happy Thanksgiving all!

<LauraLeff>: OK, sounds like we're wrapping up

<Fibber>: Happy Thanksgiving Scott!

<LauraLeff>: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and thanks for a really great chat tonight!

<MikeAmo>: Happy Thanksgiving, everybody, and Happy Birthday, fibber

<R_Hookieagain>: OK< Good night follks

<Fibber>: Yeah, I gotta get going too. Looking forward to seeing you next month!

<LauraLeff>: And happy birthday Fibber

<Fibber>: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and thanks Mike!

<LauraLeff>: Just to say it overtly

<MikeAmo>: LL, hope to be able to get here more often, but things are good

<LauraLeff>: Mike - Hope so too!

<Fibber>: thanks Laura! Happy Thanksgiving!

<LauraLeff>: OK, take care folks! Have a great one!