IJBFC Chat - October 6, 2013

(Name of message originator in <> brackets at the beginning of each line)

<Elizabeth>: Ditto

<LauraLeff>: Hi folks

<Elizabeth>: Hi Laura

<BradfromGeorgia>: Hi, Laura. This is difficult for me to read.

<LauraLeff>: Oh nuts...I forgot to make this window wider

<LauraLeff>: Note for next time

<BradfromGeorgia>: The colors are really bad.

<Elizabeth>: Hear ya

<LauraLeff>: Hold down CTRL and click +

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, I didn't know they had this mode on here until just now

<BradfromGeorgia>: Laura, did you hear that 100 or more episodes of Dr. Who have been found?

<LauraLeff>: No, REALLY? Where?

<BradfromGeorgia>: Including the lost Patrick Troughtons.

<BradfromGeorgia>: In Ethiopia.

<LauraLeff>: OMG

<LauraLeff>: Breathless

<LauraLeff>: Seriously?

<BradfromGeorgia>: BBC sent tapes there, but wiped the original. Yes, really.

<LauraLeff>: How about Marco Polo?

<BradfromGeorgia>: He went to China. Please understand I have never seen even one Dr. Who.

<R_Hookie>: Hello folks

<LauraLeff>: I've been so caught up with my unexpected singing career that I haven't watched much TV in ages

<LauraLeff>: Hi Hookie

<LauraLeff>: Hi Gerry!

<BradfromGeorgia>: Hi, Hookie, Gerry

<Gerryatrix>: hello all

<LauraLeff>: Man, I love it.

<R_Hookie>: What's this?

<LauraLeff>: Ethipoia

<LauraLeff>: There's got to be a joke there.

<LauraLeff>: Talking about Doctor Who before we kick off with Jack.

<R_Hookie>: Who?

<LauraLeff>: Brad - You haven't seen ANY Doctor Who? How could you avoid it with the company you keep?

<BradfromGeorgia>: BBC still owns the copyright to the show. They will probably remaster them and sell or rebroadcast them.

<LauraLeff>: Heck, you were there when Troughton signed off!

<LauraLeff>: Holy cow...the complete Patrick Troughton collection. Don't wake me up.

<BradfromGeorgia>: I always found Dr. Who just meh. I've seen maybe a total of seven minutes of it in all. Didn't like any of it.

<LauraLeff>: You must have been watching a Tom Baker or later episode

<Gerryatrix>: I didn't either brad

<JudyR>: Jell-O all! *hugs*

<BradfromGeorgia>: Dunno. Tom Baker and I once appeared on stage together at a convention.

<LauraLeff>: Tom Baker's a ham. I don't care what anyone else says.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Hiya, Judy.

<LauraLeff>: Hi Judy!

<R_Hookie>: <-not gettin' none of this

<LauraLeff>: Sorry...should switch to Jack.

<LauraLeff>: How's everyone doing tonight?

<R_Hookie>: no, go on.... I'll wait

<BradfromGeorgia>: I'm having a REALLY hard time reading. The moon eats up half the line.

<JudyR>: long week end at work. we had the international blue grass festival

<BradfromGeorgia>: I wonder how many modern listeners would get the "look down and see Allen's Hooper" gag.

<LauraLeff>: Does holding down CTRL and hitting the + sign help?

<LauraLeff>: Brad - I thought about that too

<Elizabeth>: hi all

<BradfromGeorgia>: No, makes the screen bigger but the colors bother me. The orange looks blurry.

<JudyR>: works for me

<LauraLeff>: Tell you what...keep going...let me see if there's something I can do on the fly about the screen size

<R_Hookie>: Hi Elizabeth

<LauraLeff>: Hi Elizabeth!

<LauraLeff>: I'll BRB

<Gerryatrix>: i don't have the Halloween screen

<Elizabeth>: Spooky

<BradfromGeorgia>: I do, and it's irritating.

<JudyR>: everyone, both my sisters are here tonight

<R_Hookie>: agreed

<BradfromGeorgia>: Hi, sisters!

<JudyR>: gerryatrix, formally known as aroo

<LauraLeff>: It's LADIES NIGHT in the IJBFC chat room...

<Gerryatrix>: Mine is just blank

<Elizabeth>: hey Brad

<JudyR>: lol

<JudyR>: and Elizabeth http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<Gerryatrix>: who is a lady?

<JudyR>: yeah

<BradfromGeorgia>: Mine's grey, with a big orange moon that obscures the orange letters.

<R_Hookie>: should I leave, I ain't a lady...

<Elizabeth>: Yeah right http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel08.png

<BradfromGeorgia>: Luck be a lady tonight....

<Gerryatrix>: Is it just me or is any one else not getting the program?

<LauraLeff>: Well, not ONLY ladies...

<R_Hookie>: ...or does that mean I buy the drinks?

<JudyR>: <having trouble with the radio show loading

<Elizabeth>: Same Here

<LauraLeff>: OK...hold a second. Let me try something and I'll let you know if it works

<JudyR>: hmm

<LauraLeff>: Want to capture the chat thus far

Top of Form

Top of Form


(We are experiencing technical difficulties…please stand by.)


<LauraLeff>: Test

<BradfromGeorgia>: I can see "test."

<LauraLeff>: K

<LauraLeff>: Is it flashing?

<BradfromGeorgia>: No, that's intermittent.

<LauraLeff>: Sigh

<Elizabeth>: got clear

<BradfromGeorgia>: Now ithes fleickering

<LauraLeff>: Other than screen size, I don't remember these issues last month

<BradfromGeorgia>: Wow. Now it's not.

<LauraLeff>: Maybe it's lightning in the neme

<BradfromGeorgia>: Maybe it's the graphics this month

<LauraLeff>: Yeah exactly

<Gerryatrix>: I have never seen it like this

<BradfromGeorgia>: This is ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

<LauraLeff>: Raspberry or cat on the keyboard?

<R_Hookie>: the price you pay to get away from Java, huh?

<Gerryatrix>: Bronx Cheer

<LauraLeff>: Or the price you pay for free chat

<Elizabeth>: possibly the url is messing up the system and I think its the Bronx cheer

<BradfromGeorgia>: Dang it, the flickering sort of hung up the keyboard, I think.

<LauraLeff>: Well, let's do what we can

<BradfromGeorgia>: We're having thunderstorms. That might be part of the problem.

<JudyR>: drat. still can't see you

<LauraLeff>: Hopefully they won't have the image next time, and hopefully that's the source of the problem.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Remnants of the treold

<BradfromGeorgia>: ....of the tropical storm passing over

<Elizabeth>: Clear in OK.

<LauraLeff>: Had to run the chain saw to cut up branches that came down in a TREMENDOUS wind we had Thursday night

<LauraLeff>: But now warm and beautiful here in the SF area

<JudyR>: something is wrong, i'm missing the chat words

<Gerryatrix>: me too

<BradfromGeorgia>: Everythings flashing agggeaaai

<BradfromGeorgia>: again...

<R_Hookie>: mine's fine now

<LauraLeff>: And I'm not having these problems.

<LauraLeff>: Sigh

<BradfromGeorgia>: Jack did te

<Elizabeth>: Oh Rochester, yes boss, bring me the shot gun

<LauraLeff>: Well, let's get back to Jack as technology will allow.

<JudyR>: lol

<BradfromGeorgia>: Jack did get a good reaction with "brown before we let you down" line...

<JudyR>: <red> wheres the words?

<LauraLeff>: They must have done that joke more than once, since Mary supposedly said it the first time.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Kitzel was funny. Liked his version of "That's What I Like About the South."

<BradfromGeorgia>: DAng it, are my lines now white on a white background for everyone?

<BradfromGeorgia>: OK, now they're OK for me.

<LauraLeff>: Nope...look the same to me

<R_Hookie>: I see your text

<LauraLeff>: I feel your pain

<R_Hookie>: I got the spooky background... it's growing on me

<LauraLeff>: OK, not really

<LauraLeff>: It's OK if you can read the words

<BradfromGeorgia>: I'm changing to blue so if the white comes back I can read what I'm writing.

<JudyR>: brad, how do you change the color

<BradfromGeorgia>: What did everyone think of Jack's joining in on the Sportsmen song?

<Elizabeth>: Yeah

<LauraLeff>: Judy can see the words!

<Gerryatrix>: I'm finally getting Brads words

<R_Hookie>: there's a semi-visible menu below the text box

<LauraLeff>: YOu may have a vertical scroll bar at the right hand side of the screen

<BradfromGeorgia>: Judy--just below the line where you type are some options. Second from the left is colors, though I can see only the C. Click on that if you seeit.

<LauraLeff>: Here I am

<JudyR>: hey, change your font colors I think that is the problem

<Gerryatrix>: Everyone should try this

<LauraLeff>: Can you see me?

<Elizabeth>: It's a blessing

<Gerryatrix>: yes

<JudyR>: don't see it

<BradfromGeorgia>: Yeah, LL, but scrolled all the way down I can still just barely see the tops of the letters.

<Gerryatrix>: brb

<R_Hookie>: is this better?

<LauraLeff>: Odd. It may be individual screen resolution.

<R_Hookie>: lime green, ick

<JudyR>: ok now it works oh geeze lol

<LauraLeff>: I can see the whole menus now, but I have a big screen.

<JudyR>: how about this

<Elizabeth>: much better

<JudyR>: easier on the eyes

<LauraLeff>: Judy - Uh, no.

<Elizabeth>: too dark sis

<Gerryatrix>: back

<R_Hookie>: this could work

<BradfromGeorgia>: Liked Jack's giving the phone operator the "WAIT A MINUTE!" gag.

<JudyR>: ok

<LauraLeff>: Hookie is mad

<Gerryatrix>: red letter day. lol

<R_Hookie>: me, no

<JudyR>: the turquoise hurts my eyes a bit

<LauraLeff>: And I wondered who that operator was since she does such a good job. We don't know!

<JudyR>: this work?

<BradfromGeorgia>: I find the light blue easier on my own eyes, but I'll go back to white if this is hard to read.

<LauraLeff>: Judy - It's better

<R_Hookie>: well, maybe a little ticked off...

<JudyR>: lol

<LauraLeff>: Try this

<Gerryatrix>: huh? Laura

<JudyR>: yipes! Laura's gone yellow? no way

<BradfromGeorgia>: The last "WAIT A MINUTE" sounded for all the world like Mel Blanc.

<R_Hookie>: Laura's yella?!

<LauraLeff>: I am curious yellow

<Gerryatrix>: Must be jaundice

<BradfromGeorgia>: Ok, I'm trying canary.

<LauraLeff>: Gerry - I can't see you now

<Elizabeth>: Maybe it was from Phil's party

<R_Hookie>: Gerry's blue

<LauraLeff>: But it's dark blue on a black background...have to highlight it to read it.

<Gerryatrix>: being the middle child does that

<Elizabeth>: how's this?

<R_Hookie>: hahaha

<LauraLeff>: Elizabeth - Too dark from here

<R_Hookie>: Hey Dale

<BradfromGeorgia>: Did everybody elseekeeee

<LauraLeff>: Maybe we'll all end up being red like Hookie

<Elizabeth>: Some where over the rainbow....la la la

<JudyR>: ok I can't see the yellow too well

<LauraLeff>: Testing

<R_Hookie>: I'm not a commie!

<BradfromGeorgia>: Did everybody else get the Happy Chandler gag?

<DaleMarr>: Greetings!

<LauraLeff>: Hi Dale

<JudyR>: hiya dale

<LauraLeff>: We're sorting through some technical issues tonight

<Gerryatrix>: Hi dale

<LauraLeff>: So patience is appreciated

<Gerryatrix>: Technicolor problems

<LauraLeff>: Can everyone see me?

<JudyR>: lol sis

<Gerryatrix>: yes

<JudyR>: yep

<DaleMarr>: I can

<BradfromGeorgia>: I can.

<R_Hookie>: Laura's gone commie too

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party

<JudyR>: lol

<LauraLeff>: HUAC invades the IJBFC chat room

<JudyR>: uh oh lol

<R_Hookie>: No, Tea Party

<BradfromGeorgia>: I'll have a cup.

<JudyR>: boooooo

<Gerryatrix>: I don't like Tea Parties

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - OK, now I have to figure out how to eject you...you'll shut us down. http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<Elizabeth>: brb

<BradfromGeorgia>: My watch is stopped at half-past March...

<DaleMarr>: (phones the House Un-American Activities Committee)

<JudyR>: unless it's earl grey

<R_Hookie>: Judy don't care for Lipton

<JudyR>: not really allergic to tea

<LauraLeff>: That's a Benny sponsor, y'know

<JudyR>: yep

<LauraLeff>: So what was the Happy Chandler gag again?

<R_Hookie>: Laura, you'll be fine, the Govt's shutdown

<LauraLeff>: I think I missed that...must have been out of the room

<BradfromGeorgia>: My Arthur Godfrey impression: "Friends, this is just some junk in a paper bag, but by golly, it makes a good cup of tea. Heh, heh. I'm firing my singer."

<LauraLeff>: LOL

<JudyR>: brad, we can't see you

<BradfromGeorgia>: "First Durocher, now La Guardia?"

<LauraLeff>: I can see Brad

<JudyR>: hmm

<BradfromGeorgia>: How's this?

<JudyR>: ah better http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: We all must be looking at different color backgrounds

<Gerryatrix>: better Brad

<BradfromGeorgia>: Happy Chandler was the Commissioner of Baseball. He suspended Leo Durocher for a year for gambling.

<LauraLeff>: Lipton is some junk in a paper bag

<JudyR>: could be. it's a white bg

<LauraLeff>: Aha!

<Elizabeth>: Now we're cookin'

<JudyR>: oh yea. Gerry you should have known that one

<LauraLeff>: Ooooo...blurple

<BradfromGeorgia>: Dunno what you did LL, but now I can see the dealies under the typing bar.

<Gerryatrix>: And look where Leo is and Happy isn't

<LauraLeff>: Or more like fuschia

<JudyR>: I can predict the fuschia!

<LauraLeff>: OK, dumb question

<R_Hookie>: You wouldn't REALLY eject little old ME? Would you?

<JudyR>: oh man did I do that? lol

<LauraLeff>: Durocher was coach of the Brooklyn Dodgers, IIRC?

<BradfromGeorgia>: This was 1947, but we were still getting a bit of the "old" Rochester jokes about Harlem.

<LauraLeff>: Judy - Wah wah wah wahhhhhh

<LauraLeff>: Brad - Yeah, noticed that

<JudyR>: thak you (takes a bow)

Top of Form

<Elizabeth>: Oh do you need a baba and a blankie judy?

<Gerryatrix>: you mean Da Bums

<JudyR>: dem bums sis

<BradfromGeorgia>: Yes, he was a player-manager of the Dodgers in the late thirties-early forties, I think.

<LauraLeff>: Well, I know that Jack was a devoted Dodgers fan on both coasts

<JudyR>: yep

<Elizabeth>: Oh Great Grandpa hit her upside the head...lol

<LauraLeff>: He was also a guest star on a Benny program that we had to take out of the lost episodes set...

<BradfromGeorgia>: Aw, no.

<Gerryatrix>: Happy got Jackie Robinson in

<JudyR>: oh man. I would love to see that

<LauraLeff>: OK, so that makes sense about doing that kind of reference.

<LauraLeff>: Oh it's a fun show

<LauraLeff>: Caine Mutiny takeoff with lots of ball players and one umpire

<DaleMarr>: Durocher managed the Dodgers 1939-46, and again in 1948

<BradfromGeorgia>: Our dog Tripper is agitated because of the thunderstorms.

<Gerryatrix>: I love Yogi Berra

<JudyR>: i want to see that one definatly

<Gerryatrix>: My dog gets the same way

<LauraLeff>: And I want you to see it. We lost some early shows that made my heart bleed, but we replaced them with others (like the Colmans) which made me feel somewhat better.

<BradfromGeorgia>: I have a baseball signed for me by Yogi Berra. And one by Duke Snider.

<Gerryatrix>: Try lavender spray if no one is allergic to it. It should calm your dog

<JudyR>: i loved the colmans episode

<Gerryatrix>: Oh my gosh Brad.

<LauraLeff>: Ronald Colman is nice to look at and hear under any circumstances.

<Gerryatrix>: here here

<JudyR>: so true

<LauraLeff>: Yes sir

<Elizabeth>: But she likes radio shows to calm her down, good for laughs and relaxation

<BradfromGeorgia>: Dennis Day did a good Colman impression. Oh, and Phil did a good Senator Claghorn. Surprised Delmar didn't respond.

<LauraLeff>: (waiting for someone to say "Yep")

<R_Hookie>: where Jack breaks an antique wine glass?

<JudyR>: yep

<Gerryatrix>: yep

<LauraLeff>: Thanks, Judy

<LauraLeff>: And Gerry

<DaleMarr>: Yup

<LauraLeff>: If you haven't seen/heard the show, apologies for the inside gag

<JudyR>: i wondered if Benita or Ronnie was going to see who would kill jack first

<BradfromGeorgia>: Coop.

<LauraLeff>: I think it's funny that no one's commented on Jolie's appearance

<BradfromGeorgia>: Well, he's hard to see on the radio.

<JudyR>: the show's still loading here

<BradfromGeorgia>: Anyway, the ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

<LauraLeff>: That's easy for you to say

<Elizabeth>: I'm freezing again and losing conversations

<R_Hookie>: try a blankie

<JudyR>: uh oh sis

<BradfromGeorgia>: DOGGONE IT! Anyway, the "Larry Parks" gag was enough to make everyone avoid the Jolie guest shot.

<LauraLeff>: This is interesting...I'm not getting any of these issues

<LauraLeff>: Nyahhhhh

<BradfromGeorgia>: We are having a heck of a thunderstorm.

<LauraLeff>: Hope you're plugged into a surge suppressor

<R_Hookie>: a real boomer there Brad?

<BradfromGeorgia>: Yep.

<DaleMarr>: Works fine for me so far....but why am I the only one who's orange?

<DaleMarr>: (I see several Reds in here...)

<JudyR>: we had bad ones this last week

<BradfromGeorgia>: You don't know the secret, Dale.

<LauraLeff>: Dale - Scroll down and click "Colours"

<LauraLeff>: Then click on the color text you want to have

<R_Hookie>: colours.... must be a European chat room

<DaleMarr>: Ah, I see...well, orange is fine with me...very October-ish

<JudyR>: i love halloween

<BradfromGeorgia>: Phil screwed up his gag--that was my last nine, uh, line, mother, you can turn it off now.

<LauraLeff>: I think that's why it's the default

<LauraLeff>: a LOT of bloopers in this episode

<DaleMarr>: Jack had some nice comebacks to those muffed lines

<BradfromGeorgia>: But LL, was Jolie's second song actually ad-libbed or was it scripted?

<JudyR>: jack talking to Kenny about him bowing his head

<Elizabeth>: Good Question especially when Jack was sceaming "see he did it,didn't you hear?!"

<LauraLeff>: Oh right, I was going to look that up and then went to fuss with the chat setup

<BradfromGeorgia>: And of course everyone knows that Larry Parks starred in "The Jolson Story" and "Jolson Sings Again."

<JudyR>: oh yes classics

<Gerryatrix>: I hope they don't remake those

<BradfromGeorgia>: In "Jolson Sings Again," Larry Parks starred as Larry Parks AND Al Jolson. And talked to himself.

<JudyR>: been a long time since i saw those

<Gerryatrix>: Now that's acting

<Elizabeth>: I'd protest that if they do.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Well, they're better than "The Eddie Cantor Story.

<LauraLeff>: Looks scripted to me

<JudyR>: hey riley!

<LauraLeff>: There are hand-marks on the "as broadcast" script so looks like it wasn't retyped to transcribe what went on the air

<R_Hookie>: so, "let's toos the scripts" was in the script?

<LauraLeff>: Hi Chester!

<BradfromGeorgia>: Got a nice note recently from someone who read and liked "Wishing on a Star: The Life of Eddie Carroll," the book that Carolyn and I wrote about Eddie.

<LauraLeff>: Hi Talal

<ChesterARiley>: Hello

<Talal>: hi all

<Elizabeth>: Hey arrivals you missed the gremlins

<LauraLeff>: hookie - Looks like it

<R_Hookie>: hi folks

<JudyR>: hi talal

<LauraLeff>: The way Jack delivers the line, it sounds scripted to me

<BradfromGeorgia>: Oddly, it went to my agent, who sent it on to me. No return address on the letter (didn't get the envelope), so I can't answer it!

<R_Hookie>: that would have been a cool adlib

<LauraLeff>: And I can't imagine Jack ever REALLY throwing away the script

<LauraLeff>: Elizabeth - Don't jinx us

<JudyR>: yea sis

<BradfromGeorgia>: I figgg

<JudyR>: mmmm fig newtons

<LauraLeff>: There goes the storm again

<Elizabeth>: OOPS I'll go outside turn around three time and spit then knock on wood.

<BradfromGeorgia>: I figured the orchestra had to have rehearsed "You Made Me Love You" with Jolson.

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, it was definitely scripted

<Elizabeth>: they would have I think

<JudyR>: only if you mention our notorious family done in a play by shakespear sis

<Elizabeth>: wouldn't they?

<LauraLeff>: There's hand marks indicating that Delmar delivered the U.S. Coast Guard PSA instead of someone else

<BradfromGeorgia>: Ah, nuts, my screen is flashing again. I'm gonna sign off. Maybe next time netter weather. better I mean.

<Elizabeth>: hey works for me at work.

<JudyR>: ok brad. see ya

<LauraLeff>: Hang in there, Brad. Stay dry!

<Gerryatrix>: See ya next month Brad

<JudyR>: *hugs* brad

<Elizabeth>: stay safe

<R_Hookie>: next time Brad

<DaleMarr>: Since I arrived late, I have to ask...why wasn't Don there?

<Elizabeth>: ?

<LauraLeff>: Because it was an East Coast show. He may have had commitments and not been able to travel

<R_Hookie>: Don couldn't fly to NY.... the plane wouldn't lift....hahahaha

<DaleMarr>: Ah, thanks

<LauraLeff>: Or they may have elected that they'd brought enough staff and had reached their budget

<DaleMarr>: lol

<JudyR>: oh hookie

<JudyR>: could be

<LauraLeff>: The Sportsmen and Kitzel were there, so they had plenty of regulars

<LauraLeff>: Dennis isn't there either

<Elizabeth>: woof

<R_Hookie>: thanks Judy

<Elizabeth>: wasn't he in the navy at that time? (dennis)

<LauraLeff>: May of 47? Hmm

<DaleMarr>: I thought he was back with the show before then

<LauraLeff>: No he was back by 3/17/46

<JudyR>: i thought he was doing more of his own show by then (dennis)

<Gerryatrix>: see you all next month

<LauraLeff>: Night, Gerry!

<R_Hookie>: bye Gerry?

<LauraLeff>: Was it something I said?

<Elizabeth>: nah

<JudyR>: she watches antenna tv or me-tv at this time

<LauraLeff>: Aha OK

<R_Hookie>: what's on?

<JudyR>: checking

<LauraLeff>: Jolie's far from the world's best actor, but he's got so much energy and pizazz that it just makes up for everything else (at least for me)

<JudyR>: i think they have f-troop on one of the channels

<DaleMarr>: One of those two channels has thrillers on Sunday night, I think...can't remember which one

<LauraLeff>: I'm trying to remember the name of the horror movie host that's on Me TV

<LauraLeff>: Haven't watched much TV in some time, so starting to forget with other information that's come in to my brain since then

<DaleMarr>: It was nice that Jolson was back on top in his last years...

<R_Hookie>: does Elvira still host movies?

<LauraLeff>: Absolutely. Give his last wife some credit for that

<JudyR>: yep hookie

<DaleMarr>: What's the story on that, Laura?

<LauraLeff>: That comment was in response to Jolie being popular, not Elvira

<R_Hookie>: she's gotta be up there

<JudyR>: she was on faceoff on syfy channel recently

<Elizabeth>: she's on a episode of Face-Off on sci-fy channel

<LauraLeff>: Dale - On Jolie's last wife?

<DaleMarr>: Yes

<LauraLeff>: Or Elvira?

<LauraLeff>: Well, it's a bit lengthy

<LauraLeff>: And I'm trying to remember her name

<LauraLeff>: Erle Galbraith?

<LauraLeff>: Do I have that right?

<DaleMarr>: Should I just go to Wikipedia? http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: Trying not to confuse with Erin Fleming

<JudyR>: check out his gravesite photo at find a grave. a bit ego there

<LauraLeff>: Well, trying to give you the key points

<JudyR>: jolson's

<LauraLeff>: Oh Jolie's grave is bested only by the pyramids

<Elizabeth>: got doris day going on the background

<LauraLeff>: Erle (IIRC) is responsible for that grave too

<DaleMarr>: "It's magic..."

<R_Hookie>: I like Doris Day

<LauraLeff>: So she was a nurse in the war, I believe

<LauraLeff>: And Jolie had three wives before that...third was Ruby Keeler, with whom he'd divorced.

<JudyR>: yep

<Elizabeth>: Checking now

<LauraLeff>: And this nurse was taking care of Jolie, and then seemed to be willing to fill the role and take the crap that you'd have to do in being Jolie's wife.

<LauraLeff>: And she helped him rejeuvenate his career, they adopted a couple kids,

<DaleMarr>: Wow

<JudyR>: yea

<JudyR>: but boy could he sing

<LauraLeff>: Generally got him to restart, and then The Jolson Story (and subsequent movies) helped that in a big way

<LauraLeff>: Oh yeah. It's his Kol Nidre that I use for my own rendition at my shul.

<DaleMarr>: Ah, thanks

<LauraLeff>: It's not the full thing, but it's beautiful.

<LauraLeff>: Jolie's my favorite singer.

<Elizabeth>: there was Henrietta 1907-20,then Alma 1928-40 finally,Erle 1945-50

<LauraLeff>: You're missing Ruby

<LauraLeff>: Ruby probably ended in 1940

<LauraLeff>: Alma didn't last that long

<Elizabeth>: oops it was ruby 28-40 my bad

<LauraLeff>: Basically Henrietta and Alma were driven by him into the bottle or the insane asylum...or both...as I understand it.

<Elizabeth>: they were his demons

<LauraLeff>: I doubt that Henriette lasted 13 years, but maybe since his star was in ascent then

<DaleMarr>: Wow, I had no idea

<LauraLeff>: Oh you should hear a private record that he made for Ruby when she was sick

<LauraLeff>: NOT pleasant

<LauraLeff>: Egomaniacal...but he's still my favorite singer.

<DaleMarr>: Eeuuww

<DaleMarr>: Well, he was a great performer.....loads of stage presence

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, it's the kind of thing you listen to and say, "Wow, is he serious? Is he trying to be funny? Does he really mean that?"

<LauraLeff>: "Whoa."

<JudyR>: we had a teacher in intermediate school who was a jolie fan. every year on jolie's b-day, they would play his music over the school pa system

<LauraLeff>: And the teacher would come in wearing blackface

<LauraLeff>: OK, maybe not.

<DaleMarr>: lol

<Elizabeth>: toot toot toosie good bye

<R_Hookie>: sorry.... on the phone with Mommy

<JudyR>: actually a headband that had "i love jolie"

<LauraLeff>: Had to be a custom job

<R_Hookie>: what'd I miss?

<JudyR>: yep

<LauraLeff>: Reminds me of letters that I got from some hardcore Jolson fans

<JudyR>: it was fun to listen too

<LauraLeff>: Where they would capitALize the letters AL whenever they appeared in words throughout the letter.

<DaleMarr>: I bet, Judy

<Elizabeth>: or MAMMMIE

<DaleMarr>: lol, Laura

<LauraLeff>: Yours AL-ways,

<LauraLeff>: It's like, oh man, I'm sure Jolie would LOVE the idol worship, but man...

<LauraLeff>: Where's William Shatner when you need him?

<R_Hookie>: on Pliceline

<R_Hookie>: Priceline

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, now

<JudyR>: yea, but still it was great. especially when you enjoy such music

<Elizabeth>: darn fat fingers

<Elizabeth>: lol

<LauraLeff>: Oh yeah, and I do.

<R_Hookie>: speak for yourself

<Elizabeth>: i know

<LauraLeff>: It's just funny the different cultures that manifest in the fans of different celebrities.

<JudyR>: i guess that's why i love big bands

<JudyR>: abd jazz

<JudyR>: and

<R_Hookie>: my fingers aren't... well,, maybe, darnit

<Elizabeth>: ditto

<LauraLeff>: I'll second that emotion

<Elizabeth>: louie armstrong

<LauraLeff>: So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind tonight?

<JudyR>: oh yea sis

<DaleMarr>: I wonder if there are any Bing fans like that?

<LauraLeff>: Duke Ellington

<R_Hookie>: Lawrence Welk

<LauraLeff>: Oh yeah...I know the guy who runs his estate

<LauraLeff>: There's a Bing Crosby Society

<LauraLeff>: Wayne King

<JudyR>: we want another set! (begs for more on her knees)

<R_Hookie>: am I the only Welk fan?

<LauraLeff>: I do too! We just need to sell enough of this. It's doing well, but has a ways to go.

<DaleMarr>: Well, Laura, I was wondering....,just what precise criteria determined who was an "independent tobacco expert"?

<LauraLeff>: I like Welk

<Elizabeth>: loved the episode with basil Rathbone back on 11-02-1941 the Halloween one

<LauraLeff>: Dale - someone who spoke well of the product. http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<R_Hookie>: smokers cough

<DaleMarr>: lol

<JudyR>: i have mentioned it to some of my older customers

<LauraLeff>: It being Luckies or Welk?

<Elizabeth>: same, some regretted lighting a lucky

<JudyR>: grandma d being one sis

<DaleMarr>: I got to see Jack's statue!

<LauraLeff>: In Waukegan?

<LauraLeff>: There are a few

<DaleMarr>: Yes

<JudyR>: cool

<R_Hookie>: in Wauk... Laura beat me to it

<DaleMarr>: I got married two years ago, and my wife is in the Navy, and she was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Center...

<DaleMarr>: ...which is next to Waukegan!

<LauraLeff>: Sure is!

<DaleMarr>: So when her parents and I went to see her boot camp graduation, I was able to talk everybody into stopping at the statue....and we all had pictures taken there

<R_Hookie>: I think there's one in Couc.....

<JudyR>: cool dale http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<R_Hookie>: ... amunga

<LauraLeff>: Yep, there is

<LauraLeff>: And one at the Academy in LA

<Elizabeth>: time for my lung meds (due to asthma) need to sign off til next month then "good night folks."

<R_Hookie>: (tribute to Mel)

<LauraLeff>: Thanks for stopping, Elizabeth!

<Elizabeth>: night

<DaleMarr>: Night, Elizabeth

<R_Hookie>: good night Liz

<LauraLeff>: Dale - Did anyone climb all the way up on the base?

<DaleMarr>: Yes http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<JudyR>: the Christmas episode in the set with jack talking to mel i couldn't stop crying with that one

<DaleMarr>: It's a really nice little plaza

<R_Hookie>: Where Mel says "What's up, Doc?"

<LauraLeff>: Dale - Yes, I'm glad that it's been kept nicely. Funny stories behind it, but hey, it worked in the end.

<JudyR>: where he's still in a wheel chair

<LauraLeff>: Judy - Oh yeah...you should have been there at UCLA when I first saw that.

<JudyR>: oh man tears all around?

<LauraLeff>: I almost never stopped typing notes as I watched the shows...I'm sure that I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open as I watched it

<R_Hookie>: really emotional?

<LauraLeff>: Probably talking at the screen saying something like, "OMG, he's still in the wheelchair...OMG, this is his first appearance after the accident..."

<JudyR>: especially when he described what happened

<DaleMarr>: Oh, my

<JudyR>: yea

<LauraLeff>: I've only seen the show once...need to watch it again on the set.

<R_Hookie>: that was a must-have in the set

<LauraLeff>: Oh yeah, so glad it made the cut.

<JudyR>: knowing that he had been in an accident, then hearing about it in that episode is quite emotional

<LauraLeff>: I'm surprised they even "went there" with it.

<R_Hookie>: I may need to buy a "back-up" DVD set

Top of Form

<LauraLeff>: Please do! One more step to making Volume 2 a possibility.

<LauraLeff>: Great gift idea, ya know.

<JudyR>: uh oh, little kitty wants tented in under a blanket

<LauraLeff>: Well, hey, before we lose anyone else...any requests for next month?

<JudyR>: oh yea

<LauraLeff>: Other than losing the Halloween image?

<R_Hookie>: something Thanksgiving maybe?

<JudyR>: i had an idea, but, i lost it http://widget00.mibbit.com/smileys/yel36.png

<DaleMarr>: The Casablance episode?

<LauraLeff>: Hmmmmmm

<JudyR>: cool

<DaleMarr>: Casa-blana...

<LauraLeff>: Casablanca or Gaslight?

<R_Hookie>: I'll enjoy anything

<LauraLeff>: Not trying to dissuade you

<DaleMarr>: Yeah, it's all good

<JudyR>: oh, his off comedy ones like suspense

<LauraLeff>: Just thinking of one made me think of the other

<LauraLeff>: Judy - Oh, I do that and everyone complains. :\

<LauraLeff>: I like them.

<LauraLeff>: OK

<JudyR>: oh man (kicks at floor) lol

<R_Hookie>: hahaha Judy

<LauraLeff>: So anything else, or shall we call it good for October?

<JudyR>: don Wilson impression

<LauraLeff>: Judy - You and Don

<LauraLeff>: Yeah

<R_Hookie>: I got it

<DaleMarr>: Nice to come back by...it's been ages

<LauraLeff>: Yes, welcome back!

<JudyR>: still wanting to get to bo or not to be

<LauraLeff>: I need to do that too

<DaleMarr>: That's the best, Judy

<JudyR>: yea. recently re-released on dvd

<R_Hookie>: it's on Turner Classic Movies every now and again

<LauraLeff>: OK, sounds like it's a wrap!

<JudyR>: his best work in movies

<R_Hookie>: I bought the DVD, when I could have just recorded it and saved money

<JudyR>: c-ya all next time *hugs*

<LauraLeff>: I need to see what extras they have

<DaleMarr>: Agreed

<R_Hookie>: Bye Judy

<DaleMarr>: Night, you all...have a happy Oct....

<LauraLeff>: Good chatting with you all...see you next month!

<R_Hookie>: you too