IJBFC Chat - September 8, 2013

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<LauraLeff>: Hi folks!

<BradfromGeorgia>: Oakwood, just south of Gainesville, near Lake Lanier.

<Steve-shimp->: Ah, that's certainly a more worthy time spent than failed Jell-O flavors

<BradfromGeorgia>: Hi, Boss!

<Steve-shimp->: Hiya Laura!

<LauraLeff>: Welcome back, Brad!

<R_Hookie>: Hi Laura

<Steve-shimp->: We're test driving this new room

<Bonita>: I'm from snellville

<BradfromGeorgia>: We're looking for a new house--one's in or near Snellville.

<LauraLeff>: Excellent

<Steve-shimp->: We know you guys are really just east of do-wah-ditty

<BradfromGeorgia>: Laura, are we limited to 140 characters now?

<LauraLeff>: Don't know...tried it?

<Steve-shimp->: The IJBFC has a lot more than that (rimshot)

<BradfromGeorgia>: Yep. Get to the end of the typing space and everything just stops, like thi

<LauraLeff>: 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890

<Bonita>: I used to live in n.o. Close to do way ditty

<R_Hookie>: I only know of 5 characters... and several guest stars....

<BradfromGeorgia>: So what's up with mine? Maybe my laptop.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Ah, let me try to change something....

<diogenesNY>: Something I came across recently... a fun bit of commercial ephemora, Jack related, of course:

<LauraLeff>: Yeah...I just did 160

<diogenesNY>: http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/adaccess_R0136/

<BradfromGeorgia>: Now then, testing, testing, testing, trying to see if I can go more than the length of the box, and yes! It works now. Wow, I figured something out.

<LauraLeff>: Oh yeah,

<LauraLeff>: Not a bad pic of Mary

<Steve-shimp->: I don't think I have thoughts longer than 140 characters

<LauraLeff>: Hi new folks!

<R_Hookie>: Is that Joannie in the pic too?

<LauraLeff>: Yep

<Steve-shimp->: This is a real turnout of new folks!

<diogenesNY>: i think so

<LauraLeff>: Who is here for the first time?

<R_Hookie>: We all are

<Steve-shimp->: Hi Judy

<BradfromGeorgia>: I do wish I could enlarge the type on this one. My little Netbook is small.

<MyHero>: Howdy back at ya!

<JudyR>: hi all! *hugs* Aroo is here with me. I'm using her LAPTOP

<R_Hookie>: Mr Kitzel!

<LauraLeff>: So I don't know what resolution people use...this window takes up only about half of the frame on mine. Want me to widen it next time? I think I can.

<Steve-shimp->: Yes, that would be great

<LauraLeff>: Not going to try it on the fly though.

<JudyR>: YEA

<R_Hookie>: maybe larger type

<LauraLeff>: OK, I'm learning this new system too. So let me see what I can do.


<JudyR>: sorry, not used to laptop lol

<LauraLeff>: Anyone having any troubles getting into the room, other than the font size?

<JudyR>: nope

<Steve-shimp->: No it worked just fine without a million Java security warnings

<Bonita>: Looks good on my iPad

<MyHero>: I had to use the out house first!

<R_Hookie>: a lot of codes to enter, but it worked

<JudyR>: laura, I love the JB set! Aroo got it for my b-day last month

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, I had some unexpected free time (client go live went more smoothly than expected) so I took it to fix some things.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Note to self: don't try to do a zoom font. It boots me offline.

<LauraLeff>: Judy - Wonderful! So glad you're enjoying it!

<LauraLeff>: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel54.png

<LauraLeff>: Hm, that is pretty small.

<LauraLeff>: OK

<R_Hookie>: I nearly wore out the DVDs already

<BradfromGeorgia>: I got it for Father's Day! First thing I watched was "Horn Blows."

<LauraLeff>: What did you think?

<Steve-shimp->: Hey all if you hit control-+ (at least on my browser) it makes the text bigger

<JudyR>: anyone see my post about "to be or not to be" being out on dvd?

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Good catch...same here

<BradfromGeorgia>: Que savez-vous? Ce programme, cela se traduit en franšais, aussi!

<JudyR>: worked here steve

<LauraLeff>: Magnifique

<R_Hookie>: oy vey

<JudyR>: lol hookie

<LauraLeff>: Needs no translation

<Steve-shimp->: Je conduis un camion a ordure

<LauraLeff>: LOL

<LauraLeff>: http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel40.png

<R_Hookie>: igaye atinlay

<BradfromGeorgia>: Ich frage mich, ob es tun Deutsch. Ach, ja!

<LauraLeff>: That's igpay!

<LauraLeff>: Test driving the room indeed

<BradfromGeorgia>: Now let me see if I can get back to something like English.

<R_Hookie>: orrysay

<JudyR>: lol

<LauraLeff>: Looks like we lost our little sounds, but oh well

<LauraLeff>: Brad - Yeah, try something new. http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<Randy>: Yes, I remember Jack discussing his garbage truck in an elevator. So many languages at work tonight!

<BradfromGeorgia>: But now we can translate "Le Miz" back into French.

<LauraLeff>: Randy - Yep, the Eiffel Tower elevator

<JudyR>: Laura, I did notice the picture of Jack in the booklet has his eyes as brown

<LauraLeff>: So what did everyone think of the show for discussion tonight?

<diogenesNY>: awesome show...

<JudyR>: still listening to it

<Steve-shimp->: It's a fun one, a classic

<BradfromGeorgia>: I liked it. Good later "Sitcom" type show!

<Randy>: The Tower of London was funny, too. Jack kept going back to look at the jewels.

<LauraLeff>: Judy - Interesting...I didn't catch that.

<Steve-shimp->: I do have one contemporary reference that went way over or around my head though

<diogenesNY>: 'Maybe its the quiver you like..." http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: It's funny, I have some color photos of him where his eyes are brown for some unknown reason.

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Which one?

<Steve-shimp->: The big laugh that Gertrude or Mabel got about the Ginsburg Rest ???

<LauraLeff>: Eastern Columbia Broadway at Ninth?

<BradfromGeorgia>: "Don't it make my brown eyes blue."

<JudyR>: I did notice it when I watch It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

<diogenesNY>: I think that was just the joke..... Ginsburg rested

<Steve-shimp->: Who is Ginsburg?

<LauraLeff>: Ginsburg left me alone, so I rested

<LauraLeff>: Ginsberg

<BradfromGeorgia>: Laura--was the Benny "flub" "Fifty--FIFTEEN years in radio" scripted? Sounded like it was.

<Steve-shimp->: Allen?

<diogenesNY>: Eastern Columbia at the corner of 9th and Bradway in LA is a famour Art Deco building, but I still didnt get the joke

<LauraLeff>: Brad - Hm...let me check

<R_Hookie>: it was a dept store I believe

<LauraLeff>: Lotta flubs in this one, even in the commercial!

<diogenesNY>: yes, dept store

<JudyR>: yea, jack seems to have a few

<BradfromGeorgia>: The pen that writes under water is a reference to the first US ballpoint, the Reynolds Pen. They sold for ten bucks apiece, which was high even for someone not Jack.

<LauraLeff>: They had a rather pervasive jingle at the time...Jack plays it on his violin at some point.

<diogenesNY>: maybe that all of their complementary atributes were bought at a store...?

<diogenesNY>: .What happened at the end where things get cut off.... I assume he ran long...

<JudyR>: probably did

<Steve-shimp->: It's always surprising to me that there were a couple of Lucky Strike seasons without the Sportsmen

<LauraLeff>: Remind me...where was that Jack flub?

<BradfromGeorgia>: Betcha the threatened-murder opening wouldn't be acceptable just a few years later.

<diogenesNY>: Jack and Mary have a fairly sexy bit of banter at the begining....

<LauraLeff>: Brad - Not necessarily. I remember a television show where Jack is kidnapped, and they do some similar banter.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Laura--Just before Jack and Don discuss Don's thirteen years with Jack, after the delayed "start" and Don's announcement.

<LauraLeff>: Brad - OK, that's what I thought.

<JudyR>: gotta go . work called and it's a nightmare

<R_Hookie>: ok, later Judy

<BradfromGeorgia>: Don't recall the exact line, something like "Well, to celebrate my fifty--FIFTEEN years in radio..."

<Steve-shimp->: eep, good lucky Judy

<Steve-shimp->: luck

<BradfromGeorgia>: SL Judy.

<Randy>: I thought the recommended show was quite original. The opening music was 15 minutes into the program! It was clever that they found a song ("South America, Take It Away) which contained a needed AY YI YI!!!

<LauraLeff>: Brad - That line is typed in the "as broadcast" script I have...let me check if Jack's ad lib to Dennis is typed there.

<LauraLeff>: Hang in there, Judy!

<diogenesNY_>: ack...pfft...

<BradfromGeorgia>: I sympathize with Judy. This is my last year before retiring, and work for me's a nightmare this year, unfortunately.

<LauraLeff>: Wait...Jack's ad lib is typed too.

<LauraLeff>: Can't tell...I'd have to look at Jack's script.

<R_Hookie>: hmmm

<LauraLeff>: Someone retranscribed the show for this "as broadcast" copy.

<BradfromGeorgia>: I thought it might be. Didn't quite sound like an actual flub to me.

<Steve-shimp->: Typed ad-libs are a rare species

<Randy>: Amazing...would never have guessed the "50" was scripted.

<diogenesNY_>: maybe someone can help me out with another muddled line then.....

<LauraLeff>: Not as rare in the Benny series, but I'm sure that line wouldn't have been scripted because it wouldn't make sense.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Rochester got a big hand. Wonder if the "Applause" sign lit up!

<LauraLeff>: That line = Jack's ad lib to Dennis

<LauraLeff>: The Benny cast was great at making scripted bloopers sound pretty real.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Yeah, I meant the "fifty" line sounded prepared, not ad-lib.

<diogenesNY_>: at some time Jack tells Rochester to use the horn. The Bulb is Broken.... Just Blow into it. Rochester: But __?__ wont let me" ,extended applause>

<LauraLeff>: Petrillo!

<R_Hookie>: an intentional stumble

<LauraLeff>: Who wants to explain Petrillo?

<BradfromGeorgia>: Head of the Musicians Union.

<LauraLeff>: And a real hard-nose

<Steve-shimp->: Petrillo was a notorious head of the musician's union

<diogenesNY_>: aha...

<Steve-shimp->: what Brad said

<BradfromGeorgia>: Called a strike once--no radio shows could play recorded music.

<diogenesNY_>: the reaction makes sense now

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, seems like everyone knew who Petrillo was back then.

<BradfromGeorgia>: There's a bunch of Petrillo references in shows from this time period, and not just Jack's.

<Randy>: I believe Rochester's "I don't have any headphones" refers to 1920's crystal sets.

<Steve-shimp->: A couple of months ago I was at Wall Drug, the famous roadside attraction in South Dakota

<diogenesNY_>: randy, correct, I think

<LauraLeff>: Randy - Agreed

<Steve-shimp->: and they had an animated display of a hillbilly band that wasn't working

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Up against the Wall, eh?

<Steve-shimp->: and they put a sign on it saying something like "on hiatus due to Petrillo"

<BradfromGeorgia>: Yep, Randy. Another topical ref: "Martha Ivers," from a Barbara Stanwyck movie.

<diogenesNY_>: the display wasnt working or the hillbilly band?

<Steve-shimp->: or something similar - I wondered who would have gotten that gag in 2013!

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Wow. I'm impressed.

<R_Hookie>: I'm waayyyyyy East of Wall

<Steve-shimp->: But I got a laugh out of it.

<R_Hookie>: in Sioux Falls

<R_Hookie>: I've been there

<LauraLeff>: What were you doing in South Dakota?

<BradfromGeorgia>: For no reason I'm reminded of "Fargo North, Decoder.

<Steve-shimp->: Vacation

<Steve-shimp->: I went to the Black Hills and Badlands back in May

<LauraLeff>: Where are you going on vacation? Wall Drug.

<LauraLeff>: Ah, that's right.

<Steve-shimp->: Brad, I watched Fargo North, Decoder on the Electric Company for years in my childhood and only realized the pun like four years ago.

<BradfromGeorgia>: I did notice that the audience did seem infected by Don's laughter, though he was putting it on.

<R_Hookie>: Its fun but a tourist trap

<LauraLeff>: I guess I didn't realize it until now, since I'd forgotten the character!

<BradfromGeorgia>: What do they use for bait?

<R_Hookie>: free ice water

<BradfromGeorgia>: Oh, they give you an onion....

<Aaroo>: I hope it wasn't steak

<Steve-shimp->: I think I took a picture of the Petrillo sign, I'll have to find it.

<LauraLeff>: I'm surprised no one's mentioned much about the Sportsmen introduction

<diogenesNY_>: Don's first LS/MFT seemed a bit flat, then he picked right up

<BradfromGeorgia>: How bout that Sportsmen introduction? I wanna tell ya...

Top of Form

 (Some loss)

<Steve-shimp->: I think that was Phil diog

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Sounded like Phil to me

<diogenesNY_>: thx... ya, wasnt sure on that one http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: You could drop this whole exchange

<LauraLeff>: But they couldn't tell the commercial to stretch

<BradfromGeorgia>: Who was "Joe," the OTHER kidnapper? Mel I recognized.

<LauraLeff>: (Imagine trying to stretch one of those rapid-fire LSMFT commercials)

<Steve-shimp->: your money or your life

<Steve-shimp->: Eddie Marr?

<LauraLeff>: Who's got Volume 2 handy?

<R_Hookie>: L.S.........M...... F....T

<LauraLeff>: Guessing Joe Kearns?

<LauraLeff>: They liked using real names

<diogenesNY_>: I bet Don had some back up Lucky jokes he could pad the time with in an emergency

<BradfromGeorgia>: Didn't sound like Joe to me, but might have been.

<LauraLeff>: Brad - I was thinking the same thing, but didn't look it up.

<Steve-shimp->: Just looked it up, and boy am I good

<Steve-shimp->: Eddie Marr

<LauraLeff>: Go Steve!

<BradfromGeorgia>: Ah. The versatile Eddie!

<LauraLeff>: Marr would be the "money or your life" man less than two years later

<LauraLeff>: So they liked him in the tough roles

<Steve-shimp->: and Herb Vigran was the autograph guy

<LauraLeff>: Oh yeah, Herb is unmistakable

<BradfromGeorgia>: Then he and I shared the role. I did it at a convention when Bob Asprin started with the bit, and he and I performed the whole thing impromptu. Afterward he told me, "I always wanted to do that!"

<Steve-shimp->: I recognize him more visually with his crazy eyebrows than auditorily, if that's a word

<diogenesNY_>: I may have misheard the line....... but towards the end Jack bemoans (I think) "..my writers are still on that gambling ship." Did I mishear that or am I just missing the joke?

<BradfromGeorgia>: Random thought: Is "Family Guy" under the guise of "hey, we're just being hip" actually the most antisemitic show on TV?

<LauraLeff>: Oh man...I think there was a story...

<LauraLeff>: Trying to remember

<LauraLeff>: It was something like Jack's writers went on a gambling ship that had trouble, and it got in the news

<diogenesNY_>: ah...

<LauraLeff>: Milt may talk about it in his book, but I haven't reread it in so many years.

<diogenesNY_>: will have to scratch around for info on that one

<Steve-shimp->: That's about the extent of my memory too. But yeah, I think it's in the Milt book

<BradfromGeorgia>: Some years later there was a TV show, "Mr. Lucky," set on an offshore gambling ship. It tanked. It ran against Jack Benny....

<LauraLeff>: It's the kind of thing he'd write about in there.

<LauraLeff>: Not very lucky

<R_Hookie>: I just heard the Martha Ivers joke again

<BradfromGeorgia>: In 2004, TEADJones asked about this on the IJBFC bulletin board. No one knew the answer.

<LauraLeff>: What, Martha Ivers?

<LauraLeff>: Or the gambling ship?

<R_Hookie>: Mary was paid to whisper

<Randy>: Why does the audience laugh when Mary says she "whispered" about Martha?

<BradfromGeorgia>: Yep, from...um, "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers."

<R_Hookie>: on tonights show

<LauraLeff>: Betcha it was some kind of gimmicky promotion of the movie.

<Steve-shimp->: That was the tag line for the movie, something like "whisper her name"

<R_Hookie>: it was

<LauraLeff>: Oh right

<BradfromGeorgia>: Because the trailers were "Did you hear about (whisper) Martha Ivers?"

<R_Hookie>: I researched it

<LauraLeff>: Good job!

<R_Hookie>: "Whisper her name"

<LauraLeff>: See, I'm not lazy...I just like to share the fun of discovery.

<Randy>: I get it...like "you know how to blow?" in "To Have and Have Not"

<BradfromGeorgia>: Gee, I saw the clean version..."You know how to whistle."

<Randy>: LOL

<R_Hookie>: I was just listening to the show again to refresh my memory

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, and resisting commenting since now we've got a transcript again.

<R_Hookie>: oops

<BradfromGeorgia>: True story: one of my college classmates made it fairly big in the movies at one time. I never saw one of her films...they were all X-rated....

<LauraLeff>: I find it interesting that the Sportsmen were on Jack's show as early as, I think, 1941 or at the very least 1942 because Mahlon Merrick liked them.

<R_Hookie>: darn it, you'll have to cut some stuff out now

<LauraLeff>: But it was not until this show that they became semi-regulars.

<Steve-shimp->: One of the best bad taglines for a movie is actually Jack's CHARLEY'S AUNT

<Steve-shimp->: "He was funny enough in pants, in skirts he's terrific!"

<Steve-shimp->: Jack Benny: funny enough in pants.

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - I know...back to "excise that from the transcript, please!"

<R_Hookie>: well, it keeps it clean

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Sounds like a bi comedy...

<BradfromGeorgia>: And today Billy West says of Maurice Lamarche, "He's the funniest thing in pants."

<Steve-shimp->: Jello: If it was there, you'd eat it.

<R_Hookie>: speaking of the younger fans, where have they been?

<LauraLeff>: Steve - LOL

<diogenesNY_>: whats younger?

<R_Hookie>: under 18

<R_Hookie>: under 21

<R_Hookie>: under 30

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Oh, you know those unreliable young-uns. http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<MyHero>: younger than 39

<BradfromGeorgia>: Anything after the fall of the Berlin Wall to me.

<LauraLeff>: One of them is in Australia, so there's a time difference.

<LauraLeff>: Don't know about Boston.

<R_Hookie>: yes them

<LauraLeff>: But I think Judy and Aroo are younger, if I'm not mistaken

<LauraLeff>: Hey Yht!

<BradfromGeorgia>: It's not in Australia yet, Laura.

<Steve-shimp->: hiya yyht! You've grown an extra y

<yyhtapmys>: Typo.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Tempo.

<R_Hookie>: hii yyht, hhow aare yyou?

<LauraLeff>: Stuttering

<Steve-shimp->: it sounds Welsh

<BradfromGeorgia>: Tempura.

<R_Hookie>: sorry... that was mean

<LauraLeff>: Oh now look what you've done.

<Steve-shimp->: llhythapmys

<Steve-shimp->: a small, proud town home to werewolves.

<LauraLeff>: Welcome back Yht

<R_Hookie>: are we back to French translations?

<LauraLeff>: Quest-ce que vous voulez dire?

<BradfromGeorgia>: I laughed out loud when I suddenly tumbled to the point that in Terry Pratchett's "Soul Music" the character Imy y Celyn's name was Welsh for "Bud of Holly."

<LauraLeff>: I didn't need a translator for that.

<Steve-shimp->: Nice one

<LauraLeff>: Oh that's so Pratchett.

<LauraLeff>: You know, I haven't heard from Neil Gaiman in a dog's age. But I think he's busy.

<BradfromGeorgia>: Oh, yeah. He's going on a book tour soon.

<LauraLeff>: Or maybe he's thinking he hasn't heard from me.

<LauraLeff>: For those who don't know, Neil Gaiman is a huge Benny fan.

<LauraLeff>: And he's also a writer.

<LauraLeff>: Like that, Brad?

<BradfromGeorgia>: Didja know I was a finalist in a contest to find readers for Neil's "American Gods" audiobook?

<LauraLeff>: WB, Bonita

<LauraLeff>: Congrats, Brad!

<BradfromGeorgia>: Made the top ten. Of course Neil picked a cute girl instead of me....WELL!

<LauraLeff>: So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind tonight?

<R_Hookie>: how cute?

<BradfromGeorgia>: She was quite a looker and a third my age.

<Steve-shimp->: Any word on sales numbers from Shout Factory on the DVD set?

<R_Hookie>: tough break

<Steve-shimp->: Hopefully it's still exceeding expectations

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Not yet. I need to ping them.

<LauraLeff>: Brad - You should file for discrimination

<R_Hookie>: ping?

<BradfromGeorgia>: I finally saw "Les Miz" the movie...so what roles go to whom in the Benny cast?

<LauraLeff>: Ping...send them an E-mail and ask what's up

<R_Hookie>: Oh, I see

<Steve-shimp->: Well, they put out two volumes of Groucho and YBYL so hoping Jack gets a second round too.

<LauraLeff>: Haven't seen the movie, but I assume Jean Val Jean is Jack

<BradfromGeorgia>: Hear, hear!

<diogenesNY>: the May Company (its "Garunteed')...

<R_Hookie>: I'm still new to computer jargon

<LauraLeff>: Don't know the policeman's name, but Fred Allen?

<BradfromGeorgia>: And Phil as Javert?'

<LauraLeff>: Steve - I'll drink to that.

<diogenesNY>: but it has a bit with Rochester Singing with the Sportsman, and then dancing..... just about blew my mind

<LauraLeff>: Joan's a little old now to play the girl

<diogenesNY>: it cut to comercial while Rochester was still dancing... dammit!

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - That's OK. I'm a nerd.

<diogenesNY>: he was doing amazing moves.... I'd swear he was moonwalking

<diogenesNY>: as well as dancing with a broom

<LauraLeff>: Oh moonwalking vastly predates Michael Jackson

<BradfromGeorgia>: Hank Azaria could be Gavroche....

<diogenesNY>: so I saw http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: You should watch "Man About Town"...Roch has two GREAT numbers there.

<R_Hookie>: I'm getting into computer stuff and slowly learning, so far, 2 years later

<diogenesNY>: was going to be my next question, thx

<BradfromGeorgia>: "Man About Town" is a very entertaining flick.

<LauraLeff>: I love "Man About Town." It should get more exposure

<LauraLeff>: But then it would be R-rated...

<R_Hookie>: waiting for it to come on TCM

<LauraLeff>: diogenes - What are you watching?

<diogenesNY>: was amazed at his singing voice and his skill at close harmony

<LauraLeff>: Remember, Roch started in vaudeville with his family, not unlike Sammy Davis Jr.

<diogenesNY>: this was the episode (shown on antennaTV) that had Jack buying the shirt from Mary at the May company (in flashback) he also wears the same strange looking shirt in the main narrative body

<LauraLeff>: Incidentally, just before the chat I was coming back from grocery shopping and was only a few blocks from the place where Roch supposedly grew up and sold papers.

<diogenesNY>: antennaTV seems to indulge in some _very strange_ cuts and edits

<R_Hookie>: interesting

<LauraLeff>: diogenes - Ah, got it. Yep, I remember it well.

<LauraLeff>: diogenes - Well, that one is because it goes into the commercial that they can't show.

<LauraLeff>: Blame it on NBC. I think they did the edits.

<R_Hookie>: I may have an uncut episode of that on DVD

<diogenesNY>: ah....

<R_Hookie>: transfer from kinescope

<LauraLeff>: When I saw the show with the Mills Brothers and Jack in Las Vegas in the network print, suddenly things made sense that never had. And it's one of my favorite episodes.

<diogenesNY>: I was really getting into it, and it cuts out..... http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel36.png

<BradfromGeorgia>: I remember rebroadcasts of "You Bet Your Life" where the sponsor's emblem was annoyingly and distractingly blacked out.

<LauraLeff>: DON'T go to your DeSoto dealer

<LauraLeff>: DON'T tell em Groucho sent you

<diogenesNY>: I gather a lot of those cuts are sponsor related..... some just seem to be in the wrong place thio....... even after splicing together a clear comercial break edit

<R_Hookie>: DeSoto Plymouth

<Steve-shimp->: Or "Desotoplimmadealer" as Groucho said it

<R_Hookie>: Laura types faster than me

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - That's why Marty didn't have a hard time convincing me that I needed to review all the shows for Volume 3 from the network prints. He was right.

<Randy>: Some Benny TV shows have a small tube of toothpaste or box of Jell-O at the bottom left of closing credits.

<LauraLeff>: Yep

<LauraLeff>: Or a carton of Luckies

<diogenesNY>: a lot of tv shows did that......

<R_Hookie>: or State Farm Ins

<LauraLeff>: Beep beep ba bee-beep

<LauraLeff>: You all can fill in the melody

<diogenesNY>: nowadays some of those original credit sequences are included or restored.... I think syndicated reruns in may cases had new genericish credit sequences made

<diogenesNY>: maybe they were made in the shows run with a mind towards syndication

<LauraLeff>: This is why the "faces" opening (as I call it) ended up on various episodes that well predate 1962

<yhtapmys>: I thought you were doing a DeSoto honking, Laura.

<LauraLeff>: Well, it was a DeSoto honking the State Farm jingle

<LauraLeff>: Just saw "American in Paris

<BradfromGeorgia>: I feel old dept: I'm showing my film class the 1946 film "Ernest Hemingway's The Killers" and nobody in class is remotely aware that the music includes what became the Dragnet march theme.

<R_Hookie>: it sure wasn't the Maxwell

<LauraLeff>: performed by the SF Symphony live on Friday

<LauraLeff>: So I enjoyed watching one of the percussion guys do the horns

<diogenesNY>: ya know.... what is the idea (if there is one) behind the 'faces' opening? am I missing something obvious or is it just kindof a random visual...?

<R_Hookie>: Dragnet, Jack Webb

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - I always took it to mean that everyone loves Jack

<LauraLeff>: Jack makes everyone smile

<diogenesNY>: okay

<Steve-shimp->: I always took it as the faces were the audience as well

<BradfromGeorgia>: Jack Benny made more cartoons laugh than any other comedian.

<LauraLeff>: I was listening to the classical station a while back, and a piece came on (can't remember the proper name now)

<LauraLeff>: And I immediately started laughing and said "Alfred Hitchcock!"

<LauraLeff>: Brad - I guess it's not just Don

<Steve-shimp->: Funeral March of a Marionette?

<diogenesNY>: i always did have some idea that it reflected the breadth of his appeal (as it was obvious that they werent all his characters)

<BradfromGeorgia>: "Funeral March of a Marionette"

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Yep, that's the one. Thank you!

<LauraLeff>: I also can't hear "Dance of the Hours" without thinking of Allan Sherman and wanting to sing along.

<Steve-shimp->: Boy, how the Warner Bros cartoons screwed up going to Barber of Seville for me

<LauraLeff>: I'm guessing that red on a name at right means they're typing

<BradfromGeorgia>: Oh, yeah? Well, "Funeral March" was written by Charles Gounod and premiered in 1872 after the unexpected death of a puppet. So there.

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Not to mention "Ride of the Valkyries"

<Randy>: Cartoons are quite educational. Bugs jumps out of his rabbit hole to Mendelsonn"s Spring Song

<Steve-shimp->: Yeah, I never saw that one performed live and desperately trying to stifle giggles though!

<R_Hookie>: 1812 Overture

<BradfromGeorgia>: "Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit...."

<LauraLeff>: Did WB do...oh right, I do remember them with 1812 Overture.

<R_Hookie>: I just wanted in on the topic

<LauraLeff>: I heard that enough as a standalone piece of music that it didn't get tainted

<BradfromGeorgia>: They also did "The William Tell Overture" in "Red Hot Rider."

<LauraLeff>: But I'm happy to say that I can hear the William Tell Overture and not think of the Lone Ranger.

<R_Hookie>: I always do think Lone Ranger

<BradfromGeorgia>: Well, the "gallop" is just a small bit of the overture.

<LauraLeff>: I think the last two times I've heard "Dance of the Hours," I was alone at home so I sang along.

<diogenesNY>: ya know, the Love Duet in What's Opera Doc is actually an original composition and is credited in the opening credit slide

<BradfromGeorgia>: You often hear the "storm breaks" section of the WT Overture in cartoons.

<R_Hookie>: I don't think I've heard the entire piece

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Which one?

<LauraLeff>: Brad - True...it's the shipwreck/drama kind of music

<BradfromGeorgia>: Yep.

<R_Hookie>: William Tell or Dance

<diogenesNY->: Bwahhh!..... what the hell was that

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - You should, just for education. Both were broken down into components and used by various things

<BradfromGeorgia>: Bwahhh? An oboe?

<LauraLeff>: Like Dance is the hippos and alligators in Fantasia

<LauraLeff>: But it's also "Hello Muddah Hello Fadduh" for Allan Sherman

<R_Hookie>: I know, but where to find them..... Time Life Music?

<diogenesNY->: heh.... think i was just pulled through the eye of the needle :0

<LauraLeff>: Bwahhh...sounds more like a trombone to me.

<Steve-shimp->: There's also that Sousa march that is the Monty Python theme that also always kills me when I heard it played without irony

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - YouTube

<diogenesNY->: heh... ya, liberty bell march I think

<R_Hookie>: I'll try that

<BradfromGeorgia>: Yep, "Liberty Bell" march.

<Steve-shimp->: yes, liberty bell march. I always expect to hear Terry Jones doing a haggy falsetto voice somewhere in there

<diogenesNY->: I know they plyed it for Al Gore once when he approched the dias at one of the Dem National Conventions.....

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - You'll be floored at how much music is on YouTube. I go to it all the time when I want to hear something and don't have a recording.

<diogenesNY->: I was really holding it in

<R_Hookie>: This will be on transcripts so I don't have to write these down, right?

<LauraLeff>: Yep

<R_Hookie>: WHEW!!!!!!

<LauraLeff>: Welcome back, transcript.

<LauraLeff>: Got to keep it clean(er), but nice to have the record.

<BradfromGeorgia>: I'm half asleep at the keyboard (didn't get much sleep last night), so I think I'll run along before my laptop falls off my lap.....G'night everyone.

<LauraLeff>: Of course, there's stuff I shared without the transcript that I won't now. So THERE.

<LauraLeff>: Night Brad! Glad to have you back!

<diogenesNY->: nites brad

<Steve-shimp->: OK Brad, good to see you back again!

<Randy>: Jack (as a rabbit) hosts a talent show in a 1936 WB cartoon ("I Love to Sing-a"?). In the "30s he's always portrayed with a cigar.

<R_Hookie>: ok, bye Brad

<LauraLeff>: Jack Bunny

<LauraLeff>: I *love* that cartoon.

<LauraLeff>: Not just because of Jack Bunny

<R_Hookie>: Jack Bunny, I need to see that

<LauraLeff>: I was at an Al Jolson convention, and everyone could sing it to everyone else

<Randy>: The little owl looks so cute in his little sweater.

<LauraLeff>: I love to sing-a, about the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a...

<diogenesNY->: anyone have any idea how tightly directed Jack's TV show was...... it alwas seemed to me that certain people had verious degrees of freedom to improvise or adlib in an otherwise fairly tightly directed show

<LauraLeff>: Just thinking about that cartoon makes me smile.

<Randy>: A Jolson impersonator named Clive Baldwin loves to do that song.

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Say more about what you're seeing that makes you think that.

<diogenesNY->: well....

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

<LauraLeff>: Randy - Remind me...is Clive the one who sounds EXACTLY like Jolson?

<LauraLeff>: There are at least a couple...can't remember who's who.

<diogenesNY->: most of the ordinary guest stars seem pretty much on script.... and the show does tend to include a LOT of material, requiring a strong directorial hand....

<Randy>: Jack's directors were legends--Ralph Levy, de Cordova

<diogenesNY->: however certain people seem to have some degrees of freedom

<LauraLeff>: Norman Abbott

<Randy>: yes

<diogenesNY->: maudie Pricket seems to revel in improvising her blocking and invading Jacks personal space.... like he does everyone else

<diogenesNY->: George burns and bob hope can obviously do whatever they like

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Yeah, Burns and Hope get special passes.

<diogenesNY->: seems like a show that would likely devolve into chaos of not tightly corralled

<Steve-shimp->: which they knew and surely delighted in tormenting jack by going off script

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Intersting comment about Prickett...are you sure that she's improvising and not just trying to be the "hard of hearing little old lady" who talks right in your face?

<diogenesNY->: Raymond Burr seems very tightly keeping to the basic script but in his appearances, he seems to have a very relaxed, jokey relationship with Jack

<Randy>: Laura, Clive has Jolson's energy, but the sound is not as authentic as Norman Brooks or Bobby Ermani (all dead, sorry).

<LauraLeff>: Randy - OK, there's another guy (as far as I know) still performing who's easily as good as Brooks.

<diogenesNY->: Watch maudie's body language, and she just about flies around the rest of the room.......

<R_Hookie>: sorry... I'm back now, Penny wanted a Beggin Strip

<LauraLeff>: I think I remember Clive performed on the same bill with the guy whose name I can't remember.

<diogenesNY->: messing with any conventional blocking standards

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - I'll have to watch for that.

<LauraLeff>: But you're right, it had to be a pretty tightly directed show.

<diogenesNY->: she seems to be having fun doing what Jack tries to do with getting in close, and they both seem to be having fun with it

<LauraLeff>: And of course, the live shows have a different feel than the prerecorded ones.

<diogenesNY->: in any case, I have always considered he an amazingly tallented individual who can act in a lot of dimentions

<R_Hookie>: was Maudie playing Jack's secretary in some episodes?

<Randy>: I'm jumping from subject to subject...must learn to type faster. I love it when Jack puts Julie London's hand in his mouth. I'm not sure how much direction was needed.

<diogenesNY->: Maudie was Mrs/Miss Gordon in ~9 eps

<R_Hookie>: I thought so, thanks

<LauraLeff>: Randy - I think that's a bit that Jack was doing on stage as well

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - You know, I'm a fool. I'm confusing her with Madge Blake.

<diogenesNY->: He was certainly one of the most generous talents in terms of casting...... all of his supporting characters tend to be all but exploding with tallent

<diogenesNY->: oh... heh

<LauraLeff>: Randy - Sometimes Jack would take a woman's hand and then take out a jeweler's loop to examine her ring.

<Randy>: I'm not as fast as you stenographers, but I'm certainly enjoying this. Time for Lucky Strike break.

<LauraLeff>: I'll have to watch one of the Miss Gordon episodes as well and think about it. Thanks for giving me something new to watch for!

<R_Hookie>: I'm just pecking at the keys and I'm no speed typer

<diogenesNY->: sure thing.....

<LauraLeff>: My mother started teaching me typing when I was about five and insisted on me always being in typing classes through school through 8th grade. So I got pretty good at it.

<Steve-shimp->: I get Maudie Prickett sometimes confused with Mary Wickes

<Steve-shimp->: I love that whole stable of character actors though from that time period

<Steve-shimp->: We don't really have that today.

<R_Hookie>: folks at work think I'm old because in HS typing we had typewritters

<diogenesNY->: typing was possibly the most if not only worthwhile class i took in high school

<LauraLeff>: But to your original point, I think if Jack had a good association with his supporting cast and was confident in their decisions, it might be a little more relaxed. And more so in prerecorded shows, where if something doesn't work, you just do another take.

<diogenesNY->: I learned on a manual underwood, and absolutely pounded computer keyboards.... frightening many of my friends

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Well, then I'm old too. Even MANUAL typewriters to strengthen the fingers!

<R_Hookie>: well I

<diogenesNY->: Jack seemed to follow the methods of a live show..... even when there was a big mess up, the tendency seemed to be go with it and work around it......

<R_Hookie>: m not alone

<R_Hookie>: combine that

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Well, if it ends up being something good and you can save the take, so much the better.

<diogenesNY->: Remember when Giselle MacKenzie not only laughs but basicly spews in his face, and they both break up

<LauraLeff>: Yep, exactly.

<diogenesNY->: and cant compose themselves for about 15 seconds, thaen they just continue as before

<diogenesNY->: one of the funniest moments on TV IMHO

<LauraLeff>: I don't know how involved Jack got with the editing of the show, but I know that he saw at least some of the finished products before they aired.

<LauraLeff>: That's why the Truman episode almost didn't air. Jack was so irate about the technical issues, he almost demanded they pull it.

<LauraLeff>: Staff assured him they'd "clean it up," but then couldn't do much more with it.

<Steve-shimp->: That's an interesting question, I can see him being very particular about the cutting

<Steve-shimp->: since it is so key to protecting his timing

<LauraLeff>: Right

<diogenesNY->: hmmm... ya

<LauraLeff>: Good discussion...liking this...what else?

<Steve-shimp->: But it's also a very technical skill, the kind of thing Jack never seemed very engaged with

<LauraLeff>: Yes, but...think about him editing the actual scripts with the writers.

<LauraLeff>: Jack would know what he wanted, how he wanted a script and timing to come across

<Steve-shimp->: True, but hard for me to imagine Jack "three frames here", "four from there" "cut to the reaction"

<LauraLeff>: There's a story in Milt's book about Jack complaining about the canned laughter

<diogenesNY->: i get the feeling that editing could only really mess with his timing.... once he was performing, he and the writers had it pretty much the way they wanted it....

<Steve-shimp->: in the same way that you can tinker with a script

<Steve-shimp->: Ah, true

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Very much agreed. But if Jack's watching film clips, I bet he'd be able to say, "OK, cut it there" to show how long they should stay on a reaction or something before moving to the next joke.

<diogenesNY->: one thing of note.... the shows always seemed to have a lot going on.... lots of lines, things happening, a lot of content

<diogenesNY->: a lot to pack in

<Steve-shimp->: Yeah, I'd imagine it would be on a more distant level than being there at the moviola with the editor.

<LauraLeff>: Agreed, I don't know how much patience Jack would have for that level of detail (or time).

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - What would be an example of a show that was not like that?

<diogenesNY->: not like what.... ? you mean not tightly directed?

<LauraLeff>: No...something that didn't have a lot of content and a lot going on.

<LauraLeff>: If you think of Lucy or Dick Van Dyke, I think they were the same.

<diogenesNY->: well, there are sketch based shows that allow for a good deal of ongoing improvosation by the performers...... early saturday light live was a bit like that

<Steve-shimp->: I think I see what you mean, like Milton Berle or Jackie Gleason, the camera basically follows Milton or Jackie around

<Steve-shimp->: running around the other actors

<diogenesNY->: well.... many I love lucy eps were bretty lightly scrippted

<Steve-shimp->: Jack's show is more about reaction so all the other Frank Nelson, Mel bits, etc all have to be choreographed more to make it work.

<diogenesNY->: damn.... my typing is going to hell

<LauraLeff>: True, and Lucy was a much more physical comedienee

<diogenesNY->: the typical Lucy wants to get into ricky's show at the tropicana

<LauraLeff>: That's OK...I meant comedienne

<LauraLeff>: Well, let's take the 4AM disc jockey show

<diogenesNY->: her best shows feature her physicality.... but there are the lazy shows too (most of them imho)

<LauraLeff>: Jack is awakened at 4AM by Hank the All-Night Disk Jockey

<diogenesNY->: therea re a few stand outs, but a lot of bland filler

<LauraLeff>: Then he goes for a walk

<LauraLeff>: And then Mary takes him clothes shopping and he keeps falling asleep

<R_Hookie>: Mary takes Jack suit shopping and Frank's the clerk

<LauraLeff>: I'm not saying you're wrong, just batting the concept around.

<Randy>: He sees the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower through the fog before his walk--great use of stock footage.

<diogenesNY->: that was one of the more narratively convential shows, although it took a somewhat unconventional timeline for a TV show

<LauraLeff>: That's a fairly light script to me.

<diogenesNY->: innovative in a totally different direction

<Randy>: It moves slower--Jack is sleepy.

<LauraLeff>: Let's see...

<R_Hookie>: hahaha

<diogenesNY->: the show had a lot of different stykes

<diogenesNY->: that is a more linear episode

<diogenesNY->: *Styles

<diogenesNY->: that is over many episodes

<LauraLeff>: Bing Crosby and George Burns come over to Jack's house, and they reminisce about being in vaudeville (Goldie Fields and Glide)

<diogenesNY->: it also experimented on the fly with its basic formatting......

<LauraLeff>: They were doing that in radio too...between what I call "studio" shows and "sitcom" shows.

<diogenesNY->: well, perhaps I should qualify my statements.... some, perhaps a good number, of the shows have a lot of content and a lot od scripted lines

<R_Hookie>: you mean "at the mic" vs "at the house"?

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Pretty much. The show for tonight was a combo of the two

<LauraLeff>: So let's take the Gary Cooper/Clint Walker episode...

<R_Hookie>: I like those combo shows

<LauraLeff>: I do too

<R_Hookie>: like the opening at the curtain, then later at his house with Rochester

<LauraLeff>: Jack monologue, guest comes out with banter, sings a song (or reverse the last two), then a skit...in this case, Jack walking in really high platform boots.

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - First one that jumps to mind is "Jack gets followed home"

<R_Hookie>: yep

<R_Hookie>: and it's Dennis

<LauraLeff>: Yep

<R_Hookie>: and he gets a spankin'

<LauraLeff>: So does that script for Gary Cooper/Clint Walker have a lot going on?

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - I don't want you to feel like I'm trying to tear down your argument...just exploring it!

<diogenesNY->: that IF i recall correctly is one of the more lightly written, more linear scripts...

<diogenesNY->: formatting, he is all over the yard....

<LauraLeff>: Very true.

<diogenesNY->: but overall..... at least on a bunch of the shows, there certainly seemed a relatively large number of characters with a large number of scripted lines.....

<LauraLeff>: In defense of your argument, I think the shows in Europe have tons going on in them.

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - Especially the Christmas shopping shows.

<LauraLeff>: OK, I was thinking more plot-wise.

<diogenesNY->: the last season was fairly variety-showish

<Randy>: I read that even if the body of the episode was a piece of film shot "in Jack's house" or a dept. store, he always insisted his opening monologue be filmed in front of a live audience.

<LauraLeff>: Randy - Where did you read that?

<Steve-shimp->: I was just thinking of the Christmas shows, which are like 20 little bits each with a separate setup that all need to flow into each other and build as an overall show.

<LauraLeff>: And I suppose the definition of "live audience" could be a bit loose...

<Randy>: Give me a moment...

<LauraLeff>: That audience could be family/cast/crew/guests over at Revue

<R_Hookie>: the "non-audience" shows to me you can tell there's no audience there

<LauraLeff>: By the way, I've got to repeat that I'm really enjoying this thoughtful discussion about the show. Good work, folks!

<LauraLeff>: Hookie - Oh amen to that...

<diogenesNY->: a lot of the show-within-a-show stuff...... including backstage goings ons, and Dennis performance as a 'rehersal'

<Randy>: Oh, well... I have so many books I forgot. I see your point--maybe a small invited audience like certain Dean Martin variety shows.

<R_Hookie>: they "play" more to a live audience

<R_Hookie>: like even today on TV

<diogenesNY->: in particular.... I am trying to recall the episode, when dennis tries to kidnap the guests to get back into the show to sing his somg

<LauraLeff>: Yeah, watch a show like 12/25/64 on the lost episodes set, and you can feel the distinct difference of Jack playing to a truly live audience although prerecorded.

<diogenesNY->: Kingston trio maybe?

<diogenesNY->: that was in the last season tho, not my best example

<LauraLeff>: Diogenes - The Lettermen

<diogenesNY->: ah...

<LauraLeff>: I don't think that was last season...60s definitely. Would have to look it up.

<LauraLeff>: One of these days I want to get one of the Mikado episodes out. It's one of the eps that got cut from this set.

<R_Hookie>: with live audience shows, Jack doesn't project his voice and is more quiet in the monologues

<LauraLeff>: That's a lot going on.

<diogenesNY->: I recall the sketch had him as a college student with a bunch of money making rackets

<LauraLeff>: Yep, that's the Lettermen.

<R_Hookie>: I may have that episode

<LauraLeff>: Because they tell him that they all got their letters in college, and Jack contemplates what it would have been like to go to college

<LauraLeff>: You know, I'm thinking more about the concept of "a lot going on" and I'm starting to agree with it more. Especially if you're able to see a full middle commercial with Don that's not linked with something else.

<Randy>: "I COULD have gone--I OWNED the building!"

<LauraLeff>: You have Jack's monologue, maybe something with Dennis, a guest star, Don comes out with some sort of scheme, there's some sort of setup to the second half

<LauraLeff>: Then a skit or a home sequence

<R_Hookie>: I think the biggest set up was the Hong Kong suit

<LauraLeff>: Or thinking of the Rod Serling episode

<diogenesNY->: This is one of the _supposed_ reasons that The Phil Silvers show never went past four seasons. The cost of so many paid saleried characters with so many written lines was (supposedly) prohibitive

<LauraLeff>: Jack and the trouble with his writers, Serling coming over, Dennis singing opera, Jack arguing with Serling about the Twilight Zone, then Jack ending up there in one of the best second half sequences in the whole series...

<Steve-shimp->: How much of that episode where Jack hunts uranium was done on location?

<R_Hookie>: I'll need to watch that one again

<LauraLeff>: And Jack paid well.

<diogenesNY->: a lot of writing and a lot of shifts of focus maybe..... getting it all to cohere...... sometimes I would imagine was a challenge

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Oo...good question.

<Steve-shimp->: It's a little fuzzy in my memory now but I recall that one having a lot going on in it too.

<Steve-shimp->: Mel on the billboard, etc.

<Steve-shimp->: Other than the Truman episode and the Europe ones I don't recall a lot of other outdoors/location work.

<diogenesNY->: ya..... several sequences with an uncharacteristicaly soft spoken Frank Nelson

<LauraLeff>: Or it was "simulated outdoors" like the Easter Parade ep in the lost episodes sest

<LauraLeff>: set

<diogenesNY->: some driving sequences with the maxwell in the ep where warner is going to make a movie of jack's life

<Steve-shimp->: right. But they were really out digging holes somewhere, it could have been a studio backlot corner of course.

<LauraLeff>: Steve - I'd have to look at it scene by scene. Clearly Mel on the billboard has to be on location. But I think Jack and Mary having coffee in camp could be done studio.

<Steve-shimp->: hard to imagine Mary putting up with a hot uncomfortable location shoot http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel08.png

<diogenesNY->: heh

<LauraLeff>: Even some of the Maxwell sequences were done in studio. I have a shot of Jack with the little girl looking at him, and you can see the cyclorama hanging in the background.

<LauraLeff>: Steve - Agreed, but it was also pre-recorded, so at least she got that.

<diogenesNY->: considering how those shots in that ep were angled, It could easily be a cyclorama now that I think about it

<diogenesNY->: the biopic ep that is

<LauraLeff>: Actually, the one where Jack is driving up to the Television City gate was truly done in the parking lot of Television City

<LauraLeff>: So that I know was outside

<LauraLeff>: Thinking about the golfing ones...the 1951 Ben Hogan ep was live, so that was studio (duh). But I think there were at least some shots in the...ah...

<diogenesNY->: aha.... I am perhaps thinking of the closing shot with Security Guard/Director Mel riding on the back of the Maxwell

<LauraLeff>: Nuts

<LauraLeff>: When they redid that script, what was the name of the golfer...

<LauraLeff>: But I think there were some outside shots in there, at least as bridges for them walking down the fairway. But I'd have to look at it again.

<Steve-shimp->: I don't remember

<LauraLeff>: Ah, I feel a little better...

<LauraLeff>: All I can think of is Dan Duryea, and that's wrong.

<Steve-shimp->: Well, then again I didn't write Volume 3 http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel08.png

<LauraLeff>: SHOOT.

<LauraLeff>: Well, and I have sometimes said that I write books so I don't have to carry all this around in my head.

<LauraLeff>: All right, this is going to drive me nuts (golf pun intended).

<LauraLeff>: BRB

<LauraLeff>: Keep talking...I'll be back

<yhtapmys>: It's not the Eric Monti show is it?

<R_Hookie>: oooo

<R_Hookie>: good one

<LauraLeff>: Yht - You got it...just found it.

<LauraLeff>: Eric Monti.

<LauraLeff>: That legend of legends...

<LauraLeff>: High five, Yht!

<Steve-shimp->: nice yht. I was thinking Arnold Palmer but then got distracted by a thought of lemonade and iced tea

<Steve-shimp->: Lipton of course.

<LauraLeff>: LOL

<yhtapmys>: Steve, after drinking it, you want to fire someone.

<LauraLeff>: So what else?

<R_Hookie>: I have some stuff to do, so I think I'll be taking off

<Steve-shimp->: I got nothin'. But it's been a great chat

<LauraLeff>: Any requests for a show next month?

<R_Hookie>: Good night folks

<diogenesNY->: enjoyed

<LauraLeff>: Thanks Hookie!

<Steve-shimp->: Halloween with Basil Rathbone?

<R_Hookie>: How about a Halloween one?

<diogenesNY->: maybe something with the vault?

<LauraLeff>: Didn't we do that a couple years ago?

<R_Hookie>: ... or a vault one

<Randy>: one with Jolson as guest star

<LauraLeff>: Rathbone

<Steve-shimp->: Ah, maybe. I'm easy, throw a dart.

<LauraLeff>: Ooo! I like the Jolson one...everyone OK with that?

<yhtapmys>: Nyaaaww.

<Steve-shimp->: sure

<R_Hookie>: sure

<LauraLeff>: If not, I'll look for Halloween or vault

<R_Hookie>: anything works

<yhtapmys>: Mel as Jolson.

<LauraLeff>: I'll be singing Kol Nidre on Friday based on his rendition.

<diogenesNY->: your judgement is good.....

<LauraLeff>: Great. Jolie.

<Steve-shimp->: Night all!

<R_Hookie>: Thanks for the memories

<LauraLeff>: Hey, thanks again for a great discussion. Hope to see you here next month!

<Randy>: It's been delightful. See you on FB.

<LauraLeff>: Oh, you're THAT Randy! http://widget02.mibbit.com/smileys/yel02.png

<LauraLeff>: Yep, I'll see you there. Just processing new members.

<LauraLeff>: Night folks, have a great September!