IJBFC Chat - July 17, 2011

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[Laura Leff] Hi folks!

[R. Hookie] Hi

[Laura Leff] Is that Jennifer in Australia?

[Laura Leff] Hi R. Hookie

[Laura Leff] How's everyone doing tonight?

[R. Hookie] Happy Sunday to you

[Jennifer] Hi

[Jennifer] It is Monday here

[R. Hookie] It's very hot and humid here

[Laura Leff] Then happy Monday...glad you could join us with the time difference

[Jennifer] It is winter and it's cold

[Jennifer] This is the last day of my holidays

[Laura Leff] I'm just glad the sun is out here...it's been gray and cold (50s) all this week

[R. Hookie] We got your heat

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Wow...I didn't realize you started school this early.

[Jennifer] We do- oh well

[Jennifer] at least you learn at school

[Laura Leff] America doesn't usually start until late August.

[Laura Leff] R - Where are you geographically?

[Jennifer] For the whole year?

[R. Hookie] Sioux Falls, SD

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Yes, the school year runs from late August through about May or early June.

[Laura Leff] R - I didn't realize it got that warm up there!

[Jennifer] We are going back for term 3

[Jennifer] Does SD stand for South Dakota?

[R. Hookie] Yes

[Jennifer] ok

[Laura Leff] He's in the central north of the US

[R. Hookie] We get extreme heat in Summer and extreme cold in Winter

[Jennifer] Is there a difference in time between the west and east coast?

[R. Hookie] 4 hour

[Laura Leff] R - I'm originally from Michigan...at least we got moderate heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter

[R. Hookie] Moderate would be nice now

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - 3 hours. It's 8PM in the East, and 5PM here

[Laura Leff] Here's something Benny-related that may make you laugh

[Jennifer] OK

[Laura Leff] You know I've been working on Volume 3 (television), right?

[Jennifer] i didnt know that

[Jennifer] good luck

[Laura Leff] Yes, I've been working on it since January of last year.

[Laura Leff] I'm getting pretty close to the end.

[Jennifer] That's good

[Jennifer] I never heard about it

[Laura Leff] And I need to do an editorial pass of the whole book and tighten up wording, etc.

[R. Hookie] how is it so far

[Jennifer] And do you still need spotters?

[Laura Leff] I also need to go over to UCLA because somehow, I lost the first line of *one* show and need to see it again.

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Spotters?

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[Jennifer] They're restoring the Laurel and Hardy films

[Jennifer] for mistakes

[Laura Leff] No kidding!

[Laura Leff] Hey Steve

[Jennifer] hello steve

[ ] Hi All

[R. Hookie] Hey Steve

[Laura Leff] Mistakes like bloopers, or mistakes like bad edits, etc.?

[ ] Is my name not showing up for you all?

[R. Hookie] Mystery

[Laura Leff] Steve - I'm not seeing it

[ ] I am just brackets

[Jennifer] No it's not

[Laura Leff] Maybe the colon?

[ ] Weird. I'll log out and back in

[Laura Leff] Hey, brackets!

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[Laura Leff] Odd

User Steve -shimp- has entered this room.

[Steve -shimp-] I'm back, with em dashes

[Laura Leff] Say goodnight, Steve

[Laura Leff] There you are

[R. Hookie] Technology, gotta love it

[Laura Leff] Steve will want to hear this too

[Steve -shimp-] Is there news?

[Jennifer] I meant before spotters for mistakes and they're restoring the Laurel and Hardy films because the prints are getting destroyed

[Jennifer] Also, I wrote my own Marx Brothers script

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Ah, thank you. I've got Marty working with me, and I'm sure there will be something that we'll miss. But that makes it more fun for all of you to find the errors!

[Jennifer] Yes it does- it is fun to find mistakes and help out

[R. Hookie] Fun error finding... sounds silly

[Laura Leff] So I went into my office surreptitiously yesterday to print it out double-sided, because I feel like I do a better editing pass when I'm reading it on paper.

[Laura Leff] R. Hookie - OCD for fun and profit.  

[Jennifer] Editing pass? What's that?

[Steve -shimp-] what's the document being discussed? Sorry to be late to the party

[Laura Leff] Editing pass - readthrough to find errors, tighten up wording, correct anything that I missed in assembling the text

[R. Hookie] Oh, there's money in it?

[Laura Leff] Steve - Volume 3

[Jennifer] What money

[Steve -shimp-] Volume 3 is approaching arriving into the world???!!

[Jennifer] i hope so

[Laura Leff] So I print it out at its current size. We're still working on some parts, and we'll probably max out the page count for this cut size.

[Laura Leff] The max for 7 x 10" is 828 pages. It's about 785 now.

[Jennifer] How many years did Jack's TV show go for?

[Laura Leff] And I print this thing out, and it looks like it could rival Gandhi's autobiography.

[Steve -shimp-] Are you kidding me? I need to be able to lift this thing.

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Oct 1950 to April 1965

[Laura Leff] Steve - That could be a challenge.

[Jennifer] That's about 15 years

[Laura Leff] You could seriously hurt people with the weight of this book.

[Steve -shimp-] I'll have to reinforce the bookshelf

[Jennifer] You could split it into two halves

[R. Hookie] Does the book come with a cart or wagon?

[Jennifer] Like you did with radio

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - I thought about that, but here's the problem.

[Laura Leff] It sounds silly, but here it is.

[Jennifer] OK

[Steve -shimp-] Free Hernia Truss with every Volume 3!

[Laura Leff] First off, it is really one book.

[R. Hookie] hahahaha

[Jennifer] Hernia Truss?

[Laura Leff] Second off, there's a book ID called an ISBN number.

[Steve -shimp-] Girl I knew back in Altoona (/Burns)

[Jennifer] Gracie?

[Laura Leff] It is issued by a central agency. I got my ISBN "listing" of 10 back in 1989.

[Laura Leff] If I split the book, I have to use two ISBN numbers.

[Laura Leff] And I'm almost out of ISBN numbers, and IIRC, getting more is expensive.

[Jennifer] If that's so, why did you split it in half for radio?

[Laura Leff] So I decided to keep it in one volume and sell it with a physical damage disclaimer and reminder to people to lift with the knees and not the back.

[R. Hookie] Isn't everything more expensive?

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[Laura Leff] Jennifer - That's a good question.

[Laura Leff] Hey Ally!

[ally1995] Hiya

[Jennifer] hello ally

[R. Hookie] Hey Ally

[ally1995] omg I almost forgot!!!

[Jennifer] what?

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Basically because I saw how quickly (or not) I was getting through the radio show.

[Laura Leff] shows

[ally1995] I had to rush down here.. whew.

[R. Hookie] How could you forget this!!!

[ally1995] Hows everyone's summer going??

[Jennifer] i was here first today

[Laura Leff] And Volume 1 was something like 500 pages anyway

[ally1995] Jennnifer is on?! Cool!!

[Jennifer] Hello ally

[ally1995]  hey

[Steve -shimp-] Radio also has so many more shows, and there's a nice break point too.

[Jennifer] How did you get that face?

[ally1995] This is the chat that was like moved three times, LL

[Jennifer] Why was it moved?

[Laura Leff] So it was publish the 500 pages I already had and have people enjoy that while I worked on Volume 2, or make them wait another couple of years for a honkingly large book.

[ally1995] I typed in lol. Jenn

[Steve -shimp-] BTW, I am loving the bound back issues of the Times.

[Laura Leff] Ally - It was not...was last Sunday and then moved to today.

[ally1995] WHAT????

[Laura Leff] Steve - Hey, that's great!

[ally1995] :0

[Jennifer] :D

[ally1995] So I missed it last week...?

[Laura Leff] And thanks very much to everyone for your flexibility. It is deeply appreciated.

[Laura Leff] Ally - No, that was the one time I moved it.

[Jennifer] If it was moved, then you couldnt've missed it

[Steve -shimp-] There is a real sea of blue and white Jack Benny spines on the bookshelf.

[Jennifer] It was just moved to today

[Steve -shimp-] It's better that it was today, couldn't make it last week, just barely this week

[ally1995]  Steve. And LL, okay good... DONT SCARE ME LIKE THAT.

[Steve -shimp-] I am catching up on my "homework" listening to the show right now


[Jennifer] did i tell you i joined the sons of the desert?

[R. Hookie] Phil's "disclaimer" was funny!

[ally1995] What is that??

[Laura Leff] Congrats, Jennifer!

[Laura Leff] R. Hookie - Yes...you recognize the voice that did it, right?

[R. Hookie] Mel

[Jennifer] Ally- It's the official Laurel and Hardy appreciation society

[Laura Leff] R. Hookie - That's it...good catch.

[ally1995] OH@!! Epic!!

[R. Hookie] What do I win?

[ally1995] I didnt know they had that Jen... wowee.

[Laura Leff] R. Hookie - Bragging rights.  

[Jennifer] I liked that too- They definitely arent his opinions

[ally1995] Do you guys remember the last chat.?

[ally1995] It was hysterical

[Laura Leff] Ally - Ah, failed Jell-O flavors and all?

[R. Hookie] That'll buy groceries....

[Jennifer] I heard you had in Jack's grand-daughter!

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - I think that was a couple chats ago, but yes, she was here recently.

[Jennifer] That's great

[Laura Leff] I keep hoping that she and her older brother will show up together some time.

[Steve -shimp-] failed Jell-O flavors tend to come up frequently in chats

[Steve -shimp-] it's a running gag

[Jennifer] Does Joan ever come in?

[Laura Leff] Like Si-Sy.

[Steve -shimp-] that'll make you gag

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - No, Web chat is not Joan's thing.

[Jennifer] Oh well

[Jennifer] She is very nice

[R. Hookie] That would be special though

[Jennifer] Yes it would

[Jennifer] she is Jack's daughter

[R. Hookie] Yes

[Laura Leff] Who knows...maybe I'll be in the same place as her some time and we can do the chat together.

[Jennifer] maybe

[Laura Leff] May I ask a quick Volume 3 question to you all?

[Jennifer] do you ever go out to dinner with her

[Steve -shimp-] Sure

[Jennifer] sure

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - I have, but not recently.

[Jennifer] it must be nice when you do

[Laura Leff] OK, so here's my quandary...and part of the reason I wanted to print out the book.

[Jennifer] yes

[Laura Leff] I noticed that at the end of some shows, I had some white space.

[Laura Leff] And then I decided that when I had the shows or a still, I'd insert a picture from the show in the white space.

[Jennifer] yes you do- especially the question marks

[Jennifer] thats a good idea

[Laura Leff] I went through and had quite a lot of fun doing screen grabs and laying out photos.

[Jennifer] you could do some "extras" in the books

[Laura Leff] However, I don't always have crystal-clear copies of the shows.

[Laura Leff] And heck, when it's a kinescope from 1953 or something, what are you going to do.

[Laura Leff] So some of the photos are great, and some are grainy.

[Laura Leff] But even with the grainy ones, you can still see what it is.

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[Jennifer] You know you could do some "extras" too

[Laura Leff] Like Jack dancing with Rochester in the original Beverly Hills Police Station show.

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - I could, but I'm going to hit my page limit already.

[Jennifer] ok

[Laura Leff] So my question is...is it better to include a slightly grainy but still fun image?

[R. Hookie] That was a funny show

[Steve -shimp-] Oh yes.

[R. Hookie] Sure

[Steve -shimp-] Include them.

[Jennifer] Starring Ray Milland

[Jennifer] not Jack Benny

[Jennifer] I have a question I'd like to ask

[Laura Leff] OK, thanks. I just don't want people to look at the photos and say, "Well, that looks like crud" when it's the best that can be done with the quality of the show.

User ally1995 has entered this room.

[Laura Leff] OK...so...what did everyone think of the show for tonight?

[ally1995] Whew. My internet was just lost..

[ally1995] AGAIN.

[Jennifer] hello Ally

[R. Hookie] Entertaining

[Laura Leff] Ally - Must be the heat

[R. Hookie] Bad internet service, Ally?

[ally1995]  Laura... no it was my brother.  

[Jennifer] it happens if you dont type anything for a while

[Laura Leff] I hadn't heard this show in a while...it's a wonderful tour de force.

[ally1995] ...rlly?


[Jennifer] Is it true Joan appeared twice on the show?

[Steve -shimp-] I'm listening to it now and have to admit I'm a little ADD and haven't given it my full attention

[Jennifer] ADD? What's that?

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - At least twice on radio...I'd have to double-check my index. Maybe three times.

[ally1995] hah Steve.

[Steve -shimp-] Attention Deficit Disorder

[Steve -shimp-] in a metaphorical rather than clinical sense

[R. Hookie] I have a Joan show on DVD

[ally1995] LL I heard about that too, I cant tell if its her or not. In her book Joan said she did.

[Laura Leff] Steve - That's OK. I was writing notes to Marion Fein (Irving's wife) and Ann Berns (Seymour Berns' wife) and had to pause it while I was writing.

[Jennifer] Steve- you cant really concentrate on two things at one time

[Laura Leff] R. Hooking - Jack dreams he's married to Mary, right?

[ally1995] Yeah, I have the ep where the Maxwell is stolen

[ally1995] too

[R. Hookie] Yes

[ally1995] Shes in that as well

[Laura Leff] Ally - She was definitely in a major role when Jack dreams he's married to Mary.

[ally1995] thats when Jack in real life was freaking out over the staff

[Jennifer] Laura- Did you ever meet Bob Hope or George Burns?

[R. Hookie] The Maxwell is stolen and the Beverly Hills PD is funny

[Laura Leff] Ally - There are two versions of that, though.

[ally1995] Yeah, isnt there?

[Laura Leff] The Joan version isn't in circulation as far as I know.

[ally1995] WHAT AGAIN???

[ally1995] I didnt know that??!!!

[ally1995] I swear I have that one on DVD

[R. Hookie] I do too

[Jennifer] So do I

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Bob Hope I have his autograph, and George Burns I met on August 2, 1982 and again in 1987.

[Jennifer] Was he nice?

[Laura Leff] Ally - You've probably got the live version which doesn't have Joan as the secretary.

[Laura Leff] Joan is in the filmed version (it's very, very clearly her), which I had to see at UCLA.

[ally1995] Probably... but its still nice to think it WAS her.

[Jennifer] The one where Rochester and Jack dance

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Yes. I still have a cigar he gave me.  


[ally1995] LL George gave u a CIGAR? that rules/

[Jennifer] Did he have any good stories about Jack?

[Laura Leff] I'm pretty sure Rochester and Jack dance in both versions...

[Jennifer] That's amazing

[Jennifer] the cigar i mean

[ally1995]  Yeah they dance in that episode and the ALexander Hamilton one.. So cute.

[Laura Leff] Yes...I've got an unsmoked cigar, and one of his cigar ends that he stubbed out in front of me. We absconded with it after he left.

[ally1995] LOLZ

[Jennifer] Absconded?

[Laura Leff] Ally - I almost tried to do a screen grab of that!

[ally1995] That would be wicked awesome.

[Laura Leff] Absconded - Grabbed it and ran

[Laura Leff] BRB

[Jennifer] Oh OK

[Jennifer] thats crazy

[Jennifer] did he mind?

[ally1995] Yeah.. I wish I could interview people like that, Jen.

[ally1995] Laura is the Master

[Jennifer] Me too

[Jennifer] She is nice too

[Steve -shimp-] Maybe we can clone George from the DNA on that cigar

[Jennifer] I hope so

[Laura Leff]  

[ally1995] R Kelly, are you the one who was here when we were doing the parodies?

[Jennifer] Is there a way to clone Gracie too?

[Laura Leff] R Kelly - Didn't know we had rap stars here...go figure

[ally1995] That would be super. XD

[Laura Leff] I was at the Debbie Reynolds auction where they had a lock of Mary Pickford's hair

[ally1995] What the? Oh sorry, R HOOKIE.

[Laura Leff] They were talking about cloning there too

[Steve -shimp-] Send in the Clones. Those Laughing, Happy Clones...

[R. Hookie] ME?!

[ally1995] Yeeeeeeesh.

[Jennifer] I just noticed something about the song Hoot Mon

[Laura Leff] R - Didn't know you were a rap star, did you?

[R. Hookie] I was here last month

[ally1995]  I dont know WHY I said Kelly. I dont even LIKE rap.


(Some loss)


[Jennifer] i think there's a Jack Benny reference in "Hoot Mon"

[ally1995] I went to Cape Cod today, so I was just wondering.

[Laura Leff] Steve - That's an intersting point!

[ally1995] WAVES. That is all.

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - What is "Hoot Mon"?

[ally1995] I love big waves, and RI's got em.

[Laura Leff] Ally - No WACs?

[Steve -shimp-] It's all about vaudeville and stories about folks he knows, but almost zilch about himself.

[Jennifer] It is a song by Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in Road to Bali

[Laura Leff] Steve - Tell about his first radio audition program.

[Steve -shimp-] Everytime I read one of those old vaudeville books I become obsessed with Swaine's cats and rats.

[Laura Leff] I thought it was a rap song by R. Kelly.

[Steve -shimp-] Oh, a good Mary story with that

[ally1995] Oh cut that out.

[Jennifer] Me too rats riding cats  

[Laura Leff] Steve - Yeah, tell it

[ally1995] No more R Kelly. I dunno WHERE He came in.

[Steve -shimp-] Mary and Jack were on the audition with Benny (correct me if I'm wrong)

[ally1995] You know what Im upset about??

[Laura Leff] Ally - I may be Boston again before too long. If I am, I'll have a Boston-area member gathering.

[Jennifer] How can Jack be in an audition with Benny? Jack is Benny

[Steve -shimp-] and the sponsor hated it, told them they were lousy. Mary sang a song and the sponsor said, well, "You're no Sophie Tucker" to Mary.

[ally1995] YESH Please DO!!

[Laura Leff] Benny = Benny Rubin in this case

[Jennifer] Oh OK

[Laura Leff] Ally - Why are you upset?

[Jennifer] thank you for explaining that

[R. Hookie] Yes why?

[ally1995] Anyway tho, Jack is not on RTV right now. Cos of the summer schedule.


[Steve -shimp-] Then years later, after Jack's a big success on radio, they're all out for a night dancing.




[Steve -shimp-] Benny Rubin's dancing with Mary and they spot the guy from across the room.

[Laura Leff] They are showing "The Saint" though...

[Jennifer] yes

[Jennifer] Is it Jack

[R. Hookie] RTV?

[Steve -shimp-] He comes up to them and starts gushing praise for Jack and Mary, clearly not remembering this audition years earlier

[ally1995] BBlargh. It doesnt cover up my love for him.

[Laura Leff] R - Retro TeleVision

[Steve -shimp-] and he praises Mary's singing, and she zings the guy with a "well, I ain't no Sophie Tucker!".

[Laura Leff] Ally - You can always get shows from the IJBFC library.  

[R. Hookie] Isn't it RTN?

[Steve -shimp-] or at least that's the best I can recall of it.

[Jennifer] ill be back

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[ally1995] How, Laura?? Mail or something?

[Laura Leff] R - You know, you're right!

[Laura Leff] Ally - On the Web site, go to Programs, then Video Library. All the instructions are there. Yes, it would be via mail.

[R. Hookie] Again, I should win something

[ally1995] Laura Leff ally1995 R. Hookie Steve -shimp- Ha I just figured out how u can click on people's names

User Jennifer has entered this room.

[Laura Leff] Steve - You remembered more than I did!

[ally1995] LL thanks.

[Jennifer] I'm back

[ally1995] cool

[R. Hookie] ally1995 ???

[Steve -shimp-] Well, I just read it a week or two ago.

[R. Hookie] Oh. I see!

[ally1995] Hookie, myself, Laura, Jennifer

[ally1995] you can click on all of them for one message  

[ally1995] Steve -shimp- ally1995 R. Hookie ally1995 ally1995 ally1995 ally1995 ally1995

[Laura Leff] Jennifer ally1995 R. Hookie

[ally1995] Good lord.

[Laura Leff] Steve -shimp-

[Jennifer] I don't get it

[Laura Leff] Didn't want to leave you out

[Laura Leff] Beep!

[R. Hookie] So this is fun?

[ally1995] Yeah the beep, whats up with that??

[Laura Leff] *meow*

[Steve -shimp-] I'm not even cussing.

[ally1995] What THE

[Steve -shimp-] and getting bleeped

[Laura Leff] Ally - It does that when someone types your nick


[Laura Leff] *slap*

[Jennifer] *slap* *whip* *meow*

[Jennifer] weird

[Laura Leff] Uh oh...now we've started something

[R. Hookie] What the heck???

[ally1995] Laura Leff Laura Leff Laura Leff

[Jennifer] what is all that

[Laura Leff] ally1995 ally1995 ally1995

[ally1995] Oh come on.

[Jennifer] LS MF T

[Laura Leff] We've gotten a bit off topic, I think...  

[ally1995] Oh sorry bout that.

[R. Hookie] LSMFT


[Laura Leff] Hey, as long as everyone's having a good time, it's fine by me

[Jennifer] LSMFT!

[Jennifer] me too

[R. Hookie] Filter tip

[Laura Leff] *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap* *slap*

[ally1995] LS LS LSMFTTTTT

[Jennifer] I'm being smokin' luckies from 9 to 25 years haha

[Laura Leff] Trying to do the LS/MFT telegraph keys with slaps...

[Steve -shimp-] You started smoking when you were 9, that's terrible.

[Laura Leff] And now I'm doing 25 to life...

[R. Hookie] Good try

[Jennifer] im only joking

[Jennifer] fe boone used to say that

[ally1995] Ha ha... My mom just started smoking. Its horrific.

[Jennifer] I dont smoke

[R. Hookie] Started?

[Laura Leff] Well, "nigh on 25 years" to be perfectly accurate

[Laura Leff] Ally - She *started* smoking?

[ally1995] Cos of band practice. All our musicians smoke and it got her back on.

[Jennifer] i always thought it was 9 to 25 years

[ally1995] Her musicians, actually. In their "band"

[Jennifer] did phil smoke

[R. Hookie] Awful about that

[Laura Leff] Ally - Oh, I get it. Strange...if you need the wind to blow an instrument, smoking is such a funny habit.

[R. Hookie] hahaha

[ally1995] Ha.. well they're rock. SO...

[Steve -shimp-] Not to mention the puffs coming out of the tubas are so distracting.

[ally1995] I guess its just a practice thing.

[Laura Leff] Gotta love 2011 in some ways "My mom's in a rock band..."

[R. Hookie] I can play the kazoo, but it needs tuning

[ally1995] Yeah I guess.

[Laura Leff] I play the pump organ. Too hard to take on the road.

[ally1995] R Hookie, you said that last time  

[R. Hookie] Darn!

[Jennifer] I always watch the kazoo on the flinstones

[Jennifer] gazoo

[ally1995] I can play organ by ear, too

[Laura Leff] Did Phil smoke...I don't think I've seen a photo of him smoking, and he didn't smoke in front of me

[Steve -shimp-] It's so much easier to use your fingers.

[ally1995] as well as the other stuff.

[R. Hookie] Your ears reach the keys?

[Jennifer] II worked out how to play the Streunzer exercizes on my violin

[ally1995] Jen, do u need tips on playing? Im a veteran in strings.

[Laura Leff] Kreutzer

[ally1995] Ive been playing for 10 years.

[ally1995] :/

[Laura Leff] Seems like you're not happy about that.

[Jennifer] I started playing this year

[ally1995] lolz well like jack, I can get off of interest.

[R. Hookie] Aren't you tired after playing that long? Must be a long song!

[ally1995] LOLZ

[Jennifer] the notes are CEGFDEFDCEGFEFD

[ally1995] yeah Jen

[ally1995] I play it while Im tuning sometimes like on the jam session episode XD

[Jennifer] It's fun and it makes me feel closer to Jack

[ally1995] totally

[ally1995] dont u have glasses, too?

[Jennifer] In fact I made it the town tune in my video game

[Jennifer] yes i do

[ally1995] WOW that is awesome.

[Jennifer] black ones like jacks

[ally1995] The town tune. Hysterical

[Laura Leff] Remember, don't play at 1AM or you might get arrested for disturbing the peace

[ally1995] XD

[ally1995] Thats a good one.

[Jennifer] haha i wont

[Jennifer] Ally- What is XD?

[ally1995] A face... like a smile : XD or xD

[Jennifer] cross eyed emoticon?

[ally1995] Sometimes I wake up at four am and watch that episode.

[Laura Leff] It's like :D but with eyes clenched shut because you're laughing so hard

[ally1995] exactly.

[Jennifer] oh ok i understand now

[Steve -shimp-]  


[R. Hookie] cross-eyeed, that's funny

[ally1995] Got it off of youtube

[Laura Leff] You should wake up at 4AM from having Herb Vigran, the all-night disc jockey call with a silly question.

[ally1995]  thats an idea.

[Laura Leff] Then take a long walk and then fall asleep shopping later in the day

[R. Hookie] Hey, he got a new suit

[ally1995] Sometimes I have nightmares and watch Jack on the laptop. Calms me down.

[Jennifer] You know why this is a black andf white striped suit?

[Jennifer] and

[Steve -shimp-] How much spaghetti would it take, tied end-to-end, to circle the earth?

[Laura Leff] Steve - Hey, good!

[Jennifer] i dont know

[R. Hookie] Too much Ragu sauce

[Laura Leff] I was pretty happy with my screen grab from that show. Jack bleary-eyed on his elbows in bed.

[Steve -shimp-] the proper answer is, of course, "Now cut that out!"

[ally1995] LL, which one was that grab from??

[Jennifer] How much spaghetti would it take, tied end-to-end, to circle the Earth 2 times?

[Laura Leff] Ally - the 4AM Disc Jockey episode

[R. Hookie] Need Prago then

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Twice as much

[ally1995] OKay, the end scene or something??

[Jennifer] Jack's a dummy in the scene

[Jennifer] gets carried out

[Steve -shimp-] I want to know if that weird Jack mannequin still exists

[Laura Leff] Ally - It's from right when the phone is ringing and Jack is waking up at the top of the episode

[Steve -shimp-] in a prop house somewhere

[Jennifer] He fell asleep

[ally1995] yeah I know right?! It was so random.

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - I wonder about that too...the Jack robot was used in multiple episodes!

[ally1995] Is that grab still on here?!

[R. Hookie] Mary thought he needed a suit

[Jennifer] robot?

[Laura Leff] Ally - I used it in Volume 3 of 39 Forever. Watch this space!

[Jennifer] jack kept falling asleep

[Jennifer] OK

[Jennifer] Watch what space

[ally1995] "Watch this space??"

[ally1995] lolwut?

[R. Hookie] ???

[Jennifer] this space in the middle of the words

[Jennifer] ?

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Later on there are multiple shows that call for a Jack robot. And it looks to me like they used the same robot in every episode. It's the same one they're taking apart in front of Johnny Carson.

[Steve -shimp-] but the 4am one he's in a sleeping pose, so it's a different head than the robot.

[Jennifer] They took Jack apart? AARGH!

[R. Hookie] OH!!! OK

[Laura Leff] "Watch this space" meaning...I'm closing in on the finish line of Volume 3, hang out and I hope to have an announcement in the near future!

[Steve -shimp-] They must have done a life cast of Jack, which would be interesting to see.


[Laura Leff] Steve - That may have been a different dummy.

[ally1995] Oh man... yeah.

[Jennifer] When are the newsletter books coming?

[Steve -shimp-] Those things turn up on ebay a lot, but I can't recall seeing a Jack life cast.

[ally1995] That would be the ultimate grab

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - That's why Jack's head is on a spring in the shot from the current caption contest.

[ally1995] Can you paste pictures on this chat?

[Jennifer] thats really weird

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - I sent yours maybe two weeks ago...they should be there soon!

[Jennifer] you can try

[Jennifer] i hope so

[Steve -shimp-] I have a Hitchcock life cast and it is a little freaky to be able to examine every pore of someone famous' face like that.

[Jennifer] thank you fort sending them

[Jennifer] for

[Laura Leff] Ally - Unfortunately, I don't think so.

[ally1995] That sux. So many random pictures of Jack.

[Jennifer] You know what would be a good caption one?

[Laura Leff] Steve - Someone at the Debbie Reynolds auction was talking about steaming his costumes and being able to "smell the BO of the stars".

[ally1995] Steve... that is scary.

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Which?

[Jennifer] Jack as Ralph

[Steve -shimp-] Oh, creepers. What a charming thought.

[Jennifer] in the Honeymooners

[ally1995] Oh...my...gosh. Yesh, Jen.

[Steve -shimp-] And the scary thing is there is someone who wants those garments for just that purpose.

[R. Hookie] Yeah

[ally1995] Yeah.

[Jennifer] Jack did it perfectly

[Jennifer] and Dennis is a good Norton

[Laura Leff] And y'know...someone sent me a grab from that. But the problem is that the quality of the show is so bad that the picture is really grainy.

[R. Hookie] That was a funny one

[Jennifer] annoying they didnt have a Trixie

[Jennifer] oh

[ally1995] That episode was on at like 10 Thirty it was awesome

[ally1995] I couldnt sleep after that one.

[ally1995] It was too random.

[Jennifer] Why? It isnt scary.

[ally1995] funny

[ally1995] not scary/

[ally1995] ...well maybe the way Don runs is a little scary.

[R. Hookie] Ally was laughing too hard to sleep, right?

[Jennifer] Then why couldn't you sleep?

[Laura Leff] Who should have been Trixie?

[Jennifer] Mary?

[ally1995] I couldnt stop thinking about it.

[Steve -shimp-] Bea Benaderet

[R. Hookie] Yes

[Laura Leff] Steve - I'm with you. That's what I was thinking.

[ally1995] the ending especially.

[Jennifer] Bea Benadret would be good, but I think Mary would be good too

[Laura Leff] Iris Adrian or Sara Berner could have done it too.

[ally1995] Where Jack is bolting off stage after the whole lot come in out of NOWHERE.

[Laura Leff] Mary would be Alice.

[Jennifer] I think that they should have the telephone operator

[Steve -shimp-] I think Bea's the only one of those who has the non-acid/abrasive quality that Trixie has

[Jennifer] not if they have the real alice

[Laura Leff] And there you go.

[ally1995] Seriously though, the way Don runs is scary.

[Laura Leff] Ah nuts...someone just outbid me for a Jack Texaco fuel tank topper on Ebay. Oh well.

[ally1995] omg really?

[Jennifer] you can outbid them

[R. Hookie] They had one on Eby?

[R. Hookie] Ebay

[Laura Leff] No, they sniped me. Bid right before the end of the auction

[R. Hookie] Too bad



[Laura Leff] Ah well. Money I don't have to spend.

[Jennifer] yes too bad

[Jennifer] make money

[Laura Leff] I've already got a giant "FILL IT UP, JACK" sign covering a large part of a wall.

[ally1995] Thats cool.

[Jennifer] yes it is

[ally1995] Where do u find that stuff?

[ally1995] EBAY only?

[Jennifer] on ebay obviously

[Laura Leff] Was there anything else on the show for tonight, or did we get all the comments out about it?

[Laura Leff] Ebay's the best bet.

[Jennifer] i liked how they were all doing midget monkeys

[R. Hookie] I just have a bunch of black and white NBC stills

[R. Hookie] on the wall

[ally1995] Midget Monkeys??? I couldnt catch the show.

[Laura Leff] Ally - Ah, you've got to listen to the show for tonight. It's great.

[Jennifer] yes, midget monkeys

[Jennifer] climbing through the key hole

[ally1995] Which one is it? Like a summary of it, please.

[ally1995] Or the title.

[R. Hookie] and don't pour that out

[Laura Leff] Jack and Ray Milland are playing twin brothers in their redo of "Lost Weekend" and are so drunk they start imagining animals.

[Laura Leff] Turn on the lights

[Jennifer] and frank nelson

[ally1995] OH............................... RIGHT....

[Laura Leff] CREZZZZZZZZZ!!!

[Jennifer] AAAAARGH!

[ally1995] Ive gotta see the rest.. I only caught a little bit last month, just browsing.

[Jennifer] Midget monkeys

[Steve -shimp-] I think this is the first time I've heard Ray Milland do comedy.

[Laura Leff] Milland got quite a laugh out of "Wouldn't it be a shame if mother were here?" "Yes, there isn't enough for three of us."

[Jennifer] I read in your book that was the first time he said Yeeeeeeeess?

[ally1995] Sounds crazy. And insane. I like

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - I'd have to pull the book to be sure...that evolved and elongated over time.

[ally1995] when does that bit start??

[Jennifer] I love your books

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Thank you very much. Glad you approve!

[ally1995] listening right now.

[ally1995] I AM READY.

[Jennifer] Who inspired you to make a Jack Benny club?

[Laura Leff] Good thing you're young and healthy enough to lift Volume 3  

[Jennifer] I am I hope


[Jennifer] I don't get what you said before

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Well, in short, I was on the phone with an adult friend in California, and I said, "I know so many people who like Jack Benny, I should start a Jack Benny Fan Club.'

[R. Hookie] I think Jack inspired her

[ally1995] Lolz Dennis singing "Closer to MEEEE.." is the first thing I hear.. creeper.

[Laura Leff] And she said, "Well, it's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness."

[Jennifer] He was a great guy

[ally1995] yes...

[Jennifer] I think you have the only Jzack Benny fan club

[Laura Leff] So I was 10, had nothing better to do, so I started it.

[ally1995] Awesome!!

[Jennifer] You should start a section on Fred Allen maybe

[ally1995] ....NO!! Thats like being a trader.

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - As far as I know, yes. I did find a little newsletter from one that must have existed in the 1930s, but we're the only one now.

[ally1995] I mean traitor.

[Steve -shimp-] what about those little old ladies in Pasadena ?  

[Laura Leff] Oh, there's all kinds of "informal" subgroups for people who like Phil, Rochester, Fred Allen, etc.

[R. Hookie] trader?

[Jennifer] traitor

[Laura Leff] Steve - They sold out to me.  

[Steve -shimp-] Nice. Hostile takeover, I hope.

[ally1995] like Jack would explode out of the treachery of it.

[Jennifer] I like the little old ladies in Pasadena

[Laura Leff] Steve - Hallene Hill has a heck of an uppercut, I tell you...

[R. Hookie] They're funny

[Jennifer] Am I a traitor for listening to Fred Allen?

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Nope.

[ally1995] "Mr Harris is not responsible for the things said in the script. These opinons are not his own."

[Steve -shimp-] The episode where they're trying to get Jack on a six cent stamp cracks me up.

[Jennifer] Oh good

[ally1995] No Jen... I have a book..

[Steve -shimp-] I loved that you took up that torch 40 years later or whatever it was.

[R. Hookie] I liked that disclaimer!!!

[Laura Leff] Steve - Same here, for obvious reasons...strange...life imitates art

[ally1995] on Fred, its just a fan club thing means more.

[Laura Leff] Steve - And didn't even remember it at the time!

[ally1995] Like in importance.

[ally1995] the disclaimer is so "Clerks".

[R. Hookie] Clerks?

[R. Hookie] ???

[Jennifer] Mr Harris is not responsible for the ideas presented in the script. These opinions are only in the script and are not his own

[ally1995] A movie my bro is obsessed with. Nineties one.

[Jennifer] Mel Blanc

[Laura Leff] When I first met Irving Fein, I introduced myself as "President of the Jack Benny Fan Club, Grand Rapids chapter."

[ally1995] But they'd do that.

[Jennifer] Pasadena chapter

[Laura Leff] Yes, but I was from Grand Rapids.

[ally1995]  "My feet are cold. NOW Im comfy."

[R. Hookie] ???

[ally1995] Omg this is getting trippy now... the animals are comin in.

[Laura Leff] See what you missed?

[R. Hookie] What?

[ally1995] Jen, I paraphrased it.

[Jennifer] Trippy? That is only with drugs

[Laura Leff] R - She's listening to the show for tonight

[ally1995] I say that with everything... I kno its wierd.

[Jennifer] Midget monkeys!!!

[R. Hookie] I heard the show, a few weeks ago

[Laura Leff] That's OK. Jack dreaming that he's a turkey is also trippy.


[Laura Leff] ally1995 is laughing

[Jennifer] haha

[ally1995] Yes, the turkey one is the first one I listened to... how wonderful

[R. Hookie] Well, darn it! I'll have to listen again

[Jennifer] I saw something amazing

[Laura Leff] Mel does a very good midget monkey

[ally1995] LET US OUT OF HERE

[ally1995] lol!!!

[Jennifer] This isnt Jack Benny its Abbott and Costello but its to do with a turkey

[ally1995] Now its getting suspenseful.

[Laura Leff] And then we all enjoyed the show for discussion over again through Ally's play-by-play

[Steve -shimp-]  

[ally1995] Haha.. berry fuunny.

[Jennifer] MIDGET MONKEYS!!!

[Laura Leff] Ally - You and Ronald Reagan

[ally1995] lolz

[R. Hookie] Ally's good at play-by-play

[ally1995] THE DRESSER


[Jennifer] THE EMMY

[ally1995] THE SOFA

[ally1995] XD

[ally1995] Oh jeezies...

[Jennifer] Pepsicola hits the spot

[ally1995] yes

[ally1995] PAPER PLATES.

[Steve -shimp-] It actually would be fun to do a simul-chat and do a running commentary while a show plays sometime.

[Jennifer] did you know the writers sing that


[Laura Leff] Mystery Benny Theatre 3000

[R. Hookie] Yes Steve!

[ally1995] I love Mystery Sciene Theater too

[Jennifer] Heckle it:)

[Steve -shimp-] we'll all just hit play on the mp3 at 7:05 central time or something.


[Laura Leff] It wasn't the Sportsmen yet...although I suppose it could have been...


[Jennifer] We copuld have two meetings a month

[Laura Leff] Steve - Yes, but then it's more fun to be able to hear everyone

[ally1995] yeah

[Jennifer] one a play by play

[ally1995] LAUGHTER.

[Jennifer] one a chat

[Steve -shimp-] true

[Laura Leff] Maybe I need to look at a Skype chat or something

[ally1995] LITTLE ANIMALS.... oh god...

[ally1995] CAW CAW CAW

[Laura Leff] Animal crackers in my soup...


[ally1995] Oh Jen if you say that ONE MORE TIME!!!

[R. Hookie] Shirley Temple

[ally1995] A BAT

[ally1995] MONKEY

[Jennifer] Hooray for Captain Spaulding?

[ally1995] COMING AT ME


[Laura Leff] the African Explorer

[ally1995] SCREAMING

[Jennifer] Did someone call me Shnorer?

[ally1995] This is SPARTA.

[Laura Leff] Hey, and you spelled it right!


[ally1995] END.

[Jennifer] Oh thats good! Can you tell me what it means?

[R. Hookie] Ally's done?

[ally1995] Dennis in the NAVY!!

[Jennifer] Hooray for Hollywod

[ally1995] oh noes...

[Jennifer] wood

[ally1995] Dennis will be back

[Jennifer] You use a lot of internet slang

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - I wondered if you knew.

[ally1995] Thanks for Larry's work on the show, etc..

[Jennifer] What does it mean

[Jennifer] ?

[ally1995] Jen, I know I do..

[ally1995] SOLD TO AMERICANs commercial, LUCKY STRIKE, and..... were done.

[Jennifer] You must know a lot about lolcats and stuff like that

[ally1995]  cats.. yeah

[Laura Leff] Schnorrer - It's a Yiddish term that means, effectively, a beggar. But it's more than that. It's a beggar with chutzpah--guts and attitude.

[R. Hookie] Internet slang... or "Inslang"

[ally1995] I do like that stuff too, I think its kinda funny.

[Jennifer] Sort of like Schlepperman?

[Steve -shimp-] I wonder if there is yiddish internet slang

[Jennifer] Schlepcats

[ally1995] I drew some doodles of the Jack gang as  cats LOLZ

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Sort of, but Schlep was never a beggar. Let's see...you need a schnorrer joke.

[Steve -shimp-] SOL - shvitzing out loud

[Steve -shimp-] or that means something else too I guess

[Laura Leff] So the schnorrer goes to the butcher and says, "What do you have for me this week?"

[ally1995] What happened at the end of the show tonight??

[Jennifer] So he's a beggar with attitude

[ally1995] They screwed up or something, didnt they?!

[Laura Leff] And the butcher says, "Sorry, it's been a really bad week. I have nothing."

[R. Hookie] This is gonna make me kvell

[Jennifer] poor butcher

[Laura Leff] And the schnorrer says, "Nu, why should a bad week for you mean that it's a bad week for me?"

[Laura Leff] See, that's a schnorrer. A beggar with audacity.

[Jennifer] haha

[Jennifer] audacity?

[ally1995] At the end of LOst WeeKeNd, the show overlapped or something.. Im wierded out now. Its like the one where Rochester is the Excorsism

[ally1995] Exorcism

[Laura Leff] So Groucho would have been a schnorrer because he was a nobody just lapping up the food and attention even though he didn't deserve it.

[R. Hookie] Vol 3 will be quite a schlep

[Laura Leff] Ally - Oh, I'd forgotten about that!

[Jennifer] Now I understand

[ally1995] That was hysterical.. which show was that btw??

[Laura Leff] R. Hookie - I think everyone needs to get one of those rotating bookstands to hold it, like libraries have for Webster's Dictionary.

[ally1995] Some one from the forties I think?

[Jennifer] Excoprcism? That's terrible!

[Laura Leff] Just like 39 Forever Volume 3, we're Morocco bound...

[Jennifer] Excorcism

[ally1995] Its an error in the show, not really an exorcism'

[Steve -shimp-] Is the forklift rental going to be included in the shipping cost?

[Jennifer] We're off on the road to Morocco

[R. Hookie] A book with a shelf all it's own!

[Jennifer] Hang on to the end of the line

[Jennifer] Where we're goin'

[Jennifer] Whhen we're goin'

[ally1995] The audio screws up and it sounds like Roch is making a screaming noise

[Jennifer] How can we be sure

[Laura Leff] Steve - Nope, it's FOB. Forklift off board

[Jennifer] I bet you 10 to 1 that we meet Dorothy Lamour...



[Laura Leff] Ally - That's OK...I know what you're talking about

[ally1995] I know, but I like talking about it it is SO FUNNY.

[R. Hookie] bad tape?

[ally1995] One of them.

[Jennifer] Laura I was reading the site and a couple of times you said Jack got nasty over the air

[Jennifer] What show was that?

[Laura Leff] I'm trying to remember which show it was...

[ally1995] .................................................................................................

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Ah...there are two times that come to mind.

[ally1995] 0______________0

[R. Hookie] Jack, nasty?

[Laura Leff] Both were when someone adlibbed something and he didn't appreciate it.

[ally1995] I know Bing Crosby's nasty line on the air, but I dont think little jack could..

[Jennifer] what happened

[Jennifer] me neither

[Laura Leff] Once was Larry Adler. There was a gag about a light bulb, and Adler sticks in an additional line of "60 watt!" Jack was not happy.

[ally1995] Well he was a huge perfectionist wasnt he?/

[Laura Leff] The other time was when Phil made an ad lib. The details are escaping me right now.

[ally1995] Oh come on then, you gotta remember!!

[Laura Leff] Ally - Most definitely. I just printed an article from the Boston Globe yesterday at Stanford where he was talking about being a perfectionist.

[Steve -shimp-] I remember the Phil one but not the details either

[Jennifer] I didn't think Jack could be mean...


[Jennifer] he was a nice guy

[Laura Leff] Um....crud....OK, let me see if I can find it.

[Steve -shimp-] It's hardly 'nasty' though, maybe just a little sharper than you'd expecct Jack to be.

[Jennifer] what articles?

[Laura Leff] Ally - Well, I had to be at Stanford to access this particular one.

[R. Hookie] Jack got a little blue in a interview with Dick Cavett

[ally1995] First the Roch/Jack one, then this one... Ive gotta have em!!!

[Jennifer] and the johnny carson one

[Laura Leff] Yes, Jack is not per se "nasty" as in calling someone a horrible name or anything.

[ally1995] Dick Cavett?? I thought those ones were good!

[Jennifer] No, not that way

[Jennifer] Just sharp

[Laura Leff] Jack is just clearly ticked off that someone went off script.

[Jennifer] They should

[R. Hookie] I bought the Dick Cavett box set just for the Jack Benny interview

[ally1995] Yeah I totally get that explanation.. with the book by Irving Fein

[Jennifer] 've stuck to it

[ally1995] Alright now that Picture of Jack is staring right at me again....

[Jennifer] laura about one of the things in the links section

[Laura Leff] Phil's ad lib - 5/9/43

[Jennifer] philharris.com is not real its just a free domain

[R. Hookie] How about Jack on "The Lucy Show"?

[ally1995] Oh nice.

[ally1995] Jack on Lucy was hilarious.

[ally1995] But he said Lucy was kinda nasty too I think

[R. Hookie] The Bank Vault?

[Laura Leff] R - How about Jack on "The Lucy Show"?

[Jennifer] i saw him on heres lucy with uncle harry

[Laura Leff] Ally - Ah, I know what you mean.

[Steve -shimp-] I saw the "Plumber" one for the first time recently

[Steve -shimp-] Though I've seen the "getting Jack's account" a million times and love that one.

[ally1995] Have you heard of 'the Jack Benny Story"?? Its on a radio site that has a ton of interviews.

[Laura Leff] Where she made Jack stand so long that he almost passed out.

[ally1995] WHAT

[Laura Leff] Ally - Yes, there are a few things by that name.

[ally1995] He almost passed out?!

[ally1995] Wht was going on?!!!!

[Jennifer] www.philharris.com is not real

[Steve -shimp-] what's the story about Lucy making Jack stand till he almost passed out?

[Jennifer] oh no

[Laura Leff] Yes, there was some bit they were doing, trying over and over again.

[Laura Leff] Jack was up in years and wanted to sit down, and Lucy wouldn't let him.

[ally1995] Why would she do that to him??!

[Steve -shimp-] On Here's Lucy I assume.

[Laura Leff] Yes, this was definitely later years.

[Laura Leff] Lucy was just in her "control freak" mode

[Jennifer] thats mean of lucy

[ally1995] Lucy was probably picky or something. A perfectionist, yeah

[Laura Leff] And Jack almost collapsed. He said to someone, "I don't think I can work with her any more."

[Laura Leff] Ally - That's it.

[Steve -shimp-] I think Lucy was pretty hard-boiled.

[ally1995] OmG. That is crazy.

[ally1995] I would never do that to a fellow actor.

[Laura Leff] I do have a really cute screen grab that I used in the book of Jack kissing Lucy in costume during the Paul Revere skit

[ally1995] A veteran, nonetheless!!

[ally1995] LL, thats cute!! I luv that one

[ally1995] The stunt double scene always gets me

[Laura Leff] I used two shots for that show...one of Lucy crying as a bum and Jack in a tuxedo, and the other of them just about to kiss.

[Laura Leff] Ally - Which one

[ally1995] When he crashes through the door and the double comes out. SO easy to see him.

[ally1995] Its LOL.

[ally1995] Mega  actually.

[Laura Leff] Ally - Ah right. I wonder if that was Ronnie Rondell...he was Jack's double a few times.

[Steve -shimp-] When did Lucy move next door to Jack? After her breakup with Desi, right?

[Laura Leff] Steve - That's a really good question. I'm not quite sure. But I think the stories I've heard about Jack being over there were when she was married to Garry Moore.

[Steve -shimp-] Or Gary Morton even  

[Steve -shimp-] That's what I thought.

[Laura Leff] Er...thanks!

[ally1995] Seeing a double so easily is always good comedy.

[Laura Leff] I was typing that and thinking, "This is wrong"

[ally1995] Like whenever Jack faints its a double I think/

[R. Hookie] Now I'm in the mood to watch some old DVDs tonight

[Laura Leff] I don't have a credit on Jack's stunt double for that one.

[Jennifer] and in the one where hes a dummy

[Steve -shimp-] It's pretty easy to forget Gary Morton. I can't believe the guy had a career, he's about as funny as an open wound.

[Laura Leff] But...who knows who played the cameraman in the first half of that episode?

[Laura Leff] Steve - See, he might be complimented that I confused him with Garry Moore.

[Steve -shimp-] Yes, I'm sure he'd take that one!

[Laura Leff] The cameraman's name is Charlie.

[Jennifer] Mel did a lot of things

[Laura Leff] He went on to a varied and successful career

[ally1995] Me and Jen are having a private chat.

[Jennifer] hes on abbott and costello and jack benny and looney tunes

[Laura Leff] And he reached out to me to support the Jack Benny stamp campaign and told me about working on that show

[Steve -shimp-] What episode are we talking about?

[Laura Leff] Ally - Oh fine...private party...

[Laura Leff] Steve - The Lucille Ball episode

[ally1995]  no hard feelings. Were just trying it out.

[Steve -shimp-] You know, I've never seen that one.

[Laura Leff] I'm just bringing it up because we were talking about the episode, and I noticed his name in the credits.

[R. Hookie] I thought this was a party-line

[Jennifer] yes were just trying it out

[Jennifer] haha

[Jennifer] a party line?

[Laura Leff] Steve - It's one of the rare *good* shows from the last season.

[Laura Leff] Ally/Jen - No problem...just teasing you about it!

[R. Hookie] old phone service

[Steve -shimp-] I'm sure it is, just never saw it.

[ally1995] LOLZ

[ally1995] Its not as fun I think but Jen is nice.

[Laura Leff] Well, it was Arte Johnson.

[Steve -shimp-] Oh, if we're playing trivia I've got one for the room.

[Laura Leff] Tah dah

[Laura Leff] Steve - Go for it!

[Steve -shimp-] verrry interesting!

[ally1995] how long is everyone willing to stay up?!

[Steve -shimp-] Which Jack Benny movie was written by Hitchcock? (kind of a trick question)

[R. Hookie] I'm a night owl

[ally1995] me too.

[Laura Leff] Ally - I've got a call at 8 and need to wash my hair before then, but I can stay for the moment.

[ally1995] I CAN WAIT ALL NIGHT.

[Jennifer] that is OK

[ally1995] But Ive got Band in the morning.  

[R. Hookie] During the week I work until about 2am

[Laura Leff] (8 is an hour from now for me)

[Steve -shimp-] any guesses?

[Laura Leff] I used to do an overnight shift at the radio station years ago...

[Laura Leff] Steve - I'm curious for the answer...

[ally1995] WOW.. It's almost ten here.

[R. Hookie] 8:56pm

[Laura Leff] The 39 Steps?

[Steve -shimp-] someone take a stab and I'll cough up the answer

[Steve -shimp-] Dang. That's a GREAT answer!

[Jennifer] 39 Forever?

[Steve -shimp-] and it didn't even cross my mind.

[Laura Leff] Thank you. It's the best I could muster under duress

[Steve -shimp-] But it's actually IT'S IN THE BAG.

[Jennifer] where he stays alive forever

[Jennifer] \never dies

[Jennifer] always 39

[Steve -shimp-] Written by Alma Reville, Mrs. Alfred Hitchcock.

[Laura Leff] Steve - It is?

[Laura Leff] Really?

[Laura Leff] *Startled look*

[Laura Leff] I had no idea!!!

[ally1995] LOLZ

[Steve -shimp-] Yeah, she mostly wrote his movies but somehow was a screenwriter on It's in the Bag. One of her few outside credits.

[ally1995] LL IS DEFEATED.

[Laura Leff] I am!

[Steve -shimp-] She's co-screenplay or something.

[R. Hookie] ...and crushed?

[Jennifer] she is embarrassed

[Jennifer] ?

[Laura Leff] No, not embarrassed (should I be?)...glad to learn something new!

[ally1995] yeah, always.

[Steve -shimp-] Alfred Hitchock got roped into appearing on a Fred Allen show, I assume because of this connection, but I've not heard it.

[Laura Leff] Ally says I should always be embarrassed...oh fine...

[Jennifer] me too

[ally1995] lolz. has anyone seen Harry Potter yet?!

[Jennifer] i think she meant always fun to learn something new

[Steve -shimp-] I just learned that one the other day. Neat little connection.

[R. Hookie] you should be proud!

[Laura Leff] Alfred Hitchcock and Fred Allen. I guess Orson Welles was on Jack's show!

[Laura Leff] Steve - Good job!

[Laura Leff] Ally - Ralph Fiennes is a favorite actor of mine, but I've only seen the first film of the series. So maybe some day I'll see them in order.

[Laura Leff] I kept looking at the billboards and saying, "Gosh, that looks like Ralph Fiennes without a nose." Turns out...it is.

[Jennifer] so do you have the johnny carson show?

[Laura Leff] So if we were recasting Harry Potter with Jack's cast, who would play what?

[Jennifer] hmm...

[ally1995] OMG. JACK POTTER.

[Laura Leff] Jennifer - Yes, I have both the Carson episodes.

[ally1995] Voldemort... is Fred Allen.

[Jennifer] oh good

[Steve -shimp-] Don as Hagrid

[ally1995] Yeah

[Laura Leff] I guess Mary is the default Hermione

[ally1995] Ron is Dennis

[Jennifer] who do we cast as hermione

[Jennifer] mary?

[R. Hookie] What'd I miss?

[Laura Leff] R - We're recasting Harry Potter with Jack's cast.

[Laura Leff] Who is Rochester? An owl?

[Jennifer] no


[R. Hookie] How would I know? I'm over 30

[ally1995] Roch is Neville??

[ally1995] maybe?

[ally1995] Draco is Frank Nelson.

[Jennifer] rochester is a bat

[Jennifer] who is nobby

[ally1995] Snape is....Mel Blanc?!

[Jennifer] no

[ally1995] Maybe??!

[Jennifer] maybe

[R. Hookie] Laura - how'd you do that???

[Jennifer] lets do the wizard of oz now

[ally1995] Yeah. Jack is Dorothy.

[Laura Leff] R - Double-click on my name in the right-hand window

[Jennifer] no

[ally1995] LOLOLOLOL

[Laura Leff] Jack is Dorothy?

[ally1995] Roch is toto.

[ally1995] Yes. Jack is a girl.

[Laura Leff] Jack in the ruby slippers...he did play Charley's Aunt

[Jennifer] he is not gay though are you sure you want to cast him as a girl?

[Laura Leff] R - In the window where it says "Chat Lobby"

[ally1995] Or Mary is Dorth and Jack is the Scarecrow.

[R. Hookie] OK, so that's what Jennifer and Ally were doing earlier.. I get it!

[ally1995] LOLZ

[ally1995] NO.

[Laura Leff] Mary Kelly is Dorothy

[ally1995] Dennis could be the Scarecrow too... hmm. this is harder.

[ally1995] The Lion is Don of course.

[Jennifer] Who will be the tin man?

[R. Hookie] Good one, Ally!

[ally1995] Jack. He is the tin man. I guess.

[ally1995] I dont Know!!!!

[Jennifer] hold on

[Jennifer] who is dorothy

[ally1995] Mary.

[ally1995] Mary Livingstone.

[Jennifer] thats better

[Laura Leff] I still prefer Mary Kelly as Dorothy...

[ally1995] But I would draw jack as Dorothy for fun.

[Jennifer] i like judy garland

[Laura Leff] Mary is the Wicked Witch of the West

[Jennifer] shes pretty

[ally1995] The Wizard is Frank Nelson.

[Jennifer] who is the good witch

[Laura Leff] Oh that's cute

[Jennifer] bea benadret?

[R. Hookie] Bea

[Laura Leff] Oh heck, that would be Mary Kelly since she was the Blue Fairy...

[ally1995] The Bad one is an evil clone of Jack.

[Steve -shimp-] The sportsmen could be munchkins

[ally1995] or something.

[Jennifer] alright

[Laura Leff] I like that

[Jennifer] who is roch


[Jennifer] yesh?

[ally1995] Yes.

[Jennifer] oh ok

[ally1995] Its more slang, actually lolz

[Laura Leff] Rochester is the doorman to the Emerald City

[Jennifer] you mean  right

[ally1995] No Roch should be Toto!!! COme on itd be cute.

[Laura Leff] Can't you just hear him delivering those lines? "Who rang that bell?"

[Jennifer] who is mel

[R. Hookie] NCTO ... slang, guess what it means...

[ally1995] lolz is slang too. All off of Youtube.

[Laura Leff] Who is the tin man?

[Steve -shimp-] Carmichael could be a flying monkey

[Laura Leff] Phil?

[Steve -shimp-] the great and powerful Oz, of course!

[Jennifer] phil is the doorman

[ally1995] There arent enough characters for everybody.

[Jennifer] then who is frank

[ally1995] THE WIZARD

[ally1995] HE HAS TO BE!!

[Jennifer] so who is phi;

[Jennifer] phil

[Laura Leff] Tin man?

[Jennifer] good idea

[Laura Leff] Keeps his bourbon in the tin can?

[Jennifer] haha

[Jennifer] good idea

[Laura Leff] "If I only had a fifth..."

[Steve -shimp-]  

[R. Hookie] hahahaha


(Some loss)


[ally1995] Yeah I watched that a month ago... I dont know why I had that one.

[Laura Leff] But that could explain the Jack -Nazi connection.

[ally1995] There are no sponsors in mine.

[Jennifer] jack-nazi connection?

[ally1995] ?

[ally1995] ??

[ally1995] ????

[ally1995] ?????

[Laura Leff] Ally - You said you dreamed about Jack using Nazi stuff

[R. Hookie] I don't get it either

[ally1995] Hitler's list had Jack listed.

[Jennifer] thats terrible

[ally1995] Like a threat, didnt it>>

[ally1995] ??

[Laura Leff] Or...I may have misunderstood

[ally1995] Because he had the bomb thing.

[ally1995] in real life.

[Laura Leff] OK...don't mind me.

[R. Hookie] ?


[Jennifer] i dont like bombs

[Laura Leff] I have dreamed about Jack surprisingly little over the years.

[R. Hookie] Mr. Hookie is lost here....

[Laura Leff] R - Just talking about Jack showing up in dreams

[R. Hookie] With Nazis?

[Jennifer] Jack kills cats for violin strings

[Jennifer] disturbing

[Laura Leff] Most of the time I'm pursuing him and can't quite get to him--don't need Freud to explain that one.

[Steve -shimp-] I hope he was tried by a jury of turkeys...

[Jennifer] turkeys are movies

[R. Hookie] turkeys?

[Jennifer] bombed movies


User ally1996 has entered this room.


[ally1996] Darn Internet.

[ally1996] It screwed up aggain.

[Jennifer] jack was cute

[ally1996] Yeah. He was.

[Jennifer] i hope that doesnt sound wrong

[R. Hookie] No

[ally1996]  no it doesnt.

[Jennifer] oh good

User Robert has entered this room.

[Jennifer] hello robert

[ally1996] There are stories about how some girls liked him back then

[Robert] hello jennifer

 [Laura Leff] Hello Robert

[ally1996] ROBERT! Hey

[Robert] hello laura

[Robert] hey ally

[Robert] this is new

[Steve -shimp-] Hi Robert

[R. Hookie] Did Ally change numbers?

[Laura Leff] Ally - A lot of girls liked him back then!

[ally1996] I had to change numbers yesh.

[Jennifer] what is new?

[ally1996] Yeah I know!!

[ally1996] The computer is annoying.

[Robert] why is it annoying

[ally1996] my connection is getting lost.

[R. Hookie] You sound rathr frustrated

[ally1996] From my stupid little BROTHERS.. ARg.

[Laura Leff] Maybe that's a sign

[Jennifer] she keeps getting logged off

[ally1996] Jack's sign... that is creepy and cool at the same time

[R. Hookie] and changing numbers

[ally1996] Jack getting wierded out or something??

[ally1996] lo

[ally1996] llolol

[R. Hookie] llolol???

[ally1996] Now the picture is getting to me again...

[Steve -shimp-] Hey folks, it's been fun but I think I'm about ready to sign off for the night

[ally1996] Okay then!! Gnight...

[Laura Leff] Shall we call it good for this month?

[Jennifer] goodnight

[R. Hookie] Good night Steve

[ally1996] NO!! Dont go!!

[Jennifer] if you want to

User ally1995 has logged out.

[Laura Leff] Robert - Sorry to do that just as you come on...

[ally1996] Im gonna be the last one standing.

[Jennifer] me too

[ally1996] And that imposter of me has destroyed itself.

[Robert] it is ok

[R. Hookie] ???

[Jennifer] imposter

[ally1996] lolz

[Robert] i was lucky enough to see jack in concert with george

[ally1996] WOW

[Steve -shimp-] Good night all! It's been fun.

[Laura Leff] Tell you what...I need to get some things done, but feel free to stay and chat as long as you like

[ally1996] That is lucky.

[ally1996] Okay LL.

[Jennifer] ok goodnight laura

[R. Hookie] How was he?

[Laura Leff] Robert - I am envious!

[Jennifer] he also met groucho

[Laura Leff] Thanks so much for coming, and remember...keep it clean!  

[Robert] it was at lincoln center it is a great story

[ally1996] You are so lucky..... Im too young.

[Jennifer] we will