IJBFC Chat - April 3, 2011

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[Ally1995] Laura!!

[Laura Leff] Hi folks!

[Josef] Hi Laura!

[Laura Leff] Ally!

[steve -shimp-] Hey Laura

[Ally1995] ha

[Laura Leff] Bonita? As in...Colman?

[Josef] Brad, sometimes the resused versions were funnier than the originals ones.

[Brad from Georgia] By coincidence, I heard the 1952 re-use of the script last week while walking on the nature trail. Whole patches were word for word the same.

[Ally1995] You listened on an mp3 or something?

[bonita] I live in lawrenceville and my husband teaches at gainesville U

[Laura Leff] You mean the dinner, not the re-use of the bus bit, right?

[steve -shimp-] that's typical by then of script recycling

[Laura Leff] Bonita - Welcome in! I don't recall seeing your name here before, but I may be having amnesia.

[Ally1995] lol!!

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, I have an mp3 player (Zen) with hundreds of Jack Benny shows! LL--yes, the dinner. The bus bit was reused in other shows.

[Ally1995] Oh awesome Brad!!

[steve -shimp-] did they do the bit about the camel? "If that roast beef has two humps, I'm leaving!"

[Josef] They always did some form of bus bit.

[Laura Leff] Most notably the 1949 series debut show.

[Ally1995] I have an ipod, I've GIT to get some eppies of the RS

[Brad from Georgia] bonita--Gainesville State College? No kidding? I teach in the English department there!

[Ally1995] *GOT*

[bonita] My favourite episodes were of bonita and oh ronnnnie

[Josef] Laura, that's one of my favorite shows

[Ally1995] Oh wow, It's a small world

[Brad from Georgia] steve--No, the camel was gone by the fifties....

[Laura Leff] Josef - The one where Jack appears only on the last five minutes?

[steve -shimp-] that's why I was wondering if they'd do that bit...

[Ally1995] xD

[Laura Leff] The camel was gone before the Lucky Strike era (for some odd reason).

[steve -shimp-] Go figure  

[Josef] Yeah, I liked it. But I thought the show they did the week later making fun of that facty was funnier

[Ally1995] lol!!

[Laura Leff] Pop quiz!

[Laura Leff] Pop quiz!!!!!

[Laura Leff] Ready?

[steve -shimp-] uh oh

[Josef] oh boy

[Laura Leff] Oh great, don't look so excited

[Laura Leff] OK...


[Brad from Georgia] Go ahead...

[steve -shimp-] fire away...

[Laura Leff] For the one incredibly minor speaking role the camel had

[Ally1995] LOL??

[Laura Leff] Who played the camel?

[Laura Leff] No peeking at "39 Forever".

[steve -shimp-] Mel Blanc?

[Brad from Georgia] Joe Camel.

[Ally1995] I bet it was Mel right?

[Laura Leff] Nope

[Ally1995] Oh darn.

[Laura Leff] Not anyone who appeared on the show at any other time.

[Brad from Georgia] Not Orson Welles (my next guest), then.

[Laura Leff] Nope

[Ally1995] whew... This is awkward. I've no idea.

[Josef] Neither have I. I feel like I do, though

[Brad from Georgia] I'm not sure I ever even heard that show.

[Laura Leff] I wouldn't have known it if the person himself hadn't talked about the fact.

[Ally1995] hmmmm

[Laura Leff] Brad - The role of the camel is so small that you could easily miss it

[steve -shimp-] stumped

[Laura Leff] Hint?

[Ally1995] were they pretty wellknown at the time

[Brad from Georgia] Quentin!

[Laura Leff] Brad - Naw...

[steve -shimp-] sure, hint away

[Laura Leff] Another person in comedy

[Josef] yes please

[Laura Leff] Although in later years

[Laura Leff] OK, here's a hint that should give it away

[steve -shimp-] lou costello?

[Laura Leff] Nope

[Laura Leff] Pitted prunes

[Ally1995] Oh come on!! I dont know everything about the era!!

[Laura Leff] Wow...I thought that would totally give it

[Laura Leff] The pitted prunes came later in the 60s


[Laura Leff] He recorded comedy for Capitol Records

[Josef] Danny Kaye?

[bonita] My husband isn't into old radio etc and I use to do the chats about 4-5 yrs ago I've been a little busy frank sinatra

[Brad from Georgia] Stan Freberg.

[Laura Leff] BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

[Laura Leff] Bonita - Well, welcome back!

[Laura Leff] Brad's got it.

[Laura Leff] Good job.

[Ally1995] OH NOES He won

[Ally1995] nice job tho!!

[Josef] Good job Brad

[Brad from Georgia] So...pitted prune ad? I don't recall it.

[Laura Leff] Brad - He did TV ads for Sunsweet pitted prunes

[Brad from Georgia] Betcha Mel got Stan the gig. They worked together at Warner Bros.

[Laura Leff] And one particularly memorable one featuring another Waukeganite, Ray Bradbury.

[Ally1995] wowzers!! Again, I have no knowledge of that!

[steve -shimp-] Bradbury did prunes or a Benny show?

[Brad from Georgia] I once asked Ray if he ever met Jack Benny. He said he'd seen him but not talked to him.

[Laura Leff] Ally - Check out Stan Freberg online. You might enjoy what you find!

[Ally1995] Oh cool, I'll try it out. I love new things

[Laura Leff] Steve - Bradbury did prunes with Stan Freberg.

[Josef] I'm gonna have to do that as well.

[steve -shimp-] Oh my, that MUST have been the sixties

[Ally1995] Is Stan any similar to Jackie?

[Laura Leff] Look for St. George and the Dragonet

[steve -shimp-] "remember doing prunes with Ray Bradbury, MAN, those were the days!"

[Brad from Georgia] What a weird sentence: "Bradbury did prunes with Stan Freberg." Sounds like a strange sixties drug.


[Laura Leff] It's a parody of Dragnet about the St. George and the Dragon story.

[Ally1995] Oh really??

[Ally1995] Jeez, this is just insanity on coincidence.

[steve -shimp-] I hope they were electric prunes

[Brad from Georgia] And of course Jack Webb was on the Jack Benny show. Playing a prune. As I recall, the song was "I Love Every Wrinkle About You." Hard to get a tune on a prune of course.

[Laura Leff] Jack Webb's last appearance as Joe Friday was on Jack's Second Farewell Special.

[Brad from Georgia] Really? That was after the seventies revival of "Dragnet"?

[Josef] Oh wow.

[Laura Leff] And in fact, on the caption contest, remember the pretty lady with Jack and the hypnotist?

[steve -shimp-] Prunes vs. Sal Hepatica, who would win?

[Ally1995]  Yeah

[Ally1995] I wanna see that episode so bad

[Brad from Georgia] "When you're a prune, you're a prune all the way, from your first cigarette to--may I be excused? I really gotta go."

[steve -shimp-]  

[steve -shimp-] we're so classy in this chat room

[Ally1995] yeah we rlly are

[Josef] yeah we are

[Ally1995] heh.

[Brad from Georgia] Prunes promote a good chat.


[Brad from Georgia] Stole that from Mel Brooks. He was glad to see it go.

[Josef] I'm sure he was

[Laura Leff] Funny, since I thought of that before I joined the chat...

[Laura Leff] The pretty lady was Jack Webb's wife.


[Josef] Oh wow

[Laura Leff] Apropos of nothing, including prunes...

[Laura Leff] Prune-flavored Jell-O

[Ally1995] Oh now, she was was she??!! You really know evrything about this show

[steve -shimp-] Ladies, fill your cupboards with prune flavored Jell-O. Add a touch of horseradish and shredded cabbage for a tempting taste treat

[Brad from Georgia] ANYway, tonight's show has Herman Peabody, my least favorite Mel character. Though he wasn't so bad tonight.

[Laura Leff] It was Mel's first semi-regular speaking character...if you don't count Carmichael.

[Ally1995] Herman--I always picture him as a squid thing  

[Brad from Georgia] Mel Blanc as Cthulhu....

[Josef] Yeah I'm not a huge Herman fan.

[Ally1995] For some demented reason, IDK.

[Ally1995] I think he's cute cos he's so random and everything

[steve -shimp-] Herman's a close cousin to his "Happy Postman" on Burns and Allen


[Josef] Yes he is.

[Ally1995] ok I overuse that smiley face..

[Laura Leff] In the vein of the "Sad Sack" character type

[Brad from Georgia] Yep. I think the lack of range in the voice is what bothers me. Mel could really cut loose and go nuts, but rarely when doing Herman.

[Laura Leff] Ally - No problem. It doesn't come through on the transcript.  

[steve -shimp-] By the way, the bus driver was John Brown, Harry Morton #2 for B&A fans

[Ally1995] haha..

[Brad from Georgia] Oddly, Mel's "Sad Sack" sounded like Porky Pig.

[Laura Leff] And many other things for Fred Allen fans

[Josef] Oh wow! I knew I had heard that voice before.

[Ally1995] haha you should see the way I draw Fred Allen..

[steve -shimp-] Yes, one of those voices that's really recognizable.

[steve -shimp-] Wasn't John Brown blacklisted?

[Laura Leff] Yeah...I should have looked up whether this was the time when Jack was picking up some assorted Allen voice talent, like Minerva Pious, when Allen was on break or something.

[steve -shimp-] I heard that's why he left the B&A TV show.

[Ally1995] oh really???

[Laura Leff] Hmmm...

[Ally1995] yesh, hmmmm

[Laura Leff] The person I'd ask about that isn't available right now...darn it.

[Ally1995] That stinks.

[Ally1995] Is Bonita still here?

[Ally1995] or Jennifer??

[Laura Leff] John Brown is one of those names that's so common that Brown the actor might not have been the culprit, but got confused with someone of the same name.

[bonita] You'all type so fast that I can't kkep up

[Laura Leff] Ally - Jennifer isn't here...she's in school. But it's her birthday. We should all wish her happy birthday!

[Josef] yeah we shoul!

[Josef] *should

[Ally1995] Oh yes, she's down under. Lucky..

[Brad from Georgia] Happy birthday to Jennifer!

[Laura Leff] Go on and do it...I'll point her at the transcript.

[Josef] Happy Birthday Jennifer!!


[steve -shimp-] Happy Birthday Jennifer

[Laura Leff] Keep writing, Jennifer!  

[Ally1995] I'd love to visit Austraila..

[Brad from Georgia] Happy birthday down under, Hope the weather don't thunder, You're our fave poster becoz You love Benny in Oz!

[Ally1995]  what??

[Brad from Georgia] Curl my hair and call me Phil....

[Laura Leff] Going to try calling my friend on the John Brown thing anyway...

[Josef] Paint his eyes red he's another Phil Harris

[Ally1995] XD!!!!!

[Laura Leff] Nope, hit voice mail.

[Ally1995] I love the joke about Phil in George Washington

[steve -shimp-] I think I read it in the Burns and Allen book about the TV series by Cheryl Blythe and Susan Sackett... I'll see if it's on a shelf...

[Laura Leff] If you're interested in reading more about Fred Allen, there's a really extensive interview with the person I just called...

[Brad from Georgia] I do know that Philip Loeb, who was on the Goldbergs and VERY popular, vanished from TV because he was blacklisted.

[Laura Leff] Can give you a link.

[Ally1995] hm?? Who'd you call?

[Laura Leff] Brad - And then committed suicide

[Josef] That's very sad

[Laura Leff] Ally - A close friend who's also an Allen expert

[Laura Leff] If you've ever seen "The Front", Zero Mostel plays the Philip Loeb character, but not by that name...Hecky Brown.

[bonita] I like a lot of old radio but I didn't get fred allen too corny

[Ally1995] Oh cool!!! I really wanna get the book he wrote..

[Laura Leff] Or Hirschel Brownstein

[Laura Leff] Ally - The Fred Allen book? Which one?

[Brad from Georgia] Wikipedia says John Brown, actor, was blacklisted after having been listed in RED CHANNELS as a Communist sympathizer.

[Ally1995] I dunno. Any memoir type one, Laura. I luv memoirs.

[steve -shimp-] OK, John Brown was summoned before the McCarthy commission...

[Laura Leff] http://grubstreet.ca/art иии a/fa.htm

[Josef] I like Fred Allen to a point. I'm a bigger B&A fan than of Allen's

[steve -shimp-] Just found the B&A book

[Laura Leff] Brad - I'll be!

[steve -shimp-] Brad beat me to it!

[Ally1995] LOL.

[Brad from Georgia] Steve--Not McCarthy. HUAC. house, not senate.

[Josef] Oh wow

[Laura Leff] Ally - "Much Ado About Me" is a better book because Allen loved vaudeville. Unfortunately, it's unfinished. "Treadmill to Oblivion" is about radio and TV, but it's a harsher read. Still a very good read, but Allen is more his acid self.

[steve -shimp-] Hmm, well, the B&A book says McCarthy, but they could have wires crossed. I'll believe the more recent one

[Brad from Georgia] Himan Brown was also blacklisted. And for that matter, Zero Mostel was blacklisted and couldn't be in movies or on radio or TV for six or seven years.

[Ally1995] Wow.. I like intriguing titles.. So I'll have to look up the Treadmill one.

[Laura Leff] There's a photo of me somewhere in a crowd of people with an intense look on my face holding a "DOWN WITH HUAC" sign someone had handed me...

[Ally1995] OMG. You are everywhere!!!

[Brad from Georgia] McCarthy didn't involve himself much with Hollywood, except for speechifying, but he encouraged the HUAC Hollywood blacklisting.

[Laura Leff] Most of the people who worked on "The Front" (other than Woody Allen) were blacklisted

[Ally1995] jeez..

[Ally1995] ...

[Josef] yeah that was a really crazy era

[Laura Leff] Anyone who hasn't seen "Good Night, and Good Luck" needs to do so

[Brad from Georgia] Oddly, HUAC did uncover one--just one--certified card-holding Communist, but she WASN'T blacklisted because she was the most popular actress on TV at the time.

[Brad from Georgia] Lucille Ball.

[Ally1995] I guarantee

[Laura Leff] Really? I thought that was an urban legend

[steve -shimp-] No, it's true, she registered communist party to vote for a relative, I believe

[bonita] the only thing red was her hair

[Brad from Georgia] No, Ball admitted that she had joined the American Communist Party to please her grandfather and had never stopped being a member until just before the HUAC hearings.

[Josef] I knew she was accused.

[Laura Leff] Huh! Learning a good bit tonight!

[Ally1995] Oh Laura--where is that photo yur in?? I'd love to see the look on your face if u arent uncomfortable.

[Laura Leff] Ally - I've never seen it...I just know that there was someone with a camera taking it!

[Brad from Georgia] But the HUAC representatives realized that if they came down hard on Lucille Ball, they'd suffer a backlash because of her popularity, so they backed off.

[Ally1995] WOW. That's interesting. I wish you were my grandmother or something, you've got the best stories

[Laura Leff] I'm sure it's not very complimentary...I was trying to look ticked off!


[Laura Leff] Ally - I'm 42...not quite ready to be a grandmother yet!  

[Ally1995] Oh I'm sorry... I'm just an innocent child.

[Laura Leff] But I appreciate the compliment!

[Brad from Georgia] BTW, sad anniversary coming up: we lost Eddie Carroll last year on April 6.

[Laura Leff] Sigh

[Josef] A year already?

[Ally1995] Oh yeah.. that is horrendous. I wanted to see him!!

[Laura Leff] I was reading him all the E-mails from members just a few hours before he died.

[Ally1995] Oh my god, that mustve been hard..

[Brad from Georgia] I had a long chat with his widow Carolyn this afternoon. She's bracing for the day, getting away from home for a few days.

[Ally1995] How do you people know them??!!

[Laura Leff] Ally - I felt like I was reading him his final reviews. They were all glowing.

[Laura Leff] Brad - How's the book coming?

[Ally1995] Oh yesh your "novel".

[Brad from Georgia] I met Eddie in person after one of his shows. Went all the way to Pomona, NJ to catch it. From then on, we got together with the Carrolls every time we could for a meal.

[Laura Leff] Ally - I've been doing this for a long time...eventually you connect with a lot of people.

[Ally1995] It's epic. I want to try it!!!!!

[bonita] whats it about

[Brad from Georgia] My bio of Eddie is coming along. Carolyn's given me the timeline, and I'm researching and writing and interviewing lotsa people. Jamie Farr last week and recently Frank Ferrante.

[Josef] I wanted to see him a few years ago but school commitments got in the way

[Brad from Georgia] Bonita--It's a biography of Eddie Carroll: "Wishing on a Star: The Life of Eddie Carroll."

[Brad from Georgia] Cowriting it with Carolyn Caroll.

[Ally1995] Oh man I bet the school would have prevented me too Josef.

[steve -shimp-] Nice Brad, didn't know you had a title yet.

[Josef] That's college for ya

[Ally1995] I cant wait to be in college.. Which one are you studying in??

[Ally1995] I might try UMASS.

[steve -shimp-] Eddie came to Williamsburg about a week after I moved from there after living there for 8 years!

[Josef] I went to a ministry school: Zion Bible College

[Ally1995] Oh cool!!

[Brad from Georgia] In a week or so, I'm supposed to interview Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy. I'm meeting all my cartoon heroes! Frank Ferrante, for those who doesn't know, tours with a killer one-man Groucho Marx show.


[Laura Leff] Ally - What's your major, or do you know yet?

[Brad from Georgia] Thing about Eddie, as my son said, after you talked to him for ten minutes you wanted to be his friend for life.

[Ally1995] I have nooo idea. I have too many interests!!

[Josef] I'm definitely going to have to read that book Brad

[Laura Leff] Brad - And you probably would be.

[Ally1995] aww

[Laura Leff] Ally - Understood. I know how that is first hand! But U

[Laura Leff] MASS is a great school

[Brad from Georgia] We're trying to use as many of Eddie's great stories, verbatim, as we possibly can. He always wanted to write a book--we're letting him do it.

[Josef] UMASS is great, had a lot of friends go there

[Ally1995] Yeah, I LOVE the Band there.. My band and the other MA schools went to Band Day this year.. brilliant.

[Brad from Georgia] UMASS is a wonderful school.

[Laura Leff] Eddie could have done the "A Hundred Years, a Hundred Stories" like George Burns.

[Laura Leff] But, of course, that was actually written by Hal Goldman and Irving Fein.

[Brad from Georgia] I wish he had had the time....

[Ally1995] ya..

[Brad from Georgia] I wonder how much of his own writing Burns did. I "hear" his voice in so many of his books.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Actually, not much.

[Laura Leff] He wrote the first one, but I think most of the rest were ghost written by others.

[Ally1995] haha yeah..

[steve -shimp-] Yeah, he'd do long interviews and a ghost writer would shuffle the words into the right order

[Josef] Oh wow

[Laura Leff] Gracie and All My Best Friends were done by other people

[Brad from Georgia] Surprises me--especially when George tells uncomplimentary stories about, well, Mary Livingstone for one.

[Ally1995] I love the excerpts in Joan's book written by Burns

[Laura Leff] But Hal Goldman did most, if not all, of the small books.

[Ally1995] He's hysterical

[Laura Leff] That's why you hear George's voice...Hal was one of his primary writers.

[Josef] He was with Burns for years

[Laura Leff] Hal did get co-author credit on one of them


(some loss)


[Ally1995] Okay then.. I'll see if our old Library has one..

[Laura Leff] Ally - Fair point. If she likes it, then she counts for more than I do!  

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[Ally1995] hee.. well I dunno. The other Laura is doiong well anyway so..

[steve -shimp-] We lost Bonita. I used to live in her Springs.

[Brad from Georgia] bonita--if you eat at the Collegiate with someone, just order one order of fries. They're huge servings but good--oh, she logged out.

[Ally1995] haha!

[Ally1995] One rule about chatrooms--type fast.

User bonita has entered this room.

[Ally1995] Oh now shes back.

[steve -shimp-] Welcome back Bonita

[Laura Leff] The Jack Benny Chat becomes the "Let's All Help Ally Get a Job Chat"

[Ally1995] LOLZ

[Ally1995] Fine we can change the subject!!

[Laura Leff] Maybe you could be a cigarette girl

[steve -shimp-] Sell Sympathy Soothing Syrup! Or Cimmeron rolls!

[Brad from Georgia] bonita--Just sent you a fry alert for the Collegiate--if you eat there with someone, remember, just one order of fries. Huge plate of them, and they're good.

[Ally1995] A CIGARETTE...GIRL...??!! NO WAY.

[steve -shimp-] 'cause that's an option for a healthy country Laura?

[bonita] sorry I goofed ,I was saying when brad saw him he was little jimmy dickens

[Laura Leff] You could sell Luckies

[steve -shimp-] A noble profession.

[Ally1995] NO THANKS. I dont want to turn into Don Wilson.

[Laura Leff] Good answer!  

[Brad from Georgia] Yes he was Little Jimmy back then. I wish I still had his autograph, but I lost it.

[Josef] Even though they're no longer sold in the states, so you get to work overseas!

[steve -shimp-] You can't get Luckies anymore?

[steve -shimp-] in the US?

[Laura Leff] Josef - Luckies aren't sold domestically any more?

[Laura Leff] You sure?

[steve -shimp-] Wow

[Ally1995] Wilson going crazy about Luckies CONSTANTLY.. it's just unhealthy.

[Laura Leff] They're owned by British American Tobacco I know but...

[steve -shimp-] I guess they have a shrinking customer base...

[Josef] I checked on it. Back in like '06 or something they stopped them or something like that

[steve -shimp-] to say the least.

[steve -shimp-] (cough)

[Laura Leff] Josef - I'll be!!!

[Brad from Georgia] But more college students smoked Luckies than any other brand...according to Don.

[Ally1995] oh man..

[Laura Leff] I'll make a mental note to double-check that with my Mr. Commercial Man friend.

[Ally1995] Luckies just lookm nasty on the commercials..

[steve -shimp-] As I recall they had no filters

[Josef] They make them, but they're hard to get in the US. I looked it up when I went to a store and asked for a Lucky for a friend's b-day as a joke, and was given a strange look

[Laura Leff] Except when they're dancing in stop-motion animation and tearing and comparing themselves

[Laura Leff] Um...that sounded off-color...

[Josef] yes

[Ally1995] And besides my aunt's lung collapsed once because of smoking.

[Ally1995] It's horrific/

[Laura Leff] Steve - They did eventually


[Josef] They're toasted to give you the best smoke yet

[Laura Leff] Ally - And don't think for a second that I'm advocating smoking!

[Ally1995] No I know,, I just like ranting about the dangers of it.

[Laura Leff] Luckies launched a campaign when they started their filtered version.

[Brad from Georgia] According to the company website, RJ Reynolds still markets the original, unfiltered Lucky Strikes in the US even today--the rest of the line has been discontinued though.

[Ally1995] Luckies could ve ruled the world I bet.

[Josef] Okay Brad.

[Laura Leff] Huh...that's why they lost their market share in the first place...to filtered brands in the 50s.

[Laura Leff] And is kind of the reason that Luckies severed their relationship with Jack in the late 50s.

[steve -shimp-] How so, LL?

[Laura Leff] But I'm stealing the thunder from a larger article that will be in Volume 3.

[Laura Leff] Steve - They were changing their advertising from a more

[Josef] Oooh. I still need to get Vol. 1 & 2

[Ally1995] I'd like to look at some for curious purposes, but then quickly throw them back at the sellers.  

[Laura Leff] Dorothy Collins, couple's cigarette to a manly-man "the genuine article" advertising

[steve -shimp-] Ah, that makes sense.

[Laura Leff] For some reason, Jack didn't attract the "manly man" audience they wanted.

[steve -shimp-]  

[Ally1995] HAHA...

[steve -shimp-] too funny

[Josef] wow

[Ally1995] Poor Jack. He was totally not a manly man.

[Brad from Georgia] I see. The Marlboro man had to be dealt with.

[steve -shimp-] Buck Benny as the Marlboro Man

[Laura Leff] Brad - That's it exactly.

[Ally1995] Oh man, I'm sorry guys but I've gotta go..

[steve -shimp-] OK bye Ally

[Laura Leff] Mental image of Jack sitting on a horse and coughing

[Laura Leff] Oh darn!

[Brad from Georgia] Bye, Ally. Come back next month.

[Ally1995] See ya!!

[Laura Leff] Yes, please do come back next month Ally!

[bonita] celebrity apprentence

[Josef] Bye Ally, great talking to ya!

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[Laura Leff] Gosh, I missed the opportunity when Bonita logged off last time to say "Bonita flakes"

[Brad from Georgia] I still remember a fifties MAD magazine parody: "The Marble Row Man," a cowboy visiting the graves of all his buddies who died from smoking.

[steve -shimp-] That's good.

[Laura Leff] (Nothing personal, Bonita)

[bonita] none taken

[Laura Leff] Brad - And there's even a Nat M. Wills routine from the teens called "I'm Saving Coupons for Mother" from cigarette packs to buy his father a gravestone.

[steve -shimp-] I like that MAD is still around

[Laura Leff] It's no good any more I'm told

[steve -shimp-] Every once in awhile I pick up a copy. Not great, no.

[Brad from Georgia] Well, they take ads now...sad.

[steve -shimp-] But nice that it's still there.

[Laura Leff] I had dinner at Sardi's in New York. I like that it's still around.

[steve -shimp-] Magazines in general are on the extinction path.

[Laura Leff] And when I'm in LA, I do grocery shopping at the Bristol Farms that used to be Chasen's.

[Brad from Georgia] I think one of my first publications was a letter in MAD magazine when I was about twelve

[Laura Leff] Brad - Cool!

[steve -shimp-] Oh, wow

[Laura Leff] They've preserved part of the old Chasen's as their dine-in area

[Brad from Georgia] I also got to know Jack Davis slightly. He was from Georgia and a fellow alum of UGA.

[Laura Leff] Ugh Ah

[steve -shimp-] Oh, very nice! Great artist.

[Laura Leff] Not Jim Davis of Garfield fame

[steve -shimp-] Nooooooo

[Brad from Georgia] Ed Dodd, who originated "Mark Trail", told me he gave Jack Davis his first big job as his assistant. "But I had to let the guy go. He couldn't draw feet. Looked like they had a hinge in the middle!"

[Laura Leff] So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind?

[Laura Leff] Forgive me, but who is Jack Davis?

[steve -shimp-] MAD artist, also did TALES FROM THE CRYPT, a million TV Guide covers

[Brad from Georgia] LL--am I right that the script from tonight was used twice more, once in radio and once on TV in the fifties, both with Louella?

[steve -shimp-] He has a very "bulbous"/gangly style to his art

[Laura Leff] Steve - OK, got it.

[Brad from Georgia] Jack was a caricaturist, and a very good one. He did the MAD version of "Pogo" for example, and the MAD version of "Mark Trail" natch.

[Laura Leff] Brad - The dinner bit was reused on radio, but I'd have to look up to see who it was...it wasn't Parsons.

[Laura Leff] And Parsons never appeared on the TV show as far as I know.

[Brad from Georgia] Don't confuse Jack Davis with Don Adams, though.

[steve -shimp-] I have a question about the long music numbers at the end

[Brad from Georgia] LL--it was a 1952 radio show, and I think it did have Louella in it.

[steve -shimp-] Was that "live", or added by AFRS? It sounds like you can hear people getting up and leaving and shuffling around during it.

[Laura Leff] OK...maybe I'm forgetting. BRB...

[Laura Leff] Steve - Fills in AFRS time clipped by commercials

[steve -shimp-] Both music numbers at the end? I thought there were two.

[Brad from Georgia] steve--on some of the AFRS shows, it's Phil and the band providing the music.

[steve -shimp-] So here's the gist of my question....

[steve -shimp-] If you were there in the studio audience, would the band play on after the actual broadcast ended as people left the theater, and might some of that been transcribed?

[steve -shimp-] and recycled into the AFRS version?

[steve -shimp-] That's what it kind of sounded like to me.

[Brad from Georgia] steve--I think so--maybe the band "played the audience out." Though I'd sit and listen until they ran me out.

[Laura Leff] 10/26/52...you are correct!

[steve -shimp-] yeah, for sure I'd stay and listen too!

[Josef] OKAY i'M BACK

[Josef] woah, did not mnean to have caps there

[Brad from Georgia] LL--I heard it about aw week/two weeks ago, that was why I thought it was Louella. They used the same "tell her she's thinner" gag.

[Brad from Georgia] Wonder if Louella was a better sport than Hedda Hopper?

[steve -shimp-] No idea

[steve -shimp-] I actually get the two of them confused.

[Laura Leff] You wouldn't be the first

[Brad from Georgia] I've heard they didn't like each other...and I've read that Hopper especially would threaten to "destroy" celebs who irked her.

[Laura Leff] I haven't heard about the "band playing on" for filler

[Laura Leff] and if the audience was going out, you'd get a lot of background noise...which actually you can hear in this show

[steve -shimp-] Yeah, that was my thought.

[Josef] yeah you can, I was wondering about the background noise

[Brad from Georgia] LL--during the war, they frequently used a few recordings. One was Phil and the band playing "Jukebox Saturday Night"

[Laura Leff] although I'm not sure if it's background noise or bleedthrough of another show from some old reel-to-reel, since you get some odd artifacts over Rochester earlier in the show

[steve -shimp-] It doesn't sound like bleedthrough like that weird moment where Rochester needs an Exorcist.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Right. And of course there was the oft-heard "They Say It's Wonderful" if the show was really short

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Was that the "Exorcist" voice?

[Laura Leff] Steve -  

[Josef] what part of the show was that steve? I think I missed it

[Laura Leff] I don't know what the heck it was...

[steve -shimp-] Early on, there's a big blivet of sound from somewhere else, a recording flaw over Rochester's line.

[Brad from Georgia] Josef--suddenly there's a slowed-down, ominous male voice: "AAARRRRRRRRRUUUUUVAAAAAGGGH"

[Laura Leff] Knowing the technology that they had at their disposal at AFRS at the time and how they edited shows together

[Brad from Georgia] I blame it on Hitler.

[Laura Leff] It's possible that the third turntable might have been live and the engineer was cueing it

[Josef] I'm gonna have to double-check that for myself

[Laura Leff] And realized it after he'd found the start of the sound, then turned it off to back up the record to the cue spot

[steve -shimp-] Good ear!

[Laura Leff] (You kind of have to have run records in radio to "get" that...let me know if it doesn't make sense)

[Brad from Georgia] Or could it have been....SATAN?

[steve -shimp-]  

[Laura Leff] It could have been YHTAPMYS...

[Josef] yes, Symphany Soothing

[Laura Leff] Rochester Faustus

[steve -shimp-] That would have been a great show plot, Rochester needs an exorcist.

[steve -shimp-] and Jack's too cheap


[Brad from Georgia] If ythapmys says his name backward, does he go back to the fifth dimension? Or up, up, and away in a beautiful balloon? Same thing, really.

[Laura Leff] Oh, I can see the censor ripping up that script so fast...

[steve -shimp-] Frank Nelson could be the exorcist.

[steve -shimp-] What do you think I am in this getup, a penguin?

[Laura Leff] OK now, I'm going to hold this cross over your head...

[Brad from Georgia] And Mary's head could spin completely around.

[Josef] oh yes, I just replayed that moment. Wondered what the heck that was

[Brad from Georgia] "Your mother smokes Luckies in...uh...heck"



[steve -shimp-] Bing Crosby could do the Exorcism!

[steve -shimp-]  


[Josef] Yes steve!

[steve -shimp-] OH, man, tears are streaming out of my eyes


[Brad from Georgia] "Go buh-buh-back to where you came from."

[Laura Leff] Bob Crosby found dead on the sidewalk

[steve -shimp-]  

[Brad from Georgia] Better: "Go buh-buh-buh back to whence you ca--WHENCE?"

[Laura Leff] Har har

[steve -shimp-] Oh, I haven't laughed this hard in awhile.

[Josef]  Brad

[Brad from Georgia] Dennis: I didn't order pea soup!

[Laura Leff] Oh Rah-chester....

[steve -shimp-]  

[Josef] Yes Bosss

[Laura Leff] (Trying to come up with a Linda Blair line)

[Laura Leff] Oh well, you get the idea

[steve -shimp-] As long as Rochester doesn't pee on the carpet

[bonita] gotta go

User bonita has logged out.

[steve -shimp-] Oh, too much for Bonita. My apologies.

[Brad from Georgia] "Mm-mmh. Mister Benny, if I told you once, I told you a hundred times--you shouldn't tick off Pazuzu."

[Laura Leff] Yes, hope we didn't offend her.

[Josef] yeah me too

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, apparently I work with her husband.

[Laura Leff] Do you work with anyone named Ronnie?

[steve -shimp-] Brad works in the Halls of Ivy

[Brad from Georgia] There are 300 teachers at the school...no Ronnie leaps to mind.

[Laura Leff] Anyone with an English accent?

[Brad from Georgia] Oh, you got me. Only me when I'm in a mood: "'Tis a far, far better thing I do than I have done before...pop quiz!"

[Laura Leff] Any requests for a show for next month?

[Brad from Georgia] May, may, may...hmmm. The merry month of May....How about one set in the May Company?

[Josef] That would be cool

[Laura Leff] The only one that comes to mind is how Jack met Mary

[Laura Leff] Other than Christmas shopping, and I can't recall if they ever specifically name the store

[Brad from Georgia] Isn't there one where Jack is going to buy a coat for a trip to NY?

[steve -shimp-] I don't have a preference for a show

[Laura Leff] Hmmm

[Laura Leff] *Checking quickly*

[Brad from Georgia] "What a great line they give me: Hmmmmm. Everybody else gets jokes, I get Hmmmmm."

[Josef] I remember hearing an episode where Jack goes to NY, the announce and Nelson aren't in LA, but meet him in NY\

[Laura Leff] Jack goes to the May Company in the "It's a Wonderful Life" takeoff

[Brad from Georgia] That'd do it for me.

[Josef] Love the "such a long line for such a little laugh?"

[Laura Leff] Actually, I think I've got one...

[Brad from Georgia] You go, girl!

[Laura Leff] Jack dreams he's married to Mary

[Brad from Georgia] Cool beans.

[Laura Leff] 10/15/50

[Laura Leff] That work?

[Josef] They did a radio version of that?

[Laura Leff] Yup

[Brad from Georgia] Works for me!

[Josef] Sure works for me. I've never seen it!

[Laura Leff] With Joan and all

[steve -shimp-] Oh, fun show.

[Laura Leff] Josef - You wouldn't...it was on radio.  

[Josef] Oh yeah, Laura, that was a faux pax

[Laura Leff] That's OK...I'm teasing you.

[Laura Leff] OK, sounds good.

[Brad from Georgia] BTW, I'll tel everyone when the audio play I'm in is available as a podcast from audible.com.

[Josef] I've seen the TV version, but didn't know they had a radio version

[Laura Leff] Great! Good chat, folks.

[steve -shimp-] what's the play Brad?

[Brad from Georgia] "Dancer in the Dark," a Lovecraftian horror piece by my old friend, the late Thomas E. Fuller (who cowrote the Wishbone books with me).

[Brad from Georgia] Actually, it's very tongue-in-cheek...more humor than horror.

[Josef] will have to look it up

[steve -shimp-] Sounds like fun Brad

[Laura Leff] Is that like Black Swan?

[Brad from Georgia] The director actually advised me on one line, "Try to channel Jack Benny for this one. It's that kind of exasperated reaction."

[Laura Leff] Did he know your Benny connection?

[Brad from Georgia] LL--He knows I'm working on the Eddie Carroll book. And when my cell phone rings, it's Jack playing "Love in Bloom," so I guess, yeah.

[Laura Leff] OK, doesn't take a rocket scientist.

[Laura Leff] Thanks for stopping, folks...have a great April, and I'll talk with you next month!

[steve -shimp-] OK everyone, great chatting, looking forward to next month!

[steve -shimp-] Bye

[Josef] Same here steve, see you next month!