IJBFC Chat - October 3, 2010

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[Brad from Georgia] New Hampshire is at the peak, I heard on the weather channel. What have you got against a pumpkin patch, Steve? And why hit it with your nephew instead of a ball bat?

[KayLhota] hi Laura

[ed] hi LL

[Laura Leff] Hi folks!

[Steve -shimp-] Hi Laura

[Brad from Georgia] Now LL will think I'm crazy....

[Laura Leff] Brad - I was kind of thinking that

[Steve -shimp-] It's a new discipline technique

[Laura Leff] But that's not new

[Laura Leff] Or maybe it's just the new music...Smashing Pumpkins

[Steve -shimp-] Uncles get to try the -creative- parenting. No consequences.

[Laura Leff] Kind of an early peak, isn't it?

[KayLhota] not really, laura.

[Brad from Georgia] Last time we took our kids to a punkin patch, our son--then in high school--wandered off and started juggling a bunch of small "pumpkins" (really gourds) and collecting money for his act. The owners asked us to control him....

[Laura Leff] I'm not kid-oriented. There are many kids I would have liked to hit with a pumpkin.

[KayLhota] northern New England peaks usually by the 1st week of October

[KayLhota] and by Columbus Day weekend, Mass gets colorful

[ed] at least the bugs are pretty much gone here

[Laura Leff] Kay - Ah...I think of Boston as peaking around Columbus Day. Which I know is only a week away, but a couple weeks into October.

[Laura Leff] OK, then (in the words of Jack) I *was* right!

[Brad from Georgia] Why don't the gals in New England sunbathe in the fall? 'Cause the leaves PEAK! Oh, Brad, you know how to bring a touch of color to the show!

[KayLhota] I would agree with you, Laura

[Steve -shimp-] -rimshot-

[ed] oooooh brad

[Laura Leff] GROAN

[Steve -shimp-] Brad's channeling Phil Harris

[KayLhota] Good one, Brad

[Brad from Georgia] I stole the joke from Phil.....

[KayLhota] I should say so!

[Laura Leff] What is it...the iceberg peaks and sees the salad dressing...

[KayLhota] I could just hear his har hars in my head

[Brad from Georgia] I've heard Phil tell the joke in three different variants so far.

[ed] LL ouch

[Laura Leff] Cause it's too flippin' cold

[Laura Leff] So...

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Thanks to Vol. 2 I found out that Will Wright played the Scots department-store clerk in tonight's episode.

[Laura Leff] How's everyone doing tonight (wink to Steve)?

[ed] fine i hope

[Laura Leff] Brad - Will did a lot of things on the show! Very unsung.

[Steve -shimp-] Doing well

[Brad from Georgia] I've given my midterms already, so not too shabby. Actual midterm will be next Friday.

[KayLhota] I only got to hear the beginning.

[Laura Leff] Steve is now helping me anchor the left coast.

[Laura Leff] Kay - I heard about half.

[Brad from Georgia] Will is one of those actors like Burt Mustin who never seems to have been young...

[Brad from Georgia] And he usually was a curmudgeon, as he was in a recurring role on the Andy Griffith show.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Funny you mention him, because Burt Mustin played Ed the vault guard on some Benny TV shows

[KayLhota] I tried to listen to it before the chat, and got sidelined by a phone call


[ed] ag*

[Laura Leff] ?

[KayLhota] I just tried to listen during the chat and my son turned up "The Simpsons" on TV

[Steve -shimp-] ed's choking!

[Laura Leff] The Ag Show...as in Agriculture?

[Steve -shimp-] heimlich maneuver, someone...!

[Brad from Georgia] Yep. I remember Bert Mustin most strongly as the fireman on "Leave it to Beaver" and in a bit part in "Cat Ballou."

[Laura Leff] The show I used to hear in the morning in Indiana when I came home from running the overnight shift on radio?

[ed] i've been "type" cast

[Steve -shimp-] for awhile TVLand had a bumper with a "Burt Mustin" song... "Hey do you know Burt Mustin..."

[Steve -shimp-] it was great

[KayLhota] oh that's brilliant

[Steve -shimp-] I wonder if it's on youtube.

[Laura Leff] The Ag Show...the kind of thing that would run the frost-freeze reports that inspired Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga for George Balzer.

[Brad from Georgia] Will Wright's another of those instantly recognizable character actors whose name most people don't know.

[Laura Leff] And he's even called "Mr. Wright" in the IRS men episodes.

[Laura Leff] Of course, Joe Kearns is also called "Mr. Kearns".

[Brad from Georgia] Yep. I thought he did a brilliant Scotsman.

[Laura Leff] Jack liked really versatile actors like that

[Laura Leff] Kind of the later incarnations of Blanche Stewart

[Brad from Georgia] Such a great gag--Jack runs into someone who doesn't despise or belittle him for his penurious ways, but welcomes and admires him for that very quality!

[Laura Leff] or Benny Rubin

[ed] did burt mustin get started in acting late in life

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, I think Burt was in his fifties or so when he first started acting.

[Laura Leff] I'll check it on IMDB...BRB

[Brad from Georgia] He worked in radio (KDKA) first, but made his first film at the age of 67 in 191.

[Laura Leff] Born 1884, first IMDB credit is 1951

[Brad from Georgia] oops. 1951.

[Steve -shimp-] speaking of the ag show, there's one of those "illiterate Phil" gags I love so much where he talks about Fred Waring's five minute radio show and Jack says "that's FROST WARNING!"

[ed] i know the british actor c.aubrey smith got started at age 48

[Laura Leff] He plays a "deaf old man" on the Abbott and Costello show in 1952

[KayLhota] I can remember Elliott Lewis singing the frost warnings on an ep of Phil Harris Alice Faye show

[Laura Leff] I ought to look up Hillane Hill. She's also a prototypical "little old lady" who appears on a lot of Benny shows.

[Brad from Georgia] I liked the Abbott and Costello reference on tonight's show, too, in the Rochester/Jack exchange ("I don't even know who's on first!")

[Laura Leff] Oh funny...Hellane Hill was also in Cat Ballou!

[KayLhota] wow

[Laura Leff] Born 1876, first credit is 1933.

[Laura Leff] Hallene Hill...I'll get it right. Like Gisele MacKenzie and Bea Benaderet

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Yep. Burt Mustin asks Kid Sheleen "Hey, kid, lend me a buck. You remember me, old...uh...." (wanders off). Hellane greets him with "Hiya, honey, howabout a kiss?"

[Laura Leff] Go figure! I haven't seen the movie.

[Brad from Georgia] And I misspelled her, too!

[Laura Leff] Her name is spelled a couple different ways in the Benny credits anyway, so I've got an excuse.

[Brad from Georgia] Same scene. Arthur Hunnicutt (one of my faves) plays the bartender...Butch Cassidy.

[ed] thet used to show cat ballou around on news years eve when i was a child

[Laura Leff] Was Hans Conreid in Cat Ballou?

[Steve -shimp-] the inevitable

[Brad from Georgia] No, he kept his Hans off that one.

[Laura Leff]  

[ed] ha ha

[ed] ouchh

[Brad from Georgia] Dobie Gillis, however, had a major role.

[ed] dwayne hickman

[Laura Leff] And Bob Denver?

[KayLhota] hans was probably in a touring company of a play during "Cat Ballou"

[Laura Leff] Indubitably

[Laura Leff] I hate the editing on tonight's show. *sigh*

[Laura Leff] Sounds almost like a Michelson hack job.

[Brad from Georgia] Dwayne was the uncle. Michael Callan was the love interest. Jane Fonda looked great riding away from the camera on a horse.

[Steve -shimp-] Does a complete version not exist?

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Yes, very ham-handed transitions between the disks.

[Laura Leff] Brad - You ought to see Barbarella.

[Laura Leff] Steve - It probably does, but it sounds like someone was badly editing out the commercials and music for rights issues.

[Brad from Georgia] I have seen Barbarella. Contrary to popular belief, Jane Fonda is never seen completely nude in that movie. So I asked for my money back.

[Laura Leff] Charles Michaelson did a lot of that in the 80s, so that's why I think of that first.

[Steve -shimp-] I just saw a "Modernism" show in Denver and one of the "Miss Modernism" contestants reenacted the opening credits from Barbarella as her talent competition portion.

[Brad from Georgia] I really hate when Dennis's songs are cut.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Really? I could have sworn. Under the opening credits.

[KayLhota] wow, and "Barbarella" was the kind of a movie that I wouldn't mind never seeing again.

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Looks like it, but when you slow it down and watch frame by frame....

[KayLhota] body stocking?

[Laura Leff] Steve - Did she have to take the audience up in a nose-diving plane to simulate the lack of gravity?

[Steve -shimp-] No, she balanced on a table.

[Brad from Georgia] Kay--Not so much as her poses and the animated titles covering her as she spins.

[Laura Leff] Kay - I'll second that emotion. I saw it last New Year's Eve and said, "Now I never have to see it again."

[Steve -shimp-] Aw, I like "Barbarella"

[Laura Leff] A red-blooded American boy.

[Steve -shimp-] It's the kind of movie that could ONLY have been made in the era it was.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Sounds like one of the current commercials for Marriott Residence Inn.

[KayLhota] you can like it. You are allowed to like what you want to.

[Brad from Georgia] The comic version, however, was much more explicit. AnyWAY, I thought Dennis's bit--he came home and his parents had left--was funny.

[Laura Leff] Thanks for getting us back on track, Brad.

[KayLhota] yes, I got to hear that part.

[Laura Leff] This is one of these shows where you can tell it was Hal and Al just recycling bits from old shows.

[KayLhota] I got to hear up to Bob Crosby's not being a drunk and Bing's buying nephew a bank

[Laura Leff] It sounds all stitched together, and it's not just the bad editing.

[Laura Leff] Kay - That's about where I had to stop as well. Now, obviously the Bob Crosby part is new.

[Laura Leff] You can even envision Hal and Al arguing about the fact that they can't recycle Phil's jokes as Bob's, so that becomes the joke in itself.

[Brad from Georgia] During one of my fitness walks last week I listened to Dennis's "farewell" show just before he left for the Navy in WWII. His goodbye to Jack and the gang is very straight, done in a mature voice. And it sounds as if Jack choked up a little.

[Laura Leff] Agreed. I kind of like that.

[KayLhota] yes, I agree with you on the Phil jokes. You can tell that they miss him.

[Brad from Georgia] Bob was a nice guy, but never as funny as Philsey.

[Laura Leff] And Bob has no character at that point. They haven't had to establish anyone's character in a long time.

[Steve -shimp-] On the plus side, Iris Adrian is always welcome in a show to me.

[Laura Leff] I guess Bob never had ANY character.

[Laura Leff] Yeah, Mac.

[Laura Leff] And Iris Adrian *is* kind of cute in real life!

[Steve -shimp-] I just saw her with a big part in a Bob Hope movie - Son of Paleface, I think

[Brad from Georgia] Bob did have his moment with a certain wine....

[Laura Leff] ?

[Steve -shimp-] manischeviivivivivitz

[KayLhota] Bob may have developed had the show lasted longer. I don't know.

[Laura Leff] Oh...was thinking Bob Hope

[Brad from Georgia] Wow, I can't believe it--Grampa Simpson just referenced Ellery Queen.

[KayLhota] I liked the Bogart TV ep where he was disappointed that they had to cut his number

[Laura Leff] I saw on the Forum that 30 Rock showed a picture of Fred Allen...

[KayLhota] but Sarah Berner sang instead

[Laura Leff] Kay - Have you seen the Iris Adrian/Frank Fontaine version of that skit?

[KayLhota] no, I haven't

[ed] he played a cop on that one and sarah was great as well as benny rubin

[Laura Leff] Kay - You should...I think it's actually better.

[Laura Leff] BRB...keep talking

[KayLhota] I wonder which episode had the picture of Fred Allen.

[Brad from Georgia] So I says to Myrt, I says, you can't get the wood any more, and that's why you just can't find them the way you used to...

[Steve -shimp-] which show was it where Iris Adrian and Frank Fontaine did it?

[Steve -shimp-] I mean, the skit .... ahem

[Steve -shimp-]    

User Brad from Georgia has logged out.

User Brad from Georgia has entered this room.

[Brad from Georgia] What happened? Where am I? Who are you?

[Steve -shimp-] I dunno

[Steve -shimp-] Did I stop the chatroom cold with a bad mental image of Iris Adrian and Frank Fontaine?

[Brad from Georgia] Amnesia! It must be contagious!

[KayLhota] not so much as I didn't know what to say

[ed] no

[Laura Leff] I'm back

[KayLhota] hi laura

[Brad from Georgia] Thank heavens!

[Brad from Georgia] Nobody knew what to say.

[Steve -shimp-]  

[Laura Leff] OK...let me get the date on the Adrian/Fontaine show...we put it in the library a few months ago

[KayLhota] yep, and it is unusual for me to be so quiet

[Laura Leff] 3/5/61

[Brad from Georgia] BTW, I just happened across the "Andy Griffith" episode in which Eddie Carroll had a tiny part as an airline ticket clerk.

[Laura Leff] Worth a watch. And especially if you like the John L.C. Silvoney character.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Really! I didn't know that.

[Steve -shimp-] cool

[Laura Leff] Is it online by chance?

[Steve -shimp-] I saw a "Sanford and Son" where Eddie Carroll was a bartender

[ed] brad was that on tv land?

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, it's something like "Aunt Bea Wins a Trip to Mexico." Eddie is very young, of course. He has only a few lines as he gets Aunt Bea and her friends three seats on an airliner.

[Laura Leff] I can just envision it

[ed] darn no cable

[Brad from Georgia] Ed--I think it was on TV Land. I was just flipping channels and saw Eddie in the background and watched that short scene.

[KayLhota] I just got Season 2 of "The Lucy Show" and I can't wait for the next volume where Jack Benny guests as his lookalike

[Laura Leff] Kay - Does that have a pink cover on it?

[KayLhota] purple

[Steve -shimp-] Did Jack only start guesting on the Lucy Show after Milt Josefsberg came on as a writer?

[Laura Leff] Hmm...my copy is loaned out to a friend, but I think that's the set where I got a small deal for the rights to a couple stills from the color specials.

[KayLhota] yes, but at first it was as a man that only looked like Jack Benny

[Steve -shimp-] I haven't seen that episode, sounds like fun.

[Laura Leff] Steve - I just researched when Jack was on the Lucy show for someone else...I'll go grab dates

[Brad from Georgia] Shades of "The Face Is Familiar!"

[Steve -shimp-] I'm pretty sure Kay's in the right ballpark, it would've been 1963ish, the third Lucy Show season?

[Laura Leff] Lucy and the Plumber (9/28/64) Lucy with George Burns (9/12/66) Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Account (10/16/67)

[KayLhota] Sep28 1964 "Lucy and the Plumber"

[Steve -shimp-] OK, '64. Pretty close

[Laura Leff] And for "Here's Lucy": Lucy Visits Jack Benny (9/30/68) Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography (11/23/70)

[Brad from Georgia] So I think I've got it figured out, LL--Quentin was Mary Livingstone.

[Steve -shimp-]  

[Laura Leff] Brad - Ah darn, you blew the secret.

[KayLhota] funny!

[Laura Leff] Quentin was Jack himself. He was multi-personality.

[KayLhota] no wonder he didn't show up for his funeral

[Laura Leff] Joking.

[KayLhota] yeah

[Laura Leff] That's like the old joke about the two farmers watching the funeral procession from their fields.

[Brad from Georgia] Seriously, just out of the blue, when I was listening to the "farewell Dennis" show I thought, "Huh.Dennis couldn't be Quentin...."

[Laura Leff] Zeke says to Clem, "Wasn't he a friend of yers?"

[Laura Leff] Clem says, "Yep."

[Laura Leff] Zeke says, "Why ain't you at his funeral?"

[Laura Leff] Clem says, "Well, he ain't comin' to mine, so I an't goin' to his."

[Steve -shimp-] nice

[KayLhota] okay, that's funny

[Laura Leff] Nope, Dennis isn't Quentin.

[Steve -shimp-] Quentin Crisp was Quentin. But was he THAT Quentin?

[Brad from Georgia] Funeral passes a golf course. One golfer takes off his hat and stands with head bowed as the hearse passes. His friend says, "That was nice of you." He says. "Thanks. We would've been married thirty years next month."

[Laura Leff] Ba-dum-bum

[Laura Leff] A hush falls over the crowd

[KayLhota] anyway, we've been through the Quentin stuff before

[Brad from Georgia] "It's sad he's gone, but that was the kind of funeral he would have loved." "Yes. What's really sad is he just missed it by a few days."

[ed] another rimshot

[KayLhota] and I am not ready to know.

[Brad from Georgia] I've got an idea, but I could be wrong, so I won't say anything about it.

[Laura Leff] So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind?

[Steve -shimp-] Anyway, back on topic with the show - in some ways I can appreciate the 'recycled' gags

[KayLhota] I haven't had a chance to rewatch "Malibu Beach party" to look at the celeb that I missed

[Steve -shimp-] Because they're never -quite- the same

[KayLhota] but, when I can find the tape I will comb through it once again

[Laura Leff] Kay - I was corresponding with our 12-year-old Australia fan about it, which inspired me to rewatch it.

[Steve -shimp-] I like how you can hear the writers massaging the old gags to see if a new twist might work

[Brad from Georgia] Not much, but someone's done a parody of a Garrison Keillor book, "The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten." It's terribly done, and of course I did a Keillor/horror takeoff years ago....

[Laura Leff] Steve - Yes, punching it up.

[Steve -shimp-] like Dennis ordering something dumb at the lunch counter

[Laura Leff] Like the latter-day Al Boasberg.

[KayLhota] the brunette that comes after Don Ameche stumped me 5 years ago.

[Steve -shimp-] the various permutations of that payoff

[Brad from Georgia] Though chicken pot pie a la mode, with pistachio....might not be that bad.

[Laura Leff] Yes...I think Dennis once ordered a hot-fudge sundae with a pickle on it

[Brad from Georgia] Better than some of Don's Jell-O recipes.

[Laura Leff] Pickle-flavored Jell-O

[ed] yuck

[KayLhota] couldn't be worse that watermelon flavored JELL O

[Steve -shimp-] When I was in New Mexico there was a vendor selling pickle flavored snow cones.

[Laura Leff] There's probably a recipe somewhere that calls for molding chopped sweet gherkins in Jell-O...probably lime Jell-O

[Brad from Georgia] I'm appearing at a writers' conference in a couple of weeks and am critiquing some young writers' manuscripts. One of them mentions jello, and I've noted that it's trademarked, so it has to be Jell-O.

[Laura Leff] Brad - I've even got a note that I have to go through and make the spelling consistent in my Volume 3 notes.

[Steve -shimp-] Not only that, you should tell them about all six delicious flavors. Extensive Don Wilson red pen edits to that MS.

[Laura Leff] I wonder how Jell-O chocolate pudding would do with almond milk...?

[Laura Leff] Pop quiz time...

[KayLhota] oh that sounds good!

[Steve -shimp-] Jell-O pudding needs real cow milk to work. Trust me, I've tried otherwise....

[KayLhota] almond milk is deliciious

[Laura Leff] Fred Allen said that when he gets through with Jack, Jell-O will have EIGHT delicious flavors. What were they?

[Brad from Georgia] I got a note once from the Lay's Potato Chip folks because I didn't put the "registered" sign after Lay's....but it was a novel! They did thank me for mentioning their product and sent me a coupon for a bag.

[Brad from Georgia] I can't stand potato chips.

[KayLhota] I don't know, Laura. What are they?

[Laura Leff] No guesses?

[Brad from Georgia] I give up.

[Steve -shimp-] Hmmm, I don't remember that one. But I'm sure with Fred Allen it was witty

[Laura Leff] Wow...you folks give up easy.

[Brad from Georgia] Well, if it ain't black and blue...

[Steve -shimp-] Black and Blue flavors?

[Laura Leff] Strawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange, lemon, lime, and BLACK AND BLUE. BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

[Brad from Georgia] Licorice and blueberries.

[KayLhota] there you are

[Steve -shimp-] They have blue Jell-O now

[Laura Leff] Ding ding ding ding

[Steve -shimp-] Still waiting on Black, I think.

[Brad from Georgia] But them's colors, not flavors.

[Laura Leff] To go with blue M&Ms

[Steve -shimp-] Hematoma Jell-O

[Laura Leff] And blue Jones Soda

[ed] my sister used to hate green m&m's

[Brad from Georgia] Ovid's "Pyramus and Thisbe" says that mullberries used to be white, but now they're red, spotted with black.

[ed] they are the same flavor

[Laura Leff] Ed - Must have been terrible for her at Xmas time

[ed] just high school games

[Laura Leff] Ed - Oh yes...I know what you mean.

[Brad from Georgia] Green M and M's are supposed to be aphrodisiacs.

[Laura Leff] Oh hey...here's some fun.

[Brad from Georgia] You take some oysters and some green M and--okay, let's.

[Laura Leff] Unrelated to Brad's observation

[ed] they grow aphros...

[ed] no wander i'm bald

[Laura Leff] Everyone know what I'm talking about when I say "The Jet Benny Show"?

[KayLhota] no

[Steve -shimp-] Yeeeesssss

[Brad from Georgia] Sounds like an Elton John song.

[ed] ha ha

[Laura Leff] Oh fine...I should just be telling this to Steve...

[Laura Leff] In a nutshell...hopefully a *very small* nutshell...

[Steve -shimp-] It's a shot on 8mm bad, bad parody of Jack Benny (sorta) and Star Wars

[Laura Leff] Like a filbert shell

[Steve -shimp-] released direct to video

[Brad from Georgia] I like pistachios.

[Laura Leff] Yeah, very good summary Steve.

[ed] i like shelled peanuts

[Laura Leff] And it runs something like 2 HOURS!

[KayLhota] I remember "Hardware Wars"

[Brad from Georgia] That's far too long.

[KayLhota] dear lord

[Steve -shimp-] It feels like six

[Laura Leff] I'm glad that I still drank scotch when I saw it years ago.

[KayLhota] it would

[Laura Leff] It took a VERY LARGE quantity of scotch to get through it.

[Brad from Georgia] A parody movie should be no longer than 22 minutes, tops.

[Laura Leff] Kay - You've met Joe Ross...he and I put it on his VHS one time, and after much emphatic yelling and angry gesticulations at the screen, we turned it off after about 10 minutes.

[Steve -shimp-] There's actually a fairly decent article on the making of it online somewhere that made me feel a little more empathetic to it. Not enough to watch it again. I think it's linked on the forum.

[Brad from Georgia] Woody Allen said the ideal length for a comedy was 89 minutes, exactly.

[Laura Leff] Steve - It is? Huh. I should go look for it...because...

[Laura Leff] I've got more information from someone who worked on it.

[Laura Leff] I've just got to work it into an article that protects the innocent.

[Steve -shimp-] Yeah, I know I posted it on the forum somewhere. Don't know if the link is still active. But it was an article about the director of Jet Benny.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Gee...could I ask you to look around for it?

[Steve -shimp-] Made basically as a goof for no money with friends, but he got a video deal on it out of the blue

[Steve -shimp-] Sure.

[Brad from Georgia] I can sort of see Jack as Han Solo and Rochester as Chewbacca.....

[Laura Leff] Steve - Thanks. Want to make sure I'm making use of all the info...I must have missed that one.

[ed] what part does phil play

[Laura Leff] Rochester is an android in this. A little more like C3PO

[Brad from Georgia] "Now, lookit, kid, I've flown across this Galaxy from one end to the other...you see...and I've NEVER seen the force."

[Laura Leff] No Phil

[Brad from Georgia] But Ed the guard would make a dandy Obi-Wan.

[Laura Leff] Jack, Rochester, a girl (not really Mary), and a handful of other characters that are more Star Wars than Jack.

[Brad from Georgia] And Jabba the Don....

[Laura Leff] Brad - What an interesting idea. I never thought of that.

[Brad from Georgia] And Dennis would be Luke.

[Laura Leff] Who would be Yoda? Mel Blanc?

[Laura Leff] Or Frank Nelson?

[Brad from Georgia] Yoda would be Mel. As a Mexican....

[ed] he was on buck rogers

[Laura Leff] (Hearing it in Frank Nelson's voice) Either do or do not...there is no try!

[Brad from Georgia] Frank Nelson would be a great Darth Vader....

[Laura Leff] OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo would he!

[KayLhota] certainly a cheery one!

[Laura Leff] Fred Allen - better Darth Vader

[Brad from Georgia] I'd see Fred as the Grand Moff Tarkin.

[Laura Leff] Actually, I'd like Sam Hearn as Schlepperman as Obi-Wan.

[Laura Leff] Hallo Strenger!

[Steve -shimp-] Laura: http://www.stomptokyo.co иии ng4.html

[Steve -shimp-] That's the Jet Benny Show "making of" story

[Laura Leff] Steve - Thanks...will check it out after the chat.

[ed] may the force be with you...hmmm

[Brad from Georgia] Hey, Laura--for next month or sometime--maybe the show in which Ed gets out for a while? It has the strangest feeling at the ending.

[Brad from Georgia] I guess next month should be a Thanksgiving show, in honor of the season.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Oh yes...I almost cried at the end of it. It's downright poignant.

[Brad from Georgia] It's really a touching show. Odd how such familiar characters can suddenly seem so "real."

[Laura Leff] OK...we always do a seasonal show around this time of year, so let's pull that one.

[Laura Leff] And you feel so sorry for how being down in the vault all this time has made him so quiet and innocent.

[Laura Leff] It's almost like in "Harvey", that you don't want to mess with his illusions in the end.

[ed] joseph kearns always played so well

[Laura Leff] Will Wright did almost that exact script on the television version.

[KayLhota] I almost wish I could see "Dennis the Mennis" to see more of his work'

[Laura Leff] Er...not Will Wright. Burt Mustin.

[Laura Leff] So let's see...we've got our show for next month...anything else, or should we call it good?

[ed] he was not as good and didnot look like mr wilson as gale gordon did

[Brad from Georgia] Good old Burt.

[Brad from Georgia] ed--Joe Kearns?

[ed] though he played a different mr wilson

[ed] yes brad

[KayLhota] we can call it, I guess. Laura, I'll give the cartoon another look, and see if I can identify everybody.

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, he was the original Mr. Wilson.

[Laura Leff] Kay - OK, thanks. It was only that one that I noticed.

[Laura Leff] Mr. Wilson - Doctor Who

[Laura Leff] Same part, multiple actors

[Laura Leff] Life of Riley...

[Brad from Georgia] I'll take a look at the cartoon, too, though I'm not great at recognizing the caricatures. Goodnight, all!

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[KayLhota] goodnight my friends

[Laura Leff] OK, thanks for stopping folks!

[Steve -shimp-] OK folks - great chatting! Till next month!

[Laura Leff] See you in November.

[KayLhota] you bet, laura

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[ed] laura that girl who wrote that article for last months chat from australia has joined my old radio show club here

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[Laura Leff] Ed - Wonderful!