IJBFC Chat - September 9, 2007

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[Maxwell] Hey Laura!

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, Laura!

[Laura Leff] Hi folks!

[krledu] Hi

[Scott in KC] Shalom, Laura!

[Laura Leff] I see we have a few teachers in the house tonight

[Laura Leff] Shalom, Scott!

[Maxwell] At least three that I know of.

[Laura Leff] Thanks again for the DVD loan

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, we know that "Jubilee" spelled backwards is "Eelibuj."

[Scott in KC] My pleasure, Laura. What was your fav?

[Laura Leff] Something I hadn't thought of before he mentioned it

[Laura Leff] Scott - Actually, I'd seen most of them before. So I just grabbed the ones we needed.

[Laura Leff] I've got a stack of betas on loan to me and just figured out what I need to copy off of them

User Steve *shimp* has entered this room.

[Laura Leff] I'm delighted to see the video collection getting more and more filled in.

[Maxwell] Hey Steve!

[Teacherman] Laura, it's awesome to meet someone that is so close to the Benny world! My family and I are long time Benny fans!

[Laura Leff] Hi Steve!

[Brad from Georgia] Shimp! The Shipster! Shimporino!

[Steve *shimp*] Hi All, sorry to be late to the party

[Scott in KC] Brad, did you hear about the dyslestic agnostic? (My spelling might be off.) He wondered about the existance of Dog.

[Maxwell] That's okay...LL just got here, too.

[Steve *shimp*]   Scott

[Brad from Georgia]  


[Steve *shimp*] That's ruff.

[Scott in KC] That's an OLD one!

[Maxwell] You're tellign me. I've been using it for years.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - Hey, my pleasure.

[Brad from Georgia] My wife's a member of DAM--Mothers Against Dyslexia.

[Teacherman] Dyslexics of the world, UNTIE!

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - As have I

[Steve *shimp*] Ah, the chat's just what I need. I am already goofy from half a carafe of Chianti in me.

[Maxwell] And I got it from Bob Collins (WGN DJ) who has been dead for 5 years.

[Brad from Georgia] My brother's a Unitarian. He married a Jehovah's Witness. Their son rings doorbells for no reason.

[Steve *shimp*]  

[Laura Leff] I always heard it as the dyslexic agnostic insomniac who stayed up all night wondering about the existence of Dog.

[Scott in KC] I belong to JBAA. I am hooked on Benny now that my MP3CD player is working again.

[Teacherman] JBAA?

[Steve *shimp*] What's JBAA?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - And he's still telling jokes?

[Laura Leff] JBAA the Hut?

[Scott in KC] I mean JBA.

[Steve *shimp*] Still needs some clarification.


[Teacherman] Ok, JBA?

[Brad from Georgia] Jack Benny Anonymous?

[Maxwell] LL As Bugs Bunny might say, "Amazing, Isn't It?" (or at least he'd hold up a sign saying that).

[Scott in KC] Yes, Brad. ^5

[Brad from Georgia] Gee, I never won anything before.

[Maxwell] I'd be a card carrying member of the IJBFC, but we don't have cards.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - Is this your first time here?

[Steve *shimp*] Poor Teacherman.

[Teacherman] Yes it is!

[Steve *shimp*] We're usually this random!

[Brad from Georgia] And Kristin's too.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - Well, welcome in!

[Teacherman] Did I just fall for the JBA joke?


[Scott in KC] Welcome Teacherman. Where is home?

[krledu] Thanks

[Teacherman] Thanks!

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - I did too...

[Teacherman] Near Nashville TN

[Laura Leff] Brad and Maxwell are Teachermen too

[Maxwell] Yup.

[Steve *shimp*] I'm a part-time teacherman.

[Maxwell] 3.5 teachermen present and accounted for!

[Laura Leff] Steve - Oh yes, of course. Thanks!

[Steve *shimp*] Where near Nashville TM? I have great friends that work at the Hermitage.

[Teacherman] I'm a part time teacherman and full time high school babysitter... or something like that!

[Brad from Georgia] My wife and I stayed in Nashville 'bout this time last year, attending a Mystery Writers of America meeting.

[Maxwell] Kristin, where are you now that you've abandoned Chicago?

[Teacherman] I'm about 40 minutes south of Nashville, in Columbia

[Steve *shimp*] Ah, OK.

[Laura Leff] Kristin?

[krledu] I am in Bedford, IN an hour south of Indy

[Steve *shimp*] Phil Harris territory!

[Maxwell] There's something between Naptown and Evansville? Wow!

[Steve *shimp*] Is that close to Linton?

[Laura Leff] Kredlu - Not terribly far from...

[Laura Leff] Linton (thanks)

[Scott in KC] Teacher, I have friends in Clarksville. I teach, too, Special Ed. I might be returning to case management. No word yet from SF, Laura.    

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Not much

[krledu] Have no clue where that is, but I don't know where much of anything is around here yeet

[Laura Leff] Scott - Sounded like you had some bigger fish to fry anyway   

[Laura Leff] Krledu - That's OK...you're not missing much.

[Scott in KC] ^5 Laura.

[Maxwell] Kristin, You'll find that there isn't muich of anything around there.

[Laura Leff] There's Indy

[Laura Leff] But that's about it

[Steve *shimp*] There's corn. and Stuckey's

[krledu] Where there is not much of anything around here either

[Laura Leff] Ah right, Stuckey's

[krledu] Its corn and tractor pulls

[Brad from Georgia] Corn and Stuckeys? Who could ask for anything more?

[Maxwell] Good old Stuckey's.

[Maxwell] I want a pecan log roll!

[Steve *shimp*] If you haven't been to a tractor pull, I would recommend it!

[Laura Leff] <- Spent six years in Fort Wayne one night

[krledu] Oh brother

[Scott in KC] Does that business still exist?

[Maxwell] Do they have corn mazes there?

[Laura Leff] How about the Corn Palace?

[Steve *shimp*] That's in South Dakota LL

[Laura Leff] Phil Harris *would* come from somewhere with a lot of corn

[Maxwell] Stuckeys? Yeah, the family bought it back from whoever they'd sold it to.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Yeah, I thought that was elsewhere.

[Brad from Georgia] The Native Americans used to call corn mazes "maize cornies."

[Steve *shimp*] Fermented form!

[Steve *shimp*] Fermented corn!

[Steve *shimp*] LOL, the chianti.

[Laura Leff] Say, anything about Jubilee?

[Maxwell] Corn in fermented form.

[krledu] I had never heard Jubilee before this

[Laura Leff] That would be "corm"

[Steve *shimp*] Jubilee spelled backward is eelibuj!

[krledu] Very different

[Steve *shimp*] And you thought ythapmys was hard.

[Maxwell] I liked Tiny Bradshaw's band.

[Brad from Georgia] Well, the Jubilee was a new one on me. Learned it was only for Armed Forces Radio, though.

[Teacherman] Yes, I tried to look up "Jubiliee" in my books and found nothing.

[krledu] Laura where was it broadcast from?

[Steve *shimp*] I have mp3 CDs of this. The music is fantastic, but I wish it were in higher quality, as with most OTR music shows.

[Teacherman] Rare show?

[Maxwell] Some of the arranging reminded me of the early Herman herds and the Gillespie big band.

[Brad from Georgia] Music was fun. Haven't heard "Do Nothing 'Til You Hear from Me" for years. I do have a "Hollywood Legends and Songwriters" album that has a very similar performance from Jack on it.

[Steve *shimp*] Jack seems like he is having fun. There's one Jubilee with both him and Roch that is a lot of fun.

[Scott in KC] <<< Singing "That's What I Like About the South"

[Brad from Georgia] I'll bet! Roch always got a HUGE reaction from servicemen.

[Teacherman] I was a little amused to hear the version of "T for Two" on Jubilee...

[Steve *shimp*] Oh, the best. And, he steals the show as usual.

[krledu] He has such a stage presence for lack of a better phrase

[Teacherman] The song seemed "uncool" for that particular show


[Laura Leff] The source is AFRS, but that's all I know.

[Laura Leff] Maybe a V-Disc

[Brad from Georgia] Well, "Ida" was kind of an old standard....

[krledu] What's a v-disc?

[Brad from Georgia] Victory Disk!

[Maxwell] LL I think they transcribed them and shipped the discs to AFRS stations.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - There were three basic songs that Jack used when he needed to sound reasonably good

[Laura Leff] Ida was one of them

[krledu] What where the other 3?

[Brad from Georgia] I associate "Ida" with Eddie Cantor.

[Steve *shimp*] Me too, Brad.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Right. That's why it's so hard to figure broadcast dates for these, because they got shipped around and broadcast at different times.

[Scott in KC] I heard the medium for V Discs was different since they had to ration gas products.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Ida, My Honey's Lovin Arms, and Sweet Georgia Brown

[Teacherman] Was the emcee a black performer or what it a white man using a black dialect as in Amos and Andy?

[Maxwell] V Discs were vinyl, iirc.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I think you're right. I have a few but haven't looked at them in a while.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - I took it for granted that he was black.

[Steve *shimp*] Definitely African-American.

[Maxwell] Teacherman, the entire cast was black with the exception of an occasional white guest.

[Maxwell] (I've heard a few of these in the past.)

[krledu] was that unusual for that day and age?

[Laura Leff] krledu - Definitely

[Teacherman] Ah... I thought the voice sounded a little like an imitation of black dialect... of course, it's not like I'm an expert!

[Brad from Georgia] Kristin--yes, pretty unusual. Remember that in WWII the Armed Forces were still segregated, though.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - Well, it's interesting to hear the audition tapes for the Rochester show.

[Teacherman] I believe that all black casts were very unusual

[Maxwell] Well, the army was segregated in those days, so it stands to reason that they'd have a show for the black troops.

[Maxwell] Brad, beat me to it.

[Brad from Georgia] Sort of makes sense to .... well, what Maxwell said!

[Laura Leff] You hear the performers announce themselves, and they're "straight". Then they start to put on the dialect for the read.

[Scott in KC] Teacherman, I have a Black friend who failed Oprah's Erbomics Quiz.

[krledu] I always wondered what it was like for black performers like Roch

[Brad from Georgia] The dialect is pretty obviously scripted for Jack, at least!

[Teacherman] Auditions? The Rochester Show? Really? What's that?

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Limited opportunities

[Steve *shimp*] It's interesting, LL, it was part of the "show". Jack's attempt at hep talk reminds me of him trying to be "cool" with young music acts in the sixties.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - We have it in our audio library...a couple CDs of superare (or formerly superare) stuff.

[Maxwell] Steve Me too.

[Laura Leff] Steve - you know, I was thinking of that as well

[krledu] I think a Rochester show would have been interesting

[Laura Leff] He's trying to do it more than make fun of it, though

[Steve *shimp*] So, Jack was always "square" but in a good way.

[Brad from Georgia] Kristin--It's odd--many of the African-American entertainers who carved out a career in the forties and fifties later were frowned upon for "selling out," though they paved the way

[Brad from Georgia] for later performers.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - It's not quite as good as the concept, unfortunately.

[Maxwell] Brad Louis Armstrong comes to mind...and that was SO unfair.

[Laura Leff] I liked the fact that Halle Berry recognized Hattie McDaniel when she won the Oscar

[Steve *shimp*] They really should've gone with that show concept with Roch and the taco-shooting laser-guided robots.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I second that opinion

[krledu] But Jack was pretty fair minded wasn't he?

[Brad from Georgia] I still have to live down the fact that Hattie McDaniel couldn't stay in an Atlanta hotel for the premier of "Gone With the Wind."

[Laura Leff] Steve - Nooo....NOOOOOO....*curling up in fetal position*

[Steve *shimp*] (Later recycled as the JET BENNY SHOW)

[Laura Leff] Krledu - About his performers you mean?

[Scott in KC] Could Rochester could have joined forces with Buelah (spelling?)


[Steve *shimp*]  

[krledu] Yea, i mean he treated Roch the same as any other cast member

[Laura Leff] Brad - There should be a statute of limitations

[Teacherman] Jack was very enlightened according to the books about him

[Brad from Georgia] Jack was really pretty enlightened. Roch's first appearances were stereotyped, but Jack saw to it that he was given more and more dignity as the show went on. And he always got the laughs!

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Absolutely

[Maxwell] Brad, there are all kinds of stories...big bands that couldn't stay in the hotels they played in, ball players in the early Jackie Robinson era who had to board in black boarding houses instead of rooming in the hotels with the team....

[Laura Leff] Duke Ellington rented a rail car for his orchestra, IIRC

[Maxwell] Beulah (at least on the radio) was a white man.

[krledu] I just remember reading then later seeing the story of Dorthy Danridge

[Brad from Georgia] There's a well-known story that Jack and crew were staying in a hotel; the management told Jack that "Rochester can't stay here, of course." Jack thanked them...and the whole group left for another hotel.

[Teacherman] In the books I've read, there are several stories of Jack leaving very nice hotels when Rochester was not welcome

[krledu] I remember that story

[Teacherman] Yes!

[Laura Leff] Brad - That's right

[Laura Leff] And the stories of Jack talking with servicemen about Rochester

[Teacherman] 44 guests left the next day - along with Eddie

[Brad from Georgia] Not to say that Jack didn't get angry with Roch now and then...mainly because Eddie was chronically late for rehearsal!

[Maxwell] Or lost at sea.

[krledu] There is another story about how Jack set a white man straight when he was complaining about Rochester

[Steve *shimp*] The man had things to do...

[Scott in KC] Jesse Owens had to use a freight elevator in the Waldorf Astoria en route to get an award there.

[Laura Leff] There's a fantastic speech that Jack did a couple of times on the show about fighting racism after WWII. Sometimes I put it up on MLK's birthday

[Teacherman] A server wouldn't work a table in an upscale restaurant because Eddie was there, until he recognized Jack

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Remind me of that one

[Maxwell] Please do it in 2008, LL.

[Brad from Georgia] Yes! Right at the end of WWII, right, LL?

[Steve *shimp*] It's a very moving part of the Benny show history.

[Teacherman] Then Jack said to forget it and left, taking everyone with him

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I'll try to remember.

[Laura Leff] Brad - That's it.

[Scott in KC] I just heard the show with Joe Lewis and Jack.

[Maxwell] Do like I do. Make a note...and then lose the note.

[Brad from Georgia] Write a note to tell you where the note is....

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - That's SOP

[Maxwell] It's a great system, isn't it?

[Laura Leff] Works for me

[krledu] If I can';t remember the whole thing I just remember reading it in one of the biograohies I read

[Brad from Georgia] LL--which show's gonna be recreated at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Nov?

[Laura Leff] Brad - They've been tossing around several ideas, and I've sent them several scripts

[Maxwell] Hopefully one with the Sportsmen Quartette!

[Steve *shimp*] Hmmmmm!

[krledu] Where is the Sportsmen Lodge?

[Laura Leff] Because the guy doing Don is supposedly very good, they wanted a show where Don had a--ahem--bigger part

[Maxwell] Steve, I heard that in my head just before you posted it.

[Laura Leff] So I recommended the one of how Jack found Don.

[Brad from Georgia] I'd love to be able to come! 'Course we'd have to fly out on Fri. and fly back no later than Sun. Long way for a thirty-minute show!

[Steve *shimp*] Darn schizophrenia.

[Teacherman] Didn't Jack do a movie premier in Harlem because Rochester was in it?

[Brad from Georgia] Chuck McCann, right?

[Laura Leff] Brad - And a panel...don't forget the panel

[Brad from Georgia] Teacherman--yes, "Buck Benny Rides Again."

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - I think you're right, but I'm trying to remember which it was

[Brad from Georgia] Chuck McCann used to do Hardy of Laurel and Hardy occasionally.

[Laura Leff] Brad - That's it.

[Maxwell] Brad beat you to it. He's quick!


[Laura Leff] Brad - Good job, Brad!

[Brad from Georgia] Also did some cartoon voices back in the sixties.

[Maxwell] And was the guy on the other side of the medicine chest in the Right Guard ad.

[Laura Leff] Oh, who recommended "The Loved One" to me last time?

[Teacherman] I'm so happy that I know a little bit so I can actually talk here!    

[Maxwell] That was me. *duck*

[Brad from Georgia] We had brunch with Eddie and Carolyn in the Sportsmen's Lodge. Man, I'd love to be there in Nov.!

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - Oh heck, we welcome all.

[Maxwell] Wudja think of it?

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - Enthusiasm is all that counts.

[krledu] Where is the sportsman lodge???

[Steve *shimp*] What's "The Loved One"?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - We just finished it last night. Good recommendation. Definitely surreal humor.

[Teacherman] Enthusiasm I have

[Scott in KC] Max, you brought back a lot of memories with that Right Guard ad. Thanks! ^5

[Laura Leff] Dan dubbed it "wildly entertaining".

[Laura Leff] Thanks!

[Laura Leff] Krledu - LA

[Maxwell] LL Glad you liked it. It's not everybody's cup of tea.

[Brad from Georgia] Kristin--Sportsmen's Lodge is near Studio City, a portion of the LA sprawl.

[krledu] Thanks

[Brad from Georgia] Closest airport would be Burbank.

[Laura Leff] Scott - Smellovision?

[krledu] Man, would i love to go to that

[Maxwell] Interesting cast, wasn't it?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Understood. It's pretty edgy in spots even today.

[Brad from Georgia] Elmer Fudd voice: "Smewwovision wepwaces tewovision?"

[Laura Leff] But I was ahead of it when I knew the women were going to start jumping out of the coffins.

[Maxwell] Did you recognize Paul Williams?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I didn't recognize him until watching the special features!

[Scott in KC]   Laura. Laura, if I recall, there was a Colgate ad that was similar, but not sure.

[Maxwell] He was a little young then.

[Brad from Georgia] Let's see... that's the one with "Mr. Joyboy," right?

[Maxwell] Brad, Yup.

[Laura Leff] Brad - That's it

[Brad from Georgia] Saw that when I was in college!

[Laura Leff] I also knew Arthur was going to be a dog

[Maxwell] Mama's little Joyboy has piggy, piggy...

[Maxwell] Brad, same here.

[Laura Leff] Gosh, that eating sequence immediately made me think of Tom Jones. Then I found out it was the same director.

[Laura Leff] And we'd just watched "Medium Cool" which was done by the same director of photography

[Maxwell] LL You know I'd never thought of that!

[Brad from Georgia] Oh, Linda--the Sportsmen's Lodge is frequented by a lot of old-time Western actors, too. Cool little place!

[Laura Leff] Sorry to move away from JB...my bad...

[Brad from Georgia] LL--the eating sequence reminds a lot of people of Tom Jones. It's not unusual....

[Laura Leff] Maybe I'll see Rodney Dangerfield there!

[Maxwell] Brad...bad.

[Scott in KC]   Brad.

[krledu] Is the Sportsmen named after the quartet or something else?

[krledu] Lodge i mean

[Brad from Georgia] Brad...GOOOOD, according to Boris Karloff.

[Laura Leff] Brad -    I didn't get that until the reactions

[Scott in KC] Brad, keep in mind about Laura: She's a Lady.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - I think it's more about sporting

[krledu] i c

[Laura Leff] Scott: Why thanks, dude.

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, kind of an outdoorsy motif. Good place for breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

[Laura Leff] I once found myself in a hotel with a convention of barbershop quartets (not intentionally)

[Scott in KC] No prob, Dudedad.

[krledu] That must have been interesting

[Laura Leff] So I excitedly asked someone if the Sportsmen were there. They had no idea who I meant.

[Laura Leff] I may as well have been around a convention of drunken sailors.

[Brad from Georgia] "Lyda Rose, oh, Lyda Rose...."

[Scott in KC] Laura, did they know about The Buffalo Bills (from "The Music Man")?

[Brad from Georgia] "What shall we do with a drunken Sportsman?"

[Laura Leff] Scott - I didn't ask about them, but I do have some of their records

[Steve *shimp*] How did the sportsmen get their name anyway?

[Brad from Georgia] "Cram Luckies in his mouth until he's sober..."

[Laura Leff] Steve - Oo...that's one for the Sportsmen expert on the Forum

[krledu] They were already a group before they got on JB show

[Scott in KC] I saw them, wow, 45 years ago at Stephens College in Columbia, MO.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Right. Mahlon Merrick found them.

[Steve *shimp*] I'll make a note to make a post.

[Laura Leff] I may have the answer on my Thurl Ravenscroft interview, but I don't remember it.

[Brad from Georgia] Tony the Tiger used to be their bass singer.

[krledu] Speaking of Mahlon Merrick, I have a question about him

[Maxwell] Before he sang You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - OK, shoot.

[krledu] Did he really lead the bands instead of Phil Harris on later shows?

[Laura Leff] Krledu - On the early shows as well. He was doing that by the late 30s.

[Steve *shimp*] Great issue of the Times, LL, speaking of interviews. Ray Erlenborn sounds like he was a real gentleman.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Thanks! Ray was absolutely great. And I stumbled across his show in the betas I was reviewing last night.

[Brad from Georgia] It wasn't unusual for a personality to "front" a band that actually was led by someone more musically adept.

[Steve *shimp*] With the toupee gag?

[Laura Leff] Dan heard me exclaim, "Ray!!!!" and thought I was talking about something else.

[Laura Leff] Steve - That's it.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Even Tom Jones

[Steve *shimp*] I'd love to see that. Sounds like classic Benny.

[Maxwell] Brad for example Bob Crosby's band was a co-op unit, the president was Gil Rodin.

[krledu] But Phil did have his own band right?

[Laura Leff] Steve - It's in the video library

[Maxwell] Kristin, Yes he did.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Oh yes, they played the gigs he mentioned.

[Steve *shimp*] Aha, guess I need to send you some DVDs!   

[Laura Leff] IIRC, Frankie Remley was with him before they went to the Benny show.

[krledu] Wow thats such a dissapointment to me, I always thought Phil led the band.

[Scott in KC] Did Phil's back him up when he sang "The Thing"?

[Laura Leff] Steve - Hey...seemed to make sense.


[Scott in KC] {hil's band*

[Scott in KC] Phil's*

[Laura Leff] Krledu - If it makes you feel better, Phil mimed leading the band during actual air time.

[Brad from Georgia] Phil certainly PERORMED with the band on radio, the Wiltshire Bowl, etc.

[krledu] sniff sniff ok i feel better now

[Laura Leff] Scott - Hmmm...that was later, so not sure.

[Brad from Georgia] And Phil had some hit recordings with them!

[Laura Leff] There was a cool story about That's What I Like About the South and how it came about

[Steve *shimp*] Putting on Phil's records always makes me laugh. Sure cure for the blues.

[krledu] whats that Laura?

[Laura Leff] And you can do that on YouTube even

[Laura Leff] Krledu - That Phil noticed that people looked very awkward between songs, stopped dancing, didn't know what to do.

[Laura Leff] So they created this bridge music so that the music never stopped

[Scott in KC] Steve..."The Bear Necessities"?

[Laura Leff] And the musicians started writing dirty lyrics to it

[Laura Leff] And sort of singing to themselves

[Laura Leff] Then dancers noticed this and started getting close to the stage to hear what they were singings

[Laura Leff] singing

[Steve *shimp*] Well, that one Scott, but Phil's album "That's What I like about the South" is such fun...

[Laura Leff] And they decided that they'd better write some clean lyrics to it

[Laura Leff] And thus the song was born

[krledu] Thats a great story

[Scott in KC] Steve, is it on CD?

[Laura Leff] Phil told it to me hisself

[Steve *shimp*] I dunno, box back coats and button shoes are kinda kinky.

[krledu] Love that song

[krledu] All 50 verses

[Laura Leff] Steve - Depends on what you're into, I guess

[Steve *shimp*] Don't think so Scott.

[Laura Leff] A lot you can do with ham hocks and turnip greens

[Maxwell] I want to be buried in a box back coat and a stetson hat.

[Brad from Georgia] Oh, BTW, I HIGHLY recommend the DVD of "Charley's Aunt." Very funny movie, with Jack in drag most of the time! Reminiscent, somehow, of P.G. Wodehouse.

[Steve *shimp*] Olive Oyle had some FINE button shoes...

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - With a $20 gold piece on your watch chain?

[Maxwell] Yup, so the boys'll know I died standin' pat.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Have you heard the commentary yet?

[Brad from Georgia] LL-No, school interfered.

[Scott in KC] Steve, Olive Oyl was annorexic. My bad.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Randy mentions us somewhere.

[Brad from Georgia] Actually, I've heard some of the commentary--it didn't jibe with the movie, but, yes, I was going to say IJBFC got a great plug!

[Laura Leff] I got the DVD, but haven't heard it yet.

[Steve *shimp*] Why didn't it jibe with the movie? That's bizarre.

[Laura Leff] Fantastic! What did he say?

[Maxwell] Hopefully that the dues are reasonable.

[Brad from Georgia] LL--he said that a source for many of the Benny stories was...you! And plugged the fan club. He mostly talked about the movie personalities, not the script or plot.

[Laura Leff] Oh cool...how about that!

[Maxwell] Excellent!

[Laura Leff] I should start makin' stuff up.

[Laura Leff] Did you know that Jack and Ava Gardener went on a bender...

[Laura Leff] shot out a bunch of store windows

[Laura Leff] because Jack wouldn't leave Mary

[Laura Leff] and Ava wouldn't leave Frank

[Laura Leff] or something like that

[Steve *shimp*] SHOT OUT STORE WINDOWS???


[Steve *shimp*] Jack had a gun?

[Laura Leff] From the Buck Benny days

[Brad from Georgia] Speakin' o plugs...if anybody likes the British fantasy writer Terry Pratchett, the Atlanta Radio Theatre has a podcast of a "Guards! Guards!" adaptation on which I personally emote my lil' ole heart out. It's at www.artcpodcast.org

[Steve *shimp*] I can't imagine that at all.

[Laura Leff] Terry Pratchett is a huge Benny fan

[Maxwell] You could convert the old story about Buster Keaton tearing up the neighbor's house when he was drunk.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I haven't heard that one

[Scott in KC] "Bender"? You mean a drunk? Educate this tea-toteler.

[krledu] I can't imagine Benny drunk

[Maxwell] Ever see the Dick Van Dyke movie "The Comic"?

[Steve *shimp*] Tea totals me. I stick with gin.

[Laura Leff] Scott - The real story is that Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner did that

[Maxwell] They used it in the script for that.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Not yet

[Maxwell] A lot of the stuff in that movie was actually taken from stuff Keaton did while under the influence.

[Brad from Georgia] "Oh, yeah, Jack would get roaring drunk on Zombies. You could always tell. Suddenly he could play the violin."

[Laura Leff] Actually, I do remember a story about Jack being drunk

[Steve *shimp*]   Brad

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but I didn't know Keaton was a drunk.

[Maxwell] Oh, god, yes!

[Laura Leff] Good one, Brad

[Steve *shimp*] Sure, the great stoned face.

[Brad from Georgia] "And spend money? Man, he was like a drunken sailor. Jell-O shooters for everybody, he'd yell."

[Steve *shimp*] Wait...

[Maxwell] That's one of the reasons his career fell apart.

[Laura Leff] Hard to think he could do those stunts and do that

[Scott in KC] How ironic, since Jack disses Phil and his band for being lushes.

[Laura Leff] Maybe that's why he needed to do it

[Maxwell] He ended up drunk in Mexico married to somebody he'd just met.

[Maxwell] That was in the Van Dyke movie, too.

[Brad from Georgia] Maxwell--Sue?

[Maxwell] Si.

[krledu] Now cut that out

[Scott in KC] Here we go again!    

[Maxwell] BTW, "The Comic" was directed by Carl Reiner.

[Steve *shimp*] If he was in Massachussetts he could have married Sy.

[Laura Leff] From what I've heard, Jack was a pretty cheap drunk (pun intended)

[Laura Leff] Steve - or Hawaii

[Scott in KC]   Krl

[Maxwell] Or Iowa.

[Laura Leff] Jack drunk = Jack passed out in the men's room

[Maxwell] Sounds like me.

[Steve *shimp*] Watch out for Larry Craig.

[Laura Leff] Who?

[Brad from Georgia] I've read that Keaton sobered up in his later career. When he was in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," he ran straight into a tree and fell flat on his back. The director thought he'd actually hurt himself. Just a Keaton gag, though.

[Maxwell] That's Idaho.

[Scott in KC] Jack and Larry Craig? Please don;t go there.

[Steve *shimp*] Senator with a "wide stance".

[Maxwell] Brad, he cleaned himself up in the '40s.

[Laura Leff] Oh yeah....

[Laura Leff] Duh.

[Scott in KC] don't*

[Laura Leff] Anyhow...

[Laura Leff] That was a story I picked up from Fred deCordova

[Laura Leff] That (IIRC...I'd have to look it up in his autobiography)

[Teacherman] I just spent 15 minutes eating supper... I didn't miss anything, did I?    

[Maxwell] Not a thing.

[Brad from Georgia] I think you left a little pot roast on your plate.

[Steve *shimp*] Nothing you'd WANT to hear anyway. Jack and Larry Craig in the men's room.

[Laura Leff] the first time he met Jack, he had to scrape him off the men's room floor because he'd been going table to table to be sociable, and people would insist on him having a drink with them.

[Maxwell] Drunk with Buster Keaton.

[Teacherman] I forgot some food? BRB

[Laura Leff] Teacher - Nothing you can't catch in the transcript.    

[Scott in KC] Teacherman, you could have had dinner and watched.

[Steve *shimp*] I was supposed to be entertained by a Dean Martin impersonator at dinner. He didn't show.

[Teacherman] I've been dying to ask someone knowledgeable about this...

[Laura Leff] Steve - Drunk again?


[Laura Leff] A little too into character?

[Steve *shimp*] That was my explanation!

[Laura Leff] Don't die...ask...

[krledu] Now i like Dean Martin

[Maxwell] Teacherman Good luck on that!

[Scott in KC] Did you jump on a piano?

[Teacherman] There was a comedian named Rodney Dangerfield on one of the radio shows, 1947 or 48... Was it THAT Rodney?

[Laura Leff] I remember seeing someone who was playing Phil Harris walking around with a beer about noon

[Brad from Georgia] Great question! No.

[Maxwell] Teacherman...Rodney Dangerfield was a character...

[Laura Leff] We accused him of getting into character

[Maxwell] Western star.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - Nope

[Steve *shimp*] LL, if he was in character it would have been 9:30 am

[Laura Leff] Well, joke Western star

[krledu] They just picked that name for the JB show

[Scott in KC] Were they related, Brad? Or, no respect?

[Maxwell] That's why I said character.

[Brad from Georgia] Actually, Rodney Dangerfield MAY have taken his name from the character on the show. No one really knows.

[Teacherman] I didn't think it could have been him...

[krledu] I was just going to ask that Brad

[Laura Leff] Supposedly the name goes back to vaudeville

[Teacherman] but it was an odd coincidence

[Maxwell] Didn't Rodney Dangerfield say he picked it up in the Catskills?

[Laura Leff] More people than Jack used it as a "gag" name

[Maxwell] I seem to remember that in a thread on the message board.

[Scott in KC] I thought the No Respect Rodney Dangerfield was his birth name...I could be wrong.

[Laura Leff] Scott - It's not.

[Laura Leff] It's something like Herman Schwartz

[Laura Leff] or something suitably Jewish

[Brad from Georgia] Jacob Cohen, LL.

[Steve *shimp*] Jacob Cohen

[Laura Leff] There you go

[Steve *shimp*] Dagnabit Brad.

[Laura Leff] Chianti slows typing

[Brad from Georgia] Sorry, Steve!

[Scott in KC]   you two.

[Steve *shimp*]  

[Maxwell] Both of you beat me.

[Steve *shimp*] Lemme tell you what I had with my fava beans, too.

[Maxwell] And I'm sober.

[Brad from Georgia] Well, there's your problem.

[Steve *shimp*] (that's for LL the lecter fan)

[krledu] Welll since we are in question mode i have a question about Jack's tv shows

[Laura Leff] Hey, we're always in question mode

[Laura Leff] Question authority

[Steve *shimp*] (questionable mode)

[krledu] Did jack does his tv shows live in front of an audience?

[Laura Leff] Steve - Likin' your cheap shoes there.

[Brad from Georgia] Fight the powers that be!

[Maxwell] Kristin: Some of them.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Some

[Steve *shimp*] LOL. Some of them, krledu

[Brad from Georgia] Linda--early on, yes; later, no.

[Teacherman] Early shows were in front of an audience

[Laura Leff] Linda?

[Brad from Georgia] Not Linda, Kristin. The wine's catchin' up....

[Steve *shimp*] Actually the last season was in front of a live audience, 3 camera film.

[Maxwell] Even in the mid-'50s some were filmed w/o an audience.

[krledu] Ok for the later ones that were not done live, did they do it with canned laughter

[Teacherman] He was radical at the time because he put the cameras behind the audience instead of in front

[Laura Leff] Steve - Are you sure about that?

[Steve *shimp*] My theory is that they were shown to a live audience and the laughter recorded.

[Steve *shimp*] Pretty sure LL.

[Brad from Georgia] There's one with Jack and Mary going prospecting for uranium that is totally on film, IIRC.

[Steve *shimp*] When he moved back to NBC, that season.

[Laura Leff] They did that for Burns and Allen

[Steve *shimp*] Right

[Laura Leff] Mary was only on filmed shows with no audience

[krledu] Like the one that Jack is groceryshopping

[Laura Leff] I'll have to watch those again with that in mind. Figured it's research I'd do for Volume 3

[Laura Leff] See, here's the reason I have a problem with that...

[Teacherman] Hey, another question!

[Steve *shimp*] Check the MT&R book, think it's in there.

[Brad from Georgia] I don't get ot see many Benny TV shows, but I don't remember them "sounding" like canned laughter.

[Laura Leff] part of the reason Jack was doing less and less with the audience was because he was having

[Scott in KC] The laughter on Jack's shows sound similar to the ones on "I Love Lucy." Both were on CBS, so I assume both used canned laughter.

[Laura Leff] trouble remembering his lines and reading cue cards.

[krledu] I was pretty sure that it wasn't done live but the audience reacts when Jack and Don walk in the maid uniform

[Maxwell] LL Now there's something to research for 39 Forever: The TV Shows.

[Laura Leff] Steve - OK, will do.

[Steve *shimp*] Lucy had a studio audience, always.

[Brad from Georgia] Well, Scott, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Some of them do. You get attuned to it.

[Teacherman] What is Joan Benny doing these days? Is she still with us?

[Brad from Georgia] Or disagree that we're disagreeable.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - The show with Jayne Mansfield...you actually *see* the audience in that one.

[Maxwell] Agreeably disagreeable.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - That's Volume 3

[Scott in KC] Brad, I am not saying I am right. I am guessing. You are a greater expert than I dare to be.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - Very much so.

[Maxwell] I need to get another copy of volume 2. It's already falling apart.

[Brad from Georgia] Nah, not on the TV shows. I can remember them from my childhood...but I'm sure my memories are no more than 25% correct.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - Joan is enjoying life, travelling, etc.

[krledu] The one i am refering to is 1/21/61

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Did you get mad at it?

[Brad from Georgia] Especially about that show where the Pope tap-danced while Jack played the violin.

[Maxwell] No, I had one w/o a cover.

[Laura Leff] Brad - That was Billy Graham

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Ah, was falling apart before you got it.

[Maxwell] Yup.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Remind me the plot

[Maxwell] I think that'll be my wife's Christmas present to me.

[Laura Leff] So I don't have to look it up

[Brad from Georgia] LL-So that's why Nixon was on the piano!

[Scott in KC] Laura, in one of the DVDs I lent you, some of the "audience" comes on stage. They were plants, but were the other people real attendees?

[Maxwell] I thought it was Harry Truman at the piano.

[Laura Leff] Scott - It's been a while since I saw that show...do you actually see them come up from the seats?

[Brad from Georgia] But Ike went to Korea so M*A*S*H could finally end.

[krledu] Jack played cards with Roch and lost so he had to the housework, then he tricks Don into playing cards with him and Don loses so he becomes the maid for the day

[Scott in KC] Yes, Laura.

[Maxwell] Were they playong Old Maid?

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Another one I haven't seen in a while. But I bet you get "howling woman" at that gag

[krledu] Later Dennis gets water dumped on his head and Jack goes Grocery shopping and Frank Nelson is on it


[krledu] Yep I think there is a howling women

[krledu] Must be canned

[Brad from Georgia] Kristin--Is that the one where Jack takes all the samples...then the cake...then the tablecloth?

[krledu]   Maxwell

[Laura Leff] "Howling woman" (as I call her) is a very distinctive "whoOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAA" at any "stun" joke

[krledu] Yep Brad

[Laura Leff] Brad - And the "Free" sign

[Brad from Georgia] Well, I saw that clip at Eddie Carrol's show back in May!

[krledu] He doesn't get the free sign I think it was nailed down

[Laura Leff] I have developed a distinct mental picture of what Howling Woman looked like in life

[Maxwell] Lon Chaney, Jr?

[Brad from Georgia] LL-Sort of like the painting "The Scream"?

[Laura Leff] No, I see her as sort of a larger version of the then-Prez/VP of the Jack Benny Fan Club Pasadena Chapter

[Scott in KC]   Brad. You are proving you are better than me.

[Laura Leff] Maybe I'm thinking of Laughing Sal over in SF

[krledu] I think its interesting, in the radio shows, to listen to some of the laughter from the audience. Some interesting sounds come from the audience sometimes

[Brad from Georgia] Lord preserve us...they're showing that "Family Guy" ep where Peter sings the entire song "Shipoopi" from "Music Man."

[Laura Leff] I liked that they were calling for more after Jack's performance!

[Maxwell] Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, the girl who's hard to get....

[Teacherman] My dog got upset at the way Stuie treated Brian. He actually hid.

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, but he didn't do an encore...no one was throwing money.

[Laura Leff] Shipoopi shipoopi, she's his shipoopi

[Scott in KC] Brad, you could be watching Roseanne sing The National Anthem.

[Brad from Georgia] Bite your tongue, Scott!

[Laura Leff] Or Ethel Merman sing disco

[Maxwell] I love it when Stephanie Miller plays Ethel Merman's disco version of There's No Business Like Show Business!

[Steve *shimp*] I just saw AIRPLANE! again and forgot the Ethel Merman gag in that one. Funny.

[Teacherman] Where is that goofy song from?? Shipoopi?

[Brad from Georgia] At DragonCon one vendor had about three "Golden Throat" albums of inappropriate people singing...including Leonard Nimoy singing about Bilbo Baggins.

[Laura Leff] Teacherman - "The Music Man"...which was written for Phil Harris, BTW

[Maxwell] I once convinced my wife that Ethel Merman didn't need a mic to sing on TV.

[Teacherman] Wow

[krledu] He didnt want to be in it

[Maxwell] My wife is very gullible.

[Brad from Georgia] Shipoopi is from "The Music Man," a play I grew to loathe while my daughter was appearing in it and I had to hear it over and over.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Was that the Con over Labor Day weekend?

[Brad from Georgia] LL-Yep.

[Scott in KC] Steve....I loved it when June Cleaver speaks jive....My black friends love that scene too.

[Laura Leff] Brad - One of my employees was there.

[Steve *shimp*] chump don't want no help, chump don't get no help.

[Maxwell] Scott She was more convincing that Jack on Jubilee.

[Brad from Georgia] Oh? I signed autographs. You could have had one of my books.....

[Brad from Georgia] Who was it, LL?

[Maxwell] (Note clever attempt to get back to the show)

[Laura Leff] Brad - I'll ask if she saw you.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Anita Wu

[krledu] Good try Maxwell

[Laura Leff] She was probably in costure

[Laura Leff] costume

[Maxwell] And doomed to failure from the start.

[Brad from Georgia] Ask her if she saws the ARTC radio show Friday. I was in it as Rex Gorbachev.

[Brad from Georgia] Saws? Saw, I meant. See? See saw. Nearly had a joke there, son.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Will do

[krledu] Well at least you tried

[Steve *shimp*] Ah, ok. I'll bite. Roch actually appeared a lot on Jubilee solo in character. At least once with Butterfly McQueen as her Benny show char as well.

[Laura Leff] Will put it in the agenda for our one-on-one

[Scott in KC] Brad....I would like to order your books. I do not go through Amazon. Can I order copies? Do you accept checks?

[Maxwell] Brad, When Curly tried it, Moe ran the saw over his head and bent the blades.

[Brad from Georgia] Scott, I'll accept anything including rubles.

[krledu] To bad Butterfly McQueen quit the Benny show, she was a great character

[Scott in KC] Barney Rubles?

[Steve *shimp*] Well, I didn't care for her character on the JBS, but Butterfly was an amazing lady.

[krledu] Oh brother

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Supposedly she said she was tired of playing Prissy

[Maxwell] Brad, how many rupees is it?

[Teacherman] Why did she quit the show?

[Teacherman] ok

[Steve *shimp*] Didn't like the stereotype character, Teach.

[krledu] I heard that a group for black rights talked her out of her job

[Brad from Georgia] Butterfly McQueen got very tired of her character late in her career. I heard her speak at UGA once. She sounded very little like her stage persona.

[Brad from Georgia] Let me see...nine rupees to a ruble, two barneys to a pound....

[Laura Leff] They had made her very silly. Not like Roch outsmarting Jack

[Maxwell] Barney weighs a lot more than half a pound.

[krledu] They tried the same on Rochester but he didn't bite

[Scott in KC] Too bad she died from burns in a fire. I loved her.

[Steve *shimp*] What's the latest book, Brad? Give us a plug. Another Bellairs-related one?

[Laura Leff] Scott - She did?

[Steve *shimp*] Yes, very sad way to die.

[Steve *shimp*] Burned to death from an oil heater in her home, I think.

[Laura Leff] Oh my...hadn't heard that.

[Scott in KC] I think so, Laura.

[krledu] What year did she die?

[Laura Leff] Not terribly long ago

[Steve *shimp*] Early '90s, I believe.

[krledu] Wow

[Teacherman] Black activists tried to get Eddie to quit the Benny show?

[krledu] Yep

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, the latest (still untitled) goes in to my editor tomorrow. I think it will be something like "The Sorcerer's Rule".

[Scott in KC] I can find out.

[Maxwell] 1995

[Steve *shimp*] Congratulations!

[krledu] Yep but he was making good money and wouldn't quit

[Laura Leff] What's the source on the black activists?

[krledu] I know the name but its evading me at the moment. I want to say its something like NRP but im not sure

[Laura Leff] I don't remember hearing that, but they're plenty I've forgotten.

[Laura Leff] NPR?

[Teacherman] I never read that anywhere, but I know activists were disappointed with the roles of many black actors.

[Maxwell] You've forgotten more than most of us know.


[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Thanks for the compliment. I try not to forget, but....

[Laura Leff] there are only so many brain cells and things leak out my ears

[Maxwell] Wait'll you get to be my age.

[Steve *shimp*] Nina Totenberg makes Roch quit the Benny show - tonight on All things Considered!

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - That's why I'm writing books NOW

[Laura Leff]  

[krledu] Well, Roch made very good money and he had a very witty and smart character.

[Maxwell] Smart idea.

[Laura Leff] And heck, look at the house and lifestyle it gave him.

[Teacherman] In "Sunday Nights at 7", it says Roch was the highest paid black actor ever until Sydney Poitier

[Laura Leff] I've heard multiple people say that when they asked him later in life how he felt about his character, his answer was, "It built me a house."

[Brad from Georgia] When I saw Butterfly McQueen, IIRC she had just recently been in a movie of either "Huckleberry Finn" or "Tom Sawyer" (early-mid 80s, this would've been). She said she always wanted to be a more serious actress, but GWTW typed her.

[Laura Leff] And that's sad.

[Scott in KC] confirmed it...1995.

[Scott in KC] I fear my typing is terrible in these chats. I apologize all. I do not touch type.

[Brad from Georgia] That's what my late cowriter, Thomas E. Fuller, always told me when we worked on the Wishbone books! He couldn't remember the difference between its and it's. He said, "Sue me, I've always written for the stage!"

[Maxwell] Don't push that one off because of Columbus day. I have that off.

[Steve *shimp*] Geez, we had school on Labor Day. I got dinked on that this year.

[Laura Leff] Enthusiasm is all that counts. Not speling.

[krledu] You had school on Labor Day?

[Maxwell] Or spelling.

[krledu] That stinks

[Laura Leff] Steve - Is that when you got the Chianti?

[Maxwell] Aaron Spelling?

[Brad from Georgia] Tori Spelling?

[Scott in KC] Or Aaron Spelling?

[Steve *shimp*] Yeah, I've been drinking for a week solid   

[Laura Leff] Magic spelling


[Brad from Georgia] Sabrina Spellman?

[Laura Leff] Steve - I doubt that the week would be that solid, then.

[Brad from Georgia] Helter spellter?

[Scott in KC] GMTA Max! ^5

[Maxwell] I put a spell on you....

[Laura Leff] YARRRKKK

[Steve *shimp*] Spellbound! With Gregphry Pck and Ingrm Birgmin!

[Maxwell] Good old Ingrm Birgmin

[Laura Leff] Spelling bee

[Steve *shimp*] God rest his soul.

[Maxwell] Aunt Bee Spelling.

[krledu] Ingrm? hmmmmm

[Laura Leff] Looks like someone ELSE has some Chianti too

[Scott in KC]   Max

[Laura Leff] I'm trying to remember the name of the movie about the National Spelling Bee that came out a couple years ago

[Laura Leff] I think it was Spellbound, but may be confusing it with the above

[Maxwell] To Spell or Not to Spell

[Scott in KC] This sounds like the beginning of a Laugh-In episode. Was Jack ever on Laugh-In, Laura?

[Laura Leff] It was a great movie

[Laura Leff] Scott- Sure was!

[Steve *shimp*] They're both Spellbound, LL.

[Brad from Georgia] It was my brother-in-law's birthday yesterday. When we visited he gave US some wine--he's a winemaker. So we got some Hillbilly Red and some Kentuck Chablis.

[Scott in KC] I thought so.

[Laura Leff] Keep it moving, Mr. Benny, keep it moving!

[Laura Leff] Steve - OK, thought so.

[Maxwell] Yeah, I saw Jack on a Laugh-In rerun when Bravo or some such channel was showing reruns a couple of years ago.

[Laura Leff] What no Mateuse Rose?

[Steve *shimp*] No Thunderschewitz?

[Scott in KC] Yep, I remember he was about to tell a joke and time ran out, right?

[krledu] Was it Akeelah and the bee, that you were thinking of Laura?

[Brad from Georgia] Oh, 'nother shameless plug--y'all visit www.howstuffworks.com and look up the "How Juggling Works" video. That's my son Jonathan doing the commentary and juggling. Proud of the boy.

[Laura Leff] Some dedicated soul (can't remember who) sent me a copy of the Laugh-In show with only Jack's bits edited together.

[Steve *shimp*] Wild Irish Ripple?

[Laura Leff] Talk about incomprehensible

[Laura Leff] Rodney Allen Ripple?

[Laura Leff] Krledu - No, it was Spellbound

[krledu] oh ok

[Laura Leff] Scott - Yes, I believe so

[Laura Leff] Brad - Cool!

[Brad from Georgia] Redd Foxx: It's what they call a blended wine--you pour what's left of your Thunderbird into what's left of your Ripple. They cal it Thipple.

[Scott in KC] Brad, I can pay you in Ripple.

[Maxwell] The Rippling Rhythms of Shep Fields.

[Steve *shimp*] Wasn't Redd Foxx on Jack's last special? I'd like to see those two.

[Brad from Georgia] My son's become a staff writer at howstuffworks.com; my daughter is the stage manager of the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts. She's also playing Roo in "Winne-the-Pooh" this fall.

[Scott in KC] I vaguely recall Jack trying to talk with Goldie Hawn, and she kept giggling.

[Laura Leff] I was shocked and dismayed to find not one but TWO bottles of half-empty Manischevivitz in our pantry the other day

[Laura Leff] Steve - Sure was

[Steve *shimp*] Dismayed because you drank half or because there was still half to go?

[Maxwell] Does that make it Manischevivivivitz?

[Laura Leff] Redd is in a real pimped-out apartment and Jack visits him

[Scott in KC] Half full, Laura, half full.... :P:

[Laura Leff] Scott - There's a picture of Jack and Goldie in our gallery.

[Scott in KC] Ooops, another typo.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Dismayed because we'd have any at all.

[Maxwell] With Fields and Glide?

[Laura Leff] in the first place

[Steve *shimp*]  

[Brad from Georgia] Heh...when I played the Rabbi in our college's production of "Fiddler on the Roof," the couple playing Motel and Tzeitel said they wanted REAL wine at the wedding. Gave 'em Mogen David.

[Maxwell] If you have any left over, my mom'll take it.

[Maxwell] She drinks it with ginger ale...not Canada Dry, though.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Good compromise

[Scott in KC] Brad, I told you you are a wise man (rabbi). And I am a Christian.

[Laura Leff] Manischevivitz spritzer

[Brad from Georgia] Well, Scott, to tell the truth, I'm Baptist. But for ages they called me the Wascally Wabbi at school.

[Scott in KC] Mani...I feel like Bob Crosby now.

[Laura Leff] God bless and keep Fred Allen...far away from us!

[Maxwell] What he's not telling you was that he gave 'em Mad Dog.

[Maxwell] (MD 20/20)

[Brad from Georgia] Everclear...the rocket to stupor.

[Scott in KC] <<< Presbyterian, Brad.    

[Steve *shimp*] I remember drinking the antifreeze green MD 20/20 in college. I don't remember it very well.

[Laura Leff] Oh, here's a movie recommendation

[Maxwell] The Loved One?

[Laura Leff] "Off the Menu: The Last Dinner at Chasen's" (or something close to that)

[krledu] Who plays in it?

[Laura Leff] About the history of Chasens and it going out of business

[Brad from Georgia] Garrison Keillor once told my wife and me about his denomination, the Plymouth Brethren, and how conservative they were. I said, "We'd call you liberal." He looked at me, nodded sadly and said, "Brought up Baptist."

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Documentary

[Laura Leff] Photo of Jack in it

[krledu] I see, should have know by the tittle

[Scott in KC]   Brad. I thought he might be Lutheran.

[Steve *shimp*] Is that on DVD LL?

[Laura Leff] Steve - Yes...we rented it with "The Loved One"

[Laura Leff] And a couple Doctor Whos

[Maxwell] Interesting combination.

[Steve *shimp*] I was just introduced to a gent who was the manager of "21" for a long time. I have to get some stories from him!

[Laura Leff] I finally saw Moe playing Doctor Who in the series

[Scott in KC] Laura, what was your fav Benny I lent ya?

[Brad from Georgia] Scott--He actually is now. The Plymouth Bretheren is a TINY denomination. They don't believe in churches! (buildings, I mean) They might lead to pride.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Dang yeah

[Laura Leff] Scott - Have to admit, I copied and didn't watch. Figured out which filled holes in the library.

[Steve *shimp*] I'll see what I can do.

[Maxwell] Didn't he write about that in Lake Wobegon Days? (Been years since I read it.)

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, but he disguises the denomination as "The Sanctified Brethren" in the book. So as not to embarrass his mom and dad.

[Scott in KC] Plymouth Bretheran....Did they merge with Chrysler?

[Laura Leff] Scott - Sorry!

[Maxwell] They were discontinued by Chrysler.

[Scott in KC] No biggie, Laura.

[Laura Leff] I have a hard time getting jiggy with Garrison Keillor. I try, but it doesn't work.

[Laura Leff] Scott - I'll see them again eventually!

[Maxwell] I used to be a big fan...until he moved to NYC. Haven't listened since, even though he did return to St. Paul.

[Laura Leff] So what else Benny-wise is on folks' minds?

[Laura Leff] Any other questions floating around?

[Maxwell] Back to JBPs next month?

[Maxwell] (Summer reruns over?)

[Laura Leff] Here's a teaser...I'm going to read a heretofore unpublished book on Jack.

[Scott in KC] Laura, take your time. BTW, Laura, it is "git juggy wit it" (I teach African American kids, and they say that all the time)

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Yup.

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, please, LL--more Jack, less filling.

[Laura Leff] Any requests?

[Brad from Georgia] Mmm...a Halloween show?

[Steve *shimp*] Oooh. Interesting tease LL.

[Maxwell] I've already had one request aired, so I'll pass off to somebody else.

[Steve *shimp*] Halloween 1948! Classic.

[krledu] Who wrote the book?

[Laura Leff] Scott - I think it's from Fresh Prince, but I picked it up through social osmosis

[Laura Leff] Brad - OK, you got it.

[Steve *shimp*] One of my favorite episodes, 10/31/48.

[Scott in KC] Was that the one with "Your money or your life?"

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Guess?

[krledu] You?

[Laura Leff] Scott - No...that was in March

[Laura Leff] krledu - No

[Brad from Georgia] LL--re Keillor: He and the Satanist Aleisteir Crowley are the only two Plymouth Brethren I can remember off hand. Could've been Crowley on the radio instead: "It has been a hot week in Gehenna, my home town..."

[krledu] No clue then

[Scott in KC] Dan Leff?

[Steve *shimp*] Alaistair Crowley wrote a bio of Jack?

[Laura Leff] I didn't know Alistair Crowley was a satansit...oh, I'm thinking of Alistair Cooke.

[Brad from Georgia] Geez, I'm misspelling more often than I'm spelling correctly now...

[Maxwell] Cooke was just English.

[Laura Leff] Scott - No...he's not even much of a fan

[krledu] Ok so who wrote the book?

[Brad from Georgia] They all talk that way.

[Brad from Georgia] Who's the author?

[Laura Leff] Who wrote the book of love.....

[Scott in KC] Thanks Brad...I do not feel so bad now.

[Maxwell] Who's on first?

[Laura Leff] No more guesses?

[krledu] I'm dying of curiousity

[Maxwell] Frankie Remley?

[Laura Leff] Nope

[Scott in KC] Stephen King?

[Brad from Georgia] Mmmm....George Burns?

[Laura Leff] Nope

[Laura Leff] Less star power

[krledu] Jack himself?

[Maxwell] Asa Yoelson?

[Laura Leff] Nope

[Steve *shimp*] Kitty Kelley?

[Brad from Georgia] Fred DeCordova?

[Laura Leff] Less star power, behind the scenes

[Laura Leff] Brad - Nope

[Steve *shimp*] Jackie Collins.

[Brad from Georgia] Keefe Brasselle?

[Laura Leff] Brad - Yeah, that's it. Nope.

[Scott in KC] J.R. Rawling? Harry Benny (with toupee)

[Maxwell] James Aubrey?

[Steve *shimp*] Harrold Robbins.

[Laura Leff] Nope

[Laura Leff] closer to the show

[krledu] Hillard Marx?

[Steve *shimp*] Mr. Gropff (wipes screen)

[Laura Leff] Krledu - You're warm

[Maxwell] Sadye Marks?

[Laura Leff] Max - Nope

[Brad from Georgia] One of the writers?

[Steve *shimp*] Fred DeCordova?

[Scott in KC] Joan Benny, again?

[Laura Leff] Brad - Yes

[Laura Leff] Scott - Nope

[krledu] Ed beloin?

[Steve *shimp*] Tackaberry?

[Brad from Georgia] Ah. One of the writers. That narrows it down. Now if I could only remember the writers...

[Laura Leff] Krledu - I wish...but no,.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Nope

[Scott in KC] <<< Thinking it over.

[krledu] I was thinking the same thing Brad

[Scott in KC] Sam Perrin?

[Laura Leff] Whoa...I would have expected someone to go right at it now

[krledu] One of the new writers

[Laura Leff] Scott - Nope

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Depends on how you define that

[krledu] Who Jack called his "new writers"

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Nope

[Laura Leff] So you've hit everyone except the right one

[Scott in KC] Milt Josephsburg (excuse the typos)

[krledu] He published one

[Laura Leff] Scott - Nope, he already wrote a book

[Steve *shimp*] Bill Morrow?

[Laura Leff] Steve - Nope

[krledu] Give us a hint

[Scott in KC] I thought it might be a sequel

[Maxwell] George Balzer?

[Laura Leff] MAXWELL!!!!!!

[Laura Leff] You got it

[Maxwell] I've been trying to think of his name for 5 minutes!

[Scott in KC] Who?

[Laura Leff] Poor guy...and he was just on the cover recently.

[Steve *shimp*] Sheesh. Is it going to be published at some point or do you just have a manuscript?

[Laura Leff] Steve - Getting a manuscript.

[Steve *shimp*] Hey, I blame the Chianti.

[Scott in KC] It is like naming the Seven Dwarfs.

[Maxwell] I blame my age.

[Laura Leff] Scott -   

[krledu] You name all of them except the one you are trying to remember

(some loss)

[Laura Leff] Brad - It would be challenging to do that for a particular show, but an interesting idea.

[Scott in KC]   Maxie

[Brad from Georgia] Ken Curtis got his start in the Sons of the Pioneers.

[Scott in KC] I bet you have a whole basement full of Benny stuff.

[Laura Leff] Scott - Oh, you've seen the pictures.

[Maxwell] I knew he sang with Tommy Dorsey, but not about the SOTP.

[Laura Leff] STOP

[Scott in KC]   Laura...Educated guess.

[Laura Leff] Oh never mind

[Brad from Georgia] Yes. Roy Rogers also worked with a real, live murderer at least once....

[Steve *shimp*] Spade Cooley?

[krledu] really?

[Brad from Georgia] Yep.

[Laura Leff] One of my customers in my paying job just invested in a high-end turntable and said he collects records.

[Scott in KC] Dale Evans?

[Laura Leff] I asked how many, he said "about 75-100". I said, "Ah........I've got 10,000."

[Brad from Georgia] Trigger died and Roy had him stuffed. I heard Dale was relieved that Roy passed away before she did.

[Steve *shimp*]   Brad.

[Laura Leff] So I sent him photos so he could see what 10,000 records look like

[Maxwell] Roy and Dale are stuffed and have been moved with Trigger to Branson.

[krledu] I bet he was impressed

[Laura Leff] Krledu - He said he was speechless.

[krledu] Where do you get them all?

[Maxwell] LPs? 45s? 78s?

[Scott in KC] "Pardon me Roy, is that the cat who chewed your new shoes?" I guess that one is old too, huh?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Yes.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Got most of them back in the 80s. Then ran out of room.

[krledu] You have many rare ones?

[Laura Leff] Scott - Yup.    

[Brad from Georgia] I recently caught a "History's Mysteries" TV show that tracked down the provenance of an aluminum record from the thirties that had a part of an Amos and Andy show on it.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Some. I keep those in albums

[Steve *shimp*] Laura's now got an iPod that goes at 16 RPM.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Oh yeah, Elizabeth was on that

[Laura Leff] Steve - Har har

[Scott in KC] Max, you mean Trigger and Bullet are near me? Yikes!

[krledu] What are some of them?

[Maxwell] Scott. Yup.

[Maxwell] They moved the museum to MO.

[krledu] Are they Jack Benny or music or what?

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Let's see....Mahogany Hall Stomp with Louis Armstrong on electric Okeh

[Brad from Georgia] Scott--the Atlanta Radio Theatre has a continuing saga called "Rory Rammer, Space Marshal." One of the episodes ends with "Pardon me, Rory, is this the chap who knew Cthulhu?"

[Laura Leff] Krledu - I have that too...the Top Ten 78rpm set

[Laura Leff] I seem to have the only copy of the very first Noble Sissle record on Pathe

[Scott in KC] Love it, Brad!    

[krledu] I love Louis Armstrong

[Laura Leff] Snake Hip Dance by the Harlem Footwarmers

[Maxwell] I love the 12 bar held note in Mahogany Hall Stomp.

[Laura Leff] I bought a Jack Teagarden record for $1 and then discovered it was autographed

[krledu] Wow

[Brad from Georgia] See, Laura, if you can find one of my books that isn't autographed, it's rare.

[Laura Leff] Some Al Jolson on Victor

[Laura Leff] Brad - That's why I don't autograph my books unless requested. Makes it more special. But Sophie Tucker seems to have autographed everything in sight.

[krledu] Now i don't know a whole lot about records but what did records used to be made out of back in the 30-50's

[Laura Leff] Brad - I hope that didn't come across as being critical.

[Scott in KC] Laura, when I was a kid, there was an album called Jack Benny Apps By sponsored by State Farm. Do you have it? I think I have asked you this before. And what does "apped" mean?

[Maxwell] Shellac.

[Laura Leff] Scott - Yes...Music to Write Apps By

[Maxwell] They started with vinyl in the late '40s.

[Brad from Georgia] Nope! I've been known to sneak into bookstores and sign my books!

[krledu] Is that breakable?

[Maxwell] You bet it is.

[Laura Leff] I think it means insurance applications

[Maxwell] My brother sat on my dad's record of Stardust by Artie Shaw.

[krledu] When did they go to vinyl? I think thats what they were made of

[Laura Leff] There are two State Farm records...I have that one

[Scott in KC] If I recall, Rich is driving the Maxwell and Jack is playing the violin.

[Laura Leff] I lost an early Bing Crosby on Decca in a recent earthquake

[Brad from Georgia] Kristin--records used to be very brittle. My aunt has some ancient cylindrical records for an Edison machine--they're made of hard wax!

[Laura Leff] Scott - On the cover...that's right.

[Maxwell] Kristin, when Columbia started making LPs they went to vinyl. That was '48.

[Laura Leff] Brad - I've got some of those too

[Scott in KC] Rich, I meant Roch

[Laura Leff] There are some vinyl 78s

[krledu] Laura do you have a record player that will play the different kinds of records?

[Laura Leff] I have Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley on 78

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Sure.

[Maxwell] LL I had some but my mom gave them away.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - GAVE away cylinders?

[Scott in KC] Me too Laura. ^5

[Maxwell] No, vinyl 78s.

[krledu] What is the oldest record you have

[Laura Leff] That's like the story I heard about Edison Diamond Discs being used for skeet shooting.

[Laura Leff] Scott - Excellent!

[Scott in KC] I have an old Edison disc.

[Laura Leff] Krledu - About 1898 I think... a little 7" Berliner

[Brad from Georgia] My late friend Tom Fuller worked in a Barnes and Noble. Once they had a bin of old library books, twenty-five cents each. One was a novel by John Grisham. On a whim, I opened the book, signed "John Grisham" on the title page, and put it back in the bin.

[Brad from Georgia] I figured I'd make someone very happy!

[krledu] Wow bet thats worth a fortune

[Laura Leff] Brad - Oooooo!

[Maxwell] I have a website you'd like if you're into cylinders:

[Maxwell] www.tinfoil.com

[Steve *shimp*] Ich Bin Ein Berliner

[Laura Leff] I am a jelly doughnut

[Scott in KC] Laura, Decca pressed about 25 million of those records.    

[Steve *shimp*]  

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[Laura Leff] Scott - The Crosbys, you mean?

User krledu has entered this room.

[Scott in KC] No m'am....Bill Haley and the Comets

[Maxwell] LL That's a myth.

[krledu] Phoeey i don't know what just happened

[Maxwell] The jelly doughnut thing.

[Laura Leff] Scott - Oh...OK. Maybe not worth so much.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Is it?

[Brad from Georgia] I heard Bing Crosby was a cruel father. In fact, his last album was going to be called "Crosby's Still Gnashing Young."

[Laura Leff] Krledu - I didn't do it.

[Maxwell] Yup...looked it up on some urban legends web site.

[Laura Leff] Brad -BUHHHHHHH

[krledu] I know i hit something and i just disappeard from the chat, weird

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Buh-buh-buh booo

[Scott in KC] Rock Around the Clock was the biggest non Christmas selling recond until Elton John had his record on Princess Di.

[Laura Leff] Dang

[Maxwell] Oh, and for lovers of music of the '20s and '30s: www.dismuke.org

[krledu] Hey i read something about how Bing was mean father. Does anybody know if that was true or not

[krledu] I like to believe the best in people but was wondering

[Brad from Georgia] He was supposed to be a stern disciplinarian. His kids disagree on how stern.

[Laura Leff] Supposedly he had two families: good and bad. The one with Dixie was bad, but the one with Kathryn was good.

[Maxwell] Bob Crosby said it wasn't so, but he was his brother.

[Maxwell] The kids were split.

[Steve *shimp*] And, Bing beat the crap out of Bob.

[Steve *shimp*] j/k

[Scott in KC] One of his kids committed suicide, or urban myth?

[Laura Leff] with his pipe

[Maxwell] At least 2 did.

[Laura Leff] Isn't Gary Crosby dead now?

[Scott in KC] Or golf club?

[Maxwell] Yeah.

[Maxwell] All four boys are dead.

[Laura Leff] His wasn't a suicide, though...I don't think.

[Scott in KC] Crosby, Stills, Nash and Balzer.

[Maxwell] No. Phillip was, I think...

[krledu] I heard that one of his boys wrote a book that pretty much dissed his dad

[Maxwell] And Lindsay maybe.

[Maxwell] Or was it Dennis?

[Laura Leff] Krledu - Going My Own Way by Gary

[Laura Leff] Oh Dennis...

[Brad from Georgia] Gary died of lung cancer, according to imdb.

[Maxwell] Not of excess vitriol?

[Laura Leff] Maybe that contributed to the cancer

[Scott in KC] I am surprised the other kids sans Joan of Jack Benny have not written books about their fathers.

[Laura Leff] Leo Gorcey Jr. did

[Scott in KC] I am his acting group, his show.

[Laura Leff] And Arthur Marx...and Maxine Marx

[Steve *shimp*] I'd love to hear a SNAS type book about George Burns by Ronnie or Sandy.

[Steve *shimp*] hear, read, whatever.

[Laura Leff] Sandy wouldn't do it...doesn't like the spotlight

[Steve *shimp*] Well, send Ronnie on the book tour then!

[Brad from Georgia] Lindsay and Dennis committed suicide--Lindsay supposedly because he was distraught over his brother's suicide.

[Laura Leff] I think some kids are trying so hard to establish their own identities

[Scott in KC] Laura, how is the lovely Joan Benny these days?

[krledu] Thats sad

[Steve *shimp*] Very true.

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[Laura Leff] Scott - Lovely as ever. Enjoying life and travelling

[Maxwell] There she goes again!

[Laura Leff] Chris Costello also wrote a book

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[Laura Leff] WB

[Steve *shimp*] I read that, LL. Very good as I recall.

[Laura Leff] Yes, very good indeed.

[Steve *shimp*] Even though I am not a great A&C fan.

[Scott in KC] Where does she live now, Cali?

[Laura Leff] One of the less critical books about A&C

[Laura Leff] Scott - Joan?

[Scott in KC] Yes, Laura.

[Laura Leff] She's bicoastal...house in BH and apartment on Park Avenue. And often in Connecticut.

[Scott in KC] Wow! Tell her I have a room in Kansas City.    

[Maxwell] Everybody overlooks the great midwest!

[Laura Leff] Two of the Benny grandchildren are going to see Eddie's show for the first time in Massachusetts.

[Brad from Georgia] I read -- dang -- Gary Giddens? bio of Bing Crosby a year or so ago. He was inclined to think that Bing was not as harsh as Gary remembered.

[Steve *shimp*] Joan doesn't stay at the Acme Plaza?

[Laura Leff] Steve - No...definitely not her speed.

[Scott in KC]   Steve. Jack might be still sleeping there.

[Laura Leff] Say folks, I have a call coming in at 7:30, so need to sign off.

[Steve *shimp*] Under the plaster "snowfall".

[Brad from Georgia] Where's the hotel with the Jack Benny suite? New Mexico?

[Maxwell] I have to go to bed in a half hour.

[Laura Leff] No, Jack is sleeping in Hillside Cemetery

[Laura Leff] Brad - oh, the El Rancho?

[Steve *shimp*] Brad, Gallup! I stayed there, have pics of me in the room. It's super tiny!

[krledu] Yes its 10:30 here and I need to get to bed

[Steve *shimp*] El Rancho, in Gallup.

[Steve *shimp*] I should post them on the forum.

[Brad from Georgia] If ever I get to Gallup, I gotta stay there. Good night, all! It's been fun.

[Laura Leff] She's a Spanish Gallup...Good, that's a quart for each of us

[Maxwell] Good night everybody.

[Steve *shimp*] OK, all, good night, I'm up early tomorrow too.

[krledu] Bye, see ya next month

[Scott in KC] Well, all, thanks for making my life more fun. Please remember 8/11 by putting out your flags.

[Laura Leff] 8/11?

[Maxwell] I'll see you...in October....

[Scott in KC] I mean 9/11

[Brad from Georgia] We're having a 9/11 memorial service on the campus.

[Maxwell] I'll be at a hospital on 9/11.

[krledu] bye

[Maxwell] Big brother is having surgery.

[Laura Leff] Hey, good luck to him.

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[Maxwell] Thanks.

[Brad from Georgia] Maxwell--not serious--oh, good luck to your bro!

[Laura Leff] Good night, folks!