IJBFC Chat - July 8, 2007

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[ed] me*

[KayLhota] Hi Laura

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, LL

[Laura Leff] Hi folks!

[ed] hey laura

[Laura Leff] How's everyone this evening?

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[KayLhota] Ed isn't feeling well.

[Laura Leff] WP!!!!!

[Laura Leff] Sorry to hear that Ed...hope it's nothing serious.

[KayLhota] Hello WP

[ed] I'll live

[Brad from Georgia] Well, my elderly mom's in the hospital. She seems to be mending a bit, though.

[ed] wp hi

[wpowers] im at work so i can get in the room tonite on this computer

[KayLhota] Pass the Sympathy and any soothing syrup we got

[Laura Leff] Maybe some of those One-a-Day vitamins

[Laura Leff] Brad - Best wishes for a speedy recovery for her

[ed] a 12 pack

[KayLhota] I turn 50 tomorrow

[Laura Leff] I had a headache for most of today, but the ibuprofen seems to have gotten it in the last hour.

[Brad from Georgia] Thanks!

[Laura Leff] Kay - Mazel tov!

[KayLhota] thank you.

[Brad from Georgia] Happy BD, Kay.

[ed] other than me how was everyone's fourth

[Laura Leff] Now I've just got three guys from the Bronx in my back yard.

[KayLhota] my 4th was excellent, thanks

[Brad from Georgia] Very quiet...stayed at home. Only one day off summer school....

[Laura Leff] Ed - Quiet, nice. Warm. Good.

[ed] too warm here in Springfield Ill

[ed] 90+ today

[Laura Leff] Kay - How about them Red Sox?

[Brad from Georgia] We've had a few thunderstorms. We're in a bad drought.

[KayLhota] I hear that the Red Sox are getting pounded by Detroit

[Laura Leff] It's really dry out here as well. We need to be careful out here, since this is fire season.

[Laura Leff] So did folks have a chance to listen to the show for this evening?

[Brad from Georgia] Yes!

[KayLhota] Yes, I just finished listening to it

[Laura Leff] I have to admit that I'd never heard it before.

[Laura Leff] What did you think?

[Brad from Georgia] I actually went back and listened to Jack's show the week before and the Sunday after the Quiz Kids show.

[KayLhota] Jack Benny came across very brattily.

[Brad from Georgia] QK was very funny! Jack had great rapport with those kids--you could hear them giggling.

[KayLhota] I should have listened to those shows, as it has been a few years.

[Laura Leff] They say never work with kids or animals because they'll steal the show...Jack could work with either.

[Brad from Georgia] And Jack proved he was not smarter than a fifth-grader...and that he was ahead of his time!

[Laura Leff] anyone know if any of those kids are still around? They must be...

[KayLhota] those were tough questions

[ed] jack foxworthy?

[Brad from Georgia] Jack had three of the kids on his show the Sunday before the Quiz Kids broadcast--he was fretting they were going to show him up and trying to get them to teach him things!

[Brad from Georgia] Ed--Jeff Foxworthy.

[Laura Leff] I had to laugh at the question from Grand Rapids Michigan (my home town).

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[ed] I know

[Laura Leff] Jeff Foxworthy = Admiral Ross

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, Maxwell

[KayLhota] Hi Maxwell

[Laura Leff] Hi Max!

[Maxwell] Hey everybody!

[ed] hi max

[Brad from Georgia] D'oh! I missed your joke, ed!

[Maxwell] ed told a joke?

[ed] yes it is rare

[Maxwell] And I missed it!

[Brad from Georgia] "Jack Foxworthy" in "Are You Smarter than a Quiz Kid?"

[Laura Leff] Myron Proudfoot

[ed] the quiz kids

[Laura Leff] Max - Did you hear the show for tonight?

[ed] the show with fred allen is a classic

[Brad from Georgia] If Myron had a brother, would they be Proudfoots or Proudfeet?

[Maxwell] Yeah, I listened to it the other day?

[Laura Leff] Ed - Fred Allen was on the Quiz Kids?

[Maxwell] Well, let's ask Chester. Perhaps he's Myron's brother.

[ed] no myron proudfoot episode

[Laura Leff] They just redid that at the REPS convention with Eddie Carroll.

[Laura Leff] Eddie even lost his pants for the occasion.

[KayLhota] oh my

[ed] YES

[Maxwell] Okay, refresh my memory please...REPS?

[Brad from Georgia] Oddly, in Jack's before-Quiz Kids show, one of the kids told Jack about the Taj Mahal--took 22,000 men 22 years to build. Jack got it mixed up of course: 22 men working for 22,000 years.

[Laura Leff] Someone had appliqued "LSMFT" on the shorts he had on underneath.

[Laura Leff] REPS = Radio Enthusiasts of Puget Sound. Their convention was June 22-23.

[Maxwell] OH, okay...Chuck Schaden was there!

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Yes, he and I did a panel together.

[ed] Been a member since 2003 oh i wish i couls go

[Maxwell] They mentioned it on his June 23 show.

[Maxwell] Cool!

[Maxwell] They mentioned he was doing a panel.

[Brad from Georgia] The recreation sounds hilarious.

[Laura Leff] We were doing so much of the "After you"..."No, after YOU."..."No, after YOU" that he said we sounded like Amos n Andy.

[KayLhota] great!

[KayLhota] Wish I could have heard that!

[wpowers] I have it on my to do list to go to AT LEAST one of those conventions in next year now that I am able..

[Laura Leff] One of us would toss up a story and then go back and forth over which of us would tell it.

[Laura Leff] W - Friends of Old Time Radio is probably closest to you, and the granddaddy of OTR conventions.

[Maxwell] One of these days I'm going to have to shell out for his "Speaking of Radio" book.

[wpowers] is that the one in northeast?

[Brad from Georgia] Since I sort of got conned into teaching summer school, I won't have much of a chance to go anywhere this summer.

[Laura Leff] WP - That's it...Newark, NJ.

[Laura Leff] Brad - How's that going for you?

[wpowers] i have it on my radar.. I think it is usually in spring

[Laura Leff] WP - That's Cincinnati...FOTR is in October.

[Brad from Georgia] LL--very hectic! I have two eight-week classes and one four-week class! Fortunately, they're paying me...next Thursday, I think, or Friday.

[Laura Leff] There's going to be a Beverly Hills Beavers reunion at a SPERDVAC lunch in November.

[wpowers] Cincinnati... ah, even I should get there.. Well October is still out there.. thats great!

[Laura Leff] Brad - Good luck with that.

[Brad from Georgia] My son Jonathan went to Kansas City, MO, this weekend to perform with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company at a Robert Heinlein convention.

[Laura Leff] So what else about the Quiz Kids?

[Laura Leff] Brad - That sounds like fun!

[KayLhota] That does soound wonderful, Brad.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Was Jeff Foxworthy there?

[Brad from Georgia] I agree that the questions were hard! The one about the falling rock especially so!

[Maxwell] I wanted to get to the "sequels" on Jack's show after they started the one, but I never got around to it.

[Maxwell] I could have done the falling rock, but not w/o pencil and paper.

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Dunno. I have to confess that I'm NOT a Robert Heinlein fan!

[Maxwell] I did get the musical scale ones, too.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Yeah, especially when you remember that the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s^2, rather than 32.2 ft/s^2

[KayLhota] good lord

[wpowers] I think I have a postcard featuring the Quiz Kids ... My grandmother must have written into the network and she got this card in return.. They sure LOOK like smart kids!

[Laura Leff] Did anyone else notice that the kid said it wrong...said that it was 32.2 ft/s rather than 32.2 ft/s^2?

[Maxwell] I did.

[Maxwell] I teach physics.

[Brad from Georgia] Has anyone done a "Where are they now" feature about some of the Quiz Kids?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I just loved physics.

[Laura Leff] Brad - You'd think, but I'm not sure.

[Laura Leff] This is one of the things of being so siloed on Jack, that someone may have done that and I simply wasn't paying attention.

[Brad from Georgia] I liked SOME of the physics--mostly the labs!

[KayLhota] well, I'm always telling you to spread out your interests, Laura.

[Maxwell] I had a lousy HS physics teacher, so I ended up teaching it.

[KayLhota] You should never stop learning.

[Laura Leff] Max - One of my professors posed (in heavy Maine accent) to the class, "Why is the world charged?"

[Maxwell] I stopped learning on Oct. 23, 1987 at 3:37 p.m.

[Laura Leff] I responded, "Because we didn't have enough cash to buy it outright."


[KayLhota] Good one!

[Maxwell] Excellent.

[Brad from Georgia] Jack really did a good job of bookending his appearance. His fretting about how dumb he was the week before segued into his contrition and embarrassment the week after.

[Laura Leff] One of those punch lines that came spilling out of my mouth before I had a chance to think about it.

[Maxwell] My mom was asked in home ec class, "Do you knead biscuits."

[Maxwell] She answered, "No we can get along with bread."

[Laura Leff] Ba dum bum

[Maxwell] Absolutely god's honest truth story.

[Laura Leff] So's mine!

[Laura Leff] So I haven't heard other QK shows...did celebrities come on week after week to be embarassed like that?

[Maxwell] I didn't doubt that it was. That's why it reminded me of my mom's.

[Laura Leff] And what would you do if, say, Oscar Levant came on?

[Maxwell] I've never heard any other QKs before that I remember.

[Brad from Georgia] One of Jack's pre-QK jokes: Jack: They may ask me about the Taj Mahal. I'm thirty-four years old and don't know anything about it! Mary: You could have BUILT the Taj Mahal since you were thirty-four!

[KayLhota] I've never heard the Quiz Kid show before

[Maxwell] LL Have the choke button handy.

[KayLhota] Information Please, I have heard and that is almost as tough.

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[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Not an Oscar Levant fan, I see.

[Maxwell] No, I LOVE Oscar Levant.

[Maxwell] His ad libbing might have put them out of business, though.

[Laura Leff] Kay - That's why I wondered about Levant, since he was a sharp although rather unstable cookie.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - That's very true.

[KayLhota] Yes, Oscar had what now would have been medicated mental health issues.

[Brad from Georgia] I wonder how much of Jack's nearly off-mike grumbling on the show was ad-libbed. The kids got the giggles when he did it.

[Laura Leff] I heard that the kids really were scripted, though.

[Maxwell] I just heard a great Jolson-Levant performance last week.

[Maxwell] LL including the answers?

[Laura Leff] Kay - Oh, Levant was plenty medicated. Larry Adler told me he was the only person he ever knew who took laudanum.

[KayLhota] Oscar Levant said in his autobio that he enjoyed working with Al Jolson

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Yes. And I love the Jolson-Levant shows.

[Brad from Georgia] I didn't even know that laudanum was available in the 20th century!

[Maxwell] This one was just the two of them. No guest stars.

[Laura Leff] Brad - I have a feeling that probably about half of it was scripted.

[Maxwell] Neither did I, at least after maybe 1910.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I stole a record from the Grand Rapids Public Library of a collection of Jolson-Levant exchanges from the shows.

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[KayLhota] well, the medication sedated him, but with medications that combat manic depression and anti anxiety, his life would have been different

[Laura Leff] Brad - Apparently for Oscar Levant, they made an exception.

[Maxwell] An old LP? If so, I remember seeing that as a kid.

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[Laura Leff] Maxwell - It has a painting of the two of them on the front of it.

[Maxwell] I remember he did some kind of quiz show with Carl Reiner before he died.

[Brad from Georgia] I do know that one of my odder college friends tried to home-brew laudanum years ago. Whatever he got made him throw up.

[Maxwell] That might be the one!

[KayLhota] did he?

[Laura Leff] Who's seen the Benny TV program on which Levant guested?

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[Maxwell] I haven't.

[KayLhota] Me!

[Laura Leff] Brad - Sounds like not the desired effect.

[KayLhota] I had a dream two days ago with Frank Nelson in it.

[Laura Leff] Kay - Do tell

[KayLhota] I was in a story, and he was one of the actors in the story.

[Laura Leff] Kay - Actually, that's a good segue now that I think about the larger plot of the show with Levant.

[Brad from Georgia] I had a dream with Don Wilson in it. He wanted to do horrible things to me with Jell-O.

[Laura Leff] Anyone who's a Frank Nelson fan should see that show.

[KayLhota] Something about him was telling me that it wasn't right for him to be there, but he was alive, so I wasn't sure what was wrong.

[Maxwell] I wish I would have gotten a chance to talk to Bob Havens a couple of weeks ago when I saw him playing...I wish that I could have asked him about doing the Benny Show with Welk.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Not sure if that's a good dream or a nightmare

[Maxwell] Brad, that's just plain scary.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Who is Bob Havens?

[Brad from Georgia] I'll never want lime again.

[Laura Leff] One of the Welk musicians?

[Maxwell] He was the jazz trombone soloist for Welk from about 1960 until Welk passed away.

[Laura Leff] Hey, that's not fruit in that Jell-O...

[Maxwell] Very good trad jazz/swing player.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Cool that folks from the band are still playing.

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[Maxwell] He's in his mid-late '70s.

[Laura Leff] I've got to watch the Welk show on which Jack guested...I think we have it in the library.

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[Laura Leff] Oh here's a pip...

[Laura Leff] Ah, SOMEONE listened to the show...

[Maxwell] Hey J. Fred

[Laura Leff] Hi Fred!

[J. Fred Muggwump] Hello, you all

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, J. Fred.

[KayLhota] speaking of library, I am enjoying the DVDs that I ordered, Laura. thank you!

[Laura Leff] I was transferring some shows from my Beta tapes to DVD recently for the library...

[Laura Leff] Kay - That's great! Glad you were able to get them.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Yes, Laura, but I only knew the answer to one of those darned questions

[Laura Leff] So I'm cleaning the living room and sort of half paying attention to the show

[KayLhota] My friend Mary was so thrilled to finally see "Love Thy Neighbor"

[Laura Leff] And I look up at a woman playing a cafeteria attendant, listen to her voice, and say, "Oh my gosh, that's Shirley!"

[KayLhota] She's a huge Fred Allen fan, but she is beginning to see what I see in Jack Benny.

[Laura Leff] She had been standing in front of me at the REPS convention about a week earlier.

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[Laura Leff] And then in the credits, there was the name of someone else I'd spoken to at the convention.

[Laura Leff] Kay - What'd you think of the end of the movie?

[KayLhota] I forget. How did it end?

[Laura Leff] Kay - Baby carriage

[KayLhota] Oh gosh! That's right!

[Laura Leff] My, my!

[KayLhota] Whoo-- that was strange.

[Laura Leff] Kay- Yeah, isn't it?    

[Laura Leff] Apologies to anyone here who hasn't seen "Love Thy Neighbor"

[KayLhota] I think my favorite scene was the two of them sitting at the table and laughing.

[Maxwell] If I've seen it it's been at least 40 years.

[Laura Leff] At the risk of giving a spoiler

[Maxwell] I seem to remember seeing a movie with Benny and Allen in it that long ago.

[Brad from Georgia] I have a very dim memory of seeing it on TV years ago.

[Laura Leff] (cover your eyes if you don't want a spoiler)

[Maxwell] <---Thrives on spoilers.

[KayLhota] I liked Mary Martin very much.

[Maxwell] Then I can sound like I know what I'm talking about even when I don't.

[Laura Leff] it ends with Jack and Fred as babies (twins?) fighting in a baby carriage.

[Maxwell] Stolen from L&H.

[KayLhota] I'm dying to share "Buck Benny Rides Again" with Mary.

[Laura Leff] And a baby Rochester looking on from a separate carriage

[Brad from Georgia] Yup--"

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Is it?

[Maxwell] Yup.

[Brad from Georgia] "Brats"

[Laura Leff] Kay - That's a good movie, I think.

[Maxwell] One of their shorts.

[Maxwell] I really liked Buck Benny.

[Maxwell] That's the one!

[Laura Leff] I'm not a L&H person, so I didn't know the connection.

[KayLhota] I like that one very very much.

[Brad from Georgia] I did, too! I thought "Buck" was a great showcase for Eddie Anderson.

[Maxwell] L&H and the Marx Brothers are my other comedic passion.

[Laura Leff] "Man About Town" is also a great showcase for Eddie Anderson.

[KayLhota] mine too.

[Brad from Georgia] PBS here just re-played a Groucho special from 1991.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I'm definitely into the Marxes, just never connected with L&H.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Which one? Unknown Marx Bros?

[Brad from Georgia] No, "The One, the Only Groucho."

(some loss)

[KayLhota] The 1931 movie isn't very good, but it is a curio.

[Brad from Georgia] Just checked it out--I were wrong. Woolsey was the fast talker with glasses.

[Maxwell] Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller...can't think offhand of who else.

[KayLhota] Benay Venuta?

[KayLhota] Harry James?

[Maxwell] That I doubt.

[KayLhota] Gene Krupa?

[Brad from Georgia] Phil Harris?

[Maxwell] I think Krupa may have been the drummer.

[KayLhota] I forget. It's been so long since I read about the play.

[Maxwell] He was hanging with that group then.

[Maxwell] He was on Bix Beiderbecke's last recordings with Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Bud Freeman, etc.

[KayLhota] yeah, I have heard a little of that.

[KayLhota] Early jazz isn't my forte

[Laura Leff] I had done a bunch of Gershwin research back in the 80s, but I've forgotten a lot of it.

[Maxwell] Twas my passion as a young whippersnapper.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Jean Goldkette?

[KayLhota] I'm more familiar with Broadway and movie musicals

[Maxwell] A lot of them came up with Goldkette and then moved eventually to Paul Whiteman.

[Brad from Georgia] Kay--name three musicals for which P.G. Wodehouse wrote lyrics....

[Maxwell] LL: Don Ingle's dad (Red) played with Goldkette.

[KayLhota] Okay, I remember now that Eddie Quillain played the Mickey Rooney part in the 31 Girl Crazy

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Cool...at the same time as Bix?

[Maxwell] I think their time overlapped.

[KayLhota] Hmm... Oh Kay,

[Maxwell] I know Don has talked about his dad playing with Bix.

[KayLhota] Brad, I can 't remember.

[Maxwell] Show Boat.

[Maxwell] Bill

[KayLhota] oops

[Maxwell] (Bill was the song)

[Brad from Georgia] Right!

[Maxwell] The Passing Show?

[Laura Leff] Wodehouse wrote the lyrics to Bill?

[KayLhota] I should have remembered that

[Brad from Georgia] "Anything Goes"

[Brad from Georgia] Yep

[Laura Leff] Huh!

[KayLhota] yes, because Bill was a trunk song

[Maxwell] Yup. I was Jake the Piano Player in our HS production of Show Boat.

[Maxwell] So I played Bill.

[Brad from Georgia] Wodehouse reprotedly got quite a nice annual royalty just from that one lyric!

[Maxwell] First time in history Show Boat was ever played with an all white cast.

[KayLhota] oh boy!

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Did you have someone in blackface, or what?

[KayLhota] I saw that done once with Finian's Rainbow

[Maxwell] Blackface and upper bodies in the case of the stevedores.

[Laura Leff] I saw an all-black Barefoot in the Park once

[KayLhota] they did that for the TV series

[Maxwell] I have a Show Boat HS production story that you might appreciate regarding "Bill"

[KayLhota] it died a fast death in 1970

[J. Fred Muggwump] Gosh, I'd forgotten about the TV series...

[Maxwell] I remember that series. Was that the one Scoey Mitchlll was in?

[KayLhota] I think so

[Laura Leff] There was a TV series of Barefoot in the Park?

[Maxwell] As Kay said, it didn't last long.

[KayLhota] along with "The Odd Couple"

[Laura Leff] And I was only 1 year old at the time, so I don't have a lot of recollection of it.

[KayLhota] understandable.

[Maxwell] I don't know if it was ever rerun. Not enough episodes.

[KayLhota] I never saw it again

[KayLhota] I think it did its 13 and died

[Laura Leff] Go figure

[Maxwell] I dont' remember if it made it through a full season or not.

[J. Fred Muggwump] A number of those half season and even full season shows of that era are gone with the wind now...

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - So you were saying about the production story

[KayLhota] I know that it did not. I was watching a lot of TV then

[Laura Leff] Muggwump - Sounds like fodder for YouTube except for the copyright issues.

[Maxwell] Okay, we had too tall a piano for the character of Julie to climb up on to sing Bill....

[Laura Leff] Time for a stool

[Maxwell] So we were trying to figure out a way for her to do it gracefully, and someone got the bright idea to turn my back to the audience....

[Laura Leff] To climb up on the piano, I mean

[Maxwell] But I had lines....

[Maxwell] And I was talking into the back curtain... and even though I'm loud, I'm not THAT loud...

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Were you going to cup your hands for her to step on them?

[Maxwell] She was going to use the bench to get up.

[Laura Leff] OIC

[KayLhota] how were the singers, maxwell?

[KayLhota] Show Boat is one of my favorite shows.

[Maxwell] I complained that I'd be talking into the back wall, but to no avail, and the kid playing Julie said, "That's okay, you don't have that big a part anyway."

[Maxwell] Not bad.

[Brad from Georgia] The TV "Barefoot" did have one of my favorite actors in it: James Cromwell. And Hans Conreid was in it.

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[Maxwell] Well, that got my dander up, as you can well imagine...

[KayLhota] Hellow Fred.

[Laura Leff] Brad - James Cromwell as in Zefrain Cochran?

[Laura Leff] Hi Fred!

[Fred Allen] Hello

[J. Fred Muggwump] Hello Fred

[KayLhota] Brad, any time you mention Hans Conried you get my full attention

[Laura Leff] Fred - We're more on a general comedy/vintage media discussion.

[Brad from Georgia] LL-No, I think in that 'un he was Harry Pepper. Conreid was Mr. Belasco? Velasco?

[Maxwell] So I played along nice and understated with her under her vocal, and at the end, where the line is, "I love him because he's--I don't know--Because he's just my Bill...

[Fred Allen] I think of the show Fractured Flickers when I hear Hans' name

[KayLhota] I'm still passionately seeking out everything he did

[Maxwell] I cut out completely at I don't know...

[Laura Leff] Brad - But same actor?

[Maxwell] And then I showed her how important my part was. The song is in B-flat.

[Maxwell] After dropping out for the 2 bars, I played the big final chord: B-natural.

[Brad from Georgia] LL--same as what? Oh, as Zef. Yup. The pig owner from Babe.

[KayLhota] ouchies, Brad!

[Maxwell] "Did I go THAT flat?

[Maxwell] "

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - And made her sound off key!


[Maxwell] I just said, "So I don't have that important a part, eh?"


[Maxwell] The turned my face away from the back of the stage.

[Brad from Georgia] You had a KEY part!

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[Maxwell] Brad, you could say that. I wouldn't but you could   

[Laura Leff] Brad - No, the person who invented warp drive in Star Trek: First Contact.

[KayLhota] Hi Yip

[Laura Leff] Hey Yht!

[Maxwell] Hey Yht!

[yhtapmys] Sorry I'm late. Had to deal with BS at a ballgame.

[Brad from Georgia] LL-Yes, same actor. He was also the bad buy in LA Confidiential.

[Maxwell] Hey Fred!

[Brad from Georgia] And he was also Stretch on "All in the Family."

[J. Fred Muggwump] Hello Hyt

[Laura Leff] Yht - I saw a fight break out at the Seattle-Oakland game today

[J. Fred Muggwump] Yht, even

[Brad from Georgia] Bad guy, that is.

[yhtapmys] Hi Frde

[Laura Leff] Brad - He's done a lot of really good stuff.

[Brad from Georgia] He looks so much like my grand-dad it's spooky.

[Laura Leff] For the newer folks in the room...any comments on the Quiz Kids show for tonight?

(some loss)

[yhtapmys] It was in a N.J. warehouse.

[J. Fred Muggwump] NBC broadcast the first Super Bowl...which is now lost

[KayLhota] it's such a hearbreak to lose that stuff

[Fred Allen] The Honeymooners was on kinescopes and most of the old stuff lost

[yhtapmys] And they needed space.

[ed] except for ed ames and the tomahwk

[yhtapmys] So they killed stuff.

[Laura Leff] Groucho and Johnny on the very first Carson tonight show is at the bottom of the ocean.

[KayLhota] remember the story of how abcTV was erasing Ernie Kovac's video tapes to reuse?

[Laura Leff] Kay - Ouch

[J. Fred Muggwump] Ouch, Kay

[ed] great comic kovacs

[Fred Allen] The Narobi Trio

[KayLhota] Luckily Edie Adams Kovacs started buying them up

[Maxwell] I know Edie Adams has the rights to the surviving Kovacs material.

[Laura Leff] Like Erich Von Stroheim's assertion (although unproven) that the studio recycled the remaining 10 hours of Greed for the silver content

[J. Fred Muggwump] I was fascinated by those Kovacs shows, but was kinda scared by them...I was 8 at the time and some of the comedy struck me as creepy

[Laura Leff] Now erasing "Full House"...that makes sense.

[KayLhota] that sounds about right, Laura. The film was cut and the footage was destroyed.

[Laura Leff] Then again, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura   

[ed] mary-kate and ashley...NO

[Fred Allen] Erase Urkle

[Maxwell] Anybody remember the Kovacs bit with Sentimental Journey being whistled, and the "whistler" was a pencil sharpener?

[KayLhota] yes, I do.

[yhtapmys] Does anyone feel like smacking those Quiz Kids?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - That turned by itself?

[Maxwell] Yeah.

[KayLhota] I just share that with my son last month.

[Laura Leff] Yht - Does anyone feel like smacking Jack?

[yhtapmys] Well, Jack's really misplaced on this show.

[Maxwell] And of course, the Mack the Knife blackouts.

[ed] naw

[Laura Leff] What was the name of his 15-minute show...Eugene?

[KayLhota] Laura, I felt squirmy. I wasn't enjoying the Quiz show much

[KayLhota] Eugene is correct, Laura.

[yhtapmys] I don't like them to begin with.

[J. Fred Muggwump] I couldn't figure out how they were keeping score

[KayLhota] but it was a full half hour program

[Maxwell] I don't think they knew how they were keeping score.

[Laura Leff] I saw Eugene in its entirety at a Kovacs symposium at an art museum.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Kay - maybe that's why it was sponsored by Alka-Seltzer :-)


[Laura Leff] J. Fred - Good thought


[yhtapmys] What is the appeal of this show anyway?

[KayLhota] I saw Eugene 30 years ago on PBS

[Maxwell] People must have liked smart kids...and it was probably cheap for WMAQ/NBC to produce.

[yhtapmys] Other than Ken Carpenter's spots.

[Fred Allen] Sounds like The College Bowl

[J. Fred Muggwump] I love, love those old organs, though

[ed] we must ask questions*

[yhtapmys] Well, the College Bowl you could test your own skills.

[Laura Leff] Back when intelligence was more respected

[yhtapmys] This show just has inane questions.

[Maxwell] Now defunct unfortunately.

[Maxwell] Now inane sportstalk.

[ed] god bless 'maq

[Maxwell] Just like WNBC became WFAN.

[Maxwell] WMAQ became WSCR.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Bring back organ music in quiz shows...

[Maxwell] (The Score)

[Laura Leff] WOWO just keeps going

[yhtapmys] I just can't get interested in any of these poixdexters.

[Maxwell] And soap operas!

[ed] ma and oxydol

[yhtapmys] Yeah, Max, there isnt much of a budget for this show.

[Maxwell] ed Ever see Rich Samuels' web site about Chicago broadcasting...a lot of 'MAQ stuff.

[Laura Leff] I wonder if the audience was all parents who were smacking the backs of their kids' heads and saying

[Laura Leff] "Why can't you be smart like THEM?"

[ed] need to hope to see museum back up asap

[KayLhota] like in Radio Days?

[Laura Leff] Kay - Oh, I'd forgotten about that.

[Maxwell] Seems like they're reviving that with "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader'

[J. Fred Muggwump] I wondered whether it was fixed...the 14 year old girl's voice sounded like she was really about 27

[ed] got that mp3 from my neice in chicago in jan. great movie

[Laura Leff] J. Fred - My understanding is that it was fixed because it was really scripted.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura - Really? I didn't know that

[Laura Leff] J. Fred - Don't quote me on it, but that's what I heard.

[Maxwell] Rich Samuels' Chicago broadcasting web site: http://www.richsamuels.com/

[ed] dvd not mp3

[yhtapmys] The Quiz Kids was fixed?

[KayLhota] I used to work at a video store, and when I played "Radio Days" on our store TV it always rented

[J. Fred Muggwump] I guess it is hard to believe those kids could be that spontaneously brilliant, though

[Maxwell] Like calculating the falling rock without pencil and paper?

[yhtapmys] To be honest, they're being asked uninteresting questions I don't want to know the answer to.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Maxwell - yeah, exactly

[yhtapmys] And poor Jack sounds lost.

[ed] or rock paper scissors

[Maxwell] Yht: I'm afraid he was there for comedy relief.

[Maxwell] And they needed something for relief.

[KayLhota] I have to take the trash out to the front of the house for a few minutes but I am asking my husband to step in to chat for me.

[Maxwell] Hi Kay's husband!

[yhtapmys] Unfortunately, Max, he just doesn't like he is sure what to say.

[J. Fred Muggwump] "Now, little Billy, explain some of the work you've been doing for this 'Manhattan Project'..."

[Laura Leff] Don't you remember when Charles Van Doren was a Quiz Kid?

[Maxwell] I can say one thing...the schools they were from are pretty prestigious...even today.

User Fred Allen has logged out.

[yhtapmys] They need little Harry Shearer.

[Laura Leff] You're lucky they're picking up your trash...there's a labor dispute out here.

[Maxwell] I think I remember Oak Park River Forest, Chicago Latin, U of C Lab School maybe?

[Laura Leff] Yht - Oh, that would be good.

[ed] you mean 21'svan doren?

[Laura Leff] ed - Yeah

User Maxwell has logged out.

[yhtapmys] Van Doren was a quiz kid?

User Maxwell has entered this room.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Did Van Doren just have a knack for showing up on fixed quiz shows?

[Laura Leff] Yht - I'm joking. Just in response to the Quiz Kids being fixed.

[Maxwell] D'oh!

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura -   

[Laura Leff] Wow...you all are gullible tonight!

[yhtapmys] Oh.

[yhtapmys] Duh.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura - I'll pick the middle shell

[Laura Leff] Did you know that Mary was Quentin?

[ed] OOOPS

[Laura Leff] Someone E-mailed me a theory that Jack was killed because he found out about a government mind control project.

[Laura Leff] Can't remember if I mentioned that here or not.

[Maxwell] Wasn't Quentin Barnabas Collins' brother?

[yhtapmys] I wonder whose idea it was to put Jack on the Quiz Kids.

[KayLhota] (Actually Frank) How tough were the "Quiz Kids" questions? Were they as tough as the original Jepardy questions?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - No, his brother's name was Tom.

[Maxwell] Don't mind if I do!

[Laura Leff] Kay - I love Jeopardy. Would enjoy seeing the original.


[yhtapmys] No, the original Jeopardy questions weren't like this.

[Maxwell] DAmn...now I have Quentin's Theme running through my head.

[Laura Leff] How about Collins and Harlan?

[Maxwell] Not a big fan of a lot of their material.

[Laura Leff] Quentin Tarantino?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Yes, it's a bit outdated now.

[Maxwell] Kind of questionable by today's standards.

[KayLhota] (Kay) I am back and Frank is at his own computer.

[Maxwell] Bye Frank!

[ed] bye

[KayLhota] I will have to share that Quiz kid show with him so that he can hear how tough the questions were

[Laura Leff] Side note...there's quite a racket going on outside as the dogs move a large herd of goats across the street from us.

[ed] what

[Laura Leff] I'm still waiting on my wild turkeys to make their appearance for today

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura - c'mon, we're not THAT gullible...

[Laura Leff] J. Fred - Actually, that one is true.

[Maxwell] When you get the Wild Turkey, pour me some.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I knew someone was going to say that.

[ed] i need one to...

[Laura Leff] So what else Benny-wise or comedy-wise is on everyone's mind this evening?

[Maxwell] So exactly why did you choose this show LL? It seems to be universally despised.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Oh, I liked it okay...

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Because I hadn't heard it and I hadn't heard anyone really discuss it.

[Maxwell] And you still haven't! :D

[Laura Leff] People talk about the Quiz Kids on Jack's program, but not vice-versa.

[yhtapmys] I think it's worth listening to.

[Laura Leff] Maybe now we know why

[yhtapmys] Only I have to get through it.

[Maxwell] I have the feeling that jack was definitely without the benefit of his own writers.

[Laura Leff] I think it would be better to, as someone else said, bookend it with the Benny shows surrounding it.

[Maxwell] yht: I was joking around, too.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Very much agreed.

[J. Fred Muggwump] I'm surprised it was on the air for 13 years, though...

[yhtapmys] Information Please was a hit and I find it dull, too.

[Laura Leff] Maybe, like the I Can't Stand Jack Benny contest, they had a lot of leftover questions.

[Maxwell] People valued intelligence more back then.    

[ed] did people pan qiz kids as showing off smart kids when most kids couldnot get that good of an education in those days

[yhtapmys] I'll take It Pays To Be Ignorant.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Amen to that.

[J. Fred Muggwump] I like It Pays To Be Ignorant best...no intelligence there...

[yhtapmys] Funny show.

[Laura Leff] Yht - I haven't heard that, but my mother said it was awful.

[yhtapmys] So was Groucho.

[yhtapmys] It's on line somewhere, Laura.

[Laura Leff] Oh, I'm sure I can download it.

[Maxwell] Wasn't there a Dr. IQ, too?

[ed] yes

[Laura Leff] I have a lady in the balcony!

[J. Fred Muggwump] "I have a lady in the balcony!

[yhtapmys] Wasn't he the guy with the lady in the balcony>

[Maxwell] That's right!

[yhtapmys] They gave away chocolate bars?

[Laura Leff] What I'd do with her I don't know, since I'm straight...

[Maxwell] Now I remember.

[ed] ouch...

[J. Fred Muggwump] "A box of Milky Way candy bars to the lady!"

[yhtapmys] Silver dollars and Mars bars, I think./

[Laura Leff] I also just transferred the Ben Blue appearance on Jack's show to DVD

[Laura Leff] Which is something like that.

[Maxwell] Which show had the $64 Question?

[Laura Leff] The $64 Question

[Maxwell] No, that's not what it was called.

[Maxwell] My mind is just blank.

[ed] hal march hosted that one on tv

[Maxwell] OH!

[Maxwell] Double or Nothing

[Laura Leff] The $64,000 Question

[yhtapmys] How was Blue, Laura?

[Laura Leff] The $20,000 Pyramid Scheme

[ed] my fav game show to tell the truth

[Laura Leff] Yht - The Kieslowski movie? It was pretty intense.

[Maxwell] That's the one where he does the "magic act," right?

[J. Fred Muggwump] There was a radio simulcast of The $64,000 Question...

[Laura Leff] But that's redundant

[yhtapmys] Laura, his appearance on Jack.

[Laura Leff] Oh...BEN Blue

[Laura Leff] Is her name Cosgrove?

[Maxwell] Yeah, the "magic act," right?

[Laura Leff] Yeah, that's it

[Laura Leff] Chandu the Magician

[Maxwell] Right.

[Maxwell] Knife throwers.

[Maxwell] or was that another show?

[yhtapmys] Chandu? There's another low-budget radio show.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - This is shooting him in a bag.

[Maxwell] Right.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - You're thinking of Lucy

[Maxwell] I was getting that mixed up in my head with the amateur show with the knife throwing act.

[yhtapmys] Maybe Mitl wrote both.

[ed] ed ames

[yhtapmys] Milt.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Oh right...haven't seen that one in years.

[Maxwell] I saw it several months ago.

[Laura Leff] Actually, Milt was probably off the show by then.

[Maxwell] Right around the time they showed the Ben Blue show, which is probably why I mixed them up.

[Laura Leff] Maybe Hal or Al, but I'd bet it was more likely George/Sam.

[Laura Leff] Ben Blue draws a keg on a chalkboard, pushes in a tap, and pours himself a beer.

[KayLhota] that was Buster Keaton

[ed] i thought that was someone else

[Laura Leff] And there was a prominent NRA ad from CBN years ago in the middle of it.

[Maxwell] Kay Wasn't Buster drawing a hook and hanging his hat?

[Laura Leff] Kay - Ben Blue did it too

[KayLhota] ah

[ed] buster and beerad great

[Laura Leff] Stole it, no doubt

[yhtapmys] Damned web page

[Maxwell] OH...beer ad later than the hook!

[Maxwell] By about 40 years.

[KayLhota] no offense to Buster or Ben Blue.

[Laura Leff] Ben Blue and Jack are probably about 10 feet away from each other now

[ed] buster didnot say much did he

[yhtapmys] Buster Blue?

[Laura Leff] At least, what's left of them.

[yhtapmys] He related to Buster Brown?

[Maxwell] No, that's Milton Berle.

[Laura Leff] Or Buster Poindexter?

[ed] he lives in an shoe

[yhtapmys] No, he was a Quiz Kid.

[Laura Leff] No, Milton is down the hill. Completely different section.

[Maxwell] Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!

[ed] berle and radio...bad

[ed] berle and TV...good

[Laura Leff] i don't think I've ever heard Berle on radio

[yhtapmys] I have Laura.

[yhtapmys] He's average,

[Maxwell] LL You haven't missed much.

[ed] i have too

[KayLhota] I've heard a little. I should hear more.

[Maxwell] Kay Not really.

[yhtapmys] I think Frank Nelson was on the show I heard.

[Laura Leff] Sounds like Clark Gable on radio. Now I understand why he wouldn't go on Jack's show.

[KayLhota] I've never been in a rush. It's like hearing Red Skelton on the radio.

[Laura Leff] I could imagine Skelton being very good on radio...so many voices.

[Maxwell] Skelton wasn't that bad, but he was made for TV.

[ed] red and radio was fine

[ed] visual

[KayLhota] yes, but I've not heard enough.

[J. Fred Muggwump] I like some of Red's radio shows

[Maxwell] Saw Red live about 30 years ago...still doing falls, etc.

[ed] he's got some funny ones

[Maxwell] He was well into his 70s.

[ed] died of stroke in 1998

[Laura Leff] I saw him in the late 70s performing live

[ed] goodnight and god bless...

[Laura Leff] Got an autograph too

[Maxwell] That was probably about the time I saw him. Maybe I saw him a little later. I have no idea what year it was.

[Laura Leff] Gave him a latch-hooking I'd done of a clown

[KayLhota] that is so sweet

[ed] born i a circus family

[yhtapmys] Laura, did anyone open for him?

[ed] in*

[Maxwell] He and Jack were my two favorite comedians when I was a kid.

[Laura Leff] Yht - I don't recall that anyone did.

[ed] who needed to>..

[yhtapmys] Not even Gisele Mackenzie?   

[J. Fred Muggwump] I didn't like his TV show when I was little - thought it was cornball...Dick Van Dyke was more my speed back then

[Laura Leff] It was sort of a consolation prize because I'd been so excited to see Victor Borge because I thought he was Edgar Bergen

[Maxwell] LL He had a full orchestra. I think they played something and he came onstage.

[Maxwell] I loved Red's ad libbing and cracking up the guest stars.

[yhtapmys] I didn't know Bergen was Danish.

[KayLhota] I thought Edgar Bergen was Swedish

[ed] he had of the biggest crowds at ill.state fair ever more than 14000

[Laura Leff] Yht - I couldn't understand why he kept playing the piano and not bringing out Charlie McCarthy.

[Maxwell] hahahahahahahahaha

[yhtapmys] Maybe Charlie was made from the piano.

[ed] no iam serious

[Laura Leff] ed - Borge or Skelton?

[Maxwell] Also saw Bill Cosby and George Burns their on Consecutive nights.

[Maxwell] there

[yhtapmys] Burns would have been great.

[Maxwell] He was.

[ed] only group since then that big was hootie and the Blowfish'

[Laura Leff] I first saw George Burns at the Ionia Free Fair on August 2, 1982.

[ed] red laura

[Laura Leff] Saw Cosby at the first performance at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan.

[Maxwell] Red was very popular in this part of the country.

[ed] indiana born

[Maxwell] First time I saw Cosby was around 1968-69 in college.

[Maxwell] Yup Vincennes.

[yhtapmys] I think that was his demographic, too, Max.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Yup. I saw him at the now-gone-except-for-the-facade Walsh Auditorium in Grand Rapids, MI

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Ah, that was Cosby's hey-day. All his records and so on.

[Maxwell] Yup...and he'd just gotten married...and had a great routine about the wedding ceremony.

[ed] the ark classic

[Laura Leff] Poll to the room...what's your favorite Cosby routine or record?

[Laura Leff] *ding* NOAH

[KayLhota] I have a few. Chicken heart,

[ed] you've gotmine

[KayLhota] Noah

[Maxwell] Two: Noah and The Chicken Heart that Ate New York.

[KayLhota] Nut in Every Car, The Caveman

[KayLhota] Tonsils

[Laura Leff] Driving in San Francisco

[Maxwell] Also the coin toss to start the American Revolution.

[KayLhota] Track and Field

[Laura Leff] Pull around, idiot, pull around!

[KayLhota] To Russell my Brother Whom I slept With

[ed] going up the hill

[Laura Leff] I used to be very fond of Revenge

[Laura Leff] He came out at Genesee and immediately people were calling for Chicken Heart

[Maxwell] I've seen Cosby three times, and every time I left with my sides aching.

[KayLhota] Well, the Chicken heart was brilliant

[Laura Leff] Cosby finished up at Genesee with Dentists

[Laura Leff] As kids we used to sit in the back of the bus (no pun intended) and recite his routines from memory

[Maxwell] He did a bit about trifocals that was hysterical.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - That must be one of his later routines!

[Maxwell] Yeah...'80s or early '90s.

[Maxwell] Brain dead children was another great one.

[Laura Leff] So why do we all know the song from Gilligan's Island, but I'd bet no one here can recall much of the Cosby Show theme?

[KayLhota] I can recall the themes of Bill Cosby's shows

[Maxwell] I remember the Bobby McFerrin version of it.

[Laura Leff] There was one about Dudes on Dope which was pretty funny...going to Burger King and asking to see the King

[KayLhota] going back to the early 70's one when he was a gym teacher.

[ed] again-good-at-the-start.....and-on-I-Spy

[Laura Leff] Kay - Yeah, but you're you.    

[KayLhota] can't sing it because it was gibberish

[KayLhota] [sighing] yes, Laura. I know.

[Laura Leff] Kay - And I'm the same way.

[KayLhota] Oh, let me share a story on myself.

[Maxwell] I don't remember the theme for his variety show.

[Maxwell] (The one with Lola Falana)

[Laura Leff] Bill Cosby's Music Hall

[KayLhota] We were in Detroit last week visiting relatives, and we went to the Motown Museum

[Maxwell] Or Cos (the kid's show)

[Laura Leff] Hey hey hey...it's FAT ALBERT!

[ed] fat-albert

[KayLhota] the tour guide showed us a hole in the ceiling that was cut in the 1950's and was a cheap way of getting an echo sound for their recordings

[Maxwell] Anybody else remember Cos?

[KayLhota] the tour guide urged someone in the group to test out the sound. I ended up singing "Please Mr. Postman"

[Maxwell] Prime time but aimed at kids.

[Laura Leff] I think I remember hearing about it, but never saw it.

[ed] that-theme-i-remember-came-on-after-Shazam

[KayLhota] I saw it, Max

[J. Fred Muggwump] I rememer his two 60s "singing" albums...

[Laura Leff] Hooray for the Salvation Army Band

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura - Yep!

[Laura Leff] Kay - How was the echo?

[KayLhota] it was amazing.

[Laura Leff] Not bad for a cheap effect!

[KayLhota] It really gave off a great sound.

[Maxwell] Wow! I almost forgot the series he did with Felicia Rashaad and Madeleine Kahn.

[Maxwell] She died while they were doing that series.

[Laura Leff] Oh yeah, a detective thing or something.

[Laura Leff] Who died? Rashan or Kahn?

[KayLhota] I saw Madeline Kahn in two stage musicals: Two by Two, and On the 20th Century

[Maxwell] Kahn

[KayLhota] she had cancer

[Laura Leff] Gosh, didn't know that. She wasn't very old.

[Laura Leff] Limited

[Maxwell] She played Felicia Rashaad's business partner, I think.

[KayLhota] she looked so frail and thin towards the end

[Maxwell] That's another one you don't see reruns of because it only lasted 2-3 years.

[Laura Leff] Kay - Sounds like Jack in the screen tests for The Sunshine Boys

[Maxwell] Kay, yeah she did.

[KayLhota] you have seen his screen test?

[Laura Leff] Kay - Yes, it's on the most recent DVD release of TSB

[KayLhota] oh, I have to get that.

[Laura Leff] It's silent, but there

[KayLhota] My son Daniel has to read some books this summer and included in the recommended list

[KayLhota] were any play by Neil Simon

[Laura Leff] Cool

[Maxwell] I can go along with that.

[KayLhota] so I suggested "The Sunshine Boys" because he saw the movie and loved it

[Maxwell] Perfect.

[Laura Leff] En-TER!


[Maxwell] hahahahahaha

[KayLhota] I told him about how George Burns is so lovely at the end because he really was such a vaudeville file

[KayLhota] just so perfect for that role

[Laura Leff] I still say George is probably better in that role than Jack would have been.

[Maxwell] LL you might be right.

[Maxwell] He was terrific.

[ed] how-would-have-jack-done-in-the-movie-had-he-lived

[KayLhota] and how I saw Jack Benny on the Tonight Show in the summer of 1974 and had this awful premonition that they should not wait until the winter to shoot the film

[Laura Leff] Jack has a really hard time playing a character with an edge, like "The Man Who Came to Dinner"

[Laura Leff] Kay - No kidding...don't think you'd mentioned that.

[Maxwell] Hmmm...he did a pretty good job of playing that kind of part in Broadway Melody of 1936...

[KayLhota] It was an odd feeling, Laura.

[Maxwell] I've seen that twice in the past month or two.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - That's a very interesting point....I think that as he developed as a performer and sluffed of that character, it became harder.

[Laura Leff] sluffed off

[KayLhota] perhaps his radio personality took over a bit, Laura.

[Maxwell] sloughed.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Thank you

[Maxwell] <---spelling police.

[Laura Leff] I don't write that word too often

[Laura Leff] ontomatopoeia

[Laura Leff] onomatopoeia

[Maxwell] you're onto matopoeia?

[ed] what-do-you-take-for-that

[KayLhota] I remember seeing that episode of the Tonight show in 1974, and George Raft was a guest as well

[Maxwell] Gas-X

[Laura Leff] Sometimes I take an aspirin, sometimes I take a Calamel

[KayLhota] they showed a clip of him dancing with Carole Lombard in BOLERO and Johnny observed that

[J. Fred Muggwump] I'd walk a mile for a Calamel

[Laura Leff] ed-why-do-you-put-dashes-in-between-all-your-words?

[KayLhota] George did not look at the monitor

[Maxwell] Oh, you mean chocolate calomel!

[Laura Leff] J. Fred - I was waiting for someone to take the bait

[KayLhota] he said that he never saw himself on screen. He refused to.

[ed] my-space-button-is-stuck

[J. Fred Muggwump] Chomp!

[ed] soory

[ed] soory

[Maxwell] Contact Cmdr. Buzz Corey!

[ed] sorry

[Laura Leff] ed - Ah...OK!

[KayLhota] no apologies needed Ed

[Maxwell] (Of the Space bar Patrol!)

[Laura Leff] Ba dum bum

[ed] jack-webb

[Laura Leff] so folks, we've just hit the 2:15 mark...would you like to keep going or call it good?

[Laura Leff] Copper clappers kept in Clara Clifford's closet

[ed] iam game

[Maxwell] *bang*

[KayLhota] I'll continue a bit more

[ed] great

[J. Fred Muggwump] A crow flew over the river with a raw lump of liver

[Laura Leff] Dan left with his Bronx friends to go to Fisherman's Wharf to get dinner, leaving me to fend for myself.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura - are the goats gone?

[Laura Leff] J. Fred- The racket stopped a while ago, now it's getting cool enough that I closed the windows.

[Laura Leff] But I'm still waiting on my turkeys.

[Maxwell] They'er in the straw.

[Laura Leff] The neighbor's cat came cruising through a while ago, which may be keeping them away.

[yhtapmys] Any named Tallulah?

[ed] laura-drink-reponsibly

[Laura Leff] No one's eaten the corn on the patio, so they haven't been through today.

[J. Fred Muggwump] *meow*

[Laura Leff] Yht - Funny that, since we have three hens and two babies who frequent us.

[J. Fred Muggwump] How come there's a meow but no bark?

[Laura Leff] One morning I opened the garage door to see three toms and two hens all feeding on the driveway, and one displaying proudly.

[ed] ouch

[Laura Leff] J. Fred - Dunno...youhave to ask addon Chat about that.

[Laura Leff] So what else would folks like to discuss?

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura - when you wrote "toms" I thought at first you meant tom cats...that's a strange visual image...

[Laura Leff] No...tom turkeys

[yhtapmys] *meow*

[Maxwell] There are three kinds of turkeys.

[Laura Leff] I once knew a turkey named Tom...he was the engineer at my first radio station.

[Maxwell] Tom, hen, and jive.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura - I heard the other week one of the shows were Jack refers to "Rodney Dangerfield"...


[Laura Leff] J. Fred - Yes, there are a few of those over time.

[J. Fred Muggwump] I was wondering - did Dangerfield take his name from that, or from something else that Jack had picked up

[ed] he.didnot.change.his.name.til.the.sixties.i.thought

[Laura Leff] J. Fred - Jack's writers didn't seem to originate the name, as it was often used as a "gag" name

[Laura Leff] in vaudeville, etc.

[ed] oh

[Laura Leff] It's possible that Dangerfield picked it up from Jack. I asked, but he didn't respond.

[Laura Leff] But he could have heard it elsewhere.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Ah, a mystery

[Laura Leff] Let's see if I can eat a rice cake and peanut butter without smearing it on the keyboard...

[Laura Leff] (And now for something completely different)

[Maxwell] I have a TWTD Benny alert. A Benny excerpt and a full Benny program on this week's Those were the Days show.

[KayLhota] I forgot that you might be hungry now, Laura.

[Laura Leff] I'll go get something when we're done.

[KayLhota] It's almost 10:30 in the east

[J. Fred Muggwump] oops, charlie's jumped in my lap

[Laura Leff] *meow*

[Laura Leff] *meow* *meow* *meow*

[Maxwell] 8-minute excerpt from 4/6/52 (Jack and Rochester decide to clean the pool)...

[yhtapmys] Sounds like a Quiz Cat.


[J. Fred Muggwump] you've got his complete attention

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Oh, is that the un-PC one with the rice paddy?

[Maxwell] And complete show (sans commercials because it's an AFRS rebroadcast) from 5/9/54: Beavers take a trip to the beach.

[Laura Leff] *meow*

[Laura Leff] *slap*

[Maxwell] Not sure. I haven't looked up the episode yet in "39 Forver Volume 2"

[Maxwell] Written by somebody named Laura Leff.

[J. Fred Muggwump] wroof!

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - And I wrote the book so I don't have to carry the information around in my head.

[yhtapmys] Too bad, the spots are real highlights.

[Laura Leff] And be the Oracle at Waukegan

[Maxwell] To be the oracle of Delphi, you'd have to move to Indiana.

[J. Fred Muggwump] first again with tobacco men!

[Laura Leff] Someone at REPS said to me, "Wow, I thought you'd be really unapproachable since you know so much."

[Laura Leff] "But now I find out you're just a darned fool."

[Maxwell] Aren't we all?

[Laura Leff] So my cover's been blown.

[Maxwell] For some reason, I can hear Frank Nelson saying that.

[Laura Leff] (OK, that's not quite what they said.)

[KayLhota] what did they say?

[Maxwell] My guess is just the first part.

[KayLhota] Did they think you would be a savant and not a sociable person?

[Laura Leff] The first line is the same...I said, 'Gosh, did someone say I was unapproachable?"

[Laura Leff] Kay - Yeah, that's it exactly.

[Laura Leff] I told her the story of Socrates and the Oracle at Delphi

[KayLhota] I know the feeling.

[Laura Leff] and said that's pretty much my attitude about my knowledge, although I appreciate the kind compliments.

User ed has logged out.

[KayLhota] when I was 20 I was talking to a girl at college, just chatting, but my flood of the usual information was pouring out

[KayLhota] after nearly an hour she said: "You don't smoke grass, do you?"

[KayLhota] I was surprised at the question but I didn't

[KayLhota] and she told me how she knew why I didn't. It was my memory, which I wouldn'

[KayLhota] wouldn't have if I smoked the weed

[KayLhota] I've always prefered staying sober, and I have had people in my family with substance abuse problems, so I stayed away

[KayLhota] Laura, you remind me that I try to take down notes when I listen to radio shows because it is too much information for me to remember. The plot, the actors, the character names, the credits

[Laura Leff] Kay - Oh my...sounds like a lot of work.

[KayLhota] but it helps me with some mental reminders when I hear a show a second time

[Maxwell] There's my problem I don't take notes.

[Laura Leff] I had a strange memory recently that I had taken to creating a log of WB cartoons when I was young

[KayLhota] how young?

[Laura Leff] Each cartoon would have its name noted, running time, stars, and my own personal star raging

[Laura Leff] Kay - Not sure...maybe 7 or 8

[KayLhota] I was logging during 1979-81

[Laura Leff] Kay - Well, that may be about the same time I was doing it, although that's a little later.

[Maxwell] When I was that age I was keeping score of telvised ballgames.

[KayLhota] I was going to write a book because their wasn't any out at the time.

[Laura Leff] I remember my mother getting hold of it and writing some goofy entries in it, and I got very mad.

[KayLhota] Fortunately, Jerry Beck finally published them.

[Laura Leff] Kay - You should have...gotten the jump on it.

[Maxwell] So what was your rating for Falling Hare?

[KayLhota] The Gremlin has Benny Rubin's laugh.

[yhtapmys] She gave it an A Card.

[KayLhota] His schtick was laughing to the tune of Yankee Doodle

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Can't remember...I hope I don't have them any more.

[J. Fred Muggwump] I made a log of all the WB cartoons I recorded on VHS...unfortunately, technology has pretty much rendered teh collection, and the log, obsolete

[Maxwell] For the record, it's my second favorite cartoon, and my favorite Bugs.

[Laura Leff] Falling Hare?

[Maxwell] Yeah.

[Laura Leff] Actually...I'm trying to remember the name of my favorite Bugs cartoon....

[Laura Leff] It's the one where he's arguing with the cartoonist.

[Maxwell] My favorite cartoon is Magical Maestro.

[yhtapmys] Rabbit Rampage.

[Maxwell] That's it!

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura - Rabbit Rampage?

[Laura Leff] That's it. Thanks Yht

[KayLhota] But that is an MGM Tex Avery cartoon

[KayLhota] Rabbit Rampage.

[Maxwell] It's my favorite cartoon.

[Laura Leff] Rabbit Rampage is a Tex Avery cartoon?

[J. Fred Muggwump] I like "Bully for Bugs" and "Rabbit Seasoning" best

[KayLhota] I forgot the title but was sidetracked on the other cartoon

[Maxwell] No, Magical Maestro is Avery.

[KayLhota] No Rabbit Rampage was done by Chuck Jones

[Maxwell] I think Rabbit Rampage is Jones.

[KayLhota] I know that it is.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Rabbit Rampage was the Duck Amuck idea done for Bugs

[Maxwell] So do I.

[Laura Leff] There was just something about busting the fourth wall that made that really neat.

[Maxwell] J. Fred Yup.

[Laura Leff] J. Fred - Yes. But somehow I liked Bugs better.

[Maxwell] Ditto with Magical Maestro...the "hair" in the corner of the screen.

[KayLhota] that is brilliant

[Laura Leff] Oh, I remember that!

[KayLhota] I love the bunnies dancing with the guy

[J. Fred Muggwump] King Size Canary is my favorite Avery...one of the strangest cartoons ever...

[Maxwell] And multiplying every time he holds out his arms.

[Maxwell] J. Fred Another masterpiece.

[Laura Leff] What's the story on Falling Hare?

[Maxwell] The gremlin.

[Laura Leff] Gremlins from the Kremlin? That's Russian Rhapsody

[J. Fred Muggwump] Nope, Bugs and one gremlin

[Maxwell] No, the gremlin and bugs in the plane.

[KayLhota] Bugs is reading about Gremlins and a gremlin is whacking at a blockbuster bomb

[Maxwell] Mel Blanc has a field day as the plane is diving.

[KayLhota] indeed

[Laura Leff] I think Russian Rhapsody must have inadvertently erased most of my memory of Falling Hare

[KayLhota] on both voices

[Maxwell] Heee-Hooo-Haaaa

[Maxwell] Sorry Folks, we ran out of gas.

[KayLhota] The gremlins in russian Phapsody are all charicatures of the staff at the animation studio

[Maxwell] Clampett at his best.

[J. Fred Muggwump] I wish WB would put out a WWII cartoon box along the lines of Disney's "On the Front Lines

[Laura Leff] Yeah, I'll drink to that

[J. Fred Muggwump] But then...come to think of it, that wouldn't be WB...

[Laura Leff] (Where are those turkeys?)

[J. Fred Muggwump] Or would it? Who owns those pre-1949 Warners now?

[KayLhota] Warners does

[Laura Leff] Why wouldn't Warners own them?

[Maxwell] AOL Time Warner

[Maxwell] UA used to own them...

[KayLhota] Warners sold the pre 1948 films and cartoons to UA

[Maxwell] Then Turner picked them up, and AOL-Time-Warner got them when they bought out Turner.

[Laura Leff] Oh, and someone bought UA recently...

[J. Fred Muggwump] They were sold off long ago and ended up with Turner, I think...so I guess they'd be WB again?

[KayLhota] MGM got the UA collection and then Turner got them and he sold them to AOL Time Warners

[Laura Leff] Ironic...like NBC Universal owning Jack's CBS shows.

[KayLhota] they came full circle

[J. Fred Muggwump] But a WWII box would be sublime

[Laura Leff] What would John Cahill say?

[Maxwell] So now AOL-Time-Warner owns WB, RKC, MGM, and UA.

[KayLhota] yes

[yhtapmys] RKC?

[Laura Leff] Who owns RKO?

[Maxwell] But now I'm seeing Sony attached to a lot of old MGM and UA stuff.

[KayLhota] cute

[Maxwell] RKO

[J. Fred Muggwump] Royal Krown Cola?

[Laura Leff] RKO owns RKO?

[Maxwell] So maybe Sony bought that stuff out.

[Maxwell] Turner had that, so AOL or Sony or whoever.

[KayLhota] friends, I'll see you in August.

[Maxwell] So long Kay!

[KayLhota] You take care

[J. Fred Muggwump] Night, Kay, happy summer days

[Laura Leff] I just refound my notes from the Library of Congress, and I have to write to Sony to get clearance to get a piece of a Canada Dry show out of the depths.

[KayLhota] thanks

[Laura Leff] Have fun, Kay!

User KayLhota has logged out.

[Maxwell] Is it one of the two making the rounds, or a different one?

[Laura Leff] Shows you what you can find when you clean up your desk.

[yhtapmys] A new one?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Different one. Babies' Night.

[Maxwell] I wouldn't know about cleaning a desk.

[Maxwell] Cool!

[Laura Leff] I think it's from July 1932, would have to look it up.

yhtapmys shouts hurray!

[J. Fred Muggwump] Yay, Laura!

[yhtapmys] Do they have others, Laura?

[Laura Leff] It's not very long, only about 3-4 minutes. But it's better than nothing.

[Maxwell] Yup.

[Laura Leff] Yht - Unfortunately, not that I could find.


[Maxwell] Just about the side of a record, huh?

[Laura Leff] Yes, I think someone did an amateur recording of it.

[yhtapmys] How's the quality, do you know?

[Laura Leff] Sort of ike the recent Amos n Andy disc on History Detectives.

[Laura Leff] Yht - I've heard it...not bad.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Well, anything from that time is precious

[Laura Leff] Better than the circulating January shows, actually.

[yhtapmys] It sure is, Fred.

[Laura Leff] It's taken right out of the middle of the show. Strange.

[Maxwell] LL do you know what's with the 1/1/33 show? The mp3 I've heard in more than one place repeats the start about 3 times.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Not sure...I don't think mine does that.

[Laura Leff] *checking*

[J. Fred Muggwump] Favorite fantasy - taking a time machine back to a year in the 30s...with a portable radio and a digital recorder...

[Maxwell] The version on Crispy.com does that, and so does the one on otr.net

[yhtapmys] Then Fred, 50 years from now they'll moan about the poor quality.

[J. Fred Muggwump]  

[Maxwell] Yeah, you can hear the static!

[yhtapmys] Like how DVDs will be obsolete in five years.

[Laura Leff] *hearing the opening song*

[Maxwell] It goes 2-3 minutes and then goes back to the start, I think.

[J. Fred Muggwump] I wonder how good those sounded coming out of an average radio back then...

[Maxwell] I think during the first number by Weems.

[Maxwell] A lot better than the recordings we have now.

[Laura Leff] Now going into Rise and Shine

[Maxwell] Somewhere in there is where it goes back to the start.

[Laura Leff] J. Fred - Well, remember that the J-E-L-L-O was sung VERY slowly for a while so people could hear EXACTLY what letters were being sung.

[Maxwell] I think the total time as a result of the repeats is something like 17 minutes.

[Laura Leff] Mine's 13:55

[Maxwell] Okay...then yours doesn't.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Well, some of the First Generation Archives recordings are so good, it's hard to believe that people heard them that clearly when they were broadcast

[J. Fred Muggwump] Laura - that's interesting

[Laura Leff] I'm not hearing anything suspect yet, and I'm at 2:24

[Laura Leff] Now Jack's been introduced

[Maxwell] Okay...no problems with yours.

[Laura Leff] We take the effort to bring you the best copies available.

[Maxwell] You might want to check out otr.com 's version to see what I mean.

[Maxwell] Crispy downloads so slowly.

[Laura Leff] I've heard strange edits like that on some shows...

[Laura Leff] I'm sure he doesn't have much in the way of server power

[Maxwell] I wonder if they had problems during the transfer and then it just got passed on to somebody else.

[yhtapmys] Never used him, Max.

[Laura Leff] I remember when we were doing Operation Benjamin to get the remaining shows in our library transferred

[Laura Leff] And I made all the MP3s available to the people working on the project

[yhtapmys] You could get Jack on Napster when it was big.

[Laura Leff] username-password, the whole bit

[yhtapmys] And the same screwed up versions were being passed around.

[Laura Leff] And within a couple days of sending out the logins, we almost shut down my friend's server who was hosting it.

[J. Fred Muggwump] I mainly used First Generation to get their Our Miss Brooks shows...I've never heard an OMB collection to rival theirs

[Laura Leff] I'm sure there were more people downloading than just the 10 or so on the project.

[Maxwell] In May I heard the Hindenburg disaster actually played at the right speed. I'd heard Herb Morrison interviewed, and it actually sounded like him instead of someone inhaling helium.

[Laura Leff] I thought he was just panicked

[Maxwell] No, it's been played back at the wrong speed (or was recorded at the wrong speed) for 70 years.

[yhtapmys] No, it's definitely off-speed

[Laura Leff] Oh the speed control!

[Laura Leff] Any particular reason? Was recorded at 80 and played back at 78?

[J. Fred Muggwump] I'm glad people are taking the time to speed-correct important recordings like that, Maz

[Laura Leff] Or the opposite?

[yhtapmys] It might be a later dub onto reel-to-reel.

[yhtapmys] We had tape machines at places I worked at that played off-speed.

[Maxwell] I'm not sure where it happened, but whoever made this version got it right.

[Laura Leff] Ain't technology wonderful?

[Maxwell] They used recordings of Morrison's voice to get the right pitch.

[yhtapmys] So, when you record it and play it elsewhere....

[J. Fred Muggwump] Who knows? I've downloaded things on Usenet that sound like OTR Alvin & the Chipmunks...

[Laura Leff] Does anyone here remember Hampster Dance?

[Maxwell] If it's recorded to slowly and played back at the right speed, it sounds too high.

[Maxwell] too

[Maxwell] LL No.

[Laura Leff] Hampster Dance was a Web fad a few years back

[J. Fred Muggwump] I'm still trying to forget it, Laura

[Maxwell] OH! Yeah!

[Laura Leff] It had music behind it that I recgonized as "Whistle Stop" from Disney.

[Maxwell] Kind of like Peanut Butter Jelly Time was a year or so ago.

[Laura Leff] So I pulled out a record of it to play for Dan. A 33 1/3.

[J. Fred Muggwump] Remember those great internet hits?

[Laura Leff] Then as we were listening to it, I ramped it up to 45, then 78.

[Laura Leff] I hit 78 and suddenly it was Hampster Dance!

[Maxwell] I wish I had a turntable that did 78.

[Laura Leff] Or almost. I had to use my manual speed adjust to get it up to about 81 to get Hampster Dance.

[Maxwell] Heck, I wish I had a turntable that played at constant rpm.

[Laura Leff] Dan and I looked at each other slack-jawed at discovering the secret.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I bought a professional one that's very good. Don't know if it's still available.

[Laura Leff] With 10,000 records, I need a turntable.

[yhtapmys] Canyou still find needles, Laura?

[Maxwell] I guess!

[Laura Leff] Yht - I have to order online, but yes...they're still made.

[Maxwell] Radio Shack used to carry needles...at least a few years ago.

[Laura Leff] I don't think I'd trust my records with a Radio Shack needle.

[Laura Leff] Heck, you can still get vacuum tubes for radios.

[Laura Leff] Well folks...we're at the 3:00 mark and I'd like to go get some dinner.

[yhtapmys] OK.

[yhtapmys] I've got some web page work to do.

[Maxwell] I need to go to bed.

[Laura Leff] If you'd like to stay and chat, please feel free to do so.

[Laura Leff] OK, sounds like not.    

[Maxwell] Nah...I'm hitting the rack.

[yhtapmys] See you in a month.

[Laura Leff] Thanks for stopping, and we'll see you in August!