IJBFC Chat - May 6, 2007

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[KayLhota] Hi Yip

[yhtapmys] Hello Kay

[KayLhota] We're both early

[yhtapmys] I didn't think anyone would be around this soon.

[KayLhota] I quess I felt the same way.

[yhtapmys] I was on line so just figured I'd log in now.

[KayLhota] I like to be early, rather than late. Just finished my dinner.

[yhtapmys] I just watched the video that was mentioned in the post on the board.

[KayLhota] oh, I didn't read the post. What was the video?

[yhtapmys] Hmm. There's a time lag.

[yhtapmys] A fellow found a 1929 short Jack did introing some songwriters.

[KayLhota] oh, the Songwriters REvfiew

[KayLhota] Review

[yhtapmys] Yes.

[KayLhota] That was done at MGM

[yhtapmys] Just snippets of songs.

[KayLhota] and the composers who wrote them

[yhtapmys] I'd never seen pictures of many of them so that was interesting.

[KayLhota] They've run it a few times on Turner Classic Movies

[yhtapmys] But the short itself didn't have a lot going for it.

[KayLhota] early sound can be very stiff

[yhtapmys] I guess in 1929 just hearing them was enough.

[KayLhota] sound was still pretty new at the time.

[yhtapmys] I don't know if we get TCM here. I don't own a television.

[KayLhota] these days, you hardly need a television

[KayLhota] I do like cable, and some television but nothing like when I was growing up

[yhtapmys] I'm not home much so I don't have time to watch it/

[KayLhota] I'm home, but I don't have the patience to sit and watch much.

[yhtapmys] I can't think of anything I'd want to see anyway. Other than old cartoons and shows I can buy on DVD.

[KayLhota] yes.

User ed has entered this room.

[KayLhota] Hello ed

[yhtapmys] Hello, Ed.

[yhtapmys] How's the vault?

[ed] hi everyone

[yhtapmys] At work, they have CNN on, but it just appears to be mostly crap.

[KayLhota] what a shame.

[KayLhota] I mostly watch Turner Classic Movies.

[yhtapmys] Arguing politicians and overblown stories about B-list celebrities.

[yhtapmys] Are they restored fairly well?

[KayLhota] sounds like a typical news day, yes.

[KayLhota] Restored? Yes! The movies look quite good as a rule.

[yhtapmys] The Songwriters video was very well restored. Excellent title card for 1929.

[yhtapmys] Trouble is, I'm on dial-up, so I get things in frames of one second apart.

User Brad from Georgia has entered this room.

[KayLhota] Hi Brad

[yhtapmys] Hello, Brad

[ed] hi brad

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, ed, Kay, yth!

[yhtapmys] It was interesting to see Jack walking though.. same as we remember from TV.

[KayLhota] Yes, he even holds and uses his hands the same way.

[ed] I have dial up too

User Maxwell has entered this room.

[KayLhota] Hi Maxwell

[Brad from Georgia] Hiya, Max

[yhtapmys] Put, put, Maxwell.

[ed] hi maxwell

[Maxwell] Hey everybody!

[yhtapmys] It's tough to stream stuff at times, Ed.

[yhtapmys] I'm debating whether to spend the $ and upgrade.

[ed] true

[Brad from Georgia] We saw Eddie Carroll's show again on Friday in Jacksonville, and had lunch with him and Carolyn yesterday.

[yhtapmys] How was it?

[KayLhota] that must have been nice.

[yhtapmys] The show, not the lunch.

[Brad from Georgia] Good, not his best--poor Eddie was exhausted--got up at four that morning, flew to FL, did TV and radio interviews, three-hour tech rehearsal, then the show.

[yhtapmys] That's a grind. Like a two-a-day.  

[Brad from Georgia] But as I told him, even though his energy was down some, he still makes me laugh--I forget the little touches and jokes from show to show!

[KayLhota] I went to a Radio re creation show in Brockton MA this past weekend

[yhtapmys] About time.

[KayLhota] Hi Laura

[Laura Leff] Hello folks

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, LL!

[Maxwell] HiLL

[Maxwell] Or Hi LL

[Brad from Georgia] Eddie and Carolyn said to send their love, Laura.

[ed] hi boss

[Laura Leff] Kay - Is that the one you typed the script for?

[Laura Leff] Brad - Ah, I just dropped them a couple E-mails. Thanks much.

[KayLhota] yes, but they didn't like it, so they didn't use it!

[Laura Leff] Brad - Good time as always?

User steve _shimp_ has entered this room.

[Laura Leff] Kay - Picky picky picky

[Laura Leff] Hey Steve!


[ed] hey steve

[Maxwell] Hey Steve

[steve _shimp_] Hi all, happy 75th

[Brad from Georgia] Oh, yes! We enjoyed the show, and then yesterday we had a Cinco de Mayo lunch with them in Jacksonville.

[yhtapmys] Isn't that 39th?   

[Laura Leff] Brad - I heard they sold out

[Brad from Georgia] LL-Not Friday night--only about 200 aficionados. I think they had a much healthier house Sat. though!

[Laura Leff] Brad - Have you filled in the rest of the room on what we're discussing?

[Brad from Georgia] LL-Yes, mentioned it earlier.

[Laura Leff] OK. Just want to insure we're not being mysterious.

[Laura Leff] So how is everyone this evening?

[KayLhota] fine, thanks.

[Laura Leff] The weather couldn't be lovelier here.

[steve _shimp_] Quick update for the latecomers? Sheesh, one minute after 8!

[ed] great

[Brad from Georgia] Just said that Eddie was exhausted--so he felt his energy was way down, and he "lost" Benny's voice a little, but it was still a treat.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Brad saw Eddie's show

[Brad from Georgia] For the third time. This time, front row center!

[steve _shimp_] Oh, OK. Liked Eddie's piece in the TIMES, btw.

[Laura Leff] Did he mention your name in the joke?

[Brad from Georgia] Oh, btw, Eddie mentioned "Mr. Kitzel" at the SC show--that really tickled him.

[Brad from Georgia] No, he used Barbara's name when he did the show for our college!

[Laura Leff] OK, maybe not YOUR name but maybe your wife's name?

[yhtapmys] No one mentions me. And my syrup is so soothing!

[Brad from Georgia] However, he did say that he enjoyed noticing us up front--kind of like a cheering section, since this is the third time we've seen him.

User Frev has entered this room.

[Laura Leff] It occurred to me when I was copying over his article that Eddie has probably met more IJBFC members than I have

[KayLhota] Hi Frev

[Frev] Jello Again

[Laura Leff] Brad - You should have been front and center when Eddie fell off the stage

[Maxwell] Hi Frev

[Frev] Hi folks

[Laura Leff] Hi Frev!

[Brad from Georgia] Ytt--"Kitzel" walked past Eddie and said "Hello Mr. Benny!" before his SC show--and Eddie said, "Now, Kitzel, cut that out!"

[steve _shimp_] Hi Frev

[Laura Leff] I was there when that happened

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, Frev

[Frev] hey everybody

yhtapmys chuckles

[Laura Leff] (I was there when he fell off the stage)

[Brad from Georgia] LL--How did he fall?

[yhtapmys] Probably George Burns told a joke.

[Frev] Laura, just wanted to check if the Benny stamps are still available. Also want to know if I can get them at my local post office

[Laura Leff] The edge of the stage wasn't well-marked, and he got too far downstage. His toes went over the edge, and

[steve _shimp_]  

[Laura Leff] Frev - Sorry, sold out! Have a number of disappointed customers.

[Frev] awww, what about at the post office?

[Brad from Georgia] He stumbled once, not badly, on the stage when he tripped on the carpet. Carolyn said she'd had it taped down after the show, though.

[Laura Leff] Suddenly, without breaking character, he said, "Oh dear..." and CRASH

[Brad from Georgia] LL-Bad fall?

[Laura Leff] Frev - Nope. Just couldn't do it

[Frev] hmmmm

[Laura Leff] Brad - Shockingly, barely a scratch on him for all the noise. I immediately ran down to help him up, and Carolyn and I ended up hugging each other. My hand was on his back as he was going back up the stairs to the stage

[yhtapmys] What'd he say afterwards?

[Laura Leff] Just out of curiosity, how many here have seen Eddie's show?

[steve _shimp_] I haven't. Someday...

[yhtapmys] Not I. But he's apparently coming to Seattle sometime soon.

[Frev] I want to. is he coming to NY area?

[Brad from Georgia] Me thrice!

[Laura Leff] Yht - Oh mostly discussing how it had happened, and how he was able to take the fall without hurting himself.

[Laura Leff] Yht - Yes, he'll be at REPS in June.

[Laura Leff] Frev - I don't think so, but check his page under Events

[Frev] well, hope his summer is better than his fall!   

[yhtapmys] Gee, Laura, he falls off the stage and he STILL can't ad-lib!

[Brad from Georgia] He fid his last show in Jax today...and they're driving down the Florida coast to the Daytona area for the next show.

[Brad from Georgia] 'Course Florida's kind of on fire.

[Laura Leff] I was amazed that he never broke character. You could feel how the audience was so concerned afterwards.

[yhtapmys] I imagine

[Laura Leff] Finally he said something like, "I'm OK now folks!"

[Laura Leff] I thought Georgia was on fire.

[Brad from Georgia] Well, the Okefenokee. Pogo's moved to a Day's Inn temporarily.

[Laura Leff] So what did folks think of the 5/2/32 show?

[Laura Leff] To echo Shimp, happy diamond anniversary.

[Maxwell] LL I've heard it a few times before...

[steve _shimp_] Certainly a historical curiosity.

[Brad from Georgia] The show was . . . interesting. Lots of promise of better stuff to come, lots of embryonic Jack routines.

[KayLhota] It's good as a musical program, and historical

[Laura Leff] I saw someone posted a link to the Songwriter's Revue, which is sort of the music video version.

[Maxwell] steve...Took the words right out of my mouth.

[steve _shimp_] Not a lot of laughs. Actually it reminds me of when they would later write Jack "deliberately unfunny".

[Brad from Georgia] However, I don't think Jack was cut out to be a Don Rickles-style insult comic.

[Laura Leff] And no real audience reaction. I'm not even positive if they had an audience.

[Maxwell] I did get a big charge out of the couple of times he cracked up the band.

[KayLhota] they must not have had an audience

[Maxwell] LL: I don't think there was an audience.

[yhtapmys] Yeah, Laura, Kay and I were talking about it.

[Maxwell] A lot of shows didn't that early on.

[Brad from Georgia] I think they were performing to crates of Canada Dry.

[Laura Leff] Some shows had an audience--even comedy shows--but they told the audience to be quiet!

[steve _shimp_] I've got a question - how did this show manage to survive the years in decent, listenable quality?

[Brad from Georgia] No laughs, but occasional fizzes.

[Frev] I'm sure I have an mp3 of the 5/2/32 show in my collection

[Laura Leff] Brad - Then at least you'd hear the bubbles. Pre Lawrence Welk

[Laura Leff] Steve - I think that thanks may go to Jack for saving the discs.

[KayLhota] thankfully that didn't last long. I'd rather laugh if I thought something was funny than hold it back

[steve _shimp_] I'm sipping a Canada Dry right now to celebrate. Really. I may add a shot of something to it later on...

[steve _shimp_] He just saved this one?

[Laura Leff] Kay - As Fred Allen said, "Suppressed laughter goes to the hips and spreads"

[Brad from Georgia] Jack did seem to have a bit of "unscripted" moments, or he wasn't used to reading on stage. Lots of ers, ums, and ahs.

[steve _shimp_] Aren't all the other Canada Dry shows "ear-benders"?

[Frev] just curious, besides Amos 'n' Andy, which is the oldest surviving recording of early radio comedy?

[yhtapmys] Steve, I had a Canada Dry club soda yesterday. They ran ouit so I'm drinking Schweppes.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Oh he saved many shows--most of what we have in circulation today--and I'm pretty sure the wax of this one is at UCLA.

[Maxwell] steve The two that survive are really bad.

[ed] amazing canada dry is made in texas

[Laura Leff] Brad - I think that was the style at the time to make it sound natural.

[Laura Leff] Steve - How do you mean?

[yhtapmys] Mine's made is Mississauga.

[Brad from Georgia] I think the oldest is Abraham Lincoln and Millard Filmore as "the Funshine Boys." It's very rare, though, because radio didn't exist then.

[Laura Leff]  

[Frev] d'oh!   

[steve _shimp_] Just curious that this show is notably better quality than the other CD shows in circulation. And, I'm just amazed that Jack had curated this one transcription, apparently

[ed] huh

[Brad from Georgia] Also, Abe was miscast as the straight man. Millard Filmore always murdered a punchline.

[Laura Leff] Abe was the inspiration for Buster Keaton

[ed] hey he lived where i am living springfield illinois

[yhtapmys] Laura, I've always been curious about the old shows. Are there NO full transcriptions of the earliest ones at all?

[Brad from Georgia] Good question: what's the earliest complete recorded show?

[Laura Leff] Yht - Well, at the risk of sounding silly, there is this one. But the others are partials until the Chevrolet series

[Laura Leff] Brad - 5/2/32, pretty much

[yhtapmys] Why is that?

[Laura Leff] Shows were recorded on multiple discs.

[yhtapmys] Yes, about 12 minutes to a side, I think.

[Laura Leff] A disc breaks, part of the show is lost.

[Brad from Georgia] Hmmm--it seemed to just end abruptly. Wonder if I missed something

[yhtapmys] So they just got lost over the years?

[Laura Leff] I thought I had more on my tape copy, but didn't have time to look it up.

[Frev] if Jack wasn't ill at the time, do you think he would have done a good job in the 'Sunshine Boys' movie?

[Maxwell] Brad, the last part of the show was cut off. I went to another web site to hear the rest.

[Laura Leff] There's about three minutes of a Canada Dry show from the July 1932 timeframe that I've heard

[Laura Leff] Need to work on getting a copy of it, though.

[Brad from Georgia] It would have been much different from George Burns's interpretation. But I think it would have been a good job.

[KayLhota] he would have done a good job, but George Burns has that encyclopedia of Vaudeville quality

[Frev] true

[Laura Leff] Frev - I think that George probably did a better job than jack would have.

[KayLhota] if only it had been Jack and George.

[Brad from Georgia] LL-Have to agree, but still...it could have been a comeback!

[Laura Leff] Also, George is able to muster more of the vitriol that the role called for

[KayLhota] that would have been murder!

[steve _shimp_] Hey LL, did you see that post on Goldie Fields and Glyde? That review you found actually is George's old act.

[Frev] I think you're right, Jack's humor was a bit more gentle, while George was more of the wise guy

[Laura Leff] Steve - I did! Amazing...I've had George's 1954 book for some time but haven't had a chance to read it!

[Laura Leff] I'll have to put that in the next Times.

[steve _shimp_] And George got the worst review!

[steve _shimp_] (of the three)

[KayLhota] ouch

[yhtapmys] Was it actually George or someone else?

[Laura Leff] Reminds me of the review of Fred Astaire; "Can't sing, can dance a little."

[steve _shimp_] No, really George.

[yhtapmys] !

[Laura Leff] Nathan Birnbaum

[Laura Leff] What's really funny is that going over and over and over these vaudeville listings,

[steve _shimp_] I'd recommend the book we're talking about "I Love Her, That's Why" - it's more detailed and real than George's later reminiscences.

[Laura Leff] I've been wondering if any of these teams I was seeing were George Burns in his myriad acts.

[Frev] I live in NY and I'm near where George Burns and Eddie Cantor used to live

User pete has entered this room.

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, Pete

[KayLhota] hello Pete

[Laura Leff] Frev - Hopefully it's a better neighborhood now

[Laura Leff] Hello Pete

[Maxwell] Hi pete

[yhtapmys] Hard to say. I've spotted ads for Fink's Mules, though.

[ed] hi pete

[Frev] it's a little better, getting more gentrified

[Laura Leff] Oh I've seen Finks Mules, Powers Elephants, a cockatiel act, etc.

[Frev] still a little rough though

[pete] hi

[Brad from Georgia] Friday night, Eddie actually got a whoop of a laugh from the audience when he complained of following Fink's Mules on the bill.

[Frev] the area has gotten a little bit more trendy

[Brad from Georgia] "We had to step on stage VERY carefully."

[steve _shimp_] Peewee quartet was another, Gracie was with "Larry Reilly and Company"

[Laura Leff] For the years I've been scanning, there are a LOT of team acts.

[yhtapmys] Brad, it looks like they played until the 40s. I can't find out much about them.

[pete] sorry its been several months since I remembered to enter this chat room

[Frev] when I was younger there were still Jewish vendors and tailors in the area where my mother got our clothes

[yhtapmys] Oy.

[Brad from Georgia] I understand that Fink juggled and the mules tap-danced to Brahms.

[Laura Leff] Pete - No problem...we're glad you're back!

[ed] how many movies did george and gracie do after "college Swing"?

[Frev] looking back on it now in my memory, I think at the time it was probably close to what it was when George used to live there

[yhtapmys] Not many, Ed. that I recall.

[Laura Leff] Sounds like a question for IMDB

[Laura Leff] Someone just offered me a copy of "Lord Byron of Broadway" (1929) where Jack's voice is heard over a radio

[pete] I can remember in the early 50't when we had our first TV I still vent to my room to listen to the Jack Benny show

[steve _shimp_] Just a couple, "Honolulu" was B&A's last movie together.

[yhtapmys] I had one of George's book by my toe.

[yhtapmys] I've got to clean this place.

[ed] i just picked it up for $5 at a record sale in St.Louis today it is on DVD

[Brad from Georgia] Ed--looks like just one.

[Maxwell] The only one I'm seeing is Honolulu.

[KayLhota] You haven't seen "Lord Byron of Broadway?"

[Maxwell] And I'm late again.

[Frev] I remember seeing Jack's TV show back then. I still have a memory of Don Wilson coming out in a vikings outfit and blowing a horn playing the sponsors theme

[Laura Leff] I haven't even seen Madame Zombie


[Brad from Georgia] LL--SEEN her? I used to DATE her.

[Laura Leff] Ba dum BUM

[yhtapmys] Now cut that out!

[Frev] Well!

[Laura Leff] That was no lady, that was my dirigible

[ed] don wilson played a huntley-brinkley reporter on "Batman"

[steve _shimp_] LIQUOR? I JUST MET HER!

[yhtapmys] Yeah, Ed, I saw that when I was a kid.

[ed] hey the hindenburg 70th year

[Laura Leff] Ed - Several Benny cast members were on that episode!

[pete] Do any of you remember the famous fued between Fred Allan and Jack?

[Brad from Georgia] "Jackson's in the bar with a zombie." "A zombie? That's a pretty strong drink, Phil!" "Drink, nothin'! That's his date."

[Frev] he played both of them?   

[yhtapmys] Allen Ludden was one of the other newscasters.

[Laura Leff] Pete - Yeah, rings a bell.    

[yhtapmys] Famous? And it was a fued?

[Maxwell] Speaking of the Hindenburg, Chuck Schaden played a very good restoration of the original Herb Morrison report of the crash yesterday.

[Laura Leff] Yeah Fued Awwen

[Brad from Georgia] "He's going to go up north and drink Canada Dry." I just got it.

[Laura Leff] Pardon my Arthur Q. Bryan impersonation...

[Maxwell] A little slow there, Brad.

[ed] i heard it on NPR today in its regular speed

[Laura Leff] Pete - Anything specific you wanted to discuss about it?

[Brad from Georgia] Max--Well, I've been listening to too much Dennis Day lately.

[Laura Leff] Benny Hill borrowed that joke for his TV show (about drinking Canada Dry)

[pete] Is anyone from the Jack Benny radio days still alive

[Laura Leff] Pete - Some of the Beavers

[Maxwell] Harry Schearer.

[yhtapmys] Harry Shearer.

[Brad from Georgia] Pete--cast members, you mean?

[yhtapmys] I don't know who else off hand.

[Maxwell] w/o the c.

[pete] oh yes

[Laura Leff] Al Gordon and Irving Fein are still alive

[pete] yes cast members

[steve _shimp_] Doris Singleton (later Pauline) and Shirley Mitchell (later Mabel) are still with us.

[pete] they were writers I believe

[Laura Leff] Pete - Yes, then it's just the Beavers. Oh and Belly Laugh Barton

[Laura Leff] Steve - That's right...I'm going to see Shirley Mitchell at REPS

[pete] who was the telephone operator?

[yhtapmys] Yeah, I can't think of any of the regulars.

[Laura Leff] I thought Doris Singleton died.

[steve _shimp_] Great!

[yhtapmys] Bea Benederet.

[Brad from Georgia] LL-Tell us about REPS.

[steve _shimp_] Not great on Doris. Did she?

[Laura Leff] Pete - Shirley Mitchell played one after Sara Berner left.

[yhtapmys] and Sara Berner.

[ed] did kitty carlilse hart do much radio?

[Laura Leff] Steve - I thought I published an obit on her a few years ago

[Laura Leff] Brad - What would you like to know?

[yhtapmys] Ed, I don't think so.

[Brad from Georgia] Just generally what 'n where.

[Maxwell] Ed, I think she did mostly stage and opera.

[yhtapmys] I can't think of anything she was on.

[steve _shimp_] Nope, Doris is still alive on IMDB. She does Lucy conventions as of a year or two ago.

[Laura Leff] Ed - I think of her in "Night at the Opera"

[yhtapmys] She spent most of time sipping martinis with the hoi polloi.

[Laura Leff] Maybe it was Penny Singleton...

[ed] all i think of her is to tell the truth

[ed] she didnot look 96

[Laura Leff] Wasn't she a semi-regular on Hollywood Squares?

[pete] Has anyone seen the show by Eddy Carroll

[Maxwell] LL: No.

[KayLhota] I saw her on stage in 1972 in Moss Hart's "Light Up the Sky"

[Brad from Georgia] Pete--just saw it Friday night in Jacksonville.

[pete] how was it?

[Laura Leff] Hmm...I know she was a semi-regular on some quiz show I used to watch as a kid. Maybe it was To Tell the Truth

[KayLhota] It was To Tell the Truth

[ed] yes

[yhtapmys] Yeah, that was the only show I ever saw her on.

[Brad from Georgia] Good, not Eddie's best--he was exhausted, and his energy was a little low. We had lunch with him yesterday, and he thought he'd done worse than he had.

[Brad from Georgia] The audience really loved it.

[KayLhota] the panel in the early 60's was Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, and Kitty Carlisle

[Laura Leff] It was pretty discouraging to hear KCBS reporting her death, and people commenting on how so many people at the station had no idea who she was.

[yhtapmys] What age was the audience, Brad?

[ed] all gone but for bean

[Laura Leff] Kay - I wouldn't have seen it until the mid-70s at the earliest.

[Brad from Georgia] Skewed elderly, with a few college students and one vey young lady, about eight. I'd guess the median age was fifty. One ninety-year old.

[KayLhota] yes, I have a decade on you.

[ed] how bad laura was kcbs

[yhtapmys] Ah, all of them were 39!

[Frev] I saw Kitty Carlisle at a Marx Brothers function a couple of years ago in NY, a dedication of a childrens park to the Marx Brothers, they showed A Night at the Opera, and Maxine Marx, Chico's daughter was there too

[Brad from Georgia] yth--at the end they were!

[Laura Leff] Frev - Maxine is a nice lady, from my experience.

[steve _shimp_] FUTURAMA had a funny gag with the bottled head of Kitty Carlisle still appearing on MATCH GAME.

[KayLhota] I loved her book "Growing Up with Chico"

[Brad from Georgia] The very elderly gent tickled us. We heard him talking during the intermission: "This guy must be a genius to get up and ad-lib like that!"

[pete] What age range are we I am 66

[Laura Leff] Ed - Just that a couple people on air knew who she was, and were saying how everyone was saying, "Who?"

[Brad from Georgia] I'm fifty-nine.

[Frev] she was nice when I met her, appreciated the fans being there, also met Groucho's grand daughter, they both signed my copy of Maxine's book on Chico

[KayLhota] I turn 50 this July

[Laura Leff] I'm sub-39

[steve _shimp_] I'm 33

[yhtapmys] Laura, it's not surprising. Most of the people at my station are right out of school.

[Maxwell] I've turned 39 every year for the past 28.

[Brad from Georgia] The old guy also was amazed that Benny had been on TV: "I remember him on radio! I didn't know he was on television!"

[Maxwell] Make that 18.

[Maxwell] Stupid fingers.

[Laura Leff] Yht - It's not surprising, just a reminder...

[pete] Its great to see younger people that are still interested in Jack

[Frev] yes

[Laura Leff] Someone just E-mailed me that their 6-year-old son had gotten into Jack. I said we'd have to introduce him to Sarah.

[steve _shimp_] (Maxwell really isn't 18, you know...)

[Brad from Georgia] Eddie was so charmed by the young lady in the photo in the JBT!

[Laura Leff] I just E-mailed Wende a copy of the Times today.

[Laura Leff] They may be at REPS as well.

[yhtapmys] My business editor and I toss in Benny references once in a while.

[yhtapmys] We were discussing Maxwells the other day.

[pete] My 20 year grand son loves to listen to the old radio shows he also loves Amos and Andy

[yhtapmys] And he did an "Oh, floorwalker" line.

[Brad from Georgia] Every once in a while when I'm lecturing to my classes, I'll slip into a Benny intonation.

[Laura Leff] Pete - Just curious how the racial humor of that translates to today's audience.

[Maxwell] Do they yell back, "Now cut that out"?

[yhtapmys] I'm waiting for management to say our demographic won't get it.

[pete] Frank Nelson many people don't know who he was until you say yyeeeass

[Brad from Georgia] pete--and then they think you're doing the "Simpsons clerk guy."

[Laura Leff] Fortunately, he was around doing that character until relatively recently

[ed] or the McDonalds commercials in the 1980's

[Laura Leff] And yes, that he's also been "done" on Simpsons

[yhtapmys] Ed, the 80s are old history to people I work with.

[ed] oh

[pete] my granson is 1/2 white and 1/2 black

[Laura Leff] Ronald Reagan who?

[Maxwell] The '80s were well before my students were born.

[steve _shimp_] Frank's in a lot of the classic TV that gets re-run though - I Love Lucy, Sanford and Son, etc.

[steve _shimp_] Don't worry, Reagan asked himself that question too, LL.

[Laura Leff] Steve -   

[Brad from Georgia] When I was a kid, I thought Amos and Andy were brilliant comedians--and I never thought of them being black. I was so pleased when on one of the shows

[Brad from Georgia] they jentioned they came from my home state. I felt so proud!

[Brad from Georgia] mentioned, not jentioned.

[Maxwell] Don't ever mention jention againtion.

[Laura Leff] I should recommend Elizabeth McLeod's book on Amos and Andy if people are interested in the real story behind them.

[ed] amos and andy off tv since 1966

[ed] it is a shame

[Maxwell] I found a pretty good A&A web site, too. Just do a google search.

[yhtapmys] I've never seen the TV show.

[Laura Leff] 1966 or 1956?

[Maxwell] LL: '66 for reruns.

[Laura Leff] I thought they were taken off earlier

[Brad from Georgia] I was kind of bemused as a kid, because on TV they were sponsored by "the beer that made Milwaukee famous". And back then most of Georgia was dry!

[Laura Leff] Max - OK thanks

[yhtapmys] Yeah, Laura, I enjoy all of Elizabeth's articles.

[Maxwell] Last station to pull it was WGN in Chicago.

[pete] I do have several DVD's of the TV shows A & A

[ed] '66 when it was taken off reruns

[KayLhota] the reruns were syndicated, but that ended in '66

[yhtapmys] It never re-ran here.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Appropriately enough

[Laura Leff] I picked up a Sam n Henry book of their earliest radio scripts.

[ed] i saw a brief clip for CBS' 50th anniv.in1998

[Laura Leff] It was actually from that period.

[KayLhota] I vaguely remember seeing the reruns in the early 60's as a small girl

[ed] comic book

[ed] or book

[Laura Leff] Book

[Maxwell] Sam and Henry was owned by WGN, hence the name change when they moved to WMAQ.

[ed] right

[Laura Leff] Little hardbound volume

[KayLhota] I also vaguely remember watching Jack Benny and Garry Moore on CBS

[ed] neat

[Laura Leff] Max - Right. WGN was the publisher of the book, IIRC

[yhtapmys] Moore got shafted by Aubrey.

[yhtapmys] But what else is new?

[ed] they re-ran JB in the 70's on CBS

[Brad from Georgia] There were some very early cartoons of Amos 'n Andy. Huh! "The Simpsons" is on, and Moe just mentioned "Haystack Calhoun," a wrassler I remember from the fifties.

[Laura Leff] Yht - Yeah, join the crowd

[Maxwell] Brad, I remember him, too.

[Laura Leff] BTW, I gave up on "The CanniBalS"

[Laura Leff] It really IS unreadable.

[KayLhota] didn't finish it?

[yhtapmys] Garry was very good with Durante on radio.

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Good for you. You're a better person for it.

[pete] I remember reading some where that Jack left a resturant because they would not serve Rochester does any one know if this it true

[ed] yes he was

[yhtapmys] Yeah, Pete.

[Laura Leff] Brad - And Calvin and the Colonel

[yhtapmys] I think it's in Joan's book.

[Frev] remember that cartoon

[Laura Leff] Kay - Couldn't.

[Brad from Georgia] LL--True, but that was in the early sixties. The first ones were early thirties.

[KayLhota] Pete, the movie "Buck Benny Rides Again" opened in Harlem so that Rochester would get the attention

[Laura Leff] I know Jack pulled his whole cast and crew out of a hotel because they wouldn't accommodate Roch

[Frev] good for Jack!

[Brad from Georgia] Pete--I've also heard--oops, Laura beat me to it!

[yhtapmys] That was in NYC wasn't it, Laura

[ed] yeh jack way too go

[pete] laura I think thats what I had read

[Laura Leff] Brad - True...I've seen some of those.

[Laura Leff] Yht - I'd have to look it up, but I think it may have been.

[Brad from Georgia] "Calvin and the Colonel" was pretty funny--sort of an animated "Andy and the Kingfish."

[yhtapmys] Never saw it Brad.

[Brad from Georgia] It lasted only one season, I think.

[yhtapmys] And, to be honest, some of the later radio shows are pretty dull.

[Brad from Georgia] Animation was like that of "Rocky and Bullwinkle."

[Laura Leff] Still got good ratings though

[yhtapmys] So did Stop the Music

[yhtapmys] So does American Idol.

[Laura Leff] Hey Calvin, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat...

[Frev] I love the story of the lawyer accused Jack of mistreating and underpaying Rochester and Jack pointed out that Rochester probably made much more than the lawyer ever did!

[Maxwell] The only Amos and Andy I remember from radio was the "Amos and Andy Music Hall." A&A as DJs...not very good.

[yhtapmys] People will watch crap.

[pete] I lost intrest in amos and andy when it went to the music hall

[KayLhota]   Fred

[yhtapmys] Yeah, Frev.

[KayLhota] Frev, oops

[Brad from Georgia] The top-rated TV show when I was ten was the test pattern. That Indian had talent. He stayed so STILL.

[Laura Leff] Or the guy who wrote to Jack and George asking for money to buy a boat, and that he'd send them a picture of the boat.

[yhtapmys] Jack was right - it's bizarre how some people thought Rochester was real.

[ed] haha

[Frev] that's ok, I answer to either name   

[Laura Leff] George suggested they send him pictures of $100 bills

[KayLhota]   laura

[yhtapmys] How about 'Frey' as in Fran Frey?

[Brad from Georgia] Before the show on Friday, the people behind us were wondering "If Jack brought Rochester with him."

[yhtapmys] No, really?!

[Brad from Georgia] Really. I told them "

[Brad from Georgia] Wait until the radio show."

[Laura Leff] There's a joke on a CD show about someone writing in to ask, "How do you make a Fran Frey? It sounds delicious."

[yhtapmys] Actually, that'd be cool.

[Brad from Georgia] And of course, there was Roch', in a very funny bit.

[Laura Leff] McDonald's Fran Freys

[pete] My favourite radio sho was I stand condemed

[ed] started as a Pullman employee on a JB episode

[yhtapmys] Laura, it's interesting seeing the names of the 'regulars' before the show left NYC, espy. the singers.

[Laura Leff] About a man who goes to the electric chair and leaves behind three beautiful children...

[Frev] I still like the trivia question that the movie 'Mad, Mad,...World' featured both Jack and Rochester, but they had no scenes together and Rochester had a larger role in the movie than Jack!

[KayLhota] the Lorre version or the Karloff?

[Brad from Georgia] Fran Frey in cheery cherry Jell-O, a grand treat for a May dinner.

[yhtapmys] What is a Dick 'Hotcha' Gardner?

[pete] yes and Frank Nelson as the warden

[Laura Leff] Yht - From the Canada Dry series you mean?

[yhtapmys] Well, that and General Tire.

[yhtapmys] What was a Kringelein?

[Laura Leff] And don't forget Chevrolet

[Maxwell] My guess is that Dick Hatcha Gardner was kind of a poor man's Johnny Scat Davis.

[Brad from Georgia] Eddie's still having "Jack" claim that Rochester's first name was Syracuse at first...but I forgive him.

[Laura Leff] Boy was my Ingle Red

[ed] see the world today...

[Maxwell] LL: Did Don Ingle ever contact you?

[pete] who played the man that use to say howdy Rube?

[yhtapmys] Benny Rubin.

[Brad from Georgia] ed--Not "See the U-S-A in your Chev-ro-let:

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I don't think so...was he supposed to?

[Maxwell] He kind of implied he might.

[Laura Leff] Pete - Oh that's Sam Hearn

[ed] oooops

[Laura Leff] Pete - He wanted back on the show, but they already had Kitzel as a Jewish character

[Laura Leff] So he couldn't do Schlepperman

[yhtapmys] Right, Laura.

[pete] the early shows had Andy Devine

[Maxwell] I think this year (or maybe it was last) was Red Ingle's hundredth birthday.

[Brad from Georgia] "Dueling Jews."

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - I'd be happy to hear from him

[yhtapmys] Max, how was he connected with the Benny show?

[Frev] is it true Schlepperman died at a banquet?

[Laura Leff] Devine was "Howdy Buck"

[Maxwell] He played Kringelein.

[Brad from Georgia] And a very memorably warbling "Howdy Buck," too.

[Laura Leff] Frev - Gosh...never heard that

[Maxwell] Was a sax player in Ted Weems' band.

[Laura Leff] Yht - And as a singer

[steve _shimp_] Sam Hearn came back as Schlepperman on TV once after Artie Auerbach died and Kitzel was no more.

[Laura Leff] And performer, as Max pointed out

[ed] was devine a mayor

[Maxwell] And as LL said, also sang.

[Frev] I read something somewhere, going to see if I can find it

[pete] I rember he was wild bill hickock partner Jingles

[Maxwell] Van Nuys, wasn't it (Andy as mayer).

[ed] yes

[Maxwell] Or mayor.

[yhtapmys] So, what was a Kringelein? Was it a dialect character?

[Frev] I know Shemp Howard had a heart attack shortly after attending a fighting match

[Maxwell] He was a character from "Grind Hotel."

[Laura Leff] He started as a character in the Grand Hotel skit

[yhtapmys] Uh huh...

[Laura Leff] Then they just kept him coming back...audience must have liked him

[yhtapmys] OK. Makes sense.

[KayLhota] Shemp went very quickly.

[Maxwell] He can be heard at the end of one of the Jan. '33 shows. Jack tells him they won't be needing him that week.

[Frev] I know   

[ed] as did fred allen

[Laura Leff] Frev - Sounds like Wallace Beery who died shortly after getting clouted...

[pete] Didn't Rochester start as an extra?

[ed] as a pullman red cap

[Laura Leff] Pete - Right. Never intended for a return visit

[Laura Leff] He was on about three or four times playing bit parts until he appeared as Rochester

[ed] the audience loved it so well they bought him back a JB valet

[Laura Leff] Oh speaking of Syracuse, I found out where Eddie got that misinformation

[pete] but benny made him keep the red cap as to save money

[ed] true

[Brad from Georgia] Eddie was a fairly big name by the time he came on the Benny show--half a dozen movies to his credit by then.

[yhtapmys] Laura, did you hear Frank Nelson once say the porter part was his, but he couldn't come that week so Jack got someone else.

[Brad from Georgia] And of course he was in Gone with the Wind.

[steve _shimp_] Roch's first appearance is pretty looney, wherein he denies the existence of Albuquerque. It's much more a Dennis joke than the later, level-headed Roch.

[Frev] no he wasn't

[Laura Leff] Yht - No, I don't think I'd heard that. Nelson wasn't a regular yet then, I thought. Would have to pull Vol. 1

[Frev] Rochester is not in Gone With The Wind

[Brad from Georgia] Rochester is most certianly in Gone With the Wind.

[Maxwell] Nelson never would have been a porter.

[yhtapmys] Someone sent me an interview he did on, I think, KOA. I've got it on cassette.

[Frev] Laura?

[Laura Leff] Frev - Sure he is. He's Uncle Peter

[ed] where?

[Brad from Georgia] However, he is not playing Rochester, of course.

[pete] Its a mad mad mad world he was a taxie driver

[Frev] He is? Well, dog my cats!

[yhtapmys] He mentions it there.

[Laura Leff] Nelson was a passenger on a train...first appearance...

[ed] great part

[Brad from Georgia] He's Uncle Peter. He memorably chases down a scrawny rooster for dinner.

[Laura Leff] Frev?

[yhtapmys] Maybe Frank was confused.

[Frev] I'll have to look at the movie again

[Maxwell] Frev...You can make out his voice, just keeps it at a more natural level.

[yhtapmys] Ooooh! Does he!

[ed] yessssss

[Frev] no, was just checking if that was true, Laura

[pete] One question I always wondered about Was Phill Harris really a drunk?

[yhtapmys] Have some soooothing syrup.

[Laura Leff] Frank has some inconsistencies with reality in his stories. Including Drear Pooson

[KayLhota] As Uncle Peter, he has a lot of age make up. White hair, and I think a heavy mustache

[Laura Leff] Frev - Yup. I gar-on-tee it.

[yhtapmys] Pete, he seemed sober on the show.

[Brad from Georgia] Harris liked to drink, I understand, but I don't think he was actually an alcoholic.

[Laura Leff] Pete - He had a drink, but not nearly as much as his character.

[yhtapmys] And I imagine after he married Alice, thinks settled down a lot.

[yhtapmys] Radio does that.

[Frev] Well, I'll be danged! <DANG!!!> Ouch, ouch!!!   

[Laura Leff] Phil himself told me how each character was really an exaggeration of already-existing personal characteristics

[pete] Its like Dean Martin som say he was a drunk others say no

[yhtapmys] I like to think Dino was and cleaned himself up.

[Laura Leff] Well, I think most of you have heard my story about Phil Harris' iced tea.

[Brad from Georgia] I have heard that Dean Martin's "scotch" was generally apple juice.

[Frev] on the Phil Harris radio show, two different actors played Alice's brother Willie, the first one was funnier

[yhtapmys] Robt North.

[yhtapmys] Who was the other?

[Laura Leff] There are a lot of stories that have turned into something else in the telling. Then you go back to the resource and find they've been enhanced for audience reaction.

[Frev] Goooooood Morning, Philip!

[pete] why did Phill leave the Benny show?

[Frev] got his own show, I guess

[yhtapmys] Sounds right to me, Frev.

[Brad from Georgia] pete--he had his own show by then.

[ed] hard to get from NBC to CBS

[Laura Leff] Frank Nelson's line about "Who do you think I am in this uniform, Nelson Eddy?" is not true.

[Laura Leff] Or at least not the line that was in the script on the night of the performance.

[yhtapmys] It's not?   

[yhtapmys] Did he not do it for one coast?

[Brad from Georgia] I thought it was "Who do you think I am in this uniform, Admiral Byrd?"

[Laura Leff] They were transcribing for the West coast by that time

[yhtapmys] OK.

[ed] dreer pooson and that is a funny line

[Laura Leff] No, it's something completely different. I'd have to pull the script to remember exactly what it was.

[Frev] I understand Jack was not happy with the original line, then the writers told Frank to substitue Don's flub, and Jack was on the floor

[Laura Leff] Oh he certainly said "Who do you think I am in this uniform, Drear Pooson?"

[Laura Leff] But the original line wasn't Nelson Eddy.

[yhtapmys] It's just the laugh wasn't as long as Jack thought?

[Brad from Georgia] Well, the original joke wasn't all that funny.

[Frev] I think he didn't think the original line was funny enough

[Laura Leff] Yht - It's not nearly as long as Frank describes, with Jack falling down repeatedly and having to pull himself up on the mike and curtains and so forth

[Maxwell] LL: Apparently he stuck to that story. I heard an interview with him in Feb. from the late '80s or early '90s where he used that story.

[yhtapmys] It's a great line, and so atypical of a running gag Jack would do.

[Laura Leff] Max - Oh, ,and Frank told it to me himself. It had just evolved into the Nelson Eddy telling by that time.

[Brad from Georgia] "Drear Pooson" caught Jack by surprise, though. You can hear Jack laughing on the recording.

[Frev] the next great flub was Chiz Sweeze sandwich

[Laura Leff] Oh Jack was definitely laughing, and I don't doubt that the writers told him to do it.

[Laura Leff] Told Frank to do it

[Laura Leff] Hey quick...what's the date on that show?

[yhtapmys] Max, maybe you've got the same Nelson interview I have.

[Laura Leff] It's something like 4-2-50, isn't it?

[Brad from Georgia] I think that's close, Laura.

[pete] lets not forget Jacks long suffering violin teacher Pro La Blanc

[Maxwell] The one I heard was with Chuck Schaden.

[Laura Leff] Or am I thinking of the 50 cents to a panhandler show?

[Frev] Jack had a joke that he thought was great, then Mary made the 'Chiz Sweeze' flub, and Jack just threw the joke out and ran with Mary's flub, which got funnier as it progressed

[Laura Leff] BRB...let me go get the real line

[KayLhota] the Dreer Pooson is Murder aty Romanoffs

[yhtapmys] Jan. 8 1950

[Brad from Georgia] Well, I have this WONDERFUL reference book, but I'm not in that room.

[Laura Leff] Yht - Thanks

[ed] great show

[yhtapmys] Pft. It's been edited.

[yhtapmys] Damned missing spots.

[Frev] Out, damn Spot! (Ruff, Ruff!)

[Brad from Georgia] "Macbeth," right, yth?

[Frev] Ahhhh, he said the Scottish name!   

[Maxwell] Is that like "That was a meal fit for a king...Here King!"?

[yhtapmys] I get sooo annoyed with people editing the Lucky Strike spots.

[pete] Laura did you write a book about Jack?

[Brad from Georgia] My wife and I had quite a radio couple of weeks--saw Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion one Saturday, Eddie Carroll as Jack the next Friday.

[Maxwell] pete: 39 Forever Parts I and II.

[Maxwell] So far.

[Brad from Georgia] pete--TWO. Ane they're good.

[KayLhota] Laura went to get the script, Pete.

[yhtapmys] Excellent.

[Laura Leff] Here you go

[yhtapmys] Very helpful.

[pete] how can I receive a copy

[Maxwell] A must if you want to know anything about plats, dates, casts, songs on every radio show Jack did.

[Brad from Georgia] We bin sinin the praises of your books, Miz Leff.

[Laura Leff] Here's the real, original, scripted exchange between Jack and Frank that turned into Drear Pooson

[Brad from Georgia] Well, not sinnin, but singin

[Brad from Georgia] In the rain.

[Maxwell] Sinnin' in the rain?

[Maxwell] Sounds like fun!

[Laura Leff] Thanks, folks!

[Frev] All of them?    Must be a danger to shipping!

[Brad from Georgia] Don't knock it if you haven't tried it....

[Laura Leff] (That's me thanking you for singing the praises of my books...)

[yhtapmys] Poor Jack. There's a place at the 13:15 mark where Frank's breaking him up.

[Laura Leff] Jack: Pardon me, are you the doorman?

[Maxwell] She devotes a page to each show (two for a few with larger casts).

[Laura Leff] Nelson: No, I'm the clothes rack, they hang the silliest things on me.

[KayLhota]   good alternate line

[Frev] Dreer Pooson is funnier

[yhtapmys] Dreer is at the 12:03 mark.

[Maxwell] I prefer Dreer Pooson.

[Brad from Georgia] Jack was right. A typical Nelson gag, but not as cool as Drear Pooson.

[Laura Leff] I prefer Drear Pooson as well.

[Maxwell] The writers were right.

User ed has logged out.

[Maxwell] The writers were right because they write.

[yhtapmys] The laugh is about 30 secs.

[Frev] you can hear the audience reaction in the recording, they're on the floor too

[Laura Leff] Fight for your right to write...

[KayLhota] yes indeed Maxwell

User ed has entered this room.

[yhtapmys] And you can hear something falling.

[KayLhota] hi back Ed

[Laura Leff] I would imagine Jack might have staggered around like he did with Fred Allen at the Roxy

[ed] i hate computers

[Maxwell] Writers who don't write give me a fright.

[Frev] at night?

[Laura Leff] But there's not enough time for Jack to fall down a couple times and pull himself up

[Brad from Georgia] Nelson seemed to describe a Jack reaction that is just, well, too long.

[yhtapmys] I don't think so.

[pete] laura can I get a copy of 39 forever on line?

[Laura Leff] Brad - There you go.

[Maxwell] LL He might have at least once.

[yhtapmys] But I can picture him falling down.

[Brad from Georgia] I think the golden glow of memory might have enhanced the event.

[Laura Leff] Pete - Sure. On jackbenny.org, click on Buy Benny and then go to Books.

[Laura Leff] Ordering information is there. If you have Paypal, you can send payment to president@jackbenny.org.

[pete] thanks

[Maxwell] I'm gonna hafta get a copy of Volume II with a cover.

[Brad from Georgia] Well worth the money, pete!

[steve _shimp_] A purchase you won't regret, pete!

[Frev] well folks, going to call it a night. see everyone around again soon.

[Laura Leff] Brad - I think audience reaction and performer know-how enhanced the memory.

[KayLhota] That reminds me, Laura. I want to order DVDs of "Man About Town" and "Love Thy Neighbor"

[yhtapmys] Quite. Excellent resource material.

[steve _shimp_] Seeya frev!

[Laura Leff] Kay - Excellent selections

[KayLhota] Expect to see two blank DVD discs in the mail soon

[Maxwell] So long Frev

[Frev] it's a little late Folks, so goodnight

[Laura Leff] Night Frev!

[Brad from Georgia] Gnight.

[KayLhota] night Frev

[ed] bye frev

[yhtapmys] I saw about 20 minutes of Love Thy Neighbour once. I just didn't like it.

[Frev] bye

User Frev has logged out.

[Laura Leff] Max - Oh my, do you have one of those seconds? I'd forgotten about those...

[KayLhota] I have a friend that is in love with Fred Allen

[Laura Leff] Yht - Really, why?

[Maxwell] Yup.

[steve _shimp_] Isn't an official Charley's Aunt DVD out or nearly out?

[KayLhota] I am getting it more for her

[pete] jack almost always signed out a little late folks didn't he

[Laura Leff] Steve - Some time soon

[yhtapmys] It just wasn't funny.

[Laura Leff] Pete - Nope...only when the show was running long and they were cutting the closing gag

[KayLhota] anyway, I am ordering it

[Brad from Georgia] pete--Usually it was "we're alittle late folks, so good night."

[yhtapmys] Maybe it just started slowly but it lost my interest and I have never seen the whole movie.

[Brad from Georgia] In the CBS years, that didn't happen at all.

[Brad from Georgia] Once that I recall a show just ended because it had gone on too long. An NBC show.

[yhtapmys] There was one, Brad, they faded out the spot. The sponsor wouldn't like that.

[Laura Leff] Yes, there are a few that got cut off completely

[yhtapmys] Happened with the "King for a Day" show with Jack on Fred Allen.

[Brad from Georgia] Well, you know, my memory is like Frank Nelson's...;)

[yhtapmys] Ooooh! Is it!

[Brad from Georgia] Yessssssss!

[Laura Leff] I'm trying to place a memory...the line they cut after was something like, "What is this a (something)?" And then you hear the NBC announcer say, "This is NBC, the National Broadcasting Company!"

[Laura Leff] It could have been a Fred Allen or a Benny show...can't remember right now.

[Maxwell] G E C.

[pete] Benny had so many great caractors it hard to name a favourite

[yhtapmys] That's something else that bugs me.

[Brad from Georgia] One that we heard recently got cut off before Jack could tout Bob Hope's appearance on next week's show.

[yhtapmys] It annoys me when the transcriptions out there are missing the chimes at the end.

[Laura Leff] Blame Radio Recorders for that one...

[pete] did the Jack Benny TV shows ever come in colour?

[Laura Leff] Or maybe not. Someone else in the intervening recording generations could have clipped them

[Brad from Georgia] Bing-bung-BONG!

[Laura Leff] Pete - Some of the specials did

[Maxwell] pete: Only the specials.

[yhtapmys] I think that's the case, Laura.

[Laura Leff] Let's colorize Benny TV shows

[yhtapmys] Because some have them, others don't.

[Maxwell] LL: Please NO!

[Laura Leff] You might have had different engineers who stop the needle after the NBC spoken logo or after the chimes

[Maxwell] They'll never get the blue right for his eyes.

[Brad from Georgia] LL=We could make Jack black and Rochester white! Then they'd be syndicated again!

[Laura Leff] Max - True. It's sort of like the blue thread in a talit

[steve _shimp_] I was just going to make that joke Brad, but I'm glad you did instead!

[Laura Leff] Jack Black is popular these days, I've heard

[Brad from Georgia] Yep, I'm ashamed.

[Maxwell] LL should be ashamed.

[Laura Leff] I am ashamed

[Brad from Georgia] Jack Black was not right for Carl Denham.

[steve _shimp_] Jack Benny would have made a great Carl Denham.

[pete] laura what do you mean Jack Black?

[Laura Leff] Carl Denham...not clicking with it...

[Brad from Georgia] I'm sorry, but I wrote two books about King Kong, and I stand by my opinion. Jack Benny would have been good.

[steve _shimp_] Listen you ape, cut that out!

[steve _shimp_] (King Kong remake, LL)

yhtapmys is lost on this one

[Laura Leff] King Kong?

[Brad from Georgia] The remake of King Kong.

[Maxwell] Anybody would have been better than Robert Armstron in the original.

[Laura Leff] Oh my, I couldn't sit through that movie. We turned it off. And I like Peter Jackson's work, usually

[Maxwell] Armstrong

[Brad from Georgia] Jack Black plays Orson Welles--I mean Carl Denham, the movie director.

[Laura Leff] Pete - Jack Black is a current comedian

[Maxwell] Was there any movie actor worse in movies than Robert Armstrong?

[steve _shimp_] Yeah, I though it was a lot overwrought myself, LL.

[pete] OK

[yhtapmys] Sonny Tufts?

[KayLhota] George Raft?

[Brad from Georgia] By current comedian, LL means he should be electrocuted.

[Maxwell] SONNY TUFTS!?!

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[steve _shimp_] yht, come on! Cat Women of the Moon! Sonny Tufts was the man!

[yhtapmys] The poor guy needed prompting on everything.

[Laura Leff] I'm Charlie Farrell, star of Seventh Heaven.


[Laura Leff] Brad - Har har

[Maxwell] How about the remake of the Virginian with Sonny Tufts.

[KayLhota] I haven't seen it

[Maxwell] All I remember Charlie Farrell for was My Little Margie.

[Brad from Georgia] "The Jack Benny Story" with Regis Philbin as Jack and Don Imus as Phil Harris.

[Laura Leff] The West Virginian

[pete] I find very few comeadians that even come close to Benny

[yhtapmys] Don would go "Ho ho ho"

[Laura Leff] Brad - *cringing*

[steve _shimp_]  

[KayLhota] I've seen some of Charlie Farrell's movies with Janet Gaynor

[yhtapmys] Jell-Ho again

[KayLhota] he was cute

[Laura Leff] Phil calls Rochester a nasty name...

[Brad from Georgia] And, let's see, Paris Hilton as Mary, and Denzel Washington as Rochester....

[Maxwell] He was in something on TCM a couple of months ago that I turned off.

yhtapmys wretches

[Brad from Georgia] Donald Trump as Don Wilson.

[yhtapmys] But who'll play Kringelein?

[Laura Leff] I thought Jack had a toupee, not Don

[steve _shimp_] Sanjaya as Dennis.

[Laura Leff] How about Don Ingle?

[Laura Leff] Matchbox Twenty as Dennis

[Maxwell] You mean Red?

[pete] It would be nice to see a special on the life of Jack Benny on the TV

[yhtapmys] Dennis is a little more butch than Sanjaya.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Red's dead, baby. Red's dead.

[steve _shimp_]  

[Brad from Georgia] pete--there's "A Love Letter to Jack Benny," available on the IJBFC site.

[yhtapmys] Can you just access it?

[pete] sure

[Maxwell] Sorry...I was multitasking with the dog and I missed the previous conversation.

[Laura Leff] Max - Lucky you

[Brad from Georgia] BTW, Laura, Eddie Carroll spoke very sympathetically of how you relied on a bunch of performers for "39 Forever," and they finked out on you.

[Maxwell] Lucky dog.

[Brad from Georgia] Fink's Muled out on you, I guess.

[yhtapmys] What?

[Laura Leff] Brad - ??? Performers? I know Noel Blanc cancelled, but his mom had just died

[pete] does anyone know the name of the programme where Jack was hit in the head with a large can and lost his memory?

[Maxwell] Or Finqued.

[Laura Leff] Pete - "The Lucky Strike Program"   

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[Brad from Georgia] Um, well, I won't mention names, but Eddie thought a couple of "names" had promised to be there and didn't show up.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Oh yes, that's true.

[Brad from Georgia] He had a blast, though.

[Laura Leff] Supposed to be at the Friar's Club.

[Laura Leff] Actually the Friars...um...messed us up on one of them.

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[Laura Leff] I feel at liberty to talk about the BH Friars since they don't exist any more. And there's a reason for that.

[Brad from Georgia] Do tell!

[yhtapmys] I miss any dirt?

[KayLhota] hi back Yip

[Laura Leff] Yht - I'm just getting ready to dish it

[Maxwell] The dirt is just about to fly.

[yhtapmys] Whew!

[Laura Leff] There were a flurry of frantic calls on Friday night about the person who was supposed to present the National Comedy Hall of Fame award to Joan at the Friars on Saturday.

[pete] what do you mean dish it?

[Maxwell] Dish the dirt.

[Brad from Georgia] pete: "dish the dirt"--juicy gossip.

[yhtapmys] Shh!

[Laura Leff] Basically I'd done a lot to accommodate this person because they're a name everyone in this room would know and respect

[Maxwell] NOt dirty dishes.

[pete] ok sorry us brits don't always get it sorry

[Laura Leff] Someone that reminds you of a Roman Emperor

[Laura Leff] If you know what I mean...*hint hint*

[Brad from Georgia] Or the Spanish hero El Cid?

[yhtapmys] Nero Mostel?   

[Laura Leff] And it seems that someone at the Friars decided to call him up and tell him not to come "because it's just a fan club."

[Maxwell] Julius Caeser?

[yhtapmys] No hints from the audience!

[Maxwell] Cyd Charisse?

[Laura Leff] So suddenly we had no presenter, because the Friars told him not to come

[yhtapmys] That's weak.

[Laura Leff] Fortunately, Rose Marie was already coming, so we quickly asked her to stand in.

[Laura Leff] Which she did very well.

[yhtapmys] Did you tell her what happened?

[Laura Leff] Nah, no sense in it. We just needed a name for a presenter

[Laura Leff] What's really lame is that we'd already paid for dinner for Sid and his wife, and couldn't cancel that with the Friars

[yhtapmys] Hmm. I might have been available. I have 375 thousand listeners a week.

[Laura Leff] So they hosed our presenter, and took $200 out of my pocket for it.

[yhtapmys] Yeah, that sucks.

[Laura Leff] So anyhow, old news.

[steve _shimp_] Classy.

[Laura Leff] It wasn't Sid's fault, it was the Friars

[Laura Leff] So there's some old dirt.

[Brad from Georgia] Bad karma for them. I produced Eddie Carroll's show for our college, and man, that was hard work. A whole convention would've killed me.

[yhtapmys] It's too bad because the Friars do some good work.

[Laura Leff] Oh and on top of it, I loaned the Friars two original photos of Jack and they never returned them. Unfortunately I did it in the good days of the relationship and didn't think I needed to keep copies.

[Laura Leff] Brad - It nearly killed me.

[Brad from Georgia] Oh, man! Have the photos shown up on EBay?

[Laura Leff] Yht - The New York branch is completely separate and, I'm told, very good.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Possibly...haven't had the heart to watch for them.

[yhtapmys] Much like everything else in the entertainment business, Laura.

[yhtapmys] That's why the East and West Oscars people have wars.

[Laura Leff] Yht - Really? I don't think I know about this

[yhtapmys] We ran a piece maybe a month ago.

[Laura Leff] Your turn to dish

[yhtapmys] I'd have to dig up the story. It was about the right to use the Oscar name.

[yhtapmys] There was something about approval was needed by the New York Academy to allow an award to be presented and they said no.

[Laura Leff] Funny, since the alleged origin was that one of the women in the office said the statuette "looked like [her] Uncle Oscar"

[yhtapmys] I hate doing this off the top of my head.

[Brad from Georgia] Well, maybe the West Coast ones could be Oscars, and the NY ones could be Mayers. And the Chicago ones will be Weiners.

[yhtapmys] I don't have the story in front of me.

[Laura Leff] Yht - OK, no problem.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Wah wah wah

[yhtapmys] It was an AP story, though; I'm sure it's archived somewhere on line.

[Brad from Georgia] "Our next guest is the only woman who has won three Weiners."

[KayLhota] Laura, have you ever had the chance to speak to Sid?

[Laura Leff] Kay - I did via phone. Didn't have the heart to afterwards...just too worn out from the convention.

[KayLhota] that's all so sad.

[Laura Leff] Supposedly the "star" in "My Favorite Year" is based on Sid.

[KayLhota] Sid said he identified more with the Peter O'toole character

[Laura Leff] That was a strange night. The person who had made the map of directions also had the seating chart and then got lost.

[Laura Leff] So I was left banging on a glass and telling everyone to sit wherever they wanted to

[Maxwell] And the Peter O'Toole character was based on Errol Flynn who was dead by then and couldn't identify with anybody.

[Brad from Georgia] Sid complained about that movie--he said HE wrote more of his show than the writers actually did, unlike the character in the movie.

[KayLhota] Sid was as tough as the King Kaiser character, but he was always there with his writers

[pete] I am about to fall asleep so hope to see everyone next month

[Laura Leff] I have a show on tape someone called "Caesar's Writers"...really good stuff

[Maxwell] So long pete.

[KayLhota] night night Peter

[Laura Leff] Take care, Pete! Thanks for stopping.

[pete] my pleasure

[Brad from Georgia] Mel Blanc said that Woody Allen (both were writers for the Caesar show) was terrified of Sid. When Sid would criticize a line of Woody's, he'd stammer, "We, we're not MARRIED t-to it."

[Brad from Georgia] Gah, not Mel Blanc!

[KayLhota] Mel Brooks

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[Brad from Georgia] Mel Brooks!

[Laura Leff] Brad - I can imagine that happening.

[yhtapmys] Sorry, Laura, I can't find the Oscar story.

[Laura Leff] Mel Blanc said that Woody Woodpecker was terrified of Bob Hope...

[Brad from Georgia] Thank you, Kay. I'm jet-lagged from flying back from JAX. BTW,our daughter is moving back to Georgia!

[KayLhota] Sid was big and tough, but he was also bright. Mel Brooks said that sometimes he'd come in and do routines just to entertain the writers

[Laura Leff] Yht - No problem. Thanks for trying, though!

[Maxwell] I heard that Woody Woodpecker was terrified of Walter Lantz.

[Brad from Georgia] She's lived in Orlando for six years, but she's now got a job with the Atlanta Puppetry Arts Theater! Yay!

[yhtapmys] And Charlie McCarthy was terrified of Woody.

[Brad from Georgia] "Shut up, or I'll stick a woodpecker on ya."

[Laura Leff] Yht - *resisting going places with that*

[Laura Leff] Brad - Congrats!

[Maxwell] LL Good choice.

[Laura Leff] I do have a Tijuana Bible which does not resist as I have...

[Brad from Georgia] I've heard that radio censors actually made W.C. Fields change "woodpecker" to "termite."

[KayLhota] Mel Brooks described Sid performing in the writers room as an old jewish butcher mumbling while on the subway about a butchers strike

[Laura Leff] Brad - I can understand that...

[Maxwell] Brad, I have some old Fields/Bergen/McCarthy shows where he refers to Charlie as a "woodpecker's lunch."

[Brad from Georgia] Thanks for the good wishes. Part of our reason for going to FL, aside from seeing Laughter in Bloom, was to visit our daughter and give her the title to her car.

[Brad from Georgia] I kept the title so I could pay the taxes and get the license plates for her...but now she's trading it in. We had a nice day in St. Augustine with her.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Which I'm sure she appreciated.

[KayLhota] I'm going to wish you all a lovely evening. See you again soon.

[KayLhota] Goodnight.

[Laura Leff] Have a good one, Kay!

[Maxwell] Good night Kay.

[KayLhota] thanks!

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[Brad from Georgia] We went shopping with her, and she bought herself a rather, um, brief dress. I had a real Daddy moment, but didn't say anything. She's nearly thirty!

[Laura Leff] If she can carry it off, good for her!

[Laura Leff] So what else Benny-wise is on folks' minds tonight?

[Maxwell] She'd better not carry it off. They'd arrest her for shoplifting!

[Laura Leff] I knew someone was going to say that

[Maxwell] I just had a Gracie Allen moment.

[yhtapmys] So, is the debut episode of 1932 a hit or miss?

[Laura Leff] I asked someone if they were going to take a bus, and they said, "No, that's stealing!"

[Laura Leff] Yht - Hit for the time

[Brad from Georgia] I think Eddie Carroll ought to have his agent contact the "Simpsons" producers. The writers obviously love Benny--if there's a Nelson character, there could be a Benny one, too!

[Maxwell] So-so.

[Laura Leff] Not enough talking to be a real hit

[Brad from Georgia] I agree with Max. It's embryonic Benny, and very interesting, but not terribly funny.

[Laura Leff] Just think...Jack and Mary had only been married for five years then.

[Maxwell] Gotta go...Bye.

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[yhtapmys] I can't go hit or miss, to think about it. Max is probably right.

[Laura Leff] Bye, Max!

[Laura Leff] That was fast...

[Brad from Georgia] I'd better fade out, too. I have a final exam to administer tomorrow.

[Laura Leff] We seem to be losing folks...shall we call it good for this month?

[Brad from Georgia] Good night, all!

[Laura Leff] Have a good one Brad! Pleasure as always.

[yhtapmys] Damn. I can find the original story but not the follow up.

[steve _shimp_] Hey folks, sorry to tune out, had to multitask there for a bit.

[Laura Leff] I dish dirt and everyone split

[Laura Leff] Steve - they all left because you did

[yhtapmys] What show have you planned for next month?

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[Laura Leff] Yht - Don't have a plan...got a request?

[steve _shimp_] Shoot!

[yhtapmys] Not really.

[yhtapmys] A show I found interesting was the musical one.

[yhtapmys] I hadn't heard it before until last night.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Anything you want to hear?

[Laura Leff] Yht - That's the first appearance of the Sportsmen, BTW.

[yhtapmys] Was it? I honestly didn't notice.

[steve _shimp_] I think the guest programs or interview stuff is sometimes fun.

[steve _shimp_] In lieu of an actual Benny show. But, nothing special I'm requesting.

[Laura Leff] OK. It's getting into the summer, so it's time to start using more of the alternate stuff.

[yhtapmys] I did notice the material was lame. I guess the writers threw it together.

[Laura Leff] I'll look at the library and see what strikes me.

[steve _shimp_] Fantastic, I'll be here. Summer's my busy digging time!

[Laura Leff] Yht - Jack only backed out, I think Saturday night. So it was definitely a hasty job.

[Laura Leff] You can really dig it.

[steve _shimp_] And how!

[yhtapmys] Sounds that way. But the banter was pleasant enough.

[steve _shimp_] So is chat winding down for the night? I have to get an eye exam tomorrow so best they aren't red...

[Laura Leff] Red's dead, baby. Red's dead.

[steve _shimp_] heeheh

[Laura Leff] Yup, let's call it a wrap. Or a burrito.

[yhtapmys] OK.

[steve _shimp_] OK, good night all, it's been a pleasure, happy 75th.

[Laura Leff] Have a good month, folks!

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