IJBFC Chat - March 4, 2007

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[Maxwell] Hey LL!

[Laura Leff] Hello again folks!

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, Laura!

[KayLhota] I always like to be right on time, so I tend to be early

[steve_shimp] Hi LL

[KayLhota] HI Laura

[Maxwell] Doin' good, Steve.

[Laura Leff] Hey, good crowd already tonight

[steve_shimp] Excellent...

[Brad from Georgia] Tired after a convention, but otherwise doin' well.

[Laura Leff] Barbara sends her best wishes...she was in a car accident and can't type well.

[KayLhota] can you tell me about the convention?

[Laura Leff] Brad - Which convention?

[Maxwell] Hope she's okay otehrwise.

[KayLhota] oh, please extend our wishes for her recovery

[steve_shimp] Yeah, send our best to Barbara. Is she all right otherwise?

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - She's got some healing to do, but I'm sure she'll be fine.

[Brad from Georgia] Oh, it was the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Give Barbara my best! We were rear-ended three weeks ago. Not fun.

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[Maxwell] Give her my best, too.

[Laura Leff] Hello Lisa!

[Maxwell] Hi Lisa.

[KayLhota] Hi Lisa

[steve_shimp] Hi Lisa

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, Lisa\

[Lisa] Hi, Laura. This is my first time here.

[Laura Leff] Are you the same Lisa whose video library order I just opened a few moments ago?

[Brad from Georgia] Boy, are you in for a fun night.

[Maxwell] Lisa, you'll find we're a very congenial group.

[KayLhota] well, welcome, Lisa. I hope you will enjoy yourself

[Lisa] No, different Lisa.

[Laura Leff] Lisa - OK. Well, that Lisa sent me more DVDs than needed, so she's going to get a lot of extra stuff. I don't believe in sending back blank media.

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[Laura Leff] Hello KGrape!

[Maxwell] Hi KGrape

[KayLhota] Hi KGrape

[Brad from Georgia] Hi, Kgrape

[Lisa] Hi KGrape.

[KGrape] Howdy

[Laura Leff] So what did everyone think of the show for tonight?

[Brad from Georgia] Yeah.

[steve_shimp] I thought it was aqueduct

[Brad from Georgia] Yeah.

[Maxwell] I found it very special.

[Brad from Georgia] Yeah.

[Maxwell] *wink*

[KayLhota] it was funny. I haven't heard the earlier version of The Champion

[Lisa] Cute. That's the first Jack Benny radio show I've heard. Who actually won the Academy Award for best actor that year?

[Brad from Georgia] What was it, 1950:

[Maxwell] Yup.

[Lisa] Yes.

[Maxwell] March 19.

[KayLhota] Brod Crawford?

[Maxwell] Crawford for All the king's Men.

[Lisa] I never saw it.

[Laura Leff] This show was by special request

[Maxwell] Great movie. Unlike the remake from what I've heard.

[steve_shimp] how so LL?

[Mike Amo] Wow, hi folks...I wondered why I didn't hear anything...it stopped making any noise after IU came on

[Maxwell] Yup...it certainly was.

[Lisa] That was funny how Mary kept flubbing her lines and Jack would make fun of her.

[steve_shimp] Maybe her "cold" was still hanging on   

[KayLhota] it's such good natured teasing

[Maxwell] Apparently Mary had been gone at least the previous week, too.

[Maxwell] I did catch her calling her doll after one of the flubs.

[Brad from Georgia] Well, Lisa, Jack was really very mean. Mary was the only one who wasn't allowed a script.

[Maxwell] him calling her doll.

[Laura Leff] Lisa - Brad is joking, of course.

[Lisa] Ad lib?

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Gee, I thought it was part of the initiation...

[Brad from Georgia] Nope, I'm lying, Lisa.

[Maxwell] Hey! If I didn't get an initiation last year, Lisa doesn't!

[Mike Amo] Caught up...sorry to hear about Barbara!

[Laura Leff] Steve - I'll leave it to the person who requested it to volunteer that informatino.

[Maxwell] I made the request.

[Lisa] I'm probably the least knowledgeable here about Jack Benny although I've always been fond of him.

[Maxwell] The show was from the day I was born.

(Some loss)

[Laura Leff] The 1949 pilot is incredibly elusive...no one seems to have a copy and even the people who were on it don't remember it.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Oh really? Why?

[Brad from Georgia] Like the Marx Bros. frist movie, "Humor Risk"?

[Laura Leff] Brad - Oh really? I should know about that...

[Brad from Georgia] First movie, I should have typed. Got toget a new keyboard.

[Maxwell] I think it was a general dislike of the Teresa Brewer version from when I was a little kid.

[Laura Leff] Or Jack's first movie, "Bright Moments".

[Brad from Georgia] LL--The Marx Bros. financed their own silent film in about 1927, "Humor Risk." It was never released; Groucho reportedly burned it and said that was better than it deserved.

[Maxwell] LL: His singing reminded me of Gary Crosby in the recording he made with Bing of "Simple Melody."

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Funny. I was quite fond of it when I was young. But then again, I'm not crazy about Si-Sy.

[Maxwell] There ya go.

[KGrape] Si-Sy was great on the radio

[Brad from Georgia] LL--the "Yeah" routine in the show reminded me of "Si-Sy." Except not as funny.

[steve_shimp] Yeah

[KGrape] Mostly becuase of how Mel Blanc and Jack timed it

[steve_shimp] yeah

[Lisa] Brad, I didn't think Groucho burned it. I thought it got thrown away because no one thought it was good.

[Maxwell] I was expecting something closer to Si-Sy.

[steve_shimp] yeah:p

[Brad from Georgia] LL-Groucho claimed to have burned it, according to at least one biography. But then Grouch and me, we're terrible liars.

[Maxwell] 37 yeah's later....

[Laura Leff] Brad - Yes, I noticed the Yeah-Si-Sy connection as well.

[steve_shimp] Mary was doing her "Mae West" a little. Seems like she did that more in the Jell-O years.

[Maxwell] I kind of liked the tout being the other boxer, too.

[Brad from Georgia] Liked Mel's nasal performance on this one, too. "That last sniff vacuumed up my handkerchief."

[Laura Leff] Steve - She did it in the early years in "She Done Him Wrong" skit, and did it a lot around that time.

[Brad from Georgia] One of her better impressions, I always thought.

[steve_shimp] I couldn't tell what Mel was doing, I thought he was BLOWING his nose until the "last sniff" line.

[steve_shimp] So it was funny but didn't play as well as it might have.

[KGrape] yep

[Brad from Georgia] Yeah.

[Lisa] It always sounded like a sniff to me.

[Maxwell] Oui, Mon Capitain.

[steve_shimp] This is another of those shows with hit and runs by Phil and Roch as well.

[Laura Leff] Yes, a lot of regulars on this show. Mel, Sheldon Leonard, Frank Nelson

[Brad from Georgia] Overall, I liked the show. It has the fifties "scripted" feel fairly strongly, except for Mary's fluffs and Jack's kidding. I tend to like the looser shows better.

(some loss)

[Mike Amo] That was the year, 1954 guy knows

[Laura Leff] You know, just yesterday Dan and I watched "Thank You for Smoking"...highly recommended.

[Brad from Georgia] I've seen reruns of "You Bet Your Life" with the sponsor's name (on Groucho's lectern) blacked out with a wobbly black oval.

[KGrape] According to FCA rules they aren't allowed to carry any tobacco advertisements

[Laura Leff] And it's funny to hear the Lucky commercial talking about SCIENTIFIC TESTS prove they're milder

[Laura Leff] There was a line in the movie about the scientists hired by big tobacco: "This guy could disprove gravity."

[steve_shimp] Brad, I didn't get that about the Groucho shows. I can understand blocking out a product still being sold, but when was the last DeSoto made?

[Laura Leff] Brad - You'd think Groucho wasn't wearing pants.

[Brad from Georgia] I heard Bing Crosby and Bob Hope do a Chesterfield commercial avowing that it not only is a great smoke, it improves their voices for radio!

[Mike Amo]  

User Josef has entered this room.

[Maxwell] Hi Josef.

[steve_shimp] Hiya Josef

[Josef] Hello all

[Laura Leff] Hi Josef!

[Lisa] Hi Josef.

[KGrape] There was a conversation on the Zoot Radio forums about how many people were influenced to smoke from OTR commercials....

[Brad from Georgia] Steve--Don't think it was a DeSoto emblem--IIRC, it was some hair-care product.

[KGrape] howdy Josef

[Josef] been a while since I was last here.

[Mike Amo] Hiya Joe

[Maxwell] I don't remember Groucho having a sponsor other than DeSoto.

[Josef] hello, kGrape, Maxwell, Lisa, Laura, Mike

[Brad from Georgia] Hello, Joe.

[Brad from Georgia] White Rain or some such? I don't remember.

[Laura Leff] Also the "today and always" that they're milder, since they now sell to urban toughs and are know for having little OTHER than a rough puff.

[Laura Leff] Toni?

[steve_shimp] Groucho always had a weird way of pronouncing "DeSoto-Plymouth". Never got the "th" on "Plymouth"...

[Maxwell] But then again we're talking about 50-year-old memories from a kid under 10 years old.

[Laura Leff] Can YOU tell the Toni twin?

[Brad from Georgia] Think it was Toni, yes!

[Laura Leff] Plymutt

[steve_shimp] DeSotoPlymadealers...

[Maxwell] I didn't know Groucho came from da sout' side a Tchicaguh.

[Laura Leff] Who's heard Groucho's appearances on Jack's radio show?

[steve_shimp] Me

[Laura Leff] Especially the chess game?

[KayLhota] I Have

[KGrape] Checkers

[Brad from Georgia] "Buy Jell-O in seven delicious flavors: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange, lemon, lime, and tobacco."

[KayLhota] checkers

[Laura Leff] KGrape - Right, thank you. Checkers

[Laura Leff] What do you think of Groucho's performance on those?

[Josef] I've heard one of Groucho's appearances, they were playing checkers I believe

[Lisa] HOw do you play checkers on the radio?

[steve_shimp] Groucho and Jack don't mesh well..

[Brad from Georgia] Groucho was never as funny on radio as on screen. And I agree with Steve. Their styles were a little too divergent. Yeah. Divergent. Yeah.

[Laura Leff] Groucho and scripts don't mesh well.

[KGrape] Groucho does tend to have a fast delivery and Jack a slow one

[steve_shimp] Just different styles, which I think Jack thought was true as well, he found Groucho really too cutting in real life.

[Josef] It was different definitely.

[Lisa] Clashing styles.

[Laura Leff] Groucho did, in real life, say that he considered Jack a "nice man", which Groucho didn't say about many people.

[KGrape] I thought they worked fairly well together in a guest star spot. I don't think they would work well together week after week.

[Lisa] How could anyone not like Jack?

[Brad from Georgia] One of the bios tells a story of WWII when Groucho made a joke about American losses at sea--silly pun on "tankers"/"you're welcome"--that offended Jack.

[Laura Leff] Oh, and them on the Pabst Blue Ribbon Town.

[steve_shimp] Yeah, Jack found Groucho's humor cruel at times. He liked and respected Groucho but they weren't close friends apparently.

[Laura Leff] Very awkward scripting.

[Laura Leff] I'm not sure Groucho was close friends with very many people.

[Josef] interesting

[Laura Leff] Anyone know what Erin Flemming is doing these days?

[KayLhota] he wasn't crazy for performers

[Maxwell] I think she's dead.

[KayLhota] he preferred writers as his close friends

[Laura Leff] Groucho tended to hang around with cognoscenti rather than the showbiz crowd.

[KayLhota] I heard that she died

[Brad from Georgia] On Groucho's Carnegie Hall concert recording, he begins by saying, "Jack Benny played here not long ago. I'm going to take this violin and break it over my knee. I've had quite enough of violins, and so has Benny."

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Really? She wasn't that old.

[Brad from Georgia] Erin Flemming reportedly was spotted as a street person some years back.

[Brad from Georgia] A bag lady.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Yes, the violin bit is on the "Evening with Groucho" recording.

[Maxwell] I looked her up a couple of months ago. I'm pretty sure she's dead, but I'll take a couple of minutes and look it up now.

[Laura Leff] Brad - That I can believe.

[Laura Leff] Assuming the tapes still work, I have a lot of footage from CNN when she was in a lawsuit with the Marx family over the estate.

[Maxwell] Died April 15, 2003.

[steve_shimp] Suicide in 2003 according to wikipedia

[Lisa] What was the outcome on that, Laura?

[Laura Leff] George Burns testified, and the lawyer said, "I've never cross-examined God before."

[Mike Amo] wow

[Laura Leff] Holy cow!

[KayLhota] Erin Fleming was found to have to pay back the money, but she was so unwell the the judge

[Laura Leff] Lisa - I can't remember exactly, would have to go back to the clippings. But I think the family won.

[Maxwell] She was only 62.

[KayLhota] reconsidered the verdict

[Laura Leff] There was a very strange piece of footage where they cornered Fleming at her car

[KayLhota] basically it ended up being a no win situation.

[Laura Leff] They asked her something, she looked at them oddly,

[Maxwell] 61 actually.

[steve_shimp] Groucho was one of the Hillcrest gang with George Burns and Jack though, correct?

[Laura Leff] tore off her jacket to show an "Evening with Groucho" T-shirt

[KayLhota] she was a nutcase during the trial

[KayLhota] oh absolutely at Hillcrest

[Laura Leff] made some sort of face at the cameras with her tongue out, and then sped away.

[Brad from Georgia] Speaking of Me Blancl's sniff--were we speaking of Mel's sniff?--my wife and I saw Kris Krsitofferson in concert friday night. He had a terrible cold but did two hours of solo singing, no backup musicians at all.

[Brad from Georgia] Me Blancl?

[Laura Leff] That's gutsy.

[Brad from Georgia] You Schuster?

[Mike Amo] Si

[Laura Leff] No Wayne

[Maxwell] I saw Mel Blanc on our local PBS station in the Spike Jones soundie of Clink Clink Another Drink.

[Laura Leff] Complete the sentence: "If you can't sea..."

[Brad from Georgia] Kristofferson is seventy! But my wife sighed, "He's still hot." Well, of COURSE. He has a COLD. Probably a FEVER, too!

[Maxwell] Last night, that is.

[Brad from Georgia] ..bass tonight...

[KayLhota] last night? cool!

[KGrape] I'm listening to tonights show as we speak... Just reached Dennis's song, Nickelodeon. It's a bit different from most of his style. I like it.

[KayLhota] That's him on the soundie

[Maxwell] Sounds like Daffy Duck on the soundie.

[Josef] Nickelodeon is a very good song, I enjoyed the rendition quite a bit

[Laura Leff] Mel Blanc...talk about a man who always had work. Who has a career like that any more?

[Brad from Georgia] I could've been a big CW star like Kristofferson. I was an English major too....

[Josef] not very many

[Laura Leff] Even Dr. Who changes from time to time.

[Maxwell] I still hate it!    

[KayLhota] Mel Blanc was such a talented man.

[Lisa] He fought hard for recognition for his voice work.

[Laura Leff] Was he ever in a movie as a visual character, or just voiceovers?

[KayLhota] and he did some brilliant work

[Laura Leff] I have him in a short playing himself.

[Brad from Georgia] I watched the little bits on "You Tube" of Mel's "This Is Your Life." Nice.

[KayLhota] yes, he is in a few movies

[KGrape] I remember reading in one of Jack's Bios that Jack contracted to have Mel Blanc on standby every Sunday, even if he didn't have a part in the script....

[KayLhota] "Neptune's Daughter" with Red Skelton and Esther Williams

[Laura Leff] Whatever it is you need, Mel can do it.

[KGrape] He wanted to make sure Mel was available for every show

[Brad from Georgia] "An English horse!"

[Josef] yeah, Mel was really an asset for the program

[Lisa] Was Mel's own radio show good?

[Brad from Georgia] You know, I've never heard one of Mel's shows.

[KayLhota] It's okay, nothing brilliant

[KGrape] I didn't care much for Mel's Fix it Shop

[Laura Leff] Lisa - I've only heard one or two years ago, but it's not as good as you'd think.

[Maxwell] Lisa, I've only heard one or two episodes, and it wasn't much more than average.

[steve_shimp] KGrape, yeah, there's even a show with a gag on that. Mel sees Jack in the street and asks if there's a part for him in that week's show. Jack says no and moves on. It's bizarre and funny!

[Brad from Georgia] It's all in the writing, I guess.

[Josef] I've heard a few episodes of his own show, Lisa, but there wasn't much of a good storyline...something was off

[Lisa] Did he play the same character on each episode of his radio show?

[KGrape] Mel did a decent job, but the characters and script weren't that good

[Laura Leff] I think Mel is a performer like Al Boasberg's a writer.

[KayLhota] Yes, it is a sitcom about a guy named Mel Blanc that runs a fix it shop

[KGrape] Mel played two or three regular characters on his show

[Laura Leff] Boasberg couldn't write a whole script, but he was an incredible "puncher".

[KayLhota] he has a girl friend named Betty, whose father doesn't think much of him

[Brad from Georgia] I love the TV bit with Mel as an old friend from Waukegan who shows up and asks Jack, "So what do YOU do for a living?" And Jack ad-libs "I'm the voice of Bugs Bunny!"

[Josef] I think the show could've been better had the writing been better

[Laura Leff] So they turned it into a rooming house and recast it with Dennis Day.

[Maxwell] Or Don Knotts...brilliant as a supporting character but he'd never be able to carry a show.

[Brad from Georgia] Don had his own variety show for a while. His costar was Eddie Carroll!

[Laura Leff] Brad - That's right!

[steve_shimp] I saw the other day that Al Boasberg was an uncredited writer on the script for Tod Browning's FREAKS. That threw me a bit.

[Maxwell] I'd forgotten that Eddie Carroll was on that show!

[Mike Amo] Was this a summer replacement? Don't remember it at all

[KayLhota] he punched up "A Night At the Opera" script

[Brad from Georgia] I think Boasberg just punched up the FREAKS script with a few gags.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Yeah, isn't that something?

[Laura Leff] Mike - F-Troop

[Brad from Georgia] The Don Knotts variety show ran for about three seasons, I think. Sketch comedy and music.

[steve_shimp] I don't know if FREAKS needed any punching up, it's pretty intense!

[Laura Leff] One of us! One of us! One of us!

[steve_shimp] gobble gobble

[Mike Amo] Ahh, thanks LL, one of my favorites at the time

[Laura Leff] (Apologies to anyone who hasn't seen the movie...that would mean nothing otherwise...)

[KGrape] You really need a regular straight man to anchor a show

[Maxwell] The Don Knotts show lasted one season.

[Brad from Georgia] My wife didn't understand why I laughed so hard at an early Simpsons when Bart and Lisa chanted "one of us!" at a cowering Homer.

[Maxwell] 1970-71.

[Laura Leff] What's Costello without Abbott?

[KGrape] I think that's why the Don Knotts, Mel Blanc, and Dennis Day shows didnt' do as well

[KayLhota] I met Mel Blanc at one of his College lectures and I asked him that I heard he was a musician

[Brad from Georgia] Maxwell--Well, yes, but 1970-71 was the Year with Three Springs....

[Laura Leff] The Simpsons writers are amazingly gutsy at making relatively obscure showbiz references.

[KayLhota] he played the tuba and the Bass Violin

[Laura Leff] Mr. Burns says something about being a fan of Louise Brooks in one episode.

[Josef] I thought, though, that Dennis' show was pretty fair for a comedy.

[Laura Leff] Kay - Mel Blanc playing a tuba. That's just funny.

[steve_shimp] George Burns is Mr. Burns' YOUNGER brother, don't forget.

[KayLhota] Isn't it?

[KGrape] Dennis's show was decent, but not a great show

[KayLhota] But, I'd heard, and he confirmed it that music helped in his comedy timing

[Maxwell] Si.

[KGrape] I'd agree with that

[Laura Leff] Steve - Yes, I saw that episode! I haven't seen a lot of Simpsons, but that made me roar.

[steve_shimp] I really can't get through many of Dennis' or Mel's own shows. Love Phil and Alice's though.

[Josef] KGrape, agreed. It was fair, but I wouldn't make a last stand saying that Dennis' show was the best in the world

[Brad from Georgia] My film class recently watched a 1969 Burt Lancaster movie, "The Swimmer." At one point, Lancaster's character has no money for a tip and says, "I'll send it to you. You know what I'm like." And the reply is "Yeah--like Jack Benny!"

[Laura Leff] I have to get more time in the day to eventually hear more Harris-Faye shows.

[KGrape] Alice played the straight man in the Phil and Alice show

[KayLhota] When I listen to the Mel Blanc show, I have the same problem. And I LOVE Hans Conried, but even he can't save the show

[Laura Leff] I almost didn't get the Tehachapi joke on the show for tonight.

[Josef] I do enjoy the Phi Harris--Alice Faye Show, worked out nicely

[Brad from Georgia] Phil Voice: For a straight man, she had a lot of curves!

[Maxwell] Phil Harris and Elliott Lewis worked very well together.

[steve_shimp] Structurally it reminds me of "The Honeymooners". Ralph = Phil, Norton = Remley, Alice = Alice!


[KGrape]   @ Brad

[Mike Amo] LL, was it an obscure reference?

[KayLhota] Tehachapi was the woman's prison

[Laura Leff] Mike - I'd just forgotten what Tehachapi was when I heard it.

[KGrape] I used to live in the general neck of the woods of Tehachapi, so I picked it up

[Laura Leff] Kay - Right...I remembered that later.

[Brad from Georgia] I got that--guess it's from having watched "Dragnet" when I were a pup!

[Mike Amo]  

[KayLhota] I've seen Maltese Falcon too many times. Bogart refers to it.

[Laura Leff] Just thinking Brad's students might not get the Benny reference in the movie, and they wouldn't get that either.

[Lisa] Sad if they don't know Benny.

[Brad from Georgia] Kay--The movie we saw before "The Swimmer" was...."The Maltese Falcon"!

[KayLhota] Wow

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[KayLhota] Hi Yip

[Mike Amo] Hi y

[Maxwell] Hey yhtapmys

[KGrape] Howdy yhtapmys

[Laura Leff] It's the newspaper article person!

[Brad from Georgia] Ythapmys! olleh!

[Lisa] Hi. Y.

[steve_shimp] yip yip ythapmys!

[KGrape] Those Frank Nelson commercials were great

[Laura Leff] Brad - That sounds Spanish

[Laura Leff] KGrape - Do you know the Sagebrush connection?

[Josef] Yes, Frank Nelson's additions are always great

[Brad from Georgia] BTW, tomorrow I'm going to act in a student film. Maybe I'll do a Benny impression...a fat, bearded Benny.

[yhtapmys] Geez took forever to log on.

[KayLhota]   Brad

[Laura Leff] Brad - That hasn't stopped others from doing it

[KGrape] Laura, I'll have to get to that point in the show so I remember it

[Josef] Go for it Brad

[Lisa] Do we get to see the student film on youtube?

[Brad from Georgia] LL--I think I once told you that I wrote a "Benny" script for the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. I wanted to play Benny!

[yhtapmys] My connection's super slow.

[Laura Leff] KGrape - Basically, IIRC, Jack had submitted that catchphrase to a contest

[KGrape] But from what I remember it had something to do with Tahachapi being a small town in the desert

[Laura Leff] Brad - Right! But no go, eh?

[Brad from Georgia] Dunno about "You Tube." It's a student film based on the Guy de Maupassant story "The Necklace."

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Well, sadly, my cowriter and the head writer of ARTC, Tom Fuller, died right about then and I just sort of dropped the idea. He was gonna be Phil.

[Laura Leff] Brad - At least it's not based on a Marquis de Sade story.

[KayLhota] ouch

[Laura Leff] Brad - Ah, I hear you. I think Hal Stone was supposed to be in a Benny production at REPS.

[Brad from Georgia] Yeah, but if we let the students choose...

[KayLhota] oh, that's sad, Laura.

[Laura Leff] Yes, we should take a moment and recognize the passing of Hal Stone.

[Brad from Georgia] Mine was a "war years" parody/pastiche--"Jack Listens to 'Lights Out.'" It had a ton of deliberate anachronisms in it.

[Laura Leff] He was never on the Benny show, but he did audition for Jack.

[Brad from Georgia] Moment of silence for Hal Stone.

[KayLhota] May God Bless

[Brad from Georgia] Amen.

[KGrape] Listening to Sagebrush soap commercial now

[Laura Leff] Were any of you at FOTR when Hal targeted me?

[KayLhota] no, do tell!

[Brad from Georgia] No, tell the story!

[Laura Leff] Ah yes...

[Laura Leff] Well, I'll apologize up front if anyone gets offended.

[Laura Leff] There's some color to this story.

[Brad from Georgia] Scarlet, I hope...

[Laura Leff] So Hal's on a panel on Sunday morning.

[Mike Amo] <covers one ear>

[Laura Leff] And he tells the story of him auditioning for Jack in New York.

[Laura Leff] He was sent up to Jack's room, and Jack met him in a robe.

[KGrape] <whispers> eyes Mike Amo, cover one eye   

[Laura Leff] Hal read for Jack in his room.

[Laura Leff] And Hal says,

[Laura Leff] "You see, he was a pedophile!"

[Laura Leff] I think almost everyone in the room turned and looked at me

[Josef] wow

[KayLhota] oh my!

[Laura Leff] And my jaw was hanging open and I was looking at Charlie Summers.

[Laura Leff] But here's why I was looking at Charlie...

[Laura Leff] There had recently been a flap on the OTR Digest newsletter that one of the Lone Rangers

[Laura Leff] supposedly had a penchant for bringing young boys into the studio and being very...eh...touchy-friendly with them.

[KayLhota] ick

[Laura Leff] And there was a strange thing about the person being gay, etc.

[Brad from Georgia] "Hi, little buckaroo. Do you like gladiator movies...?"

[Laura Leff] So I had sent a post which Charlie turned back to me and wouldn't publish.

[Laura Leff] It was a complete tongue-in-cheek thing

[Laura Leff] That since Jack regularly had the Beavers on his show, then OMG Jack must obviously have been gay.

[Laura Leff] (I'm sure you've all heard the various rumblings over time about Jack and homosexuality.)

[KayLhota] [guffaws]

[KGrape] Plus there was his walk   

[Brad from Georgia] Gee, I would think that having beavers on his show would point in the opposite direction....

[KayLhota]   Brad

[Josef] same here

[Laura Leff] Suffice it to say that I haven't found any real-world justification for htis

[yhtapmys] Sigh.

[Brad from Georgia] Oh. OH! OHHHHHH!

[Mike Amo] There was already his Charlie's Aunt reference and the Sportsmen's song on this one   

[Laura Leff] So I'm looking at Charlie because we'd had a big laugh over the Jack-gay-kids thing

[Josef] lol, Mike

[Laura Leff] And here comes Hal throwing gas on the fire.


[Laura Leff] So everyone thought I was having a heart attack over Hal's "allegation", but that wasn't it at all.

[Lisa] What happened next?

[Laura Leff] So that's basically the story.

[Josef] wow, Laura

[Mike Amo] Jack dealt fine with it on Dick Cavett's show around 1968...I remember the show from the time and I think it's on the DVD I just got

[KayLhota] that's funny

[KGrape] How'd the situation resolve?

[Brad from Georgia] Well....that WOULD explain why Jack was calling Dennis "you crazy KID" well into Dennis's middle years....

[steve_shimp] I bet Jack himself would have fallen on the floor laughing at that if he were around to hear it.

[yhtapmys] So Gisele was a beard?   

[Laura Leff] KGrape - Oh, everyone knew Hal and that he was just trying to get a rise out of me. It passed and we went on.

[Brad from Georgia] As Sigmund Freud supposedly said once, "Zometimez a cigar iss chust a cigar!"

[Laura Leff] Yht - Yeah right!    

[Laura Leff] there are some interesting lines on the show for a short time on the order of...

[Laura Leff] "Leave it to Jack to watch a movie with 50 pretty girls, and he's looking at the tenor."



[Laura Leff] I showed Dan a "Cantor Makes Coffee" booklet I have that has a drawing of Eddie Cantor

[Laura Leff] surrounded by extremely scantily-clad pre-code women, and Cantor is looking excitedly at a coffee can


[yhtapmys] Sounds more like Charlie Cantor.....

[Lisa] What was in that coffee?    

[Brad from Georgia] Of coure, drag was an old Vaudeville/Music Hall standby...as were "sissy" gags. In the early days of The Marx Brothers, Harpo played the sissy, but he eventually became the nut and they hired a pinch sissy.

[Laura Leff] I guess some people just have different inclinations.

[Maxwell] Pabst Blue Ribbon.

[yhtapmys] .... as Logan Ferkfinkle.

[yhtapmys] Jerkfinkle.

[Laura Leff] Brad - Who was the pinch sissy?

[Brad from Georgia] Finkjerkle.

[Maxwell] Ferkjinkle?

[yhtapmys] Joe Besser

[Brad from Georgia] There were a range of them. I don't remember any whose names stuck out.

[Laura Leff] Yht - Exactly. And Twinkle the makeup man

[Laura Leff] Edward Everett Horton

[Brad from Georgia] Franklin Pangborne.

[KayLhota] yes, and their sisies ended in vaudeville around 1915, anyway

[yhtapmys] Now they just write bad Oscar telecasts.

[KayLhota]   Yip

[Laura Leff] There's even a sissy cab driver in Jack's "Taxi Tangles" short

[Brad from Georgia] Ann Coulter could use a pinch sissy right now...

[Laura Leff] Or Buckingham Benny

[Lisa] Can anyone tell me what is considered Jack's best movie?

[Laura Leff] Lisa - To Be or Not To Be

[Laura Leff] Hands down

[Brad from Georgia] "To Be or Not to Be"

[Laura Leff] No competition

[Maxwell] To Be or Not To Be.

[KayLhota] indeed

[yhtapmys] Yeah.

[Laura Leff] Nothin even close

[KayLhota] although there are a few good ones

[Mike Amo] Si

[Brad from Georgia] Best director and best writing, and a heck of a performance from Jack.

[Lisa] I taped that on TCM and have yet to watch it.

[Laura Leff] Go rent it tonight

[Laura Leff] OK, so don't rent it.    

[Maxwell] Watch it after we're through here.

[KayLhota] watch it when you are awake

[Laura Leff] It was written for Jack.

[KayLhota] and try not to see it alone

[Laura Leff] Kay - Why?

[KGrape] Actually I saw the Mel Brooks To Be or Not to Be long before I saw the original... I'm still not sure that I don't like the remake better

[Brad from Georgia] The beheading scene, Kay?

[Brad from Georgia] Or the walking corpse scene?

[Maxwell] <---Challenging KGrape to a duel.


[Laura Leff] Or the chainsaw massacre scene?

[Brad from Georgia] Or the nude scene with Jack and Don Wilson?

[Laura Leff] ROFLMAO

[KGrape] They are definately different movies Maxwell

[Brad from Georgia] (Don played a barrage balloon}

[Mike Amo] Someone was smoking a cigarette> {:oO

[KayLhota] I was telling my son about all of the times I stayed up late to watch movies in those days bvefore VCRs


[Maxwell] I remember staying up one Friday night until 5:30 to watch Hollywood Hotel.

[Laura Leff] Kay - Oh you know my story...that's why my family GOT a Betamax because I was getting up at 3AM to see Jack.

[KayLhota] oh, yeah!

[Brad from Georgia] Yep, I useta do that. Stay up Friday nights fer th' horror film on the local CBS affiliate.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - AM or PM

[Maxwell] A.M.

[Mike Amo] I remember those days, LL

[KayLhota] I think they were smart to get a video recorder for you

[Maxwell] Back when WGN was the first all-night station in Chicago.

[Maxwell] And they filled the time with old WB movies.

[Laura Leff] Kay - I agree, considering how I've used those tapes to transfer a good amount of stuff to our video library.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Oh, them's were the days.

[Laura Leff] Anyone remember SPN? Satellite Programming Network?

[steve_shimp] Do you think there are going to be people nostalgic in 30 years for their favorite infomercials?

[KayLhota] however, I wish I could see those shows in reruns.

[yhtapmys] Was there a studio Jack didnt' work for? Other than maybe Republic?

[steve_shimp] Yeechh.

[Maxwell] Had to watch Hollywood Hotel because the Goodman band was in it.

[Laura Leff] They'd run incredibly obscure movies that you could barely see or hear all night.

[KayLhota] I didn't think to record them, figuring that theyed be around forever

[yhtapmys] Steve, I'd love to see Tom Vu for laughs.

[Maxwell] SPN...that had Daze'...

[KGrape] If it makes you feel any better Maxwell I have Jack's To Be... on DVD, but Mel Brook's version only on VHS, so I watch Jack's more.   

[Laura Leff] Yht - I don't know that he ever worked for RKO...just working from memory

[Brad from Georgia] You know, I mentioned my dear old dead friend Tom Fuller...a few months before he died, he and I (while supposedly working on a book manuscript) started talking about old TV, and neither of us could remember the term "test pattern." We knew what they were

[Brad from Georgia] but couldn't remember the words!

[KayLhota] I do like Mel Brook's To Be or Not to Be.

[KayLhota] Not to the degree of the original, but it has some wonderful stuff in it

[Maxwell] Mel's movie isn't bad, but he was no Ernst Lubitsch...or Jack Benny.

[Laura Leff] Brad - It's the really boring show about an Indian.

[yhtapmys] Brad, there's a web site with old test patterns on it.

[steve_shimp]   LL

[Brad from Georgia] That's what we finally decided!

[Mike Amo]  

[KayLhota] I recently heard the Screen Guild radio show adaptation of To Be or Not to Be with

[KayLhota] real life husband and wife, William Powell and Diana Lynn

[Lisa] Kay, was it good?

[KGrape] KayLhota I heard that too about 1 month ago... It was pretty good, not as good as the movie, but pretty good

[Brad from Georgia] William Powell just couldn't play the violin for sour grapes, though.

[Josef] I still need to see the movie

[KayLhota] it was interesting, and had some good spots but not enough

[Laura Leff] Brad - Neither could Leslie Howard, for what I'm told.

[KayLhota] on the other hand, it also had Sig Ruman and they improved on a movie's joke

[Laura Leff] Ronald Colman as Tura? Hmmm

[Brad from Georgia] Ah, yes--Leslie as the Sherlock Holmes who thought you blew into the fiddle.

[Laura Leff] Kay - Sig Ruman...getting back to the Marx Brothers...

[Brad from Georgia] ...or Laurel and Hardy, for that matter...

[Maxwell] You push the A-string down...and the music goes round and round....

[KayLhota] well, I am a Marx Brothers nut

[Laura Leff] I'll plead guilty to that too

[KayLhota] and a member of Sons of the Desert

[Lisa] Me too.

[Laura Leff] I'll take five and ten at Woolworth's

[Brad from Georgia] I still haven't found a tent in my area, Kay.

[Maxwell] I can't even find a tent around here!

[Lisa] Brad, there's a tent in Harlem.

[Laura Leff] Where's Omar the Tent Maker when you need him?

[Brad from Georgia] Lisa--yeah, but that's 160 miles from here!

[KGrape] I need to head out, thanks for the chat all

[Brad from Georgia] S'long!

[Laura Leff] Take care, KGrape.

[KayLhota] goodnight KGrape

[Lisa] Brad, I thought there was one in Atlanta. Is that closer?

[steve_shimp] by KGrape

[Laura Leff] Hope to see you again.

[Maxwell] So long KGrape...we'll duel some other time.

[Josef] Yes, I am definitely a Sons of the Desert member. Getting a tent started in Barrington right now at my college

User KGrape has logged out.

[KayLhota] Lisa, you are in the Sons?

[KayLhota] Where?

[Brad from Georgia] Lisa--Atlanta is fifty miles, but doable. I just can't find the tent!

[Lisa] Kay, I'm in Sons in Florida.

[Laura Leff] Doesn't Sons of the Desert have a Web page that tells you how to contact the tents?

[Brad from Georgia] Trivia question: It is believed that Harpo's voice is audible in two Marx Brothers movies. Which are they?

[KayLhota] Not Miami, by any chance? Because I adore Butch Sorenson, the Grand Sheik.

[Brad from Georgia] Laura--I'll check and see.

[Maxwell] The one where he sneezes.

[Lisa] Yes, the best Sons website to find tents is Way Out West tent's site.

[Josef] Yes, the Way Out West Tent www.wayoutwest.org

[Brad from Georgia] Got it. Thanks!

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Oh, Annie Hall!    

[Lisa] Kay, not Miami, but Clearwater. I've known Henry for years.

[Brad from Georgia] The two Marx Brothers movies are....

[Laura Leff] I suppose Harpo's voice is heard in Command Performance with Jack, since he supposedly grunts

[Maxwell] The one where he sneezes, and...

[Laura Leff] "Murder"

[Brad from Georgia] "Monkey Business" (Harpo harmonizes on "Sweet Adeline")

[KayLhota] Clearwater! I went there in 1990 for the Sons convention!

[Brad from Georgia] and...

[Laura Leff] Brad - Oh right...I've hardly seen that one.

[KayLhota] Is Rob Young still the Grand Sheik?

[Maxwell] The one where he sneezes.

[Brad from Georgia] "Duck Soup" (you supposedly can hear him on "All God's Chillun" when the brothers are singing)

[KayLhota] Ron Young! Whoops!

[Maxwell] He sneezes in one.

[Lisa] Yes, Kay, and it rained all weekend, remember?

[Maxwell] One of the MGM's.

[KayLhota] How can I forget?

[Brad from Georgia] Well, okay, he sneezes in one, too.

[Brad from Georgia] Probably "At the Circus."

[Josef] Well, all, I need to get going. Have a lot of homework to do. See you all next month!

[Laura Leff] Love it...multiple conversations on non-Benny comedians...go figure...

[yhtapmys] OK.

[KayLhota] My son Jonathan was 3 at the time. He'll be 20 in June

[Brad from Georgia] So long, Josef.

[Maxwell] There is a great recording of Harpo speaking on a BBC site (I think).

[steve_shimp] bye Josef

[Laura Leff] Enjoy, Josef!

[Lisa] Kay, Ron is still in the tent, but Dennis Reece is Grand Sheik now.

[Maxwell] He had a great radio voice.

[Maxwell] So long Josef.

User Josef has logged out.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Is that the story about playing the piano at a red light house?

[yhtapmys] Laura, I have a question...

[Brad from Georgia] Harpo tells a story of being a piano player in a, how shall I put this, a house of negotiable affection.

[Laura Leff] Yht - Go for it

[yhtapmys] Old Gold used to have the dancing cigarettes...

[Maxwell] Shoot, I can't remember. It's been months since I heard that.

[KayLhota] he tells the story and how he left because he got sick with the measles

[yhtapmys] But in the spot on today's show, the Sportsmen are referring to Lucky's on TV dancing.

[Maxwell] Old Gold used to have the leggy dancing cigarettes.

[yhtapmys] Did they BOTH have dancing cigarette packs?

[Maxwell] Are they talking about the stop action animation for the Luckies?

[KayLhota] Harpo's voice reminded me a bit of his brother Zeppo's voice. Very soft and deep.

[Laura Leff] Yht - They may have danced for another show, but I haven't seen it. On Jack's first show, they had people dancing with Luckies in hand.

[yhtapmys] OK.

[Maxwell] actually the Old Golds were dancing packs.

[Brad from Georgia] I think the Old Golds danced with the Luckies, and that's how filter tips were born.

[Maxwell] I remember those.

[yhtapmys] I wasn't sure if Old Gold was an American Tobacco product too.

[steve_shimp] When did the Hit Parade start? Before or after Jack?

[Laura Leff] Not to mention the matches for your Old Golds.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Jack started in 1932, so I'd say after.    

[steve_shimp] on TV heheheh

[Laura Leff] Dunno...would have to look it up.

[Brad from Georgia] I'm old enough to remember when "Your Hit Parade" featured weeks....and weeks....and weeks of "Red Sails in the Sunset."

User Maxwell has logged out.

[Brad from Georgia] And I remember "Mitch Miller's Sing-a-Long" too.

User Maxwell has entered this room.

[Lisa] Laura, I got interested in Jack after doing some research on Phil Silvers' career. I recently ssaw Phil's appearance on Jack's TV show and Phil's special "Slowest Gun in the West."

[Maxwell] Oops!

[Laura Leff] That's like the reference in Jack's "Captain Horatio Hornblower" that for (something like) "four straight weeks, they haven't heard 'Come Ona My House'."

[KayLhota] I was born in 1957, so I am lucky that I remember watching Jack Benny when it was still new

[Laura Leff] Lisa - Yes, that's a fun show!

[Maxwell] Hit Parade debuted on TV on July 10, 1950.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Aha...just before Jack.

[yhtapmys] It would have been cheap to produce.

[yhtapmys] Just let the band play and switch cameras.

[Laura Leff] Lisa - Phil Silvers is still very big in England, I understand.

[KayLhota] I was just talking to a friend of mine about Phil silvers earlier tonight

[steve_shimp] Thanks Max. But, still before tonight's discussion show. Interesting.

[Maxwell] Kay...I remember Jack when he was alternating with Private Secretary on Sundays.

[steve_shimp] So are beans on toast, LL

[Brad from Georgia] Jack and Phil costarred in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." They had good support from Milton Berle, Mickey Rooney, and a few other comics.

[yhtapmys] Ethel Merman

[Laura Leff] Steve - Not a Silvers fan, eh? Have some mushy peas?

[Lisa] Laura, yes Phil has an appreciation society based in England and a nice yahoo group of fans.

[Laura Leff] Brad - And Rochester

[Maxwell] Do you prefer regular or Ethel Merman?

[KayLhota]   Max

[Mike Amo] Back but I lost some text and some folks here...I remember those alternating weeks shows

[Brad from Georgia] I never could understand why Jack had to wear that dumb hat in the movie.

[steve_shimp] Nah, I'm actually not familiar enough with Silvers to judge.

[Brad from Georgia] Silvers was funny, but he sort of got frozen in the Bilko con-man role.

[KayLhota] I still remember when Phil Silvers won the Tony award for the revival of "A Funny Thing... Forum"

[yhtapmys] He was sort of doing that in pictures wasn't he? Before then?

[Laura Leff] Which is understandable, since that fit his fast-talking style.

[KayLhota] His acceptance speech was marvelous

[Laura Leff] Kay - Do tell

[Lisa] Brad, yes, that was one of Phil's limitations was he was great doing one character.

[Laura Leff] Hey that's funny...this is the Forum. Anyone have anything funny happen on the way here?

[KayLhota] He was sweet and funny, but it ran too long, so they had a vaudeville hook and began teasing him with it

[Mike Amo] lol, I told you what happened on the way here, LL   

[Laura Leff] What was Phil Silvers like off-stage?

[Laura Leff] Mike - Ah yes!    

[Mike Amo] Met Hans Conried...what a nice guy

[Maxwell] Ah, the inevitable Hans Conried.

[KayLhota] Oh do tell. I have a MAJOR crush on Hans Conried!

[Laura Leff] The indelible Hans Conried

[Mike Amo] He did a play in my hometown, Lynchburg in 1963

[Laura Leff] The invariable Hans Conreid

[steve_shimp] The inedible Hans Conried

[Lisa] Laura, offstage Phil was very gentle, rather sad and was a gambling addict unfortunately.

[KayLhota] I keep finding him on radio shows

[Brad from Georgia] I was in a gas station, and a lady from up North asked me, "Do you have a candy bar called 'The Three Musketeers' in this part of the country? So I drawled, "Yes, ma'am, but we-all calls 'em the 'Three Good Ole Boys.'" Then I came to the Forum...

[Laura Leff] Steve -   

[Laura Leff] Lisa - Ah, that's sad.

[KayLhota] didn't Phil Silvers have five daughters?

[Laura Leff] Kay - That's Eddie Cantor

[KayLhota] I remember seeing Cathy Silvers on Happy Days.

[Lisa] Kay, yes 5 daughters. Tracey, Nancey, Candace, Cathy and Laury. 3 of them have websites.

[Brad from Georgia] I met Hans Conreid (just to speak to and shake hands) when he toured with "My Fair Lady" as Mr. Doolittle and did some shows in Atlanta.

[Laura Leff] There's something about comedians being sad off-stage.

[Laura Leff] Even Jack fits that role to a degree with his moodiness.

[Mike Amo] I wish I could remember the play right now...it's possible it was Camelot but that wouldn't make sense

[Laura Leff] Hans Conried as King Arthur...

[Mike Amo] Except for the timing with Kennedy still in office

[Lisa] Laura, that's true. Art Carney said he was a loner and introvert. Quite different from Ed Norton. Sorry, I'm straying from Jack.

[steve_shimp] I always wonder how much of that is unfair comparison to performers' onscreen persona though.

[KayLhota] Hans Conried would have made a good Sagamore

[Brad from Georgia] A suicidal man visited a psychiatrist who said, "You need to cheer up. Go to the circus. See the great clown, Grimaldi!" The man rose, weeping, and said, "But I AM Grimaldi!" And shot seltzer down the front of the doctor's pants.

[Laura Leff] Lisa - That's fine...we always do. As long as people are having fun, it's good.

[Maxwell] Lisa, don't worry about it. We always do.

[steve_shimp] I mean, if you met Jim Carrey and he wasn't running around like an ape, you'd think he was depressed.

[Laura Leff] Steve - Interesting point

[KayLhota] We stray and then we come back to Jack

[Lisa] Hans Conreid was in "Summer Stock" with Phil Silvers, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly.

[Laura Leff] Of course you all know my stories about Jackie Mason.

[steve_shimp] Like Jack might have been moody, but by all accounts he was upbeat but not a barrel of laughs in real life usually.

[KayLhota] Yes, and TCM is running it on Monday night

[Laura Leff] He was always "on"...somehow just insecure that people weren't paying attention to him.

[Brad from Georgia] I've always heard from people who knew him that Jack loved to laugh...and loved all the little things in life.

[Lisa] Laura, Jack was always on?

[Laura Leff] Steve - I think Jack tended to keep his moodiness behind closed doors or only around friends like George Burns.

[Laura Leff] Lisa - Jackie Mason was always on.

[KayLhota] It seems to me that Jack would be so focused on the show business stuff. He was a worrier

[steve_shimp] Do you think Jack was moodier than the average person though? I don't know.

[KayLhota] but, he never seemed to sound like a depressed man, or a manic one

[Laura Leff] It was once said that Groucho Marx really needed someone like Groucho Marx to make him laugh, and he was the one man in the world who couldn't have him.

[Brad from Georgia] Arthur Marx says that was a major point of contention that he had with his dad. Groucho was ALWAYS on in public, and Arthur was humiliated by his capers.

[yhtapmys] Laura, what happened at the end of today's show?

[Laura Leff] Steve - I think Jack had mood swings more later in life. Hard to say, though.

[KayLhota] and yet Groucho wouldn't want to go to a restaurant and get special service as a celebrity

[Laura Leff] Brad - As were some of Groucho's wives.

[yhtapmys] There's a telegram from Bob Hope and the audio file just ends.

[Laura Leff] Yht - You know, I was going to pull the script and didn't get a chance.

[Laura Leff] Let me check that.

[Brad from Georgia] Kay--But he would ask a waitress "Do you have frogs' legs" and then scold her if she didn't come back with "No, arthritis makes me walk this way."

[steve_shimp] Jack started cussing a blue streak and the censor pulled the plug.

[Lisa] I was wondering why the show cut off at the end too.

[steve_shimp] j/k

[KayLhota] I was wondering if it were the MP3 file that cut short

[yhtapmys] I guess that's the version in circulation   

[Brad from Georgia] Mel started saying "Si" and Dennis responded "Yeah."

[KayLhota] but I didn't have the time to look at it

[Maxwell] According to 39 Forever, the circulating copy is cut short.

[KayLhota] what is the timing on tonight's show?

[Maxwell] No reason given.

[KayLhota] ah!

[yhtapmys] 28:08

[KayLhota] that explains it

[yhtapmys] So it's short.

[KayLhota] it is cut short

[Brad from Georgia] Somebody dropped the record....

[Lisa] Brad,   

[Maxwell] Probably if it went longer we'd here ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTttt

[Maxwell] hear


[Laura Leff] I'll find the as broadcast and we'll know if it was the network or the record...

[yhtapmys] So is there only one version in circulation?

[Brad from Georgia] "Ah, Mr. Benny, that's a collect telegram." "YIPES!"

[yhtapmys] Had to be the record.

[yhtapmys] There's no fading or ID.

[Laura Leff] Quick...what's the date again? 3/?/50

[steve_shimp] I wonder if there's a hip-hop artist who would do some "scratching" of old Benny transcript recordings...

[Maxwell] 19

[Laura Leff] Thx

[Maxwell] wlcm

[Laura Leff] Steve - I think John Moran already did that

[Maxwell] Lawrence Wlcm.

[steve_shimp] really?

[Mike Amo] Back again...pesky life issues...was going to ask why it cut short, thought it was just the ending was missing on the MP3

[Lisa] Has anyone seen the extra on the Bilko DVD set that came out last May? It has a clip of Jack Benny and Phil Silvers on the Dick Cavett Show.

[yhtapmys] It has to be, Mike. The network wouldn't have ended the show like that.

[Brad from Georgia] No, didn't see that, Lisa! Good stuff?

[KayLhota] oh, I haven't and that sounds awesome!

[yhtapmys] Not at 28:08.

[Laura Leff] Aha...I have the missing words. Not long.

[yhtapmys] "This is NBC. The National Broadcasting Company." C G E

[Brad from Georgia] "We're a little late, folks, good night."?

[Laura Leff] Yht - Not in 1950

[Mike Amo] I haven't had time yet to see Jack's interview on the Dick Cavett Comedy Legends DVD I got, but I expect it's the one I saw at the time

[yhtapmys] Oh, right.

[Laura Leff] Dear jack...Happy tobe on your program next week in Palm Springs, but I must warn you

[Mike Amo] So they just ran long?

[yhtapmys] No, the tape's short.

[Maxwell] No, the ending is cut of the tape.

[Maxwell] off

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, they ran long.

[Laura Leff] as soon as I get five laughs, I'm going out and play golf..." Gee, everybody counts. Goodnight folks.

[Brad from Georgia] Just being contrary.

[Maxwell] Boy, am I having trouble spelling tonight.

[Lisa] Brad, Phil tells Dick about how Jack advised him against going into TV, but Phil got the offer to do Bilko and won 5 emmy that first year while Jack won none. Jack sent Phil a telgram saying, "You wouldn't listen to me."

[Mike Amo] Maybe mom in NJ had something foul in her letter :D

[KayLhota]   Lisa

[yhtapmys] Thanks, Laura.

[Brad from Georgia] Funny!

[Laura Leff] Lisa - That sounds like Jack.

[yhtapmys] End with runnin gag and sign off.

[Mike Amo] lol, ty Laura

[Laura Leff] Dear Mary...You'll never believe what I found Papa doing out in the barn yesterday...

[Lisa] Then, Phil goes on to say that when Jack was being honored with a dinner by the Friars for Man of the Year, Phil couldn't go and sent a telegram saying, "If I had listened to you two years ago, I wouldn't have missed your dinner.

[Brad from Georgia] Eddie Carroll says that in real life Jack would laugh like a loon at ordinary things...but when working on his show, he'd read a joke, think for a second, then say very seriously, "That's funny. That stays."

[Laura Leff] Brad - Yup, that's Jack.

[Laura Leff] He was an absolute perfectionist about his craft.

[Maxwell] Say, did anybody check out the Jack Benny Month programs on Those Were the Days?

[yhtapmys] No time, Maxwell.

[yhtapmys] I forgot about this tonight as I'm in the middle of something.

[KayLhota] I don't know how to find "Those Were the Days"

[Laura Leff] Look for Chuck Schaden's show that's not "When Radio Was"

[Maxwell] You can catch the last show tonight or tomorrow at www.nostalgiadigest.com

[Laura Leff] Check the Forum too

[steve_shimp] I caught a few bits, I was having occasional problems with the nostalgiadigest server.

[Brad from Georgia] Same here. Mid-terms and a book deadline. I TURNED IN MY 67th NOVEL LAST WEEK!

[Laura Leff] Brad - Is that like turning in your grave?

[KayLhota] excellent Brad

[yhtapmys] Hmm. I'm busy writing a roster.

[steve_shimp] congrats brad!

[Mike Amo] Wow, congratulations Brad

[Maxwell] The one that's up through tomorrow had Jack's rebuttal at the 10th anniversary testimonial dinner.

[Laura Leff] Seriously, mazel tov!

[Brad from Georgia] My goal is to catch up with Isaac Asimov. I'll have to live to be 176, though.

[KayLhota]   Brad

[yhtapmys] Then you can try to catch up to Steve Allen.

[Lisa] Brad, that's 67 more than I've written.

[Maxwell] Just don't have any blood transfusions.

[Laura Leff] How novel

[Laura Leff] Maxwell - Yeah

[Brad from Georgia] That's right, Maxwell--Asimov died of AIDS from blood he received during open-heart surgery!

[Maxwell] Yup.

[Laura Leff] So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's minds tonight?

[Brad from Georgia] Thanks, LL--I have one more book to write in that series, and I'm dreading it.

[Brad from Georgia] Have to kill off a good character...

[Maxwell] Brad...Kill 'em all off.

[Laura Leff] Brad - OIC. I thought you might not have the muse

[KayLhota] Well, I'm hoping that Lisa will see "To Be or Not to Be"

[steve_shimp] News item, Cool McCool, the complete series is coming out on DVD.

[Maxwell] Just have it end with everybody in a plane crash.

[steve_shimp] The painful irony that that is being released before any official Benny DVD release...

[Brad from Georgia] Benny wise, let's see...I'm trying to get Eddie Carroll to attend the San Diego ComiCon so I'll have an excuse to go out and see him!

[Laura Leff] Or you can do like Black Adder and kill them off in every book, and bring them back in a different era.

[Laura Leff] Charley's Aunt is slated for release...in production now.

[yhtapmys] Steve, they can't even get Quick Draw out on DVD.

[KayLhota] Yay!

[Laura Leff] The person who's doing the commentary told me that they'll try to plug the fan club.

[KayLhota] I have never seen the complete "Charley's Aunt"

[Lisa] Yeah, poor Quick Draw.

[Brad from Georgia] Actually, it's a fantasy, so that's possible. I'm not as attached to the character as J.K. Rowling is to Harry Potter, but still....

[Laura Leff] Kay - You can always get it from the video library.

[steve_shimp] Nice! Looking forward to Charley's Aunt!

[Maxwell] I think it's been 40 years since I've seen Charley's Aunt.

[steve_shimp] can you say who is doing the commentary?

[Brad from Georgia] I've never seen "Charley's Aunt," either. Was in it once.

[KayLhota] yes, but I would have to pay money we don't have right now, Laua

[KayLhota] Laura

[Laura Leff] Brad - Didn't Rowling say she was not writing any more Potter books?

[yhtapmys] My brother was in it years ago in school.

[Brad from Georgia] LL--the seventh and last comes out in July.

[Laura Leff] Kay - I hear you. I'm trying to economize as well with Dan starting his business.

[Brad from Georgia] I'm trying to economize because let's face it, I'm cheap.

[Laura Leff] Brad - And how much do you want to bet that will be as successful as Cher's farewell tour?

[KayLhota] as a matter of fact, if I get anything from you, it will be "Love thy Neighbor"

[Brad from Georgia] Which farewell tour?

[Maxwell] I'm trying to economize because I'm broke.

[Lisa] Laura, there is an internet nostalgia radio station at www.shokusradio.com. They have been playing Jack Benny OTR and have a talk show on Wednesday afternoons with guests talkinga bout 50's TV. Please check it out.

[Laura Leff] Brad - My point exactly.

[KayLhota] My friend Mary, the Fred Allen buff is dying to see it

[Laura Leff] Lisa - Is that related to Shokus Video?

[Brad from Georgia] Cher has done so many farewell tours that her tattoos have faded.

[Lisa] Yes, the same people.

[Laura Leff] Kay - Then she'll love it. Not a lot of FA on movies.

[steve_shimp]   Brad

[yhtapmys] Oh, I've got a three-parter on Fred I want to put up on the site.

[yhtapmys] From the time he died.

[Laura Leff] Lisa - Yes, I know the owner. He was at our convention in 2003.

[Mike Amo] Cher has still done fewer farewells than Barbra

[Maxwell] Barbra's farewell tour started in 1972, didn't it?

[steve_shimp] I've been listening to more Fred Allen lately and I really keep getting more and more impressed by him.

[Laura Leff] Then again, I think Rowling is now richer than the Queen.

[Lisa] Laura, do you still have conventions?

[Brad from Georgia] Yes, Laura, tell us about the next convention.

[steve_shimp] (listens to the sound of LL's head exploding)

[Laura Leff] Lisa - We did the one, and it took over my life for about 9 months. I don't have the bandwidth (or the money) to do another one in the foreseeable future, but who knows.

[Mike Amo] Saw Charley's Aunt as a stage play

[Maxwell] We should have it in Waukegan.

[Laura Leff] Steve - You know it.

[Mike Amo] If I win the lottery, LL, I'll finance it

[steve_shimp] I like our little monthly virtual conventions....

[Brad from Georgia] LL--I came THIS close to talking my wife into flying out to California for the convention! Now she owes me one--I took her to "The Ellen Show."

[KayLhota]   Brad

[Laura Leff] Mike - You can put it together too.    

[Mike Amo] I'll hire a staff of good writers   

[KayLhota] I'm waiting for my first radio event thingy up here in Brockton MA in May.

[Brad from Georgia] Also, I let her get away with that crack about Kris Kristofferson still being hot. What am I, chopped liver? Don't answer.

(some loss)

[Maxwell] Yes, you do.

[Maxwell] It's great.

[TuckerMike] yeah Chuck had found his defenitive style

[Laura Leff] Instead, we saw Bob Hoskins in "Mrs. Henderson Presents"

[Maxwell] And since I love Si-Sy, you know how much to value my opinion.

[Laura Leff] Maxwell -   

[Brad from Georgia] Mel does several voices--Bugs, Tweety, Sylvester, etc.--in "Roger Rabbit."

[KayLhota] Joe Alasky did Yosemite. I used to work with him in Cambridge when we were young

[TuckerMike] I think he was dead by that point?

[yhtapmys] Joe's very good.

[Maxwell] Yosemite isn't in Alasky. It's in Californy.

[Brad from Georgia] No, Mel died shortly after the film was shot.

[Laura Leff] Tucker - that would be hard for a dead person to do voices...

[Brad from Georgia] Or after he did his recording.

[KayLhota] Joe was a nice guy. I had one date with him, but he turned me down for a second date.

[Laura Leff] Kay - His loss

[Mike Amo] LL, that's why it was really odd to have Charlie McCarthy around without Edgar Bergen

[Brad from Georgia] Small world--I know a sound engineer who has worked with Joe Alasky.

[Laura Leff] Mike - Did Charlie keep performing after Edgar's death?

[TuckerMike] ah, okay I wasnt aware

[Laura Leff]  

[Maxwell] No, he retired.

[Mike Amo] Nope, he does standup at the Smithsonian

[Brad from Georgia] LL--Yes, but the act was never the same.

[Laura Leff] Mike - Good answer.


[Mike Amo] ty, try the veal

[Maxwell] It just didn't make it with him sitting on Effie Klinker's knee.


[Brad from Georgia] At least Edgar's lips don't move now....gahhh, I apologize.

[KayLhota] Lisa, I can't find a DVD disc with Hollywood Daffy on it

[TuckerMike] I figgured it was all the "Tiny Toons/Anamanics" guys by that point

[Laura Leff] Like the cartoon of all the WB characters looking at Mel's grave with a big empty speak balloon over their heads.

[Lisa] Kay, thanks for checking.

[steve_shimp] OK, folks, I am going to head on out. I get to get up early for yucky dental surgery tomorrow!

[KayLhota] night Steve

[Mike Amo] Okay, take care Steve

[Laura Leff] good luck with that, Steve

[Maxwell] G'night Steve.

[steve_shimp] Been a lot of fun as usual, see you next month

[Lisa] Bye, Steve.

[Maxwell] And good luck.

[Brad from Georgia] This is horrible, but my college roommate cracked me up the day Walt Disney died. I came in and said, "Did you hear that Walt Disney died today?" And in Donald Duck's voice, he said, "Awwwwwww."

[Laura Leff] Actually, I'm getting pretty hungry and have a bunch of stuff to do tonight...


User steve_shimp has logged out.

[Laura Leff] Mind if we call it a wrap?

[Brad from Georgia] Okay, See you guys later! Thanks for the good time tonight!

[yhtapmys] OK.

[Laura Leff] I have a wrap in the fridge I need to heat up anyway.

[KayLhota] night Laura

[Maxwell] All right by me.

User Brad from Georgia has logged out.

[Maxwell] G'night everybody!

[Laura Leff] Take care folks!

[Lisa] OK. It's 10 p.m. here, so I'll say goodnight too.

[Mike Amo] Are you hungry for a wrap?

[KayLhota] see you all soon

[Mike Amo] Nite Kay