IJBFC Chat - October 8, 2006

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[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Laura and Maxwell!

[Laura_Leff] Hi folks

[Brad_from_Georgia] Gee, I thought I was way early tonight.

[Maxwell] Hey Brad, LL!

[Laura_Leff] So did I

[Maxwell] So did I.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hummmm....and so did I....

[Laura_Leff] There's an echo in here

[Brad_from_Georgia] We got a trio going!

[Laura_Leff] One more and we'll be the Sportsmen

[Brad_from_Georgia] Now if we can work in LS/MFT....

[Maxwell] Well, we have Laura, Sportsment and Maxwell, for the L, S, and M.

[Brad_from_Georgia] And I'm a fine tenor.

[Maxwell] I sing baritone or bass.

[Laura_Leff] I'm a baritone

[Laura_Leff] (Same as Dennis' mother)

[Maxwell] I'll go bass then.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Actually, I don't know what I am. No music teacher has survived my audition.

[Laura_Leff] LOL...I'm more of an alto anyway

[Laura_Leff] With a large range. Yma Sumac, move over.

[Brad_from_Georgia] So I hope this Sunday finds you both well.

[Maxwell] How many burners?

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - :P

[Laura_Leff] Six actually, remember I'm married to a chef

[Maxwell] Ah, yes, that's right.

[Laura_Leff] and we just redid the kitchen last year

[Brad_from_Georgia] Sounds like a Benny gag. "As a violinist, I have a wide range." "Yeah, you should throw the fiddle in it."

[Maxwell] Brad, I can't be well and come up with that pun.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I'm well, but frazzled. Midterm at school already. Where does the time go?

[Laura_Leff] I was sending out the E-mails for my shul for the High Holidays and couldn't resist puns in the subjects

[Laura_Leff] "Yom Kippur is Fast Approaching", etc.

[Maxwell] hahahahahaha

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-What is the day of contemplation when faithful Jews are to remain quiet and meditate?

[Laura_Leff] I'm a bit frazzled from work as well

[Laura_Leff] Brad - That sounds like Yom Kippur. Fasting, atonement for sins, etc.

[Laura_Leff] But at the last minute, I went down to Los Angeles for George Balzer's funeral, which was on the same day

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[Brad_from_Georgia] Yep, that's it. My daughter's business partner is Jewish...and missed Yom Kippur because she got her dates wrong1

[Laura_Leff] I said that I hoped G*d could find me in a Catholic Church to inscribe me in the Book of Life

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, ed!

[Laura_Leff] Hi Ed!

[Maxwell] I thought of him as I watched Jack's show last night.

[Maxwell] Hi Ed.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Shouldn't have any dates on Yom Kippur...no food at all.

[Brad_from_Georgia] RIP, Mr. Balzer. Thanks for the notice, Laura.

[ed_kienzler] hi everyone long time no hear

[Brad_from_Georgia] You here now.

[Laura_Leff] Absolutely. I hope many of us make donations in his name.

[Laura_Leff] How are you doing tonight, Ed?

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-My daughter said her partner was talking about Yom Kippur and saying "I'll be out of work tomorrow because of the holiday

[Brad_from_Georgia] and mentioned the date, and my daughter said, "That's today!"

[Brad_from_Georgia] And her partner replied, "Oh, crap!"

[ed_kienzler] i'll be doing okay if the cardinals win tonight

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Ah, the challenge of the Jewish calendar.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Go Cards! (not having a dog in this fight)

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Holidays start the day BEFORE they're marked, because they go sundown to sundown

[Maxwell] I'm just glad to see the Yankees out of it.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Well, Elizabeth was one sundown off...

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Really? They're out of it? Once the Red Sox died, I stopped paying attention.

[Maxwell] Yeah, Tigers took 'em down.

[Laura_Leff] You'd think I'd watch since the As were in the running.

[Laura_Leff] The TIGERS? Of all things (from a native-born Michiganian).

[Maxwell] I'm rooting for the A's all the way. Big Frank Thomas fan.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Oddly, I've found it hard to watch b-ball since my dad passed away four years ago. He was such a fan.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - I've seen him in five games this year, and he is quite impressive (four with the Red Sox, and one work outing).

[ed_kienzler] the big hurt should manhandle the tigers

[Maxwell] I'm hoping.

[Maxwell] Ya gotta love Hawk Harrelson for giving him that name. It's so appropriate.

[Laura_Leff] I should have put a Benny baseball show up tonight

[Brad_from_Georgia] Unless a scandal breaks involving a Cardinal and a batboy....nah, I'm thinking of Congress, not baseball.

[Maxwell] Or the Catholic Church (cardinal).

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Funny, I thought that was just a general nick for a good player. Didn't realize it was Frank Thomas specifically.

[Maxwell] Yup. Hawk Harrelson gave it to him around 1991 or '92.

[Laura_Leff] Yes, I saw Big Hurt vs. Big Papi twice this year.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hey, LL, speaking of Benny--I caught the reference to Mary's sister on the show. I wonder if Babe was in the audience.

[ed_kienzler] it fits him perfect

[Laura_Leff] When the Red Sox came back, so many were on the DL that I hardly knew anyone.

[Maxwell] Yeah, they had their injury problems this year.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Yes. Since they called her Marks, I'm presuming she wasn't married to Myrt Blum yet.

[Laura_Leff] Babe lived in LA, so I'd imagine she was a regular in the audience.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Eddie did the same thing in "Laughter in Bloom": used my wife's name, the college president's name, and a student name in a gag.

[Laura_Leff] IIRC, there were stories about the gang going over to Mary's parents' house between shows early on for dinner and chat.

[ed_kienzler] that voice of babe's so deep

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Yes, I've been one of the "three good leads" a few times.

[Laura_Leff] Ed - Yeah...now THERE'S a baritone!

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Yup. The old jokes are the best jokes, eh?

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Sometimes...that was no lady, that was my wife

[Brad_from_Georgia] "That was no ladle--that was a knife!"

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Have you ever picked up a joke book from the teens, 20s, or 30s?

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Picked 'em up? I WROTE 'em, sister!

[Laura_Leff] Or something like Capatin Billy's Whiz Bang?

[ed_kienzler] hey laura how's the 39cent stamp for jack going

[Laura_Leff] Ed - No news on that front...I was talking with someone yesterday and they reminded me of the fallback of ordering our own

[Maxwell] Heck, the Whiz Bang part should give you an idea of the quality of the humor.

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[Laura_Leff] Hi Yht!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hiya, yhtapmys!

[Maxwell] Hey yhtapmys.

[yhtapmys] Yesssss?

[Laura_Leff] Well, consider most peoples' reaction to Jack's shows of the early 30s.

[ed_kienzler] yea you can make your own stamps...seen a commercial on TV

[Laura_Leff] Some humor doesn't age well.

[Maxwell] I've heard those ads on the radio.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I've been reading the P.G. Wodehouse novels from 1911 on--it's amazing how his humor was the same for more than 60 years.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Funny, too!

[Laura_Leff] Ed - Yes, I figured that was a fallback position. Thing is, I have to register documentation with them that I represent tEstate

[Laura_Leff] Stephen Leacock and Oscar Wilde can still be very funny as well, not to mention Mark Twain

[Brad_from_Georgia] We ordered stamps with our kids' various dogs on them as a Christmas present last year.

[ed_kienzler] well lets get to it and tell those people that jack desearves a stamp

[Laura_Leff] I was thinking of trying to get some Benny stamps before Xmas

[Maxwell] I'd love to put some on my Christmas mail.

[Brad_from_Georgia] James Thurber wrote a hilarious piece about old-fashioned jokes from a 19th century Punch magazine.

[Brad_from_Georgia] They were excruciatingly unfunny.

[Laura_Leff] Ed - I'm all for that! Was hoping to hear from the Citizens' Committee by now, since I knew they were going to review the idea

[ed_kienzler] i use right now the hattie mcdaniel stamp

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Hey, I've got one of those

[Brad_from_Georgia] You got a thurber? Or a Punch?

[Laura_Leff] I was looking for some Benny articles in my magazine archive, and pulled out an 1800s Punch magazine

[Laura_Leff] Full color and all

[ed_kienzler] she was a great actress too

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Future American Humorist Born on February 14. Yanks hide their violins"--PUNCH, from 1894

[Laura_Leff] I love Hattie's quote about her choice between playing a maid for $700 a week or BEING a maid for $70 a week (or similar amounts

[Maxwell] Speaking of that, the showed the Benny episode last night where Jack imagines himself as a violin teacher.

[ed_kienzler] she took A over B anytime

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I think mine is from 1898. Talks about people hiding cigars from young Nat Birnbaum

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL- lol

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Oh, is that the musicale episode?

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[Laura_Leff] Hey Scott!

[ed_kienzler] hi scott in kc

[Maxwell] No, Jack is interviewed and he's imagining what would have happened if he hadn't gone into show business.

[Laura_Leff] Are we boring you, Yht?

[Maxwell] Hey Scott.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hiya, KC Scott! Gonna be in yer ole Michigan stompin' grounds on October 28!

[yhtapmys] No, I'm listening to the Oct 18.42 episode right now.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - OK, no prob. Just noticed you were a little quiet.

[Maxwell] Yeah, too quiet.

[Brad_from_Georgia] yhtapmys--the Japanese did it.

[Maxwell] (cue indian charge)

[Laura_Leff] LOL

[Laura_Leff] So speaking of the show, what thoughts on it?

[Scott_in_KC] Hi everybody! If I can be so bold, what a wonderful way to spend my 39th (actually 54th) birthday!

[Laura_Leff] Mazel tov, Scott!

[yhtapmys] Hard to say, yet. I

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[Maxwell] Happy Birthday!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Nice solid show for the vintage. Mucho congrats, Scott, you youngster!

[Laura_Leff] Welcome Kevin

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hiya, Kevin!

[Maxwell] Hey kevin

[ed_kienzler] hi kevin

[yhtapmys] I'm just at the beginning.

[kevinfromky] great to be here..

[yhtapmys] Mary's just compared Jack to Jell-O.

[Laura_Leff] A lot of people complain that they don't like the camp shows, but I think this is a pretty good camp show

[Maxwell] Speaking of which, how long did they continue the Jell-o jokes at the start of the program?

[Brad_from_Georgia] I heard a couple of fluffs from Mary in tonight's show. They rolled with them, though.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Not too long after this.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maxwell--about as long as it took Don to stop saying "Grapes-nut Flakes."

[kevinfromky] i feel that the camp shows.. give us a real slice of life from that period

[Laura_Leff] Just glancing ahead in my log...this looks like it may have been the last time of the Jell-O crossover.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Kevin-I agree. And the humor is sometimes surprising, as in Mary's "off-color" rivet gag in another show.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - You did see the mention of that in the newsletter, right?

[kevinfromky] yes they are more free.. more real.. giving their all to the troops..

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Yup, sure did! I'd listened to that show last spring, in fact.

[Scott_in_KC] The camp shows seem to have louder, rowdier crowds than the studio audiences.

[Laura_Leff] I was looking up some stuff on George Balzer, and saw a story from Milt about a gag that they actually got by the censor

[Laura_Leff] but took out after rehearsal

[Laura_Leff] Scott - I wonder why. :)

[Brad_from_Georgia] And they loved Roch'! He gets some of the biggest ovations. What's the gag, LL?

[yhtapmys] Laura, thanks for going to the Balzer service.

[kevinfromky] sad news..

[Laura_Leff] Rochester always got a huge ovation from the camp crowds!

[Laura_Leff] Yht - It was a privilege. I'm glad I went.

[Scott_in_KC] George Balzer passed since we chatted?

[kevinfromky] your tribute was great by the way

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Well, mild warning for some off-color humor...

[Laura_Leff] Scott - He passed away a week ago last Thursday.

[Brad_from_Georgia] We're all adults here, Laura. Except that young whippersnapper Scott.

[Laura_Leff] Kevin - Thanks very much. I very much appreciated George allowing me into his life.

[ed_kienzler] did rochester pre-record many of his scripts in the later shows

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Oh I know. I just like to cover myself.

[Laura_Leff] Ed - Rochester didn't do that...Mary did.

[Laura_Leff] So here's the bit...

[Scott_in_KC] Thanks, Brad. BTW, please send me your e-mail address.

[ed_kienzler] i knew mary did but i thought roch did too

[Laura_Leff] Jack's going to a doctor, and is walking down the hall reading the name plauqes

[Maxwell] Remember Brad, the transcripts get posted for all to see.

[Laura_Leff] Ed - Not that I know of...what's your source on that?

[kevinfromky] i vividly remember the news of mary's passing..

[Laura_Leff] So Jack's walking down the hall, and says, "Dr. Eyemann, Eye Doctor...

[ed_kienzler] just the way he sounds in some of them

[ed_kienzler] many from the 50's

[Laura_Leff] Dr. Earman, Ear Doctor...

[Laura_Leff] Dr. Footer, Foot Doctor...

[Laura_Leff] Dr. BALLZER?

[Maxwell] hahahahahahahahahahaha

[Laura_Leff] Ed - Actually, I may know what you're probably hearing

[yhtapmys] Wonder where they got the name Eyemann... :)

[Brad_from_Georgia] Oh, well, that even got past the censors way back then....

[Laura_Leff] Ed - It seems that on at least a couple occasions when they reused a show,

[Laura_Leff] It sounds like they inserted a bit or two with some canned laughter.

[ed_kienzler] ahhh great thank you

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Would you believe Jeanette was at the funeral, she even was the one who put the family in touch with me,

[Brad_from_Georgia] Scott: Just tried to send you my email privately.

[Laura_Leff] and I missed her? Rats!

[yhtapmys] She;s still alive? How about that!

[Brad_from_Georgia] If you didn't get it, it's bstrickland@gsc.edu. I have no shame.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Yes, still alive and well.

[Laura_Leff] And a very nice lady.

[kevinfromky] she was the secretary right?

[ed_kienzler] padres bases loaded 1 out

[Laura_Leff] I reread my 1988 interview with George Balzer, and for some unfathomable reason, I called her Jeanette Thomas.

[Laura_Leff] Kevin - Right...script secretary. sort of a 5th writer.

[yhtapmys] Padres? They playing the Hollywood Stars? ;)

[kevinfromky] i thought so...

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Maybe they're playing the Hollywood Squares.

[ed_kienzler] hahaha

[Laura_Leff] I'll take Paul Lynde for the block...

[Laura_Leff] One of these days, I'll get a copy of the Benny show the Lynde guested on.

[yhtapmys] I think I'd have a better chance with Paul Lynde.

[Brad_from_Georgia] (Paul Lynde voice)Well, I've certainly been AROUND the block, sweetie.(/paul lynde voice)

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Brad, you do that so...well.

[Maxwell] Now cut that out!

[Brad_from_Georgia] I notice the alien in the terribly unfunny "American Dad" cartoon has a Paul Lynde voice.

[yhtapmys] I didn't realise that George Balzer worked for Lucy. How many of Jack's writers ended up there?

[Laura_Leff] American Dad? Is that like "The Meanest Dog in the World"?

[kevinfromky] joefesberg did

[Brad_from_Georgia] I do a fairly passable Paul Lynde and a very effete Jonathan Harris...but I'm secure in my masculinity.

[kevinfromky] spelling

[Laura_Leff] Yht - That's actually thanks to Milt Josefsberg, who took some material from George/Sam after the weekly TV series

[ed_kienzler] ah jonathon harris DANGER WILL ROBISON

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL, "American Dad" is from the same folks who do "Family Guy." Big insensitive lug of a dad who's a CIA operative.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hilarity ensues (or not).

[Maxwell] Mostly not.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I'll not fail to miss it.

[ed_kienzler] ROBINSON (sic)

[yhtapmys] Yeah, the Robisons own the St. Louis Browns

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Now, if you can do Thomas Harris, I'll really be impressed.

[Laura_Leff] So what else about the show from tonight?

[Maxwell] And the Cleveland Spiders.

[Brad_from_Georgia] For the Atlanta Radio Theater Company's "Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment" ("META") I play superhero Odd Doc...as Jonathan

[Brad_from_Georgia] Harris

[Laura_Leff] And the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers


[Brad_from_Georgia] The show would have been funneir if Mel Blanc had been doing the Maxwell!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - That didn't come for a long time down the road...

[Laura_Leff] I'm surprised that the Maxwell GOT that far down the road.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-I know. I'm jjust sayin's all.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Oh I know.

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[Laura_Leff] I think Mel Blanc was still in his Herman Peabody incarnation...actually just shortly after this.

[Maxwell] Hi Dewar.

[Laura_Leff] Hello Dewar

[Dewar_Ditty] Hello, you all

[Brad_from_Georgia] They had some funny lines for Jack, and I loved it when Phil Harris broke up. He has such a diffident laugh when he cracks up!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Dewar!

[Laura_Leff] I guess a Dewar Ditty would be a Scotch fling.

[Dewar_Ditty] Hoot mon!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Or a Phil Harris song!

[kevinfromky] love that phil harris...

[Laura_Leff] Look out for flying cabers

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-What was behind the "Melon head" line that Jack threw in, anyway/

[yhtapmys] Yeah.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Um...that sposeta be a questional mark, not a /.

[Laura_Leff] An interesting thing I noted in my old interview with George Balzer that he says that Mary's mike fright wasn't as much on radio

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Remind me of the context

[ed_kienzler] phil and frankie glue a dogs hair back on

[ed_kienzler] great skits

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Early in the show, Jack says something to Phil and calls him "Melon Head." Big laugh, and Jack says, "Gee, I'm glad I

[Brad_from_Georgia] threw that in."

[yhtapmys] There wasn't any context.. Jack just said "Say, melon head."

[Brad_from_Georgia] Yht--right, thanks.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I'm clueless on that...maybe it was a catch phrase at the time, or even more likely, a military thing

[yhtapmys] Makes sense.

[Scott_in_KC] I have odd question. OTR friend & I wonder how did they record shows as 78 rpm records have limited recording times.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Phil wouldn't have had a GI haircut at that time?

[Laura_Leff] At the camp shows, they'd sometimes pick up on some expression and use it

[Brad_from_Georgia] Scott--I think they used a series of records.

[kevinfromky] yeah a lot of shows at the time used a lot of military jargon..

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Very large discs

[ed_kienzler] i was going to say

[yhtapmys] The disks played at 16.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Once Jack even explained to the home audience that "GI" means "government issue" and is a term for a soldier1

[Laura_Leff] The discs are 16" in diameter, and the length depends on how tightly wound they are

[Scott_in_KC] The quality is amazing. Thanks for explaining.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I gots to get me a new keyboard. My ! keeps coming out 1.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I just can't shift for myself, I guess.

[Laura_Leff] IIRC, I think a show takes 4 sides or 2 discs

[Brad_from_Georgia] They used two machines and slightly overlapped the disks.

[yhtapmys] One of the stations I worked at had old transcription disks in the back storage room.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Right. Sometimes you can hear the shift in the shows.

[Scott_in_KC] Thanks, now I can sleep.....

[yhtapmys] A couple of Dennis Day Shows, actually.

[Brad_from_Georgia] ytt--and think what they'd bring on eBay!

[Laura_Leff] Their grooves also start from the inside and go out, as compared to commercial recordings.

[Maxwell] Melon head: A person with an unusually large head size compared to body size.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - And I thought that was a pea-body

[Brad_from_Georgia] (2) The chief melon in a patch of lesser melons.

[yhtapmys] You know what happened? The station owner decided all the back room stuff might be worth something so he took all of it.

[yhtapmys] 78s, transcriptions , everything.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I've picked up one or two on Ebay. Sometimes they bring a lot, sometimes now

[Scott_in_KC] I know der Bingle was the first to use tape, as we know it, to "transcribe" his shows.

[Brad_from_Georgia] yht--the rat! I hate people that steal stuff before I get a chance to do it!

[Laura_Leff] Yht - He may be right

[Dewar_Ditty] I was listening to a Dennis show the other day...I was surprised at how good the sound quality was...

[ed_kienzler] glass transcripts in the 40's

[yhtapmys] That's because they were transcribed.

[Laura_Leff] A lot depends on the material that was used and how they were stored

[Maxwell] And the amount they've been played in the intervening years.

[Brad_from_Georgia] On the infamous "who the hell picked out this key, Dennis Day?" show, Jack asks Crosby "Are you really here or transcribed?"

[Laura_Leff] The early 30s shows were on metal acetate, which doesn't age well.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Remember, Crosby was a pioneer in transcribing his shows

[yhtapmys] Dennis was on vinyl transcriptions.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Yep, as Scott said a minute ago.

[yhtapmys] Double-sided.

[Maxwell] Crosby even left his sponsor over transcribing shows.

[Laura_Leff] I'm not sure when he started (oh right, pardon Scott), but I wonder if there were any problems with Petrillo

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Were they using vinyl that far back?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Crosby was smart. He was the first big singer to master the microphone.

[ed_kienzler] in 1947 or '48 maybe

[Maxwell] I think V-Discs were the first use of vinyl for recording.

[Laura_Leff] Jack had a gag about that he'd appear on Crosby's program, but "the needle tickles"

[Brad_from_Georgia] I think the really old recordings were on something like bakelite, a primitive kind of plastic.

[yhtapmys] I taped a copy of the Dennis Day discs I ran. I'd have to find them, but I think they were from 1952 or 53.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - OK, right...I have some vinyl V-Discs.

[Dewar_Ditty] Crosby was the first to use tape, wasn't he?

[ed_kienzler] i have a bakelite radio at home

[Maxwell] Dewar, yup.

[ed_kienzler] bought to the USA after the war-audio tape

[Laura_Leff] Tape became commercially viable in 1947 or 48, IIRC

[Laura_Leff] Ed - Me too

[Maxwell] I read something about tape recently. Seems that someone confiscated a bunch from Germany.

[ed_kienzler] doesnot work oh it is a pretty one

[Laura_Leff] I have a card table with an elaborate picture of Jack and the gang doing Buck Benny in Bakelite

[Maxwell] During the occupation.

[ed_kienzler] right maxwell

[ed_kienzler] without tape i have no shows at home

[Maxwell] Crosby heard it and liked it. Tried to get his sponsor at the time (Philco?) to let him transcribe, but they wanted it live.

[Scott_in_KC] Knows Philsy went #1 w/ "The Thing." Did Dennis make the charts? Surprised they did not use "The Thing" in more sketches.

[Maxwell] Crosby quit his show over it and came back a year or so later with a new sponsor.

[Laura_Leff] Does anyone know when Petrillo first allowed recorded music over the air?

[ed_kienzler] and nbc and cbs didnot want transcribes showsa

[Laura_Leff] Scott - I've seen a Dennis side or two in "Pop Memories".

[ed_kienzler] abc sad sure

[ed_kienzler] said*

[Dewar_Ditty] You mean after the strike began in '42, Laura?

[Maxwell] Not sure. People were doing it in the '30s though...illegally.

[yhtapmys] Laura, the regs were that nothing could be recorded after 7:30pm.

[Laura_Leff] Dewar - Well, Petrillo had a stipulation against recorded music before the strike

[yhtapmys] Certainly radio stations used recorded music in other day parts.

[Dewar_Ditty] Oh, okay, I'm following you now

[Scott_in_KC] Laura I like "Clancy Lowered the Boom."

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Ah, OK. I'm always focused on the "prime time" shows anyway.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - I'll second that opinion

[kevinfromky] i think a lot is lost on taped and pre-recorded shows.. however i wonder how many stars of today could handle themselves live...

[Brad_from_Georgia] "War of the Worlds" used recorded music for "Ramone Roquelo and his orchestra."

[Maxwell] Never was a hit record, but not for Dennis.

[Laura_Leff] Kevin - As evidenced by the episode with the singer on Saturday Night Live a while back.

[kevinfromky] of course

[Dewar_Ditty] Roquelo was in the Ramones? Oh, my...

[kevinfromky] i really feel sad for young people who don't experience old time radio..

[Scott_in_KC] ^5 I made a typo when we discussed that. It should be Prof. Pierson, not Pearson.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I wonder if there was some stipulation, like music for less than 10 seconds could be recorded

[Brad_from_Georgia] Imagine Dennis doing a SNL skit taking off on that--standing there without moving his lips, then after the song saying,

[Brad_from_Georgia] Who was that? he sings nice!

[yhtapmys] Drew Pearson?

[Maxwell] Dreer Pooson?

[Dewar_Ditty] Pooh Drearson?

[kevinfromky] stars were really stars then...

[ed_kienzler] ah yes frank on the murder at romanoffs skit

[Brad_from_Georgia] "I'm here in the observatory with Peerfesser Pooson--"

[Scott_in_KC] Dennis and Phil doing hip-hop or rap?

[Laura_Leff] Phil could probably rap

[yhtapmys] Phil could pull it off.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Phil doing the "That's what I like about the South" rap....

[Laura_Leff] Kind of did with "That's What I Like About the South"

[yhtapmys] Yeah, agreed, Laura.

[Dewar_Ditty] THere's an echo in here...

[Laura_Leff] I work for a man, as cheap as can be

[Brad_from_Georgia] It followed me home from Scotland!

[Laura_Leff] And everyone know's his name's Ben-NEE

[Laura_Leff] He pinches every nickel till the buffalo screams

[Brad_from_Georgia] I wait for remittance, he pays me a pittance...

[Scott_in_KC] Phil really had a mellow voice. I have a song when he says he is "Harris in Paris...."

[Laura_Leff] And thinks he's a turkey in his nightmare dreams

[Laura_Leff] I say JACK.....

[Laura_Leff] You don't know JACK....

[Maxwell] Hmmm...dueling Harrises.

[Laura_Leff] Let's hear it all JACK

[Dewar_Ditty] I hate to be blasphemous, but I always hated "The Thing"

[Laura_Leff] You don't know JACK...

[Maxwell] That IS blasphemous.

[Laura_Leff] Dewar - Why do you hate The Thing?

[yhtapmys] Oh, boy! A spot for Grape Nuts Wheat Meal!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Dewar--I was about five when it was popular on TV. It always cracked me up. But then I was younger, with more hair.

[kevinfromky] as i was walkin down the street one bright and sunny day

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Yeah! Those were pretty common on those shows.

[kevinfromky] beach not strett

[Scott_in_KC] That song is "Papa Don't Preach to Me" or something like that. Sounds very late 40's.

[kevinfromky] street

[Dewar_Ditty] Laura, it seems like there were a lot of goofy novelty songs from circa 1950...I just don't care for that type of song

[yhtapmys] Damn. No NBC chimes.

[Laura_Leff] R-A-G

[Laura_Leff] R-A-GG

[Laura_Leff] R-A-GG M-O-PP RAG MOP

[Laura_Leff] Dewar - That sort of thing?

[Dewar_Ditty] Yes, prime example...

[Brad_from_Georgia] Trivia: the author/singer of "The Purple People Eater" played one of the bad guys in "High Noon." Know who he was?

[kevinfromky] sheb wooley\

[Maxwell] Is anybody aware of a movie Phil appeared in called "The Wild Blue Yonder"?

[ed_kienzler] he was also on rawhide

[Dewar_Ditty] Also "The Little Shoemaker," "Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes," "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane"...the list goes on and on

[Laura_Leff] Hold tight hold tight hold tight hold tight foodlee wackee sackee

[Scott_in_KC] Ames Brothers?

[kevinfromky] sheb wooley

[Brad_from_Georgia] Kevin-Yes indeed!

[Maxwell] LL: That's much earlier...Fats Waller and the Andrews Sisters recorded that.

[Laura_Leff] The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane has hit the town like a bomb...

[Maxwell] And Fats died in the early '40s.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Yes, but I think of it as a lead in to the 50s novelty songs.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Oh, right, this daring song about a newborn baby.

[kevinfromky] he called his the nutty lady of shady lane...

[Brad_from_Georgia] I blame Spike Jones.

[Maxwell] I remember hearing that stupid song (Naughty Lady) when I was a kid. I hated it.

[Scott_in_KC] ....and she's only nine days old!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - You know, you might be right at that.

[Laura_Leff] bum bu du bum bum bum bummmm

[Brad_from_Georgia] Well, there was also Kay Kaiser and Ish Kabibble: "Itty Bitty Fishie"

Fibber_McGee has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Hi Fibber

[Laura_Leff] Sing along with us

[Brad_from_Georgia] You're a harrrrrrd man, McGee.

[Maxwell] Fwee iddy Fiddies in an iddy bitty poo....

[Fibber_McGee] Hello

[Maxwell] Hey Fibber.

[yhtapmys] Heavenly Days!

[Scott_in_KC] How's Molly, Fib?

[kevinfromky] your late.. been cleaning the hall closet

[Dewar_Ditty] Heavenly Days!

[Fibber_McGee] She's cleaning out my closet

[Dewar_Ditty] Is that a euphemism?

[Laura_Leff] Hey, this is a family show now... ;)

[Brad_from_Georgia] And there was also, let's see, "Mairzy Doats" during WW II. Don't know who did that first.

[Maxwell] And the Hut Sut Song.

[yhtapmys] Merv did one, too.

[Laura_Leff] I think silly songs like that go all the way back.

[kevinfromky] lovely bunch of coconuts

[Maxwell] Merv did I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maxwell--Yup, I remember that in the Dr. Seuss/Warner Bros cartoon "Horton the Elephant."

[Dewar_Ditty] "Hut Sut Rawson on the rillerah, and a brawl-a, brawl-a, soo-it..."

[ed_kienzler] i love that title

[Laura_Leff] Dennis did Coconuts too

[yhtapmys] Coconuts lower the boom? ;)

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, I read the car Jack drives in "Mad [4x} World" is a Maxwell, but I bet you knew that.

[Laura_Leff] Rolla bowla ball a penny a boom

[Dewar_Ditty] Those earlier ones I can take, but for some reason the ones from around 1950 get really obnoxious for me

[Maxwell] I remember seeing Benita Hume singing that.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Really? It's possible...even probable. I didn't study it. But I thought it was larger than that.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Me, I never could stand "Come on-a My House."

[Maxwell] Must have been on a Halls of Ivy TV show.

[yhtapmys] Ouch.

[Maxwell] Brad: THANK YOU!!!!!!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I like Stan Freeman's harpsichord playing on that

[kevinfromky] rosemary clooney hated it too

[ed_kienzler] how about the episode where frankie and phil try to come up with their on novelty tune

[yhtapmys] I cn't picture Halls of Ivy on TV.

[Maxwell] Mitch MIller made her do it.

[Scott_in_KC] I thought Merv Griffen sanf it too? Laura, I will send you a link about it.

[Dewar_Ditty] Whew, I initially misread that as "Stan Freberg's harpsichord playing..."

[Laura_Leff] Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me One More Time

[Maxwell] It was on for a couple of years.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Oh, it was his song. But Dennis did it on the show.

[Maxwell] I remember seeing reruns ca. 1960.

[kevinfromky] huggin and a chalkin

[Maxwell] Hoagy Carmichael's lovely ballad, Huggin' and a chalkin'.

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Pistol Packin' Mama" was big when I were just a wee nipper. And "Open the Door, Richard." Didn't care for 'em. Nnope.

[Laura_Leff] There's actually a mention of "Come Ona My House" in the "Horatio Hornblower" skit on Benny

[Scott_in_KC] sang*

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maxwell-Hoagy's "I'm a Cranky Old Yank in a Clanky Old Tank...." etc.

[kevinfromky] i live in clooney country.... northern ky..

[Laura_Leff] Brad - But the Colmans singing "Open the Door, Richard" is irresistable!

[Maxwell] Wouldn't it be Open the Door, Ronald?

[Dewar_Ditty] I first heard of "Cranky Old Yank" in the Guiness Book of World Records...

[yhtapmys] Well, I'm still not sure if I'm crazy about this show.

[Laura_Leff] I'm Looking for a Man Who Wears a Size 16 1/2 Collar Who Doubles on Baritone Sax

[Brad_from_Georgia] My wife and I recently visited the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN.

[kevinfromky] great place

[Laura_Leff] Yht - OK, please share

[Laura_Leff] I have a collection of vintage sheet music with great, bizarre titles

[yhtapmys] I guess it's because I've been listening to the Lucky Strikes lately and am used to the different format.

[kevinfromky] where did you stay in nashville

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maybe a matter of taste. I do like the camp shows.

[Laura_Leff] I like it because of the importance of donating the Maxwell to the scrap drive

[Brad_from_Georgia] Kevin-We stayed in Franklin, actually. I'm a mystery writer, and I was attending a Mystery Writers of America do.

[yhtapmys] The sketch should have ended with the Maxwell put-put in the sky.

[yhtapmys] It kinda peters out after that.

[Scott_in_KC] Poor Maxie. :( Now she is a Sherman Tank! :)

[Brad_from_Georgia] yht--I've actually seen a description of the sketch that's like that: Jack dreaming of a vast armada of planes, and behind the

[kevinfromky] did the soldiers have to push it..

[Brad_from_Georgia] rest comes the puttering Maxwell.

[Laura_Leff] Mental image of a tank hiccoughing along

[Brad_from_Georgia] I think that's how it was described in Mel Blanc's autobiography, come to medicate on it.

[Maxwell] I have trouble being objective about it. Just because it was aired on my dad's 22nd birthday, and it made me think about him fo

[Maxwell] for that reason.

[Dewar_Ditty] "Sarge, what's the speedometer say on this tank?" "Made in 1899"

[yhtapmys] That's funny. But then they get into the pseudo-patriotic "bomb the Japs" stuff. Doesn't do anything for me.

[kevinfromky] that was the attitude of the time

[Maxwell] It wasn't "pseudo patriotic" in '42.

[yhtapmys] Mary kinda vanished early.

[Dewar_Ditty] No, it was deadly serious

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maxwell--I know what you mean. I commented upstream that I haven't really enjoyed baseball since my dad died.

[ed_kienzler] found a new site for otr shows www.otr.net 610 episode of jack

[kevinfromky] america was 110% behind the wara

[Scott_in_KC] Was there an increase in donating scrap metal due to this show?

[Laura_Leff] Yes, those sentiments definitely make this a period piece.

[Brad_from_Georgia] We buried him with a Braves baseball card in his pocket.

[yhtapmys] Ed, that's where I'm listening now.

[ed_kienzler] great listening

[Laura_Leff] Scott - They made quite a publicity stunt of it. I'd imagine so.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I think the Japanese-bashing has to be taken in context, like the banned Warner Bros cartoons.

[kevinfromky] they were the enemy..

[Laura_Leff] I think I've even seen a Movietone News of Jack donating the Maxwell

[ed_kienzler] hey tokyo rose died recently

[Maxwell] And a pretty brutal enemy at that.

[kevinfromky] they had attacked us... and we were going to get even

[Dewar_Ditty] Yes, and she was in her 90s...I never knew...

[kevinfromky] it was a great time to be an american

[yhtapmys] Yeah, she was the only American-born T. Rose.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Ya know, I think Americans would actually get behind a war effort if they were asked to sacrifice. The war in Iraq

[kevinfromky] do you think we could survive rationing today?

[Brad_from_Georgia] seems like a video game to the kids I teach.

[Maxwell] Yeah, she was stranded in Japan and forced to do it.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I've wondered about that.

[ed_kienzler] no more people in the US than in the early 40's

[Dewar_Ditty] Later pardoned by President Ford

[Laura_Leff] Kevin - I don't think so. It would cause a lot of uproar

[Scott_in_KC] I think President Gerald Ford pardoned her. His last act being President.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I think Americans would complain and gripe, but if they understood why they had to sacrifice, they'd do it.

[yhtapmys] Laura, there'd be endless lawsuits.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Ain't that the truth.

[kevinfromky] not many are willing to sacrifice today.. no meat on tueday?

[Scott_in_KC] Ditty...GMTA!

[Laura_Leff] Fish on Friday?

[Maxwell] You have to remember in WWII we were fighting for our way of life.

[Laura_Leff] Tuesday is Soylent Green Day

[Brad_from_Georgia] PG Wodehouse was captured by the Germans (he was a civilian) and unwisely made four broadcasts on Nazi

[Fibber_McGee] Pardons Nixon first, then Tokyo Rose...

[Brad_from_Georgia] shortwave. He was a long time living that down.

[kevinfromky] i think that we have become spoiled too.

[Dewar_Ditty] The interesting thing to me about gas rationing back at that time was the way it started out...

[Dewar_Ditty] Only the eastern states were affected at first...it was a problem more of distribution than it was of supply

[Maxwell] People were used to sacrificing then. They'd been doing it for over a decade.

[Brad_from_Georgia] And tire rationing was handled, in part...by Ronald Reagan!

[ed_kienzler] yea the Depression

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - That is a fine observation! I hadn't thought about that.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hey, I've been depressed for most of GWB's Presidency.

[kevinfromky] it made people more appreciative of what they did have...

[yhtapmys] But.. as to the show.. there's nothing wrong with the concept of Jack attacking Tokyo.. I wish they could have tie

[ed_kienzler] and many did without

[Brad_from_Georgia] Yep. My mom is 90 now, and she won't spend an unneccessary penny if she can help it.

[kevinfromky] right

[yhtapmys] .. I wish they could have found some humour to end it with.

[Maxwell] Same with my mom (87)

[Dewar_Ditty] My mom's 89 and she'

[ed_kienzler] and radio was their key to relaxing during the war

[Dewar_Ditty] My mom's 89 and she's the same...she complains about the TV in her room but wouldn't think of replacing it

[Scott_in_KC] "This...is...London...."

[Brad_from_Georgia] My mom always said she wanted a complete re-do of her kitchen. She has the money...but won't spend it because

[Maxwell] Ed_in_KC

[kevinfromky] we live in a throw away socitey.

[Brad_from_Georgia] "You might need it later."

[yhtapmys] Nice to hear Frank Nelson on the show.

[ed_kienzler] anybody see the edward r. morrow with george clooney in it now out

[Maxwell] I'm going to try this again....

[kevinfromky] i always love to hear frank nelson

[kevinfromky] great film

[Laura_Leff] Gandhi used to use pencils right down to the nub because he "respected the person who made it".

[ed_kienzler] on Video

[Brad_from_Georgia] yht--Yes! I was going to mention Nelson and forgot to.

[yhtapmys] Ed, no. I've got umpteen books on it though.

[Maxwell] Has anybody heard the U.S. Cellular business phone ads with the guy who sounds like Frank Nelson?

[Laura_Leff] Ed - Oh, that's a great movie.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maxwell--No, I haven't.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell- No!

[kevinfromky] its a must see

[Scott_in_KC] Max....Are you in KC, too?

[Maxwell] Nope. I'm about 50 miles from Waukegan.

[ed_kienzler] got the movie poster from where i work and put it with hear it now record covers at home

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - I don't think US Cellular operates in our area

[ed_kienzler] on the walls

[Scott_in_KC] I am 50 miles from St. Joe, where they loved me.

[Laura_Leff] Oh speaking of St. Joe

[yhtapmys] Grr. Skipping during the opening spot. Damned 78s.

[Maxwell] I've been through St. Joe a few times. They ran me out of town.

[Laura_Leff] I saw some special St. Joe police passes for George Balzer in his scrapbook

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Fifty Miles from Waukegan." A new film from the master of terror...can your nerves take the strain?

[ed_kienzler] hahaha

[Brad_from_Georgia] They loved Jack in st. Joe.

[Laura_Leff] Ah...St. Joe...they hate me there...

[yhtapmys] From when they did the show there Laura?

[Maxwell] Just Fifty Miles from Waukegan,

[Maxwell] Oh, what a difference it makes....

[Scott_in_KC] Walter Cronkite is from St. Joe.

[Maxwell] Make that Just fifty-some miles.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Yup

[Maxwell] Fits better.

[Fibber_McGee] Like "Only 25 minutes from Broadway"

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hey, on Jan. 14 Eddie does his show in Cuc-amonga! Barbara and I are actually thinking about going to CA that weekend.

[Maxwell] Don't forget to stop by Anaheim and Azusa.

[Laura_Leff] Is Happiness Waukegan, Illinois in your Rear View Mirror?

[Brad_from_Georgia] We done been to Anaheim, Max--back in August.

[Maxwell] Happiness is just a thing called Jack.

[Laura_Leff] Stop and see the statue in Cucamonga

[yhtapmys] Grape Nuts is 'America's Fastest Growing cereal.' Even with milk added? ;)

[Maxwell] Makes it grow faster.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Azusa bound...I get the heebie jeebies standin' round...so clear the track, 'cause I'm with Jack, we're both Azusa bound....

[Laura_Leff] I don't think I posted this on the George Balzer memoriam page, but did you know about his inspiration for A-A-C?

[yhtapmys] No.

[Brad_from_Georgia] No, what was it?

[Laura_Leff] When he was young, he used to smudge the citrus groves for extra money.

[Brad_from_Georgia] The rascal!

yhtapmys has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] So he and his siblings listened to the citrus freeze reports

[Laura_Leff] And it was that monotone announcer that inspired the train announcer for "Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga"

[Brad_from_Georgia] And today it's Rancho Cucamonga. Where IS the statue, Laura?

[Maxwell] Without the pause in Cu-camonga, I'm sure.

[Laura_Leff] Listening to George's eulogy finally connected the last dot of the story for me, so I filled in the rest for the family afterwar

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - As far as I know

yhtapmys has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] WB Yht

[Scott_in_KC] Brad, my e-mail address is KCAgape@aol.com - I want to visit with you about Marshall, MI. I need to run good people. God bless!

[Laura_Leff] Take care, Scott!

[yhtapmys] Laura, I went to the In Memoriam page to see your piece on Balzer. It's not there. Where is it?

[ed_kienzler] thanx scott go chiefs

[Maxwell] So long Scott.

[Laura_Leff] And that's Red Skelton's line

[Laura_Leff] Yht - What, the page isn't there?

yhtapmys has left the chat.

[Maxwell] There he goes again.

[ed_kienzler] did red skelton and jack meet up in radio or TV

[Laura_Leff] Slippery, isn't he?

[Maxwell] Like an eel.

yhtapmys has joined the chat.

[yhtapmys] I hate Bill Gates.

[Scott_in_KC] Thank you for giving me a happy birthday...I will always be 39!

[Maxwell] Buy a Mac. Make Stever Jobs richer.

[Laura_Leff] BRB

[Maxwell] Or Steve.

[kevinfromky] good night folks....

[Maxwell] G'night kevin

[ed_kienzler] nite kevin

[yhtapmys] As soon as I hit the In Memoriam page, Windows takes me off chat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Red was on one of Jack's shows as a messenger boy. He hands Jack a telegram, holds out his hand for a tip, and says,

[kevinfromky] had a good time.. i'll be back next time.

[Brad_from_Georgia] "I'm dreamin' ain't I?"

[Brad_from_Georgia] So long, Kevin

[ed_kienzler] oh great line

[Maxwell] That is good.

kevinfromky has left the chat.

[Maxwell] Oh, I have an announcement of sorts.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I used to watch both Jack and Red every Sunday night.

[ed_kienzler] go ahead

[Maxwell] If anyone here is familiar with "When Radio Was...."

[yhtapmys] <fanfare>

[Laura_Leff] Yht - open a separate instance of your browser

[yhtapmys] I did, Laura.

[Maxwell] It is now being hosted by Chicago's own (and IJBFC member) Chuck Schaden.

[yhtapmys] But it defaults to the first open page.

[Laura_Leff] Go Max

[ed_kienzler] yea chuck and i have met in chicago at the museum of radio

[Maxwell] He replaced Stan Freberg recently.

[Laura_Leff] Ah right, I'd heard that.

[ed_kienzler] nice guy

[Laura_Leff] Yht - A separate instance of your browser should keep them separate.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Freberg's not doing it any more?

[Maxwell] Nope.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Sorry, slow typing.

[ed_kienzler] informally right before his afternoon show

[Laura_Leff] You know, MediaBay was delisted...

[Laura_Leff] Any reason given for why they switched?

[Maxwell] The MBC is still closed.

[Laura_Leff] Wonder if it's $$$$

[yhtapmys] Were they still taking credit for owning the rights to umpteen different shows?

[Maxwell] They were supposed to get funding from the state of IL, and the state reneged.

[Laura_Leff] Max - Who was, RS or MBC?

[ed_kienzler] yea and the state of illinois still has not given them money finish the new MBC

[Maxwell] MBC.

[yhtapmys] MBS is closed too ;)

[Laura_Leff] Yht - They don't own the rights to anything, as far as I know. But they did negotiate exclusive distribution contracts.

[Maxwell] They were promised something like $7 million.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - :)

[ed_kienzler] a story ran of it during the summer on the front page of the local paper

[Maxwell] What's funny is the guy who started that group, Carl Amari, started on a show in Elgin, IL on FM. He grew up listening to...

[Laura_Leff] Max - They should have gotten it in writing.

[Maxwell] Schaden.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - That's true.

[ed_kienzler] amari was like 12 years old

[Laura_Leff] So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind tonight?

[yhtapmys] I honestly don't know how in this day and age, anyone can negotiate 'exclusive' rights to distribute anything.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hmmm...and they were going to make OTR ringtones for cell phones available.

[Maxwell] I used to listen to Amari on WJKL-FM in Elgin when he was in his early 20s.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - I'd say more, but negotiations are in progress.

[Brad_from_Georgia] One of these days...one of these days, Alice, I'm gonna get Jack's playing "Love in Bloom" on my cell phone.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I'm sure I must have told you about the member who programmed that into his phone.

[ed_kienzler] or at least a viloin solo on a ringtone

[Maxwell] Lots of Benny coming up around Thanksgiving and Christmas time on Schaden's local show, accessible over the web. I

[ed_kienzler] violin

[Dewar_Ditty] I was listening to the Hillcrest Golf Club show last night...

[yhtapmys] Which one?

[Maxwell] I'll post on the message board when it gets closer.

[Dewar_Ditty] So today when I outside Jack's rhapsody about the coming of fall was on my mind...

[Dewar_Ditty] Hmm, it was...

[Laura_Leff] *he said, searching for words*

[Brad_from_Georgia] Regarding "Six degrees of Jack Benny," did Jack ever have Brenda Lee on his show?

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I'm Sorry

[Laura_Leff] So Sorry

[Dewar_Ditty] 10-19-47...Golf at the Hillcrest Country Club..

[yhtapmys] Ah, got it here.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Don't think so...*quick check*

[Brad_from_Georgia] 'Cause I met her when I were just a little kid. I remembered when we were touring the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Scott_in_KC has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Nope...I don't see any Brenda Lee appearances.

[yhtapmys] Hmm. It's Thanksgiving up here so maybe I should listen to the Turkey dream show again.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Oh, well, there goes one of my degrees.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - However, Connie Francis was on the show.

[ed_kienzler] what date

[Brad_from_Georgia] Her I never met.

[Maxwell] And Ann-Margret

[Laura_Leff] I saw Ann Margret at a Director's Guild of America do

[Brad_from_Georgia] Didn't meet her. Wanted to after I saw that low-cut dress in the opening of "Bye Bye Birdie."

[Laura_Leff] And stood behind Tony Curtis

[Dewar_Ditty] "Fall is my favorite season...when the leaves start turning gold and a brown and fragrant breeze wafts them to mother earth..."

[Maxwell] Same here.

[Laura_Leff] Ann Margret had a lot of oomph for her 50s crenoline dress when on Jack's show

[Maxwell] I'd never seen her so modestly dressed.

[Laura_Leff] Even so, her movements are still pretty provocative.

[yhtapmys] Pico and Sepulveda. Another network there?

[Maxwell] Uh-huh...tell me about it. I saw that show a few weeks ago.

[yhtapmys] Pardon the lousy spelling.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Another studio, I think.

[Laura_Leff] IIRC, I have been told that at some point the auctioneers moved to that studio when they were no longer throwing the

[Laura_Leff] feed back to New York

[Laura_Leff] But I haven't analyzed the scripts to confirm.

[yhtapmys] Well, Kenny Delmar was doing Tareyton spots in the 50s.. but they could be transcribed.

[Laura_Leff] Delmar was off of the Benny show by that time, though.

[Laura_Leff] There's something about them you'll like

Brad_from_Georgia has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] There's something about them you'll like

[Laura_Leff] There's something about them you'll like

[Maxwell] The nicotine Buzz?

[Laura_Leff] There's something about them you'll like

[yhtapmys] In the 50s? He's doing the filter-tipped Taryeton spots.

[Maxwell] Dual filter?

[ed_kienzler] us taryton smokers would rather fight than switch

Brad_from_Georgia has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - By gum, you're right. I never connected that.

[Maxwell] Welcome Brad. Long time, no see.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Dropped off accidentally, sorry.

[yhtapmys] The spots at the end.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Yes, now that you mention it. I just never thought about that.

[Brad_from_Georgia] But I'm gonna have to go soon. Sigh. I wanted to go to Harlem, GA today to the Oliver Hardy festival today, but that fell thru.

[Dewar_Ditty] Show me a filter cigarette that gives good flavor...and I'll eat my hat!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Was it you who was using the Tareyton ads in class as an example of heavy-handed advertising?

[yhtapmys] I imagine all the spots were transcribed; the Don Wilson ones certainly sound like it.

[Maxwell] My favorite Oliver Hardy line in any of his movies: "Pardon me. I have milk in my ear."

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-No, didn't use Tareyon.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - After he started doing the LSMFT ads, they were. All the singing onees

[ed_kienzler] did you hear that the cartoon net or a sister network is cutting smoke scenes out of Tom and Jerry cartoons

[Brad_from_Georgia] It's okay, though. Daughter came home for a short visit from Orlando, so I got to visit with her instead. Maybe next year.

[Laura_Leff] I like the ads saying the Luckies are the most popular cigarette on college campuses.

[Laura_Leff] Ed - No more exploding cigars, eh?

[Brad_from_Georgia] The British government won't permit the Cartoon Network to air smoking scenes there. They're cutting a bunch of cartoons.

[ed_kienzler] right but you can still cut up a cat on screen

[yhtapmys] Laura - Exploding cigars turn cartoons into Rochester. Musnt' have that.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Indeed

[Brad_from_Georgia] My oh my--tattletale gray!

[yhtapmys] Heh.

[yhtapmys] They cut THAT too didn't they?

[Maxwell] Brad, you do a great Roch.

[Laura_Leff] You know, why can't we educate children on the past and how to interpret it?

[Dewar_Ditty] It's much more fun to censor, Laura

[Brad_from_Georgia] Heh. Eddie Carroll says very few people can do Roch'--but everyone THINKS he can do it!

[yhtapmys] When I saw that cartoon in the 60s, I thought nothing of it. It just looked like a goofy guy saying something.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Boy, amen to that. Thank God I'm married to a man who really DOES do a good Roch!

[Maxwell] He's one of those voices you can hear in your head but never duplicate.

[yhtapmys] He does the housework for nothing? ;)

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Well, besides that.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I can't come close. I played a character named Benny the Gospel in "Blues for Johnny Raven", and people thought I

[Brad_from_Georgia] was trying to do Rochester!

[Laura_Leff] Of course, I did have to train him a bit. He started off doing the Kingfish, and I got him to bring up his voice.

[ed_kienzler] someone on wait wait don't tell me (NPR) said if he saw one more coyote with a rocket sled in his back yard...

[Brad_from_Georgia] Actually, the script describes him as a heroin addict, so I was doing essentially a white Ray Charles.

[yhtapmys] Geez, can't have the Kingfish these days.

[ed_kienzler] yet they can't smoke on cartoons...

[Laura_Leff] Coyote with a rocket sled?

[Dewar_Ditty] Just doing a Rochester "Goooooooodbye" would tear my throat to pieces...

[Brad_from_Georgia] I still do the Kingfish occasionally, without thinking--"Holy Mack'l!"

[ed_kienzler] wile e coyote

[Laura_Leff] Dan can't do Roch for more than about 10 minutes of rehearsals, or he kills his throat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I'm a sentimental old fool, but the Christmas show of "Amos 'n' Andy" always makes me weep.

[Laura_Leff] When we've chosen scripts, we have to insure that Roch's part is only a call-in.

[Maxwell] I've had a great idea for a gag for years if anyone ever makes a new Roadrunner cartoon....

[Maxwell] Somewhere in the middle of the movie, out of nowhere, one of those little dynamite sticks with wings comes in and blows up...

[Laura_Leff] Is anyone doing that? Are there any new Bugs Bunny, etc. cartoons?

[Maxwell] in the coyotes face.

[yhtapmys] Nope, Laura.

[yhtapmys] And well there shouldn't be.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-There were a series of Web cartoons using the Looney Tunes characters about a year ago, but they were dreadful.

[Laura_Leff] Chuck Jones, Robert McKimson, and Mel Blanc RIP

[yhtapmys] You can't duplicate them today.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - That's redundant...Web cartoons = dreadful

[Maxwell] Also Friz Freleng, Frank Tashlin, Bob Clampett....

[yhtapmys] Mike Maltese.

[Laura_Leff] Yeah, oh for a Tex Avery today.

[yhtapmys] He's my favourite writer.

[Laura_Leff] Red Hot Riding Hood

[Dewar_Ditty] Probably the web is the only place a Tex Avery could manage to work these days...

[Maxwell] They had trouble with people stealing the cels from that cartoon.

[Laura_Leff] I'd steal one

[yhtapmys] Besides, the cartoons used all kinds of old radio references. They couldn't today. :)

[Laura_Leff] You know, it's an anniversary of Playhouse 90s' debut

[Laura_Leff] 50 years

[Laura_Leff] And I was reading off some of the titles to Dan last night.

[Maxwell] I remember watching that.

[ed_kienzler] ah what kids miss when they don't listen to a great OTR show of the past

[yhtapmys] We had a story the other day that artists are trained so much to work on computers, they can't draw on cels.

[Laura_Leff] And complaining that it's not available on VHS/DVD.

[Brad_from_Georgia] well, gotta go. It's been fun--thanks, all1

Brad_from_Georgia has left the chat.

[ed_kienzler] bye brad

[Laura_Leff] That was fast

[Dewar_Ditty] Night, Br--

[Maxwell] G'

[Laura_Leff] Hey, he...

[yhtapmys] Laura, I got the Benny DVD set. I still have to find time to watch it.

[Laura_Leff] WELL!

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Which one?

[Maxwell] But...

[Dewar_Ditty] "Goooooood-"

[Maxwell] But...

[Laura_Leff] But...

[Laura_Leff] Anyhow, complaining that you can't get Playhouse 90.

[yhtapmys] Says.. The Jack Benny Collection.

[yhtapmys] Has one of the Xmas shows.

[Laura_Leff] And we were saying how you couldn't even get that on the air now, although (because?) it's very high quality.

[ed_kienzler] last christmas eve i had to stop in the middle of making dinner just to hear the references of OTR on the Christmas story

[Maxwell] I know there is tape or kinescopes of several of those. I've seen them on TV in the past 10-15 years.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Oh the 99 Cent Store special?

[ed_kienzler] with darrin macgavin

[Dewar_Ditty] I watched the Bill Dana Show earlier this evening...that's hard enough to get...

[Laura_Leff] My name Jose Jimenez

[ed_kienzler] my sister says i have a one track mind

[yhtapmys] Could be. Cost more than that.

[Laura_Leff] For some reason, that doesn't play any more.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - I think I've seen it. I may even have a copy.

[Laura_Leff] Ed - At least you're on the right track

[yhtapmys] It does look generic.

[Maxwell] I remember Dana saying he got the idea for that character from a guy from Puerto Rico or someplace.

[Laura_Leff] He used to do it with Steve Allen

[Maxwell] He asked the guy what he did and he said he was the "Dutch representative."

[Laura_Leff] Dutch Masters, maybe

[Dewar_Ditty] He did it so well...and he and Don Adams played off each other beautifully

[Maxwell] Nope. Cars.

[ed_kienzler] don knotts' first TV show Steve Allen

[Maxwell] Plymouth Dutch, DeSoto....

[Maxwell] Nope.

[Maxwell] About Knotts.

[Laura_Leff] Tell 'em Groucho sent you

[Maxwell] His first regular roll was on Search for Tomorrow.

[Laura_Leff] Don Knotts on a soap opera?

[Maxwell] As Casey Stengel would say, "You could look it up."

[yhtapmys] Yeah he did a soap.

[Dewar_Ditty] Watching Ernie Kovacs when I was little made me want to smoke Dutch Masters...

[Maxwell] Around 1951 or '52.

[ed_kienzler] 1980's SFT

[Laura_Leff] Kovacs. There's something else that should be more widely available on DVD.

[ed_kienzler] really?

[Dewar_Ditty] Laura, amen

[Maxwell] Yeah, they showed a lot of his stuff on PBS, and then it disappeared.

[Laura_Leff] Kovacs was to TV comedy what Jack was to radio comedy.

[ed_kienzler] his obit said steve allen maybe you are right

[Dewar_Ditty] Complete shows of Kovacs, and complete shows of Sid Caesar...please

[yhtapmys] Hey, but you can get 'Charles in Charge' on DVD!

[Maxwell] Nobody is looking after us boomers.

[Laura_Leff] Now, Caesar we may get. He's supposedly been working on getting stuff out.

[Dewar_Ditty] We're too old, Max

[Dewar_Ditty] That would be great news, Laura

[Maxwell] Yeah, I know.

[yhtapmys] Other than music rights, there shouldn't be alot of problems.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - And the music rights can be a big hurdle, depending on the show.

[Laura_Leff] The Jackie Gleason Estate has been putting stuff out, but the music has been a challenge.

[yhtapmys] Music rights buggered up the SCTV releases. That's why I didn't buy them.

[ed_kienzler] they may have a show out where they talk to comics of the past Rose Marie Sid Ceasar Carl Reiner saw it in a USA today article..

[ed_kienzler] in "05

[Dewar_Ditty] I believe the Ed Sullivan shows with Elvis are coming out later this fall...in their entirety

[Laura_Leff] Ed - Might that be "Pioneers of Primetime"?

[ed_kienzler] with a baby rose marie at a radio mic

[ed_kienzler] RIGHT!!!

[Laura_Leff] Oh, that's a fantastic show.

[Laura_Leff] They talk a LOT about Jack, but it's fantastic on its own merits.

[ed_kienzler] i want to see it

[Maxwell] I saw part of it earlier this year. I wish I'd seen it all. It was great.

[Laura_Leff] They had the guts to spend a lot of time talking about vaudeville and radio, and how they paved the way for TV comedy

[yhtapmys] Well, it did.

[Laura_Leff] I had to go out and smoke a cigar after seeing it, with all these guys smoking cigars on it.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - it did, but I saw a special on standup comedy, and you'd think that no one ever did comedy before

[yhtapmys] You join the Lambs, too, Laura? ;)

[Maxwell] Now you've made me want a cigar.

[Laura_Leff] Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Silence of the Lambs

[yhtapmys] Yeah, but standup people don't know their past.

[Laura_Leff] I'm sure most of my poor cigars are decaying in the humidor, since I don't smoke much.

[yhtapmys] Same as people in the radio business. They don't care.

[Maxwell] In another generation standup will have started with Jerry Seinfeld.

[Laura_Leff] A lot of people in TV don't know their past.

[Laura_Leff] In the beginning, there was Gilligan's Island

[yhtapmys] Well, it WAS black and white.

[Laura_Leff] And it was without form, and darkness moved upon the face of the deep

[Maxwell] and then Sidney said, "Let there be Jeannie."

[ed_kienzler] i have heard that after 55 years KDKA is dropping Pittsburgh Pirates games-\

[Maxwell] KMOX dropped the Cards this year.

[yhtapmys] They lose the rights?

[ed_kienzler] yes to KTRS

[Laura_Leff] back to baseball ;)

[yhtapmys] Or was it a format change?

[ed_kienzler] both

[Laura_Leff] Does KDKA still broadcast election returns? :)

[yhtapmys] A lot of stations dont, Laura.

[Maxwell] KDKA wasn't making any money off the Pirates. The Pirates were selling their own commercial time.

[ed_kienzler] only if they involve harding and cox

[Laura_Leff] Yht - True. My jazz station doesn't.

[yhtapmys] They're satellite at night.

[yhtapmys] We have two FMs in our building - no news after 9am.

[Laura_Leff] Ed - :)

[yhtapmys] And they're computerised after 6pm.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Seems that a lot of stations are any more.

[Laura_Leff] I don't know how new radio talent breaks in. We used to do the overnights.

[Maxwell] Local radio isn't dead, but it's in a coma.

[yhtapmys] But if you want Dr Laura screeching at you, you can find 123 stations.

[Laura_Leff] It's like vaudeville in the 1930s

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Glad I don't have my PhD

[ed_kienzler] dr gora...

[yhtapmys] I've been in radio 31 years and the station I'm at now is the only one in the market live 24 hours.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - What format?

[yhtapmys] News.

[ed_kienzler] where's that?

[yhtapmys] I'm in Vancouver, Ed.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - That's impressive. Not an easy format.

[yhtapmys] The station was a Mutual station at one time.

[Maxwell] Chicago still has a few 24-hour local stations with local programming, but the number is dwindling.

[ed_kienzler] nearest station to me in springfield illinois is WBBM in chicago

[ed_kienzler] news

[Laura_Leff] My jazz station has original programming most of the time (except a few satellite programs), but I'm not convinced that the over

[Laura_Leff] overnight is live.

[Maxwell] WBBM and WGN are still live-local at night.

[ed_kienzler] news broadcast

[yhtapmys] The jazz station in Seattle is networked after midnight.

[Maxwell] At least you still have a jazz station.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Amen. I'm happy to live in the San Francisco area.

[Maxwell] The big Chicago public radio station is dropping jazz as of Jan. 1.

[yhtapmys] Too bad.

[ed_kienzler] why

[yhtapmys] I imagine the internet is killing it.

[Maxwell] Of course they announced it just after they had a pledge drive begging the listeners to keep jazz alive.

[Laura_Leff] Oh dear...I hope that doesn't happen here. They just finished their pledge drive.

[ed_kienzler] jazz live from the landing in san antonio great show

[Laura_Leff] Ed - Absolutely.

[ed_kienzler] npr

[Maxwell] I know the bass player from the JCJB: Don Mopsick.

[Laura_Leff] Somehow I got on Vince Giordano's distribution list.

Frev has joined the chat.

[Maxwell] Hi Frev.

[Laura_Leff] Hey Frev

[ed_kienzler] hey frev

[Laura_Leff] Haven't talked with you in a long time.

[yhtapmys] Laura, any station run OTR there?

[Frev] Hi, I'm back! :D

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Used to, but not as far as I know now.

[Frev] thanks for changing the chat format, Laura

[Laura_Leff] Frev - Sure. I had to when I changed hosting providers, but I'm glad I did.

[Maxwell] I'll second that.

[Laura_Leff] Did a bunch of shopping around before settling on this one.

[Maxwell] Good choice.

[Frev] thanks, had a dickens of a time trying to get in on the old chat format :(

[yhtapmys] This seems to work OK.. other than the text window doesn't allow for a lot of characters.

[Laura_Leff] Yeah, it was the only one supported by my old hosting company. But this one is agnostic.

[Dewar_Ditty] It handles much better than Volano

[ed_kienzler] kmox on occasion plays them on sunday mornings between 1 to maybe 4 am central

[Fibber_McGee] Someone just showed up on my door saying "Howdy Bub", so I gotta go....

[Laura_Leff] The big key was something where I could copy the chat content. That was limiting.

[ed_kienzler] bye fib

[Frev] uh huh

[Dewar_Ditty] That ain't the way I heerd it!

[yhtapmys] Must be a crossover show, Fibber.

[Laura_Leff] Take care, Fibber!

[Maxwell] WBBM plays OTR at 1:00 a.m.

[Maxwell] When Radio Was.

[ed_kienzler] midnite cental

[Maxwell] So long Fibber.

[ed_kienzler] central

[yhtapmys] Max, one of the stations here has been running OTR for years.

Fibber_McGee has left the chat.

[Maxwell] Is it Midnight? I'm not up that late anyway.

[Frev] I quit my otr theater company, had creative differences

[yhtapmys] It was originally done by a guy who snagged transcriptions during the war.

[ed_kienzler] really

[Dewar_Ditty] Well, the pup is pleading for his evening walk, so I must exit, stage left...

[yhtapmys] His old station bought his collection.

[ed_kienzler] wow

[Maxwell] And of course we have Schaden four hours a week on Saturday afternoons.

[Frev] got to do some shakespeare this summer, The Tempest, had a lot of fun

[yhtapmys] But they butcher the hell out of it.

[Dewar_Ditty] Night, one and all...have a great rest-of-October!

[Laura_Leff] Have fun, Dewar

[Maxwell] G'night Dewar

[ed_kienzler] public radio chicago

[Maxwell] WDCB, Glen Ellyn

[ed_kienzler] right

[Frev] do folks here have iTunes radio and antioch, they play old time radio shows

[Maxwell] www.wdcb.org

[yhtapmys] I just go on line and listen to stuff.

[Frev] ok

[Maxwell] Or Tuesdays following the show at www.nostalgiadigest.com

[Laura_Leff] I'm so siloed on Jack that if I want something, I already have a copy of it.

[Maxwell] I should say starting Tuesdays, through the following Monday.

[Laura_Leff] If it's available at all.

[yhtapmys] I gather most of the early stuff doesn't exist, Laura.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - No, and the existing stuff is in bad shape.

[yhtapmys] :(

[Maxwell] I think there are only about three Canadra Shows or partial shows...and all but the first show is in really bad shape.

[Laura_Leff] My theory is that it either decomposed or got broken moving from NY to LA

[Maxwell] Canadra????

[yhtapmys] He's a magician

[Frev] anything new on the Benny front?

[Laura_Leff] A member just sent me a fascinating article from Variety about the creative breakdown in the Benny show for CD.

[Maxwell] Now it's my turn to leave. Gotta call my mom before bedtime.

[yhtapmys] OK.

[ed_kienzler] bye max

[Laura_Leff] Frev - Well, I'm hoping to be able to give some news next month.

[Maxwell] See you next month.

[Laura_Leff] Thanks for stopping, Maxwell!

[Frev] good

Maxwell has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Contract hasn't been inked yet, so I can't jinx it.

[yhtapmys] How old's the article?

[Laura_Leff] In fact, I need to work on it after I log off here and update the Web page.

[Frev] anyone going to the otr convention in Jersey in a couple of weeks?

[Laura_Leff] Yht - December 1932

[yhtapmys] Oh, lord.

[Laura_Leff] Not I, said the little red hen.

[yhtapmys] Afraid not. I don't get much time away from town.

[ed_kienzler] same

[Frev] hoping I can make it this year

[yhtapmys] 1932? Was he on the air then?

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Yup. Debuted 5/32 with the CD program.

[ed_kienzler] ed sullivan show

[Laura_Leff] Ed - Well, that was March 32

[yhtapmys] Well, Sullivan was a one-shot.

[Laura_Leff] True

[yhtapmys] OK, for some reason Jan. 33 stuck in my mind.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - CD went off the air then.

Dewar_Ditty has left the chat.

[yhtapmys] Oh, that's what it was.

[Laura_Leff] But Chevrolet came on right after.

[yhtapmys] I should remember; I've heard the first Canada Dry show.

[Laura_Leff] Eh...there are details that I only remember when people ask me about them a lot. Sort of constant pop quiz.

[yhtapmys] I heard one of the OTR shows butcher poor Alois Havrilla's name.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Jack's?

[yhtapmys] Yeah. It was on a podcast.

[Laura_Leff] Alois Havrilla drinks sasparilla.

[Frev] going to log off in a second. I'm so glad to know about this new chat system, will try and be around earlier for the chats

[yhtapmys] They ran a Chevrolet Show and mispronounced his name.

[yhtapmys] Good stuff, Frev.

[Laura_Leff] Yht - Oh it wasn't the actual show then.

[Laura_Leff] Take care Frev!

[Frev] have a good night all.

[yhtapmys] Oh, no, not on the show.

[ed_kienzler] bye frev

Frev has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Ok, well, with your permission, let's call it good for this month.

[yhtapmys] OK.

[Laura_Leff] Thanks for stopping and staying with us!

[yhtapmys] Back to the Hillcrest show.

[Laura_Leff] Have a good October, and see you next month!