IJBFC Chat - June 4, 2006

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Laura_Leff has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Hey Mike...are you here or are you a ghost?

[Mike_Amo] Howdy LL, I'm actually here

[Mike_Amo] lol, you are psychic

[Laura_Leff] Welcome in...how was the concert last month?

[Mike_Amo] I already forgot which one, I go to many, but it was great!

[Mike_Amo] {:oP

[Laura_Leff] Very good. At least you didn't miss the chat for a lousy concert. :)

[Mike_Amo] LOL, it was Kathy Mattea...she is always great

[Mike_Amo] I also read up on last month's chat just this afternoon

[Laura_Leff] Might amuse you to know I got together with shimp scrampi last month...he was out my way.

[Mike_Amo] I saw

[Mike_Amo] How did that go?

[Laura_Leff] Then you know...I've got to scan the old chats because whatever's said on PM is being captured as well.

[Mike_Amo] Oh dear

[Laura_Leff] Went fine...cool friends, even Dan had a good time.

[Mike_Amo] Well, it was cleaned up when I read it o{;o)

[Laura_Leff] Hopefully I didn't say anything too scatological.

[Mike_Amo] I kept some stuff for when folks arrive

[Laura_Leff] How's Dori?

[Mike_Amo] I was going to the office, but so much kept happening today, been very busy at home

[Mike_Amo] She's fine...she's also had a circus of a time the past month

[Laura_Leff] Busy here too. I assembled my new wheelbarrow (yay!) and chopped a bunch of wood.

[Laura_Leff] Should I ask?

[Mike_Amo] Things will settle down maybe around late September for me, when I'm broke, lol

[Laura_Leff] Fewer concerts in the fall, I suppose.

[Mike_Amo] Well, a good example was her yard had a flash flood last Thursday

[Laura_Leff] Yikes. I thought that was in Maine and New Hampshire.

[Mike_Amo] Then Friday night, her son's car broke down in rising water

[Mike_Amo] He's fine, car flooded, but guys fixed it yesterday

[Mike_Amo] For me, it's lost of shows but also lots of travel through September

[Laura_Leff] I had my car stall out in water as well. It's not fun.

[Laura_Leff] Seems like people are travelling a lot this summer. Seems odd with the gas prices and all.

[Mike_Amo] I always wondered how folks ended up driving in high water until it happened to me once in L.A.

Brad_from_Georgia has joined the chat.

[Mike_Amo] Was on 3rd Avenue heading to office in heavy rain

[Laura_Leff] Sometimes you just underestimate it, or don't keep your engine revved high enough.

[Laura_Leff] Hi Brad!

[Mike_Amo] Low point in road flooded but if I stopped, traffic would accordion...oh well

[Mike_Amo] Hi Brad!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Mike, Laura. Just resizing my screen here...

[Laura_Leff] I was once facing water across the road with a pickup on the other side.

[Laura_Leff] We both decided to go at the same time,

[Laura_Leff] And I kept my engine revved and ended up throwing water his way and stalling him out

[Laura_Leff] Even though I was much lower to the ground.

Horatio_Hornblows has joined the chat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Horatio.

[Laura_Leff] Hello Horatio...

[Horatio_Hornblows] Hi, Linda

[Mike_Amo] Howdy Horatio\

[Mike_Amo] Been lucky not to stall out in high water...yet!

[Horatio_Hornblows] (it's Mikewats, using another silly nick)

Steve__shimp_ has joined the chat.

[Horatio_Hornblows] Hi Mike

[Laura_Leff] Hey Steve!

[Mike_Amo] Hi Steve

[Steve__shimp_] Hi everyone!

[Laura_Leff] Oh hi Mike...I wondered that I hadn't seen you in a while!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Who is this Linda of whom you speak? lol ;)

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I was wondering if that meant you or me.

[Steve__shimp_] Hi Horatio, you're the only one I dunno...

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hiya, Steveson!

[Horatio_Hornblows] Well, you've been on the same night as Sopranos :)

[Laura_Leff] Horatio - I'm an alto.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Pleasant light baritone here.

[Horatio_Hornblows] hee hee

[Mike_Amo] I'm a baritone

[Steve__shimp_] I'm a monotone

[Laura_Leff] Steve - You know him...Mikewats

[Horatio_Hornblows] I'm flat

[Steve__shimp_] Oh, hey Mikewats. I forget about your rotating monkers

[Mike_Amo] lol

[Horatio_Hornblows] Hi, Steve

[Laura_Leff] Not to mention your rotating Monkees

[Brad_from_Georgia] Laura, how're sales of Vol. 2? I have to order mine...when summer school checks begin to come in.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - I could use a Mai Tai about now...been out chopping wood

[Steve__shimp_] Seriously chopping wood?!

[Horatio_Hornblows] "I wanna be free..."

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Very good. I don't know how many I've sold, but I'm happy.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Very seriously. I love to chop wood.

[Steve__shimp_] Isn't a little warm for the woodburning stove?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Be careful choppin that wood. Mrs. from Georgia's down with a nasty case of poison ivy from working in our yard.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Sometimes you gotta be the ant. Planning for the darker times.

[Steve__shimp_] Ah, I see. I'm sure Vic's will still be open after the chat!

[Laura_Leff] I also want to clear away an area for a shade garden.

[Mike_Amo] My computer's been locking up a lot lately...another virus that says it doesn't exist...if I pfft, I'll use other monikers {:oP

[Brad_from_Georgia] They say "Wood you chop yourself warms you twice." Logically, if you cut it again, it warms you four times.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Only problem is now I've got a big pile of wood in the driveway that needs to be stacked or I won't be able to get my

[Brad_from_Georgia] Eventually you don't have to burn it at all.

[Laura_Leff] car out in the morning.

[Mike_Amo] The concert I went to last month had a great lumber song in it

[Steve__shimp_] How much wood could a Benny prez chuck if a Benny prez could chuck wood?

[Mike_Amo] No, not the lumberjack song

[Laura_Leff] (For Blue Velvet fans) At the sign of the falling tree....RRRRRRrrrrrr TIMBER...it's 5:00!

[Horatio_Hornblows] Logically, wouldn't that be three times, not four?

Barbara has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Hi Barbara!

[Steve__shimp_] Hi Barbara!

[Mike_Amo] Hi Barbara

[Horatio_Hornblows] Hello, Barbara

[Laura_Leff] I also found a pile that will need my chain saw.

[Barbara] Hello everyone!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Horatio--no, it's in geometric progression. I worked this out with an abacus.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi Barbara!

[Laura_Leff] So who listened to the show for this month?

[Brad_from_Georgia] I did!

[Steve__shimp_] I did

[Mike_Amo] I did

[Horatio_Hornblows] (consults a slide rule and a sundial)

[Horatio_Hornblows] I did

[Brad_from_Georgia] I have to say, I thought the show was funnier than the studio audience seemed to think it was!

[Laura_Leff] This is one of those shows where Blanche Stewart does her usual yeoman's job.

[Barbara] I just finished listening to it. It was pretty good.

[Laura_Leff] Blanche plays the screamer and the dogs. That's all.

[Steve__shimp_] Really? I thought a lot of this one fell a bit flat.

Gulliver has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Hi Gulliver!

[Steve__shimp_] Andy Devine thought his fluff was pretty darn funny though.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Gulliver.

[Horatio_Hornblows] My pup got very lively at certain portions of this episode

[Steve__shimp_] Hi Gulliver.

[Gulliver] Jello everybody!

[Mike_Amo] It was good...only comment I could come up with was I was impressed that a dog wrote in from Fireplug, Nebraska

[Laura_Leff] Horatio - I'll bet!

[Mike_Amo] Glad the censors let them get away with that

[Barbara] Even Jack thought a few of the jokes fell a bit flaat.

[Mike_Amo] Hi Gulliver

[Laura_Leff] It was late in the season, and they were just getting ready to go to Waukegan.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I laughed at a good many jokes that the audience only tittered over. Can you say "tittered" on the Internet?

[Steve__shimp_] Yeah, mike, there was some horse poop joke about Jack in the Livery stable as well. A bit surprising.

[Mike_Amo] And Slim almost taking the show to an hour was pretty good too

[Horatio_Hornblows] I thought it livened up noticeably when Rochester came on...

[Laura_Leff] For the premiere of Man About Town.

[Horatio_Hornblows] The chemistry between Jack and Rochester was apparent at that time...

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Sure, we'll let that go on a family show.

[Laura_Leff] Horatio - Yeah, isn't that amazing how similar those exchanges would stay for 20 years?

[Barbara] I don't think they could get by with some of Rochester's dialogue in later years.

[Laura_Leff] Of course, Jack would never say "Sambo and Sambo" after the war.

[Horatio_Hornblows] Laura, those two were made for each other, that was clear from the start

[Brad_from_Georgia] More and more I grow to think that Benny's genius lay in both meeting and subverting expectations.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Same gags, but unexpected variations.

[Steve__shimp_] Rochester seems to prefigure a certain tone or attitude that came with the rest of the cast a little later.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Good observation, Steve.

[Steve__shimp_] In the Jell-O shows, there's more of an open hostility - the later shows it is more like "ribbing".

[Steve__shimp_] A little less vicious.

[Horatio_Hornblows] I agree, St eve, the show seemed to leap into the 40s during that exchange

[Barbara] Jack's cheapness was beginning to show in Rochester's $10 a week salary. Maybe it showed before that.

Gulliver has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Barbara - The cheap jokes about Jack go back to the early 30s, just not as frequently.

[Laura_Leff] Technically they go back to vaudeville, but only occasionally.

[Laura_Leff] It was really Morrow and Beloin that started running with those things.

Gulliver has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] WB Gulliver...thought we were boring you. :)

[Barbara] About his girl nearly dropping her tray when he took her to dinner at the cafeteria?

[Horatio_Hornblows] $10 a week, and it would have cost $1.50 to buy a dinern, no cover, at...what was the name of that place?

[Horatio_Hornblows] dinner, even

[Laura_Leff] Wilshire Bowl

[Gulliver] No way, LL! HAving trouble with the interface ...

[Brad_from_Georgia] If he were having potluck in Madison, WI, of course, he'd dine on Jell-O.

[Laura_Leff] Here, I'll whip it into shape for you... *whip*

[Steve__shimp_] Brad, that one had me rolling - because I have NO doubt that is a true story!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Ah, Gulliver's travails.....

[Laura_Leff] That *would* happen in Madison, WI.

[Barbara] 8 people in Madison all brought jello. Don't know if that's true or not.

[Gulliver] Want to ask about part of this show -- couldn't hear the end of the gag about the anniversary presents ...

[Steve__shimp_] If it isn't true, it ought to be.

[Laura_Leff] And every one had shredded carrots on top of it.

[Gulliver] Mom's getting earrings, Dad's --something --

[Barbara] Jack said once he didn't like jello and never ate it.

[Horatio_Hornblows] Jell-O with whipped cream...that sounds totally yummy

[Brad_from_Georgia] We had potluck in St. Paul, MN, once and had lots of Jell-O. Some with grapes in them.

[Laura_Leff] Horatio - Hey, you're making me hungry.

[Steve__shimp_] Cool whip is more apropos.

[Laura_Leff] Horatio - Were you here last month for the onion and cayenne lime jello?

[Horatio_Hornblows] Ah...no

[Steve__shimp_] I'm still burping it up!

[Barbara] Sorry I missed that too.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Laura, even Paul Muni wouldn't like that.

[Laura_Leff] Hey Steve, do you remember that one in more detail?

[Mike_Amo] I saw it, prefer my orange jello

[Horatio_Hornblows] I didn't realize Paul Muni was that big a name in 1939

[Steve__shimp_] That was pretty much it, Don suggested serving it on a lettuce leaf with mayonnaise as well!

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Goes well with human-flavored tofu.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Paul Muni had won the Academy Award not long before, I believe.

[Mike_Amo] lol

[Steve__shimp_] I must

[Steve__shimp_] have been talking about that at Trader Vic's...

[Horatio_Hornblows] I guess I just always associated him with the early 30s, because of Scarface

[Steve__shimp_] I don't remember the entire conversation, I did have a couple of those tiki puka pukas...

[Laura_Leff] Steve - And he doesn't remember...that's right, you had moved on to the grog at that point...

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hmmm, Soylent tofu. How does it taste? Well, it varies from person to person....

[Steve__shimp_] LOL.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Like chicken.

[Horatio_Hornblows] lol

[Steve__shimp_] Brad, that should really be their ad copy. www.eathufu.com

[Steve__shimp_] For the discriminating, recovering cannibal...

[Brad_from_Georgia] Steve-I stole the gag from Futurama!

[Laura_Leff] Hey, does anyone know more about Leo Cleary? He plays Happy Callahan in this.

[Steve__shimp_] Ah, that sounds futuramaesque. Great show. What, you're going to the moon and not going on the moon ride? That's like going

[Steve__shimp_] to jerusalem and not going to the sexateria!

[Laura_Leff] Wow...that stopped things really fast...

[Steve__shimp_] And, I'm sadly sober at the moment!

[Mike_Amo] lol

[Brad_from_Georgia] Leo Cleary was in White Heat, the Jimmy Cagney movie.

[Mike_Amo] I did read through last month's chat folks, thanks for waving

[Laura_Leff] I love shows from this era, because it sounds like the cast is having so much fun.

[Laura_Leff] Mike - LOL

[Horatio_Hornblows] It certainly sounds looser than it did later

[Laura_Leff] Brad - He sounds like the forerunner of Steve Bradley, the agent played by Dick Ryan.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-I agree that there's a great spirit of fun among the cast. That's why it puzzled me that the audience

[Barbara] Jack was 45 but sounded younger. His voice didn't change much over the years, but it got a little slower.

[Steve__shimp_] LL, whatever happened to Harry Baldwin?

[Brad_from_Georgia] didn't laugh so much at gags like "You're the actor -I- think you are!"

[Steve__shimp_] I am appreciating the door guy more and more lately.

[Horatio_Hornblows] But I prefer the post-1942 shows, because of the sharper material

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Bert Scott replaced him as Jack's secretary, but I can't remember why. The war, maybe.

[Mike_Amo] Was pondering that dergatory humor pretty much cleaned up after the war, but especially during 1963 to 1972 in my experience

[Laura_Leff] Although Baldwin was not a young fella. As his hairline showed.

[Mike_Amo] derogatory even

[Laura_Leff] Horatio - Yes, I think most people feel that way.

[Laura_Leff] It sounds like Mary hasn't found her stage nerves yet.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Just checked on Paul Muni-he won an Oscar in 1937 for "The Life of Louis Pasteur." Gave his career a shot in the arm.

[Mike_Amo] I think Jack's shows were best from 1938 to 1946

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Say more about that.

[Horatio_Hornblows] Yes, I love her giggle especially in those earlier shows...she really does sound like she's having fun

[Brad_from_Georgia] The fifties shows have their moments, too--but they are a lot slicker in production value.

[Brad_from_Georgia] The cast seems more subdued later on, though.

[Mike_Amo] Earlier was not as organized, later was more old hat

[Laura_Leff] 1946 was the turning point from the War shows into the "golden age" (or what is generally considered that) of the Benny show.

[Mike_Amo] And Bob Crosby was not as magnetic as Philsy

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Very true.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Bob Crosby wasn't as magnetic as aluminum.

[Mike_Amo] lol

[Steve__shimp_] I don't know - I really like the craftsmanship of around 1947-52 or so....

[Laura_Leff] Bob Crosby wasn't as magnetic as styrofoam...

[Horatio_Hornblows] But for me, Dennis added so much, so that's another thing I miss in the 30s shows

[Barbara] No one could take the place of Phil.

[Laura_Leff] Yeah, let's talk about Kenny Baker in these shows.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Horatio-I'm with you there all the way.

[Mike_Amo] Actually, 1946-1950 was great too, just less spontaneous

[Laura_Leff] Phil's found his character by this time, so he's shed the quiet persona he had at the start.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Kenny never was as loose or as versatile as Dennis, certainly.

[Barbara] I'm not used to Kenny calling Jack "Jack." Dennis didn't do that.

[Mike_Amo] Kenny didn't have to be...he had an agent

[Laura_Leff] I think this was Kenny's second to last appearance.

[Horatio_Hornblows] I did laugh out loud at one of Kenny's lines..."Who's President?" "Roosevelt!"

[Brad_from_Georgia] I watched "At the Circus" recently and kept thinking that Kenny was about as magnetic as...well, styrofoam.

[Barbara] Phil didn't call Jack "Jackson" either. Did that come later?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Have to say, though, that Kenny's song in this particular show was very good.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - A lot of people say he was one of the worst Marx Bros leading men.

[Laura_Leff] Barbara - I think he'd done it earlier (have to look it up in 39 Forever), just not in this show.

[Laura_Leff] So trivia time...

Scott_in_KC has joined the chat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Scott.

[Mike_Amo] Did Kenny have much of a part in the rest of the show? I can't remember him in skits

[Laura_Leff] Why does Phil say that he calls Jack "Jackson"?

[Mike_Amo] Hi Scott

[Laura_Leff] Hi Scott!

[Barbara] Kenny was really there just to sing. They got a bonus when they discovered Dennis could do more than that.

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Oh yes, earlier on. Like the son in "Ah Wilderness".

[Mike_Amo] After Stonewall?

[Scott_in_KC] Hi everyone! Again, Laura, thank you for ALL you do! :)

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Are you trying to infer something about Kenny?

[Steve__shimp_] There's two answers to that ?, LL - the stone wall was one, but later than the one you're thinking of.

[Mike_Amo] I dunno (in best Dennis)

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Many thanks! In the words of Kenny Baker, "It's a thrill"

[Steve__shimp_] I got my 39s forever, so it's cheating if I say!

[Horatio_Hornblows] lol, Laura

[Mike_Amo] Scott, I saw your post about anything of Jack in the Smithsonian...I was going to ask LL about that...

[Laura_Leff] Mike - "After Stonewall" is a famous documentary about the evolution of gay culture after the Stonewall Riots, FYI.

[Horatio_Hornblows] You do get a sense listening to one of those shows of just how much Dennis's role was blueprinted on what Kenny had done...

[Steve__shimp_] There's a later show where Jack asks Phil why he calls him Jackson, and he says "because asking you for $ is like going up

[Mike_Amo] I did see some of Jack's material in Bob Hope's standing exhibit at the National Archives

[Steve__shimp_] against a stone wall"

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Ah, that's right. But I'm looking for the *original* reason given.

[Mike_Amo] Hmm, I wasn't trying to infer anything about that Stonewall {:oP

[Scott_in_KC] Mike, if not, there should ne. I nominate his Maxwell or toupee.

[Scott_in_KC] Should be*

[Laura_Leff] No chairs in the standing exhibit?

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-wasn't it because he could only say the first syllable of the word he REALLY meant?

[Steve__shimp_] ding ding ding

[Steve__shimp_] Brad's smart as a *whip*

[Brad_from_Georgia] I think the first time Phil calls Jack "Jackson," Jack responds by calling him "Philson."

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Pretty close. That it was as close as he could get to it (jackass).

[Horatio_Hornblows] Gosh, I forgot you could do this ... *meow*

[Steve__shimp_] There's a lot of name play with Phil - 'Philbert Harris' is another goofy name. I was listening to a Harris/Faye where he

[Steve__shimp_] called Remley "Francis"... made me chuckle.

[Laura_Leff] Not to mention Wonga Phillip Harris

[Scott_in_KC] Darn NBC and CBS Censors. Jack told Don they could not call it "Hoover Dam."

[Steve__shimp_] ooh, what he said!


[Brad_from_Georgia] The line about driving from Shanghai to CA--no stoplights for 5000 miles--reminds me of the story about Jack's delight when he

[Brad_from_Georgia] drove allt he way to Hillcrest without hitting a light.

[Barbara] By staying at 35 MPH.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - That's like the story of the censor changing "It's a buffalo stampede!" to "It's a bison stampede!"

[Steve__shimp_] I've read that "Wonga" was actually a circus performer friend of Phil's parents he was named after.

[Scott_in_KC] What is wrong with "buffalo"?

[Laura_Leff] Steve - No kidding! I've wondered that a while.

[Mike_Amo] What would they do if the show went to Buffalo?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Buffalo are expensive. But bison, get one free.

[Steve__shimp_] Makes more sense as a circus performer name than a bandleader!

[Laura_Leff] Scott - The censor maintained that there were no buffalo in the West, just bison.

[Laura_Leff] Brad: :P

[Mike_Amo] That's no bull

[Scott_in_KC] LOL...Home on the Range

[Brad_from_Georgia] We have buffalo within a mile of my house! Granted, they're in a pasture...

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Then you're not going to have many more...

[Gulliver] LL, can I ask again? I couldn't hear the payoff to the Andy Devine "anniversary presents" joke. Mom's getting earrings...

[Gulliver] ...but Dad's ...something ...

[Laura_Leff] Gulliver - Do you remember about where in the show it was? I'd have to hear it again. Was hoping someone else could answer it.

[Horatio_Hornblows] What does Dad want for his Golden Wedding? "Golden Wedding"

[Laura_Leff] Oh yeah, that joke was hard to hear.

[Gulliver] Just before Andy's hilarious line fluff.

[Steve__shimp_] Yeah, the laugh or recording seems to drown it out, I couldn't catch it either.

[Horatio_Hornblows] http://www.goantiques.com/search/images.jsp?id=891887&dealerSite=N

[Mike_Amo] That's what I heard...had to play it a couple times...still made no sense

[Horatio_Hornblows] Golden Wedding Whiskey

[Laura_Leff] I don't think I have that script unfortunately.

[Gulliver] Gee, I just figured you knew everything. :)

[Mike_Amo] ahh

[Scott_in_KC] I heard one of the shows. Jack had ESP. Paying $20/gal. of gas from LA to the Santa Ana Air Base. :)

[Gulliver] Is that it? Golden Wedding Whiskey?

[Laura_Leff] Aha! Now I get it!

[Mike_Amo] I'll buy that :P

[Mike_Amo] hic

[Gulliver] WTH is Golden Wedding Whiskey?

[Horatio_Hornblows] Hic!

[Laura_Leff] Gulliver - Click on that link from Horatio and you'll see.

[Gulliver] Ah, excellent. Thanks, Horatio!

[Laura_Leff] Good job, Horatio. Hadn't heard of that before.

[Horatio_Hornblows] It's a Canadian whiskey, which, judging from Google, was widely advertised in the 20s and 30s...

[Horatio_Hornblows] "Has no peers for fifty years"

[Laura_Leff] I thought maybe it was aged for 50 years like fine scotch.

[Scott_in_KC] The Hornblower at Midnight?

[Mike_Amo] Thanks Horatio!

[Gulliver] And now I know.

[Laura_Leff] the rest of the story

[Horatio_Hornblows] You're welcome

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maybe the whiskey's like beer--first the customers are drinkers, later they're peers.

[Horatio_Hornblows] I didn't get it either, so I ran to Google and eBay

[Laura_Leff] So what else about the show for tonight?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Who did the dog noises?

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Blanche Stewart

[Steve__shimp_] The whole skit was all of two minutes!

[Scott_in_KC] Layra, did you see my comment about Jack's ESP?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Those are hard to do. Do you know that to bark like a dog on air you have to INHALE while producing the sounds?

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Yes. Hopefully gas never gets that high.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Why? Too much blowing on the mic?

[Scott_in_KC] Laura* (sorry)

[Steve__shimp_] Of course, Jack only bought a gallon at a time, so it all works out.

[Laura_Leff] Fill it up, Jack.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Yes, mikes pick up breathiness if you exhale. I was taught the technique by Fred Newman, by the way.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Impressive. Never had to try that before!

[Scott_in_KC] I thought the Maxwell ran on fumes.

[Laura_Leff] You know...funny thing about gas prices...

[Gulliver] Brad's right as usual -- I produce a radio show too (http://www.bodylove.org) and have learned some of this the hard way!

[Brad_from_Georgia] On one of the Atlanta Radio Theatre cd's I play the part of an attack dog--seriously.

[Laura_Leff] That they're increasing the chance of a short life for the 39 cent stamp.

[Barbara] Why didn't Jack say they were going to Waukegan for the premiere of Man About Town? He wasn't too shy about promoting his pictu

[Steve__shimp_] LL, explain, need to buy gas for mail delivery fleet?

[Scott_in_KC] ^5 Brad!

[Horatio_Hornblows] I've read that Lassie did her own lines in the radio adaptation

[Laura_Leff] Barbara - I think the whole next week was devoted to them going to the train station, so that's when they talked about it.

[Gulliver] Brad, you and I need to communicate off-chat sometime.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Yes. Increased gas prices translate to the need to increase stamp prices.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Gulliver, I'll be glad to. Email me at bstrickland@gsc.edu.

[Laura_Leff] Horatio - I wonder how they trained her to inhale while she barked.

[Horatio_Hornblows] lol

[Steve__shimp_] LOL

[Barbara] But Jack said they were doing the Hound skit next week, didn't he?

[Gulliver] Thanks, Brad. :)

[Horatio_Hornblows] Would she have listened to them? She was a star!

[Scott_in_KC] I need to e0mail you too, Brad.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Barbara--yep, it was a preview.

[Laura_Leff] Barbara - Oh, you're right. Then it was two weeks off.

[Mike_Amo] Did they do it the next week?

[Scott_in_KC] e-mail*

[Brad_from_Georgia] Scott--I tried to email you last month, but for some reason the email address didn't work!

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Pretty sure they did. I'd have to look it up to be sure.

[Laura_Leff] I know they did do "Hound of the Baskervilles"

[Gulliver] I have the Universal HOUNDS trailer on tape somewhere ... if memory serves, the skit was a very careful line-by-line parody.

[Scott_in_KC] I will write you, with another screen name. I made a typo, Brad, I bet. Sorry.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Ya know, I don't think Andy Devine inhaled while doing the Hound...

[Laura_Leff] And one of those super-obscure trivia questions is that on one show, Jack says he's brought a dog to guard something (I think it

[Laura_Leff] was sandwiches) and calls it "Baskerville".

[Laura_Leff] One of Jack's myriad pets over time...along with Trudy the Ostrich and the disembodied elephant leg...

[Brad_from_Georgia] ...the camel...

[Horatio_Hornblows] I hate to imagine Rochester peeling Carmichael...

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Yup...good one...

[Gulliver] Laura, have you ever heard the FIBBER MCGEE episode where he's experimenting with hair tonics?

[Scott_in_KC] Was Carmichael considered a pet?

[Laura_Leff] Horatio - I doubt any polar bear would allow himself or herself to be peeled.

[Laura_Leff] Gulliver - No, don't think so.

[Gulliver] One joke is that somebody grew a whole body of white hair and is now a pet at Jack Benn's house.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Generally, yes.

[Horatio_Hornblows] That's why I hate to imagine it...Rochester would have ended up meeting the gas man...

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, until he ate the Gas Man?

[Laura_Leff] Gulliver - I'll be. One of Jack's late television shows has a similar gag, but much less funny.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-What's the gag?

[Laura_Leff] Scott - See, jury's out on that. It's not official that Carmichael ate the gas man.

[Gulliver] I loved the fact that the Fibber show could cash in on a gag from Benny's!

[Steve__shimp_] Apparently they've discovered wild hybrids of grizzlies and polar bears recently. I'm thinking that's where Carmichael went.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Steve--I saw a story on that!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Basically that Jack is a doctor in the jungle experimenting with...um...

[Steve__shimp_] They didn't mention they had peculiar vocal calls that end with "th-th-that's all folks..."

[Laura_Leff] some silly thing like trying to implant the gene to grow hair on cocanuts into humans

[Scott_in_KC] And Phil Harris always asking Jack if he hunted "bare/bear."

[Laura_Leff] And Abbe Lane is his wife.

[Laura_Leff] Jack is so wrapped up in his work that his wife is leaving him for Dennis

[Laura_Leff] And Dennis gets stabbed with a syringe full of this experimental serum

[Laura_Leff] Then comes back in a gorilla suit and carries off Abbe Lane.

[Laura_Leff] It's painfully unfunny on paper.

[Barbara] It doesn't sound too great here either.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Just by the way, didn't Kenny Baker just "disappear" from the show after this one, or the one after that?

[Laura_Leff] It's not. I only have the script that I bought on Ebay a long time ago, plus a publicity still. Never really wanted to see the

[Horatio_Hornblows] How abrupt was Kenny's leaving the show? Did Jack know it at this tmie?

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Two later. He's supposedly coming to Waukegan with them, then Jack says something nebulous like

[Steve__shimp_] Well, they did "Jekyll and Hyde" spoofs on radio as well - similar idea.

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, were Phil's "bare/bear" comments considered risue when he said them?

[Laura_Leff] "commitments forced Kenny to stay in Hollywood"

[Scott_in_KC] risque*

[Laura_Leff] Horatio - I don't think so. I think Jack found out between the week where they're going to the station and being in Waukegan.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Apparently not risque enough for the censor to clip them.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Scott-my roommate in college took a sketching class as an elective. One of his sketches was "Girl with a Bear Behind." It was a

[Brad_from_Georgia] girl with --well, you picture it.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Gads...that skit was done over and over again starting in the early 30s!

[Steve__shimp_] Probably almost as often as they've remade/recycled the movie!

[Laura_Leff] My parents had a wooden paddle when I was young that said "For the little deer with the bear behind"

[Laura_Leff] I hated it.

[Gulliver] LL, I almost hate to ask this, but does the USPS plan to up the rate again mess up the stamp campaign?

[Horatio_Hornblows] Yucky, Laura

[Brad_from_Georgia] My parents were too cheap. They made us go out and find a switch.

[Laura_Leff] Then again, Jack got out the joke about Errol Flynn being in bed with a COLD, which I think is pretty risque.

[Barbara] I can't believe they needed to use it on you, Laura.

[Steve__shimp_] Always nice to have cutesy epigraphs on things used to beat your children!

[Laura_Leff] Gulliver - Don't know. Nothing official yet.

[Horatio_Hornblows] They used to put cutesy epigraphs on everything...

[Scott_in_KC] My parents "spoiled the child" and spared the rod.

[Barbara] I did read that they're thinking of raising the stamp price again.

[Laura_Leff] Barbara - My mother used it once. I'll save stories about my father for some other time.

[Gulliver] I'd also heard there was a plan to keep using the same stamps even after price increases.

[Steve__shimp_] Such items are still popular in hillbilly-themed roadside attraction gift shops.

[Laura_Leff] There's talk of both a 42 cent stamp and making it a "forever" stamp...which is beyond irony for me.

[Steve__shimp_] Gatlinburg is cedar paddle with cutesy saying central.

[Gulliver] I like the "Forever" idea as long as it has Jack on it!

[Gulliver] The 42-cent stamp would of course have Douglas Adams on it.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Steve-My parents bought a lot of those tacky Gatlinburg geegaws!

[Laura_Leff] Gulliver - Hitchhiker's Guide?

[Horatio_Hornblows] Well, gotta go...last Sopranos episode for this cycle is on in 10 minutes...

[Steve__shimp_] Maybe we could talk them into a 39 cent one-time-only "Forever" stamp as promo to launch the 42 cent forevers.

[Brad_from_Georgia] So long, Horatio!

[Gulliver] Precisely.

[Horatio_Hornblows] Night, you all...gooooood-bye!

[Laura_Leff] Enjoy, Horatio!

[Mike_Amo] lol Gulliver

[Steve__shimp_] Bye Horatio!

[Mike_Amo] Nite Horatio

[Gulliver] Actually, I need to cut out too. Eat your Grape Nuts Flakes, everybody!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Gulliver put a lot of dep thought into that crack.

[Laura_Leff] Take care, Gulliver!

[Steve__shimp_] s'long Gulliver.

[Brad_from_Georgia] S'long, Gulliver!

[Gulliver] ha! Deep Thought!

Horatio_Hornblows has left the chat.

[Gulliver] Adios.

Gulliver has left the chat.

[Mike_Amo] I have that 42 Forever Stamp article somewhere

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Fox News. ;)

[Mike_Amo] yes

[Laura_Leff] Did Dori get the joke?

[Brad_from_Georgia] I think Jack DID turn forty once. Or twice. Or five or more times...

[Mike_Amo] oh yes

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Technically once, on a Shower of Stars episode.

[Barbara] I hate to be a party pooper, but I need to leave too. Would anyone like to borrow a little of our heat?

[Mike_Amo] And you were wondering if there were any bad terms around like they had in WWII

[Brad_from_Georgia] Good night, Barbara!

[Laura_Leff] Barbara - We're doing just fine here, thank you. Have a great month!

[Barbara] Goodnight, all!

[Steve__shimp_] Urgh, no thanks on the heat Barbara! Good night, a pleasure!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Pretty warm in GA, too.

[Mike_Amo] I could think of one...Right wing extremist <waves> {:oP

Barbara has left the chat.

[Mike_Amo] Aww Barbara left too fast

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Not to mention the WACs

[Mike_Amo] Bye all I'm gonna miss

[Brad_from_Georgia] Bye, Mike.

[Laura_Leff] Night, Mike!

[Steve__shimp_] Something's gotta be on TV!

[Mike_Amo] Ain't gone yet {:op Just a pre-emptive wave

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Put Jackson in a WACs uniform and you could march him anywhere."

billingsley has joined the chat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] billingsley, old man!

[Laura_Leff] Gosh, should we just shut down? I've got a load of wood to stack anyway...

[Steve__shimp_] Hi Billingsley.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Let Billingsley have his say, at least, Laura!

[Laura_Leff] Hi billingsley! You just missed a small exodus out.

[Mike_Amo] Hi Billingsley

[billingsley] the interface is difficult tonight

[Steve__shimp_] I feel like one of those party dregs who shows up early and doesn't leave till the keg is drained!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Gee, that sounds so...T.S. Eliot: "The interface is difficult tonight. Yes difficult. Dead leaves hang on the Internet...."

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Hey, Dan and I got to Vic's before you.

[Steve__shimp_] I know! That only happens when I'm traveling in packs...

[Mike_Amo] I have a question from last month...did Wimpy ever do anything other than ask for "a hamburger today" in those Popeye cartoons?

[billingsley] what WAS tonight's topic?

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, what ever became of that weird Mr. Billingsley, Jack's other boarder?

[Laura_Leff] "April is the cruellest month...when death oertakes the routers and sparks fly from disc drives...

[billingsley] He left with Ed Beloin

[Laura_Leff] billingsley - The show from 1939.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Wimpy did much in the old cartoons--he used to referee Popeye's prize fights, f'rinstance.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Seems to have left with Ed Beloin.

[Scott_in_KC] Where did they go? Another show?

[billingsley] Gee, wonder why THATwas?

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Beloin went into film work. Morrow went into the Army.

[Mike_Amo] That's right, thanks Brad...it's been a looong time

[billingsley] No, Beloin wrote for other programs

[billingsley] He also wrote at least one episode of The Lucy Show

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - But not right after leaving Benny, did he?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Mike--I might have mentioned this, but Elsie Segar always maintained that Wimpy had the highest IQ in the strip!

[Laura_Leff] Morrow eventually returned and wrote for other shows, including Fred Allen.

[Brad_from_Georgia] So there never was a "Billingsley the Boarder" sitcom?

[Scott_in_KC] Morrow is a traitor if he wrote for Fred Allen! :)

[Laura_Leff] Brad - There was eventually a Beloin Motel.

[billingsley] The least politically correct episode of The Lucy Show! Lucy tried to get in to see Jan Murray (remember HIM?)

[Steve__shimp_] I heard he got a swedish operation and became the mom on Leave it to Beaver...

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Remember in King for a Day Jack says, "Gee...Bill Morrow used to write for me..."

[billingsley] By disguising herself as a Japanese gardener. She looked like something out of WWII propaganda.

[billingsley] Bill Morrow produced Bing Crosby's radio program.

[Scott_in_KC] LOL Steve...Yes. Jack also said, "You wouldn't say that if my writers were here."

[Brad_from_Georgia] I remember Jan Murray, shining light of "Songs for Sale."

[Steve__shimp_] The "white people as Asians" makeup took a lot longer to die than blackface....

[Laura_Leff] Morrow and Beloin wrote Bob Hope's "The Great Lover", I think. Which included a cameo from Jack.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Beloin, Shavelson, and Jack Rose, according to IMDB.

[Mike_Amo] Back...good point about Wimpy, Brad, she may be right...though Sweetpea could be a contender

[Laura_Leff] Or at least one of them was involved in it.

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Not the Sea Hag?

[Scott_in_KC] Gotta hand it to ol' jack. He could immitate Fred Allen perfectly.

[Steve__shimp_] Isn't there a Crosby radio program where Jack actually mentions that Morrow used to work for him?

[Laura_Leff] Steve - I think that's Fred Allen.

[Laura_Leff] But it's possible.

[Scott_in_KC] *Jack

[Laura_Leff] Fred Allen couldn't imitate Jack!

[Steve__shimp_] Seems to me I remember it with Bing ... but I misremember things all the time.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Elsie was a guy--the original Popeye artist/writer. I think his name might have been a phonetic rendering of "L. C."

[Laura_Leff] Steve - You may well be right.

[billingsley] I recently heard a Jubilee program with Jack and Rochester. They repeared a routine used on the Jell-O program in December 1940

[Mike_Amo] Elsie, oh my!

[Mike_Amo] And Jan Murray was still active in NY and L.A. in the 1980s, but I'd only see him on local shows

[Brad_from_Georgia] Mike--and since his last name was Segar, he signed his strips "LC (drawing of a cigar)"

[Laura_Leff] I was very fond of the Billingsley character, because I love surreal humor like that.

[Steve__shimp_] Jack's appearances on Jubilee are fun.

[Mike_Amo] Reminds me, what's happened to Joe Franklin; is he still around?

[Scott_in_KC] Laura...I could! I did immitations at my parents' parties. (Not as good as Rich Little or Johnny Carson.)

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Yes, just not on the air.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Fred Allen's nasality was something of an impediment to him imitating anyone other than, maybe, Baby Snooks.

[Mike_Amo] Too bad, he always got a curious assortment of good and bad guests

[billingsley] On Jubilee, Rochester was the star, Jack the co-star.

[Laura_Leff] Mike - I wonder which one I was.

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - In the words of Amos n Andy, "Jack Benny ain't nothin without Rochester!"

[Mike_Amo] And I liked Billingsley too, and the walk-on guy who'd deliver a one-liner and then say "good day" and head out

[Steve__shimp_] Yes, and Eddie actually got billing as Eddie Anderson as well, which he almost never did except a couple of early Benny shows.

[Laura_Leff] Mike - No, you're confusing him with Harry Baldwin.

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, Mary did a good Portland. :) And Dennis did a great Ajax Cassidy or Titus Moody, "Howdy, bub." :)

[Mike_Amo] No, I figured two dfferent characters, just the surreal part

[billingsley] Baldwin wasn't as bald as Jack would imply.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Oh yes, absolutely.

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - He is in the photos I've seen of him.

[Laura_Leff] Not completely bald, but certainly on top.

[Scott_in_KC] ^5 Laura

[Laura_Leff] Mike - OIC. Got it.

[Laura_Leff] The jokes about him being bald wouldn't have carried off with the studio audience if he hadn't been.

[Steve__shimp_] LL, on another note - the 39 Forever books are great. I am hopelessly addicted to finding obscure things in the indexes!

[Laura_Leff] So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind tonight?

[Steve__shimp_] You did a great job, congrats!

[Scott_in_KC] NOBODY could immitate Rochester. He was unique. Maybe when I have a sore throat.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Thanks much! Sorry I forgot to bring them with me...

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Maybe Andy Devine?

[Brad_from_Georgia] I always wonder how many sight gags Jack did on the radio...sometimes the audience seems to react to them.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - You can imagine how I was willing to negotiate when I discovered that Dan does a great Rochester!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Which takes us back to King for a Day.

[Scott_in_KC] Close, Laura......

[Brad_from_Georgia] Mel Blanc did a passable Rochester in some of the WB cartoons.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Y'know, that's true.

[Scott_in_KC] Your hubby, Laura?

[Steve__shimp_] Andy Devine imitating Roch would probably make dogs howl...

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Yup.

[billingsley] Even Eddie Anderson had trouble doing Rochester. His real voice was much lower than his radio voice.

[Laura_Leff] I'm married to Rochester.

[Steve__shimp_] Naw, if that were true YOU wouldn't be chopping wood!

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - Yes, he had to train it up.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I heard Andy Devine being interviewed once, and his true voice was much lower and less raspy than his radio voice.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Naw, that's if I *employed* Rochester. I'm married to him.

[Scott_in_KC] Rochester singing = Rod Stewart

[Steve__shimp_] Ah, I see!

[Laura_Leff] Scott - That's an insult to Rochester.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Trivia: In almost all his appearances in John Ford Westerns, Devine makes some reference to eating "frijole beans."

[Steve__shimp_] Oh, Roch could've done a great "Do you think I'm Sexy?"

[Laura_Leff] Steve - ROFLMAO

[Scott_in_KC] True, Laura. Forgive me.

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Do you think I'm sexy, Will you sign my paycheck...."

[Laura_Leff] Scott - I absolve you in the name of Blanche Stewart

[Scott_in_KC] And Rod Stewart can sing "Slow Poke."

[Laura_Leff] There's an exchange on a Palm Springs show where Rochester is rubbing oil on Jack's back

[billingsley] I recently ran across an account of Jack's 1945 USO show with Ingrid Bergman

[Laura_Leff] And Jack hems and haws about asking him something

[Laura_Leff] Then says something like, "I'm really buffed, aren't I?"

[billingsley] According to someone who saw the show, Bergman would actually toss Jack into the orchestra

[Laura_Leff] this is the kind of thing that makes people ask me about Jack's sexual orientation today.

[Laura_Leff] Before Stonewall, as it were.

[Mike_Amo] lol, even Stonewall comes around again

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - Where did you read this?

[billingsley] Jack's character was much more crypto-gay on post-WWII radio. Makes one wonder how they got away with it.

[Scott_in_KC] Stonewall Jackson

[Laura_Leff] That sounds like a potentially dangerous stunt, although the orchestra was on stage with them most of the time.

[billingsley] I don't recall the name of the book at the moment. That they performed together, we all know about. But the physical comedy

[billingsley] I didn't know about

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - Well, even Liberace and Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares were very gay, but people just weren't noticing it or

[Laura_Leff] thinking of it in those terms.

[billingsley] Oh, they THOUGHT of it. Jack's radio character was written as almost effeminate. Essentially sexless, but still effeminate.

[Laura_Leff] I know a bit that Jack was to do with Bergman about her being bigger than him in a Casablanca takeoff.

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, did Jack do quiz shows like Hollywood Squares?

[Brad_from_Georgia] What's that essay on Jack and sexuality? "America's Boyfriend Who Can't Get a Date" or some such?

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - OK, some people thought of it. But not all. Paul Lynde used to get love letters from women.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Not often, but sometimes. Password, Checkmate, I've Got a Secret.

[Steve__shimp_] Jack himself acknowledged as much as his character was effeminate. He didn't care, though people around him, I know one story

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Don't know that I've heard of that one.

[Steve__shimp_] with Irving Fein "shooshing" him when he referred to his character as something like a "pansy".

[Steve__shimp_] To an interviewer.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-I read it a few years ago. It made the point that in the forties, a great many comics had a "fey" quality.

[billingsley] Has anyone heard Jack's signature joke from the 1920s?

[Laura_Leff] He was definitely no macho man.

[Scott_in_KC] My brother's father in law was on I've Got a Secret. He won a carton of Winstons (He does not smoke) and $80 for stumping panel

[Laura_Leff] Brad - They had a Fay quality. Came from Frank Fay who really established that character, and everyone (including Jack and Bob

peabodyseven has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Hope) borrowed it from him

[Mike_Amo] Hi peabody

[Steve__shimp_] hi Peabody

[Laura_Leff] Hello Peabody!

[Brad_from_Georgia] In the Merv Griffin interview now on DVD, Jack says "Oh, people say I'm effeminate, but that doesn't bother me."

peabodyseven has left the chat.

peabodyseven has joined the chat.

[billingsley] Steve Allen wrote that Jack and Hope both got their walk from Fay.

[Scott_in_KC] Hi Mr Peabody

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - They did.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Jack said "Hope walks exactly the way I do, but he cups his hands like a headwaiter expecting a tip!"

[Steve__shimp_] He talks about it in the David Frost interview as well "but Hope cups his hands!"

[Laura_Leff] Remember, Fay was the first to do the wise-cracking emcee routine.

[Mike_Amo] I remember Jack explaining the walk on a Dick Cavett Show...it was never intended to be effeminate

[Laura_Leff] Before that, the comedy was more in line with Weber and Fields or other baggy-pants routines.

[Laura_Leff] Fay came out in a tuxedo and did a true monologue.

[billingsley] Herewith Jack's signature joke from the 1920s:

[Laura_Leff] It was ground-breaking.

[peabodyseven] hi scott...it's just peabody, or pea for short.

[billingsley] {sound of throat clearing]

[billingsley] [ahem]

[Brad_from_Georgia] Griffin on the DVD imitates Jack's walk, very badly. Jack says, "Let me show you." Then he walks EXACTLY the same way as Merv.

[Laura_Leff] *sitting at attention*

[Brad_from_Georgia] I'm listening now.

[Steve__shimp_] proceed, billingsley!

[Scott_in_KC] Pea, I was thinking of Rocky & Bullwinkle

[billingsley] It concerned a very ambitious girl who was heading to the big city for a show business career.

[peabodyseven] that's where i got it from....big fan...

[billingsley] No one ever quoted the exact opening line. But the point was, this girl was VERY ambitious, you see.

[billingsley] She ah, wanted to get ahead in show business.

[Laura_Leff] Needs to get under a good director and work up.

[billingsley] And here's the punch line.

[billingsley] Remember that this was Jack in the 1920s, essentially another version of Frank Fay.

[billingsley] OK, here come the punch line.

[Laura_Leff] *drum roll*

[Brad_from_Georgia] NOW CUT THAT OUT

[Laura_Leff] I don't get it.

[billingsley] "And on the train (brief pause) ... she became a classical DAN-cer!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hmm...it's a good thing he had the violin to fall back on....

[Laura_Leff] Maybe I need to hear it...

[Mike_Amo] lol, me too

[Steve__shimp_] *crickets*

[billingsley] It's how he told it!

[Laura_Leff] Does anyone else want to admit that they don't get it?

[Steve__shimp_] I don't get it at all.

[billingsley] OK, I'll explain.

[Brad_from_Georgia] With diagrams, please. I'm stupid.

[Laura_Leff] That's probably why I don't remember it.

[peabodyseven] must've been the accent...lol

[Steve__shimp_] peabody, did you bring your boy sherman to help with this one?

[billingsley] Classical dance (the stereotype at the time, anyway) involved a lot of, uh, stretching and legs-apart posing.

[Laura_Leff] OIC

[peabodyseven] even sherman wouldn't get that joke...

[billingsley] She was, uh, acrobatic in the Pullman car, ya see.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Oh, I see. She was like a gymnast today.

[Steve__shimp_] OK, I get it now.

[Laura_Leff] I like my line better.

[billingsley] It was Jack's A material!

[peabodyseven] if ya gotta explain it..it ain't funny....lol

[billingsley] He killed with it. Honest, he did!

[Laura_Leff] I really have to recommend that more people get a copy of the disc from "Bright Moments". It's Jack basically doing his

[Steve__shimp_] "I'm an obtuse man, so I'll try to be oblique...."

[Laura_Leff] vaudeville routine.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Just don't be acute

[Mike_Amo] :P

[Laura_Leff] The first radio show for Canada Dry is another example, just with more commercials.

[billingsley] Some of Jack's lines about Don Wilson started out as lines about bandleader Paul Whiteman

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - I picked up some photos of Whiteman's troupe picketing Jack's show

[Steve__shimp_] Picketing?

[Laura_Leff] I think Jack's rebroadcast was on opposite him, and Jack was stealing their audience.

[peabodyseven] that canada dry show was more like jack benny dry...

[Steve__shimp_] Seems like picketing woudn't really be the ideal mode to deal with that situation...

[Laura_Leff] Peabody - You ought to see "The Medicine Man". It's not as good as the first Canada Dry show.

[billingsley] Some of his comedy dates badly. Virtually ALL of Eddie Cantor's radio comedy routines aren't funny today.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - All publicity is good publicity.

[Scott_in_KC] Why did Jack's early shows use a train for their intros?

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - I won't quote you to Michelle Malik on that one. :)

[billingsley] "I'm glad I spent ...this evening with you..."

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Probably the choice of the sponsor or the agency. Seems an odd choice, since it could easily be confused with static.

[peabodyseven] I've seen some of Jack's movie shorts and boy, were THEY dry!!

[Laura_Leff] They didn't use it too long.

[Laura_Leff] Peabody - Ah, don't like Taxi Tangles eh?

[peabodyseven] of course who wants to wear wet shorts?!!!

[Laura_Leff] :P

[Scott_in_KC] Thanks Laura....They sounded weird.

[Steve__shimp_] I like Cantor's show, what few episodes I've heard of them. Though his rep as a gag hog is well deserved!

[Laura_Leff] Waiter, do you have frogs' legs?

[Laura_Leff] No, it's rheumatism makes me walk that way.

[billingsley] Characters like the Mad Russian were copies of the zanies on Jack's program

[Laura_Leff] How do you doooo

[Brad_from_Georgia] And Rubinov with his fiddle...

[Laura_Leff] So here's a question...if the shows were similar, how much is that owed to copying vs. what people liked in their comedy then?

[Steve__shimp_] Right, he couldn't make himself give the good lines to the supporting cast and let them flourish like Jack did though...

[Scott_in_KC] Jack set the bar and NOBODY has come close.

[Laura_Leff] Marx Bros were in their heyday at that time as well, so more zaniness.

[peabodyseven] Cantor's movies seemed to lack humor unless you were a die-hard Cantor fan.

[Brad_from_Georgia] And the Ritz Brothers seemed to copy the Marxes...not very well.

[billingsley] Cantor was funny on stage when young. Or so I've read.

[Steve__shimp_] Well, it seems to me there was a diversity of comedy even then - you had your warm fuzzy sitcoms, your madcap stuff, your

[Laura_Leff] Alice Faye, Margaret Dumot...rather different animal

[Steve__shimp_] 'quaint', your Jack Benny ...

[Steve__shimp_] So to me, copying is still ripping off!

[Brad_from_Georgia] ...your ethnic.

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - Dial up "Glorifying the American Girl" sometime and you can see some of his vaudeville stuff.

[Laura_Leff] Did they really have the "warm fuzzy sitcoms" in the 30s? I think of that as more a postwar thing.

[billingsley] The tailor routine came right off the stage.

[Steve__shimp_] You know, Eddie Anderson did TONS of guest shots on Cantor's show. Eddie must have really been taken with him.

[Laura_Leff] Unless we're talking about Vic n Sade or Lum n Abner.

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - There you go. Guess you've seen it.

[peabodyseven] Amos and Andy blew them ALL of the map.

[billingsley] Rochster drew an audience on whatever program he was on. Even Milton Berle used him.

[Laura_Leff] Twenty-six in the shoullll-derrrrrr

[Steve__shimp_] Hmmm. I think of Fibber & Molly a little along those lines, though certainly it wasn't like the 'Father Knows Best" nuclear

[billingsley] Heavenly days, McGee!

[Steve__shimp_] family.

[Scott_in_KC] Laura....Easy Aces?

[Laura_Leff] Scott - You know, I don't know that I've ever heard one of their programs.

[billingsley] Easy Aces attempted to be like George and Gracie

[billingsley] Goodman Ace's wife played sort of a scatterbrain

[Scott_in_KC] But fell way short, Bill

[Laura_Leff] See, even Burns and Allen evolved.

[peabodyseven] Wasn't Easy Aces just humorous talk around a kitchen table?

[Laura_Leff] They were boy-girl sort of thing and then changed to the married couple for a more "warm fuzzy" thing.

[billingsley] Gracie used to be very surreal and very stupid

[Steve__shimp_] Or 'devolved'!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Didn't Marlin Hurt introduce his "black maid" character of Beulah on Fibber McGee...no, wait, it was Hometown, Inc. first.

[Steve__shimp_] I prefer the pre-war B&A on radio anyway.

[Scott_in_KC] If Gracie married Fred she would be Gracie Allen Allen

[billingsley] I've yet to hear Beulah on Fibber McGee. I hear a lot of Gildersleeve, though.

[Brad_from_Georgia] And if Tuesday Weld married the grandson of Frederic March, she'd be Tuesday March the Second.

[Laura_Leff] You'll have a ball hearing Beulah...

[peabodyseven] If Fred Allen married Gracie Allen, he'd have blown his brains out...lol...

[Steve__shimp_] LOL Peabody.

[billingsley] Somebody bawl fo' Beulah?

[Steve__shimp_] Those two really should have been matched up at some point.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I've herd Beulah on a couple of Fibbers--"Looove that man!"

[Laura_Leff] I like the pairing of Gracie and Dennis

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Two minds with not a single thought"

[Scott_in_KC] Beulah was even on TV....One of the first blacks to be on the new medium.

[Steve__shimp_] LOL

[Brad_from_Georgia] Scott-Played by Hattie McDaniel, as I recall.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - They even included a clip of her in the recent movie "CSA"

[Scott_in_KC] I missed CSA...I wanted to see it.

[Laura_Leff] I was holding my breath in fear that they'd use Jack and Rochester. Fortunately, they didn't.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - See it. It will work on DVD. It's really interesting revisionist history.

[Laura_Leff] They do it like a TV show, and I kept pointing to various products in the commercials and saying to Dan

billpowers has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] "That's a real product"

[Laura_Leff] Hi Bill!

[Mike_Amo] Hi Bill

[Laura_Leff] Bill - Eric said to say Hi to you.

[billpowers] hi laura

[Steve__shimp_] Hi Bill.

[billpowers] hi to everyone

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Things like the Gold Dust Twins.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Bill--Well, I got to go. We register for summer classes tomorrow, and I'm on early registration duty.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Bye, all!

[Laura_Leff] Have a good one, Brad. Thanks for stopping!

[Scott_in_KC] Brad----I looked it up. Beulah was Ethel waters (50-52) and Louise Beavers (52-53)

[billpowers] have fun brad from ga

[Steve__shimp_] Good night Brad!

[Mike_Amo] Cya Brad

Brad_from_Georgia has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Is that radio or TV?

[Scott_in_KC] TV

[billingsley] A friend of mine recently spoke with one of Eddie Anderson's daughters, Evangela

[Steve__shimp_] Beulah had all kinds of permutations. I think Butterfly McQueen was also involved with one and got fed up with that as well.

[Laura_Leff] Billingley - Please pass my information along, if possible. I've been trying to reach them for a long time.

[Steve__shimp_] Anything noteworthy to report, billingsley?

[Scott_in_KC] On ABC Tues. 7:30-8 PM EST

[billingsley] Well, she's not exactly a font (fount) of information.

[peabodyseven] I think radio had a lot of writers in the 30's 40's and 50's that had humor down pat.

[billingsley] She was his second family.

[Laura_Leff] Billingsley - I'm sure not. She was pretty young (or not born) in Eddie's heyday. But any information is good.

[Steve__shimp_] That's true. She had nice warm memories on the "Cabin in the Sky" DVD commmentary however.

[Laura_Leff] Peabody - Agreed. Strange that it's evolved as it has.

[Steve__shimp_] Stuff I didn't know about Eddie - he had a gourmet cooking hobby, for instance.

[billingsley] Yeah, but not really specific memories. She provided more along the lines of commentary.

[Scott_in_KC] Who played Susie, Laura? And Roch's buddy....who worked on the train as a porter...Roy?

[Steve__shimp_] Roy was Roy Glenn.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Roy Glenn. And I don't recall that I ever got an actress' name on Susie. Frustrating.

[Scott_in_KC] Thanks Steve

[Steve__shimp_] Allegedly - though disputed by Thurl Ravenscroft - the first voice of Tony the Tiger.

[Scott_in_KC] and Laura

[Scott_in_KC] Thurl Ravenscroft was GREEEAT

[Laura_Leff] Steve - What was disputed by Thurl?

[Steve__shimp_] Roy Glenn claimed he first did the Tony the Tiger voice, Thurl said no one did it but himself

[Laura_Leff] Oh right...Roy certainly had enough bass in his voice to do it.

[peabodyseven] isn't that a grrrrrrrreATTTTT name? Thurl Ravenscroft??

[Steve__shimp_] I take no sides in the debate, but think it's interesting.

[Laura_Leff] Peabody - He gave me some of the background on it when I interviewed him.

[peabodyseven] sounds like he should own a castle with a creaking door.

[Scott_in_KC] Pea, sounds like an attorney's name.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - I wonder what Kellogg's archive says.

[Steve__shimp_] Have to go to Cereal City next time I'm in Mich!

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Bombastic Bushkin

[Steve__shimp_] We're actually excavating a site in Williamsburg this summer called the Ravenscroft site.

[Steve__shimp_] Odd coinky-dink.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - You know, I lived there all those years, been in Battle Creek a bunch of times, but never been there.

[Scott_in_KC] Or, Laura, Leo Bernnett Ad Agency who dreated Tony the Tiger

[Steve__shimp_] I haven't either!

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Good call...didn't know that!

[Mike_Amo] I saw it on a train through Kalamazoo

[Mike_Amo] Song there somewhere

[Steve__shimp_] The new exhibit that replaced the factory tour is supposedly awful though.

[Laura_Leff] Has Kellogg's casted a replacement for Thurl?

[Steve__shimp_] Oh, I hope not. They ought to have enough "They're Grrrreat!" tapes to last them awhile!

[Laura_Leff] Thurl will be like Majel Barrett as the computer voice on Star Trek. Just synthesize anything they want him to say.

[billingsley] It'd be like recasting the Jolly Green Giant. How many ways are there to say Ho, Ho, Ho?

[Scott_in_KC] Leo Bernnett also created The Malboro Man, The Green Giant, Snap, Crackle, Pop, etc.

peabodyseven has left the chat.

peabodyseven has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Dang, quite a marketing powerhouse there.

[Steve__shimp_] OK, folks, I should call it quits. I'm on a hellish teaching schedule this summer and need to figure out a lecture for tomorrow

[Laura_Leff] OK, so here's another question...I don't want much network TV any more, so I miss out on most commercials...

[Steve__shimp_] It's been a pleasure as always!

[billpowers] nite steve

[Laura_Leff] Take care Steve! Always great to talk with you.

[Scott_in_KC] The voice of the Jolly Green Giant recently passed. I forget his name.

[Laura_Leff] Why are there no more commercial characters like that? Or are there?

Steve__shimp_ has left the chat.

[Scott_in_KC] Bye Steve.

[Laura_Leff] Speedy Alka Seltzer

[Laura_Leff] (who's still alive, BTW)

[Scott_in_KC] Charlie the Tuna?

[billingsley] The Jolly Green Giant is along the same line of character as Aunt Jemima.

[peabodyseven] no. I miss the Piels' brothers...(Bob and Ray)

[Laura_Leff] Are they still using Charlie Tuna?

[billingsley] KFC still uses a cartoon version of Colonel Sanders

[Laura_Leff] Is it maybe because it's expensive to animate?

[peabodyseven] very little

[billpowers] I guess it takes a retrospectoaudioscope to identify the great voices of the era

[Scott_in_KC] Happy Hotpoint = Mary Tyler Moore

[billingsley] No, I think it has to do with finding a single corporate character like that.

[Laura_Leff] Vitameatavegamin

[peabodyseven] there are no more oscar myer kids parading down the street.

[billingsley] Characters used to cut through the clutter.

[Laura_Leff] I know Air Touch would have slogans from time to time, and for a short while we had a blind spokesperson

[billingsley] But Oscar Meyer still has the Weinermobile

[Mike_Amo] two phone calls tying me up the past 20 minutes...helllppp

[Scott_in_KC] I used to work for a Col. Sanders at Ft. Leavenworth. J/K

[billpowers] i was partial to the beanie weanie kids

[Laura Leff] We'll hold down the fort for you

[Mike_Amo] ty

[billingsley] Oh, rats, I must go!

[peabodyseven] where's the friendly man who sells Good Humour ice cream?.....GONE!

[Laura_Leff] Thanks for even a short while, Billingsley!

[billingsley] It's been nice to spend ... this evening with you, as someone used to sing every Sunday night.

[Laura_Leff] Someone...somewhere...

billingsley has left the chat.

[Scott_in_KC] Lest us not forget: LSMFT.....

[peabodyseven] that was cantor..

Mike_Amo has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] The Bromo Seltzer train has left the station...

[Laura_Leff] And Lifebuoy has lost its BEEEEEE-OHHHHHHHHHHH

[peabodyseven] no more Burma Shave signs on the highways...

[Laura_Leff] Well, hey folks...I've got some wood to stack so I can pull my car out in the morning...

[Laura_Leff] Peabody - I've got one in my garage, though

[Laura_Leff] So shall we call it good for June?

[billpowers] Good to see you Laura

[Scott_in_KC] I need to go myself. God bless and Shalom! :) Thanks for all you do, Laura. Go you want my 1995 book on TV shows?

[Laura_Leff] Bill - Good to see you too, Bill. Sorry it was so short!

[peabodyseven] there's a website that has all the sayings....pretty funny ones too...lol

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Which one is that?

[billpowers] quality not quantity

[Laura_Leff] Bill - Amen. Drop Eric a line if you think of it.

[billpowers] absolutely!

[Laura_Leff] Peabody - I don't know what the larger rhyme is of my sign. it says "Doggone Beard"

[Laura_Leff] Gotta put my steel-toed shoes back on...

[Laura_Leff] Have a good one, folks! We'll see you next month.

[Scott_in_KC] Complete Directory of Prime Time and Cable TV Shows 0 Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh

billpowers has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - I have the 1982 version...if yours is newer, that's great.

[peabodyseven] I came in late, but I'll be darned if I'm staying to clean up the mess and lock the doors....So long, gang...

[Scott_in_KC] I will mail it to you nest Sat.

[Laura_Leff] Later peabody!

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Thanks very much!

[Laura_Leff] G'night folks...

peabodyseven has left the chat.

[Scott_in_KC] No charge