IJBFC Chat - March 5, 2006

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Laura_Leff has joined the chat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Laura!

[Laura_Leff] Hi folks

[Maxwell] Hey LL

[Laura_Leff] I'll be right back...just wanted to get logged in.

[Brad_from_Georgia] We'll wait.

Steve_-__shimp_ has joined the chat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Ya-ta-dah te dum, te dum...

[Maxwell] I just found a neat trick. Click the button directly to the left of the question mark and it'll put the chat in a separate wind

[Maxwell] Hey Steve!

[Steve_-__shimp_] Holy cow, this chat room TALKS!

[Maxwell] Yeah, scary isn't it!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hey, that is neat! If only the type were big enough for my old eyes to read...

[Steve_-__shimp_] creepy... How's everyone?

[Steve_-__shimp_] A Separate Wind? Isn't that a novel?

[Maxwell] I'm doing good, considering the snow.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Doing well. Waiting for Spring Break, and the weak after...Eddie Carroll as Jack Benny in my home town!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Week after. Gee, I can't even spell!

[Maxwell] I thought maybe you'd be weak after spring break.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Ooh, I just found out how to make the type larger!

[Steve_-__shimp_] Are there any of these little icons I SHOULDN'T click?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Students are weak after spring break. Me, I'm regenerated.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maybe not the door, Steve

[Maxwell] I was all set to gripe about the top couple of lines being lopped off when I found the button to put it in a different window.

Alex_Buck has joined the chat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Alex.

[Alex_Buck] Hello everyone

[Maxwell] Don't click the one to the left of the one that gives you a new window.

[Maxwell] That clears the window.

Mike_Amo has joined the chat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Mike.

[Mike_Amo] Hi kids!

[Maxwell] He Mike, Alex.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Hi Mike

[Laura_Leff] BRB, but click on the + magnifying glass to make the type bigger

[Mike_Amo] lol

[Brad_from_Georgia] Yes, LL, I figured that out. I won't tell you how old I am, but now the type is filling up half my office wall.

[Maxwell] You must be older than I am, then. Mine only fills up a quarter of the wall.

[Mike_Amo] I've gone with a quarter-panel

Steve_-__shimp_ has left the chat.

Steve_-__shimp_ has joined the chat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I'm ONLY 39. Well, I'm a year younger than Jack was in the show LL put up for tonight.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Steve, when you left, we heard angelic harps.

[Mike_Amo] How about that! So am I!

[Steve_-__shimp_] *evil* *evil*

[Mike_Amo] Hi Steve

[Brad_from_Georgia] Not that we wanted you to go....

[Maxwell] I wonder if I inspired this months choice with my comments last month about cimmaron rolls.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Funny, but this is the show that Eddie Carroll uses in "Laughter in Bloom." I'll hear part of it again in a couple of weeks!

[Steve_-__shimp_] Still getting acclimated here... too many ingredamints in this chat room

[Alex_Buck] I was telling my wife that the bit about taking a shower with a raw potato was used in the Eddie Carroll show

[Brad_from_Georgia] *evil*Don't mind me, just experimenting

[Mike_Amo] I think we lost LL to the magnifying glass

[Maxwell] Hey LL, it's past 7:00 CST! Time to start!

[Steve_-__shimp_] The potato bit cracks me up, it's that kind of surreal, goofy humor that is peculiar to Jack's show.

[Alex_Buck] Eddie then blends in an earlier sketch at a train station with Phil Harris

[Brad_from_Georgia] The Eddie Caroll show is doing well in ticket sales so far. 350+ seats sold in a 600-seat auditorium...and the "official"

[Laura_Leff] OK...here I am...

[Brad_from_Georgia] ticket sales don't start until tomorrow.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Can someone explain to me the payoff to the gag about Dennis' uncle? I either didn't hear the punchline right or didn't get the

[Steve_-__shimp_] reference

[Laura_Leff] Just trying to get situated here...just got back from the movies.

[Mike_Amo] I saw his show in Venice, Florida, at the end of January...it was great

[Brad_from_Georgia] His uncle wasn't really dead--"Pass the cream, joke's over."

[Maxwell] Movies? What are these...movies?

[Laura_Leff] So here's a little acclimation to the room, since Dan and I have played with it for a while.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Brad, no, the line before that one - smoking something... some product.

[Laura_Leff] Buttons along the bottomr.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Mike, Eddie loved the Venice, FL shows! He and Carolyn are planning to go back.

[Laura_Leff] Smilie button gives you emoticons

[Maxwell] Check.

[Mike_Amo] It was a great theatre and the audiences were good

[Laura_Leff] lol *)

[Brad_from_Georgia] Oh, he "Poofed" himself to death with Stopette, a spray-on deodorant.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Thanks for providing a chat room with evil audio laughter, too.

[Laura_Leff] Music note gives you little sounds.

[Maxwell] Czech

[Steve_-__shimp_] That's it, stopette! all's clear now, I didn't know what that was.

[Laura_Leff] *bird*

[Brad_from_Georgia] ;) No prob!

mark has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] But let's not overdo it with the sounds...know it's tempting.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Mark

[Mike_Amo] Hi mark

[Maxwell] You have to be old like me to remember Stopette.

[Laura_Leff] Hi Mark!

[mark] Hello

[Maxwell] Hi Mark

[Laura_Leff] Clock button adds a timestamp before each line

[Steve_-__shimp_] LL, I have a cold and I just thought my nose made that bird sound!

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Perspiration? Stop it with Stopette!"

[Mike_Amo] You outdid me with Stopette

[Laura_Leff] Steve - I know mine sometimes could when I have a cold.

[Mike_Amo] And I'm 39!

Scott_in_KC has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Audio button turns audio off an on

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Scott

[Laura_Leff] Hi Scott!

[Maxwell] Hi Scott

[Mike_Amo] Hi Scott

[Laura_Leff] Next button creates a window from which you can copy the chat text.

[Scott_in_KC] I made it! :) Hi everyone!

[Brad_from_Georgia] I just pressed one button and ordered a pizza...

[Maxwell] Meaning we won't have to email LL when the thing clears?

[Laura_Leff] This was the biggest aspect that made me throw out chat software options.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Well, I'll try to stay on top of it. It does still clear after a while.

[Laura_Leff] + and - buttons affect text size.

[Laura_Leff] Don't press the erase button unless you want to erase your chat window

[Maxwell] + = bigger, - = smaller

[Brad_from_Georgia] Yes, I have my text size set to "geezer"

[Mike_Amo] lol, too late Laura!

[Laura_Leff] Next button moves the chat to a separate window

[Mike_Amo] I wonder what this one does...pfft

[Steve_-__shimp_] Ouch!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Mike, did you get the pizza too?

[Laura_Leff] Mike - That's the raspberry button

[Mike_Amo] I erased the pizza

[Maxwell] I already pressed the erase, but there were only about 5 lines in my window.

[Laura_Leff] ? is supposed to be for help, but I think this is self-explanatory.

[Alex_Buck] I thought that the pictures of Mary's Rolls were pretty cool. Thanks for thinking of us car buffs

[Laura_Leff] And the door exits you from the chat.

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, has "The Horn Blows at Midnight" defeated "Brokeback Mountain" for Best Picture?

[Mike_Amo] I hope so!

[Brad_from_Georgia] The line seems shorter to me than the old one did. Let me see, how long can I go before getting to the end of a text line. Well,

[Brad_from_Georgia] not too bad!

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Not yet...Jon Stewart is still talking.

[Mike_Amo] LOL, glad I didn't try that door

[Alex_Buck] Has there been any word on jack's Cadillacs or Mercerdes?

[Scott_in_KC] <<< Not watching, would rather give my attention here.

[Laura_Leff] Alex - Well, there's a key for his Chrysler that was on Ebay

Gulliver has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Hi Gulliver

[Mike_Amo] Hi Gul!

[Maxwell] Welcome back Gulliver!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Oh, LL--the flowers on Jack's tomb were in very nice condition when we visited. Jack and Mary had had several visitors before us

[Maxwell] Done traveling?

[Steve_-__shimp_] There's a car museum in LA that has one of Jack's cars, not sure which one, plus a wax figure of Jack.

[Scott_in_KC] Hiya Gulliver.

[Gulliver] Thanks, Maxwell!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - That's great to know. I did a little dusting when I was there in December.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Hi Gulliver.

[Mike_Amo] LOL, I'd forgotten about the Stopette...didn't follow that at the time...replaying it now :P

[Gulliver] And all else! How is everybody? Had enough Cimarron rolls?

[Laura_Leff] Steve - There is?

[Scott_in_KC] Did Jack really own a Maxwell?

[Steve_-__shimp_] Yeah, LL, I bookmarked the website somewhere, I'll send it to you.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Jack didn't, but the studio did.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Not really. Those belonged to the studios, MCA, etc.

_bill has joined the chat.

[Mike_Amo] Hi Bill!

[Maxwell] Hey bill!

[Gulliver] Aloha Bill!

[Laura_Leff] Hi Bill!

[_bill] Hi!

[Scott_in_KC] What became of it? Is it in the Smithsonian?

[Scott_in_KC] Hi Bill.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Used-car shopping, Scott? :)

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Well, there are several Maxwells that claim Jack in their lineage.

[Scott_in_KC] No sir. Fascinated. :)

[Laura_Leff] OK...I've got to turn off the awards...let me pop in a DVD.

[Maxwell] Buck Benny on Brokeback Mountain?

[Brad_from_Georgia] I wish there were a scale-model kit of the Maxwell!

[Alex_Buck] To go along with a Jack action figure?

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Dress him up as Buck Benny!"

[Mike_Amo] Picturing Jack and Slim Pickens now...yikes!

[Alex_Buck] How about a button to have him fall on the floor laughing

[Scott_in_KC] LOL Brad.

[Gulliver] Now there's a fund-raiser for the club. The JB Action Figure.

[Maxwell] I'm thinking more Buck and Andy.

[Gulliver] With Super-Tight-Fisted Money Grip.

_bill has left the chat.

[Maxwell] bill found the door.

[Alex_Buck] removable toupee sold separately

_bill has joined the chat.

[Mike_Amo] wb Bill

Steve_-__shimp_ has left the chat.

Steve_-__shimp_ has joined the chat.

[Maxwell] Found the door, eh bill?

[_bill] so much for "?"

[Mike_Amo] lol Gulliver :D

[Brad_from_Georgia] Figure alone, $39.00. Figure with violin, $1.95.

[Laura_Leff] OK...I'm back.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Back, sorry. Something went clunk and the wireless went out.

[Gulliver] Yeah, these buttons are intriguing...

[Laura_Leff] There is sort of a Maxwell model...it was a prize for State Farm agents back around 1960.

[Scott_in_KC] Welcome back, Laura.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL--Joseph Kearns as the finder of lost heirs, right?

[Mike_Amo] I can't say L O L lol

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Right.

[Alex_Buck] I kept waiting for a lost hair reference that never came

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, I recall that. My parents worked for State Farm.

[Steve_-__shimp_] The show was quite cut down, only 20 mins or so...

[Brad_from_Georgia] Alex--So you expected the gag toupee off?

[Maxwell] Must have been an AFRN version.

[Gulliver] I think the dilemma at the end of this episode is, in its way, funnier than "your money or your life."

[Alex_Buck] Yeah - like it was an old hair piece from a long lost uncle

[Laura_Leff] Hair hair, what's on your head

[Brad_from_Georgia] It's a very smooth episode.

[Maxwell] This is a tale well calculated to keep you in SUSPENSE!

[Steve_-__shimp_] Gulliver, yeah, because it puts two of Jack's character traits in opposition rather than one... good story.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Bob had some funny lines for a change!

[Gulliver] Loved the "Suspense" reference.

[Alex_Buck] The part when Bob calls for ice almost sounded like Phil

[Laura_Leff] Ah...Syriana. OK, turning off the Oscars.

[Scott_in_KC] You guys seem to love OTR, too.

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Phil didn't drink at all until he met Dennis..." Great line.

[Laura_Leff] Gulliver - Yes, I agree with you that it's even funnier than YMOYL

[Maxwell] Then Bob calling Jack "Jackson" when Dennis gets to him....

[Brad_from_Georgia] Scott--yes, I'm a big OTR fan, but only of a few shows....

[Steve_-__shimp_] Interesting that Phil's departure is pretty openly discussed - they didn't try to ignore the situation or play it down.

[Scott_in_KC] Jack must have joined AA, thanks to Dennis.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Jack does comment at the top of the season that Phil couldn't be on because of too many commitments.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Steve--I don't think Phil's leaving was in any way acrimonious.

[Alex_Buck] Darn it, I gotta go. I'll check back in later.

[Scott_in_KC] Brad, the actor for "The Shadow" was from suburban Prairie Village, KS. :)

Alex_Buck has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] They mention it on a number of occasions. Even have a one-sided phone conversation with Phil, who's hung over and forgot he's

[Steve_-__shimp_] No, it wasn't but - for the audience's sake, they might not want to call attention to it.

[Maxwell] Later Alex

[Laura_Leff] not on the show any more

[Gulliver] I guess the whole concept of a show-about-making-the-show almost required it!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Depends on who you ask.

[Laura_Leff] I never did get around to answering that Maxwell question.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Trivia: What was Joseph Kearns's role in a 1950s Disney cartoon?

[Steve_-__shimp_] Doorknob, alice in wonderland

[Brad_from_Georgia] Steve, my man! Correctamundo!

[Laura_Leff] Wow!

[Gulliver] Steve rocks!

[Steve_-__shimp_] I'm one of the few boosters of that as a great Disney movie.

[Laura_Leff] *whip*

[Maxwell] OUCH!

[Laura_Leff] LOL

[Gulliver] Once you know Salvador Dali was a consultant ...

[Steve_-__shimp_] Jack Benny and Lewis Caroll have a lot of common - Jack is Alice in a lot of ways.

[Maxwell] Lash Leff of the west.

[Laura_Leff] Gulliver - He was? Seriously?

[Brad_from_Georgia] My daughter's really into voice acting and Disney movies. She's collecting a "Wall of Fame" of Disney voice actors.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - You got Eddie for her, right?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Of course, she has an autographed Eddie Carroll "Jiminy Cricket" picture!

[Gulliver] Famously (I know folks at Disney) ... he ultimately quit the project but the animation staff was never the same ...

[Laura_Leff] Wow....Le Chien Andalu to Alice in Wonderland. But no slashing eyeballs

Joe has joined the chat.

[Gulliver] Thank God! :)

[Maxwell] Hey Joe, whaddaya know?

[Laura_Leff] Hi Joe1

[Gulliver] Hola Joe!

[Mike_Amo] Hi Joe

[Steve_-__shimp_] I've been looking forward to seeing that piece of animation they did as a revival of a "lost" Dali/Disney short -what was that?

[Laura_Leff] Or severed hands lying in the street. Or puritans tied to pianos

[Laura_Leff] (Can you tell I used to be something of a film student?)

[Gulliver] Lorca says Chien Andalou is about him.

[Laura_Leff] I'm sure anyone who hasn't seen Chien Andalou is bewildered at my comments.

[Mike_Amo] In January I saw an 8-minute Disney-Dali collaboration film completed about 2 years ago

[Gulliver] We should continue this off-post. :)

[Mike_Amo] Destino, drawn up about 1946 but never completed

[Laura_Leff] Well, we can tie it to on-topic. Because of Dennis', Phil's and Don's connections to Disney.

[Mike_Amo] They both must have been smoking something :D

[Mike_Amo] And it wasn't Stopette

[Brad_from_Georgia] Dennis was Johnny Applehead--uh, Appleseed.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Destino, that's it - recently completed as I understand.

[Mike_Amo] Interesting and bizarre

[Laura_Leff] I know Don did Little Toot...did he do anything else with Disney?

[Gulliver] So, Laura, was the 39-vs-$5K dilemma the reason you chose the episode for this month?

[Scott_in_KC] LOL Brad

[Brad_from_Georgia] Phil was Baloo and Thomas O'Malley...Little John...forgetting anyone?

[Laura_Leff] Rock-a-doodle

[Maxwell] Nah, it was the cimmaron rolls.

[Scott_in_KC] Phil was in The Jungle Book. The Bear Necessities

[Laura_Leff] Gulliver - I think I chose it for all those reasons.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Rock-a-doodle wasn't Disney, though.

[Laura_Leff] Phil was making Rock-a-doodle when I interviewed him.

[Gulliver] It's a great episode and I hadn't heard it in years.

[Steve_-__shimp_] LL, getting back to something before I was kicked off - the Jack wax figure and car are at the Petersen Wax Museum in LA.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Ah OK. I never saw it, so I don't know.

[Steve_-__shimp_] The car is a 1967 Imperial convertible.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-It's not bad. Just not very good!

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Is that like the Johnson's Wax museum?

[Scott_in_KC] <<< Mickey Mouse "born" five blocks north of me.

[Laura_Leff] Anyone going around with wax on their heads?

[Steve_-__shimp_] I'd go to the turtle wax museum...

[Brad_from_Georgia] I've got a hamburger on my head.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - No kidding! I wonder if that's the car that matches the key!

[Maxwell] Imagine how many turtles have died just to make cars shiny.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Maybe!

[Scott_in_KC] LOL Max

[Gulliver] I'm wearing my toupee that makes me look like Van Johnson.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Poor turtles.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - That's hambourg, not hamburg!

[Maxwell] Or homburg.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Ohhh, NOW you tell me!

[Laura_Leff] Max - Thanks for the spelling correction

[Scott_in_KC] What if they were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...They would fight back.

[Mike_Amo] What was Phil in Rock-a-Doodle, I saw part of that on cable long ago

[Laura_Leff] The first part of this show was used on some other things, and is often separated from the second half.

[Maxwell] Why are we talking about Johnson's Wax. Did Fibber and Molly drop by?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Phl were a houn' dawg in Rock a doodle.

[Scott_in_KC] Tain't funny, McMax.....

[Laura_Leff] He ain't nothin but a houn' dawg

[Maxwell] He warn't nothin' but a houn' dog...

[Laura_Leff] LOL

[Brad_from_Georgia] Trivia: What was Jimmy Stewart's last movie?

[Laura_Leff] Echo in here

[Gulliver] Yow -- synchronicity!

[Maxwell] Some Lassie movie.

[Brad_from_Georgia] No, Fievel Goes West. He were a houn' dawg in that.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Lassie Goes to Hell?

[Laura_Leff] Jimmy Stewart was a houn dog?

[Maxwell] Lassie finds out he's a male?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Yep. His name were Wiley Burpp.

[Laura_Leff] Lassie in Transamerica?

[Scott_in_KC] You guys crack me up.

[Laura_Leff] Wiley Burpp makes me Ear[

Prof_LaBlanc has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Earp

[Brad_from_Georgia] Now, cut that out! *whip*

[Laura_Leff] Hi Professor!

[Maxwell] Brokeback collies

[Mike_Amo] Hi Prof

[Maxwell] Hey Prof!

[Gulliver] LeBlanc! Le Glutton de Punishment!

[Mike_Amo] Passes LL something for that hiccup

[Prof_LaBlanc] Hello all

[Laura_Leff] So what other thoughts on the show for tonight?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hey, Prof, you're one of many / Help us chat about Jack Benny...

[Scott_in_KC] Bon jour les Professor.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Dug the Gracie Allen reference!

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL, we were just saying that it's the show Eddie Carroll uses in his re-creation.

[Gulliver] Oh dear, Brad ... was that to the tune of the little walk-up to "Love in Bloom"?

[Steve_-__shimp_] Not even gracie would soap up with a potato...

[Brad_from_Georgia] Gulliver--Yes, "Kreutzer Exercise"

[Maxwell] "How about a kiss."

[Gulliver] Cle-ver.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Yes, very true. I think that's another reason I chose it.

[Scott_in_KC] The Minute in G?

[Gulliver] Brad, I bet you also know the PDQ Bach piece where the Kreutzer is the punch line.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Gulliver--I've heard it but can't think of it!

mark has left the chat.

[Prof_LaBlanc] This is my fist time in this chat...I feel like an outsider :-(

[Maxwell] Don't feel that way.

[Steve_-__shimp_] You're inside now, Prof!

[Brad_from_Georgia] By a coinkidink, Eddie's playing the same theater that PDQ Bach played last year about this time in my hometown.

[Laura_Leff] Prof - Not at all...please just jump right in. Ask questions. What's your favorite Benny gag?

[Prof_LaBlanc] Right, Steve...good point.

[Gulliver] Actually it's Shikele's "Unbegun Symphony." Made up of quotes from other pieces. Ends with the Kreutzer. Hilarious!

[Maxwell] You just have to kind of figure out where this thing is going.

[Laura_Leff] Shikele is still performing? Wow, he's done as much for classical music as Jack has.

[Maxwell] Or TO it.

[Prof_LaBlanc] Anything with Prof LaBlanc, Laura.

[Gulliver] Good point.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Gulliver--What's the one (non PDQ though) that works in "1812 Overture" and "You Are My Sunshine?"

[Prof_LaBlanc] Mel Blanc is brilliant.

[Gulliver] Brad -- that's it, that's the one.

[Maxwell] Just heard George and Gracie with Jack and Prof. LeBlanc the other day.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Schickele is not only performing, but he's taking face-first dives from wheelchairs onto the stage!

[Laura_Leff] Prof - So here's a challenging question, not to put you on the offensive, just tease out a thought.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Max, is that a B&A show?

[Maxwell] Yeah.

[Prof_LaBlanc] okay...

[Gulliver] WE

[Laura_Leff] Prof - Almost every LeBlanc interaction is in the same structure. What continues to make them funny for you?

[Maxwell] George and Jack become Gypsies.

[Laura_Leff] I often ask the same about the Si-Sy routine.

[Prof_LaBlanc] The delivery, Laura...that silly accent gets me every time.

[Steve_-__shimp_] OTRCAT just got a huge new slew of B&A shows, including a lot of earlier (better) pre-"sitcom" ones, I want to order them.

[Maxwell] Yeah, and I'm starting to get mighty tired of your questioning my love of Si-Sy, too, LL! :D

[Mike_Amo] Found a running Oscar wire...will folks want to know?

[Gulliver] I saw that, Steve! I haven't ordered a CD from them before but I think I'll get those.

[Laura_Leff] Prof - Yes, I can understand that. I have a similar reaction to *ducking* John L. C. Silvoney.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I agree with the Prof--plus the timing is perfect. And you can see Jack starting to break up at Mel's vocals!

[Scott_in_KC] Prof. His accent sounds like Pepe la Pew

[Prof_LaBlanc] Same effect the race track tout (sp?) has on me. Funny every time.

[Steve_-__shimp_] They're a trustworthy company Gulliver, I've ordered a couple of times and have been pretty pleased.

[Laura_Leff] Prof - Yes, I feel the same way about Sheldon Leonard. Just makes me smile. Although it's a very tight structure (discussed

[Prof_LaBlanc] Pretty muchj the same, Scott.

[Maxwell] Main difference between Mel's Pepi and the Prof. is the Charles Boyer in Pepi's voice.

[Gulliver] Thanks, Steve. Do you know what's happened to the Digital Deli? Are you familiar with them?

[Laura_Leff] that on the Forum a few weeks ago)

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Press down 'arder wiz zee feenger, keel me queek, don't let me linger..."

[Steve_-__shimp_] I'll order AFTER I pony up for 39 Forever Vol 2 of course...

[Maxwell] Or Pepe

[Steve_-__shimp_] Not familiar with Digital Deli, G.

[Scott_in_KC] The Prof. never told Jack he "Smells like ze flowers that bloom in ze springtime" Laura. :)

bill_powers has joined the chat.

[Gulliver] I'm still saving my shekels for 39 Forever v. ONE ... :(

[Maxwell] Hey BP

[Laura_Leff] Hey folks, it's BILL POWERS!

[Scott_in_KC] Howdy Bill

[Gulliver] Hi Bill!

[Mike_Amo] wb Bill!

[Brad_from_Georgia] I'll order Vol. 2...probably after tax time. We always owe taxes...sigh.

[Laura_Leff] I released Volume 1 on tax day 2003.

[Laura_Leff] Er...2004

[bill_powers] hi folks

[Brad_from_Georgia] (Andy Devine voice) HIYA, BILL!

[Scott_in_KC] You taxpayers sound like Jack when he whines at the IRS

Prof_LaBlanc has left the chat.

[Gulliver] Wow, Brad -- you sounded just like him!

[Mike_Amo] Ordered Vol. 2, especially because there was no mention of Clooney winning Best Supporting Actor :D

joanleya has joined the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Hi Joan

[Mike_Amo] Hi Joan

[Gulliver] Hi Joan!

[Steve_-__shimp_] Revolving door here - hi Joan.

[Maxwell] Hi Joan

[Brad_from_Georgia] Mike--Yes, I'm one of the chat line's best impressionists in print.

[Scott_in_KC] Hi Joan. Joan Benny?

[Mike_Amo] I think they're learning about the door

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hi, Joan!

[Gulliver] You're a regular Dennis Day.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I'm better than that. I'm a Dennis Week.

[Laura_Leff] Joan Leya...not Benny

[Steve_-__shimp_] Listen to this: Ozzy Osbourne - *beep* *beep* *beep*

[Brad_from_Georgia] Uncanny!

[Scott_in_KC] I was hopping, Laura.

[Maxwell] I only heard one *beep*

[Gulliver] *evil* Ouch!

[Steve_-__shimp_] Well, I was censored.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Now, children....

[Laura_Leff] Along with the fun sounds...

[Laura_Leff] What other Benny questions/topics would you like to discuss?

[Mike_Amo] *bleep* *bleep* Just testing

[Scott_in_KC] Hoping*

[Gulliver] LL, you gave us this cool toy, we gotta PLAY with it ...

[Laura_Leff] Oh, I've got no problem with you playing with the new toy. Just don't want newbie to think we're just mucking around.

[Gulliver] Tell us what's new with the stamp campaign.

[Maxwell] Cimmaron (or however you spell it...Edna Ferber's dead and I can't ask her) rolls.

[Mike_Amo] *meow*

[Brad_from_Georgia] Oh, Mike--may have asked this in the forum. Was Eddie using the "NBC" mike in Venice?

[Steve_-__shimp_] Anything further happen with the reps and congress people on the stamp campaign?

[joanleya] laura, does joan benny ever attend any of the old time radio meetings,,,,are you in contact with her

[Laura_Leff] I'll come back to the stamp campaign in a minute...

[Mike_Amo] I don't think so...I'll have to check

[Maxwell] I wrote both of my senators and my congressman and only got one response.

[Laura_Leff] Joan - I am in touch with her regularly. She doesn't attend many of the OTR meetings, only rarely.

[Laura_Leff] I think our convention in 2003 was the last one she attended.

[Laura_Leff] Stamp campaign...

[Brad_from_Georgia] I've lined up a Heil mike for him here that's close to an RCA 44 "junior" mike from the forties.

[Maxwell] Barack Obama told me to write to the committee.

[Laura_Leff] I need to follow up with the various lead Congressional offices to get status.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I've written my reps.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Really? That's funny...his office is one of the potential leads.

[Gulliver] Status? We thought you had status.

[Gulliver] Or was that class?

[Steve_-__shimp_] We don't need no stinkin' status!

[Laura_Leff] I sent packages to the individual members of the Committee.

[joanleya] thank you laura for spearheading this campaign...whatever the outcome it is great to see jack benny

[Laura_Leff] I got a handwritten note from one of them.

[Mike_Amo] Standard old time mike, Brad, no logo on it

[Laura_Leff] Joan - Thanks much.

[Maxwell] Yup

[Maxwell] He did sound sympathetic, though.

[Laura Leff] Hiya...didn't realize we had private chat!

[Brad_from_Georgia] OK, Mike thanks! I'll be prepared if he doesn't bring the NBC one!

[Laura Leff] That's good.

[Laura Leff] His staffer was very supportive.

[Scott_in_KC] Ditto to Joan's comments, Laura.

[Laura Leff] Thanks for your support!

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Eddie and Carolyn spoke very warmly about the stamp campaign when we saw them a couple weeks back.

[Maxwell] Didn't hear anything from whatzisface....can't remember our other senators name....

[Laura Leff] Durbin

[Laura Leff] ?

[Maxwell] Yeah, Dick Durbin...I keep thinking Alan Dixon because he used to be a senator.

[Laura Leff] They were even more supportive, and sounded like they'd take the lead.

[Maxwell] Let's hope!

[Brad_from_Georgia] BTW, folks, if you're out in LA, drop by Hillside Memorial and visit Jack. The folks there are VERY proud of him!

[Laura_Leff] That's great! Eddie was just on NPR's Weekend America in conjunction with the stamp campaign.

[joanleya] i live in chicago and channel 23 (local tv) is now running jack benny and george burns reruns

[Laura Leff] Indeed!

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Nuts, I missed it! He should've told me!

[Steve_-__shimp_] You're kidding, Joan, that's great!

[Laura_Leff] Joan - do they have many episodes?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Joan--You mean I'm going to have to move to Chicago?

[Steve_-__shimp_] Those shows are rarer than a hen's tooth on the air.

[Maxwell] joan...we get that on cable. When are they showing that?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Or in a hen's mouth, for that matter.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I think you can still get it online. Go to weekendamerica.org and look for...uh...I think it's the Feb 25th show.

[Laura_Leff] 1st hour around the 43:00 mark

[joanleya] i cant help but think that the stamp campaign put him back on the radar

[Brad_from_Georgia] Will do. Huh, we had brunch with him on Feb. 19th. What a modest guy!

[Laura_Leff] Joan - Sure hope so. That was part of why I did it.

[Laura_Leff] Joan - Are they showing PD episodes, or a bunch of later ones?

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-I'm getting so many fond memories of Jack as we publicize Eddie's show. Everyone loved Jack!

[Maxwell] (I can't believe they're showing Benny reruns and I missed it!)

[Scott_in_KC] If the USPS can have stamps honoring Jim Henson and the Muppets, surely they can honor Jack again.

[Mike_Amo] Thanks Joan, I never thought of it before, but it's renewal time for me with the DC and Maryland PBS folks...now I know what

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I swear, I call it the Magic of Jack.

[Maxwell] Of course now that TV Guide doesn't do local listings....

[Mike_Amo] show to push them to air

[Brad_from_Georgia] Last night we had a band concert and when the MC announced "Jack Benny" is coming to campus, the audience applauded!

[Laura_Leff] If I can just get a DVD deal off the ground, we'll have a syndication package ready-made. But still working on that.

[joanleya] there is one jack and one george on TONIGHT at ten pm chicago time...right after the oscars

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Wow!

[Maxwell] Is it the old Burns & Allen Show?

[Laura_Leff] Joan - Do you know which ones?

[Laura_Leff] Joan - Have you seen any of them yet?

[Maxwell] I've got tomorrow off! I can watch them!

[Brad_from_Georgia] There was a tour group from an assisted living home. They took all our fliers. Reminded me of the Jack Benny Pasadena Fan Club!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Har har...I've seen that crowd. Heck, I think I played to them once or twice.

[Scott_in_KC] I better get my Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Maxwellhouse Coffee ready.

[joanleya] i dont know laura...but i dont really care anyway! i will be watching regardless!

[Gulliver] Gotta get my kid off to bed so I'd better check out. Eat your Grape Nuts, everybody!

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-How good is the movie "Angels with Angles"?

[Maxwell] Nah...it's TV. You'll need Luckies and either Carnation Milk or BF Goodrich tires.

[Laura_Leff] Take care, Gulliver!

[joanleya] i am also reading milton berles auto biography (from the 1970s ) and he mentions jack bennys dad

[Brad_from_Georgia] Bye, gulliver!

[Scott_in_KC] Take care Gulliver.

[Maxwell] So long Gulliver

[Mike_Amo] Bye Gulliver

[Gulliver] See you next time. :)

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Do you really want me to answer that?

Gulliver has left the chat.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Bye Gulliver, thanks for stopping.

[joanleya] and his dad comparing notes (and PRIDE) over their sons in new york at the palace

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-Well, I hoped it was good. Gorshin sounded terrific. Can't understand why Eddie wasn't in it as Jack!

[Laura_Leff] Joan - Understood. I'm just curious if they're getting material from MCA or using public domain shows.

[Laura Leff] It sucked the big one.

[Laura Leff] But don't quote me on that.

[Laura Leff] And the Benny impersonator was worse.

[Steve_-__shimp_] It's somewhat easy to tell in a general sense, do they have that "live TV" kinescope look or do they look like film, like an I

[joanleya] laura you may be our best hope to get some sort of memoir from phil harris's daughters, rochesters

[Steve_-__shimp_] Love Lucy rerun (particularly true for B&A

[joanleya] children, etc

[Brad_from_Georgia] Thanks, Laura. Dang it, wish it could've been better!

[Laura Leff] Yeah, me too. Oh well.

[Laura_Leff] Joan - Well, I'd love to do that. I've been trying hard to get Eddie's son to respond to me, but no luck yet.

[Laura_Leff] I sent E-mail to Phil's daughters, but also no response.

[Maxwell] I'm gonna go check to see what our on-screen description is of tonight's shows...if any...bbiab.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Eddie's daughter and ex-wife just did a commentary for Cabin in the Sky DVD that is pretty good. Maybe they'd chit chat?

[Laura_Leff] If they show Jack and Bob doing "Road to Nairobi", then they're public domain shows.

[Scott_in_KC] You would think they would be proud of their fathers.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Yes, I have to look for contact information for them.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maybe the kids are just tired of being asked about their dads. But the rest of us want to know!

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Oh, I'm sure they are. But sometimes when you say the words "Fan Club" people get an idea that you're a screaming teeny

[Laura_Leff] bopper

[Steve_-__shimp_] It's a warm commentary though their time is brief and shared with a lot of others - sweet nonethless.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Well, I certainly am.

[joanleya] too bad...i really enjoyed reading about phil and alice in bing crosbys wife's book i.e. about their fishing trips, etc

[Scott_in_KC] <<< Not a jack Benny groupie.

[bill_powers] <<<<<<I am a screaming teeny bopper

[Maxwell] BACK....

[Scott_in_KC] Jack*

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maybe we could have T-shirts made.

[Maxwell] I just checked out tonight's Benny show..."Ben Blue Show."

[Scott_in_KC] Great idea, Brad.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Ah! That's MCA!

[Maxwell] And the B&A is "Gracie Buys George a Ranch."

[Laura_Leff] Verrrrrrrrry interesting.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Why not? I wear my "Prairie Home Companion" ball cap with pride...though it's PINK!

[Scott_in_KC] Some time ago, someone suggested bumper stickers.

[Steve_-__shimp_] The B&A is one of the Columbia ones, also not PD.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I've thought about doing some test marketing to the club of various Benny logo items.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-I'd suggest a change purse...

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Yes, that was Mike...not Amo.

[Scott_in_KC] Brad...a pink Atlanta Braves cap? :)

[Maxwell] They must have a deal with MCA...it's preceded by the Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - That's a cute idea, if anyone has those for logos.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Scott-no, sir, mine's blue.

[joanleya] i know gently chuck schaden might enjoy having them on one of his radio shows as he is playing their parents radio shows..

[Steve_-__shimp_] Jack Benny's face on a peeled potato!

[Laura_Leff] How about a pink Red Sox cap?

[Brad_from_Georgia] steve- :D

[Laura_Leff] Very interesting...I didn't know MCA was still syndicating the shows.

[Laura_Leff] Huh. Important information for me to know.

[Brad_from_Georgia] How about a piggy bank shaped like Don Wilson? No, forget it. Nobody has that many dimes.

[Scott_in_KC] Brad...Jack did.

[bill_powers] :-(

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Oh, there's been a piggy bank with a mediocre likeness of Jack painted on the pig's po-po.

[Maxwell] You need a figurine of Jack with his violin.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Christmas tree ornaments! Of the whole cast!

[Laura_Leff] I'm sure Orthodox Jew Meyer Kubelsky wouldn't have approved.

[Steve_-__shimp_] I think those coinstar things that sort change at supermarkets should be shaped like Jack.

[Laura_Leff] Look for the pig bank on Ebay

[Brad_from_Georgia] But Jack was so happy on the Christmas shows!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Hey, that was on my Estate action plan.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Nah, then they wouldn't give anything back.

[Steve_-__shimp_] profits go to the IJBFC!

[Laura_Leff] I've had a lot of call for Benny posters.

[Brad_from_Georgia] How about a calendar...where every month has 39 days?

bill_powers has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] We can't give you more hours in a day, but we can give you more days in a month.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Or a pair of Dennis Day swim trunks (an empty box)

[Scott_in_KC] How about a bank similar to Jack's vault, or its image ruin the effect of hearing all those chains, Ed the watchman, the alarm

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Tee hee

[Laura_Leff] Scott - Actually, the Home Insurance Company put out Jack Benny vault banks.

[Laura_Leff] But no sound effects

[joanleya] i would love to have one of those...its been a pleasure

[Brad_from_Georgia] We were talking about a Jack Benny Action Figure just before you came back, LL.

joanleya has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] There was also one done some time in the 1940s, I've only ever seen one of them.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Or a plastic model kit of the Maxwell.

[Maxwell] Toupee sold separately.

[Laura_Leff] Jack in action...playing the violin?

[Steve_-__shimp_] Action Jackson?

[Scott_in_KC] I see, Laura. I want to maintain the integrity of the show. We have our own image what it looked like.

[Laura_Leff] Jack in action...not spending money?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Well, it's CHEAPER if they include the violin....

[Maxwell] Hmmm...Jack bank: Figurine of him playing violin. Case open to throw coins in.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - I was talking with Jeanette Eymann about that just yesterday. How no one really liked the vault on TV.

[Steve_-__shimp_] case snaps shut when you least expect it...

[Brad_from_Georgia] Nice idea, Maxwell.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Add a music box of "Love in Bloom," and you're in business.

[Maxwell] Case shuts when you try to take out the money.

[Scott_in_KC] Yep, or Fibber McGee's closet.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Some things are better imagined.

[Mike_Amo] I liked the vault on TV, one of my favorite memories

[Laura_Leff] Steve - That's a really cute idea!

[Mike_Amo] Especially the foghorn at the end

[Laura_Leff] Beeee---ohhhhh

[Mike_Amo] Just back from looking into Channel 23, found some info...will find more later

[Maxwell] I preferred the vault on radio. Much more left to the imagination.

[Scott_in_KC] Mike...when it sounds BOooooo?

[Mike_Amo] That's true, but radio predated my childhood

[Maxwell] Mine, too.

[Mike_Amo] Yes Scott :D

[Laura_Leff] Someone got very, very focused a few years ago on the concept of having Ty make pandas playing a violin and selling them as

[Brad_from_Georgia] And of course Joseph Kearns was the vault guard on radio...

[Laura_Leff] Jack Benny-related

[Mike_Amo] I never thought how old they all look, because I had no prior reference :P

[Steve_-__shimp_] Who's Ty? Pandas? I don't get it.

[Brad_from_Georgia] A teddy bear of Carmichael! And a gas man's empty shoe.

[Maxwell] Beanie Babies = Ty.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Benny Babies?

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, was there another guard besides Mr. Kearns?

[Mike_Amo] lol

[Laura_Leff] Steve - LOL I didn't either. I thought they were nuts. But they insisted over and over that Jack

[Laura_Leff] ALWAYS travelled with a panda when going on the train coast-to-coast.

[Laura_Leff] I E-mailed Joan. She said she'd never heard of it.

[Laura_Leff] And then finally....one day.....

[Maxwell] I thought he traveled with Carmichael.

[Laura_Leff] In January......

[Brad_from_Georgia] No, that was Rochester in a suit. Because pets traveled chaper than people.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Six degrees of Panda - Sara Berner (Mabel, etc) was the voice of Andy Panda, no?

[Scott_in_KC] Laura...I hope you took the Chief.

[Laura_Leff] I was listening to shows for Volume 2, and I found ONE SHOW which had about FOUR LINES that have a real passing mention

[Laura_Leff] Of Jack travelling with a stuffed panda on a train.

[Maxwell] See? They were kind of right...sorta....

[Brad_from_Georgia] So Ty gets big points for trivia, but zilch for marketablity, eh?

[Maxwell] Almost....

[Steve_-__shimp_] Yeah, that's a much better merchandising idea than say, DVDS!!!!

[Laura_Leff] Yes...you just had to find their PARTICULAR needle in the haystack.

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, if you take the train...It might give you an appreciation of what the cast went through.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - ROFLMAO

[Brad_from_Georgia] I listened to a show today from '44 in which Jack gets a camel.

[Maxwell] Nah...they don't have Pulman cars anymore.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - I've sometimes thought of doing that. I almost did it for Washington.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Pre-Lucky Strike days!

[Maxwell] So you can't picture Don going from the upper to the lower berth.

[Laura_Leff] Trivia: Who played the camel?

[Scott_in_KC] Laura, if you do, the Southwest Chief comes thru KC. Look me up/ :)

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-well, sponsor's Grape-Nuts...but at one point the password to use Jack's phone is LS/MFT!

[Laura_Leff] Brad - There are many shows with foreshadowing of LS/MFT.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-You mean it wasn't a real camel?

[Mike_Amo] Okay, found what's on next week's show, no details about tonight...Barbara and Jack celebrate Jimmy Stewart's anniversary

[Maxwell] Tonight is Ben Blue.

[Laura_Leff] On the show where Dennis thinks Barbara Stanwyck is in love with him, her dying words are LS/MFT.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Nope...camel impersonator.

[Maxwell] (Looked it up.)

[Laura_Leff] You know thae name.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Didn't sound like Mel Blanc!

[Maxwell] E-G-G EGG!

[Laura_Leff] Nope, not Mel Blanc,

[Laura_Leff] Someone who didn't appear on any other Benny show.

[Mike_Amo] :o E-G-G!

[Laura_Leff] Voice artist of sorts.

[Laura_Leff] Still performing.

[Scott_in_KC] You all are discussing Camels, in a Jack Benny chatroom? :)

[Brad_from_Georgia] Not--not Vice President Truman, then. That was my next guess.

[Laura_Leff] Still performing in relation to old radio.

Alan has joined the chat.

[Maxwell] Hi Alan

[Laura_Leff] Hi Alan

[Steve_-__shimp_] Not a clue...

[Alan] Greetings

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hmmm....Stan Freburg?

[Scott_in_KC] Hi Alan.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Misspelled Stan's name, didn't I?

[Laura_Leff] Brad the man!!!!!!! *slap* on the back

[Maxwell] I think I've heard this before.

[Mike_Amo] :P

[Maxwell] Here.

[Laura_Leff] Freberg

[Maxwell] A couple of months ago.

[Maxwell] And I still forgot!

[Laura_Leff] We can also talk about when Margaret Truman was on Jack's show...

[Scott_in_KC] Freberg does the When Radio Was shows, still?

[Maxwell] Yeah.

[Laura_Leff] Or when Harry Truman was on it...

Joe has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Scott - As far as I know.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Ya know, I got the "Looney Tunes" set for Christmas that has a bunch of Benny-related cartoons on it. Including "Mouse that Jack

[Steve_-__shimp_] Beverly Washburn Margaret Truman?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Built."

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Good job!

[Scott_in_KC] That show is not in our market any more. :(

[Laura_Leff] Brad - What else does it have?

[Maxwell] I think it's still on in Chicago.

[Mike_Amo] Laura, oddly, the TV show description includes that it's "Episode 25803"

[Steve_-__shimp_] Saw Beverly in "Old Yeller" the other day....

[Laura_Leff] Mike - That's the Stewarts show?

[Brad_from_Georgia] It has several of the "Jack Bunny" ones--not Malibu Beach Party, though--and "Daffya nd the Dinosaur."

[Mike_Amo] yes

[Laura_Leff] Funny...he only made about 250 TV shows

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Hmmm...maybe I should get a copy after all.

[Laura_Leff] I Love to Singa?

[Laura_Leff] About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a?

[Brad_from_Georgia] "Mouse" is a very crisp copy. And there's a hilarious "commentary" about how the violinist couldn't play badly enough!

[Maxwell] Mike...5803 = Year and episode number (3)?

[Steve_-__shimp_] Mike, LL, I bet that refers to the ep where Barbara Nichols and Jack go to the opera while Jimmy & Gloria are there at the same

[Maxwell] Just a thought.

[Steve_-__shimp_] time - great episode.

[Laura_Leff] Y'know, I've got that in the video library and no one ever asks for it. But everyone who's seen it, loves it.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Yes, "I Love to Sing-a" and one of the "store items come alive" ones that I can't remember the title of.

[Steve_-__shimp_] I have it on a commercial tape, probably not properly licensed, from a few years ago.

[Brad_from_Georgia] The second one winds up with "My, oh, my! Tattletale gray!" in a Rochester voice.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Ohhhhhhhhh....Grocery something...

[Scott_in_KC] Laura and others. I have to get up early. Before I go, thanks again, Laura, for all your hard work! :)

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Oh, that's the Bogie and Bacall one

[Maxwell] So long Scott

[Steve_-__shimp_] bye Scott

[Laura_Leff] Night, Scott! Thanks much!

Scott_in_KC has left the chat.

[Brad_from_Georgia] This one, too--Jack Bunny is in an explosion, winds up in blackface, and says, "My, oh my...etc."

[Brad_from_Georgia] Oh, and Jack...IS a bunny.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Is it Jack Bunny, or is it Humphrey bogart?

[Laura_Leff] Then says something like "Now I can go back to work for Mr. Benny?"

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-No, you're right! My brain cells are misfiring. Yes, that's the line, not "tattletale gray". Thanks!

[Steve_-__shimp_] Tomorrow if the sun is shining I may sing "Oh What a Beautiful Mornin' " in a Rochester voice to annoy the neighbors.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I think "tattletale gray" is in there somewhere as well. I haven't seen it, but I included a writeup on it a few issues

[Laura_Leff] back in the Times.

[Brad_from_Georgia] BTW, in "I Love to Sing-a", there's not much effort to do a Benny impression.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - The name and cigar are sufficient

[Brad_from_Georgia] Back to the Times.

[Maxwell] Well, Jack Bunny was actually taking the role of Major Bowes, so....

[Laura_Leff] Back issues of the Times

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Yes, although years later he'd do amateur shows on his TV series.

[Laura_Leff] I think he did that at least a few times on radio too.

[Laura_Leff] Drink to me only with thine eyes and I will pledge with mine...

[Brad_from_Georgia] Jack Lescoulie was actually very good as Jack in "Daffy and the Dinosaur."

[Laura_Leff] I remember an early show where he comments about having an agency send over new talent.

[Brad_from_Georgia] The little caveman even sort of has Jack's walk.

[Mike_Amo] I remember him from the Today Show

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Really? I was unconvinced that he was supposed to be a full-on Jack.

[Maxwell] Ditto. He was also Jackie Gleason's announcer in the '50s.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Mike--so do I. But most of all, I remember J. Fred Muggs biting Dave Garroway.

[Laura_Leff] Ah! I've never seen that!

[Mike_Amo] lol, I think I've seen that on a tape

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-I thought he was really pretty good. "Well--I'll bet YOU'RE grumpy in the mornings, too!"

[Laura_Leff] That must have been quite a laugh.

[Mike_Amo] Anyone want Oscar updates?

[Mike_Amo] Jack still hasn't won!

[Steve_-__shimp_] Is Felix still ticked at him?

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Hmmm...makes me think of the Yosemite episodes, which I hadn't heard when I first saw it.

[Laura_Leff] Mike - DANG!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Jack Lescoulie was pitching Cool-Wip or some such once. Took a great big bite of it. But the prop man had

[Mike_Amo] :P

[Brad_from_Georgia] substituted shaving cream.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Oh yes, I'd heard about that!

[Maxwell] Ah, the fun of live TV.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I was so glad I was home sick from school that day to see a grown man spitting all over a TV camera lens.

[Laura_Leff] Do you remember the Ed McMahon Alpo commercial where they couldn't get the dog to eat the dog food?

[Maxwell] Then there was the substitute for Betty Furness trying to open the Westinghouse easy open refrigerator door that the crew hadn't

[Maxwell] unlocked.

[Mike_Amo] I used to watch them pitch Alpo many nights

[Laura_Leff] Alan - Hope we're not boring you...or that you mind if we go off-topic.

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - Now that one, I've seen.

[Brad_from_Georgia] The Lord alpos those who alpo themselves.

[Maxwell] And the cow on I've Got a Secret who left a deposit.

[Alan] no, not at all, helping my daughter with homework, so I am sidetracked

[Laura_Leff] Alan - OK, got it. Wanted to make sure we weren't leaving you behind.

[Mike_Amo] or the monkey perched on top of Johnny who left a deposit

[Brad_from_Georgia] Alan-Tell her 1953 minus 1894 equals 39.

[Laura_Leff] Isn't it a shame that we don't have video of the Mr. Ramshaw incident on Fred Allen?

[Mike_Amo] I don't know that one, LL

[Alan] she is in kindergarten, we are working on the letter Q lol

[Maxwell] Q is for queen

[Laura_Leff] Alan - Aw, help her with the letters J and B!

[Brad_from_Georgia] Q is for pool.

[Maxwell] I could use a little J&B about now.

[Laura_Leff] (Although that sounds like cheap scotch)

[Laura_Leff] P-A-L-M S-P-R-I-N-G-S is for vacuum cleaner.

[Maxwell] E-G-G....EGG!

[Brad_from_Georgia] SQUAAAWK!

[Steve_-__shimp_] train of thought - I went to a discount store once that had ripoff Q-Tips that were "B-Tips".

[Laura_Leff] I would think if you ripped of the Q-Tip you'd have an I.

[Laura_Leff] Does no one else know about Mr. Ramshaw?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Not if you then stuck the stick in it , you wouldn't.

[Maxwell] Nope.

[Steve_-__shimp_] No, what is Mr. Ramshaw?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Tell us about Mr. Ramshaw.

[Maxwell] At least I can't recall it right now.

[_bill] also no

[Laura_Leff] Oh, well...it's been a few years since I heard it, but it's worth seeking out.

[Laura_Leff] So this guy is on the Allen program with a golden eagle.

[Laura_Leff] he's a bird trainer

[Laura_Leff] And as I recall (again, it's been several years)

[Laura_Leff] The bird gets out of control, and flies up in the rafters and then starts "depositing" all over everything.

[Laura_Leff] In the book "Fred Allen's Letters" there's a priceless tome that Allen wrote to the head of NBC about it.

[Laura_Leff] Allen, in his usual ad libbing mode, is giving color commentary throughout while the audience is screaming.

[Mike_Amo] :D

[Laura_Leff] He wonders why the eagle isn't attracted to the corn in Peter Van Steeden's orchestra, etc.

[Laura_Leff] Of course, it was radio, so all we have is audio. But who knows...it might be like King for a Day and the imagination makes it

[Laura_Leff] even more dramatic.

[Steve_-__shimp_] I can imagine how great Allen would be in a situation like that - there's no one comparable today who wouldn't just mug ...

[Laura_Leff] And the golden eagle's name is Mr. Ramshaw.

[Steve_-__shimp_] But could make pointed commentary like that.

[Brad_from_Georgia] We did a production of "Midsummer Night's Dream." There's a dog in it. Our dog behaved well all during rehearsal.

[Steve_-__shimp_] I thought Mr. Ramshaw might have been a purveyor of a Chinese form of inefficient transportation....

[Brad_from_Georgia] On opening night, it turned its back to the audience and made a deposit.

[Laura_Leff] I could imagine David Letterman pulling off a line or two, but he'd still do a lot of mugging.

[Maxwell] Mugging doesn't do much good on radio, except for the studio audience.

[Laura_Leff] Ah, but Jack could use it like a scalpel.

[Laura_Leff] Staring, not so much mugging.

[Maxwell] Big difference.

[Maxwell] At least to me.

[Laura_Leff] True.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Jack's resigned look of patient suffering could draw a laugh from a bear with a toothache.

[Laura_Leff] Oh say...speaking of "big differences"...here's a little more on the stamp campaign...

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Even Carmichael.

[Alan] I was going to ask how that was going

[Maxwell] There's a lot of Oliver Hardy in Jack Benny.

[Laura_Leff] Well, the handwritten note from the member of the stamp committee said that he was a big Benny fan.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maxwell--There's not room for that much!

[Laura_Leff] But

[Mike_Amo] Laura, I have pictures I will snail mail to you, hopefully early this week

[Maxwell] hahahahahaha

[Laura_Leff] Mike - Great! Bob Smith sent me his, and they're very fun

[Maxwell] Both used the stare to terrific comedic effect.

[Laura_Leff] I had shown how Judy Garland and John Wayne were on multiple stamps.

[Alan] Laura, did you know there is going to be a major stamp expo in Washington in May?

[Brad_from_Georgia] True, Maxwell. Hardy's "slow burn" is priceless.

[Laura_Leff] He said that (even though to my eye, the John Wayne stamps are almost identical)

[Mike_Amo] Will email them as well, just a matter of having and taking time

[Laura_Leff] Alan - No kidding! Philately or something else?

[Alan] It is an International show, it is a very large show, only happens every 10 years...

[Laura_Leff] He said that the Garland/Wayne stamps honor their MOVIES, not THEM. So that's not a duplication.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I haven't seen Philately, have you? Sorry...sorry.

[Maxwell] So honor RADIO!

[Alan] Lots of postal organizations will be there, probably would be some press because of the size of the show

[Laura_Leff] Brad - I knew someone would say that.

[Maxwell] Or TV

[Alan] not sure what could be done to promote a Benny stamp

[Brad_from_Georgia] I'm deeply ashamed of myself.

[Laura_Leff] I've suggested that they simply reissue the Hirschfeld stamp, because they're doing that with the Reagan stamp.

[Mike_Amo] :P

[Alan] I don't think that will happen because that was part of a set

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-it's a great image of JB. I'd love to see it again.

[Laura_Leff] Alan - I don't think so either, but I'm looking for every possible path.

[Steve_-__shimp_] The stamp could honor the Benny show - no big deal.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - And heck, they'd only have to change ONE NUMBER. 29 -> 39

[Brad_from_Georgia] Jack would see the economic sense of that!

[Laura_Leff] I haven't said this publicly, but I'm quite frustrated that every interaction with the post office has been basically of them

[Laura_Leff] saying "No way...talk to the hand."

[Maxwell] Heck, I can see him penciling in 3s over the 2s in the stamps he's saved.

[Alan] An OTR set would be nice

[Steve_-__shimp_] OK, this is an organization that has put out how many ugly kitten and flower stamps?

[Maxwell] Yeah...Jack, George & Gracie, Fred Allen, Fibber & Mollie.

[Laura_Leff] And the more support we build, the more staunchly the post office says "This ain't going to fly."

[Laura_Leff] But hey...that's why people go postal.

[Maxwell] You've gotta love the bureaucratic mind.

[Alan] be back in a few

[Laura_Leff] But I keep pushing as much as I can. A lot is in the Congressional hands now.

[Mike_Amo] ditto Alan

[Maxwell] Once they reach a conclusion, nothing you say to disprove it can make them budge.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Hmm...KDKA dates from 1920...the 86th anniversary of commercial radio in the US?

[Laura_Leff] *evil*

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL, you scared the heck out of me with that laugh!

[Laura_Leff] 39th birthday of commercial radio?

[Maxwell] Aren't we coming up on the 80th anniversary of NBC?

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Just trying to intimidate the post office.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I mean, I'm sitting in a dark room all alone here...

[Maxwell] Or have we passed that already?

[Laura_Leff] Maxwell - I think we passed it?

[Laura_Leff] Hey bill...this sounds like something you'd know.

[Laura_Leff] I'd have to look it up.

[Laura_Leff] I can't remember if it started in 1924 or 1926.

[Laura_Leff] OK, bill's being quiet tonight.

[_bill] that one i don't know

[Brad_from_Georgia] NBC began in '26.

[_bill] watching the don knotts tribute

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Ah, too late then. The 2006 stamps are set.

[Brad_from_Georgia] KDKA linked up with four other stations in 1924...sort of the first network.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Aw, Don Knotts - that was a sad one. I loved the NYT obituary where they called him forever "flappable".

[Laura_Leff] I just accepted a verbal job offer last Thursday or I'd think about being at the postal show Alan mentioned.

[Laura Leff] Did you ever see the clip of Don Knotts playing George W. Bush?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Don Knotts was a funny guy. He was a member of Yarmy's Army, along with Eddie Carroll and lots of others.

[Laura Leff] It's a frigging scream.

[Steve_-__shimp_] YES! LOL

[Steve_-__shimp_] dubyamovie.com

[Laura Leff] OK, you know what I'm talking about. :)

[Laura Leff] That's it!

[Laura Leff] har har

[Maxwell] I remember Knotts on the Steve Allen Show in the "Man on the Street" bits.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Maxwell--me too. "

[Maxwell] "Are you nervous?"

[Brad_from_Georgia] NO!

[Maxwell] "Noop!"

[_bill] KABOOM!

[Steve_-__shimp_] I actually really never got into the Andy Griffith show but Don Knotts was one of a kind.

[Brad_from_Georgia] I remember his "weatherman" skit, where the hapless weatherman has nothing to report.

[Brad_from_Georgia] So he makes up a weather system...

[Laura_Leff] Brad - Oh yes, that was great!

[Maxwell] Funny stuff.

[Laura_Leff] You know....the Jack Benny world got smaller a few weeks ago.

[Steve_-__shimp_] How so?

[Laura_Leff] And I've been pretty upset about it because I was in touch with the person

[Brad_from_Georgia] Trivia: Don Knotts had a short-lived variety TV show. One of his costars was...Eddie Carroll.

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-who?

[Laura_Leff] And he and I had been trying to set up an interview for almost 6 months between our respective health problems.

[Laura_Leff] I was waiting for him to tell me when he felt up to it.

[Laura_Leff] And now he's gone.

[Laura_Leff] I'm still pretty upset.

[Laura_Leff] Dale White.

[Laura_Leff] He played Harlow, Don Wilson's son.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Dale, who played Don's son on TV?

[Laura_Leff] That's the one.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Oh, too bad. Very sorry to hear that.

[Mike_Amo] Back...there's a Don Knotts tribute?

[Brad_from_Georgia] Right, Harlow!

[Laura_Leff] I was watching clips of "Harlow Gets a Date" with my chin in my hands, feeling bad.

[_bill] cnn larry king

[Mike_Amo] Sorry to hear about Dale, LL

[Maxwell] That's too bad.

[Brad_from_Georgia] So sorry to hear that!

[Laura_Leff] Yeah, it's a shame. I'm going to call his widow some day this week. They'd been married 55 years

[Laura_Leff] So I'm hoping she can tell me some of Dale's stories.

[Mike_Amo] wow

[Steve_-__shimp_] Did Dale leave the acting business? I seem to recall he didn't have many other credits other than Harlow.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - He had his own production company, but I think that was about all he did.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Didn't he work on the TV show "2 1/2 Men" as director or something? I've seen his name in the credits, I think.

[Laura_Leff] Brad - That's possible...I could tell you more if I'd interviewed him. *Sigh*

[Brad_from_Georgia] Just went over to IMDB, and they say he was "First Assistant Director" on that show.

Steve_-__shimp_ has left the chat.

[Laura_Leff] Oops....Steve's wireless just went out again.

[Laura_Leff] So what other Benny-wise items on your minds tonight?

[Maxwell] Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!

[Laura_Leff] Or should we call it good and go watch Don Knotts and the Oscars and the letter Q?

[Brad_from_Georgia] LL-and Bound-foolish? I know, I had to say it.

[Maxwell] For anybody who has been listening to Jack Benny Month replays on the Nostalgia Digest web site....

[Laura_Leff] Wah wah wah wahhhhhhhh

[_bill] does anyone knoe if any of the Jack Benny dvds are closed captioned or subtitled?

[Maxwell] only tomorrow before the last one gets removed.

Steve_-__shimp_ has joined the chat.

[Maxwell] There's Steve!

[Mike_Amo] Just checking with my friend in LA...she worked with dale

[Laura_Leff] Bill - Doubt it...most of them are all PD bootlegs.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Bill--Ours aren't. Though they have been digitized.

[Alan] ok back

[Steve_-__shimp_] Sorry! I guess I have to do that once or twice a chat.

[Mike_Amo] on with her now...worked with him as an ad on hill street blues

[Steve_-__shimp_] clicking the wrong thing and what not.

[Laura_Leff] Steve - We chalked it up to your wireless

[Steve_-__shimp_] LL, I was going to ask you, re: disappearing Benny actors - if you'd heard of Shirley Mitchell

[Maxwell] Yeah, you didn't have to admit to screwing up.

[Mike_Amo] different one brad! whew!

[Steve_-__shimp_] No, I'm actually on dialup, that was my fault!

[Laura_Leff] Steve - Sure...she played one of the operators after Sara Berner.

[Laura_Leff] And a few other supporting roles

[Brad_from_Georgia] Thanks, Mike.

[Steve_-__shimp_] Shirley's still around and looking good - she had some great interviews on the Petticoat Junction DVDs regarding Bea and Gracie

[Steve_-__shimp_] Allen, etc.

[Mike_Amo] this dale white is, or was, no more than 60

[Mike_Amo] :P

[Laura_Leff] Steve - She is? Gosh...I should get in touch with her!

[Steve_-__shimp_] Yeah!

[Laura_Leff] Mike - too young to be married for 55 years, unless they were in selected foreign countries.

[Maxwell] At least you didn't say, "...and female."

[Laura_Leff] Well, tell you what folks...I had a work-related call come in a little while ago that I need to return.

[Laura_Leff] So what say we call it good for this month?

[Maxwell] Work?

[Maxwell] Work????

[Maxwell] Yeah, what the heck.

[Brad_from_Georgia] Okay. Great chatting with you all again! Goodnight, all. And who let Maynard Krebs in here?

[Steve_-__shimp_] Sounds good - tomorrow's a darn Monday. Funny how they happen after Sundays like that.

[Laura_Leff] I know...the Maxwell doesn't work. :)

[Steve_-__shimp_] LOL. Good night all!

Brad_from_Georgia has left the chat.

[Maxwell] Good night everybody!

[Laura_Leff] Good night, and thanks for stopping!

[Alan] night

[Laura_Leff] Stopping by, that is...