IJBFC Chat - December 4, 2005

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<Maxwell> Hey LL!

<Steve "shimp"> LL! Stamp campaigner extraordinaire!

> Hello again, folks!


<Dennis> hi laura

<Steve "shimp"> It's incredible - people who have no idea of my "Jack" thing have been

mentioning it in conversation...

> Steve - Really? Because of the stamp press?

<Steve "shimp"> Yep!

<Steve "shimp"> I've got some connections with the "greatest generation" because they work for

me as volunteers and they mentioned the stamp campaign

<Maxwell> Man, last week Chuck Schaden mentioned it twice, once during and once after "The

Man Who Came to Dinner," and gave the URL for the web site at least 4 times.

<Steve "shimp"> I was happy to fill them in.

> No kidding! That's FANTASTIC!

> We need people to talk it up.

<Steve "shimp"> Word of mouth is the best way to go.

> Maxwell - Yes...that was the same day I was on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. So it's

hard to say how much of the substantial traffic we got came from which source.

> Hi Ann, welcome in!

<Maxwell> I don't think the Tribune gave your URL.

<Maxwell> So I'd say a lot of it probably came from Schaden.

> Maxwell - That's true, I'm not sure they did. Odd, that.

<Maxwell> Hey, they own the Cubs...need I say more?

> The City of Waukegan is also strongly behind the campaign, and we've got tons of signatures

from Waukegan, Gurnee, etc.

<Steve "shimp"> I'm sure it's easy to find on google too.

> Oh yeah...just look for Jack Benny 39 stamp and it comes right up.

<Ann> Hi Laura, thanks! It's my first time here and I can't stay too long tonight, but I wanted to

join in.

<Steve "shimp"> Welcome Ann.

<Ann> Thanks, Steve!

> Ann - Glad to have you here. Hope that we whet your appetite for more Benny chat!

<Dennis> I heard on CNN hourly news on the radio last week that jack IS going to get the

stamp...and Headline news on tv gave it a good mention of the activity that was going on with

the campaign

> So where was it covered in your area, Steve?

<Steve "shimp"> Some local TV, you have a link to Hampton but I think they got it from CNN>

<Maxwell> I told my brother, who actually remembers Jack on the radio, and he laughed and

said, "That would be appropriate. He was 39 forever, and they should keep him on that stamp

forever...and never raise..

> Dennis - It did? I was interviewed on CNN Radio, but didn't know we'd made TV!

<Maxwell> the rates again.

> When was it on CNN?

<Steve "shimp"> Not sure, but it's definitely making the rounds!

<Dennis> i think last wednesday.

> Yeah, the Savannah newspaper had someone saying "Jack was always 39, so does that

mean that postage rates would be too?"

> Dennis - So CNN radio said that Jack IS going to be on it?

<_bill> wbz (radio) also mentioned it but said it's unlikely as Jack already HAD a stamp?

<Steve "shimp"> Somehow I was walking around with my volunteers and I needed to remember

"39 inches" as a measurement for a cabinet we were moving about and bingo!

> Wouldn't that be a hoot if we were victorious and I didn't even know it yet?

<Maxwell> I wouldn't have that victory party yet.

<Dennis> yeah...but they could have been just mis informed..but that's what they said.

> bill - Ah, so it did make WBZ. I was in Boston and did a media blitz. They didn't interview me,

but I did make the Boston Phoenix.

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, the battle hasn't even begun! I've found some more funny pics of Jack in

colonial gear that is great for the stamp and makes me laugh being surrounded by it in


> bill - When was it on WBZ?

> Maxwell - Oh, I'm not. It's got to be a lot harder than that to get a stamp. Not that I want it to


[Sun Dec 04 17:09:31 GMT-08:00 2005] Barbara:

> Hey Barbara!

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Barbara!

<Maxwell> Hey Barbara!

<Barbara> Hi everyone!

> Barbara - Guess what we're talking about...

<Barbara> What, the stamp?

<Maxwell> Three guesses, and 39 is part of it.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, so what's the big news you teased about on e-mail?

> Barbara - Bingo!

<Maxwell> Yeah, I hate suspense.

<Dennis> hi barbara.

<Maxwell> (I LOVE Suspense, but I hate suspense.)

<Ann> Hi Barbara!

<Barbara> Hi Dennis

> Ah, like Jack gathering his gang, I want to give everyone a chance to get here before I

announce it. :)

<Steve "shimp"> Me too Max. What don't we get points for promptness?

[Sun Dec 04 17:10:51 GMT-08:00 2005] Mae Compani: It's just Mikewats with a jazzier nick

<Barbara> Are you going to say they're going to do it?

<Dennis> lol max.. was just about to say something about that...

> Hi Mae/Mike!

<Maxwell> Dennis why don't you rehearse your song for this week while we wait?

<Mae Compani> Ding! Stockings, third floor

<Ann> Oops, "hi"

<Steve "shimp"> OK, while LL is keeping us in suspense, I've got some trivia about today's episode...

<Barbara> Let's hear it.

<Steve "shimp"> What's the significance of Jack's barber's name, "Drucker"?

> Barbara - Sounds like CNN Radio said that they were going to do it, but we think they may have been a bit over-enthusiastic.

<Maxwell> Did belt buckle at the end?

> But we hope they're right.

<Dennis> try suspenders...they're great in the stretch.

> Steve - Peter Drucker, the author?

<Steve "shimp"> Nope!

<Barbara> That would be great, Laura, with a lot of thanks to you.

<Steve "shimp"> Not a Green Acres ref, either!

> Mr. Natural's Keep on Druckin'?

<Steve "shimp"> LOL, nope.

> Barbara - Thanks. We can only hope.

<Maxwell> Nope. Green Acres wasn't even a gleam in anybody's eye then.

<Dennis> or mr natural..

<Steve "shimp"> Any more guesses?

<Maxwell> Not Mort Drucker from Mad Magazine?

> Well, I'm sure R. Crumb must have had some gleam in his eye then...

<Steve "shimp"> Sorry Max.

> I give up

<Maxwell> Didn't think so.

<Dennis> mad wasn't a magazine then...still a comic book.

> Mad Comix

<Steve "shimp"> "Drucker" was the name of Jack's real life barber according to the Irving Fein biography.

<Barbara> If Laura doesn't know, nobody knows.

> Aha!

<Maxwell> Of course!

> Well, I don't remember every single bit of information. That's why I write books.

<Steve "shimp"> A tip of the hat to the man who would take care of it, with overnight dry cleaning service (kidding).

> Yes, very in keeping with the writers to use a real name like that.

<Maxwell> Gives you a place to look up what you've already researched.

<Barbara> You are sharp, Steve.

> When Jack talks about his friends back home, they're all real names..

<Steve "shimp"> Not really, It was coincidence that I saw it at the same time I had recently heard the show.

> Charles Gordon, Julius Sinykin, etc.

<Barbara> What was the name of that department store. I'm not familiar with it. It was mentioned several times.

<Dennis> it was interesting to hear joseph kearns on the show as theclerk in thestore...

> Yeah, you'd wonder if it was product placement.

<Steve "shimp"> Really? What are some of the real Waukegan names?

<Barbara> Do you suppose they get a kickback from the store? It may not have been illegal then.

> Steve - I always know them when I hear them, but Charles or Buddy Gordon (Jack's cousins), Julius Sinykin, um...I know there

are others...

<Maxwell> Yeah, you usually expect Frank Nelson to be the clerk.

> Barbara - I'd bet they got gift certificates.

<Barbara> If it was a real store. I don't shop in those places.

> Also you'd wonder, since it sounds like a somewhat high-class store, how Mary could afford a shirt there on her salary from


<_bill> Rothchild's

<_bill> (from the script)

> The audience on this show was REALLY hot! They were screaming at everything!

<Barbara> That was a very weak joke of Mary's. Those writers must have been drinking.

> Barbara - Which was a weak joke of Mary's?

<Barbara> When she said her father wore a 57 sleeve so he wouldn't get his gloves dirty.

<Barbara> It didn't get much of a laugh either.

> And notice that this is 1952, but it's pretty clear that Mary is actually in the studio. You get her talking at the same time as

Jack, etc.

<Dennis> ouch...very weak for mary..

> Barbara - Oh yes, that was quite silly.

<Maxwell> An ape joke would have been better.

> It almost sounds at the start like Mary had taken a valium before the performance.

<Steve "shimp"> Otherwise lots of classic bits - Jack's song, Polly, the barbershop skit was reused several times, the phone

"buts" variation,e tc.

<Barbara> As I've said before, she was always there when I saw her in 1952.

> I'm starting to become increasingly convinced that, like Money or your Life being the longest laugh, Mary only recorded her lines

on selected occasions.

<Mae Compani> When was the first time she prerecorded her lines?

> Mae - Still working on that one. Ask me in a couple months.

<Steve "shimp"> Agree LL, I've only heard a scant few that are really obvious.

<Dennis> it was interesting they used the lucky strikes theme for background music to their walk to the store.

<Mae Compani> (makes note)

> Steve - Note that this was 1952, so Jack was already doing the TV show and focusing more effort on it.

> So look at the structure of this show...

<Maxwell> The commercials were excised, so my guess was that that was a commercial lead-in.

<Barbara> Do you think that Jack was really slow in turning the page?

> A gag about "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon"

> That song was written to be a running gag to fill out the radio shows.

<_bill> the barb shop bit was almost exactly the same on tv

<Steve "shimp"> And Dinah Shore...

> The tout, a Kitzel bit, and a barber shop bit.

<Steve "shimp"> Was Dinah ever on the radio show?

> bill - Exactly. So it too was reused, although I'm not sure in which direction.

> Steve - *looking it up*

<Maxwell> I doubt it during that period. She was with NBC then.

<Dennis> the but..but...but...but..but was an over worked joke.

> Steve - 11/19/50

<Maxwell> I thought just the opposite about the but...but...but....

<Steve "shimp"> Dennis, it's a good one that doesn't have a lot of variation possibilities -- and thanks LL!

> Notice how gutsy Jack was in holding that last "but"

<Dennis> but....

<Maxwell> That's what made it. Any less time and it wouldn't have been as funny.

> I think of it like the Si-Sy routine. You know exactly what's coming...just waiting for it.

> Barbara - I wondered about that as well. You'd think after 20 years on radio, Jack would have been on the ball about turning

pages, or would have covered!

<Barbara> It seems that they went through the repoitoire (?) on this show. As Laura said, they were into TV by then.

> But notice that almost every element of the show is stock.

<Steve "shimp"> I love the ever so slight variations - you could do that with Si, Sy - it's very much like Jazz in that way.

> It's like you have all the routines in a bag, and they pulled out about five or six of them.

<Dennis> it seemewd strange without don wilson.

> Steve - You know, that's a great observation! I never thought of that.

<Steve "shimp"> It's the same tune but endless variations...

> Oh, and Polly. Another stock staple.

<Barbara> I always thought Mr. Kitzel was a filler even tho he was good.

> I notice that Blanche is one of the cast names for the manicurists. I wonder if Blanche Stewart had come back to the show.

> Hey bill, do you know who "Jester" is for the shoeshine boys?

<Barbara> I've heard the "this little piggy went to market" before haven't I?

<Steve "shimp"> Polly gags are fun, they can get away with slightly more risque stuff when they transpose it to non human

characters "they tried to tell me I'm too young..."

<Barbara> Hairston?

> Barbara - Probably...this is the exact same bit that we had as a TV clip on the site several months ago.

> Barbara - Ah yes, you're probably right.

<Steve "shimp"> So, LL, is it time for the news yet? (taps foot)

<Barbara> He was on Amos n Andy.

> Barbara - Of course, why didn't I think of that?

> Steve - OK, yes, I think it's time.

<Steve "shimp"> woohoo!

<Maxwell> All RIGHT!

<Dennis> wasn't blanche the name of the burns' neighbor alsoplayed by bea benadarit?

<Maxwell> Yup.

<Maxwell> Blanche Morton.

> Well folks, I've been working on this since June, and finally the contracts have been signed.

<Mae Compani> (breaks in regular broadcast with a bulletin)

<Steve "shimp"> contracts!

<Mae Compani> Contracts?

<Maxwell> This has to be good, then.

> This idea came up during the Boston dinner back in June, where Joanna (Jack's granddaughter) and her husband Brad attended.

We were at the same table.

<Barbara> How about a drum roll.

> And we were talking about the business side of the Benny image.

> So now...

<Dennis> we don't need no stinkin contracts

> you are talking to the new agent of the Jack Benny Estate.

<Steve "shimp"> Franklin mint, please be franklin mint!

<Maxwell> Cool!!!!!

<Steve "shimp"> LL, that's great, congratulations!

> I am now officially responsible for getting Jack back in the public eye.

<Mae Compani> Yay!

> Steve - Hey, that was on the action plan that I proposed to them!

<Steve "shimp"> And just kidding about the Franklin mint...

<Barbara> That's great, Laura. I thought mayabe you were pregnant.

<Maxwell> Congratulations! And if your work on the stamp is any indication, you're the right person for the job.

> Barbara - Dear God, no!

<Mae Compani> LOL

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, boy. Well, make it GOOD franklin mint! I know you'll do jack proud LL.

<Dennis> congrats and many accolades to you LL.

<Barbara> What will you be doing, Laura?

> Thanks very much, everyone. I'm pretty excited. If I do it right, maybe Jack Benny *could* be my full-time job.

<Steve "shimp"> Just hold back the elves and 14k gold accents and it will be classy.

> Barbara - Lots of stuff on the action plan, starting with a television syndication package.

<Maxwell> It's about time!

<Barbara> I don't like to be mercenary, but is there money involved?

> Also things like getting Jack on American Masters, marketing of the radio shows, etc.

> Barbara - For me, there is. A percentage, just like any good agent.

<Dennis> saw a boxed set of benny shows (15) for about ten bucks in a video store.

<_bill> i was wondering if showtime would be interested in doing something with Benny like they did with Gleason and lost


<Barbara> To think that we knew you when, Laura.

> I've suggested that the club be used as a test market for products (e.g., T-shirts, mugs, etc.).

<Steve "shimp"> I am so excited! So many projects fail for the reason that the people representing the product don't understand

the market for them. LL, you're the perfect person!

> Dennis - Could you find out who the producing company on that is?

<Barbara> You were born for that job.

> bill - Say more about that...I don't get Showtime.

<Dennis> yeah, i might pick up the set and i'll make a note of it.

<Mae Compani> Will there ever be an official DVD release of Benny shows?

<_bill> gleason went to them first to release his lost honeymooners

<Maxwell> If LL has her way there will.

> Mae - That's part of what I need to do. I want to get it on TV to get people watching it and liking it, and DVD sets would be an


> Specials, too.

<Steve "shimp"> Dennis, that was probably the Diamond Entertainment set if it was 15 episodes - or Goodtimes who just went


> bill - Aha...I didn't know that. *Mental note*

<_bill> i could see something lke showtime doing 3 eps back to back with some host would run about a year

<Dennis> cptv during pledge drives for starters, maybe

[Sun Dec 04 17:32:20 GMT-08:00 2005] Tanya Shaw:

> I've done the research on PD shows vs. those still owned by MCA, so I need to check prices and do some negotiating.

> Hey Tanya!

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Tanya!

<Maxwell> Hey Tanya

<Dennis> hi tanya

> Some of the guests, like Carol Burnett, are still around. Would love to have their commentary, much like Star Trek did for the

Sci Fi channel.

<_bill> possibly a benny/amos and andy revival package

<Mae Compani> A DVD package with...special features? Interviews? Commercials? Guest spots? (drools)

> Mae - Could be!

<Steve "shimp"> Carol Burnett did a commentary for her Here's Lucy episode - I'm sure she would with Jack.

<Maxwell> A&A might be a harder sell.

<_bill> but i think showtime is viacom still so they may have the rights

<Tanya Shaw> Hi everyone!

> bill - Funny you should mention that, because I have done a pitch to Oprah to have Elizabeth McLeod and myself on her show to

discuss vintage racial portrayals, and how we can interpret them today.

[Sun Dec 04 17:34:07 GMT-08:00 2005] barb: ??

<Mae Compani> Cartoons? Clips from specials? Old promos? (drools some more)

> Hello barb...are you the same as Barbara?

<Steve "shimp"> So, LL, what's the first official action in your new capacity?

<barb> hi there laura...... barb from waukegan. how are you?

> Steve - Actually, I've done it. I negotiated the deal for the inclusion of Jack in this week's TV Guide's 100 Most Unexpected TV


<Mae Compani> That sounds like a fantastic idea, Laura (Oprah)

> Oh barb!!!!!! Hi, welcome in!

<Steve "shimp"> The "Miser" password clue?

> Steve - That's it.

<barb> lol.... hi laura!

> Hey folks, hold up a second, I need to make an introduction.

<Mae Compani> And nobody would be better than Elizabeth McLeod to help with that

<Steve "shimp"> Great! Way better than "money or your life"

<Maxwell> I'll never forget that Password episode.

<barb> evening everyone, and welcome to the show

> barb is a teacher at Jack Benny Middle School, and is helping out significantly with the stamp campaign.

<Tanya Shaw> Does anyone know exactly where in St. Joseph, MO the Jack Benny statue was built? I was there in October, and

no one knew what I was

<Tanya Shaw> talking about.

> Tanya - Actually, I contacted them about a year and a half ago about that. Seems that was a gag, there never was a statue


<barb> we were in the paper again, laura

<Steve "shimp"> barb, you're the one that had the kids write letters??? Fantastic!

<Maxwell> Which paper?

<Tanya Shaw> You're kidding me????

> Tanya - and I donated a copy of the St. Joe show to the city.

<barb> yep steve. thanks

> barb - We are? Tell me!

> Where, when, what?

[Sun Dec 04 17:36:50 GMT-08:00 2005] Alan:

<Steve "shimp"> LL, would be great if you could post a letter or two from the kids on the website...passing the torch to new

generations and all - if it is OK with barb and the kids.

<barb> the daily herald.... chicago newspaper. i was waiting for it to come out, which it did today. now i'll send both clips to you

<Maxwell> Hi Alan

> Hi Alan...welcome to the happenin' Benny room!

<Alan> Hi Everyone!

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Alan.

> barb - Oh great! They interviewed me last week.

<barb> steve - i'll see what i can do about that

> barb - Is it on the Web?

<Maxwell> barb, do you know if it's on their web site?

<barb> lol - they interviewed me too, and came to school taking pics of kids writing letters

<barb> yep it is max

<barb> under daily herald

<Steve "shimp"> The bits they put from the letters in the papers were wonderful.

> barb - Oh that's so very cool! So tell us what you're doing at the school!

<barb> chicago

<_bill> you might also try to get on "on demand" (digital cable some systems)

<Barbara> Is there any way you could get Joan involved, Laura?

> Barbara - She and I have corresponded a bit about it, but I haven't made any requests of her. That was also within the first day or

two of the campaign.

<Tanya Shaw> Do you know about 6 staff members at the Holiday Inn in downtown St. Joeseph was trying to find out for me

where the statue was at? Staff were calling up their family members at home asking for help!

> *holds hands in the air* Baruch atah Adonai, eloheinu melech ha olam...

<barb> i showed them some benny on dvd, we talked about benny, and they wrote letters. some were confused and thought we

were asking for the school to be on a stamp. lol

<Maxwell> I'm checking out the article now.

> Tanya - Wow...I went right to the Mayor. They had someone on their staff research it for me.

<Steve "shimp"> Barb, very cool and what a great way to do local history. Waukegan should be represented with a Ray Bradbury

stamp too but that's another issue!

<barb> there's a statue in downtown waukegan too......\

<Tanya Shaw> Bless the hotel staff! They tried in vain to find out for me where it was at! :-)

> I'll check the article after the chat. So Barb...tell us more about what the action plan is at the school!

<Barbara> There's also a statue in North Hollywood.

<barb> well, another teacher joined in and had one of his classes write

> barb - David and I were talking about the possibility of having the statue hold a sign saying "I'd pay 39 cents for a Jack Benny


<barb> if i'd had the time i would have liked to have made it a school wide campaign

> Barbara - The one at the Academy?

<Maxwell> Good article!

<Barbara> Yes.

<barb> a few kids who like to visit me wrote letters too

> barb - I suppose you still can...get people fueled up from being in the newspaper.

<Maxwell> Bradbury will get on a stamp when they put one out that costs $4.51.

<Steve "shimp"> Max, then they'll all catch fire!

<barb> i can talk to the principal about it.

<barb> lol max

> I've been gettin additional publicity by saying, "Hey, we've been on the front page of the Chicago Tribune, on CNN, Associated

Press...why aren't you with it?"

<Alan> that might be soon!

<Alan> The 39 cent rate will be a short lived one

<barb> we were on cnn too?????

> barb - They interviewed me the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but it sounds like it was on again last week.

> Steve?

> Weren't you the one who'd seen it?

<Alan> Laura, are you trying for the 2006 or 2007 year

<barb> oh no!!!! i missed it!

<Barbara> Did you get the article in the L.A. Times yet, Laura?

<Steve "shimp"> It's all hearsay - second hand, I'm afraid. Can't give you a day/time.

> Alan - I'll try for whenever there's a 39 cent stamp!

<barb> not me, laura

> Barbara - Yes, Dan picked up a copy for me.

> barb - That's OK, I missed it too. At least we made it!

<Alan> Hopefully the rate will last, but I've read that it will probably increase again next year

<Steve "shimp"> Could check the cnn website though.

<barb> that's the important thing. you sure know how to get publicity, laura

<Dennis> Laura, how can someone contact you for an interview? I know the guy who has a morning show on our local station who

MIGHT like to talk to you about the campaign, but he doesn't really go for too many

> Alan - Yes, I've read that as well. So we may be working with a very narrow window.

<barb> good idea, steve

> Dennis - Contact me at president@jackbenny.org. I've been doing a lot of interviews.

<Dennis> things that ARENN'T HIS idea.

> Dennis - Ah the NIH syndrome.

<Tanya Shaw> which portrait would any of you suggest for the stamp? A photo or sketch perhaps? Any come to mind?

> Ann - Hope you're enjoying this...feel free to throw out a question!

<Maxwell> barb, have you tried contacting the Sun-Times or Daily Southtown in Chicago?

<barb> ok.... chat is the first sunday of the month? sunday nights at 7?

<barb> photo

<Alan> I'd love to see a Benny stamp, it's hard to get a commem added to an announced year

> Tanya - Well, I've got the one on the Web page, but I'm not married to it. Some have suggested the Bouche line drawing.

<barb> no i haven't max.... i can sure try it

<Alan> I hope it works, I've signed the petition

<barb> i'd like to get the waukegan sun too

> barb - Right...Sunday at 7. First Sunday, unless there's a holiday conflict or I'm not available.

<Tanya Shaw> is that drawing the one at the beginning of his TV show?

<Steve "shimp"> Just searched CNN website, nothing.

<barb> ok laura

> barb - Call Dan Moran. He's already done a piece on us once...would be a great follow-up. Tell him I sent you.

<Maxwell> There are also a bunch of Suburban Papers like the Herald-News in Joliet, the Beacon News in Aurora, etc. They used

to be Copley papers, but I don't know who runs them now.

> Tanya - That's it.

<_bill> google benny stamp about 4 hits including cbs5

<Mae Compani> The line drawing sounds great, if it would reproduce well at that small a size

<barb> now i'm NOT sure about this, but i believe someone at school said the mayor in waukegan is talking about launching a city

wide campaign???

<Steve "shimp"> Is the Bouche under copyright?

> Mae - That's the thing...might want to use a close up of the face.

<barb> ok. let me write these things down

> Steve - Not sure, but it would be CBS if it's anyone who owns it.

<Tanya Shaw> that would be a very nice stamp.......him in his typical pose with his hand on his chin

<Dennis> classic hand to the cheek looking at us straight might be wise.

> barb - The City sent out an E-mail to all its movers and shakers, and we've gotten TONS of sigs from Waukegan, Gurnee, etc.

> See, there are so many good photos of Jack. He was extremely photogenic. So you could go a lot of ways with it.

<Steve "shimp"> I'd love to see a more atypical, relaxed portrait of Jack "the man" not the character but that is a real long shot.

<barb> laura - who is dan moran with? sun times?

> Say...let me test an idea here...

> Barb - Yes, Waukegan Sun Times.

<Maxwell> The Sun-Times is a Chicago paper.

<Barbara> I have a 29 cent stamp of Jack which is a caricature of him playing the violin.

> look for the article on suburbanchicagonews...or better yet, go to the stamp campaign link on www.jackbenny.org and click on

the Waukegan Sun-Times link.

> Max - Oh duh...you're right...Waukegan News-Sun.

> Barbara - By Hirschfeld.

<Tanya Shaw> don't mean to get off your subject, but I have to ask this question. Can anyone tell me who Jim Clinton was in the

1950s? There's a joke about him in the opening monologe of the JB show with Bob Hope

> I'll defer to the room on that one.

<Maxwell> I was a kid then, and I have no idea.

> Bill Clinton's father?

<barb> steve - one of our teachers is a graphic artist, and he's working on a "stamp" of jack to hang in the hallways. he's using a

picture of jack the man.... i rather like that idea

> barb - Great! You'll have to take a photo or scan it and I can put it on the Web.

<Steve "shimp"> barb, we'd love to see it!

<Tanya Shaw> I've tried to find stuff on the internet, but only come across stuff on a baseball player from the 1980s I believe

<Barbara> Is there a photo of Jack when he was really 39?

> barb - See what you got yourself into by expressing interest to me? ;)

<barb> ok. i'll ask him about that too

<Dennis> being that the 39 cent stamp is important, I think a photo of the man and NOT a drawing is the way to go.

<barb> lol laura..... i appreciate it!

> Barbara - I'm sure I could find one...that would have been 1933.

<barb> i agree..... i'd like to see a photo of the man

> Barbara - But not many people would recognize him as Jack from then.

<Barbara> I think I would prefer a photo also.

> Yeah, same here.

<Steve "shimp"> The way I understand it is that the citizen's board approves the concept - and then they go ahead and select the

artist - it's not really up to those who initiate the campaign, but that shouldn't stop

<Steve "shimp"> us from making suggestions.

> So let me float an idea and see what people think...

<Maxwell> One of you might want to try to get an interview with Chuck Schaden on his radio show (WDCB in Glen Ellyn). He's a

big Benny fan, and he and his wife both signed the petition.

> I've been investigating the permits, etc. in doing this but.........

<barb> i think they'd recognize him. and if they don't, they will afterward

> What about a march on Washington and a rally on the Capitol steps on Jack's birthday?

<Dennis> something classic from the late forties to the early fifties, before he wor his glasses all the time.

<Alan> That is right Steve, once the concept is approved, they have control over what portrait, etc.
<_bill> a parade of maxwells?
<Steve "shimp"> Hey LL, I'm there! Only 2 1/2 hours from me, and I will give anyone that wants it the Williamsburg tour.
<Tanya Shaw> yes! A parade of Maxwells!!! I love it!!!!! :-)
<barb> max - i've been to chuck's store. they have a lot of great things. it was through his radio show that my son waqs introduced to jack
<Laura Leff> I don't know if I could get Maxwells, but I could try for at least one...
<barb> my son was*
<Maxwell> I was gonna say waqs is an odd name.
<barb> lol
<Laura Leff> Sounds like a radio station - WAQS
<barb> lol....
<barb> join the waqs
<Laura Leff> Dennis - ROFLMAO
<barb> lol dennis
<Laura Leff> And here's what I'd like to call it, not that you mention that...............
<Tanya Shaw> .............a dream of a turkey!
<Steve "shimp"> LL, usually around Feb I have a good chest cold going so I can make the Maxwell sound effects and push it along. You've got to improvise without Mel.
<Laura Leff> "The 39 Man March"
<Laura Leff> Hello Lamont!
<Lamont_Cranston> Hello
<Maxwell> Hi Shadow.
<Dennis> no the 39 CENT man march...
<Steve "shimp"> Hi Lamont, you're the shadow, not Fred Sanford's son...?
<barb> lol laura
<Tanya Shaw> I love it! the 39 man march! classic! I'm about to fall over with laughter!!
<Lamont_Cranston> Watch it, or I'll send Aunt Esther after you, heathen....
<Laura Leff> Well, Jack is "the 39 man". So it doesn't mean how many are in the march, it's about Jack!
<Steve "shimp"> LOL, ah, rest in peace LaWanda.
<Laura Leff> So I'm checking around to see what would be involved in that. Don't know if we'll do it yet.
<Maxwell> Parade permits for one thing.
<Dennis> can we swim in the potomac?
<Laura Leff> Would also like to top it off with meeting with a congressperson or something. We may already have someone lined up.
<Steve "shimp"> Well, keep me posted since I think I'm the closest geographically. I can put up a Benny fan or two!

<Maxwell> In February?

> Ah...need the last couple screen pages, please.

<_bill> ll goes to washington

<Maxwell> Only a polar bear (Carmichael?) would do that!

<barb> when do we have to get this stuff in?

<Steve "shimp"> LL, to president@jackbenny.org?

> Since Dennis' "something from the late 40s or early 50s"

> Steve - Yes, please.

<Steve "shimp"> just sent.

> barb - ASAP. No particular deadline, but they haven't yet announced the 2006 stamps yet.

> Steve - Thanks much.

<Alan> haven't announced 2006 stamps? Who hasn't?

<barb> i understand they'll be announcing at the end of the month

> Alan - The Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee.

<Alan> no, the 2006 stamp program was announced in August

> barb - Right, that's what I heard too.

> Alan - It was?

<Alan> yeah, that is what I was saying, it would be tough

<Alan> go to www.virtualstampclub.com

<Alan> there is a thread there too on this issue (I am a stamp collector)

<Dennis> Help "STAMP" in 2006 with the Jack Benny 39 cent stamp..

<Alan> the 2006 program was announced in August (it is every August for the year ahead)

> Alan - Hmmm...I'd seen our mention, but the Chicago Tribune reported they weren't out yet.

<Alan> let me find the link, hold on

> Well, then we need to make some noise!

<Maxwell> NOISE!

<Mae Compani> Why i

<Alan> www.virtualstampclub.com/2006usnew.html

<Alan> there it is

> OK, I'll check it out. But since we don't know when rates will go up, I'm not dimmed.

<Mae Compani> Why is the 39 cent rate not expected to last long?

<Alan> no, keep up the fight, because the rates may go up mid year 2007, I think your best bet is for 2007

<Alan> the rate change is not a sure thing, I would keep fighting for the stamp!

<Barbara> They seem to go up about every 2 years.

<Steve "shimp"> Don't they go through that annoying process of issuing lettered rate "make-up" stamps for awhile with the 34s?

<Steve "shimp"> Or 37s?

<barb> i thought the rate is going to 39 in jan.....

> There's been so much enthusiasm from everyone saying that a Jack Benny 39-cent stamp is "perfect"...

<Alan> The 37 cent rate has been in effect since July 2002 I believe

<Alan> it will be 39 cents in January

> Alan - Oh we've got too much momentum to stop now!

> barb - It is...Jan 8th.

<Alan> I've read that they will submit another increase, but the 37 cent rate may last LONGER than a year

<Alan> so maybe we can try for a birthday release in 2007

<Mae Compani> So would it be likely to stay 39 throughout 2007, then?

> Alan - Ah, that's a great idea.

<Alan> no, I've read they will probably try to get a rate increase soon, but it could be mid year 2007

<Steve "shimp"> IMHO, Jack should be the first 39 stamp, but I'll take what I can get!

<Mae Compani> Ah, just saw what Alan typed

<Alan> that is early in the year, you have to keep up the pressure

<Barbara> What do you think Jack would think of this?

> Let's see...Jack would have been 103, or 39 65 times over.

<Steve "shimp"> Like the Savannah quote, once it's 39, it's STAYING 39!

<Alan> I actually went to the APS (American Philatelic Society) show in 2004, one of the meetings was with a member of the

Citizen's Board...

<Alan> he talked about the selection process, etc.

<Alan> said they usually work a couple of years ahead, so it is really important to make as much noise as possible!

<Steve "shimp"> LL, Karl Malden is on the stamp advisory board, did he ever work with Jack?

<Mae Compani> (typing slow tonight, new puppy sleeping on my right arm)

> Alan - It's a very valid point, and one I've kept in mind. I didn't want to start the campaign if they were going direct to 42 cents.

> Steve - I've thought about that...not to my knowledge. But I will pitch directly to him.

<Barbara> If it goes to 42, I'm sending only e-mails.

<Alan> lol Barbara

<Alan> that is why it is going up, reduction of first class mail

<Mae Compani> Me too, Barbara

> Alan - Yup, that's exactly what I'm trying to do.

<Maxwell> And the reduction is because...


<Barbara> I'm going to have to leave soon, but congratulations, Laura! There's not another person on this earth more qualified for

the job.

> I've had a few people say that they don't use stamps much any more, do everything electronically.

<Alan> you're welcome to contact me with any stamp collecting questions, I tend to follow these things closely. Talking to the

people at the Virtual Stamp Club (it is free membership) is a good idea too to..

<Alan> bounce some ideas, etc.

> Barbara - Thanks very much. Here's hoping for success in every avenue!

<Steve "shimp"> You know, when you compare what Fed Ex or UPS charge to mail things, 39 cents to get an ounce anywhere in

the US in a couple of days is still a steal.

> Alan - That would be great. Could you drop me an E-mail at president@jackbenny.org?

<Alan> It is Steve, with inflation, the postage rate really is a good deal

<Barbara> Happy holidays everyone, and a Happy New Year!

> Take care, Barbara!

<Mae Compani> You too, Barbara

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Barbara! Always a pleasure.

<Maxwell> Same to you, Barbara!

<Dennis> bye barabra

<barb> we've said that considering jack's character was "cheap," it would help the post office to have a "cheap" guy on the stamp

<Dennis> barbra

> So what else can we do to make some noise around the stamp?

<Barbara> Keep us posted, Laura. I think a new day is dawning.

<barb> bye barbara

<Alan> just did Laura

> Alan - Thanks much.

<Alan> I also have an idea for you

> Alan - OK, shoot.

<barb> i have to go take care of some things. how long are you all here?

<Alan> create some sort of banner ad about the idea, and ask stamp dealers to put it on their site

<Alan> maybe to sign the petition

<Alan> I have a stamp site, I would post it there

<Dennis> i'll talk to my guy at the radio station.

> barb - I have to go at 7:30 to do my weekly spot on Yesterday USA. But it's basically until the conversation runs out.

<Mae Compani> Write some big time bloggers, like Instapundit

<Tanya Shaw> I've got to get too. Thanks for the answers. It was nice talking to all of you!

<Steve "shimp"> Hey Alan, I made a banner and it's on the main site.

<barb> what's yesterday usa?

<Alan> ok, I will have to check it out Steve

> Alan - Ah, I have something like that on the campaign page...an animated GIF.

<Dennis> bye tanya.

> Have fun, Tanya!

<barb> bye tanya

<Steve "shimp"> bye Tanya

> barb - It's a satellite radio service. Look on www.jackbenny.org under Events.

<barb> ok good deal. i'm learning so much!! why didn't i become a member long ago?

> barb - We're awfully glad to have you now!

> Alan - How can I get the contacts of the stamp sites?

<barb> awww, thanks, laura. i'm glad to be here....

<Lamont_Cranston> Has anyone here listened to Sirius Sattelite to their old radio show station?

<_bill> what's tonight song going to be there hasn't been one in awhile

<Maxwell> I still don't have satellite radio.

> Lamont - Mae is a big fan of XM...I've heard the Sirius site when I had it in a rental car.

<barb> ok..... things to do. i'll try to come back. if not, merry christmas all, and if anyone asks you to hit a watch with a hammer,

don't do it!!

> barb - Har har...all the best. Thanks!

<Alan> one place to go is the American Philatelic Society...

<Alan> www.stamps.org

<Maxwell> Merry Christmas barb!

<Mae Compani> I listened to it a couple of times, I didn't like them breaking in the middle for promos

<Steve "shimp"> LOL barb.

<Alan> they have a dealer directory

<Lamont_Cranston> I'm trying to decide between XM and Sirius. XM now has stations on DirecTV, but not the old radio show


<barb> merry christmas!

> Alan - OK, I'll check that out.

<Steve "shimp"> Satellite radio sounds great but I guess I'm Bennyesque in getting annoyed having to pay for things that used to

be free!

> Lamont - But I know XM plays Benny shows...I helped make the connections for that deal.

<Alan> you also may want to visit the Virtual Stamp Club, and post about the link collectors and dealers can add to their site

<Maxwell> Steve, look at it this way. There wasn't satellite radio for free. Just AM and FM.

> Alan - OK...making notes...

> Lamont - Which one has Howard Stern on it? That may be the VHS that takes off over Beta.

<barb> oh -- if for any reason someone wants to get hold of me, i can be reached at MyOwnMadMnd@aol.com

<Maxwell> Sirius.

<Maxwell> Has Stern.

<Steve "shimp"> Max, which has Bob Edwards? I miss my old Morning Edition...

<Lamont_Cranston> Sirius is getting Howard Stern in January

<barb> byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

<Steve "shimp"> bye barb, thanks for campaigning!

> One of these days I'm going to be on American in the Morning, the Jim Bohannon show.

<Maxwell> I don't know. I don't have satellite radio yet.

> barb's great...so glad she's on board.

<Alan> I am close to getting Satellite radio, listening to XM on the internet

<Alan> Frank's Place lol

<Maxwell> I'm waiting to get another car so I can install it new.

<Lamont_Cranston> That Jim Bohannon knows alot about alot if different things...

<Steve "shimp"> LOL, Max, you're still an advocate though!

<Alan> I used to listen to Jim when he subbed for Larry King when he had a radio show, I like him too

<Maxwell> Yeah, my son had it for awhile.

<Maxwell> He had XM.

> Lamont - They've already interviewed me for it, and he was on vacation.

<Dennis> I tried to get our local station interested in a otr program on the weekend, but they say it wouldn't "fit" in with their new


> Dennis - Sounds like what happened at KNX.

<Alan> thankfully there are other options than just AM and FM these days

<Alan> no more OTR on KNX?

<Alan> I used to listen when I lived in LA

<Maxwell> True. AM and FM these days are horrible.

> Alan - No more. Someone took it over and totally changed it.

<Dennis> Any help in how I might sway them towards my thinking?

<Alan> that is too bad, it was really cool!

> Dennis - What's their format/demographic?

<Mae Compani> We had a great OTR weekend show on our local AM station...six hours on Sunday night...but the station went to

a sports talk satellite feed

<Steve "shimp"> You know with podcasting becoming the "in" thing it might be something to consider down the road - a Benny ep

followed by analysis and commentary from us fans.

<Alan> that is a great idea Steve!

> Steve - We're looking at that as part of the Estate work. Not so much the fan commentary, but podcasting Benny shows.

<Steve "shimp"> That'd be wonderful LL!

<Maxwell> Enough to make me want an IPod.

<Alan> What I would love to see is Jack Benny tv programs on DVD like other shows

<Mae Compani> You don't need an iPod to listen to a podcast

> with the new video IPod, we could do Benny shows on it too.

<Alan> I think that would be great!

<Steve "shimp"> Max you don't need an Ipod, you can just drop them onto your computer.

<Dennis> They have a lot of older people, like eniors and shut-ins, but their trying to become more 'exciting' and and 'active' by

plaing satellite 60's sounds.

<Alan> yeah, I use itunes, I don't own an ipod yet

> Alan - That's on the list. I'd like to do an infomercial with the specials like the Dean Martin items.

<Maxwell> No, they're becoming "cheaper" by going to satellite.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, would those be the specials or the episodes?

<Alan> that is great Laura, I've been buying vhs programs here and there, even have one from 1981 (home taped) that was a

special with...

> Dennis - Ah, I went through a station that was having that transition. It's a tough time.

<Alan> Johnny Carson, Bob Hope and Geoge Burns

<Maxwell> Please! DON'T use Regis!!!!!

> Steve - Both.

<Steve "shimp"> Ooh, cool!

<Mae Compani> You think you could get Regis for the infomercial?

<Mae Compani> lol

> Maxwell - Regis for the infomercial?

<Maxwell> Yeah.

<Dennis> Used to be 'music of your life', but now, they are the 'rockin' oldies'

> Maxwell - What is he doing?

<Steve "shimp"> Second Maxwell's opinion, no regis! he's LOUD!

<Maxwell> Dean Martin.

<Lamont_Cranston> Regis is going to be the host of the new "This is your life" show

> Dennis - Yup. We went from easy listening to "urban adult contemporary" (???) to oldies while I was DJ there.

<Alan> Regis would be too expensive I think

<Maxwell> And when Ralph Edwards heard the news, he died.

<Steve "shimp"> Regis, I've heard Groucho...you're no groucho!

> Maxwell - Ah, it's been too long since I've seen those.

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, not "You Bet Your LIfe!

<Maxwell> I saw it again just the other day.

<Steve "shimp"> Cracking up, Maxwell.

> Now Stan Freeberg...if we could just wrest him from MediaBay...

<Dennis> I'm not giving up on the concept, or trying to get them to put an otr show on. I may be a one-man campaign, but I ain't

giving up.

> Dennis - They cancelled my Big Band Saturday Night slot in the change.

<_bill> or Mel blanc's son?

> Dennis - Good for you! If you can just get someone who believes in the concept, that will help a lot.

> bill - Not a bad idea...I have been in touch with Noel in the past.

<Dennis> thanks laura.

<Maxwell> LL: I can give you a location for a weekly two hours of big bands on Saturday mornings.

> Dennis - A tip also. If you can get advertisers to step up to say they'd support it, that speaks louder to the stations. Money


<Maxwell> About 9:00 a.m. your time.

> Maxwell - For my own show, or to listen to it?

<Lamont_Cranston> I'd go after Sid Caesar or Carl Reinder for the infomercial

<Maxwell> To listen to.

<Maxwell> Carl Reindeer?

<Steve "shimp"> Carl Reiner'd be great - lots of classy comedians who aren't "quite" Benny but in the same upper eschelon -

Cosby, Mary Tyler Moore, etc.

> Lamont - Interesting idea...I've talked with both of them in the process of doing the convention a couple years ago.

<Dennis> yeah, but i have a disability and it's extremely difficult to get around to advertisers, especially when you don't have a

car...and like I said, i'm a one-man campaign...

<Lamont_Cranston> Reiner

> Carol Burnett

> Smothers Brothers

<Steve "shimp"> Good ones, LL!

<Maxwell> Carl Reindeer sounds like a character from an old Merrie Melodies...Like Jack Bunny.

<Maxwell> Too bad Carson is dead.

<Steve "shimp"> What the heck have the smothers bros done lately? I bet they're hanging with the smithers sisters!

> I love to sing-a, about the sun-a and the moon-a and the spring-a...

> Steve - LOL

> Steve - They're still doing live stage work.

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, good. I'm not a big fan but enjoy them.

<Maxwell> Yeah, they played in Aurora, IL earlier this year.

> I'd love to get someone like Cosby to endorse it, and take care of any racial allegations. I know Bernie Mac is a Benny fan.

> I grew up with my mother's Cosby and Smothers Brothers comedy albums.

<Steve "shimp"> Well, Cosby stirs the pot on those issues - Bernie Mac'd be a real score!

<Maxwell> Thanks for making me feel very old.

<Lamont_Cranston> How about Bill Cosby to do it

> Max - Sorry. ;)

> Lamont - I'd love to if he'd do it.

> I saw him at the first performance of the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, but he didn't mention Jack.

<Lamont_Cranston> He used to be a spokesman for Jell-o, He'd be perfect

<Dennis> Cosby's thing about the chicken heart from light out was funny , but got much funnier when I found out there really WAS

an episode about a chicken heart.

> Lamont - I know...that crossed my mind!

<Mae Compani> "Think Ethnic" is one of the favorite 60s albums

> Dennis - That used to be my favorite Cos routines.

> routine

<Steve "shimp"> I've heard the Oboler bit but not Cosby's riff on it!

<Maxwell> Ditto on Chicken Heart.

> Some day I'll hear Oboler's version.

<Maxwell> Especially after I heard the Light's Out episode.

> Hey, and he spreads Jell-O all over the kitchen floor!

> I never made that connection!

> Just before setting the sofa on fire.

> (Apologies to anyone who hasn't heard the Cosby version.)

> So....what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind?

<Steve "shimp"> Which Cosby album is that on?

<Dennis> it is priceless. cosby's dad: Here's my kid. He set the couch on fire to save us from THOOMP THOOMP ...THOOMP


> Steve - Wonderfulness.

> Steve - 1st cut, side 2

<Steve "shimp"> OK, will check that out, thanks!

> Steve - Well worth it!

> Dennis - Pretty good rendition of that.

<Maxwell> One of the funniest bits I've ever heard in my life.

<Mae Compani> Anybody pick up the Looney Tunes vol. 3 DVD set?

<Alan> be back in a few...

> Mae - Is that the one with Mouse?

<Mae Compani> Yup

<Maxwell> Not yet.

<Steve "shimp"> So it's the holiday season, what is Jack planning on getting for Don in the year 2005? And what will he exchange

it for?

<Dennis> any good mae...as if it wouldn't be....

> Mouse was the first thing I transferred to DVD, so I wasn't heavily compelled...

<Steve "shimp"> An iPod that plays 34 songs, or 42 songs...

> Steve - Hey, now that's a good question.

> An iPod with or without video.

> An iPod or an iPod shuffle.

<Steve "shimp"> With a leather case, or a vinyl case.

<Steve "shimp"> Actually, Jack would be getting JUST the case!

<Dennis> headphones or earplugs...

> Steve - I was thinking that an iPod would be a little rich for Jack's blood!

<_bill> just the cable with metal tips

<Mae Compani> Dennis, I haven't gotten it yet, but I've asked Santa for it

> A Tickle Me Elmo or a Cabbage Patch Doll

<Steve "shimp"> Playstation 3 or Vic 20?

> An Xbox....um...I don't know what the options are on that.

<Lamont_Cranston> Instead of laces for his shoes, penny's for his loafers

<Dennis> well mae... lony tunes is a guarnteed gootime.

<Dennis> i can't type any more....

<Steve "shimp"> Anti-viral or lotion-infused Kleenex?

> Steve - LOL

<Mae Compani> The listings look good...I was curious about how pristine the prints were since vol. 1

> Does Ivory soap still float?

<Maxwell> Yup.

<Mae Compani> Yes!

> Even in the pump bottle?

<Maxwell> Put a sail on it and call it a yacht.

<Maxwell> Nope.

<Mae Compani> IT's cheap, too...3 bars for 82 cents

<Lamont_Cranston> Just drop the whole pump bottlie in the water to find out

<Dennis> sneakers...velcro strips or laces...

> Lamont - I was thinking of that.

> Dennis - I can just hear Jack asking for Nikes.

> Oh...I know I know....

> a membership to Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers

<Dennis> lol ll

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, he'd make Don go to Curves!

<Maxwell> Or a Weight Watchers TV Dinner.

> Steve - Good one!

<Steve "shimp"> In a tutu!

> I can see it all now...

<Dennis> Don wilson on the Biggest Loser.

<Lamont_Cranston> A carton of Lucky's, but should I get menthol, 100's, hard box, soft box,....

> A dying hibiscus...

> I understand that Luckies are no longer free and easy on the draw.

<Steve "shimp"> A compact fluorescent or a regular light bulb?

> Steve - Great topic, BTW.

<Maxwell> Now there's a dilemma!

<Maxwell> Cheaper initial cost vs. savings over the lifetime of the bulb.

<Dennis> cost saver or regular white?

> Safeway aluminum foil or Reynolds Wrap?

<Mae Compani> Regular white, and don't use it as much

<Dennis> 60 watt or 100 watt..or 75 watt or....

<Maxwell> 40 watt.

<Mae Compani> 40 watt\

<Lamont_Cranston> 39 watt

<Mae Compani> lol

> Lamont - LOL

<Maxwell> Too bad they don't make those!

<Steve "shimp"> A packet of listerine cool strips or a binaca spray?

<Dennis> plar

> JACK BENNY ON A 39-WATT LIGHT BULB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<Dennis> plastic wrap or waxed paper?

<Steve "shimp"> LOL LL!!! ROTFLMAO

<Maxwell> A whole new marketing idea begins!

> Steve - Listerine cool strips or Altoids

<Maxwell> Altoids or tic-tacs.

<Steve "shimp"> Ooh, I stand corrected! Better!

> Let's march on Sylvania!!!!!!!!!!!

<Steve "shimp"> Binaca is so '80s

<Dennis> sspearmint or peppermint?

> Maxwell - You win.

<Lamont_Cranston> Dennis Day on the package, he's not the brightest bulb in the box anyway

> Lamont - Ooooooooooo good one.

<Mae Compani> Shades of Duck Soup!

> Gee, I'm having so much fun. Hope everyone else is too.

<Dennis> Dennis Day bulbs is like Phil arris Whiskey.

<Maxwell> Hail! Hail! Freedonia....

> I'll take five and ten at Woolworths

<Steve "shimp"> Dental floss, or a water pik (Jack in the '70s_

> Dennis Day bathing suits

<Steve "shimp"> OOOH, suits!

<Lamont_Cranston> Ohhhh, bathing suit

<Maxwell> Or to tie in this month's show: belt or suspenders

> Junk bonds or trickle-down econmics (Jack in the 80s)

<Mae Compani> That's what I want...Christmas shopping in a department store with wooden floors, pneumatic tubes and a big

candy counter

<Steve "shimp"> A Lean Cuisine, or a Healthy Choice frozen dinner?

> Mae - I was just shopping at Filene's Basement...not too far from that.

<Maxwell> Does Banquet still make frozen dinners?

<Steve "shimp"> Max, oh, yeah, 88 cents!

> Maxwell - I'm married to a chef, I wouldn't know.

<Dennis> Coke or Pepsi?

<Maxwell> There's the answer.

<Lamont_Cranston> Pocket watch, digital watch, analog, stretch band or flexible band, waterproof or water resistant

> Boxers or briefs?

<Mae Compani> Could you wrap it up and send it here, to Wal-Mart Land, Laura?

> Mae - Ah, I'll avoid any political statements about Wal-Mart.

<Steve "shimp"> Can you imagine Jack doing the Xmas show at Wal-Mart?

<Mae Compani> No politics intended, but that style of store is the way of the world now

> Actually, there's the thing...it would have to be something ala Sex in the City. Like silk or satin boxers.

<Maxwell> Who would Mel Blanc play at Walmart?

<Steve "shimp"> With Nelson as the greeter and Rochester being locked in to work at night?

> (But let's keep it clean folks...family-friendly you know...)

> Steve - Har har (having just seen the Wal-Mart movie last Wednesday)

<Maxwell> Hey! I heard an oddity yesterday!

<Mae Compani> I can imagine Jack getting into a tussle with a self-serve checkout counter

<Maxwell> Burns and Allen show from 1944....

> Maxwell - Mel Blanc would be the Chinese slave labor.

> Mae - Oh that's a funny idea...

<Maxwell> George and Gracie Christmas shopping with Mel Blanc as Mr. Postman...and Frank Nelson as the harried clerk.

> Max - Yeah...B&A 1944

<Steve "shimp"> The Greenwald movie, LL, that's on my viewing list. Mel - I almost hate to say it - could do the Si Sy Sue bit,

locked in at night.

> Maxwell - Share the labor, you know.

<Maxwell> Broke down every bit as much as Mel did on the Benny Christmas shopping shows.

<Maxwell> Didn't shoot himself, though.

> Steve - Oh my...I'm almost afraid to admit that I'm laughing...

<Steve "shimp"> It's horrible, I know.

> Steve - I'm strongly resisting any political comments, but that observation is more true than you know. You'll understand when

you see the movie.

> Max - Think the B&A writers needed a week off?

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, I follow that political stuff, I know how true it is, sadly.

> Borrowed a JB script?

<Maxwell> It sure sounded like one. When did Jack do his first Christmas shopping show?

> maybe that's a payback for when B&A stood in on Jack's show and it seemed more like a B&A show.

> Maxwell - It depends on how you measure it.

> An Xmas shopping show goes all the way back to the 30s. But Jack isn't doing the shopping for Don bit.

<Maxwell> The clerk being driven to insanity if not suicide is a good measuring stick for me.

<Steve "shimp"> I need to revisit that B&A show, I'm sure I've heard it but didn't make the Benny connection for some reason.

> Maxwell - OK, that's the shoelaces show then...

<Maxwell> Catch it this week on the internet, Steve.

<Mae Compani> I listened to an Our Miss Brooks show the other night that had a Jack Benny joke embedded in it...

> 12-8-46

<Steve "shimp"> Where Max? On Schaeden's site?

<Maxwell> Yeah: www.nostalgiadigest.com

<Maxwell> Starts Tuesday.

<Steve "shimp"> Bueno! Thanks for the tip-off.

> I'm told there's a mention of Jack in the new Johnny Cash movie.

<Maxwell> I think it 60-90 minutes into the show, but I'm not entirely sure.

> Cash is showing his father his home, and he counters, "Jack Benny has a bigger one."

<Maxwell> Just skip over the Cinnamon Bear.

> Believe it or not, I've never heard the Cinnamon Bear.

<Steve "shimp"> Cinnamon Bear just isn't to my taste. I've seen a few sites that highly recommend it though. Too many shirley

temple-cutesy voices for me.

<Maxwell> Especially the bear.

> Sounds like something the women "back home" who crochet toilet paper covers would enjoy.

<Maxwell> I don't like bears with Irish accents.

<Steve "shimp"> Exactly LL!

<Lamont_Cranston> Sounds like the mention in "Back To The Future" when he hears Ronald Reagan is President, "And who's the

Treasurer, Jack Benny"

(But I've crocheted some of those myself. I admit it.)

<Dennis> Oh come on... where's your inner child? The cinnamon bear is great!!!

> Maxwell - Then stay away from the Dennis Day bear.

<Lamont_Cranston> Is Phil hunting bear again

> Lamont - Huh...never seen that!

<Maxwell> Well, I think the first time I heard it was when I was 16. It's played incessantly during the holidays here. Even

commercial radio stations have played it.

> Sorta like "It's a Wonderful Life"

<Mae Compani> And how many people watching that 1985 movie got the joke?

<Lamont_Cranston> It's in the 1st Back To The Future movie

> The antidote to "Wonderful Life": Jack's version.

<Steve "shimp"> I get that Cinnamon Bear is kind of creative and interesting for kids but the sickly sweet voices make me gunshy.

<Steve "shimp"> It's no Santa Claus Conquers the Martians though.

<Dennis> thank god for that

<Mae Compani> I bought a copy of my favorite Xmas film this week...The Bishop's Wife

> Say...can I get the last five lines? It refreshed as I was copying. I'm not sure if I missed anything.

<Maxwell> One of my favorite MST3K movies!

<Steve "shimp"> I'll send LL

> antidote to Steve's "I get that Cinnamon Bear" line

<Dennis> Christams Vacation is my favorite christmas movie.

> Steve - gunshy or gushy?

<Maxwell> Gun shy

<Maxwell> ?

> I like "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas"

<Maxwell> Love the Grinch. Hate Rudolph.

<Maxwell> Love Gene Autry singing Rudolph.

> But not Burl Ives, eh?

<Steve "shimp"> LL, they're gushy but make me gunshy about listening to any more!

<Lamont_Cranston> Mine is A Christmas Story... I want a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200 shot range model air rifle, with a

compass in the stock and this thing that tells time

> Steve - Diabetes attack, eh?

<Maxwell> I came into the house tonight singing Holly Jolly Christmas.

<Steve "shimp"> Max, check out the Mexican "Santa Claus" too - it is pure art - seriously - and may make up for my unfortunate

Si Sy Sue comment above.

> I still think it's interesting that there's just no mention at all of Chanukkah on Jack's show.

> Not a potato pancake to be had.

<Lamont_Cranston> But he eats bacon

> Yes, and keeps pork and beans in the pantry.

<Maxwell> When I was a kid there was no mention of any of the other seasonal holidays other than Christmas.

<Dennis> nor a draedal to be spun

<Steve "shimp"> When did Chaunukah get "ramped up" culturally as a more important holiday though - seems to me it may have

been later than Jack's show...

<Alan> It was the 40's and 50's

> Steve - I think I read some statistic about 90% of households celebrating Christmas. But I don't remember if that's now or then.

> Christmas, Chanukkah, or Chrismukkah?

<Steve "shimp"> Don't forget Chriskwanzaakah!

<Mae Compani> (tosses Laura a cough drop)

<Maxwell> I'll stick to Fetivus.

<Dennis> baby jesus holding a minnorah?

> Chanukkah is actually a pretty minor holiday in the Jewish year. But it's bigger here because it needs to compete.

<Maxwell> Time for the airing of grievances!

<Alan> that's right Laura

> And Chanukkah starts this year on the anniversary of Jack's death.

<Steve "shimp"> That's what I was getting at LL, when did Chanukah start more actively "competing" (re - Jack not mentioning it)

<Lamont_Cranston> I'll get the pole out of the crawlwpace Maxwell

> How about a Pagan/Wiccan solstice celebration? Let's get Sammy for a drum circle...

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, man, Phil at one of those all-male "New Age" drum circle retreats, what a great idea for a contemporary

Jack b

<Steve "shimp"> Benny show

> Steve - I'm not sure. I was born a goy in the Midwest in 1969, now I'm a Jew in California in 2005. So my social awareness of

that is limited.

<Dennis> what do the agnostics celebrate?/

<Maxwell> I grew up in a small midwestern town, born 1950.

<Mae Compani> Boxing Day?

> Dennis - *straining for a punch line*

<Alan> Jack probably didn't celebrate chanukah, it wasn't that uncommon

> Dennis - Probably December 25th. That's defineable.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, I thought it was along the lines of 60s/70s when more traditions were promoted and recognized - I remember

getting fun potato pancake demos in school and we learned the dreidel & so on to

<Maxwell> I don't think anybody ever mentione Chanukkah in media until at least the '60s sometime...and we got the Chicago

radio/TV stations.

> Alan - As far as I know, he didn't.

<Steve "shimp"> bump up our cultural awareness - that'd be 70s/early 80s.

<Steve "shimp"> In Michigan, too

<Dennis> 70's-80's...the beginning of the end of innocence..

<Maxwell> Dennis...you're a few years too late on that.

> Steve - good point. And I was in Michigan as well.

<Mae Compani> I think our society has lost its innocence about 5,000 times now...

<Alan> I think so too Mae

<Maxwell> About the time the first Indian was killed.

> I remember our speech teacher (the one who got me to say "ess" and not "eth") lecturing our class in first grade. She brought in

little McDonald's hash brown size latkes.

> I bit into that and said, "Wow.....I wanna be Jewish!"

<Alan> lol

<Mae Compani> lol

> Absolutely true story. My first exposure to Judaism and immediately I wanted to switch teams. Eventually, I did.

<Steve "shimp"> Whew, what'd happen if you had the applesauce too!?

> Steve - Well, I'm Reform.....that would have made me Orthodox. ;)

<Steve "shimp"> LOL. Sour cream and you'd be a rabbi!

<Mae Compani> I loved looking over all the Passover foods in the supermarket when I was a kid...I'd ask my Mom, "Why don't we

ever get some of that stuff?"

<Alan> The only reason non Jews have heard of Chanukah is because it is in December. If Purim was in December, you'd hear of

that lol

> Not saying anything bad about Christianity...don't anyone accuse me of that...

<Alan> it is a pretty minor holiday, passover and rosh hashona are much more important

> Mae - Chocolate covered matzo is good!

<Dennis> lessee....jesus was a jew....his life and death began christianity which has little to do with judaism......hmmmm.

> Alan - That's the point. No one ever mentions Shavuot.

> Alan - And I'm sure you've heard of the joke about that.

<Steve "shimp"> Share the joke, LL~

> On a related note, when I was in Boston I went to Moshe Waldocks' synagogue

<Alan> actually, I don't think I have!

<Mae Compani> It looked good to me, Laura

> Mae - We'll let you have some next time Passover comes around. Tell them I gave you permission.

> OK, so here's the joke...

> Does everyone know what Shavuot is, first of all?

<Dennis> no.

<Mae Compani> Nyet

> Shavuot is a celebration, generally in the May timeframe, of when God gave Moses the Torah (first five books of the Bible) on Mt.


<Lamont_Cranston> No

> It's a major Jewish holiday. Probably just shy of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

> OK, so the story goes...

> That Moses asks God if the Jewish people will be able to survive far into the future. So God transports him to New York City in


> Moses looks around and sees taxis going by with menorahs on them,

> Big banners saying "Happy Hanukkah"

> Menorahs and dreydels in store windows, etc.

> And Moses says,

> "Wow, with what they do with Chanukkah, just IMAGINE how big things will be on SHAVUOT!"

<Alan> lol

<Dennis> lol

<Maxwell> LOL!

<Alan> that is funny, I've not heard that

<Steve "shimp"> lol!

> Thanks folks, I'll be playing here all week...

<Mae Compani> Bring on the stripper!

> OK...BRB...

<Dennis> what did moses say when he was bringing the tablets down from the mountain?.....wish I waited till they came out in


> Oops...bad timing on that one! BRB *snickering uncontrollably*

<Steve "shimp"> I bring you these fifteen commandments...clunk...ten commandments!

> God has given us these fifteen...*CRASH*...ten, ten commandments!

<Steve "shimp"> For the Mel Brooks fans...

<Maxwell> Twice.

<Steve "shimp"> Great minds and all.

<Alan> lol

<Maxwell> Mel in stereo.

<Dennis> still funny

<Maxwell> I finally saw his remake of To Be or Not To Be last month.

<Maxwell> I liked the original a lot better, but that's true of most remakes.

> I'm back.

<Maxwell> Hey LL! How are ya?

> So I've got about 20 minutes before Yesterday USA...anything else for wrap up?

<Maxwell> Plus, the original had Jack.

> And Ernst Lubitsch. And Carole Lombard.

<Maxwell> Yup.

<Alan> my new year's resolution is to watch all of Jack's movies

<Dennis> good luck alan..

<Mae Compani> Reminds me of Turner Classic Movies' theme for December..."See The Original"

> Alan - I've got most of them on tape, just need to transfer them to the video library.

<Maxwell> Man, I haven't checked out TCM in a few days.

<Alan> ok, will keep that in mind

<Mae Compani> They've got a good December lineup...bing on Monday nights

> So any other ideas for stamp promotion?

<Mae Compani> Blogs!

<Dennis> billboards

> Mae - E-mail me with more big blog names, besides Instapundit

<Mae Compani> I will, Laura

<Steve "shimp"> Blogs are good - I like

<Maxwell> Talk radio.

> We're on Neil Gaiman's blog...and Mark Evanier.

> Maxwell - Yup...gotta follow up with those.

<Alan> you know you can actually create your own stamp with different companies

> Alan - Shhhhh....I know that.... ;)

<Steve "shimp"> Alan's ideas on the stamp collectors are great - that's a good audience that probably doesn't have too much

cross-postage who also have some say on stamps.

<Mae Compani> Cool...a couple of blog notices can easily lead to others...start a blogswarm

<Alan> if you have a picture of Jack that you have copyright permission to, you can do something to promote a real stamp with

those stamps

<Alan> (they are technically meters, not stamps)

> Alan - Is that how they work? I wondered.

<Alan> yeah, you can have any image, but if it is copyrighted, you have to have permission.

> Alan - That's an interesting idea...start with those, and then segue into a national stamp.

<Alan> SOmething like a picture, and a note that says put jack on a real stamp

<Steve "shimp"> Alan, they don't allow celebrity likenesses anymore, I thought.

> Alan - I've used the Estate connection for permission on the image.

<Alan> that is right Steve, but Laura has connections!

<Steve "shimp"> Ah, I see...

<Alan> she would have permission, where the rest of us wouldn't

> I is an important person...I guess.

<Alan> maybe use some of the stamps to send a letter to the PMG, other committee members, etc.

<Alan> If you do it, I want one of the stamps lol for my collection!

<Maxwell> You're the brains of this outfit, LL.

<Steve "shimp"> The thing is those personalized stamps are already way over 39 cents....

<Maxwell> We'll be the brawn.

> But riddle me this...if we did the Benny meter, would that cause a decline in interest in the national stamp?

<Alan> yeah, they cost a lot, not practical but it could be used as a way to promote this

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, I am set for the 39 man march if that comes to pass in D.C.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, maybe - but could you put a "make it real" message on the meter?

> Steve - Watch the Web site and Times. I'm holding the Times to the end of this month so I can get my ducks in a row for it.

<Alan> it costs face value plus about $10 a sheet, so you can get 20 stamps for about $20, not too much for a gimmick and a


> Alan - I wonder if I could get the cost down if we bought in bulk.

<Mae Compani> Well, I must go pick up a chow mein dinner...g'night y'all!

<Mae Compani> And season's greetings!

> Night Mae! Pet the puppy for us!

<Alan> good question, I've done these with my kids, there are three companies doing this. Maybe they would for the extra

publicity, maybe

<Mae Compani> Wroof!

<Maxwell> G'night Mae

<Steve "shimp"> Chow down the chow mein, Mae!

<Dennis> a centimeter is 0.39 inches...

> Alan - I figured I'd investigate that if something happened that made a national stamp a complete impossibility.

<Steve "shimp"> I think we should start mailing in our letters to congress with 39 one-cent stamps (two extra for the message)

<Alan> yeah, something to think about if the national stamp doesn't happen

> But until that happens (which hopefully it won't), I'm MAKING NOISE!

> Steve - Just imagine how Jack would complain...39 1-cent stamps!

<Dennis> toot those horns...bang those drums!!!

<Maxwell> I'm just disappointed that I'm only signature #3 on the petition....

> Maxwell - Why, you want me to move you down the list?

<Steve "shimp"> It's probably also a sure way to get your congressional letter marked as an anthrax threat....!

> Steve - Oh! I never even thought of that.

<Maxwell> Nope. I'll stay where I am...I'm just disappointed that I wasn't fast enough to be #2.

> Max - Well, I'm not trading my #1 slot with you.

<Lamont_Cranston> You'll always be #2 in our hearts Maxwell

<Steve "shimp"> Shoot, Max, you are on the ball, I am 75 or something!

> Some strange person resigned my name to the petition. Go figure.

<Maxwell> Yeah, my son was #900-something.

<Maxwell> Talk about slow!

> And we're almost up to 1700. I've gotta harvest the names from the E-mail petition.

<Dennis> Gotta go guys...getting a bit tired.....

<Maxwell> So long Dennis!

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Dennis!

> Take care, Dennis. Thanks for stopping!

<Maxwell> Your song sounded great.

<Dennis> see ya next month...

<Dennis> lol max

> Well, I really appreciate everyone's support on this. Just imagine how we'll all feel if it happens!

<Alan> yeah, it would be great! I've never really liked the stamp they did before, a portrait would be nicer

<Steve "shimp"> I felt really funny sending in my Jack Benny letters to congress - I am usually writing them about a lot more

"serious" stuff I am outraged about!

> Any parting words? Promos for the Army Nurse Corps?

<Maxwell> All I know is that I couldn't wait for Sunday night's at 6:30 (CT) when I was a kid.

<Steve "shimp"> They'll probably think I've got some good meds or something.

<Maxwell> Now it's my chance to do something to repay all the joy I got from Jack.

> Maxwell - Why, for the show to be over? Or Fred Allen?

<Maxwell> TV show.

<Steve "shimp"> Well said, Max.

<Alan> that was before my time, but luckily the shows are still around

> Max - Ah, got it.

<Maxwell> 6:30-7:00 CT.

<Maxwell> I don't go back to radio. My big brother does.

> Max - You don't look a day over.....39.

<Maxwell> And I don't feel a day over....39.

<Alan> well, going to sign off, nice talking to you all

<Maxwell> G'night Alan

> Take care, Alan. Thanks for all the ideas.

> I'll be in touch.

<Alan> sure, thanks!

<Steve "shimp"> OK, Alan. see you later.

> Well, I think that wraps it up for this month.

<Steve "shimp"> Guess it's about wrap-up time?

> Thanks everyone, and I'll see you next year!

<Maxwell> I almost wrote that, too.

<Steve "shimp"> Fun chat everyone!

<Lamont_Cranston> OK. Goodnight.

<Maxwell> See you in January!

<Steve "shimp"> Good night.

<Maxwell> G'night folks!

> We're a little late folks...