IJBFC Chat - October 2, 2005

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<Maxwell> Pontiac?

<James> Hint 2 then answer. Car was Maxwell's decedent

<Dennis> A Lucky Strike car.. drives free and easy on the highway

<Sal Hepatica> and smokes

> Hello folks

<James> 10 seconds

<Maxwell> So round, so firm, the trunk so fully packed.

<Maxwell> Hey LL!

<ed kienzler> hi laura leff

[Sun Oct 02 16:03:38 GMT-08:00 2005] Steve "shimp":

> What am I missing?

<Maxwell> Hey shimp!

> Hi Steve!

<Brad from Georgia> Laura! Good to see you on the board--and hi, Steve.

<Dennis> hi laura

[Sun Oct 02 16:03:49 GMT-08:00 2005] Barbara:

<ed kienzler> just started

<Steve "shimp"> Hi All!

> Hey Barbara

<James> TRIVIA ANSWER. 1957 IMPERIAL convertible by CHRYSLER. Walter P. Chrysler bought the bankrupt Maxwell motors and


<Barbara> Hello everyone!

[Sun Oct 02 16:04:12 GMT-08:00 2005] Tom Williams:

> Hi there Tom

<Tom Williams> Hey now !

<Maxwell> Hey Tom

<Brad from Georgia> Barbara! Hope you and everyone else are well--and hi, tom.

<Dennis> Hi,Barbara

> Shows ya what I get for reminding everyone...

<Maxwell> Hi Barbara.

[Sun Oct 02 16:04:53 GMT-08:00 2005] Ken:

<Maxwell> Hi Ken

> Hey Ken

<Brad from Georgia> Ken--Hi!

<Steve "shimp"> Wow, full house!

<Maxwell> Hey! We have Barbie and Ken tonight!

<Barbara> I see we have a number of the male gender with us tonight.

<Brad from Georgia> Who brought the cards?

<Ken> Hey everybody....got here late like don wilson...

<Tom Williams> I have the projector theaded up and I'm getting ready to watch Jack Goes To A Niteclub

<Steve "shimp"> Remley did, Brad...

> Max - Good observation

<Tom Williams> with Jimmy and Gloria Stewart

<ed kienzler> hey laura it is good to be back on even if but for one night

<Brad from Georgia> That's a fun one!

<Steve "shimp"> Pro...jec....tor... threaded? Retro, Tom!

> Tom - Keep an eye out for Jeanette Eyemann in that one



> Ed - Oh, but we're on every month. Just like Jack's TV show in the beginning.

<Tom Williams> Yeah I've had it almost a month and haven't had time to view it yet

> James: I know I know I know

<Barbara> Century City, which is part of L.A.

[Sun Oct 02 16:06:48 GMT-08:00 2005] Frev: Jack Benny in Living Legends Radio Theatre Productions

<Maxwell> Glad to see we have another Illinoisian here.


<Maxwell> Hi Frev

<Ken> sorry i'm behind, but somebody is still watching 16mm?

<Barbara> They didn't like it there, tho.

> Hey Frev!

<Tom Williams> Oh yeah

> Frev - Have you ever been on one of our chats before?

<Brad from Georgia> Hello, Frev--

<Tom Williams> its the ONLY WAY to watch JACK

<Dennis> black and white, or kromacolor

<Maxwell> I prefer watcing him on the radio.

<Tom Williams> B/W of course

[Sun Oct 02 16:08:02 GMT-08:00 2005] moriah:

<Steve "shimp"> Tom, that's great, how many Benny shows do you have?

<Tom Williams> hahaha

> I remember when we screened a couple 16mm Bennys on the big screen at 39 Forever.



<Tom Williams> I'm up about 35

> Hi Moriah

<Dennis> Does anyone do business with OTRCAT?

<Steve "shimp"> Dennis, I have...

<Tom Williams> not to mention all the guest appearances films I have with Jack

<Maxwell> Hi Horiah

<Brad from Georgia> Dennis, I have in the past.

<ed kienzler> yea but this one time I get to be on a comouter since little brother is on vacation and I am watching the house and his


> Frev - To talk, type in the white window at the botttom of the screen and hit Enter

<Barbara> I'd say that's trivia, James.

<Steve "shimp"> Tom, you have any Benny shows we all haven't seen in awhile, rare stuff?

> Ed - Ah, got it. I didn't think I'd seen you here before.

<Maxwell> Great...phone....

<Tom Williams> probably...the guest appearance shows in particular


<ed kienzler> not OTRCAT but with radiolady.com

<Dennis> They just had a major MP3 sale of thirteen discs for 35.50...all but about forty available shows and bunches of interviews and

othe radio appearances.

<Steve "shimp"> James, I'd say false!

<Brad from Georgia> James, I'm with Steve on this one.

<Tom Williams> where you at in Georgia BRAD ??

> Frev - If you're having trouble talking, double-click on my name in the right-hand window



<Barbara> Gable was despondent, but I didn't think he was going to kill himself.

<Brad from Georgia> I'm in Gainesville, 'bout fifty miles north of Atlanta.


<Tom Williams> cool, I'm in Snellville now but currently working in NYC

<Dennis> I'm in Connmecticut.

<Dennis> Connecticut...

<Brad from Georgia> Tom--back when "Dukes of Hazzard" was on TV, TV GUIDE once called your town "Snailville."

<Ken> Lombard's last picture was To be or not to be, correct?



<Tom Williams> oh yeah

<Steve "shimp"> Dennis, I've had mixed luck with OTRCat - I haven't bought Benny from them - they have fast, friendly service but

some bad encodes on their MP3s sometimes.

<Barbara> What is it, James?

<Dennis> depends on the player....I haven't had any trouble knock on wood...but that's not saying I never will.

<Brad from Georgia> Dennis, FWIW, they once accidentally sent me a "SHADOW" disc instead of a JB disc--cheerfully replaced it,

told me to keep the SHADOW, too.



<Steve "shimp"> James, awww...I was hoping for Anaheim, Azusa, or Cucamonga!

<Brad from Georgia> James--I'll settle down and never more roam, and make the San Fernado Valley my home....

<James> NOPE

<Barbara> I'm surprised to hear that. Jack was not a big investor like Bob Hope was.

<Tom Williams> thats CUC......................................a MONGA

> Hope and Crosby used to own just about everything between LA and Palm Springs.

<James> HE WAS

> So we've got a rockin' room tonight...


> Who listened to the show for discussion tonight? 10/9/49?


> Nite James!

<Brad from Georgia> I'm gonna get confused--I listened to the show, but also listened to the "Drear Pooson" show recently, too!

<ed kienzler> i am listening to it now

<Brad from Georgia> Nite, James

<Steve "shimp"> LL, I did - bye James!

<Ken> I did

<Tom Williams> bye James

<Sal Hepatica> Hope and Crosby owned baseball teams too...

<Steve "shimp"> It's a great story, I can see why they limited it to a two-show arc though!

<Brad from Georgia> The memory loss show was very funny--High Benny, wikth a great level of polish.

<Dennis> He's like that. I had two Benny discs from the previous issue, then he got hundreds of new shows and reformatted the whole

thing. when I complained, he said that I could get the sale set and knock of

> Hope all the Al Jolson fans (myself included) got your "fix" from Mel...

<Barbara> I don't like to contradict James especially since he left, but Rochester never lived in Hancock Park.

<Dennis> ten bucks from the sale price.

<Steve "shimp"> None of the spendthrift gags get very many laughs. Nyaaaah... (that's my Mel as Jolson)

<Ken> good stuff....sounded like jack really did have a cold, though

<Brad from Georgia> Mel did an impressive Jolson! who was Mrs. Blanc, LL?

<Tom Williams> I'll check back later...JACK'S waiting !!

> Barbara - Thanks for setting that straight. It didn't ring true for me, either.

> Brad - Sara Berner

> Enjoy, Tom!

<Maxwell> Back...

<Ken> sara berner also did a recording of the tennessee waltz for spike jones

> So yeah, what did everyone think of the show?

<Barbara> Yes, Jack did sound congested. He said he was susceptible to colds.

<Brad from Georgia> Mel's fainting at getting a $70 a week raise...well, if he were a bank card, it would be priceless.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, who was Susie, speaking of our recent discussions re: African American performers on the show....

<Maxwell> And looks like I missed so much I'll never catch up.

> Steve - Susie was played by someone named Dorothy, but I don't have a last name on her.

<Brad from Georgia> Ah, jump in, Maxwell--we're talking about the "Memory Loss" show.

<Sal Hepatica> Are we, I forgot

<Steve "shimp"> Susie was recurring, but not often actually "heard" as I recall.

<Maxwell> Yeah, I just saw that Brad was also impressed by Mel's Jolson.

<Ken> great show. it was wonderful how they brought it all back around with another tomatoe juice can to the head.

> I noticed that the actress playing Pauline was doing a cross between the original Pauline and Butterfly McQueen.

<Brad from Georgia> "Though April showers may have fell, I like the glowers Jack gave to Mel...."

<Steve "shimp"> Ah, the Perils of Pauline...

<Barbara> Yes, I thought maybe it was Butterfly.

> Barbara - No, it was someone named Doris.

<Dennis> wasn't it, Barbara

<Steve "shimp"> Doris Singleton!

> But it sure did sound like Butterfly McQueen!

<Steve "shimp"> Who is still alive and kickin'

<Sal Hepatica> Wasn

> Steve - Wasn't Doris Singleton doing something like Blondie by this time?

<Barbara> Doris Singleton was white, but on radio who knows?

<Maxwell> That was Penny

<Steve "shimp"> That's Penny Singleton...

<Dennis> that's Penny Singleton

<Sal Hepatica> Was n't Doris Singleton Mrs. Ziffle on Green Acres

> Steve - Aha...

> I was half right.

<Dennis> yeah, shewas

<Maxwell> That sounds right, Sal.

<Steve "shimp"> Sal, that's Doris Ziffel played by Barbara Pepper

<ed kienzler> i don't think so ...you're right Sal...

<Steve "shimp"> Doris Singleton played Caroline Appleby on I Love Lucy

<Dennis> Penny Singleton did the voice for Jane Jetson

<Sal Hepatica> There were 2 Doris Ziffles

> Although Barbara Pepper did appear on the Benny TV program.

<Barbara> It would be nice to buy a yacht like that for $50,000.

<Steve "shimp"> Sal, the second Doris Ziffel was played by Fran Ryan

<Maxwell> Correct, Sal. I was just at a Green Acres site yesterday.

<Sal Hepatica> OK

<Brad from Georgia> "My name is Elmer Fudd. I'm a millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht...."

<Sal Hepatica> Guess I'm confused since her name on the show was Doris Ziffel

> Dennis - I saw the woman who used to do Judy Jetson at SPERDVAC last year.

> Sal - Sort of like me with Penny Singleton.

> I was struck by Rochester's line about running out in the back to plant cotton.

<Dennis> If they had a notion at the time to remake the Ma and Pa Kettle movies, I would've voted Fran Ryan as Ma.

<Barbara> They could never use that line now, Laura.

> Say...you know the bank clerk who has about two lines in the show?

<Dennis> She had that same crustiness that Majorie Main had.

> Jack goes to withdraw $50K?

<Sal Hepatica> They probably wouldn't even let Rochester pull the cotton out of an aspirin bottle now...

> That was Artie Auerbach. But you'd never know it.

<Steve "shimp"> I actually picked cotton today then heard the show!

<Maxwell> That planting cotton line didn't bother me as much as I might have thought it would.

> Sal - Har har

<Maxwell> Just due to the context.

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, in context I didn't find it offensive.

> Maxwell - I was struck that they did it as late as 1949, but you're right, that in that context it wasn't so bad.

<Ken> yes its fortunate nobody has to plant cotton anymore. by the way where does cotton come from?

<Brad from Georgia> Hey, I HAVE picked cotton--my granddad used to raise the fershlugginer stuff. I didn't think Rochester's comment

was offensive, either.

<Dennis> I heard an episode of UNEXPECTED where they used the "N" word three times.

<Barbara> They did away with the craps shooting before that.

> There's a line back in the 30s where Rochester's relatives are living in Jack's garage, and he says something like "I don't know what

I'm going to do with all that cotton."

> Very different.

<Sal Hepatica> There are cotten fields not to far from me south of Houston

<Steve "shimp"> I actually did pick some cotton from the roadside today! I saw a field (not so often planted here) and investigated.

<Ken> we grow polyester up where i come from.

<Brad from Georgia> Take my word for it, Steve--after you've done it for six hours, you never want to pick cotton again.

> I was driving to a member's stage show in Visalia (south of Fresno) and drove through cotton fields last year.

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, I believe it - it took me 15 mins to get the seeds out of 1 boll!

<Dennis> Brad is it true about the briars on it?

> Steve - It was all bolled up.

<Maxwell> Barbara Pepper and Fran Ryan...just checked the Green Acres site.

<Steve "shimp"> No weevils though, LL!

<Brad from Georgia> The cotton bolls split and have very sharp stickers on the business end. Your fingers always bleed.

> Steve - Hear no weevil, see no weevil, speak no weevil.

<Sal Hepatica> Boo

<Barbara> In Gone with the Wind they taped cotton balls on to the plants since they didn't grow cotton in Culver City.

<Ken> what kind of plants did they tape them to?

> Guess who was the yacht salesman

<Steve "shimp"> Joe Kearns?

<Brad from Georgia> Barbara--they also used crushed brick in GWTW to approximate the look of red Georgia clay.

> Steve - You got it!

<Barbara> Some kind of bushes, I guess.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Joe--STeve got it.

<Maxwell> Okay, was the clerk Frank Nelson?

<Ken> that would have been before they were Presidents?

<Steve "shimp"> I always remember him as Mr. Wilson on the Dennis the Menace show.

> Maxwell - Yes, at the drug store

<Maxwell> Right.

<Barbara> You're right, Brad, but they also brought in some red dirt.

> I just saw Kearns in Anatomy of a Murder.

<Maxwell> I missed his YEEEEESSSSS!

<Brad from Georgia> How much was the can of soup, by the way? I thought it was a little pricey for that era....

<Steve "shimp"> LL, Excellent movie!

> Steve - Indeed...I rewatched it because I knew I'd seen it but didn't remember it.

> How I could forget an Otto Preminger movie was a true mystery!

<Barbara> It was 69 cents for a large can of tomato juice.

<Brad from Georgia> Steve--Kearns is great in ANATOMY, too--"My pictures ALWAYS come out!"

<moriah> come to think on it, 69 cents is high

<Ken> not compareed to gas these days

> Brad - Maybe it was a #10 can like they use in restaurants...that's why Jack went so bonkers.

<Barbara> I guess for 1949 it was high.

<Sal Hepatica> I bet Jack used a coupon on that soup when he bought it...

<Ken> you'rre righ

<Dennis> Just listened to a Christams show from 1941, before Frank Nelson, it was funny but lacked that Nelson sass that would've

made it hilarious.

> Dennis - Yes, there are a lot of Christmas shopping shows well before the "classic" ones.

<Ken> remember frank nelson as the waiter on I love lucy?

<Steve "shimp"> The spendthrift storyline was originally going to run longer, right? But the writers thought they couldn't keep it going...

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Thanks, by the way, for the Frank Nelson interview recently!

> Brad - You're most welcome. I'm glad to finally get it into print!

<Barbara> I read recently that Frank Nelson did the Yessss bit on another show but he thought Jack had given his permission. Jack


<moriah> i have only seen one show x mas, that has the yes guy on it, got to see the others

> Barbara - Yes, that was in my interview in the Times.

<Brad from Georgia> Barbara--he covered that in the interview. It was Eddie Cantor's show.

<Barbara> I knew I read it in a reliable source.

> Moriah - I would presume it had Mel Blanc as the long-suffering clerk?

<moriah> remember i am new to jack, so bear with me

> Barbara - :))

> Moriah - Oh absolutely. We like helping newer fans discover Jack!

<Dennis> metal tips, plastic tips, metal tips, plastic tips ...lol

<moriah> yes it did , i believe, it has been a few

> Moriah - What's your favorite thus far?

<moriah> dont have one just yet, but i like him in to be or not to be, or the medicine man

<Brad from Georgia> Clerk: "Is the gentleman...elderly?" Rochester: "Wrap it up!"

[Sun Oct 02 16:30:48 GMT-08:00 2005] ed:

<ed> i m back

<Steve "shimp"> Brad, that bit always slays me!

<Brad from Georgia> moriah--Medicine Man is vintage early Jack!

> Moriah - If you like Medicine Man, you should see some of the shorts he did around that same time.

> Moriah - Like Taxi Tangles and Broadway Romeo.

<Maxwell> Another phone call and another page missed....sheesh!

<Ken> Frank told me one time that he put jack on the floor because he dogged a line in rehearsal. the line was ..." you really hate me,

don't you?" and Frank said....OHHHHHHHHHH Do IIIIIIIIIII.

<moriah> yes it is, before he was defined later

<moriah> or refined

> Maxwell - I'll put it all on the Web...

<moriah> never seen those

<Maxwell> Yeah, I was re-reading some of last months earlier today....

[Sun Oct 02 16:32:24 GMT-08:00 2005] Mike Amo: LSMFT!

> Moriah - Chasing Rainbows is also his first feature-length film...we have it in the video library.

<Mike Amo> Jello folks!

> Hey, Mike Amo! Was wondering if you'd be here!

<Maxwell> Hi Mike

<Mike Amo> I wondered too

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Mike

<Brad from Georgia> Somewhere I have a whole episode of The Jack Benny Program that I wrote...featuring Frank Nelson as a cop.

Shame the whole cast is dead....

<Mike Amo> Just home from work...what have I missed?

<Maxwell> Almost as much as I have, Mike.

<Steve "shimp"> Well, Doris Singleton Penny Ryan Pepper is still alive!

> Brad - You should have entered it in the script writing contest at 39 Forever!

<Brad from Georgia> Mike--Not a cotton-picking thing....no, wait....

<Maxwell> But Arnold Ziffel is dead.

<Steve "shimp"> RIPig

> Maxwell - That's not kosher.

<Maxwell> And when them cotton bolls get rotten you can't pick very much cotton.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--I didn't think of it at that time! It's called "Jack Listens to 'Lights Out,'" and it's a kind of alternate-reality


> Brad - How about an updated version, like "Jack watches 'Silence of the Lambs'"?

<Steve "shimp"> It..Is..later than you think...Jack, the meter's running...

<Brad from Georgia> NOW CUT THAT OUT! actually, might be fun...

<Dennis> You had to pick the creepiest show on the air, eh, Brad?

<Maxwell> I'd like Jack to meet Raymond from Inner Sanctum.

<ed> what a twosome that would be...

<Brad from Georgia> One line: the announcer says "Lights Out," and Jack asks, "Why?" "Darkness is mysterious..darkness is

intriguing.....darkness is.....cheap" CLICK!

> Makes me think of the really early show where Jack and Frank Black challenge each other to stay in a haunted house for the night.

<Mike Amo> lol!

<Sal Hepatica> How about "This Is Your Life" for Jack and Jack want's a paycheck for appearing on the show

<Steve "shimp"> Has anyone heard the Harris-Faye show with the Flying Saucer?

> Steve - Oh my, I've heard OF it, but not the show.

<Ken> Is that where Alice has finally had it with Phil?

<Maxwell> Nor have I.

<Mike Amo> Alice hit Philsy with a saucer

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, it's great...it's Roswell, but the crashed saucer is Jack's maxwell!

> Hope that wasn't milk in that saucer

<Sal Hepatica> Phil was usually sauced anyway


<Brad from Georgia> "Boss, I left the Maxwell parked outside of Roswell, but the Air Force hauled it away!"

> Say, check this out...

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, oops. Gotta break out that Men In Black memory eraser

> I've got two people with very similar Maxwells that both claim to be the one from the TV show.

> Steve - har har

<Ken> one used to be on the universal lot, correct?

<Maxwell> It bugs me that that movie ripped off the title of a Stooges 2-reeler.

> I'm trying to prove that one of them is wrong.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--And you're supposed to verify one? (Thanks, btw, for verifying my JB autograph!)

<Sal Hepatica> The car that runs the worst will be the actual one

<Ken> Maxwell, also used to be on Get Smart

<ed> hey laura my otr radio show is doing good on the small radio station here in town....

<Brad from Georgia> LL--look for the one that DOESN'T have pennies under the front seat...

> Ken - Well, that's just it. The one I've always believed is authentic I'm waiting on more info. But the owner of the other found that

Universal did own his at one time.

<Steve "shimp"> LOL Sal, check under the hood for the hamster in the little wheel

> Brad - That's it...good point...

> Ed - That's great! I'm glad it's working out for you.

<Maxwell> Or Mel Blanc under the hood making coughing sounds.

> Maxwell - LOL

<Ken> Dumb question.....but did Jack film at Universal.....I can't remember?

<Steve "shimp"> Couldn't there be more than one from the show anyway?

<Sal Hepatica> Look for a grapling hook used to graple onto passing busses to be pulled along

<ed> mel blanc was and still is a great voice.....

> Ken - Technically, at MCA. He also filmed at Desilu and CBS Television City.

<Brad from Georgia> Steve--I'll bet there were several Maxwells over the years.

<Ken> Thanks, Laura

> Steve - It's possible, but hard to say. I don't know why they'd get rid of one when the show was still in production.

<Steve "shimp"> I would imagine they used it only once in awhile, in fact, I'm surprised that one was specially purchased.

<Steve "shimp"> You'd think they could rent one as needed from a prop house.

<Mike Amo> Congratulations Ed, where are you?

<Ken> In Love thy neighbor....there was a maxwell.....but that would have been a Paramount production....but of course they could

have borrowed the car

> Brad - I know of at least two, but only one of them looked like the two that purport to be it.

<Maxwell> I really don't remember seeing the car all that often on the TV show.

<Brad from Georgia> Yep. More economical to rent one, which is why I'd think there'd be more than one.

<Dennis> ed, how did you get started with aotr show on your station...I've been thinking of propiosing one to my station in my town


<Brad from Georgia> A Maxwell appeared in "Buck Benny Rides Again," no?

<ed> was maxwell a REAL car or was it just the 1928 porter from" my mother the car" and totally made up for the show

<Ken> Ed...don't think so...

> Brad - Interesting point. So I suppose that it could have been owned by a prop house...

<ed> like*

<Brad from Georgia> Maxwells were real! They later became Chryslers...

> Brad - *Searching my memory* I can't remember it in that movie, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there.

<Steve "shimp"> Naw, the evolution of the Maxwell goes: Maxwell-Edsel-LeCar-Yugo

<Barbara> Maxwell was a real car. Jack said they could have used any one, but just happened on that one.

<Sal Hepatica> Snoop Dog does a Maxwell commercial instead of Chrysler. Now that would be a hoot

> Trivia: What car did Jack trade in for the Maxwell?

<Ken> Buck Benny featured a newer fancier car that Jack Drove when he had his collissions...

<Brad from Georgia> Barbara--didn't they mention a Stanley Steamer early on, then settle on the Maxwell?

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Stanley Steamer?

> Brad - That's it!

<Barbara> It's possible, Brad.

<Ken> Stanley steamer is still around...only now it's a carpet cleaning company.

<Dennis> Stutz Bearcat

<Brad from Georgia> I've seen a Stanley Steamer, though it was in nonworking condition.

> Really early on it was Jack ribbing George Olsen about owning an antique car!

<Brad from Georgia> I've always dreamed about owning a yellow Duesenberg myself.

<Maxwell> LL which kind of leads to something I thought of as I was listening to this month's show....

> Brad - I'll second that opinion.

<Ken> Wasn't it the Maxwell that was up on the grease rack when Jack met Rochester?

> Brad - I once gave a talk on radio at the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg museum.

<Dennis> didn't that grass reek?

<Brad from Georgia> OOOH! cool, LL!

> Ken - You mean in the episode where Roch is working for Amos n Andy?

<Ken> something smelled for two weeks.

<Ken> laura....that's the one

> Roch was driving a taxi and Jack runs into him with his Maxwell.

<Brad from Georgia> Hey, on the subject of antiques--anyone want to recommend an antique radio I can look for as a prop when Eddie

Carroll comes to my college next spring?

<Ken> and rochester couldn't understand how he could have hit him when he was up on the rack

> Then threatens to sue Rochester.

<Ken> yup

<Ken> great show

<Dennis> Radio Spirits has a few remodelr

<Dennis> ones for sale

> Brad - Anything that's reasonably large and wooden. Like a big Zenith. Even a floor model will do. It depends on what's available at

your local antique shop.

<Brad from Georgia> Never mind, never mind--my parents have a great old nonworking Atwater-Kent Cathedral radio! I just remembered!

> Ken - I think you may have been confusing two shows.

<Maxwell> That would be perfect, Brad.

<Ken> IT wouldn't have been the first time I confused something....

> Brad - Excellent! Can I have it when you're done with it? :)

<Steve "shimp"> Hey Maxwell what was that you were thinking about this weeks show?

<Brad from Georgia> Gad, I wish I had my uncle's floor model radio--had lots of shortwave bands and all. LL--don't think Mom would

part with it. I never remember it working, but it's still over there!

<Mike Amo> I was just thinking about an amazing one my grandparents had, Brad

> Brad - Goodness knows I have enough radios as it is. Just always wanted an Atwater Kent and never got one.

<ed> did rochester announce any other shows than the one where don's contract is up for renewal?

<Maxwell> Just about how well Jack's character came to be defined...so that they could do an episode that is so out of character for

him and have it come out so funny.

<Brad from Georgia> My grand-aunt had an Edison cylinder phonograph that I really coveted, but my uncle wound up with it.

> Ed - Not sure...ask me when Volume 2 is done!

> And no, I don't have a definite date yet.

<Mike Amo> I'm afraid my aunt and uncle just got rid of it 26 years ago when my grandparents passed away, what a classic it was

<ed> thanx

<Steve "shimp"> Interesting, Maxwell - I could swear in Josefsberg's book they thought this story didn't go over well - they had planned

to extend Jack as spendthrift for several weeks but cut it to two.

<Maxwell> The episode never would have been so funny had they not spent so much time developing the character.

> Brad - I've got one of those with a brass bell horn

<Maxwell> Two weeks would have been too much.

<Steve "shimp"> Well, this one started the previous week.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Hers had the bell horn, too. She had about fifty cylinders, including one of William Jennings Bryan. He was a

LOUSY rap artist.

> Steve - I don't remember that specific reference, but it is sort of a one-joke thing. Jack spends money.

<ed> i have a floor model tru-tone from 1937 it does not work but it looks great

> Brad - Yeah...Teddy Roosevelt was better.

<Steve "shimp"> Right, LL - and you'll notice the spendthrift gags don't get as much reaction as the "cheap" gags even in this show.

> Brad - I have a Silvertone disc of Bryan.

<Mike Amo> Best oldie I can offer is Paul Whiteman's Greatest Hits

<Maxwell> See, and that wasn't my reaction at all.

<Mike Amo> on CD {:oD

> Jack can be cheap in so many ways that you don't anticipate. Pay phone in his house, Rochester defying anyone to split his salary,

contract riders in Latin...

<Brad from Georgia> I was wondering...was the show a general parody of ALL those adventure shows where the hero suffers amnesia

after a bop on the bean, or was there a specific show they were mocking?

<Ken> I guess that's why he appeals to so many conservatives

> Mike - Whispering in the Victor 19000 series...or maybe 17000...can't remember...

<Steve "shimp"> LL, right, but "give me an EIGHT way cold tablet" just ain't the same.

<ed> rochester defying anyone to split his salary is a great episode

> Steve - That's just it. It's not as funny.

<Steve "shimp"> Brad, the bump on the head is so cliched (even 20-30 years after this in sitcoms) I can't imagine it's something


<Maxwell> But the spendthrift jokes had a payoff when he regained his normal ways and took everything back.

<Ken> rochester doing his income tax in red ink so the IRS will know he's blushing is a great concept, too

<Maxwell> Heck they've been doing the knock on the head and amnesia in soap operas for years.

<Maxwell> "I'm suing you for $50,000!"

<Maxwell> Perfect payoff.

<Steve "shimp"> Nick at Nite, back when they were cool - even had an "amnesia" night where they ran all these episodes in a


<Brad from Georgia> This show reminded me of the TV ep where Jack is shopping and finds outdated soup. "Hm, soup that old can kill

you...but for five cents, it's worth the risk."

<Mike Amo> lol, sounded like Fibber McGee's closet

> Where am I? Who am I?

<Brad from Georgia> Or, as Amos 'n Andy put it, "The boy got magnesia."

<Mike Amo> lol!

<ed> laura lol

> Hey, does anyone have a guess on a last name for the taxi driver? The name I have is "Ukie".

<Dennis> Does anyone remember Phil Harris' first week as band leader..he was so polite and soft-spoken. Then after a while it bcame

"Hi Ya, Jackson!!"

> Dennis - aAnd it took almost a year.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Leo Sherin, I'll bet. His nickname was Ukie.

<Dennis> Yeah, but it was worth the wait...

> Brad - OK, good stuff. Thanks!

<Brad from Georgia> Leo Sherin was a writer, too--I think he did some Bowery Boys scripts.

<ed> did alice faye show in any shows? phil sure did mention her a lot or was it contractual thing

> Ed - In any Benny shows, you mean?

<ed> yes

<Steve "shimp"> If she talks, that's a guest bit.

<Barbara> She subbed for Mary on occasion, didn't she?

> Yes...she even subbed for Mary a time or two.

> Hey, there's an echo in here.

<Dennis> Wonder how Phil really felt about all the jokes that he was living off of Alice's money?

<Barbara> Two great minds, Laura.

<Steve "shimp"> Jack must be making a withdrawal somewhere

<Ken> I know that Jack would put Phil on early during the Benny show so he could leave....and get to his own studio to do his own

show. Maybe Alice couldn't run as fast as Phil.

[Sun Oct 02 16:57:20 GMT-08:00 2005] cecil:

> Say, does anyone remember a woman playing Mrs. Schlepperman on Benny shows around 1950?

> Hi Cecil...where's Beany?

<Ken> Talk to stan freberg about that one laura

> Ken - Stan Freberg was Jack's camel.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, don't talk to Mr. DeMille that way. Welcome, Cecil!

> Ken - Or you mean Mrs. Schlepperman?

<Ken> I didn't know that. ON radio?

<Mike Amo> Stan Freberg was in Girl From UNCLE...folks turn up in the strangest places

<Brad from Georgia> Jack" "There's an echo!" Echo: "there's an echo..." Jack: "You're handsome!" Echo: "you're handsome..." Jack:

"I'll give you a million dollars!" Echo: "OH, YOU WOULD NOT!"

> Ken - Yeah. I just bought a scrapbook of a woman who supposedly played this role.

<cecil> Thanks. This is my first time. So, I'll just "listen" in.

<Ken> I remember Jack had a bear, a parrott and a rooster...but not a camel

<Dennis> Freberg's commercial for Jeno's Pizza Rolls with the Lone Rangerand Tonto is still an all-time classic

<Maxwell> Hmmm...we had a first timer last month. She's not here this month.

> ken - Sorry...getting confused. Yes, on the one episode where the camel appears, it was played by Freberg.

<Brad from Georgia> Ken--A kangaroo, too, for a while.

<moriah> yes she is

<Maxwell> Was it in a show sponsored by Lucky? I'm surprised they'd allow a camel!

<Ken> Brad, Laura, Thanks, I'm getting an education

<Brad from Georgia> Well, in that case, welcome BACK, moriah!

> Moriah - :)

<moriah> thank you

<Dennis> good thought, Maxwell.

> Maxwell - Nope...Grape Nuts.

<Maxwell> Whew!

<Brad from Georgia> Say, I'd walk a mile for a Grape Nut.

> Brad - Not to mention an umbrella stand made from an elephant's leg

<Maxwell> I still eat my grape nuts every morning.

<moriah> i have a hard time following you guys i am so new, the things you know that i have no idea what they/ it may be

<Ken> Trivia...you may know....W.C. Fields used to refer to his son Chester on the air.....just to get his sponsor's goat

> Maxwell - You are what you eat, y'know.

<Brad from Georgia> Maxwell--they're actually not bad if you heat 'em up.

<ed> i am listening to the 11-12-50 show with richard widmark

<Maxwell> Yup...I'm a grape.

<Sal Hepatica> I guess I'm a pizza then

> Moriah - Feel free to ask about stuff that goes by you. Sometimes we take things for granted...

[Sun Oct 02 17:01:31 GMT-08:00 2005] KM99:

> Ken - Har har

<Steve "shimp"> Sal, a pizza's better than what your nic would suggest!

> Hey, KM99!!

<Maxwell> The hard part is just following the 33 threads of conversation that come by in sequence.

<KM99> Hiya Folks

<ed> hi KM99

<Dennis> Nobody is goingto heatup MY grape nuts!!!

<moriah> it will prompt me to doresearch

<Maxwell> Fortunately, I started my internet life on AOL.

<Dennis> that could hurt.

<Sal Hepatica> Eww, heated grapenuts

<Maxwell> Hi KM.

<Mike Amo> Hey KM

<Maxwell> Hot grape nuts are good.

> Maxwell - Understood. I started on the Bitnet back in 1990, so I'm sort of used to it by now.

<Maxwell> Put a little butter on them.

<Steve "shimp"> Ewww, grape nuts in general. Kitty litter central!

<Brad from Georgia> Sal, they ain't bad! Whop 'em in the microwave for a few seconds, put butter on 'em, and they're rather tasty.

<Maxwell> They're the one cereal that stays crunchy.

<Dennis> Gravel and milk.

<Sal Hepatica> Not if you put sugar on them

> Reminds me of an old double-entendre song called "The Peanut Man"

<Ken> where bouts on the grape do you find the....never mind.

<Steve "shimp"> LOL Ken.

<KM99> I grew up on Grape Nuts. Put me in the converted column.

<Maxwell> As opposed to The Peanut Vendor.

<Barbara> Jack said once that he didn't like Jello. That was when Grape Nuts came along.

<Sal Hepatica> Of course, Jack advertised Grape Nut Flakes. Those, I can't stand....

<Maxwell> Those are terrible.

<Dennis> In the winter throw them under your tires for traction.

> "Nuts...hot nuts...anyone here wanna buy my nuts...I got nuts...hot nuts...buy 'em from the Peanut Man."

<Brad from Georgia> I like Grape-Nuts flakes!

> Barbara - Remember the story about General Foods sending over a giant Jell-O cake?

<ed> grape nuts and ewell (sic) gibbons

<Maxwell> Sounds like something a blues singer might record in the '20s.

<Brad from Georgia> And I had lemon Jell-O for desert tonight.

<Steve "shimp"> I've heard that one LL, I'm so classy to get that ref!

<Dennis> I've heard that song LL.

<Barbara> Don Wilson could make mud sound tasty.

<Maxwell> Mark Lemongello?

> Maxwell - That's just what it was...but I'm not sure of the year.

<Maxwell> Or Babs Gonzales.

<Barbara> I don't think I remember about the jello, cake. What was it for?

<Dennis> I have it on an album calledthe Copulatin' Blues.

<KM99> Rich, tasty, skillfully roasted mud filled with all the flavour you expect....

<Maxwell> I got them copulatin' blues....

> I dunno...some of those Jell-O recipes sound pretty awful...take one can of asparagus and mix with pimiento and lemon Jell-O...

<Barbara> Mmmmmmmm!

<Dennis> lol LL.

<Maxwell> Ycccch!

> Barbara - It was because of the success of the show...I'll tell it in a sec.

<Sal Hepatica> I'm gonna hurl....

<Mike Amo> LOL...mmm protein

<Brad from Georgia> When I was but a child, I once saw Jack Lescoulie do a live commercial for a whipped topping. He put a big

spoonful in his mouth--and gagged. They had substituted shaving cream because of the hot TV

<Dennis> Try selling THAT one to the Food Network.

<Brad from Georgia> lights.

> Dennis - I wish I had that record! I was only in my teens when I found it in the catalog, and somehow couldn't get the nerve to ask my

parents f

> or it.

<Dennis> Still have it...

<Laura Leff> Brad - Oh that's hilarious!

<Maxwell> Remind me to tell you the original title of "One O'Clock Jump" sometime....

<Ken> Jello....it's made from hooves you know

<Dennis> plus a couple of raunchy blues cd's

<Barbara> Clark Gable put real whisky in the decanter in his scene with Hattie McDaniel in GWTW.

<Laura Leff> Dennis - Love "I'll Keep Sittin On It"

<Laura Leff> Barbara - Sounds like a W.C. Fields trick.

<Dennis> That's okay, Ken, one of the ingrediants in a Slim Jim is cows lips.

<Laura Leff> So anyway, GF sends over this giant Jell-O "cake" with each layer being a different Jell-O flavor.

<Ken> now we're talking fine eating!!!!

<Dennis> Figure THAT one out.

<Brad from Georgia> Barbara-For true real whisky? I was accused of that when I was in a production of "Angel Street," but it was watered-down tea.

<moriah> tmi too much information

<Laura Leff> And it came in through the service entrance during a party with lots of people AND the sponsor.

<Sal Hepatica> THey quit putting the ingredients on cans of vienna sausages, they have beef lips and all kinds of good stuff. The stuff not good enough for hot dogs.

<Barbara> Real whisky and Hattie nearly gagged.

<Maxwell> If you bite your nails, you'll LOVE Jell-OOOOOO

<Laura Leff> And one of the cooks walks right into the middle of the party carrying it and says something like, "Mr. Benny, what do you want me to do with this garbage?"

<Maxwell> Vienna sausages, not to be confused with Chicago's Vienna Hot Dogs.

<Barbara> I wonder how much of that cake Jack ate.

<Steve "shimp"> Maxwell, the funny thing is people who do bite their nails think Jell-O is gross! I don't get that.

<Brad from Georgia> Well, when I played the Rabbi in "Fiddler on the Roof," the young couple asked for real wine in the wedding scene...so one night I gave them Mogen-David.

<Maxwell> I bite mine, and I love Jell-o.

<Laura Leff> Jack probably turned every shade on that "cake".

<KM99> LL - The cake didn't jiggle apart?

<Laura Leff> KM - Dunno...I wasn't there. I just know the story!

<Dennis> Remember the Jell-o mold in Christmas Vacation with the dried cat food in it

<Maxwell> If it had whipped cream for frosting, it sounds great!

<Laura Leff> Brad - God bless and keep Fred Allen far away from us.

<KM99> Dennis - Lime flavour - yummm

<Barbara> Jello tried a cola flavor but it didn't last long.

<ed> no fixx

<ed> fizz*

<Brad from Georgia> I remember some pretty psychedelic Jell-O flavors from the sixties...or maybe it was just me.

<Laura Leff> Barbara - I wonder if that's why Jack shows up in a few RC Cola ads in the early 40s.

<Maxwell> I need to get that recipe for the Jello-O salad with the ginger ale that my mom makes.

<ed> am drinking one right now

<Dennis> What? Ginger ale? hmmmm....

<KM99> LL - It's times like this I miss Mikewats

<ed> rc cola

<Maxwell> LIme Jell-O (I think), nuts, celery and ginger ale.

<Barbara> Burger King is here so I'll have to leave you as much as I hate to do it.

<Brad from Georgia> Down here, ya drank a R-C Cola, ya gotta eat a Moon Pie at the same time. It's a law.

<Maxwell> So long Barbara

<KM99> Goodnight Barbara

<ed> bye barb

<Barbara> See you next month!

<Brad from Georgia> So long!

<Laura Leff> Night, Barbara!

<Laura Leff> Dennis - Canada Dry?

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Barbara!

<Dennis> ummm...no offense, but I'll pass on the Jell-o Maxwell and go for the apple pie, instead

<Laura Leff> KM - He's been around a couple of times in the past few months.

<Mike Amo> Nite Barbara

<Maxwell> It's a salad. I don't eat salads for dessert.

<Ken> So long barbara.....

<Laura Leff> Hey kids, here's a challenge for you...

<Dennis> byye, Barbara.

<Maxwell> I don't know if I'm up to a challenge.

<ed> go laura

<Brad from Georgia> Well, I recently bought a Jack Benny autograph fairly cheaply, and I have a print of the Hirschfeld caricature...so I'm gonna get 'em matted and framed.

<Laura Leff> If you were to recommend one thing for Moriah to investigate to expand her knowledge of Jack, what would it be?

<Brad from Georgia> 39 Forever, of course!

<Maxwell> And listen to as many radio shows as possible.

<Ken> Jack Benny, an intimate biography by IRving fine

<KM99> His relationship with his writers and cast

<Dennis> The Joan Benny book.

<Laura Leff> Brad - Har har...I wasn't going for an ad, but I appreciate that.

<Steve "shimp"> I'd read Jack & Joan's book. That really cemented my love for Jack.

<ed> his shows on tape or mp3

<Laura Leff> Moriah - Check www.addall.com/used for an excellent source for used books.

<Steve "shimp"> Or the chapter George Burns writes about Jack in "Living it Up"

<Ken> yea...the radio show was the cream

<Laura Leff> If you were going to point to one show, radio or TV, which would it be?

<Brad from Georgia> The Irving Fein book has lots of nice anecdotes. But I'd listen to as many radio shows as possible. Personal favorites are from 1945-1952.

<Steve "shimp"> Any of the Xmas shows - or Jack trading in his Maxwell.

<Ken> The show with Mel Blanc playing one of the writers who doesn't have a pencil etc.

<Laura Leff> Ken - Oh, the one where they write the script as the show is happening?

<Maxwell> My favorite shows are Jack going Christmas shopping...or anything with Sy the Mexican.

<Laura Leff> Hi Josef!

<Ken> yea...I love that one!

<ed> or blanc playing the announcer who is hired by don wilson

<Brad from Georgia> I grew up watching Jack on TV, and love the shows--but I've found so few available. And many of the DVD TV shows aren't typical.

<Josef> Hi Laura! Been a while since I was last here

<Steve "shimp"> Ken, LL - what's the airdate on that, I haven't heard it - sounds great

<Laura Leff> Moriah - You getting all this down? :)

<Maxwell> Hi Josef.

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Josef.

<Josef> Hi Maxwell

<Josef> Hi Steve

<KM99> Hiya Josef

<ed> hi josef

<Ken> Sorry, Steve I don't know off hand, but it's terrific.

<Laura Leff> Josef - It has...welcome back!

<Dennis> I love the story of George and Jack and the piece of red lint.

<Josef> KM99-Hey there

<Laura Leff> Steve - It's one of the later shows, like 1954 or 55.

<moriah> i think i may have seen the one with mel being a writer, he and another person, i am trying

<Steve "shimp"> That reminds me of a great line from the Simpsons "animated shows are rarely aired live, Mr. Simpson, it's a great strain on the animator's wrists"

<Laura Leff> Steve - I'd have to go look it up.

<Brad from Georgia> Dennis--"Dear Jack, thanks for letting me wear the string last night."

<Laura Leff> Steve - I've generally heard it referred to as "No script"

<Steve "shimp"> I can probably track it down LL!

<Mike Amo> I suppose one where Fred Allen visits, like the one where he wants Jack's boy scout knife

<KM99> Moriah - I recommend the radio show from December 1, 1940 Jack Catches Cold At Don's House

<Maxwell> Anything with Ronald Coleman and Benita Hume.

<Josef> One of my favorites is the episode when Dick Hayes, Bing Crosby, and Andy Russell with Dennis Day audition for the new quartet

<Laura Leff> Moriah - They've done that bit on TV too. I remember it being in the Rod Serling show, for example.

<Dennis> Yes, something like that...it was very funny.

<Brad from Georgia> The "Drear Pooson" fluff radio show from 1/8/1950 is very funny.

<Steve "shimp"> Good suggests Maxwell!

<Sal Hepatica> or the ones where they are "Hunting Bare"

<ed> you are right brad

<Ken> Mike, the one where Fred and Jack remember their vaudeville days.....each changing the story to suit themselves is terrific, too.

<Mike Amo> That's a good one!

<Laura Leff> Josef - And Crosby curses on

<Laura Leff> air.

<Steve "shimp"> A seasonal one coming up is the Halloween 1948 show - Jack trick or treating is a HUGE favorite of mine.

<Ken> Steve, where they steal Dennis' bicycle wheels?

<Brad from Georgia> And about any show where Dennis Day tries to think. "The last time I went swimming, people laughed at me." "Maybe you had a hole in your trunks." "Oooohhhh...trunks?"

<Laura Leff> How about the one where Jack gives 50 cents to a panhandler?

<Josef> Laura, yeah, I read that that was a big thing

<Mike Amo> Maybe the one where Jack takes Mary to see Isaac Stern perform

<Steve "shimp"> Ken - where Jack wears his toupee as a wolfman mask!

<KM99> I was just walking, I wasn't doin any ting

<Laura Leff> Steve - Do you know the one where they go to...um...Basil Rathbone's house?

<Ken> Steve, That doesn't ring a bell for me but sounds...wonderful.

<Sal Hepatica> The one where Jack can't sleep

<Steve "shimp"> LL, yeah!

<Josef> But, one of my all time favorites is the "Road to Bali" Sketch with Bob Hope

<Laura Leff> B rad - Ohhhhhhh!!!! Bathing suit!

<Mike Amo> Or Jack and the gang go on any train trip

<Dennis> Any episode with Andy Devine or Frank Fontaine.

<Maxwell> It's too bad it's not February.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Right! But we call them trunks down here. Of course, that's irrelephant...

<Josef> Mike, those are always funny episodes

<Laura Leff> Sal - The TV show?

<Laura Leff> Josef - The Road to Nairobi?

<Dennis> and irrelephants never forget...

<Sal Hepatica> No, the radio show. Where there is a contest to win a new TV

<Ken> How about when Jack plays Pa Kettle....."Put your arms around me ma, and squeeze. I feel like exhailing."

<Laura Leff> Brad - How irrelephant got in your pajamas, I'll never know.

<Maxwell> Okay, Groucho.

<Steve "shimp"> Moriah's got her work cut out for her!

<Maxwell> And Chico...

<Maxwell> Combined.

<Josef> I love any episode with Mr. Kitzel, though

<Laura Leff> Sal - OK...there's a TV show where Jack plays his violin to cure insomnia and gets arrested.

<Brad from Georgia> We took pictures of the native girls, but they weren't developed. However, we're going back in a few months...

<Dennis> remind me to buy back my introduction to you.

<Sal Hepatica> My favorite is when the kids put on the play of "The Jack Benny Show". That kid that plays Rochester was really good.

<moriah> yes i do it would seem, and i liked "Road to Bali" too

<Maxwell> Any episode with Professor LeBlanc!!!!!!

<Ken> there's my argument. restrict immigration.

<Laura Leff> How did this suddenly turn into the Groucho room?

<Brad from Georgia> Oh, right, Maxwell! "Press down 'arder wiz zee feenger, shoot me now, don't let me linger..."

<Sal Hepatica> No one's said the secret word yet

<Ken> IT's very crowded in this stateroom

<Laura Leff> Sal - Telephone

<Brad from Georgia> Make that two hardboiled eggs.

<Dennis> prof. LeBlanc talking in sync with the violin scratchings

<Josef> Or when Jack goes down Allen's Alley with a clothespin on his nose--that's a good episode too

<Laura Leff> Is my Aunt Minnie in here?

<Maxwell> If it's telephone, I already won.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--I don't know, but you're welcome to come in and look.

<Ken> Make that three hardboiled eggs...honk

<Laura Leff> Maxwell - Well, that's what it is on the TV show when Jack spoofs "You Bet Your Life"

<Maxwell> Then I won!

<Sal Hepatica> Well, I gotta run. Gotta get back to my book "Treadmill To Oblivion" and see how it turns out.

<Laura Leff> Moriah - Suddenly we're doing a bunch of Marx Brothers lines...don't worry if these are completely mystifying

<Maxwell> So long, Sal.

<Laura Leff> Enjoy, Sal!

<Dennis> Mr. Kitzel

<KM99> Seeya Sal

<Maxwell> See ya next month!

<Laura Leff> Dennis - Hoo hoo hoo!

<Mike Amo> I need to get that book, Sal...hope it's good

<Brad from Georgia> So long, sal

<Dennis> Bye Sal.

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Sal!

<moriah> i like the marx bro as well, so it is ok

<Josef> Bye Sal

<Laura Leff> Mike - It's very good.

<Ken> Sure go ahead and read treadmill....see if that gets you anywhere

<Laura Leff> Ken - LOL

<Maxwell> Ah...a fellow Marxist.

<Brad from Georgia> I read "Treadmill" a long time back--I remember it as a kind of sad and bitter book.

<Laura Leff> Brad - It is, but it's a really interesting juxtaposition to "Much Ado About Me"

<Mike Amo> I did look, LL...I expect I'll be able to get one from what I saw, I think on eBay

<Laura Leff> Shows how Fred Allen reacted to radio vs. stage.

<Laura Leff> Mike - Check out www.addall.com/used. I can almost guarantee you'll be able to find several copies there.

<Dennis> read both about ten years back..

<Laura Leff> I read both about 20 years back...

<Mike Amo> That's what it was...thanks Laura, that's where I saw them <must have been hit with a tomato can...>

<Brad from Georgia> LL-I'm not really surprised that Allen didn't do well on TV. He was sort of like Henry Morgan--acerbic and very dependent on smart wordplay.

<Laura Leff> I used to read them on the bus to and from school.

<Laura Leff> Brad - A little like Goodman Ace, as well.

<Maxwell> Morgan's problem on radio was that he kept alienating his sponsors! I guess they loved him until he started joking about their products.

<Brad from Georgia> One of my college roommates used to do a weird impression...Jack Benny on "Sea Hunt." Kind of a gargling JB sound.

<Laura Leff> Maxwell - Funny, I remember that happening to someone else.

<Steve "shimp"> How many formats did Fred Allen try? I can picture him doing well as a David Letterman type.

<Dennis> Fred Allen was basically a 'non-visual' comedian...it was beterr to imagine him than to actually see him.

<Laura Leff> Brad - Did he ever stop smoking those funny cigarettes?

<Ken> He looked like a butcher peering over two pounds of meat

<Laura Leff> Steve - I think his greatest TV success was as a panelist on "What's My Line"

<Laura Leff> Fred Allen had a face for radio.

<Maxwell> He lasted on What's My Line for years.

<Brad from Georgia> Oddly enough, LL, it was his BROTHER who did the funny drugs...and who wound up finally as an officer in Naval Intelligence. Go fig.

<Steve "shimp"> Exactly, LL - a less-scripted format would be good for Fred Allen.

<Laura Leff> Brad - A case for second-hand smoke if I ever heard one.

<Dennis> Sad to say, but that wasabout it LL

<Ken> Fred always said TV was a medium because it was never well done.

<moriah> got to go, i will check out the sites you suggested as well as the books, thanks, amazon.com and ebay jack items too

<Maxwell> Wasn't Fred Allen a What's My Line panelist for awhile?

<Brad from Georgia> Ken--It was RARELY well done.

<Laura Leff> Nothing on it is rare or well done.

<Laura Leff> Hi Terry!

<KM99> Goodnight Moriah

<Maxwell> Hi Terry.

<Mike Amo> take care moriah

<KM99> Hiya Terry

<Maxwell> G'night Moriah

<Brad from Georgia> So oolong, Moriah

<Laura Leff> Night, Moriah!

<Ken> OH you've seen this year;s lineup then

<Dennis> bye moriah

<Ken> so long moriah

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Moriah

<Dennis> well, at least there aren't too many sappy sit-coms...

<Brad from Georgia> "Smoke a little hookah, nicotine bazooka...."

<Steve "shimp"> And Hi Terry

<Ken> Don't slam the door....you could create a wind, Moriah

<cecil> This has been fun. Now that I know how it works, perhaps next month I can join in. Gotta go for now. Have a great week everyone!

<Terry Fraser> Hello everyone, I'm new here

> Yes, it's unfortunate that Fred Allen isn't better remembered. I think he was one of the finest wits of the 20th century.

<KM99> Seeya Cecil

<Maxwell> So long cecil.

<Brad from Georgia> So long, Cecil, hello Terry

<Dennis> cute Ken...cute

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Cecil

<Mike Amo> hi Terry...fading here LL, been at it since 5am after 3 hours of sleep *** Bye cecil

<KM99> LL - I always wanted Jack and Fred to do more together

> OH crap...could someone copy everything in their window (Ctrl-A) and send it to me?

> I just lost a LOT.

<Maxwell> So did I.

<Steve "shimp"> Sorry LL, mine just refreshed too

> Been so wrapped up in the conversation I forgot to keep copying and paste it

<Maxwell> But I don't have to transcribe it.

<KM99> LL - Done

> KM - Thanks very much!

> Night, Cecil!

<Brad from Georgia> Fein's book says Jack always had a great respect for Allen's wit--during the feud, Allen had far less time to come

up with wisecracks than Jack's crew did.

<Ken> you obviously will have to take our word for it that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston made up here in the room while you were out.

<Maxwell> It was really touching, too.

> Brad - And Fred was writing much of his stuff singlehandedly.

<Brad from Georgia> Ken--made up or made out? I'm wondering what I missed!

<Maxwell> Both.

<Ken> well, it wasn't pretty.....expecially from my angle

<Brad from Georgia> You know, when we were in England in 2000, I became aware that the British had the weirdest fascination with

Brad Pitt.

<KM99> Brad Pitt was here in Calgary last month but he didn't stop in and say hi. He's off my Xmas card list.

> Brad - Sounds like the French fascination with Jerry Lewis.

<Dennis> Well, Ken, you DID have the wide lens camera..

> Brad is the pitts.

<Brad from Georgia> When Sir Alec Guinness died, I expected the BBC announcer to say, "Beloved actor Sir Alec Guinness died

today. How will that affect Brad Pitt? We'll find out in a moment..."

> Sir Alec Guinness: The Jewish Problem

> (for those that know the joke...if you don't, it's too long to explain)

> But anyhow, were we talking about Jack Benny?

<Mike Amo> KM, I was there too, but it was even more hectic than last time...I did get by Country 105 again on my way out of town.

Anne came too, and went to see Lake Louise and Banff

<Mike Amo> Jack was in Calgary too? {:oO

<KM99> Mike - You didn't call me.... (sob, wimper...)

<Brad from Georgia> Banff! Home of the coyote and the elk! We'

<Ken> yea, i missed out on that, too

<Mike Amo> I know, I lost your number {:o(

<Brad from Georgia> ve been there, too...

> Mike - Jack was in Calgary at least a few times, but not recently.

<Dennis> Hey...Don't joke about Brad Pitt...He can't help it if he's..uhhh, he's....ummm, ...he's ....aw forget it!!

<Ken> Calgary......isn't that a hill mentioned in the Bible?

> Brad Pitt vs. Phil Harris...the Ultimate Fighter Challenge...

<Brad from Georgia> Did Jack dress as Buck Benny for the roundup?

<Maxwell> I thought it was a bath additive.

<Maxwell> Calgary, take me away!

<Brad from Georgia> Calgary, take me away...

<KM99> Jack was last in Calgary during in 1944. On his way to the coast he stopped at Banff and Lake Louise.

<Brad from Georgia> There's that echo again.

<Steve "shimp"> LOL

<Ken> You folks are cracking me up

<Brad from Georgia> Did he visit the hot springs?

> KM - I wonder if Mary was jealous.

<Mike Amo> I was just explaining to Luce, 22, in the UK, who Jack was...best I could do for comparison was Spike Mulligan and the

Goon Show

<Steve "shimp"> Who knew Calgary was an ancient chinese secret?

<Maxwell> Back to the dirty blues songs again....Hot Springs Blues by Bessie Smith.

<Dennis> Remember F Troop and the Outlawe of Banff..ff..ff

<KM99> F Troop !!!!

> Terry - We were talking about Jack, but the jazz improv just took over...

<Brad from Georgia> Barbara and I ascended a mountain in Banff...by way of a tram, true...

<Mike Amo> That was the Burglar of Banff.ff.ff ... favorite Larry Storch character

> Banff. Sounds like something you yell when you stub your toe.


<Brad from Georgia> Welcome to the hot sounds of Jazz...Jazz Benny.

<Steve "shimp"> Is Banfff related to Gropfff?

<Maxwell> Try saying Banff after a novacaine shot.

<Ken> IT was an airline

<KM99> Banff is the sound you make when you sneeze into a hanky

<Mike Amo> Kinda like Cooook...amanga

<Dennis> Emeril Lagasse...BANFFF!!!

<Brad from Georgia> 1944...say, wasn't that the year the Mad Gasser of Mattoon showed up?

<Ken> with jello

<Steve "shimp"> Brad, only you would also know about the Mad Gasser of Mattoon!

<Dennis> Laura, the sounds I make when I stub my toe sound NOTHING like Banff

<Brad from Georgia> Mattoon, Illinois...sounds like the place Bugs Bunny winds up after that wrong turn in Albuquerque.

<Ken> Sounds like a filling station attendant run amuck

<Maxwell> I've been to Mattoon. It is.

<Mike Amo> <has been to Mattoon>

<Steve "shimp"> Ken, well, he wasn't an escapee from the Hormel Chili factory!

<ed> mattoon great town

<Brad from Georgia> Ken--TMGOT was the first cousin of Spring-Heel Jack of London.

<Brad from Georgia> oops--TMGOM

<Ken> I'm still lost

<Maxwell> Tamtoon?

> Jack London...he was from the Bay Area.

<Steve "shimp"> But there's some doubt if TMGOM was even real - some chalk it up to mass hysteria

<Brad from Georgia> I'll see your tamtoon and raise you a pontoon.

<Ken> and show you a cartoon

<Steve "shimp"> there's a baloon in my spitoon

<ed> i'll raise you a slow tune

<Brad from Georgia> Right. Ken, TMGOM was a reported prowler who "gassed" families in West Virginia and Mattoon, IL. Probably

just war nerves.

<Brad from Georgia> Get this baboon out of my spittoon, you maroon.

> Brad - Maybe it was Fred Allen. Some thought he was a gas.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Speaking of cartoons, do you remember "Cool McCool?"

<Maxwell> Pretty soon, maybe about noon, we'll find out he's a buffoon.

<ed> barely

> Brad - I don't remember it first-hand, but it did come up recently on the Forum.

<Maxwell> Danger is my business!

<Brad from Georgia> Yep, Cool had JB's voice.

<ed> that's it

> I'm frustrated that the vocal artist has died and we may never know why he did the character as JB!

<Maxwell> It's enough for me to know that he did.

<KM99> Missed it by that much ><

<Steve "shimp"> It's an interesting tradition in cartoons, e.g., the Flintstones based on the Honeymooners, Yogi Bear, etc.

<Brad from Georgia> Bob Mcfadden, right?

> Steve - And "The Mouse That Jack Built"

<Ken> And the honeymooners was based on The Bickersons...or so I've recently discovered

> Brad - Could be...I looked it up but didn't commit it to memory.

<Dennis> yeah, Brad, that's the guy...

<Mike Amo> LL, what did Jackk think of "The Mouse That Jack Built"?

<Brad from Georgia> Chuck McCann was also a voice on that show...saw an episode recently.

<Dennis> Did Milton the Monster too.

<KM99> Hey folks. It's time for me to sign off for now. Seeya next month!

> Mike - Don't know much about it, but he certainly did the voice for it. He did it for free, too.

<Maxwell> So long KM

> Take care, KM!

<Brad from Georgia> See you, KM99

<Mike Amo> Take care KM

<Dennis> so long KM99

<Ken> adios KM

<ed> bye KM99

<Steve "shimp"> Bye KM

<Steve "shimp"> But he charged a huge fee for Mary! j/k

> Steve

> - har har

<Terry Fraser> bye KM

> Is the room a little slow tonight, technically?

<Maxwell> Seems okay to me.

<Steve "shimp"> seems OK to me.

> I am typing and the screen freezes for a while

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Didn't Jack ask for a copy of the cartoon? I think Mel Blanc reported it that way in his book.

<Maxwell> There's that echo again.

> That's why you'll get these split lines from me.

<Maxwell> Better split lines that split ends.

<Brad from Georgia> Mine's not the computer's fault. My brain sometimes freezes, though.

> Brad - I would imagine that he would, but I don't remember that detail.

<Maxwell> than

> Maxwell - Oh no, I use a good conditioner.

<Dennis> ed, you say you have an otr radio show?

<Ken> Slow is a relative thing. My relatives are.

> Annoying is a relative thing... ;)

<Ken> true

<ed> i have not had that problem with split ends since 1994

<Maxwell> That's when you went bald, eh?

<Steve "shimp"> Is that when that band broke up?

> toupee holding up well, eh?

<Ken> Ever notice how jack would get annoyed but never stay that way for more than a line or two?

<ed> yes but barely

<ed> toupee is too


<Brad from Georgia> My son shaves his head. He broke the news to ME...and had me tell his mom.

> Ken - He vented his frustration.

<Ken> Laura, that's about it....then it was pleasant old Jackson

> I suppose we could all take a psychology lesson from that.

<Maxwell> Venting is a good thing.

<Brad from Georgia> You know, I love those moments when Jack's being cagey and planning to trip someone up. You just KNOW his

plan will go haywire.

> There were some shows where at the end it would just descend into chaos, though.

<Steve "shimp"> Maxwell, especially if the Mad Gasser is around!

<Maxwell> That's why I use Gas-X.

<Ken> True. I was thinking about just that a day or so ago. Shows like Benny's,. Lucy's and a few others always seemed to be filled

with folks you would love to have as friends

<Brad from Georgia> Jack played chaos well! "Wait a minute! WAIT a minuite! WAIT A MINUTE!"

> There was a show I heard recently that was an Xmas shopping show, 1944 I think, where Jack ends the show throwing a fit and

walking out.

[Sun Oct 02 17:47:52 GMT-08:00 2005] John Pomeroy: John P

<Dennis> I usedto bet with a co-worker as to which one of us would shave our head first... we carried this contest on for about five

years..then on the sixth year I shaved my head and it didn't grow back...ooo

> Hi John!

<Ken> But he was fine the next week.

<John Pomeroy> hi

<Maxwell> Hi Gohn

<Steve "shimp"> Hi John

<John Pomeroy> nice to be with other benny fans

<Ken> Hey there's Johnny

<ed> i think bob crosby played phil's role to perfection

> Ken - As opposed to most shows today, where you wouldn't want the characters as friends.

<Brad from Georgia> It's hoppin, John!

<Terry Fraser> hello john

<Ken> I think you'

<Ken> r're right laura......talk about a split end

<Brad from Georgia> LL-You know, that was the problem for me with "Seinfeld." I couldn't LIKE any of the characters.

<Steve "shimp"> Ken - I've said before I think Jack's character straddles two sitcom archetypes - the person you'd like to be friends

with, and the person you'd hate to be friends with but love to watch anyway.

> I found Frank Nelson's comments about comedy today interesting in the last newsletter.

<Ken> i just realized i've been typing like fred allen. he always typed in lower case because he said he couldn't shift for himself.

> He was saying how it's much more biting and edgy today than it was before. And he said that 20 years ago.

<Mike Amo> I liked that too, LL

<Ken> good point steve

<ed> laura- nelson had the greatest voice

<John Pomeroy> who was the last of the main cast to die?

<John Pomeroy> dennis day?

<ed> phil

> Ed - Indeed. It was great listening to him again.

<Maxwell> I think the shows where people actually would like the characters in real life are the ones that tend to last the longest.

> John - Um.....*thinking*

<ed> he died in 1995

> Phil Harris.

> Right, what Ed said.

<ed> right laura

<John Pomeroy> i saw him around 95

> Yup, we're right, we're right.

<Brad from Georgia> Jack's role often became that of the pained adult among the children: "One LOUSY rehearsal, that's all I ask...."

<John Pomeroy> just before at a gold tourney actually

<Mike Amo> I was thinking about how he didn't think as much of newer comedians...also enjoyed seeing that he did his signature line

for you

<Ken> Sheldon Leonard wasn't a main character...but he died after Phil, didn't he?

> Jack - 1974 Mary - 1983 Don - 1982 Rochester - 1977 Dennis - 1987 Phil - 1995

<ed> of the 5 main characters

<ed> ok 6

> Brad - Although Mary sometimes took that as well.

<John Pomeroy> u guys r good

<Steve "shimp"> John, I noted this earlier - but Doris Singleton, who played Pauline on tonight's show is actually still with us!

<Dennis> well there was Mel, too....

> Ken - Good question...I'm not sure.

<Brad from Georgia> Mel Blanc, died 1989.

> Some of the Beavers are still around

> Mike - Twice, even. He did it before the interview for a promo spot.

<Maxwell> And the camel is still around.

> Yes, the camel lives.

<John Pomeroy> i may visit the grave next year

<John Pomeroy> if i make it to la

> John - Have you been there before?

<Dennis> And Carmichael

<Steve "shimp"> Maxwell, it must be from eating all those grape nuts.

<John Pomeroy> i couldnt drag my wife

> Dennis - Nope, Carmichael is gone. Mel.

<Ken> where can I find the show with the camel?

<John Pomeroy> next time maybe

<Dennis> The old civil war guard?

> Ken - I'd have to pop my 39 Forever database to get it for you...E-mail me.

<Brad from Georgia> I never got to visit Jack's grave in LA--Eddie and Carolyn Carroll met us for lunch, and we chatted for four hours,

making us run a little late.

<John Pomeroy> its funny actually jews buried in masuleums

<Ken> Thanks

<John Pomeroy> but seems more norm in ca

> John - Even cremains. Ben Blue's ashes are around the corner from Jack.

> No, Norm Crosby isn't there yet.

<John Pomeroy> kinda weird

<Steve "shimp"> On another JB note, has anyone gotten the Shower of Stars from Shokus with Jack, Liberace, Jayne Mansfield and

Vincent Price?

<Dennis> Don't they have to be buried within a specific time form when they died?

<Steve "shimp"> I'm dying for a review, I need to get that one.

> It's really nice, though. I've made a point of making it one of the most decorated graves in Hillside.

<John Pomeroy> 24 hrs

<John Pomeroy> cool

> Dennis - Supposed to be 24 hours, but Jack wasn't.

<John Pomeroy> but decorations are not norm either...

<Dennis> thanks LL

> John - No, but Hillside is very Reform.

<John Pomeroy> i actually read 72 hrs is fine

> That's more because Jews aren't supposed to embalm.

> John - That's more in consideration of dying before Shabbat.

<Dennis> what do they do? Freeze dry them?

<John Pomeroy> 72 is an old theory

> You can't mourn or bury someone on Shabbat

> Dennis - No, just rush 'em in the ground.

> Dennis - You're thinking of Ferengi

<John Pomeroy> you're extra special if u die on shabbot

<John Pomeroy> sorry to bore some folks here

> A close friend's mother died the afternoon before Passover. A lot of new rules with that as well.

<Brad from Georgia> My sister wanted to put in her will that she was not to be embalmed or even have a funeral--just buried ASAP. Her

kids objected, so she didn't put that in.

> And it's PARTICULARLY special if you die the day after Christmas...

<Maxwell> Hey! I LOVE reading about death and burial practices! :-)

<John Pomeroy> BOXING DAY?

> I guess the day you get put in a box. OK, that was pretty bad.

<Steve "shimp"> Groan...

<Brad from Georgia> "I don't want to be embalmed! Tell them to stuff me with crabmeat!"

<John Pomeroy> in canada anyways

<Dennis> Not to be disrespectful, but I'm glad I'm not Jewish... couldn't keep track of all the holidays andrules...

> I'd rather be stuffed with crabmeat through natural practices before death.

> Dennis - Aw c'mon, it's new year's tomorrow night!

<Brad from Georgia> Well, it was an old Woody Allen line, LL....

> I need to bake special challah after the chat tonight.

<Mike Amo> Happy 5766 Laura!

<Dennis> funny Laura....lol.

> Mike - Thank you!

<Mike Amo> lol, I'm so tired, I forgot

<ed> i'd rather be stuffed with my radios when i croak

<Maxwell> I want to be stuffed with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

<Steve "shimp"> All challah is special. Can't seem to get good challah in Virginny...

<John Pomeroy> theres a cool radio station in oswego ny

<John Pomeroy> wrvo

<Maxwell> And Grape Nuts.

<Mike Amo> I'll be heading to my hometown for services after yet another 8 hours of work, sigh

> STeve - I always bake my own challah.

<John Pomeroy> plays oldtime radio at night

<Brad from Georgia> You know, a perfect line for Jack's tombstone would have been "I'm a little late, folks...."

<ed> wrvo old time radio show

<John Pomeroy> and they stream live

<John Pomeroy> that's where i picked up benny as a kid

<ed> that's right

<Steve "shimp"> I miss the Challah from Zingerman's deli in Ann Arbor

<Dennis> is it 5766 already?!? Seems likeonly yesterday it was 5750...

> Brad - I think the one that is there--"A gentle man"--is even better.

<John Pomeroy> its npr

<Brad from Georgia> "You go, I go, we go, Oswego Pogo!"

<John Pomeroy> laura

<Ken> Well...to paraphrase jack from the book....it's not the final destination, but the journey that counts. and this has been a fun ride,

tonight. Gotta go...Goodbye everybody

<Brad from Georgia> LL--I'll agree.

> John

<John Pomeroy> i saw jacks hand print at grumanns

<Mike Amo> Goodnight Ken

<Maxwell> So long Ken

<John Pomeroy> not the grave though

<ed> they are part of of 5 station setup i think

<Steve "shimp"> bye Ken.

> John - Ah yes, "My heart belongs to Mary but my feet belong to Graumann's"

<John Pomeroy> 'my heart belongs to mary'

> Night, Ken!

<John Pomeroy> dam - u beat me

> John - Sorry!

<Dennis> Brad... have you a copy of songs of the POGO?

<Brad from Georgia> Dennis-Happen so I do.

> We have met the enemy, and he is Fred Allen.

<John Pomeroy> durantes nose is there too

> John - and Jolson's knee

<Mike Amo> "Mammy!"

<John Pomeroy> im stuck on other good ones

<Dennis> God...I love this!! People with the same bizarre tastes that I have.

<Maxwell> I love George Burns's story about why Jolson would go down on one knee.

> Dennis - And welcome to it!

<Brad from Georgia> Dennis--I was friends with Ed Dodd, who was the cartoonist behind Mark Trail and a great friend of Walt Kelly's.

He gave me some neat stuff, but not his original Pogo Sunday strip!

> Maxwell - yeah, tell that one.

<Dennis> Who'd've thunk it??

<Steve "shimp"> Heartburn, Maxwell?

<Maxwell> Well, as I recall it, he'd eat green onions before going on stage....

<John Pomeroy> i like it when jack would collect change in his cup on the way to visit his neighbors

<John Pomeroy> of course getting a cup of flour

<Dennis> I met Selby Kelly, Walt's widow in San Diego one year...that was so great

> Maxwell - I thought it was an ingrown toenail...I may be confusing it with the real story

<ed> or butter

<Maxwell> So in the middle of a number, they'd hit him, he'd drop to one knee and go "Wooooooh...."

<John Pomeroy> he would take a nicke from a kid

<Maxwell> That's the story Burns told in his comedy act.

> Maxwell - Right, I'm confusing it.

<Maxwell> My story is from the comedy act.

> Or drop to his knee and go "Nyeahhhhh"

<Steve "shimp"> That's the great and frustrating thing about GB - his stories are great but usually BS!

<Maxwell> However you pronounce it.

<Brad from Georgia> Well, it's past ten here, and I have class tomorrow. Tonight, of course, I have no class at all.

> Down in the garden where the red roses grow, oh my I long to go...

<Steve "shimp"> It's actually hard to get legit info about George Burns as opposed to Jack, since his anecdotes are so well-known.

<Maxwell> So long Brad.

> Night, Brad!

<ed> bye brad

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Brad.

<Brad from Georgia> G'night, all! It's been fun!

<Dennis> night Brad..

> Steve - Have you ever read his "100 Years, 100 Stories"?

<Terry Fraser> bye brad

<Maxwell> Well, at least I ahven't had a phone call in almost an hour!

<John Pomeroy> i like joan benny's book

> Maxwell - Please turn off your cell phone in the IJBFC Chat Room

<Steve "shimp"> LL, I think that's the one book of his I HAVEN'T read - or maybe I did and don't remember.

<Maxwell> It's off. I carry a land line with me.

<Maxwell> Long extension cord.

> Steve - It doesn't feel like it was written by him. It feels like people got together and wrote down what they remembered from his

various tales

<Steve "shimp"> Living it Up is the best as far as Showbiz stories - also "All My Best Friends" and, of course, "Gracie A Love Story"

> and when they wanted more material, they stole it from "The Big Book of Jewish Humor".

<ed> i have that on tape

<Dennis> Gracie was a wonderful book.

> Burns was in bad shape when that book was put together.

<John Pomeroy> take my wife...pleae

<Steve "shimp"> LL, well, I think GB was pretty far gone as far as his health when that came out.

<ed> the gracie story

> The best Benny material is in "Living It Up" and "Gracie"

> And Gracie on tape has even more about Jack's infidelities!

<Steve "shimp"> Agreed, LL

<Dennis> Near the end of his life, George began to look more like Norman Bates' mother in the cellar...

<John Pomeroy> henny youngamn had a listed phone number until he died

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, the tape version is fascinating - you can tell that's what the ghost writer assembled the book from.

> Steve - He was. I tried really hard to go through Irving to interview him after the fall, but it just wasn't to be.

<John Pomeroy> he wanted to help any young comediene

<John Pomeroy> wish i could spell

<Steve "shimp"> It's sad he didn't get his big 100th birthday performance.

[Sun Oct 02 18:08:39 GMT-08:00 2005] AbeFeuerstein:

> Does anyone have a theory on who the person was who helped Carol Burnett? I always wondered if it was Jack or George.

> Hi Abe!

<ed> hi abel

<Maxwell> Hi Abe

<John Pomeroy> abe

<AbeFeuerstein> Hello everyone

<ed> abeF sorry

<Terry Fraser> hello abe

<Dennis> Wasn't he betting with Bob Hope about who would live to 100?

<Steve "shimp"> LL, I thought Lucille Ball was a big supporter...

<Dennis> hi abe.

<AbeFeuerstein> Laura, Alex says hello too.

> George said he wanted to live long enough to see who got Brooke Shields.

<John Pomeroy> lol

> Abe - Well, hello back to Alex!

<Mike Amo> Hi Abe...My mother and stepfather went to GB's 100th birthday party, but George couldn't make it

<Steve "shimp"> LL, have you ever interviewed Ronnie or Sandy Burns?

<John Pomeroy> i have to go guys

> And ironically, Shields married Andre Agassi just a few daYS OR SO BEFORE Burns died.

<Dennis> bye, John

<Maxwell> So long John

<John Pomeroy> ill catch u next month

> Steve - I have talked with Ronnie, but it was an odd conversation

> Take care, John!

<Mike Amo> Nite John

<Steve "shimp"> bye John

<ed> bye john

<John Pomeroy> going to hong kong thursday

> Steve - Haven't talked with Sandy, but I know she shuns the spotlight.

<Steve "shimp"> How so, LL?

<Dennis> odd? in what way LL

<John Pomeroy> dont thknk jack was there

<John Pomeroy> but u never know

<Terry Fraser> I've got to go, thanks everyone.

> Well, there are certain things I had been told in confidence about Ronnie before I called

<Maxwell> So long Terry

<ed> night terry

<Dennis> bye Terry.

> Take care, Terry!

<Steve "shimp"> I know Sandy was reclusive - there was a bizarro guy who started a yahoo group on B&A, claimed to BE Ronnie

Burns and spread rumors Sandy was dead. Very strange.

> And I still don't really know if any of them are true.

Steve - OK, now THAT'S messed up.

<ed> too bad

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, it really was sick, and too bad because there isn't a great online source for B&A material.

Steve - I know of someone who was talking about doing it, but it never really came to fruition. I have any number of people consult me

about such projects but they never happen.

<AbeFeuerstein> How old would Ronnie Burns be now?

<ed> 70ish?

Gosh, they adopted him around what, 1936?

<Steve "shimp"> Ronnie was on the Larry King show a couple of years ago.

> Joan was 1934, and Sandy was about the same time.

<Dennis> Joan did mention that she and Sandy were friends..

> I was hoping that either Ronnie or Sandy would present Joan with the award for Jack being inducted into the National Comedy Hall of

Fame at our Friar's dinner but it was just not to be.

<Laura Leff> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind?

<Steve "shimp"> I know the family had some issues with the content of the Frank Gorshin one man show, but

ended up really liking it.

<Laura Leff> I assume no one is doing the show now?

<Laura Leff> Jamie Farr did it for a while, but I know he's not doing it any more.

<ed> frank gorshin a great actor and comic

<Steve "shimp"> I guess not. I have trouble picturing Jamie Farr as George Burns!

<Laura Leff> Say...non-Benny related question...

<Laura Leff> Does anyone know if the Edward R. Murrow show against JosEPH MCCarthy is in circulation?

<ed> big nose

<Laura Leff> I've been interested in it for years, and now there's a movie coming out about it.

<Maxwell> The See It Now?

<Laura Leff> Steve - You're not the only one.

<Laura Leff> Maxwell - That's it.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, they JUST played clips from it on NPR's Weekend All Things Considered tonight. Check

their website.

<Laura Leff> Steve - I've seen plenty of clips from it, and the classic closing Murrow speech. I'd like to get the

whole thing.

<Steve "shimp"> I don't know, they may have links to sources or the full audio though.

<Laura Leff> Dan suggested that I ask on the chat, so I figured I would.

<Laura Leff> Steve - OK, I'll check it out. Thanks!

<Laura Leff> So anyhow...any other Benny topics?

<Dennis> God, I was just a little kid when all that took place...I have absolutely NO memory of have even seen

any part of it.

<Maxwell> I just googled and didn't see anything for sale right off the bat.

> On a semi-related note, I was saying last night to Dan how the audience on the show for tonight's discussion seemed to be really

hot, even laughing too fast at jokes.

> Ah, can someone copy the last couple of screen pages to me?

<Steve "shimp"> RIght, LL, they beat Mary to the punchiline on one.

<Steve "shimp"> Sorry LL, I'm on the same refresh schedule as you.

<Dennis> me too.

> Steve - Right. It seemed almost as if they knew the jokes and were ready to jump on the laugh.

<Maxwell> Mine starts with Sandy being reclusive.

> Maxwell - That would do...

<Steve "shimp"> Which is, really, the laugh strategy of a lot of Benny shows. This audience was just WAY ahead of the game though.

> Mine ended with wanting them at the Friar's but it was just not to be.

<Steve "shimp"> Even the silence when Jack makes the withdrawal doesn't quite come off because the audience anticipates the

silence. How postmodern!

> I said to Dan that they were laughing very fast on the jokes, and he said, "Maybe they were trying to get their laughs in before


<Maxwell> On its way.

> Steve - They are, but compare it to the pre-1945 shows. It's just different.

> Maxwell - Thank you!

<Steve "shimp"> LL, you think the audiences are different?

<Steve "shimp"> How so?

> Like when Dennis says that his mother was hitting his father over the head. Then he's asked what she was hitting him with, and he

says "Me."

<ed> i just listened to that tonight

<Dennis> Its just that the characters were so familiar to the audience, that you knew how they would react or what they would say in

any given situaton...I do it all the timewith Benny.i

> The audience laugh is SO fast on "Me" that you could almost miss the line because it's one sound.

> Steve - There's time in the older shows for the audience to hear the line, get it, and then laugh.

<Maxwell> It's what I said earlier about the character development in the show.

<Maxwell> We KNOW these people.

<ed> is it because of it being transcribed laura

<Steve "shimp"> Yes, I see what you're saying. You can almost track the familiarity of the characters by the timing of the laughs.

<Steve "shimp"> I'm sure Jack was aware of this timing issue, master that he was!

> I almost wondered if someone had clipped out minor silences to make the show shorter. If I didn't know this was wrong, I'd wonder if

they'd sweetened the laughs.

> Ed - I don't think so, although they might have edited out something. They could have been on tape by this time.

> Here's a thought...

> perhaps they had someone leading the laughter, as so many shows did.

<ed> i know mary's lines were recorded for many of the later shows

> That person knows when to start the laugh.

<AbeFeuerstein> A shill?

> Ed - One of these days I'm going to nail down which shows were recorded vs. not. You can tell if you listen closely.

> And some not so closely.

<Steve "shimp"> I would hope they didn't have one of those light-up signs saying "laughter" and "applause"!

> Abe - Right, something like that.

<Maxwell> That could be. They still do that in television to some extent.

<Dennis> For those that have a sense of humor and don't really find the jokes on today's sit-coms funny.

<Maxwell> Did they ever have laughter signs? It's pretty hard to laugh on cue.

> Just a thought. Maybe this was the effect that's discussed in one of the books about how the same people would come week after

week to the show.

<AbeFeuerstein> Did they charge for being part of the audience? I know there were jokes made about supplying tickets to the show to

various family members of characters? But just wondering if they charged?

> Dennis - That's why God invented the laugh track.

> Abe - No, can't legally charge for tix to a broadcast.

<ed> they were not supposed to charge to come in to watch the shows

<Dennis> (recorded)LOL

> Maxwell - Theoretically you'd think they wouldn't need it.

<AbeFeuerstein> No charge. Not even a Benny program?

> Abe - Against the law. Can't do it.

<Maxwell> Anybody here who remembers when they made a big deal about canned laughter in the late '50s or early '60s?

<ed> that's right

> Maxwell - Not firsthand, but I know about it.

<Maxwell> For awhile even on shows with live audiences, they'd have the announcer say, "Audience reaction technically augmented."

> The inventor (not God) of canned laughter died recently.

<Maxwell> I remember Art Gilmore making that announcement on Red Skelton's show.

<Dennis> Tony Randall made a big stick about it for the Odd Couple.

<Steve "shimp"> It's SO easy to tell canned from real laughter though....

<Dennis> stink^

> I remember shows in the 80s, like the Cosby Show, that said "The Cosby Show was filmed live before a studio audience". Opposite


<Maxwell> Especially on ozzie and Harriet.

<ed> it does stink

<Maxwell> Same laugh for every joke.

<ed> canned laugh

> Watch ten minutes of any "Gilligan's Island" and you'll get ODed on the most obnoxious laugh track.

<Steve "shimp"> Exactly Max, a couple of shows I LOVE used canned laughter and it drives me nuts - Green Acres and

> Even worse...cartoons with a laugh track.

<Dennis> There's alwayys that woman with the high pictched cackle..

<Steve "shimp"> The Addams Family (worst laughtrack ever).

<AbeFeuerstein> Get Smart (Don Adams recent death) certainly sounds like a laugh track.

<Maxwell> I think Rocky and His Friends on ABC was the first cartoon with a laugh track...at least if it pre-dated the Flintstones.

> Dennis - On the Benny show? I call her the "Whoooop" woman

<ed> or some guy with the same hah hah laugh

<Steve "shimp"> I am praying, that, like MASH, if they ever put out an "Addams" DVD they'll do the audio so you can turn the laugh

track on or off.

<Steve "shimp"> Max, I don't remember Rocky and Bullwinkle having a laugh track, am I hallucinating?

<ed> early on

<Maxwell> It did in its very first shows.

<Dennis> early episodes Steve.

> Calvin and the Colonel (Amos n Andy reborn) had a laugh trackc

<Steve "shimp"> Wow.

> My brother-in-law said that he saw a Will and Grace without the laugh track. And it wasn't funny.

> I've never seen Will and Grace, so I can't say.

<Maxwell> Yup...the Cloid and Gidney moonman serial with the first appearance of Capt. Peter "Wrongway" Peachfuzz.

<ed> it means you have to listen for the jokes

<Dennis> Still hard to beieve that William Conrad was the narrator on Rocky andBullwinkle and showed a sense of humor...l

> And that the jokes have to be funny enough for YOU to laugh at them.

<AbeFeuerstein> Keep in mind the older stars performed live for many years in front of audiences. Today's programs, Will & Grace,

how often have they performed live?

> Abe - Probably never.

<AbeFeuerstein> Bill Cosby did.

<Maxwell> Yeah, about the same time he was doing Rocky & Bullwinkle, Conrad was the voice of doom narrator on The Fugitive.

<Dennis> Stan Freberg helped write the early Rocky episodes.

<Steve "shimp"> Well, a lot of the sitcoms are done in front of audiences, so that really is live performance.

<ed> conrad was a perfect narrator for R/B

> Abe - Ah, and his show was taped before a live studio audience.

<Steve "shimp"> Just that they do so much tech stuff now that taping one episode can take like 6 hours - so understandably the

audience might need some 'sweetening'

<ed> a lot of radio people got into cartoons after radio

> Can you imagine sitting around for 6 hours watching the same 20 minutes of material over and over and over?

<AbeFeuerstein> Was there ever a person in charge of warming up the audience for the Benny programs.

<Maxwell> No thanks.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, nope!

> Ed - Makes sense. All voice, and something else takes care of the video.

> Abe - Good question, and one that comes up regularly. I know Phil warmed up the audience for his show. I think Jack did it at least

some of the time.

<Steve "shimp"> (catching up) I just picked up an album of William Conrad reading Halloween stories off e-bay - can't wait to hear it.

<Dennis> William Conrad gets a call from casting about Jake and the Fat Man. "Uh, Bill? The good news is that you've got a starring

role in our new show...The bad news is... You AIN't Jake."

> I have a record of Boris Karloff doing some spooky stuff, but I don't remember what.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, "Tales of the Frightened"? That's a classic.

<AbeFeuerstein> Dennis, Funny.

> Steve - Yes, I think that's it. I haven't pulled it in some time.

<Dennis> Karloff and the Grinch...it was fitting somehow.

> Thurl Ravenscroft is DEAD! WE"RE ALL SCREWED!!!!!

<Maxwell> I heard a great tape a few months ago of a Phil Harris-Alice Fay Show that included the warm-up.

<Steve "shimp"> Give her a whirl this Halloween - cool early electronic music and Boris - perfect!

<Dennis> When did he die??? I hadn't heard.

<ed> in may

<Steve "shimp"> RIP Thurl. Whatta voice.

<Maxwell> (Sorry...I was checking out a web site and a bunch came up.)

> Steve - OK. Hopefully a bunch of tape orders will come in this month and I'll listen while doing those.

> Dennis - A few months ago.

<ed> may or june

> I interviewed him last year, but I hope the tape is audible.

<Dennis> But what a GREAT name.. Thurl RAVENSCROFT....sounds like something out ofLovecraft or Poe...

> Dennis - I asked him about that. He said that it's a very long-standing British name.

> Or Dickens.

<Dennis> it's is so cool, though.

<Steve "shimp"> Thurl, or Ravenscroft?

<Maxwell> The name Thurl Ravenscroft: It's GRRRREAT!

> Maxwell - LOL

> Ladies and gentlemen, Thurl Ravenscroft has left the building.

<Steve "shimp"> Did y'all know that Roy Webb (Rochester's friend) was the first Tony the Tiger?

<Maxwell> Or in this case, the planet.

> Steve - I'd heard that, but Thurl will tell you that it was him all along.

<Dennis> Yeah, that's right.. who's gonna do Tony thetiger as well now?

<AbeFeuerstein> Amazing about Roy Webb. That piece of info is a gem

> Dennis - I'm sure there will be a talent search, much as there is for Disney characters. That's how Eddie Carroll got Jiminy Cricket

after Cliff Edwards died.

<Steve "shimp"> There's room for two! Thurl's got the lock on classic Tony in my book.

> Speaking of book, it looks like there's enough interest in the bound back issues that I'll do that in the next few months.

<Dennis> and the Grinch song

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, cool. LL, I'm just going to have to sign over my next paycheck to you for all this cool stuff!

<Maxwell> LL: Now if you could get it out for Christmas, I could buy it and tell my wife it's her Christmas present to me.

> Steve - LOL...you can parse it out if you need to...

> Maxwell - I may well be able to do that. I just found out that my contract at work is probably ending at the end of October, so I may

focus on Benny and my business book through the end of the year.

<Steve "shimp"> You can parse a fifty cent paycheck?

<Steve "shimp"> LOL

> Steve - You and Rochester

<Steve "shimp"> I KNEW there was a reason I'm sympatico with Roch.

> Shameless self-promotion: for more info on the business book, look at www.lauraleff.com

<AbeFeuerstein> You can always send her an X-Mas card with the initials, BBI at the bottom. When she asks what that stands for,

say Bound Back Issues.

<Maxwell> I'm a science teacher, so the business book is out of my realm. Otherwise, I'd have to talk to my wife again about next

year's birthday present.

> Oh, I thought it was Better Business Iureau

<ed> lol

<Dennis> Sorry Laura, butI'm savingfor the entire run of CBS Mystery Theatre on MP3 for 59.95 Some of us DO have prorities...no

matter how stupid they are.

> Dennis - Hey, that's OK. Sometimes I put my paying job ahead of the fan club.

> So other Benny topics? Or should we call it a wrap for this month?

<Dennis> 22 discs...

<Maxwell> I hear you. I live 85 miles from where I work because I only live 39 miles from U.S. Cellular Field. One MUST have priorities.

<ed> did mary really have a sister named babe?

> Dennis - Dang, who's putting that out?

<Dennis> bb

> Ed - Sure did. And a brother named Hilliard (Hickey).

> Dennis - bb?

<Maxwell> Not to be confused with Harriet Hilliard.

<Steve "shimp"> Urgh, for the sake of the transcript - I made a mistake earlier - I got composer Roy Webb confused with actor Roy


<ed> i know of hilliard marx but just wandered about babe

> Steve - We knew who you meant.

<Steve "shimp"> Whew.

<Maxwell> At least you didn't say Glenn Webb.

> Ed - Yes. Babe married Myrt Blum, Jack's lawyer and manager in the 30s, and became Babe Blum.

> Or Jack Webb.

<ed> great name

<Maxwell> Or Jimmy Webb.

<ed> cobb webb

<Steve "shimp"> OK, Like Brad I've got to teach a class tomorrow so I'm off. Oh, man, we're back to Doris Penny Singleton Pepper

Ryan again!

<AbeFeuerstein> Tangled webb.

> I knew someone was going to say that

<Maxwell> So long Steve.

<Steve "shimp"> Good night all, the chats are always a big highlight of the month for me. Take care!

> Thanks for stopping Steve!

<ed> night steve

<AbeFeuerstein> Time for dinner. Enjoyed listening in.

<AbeFeuerstein> Thanks.

<Maxwell> So long Abe.

> Enjoy Abe...stop again!

<ed> bye abe

<Maxwell> Dinner for you. Near bed time for me.

> Shall we call it a wrap?

> It's sure been a fun evening for me.

<Maxwell> I think so...Have to get my sleep so I can beg for a half-day off Tuesday.

> And the Red Sox are in the playoffs! Woo hoo!

<Maxwell> playing MY guys.

> I have to go make challah

<Maxwell> And I have tickets!!!!!

> Maxwell - Hey, I hope you come in second! :)

<Maxwell> So for the moment, we are bitter enemies.

> Dang.

<ed> laura it was nice to be back on again

> Nice to have you here, Ed.

> OK, take care everyone! See you in November!

<Maxwell> So long LL!

<ed> and listen to my show on WQNA.ORG

<ed> streamed live

<ed> bye laura