IJBFC Chat - July 17, 2005

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<Maxwell> Hey LL!

> Hello again!

<Maxwell> Thanks for the program.

> Maxwell - You're most welcome...glad it worked out.

<Maxwell> I still can't figure out why it didn't want to download.

<Maxwell> If nothing else I'll just reload quicktime.

> Dunno...it's an MP3 just like any other as far as I know. It works for me.

> Hello Knucklehead!

<Knucklehead Smith> Hello

> Pardon me if I'm slightly distracted tonight...I've got the Yanks and Red Sox game on just to the right of me.

<Knucklehead Smith> Decided I'd be Knuclehead in honor of Paul Wincell's passing last month

> KS - Aha...I was thinking of Knuckles O'Toole, but of course that's someone different.

> So how's everyone doing tonight? How's the weather?

[Sun Jul 17 16:02:53 GMT-08:00 2005] _bill:

> Hey bill!

<Knucklehead Smith> Wet and rainy the past 4 days here in Texas

<Maxwell> Hot and dry...and my a/c went out last night....Got it fixed today.

> bill - I'll keep you apprised on the game.

<_bill> good evening

<Maxwell> We could use some of that rain. We're in a drought here.

> It's been beautiful here, although it's warm enough for us to have the A/C on.

<Knucklehead Smith> We had one until the tropical storms started showing up

<Maxwell> It was in the low 90s here.

[Sun Jul 17 16:04:07 GMT-08:00 2005] Barbara:

<Maxwell> Dennis's remnants stayed south of us.

> Welcome Barbara!

<Maxwell> Gave Southern Illinois a nice drenching.

<Barbara> Hi everyone!

<Maxwell> Hi bill/Barbara.

> Maxwell - There's got to be a joke in there about a hurricane named Dennis

<Knucklehead Smith> I went through southern Illinois last month. I-44

<Maxwell> Please?

> So what did everyone think of "June Moon" for this month?

<Maxwell> Loved it.

> Hello? Is it quiet or is it just me?

<Maxwell> I said something.

<Knucklehead Smith> I didn't get to listen to the show for this month, sorry

<Barbara> I thought Jack did a good job with it, but it was hard to picture him in that character.

> Maxwell - Got yours...just wanted to make sure I hadn't lost the room.

<Maxwell> That's where radio audiences then would have had an advantage.

<Barbara> I have it at home so have heard it before.

> Barbara - Jack always seems best when playing himself.

> I like the parts where he was interrupting Orson Welles the best.

> I've heard people describe this as Jack doing straight drama, but I don't think that's the case.

<Maxwell> Not in somthing by Ring Lardner and George S. Kauffman.

<Maxwell> That's comedy.

<Barbara> I think so too, Laura. Orson Wells come across as superior, but I think that's how he wants his image.

> Maxwell - Right. I don't know why people have sometimes said it wasn't.

<Maxwell> Sure, he was playing off Jack being an amateur.

> Barbara - Well, consider the Benny shows where he subs for Jack. Lots of people coming in ahead of him and acting like Welles was royalty.

<Maxwell> I thought it was funny where Jack got lost in the script.

<Barbara> I don't think he really got lost, do you?

> Maxwell - The ad libs are always my favorite parts of the shows.

<Maxwell> Well, this was what? A year after War of the Worlds? He was a boy wonder of Stage, Radio, and soon screen.

> I think they just got to ad libbing and Jack had to find his place again.

<Maxwell> I agree.

> Was WOTW 1937 or 1939? I just forgot.

> And what year was Citizen Kane?

> I should know that, but part of my brain is on the game.

<Maxwell> 1940 or '41.

<Knucklehead Smith> Same as GWTH and The Wizard Of Oz

<Barbara> I noticed that Jack used some of his regulars. He must have had some control over the show.

<Maxwell> I looked up Campbell Playhouse. This was the next to last show before he went to Hollywood to make Kane.

> Maxwell - Wow! Amazing.

> Barbara - I wonder...Benny Rubin was a hard-working character actor.

<Maxwell> Jane Eyre was the last show, and then John Houseman took over.

<Barbara> Bea Benadaret was also on it.

> I found it interesting about Jack's lines on playing Hamlet. This was early 1940, so Jack was probably already contracted to do "To Be or Not To Be"

> Barbara - True, although she also was known as one of the busiest actresses in radio.

<Knucklehead Smith> Citizen kane was released in 1941

> Darnit...5-1 Yanks, A-Rod just knocked it out.

[Sun Jul 17 16:12:39 GMT-08:00 2005] KayLhota: Typical Movie Nut

> Hi Kay...Yanks just scored. :(

<Barbara> Probably, Laura, although TB or Not TB was finished in Dec. of 1941.

<KayLhota> Yes, that figures.

<Maxwell> I hate both teams, so it doesn't bother me. Especially with my guys 32 games over .500.

> Barbara - You know, you're right. I had the year wrong in my head.

<KayLhota> I love the cast of "June Moon"

> He probably wasn't contracted for that yet. But Ernst Lubitsch did write the part with Jack in mind, so who knows...this could even have been the inspiration.

<Maxwell> I liked hearing Lee Patrick, too. One of my favorite actresses.

> Maxwell - Which part did she play?

<Barbara> I think Jack was probably a better actor than he was permitted to be. I always thought it would be interesting to see him in a serious drama.

<KayLhota> Lee Patrick was the sister in law

<Maxwell> She was the one who was engaged to him.

<Maxwell> Yeah.

> Ah right.

> Now, here's a question...

> the wife of the composer is considering chasing another man while she's still married

<Maxwell> I remember her when I was growing up as Mrs. Topper.

> It seems like that's the sort of plot that would have been thrown out by the Hays code

<Maxwell> Maybe that's why they never made a movie of it.

> Of course, it's also part of the original Lardner-Kaufman script

<KayLhota> But they did make a movie out of "June Moon"

> So why would that be OK on radio, but not movies?

<Maxwell> man, I've never seen it!

<KayLhota> because considering and doing it are two different things

<Maxwell> Because it was John Houseman and Orson Welles?

> Who played what in the movie?

<KayLhota> You've never seen it because it is locked up due to Kaufman estate issues, but it recently played in New York at the Film Forum

<KayLhota> Jack Oakie played the lead

> Oakie - Benny....

> hmmm

> Yes, Oakie would have been good for this role.

<Maxwell> Pre Code. 1931.

<Knucklehead Smith> Frances Dee was Edna

<KayLhota> Paprika, Paprika, the spice of my life


<KayLhota> LOL

> I can just imagine the sheet music for that

<Maxwell> As sung by....

> Probably a cartoon of a woman with paprika-red hair

<Barbara> How about a Bungalow for Two?

<Maxwell> Now that cracked me up.

<KayLhota> I was told that the music in the film is even worse than what we heard in the broadcast

> Thing is, there were a LOT of songs like that back when!

<Knucklehead Smith> The film was released in 1931, I image the music was bad

> I've got a giant file cabinet full of vintage sheet music, and tons of titles and songs like that.

<Barbara> Did you ever hear "Does the Spearmint Lose its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?" Really.

<KayLhota> I've heard it

> I Left My Sugar Standing in the Rain (and she Melted Away)

<KayLhota> LOL

<Maxwell> Heck, they changed Spearmint to Chewing Gum and had a hit of that in the '60s.

> Barbara - I've got at least a couple copies of that as well

<Barbara> Cool!

<Maxwell> I've got a great recording of a song called "Sugar" that reminds me of Paprika...strange lyrics.

> Maxwell - Sugar Be Sweet to Me?

<Maxwell> No.

<Maxwell> The recording I have is by Fletcher Henderson. I'm trying to think of the name of the singer.

> I wrote a song called "I'm Going to Wish Again I Was in Michigan".

<Maxwell> I think that title was already used.

<KayLhota> Irving Berlin wrote a song like that

> Of course, there's also things like "She Had to Go and Lose It at the Astor"

<KayLhota> oh my

> Kay/Max - I think you're thinking of "I Want to Go Back To Michigan"

<Maxwell> Yeah...that's it!

<KayLhota> yes, but the words are close

<KayLhota> That's Why I Wish again that I was in Michigan Down on the Farm

> Billy Murray's recording of that song was used in "Bowling for Columbine"

<Maxwell> I even have a rhyme for "orange" if I can ever figure out a lyric to go with it.

> Hit by Johnny Damon...29 game streak...

<Barbara> They make "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon" sound pretty good.

[Sun Jul 17 16:22:37 GMT-08:00 2005] Steve "shimp":

> Hey Steve!

<Maxwell> Hi shimp

<Steve "shimp"> Hey everyone, sorry to be a bit late, I'm on the phone with friends at the same time

<KayLhota> Nice to see you Stevbe

<KayLhota> Steve

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Kay

> Steve - That's OK, I'm watching a baseball game right now.

<Maxwell> Here's an example of a section of "Sugar"

<Steve "shimp"> Distraction chat!

<Maxwell> Sugar I can't wait too long

<Knucklehead Smith> Is Greenberg on 3rd

<Barbara> I wondered if Wells was going to connect the two Rochesters, and he did.

<KayLhota> And it's the Red Sox and Yankees

<Maxwell> Sugar don't keep me blue long

> KS - Har har

<Maxwell> Sugar drop in my oolong

<Maxwell> And sweeten the days for me.

<KayLhota> LOL

> Maxwell - Love it...like "You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me"

> There seem to be several songs with connections of someone being so sweet that they can sweeten coffee or tea

<Maxwell> Or as Allen Sherman wrote about dating a Playboy Bunny, "Your Getting to Be a Rabbit with Me.

> Like "Honeysuckle Rose"

<Steve "shimp"> LOL Maxwell, I need to hear that one

<Maxwell> Ah, Andy Razaf.

> Maxwell - Oh my, I'll have to tell Dan about that. One of his pet names for me is Rabbit. Maybe it's because we have two rabbits as pets.

<Maxwell> Hmmm...my wife doesn't call me beagle....

[Sun Jul 17 16:26:13 GMT-08:00 2005] Mikewats: Oklahoma USA

> So what other reactions to "June Moon"?

<Barbara> Could it be that you like lettuce and carrots, Laura?

> It's Mikewats! Welcome back, man!

<Steve "shimp"> I dunno if this was addressed -

<Mikewats> Hello, Laura!

<Steve "shimp"> But I was thinking about Jack always needing to address his "character" before taking on another role

<KayLhota> I love the conversation between Jack and Orson, and the way that Jack keeps interrupting just as the play begins

<Steve "shimp"> How ingrained that was in the American psyche

> Barbara - Well, I had a dream many years ago about a tiny rabbit and that seemed to start it.

<Mikewats> Yeah, Jack seemed to enjoy breaking character no matter what he was doing

<Barbara> This was not my favorite Benny show, although I give him credit for doing something different.

> Steve - I should have replayed the Benny show with Welles, but I think he was telling him about getting into character then.

<Maxwell> I've heard a couple of things with Jack the past couple of days...was this the one with the Fred Allen references?

<KayLhota> I notice that there were some trades in guest shots

<Steve "shimp"> LL, the shows where Welles subbed for Jack?

> Maxwell - That's it.

<KayLhota> That Orson did Jack's show, and Groucho did Jack's show, and then Jack would guest for them

> Steve - No, I think that this was when Welles guested.

<KayLhota> The shows where Jack subbed are very interesting too

<Steve "shimp"> OK, haven't heard those in awhile

> Jack wants to take acting lessons from Welles.

<KayLhota> Orson Welles came on and did the "Hunchback of Notre Dame"

<Mikewats> I enjoyed Jack ribbing Orson's highfalutin narration...

> Kay - Yes, that's it.

> I'm amazed that they plug Campbell's Chicken Soup with a quote from Samuel Pepys. Wow.

> I'm going to try not to extend that into a political comment on the state of education today.

<Maxwell> Well, Welles had an intellectual audience.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, I was a little stunned at the Pepys thing too

<Barbara> I missed the quote, Laura. What was it?

<KayLhota> I just got a set of Orson Welles radio programs last week for my birthday. Among them are the Campbell episodes

<Steve "shimp"> Doing research on the 17th Century, that took me aback.

> Barbara - First commercial, quoting Pepys' diary talking about having a wonderful dinner including chicken.

<Maxwell> Something about eathing chicken with sweet meat.

> Maxwell - True. But still, geez.

<Barbara> Okay. I walked out during the commercials.

<Maxwell> I also loved the reference to Kenosha in the script.

<Maxwell> Welles's home town.

<KayLhota> oh yeah!

> Maxwell - No kidding!

<Steve "shimp"> Welles should get credit for being able to poke fun at his "genius" image, I don't know if a lot of people think of that

> Come to think of it, Don Bestor also played the intellectual that gets fun poked at him...

<Steve "shimp"> He did not only the Benny spots but also some Burns and Allen as well where they deflate him a bit.

> I wonder if that was something more prevalent then

<Barbara> Don Wilson had some of that too.

<KayLhota> Well, Orson as the "Candy Butcher" is funny in itself!

<Maxwell> Yeah...Gracie tries to turn George into an intellectual like Ava Gardner's husband Orson.

<Steve "shimp"> I had forgotten that expression "candy butcher"

<Steve "shimp"> Rita Hayworth, Max

<KayLhota> Don't you mean Rita Hayworth?

<Maxwell> Yeah.

<Maxwell> Brain cramp.

> Kay - For some reason, that term puts me in the mind of cheesy horror movies..."Oh NO! It's the CANDY BUTCHER! AIIEEEEEEEE!!!"

<Maxwell> I'm in love with both.

<KayLhota> LOL Laura

<Mikewats> LOL Laura

<Maxwell> And I was just reading about Mickey Rooney today.

<KayLhota> They are both beautiful women

<Steve "shimp"> (starts writing the script, LL gets story credit!)

<Maxwell> Whatever you do, don't tell my wife.

<Maxwell> She thinks I'm still in love with Sophia Loren.

<Barbara> Candy bars were only 15 cents in those days, too.

<KayLhota> ah yes. That was their first marriage for both Mickey and Ava

> Mid 9th...still 5-1 Yanks.

<KayLhota> 5 cents

<Maxwell> Yeah, they were only a dime when I was a kid.

<Mikewats> (seating bullets about the ballgame)

<Mikewats> sweating, even

<Steve "shimp"> Seating bullets, ouch!

> Watch out, don't sit on those bullets...

<Mikewats> Yowch!

<KayLhota> The Sox have been getting trounced lately

<Maxwell> Let's clarify: RED Sox.

> Kay - Well, they handed the Yankees their heads on Friday.

<Maxwell> <---White Sox fan.

> Maxwell - Right...the White Sox have been amazing this season.

<KayLhota> hey, maybe this year will be the White Sox's year

<Maxwell> I'll be watching them play the BoSox Thursday night.

> I doubt that it will be the Cubs.

<KayLhota> It's long past time for them

<Maxwell> The Cubs are one game over .500. Their fans are ecstatic.

<KayLhota> Gee, and the Cubs clobbered the Red Sox in June

> Jack was a devoted Dodgers fan.

<Mikewats> Go White Sox! (But only when they're playing the Red Sox)

<Maxwell> hahahahahahaha

<Mikewats> Brooklyn or LA or both?

> Mike - LA

<Maxwell> I picture him as being a Cubs fan as a kid, considering where he grew up.

<Steve "shimp"> I'm more of a minor leaguer myself...LL, good Michiganian, have you ever heard of the Lansing Lugnuts?

> Jack also liked to go to the fights...go figure.

> Steve - I never

<Maxwell> Yup. Kane Co. Cougars fan here.

> GO MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

<Mikewats> Hiss boo!

> 5-2

<Steve "shimp"> They crack me up because their mascot is...a BOLT.

<Maxwell> Not a nut?

<Steve "shimp"> I was wearin' the T-Shirt today.

<Steve "shimp"> Nope, couldn't get that right.

> Steve - I never followed baseball in Michigan. I mean...who am I going to root for? The Tigers?

<Steve "shimp"> Ouch, they were great in 1984!

<Maxwell> Hmmm...I'm seeing THEM play Tuesday.

<Steve "shimp"> We had a hamster named after Sparky Anderson.

<KayLhota> Laura, we visited Detroit two weeks ago.

> Steve - Yeah ONCE. And since then?

<Steve "shimp"> Seriously...Sparky was electrocuted.

<Maxwell> Anderson is an odd name for a hamster.

> Steve - Ouch.

<Steve "shimp"> The hamster that is. Bit thru a toaster wire.

> Kay - Why were you in Detroit?

<KayLhota> My husband's family is out there. We stayed with his mother and visited the sibs

<Maxwell> What were you doing in Detroit?

<Maxwell> Trying to get out!

> Maxwell - No kidding.

<Barbara> I'm a Detroit native, Kay.

> Kay - Ah, I should have recognized a fellow Michiganian.

<Steve "shimp"> Detroit's a really, really, scary town.

<KayLhota> Frank grew up near six mile near Levonois

<Steve "shimp"> Ever since the riots.

> Steve - Especially if you get lost in the wrong part of it.

<Barbara> It's also Michigander, isn't it Laura?

<Steve "shimp"> Where's the right part, LL?

<Maxwell> You go a couple of blocks from downtown and you'd swear it was Europe in 1945.

<Maxwell> Steve: Dearborn.

> Barbara - It's both. But there's a long history of people believing that Michigander was an insult.

> Steve - Dearborn and the richer suburbs.

<Maxwell> If there are Michiganders, are there also Michigeese?

<Barbara> I hadn't heard that. It seems in Detroit you're either rich or poor.

<Steve "shimp"> Right, it came from the Lincoln debates - "gander" was like calling someone a "silly goose"

<KayLhota> Well, Frank wasn't rich or poor

<Steve "shimp"> Most "rich" "Detroiters" are usually really from the burbs - what part of Detroit? "Grosse Pointe"

<KayLhota> Grosse Point is ritzy

<Maxwell> Not Hamtramck?

> Steve - Right...I was trying to think of Grosse Pointe.

<Steve "shimp"> Good packzi in Hamtramck!

> Packzi?

<KayLhota> Frank's Mom lives west of Grosse Point in Harper Woods

<Steve "shimp"> Yep, on Mardi Gras, Detroit Poles learned how to fit more fat in a donut!

<Steve "shimp"> Which is a "packzi"

> We've left Jack behind for the moment, but as long as no one else minds, I'm OK...

<Maxwell> Pronounced Poonchki.

<Steve "shimp"> Exactomundo, Max.

<Maxwell> OO as in pooch.

<Steve "shimp"> Jack would have loved them, to get back on topic.

<Barbara> Didn't Jack have some Polish blood?

<KayLhota> There you go

<Steve "shimp"> Diabetes be damned...

> Oh, a poonchki! I never conencted the spelling with the spoken

> Barbara - Actually, I just learned different about that on my last trip to Waukegan. He was Lithuanian on both sides.

<Maxwell> Yeah, there are a lot of packzi's served in Chicago on Shrove Tuesday.

> I had always thought that his father was Polish, but someone knew the exact shetl in Lithuania that the Kubelskys came from.

<Barbara> Is that part of Russia?

<KayLhota> Lithuania was part of the USSR but not Russia

> Barbara - It's a little area just north of Poland and west of Russia.

> Sort of like Luxembourg

<Barbara> I'll have to look it up.

<KayLhota> Estonia and Latvia are up there ttoo

> Amazing how many countries were reinstated after the breakup of the Soviet Union


<KayLhota> Moe, Shemp and Curly's family were also from Lithuania, and Al Jolson

> First and third, no outs

<Maxwell> Sounds like an early TV show here: Geographically Speaking.

<Maxwell> Who's on first?

> Al Jolson was from Lithuania? Are you sure?

<KayLhota> Yes

> Maxwell - That's right

<Steve "shimp"> Lithuania never struck me as "Comedy Central"!

> Maxwell - Varitek, actually.

<KayLhota> Al Jolson grew up in Washington DC

<Maxwell> He sounds like a computer or softwear company.

> I heard Jolson escaped from Russia at the bottom of a hay wagon


<KayLhota> I never heard that

> 5-3 Yanks

> And supposedly Meyer Kubelsky escaped Lithuania at the bottom of a shipment of bottles.

<KayLhota> Sox are coming from behind, but they have to make two more to tie the score

> Well, they've got two on base...

> and no outs

<Maxwell> Lead run at bat.

> Mueller could do it, but I wish it was Papi.

<KayLhota> and I don't have the game on. I have Sons of the Desert on TCM

> Here we go!


<KayLhota> Wow

<Steve "shimp"> LL, is that true about Meyer or just joking?

<Maxwell> Speaking of Who's on First, I heard an interesting show the other day. Walgreen's 44th anniversary show. Costello doing WOF without Abbott.

> Sorry folks...I'm a devoted Red Sox fan.

> Full bases!

> Steve - No, absolutely the story.

<KayLhota> I'm not sorry Laura, but I'm from Boston

<Mikewats> Shoot...the Yanks seem to find a way to blow it at the last minute...

> Kay - No, sorry that I'm a poor moderator tonight and am talking about the game.

<Steve "shimp"> Bottles of what!? And no problem on the running Sox commentary...

> Maxwell - That's strange...

<Mikewats> I suppose they should be happy with a split, but...darn it

> Maxwell - Doing it by himself?

<Barbara> I had read that he was under a load of bottles, too. I don't know what, if anything, was in them.

<Maxwell> He was taken ill before they went on the air.

> Steve - Supposedly empty bottles.

<Steve "shimp"> Ythapmys soothing syrup, in my imagination...

> Maxwell - His epilepsy perhaps?

> Steve - har har

<Maxwell> They didn't say.

<KayLhota> Who did Lou do the routine with?

<Maxwell> Sidney Fields.

> Maxwell - I'm sure not. His epilepsy was a closely-guarded secret.

> Maxwell - Who?

<KayLhota> Oh! That's a good choice

<KayLhota> Sidney Fields was a burlesque comic and close friend

> 5-4 Yanks, but double play

[Sun Jul 17 16:51:55 GMT-08:00 2005] twainbough:

<KayLhota> they bought a lot of material from him

<Maxwell> LL: The fella's name on first.

> Hello twaingough!

<twainbough> hola :)

<KayLhota> Hi Twain

<Maxwell> Hi Twainbough.

<twainbough> greetings

<Steve "shimp"> Hi twainbough

<Maxwell> Don Wilson and Rochester were also on that show.

> Twainbough - Welcome to the Benny-Red Sox chat

<Maxwell> (Had to have a Jack connection)

> Come on Damon!

<twainbough> Mr Benny wore Red Socks?

<Steve "shimp"> Did Lou or Bud have epilepsy? I red Lou's biog by his son or daughter a long time ago but don't remember much

> Awwwwwwwww

<KayLhota> Damon is either going to tie it or out

> That's it.

> Yanks win.

<KayLhota> out at 1st?

<Barbara> Bud had epilepsy, but he lived longer than Lou.

<Maxwell> They had to end the game in time for the ESPY's.

> My mistake...5-3 Yanks.

<Steve "shimp"> Thanx Barbara...

<KayLhota> But had epilespy

<Maxwell> Or Bud.

<Mikewats> (exhales)

<KayLhota> Lou had rhumatic fever in 1943

> Barbara - True, but Lou had his health problems too

<Mikewats> (faints)

<twainbough> 1943 was a bad year for lou

<Steve "shimp"> Didn't Lou lose a child too, that was the sad thing I remember

<KayLhota> yes, he was sick in bed for nearly a year

<KayLhota> and his baby drowned in their swimming pool the day of his return to radio

<Maxwell> Know anything about Bud being sick in '45? That's when the show was made.

<Barbara> Lou had heart problems I think. His son was drowned in a swimming pool right near our house. Sad.

> Yes, little Butch...Lou Costello Jr.

<Maxwell> 6/20/45

> And Lou went on anyway. What a trooper.

<KayLhota> indeed

<twainbough> i would love to hear that broadcast

<Barbara> It seems everyone has a cross to bear.

<Maxwell> You can hear it online before Tuesday.

> Lou's wife...um...what was her name......was supposed to keep the baby up to see if he'd recognize his father's voice on the air.

<KayLhota> I had heard that Bud and Lou were feuding in 1945

<KayLhota> Ann

> Kay - Right, Ann. Thank you.

<Steve "shimp"> I thought Bud & Lou were always feuding.

<Maxwell> Ah...Blue flu?

<twainbough> i remember seeing lou on This Is Your Life, and Bud wasn't on the show

<KayLhota> Bud was on the show

<_bill> online where?

> Steve - Yes, I think it started in part because of Lou demanding more money than Bud.

<Barbara> Most teams quarrel a lot. Maybe that's what keep them going.

> Twainbough - Are you sure? I thought that's where they had their reunion.

<KayLhota> Laurel and Hardy never quarreled

<twainbough> it was A LONG time ago :)

<twainbough> i can't remember

<Maxwell> www.nostalgiadigest.com. Click on the link to "Those were the days."

<KayLhota> no, the This is Your Life show wasn't a reunion, but Bud mentioned the feud

<Steve "shimp"> Thanx Max, that's one to check out.

> Is the Lou Costello Jr. Foundation still going?

<Barbara> Just heard on TCM that Laurel was the brains of the outfit.

<KayLhota> that they had fought over something really dumb

<Maxwell> It's probably about 1/3 of the way intot he show program they broadcast on.

<Maxwell> broadcast IT on.

<Maxwell> Babe Hardy loved to play golf.

<KayLhota> he had done some directing before they teamed

<Maxwell> Stan loved to think up gags.

<Steve "shimp"> Babe Hardy vs. Babe "Livingstone"!

<Maxwell> Stan also produced a couple of their better movies.

<Maxwell> Including my second favorte of their features: Way Out West. (Featuring Chill Wills singing bass on Trail of the Lonesome Pine.

<Barbara> Just about time for Taco Bell so I'll see you all next time.

> Hey Mike, any Jell-O tonight?

> Take care, Barbara!

<Maxwell> So long Barbara.

<Mikewats> Oh, sure, you betcha!~

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Barbara!

<Barbara> So long all you Benny lovers.

<Mikewats> (mixes up fresh bowls of Jell-O)

<Mikewats> What's your flavor, Laura?

<Steve "shimp"> Maxwell, Chill Wills will always be Francis to me. I'm mule-obsessed that way.

> OK folks...you can order your Jell-O flavors from Mikewats.

<KayLhota> bye Laura

<twainbough> where do i get my lucky strikes? LSMFT!

> Mike - I'll take the two-toed sloth Jell-O.

> kay - You leaving?

<KayLhota> nope

<Steve "shimp"> Mikewats, souse and scrapple Jell-O for me.

<Maxwell> What was the name of the group he sang in...The Avalon Boys?

<KayLhota> yes
<Mikewats> (goes down to his laboratory to mix up the flavorings)
> Dunno Max.
<KayLhota> they are in WAY OUT WEST

> Kay, you're confusing me. :)

<KayLhota> they are in WAY OUT WEST

> Ah...need about the last 10 lines please.

<Maxwell> I was wrong...The Avalon Boys sing "Commence to Dancin'"

<Steve "shimp"> I'll send them ll.

<Maxwell> L&H sing Trail of the Lonesome Pine.

<Maxwell> Although I think it's Chill Wills singing for Stan when he sings in a bass voice.

<KayLhota> Although it is Chill

<KayLhota> yep

> Steve - Thank you!

<Maxwell> I don't know who the Soprano Stan was.

<KayLhota> It's Chill Wills for Stan's base

<KayLhota> Rosina Lawrence is the soprano

<Maxwell> Thanks.

<Mikewats> I got to see "Buck Benny Rides Again" last month for the first time...

<Maxwell> You know way too much for a mere mortal.

<KayLhota> she told me so, so I'm sure it's true

<KayLhota> it's a nice movie, isn't it Mike?

<Maxwell> I haven't seen that movie in years.

> Mike - What did you think?

> Maxwell - You ought to order it from the video library. :)

<Mikewats> I liked it better than any other Jack movie I've seen except for "To Be or Not to Be"...it's "pure Benny"

<Steve "shimp"> Urg, me too, I've never seen it.

> Mike - Well said.

<Maxwell> After my microwave, my a/c and my clock radio going on the fritz this week, I won't be ordering much for a month or so.

<Maxwell> Plus, I'm saving up for playoff tickets.

> Mike - Have you seen "Love Thy Neighbor"?

<Mikewats> Enjoyed Rochester having such a prominent part too, and getting to do some dancing

<KayLhota> I haven;'t seen that

<Mikewats> Nope, Laura

> Mike - If you like that, you should also see "Man About Town"

<KayLhota> oh yes, I'd like to see that.

> Roch has two good dance numbers in that.

<KayLhota> As good as in "Buck Benny?"

> Oh by the way, just to have it said...thanks to everyone for your patience in the last-minute rescheduling of the chat this month. Something came up with work and I had to be available.

> Kay - Which, Man About Town?

<Mikewats> (runs to allmovie.com)

<Steve "shimp"> No problem, LL, I needed the extra week too!

<KayLhota> Yes, since I've never seen it, I wanted to know if Rochester dances in that one ttoo

<Maxwell> No problem LL, as you know, I didn't even get to listen to the show until after last night.

> Steve - (In JB intonation) Oh, good...good....

<Mikewats> Huh, I've never run across Man About Town before...does it ever show up on TV? Are there rights problems with it?

> Kay - Roch dances in Man About Town. Well worth seeing.

> Mike - It's in our video library.

> Mike - I'm pretty sure my copy came from off the air somewhere.

<Mikewats> Swell, Laura, I'll look it up

<Steve "shimp"> It's funny, a lot of Jack's movies I just know from the shows that aired around their release, I've never seen them.

<KayLhota> Oh, that reminds me. My friend Richard received his hurt copy of your book, Laura. He's very pleased.

> Steve - On a lot of them, you're not missing anything. Like "The Medicine Man". Wow.

<Steve "shimp"> Man About Town being one, plus the various Buck Benny shows.

> Kay - Excellent! I thought of that just last night, because I had set some stuff where it used to be lying.

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, I figure I would like the ones with the show cast more.

> Yes...see "Man About Town", "Buck Benny", and "Love Thy Neighbor".

<Steve "shimp"> Which makes me wonder what people think about Jack as an actor vs. Jack as a comedian? Which would you consider him?

<Mikewats> What's the old revue film that Jack hosted?

> To Be or Not to Be is, of course, the penultimate. But that's because it's a great film.

> Steve - Jack was a comedic actor.

<KayLhota> Hollywood Revue of 1929

<Steve "shimp"> Some comics are great actors, but I think Jack ... wasn't.

> Steve - Then you need to see him in "To Be or Not to Be".

<Steve "shimp"> See, I think of Jack more as a comedian - really knowing his audience and comedy, but when he takes on other characters...meh.

<Maxwell> TBONTB is one of my favorite movies.

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, yeah, I've seen TBoNTB many times and I think it's the exception that proves the rule.

<Mikewats> "Long live Poland!"

> Steve - Also check out Jack's work on "Suspense".

<KayLhota> I'm curious. How do you all feel about the Mel Brooks remake?

<Steve "shimp"> Not that I'm knocking Jack, I think his strengths were working with his own material. An auteur if you will.

<Maxwell> I never saw it. I didn't want to.

<Mikewats> It's...okay...but why did Brooks do it?

<Maxwell> And I love Mel Brooks.

<Steve "shimp"> Saw it a long time ago, Kay, and don't remember much.

<KayLhota> I think Mel Brooks did it because he loved the original movie and had always wanted to do it with his wife, Anne Bancroft

> I think it's part of casting...you have to put Jack in the right role. You have to put Mel Brooks in the right role, or Cary Grant.

> Kay - That's what I heard him say.

<Steve "shimp"> (lights a little candle for Mrs. Robinson)

<KayLhota> I don't think it is the best thing that Mel Brooks did, but I did think it was an enjoyable movie.

> The Brooks version is an interesting counterpoint, but I prefer Jack's version.

<KayLhota> I prefer the original as well, but I did find some things to like with the Mel Brooks film.

<Mikewats> Same here, Laura

> Kay - So the question is...what IS the best thing that Mel Brooks did?

<KayLhota> oh my.

<Steve "shimp"> Young Frankenstein.

<Mikewats> Ditto

<Maxwell> My Brooks trilogy is The Producers, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein.

<Steve "shimp"> Puttin' on the RIIIIIITZ!

<twainbough> i liked spaceballs :)

<KayLhota> That is my favorite of his films

<KayLhota> and The Producers

> You have to put Woody Allen in the right role, but watch him in "The Front". He's best playing himself, but he can carry off other characters too.

> I'd have to vote for The Producers as well.

<Maxwell> I thought Allen was terrific in The Front.

> "The Front" is one of my desert island movies...one that I'd take with me if I could only have a few to watch.

> Zero Mostel is also dazzling in it.

<KayLhota> Wow!

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, I actually like Woody Allen's dramas better than his comedies. I'm the only one in the world who likes "Interiors"

<Maxwell> Didn't he make that shortly before he passed away?

<Maxwell> Nah...Roger Ebert liked it.

<KayLhota> Yes, he did, and he was blacklisted.

> Steve - I have a hard time saying that one could "like" Interiors, because it's such a hard movie to watch.

<Steve "shimp"> It's a "

> A lot of the people who worked on The Front had been blacklisted.

<Steve "shimp"> It's a "feel-bad" movie.

<KayLhota> I remember that, Laura.

> Steve - I just watched Kieslowski's "Bleu" and it reminded me of "Interiors".

<Mikewats> I remember one critic's comment on "Interiors" -- "The most solemn film since 'The Passion of Joan of Arc'"

<Maxwell> I guess that's my problem. I don't like to go to movies to be brought down.

<KayLhota> I remember too that for years I used to see Jack Gilford in the Cracker Jacks commercials, then later I learned that he got that

> Mikewats - It would have been ironic if they'd said, "The most solemn film since 'The Sorrow and the Pity'."

<Mikewats> LOL, Laura

<KayLhota> because after he was blacklisted, he finally got the break

<Steve "shimp"> Max, generally I don't either, but if you go down, I like going down WAY into horrible soul-crushing angst!

> Maxwell - That's what Dan said when I told him about "Bleu".

<Steve "shimp"> But mostly I'm a popcorn and giant monsters kinda guy.

<Mikewats> Frothy comedies for me, please...

<Maxwell> No thanks. That's too close to my real life...soul-crushing angst. (You get a lot of that when you teach.)

> Steve - Then see "Bleu". It's an absolutely unflinching look at a woman dealing with losing her husband and daughter in a car crash.

> Maxwell - I can well imagine.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, seen Bleu when it came out. Yep, it's in that category.

> Steve - Fortunately, it turned me on to Juliette Binoche, whom I had never appreciated previously.

<Maxwell> Hmmm...I think the only kind of bleu I want to see is Chicken Cordon or Cheese.

<Steve "shimp"> Didn't like the English Patient?

<Steve "shimp"> I didn't!

> Steve - Saw it, and it just didn't grab me.

<Mikewats> "Bleu moon....you caught me standing alone..."

> Hey, apologies to anyone who minds this meandering away from Jack.

> I'm feeling free tonight and just want everyone to enjoy themselves.

<Maxwell> We do this every month and you apologize every month.

<Steve "shimp"> The best thing about the English Patient was one of the credits - Ralph Fiennes body by Jim Henson's creature shop. I kid you not.

> In soul-crushing angst, or whatever turns you on.

> Steve - And I'm a Ralph Fiennes fan!

<Steve "shimp"> Somewhere in muppetland there's a body cast for you!

> Maxwell - And you keep coming back, so I guess we're doing something right!

<KayLhota> Geesh, the same lousy print of WAY OUT WEST that TCM had in April!

<Maxwell> I'm a glutton for punishment.

> bill - Are we boring you?

<Maxwell> Is there a better one anywhere?

<Mikewats> Well, I have one more Jack comment...I love the radio adaptation of "The Horn Blows at Midnight" tons, tons better than the movie...

<KayLhota> Yes, it is a huge improvement!

<Steve "shimp"> Mike, what program did that air on?

<Maxwell> None of that non-Jacklike visual stuff.

<KayLhota> It has a lot more heart

> Mikewats - Yep, lots of people say that. In fact, I think the majority of people who've experienced both say that.

<Mikewats> The Ford Theatre

<Steve "shimp"> I'll have to hear that!

<Mikewats> Much later than the movie, in fact...I believe the radio adaptation was 1949

> Maxwell - That's it for me, exactly. Jack doing physical comedy doesn't work for me.

> Has anyone seen the Omnibus version?

<KayLhota> I wish I could!

<Maxwell> Heck, I have trouble with Harpo Marx climing the scenery in Night at the Opera.

<Steve "shimp"> Jack's physical comedy was subtle on the TV show - he was the anti-Lucy in that respect.

<Mikewats> Who wrote the radio adaptation? Was it Jack's own writers?

> Maxwell - I bet you didn't like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon either. :)

<Maxwell> Never saw it.

<Maxwell> Only thing I know about it is the title.

> Steve - In the first TV show, Rochester throws a glass of water in Jack's face. Jack never completely recovers, and is patting his face with a handkerchief for a while.

<Steve "shimp"> Who do you think Jack looked to when crafting sight gags for TV? I think he's a little Chaplinesque at times.

> Mike- Good question...I can't remember.

> Steve - I'm sure the writers had a strong hand in it, perhaps Hal and Al moreso because they came later. The directors too.

> There's a show where Don and Dennis come out as Laurel and Hardy.

<Mikewats> Hee hee

> And I can't remember who it is that makes Jack dress up as Ben Franklin (to whom he does bear a striking resemblance...

<Maxwell> Hmmm...the pacing on Jack's show is often reminiscent of L&H.

> so much so that I still get E-mails from people saying that the $100 bill looks like Jack).

<Steve "shimp"> Right, LL, I'm thinking in terms of inspiration rather than actual writers/directors. Must have been a challenge to translate the radio to sight gags.

> Maxwell - That depends on the show. The Ginger Rogers show or the Edgar Bergen show isn't like that.

<Maxwell> That's why I said often.

> Maxwell - But getting into the mid-60s that does sometimes happen.

<Maxwell> Those are the shows I remember most vividly. Teenage years and all that.

> Steve - Maybe, maybe not. I love the show with the Mills Brothers where Jack hits the jackpot in Vegas and keeps beating on the machine to give him more money.

> There's the $400 suit show with Gisele MacKenzie where Jack's suit falls apart during a violin duet...

<Steve "shimp"> Right, it opened a lot of doors as well. When I think Jack and Charlie Chaplin though, kind of Chaplin's isolation

> Steve - That's a really interesting point...say more about that...

<Steve "shimp"> That Jack sometimes had in the more "sitcom" episodes, lone sane man in a crazy world kind of thing.

> Yes, moreso than the in-one/skit shows like Carol Burnett and Tarzan./

<Steve "shimp"> You could swap Charlie Chaplin for Jack in the Christmas episode, for example and it would be different but similar.

> My favorite show (and this changed over the years) is--for obvious reasons--Jack visiting the Jack Benny Fan Club and playing his violin.

> That has that sort of ring to it as well.

<Steve "shimp"> (Adds to wish list of DVDs...)

> Eddie Carroll wrote a column for the Times a while back comparing Jack to Charlie Brown. The main center of put-uponness in the world.

<Maxwell> On the other hand, Jack's exasperation seems to me more Hardyesque than Chaplinesque.

<_bill> horn blows at midnight radio writers - Howard Snyder (writer), Hugh Wedlock (writer),

> bill - Oh right! I'd forgotten that.

> Maxwell - That's also a good point. Jack wasn't without defenses.

<Steve "shimp"> Max - Jack could brilliantly play BOTH sides of the aggravation coin - aggravator and aggravatee! What I love so much...

> The show with Oscar Levant as a guest has Jack being driven mad by Frank Nelson, only to find that Nelson has been driven mad by Jack!

<KayLhota> that show is classic

> Dennis and Phil aggravate Jack, and he in turn aggravates Mel Blanc or someone else...pay it forward...

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind this evening?

<Maxwell> Maybe that's one reason the show resonates so well with people...Real life is like that.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, that's it exactly, the spread of aggravation into chaos!

<Maxwell> Well, I have another show to plug on the Nostalgia Digest web site....

<Maxwell> It goes up on Tuesday: Jack gets a physical from 1953.

> Steve - Wait a minute! Wait a minute!!! WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

<_bill> cabin in the sky on tcm 8/10

> bill - Oh, that's a great movie.

<Maxwell> Frank Nelson and Mel Blanc as the doctors.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, that's it, how many episodes ended it just a cacophany of aggravatees?!

<Steve "shimp"> "ended in"

> Steve - Exactly. Very good point.

> Maxwell - Yow...the mind boggles.

<Maxwell> Unfortunately the sportsmen are edited out because it's an AFRN broadcast.

<Mikewats> I noticed "Ghost Breakers" is coming up on TCM Monday night...it hardly shows up on TV anymore

> Maxwell - Which means that most of Don's appearance is edited as well.

<Maxwell> Pretty much.

<Maxwell> Good song by Dennis in this one.

> Mike - Is that Bowery Boys?

<Mikewats> "The Ghost Breakers"? That's Bob Hope...

> Mike - Ah, my mistake.

<Maxwell> I'll have to catch that one. I haven't seen it in ages.

<KayLhota> Did you hear how Willie Best is in the film because Bob Hope asked Jack Benny for Rochester, but Jack wouldn't let Rochester go?

<KayLhota> Is that story true?

> Kay - No kidding!

<Mikewats> TCM's apparently doing an evening of comedy horror films, including the oddly-titled "Zombies on Broadway"

<Steve "shimp"> Mike, I've seen Zombies on Broadway

> Kay - I hadn't heard that one.

<_bill> whats the show you describe and play on yusa tonight?

<Mikewats> Oh? Any good?

> bill - I'm not on tonight because Walden is in Texas. I've got a break for three weeks.

<Steve "shimp"> Uh...not "good" exactly, I think Bela Lugosi's in it, one of his fun cheapies.

> Zombies on Broadway...sounds like an Ed Wood production.

<_bill> ok i was wondering about all the schedule shuffleing for that

> bill - Yup. I'm off for the next three weeks.

<Steve "shimp"> Not Ed Wood, it's from the 40s, a bit before Eddie's time.

> Steve - I know, but it SOUNDS like one of his. Tor Johnson terrorizes Palace ticketholders...

<KayLhota> Yes, it's an RKO movie with the comedy team of Alan Carney and Wally Brown

<Maxwell> Not exactly Wheeler and Woolsey.

<Steve "shimp"> Tor Johnson vs. Don Wilson, cage match!

> Did you all know that the original "The Blob" was written by Kay Linaker who costarred with Jack in "Buck Benny"?

> Steve - ROFLMAO

<KayLhota> I learned that recently, Laura.

<Mikewats> LOL, Steve

> Kay - Ah yes, you would have! :)

<KayLhota> LOL

<Steve "shimp"> That's great, she was at the Boston event, right?

<KayLhota> Yes, she was lovely

<Steve "shimp"> Any good Blob stories?

> Steve - She sure was! And resplendent as ever!

> Kay - You were at her table, so you would have heard them more recently that I have.

<KayLhota> I didn't plan to sit next to her, but that was the only way that I could hear her stories

> I keep waiting for my company to send me to visit a vendor in Boston, but it hasn't happened yet. When it does, I need to visit and interview Kate.

<KayLhota> I just hope that I didn't monopolize her

> Kay - I certainly heard no complaints from her.

<KayLhota> I'm glad to hear that

<Mikewats> And pay a visit to Fenway, Laura?

> bill - I may as well apologize to you for singing a whole song last week. Just felt like going for it.

> Mike - I'd love to if it wasn't always sold out and tix were so ridiculously expensive on StubHub. Like $80 for SRO.

<Mikewats> Yow!

<_bill> 3 weeks to recover - just kidding the shows are getting much more interesting

> One of the hazards of loving the 2004 Champions who also have the smallest field in the league.

<KayLhota> LOL

<Maxwell> Both leagues.

<Mikewats> I love old ballparks, but it's a shame they're capacity's so low, especially as popular as the team is these days

<Mikewats> Fenway, I mean

> bill - That's good. We're getting a lot more casual in our exchanges...I do very little prep except to hear the show.

> Maxwell - True.

<Maxwell> And then we don't even talk about them.

<Maxwell> But I don't mind because it gives me a chance to take some time and listen to them.

> At least they're not tearing it down like Comiskey.

<Maxwell> Believe me, LL. Comiskey was in horrible shape. They had to tear it down.

> Maxwell - Oh, you mean the chat shows?

<Maxwell> Yeah.

> Maxwell - Got it. I hadn't seen it myself.

> Maxwell - I was meaning the Yesterday USA shows. But if you want to go back to June Moon, by all means do so!

<Maxwell> Oh.

> Maxwell - I just thought we were all talked out about it.

<Maxwell> That's very different. Never mind.

<Maxwell> As I said before, I love free form conversation. It's more like real life.

> Maxwell - Please don't interpret my comment in any way hostile...I just realized it could be misread that way. I was just meaning for you to redirect us back to June Moon.

<Maxwell> LL: I was doing Emily Litella.

<Maxwell> I'm fine with the way things are going.

<Mikewats> Did "June Moon" have a big run on Broadway?

<Maxwell> I'm actually sorry you misinterpreted what I said.

> Maxwell - OK, got it. I thought you were registering a complaint...my misunderstanding.

<Maxwell> NO WAY!!!!!

<Maxwell> I love this place!

> Maxwell - Great! I'm still smiling...never hostile on this room.

<KayLhota> I haven't heard about it's broadway run, but I heard that Kaufman wasn't happy with the movie version of "June Moon"

<Mikewats> Is the movie any good?

<Steve "shimp"> Who was in the movie?

> Jack Oakie played the lead

<KayLhota> My friends reported enjoying the movie when it played at the Film Forum on June 30

> (Listen to me...sounds like I know what I'm talking about...)

<Maxwell> The imdb review is 7 out of 10.

<Steve "shimp"> BTW, Loved having a big part for Bea Benaderet in the radio show, different from her usual third-banana roles with Jack.

<Maxwell> Since I haven't seen it, that's all I have to go about it.

<KayLhota> yes, the review is from someone who saw it last month

[Sun Jul 17 17:48:22 GMT-08:00 2005] Alex Buck: Fan from KC

<KayLhota> Gus Schilling and Benny Rubin are good in the program as well

> Hey there, Alex!

<Maxwell> Hi Alex

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Alex

<Alex Buck> Boy, wasn't sure if anyone would still be here or not

> Benny Rubin is always good...very underrated.

<Mikewats> "Even the slower, sappy parts of the picture don't detract from the viciousness of Kaufman and Lardner's critique of the music business" - allmovie.com

<KayLhota> Yes indeed he was.

> Alex - It varies, as you know. We've been doing a lot of freeform conversation tonight.

<Steve "shimp"> I saw Benny Rubin recently taking over Buster Keaton's part in one of the Beach Party movies, that was fun.

<Alex Buck> Just sent the wife and kids to Wichita for the week. I get to play bachelor for the next several nights

<Maxwell> Every time I hear Benny Rubin's name, I think of my dad....

> Al Jolson sheet music: "My Wife's Gone to the Country Hoo-Ray Hoo-Ray..."

<KayLhota> Benny Rubin is in a lot of movies during the talking era

<Maxwell> Whenever he'd see Rubin in a movie or TV show, he'd say, "Benny Rubin!"

> I have Benny Rubin's book.

<Maxwell> I have no idea why.

<KayLhota> he starred in shorts in the early 30's

<KayLhota> "LIttle Scizzor"

<Steve "shimp"> Max, it'd be a good drinking game! He did a LOT of TV too.

> Maxwell - Did he do that a lot? Did he see something and shout out what it was? :)

<Maxwell> Only one other actor I know of.

<Alex Buck> Did Rubin ever have his own show?

<Maxwell> "That's Jackie Damler!"

<Steve "shimp"> Don't think so Alex, the "characters" rarely did.

<Maxwell> (He played a villain a lot in the early '50s on The Lone Ranger.)

> Alex - Well, he auditioned for one on radio, and used Mary Livingstone as his foil before Jack even debuted on radio.

<Maxwell> (As John Damler)

<KayLhota> Do you know how some comics have a sort of catchphrase? Benny Rubin used to laugh to the tune of "Yankee Doodle"

<Maxwell> But my dad knew him as Jackie because they went to school together.

<Steve "shimp"> Kay, that is wild. Who thinks of something like that!/

> Kay - I don't think I've ever heard him do that.

<KayLhota> Vaudeville was amazing

<Maxwell> Sounds like the Gremlin in Falling Hare.

<Maxwell> Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa

<Alex Buck> My son just got a DVD of Falling Hare for his birthday. I hadn't seen that in years

<KayLhota> exactly

> As opposed to the story of Jack's toupee, the Gremlin in Falling Hair

<KayLhota> The gremlin's laugh was modeled after Benny Rubin's

> There was a PBS show on vaudeville a while back that started with a clip of a guy who duetted with a duck on "Ma He's Making Eyes at Me"

<Alex Buck> It was a part of several Bugs Bunny/WWII war propaganda cartoons

> Kay - I see...haven't seen that show.

<Maxwell> Let me guess:

<Steve "shimp"> Just think of the spray-on hair gags Jack could have done if he was around for those infomercials....

<Maxwell> Quack He's making eyes at me!

> Alex - Oh wait...OK...now I get it.

<Maxwell> Where was Ron Popeil when we really needed him?

> Maxwell - That's it! Poor duck got pinched regularly.

<Alex Buck> The gremlin was sabatoging a war plane

<Maxwell> Dia bo LICK al acts of sa bo taygee.

> Alex - That's not "Russian Rhapsody"..."We're gremlins from the Kremlin..."

<Steve "shimp"> Alex, was William Shatner freaking out and watching?

<KayLhota> TCM should run "Love In the Rough" sometime. Benny Rubin does an adorable number with Penny Singleton

> Steve - LOL!!!

<Alex Buck> BRB - I'll get the box

> Kay - Oh that's got to be good. Penny Singleton worked with Jack in "Great Temptations".

<Steve "shimp"> Heh, LL, wondered if anyone would get that.

<Steve "shimp"> I should know better.

<KayLhota> TCM ran it ages ago, and I don't think they've run it since

<_bill> falling hare is one of the restored-remastered toons on lt goldenCollection coming in oct

> Steve - There's interesting crossovers in devoted Benny fans. Star Trek and Twilight Zone are among them.

<Alex Buck> Nope - Its Falling Hare

<Maxwell> Steve...I just got caught up to it...and then it just diappeared.

<Maxwell> Poof!

<Steve "shimp"> Sorry Max, what did you miss?

<Maxwell> Falling Hare is by far my favorite Bugs cartoon...a tour de force for Mel Blanc.

> I'm working closely with a Russian vendor these days...now I'm going to see him and think of "We're gremlins from the Kremlin...da da da da da...

<Maxwell> The Shatner reference.

<Alex Buck> You know, I've seen John Lithgow play that part in the movie but never have gotten around to seeing the original with Shatner

<Mikewats> LOL, Laura

<Maxwell> He overacts, as usual.

<Maxwell> Shatner.

> Typical Shatner.

<Alex Buck> Gotta love the priceline.com commercials though

<Steve "shimp"> But what glorious overacting. Gotta love him.

> Alex - Oh those are great. Something to make you rush to hit off the mute button.

<Maxwell> I liked him in the pilot of Iron Chef America as The Chairman.

<KayLhota> Maxwell, I once attended a Bob Clampett lecture and provided the name of the cartoon "Falling
Hare" when he got stuck on it
<Maxwell> Cool!
<Mikewats> That's great
<KayLhota> he had a still slide of Bugs Bunny reading "Victory Through Hare Power" and he was saying "That
was from--" and he went up.
<Laura Leff> *Sigh* It's going to be really hard (if not impossible) to explain why I'm snickering at Kirill when I
see him tomorrow..."We're gremlins from the Kremlin..."
<KayLhota> So, I immediately said "Falling Hare" and he said "Thank You."
<Maxwell> At least he didn't say Gesundheit!
<Mikewats> I just picked up the old Beany & Cecil DVD that came out several years ago, been enjoying the bunches of Clampett extras on it

> Does anyone else here know about Jazzbeaux

<KayLhota> Laura, the gremlins are all charicatures of the animation staff at Warners

[Sun Jul 17 17:59:23 GMT-08:00 2005] Bill:

> Ah...need the last page of chat please

<Maxwell> Collins?

<Bill> Hello

> Maxwell - That's it!

<Steve "shimp"> LL, I'll send it.

> It's Jazzbeaux's Purple Power Squadron on patrol!

> Hi Bill!

<Alex Buck> Hiya bill

> Steve - Thank you.

<Mikewats> Esp. four "Time for Beany" episodes.... Cecil singing "Ragg Mopp" with Harry Truman, among other things

<KayLhota> Mike that was my very first DVD when we bought a player

<Maxwell> Man, what year were those made, Mike?

> Kay - They are? I didn't know that!

<KayLhota> I saw it in the store and I said, we'll need a player to play this on, and we have to get it!

<Maxwell> The Time for Beany eps, that is.

> You know who was a Time for Beany fan? Albert Einstein.

<Mikewats> They were 1949, 1950 thereabouts, I believe

<KayLhota> I know the names of a few of them, but I think you can get a more complete list

<KayLhota> I recognize a few. Like the fat balding one is Leon Schlesinger

<Maxwell> I've read that, LL.

[Sun Jul 17 18:01:30 GMT-08:00 2005] Jack Benny:

<Mikewats> It's a good disc to start with, Kay, lots of extras for very little

<Mikewats> $

> Supposedly he'd sit with a table of physicists talking about all sorts of concepts, then pull out his watch and say, "Gentlemen, we must stop. It's TIME FOR BEANY."

<Alex Buck> Speaking of Harry Truman, I stopped by his museum/library several years ago and kept an eye out for any Benny references. They had a collection of gifts he had received over the years

> Hello...uh...Jack!

<Jack Benny> Hi

> We've been talking about you.

<Jack Benny> lol

<Alex Buck> and one of them was a money clip with the sketch of Jack on it

> Alex - Ah, I have recently gotten a list of everyone who got those money clips.

<Steve "shimp"> Jack Beany?

> Steve - har har har

<Mikewats> LOL, Steve

<KayLhota> I know that he Grandson has one

> There's about 100 of them floating out there, from the list I saw.

<KayLhota> 100? Wow

<Steve "shimp"> One for every penny Jack gave away.

<KayLhota> LOL

> But Jack only gave them to people who were really important to him. It's a very distinguished list. The one given to Bob Hope had his profile engraved on the other side.

<Alex Buck> The Truman library might have something pretty valuable on their hands

<Steve "shimp"> Didn't JFK say he'd put down his business for Jack's show?

> Steve - His father made everyone in the house stop and listen to the show.

<Steve "shimp"> Think that's in Jack's book.

> So even if the kids were going out or doing other things, they had to stop for Jack.

<Alex Buck> JFK had a lot of "business" as I hear it

> Alex - Business of all types.

<Alex Buck> oh, OHHH

<Steve "shimp"> monkey, etc.

[Sun Jul 17 18:05:08 GMT-08:00 2005] Poopypants:

<Maxwell> "I have to stop now Marilyn. Jack Benny's on."

<Alex Buck> LOL

<KayLhota> LOL Maxwell

<Mikewats> LOL

<KayLhota> brilliant!

<Poopypants> lol

> Maxwell - I was thinking that as well.

<Maxwell> GMTA

> Hello Poopypants...that's a new nick...

<Steve "shimp"> Hope it's not accurate.

<Alex Buck> That reminds me of my son as well

<Poopypants> Really?

> Alex - Are you sure you'd want your son advertising that?

<Alex Buck> He's three and the fun with the toilet is just beginning

> Alex - Or rather than your son would want YOU advertising that?

> Oh...THAT.

<Jack Benny> I think that the poopypants name is kind of offensive

<Maxwell> Well, considering some of the possible alternatives....

<KayLhota> only if you call someone by that name

> I'm going to call you PP, if that's OK with you.

<KayLhota> calling yourself that is more of a childish remark

<Steve "shimp"> Or it's a chronic condition...

<Alex Buck> Is PP really any better?

<Maxwell> You might want to consider something else, LL.

<KayLhota> Laura, PP isn't going to work

<KayLhota> how about pants?

<Mikewats> I'd say...quit while you're ahead

<Maxwell> Great! Name of the last White Sox manager to win a World Series: Clarence "Pants" Rowland.

> Gee...I've never had this problem on the chat before...

<Steve "shimp"> Is this room getting more surreal than usual?

[Sun Jul 17 18:08:54 GMT-08:00 2005] Rochester:

> I think it just did...

> Hello Rochester!

<Steve "shimp"> Roch is here too now, howdy!

<Maxwell> Oh Rochester!

<Rochester> Hello boss

> A lot of latecomers, I see...

> Any of the new joiners have any comments about the June Moon show for tonight?

<Alex Buck> Say - PBS plug - I saw somewhere that American Masters was having a show on Bob Newhart I think this Wednesday. I imagine that there will be some Jack references

<Maxwell> Okay...where was the takeoff on the Benny show where the Rochester character is called Winchester?

> Alex - There should be. Newhart was heavily influenced by Jack.

<Steve "shimp"> Thanx Alex, I'm a Newhart fan and didn't know about that.

<KayLhota> not on the Benny show, but in the Warners cartoon Malibu Beach Party

> Maxwell - Are you thinking of Manchester, which is what Benita Colman called him?

<KayLhota> Rochester is called Winchester

<Alex Buck> Check out bobnewhart.com for the TV schedule to be sure

<Steve "shimp"> Max, wasn't it Manchester? Benita Colman?

<Maxwell> Thanks, Kay. I thought it was a cartoon.

<Poopypants> Poopy must be going for now goodbye.

> Kay - Ah, good catch.

> I had a certain feeling s/he wasn't going to stay for long.

<Maxwell> My wording was awkward when I said takeoff ON the Benny Show.

<Alex Buck> is the air clearer now?

<Mikewats> Oh, I remember that cartoon...

<KayLhota> LOL Alex

<Maxwell> I just put away the Lysol.

<Steve "shimp"> Febreze if he sat down...

<Mikewats> Just how many times did WB do Jack? There's "Malibu Beach Party," "Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur"...

<KayLhota> remember that we discussed "Malibu Beach Party" a few months ago?

> At least it wasn't pid_korn. But we won't go there...

<Maxwell> Thank you, LL.

> Mike - Check out our cartoon page. Look under Programs on jackbenny.org, then cartoons. I have them all listed there.

<Maxwell> Then there was Jack Bunny, takeoff on the name.

<KayLhota> There's a bit in "Hollywood Daffy" where Jack Benny is trying to get an Oscar using a claw machine

<Mikewats> Ah, thank you, Laura

<Maxwell> I love to sing-a...What was the name of that cartoon?

> "I Love to Singa"

<Maxwell> My mind went blank.

<Alex Buck> So speaking of June Moon - I thought that it interesting to hear Jack as a song writer when later on his show he was pushing his own song

> Maxwell - Not as blank as you think. :)

<Mikewats> "About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a...." A little June moon in there, too

<Rochester> I like that cartoon Owl Jolson

> Alex - Interesting comparison...I hadn't thought of that.

<Maxwell> Was that Avery or Freleng?

<KayLhota> The song is from and Al Jolson movie that had come out that year

> Rochester - Yes! Love it.

<KayLhota> Avery

<Steve "shimp"> Alex, oh, wow, Jack sings worse than George Burns! He didn't even need the violin. Sounds like me when I sing.

<Maxwell> Okay, that's what I thougth.

> Steve - You ought to hear Jack AND George sing on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

<Maxwell> Or thought

<Maxwell> Shoot! I haven't seen that since it first aired.

<Steve "shimp"> I actually like George's singing, I love "George Burns in Nashville", his LP.

<KayLhota> I'd love to see that.

> Maxwell - It's in the video library!

<Steve "shimp"> But Jack on the other hand isn't even funny-bad!

> Steve - "I Wish I Was Eighteen Again" is also good.

<Steve "shimp"> Yes, that one too LL>

<Alex Buck> I like Jack in June Moon but I have a hard time seeing him as an average Joe from Schenectedy

> Steve - There's a pretty good trio with Bob Crosby and Mary on "How About You" on TV

<Maxwell> I know...after I get my a/c microwave and clock radio bills...and landscaping bill...and playoff tickets paid for.

<KayLhota> On the other hand, Mary Livingston has a pleasant voice.

> Alex - What about an average Jack from Waukegan?

<KayLhota> Really Alex?

<Steve "shimp"> I think I remember that one LL, did they do that on radio as well?

> Kay - More so when she dropped it down to her normal range later in life.

<KayLhota> I found myself picturing Jack in a straw hat, and being all sort of forward, like in his vaudeville sketches

> Steve - I think they may have done it with Van Johnson, if I'm not mistaken.

<Mikewats> I'd nominate Mary for having the "Greatest Giggle"

<Steve "shimp"> That's the show.

<Alex Buck> I was glad they let him break character to be "Jack Benny" at the beginning

> Kay - Yes, not unlike his character in "Medicine Man".

<Alex Buck> Some day, I need to listen to the shows with Orson guest hosting

<Steve "shimp"> They're interesting Alex.

> Kay - Or the movie shorts, like Taxi Tangles.

<Steve "shimp"> I was thinking those are some of the ONLY shows Mary appeared in without Jack.

<Steve "shimp"> She must have only done two or three programs ever without Jack - guesting on others that is.

> FYI for everyone, there is an Ignore feature on Volano.

<Maxwell> How does it work?

> If you click on the name in the right hand column, then click on People and Ignore (nick) you won't see them.

<Maxwell> Thanks.

<Steve "shimp"> I was wondering how many shows Mary ever did without Jack as well.

<Mikewats> I wonder if Orson would've liked the Speilberg WOTW? <g>

<Rochester> I best be going I have to get dinner ready for Mr. Benny

<Steve "shimp"> I can only think of a few - a B&Allen guest shot, very few other radio programs. I wonder if she got offers and refused them or what.

<Rochester> See you all later

> Roch - OK, thanks for stopping!

<Mikewats> Night, Rochester

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Rochester

<KayLhota> Bye Rochester

<Maxwell> So long Roch

<Alex Buck> Tell Butterfly hi for us

> Has anyone else heard that Welles' last words were "Keep Ted Turner and his crayons off of my movie?"

<KayLhota> LOL

> Has anyone seen the new WOTW? I've heard it got good reviews.

<Steve "shimp"> LOL, that's funny if true.

<Maxwell> If that's true, it's priceless.

<KayLhota> good story, whether it's true or not.

<Alex Buck> I had a friend who said Batman was better than WOTW

<Mikewats> That's one of those stories that if it's not true, it should be

<KayLhota> I know that he was not in favor of computer colored movies

<Steve "shimp"> Though I'm not as anti-colorization as some folks, there's a color knob on your TV.

<Alex Buck> Do they still colorize movies?

<Mikewats> Yes, but a lot of the colorized flicks mess up the grey tones

<_bill> even tv series like the dvd release of bewitched

<Steve "shimp"> Alex, actually, yes, there's a new process, they've done it with the Stooges shorts, it looks better but not great.

<Maxwell> As Hawk Harrelson would say: I luuuuuuuuuv the ignore feature!

<Mikewats> Amen, Maxwell...handy little feature, that

> I'd heard that they restore the b&w copies before colorization, but I haven't tried turning the color off as some have suggested.

<Maxwell> What's really sad is that a lot of my son's friends (he's 25) won't watch anything that isn't in color.

<Steve "shimp"> Yes, LL, that's the plus - things get restored, new audiences, and often there's the B&W version on the DVDs as well

<_bill> i would think you lookse a lot of the detail and finer points in colorized versions

<Alex Buck> Well, I suppose I need to head out. Work tomorrow and all. Good to hear from you guys. Catch ya next time.

> Take care, Alex. Thanks for stopping.

<KayLhota> bye Alex

<Maxwell> The cinematography used lighting, etc. that was for b&w. The old colorization processes ruined that.

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Alex, enjoy the bach life!

<Steve "shimp"> Temporarily!

<Mikewats> I just don't care if the colorization is absolutely dead-on, I just like to see things the way they were first shown

> bill - Agreed. I don't know for certain firsthand, though.

<Jack Benny> I like color shows

<Jack Benny> I think you see a lot more things better.

<KayLhota> I'm not against colorization, but I haven't often seen it done all that well.

<Steve "shimp"> I don't know the tech stuff, but what I've seen looks fine to me when you turn the color off, it's like a layer that goes away.

> JB - Hopefully we'll be able to get more of the color TV specials available for you.

<Maxwell> The old Laurel & Hardy movies looked horrible.

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, the 80s process left much to be desired.

<KayLhota> Technology has made big strides since those were done in the 1980's

> We recently saw "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" and I said, "Look, they have tried to make a black and white movie in color!"

<KayLhota> there were several companies that did it

<_bill> and since cartoons were colorized earlier than that?

<Steve "shimp"> I think junky movies are kind of fun when everything looks puke green and easter bunny pink skin tones, but only for a little while...

<Maxwell> What really ticked me off was when they colorized the old Fleischer Popeyes.

<Steve "shimp"> If it gets people to watch older stuff, I reluctantly support it.

<Mikewats> Some of the b & w Looney Tunes were colorized abroad, and the color schemes were nuts...they did Daffy Duck in brown

> Good job, everyone. This jerk obviously just wants attention. And we didn't give it to him/her.

<Jack Benny> I'll see you all later I have to take my Violin Lessons.

<Mikewats> Night, Jack

<KayLhota> bye bye JB

<Maxwell> So long Jack

> Night Jack.

<Maxwell> The scream you just heard was from Prof. LaBlanc.

> Maxwell - I'll bet..

> Hey, that ignore feature works well.

<Steve "shimp"> I was mentioning that on the forum LL, about how Niagara looked like "noir" in color.

<Steve "shimp"> Ignore is GREAT

> Steve - Yes, I remember you'd mentioned that. I'll have to see Niagra again one of these days.

<Maxwell> It's going to make editing fun for you, LL.

> Is everyone OK continuing with these....ahem...interruptions? Or should we look to shut it down?

> Maxwell - You're not kidding. What a pain.

<KayLhota> I'm fine, Laura

<Maxwell> I'm good as long as other people hang around.

<Mikewats> Well, I guess I better go do Sunday night chores...great to stop by the 'ol chat again!

<Steve "shimp"> Don is really cheesy in it, but the movie is great. I'm thinking about going up to the falls after seeing it.

<KayLhota> goodnight Mike

<Maxwell> So long Mike

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Mike.

<Mikewats> And now I can't get "June Moon" out of my head...no matter how many times I hit myself with a stick...

> Great to have you here, Mike!

<Mikewats> Have a swell week, everybody!

<Maxwell> The Paprika song is the one that's bugging me.

<KayLhota> YES

<Steve "shimp"> LOL, Paprika, aargh!

> Maxwell - Oh, now you've put it back in my head again. Gahhhhh.

<Maxwell> Sorry.

> Ya just HAD to mention it!

<KayLhota> We all have that problem at home. The Paprika song is the one that sticks

<KayLhota> We joke about it and sing it from time to time

<Maxwell> You guys are sick!

> Like the song Too Much Mustard....Too Much Paprika.

<KayLhota> that's funny. So, we're not alone

> Kay - Not any more. :)

<Maxwell> We are not alone....

> The truth is out there.

<KayLhota> it sure is.

> To go where no one has gone before

<Steve "shimp"> Paprika dreams tonight.

<KayLhota> LOL steve

> To go where no paprika has gone before

> The paprika is out there

> I'd better stop before you all IGNORE me...

<KayLhota> LOL

<Maxwell> I'm going to have to dig up the lyrics I wrote for the Star Trek theme (TNG) now.

> Maxwell - Oh, that already had lyrics!

> Kay - I've got $20 that says Joe could probably sing them from memory.

<Maxwell> I know TOS had lyrics. Roddenberry wrote them and they were horrible.

<Steve "shimp"> <Fixes to ignore Maxwell!>

> I love Lucy and she loves me

> We're as happy as two can be

> Da da da da da da da da da

> It's so fun making up again...

<KayLhota> Sometimes We quarrel and then, how we love to make up again

<KayLhota> Lucy Loves me like no one can

> Kay - There you go....

> She's my Mrs. and I'm her man

<KayLhota> She's my lady and I'm her man

<KayLhota> whatever

<Maxwell> You guys really are sickos.

> So life is grand you see

<Maxwell> I can hear Desi now.

> I have a record of Desi singing this!

> For I love Lucy, yes I love Lucy, and Lucy loves me!!!!!!!

<Maxwell> My father-in-law had the 78 of Desi singing Babaloo.

<Steve "shimp"> Now if that Andy Griffith whistling bit has words I'm going to stand on my head and eat a bug...

<_bill> paprika on the b side

> Kay and I like singing duets. Outside in the cold.

<KayLhota> yes, we did that

> While Joe complained that he wanted to go home.

<KayLhota> but I'll sing anywhere, anytime

<Maxwell> I know better. When I sing, elephants charge.

<Steve "shimp"> Take away their credit cards, Max!

<KayLhota> fortunately, I have a decent voice

> Well, bill can tell you about my singing. And I might not like it, but he's probably right.

<KayLhota> I thought you had a nice voice, Laura.

<Maxwell> I sing in the shower and the water goes back up into the pipe.

> Kay - Well, thank you. We'll have to duet again when I'm back east.

<KayLhota> LOL Max

<KayLhota> you bet.

<KayLhota> Even better, we'll visit my mother and sing around the piano

<KayLhota> she can play one.

> Kay - Cool!

<Maxwell> I'm still trying to remember the name of the guy who sings on Fletcher Henderson's recording of Sugar.

> Maxwell - Fletcher Henderson! Now you've got my attention.

<Steve "shimp"> OK, folks, I am going to say aloha, I have fifteen students I need to make dig holes tomorrow morning, early.

<KayLhota> goodnight Steve

<Maxwell> So long, Steve!

> Have a good one, Steve!

> Don't dig to China.

<Steve "shimp"> Night all, it's been fun as usual. And, we're almost there, LL!

<Maxwell> I'm still trying to get my house back down to a comfortable temperature. It was 88 before the a/c repairman came.

> You know, I hear Dan coming upstairs...

> Maxwell - Yow. Hope you don't have any suffering pets.

<Maxwell> Buster seemed to be okay.

<KayLhota> Maxwell, our kitchen was up to 92 degrees yesterday

> I think perhaps I should pack it in as well.

<Maxwell> Well, if you're going I will, too.

> Kay - If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen...

<KayLhota> LOL Laura

<KayLhota> goodnight all

> Yeah, let's call this adventure good for this month.

> We're a little late folks!

<Maxwell> I bought my wife dinner so she wouldn't have to cook with that temp.

<Maxwell> G'night!

<_bill> 'night